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File: dcc6f539a1e0ac8⋯.gif (7.88 MB, 320x380, 16:19, dcc6f539a1e0ac8e1ecd0877c9….gif)


> [5:16 PM] cuckcoder: Here's the thing. Software engineering isn't really about programming. It's about 90% communication.

> [5:16 PM] cuckcoder: If you aren't making it on you programming skills, it's time to work on your communication skills

How do you counter when some faggot regurgitates this meme they heard at their weekly diversity meeting as if it were fact?


protip: computer software is supposed to serve the clients. Your software could be the most proficient software in the world but that doesn't matter if it doesn't adequately solve the client's problem. If this happens, it happened that way because of your poor communication skills, not because of your excellent programming skills.



software doesn't solve client's problems, it solves the problem it purports to solve. fuck off retarded enterprise faggot with Business Logic frothing from the mouth.



The purpose of all software is to solve the user's computing problems. Unless you have a different idea of what all computer software is supposed to do.


>if 90% of your work has nothing to do with doing your job, you should be paid 90% less



Are you a troll, a retard, or just an edgy contrarian underageb8? You don't need to do any fucking communication, that's what support is for. And there would be no need for fucking communication in the first place if your piece of dog shit software worked properly. It goes without saying, that if you have to communicate with your customers, you've already fucked up big time and by this point you're only doing damage control.


> it's time to work on your communication skills

Is that why you are bothering me?



Please tell me, how do you even know what your software is supposed to do? My answer is communication.



Yes you got to be underageb8. Now back to cuckchan with you.



Cucks are the backbone of age b6.



Nerds exaggerate the role of intelligence and underplay the role of soft skills. Cucks are the other way around. The truth is more towards the nerd side.

Politics aside, I think older programmers tend to also look at their career and overestimate the role of soft skills, because their soft skills grew more over their career than their hard skills. They look back over their career and see that they started of arrogant, defensive and with poor listening skills, and ended up (relatively) confident, observant and better communicators. But what they forget is that through all this they had higher intelligence that most people. So they mistakenly attribute their career growth to the soft skills that grew over their career than the intelligence or technical skills that stayed the same.



Ignore it. Do your programming job well. If you aren't making it on your programming skills, study. Softly mock him as he packs his shit when he's laid off.

>here's the thing

>if you're not making it

>you gotta pack up your shit and go oh ho ho


programming is communication, i hate this false dichotomy



He's not wrong though. The more people work on your project, the more effort you will spend coordinating with them instead of doing "actual work" - and it's a hard rule in all fields, not just programming.

You can be an insufferable sperg savant on your private project that you are working on alone, and that's fine. Just don't expect this model to work well for projects that are too large for a single person.

Of course, that's no license to make light of programming skills. To be a good dev team member, you need to be good at both hard programming and social skills.



If you have to coordinate anything, it's because your management is not doing its job. They are specifically paid to keep track of everyone's activity and optimize the process.


Is it possible?

OKay, so I have a ton of music (I use soulseek a lot). My collection is expanding everyday and I'd like to keep track of when I added something for the first time, and its subsequent positions.

$$\color{purple}{I don't want a HUGE git repo, I don't even want a backup. I just want a log of my files.}$$

Is it possible?




>if program threads need to coordinate anything, it's because their programmer did not do his job. He is specifically paid to make every algorithm infinitely parallelisable.

>the only reason a hundred 10MHz processor cores can't replace a single 1GHz core is shitty programmers

this is you



A lot of times, the client asks for the wrong thing, and when its delivered, they complain that shit is missing that was never included in the requirements



This is why you need XP.



Nice false equivalence, faggot. What are your managers even paid for if it isn't managing the workflow?


He is right, tho.

Software is more than just a series of good algorithms.

If the project as a whole doesn't fulfill its purpose, it doesn't matter how good the code is, the project failed.



>weekly diversity meeting

Exactly. This is a strategy to shift emphasis away from technical ability so they can make a place for niggers to "participate" in. Who cares if you optimized an I/O controller, Jamal did 90% of the work, which is REAL communication.



That's still a communication issue. One part is extracting the proper requirements out of the client. That's a difficult task. A different part of communication is confirming that only work identified in the requirements spec will be done and that there will be a cost in changing the spec afterwards.



>How do you counter

You don't counter this it's true look at the fork of GS mastodon the creator Gargron/Eugene is a pajeet skilled ruby on rails developer and the reason for his success is because of the massive shilling/advertising that was made (among other lies).

His code is shit to the core but people use it like if it wasn't a problem.

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