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File: e2d85f04b55e9c4⋯.gif (4.5 KB, 716x396, 179:99, screenshot.gif)


What will happen to this project once BIOS compatibility is removed from UEFI (planned for 2020)? Most of the included tools as well as the booloader/menu are DOS-based and require BIOS. Will it just die like the UBCD4Win project did years ago?



BIOS is never going away, I actually expect it to start making a comeback in many devices due to all of the vulnerabilities in UEFI


BIOS will die since Intel wants to remove legacy features from x86 CPUs, as well as ARMv8 using UEFI for bootstrapping (which is better than the clusterfuck that was there before, except for das U-Boot aka systemd-boot).



Thank god, gummiboot became systemd-boot, not U-Boot. It seemed to good for a project associated with Poettering.


killing BIOS takes too much effort for little gain(for now), gonna be around for much more, just watch



implying normies or Intel care about vulnerabilities










DOS has 16 colours, retard. GIF is perfect for a non-aliased 16 colour image.



U-Boot was a shitty hack and a poor attempt at fixing the lack-thereof platform standards for ARM

ARM still lacks a unified platform standard, but now it has a big bloated C program interfacing between the hardware and OS kernel (UEFI) to "fake" it. Only the IBM PC standard is able to fucking get it right.



I took it directly from the project's webpage


Or did you think I would boot it up in a VM just to make a screenshot? Also what >>868210

said, I'd guess whoever runs UBCD knows when to use what image format.



>dumb /g/edditors think that fancy GUI menus = UEFI

>don't know about coreboot and grub




That's really in the hands of Intel, Microsoft, and maybe Apple, HP, and Red Hat. Anything that cabal settles on regarding UEFI, everyone else will have to swallow and adapt to.



Coreboot does not and cannot support every system. Apart from this, once BIOS legacy support is removed for good from UEFI, with time it may become difficult if not impossible for third parties like Coreboot to provide BIOS compatibility due to obstacles on hardware level.


>Intel plans to completely retire BIOS/DOS support

>Intel plans to do a major reorganization of CPU design to eliminate Spectre-type (and possibly other) flaws

>Intel plans to eliminate local storage https://www.extremetech.com/mobile/263510-intel-wants-leverage-optane-eliminate-local-pc-storage-altogether

>Intel surely plans to further expand the operative scope of the Management Engine and its resilience against its restriction/removal by users

What are really to be "looking forward" to? What will computers look like, say, five or ten years from now?



>What are really

*what are we really



Motherboard OEMs will start to flow against the current induced by the likes of Intel and Microsoft and will keep providing BIOS-compliant firmware on their own?



I'm going to get lambasted (or called a shill - probably both) for this, but didn't intel not include Vpro or the ME on the i9?



By that time nobody will be using Intel CPUs and AMD is keeping BIOS compatibility.



I was wrong, the i9 doesn't have Vpro but it does have the ME.



Every Intel chipset has had ME for many years, even if it serves absolutely no purpose from the machine's owner's point of view. The excuse "hurr, it's only for vPro systems because AMT needs it" was just a foot in the door that was used many years ago..


In the event of that happening which i doubt it will. i will probably just still be using my 10 years old laptop.



They will start breaking down, at some point. What will you then?



buy a new board from ebay



then convert to PNG


GIF is shit because it allows animation and is inefficient in general


File: 7834cb8dbe0c1b7⋯.gif (56.46 KB, 498x373, 498:373, untitled.GIF)



Once yours breaks, what's the probability you'll be able to buy a working replacement for reasonable money? Look at 90s tech, that which is not shit-tier and in good working condition isn't all that easy to find nor is it cheap. Normies threw away and recycled most of the shit, and the remaining stock is in the hands of either collectors or traders who know the market and won't let it go for peanuts.



time to start stockpiling



File: 38d1750aa7f539b⋯.png (2.43 KB, 716x396, 179:99, screenshot.png)


PNG is perfect for non-aliased 16 color images as well. In fact, it's more perfect than GIF.



(((U)))EFI is a retarded meme. never buy that shit ever

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