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File: 0573249842bc337⋯.png (466.95 KB, 719x1146, 719:1146, Screenshot_20180214-054138.png)

File: ba3406f61f7c4f1⋯.png (117.63 KB, 720x1144, 90:143, Screenshot_20180214-054226.png)

File: ea0119da97066d9⋯.png (139.73 KB, 719x1162, 719:1162, Screenshot_20180214-052937.png)


So I just got this email (I don't use shitter I have an account from like 2014 that I never bothered to delete), and I think something big is happening.



Also see Fecesbook Lite:




I think what's happening here is that big companies are finally realizing the fucking bloated mess they created with their huge apps and gigantic JS blobs and they're now trying to minimize the damage. I think we'll soon see "light desktop web apps" - webapps that are lightweight with tiny frameworks instead of 50MB of JS. Normies will still eat it right up, but I just wanted to have /tech/'s thoughts on this one.



they're trying to conquer third world markets


File: 17427da6492b0cb⋯.gif (537.3 KB, 500x281, 500:281, cool ass skelly bro.gif)

>internet becomes minimal

>pre-botnet hardware becomes a viable shitposting platform



Exactly this. I work at a social media app company that makes a product similar to facebook on android and iphone that's focused more on the third world (think india, south afria, indonesia) and one of the biggest complaints is that the app takes up too much data. Most of the problem is that high quality infrastructure isn't in place to get better connections and unlimited rates.


>play battle for wesnoth ages ago

>just barely runs on my umpc

>new version trims out ui support for lower resolutions and makes already bloated game even more gigantic

>devs: Works on My Machine©

>netbooks become popular

>devs: sweatdrop.png

>android & ios become popular

>devs reluctantly panicked into reimplementing all the "legacy" stuff they pulled before, and stripping bloated assets from mandatory install

Will pajeets save the world from bloatware in time before pajeetphones catch up to the latest iCrap?



The companies are realising they are fucking memes and are trying to reduce costs to seem like good investments.

Desktop web apps will never be fast they'll just be faster and that will be good enough to retain JS domination for the next decade at least.


The web is dying. Gopher is going to make a comeback.





I'm pretty sure there is a wikipedia and facebook one released like a decade ago for low data third worlders to use.


This shit is so greedy SV dickheads can push their shit on thirdworlders, not because they think their sites are too bloated.



>mfw being able to shitpost from a 1 GHz Pentium III ThinkPad again


File: 437767a6d1e467c⋯.jpg (30.04 KB, 400x394, 200:197, greatscott.jpg)


5got pic I wanted to post.


It has nothing to do with the le bloat. It's made so it can run in low end phones and uses as little data as possible. All this for third world markets.

Yes, it also means less wakelocks and less data sent in background, but it has less features overall than the full client.

It's absurd how the full Facebook app is over 100 MB, yet the "lite" version is less than 5 MB.


File: 26b4978af14abe6⋯.gif (22.2 KB, 419x301, 419:301, icabShot.gif)


>client for one website:


>entire web browser with support for xhtml, css, & js


Couldn't the whole thing be substituted with a simple MySQL client, since there's no markup or end-user logic to render?


>twitter lite

probably because of how much people out there using twitter tinfoil


>they're trying to conquer third world markets

this and also nice dubs but I think it will shitten up twitter (assuming india) though I don't care as all the weebshit have migrated to p*w*** or w____o contaimnent sites (redacted to avoid shittening).



Analytics, trends, and many other form of botnet like IMEI IMSI fingerprinting and location services.

They're the product for using it free.



You're the product now even if you pay the company, see Windows 10 or Android.


File: d77d66d55ba2eeb⋯.gif (988.91 KB, 500x279, 500:279, hehe.gif)


Or Office 365. The idea is to turn everything into a subscription service or a free service with ads out the ass, spotify is a good example of this ideal



Even more common is including incorrectly chosen images, e.g. flat jpegs

these javanerds are much smaller fry than embedded programmers, so why wouldn't it show? Why bother reducing the codebase? Who even cares that much? Certainly not management, or they would have considered it from the get go.



Reducing the codebase isn't management's job, it's the project lead's job and the head architect's job.

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