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New Nerve Center Combination

File: aae9c6d52e156b6⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 500x370, 50:37, aae9c6d52e156b68b35b179361….gif)


>Get VCR

>Insert RF amplifier into ANT. OUT. to Amp In

>Insert antenna into Amp OUT

>Play anything through VCR RCA input, or a VHS tape

>Grab ancient CRT with NTSC tuner

>Tune to channel 3 (default channel on most RF modulators)

>Receive output on TV from across the room

I was able to broadcast my own TV channel with less than 50 dollars worth of equipment. All the NTSC VHF frequencies are dead. What's stopping you from taking back television and broadcasting resistance TV?



The FCC doesn't fuck around. They'll find you.




>What's stopping you from taking back television and broadcasting resistance TV?

The hamfags in my area.



>Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Good job Amerimutts.




What what? Are you triggered? Is it because you Amerimutts actually don't have freedom of speech? Or is it because I called you a mutt?



>it's a freedom should be unlimited in a society with more than one person episode

Getting tired of these reruns



Oh shit. You sure convinced me. Hate speech and guns should be illegal. Thanks (((You))) for opening my eyes.



Still waiting for an argument




This, we will hunt you down like a communist nigger in peak Rhodesia.



>harmless amateur radio and television broadcasts




Felony FCC violations


Legally frequencies are owned by not you. The FCC monitors the frequencies they will triangulate where you are and give you a fine more then your neet bucks can ever pay for.


Ham people don't care as long as you don't blast ham frequencies. If you are going to do something illegal might as use a non ham frequency.


>TFW FCC is so behind the times that it still won't allow non-interfearing point-to-point laser-based communication.



In your idea of a perfect world, I'd never be able to send my own signals because faggots like you would have the airwaves saturated with private broadcasts of their own fatty fetish anime porn. I'm glad you're not in a position of power, wherever in the world you are.


>government regulation is good when it lets me live on the dole

>government regulation is bad when it doesn't let me be a nigger

The rules are there in order to prevent you stupid niggers from being pushed out from the radio waves by gay niggers from outer space motivated either for profit or shits and giggles. They were put there for your own protection, as you stupid cocksuckers are too stupid to have freedom.




NTSC has been dead since 2009 friendos

Even if it is illegal, someone would have to actually press charges first. Who the fuck is going to press charges because someone broadcasts over a dead format over a dead frequency?




The FCC doesn't press charges, licensed operators press charges. And oh yeah that's right, licensed broadcasters for NTSC over VHF don't actually exist anymore


Who's going to tune to your channel though? If you advertise, you get caught. IIRC, the newer tvs remove the older NTSC tuner to save money so the ATSC tvs are not backwards-compatible. And look at the channel you're broadcasting on. You might upset a lot of people with RF interference. Old boomers living in the retirement home on the other side of town might get mad they have to watch their "Matlock" tapes with a small fade-in of "The Official Statement of the Youth International Party" or other such rubbish.



We know the FCC is illegal, but so is having a license to drive and posessing a Social Security Number. Problem is, when you try to cite the law they don't believe you. This is because our government is not our own and is a product of ZOG. No sense trying to tie-up the courts for things only a few patriots believe in. Rather, ZOG must fall.




>harmless amateur radio and television broadcasts

Until somebody wants to transmit literally anything else on that same frequency


File: 4b0bae313baee6c⋯.png (140.77 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1487965334358.png)

No one would suspect anything if you made an NTSC broadcast in a PAL region



nice strawman



There are still many NTSC translators on air today serving marginal areas.


File: a231cc69d27b8c5⋯.jpeg (59.25 KB, 757x380, 757:380, BlonderTongueAM60-550A01.jpeg)


> NTSC VHF frequencies are dead.


NTSC is dead. The frequencies are not. They are just broadcasting ATSC on them now.

>VCR nigger rigged shit.

Just get an old Blonder Tongue Agile modulator. They are almost at scrap pricing because of the digital change over and CATV systems going all digial now. They can put out +60dbmV. That is a MUCH more usable signal. Just a jumper hanging off the back will cover your whole house. Crank it up and connect that to a good yagi (an old roof top TV antenna) and you would have neighborhood coverage. It is also a much more usable signal if you want to get crazy with old CATV hfc amps for real power.




>“Despite repeated warnings from the [Enforcement] Bureau regarding his on-air behavior, Mr Guernsey’s violations included the deliberate playing of music on top of the transmissions of other amateur operators in order to obstruct their ability to communicate on the frequency,” the FCC recounted in the July 22 Forfeiture Order. “Mr Guernsey further used various animal noises to prevent the communications of other stations with whom he had a longstanding and well-documented dispute.”


File: 3534c760cdf5a40⋯.png (16.44 KB, 332x286, 166:143, power_amp15.png)


>licensed broadcasters for NTSC over VHF don't actually exist anymore

I see the (((pay TV))) disinfo ad campaigns worked well. You fell for it.

OTA broadcast TV still exists. They are sill in the normal broadcast VHF-lo, VHF-HI, and UHF channels. Just the upper part of UHF has been sold off to cell phone companies.

The FCC or anyone else won't notice or care about your flea powered pir8 TV station. You are nothing to a 1000kw ERP TV station pumping out ATSC1. No one will ever find you on their TV's because of the way modern TV's work. You have to go through a menu system and manually scan to find new stations and modern set's don't even have NTSC tuners anymore. It is not like the old mechanical tuner days where you had to tune past a bunch of empty channels to get to the next live one. Back then a new TV station would be discovered quick.

To get NTSC to cover a few blocks your going to need decent power. The FCC will find out about you when your rube goldberg amplifier starts dumping 6mhz wide harmonics all over public safety or ham bands. That is how most FM radio pirates end up getting busted.Not for their actual inband broadcast but because a harmonic drops in a very bad spot. They don't know how to filter their output and they don't have the equipment to check it.



>second harmonic

Fake news



>They are sill in the normal broadcast VHF-lo, VHF-HI, and UHF channels.

OP here

I thought ATSC was UHF only



The frequency didn't go away after they got rid of NTSC. That's not how it works. :^)



It's not a strawman because this argument is not the argument of >>882164. The argument is the argument of >>882203. He is right, in a world without regulation, the radio waves will be filled with shitbags who will blast out literal noise ensuring no person could ever use the radio waves for meaningful communication.



Looking at the output of wscan it ranges from 183MHz - 677MHz in my area.


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