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File: d6bb6b9712b4317⋯.jpg (995.1 KB, 4289x2848, 4289:2848, saab.jpg)


I'm in the process of designing my own ultra light aircraft, i need an engine between 25 and 40 hp that isn't overpriced

Its really hard to find. Do you have any tips?


build your own zero-point energy generator.


make your own engine and take 4 years beyond the due date and go way over budget


HP is now in the engine business too?

How do they compare to their shitty computers and printers?


if you need it light and cheap you could go for any 125 ccm two stroke motocross-engine. should have plenty of power up 12000 rpm which is plenty. they are hideously responsive though, use a throttle control made for an airplane so it doesnt rip itself out of the frame and a small propeller if you can take the noise. all kinds of motors have been used throughout history so its not a huge deal. shouldnt run you more than 200-300 dollars for a used one.



All the 125cc i'v found produce under 20hp. Beside they will reqier serious mod to work with a propeller.


Find a used GSX-R or something on craigslist. You can probably find one that's been trashed with a decent engine for a thousand dollars if you're lucky.



This is definitely a better option than a motocross engine. Do you want you plane to be a minivan or do you want it to be a lambo?



Ah, a fellow ancap I see.


File: 483239ae334b0b6⋯.jpg (77.41 KB, 880x550, 8:5, volution-paramotor-scbox.jpg)

OP, what you want to probably look into is paramotors. Technically just parachutes equipped with back-mounted engines, however, they are considered ultralight aircraft and are capable of sustained flights as high as 15 thousand feet or more in some cases

If you want to go bout getting a parachute and getting an old engine to build your motor, remember horsepower is important, not enough air speed and the chute will collapse in mid flight. Granted its an easy recovery as the rate of your fall will be sufficient to allow a skilled pilot to properly redeploy the chute, or in some cases deploy a reserve chute designed to safely land you. Also remember rotor blade length is important. Longer rotor blades do not need to spin at as fast of an RPM, but require more torque do to extra weight and wind resistance.



What's the maximum takeoff mass and payload you're targeting?



try this


motors used in radio-controlled aircrafts should be close to your needs.



A watercooled fourstroke i4 engine is also way heavier than twostrokes and way more powerful than he needs. If you need something light, go for twostrokes


File: 8ef622e562da4ee⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1632x1232, 102:77, Legal_Eagle_Ultralight1.JPG)



Pic is the aircraft i'm building, well it looks like it


What about a rotary?



Is that total mass or payload?


File: a929c626db5c3fc⋯.png (175.96 KB, 450x393, 150:131, tumblr_mqxmkddojM1rvr9sko1….png)



Finally some good fucking threads on here. I was looking at some low wing one seater some Czechian flew to work.



Good luck trying that in burgerstan. you'll get shot down then arrested.



>Good luck trying that in burgerstan. you'll get shot down then arrested.

You realize you do NOT need a license to fly an ultralight in America right? You just need to obey flight zone rules. But you probably already knew that and just wanted to start shit




Yeah go with a two stroke motorcycle engine




have you looked into gyrocopters OP? they are easier to fly for noobs and safer because its almost impossible to stall, your engine could cut out and you just coast to the ground, they need a very short almost non existent runway and some skilled pilots can even take off vertically. you can land pretty much anywhere, some crazy landed one on the white house lawn during obama's term. they are also cheap



You don't have to use a clutch with a propeller you know



XKCD memester detected


Can i do this legally in canada?



why? gyros are pretty much the best kind of plane if you are limiting yourself to ultralights, they are cheaper, easier to fly, handle high winds better, take off/land on shorter and nontraditional runways better, easy to transport on a regular trailer without disassembling the wings. Lets face it, ultralights are not about transportation or other utilitarian purposes, they are for recreation and having fun. Open cockpits, ability to land on any soccer field sized piece of land and your ability to take your plane with you on a trailer to see new landscapes is a lot more fun than a fixed wing aircraft. Do you have a single argument or downside other than that ad hominem?



someone is booty blasted it seems



Anything is legal if the cops can't see you



unless someone snitches



What do you mean?



You can stick the propeller shaft directly onto the engine's power outlet if the propeller is fast enough



What about the propeller thrust ? The shaft wasn't designed to take force in that direction, we're talking about 100 kgf



Just use a thrust bearing


File: 2e20c5ac040aca0⋯.webm (9.62 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Default Project.webm)

put a rotary in it op, make the sky full of braps and flames.



Thats a bit overkill


File: 75eeb11c6635009⋯.mp4 (11.79 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, War thunder - J7W 1.55 hav….mp4)


Might as well turn it into a pusher with canards for the sake of the emperor.



Canard are notoriously unstable, they're good for jet fighters but thats not what i'm going for.



That probably has to do with how big the nose wing is, i seen this kind of design buzzing around in the skies i think they where UL planes.



They're not practical for cruise plane because they're too sensitive.


Can't wait til OP kills himself in his homemade plane lol



gravity never failed thus far



Why so mean?



Plenty of people have successfully built and flown ultralight aircraft. They don't go all that fast, and in the event of an engine failure, they can often glide to the ground. There are also 'chutes and other safety equipment available.

It's possible that OP will crash his ultralight. I think it's more likely that he will achieve his dream of flight, while you continue to punish the rickety stairs to your mom's basement with your gelatinous bulk as you go up and down them to microwave Hot Pockets for your 5 meals a day.



That's exactly why OP should now be worrying about the engine as he does, but rather make sure the aircraft is foremostly a robust and efficient glider first. Gliding to safety with a broken engine is infinitely better than having a light engine with lots of thrust but falling down like a rock if it goes off.

Same thing goes for automobile tuning too, noob tuners seem to be obsessed with increasing engine performance above all things, somehow oblivious to the fact that before you increase engine performance you first must make sure that all of the other subsystems of the vehicle (brakes/suspension, tyres, clutch/transmission, cocpit safety etc. etc.) can actually cope with that.



File: 53ef01938b5d7bc⋯.jpg (129.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, structure test sw.jpg)

How reliable is Solidworks FEA (structure strength analysis) ?



Have you tried turning it off and on again?




it works fine, i'm just asking if its reliable or not because i'm gonna use it for my aircraft and i don't want to have it break in mid air.



Test it in a wind tunnel.

in b4 "can't afford it", if you're building a fucking plane, you can afford it.



Its an ultralight not a 747 you idiot



Can't say I didn't warn you. Hope you have a parachute


Finally, a decent thread. Is it anyway possible to use a lawnmower engine? I'm a noob to ultralight.



Depends on total weight of the craft including the pilot. Also the altitude depends on airspeed and the rate of climb depends on available toque.

AFAIK most ultralight are over 50HP engines


File: 537849534bf0091⋯.jpg (55.46 KB, 1200x532, 300:133, benevolent overlord.jpg)

get an old VW superbug engine? IKt's stupidly well suited, it's an opposed flat four so it's very well balanced, it's almost ubiquitous, it's very extremely simple and easy to maintain. Either that or one from one of those motocross bikes, they have 50hp ones don't they? Microlights usually have single cylinder engine. oh and if you die, have a dead man's switch nominating you to the darwin awards.



M8 you're asking if Solidworks is reliable



Op here, no.

Unless you use a dozen or so.

the bare minimum to lift a single person on a regular airplane is 25hp, below that it either won't take off or be thrown around by the wind.



>get an old VW superbug engine?






>Icarus fell to his doom because he flew too high and too close to Sun Emperor Vladimir



if you go this route make sure to use high zinc oil


File: f99bc5f02ffbe17⋯.jpg (46.42 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 120523leading-edge-rv-3.jpg)





For what purpose?

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