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>On a satellite image, they drew shapes around the crime scenes, marking the coordinates on the map. Then they convinced a Wake County judge they had enough probable cause to order Google to hand over account identifiers on every single cell phone that crossed the digital cordon during certain times.

>In at least four investigations last year – cases of murder, sexual battery and even possible arson at the massive downtown fire in March 2017 – Raleigh police used search warrants to demand Google accounts not of specific suspects, but from any mobile devices that veered too close to the scene of a crime, according to a WRAL News review of court records. These warrants often prevent the technology giant for months from disclosing information about the searches not just to potential suspects, but to any users swept up in the search.


Few weeks back I pointed out this was going on, that when a crime happens Google and LE pull info from all Android phones in the area looking for anything suspicious and someone here said I was wrong. I couldn't find an article about it back then to prove it but here's one.


just being in the area doesn't sound like probable cause to me


Shit like this is why i don't carry a mobile phone



you don't even have to be online in the area. the google spy device will upload where you were at it's earliest convenience the next time it's online.

this shit really is ridiculous, but remember the average lemming not only doesn't have a problem with this they'll openly advertise where they are themselves on foursquare, yelp, and facebook 15 times a day, and say "yes" to every single facebook app that requests the data, and every single android app that requests all the permissions, and they download 30 garbage tracking apps a day.

Carrying a feature phone instead of a smartphone is going to be less and less of an option. If you have to carry one the only option is going to be turning it off and putting it in one of those faraday cage cases.


even if you had a phone or device with completely clean software/hardware and no gps capability, they would still be able to get the connection data off the nearest tower and/or triangulate, so there's no way around this if you want to be able to receive phone calls on the go.


This is why mobilefags are the worst



It's the same thing if you carry with you a smart card.

>plug smart card in machine

>machine comes with built-in modem

>phones your coordinates


feature phones no longer work in USA since they're phasing out 3G/CDMA and phasing in 5G to ensure the ultimate police state behind the wall.



I wonder how 5G is going to pan out for the CIA niggers, from what I hear the system is very susceptible to sabotage.


nothing in this story is surprising or unusual. you have to be a retarded niggermonkey to carry a phone. it's literally just a botnet device filled with adware and clickbait



>smart card

Wtf is that? Is that what the cashier at my local grocery store keeps bugging me about?

>do you have a customer card? no? you can collect customer points with it and use them to get discounts on random garbage. Just fill out this form, it's free :^)

Anyways, like the anon above, I do not carry my phone with me. My smartphone is always at home with both wifi and mobile data disabled.



What do you mean by "feature phone"? I'm only interested in voice+sms, and they still make those kind of phones.



>manually sticking your credit card into a machine the purpose of which is to contact your bank and authorize the purpose is the same as carrying an always-on tracking bug

You glow in the dark niggers really don't do a good job of blending in.



i think "feature phone" is nigger for exactly that: voice+sms


anyone who uses loyalty cards deserves to be tracked



>i think "feature phone" is nigger for exactly that: voice+sms

What's the feature then?


File: 2d5e404821753b6⋯.png (71.92 KB, 698x658, 349:329, .png)



A voice+sms phone is a "dumbphone", by the way.

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