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File: 35184e351b61852⋯.png (241.63 KB, 967x858, 967:858, Screenshot from 2018-04-16….png)


How do they make money?



Lol it's just 0s and 1s bro, do you want to make it illegal to share certain sequences of 0s and 1s?



Already said multiple times.

They do trough referrals when.



>tfw certain combinations of subatomic particles are illegal



And the thing saying it's illegal is just a different combination of subatomic particles.


File: 3f3e3b5f7e7997d⋯.jpg (38.67 KB, 360x425, 72:85, 3f3e3b5f7e7997d0d725c02c31….jpg)

stop asking questions


amazon shills. they use affiliate links and let amazon collect user data


DDG has its own ads and sponsored results, but those are clearly marked as such and that can be disabled in Settings.

They also take donations from people and companies.


No, they use good ol' referral links.

Amazon and Ebay will know that you came through DuckDuckGo, but not what you were searching for.


ddg is google jr


Being affiliated with Amazon is fine by me. Canonical does it, and they're a privacy respecting company.



10/10 this made me laugh


>shit we can't make money now that people are cautious about privacy matters and shit

>aha! lets let the server do unencrypted leaks and leak shit so hackers will leak it

>hacker here! nice to meet you, hack hack hack!

>oh shit we got hacked, the hacker should be selling our data by now

>semitic handshake



Datamining. Obviously.



>They also take donations from people and companies.

(((people and companies)))


They lose on each access but make up for it in volume.



>tfw certain combinations of subatomic particles are illegal

>tfw quark smuggler

>tfw particle accelerator in basement

>tfw no laws about antimatter posession


who cares, it's shit. use searx



Analytics. User X from X city searched for X and then accessed site X at X o'clock. Same IP came back later and searched for Y then accessed site Y at Y o'clock. Now they have a bunch of data to sell to companies willing to know what a specific public from a given region is interested in consuming and then adjust their targeted marketing accordingly



>You can trust us goy! No need to worry, it's anonymized and based off of region, we would absolutely never sell personally identifiable data directly!


File: e1fc6e2ac1304af⋯.jpg (134.98 KB, 602x1062, 301:531, duckduckgo.jpg)

>they trust us, the dumb fucks



Donations by three letter goverment agencies.

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