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File: 7ab70e0ed23b8f8⋯.jpg (49.17 KB, 760x430, 76:43, firefierce.jpg)




chromium wins again

really this now leaves no option but to roll your own browser with webkit in C or qtwebengine in C++.



I might just use Lynx after this. Brave for a GUI. Not sure yet.


>Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.

The only cuck here is you. Provide an archive link gigantic faggot.




Didn't this already happen years ago?


Well, i'm happy the I abandoned Firefox months ago for Brave on mobile and Vivaldi on desktop


The article says that they are trying to make it their second revenue source, after Google and to show the world that advertisements can be shown without invading user privacy. In addition to this, most of the analytics are done in the client, so it claims.

I have mixed feelings about this to be honest. I would be really glad if Google had less political influence on Mozilla like they have been for the past few years. On the other hand, I always had a stance that opposed advertisements on the web, based on the idea that most ads are annoying, subversive, manipulative and contain malware. If the Mozilla keep their promise on respecting the user privacy (not likely but) I wouldn't really mind that move. Mozilla really needs to have another revenue resource to compete with the vast funding the Google is capable of providing Chromium, so it may be regarded as a necessary evil.



Not quite like this.


Good choices. Waiting for Brave to be more stable on desktop to make the switch. Using IceCat at the moment.



Tor is unfortunately controlled by Google now as well. Abandon ship I guess.



mozilla pulls in half a billion dollars a year. that's more than enough revenue to write and maintain a browser. mozilla is supposed to be a non-profit but in reality it's just another non-profit scam, it's run by a bunch of jews who blow the money on diversity programs instead of hiring the necessary people who know what they are doing to keep the browser going.

they are only concerned with more money for diversity programs so they can continue to hire niggers and women who will do nothing and offload the browser work to 10 white people and a few pajeets who actually know what they are doing, the other 900 people just suck up the non-profit income while doing nothing, like every single other non-profit in existence.


File: 542257555efb3c9⋯.jpg (11.57 KB, 230x230, 1:1, moremoneyneeded.jpg)


acutally it seems like mozilla hates niggers they only hire sjw xir's and jews.


not a single proud black man or woman



It's the only good browser. I don't care about politics.



firefox is fucking garbage, if you don't care about politics, botnet, or advertisements, which firefox has all of now, chromium is objectively faster in every single benchmark.




It's not difficult to have speed when you lack features. Chrome's UI is dogshit and it's settings layout it terrible. It doesn't even have an option to never remember history or have any customization over what's remembered. I'm not using a toaster, Firefox is fast enough. The 20% difference isn't noticeable.




what like pocket and poz's new advertising? the browser exists to fetch and display web pages, nothing else.

>remember history

not a fan of chromium's lack of options on that either but they roll it into an all or nothing deal. either incognito or everything is getting saved.



about:config, being able to recognize ANY protocol compatible with software on your system (Mumble, for example), having vastly superior engine for privacy and ad blocking. I couldn't ever use something as crippled as Chromium browsers having used firefox.



>Chrome's UI is dogshit

Scrolling tabs versus infinitely shrinking tabs alone is enough to make me prefer FF.



>use Chromium

>have screen tearing

>use Firefox

>no screen tearing



>shilling this hard for Firefox



Chrome is unstable, crashes and hangs a lot, and uses a lot more RAM. While when it worked, it could load pages a little faster, I ended up spending a lot of time waiting it to respond when it was hanging or crashing.


All I want in my browser is a fucking session manager, tab mix plus and a user script manager. Mozilla threw all of that out with 57 among other extensions because they are a bunch of lazy retarded cunts who don't have the time to provide devs with all the actual useful APIs. Had to switch to Waterfox, because every other mainstream browser is a pile of barebones shit.


considering they're infecting their ESR release with this Poz i wonder how tor browser is going to deal with this. they're going to have to compile it out.



IceCat for non-trisquel distros when?



>really this now leaves no option but to roll your own browser with webkit in C or qtwebengine in C++.

Why make your browser when K-Meleon already exists? And it's open source, you can improve it.


it's actively developed, last version is from 2018-04




>2017-12-15: K-Meleon 77 in development (Test Builds, Goanna engine, see Forum)


>2016-12-20: K-Meleon 76 RC2 (Release Candidate)


>2015-09-19: K-Meleon 75.1 was released (new stable version).

Read the announcement in the Forum for more info about this release

Have they not heard about semantic versioning? Why copy retarded versioning system Mozilla has adopted as of late when the purpose of your fork is to remove/fix as many of their dumb decisions as possible?




On a serious note though, how else would you expect them to raise money to power all stuff, if the users are mostly irresponsible manchildren who rarely donate? partly because they suspect that the money will be handled in a wrong way, diversity and stuff



Remember: Tor uses Firefox as the go-to browser not simply because they can, but also for a good reason.

Perhaps if it all becomes too bad, there's an option of always using Tor Browser but (optionally) without Tor — it's quite simple to un-tor the Tor Browser. (you'll need to be careful to never confuse it with the real thing though)


File: 03baa1dcc5da8b8⋯.jpg (933.76 KB, 1600x1114, 800:557, gas.jpg)



>Perhaps if it all becomes too bad, there's an option of always using Tor Browser but (optionally) without Tor — it's quite simple to un-tor the Tor Browser. (you'll need to be careful to never confuse it with the real thing though)

yes but whats the fucking point of using any browser without Tor?

only retarded people don't use Tor



Then simply use Tor Browser without any dilemma.



Tor 4 lyfe



How does any open source project operate if the users are mostly irresponsible manchildren who rarely donate?

how can the linux kernel possibly operate without baking advertisements and selling user data directly into the linux kernel?

i assume it's because whatever money is taken in he doesn't waste it on giving pointeless non-jobs to xir's.




literally who?



The kernel is not targeted at end-users, Firefox is. Corpos are much smarter on average than the consumes so they prefer spending some money initially over having to pay in one way or another many times over later down the line. At least sometimes.



Receive money from the US government. Just ask Tor.


There's plenty of bare bones browsers that have potential to be built into whatever you desire all you have to do is get to programming but (you)'d rather waste your time bitching about the current state of browser on 4chan lite instead.



>Receive money from the US government. Just ask Tor.

You gave me idea...

since browsers are so important to humanity, almost every human need them, at same time they are so shit today, why don't socialist governments (cuba, europe, canada, north korea) fund web browser development? so we get no-bullshit and working browser

governments should do things in people interests. in our interest is to have working web browser. so when???



do you realize how big and bloated browsers are?

to compile them you need few days. to make one simple change in code you need few hours of work

and you can't have non-bloated browser if you want websites to work on it (css3, javascript, dom, html5)


Okay, I guess I'm finally uninstalling it.

yes I know I should've long ago, don't bully me.



this is (((W3C)))'s fault.



>Firefox is

Is it though? Is it really?

What about the corporations who need to deploy a web browser to the multitude of computers that are being managed.


>look at the number of page faults

>firefox has 4 times less than chrome

Firefox is fine compared to it's alternatives.



>not just sticking to esr52

It's not cucked as long as you go through and change about a hundred settings.



Except Mozilla won't sell any user data and their ads can be disabled.

They're doing the same thing Brave is doing. Why are you guys so upset?



>Mozilla won't sell any user data

No they'll simply give it to their partner Soros and other selected corporate partners, who of course donate generously to Mozilla.



>muh soros

Nice memes



is firefug sending your data to them these days? browsers that do stuff you don't tell them to are trash. firefug was trash for about 10 years now and brave was never not trash



Soros literally gives ass loads of money to Mozilla and he is also an anti-white kike. Prove any of this wrong.



If you painstakingly go through your about:config you can turn off the spying "features" in Firefox.



>the spying "features"

Those are actual features. Just not for the end user.



So a browser that automatically reports you to the nearest (((Diversity Officer))) when you visit the wrong website?

china pls go



That's not the same thing as Brave. Lrn2read


The only reason I still have FireFux installed is because it has a plugin that allows you to download all the media posts on Twitter by a user (fucking jap artists) at original quality along with a csv containing lots of data such as comment, post/image URL, etc. It also works on private accounts if you're logged in and have access to them. I haven't been able to find a replacement for it that works on Linux.



Icecat user here and it's pretty comfy :3


File: 49eb1bde1002572⋯.jpg (48.16 KB, 499x396, 499:396, if-I-ignore.jpg)


how do you know if any of them doesn't identifies zhirself as transniggers?


>t's the only good browser. I don't care about politics.

It's literally what's killing the browser


Well, this shits botnet now. And I won't use botnet chromium. Guess its icecat for me.



I'm using Iridium and it's fine so far despite the bugs (extensions need to be updated manually). For some reason I can only browse 8chan on chrome because any firefox variant starts leaking memory like crazy on long threads. Palememe worked alright but then it started acting up and stopped playing webms for some reason


File: 0ab024be6a1a6df⋯.jpg (50.06 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 0ab024be6a1a6df6ac36cf8a5b….jpg)



Semver doesn't make any sense unless you export a stable API, like a library does.


File: fc7c998d16f87ee⋯.png (42.38 KB, 1336x944, 167:118, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at ….png)

File: e2a07f33d867e49⋯.png (36.81 KB, 1336x944, 167:118, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at ….png)

File: 1bc0f11f7881ad5⋯.png (95.51 KB, 2036x710, 1018:355, mozilla bugzilla.png)

Sorry for hijacking the thread, but I need someone with write access to the mozilla bugtracker to report that the latest Firefox still has broken color management: it doesn't pass the test at https://kornel.ski/en/color

There are visible differences between many of these columns. My system is latest macOS btw.

(please ignore that GIF column is missing — the image is just not downloaded because it's not allowed to)




What is with these people and that word? Do they even understand that it's now a tell that there's something fucky going on?



Also, chromium is not better, but it's not an excuse: Firefox should be more than a copy of a loser browser.



Stallman was right all along.



Firefox wasn't usable before anyway without about:config privacy tweaking.



It's a fad amongst PR/marketing people apparently



So moving a single button is reason enough to change from 79.9 to 80? Because I'd rather go with a 7.9.0 -> 7.10.0 at most.



Show me in the source code where soros has had any influence over the browser. Show me anything which proves that any donation has influence over the browser. And learn the fucking difference between Mozilla corporation and Mozilla foundation.







Plenty of alternatives here.


File: 02103e75d73554d⋯.png (276.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, StatCounter-browser-ww-mon….png)

Some retards might bitch about changes, about audio not working or the ui changing or the extensions not working but they eventually suck it up and stick with it because there's nowhere else to go.



it doesn't matter if you have write access or not your bug will sit in their tracker for 10 years and nobody will bother looking at it. the tracker is there for appearances only to placate the goyim not for actual use.



I know he was, my friend.




It's slang in the gay community. So they're trying to push their faggot agenda. No surprise there.



slang for what?



>abandoning FOSS for proprietary shitware


>good choices

Out of the pot and into the fire.



File: b1d693758d74d16⋯.png (21.85 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1502159160206.png)

Looks like this guy was onto something.



>The only thing worse than FireFox is Pale Moon

Because Josh is a dumb nigger who couldn't make his site work in Pale Moon



>Mozilla won't sell any user data

yea they just handed it all over to google with their "safe browsing" feature

Mozilla has been taken over years ago with google "donations".



I don't fucking know. An example, however, would be "Beyonce's new album is fierce." It's a good thing, and denotes independence or sass if that makes sense.



We need to abandon our Mozilla overlords. Thank you based Josh.



>he doesn't know about the AdNauseam drama

Are you living under a rock?

<Your browser, Our rules



Exactly. Pale Moon cucked out hard over that. Just DuckDuckGo the terms "adnauseum pale moon" if you want to read about it. Basically, get educated faggot.



yes listen to the guro neko shota appreciator and python expert who will never be able to have a credit card again in his life on this country



credit card is botnet



So what? He can be wrong about some thing and right about another. I just thought it was funny to see that banner above Firefox Sucks thread.



RMS doesn't use a credit card.



Please tell me that's a shop.



Vivaldi is pretty good, but since it's proprietary it's useless for anyone who values their freedom from botnet. If they were crazy and ballsy enough to risk everything going free software they'd be a big threat to Firefox.



Isn't it still a chromium frontend like basically every non firefox browser out there?



Vivaldi isn't the answer. In fact, it's a far cry from the Opera I used as a child.

The only option is IceCat at this point.



RMS also has sex with animals



Which is consensual and healthy




We should make Terry's rs232 internet bbs system a reality





I have no idea what that means but I'm down for anything at this point.


'quantum' was the start of the cancer, this is the end.


just install falkon. preferably on gentoo. then all your problems will be solved.



That's not what Safe Browsing does. Sage Browsing downloads a list of malware domains from Google, and it doesn't send any data to their servers.

Yes, Google will get your IP and User Agent, no they won't get your browsing history, cookies or execute JS for that particular purpose. Disable Safe Browsing in settings and its done, no data is sent or retrieved to or from Google at all.

<b-b-b-but there are le goolag URLs in about:config

Those are settings for Safe Browsing and Malware Check. If you disable those settings, the URLs are never used by the browser; which is why the IceCat guys don't bother to delete them.

At least learn what stuff does. Screaming "le botnet" at everything does not help anyone.



Sauce? I've been looking for that very same thing and all I could find was a shittt Python script that lists all the media URLs.



[code]$ wget $(./shittypythonscript https://twitter.com/randomfaggot)




$ wget $(./shittypythonscript https://twitter.com/randomfaggot)


wow it's fucking nothing

Gonna have to try harder to try and shill your proprietary spyware kike



>everything is fucking nothing

who are you even calling a kike?


File: 0573eaced058f53⋯.jpg (57.1 KB, 472x411, 472:411, liberal2017.jpg)

>SJW's enter Mozilla

>Brandon Eich gets fired for normiestuff he does in private life

>market share starts tanking

>let's quickly pump up the version number for no reason!

>catastrophic UI redesign after another

>integrate Pocket™ for some reason

>Mozilla sync doesn't gain traction

>nobody uses Hello what is it even

>codebase is mess of 20+ programming languages

>extensions crippled

>market share gone from 50% to 10%



Fukkin palemuthafukkin moon fam



>Tor is unfortunately controlled by Google now as well.




everything the touch turn to dust




Is that thing trying to look like Hitler considering the haircut and nosering.


File: 9fda82d6393f4cf⋯.jpg (22.53 KB, 628x458, 314:229, eichsmiling.jpg)


It's trying to look as stupid as possible.


File: f30ad09e1406719⋯.png (115.26 KB, 1054x954, 527:477, Screenshot from 2018-05-04….png)

Anyone else getting this popping up in their Firefox?

<tl;dr, firefox is asking permission to (((anonymously))) collect and analyze data about user browsing habits and apparently change things from time to time and get user feedback.

One the one hand I want Firefox updates to reflect the changes I want to see.

But on the other hand it seems sketchy, doubt my feedback will make any difference whatsoever, and don't want my browser randomly fucking around with its own settings and asking if I like the changes.



Why are sjw so strong? Most of what they do is basically being obnoxious, making retarded and illogical """arguments""" and constantly attacking other people for things that don't correlate with the sjw agenda. Why is this even tolerated? Why do most prefer to keep silent or even side with them instead of calling them out for their cancerous bullshit? Is it just fear not to become their next target? Or something else?



So they are going the Windows 10 """telemetry"""" "you can kinda opt out but it's placebo and we'll revert it back to opt in on next update anyway" way?



I just called it out though.



No, because Firefox doesn't enroll you without your permission.

The other big difference is that Mozilla, unlike Microsoft, doesn't collect any data that could identify users and when they do (in case they want to get browsing history) they anonymize it all by bundling it and sending it at special intervals, so they can't know where it came from.


File: 81c06436df5404a⋯.png (322.8 KB, 1584x805, 1584:805, Screenshot_20180513_124118.png)

File: d0048b686904dab⋯.png (261.48 KB, 1325x526, 1325:526, Screenshot_20180513_133454.png)

Just did a fresh install. This is literally the first and second (and last) times that I opened firefox. Only site I went to was gog.com



>go to settings

>disable Pocket Stories and Sponsored Content

Taking those screenshots, typing that post and solving the captcha took more time and effort than disabling that you know. 😒


>not using icecat



it did not take that long to compile firefox esr on my thinkpad.



What did it take, like 4 hours or more?



All these work arounds and the same people say chromium is botnet.



I guess computers shipping with Windows isn't a problem since you can install Ganoo or BSD on them, right?



What's the point of wearing a bikini in situations like this



What's...uhh...your point?

offtopic sage



I don't think I was making one


File: 706f677fdab1769⋯.jpg (33.04 KB, 600x549, 200:183, jackie-chan-671a45ee054438….jpg)



reminder chromium also works with alsa, while pozjew requires pozaudio from systemD



I have had nothing but problems with pulseaudio. Either no output, no input, can't change the volume, blips and beeps randomly. Why the fuck is this thing so prevalent in distros and software now? It is terrible software


File: e2d326212b424c5⋯.jpg (27.5 KB, 350x520, 35:52, vox day sjws always lie.jpg)


They're not. All their victims have been normie liberals who on already agree with liberal agenda, thus offering apologies to whatever readily in good faith, meaning they admit guilt in SJW eyes, and thus warrant subsequently purge. And if they don't apologize their social circles will turn against them. Left eats its own.



good taste




>it's an official setting in the GUI

smh tbqh famiglia

<the same people say Chromium is botnet

I don't because I'm not a fucking retard who says "botnet" as a catch-all term for shit I don't like.


Mozilla disabled the ALSA code because it's unmaintained and every major distribution comes with Pulse anyway.

Why don't you go maintain it yourself?


Pulse works for most people. Plus, it allows for shit that are a pain in the ass with ALSA; like managing two outputs, changing different program's volume, etc.

Pulse is shit, but it's far better than being stuck with no audio at all. GNU/Linux had near unusable audio ten years ago. Pulse, ironically, forced developers to fix their shitty ALSA drivers, so even ALSA purists got benefited from it.




Do you autismos not want basic functionality like WiFi, audio and acpi sleep events (laptop lid) not working without manually scripting? Pulseaudio, NetworkManager and systemd might not be the most brilliant code ever written, but at least they're less buggy every month and actually make ganooh/looniks a more productive and stable user experience. BTW I am a Thinkpad Gentoo dwm neovim user, and I do still dislike Gnome.



* without manually typing specific comands every time you plug in a USB sound device and without writing custom scripts




I was waiting for you to blow your cover. You just saved me the trouble of taking you seriously.





> designed specifically for Microsoft Windows (Win32) operating systems.

> open source

No it's not it's free software

Get out you fucking Microsoft shill


Fucking SJW's and woman in code ruin everything they touch (kek woman who "code" don't even touch the code and if they do it's markup shit like html)


At the rate things are going I'll be returning to a gopher or BBS soon



No, I want my computer to do what I tell it to do, nothing else.



Yeah PA just like werks that's why choices like that have made FF grow so much in popularity.



Open source development is all about the development of software that happens out in the open. It's highly likely that software that is developed in the open (while complying with the open source definition) is also software that respects the users' freedom.



I just looked at the firefox market share, it's 5%.

Jesus Christ I suddenly feel like a snowflake myself for using it.

It seems like everyone is using CIAmium.

What's a browser that respects my freedoms?


>not using qutebrowser



I don't think there is one. Icecat is Stallman kiked, Tor too. Pick the least worst. As long as you have uMatrix you can block the behind the scenes connections to Cuckzilla and Jewgle.



>Chrome's UI is dogshit and it's settings layout it terrible

Finally someone who gets it. Still, after years of development, the crome(ium) settings pages is utter trash. I think they do it on purpose to prevent you from messing with them. But what do I care, as a Pale Meme user...



>you can block the behind the scenes connections to Cuckzilla

Wrong. They removed that like 2 major versions ago.



Wrong you can block anything in Firefox.



wrong, ublock and other extentions can't control connections on pozjew internal pages.



There are no connection to Mozilla in about:* pages, except the about:addons page and it only happens if you click "download more addons" in the addons list.

But since you're entire argument boils down to buzzwords, you don't even know what an add-on is, so why do you care?




I won't go and claim this shit is good, but let's not go out of our ways to make shit up. Basically your browser receives all offers and then it locally determines what you'd be "interested" on, hence no data is sent anywhere.


firefox's market share had tanked before he was forced out and the current ui is better than astralis or whatever that abominaiton was called. Extensions were crippled as a consequence and not as an end goal, XUL was pretty unsecure (and you don't want your attack surface to grow in your fucking browser), devs were given plenty of time to port their extensions as well, the problem that remains is tha tnot every api is in place so not everything can be feasibly ported, but that's a result of insufficient manpower.

Honestly, the only things I dislike are the jewines of the foundation itself (I don't know how much that afects the development of the broser), this advertisement shit, the shit of integrating pocket, what's the ucking point? didn't they pay to buy pocket? so in other words they aren't getting any money out of this, this shit should be opt-in at most (and I know it can be disabled in about:config but it should be in a better place)


>Money's tight dude, gotta have referrals everywhere


should I avoid the last tbb update?



They have been removing botnet from firefox for a very long time, I'm sure they would have gotten the latest too. Firefox has adopted some of their recommendations too, to make disabling it easier.


File: 34a284ac598a20a⋯.gif (3.99 MB, 426x284, 3:2, systemd.gif)

File: 5c18017a71aefbf⋯.jpg (203.14 KB, 802x854, 401:427, terryawakened.jpg)

File: dc8719869d289fe⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, KILL_MOZILLA_SCUM.png)


>ebin nonprofit boner intensifies


Install Icecat.

If can't/won't

Install Waterfox.

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