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File: 46904108fac3718⋯.jpg (7.58 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Z4QE8kHL_400x400.jpg)


Matrix is an open standard for inter-operable, decentralized, real-time communication over IP. It can be used to power Instant Messaging, VoIP/WebRTC signalling, Internet of Things communication - or anywhere you need a standard HTTP API for publishing and subscribing to data whilst tracking the conversation history.

Matrix defines the standard, and provides open source reference implementations of Matrix-compatible Servers, Clients, Client SDKs and Application Services to help you create new communication solutions or extend the capabilities and reach of existing ones.

>What is it

Matrix is a FreeSource federated chat protocol with features similar to Discord, introduced in 2014.

Federated means that you can host your own homeservers and join chatrooms/channels hosted on other servers . This is similar to sending emails from Gmail to Yahoo or placing phonecalls from Verizon to Softbank.

>Is it safe

You can encrypt your messages with a key that's only ever stored on your device, so you don't even necessary need to trust the chat servers.

This feature is currently in Beta.

>What's the advantage over IRC

You can post images, videos, upload files and you don't need to run a client or relay server to remain online. Chat logs are served automatically should the room owner choose to enable them.

Servers can also enable an IRC-bridge feature which allows you to join IRC networks, like Rizon, using the server as a persistent relay.

Separate from this, there is also support for mirroring your existing IRC channels into a Matrix Room in order. This creates a chat room that can be accessed from either IRC or Matrix with all the messages posted from either available to everyone.

>What's the advantage over Discord

Matrix is for Straight People.

You also get better security, ability to have a nigger-hating room without being banned, and ability to run a client of your choice on any platform, and the ability to choose your own server.

>What clients are currently available?

A list of popular clients are available at https://matrix.org/docs/projects/try-matrix-now.html

You can also try the service as a guest through the Riot webapp.

>Does 8Chan have a room?

Unofficially at https://riot.im/app/#/room/#8chan:matrix.org.

An official room could allow integration with #8chan@rizon.net such that you can chat on any service. This requires permission from the admin of the IRC channel.


sounds gay. why not just use xmpp?


File: c4ec545749c7b80⋯.png (607.64 KB, 2408x1694, 172:121, matrix-main-chat-window.png)


Matrix is a complete chat platform that you can use today.

XMPP is a spec on which non-compatible chat syustems can be created upon.

Jabber/XMPP is the most popular chatting system built on XMPP but that's closer to SMS or iMessage than Matrix.



So it's a free replacement for Discord?


While Matrix as a protocol looks fine, Riot is pretty dubious about collecting your personal information. From their terms of service:

>Each time you visit our Website or use the Services, we may automatically collect the following information:

>technical information, including the Internet protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet, your login information, browser type, browser version and settings, time zone setting, language preferences, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform;

>information about your visit, including the full Uniform Resource Locators (URL) clickstream to, through and from our Website (including date and time); page response times, download errors, length of visits to certain pages, page interaction information (such as scrolling, clicks and mouse-overs) and methods used to browse away from the page;

>the communication content that you send and receive while using our Service. This may include message content and timing information, including text, photo, video and other media files in the context of the communication history of a room. This content may be encrypted by your client;

>other information about your user activity to aid communication on the service: details of the rooms you participate in (name, topic, address, participant list, access permissions, and any other extensible data associated with that room), whether your user account is discoverable using which identifiers, optional public directory listing of your user identifiers and user trust/reputation data associated with your account;

>information about you made available to us through your client, including (where supplied by your client) user presence information (whether your client is currently active/idle/offline or other extensible presence data), user profile information (display name, avatar, encryption public key data, other extensible profile data), ‘typing notifications’ (whether you are typing a message in a given room or not), ‘read notifications’ (whether you have read a message in a given room or not), ‘push notification rules’ (which messages should trigger notifications and how to notify you), ‘search history’ (which terms you have searched for). You may be able to limit the information about you that your client provides to us via the account settings in your client application; and

>information about your mobile device (if the service is accessed through a smartphone application). In addition to the above, this may include the application name and version, device model and version, device OS version, and push notification client identifier.

>We may receive information about you if you use any of the other websites we operate, the other Services we provide or through third party applications you require us to bridge to. We are also working closely with third parties who assist us in providing the Service to you (including, for example, business partners, sub-contractors in technical, payment and delivery services, advertising networks, analytics providers, search information providers and credit reference agencies) and may receive information about you from them.

>We will store information for as long as it is necessary to provide the Service to you or as is required to meet any legal obligations.

But it gets worse:

>We may share personal information with analytics and search engine providers that assist us in the improvement and optimisation of our Website and Service.

>We may share your personal information with any member of our group, which means our subsidiaries, our ultimate holding company and its subsidiaries, as defined in section 1159 of the UK Companies Act 2006.

>We may need to share your personal information with our business partners, suppliers and sub-contractors for the performance of any contract we enter into with them or you. We will only disclose information to third parties who are under obligations of confidentiality in respect of the personal data they receive.

>In the event that we sell or buy any business or assets, we may disclose your personal data to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets.

>If we or substantially all of our assets are acquired by a third party, personal data held by us about our users will be one of the transferred assets.

Riot is basically Discord masquerading as a free and open source chat provider. They don't take your privacy seriously at all.



>Riot is basically Discord masquerading as a free and open source chat provider.

Riot is a client, not a service.

Matrix.org is a Matrix protocol server.


>make a chat protocol with the intention of replacing discord

>don't make a frontend for it

>the only decent third party frontend is just as shady as discord itself

What's the point



Makes no difference if there’s no alternative.


Same as Signal and that shit’s being shilled everywhere.


So how long until there's a client that actually produces anything even remotely close to what goyscord does?





Well learn to self-host, and NEVER use the web client. Also see >>908970


Get in, /pol/. We are ready.






>Makes no difference if there’s no alternative.

You can host your own homeserver or join one that somebody else made.


Not to mention that they cannot read encrypted messages because the key is only ever on your own device and never gets transmitted to the remote server.



>Not to mention that they cannot read encrypted messages


>You can encrypt your messages with a key that's only ever stored on your device

Riddle me this. If I encrypt something with a key that never leaves my device, how am I supposed to communicate with anybody?

Or are you supposed to exchange keys via some other channel beforehand.



Each client has a key and that clients generates other 'slave' keys that are shared with other participants.

The keys you gather, on say your phone, are shared P2P with your client on your desktop.

More Info:





Who would want that garbage in the first place?



What feature that it offers is garbage?



It's popular so it must be shit


>putting @ before nickname and server name after semicolon.

What is this hosemotherfucking shit? Do they aim to absolute normie morons or what?

What the fuck is their botnet electron client that eats 600 mb ram on start?

What the fuck is their cuck federation with centralized identity management and inability to host locked-down server?

Why the fuck do I host a 5000-people prosody server on an anemic raspberry, while their piece of crap server written in hipster language idles at 700 mb and segfaults at 15 users on an average 10-dollar vps?

Go shill your gay cianigger shovelware for normies to cuckchan or whatever cesspool you came from here, any sane human being uses XMPP with OTR over Tor without useless hipster shit for gaymers.

sage in all yields



Adapt or die. The Discord structure is made for /pol/ Ops in mind.



Why dickscord is needed when you already have pol board? Oh, let me guess, phoneposters and datacaps.

What's the difference between matrix and irc/xmpp muc for non-stop shitposting? Let me guess, phoneposters and their low mental abilities.

Why do these people keep inventing the wheel over and over again? Let me guess, jews hungry for user's data and shiny sheckes.


File: d3d7a532f726309⋯.jpg (193.42 KB, 802x854, 401:427, terry is angry.jpg)


Absolutely meaningless. Seriously, get fucked. You shithead federation shills flood this fucking place advertising Matrix but proffering Riot, then suddenly becoming blatantly ignorant when anyone points out all the issues with Riot, retreating to

>it's just le client, you can use whatever server and client you want!!!

Fuck you. It's the only client worth a shit and that's why it's the only one anyone talks about and the only one that matters. Nobody wants to set up their own fucking server, which is why federation falls flat on its ass as a defense against malicious operators regardless of whatever trite you trot out here when someone explains to you for the nth time that you're basically shilling the email protocol and telling everyone to use the neat client you made, Gmail.

There is centralized (c2s), and there is distributed (p2p). All merely-decentralized federated networks that pick up real attention, and are used by normies, inevitably collapse into EEE and abuse and then centralization. Every time.

I enjoy federated cyberautist corndog-eating rp playgrounds as much as the next faggot, you're just a disingenuous piece of shit for pushing federation as the future of """secure""" and """free""" communication.


File: 093d6d18374d995⋯.jpg (13.88 KB, 220x229, 220:229, 1524372367692.jpg)


>What the fuck is their botnet electron client that eats 600 mb ram on start?

That's like saying IRC is shit because you were retarded and used a shitty electron client instead of irssi or weechat.

>What the fuck is their cuck federation with centralized identity management and inability to host locked-down server?

You can select a message server and identity server independently. Its right there in the login window on every client.

If you want to disable federation, there's even a setting specially to make this effortless so that it doesn't even need to be done manually with ports.

>Why the fuck do I host a 5000-people prosody server on an anemic raspberry, while their piece of crap server written in hipster language idles at 700 mb and segfaults at 15 users on an average 10-dollar vps?


I guess an RPI wouldn't be able to handle VOIP for 5000 people.

Not sure what you mean by hipster language, the server is written in Python as a reference. Easily portable to C.

>Go shill your gay cianigger shovelware for normies to cuckchan or whatever cesspool you came from here, any sane human being uses XMPP with OTR over Tor without useless hipster shit for gaymers.

Go be black somewhere else, sperg.


File: 31f7c71d269c636⋯.jpg (12.44 KB, 640x236, 160:59, sBJG8sT_d.jpg)


>doesn't know what IRC is

>uses gmail because he's too brown and autistic to set up postfix

White people can use Matrix no problem. What's your problem, monkey?




Illiterate rage isn't very aryan, anon.



VOIP in matrix is client-to-client, like Jitsi. Your argument is invalid and does not justify the inadequate server software resource usage.



Do you even know how e2e encryption works?



/tech/ is legit more techs illiterate than 4/g/ by a noticeable margin.

I think it has something to do with the increased melanin and NEET ratios whereas NormieChan has employed people that at least work with technology so as to know what they're talking about.



It's because floens made Clover support 8ch



No, it probably has to do with the fact that it's flooded with 80iq pol niggers who have no fucking idea what they're talking about.



4chan has better everything simply because it has more people. Same goes with Reddit believe it or not.

It doesn't matter if there's 100 retards or 2000 of them because your mind will treat it as a pool of shit either way. But there's a big difference between 1 smart guy and 20 of them, they contribute something meaningful so they stand out from the mass.



Last time I was on /g/ half the board was threads about black people in the tech industry and why racists are horrible.


Riot for Android doesn't give notifications if you're not in the app. I set up a Matrix server last night for my girlfriend and I, but wew lad, can't fucking get notifications. Really blows.



>Riot for Android doesn't give notifications if you're not in the app.

If you install the F-Droid version, it connects to the server every 60 seconds in order to get notifications. The downside is that this drains the battery.

If you install it from the Google Botnet Store, then it uses Google's Push Notification servers to send notifications to you. It's easier on the battery but it means that Google knows when you receive a message.




I had to manually give the application permission to bypass battery optimization in Lineage so that they'd work. That solution isn't documented anywhere but the Issue Tracker on Github.





you have to go back



what the fuck happened to this once great site



>Doesn't know what public key cryptography is

Ban Windows user-agents strings.


File: 67585e807bf818d⋯.png (111.29 KB, 779x623, 779:623, Screenshot from 2018-05-05….png)




It's a bug that should be fixed in the next release, a change to improve battery broke this.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



thanks floens



If Riot supports Google push botnet, does that mean, every Matrix server sends notifications to Google's servers anyway?



I think that if the server supports it, it could just send a generic "update your shit" message to the app on your phone.

This way, the app only wakes up to check for new messages if your phone receives a ping from Jewgle.



>he doesn't know you can change that



>he is still a shitposting retard




>muh Eye Que

I've never seen a high IQ person bring up the topic of IQ.


I'll try it as soon as it has a good client. So far it has like 10 different Qt ones and they're all terrible.

I want something like swift.


or better.

Even the Tox clients look better than these.


File: 006bbf5b74aeaca⋯.png (621.4 KB, 2564x1626, 1282:813, nheko.png)


What's wrong with Nheko?



Funny enough, that's the best contender so far. I;ll give it a spin. As long as it doesn't turn out abandoned it might be fine.



All of those things you mention are them being honest about what you share when connecting to ANY site on the internet and using their servers. This obviously doesn't apply if you use another host and/or self-host, since then said host would be the one that could/would have such data.

You can opt-out of the analytics too even when using their services.


There are a few nice clients, sadly no one yet has working E2E encryption.



I talked to that black Fractal contributor, he says that they'll be working on the Rust bindings for the encryption component soon.

It's also an objective in the Gnome Summer of Code.



>not using matrix/riot.im or any non-normie clients

Just make a new account under banter.city as your custom home server, faggots.

It is owned by one of us.

Or just use the webclient at https://totallysafe.website/#/room/#general:banter.city


Its easier to coordinate when you can talk directly to an anon instead of hoping he re-reads a thread looking for posts.


Codemonkey should merge the 8Chan IRC with the 8chan matrix room!



>pol niggers




That is the thing.



>you don't even necessary need to trust the chat servers.

This is false

This is a fundamental impossibility with javascript crypto.

You MUST trust the server to provide you with non backdoored js for your client to safely encrypt messages end to end.

This is why projects like cryptocat get shit on. They're fundamentally broken.

That said, you could theoretically make a matrix client which implements the crypto instead of using it in browser.



What the fuck are you talking about? You just run your client locally (web or not) and the encryption is all done on your device using code you audited.


File: ce5cf182b37f0eb⋯.jpg (156.38 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, Moxie_Marlinspike.jpg)


Top wew, the absolute carnage this post caused. If only op didn't describe the encryption method so badly, but whatever.

It's the same scheme (double ratchet) as what signal/whatsapp/etc use.

It's designed in part by the disgusting creature in pic related.



It has nothing to do with OP and everything to do with that poster being a fucking retard and not knowing what public key cryptography is.


File: 3e649d293211966⋯.jpg (32.83 KB, 490x506, 245:253, 2745b589477ceb28be05192541….jpg)


>Matrix is for Straight People.

aww I guess I can't use it then..


Are there any good terminal clients? I saw that there was a way to make it work through Weechat, but i'm looking for any other possibilities.



why exactly do you need any other possibility?

too much of a blazing faggot to figure out how to configure weechat to work with matrix, or something else?



j-just wanted to know my options ok?



the other options aren't as good, in my opinion.

stop being a blazing homosexual and use weechat.



Even though you're gay, use redpill.


It will fit in with your other mental illnesses, i3


File: 8d3cc50ee5df1aa⋯.png (874.46 KB, 960x800, 6:5, 666245.png)

FYI, you can make rooms for other boards too.




See >>909011

Matrix.org's official server has a CoC, so we should go somewhere else.



>Matrix.org's official server has a CoC

Where's that?



As opposed to the Discord EULA?



matrix.ordoevangelistarum.com is hosted by /pol/, so no CoC.



The CoC only applies to the git and the matrix-owned rooms, not the whole server.



>matrix-owned rooms

Which is why it is so damn risky in the first place.



>Which is why it is so damn risky in the first place.

Just don't wander into their gay little rooms.



Just go to another goddamn server.



how does tox compare to matrix?



Matrix has working group voice/video. On every platform.

It's also more geared towards being cable to find friends and form rooms more easily.

Try it out in your browser to see what it's about.



>Matrix has working group voice/video.

So does tox, I have used it several times.

>Try it out in your browser to see what it's about.

Yes just use javascript shit great idea



>So does tox, I have used it several times.

Tox does not do group video.

Tox VOIP on Android doesn't exist either.

>Yes just use javascript shit great idea

Then either install a client or shut up, fag



The audio quality when I tested it was fucking awful. Until there's a client with TS3 like voice rooms it won't be adopted by anyone.



Tox is better for one on one calls, text chat rooms that aren't IRC, and transfering files as TOX is P2P which is like bittorrent so its hard to take it down or hijack the call. Matrix is client-server based so a honeypot server or a server that is taken over could be hijacked much more easily. Use TOX though if you can get the person you are communicating with to install it, it is much more secure. But if you can't then yea, use matrix or tell the person to fuck off with their insecure IOT webshit.



>Matrix is client-server based so a honeypot server or a server that is taken over could be hijacked much more easily.

You can host your own Matrix servers, just like IRC, except that channels and users are able to interact with channels and users on other servers.

>Matrix is client-server based so a honeypot server or a server that is taken over could be hijacked much more easily.

Non-native English speaker.

>transfering files as TOX is P2P which is like bittorrent so its hard to take it down or hijack the call.

Bittorrent is distributed P2P. Tox is e2e P2P (Client-to-Client).

>But if you can't then yea, use matrix or tell the person to fuck off with their insecure IOT webshit.

Internet of Things? What?



>Internet of Things? What?

Using pajeetscript in the browser is inherently insecure due to the myriad of ways it could be used to hijack or hack the call.


File: 1cbfac61c00cf3a⋯.gif (436.31 KB, 342x342, 1:1, 1cb.gif)


That's not what Internet of Things is.

It uses javascript and WebAssembly to display the desktop client in the browser to people who don't want to install the client.

Of course it's going to use Javascript.



I have to agree. I would prefer Tox as a truer peer to peer software over federated instances. The latter means anyone including malicious actors, or anyone that can be coerced or bribed enough into being one, may host an instance thus going back to square one with regards to the problem.

It's unfortunate that Tox does not have the notoriety, support, and development as it's competitors.



Except if you use e2e encryption on Matrix then they can't do anything "malicious" to you.

I don't know what you mean though. Do you trust IRC? Do you trust inviting a "bad actor" to TOX?


File: 2ff434750626333⋯.png (612.74 KB, 669x6684, 223:2228, Screenshot-2018-5-13 Matri….png)

Picture very related, especially for newcomers to matrix.


File: 6889ee1e6641173⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1196x1674, 598:837, aqua.png)



>Then either install a client or shut up, fag

Those clients are just javascript electron apps you retard.


File: e3b9b64f3ec7c89⋯.png (286.74 KB, 600x600, 1:1, bfdbbfccb71488d686ca217dbd….png)


>javascript in a sandbox

>inherently insecure

>on a well audited platform

Want to take a stab at how I know you aren't from around here?




There are tons of non electron clients to choose from.



I don't know why you'd bring up IRC because IRC is definitely not Tox. There is no software solution to social engineering, which would be the requirement to being compromised via Tox.



>social engineering

>your contacts unironically see your IP address when they communicate with you

>social engineering



They are all incomplete, the only complete one is Riot because "we want the Discord audience". The only one ever going to be completed within the next 3 years is Nheko and its some strange telegram-like thing.


File: 3f028e3f70f1a6c⋯.png (170.98 KB, 479x479, 1:1, 3f028e3f70f1a6c729759b40f2….png)


>They are all incomplete

Many are in a serviceable state, and just need quality of life features added.

>The only one ever going to be completed within the next 3 years is Nheko

Bullshit, unplug, tensor, fractal, and Morpheus are all arguable more developed.



You can use Tox with Tor or proxy.



>your contacts unironically see your IP address when they communicate with you

You know that every time you torrent anything every peer can see your IP and what you are torrenting? You know that every time you use Matrix you are leaking your IP to the server? You know that you are leaking your IP to 8chan right now?



That "quality of life" stuff is basic polish, and I might remind you of the 80/20 rule. They've got a pretty solid protocol, but all of the implementations are low-quality freetard trash.




>all of the implementations are low-quality freetard trash.

I got you fam: https://escargot.log1p.xyz/



>Posting on an imageboard is the same as broadcasting your ip in a group that is open for anyone to join.

Yeah no.



>that is open for anyone to join.

Bullshit, tox groups are strictly invite only.



>Yes goy trust the server operator for all these "secure" chat clients to record the meta data on all the users


How do I add other servers?

I read the thingy about bridges and stuf, but I don't get it

Im trying to add innsbruck.tripsit.me


File: d62b5f48aff302e⋯.gif (2.91 MB, 320x271, 320:271, gina.gif)


then try this >>910622


You can either go to Room Directory and type the server address to see their public rooms or edit your config.json file and add them permanently (if using a desktop client). Android/iOS is cucked.



You don't need to "add" the server.

You can just connect directly.

Go to the page where you add rooms and type in:


You can join no matter which server you signed up with.




>joining /pol/cucks larping as crusaders: the server

Lame, why not join a proper /pol/ server instead?

Or at least something not pozzed?




Synapse will use as much RAM as you give it in order to cache conversations in RAM to avoid hitting the database. For small deployments (<50 active users) around 512MB of RAM is probably okay.


For XMPP servers, the main limitation to handle a massive number of online users is usually memory consumption. With proper tuning, we managed to handle the traffic with a memory footprint of 28KB per online user.

Electron-based client exploits:

https://statuscode.ch/2017/11/from-markdown-to-rce-in-atom/ what a noice text editor you got there laddie




Webshits are ruining the software

Burn all bridges, migrate back to XMPP, don't buy the snake oil.



Because there is none.



Synapse is a reference implementation that's meant to be completely, correct, simple and readable. I'm sure smart hackers like you will write efficient servers in no time.


WARNING Matrix leaks your IP to server operators. WARNING your identity is forever tied to a single server. If the server goes down or is deleted your account is gone forever. Consider p2p distributed alternatives with good tor support.


>>one caveat tying to ip instead of p2p

fuck that



It needs a tl;dr summary/tutorial for brainlets, badly. Otherwise there's no fucking way I can convince my friends to switch to it from telegram.

1: Which exactly client should be used for messaging? (on Desktop/on Android); How bad is web client compared to that? (web client would always have a big advantage on Desktop — the inescapable sandbox of a browser)

2: How do I fucking sign up?

3: What is my account ID (what I need to share in order to let someone start messaging me)

4: How exactly e2e encryption works and how to verify the counterpart's identity? Especially if it's a group chat and there are several participants. Or is it supposed to be secure only for 1:1 chats?



>your identity is forever tied to a single server.

Just like IRC.

Protip: Be anonymous.




>single server

Are you an idiot or just ignorant?



>the inescapable sandbox of a browser








You can change servers in Matrix too, also they have a central identity server that will unlikely go down, it's the sailing point of their datamining strategy.



There are plenty of options, some even made and hosted by people from /tech/ and /cyber/, even on the public reg servers lists. There is no excuse.




these are rare and fixed fast


Bumping this thread from the dead. I want some new friends in matrix room.


File: 19be320806d4d3e⋯.jpg (15.67 KB, 300x227, 300:227, PROJECTION.jpg)


the identity server is not needed to connect to matrix.

Go shill tavern or some shit.



Name it then. /pol/ needs an alternative to (((Discord)))




Tavrn is made to be and work just like Discord, except its FOSS with Nitro as part of the core feature set and its made by like-minded individuals.



Still matrix is a drop-in replacement.

And Odili and Drybones needs to get their ass together, finish the code and SHILL it to all the Antifa, Leftyfurs and Shitlibs so we can give them pay-back



>mfw I tried this out the first time

well fug, time to deinstall it then thanks for the heads up.

>>910622 (checked)

Is banter.city down or something? I cannot make a new account under it via nheko



nevermind discard that, I made it via their riot website client, but why is it not possible to make one directly at the desktop client thou? It asks me for a (((recaptcha))) that doesn't show up at all when the confirmation is done from the client.



nheko is a meme alpha-client

You shouldn't be using anything without e2e encryption yet.


>Tavrn is made to be and work just like Discord, except its FOSS

Not yet. And only part of it will ever be even FOSS, if they keep up their promises.


banter.city is one

ordoevangelistarum.com is another

You can also search here and choose whichever one you like:



Unsafe. Doesn't enable encryption by default.



Wow, it's so hard to change one setting in the program. This computer business is such complicated work.



>Wow, it's so hard to change one setting in the program.

When the program bills itself as a secure messenger all idiots on it are going to have it turned off by default.



What exactly is unsafe?

Nobody stops you from writing a client 100% in a safe language not necessarily Rust

E2E encryption can be enabled automatically if you want, again, in clients.

What's the most important is to get enough traction for the protocol. As it's federated, nobody's gonna impose arbitrary shit over us anyway. It's like XMPP but "round two".



>What's the most important is to get enough traction for the protocol

We don't give a shit about traction for a protocol. We care about traction of a SECURE protocol. Its going to end up like XMPP where none of the optional features work together because its extensible.



What do you mean?

You want encryption inherent in the protocol?

There is no such thing, what you're asking for doesn't exist. Any messaging protocol enables encryption as a sort of "final step" where the client encodes the message and sends it.

That's how software works.

Matrix clients do just that.



>Any messaging protocol enables encryption as a sort of "final step"

Bullshit its not like SSL where you just open a tunnel and thats that. Every other encrypted messaging system has the crypto as a fundamental part of the system.



It's not an extension, it's right there from the start.

And it's always possible to write a shitty client for even the best fucking protocol.



If its integrated so well into the protocol why is it not on by default?




Because the verifying process for keys is currently a bit bizarre and public multi-user rooms are a pain to use with encryption.


I hate Matrix. some of my irc friends moved to matrix and I absolutely despise it and the shitty riot client. fuck this shit.



>a bit bizarre and public multi-user rooms are a pain to use with encryption.

Right so it has shitty integration



When the fuck will they ever finish that go server?



As a big fan of matrix, I have to agree with >>929990 the implementation could be a lot better, and it's kind of a pain having to export your e2e keys when you log out. It also sucks that each login is seen as a new device rather than each device being identified as that singular device.

Approaching that problem is hard though, the current implementation isn't secure if your device gets taken as it's possible you'll have your key stored somewhere shitty and you wont remember to delete it. The other solution is to have keys stored and retrieved server-side, in that case you give some random server admin control over your keys and the ability to decrypt your messages. Another issue I have is that the metadata isn't encrypted as well which could bring up some privacy issues.

I'm curious how this will get addressed since last I read they were looking into ways to fix this problem and were thinking up ways to store them server-side securely.




Fuck you for talking shit about i3. Just for that I'm not using this piece of shit.


>/g/ shitters start pushing XMPP instead of Matrix

What a surprise.



Or worse, DIscord.



Real talk. If one of your features is being federated, then your reference server implementation has to be good. I'm not about to host some resource hogging python pile just for a chat protocol.

>but you can just use their server

Negates the whole decentralized nature. The whole reason I like XMPP is because I don

't have to rely on someone else to host the server, I know mine won't just suddenly go offline forever one day like other services.

Matrix seems like it could be good but I'll wait for more development on all fronts. Everything they have (server and clients) seems so quickly hacked together. It doesn't constrast well with mature and lean XMPP software.



You could always not federate the server or only federate with servers you want to join and it's not that resource heavy. I had one running on a pi3 for a while with no issues before I migrated it to my server.


Quaternion seems like a nice client (apart from inability to register a nick and manual gathering of DLLs for Windows). Is there any sign of botnet?

>inb4 something about Windows and botnet




What fucking retard thought it would be a good idea to name a chat client 'Quaternion'?



I'm not a tox user but it probably works like retroshare, you need a friend to be in the group chat and the messages are basically proxied by them to the others who are not in your friends list, either that or it uses tor, either way https://tox.chat makes it very clear that only nodes you explicitly added to your friends list connect directly to you.

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