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File: 6926c5f1353747f⋯.jpg (139.54 KB, 1440x1368, 20:19, 6926c5f1353747f710d41512f5….jpg)


Back before all the botnet shit it used to be pretty easy to make friends online with people sharing interests with you. You would join a forum (dead) or play on a game server for a while (dead) and make friends with people around you. These days everything is a Jewish data collecting network (Reddit, Voat, Facebook, twatter) and gaming is all single serving MOBAs with no community.

So how do you go about meeting people who share your interests online now? Can't exactly do it on an anonymous image board.


File: efb76735ead4059⋯.png (119.12 KB, 1043x1167, 1043:1167, efb76735ead40598b2ff34cc47….png)

embrace the solitude



>So how do you go about meeting people who share your interests online now?

I haven't done that in about a decade. No one is interested in being friends with someone online now that all the normalfags have flooded in. You either join the normalfags on the botnet networks and conform to the hivemind (become an SJW) or you go full anon. Anyone with a brain chose the latter.



seems to be the way but it's nice to have a friend or two to exchange things with. Cool games you found, hobby progress type stuff.



I miss the old ways but they're gone. The last place I can recall begin able to make friends with random people were game servers and the pay-for-play networks like Xbox Live. But around 2009-2010 private servers were done away with in favor of match making and on Xbox Live the party chat feature was introduced. No one continued to use public channels for chat. Same thing has happened on PC with all the normalfags going over to Discord. It has become impossible to make a connection with someone one-to-one because now you have to join their faggy chat rooms with all their real life/long time internet friends and if the hivemind deems you unworthy you're kicked out just as quickly as you joined.


File: afd4e9a3ded7cfd⋯.png (604.32 KB, 483x1013, 483:1013, Screenshot from 2018-05-11….png)



It's a shame Anons don't have a way to contact each other. I suppose in many ways while image boards helped us grow into the people we are they also stunted our ability to be social. We might have those groups other wise but now we don't.

There is the /vg/ game nights but they're full of faggots.


>Posting anime screencaps

Why even bother? If you have nothing of value to say don't let a third rate college student and a slanty eyed gook say something in your place.



>Why even bother?

To trigger (((you))).


Those days are dead and gone and the eulogy was delivered by social media.



You don't trigger any one, you just drag the quality of the board down. You're one of the reasons the /vg/ game nights don't work. No one wants to hang out with anime girl posters so they all turn up to the game night which prevents any good company happening. They just leave to avoid you.


File: c464369aeff4759⋯.png (133.46 KB, 503x670, 503:670, 0b5.png)


>game night is quiet

>blame anime posters

Speaking of dragging board quality down, those $10 you paid certainly aren't doing your posts any good.


It feels like the net has become a more hostile place too. It used to be if someone disagreed with you the worst that could happen was they call you a faggot, maybe start an autistic flamewar the rest of the community would laugh at. Now not having the correct oppinions causes a butthurt swarm of normies to strawman you into literally hitler and try to get you banned.


If you're this upset over anime posters, you're gonna have a rough time here.



>It feels like the net has become a more hostile place

I agree. Do you guys remember the glory of 4/jp/ in the 2000s? It was just pure fun - now everyone has a stick up their ass.



>It feels like the net has become a more hostile place

It's due to SJWs. Autists will rant at you and be done with it, SJWs embark on a crusade because god-forbid someone doesn't think exactly the same they do, just look at the whole glibc censorship shit, they're siding with a troll (airmail.cc email) instead of rms on the off-chance they might offend someone. Goes to show if you have a kid you have to tell that fucker 'no' sometimes even if for no other reason just so the little fucker learns things don't always go his way and that's ok.



>to get you banned

Try doxed and humiliated, fired, or expelled.


Sometimes I am sincerely sad, I am sure there are some same people who I've been posting with for years across various boards, but despite so much shared and rare connections felt, I will never meet any of them.






I strongly doubt that your average imageboard user is any less likely than a Reddit/Facebook/Twitter user to doxx someone. Not that it matters, because in reality people doxx themselves. And there has always been at least one fucker with nothing better to do than either to post it online in an attempt to scare them, or to tip it off to their employer (or anyone else able fuck them over) for shits and giggles.

What has changed is that internet forums have all but either died or disappeared, with everyone migrating to social media. This means that the a person's posting history which was previously scattered among the half a dozen forums they would have used in the mid 2000s is now available for everyone to see, unless they make the conscious effort to compartmentalize it under different usernames. Plus, these platforms all try to incentivize users to share as many crap as possible for upboats or their equivalents and to prioritize "real" accounts over "fake" ones. The result is that your average internet user now lives in one giant glass house because of social media. But it still takes only one rock to bring it down. The only thing that protects the vast majority of users from being doxxed, smeared or just being generally shat on is their own obscurity. Nobody cares. For everyone else, there's either paranoia or becoming a lolcow.


File: 2fd2a4f334c8bf9⋯.png (217.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 03d42fa65a439c8827ea32fad7….png)


>It's a shame Anons don't have a way to contact each other.

There are various ways but you'll get accused of data mining and assuming you do join the IRC channel or whatever it is things just devolve into namefaggotry. Also, most anons aren't worth your time honestly.

>I suppose in many ways while image boards helped us grow into the people we are they also stunted our ability to be social.

I don't think they make us less social, I think they make us more aware of what a joke the world we live in is. You go from laughing at normalfags to despising the way they act because they're so willing to go along with the herd. I feel like people attracted to imageboards are less social anyway but for the first time in history we have a means of communicating with each other aside from shitposting on bathroom walls. You become aware of how being social can come back to bite you in the ass after you've watched 100s if not 1,000s of people have embarrassing shit put on display for the world to see. I know I stay the hell away from social networks because /cow/ taught me how awful putting my face out there can be for me if I catch the attention of the world anons.

>There is the /vg/ game nights but they're full of faggots.

All anon meet-ups are going to be full of faggots seeking attention. Anyone with a brain stays away from them.

Also see pic related.


Agreed. The internet is never going back to the wild west days. September is eternal and anything we create to escape it will just be flooded by normalfags in short order if it's worth using. They invade out places to be edgy and to feel like they're part of something but they just end up ruining the place. Look at /pol/, in just a few short years it went from a place where young adults discussed politics to a place where boomers hang out. We've always had a minority of oldfags but when they start posting openly about finding /pol/ via facebook you know you've got a problem. This is why anon can not run effective OPs anymore.



It's dox, faggot.


>go on forum

>every thread has posters with 20K+ posts who are banned

>get banned for violating a rule

>ask what rules are


no just kidding, i haven't been able to go on a forum since around 2006 because they all block tor and are full of other bloat


Does /tech/ have an IRC?



>i haven't been able to go on a forum since around 2006 because they all block tor

Forum administrators pass around a list of bad IP ranges and domains anon. They block a lot of things other than tor, just the list of domains they block (e-mail blocking) is a mile long. Everyone brings up Neogaf but a lot of forums have the same policy they just don't talk about it and accept things like hotmail/gmail because they're chasing adshekels.


I believe there is one on rizon but no idea about the people that idle in it. Rizon is where most of the 8ch channels are located unless things have drastically changed in the past year or so.


<web 2.0 faggotry

<social media faggotry

<literal faggotry




>It's a shame Anons don't have a way to contact each other

oh really?

maybe most of them just don't want to?


File: 35f5a306b7d0883⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1327x14357, 1327:14357, Screenshot-2018-5-12 Tox.png)

File: 03e23818c031621⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1327x13912, 1327:13912, Screenshot-2018-5-12 Frien….png)

File: add51f54df32231⋯.png (3.21 MB, 1908x15000, 159:1250, wizfriends3.png)


I also had the same problem as you OP. My story may sound strange, but I believe it might help some people here to understand. I was content with being alone my whole life, but one day I got depressed hard because I hadn't a single friend to share my experiences with, I was bad at socializing and I really wanted someone I could have comfy talks with. So, I thought about on how to approach this. I've attached pictures of the threads, in case they get deleted, I've cropped the Wizchan one because it's too long.

OK, let me tell you first about how I've started. I think the first attempt I've made was a Tox thread on Lainchan (https://lainchan.org/%CE%A9/res/4082.html). I originally didn't state that I've searched for friends, I've just made a nice Tox thread with my Tox ID and waited and many people contacted me. But, I think most were just too different from me, some were normal and it was OK, but I also fucked one up because I was bad at socializing and very immature, I'm still sad about it. Then I've learned that people might not feel the same way about friendships as I do, so I've made a thread (https://lainchan.org/hum/res/2762.html) that described what I wanted at the time, many people contacted me again. One person was particularly interesting, he was quite unique and I thought at the time that he would be the perfect friend I've waited for, but with time he wanted to talk less, I mean he had his own tulpa, so he was quite busy talking and doing things with her (I just wanted to mention it, the point isn't here if tulpas are hallucinations or not, if the other person is happy why does it matter). One day the friendship broke because I did something stupid, well I try to be honest, so one day he wrote a program and I've told him that it was badly written because of reasons I've explained to him, sadly he got angry at me and stopped talking to me. I always preferred honest people over people that just try to be nice, it's a lot better to say "I think that part is shit because of reasons" than to say nothing at all, well it depends on the situation, but honesty is much better in a friendship than just trying to be nice.

Anyways, I've made a thread a Wizchan after that, again many people contacted me. Now I think that was the point I've found people which I still talk to this day (two people). They're vastly different in personality, so why was this thread more successful than the other one you might think. I think it might be because I had a vastly different mindset how to approach this, it was differently written than the other one and some people got also interested, well I fucked one part up again, because I wanted people who are also interested in free software, it was really dumb of me and I still feel bad about it, but these two people I'd say have both a nice personality, they couldn't be different, well they tell me often that I'm a normie and it might be true, but still I'm nice to them even if they're robots (as they call themselves) that. One factor I didn't mention in the Wizchan thread was that people were much older on the imageboard than on Lainchan, so I got people with different personalities. Still, I wasn't quite satisfied about them, well I talked with both of them for 3 months then I've learned that they were a bit different in what they think what a friendship should be, still I really value them and talk with them whenever they're online.

After that I've made again a thread this time on 8/hikki (https://8ch.net/hikki/res/4347.html) and I honestly didn't expect much from it, it was just that I one day got quite depressed, so I've just made a thread and talked about it, again my intention was too maybe feel someone which was like me, well I almost forgotten about the thread and after a while I've made again a post, too my astonishment I've found a person that was really like me, he's really similar like me and his post didn't sound that similar, but I just took every chance I got to find real friends, and talked with him and I think it developed from there, I often wonder how similar we are.

Well, I hope my post might help someone to understand that it might be a huge effort to find real friends. Please don't get discouraged, you might find someone when you search long enough, it's really the most important point. Many people would give up after 10-15 attempts, but please do it until you find someone, there might be still nice and interesting people out there. Even on /tech/ which the quality has suffered drastically you still can find some posters to know what they're talking about.



interesting post tbh


File: 8ba09f3e6190a1c⋯.jpg (181.53 KB, 689x720, 689:720, 1499021941001.jpg)

The only couple of online contacts I eventually developed a friendship with I found through slow paced imageboards that didn't frown on occasional mail contact threads, just like >>913144

>single serving MOBAs with no community

It seems to me these flavor-of-the-month memegames won't ever build comfy communities the same way older games such as quake used to. Everything is geared for a quick match with your close circle of friends in some predefined kosher server. And like other anons have already said outside of that most of these communities nowadays end up relying on discord rooms and such which always end up becoming normalfag cliques.



Now, imagine someone like you, but with standards. It simply doesn't work these days.



Could you explain what do you mean "with standards"? Are you saying that I don't have standards? Well, I'm always open for trying with people and it might work out, but I have my own ideas on what a perfect friendship should be.

I don't want to sound like a normie, but if you try long enough and in the right places you might find somebody that is like you wanted it to be, but you're right I feel like it just doesn't work for most people, it's honestly hard to understand for me why it's like that.


File: 7bd162a4f3478bc⋯.jpg (162.53 KB, 750x587, 750:587, 678b5991f379fc36ef6438c4ee….jpg)


>if the other person is happy why does it matter

The timeless rot of society, in ten words



Your problem is that you're looking for someone like you instead of someone with which you can have meaningful interaction. That's why the old wizardchan died, that's why lainchan went to shit, that's why imageboards die. They are filled with modern narcisists who love the their identity and want to see their indentity in others , are ready to talk but never to actually listen.

I suggest you stay away from online friendships. The writing form doesn't transfer enough informatioin required for the base of human contact, there's also a smaller chance to get ghosted and a higher chance individuals will like you based on small unconsciouly observed patterns of behavior.

Just pick up an autistic hobby and search for a community.

For example I chose a local yugioh group and a AI discussion group.

Ordered some xan online so I don't have a anxiety attack in the first few meetings and now I'm basically part of those groups and people actually like me even though I have no social media, no phone and only use a wierd ass email.


I don't have any online friends. I only browse imageboards.



If you unironically associate with someone in this "tulpa" business, you certainly have no standards.


File: 26c6898d790397d⋯.jpg (595.88 KB, 1463x2244, 133:204, 915dg1JwnUL.jpg)

People are reading Discourses of Epictetus.



samefag, I meant higher chance to get ghosted and smaller chance after that



Nothing to do with this weeks game night. It's people like you at every game night.


Remember when image boards didn't just have people spamming anime girl pictures and going "LOL I TROLL U?" I do. Because I'm not a faggot who turned up a year ago and thinks they know everything while acting like pure cancer.

This week on /cow/ a guy turns up and starts name fagging, building an identity and going "how does I fit in guys?" and no one told him to STFU and lurk moar. They encouraged him to keep doing exactly what he was doing. Image boards are fucking dead because of this shit.



>Sometimes I am sincerely sad, I am sure there are some same people who I've been posting with for years across various boards, but despite so much shared and rare connections felt, I will never meet any of them.

It's funny that you say that. I've been realizing that I kept meeting the same person over and over again after I talked to him on some IRC channel about the different game servers, streams threads and some other events we used to visit. We just never used the same name to realize we kept coming across each other over and over again for years.



There's still some forums that are online. Just not that many, but you should be able to find one regarding your interests, assuming those interests are autistic enough.

Same goes for IRC channels.

Both of those are actually pretty good because they're utterly devoid of normalfags that go "but why not FB/Reddit/Discord XDD" and fuck off.


>Dislikes anime

>on an imageboard

You're in the wrong neighborhood bucko.


The trick is to use means of communication that aren't easily accessible to your average normalfag.

If we made a BBS, I bet you they wouldn't even know how to access it. I play MUDs, you can't find a single normalfag there because it requires a minuscule amount of intelligence and initiative to actually access them.

There used to be (before the FBI raids killed half the servers and the Silk Road brought normalfags) some great forums on the onionweb too.



>I just took every chance I got to find real friends, and talked with him and I think it developed from there, I often wonder how similar we are.

I think you have a point there.

Things don't always come naturally. Even if you are in contact with someone for a long time it doesn't mean you're gonna become friends, even if there's the potential to. I've met countless people online I only had a shallow connection with. For years the few people that are the closest now have been no different than most people, but the difference was that at some point I've actively tried to get to know them better.



>This week on /cow/ a guy turns up and starts name fagging, building an identity and going "how does I fit in guys?" and no one told him to STFU and lurk moar.

Isn't that what /cow/ is all about: milking lolcows?


I like you anons.



Anime does not equal posting anime reaction images. You spergs can't tell the difference apparently.



Wasn't a cow, it was someone saying they knew the cow and linking to their twitter account




Maybe I've said it wrongly. At the start I didn't know that he had a tulpa, it only became apparent later on. Would you just have dropped him in my situation? I'd consider that mean, so I've tried to make the best out of the situation and continued to talk with him. I think you might be on something, there are people which I would dislike like drug addicts or people that actively try to bully other people or sabotage projects, e.g. SJWs.


I'm already doing that. I'm deeply interested in programming, so that's what I'm doing most of the time.


Nice, I like you too.



>Remember when image boards didn't just have people spamming anime girl pictures and going "LOL I TROLL U?"

No, and I've been floating around from chan to chan since 2005. Do you even remember the desu spam?


I met a few bros through Eve Online which I tend to play less and less these days. The thing is it's hard to maintain friendships out in the real world because i'm a homebody and going out to clubs gets boring fast.



I wouldn't even have gotten to know him because your tactics are alien to me; I don't actively seek out friends since I don't believe they're necessary for daily survival



They're not, still it's nice to have someone you can talk about everything with and one that truly likes you. At the end you're free to do what you really want to.



#/tech/ on Rizon, but it's more than dead nowadays.



God damn I fucked up:

it's more dead than alive nowadays


Fuck online friendships. I never had any friends growing up despite playing the same video games and shit everybody else does. Then I got a job and started getting dragged into play video games with co-workers and realized why. It's because ALL OF YOU NIGGERS ONLY DO THINGS BETWEEN 11:00PM AND 3:00AM. "Internet people" can piss off I sleep 8 hours a night.



Silly surface dweller, sleep is for when the great fire chariot in the sky burns your skin and blinds your eyes.



>Remember when image boards didn't just have people spamming anime girl pictures and going "LOL I TROLL U?" I do

If the animeposters are driving you away from game nights, they're doing the board a service.


File: ccea844f554489f⋯.jpg (44.03 KB, 480x569, 480:569, 6oayuwlk35qy.jpg)


Loli has always been our greatest protector, the most stalwart defense against normalfags.



Desu and Waha were the first cuckchan memes. Before that people didn't spam that shit.


Why would you want to hang around Chris-chan tier spergs? I like anime but I don't spam it every where. I talk about it where it belongs and in private. Acting like a furry isn't a positive behaviour man. The reason why they were hated as they couldn't keep their shit to themselves. Now furries aren't doing that any more and pedophiles are instead.



Because anime isn't inherently degenerate, whereas furry is I mean, it's just a fetish with some autist larping around it. And because almost everyone here likes anime.


File: 447c85de938d0e4⋯.gif (2.65 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 22b1bd812c4ca58cd04295b4c6….gif)


>There's still some forums that are online. Just not that many, but you should be able to find one regarding your interests, assuming those interests are autistic enough.

My only issue with forums now a days is the fact that no ones runs them for the simple joy of it anymore. Too often the admin is concerned is ad money or selling the user database off to someone else once the forum reaches peak growth. By the time I settle into a new one it seems like it's getting sold off. Another issue with forums is the cliques that form on them where if you aren't in the club you're quickly banned for going against it. I've seen plenty of forums die because the mods wouldn't do anything about furry cliques or similar forms of cancer that would chase away all the other users in the span of a few months.

Forums have become infected with the same thing the /tech/ community as a whole has had to deal with. Mainly retarded CoCs and thought police. Add that on top of the typical stuff that goes on with forums (power hungry moderators) and it just becomes unbearable to use them.

>Same goes for IRC channels.

I don't know what's happened to IRC over the years but it doesn't seem the same anymore. Even on popular channels it's hard to find anyone that just wants to chat. I've only used it for warez in the last few years because I simply can't find any discussion aside from people spamming stale memes. It's like all the intelligent people are hiding in private channels or something.

>The trick is to use means of communication that aren't easily accessible to your average normalfag.

I get this but that creates another problem of only finding spergs and wizards. I'm fine with discussing things with those people but it seems like everyone has gone entirely in one direction or the other. Everyone is suffering from their own form of crazy and there aren't any people in the middle anymore. Used to be you could find lots of folks that rejected society but hadn't gone full wizard/sperg. You could find people that watched anime without begin total weebs. You could find people to play games with there weren't total faggots. These days all the groups have gone so deep into their hugboxes that no one ever pokes their head up to see how far from the center they've strayed. No one wants to compromise or even attempt to get along with each other anymore.


Reaction images are fun and weren't much of a problem until all the raids came in from who-knows where using them as troll bait. Ignore them if you don't like them. They're only so effective because people give it attention and it obviously makes some people mad. Embrace the smug.


Furry and anime are not even comparable. I don't even watch anime anymore but I still enjoy seeing it posted on imageboards because that's how I found these things originally. I question anyone that says it doesn't belong here because they're obviously new and don't remember the early days of the internet when the shit was everywhere. Even before image boards people were using their favorite characters as avatars on the early forums once that became a feature in the software around 1998. If it triggers you that much turn off images or something.


File: 4b222f966b1c13f⋯.jpg (35.03 KB, 574x430, 287:215, 1515452202046.jpg)

it fucking hurts being alone all the time.

I haven't been able to make a new friend in over a year. I try to shitpost in various IRCs, discords and get to know people but nothing ever really happens like how it used to when I was younger.


File: 7411c3eed5ae886⋯.jpg (68.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Zz.jpg)

Last forum I was still posting on changed their software to be full Web 2.0 compliant. So now I'm done with all that. Anyway it was gradually getting invaded by people who want to change things and modernize. It was only a matter of time.



What about me or us who joined late, anon?

I'm regularly lurking chans for about 4 years and change. And wherever I go I hear how 'this' place has gone downhill and how the Internet was goddamn glorious in those early days. Though the same complaining guys never leave, but stays and complain more. I was probably 7 yr. old in 2000...is it too late for us, anon?

>Back to topic

I've left all my college buddies and friends because they use fb, twitter, insta and I don't have one. No one knows about chans and formus. I once tried to talk with my close buddy, but he simply didn't give a flying fuck about muh botnet, formus, etc. Now my parents thinks I'm some kind of creep and loner who wants to sit around computer whole day. It's been 3 years that I've talked to any of my friends. I get call from my brother and from my parents only. Sometimes it feels so good that I don't have to go through all these mundane social pressures like buying latest smartphone just to look cool, agree with peers just to get accepted, invest money and time in girls...ffs, And sometimes it feels right in my bones that no one gives a fuck about me except my parents, but at the end I console myself, "it is what it is".





File: e52594fd5f33b6d⋯.jpg (83.44 KB, 900x600, 3:2, comfy cat.jpg)

> There are people posting here now that don't know what the Internet was like before Google, LiveJournal, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

One word: COMFY. Hell yeah, nobody gave a damn about nuthin! No politics everywhere constantly, no feminists and SJWs, no censorship, no botnet, no bullshit. You could even browse most sites with Lynx from an old beat-up 80286 computer with EGA video card. No joke, that's what one of my roommates had, and it was plenty enough to dial into a Unix shell account, do email, browse web/gopher/ftp, read newsgroups, use irc, telnet somewhere, and so on. I had a 486 that dual booted DOS and Slackware. Shit was cash.

But it's all gone now, too many bad things happened. It's all corrupted, even down to the deepest hardware levels.


I just kind of deal with it. I haven't had an earnest interest in a while so I am extremely boring to talk to and I understand. I almost had a friendship recently but I fucked it up by saying the wrong thing. I don't really feel bad though because if they were willing to drop me after saying one wrong thing we weren't really friends at all.

That's another thing, if you can't maintain a friendship over one or two bad patches it's not a friendship is it? Most people want to be friends with others but don't want to exert effort, ever. I can't stand that personally so many people just piss me off almost immediately which doesn't help.

Chans were different and nice for their time but it's over. There isn't any uniqueness left. All the communities are fractured because being anonymous is evil these days and I think, whether intentional or otherwise, people want to destroy any community based around it. I remember the days of /pol/ before it shit it's pants. It's intense communal feeling. It was a magical time that I'd give anything to be a part of again. It's not happening.

I keep searching and that's all you can do. If I meet another anonymous group that I resonate with I will have friends again; if not too bad. I try not to think about it too much honestly and I suggest the same of everyone in this thread.



cuckchan in 2006 was better than any chan now



I'll be your friend. Same goes to everyone in this thread. I created IRC channel on rizon #/neet/



People don't leave because there isn't a better option. That's what we're discussing here in part. Imageboards are now terrible but we don't have anything to replace them. No one makes anonymous websites any more.


Furry and pedobait/slice of life are comparable. Using a cowboy bebop avatar is quite different to spamming smug anime girl shit every where. Which is all that happens. It's not even cool manly animes about giant robots. It's little girls and pedo bait which makes you feel like you're talking to some sweaty grease covered autist. It creates an identity of "worlds biggest loser" and that ruins the feel of an anonymous board. Afterall no one wants to anonymously talk to Chris-chan



I think you might be a normie mate



>It's not even cool manly animes about giant robots. It's little girls and pedo bait

I used to think exactly like this. Maybe one day you'll understand that there's a difference between bullshit like Precure and Yotsuba. When you truly realize how fucked the world around you is, watching K-ON can make you smile for few minutes, and that's invaluable.

>some sweaty grease covered autist

Imageboards are autism HQs, retard. All of what you said makes you look like dangerously close to a retarded reddit drone who just want to "look adult"; I hope it's just impressions.



>Be an anon since the first mothers of cuckchan

>Get called a retard Reddit drone

It's almost like you're part of the fourth or beyond wave of cancer who thinks they're an oldfag because they watch pedo bait.


File: 51a45f4730d5faa⋯.jpg (28.54 KB, 767x188, 767:188, 27fd6f8e823073007fa850f9f1….jpg)

File: 07f4c6d4e633dd6⋯.png (620.59 KB, 540x386, 270:193, 07f4c6d4e633dd6a327bbc5111….png)


Why smile for a few minutes when you can be forever peaceful?


You need to find a game where teamwork is key.

Stuff like ArmA units are absolutely perfect for this. I used to play on a public milsim serb a couple years ago, and pretty quickly got noticed by one of the admins as someone who actually knows their shit.

So he invited me to play on their closed serb, and I stuck around for some time. Nice buch. Sadly they dissolved as the head admin had a car accident and his wife didn't have the master password for the serb and website.

There are other groups around. They rely heavily on teamwork, because it's a motherfucking mil-sim. You just got to find the right group with the correct amount of retard-fun vs. serious-autism.


This seems interesting. I am not really a /tech/ guy at all, I just lurk here sometimes when something interesting shows up.

I would be quite interested in a proper E-mail contacts thread. I always liked the idea of anonymous penfriendship. Some random person on the other end of the world, or just accross the street, whom you can pour your heart out to, and listen to their issues, amd give advice to and support each other.

The more I talk about it the gayer it sounds, so I will probably shut up about it.


>I get this but that creates another problem of only finding spergs and wizards. I'm fine with discussing things with those people but it seems like everyone has gone entirely in one direction or the other. Everyone is suffering from their own form of crazy and there aren't any people in the middle anymore. Used to be you could find lots of folks that rejected society but hadn't gone full wizard/sperg. You could find people that watched anime without begin total weebs. You could find people to play games with there weren't total faggots. These days all the groups have gone so deep into their hugboxes that no one ever pokes their head up to see how far from the center they've strayed. No one wants to compromise or even attempt to get along with each other anymore.

I would like to agree with you.

I don't even want to browse my favorite boards anymore because there seems to be such an extremely set in stone opinion. Anyone on /k/ who dislikes Napalm for the damage it causes is a wuss, anyone on /v/ who doesn't play DF because the UI is't nice or who can enjoy games for the story is a failed games journalist.

Yet I fear that other places with the polar opposite opinions would consider me a contrarian too, just because I consider war to be a neccesaary evil sometimes, and think that if a game doesn't run well it's not worth my money.

You can see the same in politics, even outside the US. If you are against gay marriage but pro weed you are fresh out of luck.

Even sports are infected with this, though to a lesser degree. Those who enjoy womens football and those who dispise it. Say that you like it, but not as much as men's football and you will stand alone.

/pol/ is a prime example for a place that is so vehemently hostile to new opinions that it is pushing itself into a corner of radicalism. Remember when there were actual shitpostsing discussions traps? Now /pol/ wishes to gas then like the rest. Even though the "A group that gets it's laughs from pretending to be retarded" quote isn't actually from Descartes, it still holds true.

I wish humans weren't so hostile. And I am writing this on fucking h8chan.


Watching anime isn't a sin. You can love jesus and still love your waifu. One is platonic love for an ideal form and ideals, the other is the love for Christ.



I'm gonna head over there tomorrow.



/pol/ has no choice but to radicalise, in fact that's it's only hope of winning. You can have 10,000 guys who hate the system but they're never going to change shit. 100 extreme guys willing to act can make a huge difference. Without becoming radical it's just a silly blogging service which goes no where. And none of the /pol/s are actually radical at this point. The radical people left or got driven off by pro-system (i.e. Trump) admins and retards.

>Liking women's football

What a faggot.



What is there to dislike? It's like watching a men's youth team. Not as skilled players, but it's football all right. You don't need to watch F1 super high performance all the time just because you like racing. Watching ITC or even dog races is fun too.

I understand your point about /pol/, but why does it even have to achieve anything? Why does /pol/ need a goal to work towards?



Posting on anonymous imageboards has become anon's replacement for friends and socializing.

Here, you get recommended games, tech, share ideas on common interests inbetween boards.

All without the "negatives": needlessly meeting up, doing various activities together during tight life schedules when we can just play some games and forget it all afterwards, etc etc



Why watch something inferior when you have access to as much good stuff as you want?

/pol/ has to have a goal to work towards by nature of the place. It's like asking why /agdg/ needs to work towards anything.


Why has no one made an irc channel where you get your nicked changed to a readable generated letter string at random everytime you join ?

This would be perfect for imageboards since it stops people from developing their irc ego and discouraging others from participating in the conversation.

Am I missing something ?



Actual Christians don't despair at the state of the world because they know there's life, and judgment, after death. You don't seem like the real deal to me.



>no true scotsman

>what is christian existentialism

baby pls



Hey guys, it's Dave. Hows things?



>good stuff

Big league men's soccer is called divegrass for a reason, it's about as scripted as pro wrestling but not nearly as funny



>what is christian existentialism

Heresy, duh



It's not like I said I prefer those things. I just don't mind them.

I still don't quite understand why pol needa a goal. agdg is a bunch of guys working on their own stuff. I always thought pol was some discussion board, and not a right wing personal army.


Watching anime doesn't mean that you deapair at the world. It's just a thing to watch and enjoy. Like looking at flowers.

One was made by god, the other by humans. You can appreciate both.






Why would a group of autists who figured out a problem and how to solve it just sit there and ignore it? A problem that endangers their lives no less.



Ah, so it comes down to the old question of "is /pol/ right?".

I will leave this one open. I have simply given up on politics. Call me a defeatist, but I just don't care anylonger. Whoever is in power will do all they can to stay there, even if it hurts those they rule over.


File: 03a8dbe5cb209a8⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 1927x2720, 1927:2720, Ironic youtube anime fan.jpg)

Most new platforms are targeted towards teens while most of the old hangouts like forums ended up abandoned by people who eventually abandoned the internet or went to their pursuit.

It's just that single people like you who are around 21-39 are experiencing the curse of the generation gap. Most teens are using chat apps and if you don't know what 'baby shark' is then you nailed the coffin.

Most of the 'old' website these days are just too tiring to use.

To use several forums, you need to register a lot and thanks to botnet you'd likely be wary about what you post/IP and which cookies you have (so you end up deleting your cookie login sessions) plus these forums are filled with furry-tier weirdos.

The only platform that prevailed would be those that allow general discussion like facebook or reddit (as the op states but yeah, they're fucking botnet).

>So how do you go about meeting people who share your interests online now?

Sign up a jewtube account and use anime pic or play mobage with anime themes like panzer waltz or gun girls z.


Pretty much like pic related, I would say.


>Can't exactly do it on an anonymous image board.

Just go trip/avatarfag on some larping board like /animus/ /imouto/ or /s4s/


anon-tier lurkers from IRCs are more weary about having friendship that's due to the botnet

discordfags are reddit-tier so they'd likely enjoy making fun of "people who like what I don't like" than have meaningful friendshit.

>nothing ever really happens like how it used to when I was younger.

generation gap.


The worst part of it all is the quantization of man. Before you had big data collecting, people talked to each other, in a raw, unprocessed manner. Nowadays everything is a quantized "like" and it's all shit.

I had more thoughts on the matter but I'm shit at expressing my opinions and I already talked to a friend about them. I dislike repeating myself. So just follow the logical conclusions and make as if I had said that.



there is. sageru.



Well said, it's partly the generation gap but part of it is the botnet. There are people willing to use the botnet and people like us. The problem is to avoid the botnet you must shed your identity. We don't have anything that allows you to namefag that isn't also compromised in some way. I've started avoiding signing up for anything due to the botnet.

Do most youngfags just not take piracy seriously? Were the current batch of kids ever taught not to use their real name online like we all were? It seems like the kids now don't even get a chance to learn what personal privacy is and aren't taught what is and is not acceptable to do in a public space.



By that last part I mostly mean that you don't want stupid behavior to follow you all of your life. I'm thankful cell phones were not around for most of my childhood because there were plenty of times where I got my ass kicked in an embarrassing fashion or did something illegal. I can't imagine how bad it'd be to apply for a job and have stuff I posted on social media from when I was 8 begin brought up. I really feel for them.

I don't think I am unusual or paranoid for feeling this way towards how the world is now. I think people like me and a lot of folks on /tech/ just aren't meant for this type of life and we'll be slowly bred out of the greater population until everyone is willing to follow the rest of the herd no questions asked. There isn't anything left to conquer or discover that doesn't require a lot of group effort and money. You can't even have homestead programs anymore because the land is all claimed. The world is just going to get more and more interconnected until there is no place to hide anymore.



I've joined the IRC channel now, let's see what happens!


Sure, well if you want to try it with me, you probably know my email already, if not it's neetposter@tuta.io I think it might be really fun, so I hope you send me an email and I think it isn't gay at all, I enjoy conversations over emails.



lainchan.org is preety good imo



Facebook completely destroyed a decades worth of good advice on getting things private. These days career criminals don't scope out houses any more they just watch idiots blogging about going on holiday soon and then hit the house when they see holiday photos.

Humanity has always been this way because 100 leaders is worse than 1 leader and 99 followers.


You could try /cuteboys/



I like it. It's a little slow for my taste, but I love how not every discussion immediately revolves around politics.

It's a shame that it begins to revolve around depression so quickly.



Last time I checked it had a reputation of being a SJW shit hole.


Everything revolves around politics. Even basic moderation of a forum is political because you're deciding what is and isn't acceptable discussion topics. If I can't say niggers are bad at IT but I love chinks then there is a political stance being taken on the website against racism. You can claim "it's just common sense" or "It's trying to make people feel welcome" but it's still a political stance being enforced.



You have an e-mail.


I made a few friends in reddit with the new reddit chat



What are they like?



They were nice. Honestly a chat kind of feature linked to your account is helpful to form longer-term relationships. You couldn't do that on the old reddit or the chans. That's why I think so many people have embraced discord, etc.


File: ec405523e04c7b6⋯.jpg (337.46 KB, 2290x1014, 1145:507, 1517415283524.jpg)

File: e5dbfaa8e205b10⋯.webm (5.85 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, GondolaWarrior.webm)


>I think they make us more aware of what a joke the world we live in is. You go from laughing at normalfags to despising the way they act because they're so willing to go along with the herd.

Truth right there. In the end, life boils down to some very simple things.

1 Become self aware

2 Find your mission and

3 Act on it.

Normalfags already fail at step one. They pretend to be social and pretend that they do the hottest shit. But in reality they are fleeing from the Now. Their whole lifes consist of the ever-lasting battle of escaping the present moment. Because facing it would request them to truly consider their lifes, choices and beliefs. By letting go of the whole artificially constructed belief system and carfully shifting your awareness to the present moment you can begin to trancend this Truman Show of a reality.

This is now also a gondola thread.



> The world is just going to get more and more interconnected until there is no place to hide anymore.

Don't worry man. The big reset is near. And remember, as Montalk put it: All the "evil" in this world serves the purpose of offering you to choose to actively not doing/joining/participating by using your free will.


Online friendships are synthetic ones that alienate you from other people. You see the screen, the text or even hear the voice and body, but you will never interact with that other person 1 on 1.

In real life you have to develop social skills which will make you able to interact with people who aren't like you, to be able to live a normal everyday life.

If you keep choosing whoever is the closest to you on your hobbies you will always end up casting away your online "friends" for purposes of getting a better one. Not only that, but since it is a synthetic friendship all you can do is have someone be exactly like you to engance this feeling of friendship (because it is synthetic emotions need to be dramatic, which is why everyone on internet is jackass -> creates stronger emotions).

Online friendships, after a while, desentisize you to idea that you can ever be connected to another person because whole interaction is synthetic.



Checking these satanic trips.

You put into words what I felt while reading this thread. How can you even consider online friendships as real ones? Synthetic is a good description.



>Watching anime doesn't mean that you deapair at the world

Read >>913486 again

>When you truly realize how fucked the world around you is


File: f4c7e13424f5cb3⋯.jpg (457.74 KB, 1398x1864, 3:4, Portuguese D&D.jpg)


> GondolaWarrior.webm

Heh, good times. But something bad happened also.

> be teenager in the late 80's

> play NES games like Ninja Gaiden, Zelda 2, Castlevania 2

> some parts are hard, but with my buddy with figure it out and have lots of fun

> a couple years later play (by myself this time, after going into military) through Dragon Warrior, Faxanadu, and Final Fantasy

> some parts are grindy but overall a very good experience, basically 10/10 fun

> eventually end up selling NES and getting computer

> fast foward a couple decades...

> buncha n00bs on 4chan /vr/ arguying about how Zelda 2 and Castlevania 2 suxx, arguying about anything older than FF5 is stoopid, or Ninja Gaiden is unfair

> basically same thing with other games and franchises, nothing but people arguying about which is "best" and how games "should" be

I don't know where or when things went wrong, but none of that wankery is any fun compared to just hanging out with my friends and playing games. And yeah they had Nintendo Power magazine back then, but you didn't have to read it (and also you had to pay for it). Now you can't escape spoilers because they're plastered all over the damn place, and people talk incessantly about how to best beat the games instead of just playing them. It kinda sucks.


File: f6d9e171cd59c80⋯.png (420.66 KB, 500x501, 500:501, synthetic.png)


>Online friends engage in the same hobbies, ensuring you always have fun

>No RL consequences to embarrassment => more open conversation

>aid each other in delving deeper into your interests

>worldwide pool of potential friends instead of severe geographical limits

>opportunity to learn about different cultures

>easy separation in case of severe fuckups

Online friendships are objectively superior due to risk minimization and utility optimization. They will eventually entirely replace inefficient meatspace friendships.

What's so bad about synthetic things anyway? Nature is often suboptimal, why not replace it with new concepts optimized by our capability to reason?



>Nature is often suboptimal

Do you go out much?

And by out I mean into nature.



Once every two weeks or so to buy groceries, though I might be able to push that down to once a month soon.



>due to risk minimization and utility optimization

If you have nothing to risk you then don't care about it.

Like dying in a video game, you don't care about those "friends", you can simply get a new one, a better one.

>Nature is often suboptimal, why not replace it with new concepts optimized by our capability to reason?

Because people hate it, even though they don't realize it. Today people express their opinions in ironic or sarcastic ways just so they hide behind general sense of not caring. They care, they want others to care.

Friendship, or desire for one, is emotional desire not logical. You want to give your weirdest and shameful ideas and thoughts to another person and knowing they will keep it a secret.

Other than that, you are just using online "friendships" as a tool of self amusement. You are either using them as a hobby helper or monkey that amuses you with their dancing, you can't call that a friendship.



Ted Kaczynski was right




got your PM just now. sorry, I was asleep



>Like dying in a video game, you don't care about those "friends", you can simply get a new one, a better one.

How is upgrading a negative?

How is not caring a negative? I get a fake not-caring being bad, but would it not be beneficial if you genuinely didn't give a shit about things?

Assuming there are one or two pursuits you actually care about, this would enable you to follow these and perfect them, instead of being distracted by other things.

>emotional desire

Is a negative and we all should strive to minimize emotions as they prevent us from making the most beneficial decisions.

I'm aware that right now we can't manage that fully, but surely it would be best to excise emotions entirely to fully rely on logic instead. Emotions are irrational, they lead to bad decisions. They're bugs in human programming, essentially.

>you are just using online "friendships" as a tool of self amusement

A tool for mutual amusement and improvement. It's not like you don't give anything back to online friends. Hell, I've sat with online friends talking with them for hours solely to keep them from suicide before.



I've met up with online friends and would do so again if I met one close enough to do so.



I don't know about others, but programming board is nice.



You are severely autistic if you think this way.

>Just upgrade friends

You can have more than one friend. Some you will like more than others but you don't just throw one under the bus because you met someone new and shiny.

>Friendship is illogical

Having someone to bounce ideas off of and to support you when things are rough is far from illogical. I don't tell my friends weird and shameful shit, I discuss hobby techniques with them. We give each other feedback on projects. We lurk different places online so when we find content the other would like we link it to them. We work together to cover more ground than we could do alone. This gives us both a superior existence without emotions coming into play at all. I could find a movie which doesn't fit my tastes but will a friends so I show it to them. They show me a new game featured on a youtube channel I don't watch.

>You're using them as a hobby helper or a monkey that amuses you with their dancing

You are an intellectual midget if you can't understand human desire to be around people like themselves. It allows you to grow as a person in ways you would other wise be unable to.



That's a good point. In the world you need very little to feel something from another person. Just being near them can be enough. You CAN get some of that from playing games with someone online, but of course it's missing a lot of additional signals.

And yeah real interaction makes it easier to deal with the fact that everyone's kind of a retard in some ways.



>if you can't understand human desire to be around people like themselves

I literally said that it was emotional desire and not completely logical you braindead monkey


File: 6684ad0a9e96ac0⋯.png (258.75 KB, 450x450, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

I buy art of myself getting fucked by Pokemon and make friends with the people who leave comments on them.



And I explained how it's entirely logical.



How about you try to make some friends here by posting that art.



Who's your favourite?




I agree, link plz ty


File: 700b872c04ba910⋯.png (11.49 KB, 347x267, 347:267, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a1f754529ff50d1⋯.png (97.8 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1509981216.png)



I'm trying to ask what your favourite Pokemon is.

I've got a lot of stuff and I'm not just gonna dump the whole thing in this thread.



Oh, it's private pics, not under a tag on some booru? idk, mine's still Lugia I guess but it's weird to make porn of most legendaries IMO :D t. >>913841


File: 33537780a2c3e18⋯.png (414.83 KB, 938x938, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Got no Lugia. Never order art of legendaries.

Lugia's cool, though... what kind of scene would get you going?



Well, you did get me interested with this >>913778


File: b8940045c0ad193⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 7.98 MB, 5200x2480, 65:31, ClipboardImage.png)



Nice, absol and other "furry-tier" are better for porn anyway. Now, how do we go about the "make friends with" -part :D


File: f9618d4b0a6f780⋯.png (157.26 KB, 350x350, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Discord, Deviantart, or Furaffinity.

>implying anyone here would ever use any of those



Hahah exactly :D

I do have a tg I guess https://t.me/luutifa.

Anyone is free to chat with me, but for now I'm going to sleep so I'll reply later lol.


File: b803a73fe7005ac⋯.png (93.85 KB, 300x394, 150:197, pain.png)

I feel like the anons that were here (in /v/ mostly) had their minds poisoned to act like full retards.

I don't get it. It's as if I lost a friend because he got addicted to opiates.


Admittedly I only use the first one.


File: 494c9307e0c6335⋯.jpg (21.06 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 494c9307e0c63353d02c700bf9….jpg)


wtf did I just click



This is the state of modern image boards. they pay for furry porn then posh it on the /tech/ board to attention seek.


File: 18bb1dd71c1e0c0⋯.jpg (145.46 KB, 1300x724, 325:181, 18bb1dd71c1e0c0e99c9f28bcd….jpg)



>for porn


You would be doing it wrong. Why haven't the mods deleted all this offtopic furfaggotry yet? Is it that talking about pozz networks such as goybooks attracts normalfags?


File: deb87feaf01d8bb⋯.png (213.63 KB, 996x777, 332:259, consider the libbie.png)


This is the future you chose.


>So how do you go about meeting people who share your interests online now?

I don't. Online friendships are something you typically only have when you're a child or a retarded teenager who's hormones are out of wack. Male-male friendships fundamentally aren't designed to operate under the pen-pal type system. You're either their in the flesh together doing an activity, or you're using each other in a working environment as a cohesive team. It's not reasonable or logical for a man to seek out friendship for friendships sake. There is virtually no such thing as a healthy online relationship.



>If you keep choosing whoever is the closest to you on your hobbies you will always end up casting away your online "friends" for purposes of getting a better one.

satan trips confirms netfriends are inherently hypergamous.

Better to develop an interest in something offline and find a group of like minded folks to share it with. Sorta like how your great grandad did, only in current year, with electricity.



imageboards are social media

anonymous social interaction is still social interaction, and no, it doesn't count if you call it 'asocial interaction'

there is a real person behind every post, even behind the robots and scripts and dogs and whatnot



So you're a guy who comissions images of himself as a girl getting fucked by pokemon?

A shrink would have a field day with you



flamboyant faggots like you should be gassed



How do I chat with you? discord?



True. Online relationships are a zero-sum game.






I really like these artworks! You have great taste, honestly. I love to go into detail about lewd art and I'd be very interested in talking with you! :3 I'm just a little bit cautious, hence I'd prefer if we could first establish contact via Tutanota - it's free, requires no personal details and it's end-to-end encrypted: https://tutanota.com/

My Tutanota mail: howl@keemail.me

It would be nice if you could attach a part of one of the two images you posted, if possible. This is merely for identification purposes. :-)

Otherwise, I attached some artworks I like a lot. :3



What the fuck are you doing?



Attention whoring.



There are definitely ulterior motives behind this post.


Join anitwitter

That's how I met my gf



The furry bait in general implies someones not on the level. Why haven't mods deleted it?



I have sent two reports to no avail for now





I post quite rarely and didn't mean to "attention-whore", I'm sorry if it seemed like that. I deleted the two pictures I posted to not further derail this thread. (´ω`)


File: cf54f611760b7fe⋯.png (17.38 KB, 273x200, 273:200, 1495503657631.png)

File: 35cbe10b8d4552e⋯.jpg (123.99 KB, 664x701, 664:701, 1520559589156.jpg)

im never going to make a friend again

its going to the next 40 years of my life alone

it's not fucking fair



not with that attitude, friendo, definetly



Which means at least 3 reports with no action taken.



Now throw yourself off a bridge


File: a1365e2618e996e⋯.jpg (17.56 KB, 220x311, 220:311, 220px-Igor_Tamm.jpg)



>im never going to make a friend again

That's only true if you don't start to do something you can talk about.


human contact is overrated.

the source of shit is life is other people.

= less contact the better.



This guy right here is part of the reason why things went to shit but he doesn't see it and thinks he's the great pious wall of correctness.


>Before that people didn't spam that shit.

Either a newfag thinking he fits in or a straight up liar.



>the guy telling it how it is is the reason things went to shit

What a brilliant defense of anime posters, truly I am in awe


Frieeeends and friendship are the gayest things on the planet Earth. Maybe you need create Tinder account to suck some cocks?


File: e114fa1ecfd3b24⋯.jpg (654.78 KB, 772x566, 386:283, pardward.jpg)

Too bad for you. I'm part of a dedicated IRC group.



This is my main problem, even with the few friends I have. On the rare occasion I venture out of my cave I need to activly steer the conversation away from myself because anything i could possibly talk about either requires too much technical background to understand, or it's too far outside the normie-sphere of interests. Even the couple friends I have that are tech literate are only interested in the skills that pretain to their job (or job they want some day) and are firmly rooted in the world of windows with zero knowlage of hardware. Basicly if knowing it won't make them more money they have zero interest in it, even if it would be useful to them and/or give them a more fleshed out understanding of their field.



This is the other problem with the animu shit posters. When they meet an old anon who has first hand experience of the past they claim they are lying or just looked shit up on a wiki. How could any one possibly be on image boards for that long? How could they remember a time before shit posting was tolerated and before memes were spammed?

No no he must be telling lies! No one remembers how everyone got pissed off with Waha, Happy Negro and Cockmongler! No one remembers that! It's cancer today so it was cancer yesterday! It's never been good because a meme told me it was never good! Believe the memes, because obviously the memes are true.

Pro-tip retard. Some of us original anons from pre-anon days still lurk the chans and we still remember when it wasn't full of cancer. You're third, fifth or maybe even seventh generation cancer, but we still exist in the shadows. And we laugh at you for being so invested in something so god awful. We laugh at your iPads and your bot nets. We laugh at it all because we can laugh at it. We lived the wild west, we saw the worst shit you can imagine and we laughed then and we laugh now.



>if the other person is happy why does it matter

Stopped reading right there. Kill yourself.



one thing i certainly don‘t miss is that fake confidence.


File: ff03b78e9c0d953⋯.jpg (11.6 KB, 299x300, 299:300, ff03b78e9c0d953e579d17587d….jpg)



Are you female or a tranny? I really don't know what's more likely around these parts



So fucking true, this is the hardest part about talking to people. They have 0 clue on what I'm talking about (history, tech, politics, certain games) and I sometimes have no clue what they talk about (like fortnite). I never seen people bond when they have 0 in commom.



>I am the only oldfag here, you are all newfags! Everyone is cancer but me!

OK 4chan post #2. I'm sure the first 10 minutes before people started shitposting were glorious, but if you really are that old of an oldfag, you should know by now that bitching about anime posters, or shitposts and cancer in general, is like pissing in the wind. That combined with how butthurt you are that no one will beleive you about being an oldfag is exactly why no one believes you.



Another smug cancer poster who doesn't know shit.

Do you know why anonymous was enforced so hard in the community at that point? It was because your post were meant to be worth reading. If you couldn't make a post worth reading as a stand alone piece of material then it shouldn't have been posted at all. Shit posting as it became known started on /b/. People fucking hated /b/ when it started to leak into other boards, not because they didn't like /b/'s content but because the content didn't fit the other functional boards. As time went on more and more of the site turned over to /b/ style posting until people like yourself thought this was what the entire site was. At which point all boards stopped being functional and just became cancer hang outs to ironically talk about things.

>Butt hurt

Speaking of the past and comparing it to the nightmareish world you now see is not being butt hurt. It's another one of those Reddit tier word distortions where now any one disagreeing is butt hurt or a troll because using any sort of language beyond buzzwords is beyond you people.



I see, a discerning user like yourself demands a certain level of quality. Such as derailing a thread by arguing about how everyone is cancer and you're the oldest oldfag for several days.



Considering I'm OP and I started the thread discussing the decline of online communities, yea I'm "derailing" the thread. :)


File: 649a24a47009365⋯.png (691.93 KB, 492x554, 246:277, 1436115101297.png)


In that case, I think I'm starting to see why you have trouble making friends.


File: a8ad174ba5c8a02⋯.png (308.84 KB, 624x633, 208:211, c95a8e8c8dd4a96e82aa95ac4c….png)



Either you're a newfag LARPing as oldfag or you're really an oldfag that came from SA in the old days but didn't take the hint and continued to give lowtax $10. Either way you're annoying and no one cares about your opinion on how the culture has changed over the years.

>dur hur you're just a smug shitposter

True, but I only shitpost in threads that aren't worth effort posting in.

>I'm older than you so your opinion doesn't matter

I'm old enough to have written the software your precious original communities used. If you're this concerned about cancer and as old as you claim to be I question why you've never attempted to go out and make something yourself. Of course, that would be hard and takes effort. Instead your kind lurk around other peoples communities constantly bitching about how things were so much better in the good old days.



>Newfag who can't space his posts properly proceeds to tell oldfag why he's wrong while posting anime girls.

Please, do keep digging. It's funny



Do you mean

Reddit spacing



File: ce98a076d0bc997⋯.jpg (50.14 KB, 768x1037, 768:1037, 1388287443002.jpg)


>compains about spacing while reddit spacing




>My only issue with forums now a days is the fact that no ones runs them for the simple joy of it anymore.

I felt like I was a dying breed when I ran my local car enthusiast forum which died a few years ago. I didn't ask for money. I didn't have ads all over. I gave t-shirts and decals away for free. The only thing I asked of the community was to just be a good welcoming community of those with like interests.

It went great and we had a lot of members. We had a ton of meets, garage days, hanging out, etc., and then some dickhead broke off and made a copy of the forum on a very similar domain and charged for everything like avatar changes and membership levels. He also sold cheap Chinese knock-off car parts, decals, t-shirts, etc. I don't hate him for capitalizing on a new generation of car enthusiasts that had more money than brains, I just hate how he fragmented the community my friends and I built up for years in almost an instant because all he wanted was his 5 minutes of e-fame and some quick money.

The community went from knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to help, to being a douchebag and how much money you spent on your car, and this drove almost everyone out of the community and on to other things.

The final nail in the coffin was some filthy chinaman used a PHP exploit (I'm not a web guy so fuck if I know about maintaining websites and shit) and screwed the entire site, and I had to take it offline.

All I have left is my one friend and all of you stupid faggots, and I honestly don't know what I'd do without places like this. I was the shy loner kid that sat quiet in the corner reading books and playing chess. I've been bullied the majority of my life, and my only sanctum was the internet. Now it's full of the very assholes that bullied me just continuing the bullying by telling me how I have nothing but wrongthink in my head. No mother fuckers, this is my domain, this is my "safe space" from you cocksuckers, don't you fucking tell me I'm making things "toxic" and other bullshit. I've been around the internet since BBS days, and it angers me to see what has become of my beloved internet. All of my e-buddies that turned into real friends that I've chatted with since the early 90s have become indoctrinated, but only one friend stayed true to who he was.

Sadly all we are now are relics of the internet's past.


File: 51f621e0acb5cee⋯.png (9.46 KB, 640x1120, 4:7, b2bacid.ans.png)


IRC is a good place to make online friends, but it really sucks up a lot of your time, so that's basically why I stopped going there.

I used to be in an artscene/warez group in the 90's, and we had our own channel on efnet. It wasn't anything remotely close to big name groups like ICE or ACID, but we had fun anyway. I remember running Desqview in DOS so I could keep the IRC session going in the background while I was coding. Hadn't fully moved to Linux, even though I was dual-booting Slackware. Some of the other dudes had a similar setup, others ran Win95, and some just plain DOS (since they had 80286 or even older computer).



>some dickhead broke off and made a copy of the forum on a very similar domain

This shit seems to happen to every community i join. Just as I get comfy some bullshit happens and it splits into 2-3 fragments which are unsustainably small user bases. And every online game I start playing dwindles down to <20 regular players within a year. I think I'm cursed.



make a place for your discussion to happen. And make sure to not let normie friendly people acquire moderation powers ever. IT's the first step into having your place and shrine be turned into a sjw shithole.



hint: that is CIA



>Furry and pedobait/slice of life are comparable.

They don't have even the slightest connection, and there does not exist any pedobait in anime. Only pedophiles like you think there does.


How is Precure bullshit? Do you even know that it's aimed at elementary school girls?


File: bf1b8fbf20ea488⋯.png (15 KB, 330x190, 33:19, nice2.png)



thanks mate.



Even if you put a WH40k photo with your post, you won't stop sounding faggy.


>muh rationality

>muh "it's fine to be miserable, even if you think you're worse off now you're actually better! even if this shit can have actual health effects on you"

>muh "every human being is a robot and should live off of 2000 kcal of gruel a day, 8.0 hours of sleep, complimentary medication and a blank wall to stare at during downtime"

Again with the evenly-spaced rectangular grids thinking.

Your post reeks of /leftypol/


>emotions are bugs in humanity!

>dat cliche movie bad guy talk

They are heuristics, dumbass. Not that I assume you even know what one would be even if I hit you with a hardcover copy of a book on them on the head.


>peaking of the past and comparing it to the nightmareish world you now see is not being butt hurt. It's another one of those Reddit tier word distortions where now any one disagreeing is butt hurt or a troll because using any sort of language beyond buzzwords is beyond you people.

Yeah, that seems to happen with a lot of people nowadays.

>ban "ironic weeb/furry" cancer as per >>913539 in some shitty group

>"you're triggered!"




Spacing shit like a retard because you fell for a shitty meme shows how far things have fallen. Since the very first computers people have been dividing text into sub segments for easy reading. The size of the screen and the way people read digital text makes it much easier to have it broken up.

Frankly if you think properly spacing your text for maximum readability is Reddit then you're a fucking imbecile. There has been countless articles written on how to properly format digital text and they all share that same pattern. You make small blocks of text so people can read it and keep their place if they look away. It's the same way news papers form their text because online reading and casual news paper reading are very similar in how people digest them.

The only time you shouldn't be spacing your text correctly is green text stories which has always been 1 line per line. Other wise you end up with a fucking mess like >>914692 It's ugly as fuck, you can't tell where one sentence starts and ends and it's a pain to read because it's just one huge block of text.

p.s. Snoop dogg is literally Reddit. He posts on there, he's a meme on there. Your image is the true form of Reddit posting.



>go outside

CCTV cameras everywhere, can't walk ten meters through park without being face-profiled

>go online

All internet links are logged 24/7, all websites try to make profit off you by selling personalized data, even "obscure" communities like imageboards. All slightly normal people no more use IRC or XMPP (they used to), so everyone is left are complete spergs like me, and oldfags not interested in conversing with me, no one to learn how to be a functional member of society from

>why millenials young adults are so antisocial? - t. gen X-er, follow me on twatter and join my faceberg group :DDDD

I also have a feeling that specialized forums die out and become absorbed by web 2.0 reddit boards, so you're either hip on reddit, or read 10-year old posts on web archive. Anonymous imageboards long ago became infested with low-effort posters and when one of them is being policed, they scream about ebil joos or fascist mods while derailing quality even lower.

10-15% of Millenials are completely excluded from sexual competition too (mostly males), it is impossible to find a girl/woman who doesn't attentionwhore on 10 different social networks and cares about her privacy a little.


This stuff was well understood a long time ago. It's a classic death track for a community that involves conflict or competition of any type.

<owner builds small community around offering something cool/new

>novelty seekers are attracted

<owner has little time or care to police everything and let's people have fun

>community starts to grow fast

>some retards come along, anti-social members harass them out

>skilled people then get status because they are above being harassed

>lemmings start to join because skilled people are cool

<community is at height of success

>lemmings cry about bullies

<owner retard panics and starts safe spacing it

>bullies "gently" forced out

>skilled fags lose status because nobody will put the retards down

>skilled fags leave

>lemmings one day look around and say "oh gee where's all the fun gone"

yeah and just to say how universal this is. This is what happened to MMOs, imageboards, forums and even fucking foss projects.


File: 76c658433aa515c⋯.png (198.49 KB, 438x544, 219:272, for(((you))).png)


>he's still posting

It's obvious why you don't have friends faggot. Keep LARPing maybe newfags will believe you. I'll continue to assume you're a goon and filter you accordingly.


He's right you know


The Goons fear the anime


You list is wrong because it doesn't talk about money and politics. It goes more like this

<owner builds small community around offering something cool/new

>novelty seekers are attracted

>community starts to grow fast

<owner implements ads to "pay for server"

>some SJWs come along seeing the new hip community

>Slowly work up to positions of power while remaining below the radar

>Skilled people have status because they're the only one competent to mod without begin total faggots

>lemmings start to join because skilled people are cool

<community is at height of success

<owner implements more ads/joins ad network/google botnet

>SJWs start to gain power within the community because they camp it all day

>SJWs start complaining about users having too much fun/begin racist/not wanting to suck faggot cock

>Skilled members tell them to STFU and GTFO

<owner retard panics fearing loss of adshekels and starts safe spacing it

<owner retard doubles down and puts more SJWs in positions of power

>Popular skilled fag loses status because of wrongthink

>Other skilled fags see this and leave

>lemmings one day look around and say "oh gee where's all the fun gone"

>SJWs don't care because they're busy yiffing in private moderator/admin forum

<ownerfag sells website for $5,000 to some idiot he met on webhostingtalk

<new ownerfag milks dying members of all the ad money he can in attempt to make back his shekels

<new ownerfag sees massive drop in traffic and closes website/sells the software licenses on webhostingtalk



Skilled fags are often the hugest faggots, tho.


File: 46fa9c74bae5f83⋯.png (726.31 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1512116112969.png)


They're not faggots if people are having fun. The faggots are the ones that show up and try to change stuff, because they can't stand other people having badwrongfun.



I'm under the slight impression that everything you've said is completely irrelevant.



Look, if it's well known why even bother mentioning it? I think that at this point everyone here has seen that one comic just about community change and faggotization, so nearly everyone here is talking their opinions despite the explanation you've just given. And if anyone hasn't seen it, they're about as new as they can possibly be.


File: 6995651d53f711d⋯.jpg (136.94 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1512120490329.jpg)


Maybe I wrote it that way on purpose, huh? Oh, and there is something you should know: I am not left-handed.



No, now you're doing it on purpose.



>Skilled people have status because they're the only one competent to mod without begin total faggots



Oh yeah they take things super seriously. But without them you don't get a successful community it just stays niche and dies from some other reason, like people get kids etc.


>reeeeee don't post stuff



Here's a reductio ad absurdum thought experiment:

>New MMO released

>Game is really good

>People having a blast left and right

>Nobody really knows how the game works because they are still learning it

>Fast forward a few years

>People have mastered the game, pros appear

>Turns out there is a winning strategy that reduces every combat to a key spam fest

>Literally just rapidfiring a single key

>Pros start doing it

>Nobody but the tryhard rapidfire pros are having fun because that strategy only requires a fast finger

>Rapidfire pros are having a blast because they consistently win and that's all that matters to appease their brain's reward center

>Devs consider patching that strategy out

>The rapidfire pros get angry and threaten to leave the game if they do so

>The rapidfire copycats (read: 90% of the userbase at this point, because team based competitive games will mob rule people outside of their system because it is not an efficient winrate numbers boosting strategy) agree with the rapidfire pros

>Nobody is really having fun, but they still do it because skinner box based gameplay

"That's ridiculous", you will say. "That exact same situation would never happen in real life". While that's true, and this exact same situation is ridiculous, it is very, very similar to what's happening with LoL. In fact, the devs once wanted to patch a braindead champ to make her more fun, and a pro that used her as main threatened to leave if they changed her. Like the spineless cucks they are, they caved in because that esports fag had a huge following. WoW also had similar situations.



Who doth thoust quotest?



>Muh fun

I don't give a shit if you're having fun or not. Furries have fun posting their OCs and that's pure fucking cancer no matter how you slice it.


That's pretty much any competitive game in a nut shell. One strategy will dominate and it will be spammed to kingdom come. Isn't much you can really do about it. The best outcome is having 4-5 options which compete in a rock, paper, scissors meta.



>Isn't much you can really do about it.

Pandering to esports fags doesn't make the situation any better. Most games with this problem can be fixed with simple match options and bringing back private servers. Let the community police itself and do away with matchmaking or at least just regulate it to the normalfags.


File: 60edbb03d34421f⋯.jpg (75.94 KB, 256x192, 4:3, 60edbb03d34421f6ecc903a66d….jpg)


>Meet online friend that has an incredibly similar taste to me in just about everything

>the only problem is they love to spark drama and go fucking nuts for no reason at random, leaving us on non-speaking terms for months at a time

>tfw we still talk anyway

Online relationships aren't worth it. Please go out and get real friends.



>Advocate asceticism

>get accused of being a commie

This is your brain on modernity


File: ae071d927f2b662⋯.jpg (460.32 KB, 1064x1068, 266:267, 1512114859710.jpg)


You're too dumb to see the pattern of shota-posting. I licked you fair and square, and there's nothing you can do about it.




All you posted was standard "lol i'm so logic and unbound by emotions, i'm a vulkan look at me" shitpost. And such a thing is common with leftypol for some reason.

Plus now it also seems that you don't actually know what asceticism is.



It is the ending of a emotion, since these are merely products of your brain and only serve to create desire, and the contemplation of something greater, aided by denial of the body.

With them out of the way, you realize that the only worthwhile goal in life is to become closer to the Creator, and that, since he is perfect, this can best be done through perfecting yourself.


File: cdbb055c78fd477⋯.jpg (48.11 KB, 420x566, 210:283, disdain for plebs.jpg)


The art with the normal human is good, but why the fuck do you commision people to do art of a MLP knockoff character?


>calling online people friends

>>/a/ you're already in /tech/

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