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File: 52a4a88db2f527a⋯.png (41.45 KB, 506x266, 253:133, necrobump.png)


What is the oldest forum or chatroom you still use?

for me, pic related


File: 64998781d11736c⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 1023x146, 1023:146, mtflogo.jpg)

Mens Tennis Forums, created in 2003.

Unless you mean for me? Then 8chan, I think since 2014.



>using 4cuck unironically




8chan is all I use anymore


KnightRiderOnline I guess, forums have been up since March 2002 IIRC







This and occasionally some of the stackexchange sites (not PajeetOverflow). The math ones, physics and electrical ones are still good.


I'm not telling you. You're not going to spread your cancer over there.







Soon: nothing.

All the internet will be trash soon.





The main Serebii site seems to be one of the last examples of a website that has resisted Web 2.0 bullshit though that's probably just because Serebii Joe is too retarded to understand it.

Try loading it in elinks or another terminal browser. It's almost perfectly intact, and the worst usability problem is has in relying on Jewgle for searching.

I've never looked at the forums though.


Gaia Online.



Post the full thing, OP. I want to know what fucking resource gets replies to comments from 1994!


none. they all died or had hdd corruption or got taken down by 'insert eagle logos'.


None, haven't posted on any forum for over a year. Unless you count a few chans, but those don't require user registration, so it's not the same as forums.



File: 0a5c8e2f778ce1c⋯.webm (2.1 MB, 456x360, 19:15, Amiga BBS - AmiExpress _X….webm)


That has to be a joke. There weren't any chans in 1994. Forums back then meant Usenet or a text BBS.


File: 77fd1c85c921fa7⋯.jpg (80.99 KB, 969x290, 969:290, 1468112346567.jpg)


no rizon niggers?



File: c79bee8863616a9⋯.png (48.64 KB, 700x645, 140:129, What happened to all the c….png)



I use QuakeNet, but it's not like I used it since its inception.



>no rizon niggers?

me, but one channel once a week





It's very telling that the same studio that fostered all the Tatsuo Sato and Michael Arias masterpieces so evocative they stand out in the Eastern Canon is making lowest-common-denominator garbage like "One Punch Man" to stay relevant, and all the spinoff studios are doing their best just to get by. And the ostensibly contrarian mango/animeme forums are too fascinated with the banal Monogatari series that not only is offensively bad but underplays the one redeeming strength of Shaft of stylish slice of life's.



I'm idling in one right now.



>Le sob

>Le really big sob

kek, so the well-known redditspeak is actually usenetspeak?



So the cancer here can infect my old bunker? Fat chance.




File: a05e00c38f61d19⋯.jpg (3.49 KB, 196x257, 196:257, faggot.jpg)

runescape forums


An anime forum that has existed since 2001. The location of this sacred homeworld is a secret, not for normalfags to know.


File: 8f59841099d70a1⋯.png (18.91 KB, 640x236, 160:59, nsa-is-very-good-at-what-t….png)




supercars.net general chat



i dont actually go on there but i used to and it seems the same guys from 10 years ago are still there posting


File: dc5ac8043310209⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 440x330, 4:3, smelly rodent molesting pa….gif)


That was just a reference to that one skunk from that one show, who talked like that.

90's furfaggotry's fuckin' weird.





ambrosia forums





You worry too much. All anime communities, big or small, are terrible normalfag hellholes and almost entirely interchangeable.



Same with this anon.

I'm still on Gaia Online,

And IMVU that trash heap of *asthetic*



BBS was the shit. Dial up fun


I expected to see at least one person on slashdot and phoronix. The FreeBSD forums weren't so bad, but I have neglected them for the past couple of years due to lack of interest in that OS.


GameFAQs, occasionally. Now that Gamespot is literally in the fucking URL I don't think that will be for much longer.



I know jack shit about tech but this is stylish as fuck. I'd get into tech for this type of shit. Fuck dns keep it direct connect.


((I know it uses dns but direct would be sweet))


File: 96ab8a6de00aa43⋯.png (11.38 KB, 250x53, 250:53, ClipboardImage.png)


>wykop.pl is a Polish social networking internet service, founded on December 25, 2005


A scratch built threaded forum from the 90ies in perl

Looks fully modern because some talented fags riced it with css



Nah, I gave up on /. when they added moderation and made anonymous posts default at -1 (along with making 0 the default visibility threshold).



Oh and they fucked up the interface too. Without javascript enabled, it works like ass. So can't use Lynx or Links anymore.




/. new owner is a literally who San Diego-based company.



zabij sie wykopku xD



Doesn't seem to be a problem. Every time I go there the first comment is some "TRUMP FUKKED YOURE MOM" drivel from an anon that has turned into a huge debate.


AOL recently died, whats the oldest existing chatroom still around?



Unix-hater anime version.




ssij jaja murzynowi.


something awful forum since 2003

raspberry heaven irc




Spoken like a truly disgusting weeaboo that no one would ever willingly associate with.



patrz wykopka jebanego, wypierdalaj małpiszonie







File: a3540e7806f86e4⋯.jpg (135.46 KB, 850x835, 170:167, sataniathinkingrope.jpg)


File: be0554b772a38b3⋯.png (369.9 KB, 832x868, 208:217, be0554b772a38b3853a82ec908….png)




File: 08570dad044f32d⋯.png (105.33 KB, 884x1527, 884:1527, we_never_had_a_chance.png)


Show newfags in /pol/ this screencap when they tell you furries, faggots, and waifus are a recent phenomenon.



/pol/ is more than aware degeneracy, vice, and sin have existed for thousands of years. That's the entire point of avoiding these things. Maintaining a higher standard of yourself shows you're not willing to settle for being an animal.



Slashdot became less interesting as more mobile posters came around. It would be 6-7 years since I last read it. The only exception being I once saw it linked because they were shilling John Flint's patreon link.


That is a problem considering Slashdot used to be an interesting website to read for technical reasons. Their Tales from the hellmouth comment sections were some of the best shit I've ever read online. It's a historical event recorded in real time by the people experiencing the backlash to columbine. No one learned shit from it but they could have if they read the like 10,000 comments on those posts.



>we are so much better



Retrojunk, a forum on a musician's website.



The oldest one that isnt super obscure that I know of is sdf but thats a bbs.


8ch is legit the only one I use at all anymore and it has been for years. Before that it was 4chan. Before that it was the TESF, the old one that had the default green theme before Oblivion was announced.


File: ac1f385f90dd23f⋯.jpg (112.06 KB, 640x428, 160:107, cover.jpg)


This might make it even more clear. Videos are on youtube.



Leave, /pol/yp. This isn't your board.


File: a277108386767a5⋯.png (59.64 KB, 285x284, 285:284, papaj3.png)


Jak dotąd nie




>higher standard

>not settling for being an animal

Literally 99% of /pol/'s ideology is made of ad naturam fallacies based on a poor understanding of nature, you people are savages and love it.




Nie trzeba od razu się denerwować lewaczku.



obcognij pale kaczynskiemu pis pedale chuju


File: 18aa01142edc1e8⋯.png (10.95 KB, 384x272, 24:17, 1.png)



Les nègres du cia ont niqué ta mère.


File: d5b4c3422218a15⋯.jpg (147.51 KB, 382x400, 191:200, _.jpg)


Widzę że ciśnienie skoczyło


None, stopped talking to people years ago.


File: 4cd8b87e4d0e46d⋯.png (329.11 KB, 555x555, 1:1, 4cd8b87e4d0e46d9cb11af9f72….png)


>underaged tripfag telling others to leave

The state of /tech/



I'm aware the cancer is ancient but a lot of newfags think it's a recent thing. We'd all be better off if they were educated on the subject. Furries have been ruining everything they touch for a looooong time.


/pol/ held itself for a higher standard before the election brought every newfag and shill on the planet into the ranks. I suggest watching this: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=JEyNNCn9Z5M You can't deny that /pol/ logic isn't based on sound science.

>tripfag cancer

Oh wait you're already a lost cause. KYS instead. I thought I had all you faggots filtered by now?



chyba w chuju jak twoja stara mi obciagnela



that was my LITERAL relative



Widzę że ból dupy mocny u ciebie.



>You can't deny that /pol/ logic isn't based on sound science.

Not even by 14th century standards of what constitutes science.



u twojej starej jak ja ruchjam lol



If cuckchan is so great then why don't you go back there?


File: f8957702ef2a2db⋯.jpg (66.73 KB, 416x508, 104:127, trysohard.jpg)


O kurde ale dojebałeś mały


You can still use usenet



dobra juz wykurwiaj na pol ONR'owcu



>Evolution isn't real


File: 913473fc09e7108⋯.png (240.11 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1459876946360-2.png)

Polish facts;

>Polish firing squads stand in a circle.

>The new Polish navy has glass bottom boats, to see to the old Polish navy.

>A Polish kamikaze flew 48 successful missions in WW2

>A Polish loan shark once lent out all his money and skipped town

>Christ wasn't born in Poland because they couldn't find three wisemen and a virgin.

>Once two Polish hunters were driving through the country to go bear hunting. They came upon a fork in the road where a sign read "BEAR LEFT" so they went home.

>Lawrence of Poland is known to wear dirty white robes and ride a pig

>The Polish hockey team all drowned during spring training



Widzę że z nerwów zgubiłeś swój pedalski tripcode.


You forgot to mention the pope



H8 chan.


Everyone should be saying ims



I don't think /pol/ understands evolution at all



>literal racists and race realists arguing all day every day about race

>crazy eyed lefties stubbornly claiming every human is the same with infinite potential against all evidence

/pol/ on average may not understand it on highest academic laboratory experienced researcher level, but they sure as fuck aren't willingly delusional full idiots either



>implying it isn't already




That's not evolution, though. That's epigenetic adaptation to certain environments. Race in itself doesn't exist, europeans adapted traits from homo neanderthalensis, asians adapted traits from the denisovan man, while africans pretty much didn't adapt any traits, as homo sapiens was very well adapted to the african environment.



Do you believe earth is 6000 years old too? Or was it born in 1960's?



I don't remember any leftist ever proclaiming all humans were equal, in fact the equality of all men first became mainstream in the liberal circles of the enlightenment and posterior liberal political movements.

From each according to their capacity, to each according to their need is the best way to describe Socialism and related, and at the same time, it is as far from saying everyone is equal as it gets.

Even in non-Socialist societies, but that still claimed to be Socialist, such as the USSR, salaries varied wildly from one profession to another.

>they sure as fuck aren't willingly delusional full idiots either

They totally are. They don't argue about it all day long, they circlejerk about it all day long. Try and make a thread "what if race as we understand it was actually not a valid biological category but rather a product of European colonial geopolitics?" on /pol/, and see how many sage, all-caps and insulting replies you get before getting banned.



I just listed several homo species, which have lived well before 4000 BC.



ur mum is a homo xDDDDDDDD



All of them do, equality is their mantra instead of natural order. We should also try out your "just racialized colonialism haha" bullshit by permanently deporting you to test it in somewhere and then observing how people treat you, let's say rural Haiti or Pakistan. If you happen to die and nobody cares, well damn, who would have guessed.



Show me one influent piece of Marxist thought where it says "everyone is equal". I'm waiting.



But you spout absolute bullshit that is no different from creationista.


>what is reading comprehension

>what is ideal

as expected from commie



Great, so you could not back your statement, you could not match your beliefs with reality.



No, it's just that as expected, you being a commie, you can't read good, so you argue past the point I never made like a retard you are.


Something Awful


All I use anymore is 8ch, a random imageboard from my country that was born around 2013 and an actual Chinese imageboard, which I'm not sure of its age.


Just filter him like everyone else does.







Only if reddit is Peppe Le Pew or Fifi Le Fume



Why are you claiming I'm like creationists? I'm just saying the truth, and you're having a hard time swallowing the pill.

You /pol/yps probably think white men magically appeared in Europe and were always white.



Because your main "point" is somewhere between creationist and retard, leaning on latter.



I'm waiting for your racialist infograph jpeg, /pol/yp. Maybe that'll enlighten me.


File: 9d466a804f4e62d⋯.png (154.75 KB, 455x396, 455:396, 1423993744651.png)


>race doesn't exist

>but dog breeds do

Stay insane /leftypol/


File: 0185f189d70335a⋯.jpg (473.8 KB, 1619x1725, 1619:1725, 1468641667746-2.jpg)


>Refers to Marx

>will follow up with: But _real_ communism has never been tried

Anyone with basic reading comprehension knows Marx didn't like niggers and jews. As typical of the left such things have been thrown away and buried to make the rest of the pipe dream work. Communism doesn't work because it's a pipe dream. The left's idea of equality doesn't work because it's a pipe dream. Niggers writing pottery will never work _because it's a pipe dream_. All of Marx's and the left's teachings fail because they were never based in reality.

What's happened in your case is you've been BTFO by newfags on /pol/ so often that you've had to go to a hugbox where everyone is just as delusional as yourself. For evidence of this I point to the name field in your post where everyone can clearly see that you're not only a tripfag but the kind of faggot that had to find a group of like minded underaged faggots to fit in with. This proves that nothing you have to say is worth listening to. I wouldn't respect your opinion on /tech/ based solely on that so why should I respect your opinions on society? You're just regurgitating the bullshit you've either picked up on /leftpol/ or more likely from your high school teachers. You've never worked or strived for anything so you don't even have a basis to build upon. This is why communist always recruit from the youth and slave classes; anyone that has worked and earned the right to own property will reject the teachings upon first hearing about them.



Nice pasta and nice newfag attempt at formatting m8


File: 4577202ee1a1e6f⋯.jpg (173.88 KB, 804x1024, 201:256, schnappen.jpg)


>you're a newfag

t. tripfag




I have posts in that thread.

I fucking wish I wasn't. My god I was an autistic 19 year-old.

But on the other hand... Hi there, old chum >>930003 from 25 years ago! (Unless you're Quozl... -_-)



>using -_- still when in your 40s

Kill yourself.



I don't have to take that kind of shit from someone who'll be nostalgic for Instagram filters in 2038.



>You don't get to criticize me

Fuck off to reddit



Nah. No killfiles there, for starters.

I wonder if rec.pets.cats has recovered yet.


File: 125a3e673059e44⋯.jpg (64.23 KB, 625x477, 625:477, ce1ea0f31452d9ba600e038905….jpg)


Imagine being so BTFO that this was the only response you could muster. Imagine being this tripfag:

>The girl you like is fucking some Muslim immigrant

>The IRC clique you wish you were part of won't even make you a full member

>The future ahead looks bleak and you've wrapped your mind with communism in an attempt to make sense of it all

>The school you go to is teaching you nothing useful and you're going into massive debt for it

>The highlight of your day is "triggering" boomers that infest nu-/pol/

>You're a virgin NEET and to make matters worse you're Polish

>No hope, no future, likely never even kissed or spoken to a woman in your life

>You don't own land, your only real possession is the computer you shitpost with that your mother bought for you

>You'll never escape the EU and will die in a back alley somewhere once the war breaks off

>You don't even have the courage to go fight for ZOG preferring to sit on the fence and smug at everyone that passes by about your totally original philosophy that has never been tried before (no never mind all the times it was tried and cost millions of innocent people their lives that wasn't _real communism_)

Behold the tripfag in all his non-glory. Smug at him, laugh at him, poke fun at him and his friends. The board owner is obviously not going to do anything about him so it's up to you.

Leave faggot. No one likes you.



>Leave faggot. No one likes you.

Filter him and don't give him attention. Soon it will just be him talking to himself.


Why is it that any thread on any board on any chan that isn't dead nowadays just results in people being called /pol/acks and the discussion being derailed towards that. It's really fucking annoying. A ban on using the /pol/ boogeyman should be considered tbh fam.



That's happening in a few places on 8chan, but the BO is always a LARPing faggot who gets their teenage jollies make stickies with swastikas and such. "No more boogeymanning! -- Herr Gobels"

Imageboards have terminal cancer and have already hit their dead-end. Trying to talk about it here though just triggers the Cancers of all types. ("filtering" didn't stop the demise of Usenet; sure, you're not seeing the spam.. but there's no-one there to talk too..)



Because of normie invasion, and normies think calling people /pol/acks is smart and instantly proves them right, just like they think calling people racist/sexist/fascist/nazi is smart and instantly proves them right. Then there is the obvious "lalalala can't hear you lalalala shut up shut up" aspect to that too, as well as JIDF literally oyveying around internets in full inbred neurosis, and commies countersignaling things they don't like in that signature barely functioning brain manner.

Not complaining, good fun when you know the players.



You obviously don't know how "Cancer" got started being used. Cancers come from outside into a somewhat working community (i.e: all the teen LARPing faggots who invaded 4chan after that FINAL BOSS OF THE INTERNET HACKER ON STEROIDS ANONYMOUS EXPLODING VAN, and established a Dawkins-'cultural'-meme to perpetuate itself on the next year's wannbe hardcunt retards that belonged on Something Awful, not imageboards.

Right now you're trying to pull that "/pol/ created imageboard culture" bullshit.

Your mind is infected with cancer, matey.

Best cure for that is a Drano milkshake.




What? Are you the same commie lispfag who can't read from the other thread?



The invasion is that from literally schizo /pol/acks to other boards, not from normies, which aren't particularly abundant around here.



Communist trying to rewrite history as usual. Look cancerfag, I get it, you are very upset you are not on reddit. Deal with it.



The cancer actually came from the fact that 4chan is filled with shitposting and shitposting is thoroughly encouraged.



/pol/ was created in 2011, newfag



Out of /new/. You think its userbase just materialized out of thin air? Communist intellectual everyone, a real 4chan creationist.


File: 0997f9a959a462c⋯.png (357.49 KB, 550x480, 55:48, 1428327743416.png)


I'm going to continue to bully him until he suffers the fate of cuteposter. You're free to do what you want.


>the tripfag doesn't even know the history of our culture

Why am I not surprised in the least.


I did not expect this thread to be as entertaining as it was.





>gas-lighting like a typical yid

stop perpetuating stereo types, you're hurting your people.



not since 2010 because reasons


Amazing thread as usual mongoloids.





Didn't 2chan start off as a BBS?


Reminder there are still places out there that use Invision Power Board.



>I have no standards and cannot tell what is garbage and what is quality

You're a fucking bugman idiot.




No. BBS is the word Japs use for any kind of forum. It has nothing to do with BBS as in non-Internet dial-up services.





How's the grannyfucker reddit?


NationStates, been using it since 2017 because I had almost no access to internet while I was kid


File: 2eb5a5e0c1448ae⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.33 KB, 423x469, 423:469, 1529798478545.jpg)


best girl


File: 22cb4f00277500b⋯.png (158.85 KB, 350x427, 50:61, pingman.png)



>as a kid



I still use RuneScape forums


File: 9860374ff595276⋯.png (8.26 KB, 213x255, 71:85, cool_bird.png)



get the fuck out



is it anime-planet




Anon probably used "since" instead of "until" please don't be cucks and behave.


Sad to say but I occasionally browse cuckchan. There, I admitted it.


File: ad649c17b8c0dec⋯.png (166 B, 250x250, 1:1, ad649c17b8c0dec05b58d4562f….png)


You use an archive to view it and don't post, right?




Fight me faggots



>4 enlargened pixels

>166 bytes

LoL @ png



It's distasteful to fight with minors


File: 88ecb8a84f3d679⋯.jpg (34.04 KB, 750x573, 250:191, italian suicide.jpg)


>you will never experience 1994 again.

Kill me.



Ok where you at


Every forum and chatroom I've ever visited is dead now. The last one became a haven for pedophiles and got shoah'd by the Feds.




Then leave this place if you care for us.



>this entire thread

absolute cancer, this is why chanboards are obsolete




Already touched. Besides, I'm not the one that kills them, shit tends to happen though.



Web-based imageboards are kind of a mistake to be honest.



Mostly due to tripfags and that guy that's been recruiting depressed kids into his tranny cult.




Only managed to make it about 3 days before you had to start tripfagging again. What a fucking loser.



I thought world2ch died?



He might be talking about Ayashii World, which was a traditional BBS from my understanding. Also, a lot of "Japanese" things like that are just them conforming to older, traditional tech standards, having their language barrier and everything.



Wow, Sham btfo



>I happened to go on vacation for a week

That was a nice week. I don't suppose your mom and dad are going to be taking you on another vacation soon? The longer, the better.



my dad used to go on an old mechanics forum during the 1990s which is abandoned by now, but someone keeps running the server, I guess. I sometimes go on to see how to change parts off some of the vehicles at my dad's place since the town practically just dumps their used and broken vehicles on him, so I salvage what I can to make some of them run again. I learned a lot from it, but I don't know if it still counts since it's abandoned with the last post on the site being in 2008 calling obama a nigger.


I'm still responsible for a web forum that was initially founded in May 2003.

Its current revision is running on a slightly messy installation of MyBB 1.6 (which was converted from a vBulletin 3 installation after the community was underwhelmed with vB4) that I've patched to run on PHP 7.2 the same way hotwheels stopgap-fixed vichan. I'm just out of time to port all those plugins the previous admin wrote over to MyBB 1.8 when version 2.0 has been put on hold anyway (surprise, it's also an untamed beast based on Symfony).



is it animesuki



Fucking danskere




There was an older version of this place, but the con artist fag running the shit show that started the whole deal nuked it and then started some rumor that the police shut it down due to a death threat thread in order to cover his tracks.


Used to go to assemblergames but place got full cucked after gamergays, also it was halfway death and the admin is a shithead



Fuckoff rockwellfag



But this shit was obscure af back then, furries now walk the fucking streets and are only a few years from being so mainstream they might even be able to be legally recognized as a minority or some shit

How long until the first "species change operation"?


File: d2454f87eba6df3⋯.jpg (49.95 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 02bb6cd73fd5f3516af1e85eff….jpg)


Hi /leftypol/


>How long until the first "species change operation"?

People have been doing body modifications forever. I remember back in the 90s there was some faggot that had turned himself into a lizardman and was living on an island. I'm pretty sure he intended to stay there for the rest of his life but only managed to make it a few months before he came crawling back to the city. I don't think it was less common back then it was just kept private. Where now a days you have legions of people with fetishes like that able to communicate with each other on the internet. They spend enough time in their hugboxes and they start to think their fetish is normal.

The image I posted wasn't someone uncommon back then either. Tiny Toons was taken off the air because the staff was getting so many letters from people writing them in detail about how they fapped to the characters. They ended up stopping the show because some of them were stalking the voice actors.





My first forum. My 8 year old self spent more time reading fanfic in the stories section than playing the actual game. It was a good time-waster for fishing or cutting wood.



Anyone weak-willed is easy pickings for a deleterious meme. Goths, bodymod, hard drugs, Furries, /pol/redpills/preppers, Fundies, etc. People who're incapable of stopping what they can see is harming their lives.

You mentioned Lizardman, but I'm reminded there was also the 'Stalking Tiger' who did much the same thing. He offed himself on his 50th birthday.




>The image I posted wasn't someone uncommon back then either.

Nigger back then you would end in an asylum if you went outside on a fursuit. Even faggots werent exactly welcome outside from cities like frisco which had the only "pride" parades att

Now they are passing laws in some countries where sex change operations will be paid by the state, nobody saw that shit coming 25+ years ago. Furries are the next shit to get full recognition and the state shilling it.

>Tiny Toons was taken off the air

Today it wouldnt be taken off the air for that, they would go all the way to borderline furry porn and faggots on the media would defend it


File: 3b73bd404144a2b⋯.gif (85.14 KB, 639x480, 213:160, meetmin1.gif)


> Tiny Toons was taken off the air because the staff was getting so many letters from people writing them in detail about how they fapped to the characters.

...and they instead did this.

(Although a few years later, some SJWs went through the WBA offices in the middle of the night and confiscated all of Minerva's model references and destroyed them.)



>He offed himself on his 50th birthday.

I think i remember him from an episode of Ripley's. I'd kill myself too if i completely destroyed my body with tats, piercings and facial tissue mods.



There's that faggot who made himself look like a cat with screw in whiskers.

I don't think furries will be promoted next. Pedophilia is already rolled into the gay agenda. Furries will just be generic tranny "identity" laws repurposed. You can't discriminate against a TransPotPlant are trannies are EQUALLY TRANNIES



Hi /leftypol/


Data Mining Forums



Yea I remember the tiger guy too, didn't know he an heroed.


Like I said it was common but kept in the closet. I agree with everything you've said.


Aren't you supposed to be banned?



>(Although a few years later, some SJWs went through the WBA offices in the middle of the night and confiscated all of Minerva's model references and destroyed them.)

Source for this


>Tiny Toons was taken off the air because the staff was getting so many letters from people writing them in detail about how they fapped to the characters.

And this too, cant find shit about that




Article is wrong. It was Alan Fishbeck who stalked and sent 'erotic' Gadget MacHackwrench fanfics to Tress McNeille. You may know Fishbeck for being one of Dr Comet's biggest customers (..because he was blacklisted by the American artists..)

Quozl was/is a massive fuckwit, largely due to his never keeping a secret. The original release of Minerva model sheets onto Internets was his doing after receiving them from Dave Kuhn. He was also a massive spastic at cons.


File: 3f188788a8729ba⋯.jpg (64.13 KB, 1080x1247, 1080:1247, 3f188788a8729ba9d56b177aa7….jpg)


Admittedly I'm not too familiar with the history of furries. You seem to know your stuff anon. Care to tell us more? A lot of that stuff was on fidonet so archives don't exist.



This is supposed to be an Ancient Forums thread though. The details of things were revealed over time in newsgroups like alt.fan.furry.

For regular cartoon/anime fandom, the place was rec.arts.animation and rec.arts.anime; those places were great. If you think about the best discussions the chanboards have ever had, would be about par-for-the-course in those newsgroups back then, as the participants were in general non-spergs who were capable of getting into college and could hold an interesting conversation. The Internet/ARPAnet had a Real Name Policy of sorts, so people behaved themselves.

(alt.fan.furry was an exception-- the full-on mental flakes that Furries are renowned for now, were present in the mid-90s. Tygger Graf, et.al.)


File: 47f5ba67be847de⋯.jpg (135.99 KB, 622x1022, 311:511, gord04.jpg)


Frankly I don't see any difference between this and the typical anime with various levels of lewd, fan service, etc. that people post on these boards constantly. Then there's all the waifu pillows and onaholes, etc. It's like watching crack addicts telling coke fiends that they're all messed-up.


I guess this is a valid place to ask, but what are some good irc rooms that are still alive?


File: 626ce2196391284⋯.png (116.31 KB, 924x540, 77:45, school shooter used virtua….png)



It's 23 years old


I idle on a channel there and on Quakenet, which beats it by 5 years. The Quakenet one is just because it's connected to a vidya server and of course we constantly break their gay "no racism and/or nazism" rule


Well, he did say newfags. And then there's the implication that we're talking about /pol/ after 2016.

>Race in itself doesn't exist

I'm not going to reply to a tripfag, but this is just too good


11chan Deep. mostly its just like the old 11chan but with even more .



> between this

Like I said, the a.f.f/TTBS crowd was the exception. The bigger routine-fandom newsgroups were nothing like it-- rec.* newsgroups and such were the kind of places that show production staff were known to hang out on: http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/culturebox/2013/09/the_history_of_simpsons_message_board_alt_tv_simpsons.html (okay, a.t.s was alt.* rather than rec.*)



Toonzone, no specified date of creation but I found posts from 2002.



>Anyone with basic reading comprehension knows Marx didn't like niggers and jews

no one likes niggers or jews. marx himself was a jew, his cousins were the rothschilds. was he a self-hating jew? probably. all ashkenazim are.


File: 1a40943598ec071⋯.pdf (615.63 KB, The Case for Colonialism -….pdf)


Have fun.



>responding to posts from a decade plus ago

Sometimes people do respond to those, especially on small niche forums. the oldest forums I use are some fetish forums



agreed but

Leave tripfag. this isn't your board.



shut the fuck up you fucking



massive datamining thread



It has never been so easy to datamine, it seems.



same, I plan on changing that, but yeah






yahoo chat (japanese anime room 1 and 2)

homesite forum






Dozens of private BBS and micro-forums that shall remain forever in the shadows.


File: 3f863ae6cf04b8d⋯.png (13.96 KB, 568x162, 284:81, 84e8c1b32b0a9056aad2074ef6….png)



File: 5ff2328823bdf73⋯.jpg (88.29 KB, 400x388, 100:97, 1440198576962.jpg)

>decades of bantz on dozens of boards

>they are all dead now

>not a single real friend to show for it

The internet was a social disaster



shit site, retards ban you for free speech



>go on reddit

>don't have time to check my messages every minute nor have a phone to get notified when someone messages me on some stupid forum

>thus treat it like a normal internet board

>respond to day old post

>get memed at by 5 redditors:

<XD responding to dead post what a loser XDD

>get banned from said forum because finally driven by idiocy to posting "kys"



>>go to reddit

Just stay there next time, faggot.



i still have an account on twitter I made as a kid over a decade ago. only a few tweets.



ye son twitter is da real old skool


The last forum I posted in was for WoW in 2007





Hello, post-2008 cancer.

I'll introduce you to "our" culture.

Rule number one: Lurk before post.

Now GTFO newfag.



that red text is so cool



[redtext]8chan is for fags[/redtext]


[r]last try for real[/r]





For a moment I thought I was on >>>/b/.


That reminds me. Someone made a /tech/ BBS years ago, but I think it had some problems with crypto/anonymization and didn't get many users.


Go wild: https://www.telnetbbsguide.com/

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