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New Volunteer

File: 3aef841e3cbddf3⋯.jpg (15.77 KB, 865x396, 865:396, poo.jpg)


I poo'd extra hard when i heard this.

Java is still the best language, followed by JS and Python.

Great to see all these amazing languages leading the tech world!



I am sad because JavaScript is almost a good language. If only it wasn't so prone to dumb bugs due to bad dynamic typing, all but syntax error were runtime errors (again, solvable with a sane typing system) and it didn't insist on solving every fucking thing with strings, it would only be lacking the Pascal-like syntax to become my dream language.



look into typescript if you want non-gay shit, i just want es6 to be supported because importing shit should be standard and webview on android is a fucking mistake.



TypeScript, bruh


File: d39d1403f432cb8⋯.png (338.33 KB, 1170x1169, 1170:1169, indian-monopoly.png)


>Java is still the best language

< Gee I wonder who is behind this outcome?







TypeScript is still fairly gay. While it is probably enough to deal with your own code serverside, the moment you introduce non-TypeScript external libraries, or use it with the badly standarized DOM (if I am not mistaken, I read some time ago <input> tags can return whatever type inside their value and not just strings, according to the spec; this seems about right because dealing with type="number" in both new and old browsers is madness), you can still get unexpected results that won't be checked during runtime due to TypeScript being just a fancy preprocessor.

Public library functions shouldn't be returning different types depending on how the algorithm feels about the inputs, but then again, it's JS devs we are talking about, and most JS "pros" always assume they are going to accidentally include a JS file that redefines the value of undefined, amongst other stupid things.



It didn't say "best language", it said its the most common primary programming language.


File: eaa933bb602c238⋯.jpg (246.31 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1515622149261.jpg)


>I am sad because JavaScript is almost a good language

>If only it was completely different from what it is

Daily reminder: Brendan Eich made JavaScript in a week to move data between HTML forms and JAVA(tm) Applets. That's what it was made for, that's domain where implicit casting everywhere insanity makes sense.


<Do you have and use a cell / smart plane?

Where's the no option?


What would your dream 3 be, /tech/?


The most commonly used languages are trash. Not a surprise. Python is this generation's BASIC. Javashit is easy to shit out script cancer for web pages. Java is "global enterprise grade" retardation inflicting hellish agony on office drones worldwide.

For the Best Language they should first identify the top 1000 applications and tools used to push mankind forward. Spacecraft, CERN, biophysics simulations and applications, cutting-edge motion control and robotics, medical imaging systems, cryptocurrency, machine learning, DNA sequencing, modification, and design, CAD/CAM innovations. Find out which each is written in.

P.S. if you aren't writing software in one of these areas maybe.. time for a change?



Why is JavaScript 2nd? JavaScript is just Java as a scripting language, right? It should share 1st place with Java.


File: 769e7be3ffce3c9⋯.png (675.25 KB, 897x4676, 897:4676, NotEvenTheChairsAreSafe.png)


Let's be honest, the future has been taken over by the worst people it could have been. There needs to be a fork in the community, as much as I hate to say it.



Javascript is nothing like Java.



>JavaScript is just Java as a scripting language, right?

The absolute state of /tech/


File: cd7e3299dfe7b03⋯.jpg (41.62 KB, 807x659, 807:659, empire_of_dirt.jpg)


>JavaScript is just Java as a scripting language, right?



You are basically advocating for Ada and C/C++ basically.



But it has functions and strings and both are slow. I don't understand.


>thinking women belong in tech conferences






>emacs lisp



>But it has functions

Except it doesn't.



>Python is this generation's BASIC

In which sense? In the sense that it's easier to learn, or in the sense that it has any of BASIC's flaws? Being easy to learn isn't a flaw in itself.

I know for a fact Python is used for a lot of the things you listed.








File: 23c53e00885c9fd⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1242x1238, 621:619, jazz music intensifies.jpg)

>tfw we will get a javascript linux port



>VHDL -- to synthesize my the hardware

>Ada -- OS / core utils

>Racket -- general purpose / scripting



my/the pick one. Too lazy to delete and repost.


File: 1880acd486081f7⋯.png (88.61 KB, 727x435, 727:435, Top Lang 12 mo.png)

File: fe9416f21c0299b⋯.png (50.11 KB, 738x431, 738:431, Change in OS Use.png)


that survey is focused on professional, typically proprietary projects. In the opensauce world over the past 12 months things are a bit different.




C is still going down in use while JS is going up.

How the hell are people writing bare metal code? Don't tell me their using assembly for their various machines.



>How the hell are people writing bare metal code

My guess is that work is/has mostly moved over to C++.



I assume the assembler is due to the vast amount of opensource drivers out there, as you can't always get by with just C.



ASM has dropped, not grown.



C is not actually bare metal code



Daily reminder that Go is the highest paying programming language in the USA and Java is only good for retarded Indians that can copy paste.




It's actually Erlang.





I suspect that those value are skewed by sample bias caused by Google and Twitter using Go and Erlang. Or did Twitter move away from that?



It's probably some fintech companies skewing the salary range.



well if your not in fintech you probably hate money tbh


There is a stampede of people rushing to program in Java right now. Java takes some features of Lisp from 1960 (e.g., automatic storage allocation and garbage collection) and some features from SmallTalk circa 1975 (e.g., object classes) and combines them with C syntax so that the current crop of programming drones doesn't get too bad a shock when adapting to these 20 or 35 year-old "innovations".



And there never was rush for anyone to develop anything in Lisp. I can smell your frustration over fiber.


File: ca4c84a79c867e4⋯.png (46.69 KB, 571x618, 571:618, Javascript is Cancer.png)


>I am sad because JavaScript is almost a good language



Kinda abusing the statistics there, friend.

There are very few Golang jobs available, and those positions tend to be full-stack or senior engineer positions. There are many, many more mid-level and senior positions available for Java developers. Go is definitely a better language, don't get me wrong. But you still have better job prospects as a Java developer. Old Javafags who wants to learn a better language should be moving to Kotlin, but newbies should go straight to Go.

On the topic of Java/Kotlin, there's finally a better alternative to the Spring framework which doesn't use reflection under the hood. It's called Micronaut. Pretty stoked that the JVM continues to be relevant. Seriously, fuck JavaScript/Node.


java isnt leading jack shit, its in proprietary systems and programs running specific tasks, its not even in the top 20 of common use



There seems to be plenty of Golang jobs in my field and my area of the US, although my field of work is quite a new technology space. Sure, there's about 20x more jobs looking for Java devs but I'm completely sick of having to deal with Java now. The companies that use Go are giving me much better offers and demanding the same amount of experience.



Which fields are you in?



javascript is retarded Lisp

learn CLisp



You are on the wrong board.



>not monoPOOly

one job



>top 1000 applications and tools used to push mankind forward


You thought you could sneak that in there?






Codemonkey alert



>Java is still the best language, followed by JS and Python.

It doesn't say that anywhere in the article. Nice clickbait nigger.



blockchain tech



sad disgusting poor nocoiner detected



Daily reminder that Go added garbage collection as soon as CGo.appeared.



1st image (those pie chart captions) is a daily reminder where is open source today.



Awesome, what kind of stuff do you do? Is it like, contract work for people with DApp ideas or are you doing your own thing?




thank android


thank web and soydevs


just paying homage





it's probably that time when they had to rewrite their entire project due to some stupid bug


>tfw no kernel mode v8 node interpreter to write drivers on

Why live?



It's a new fintech company that uses smart contract stuff for transactions

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