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File: b6c3ba099070548⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, kde-plasma-blur.png)



Bretty good if you ask me. I'm a minimal autist but if I'm not using a wm I'm using Plasma.


The effect in all of its glory uses only about +8mb of memory usage



>Eyecancer inducing bloor

Great job KDE, that is entirely useless and ugly.



Screenshot is a beta version of it. It looks much better in the latest KDE Neon iso


Other improvements have been made towards performance and Wayland support. Overall an extremely strong release for KDE Plasma.


>Plasma Browser Integration is a suite of new features which make Firefox, Chrome and Chromium-based browsers work with your desktop. Downloads are now displayed in the Plasma notification popup just as when transferring files with Dolphin. The Media Controls Plasmoid can mute and skip videos and music playing from within the browser. You can send a link to your phone with KDE Connect. Browser tabs can be opened directly using KRunner via the Alt-Space keyboard shortcut.

This is neat.

>System Settings Redesigns

Looks like shit, VDG had its purpose prior 5.0 launch when new default theme was asked for, now they are gnomefying everything to hell. Just block those literal faggots from commiting anything already.

>Our login and lock screens have a fresh new design, displaying the wallpaper of the current Plasma release by default.

Was this even worth mentioning? Lock screen has new default picture, amazing bing wahoo!

>initial support for screencasts and desktop sharing.

Hell yeah.

>Redesigned Media Player Widget.

Overdue and I'm sure VDG fucked it up.

>Plasma gained the ability to fall back to software rendering if OpenGL drivers unexpectedly fail.

I hope this finally means I don't have to restart crashed plasma from tty.


It looks nice, and this is coming from a macfag.



I find it useless, tbh. I dislike the spacing, the docker menu which takes up space and makes switching windows harder. I dislike the amount of memory the whole DE takes and all the fancy animations/shadows it uses. That's why I use XFCE. The only advantage KDE has over xfce is wayland support.

But as long as it suits some people, I have no problem with another DE.



Global menu is nice. macOS itself is shite but the UI, once you move the dock to the left is the objectively best UI in terms of efficiency and lack of clutter


Please, fucking kill GNOME already.


Fuck, that reminds me of macos, I woundn't use it just because of that.

Is it still consuming 2GB of RAM?



So they finally achieved bling feature parity with Windows Vista?



Two things still putting me off

>loading times

It's hard to compete against mate 1.12, I guess.

>almost no classic themes

QTStep Classic kinda saves it, but it's the only one I found so there's not much to choose from. Gnome2/mate having plenty of classic themes makes it relatively easy to put together something palatable, Plasma or Gnome3 not so much.



>Using the worst distro


KDE actually uses a lot less RAM than GNOME or Cinnamon.



Some /g/ autist wrote it, I don't think people in the project care that much. It could look like w2k for all I care, all GUI theming development starting with XP was a mistake anyway.



Must check it.

Can I adjust it, so it looks like cinnamon?



debloated KDE would run under 480MB RAM with all the widget ricing. if you're using 4GB RAM. If you're using more than that they'll probably make use of the free space for cached resources so it's not really a problem if you have a LP RAM



Now process called cinnamon takes about 250 MiB of RAM out of 8GB, and YaCy server is taking the rest of it. Could KDE do better?




>higher screen resolution

>more graphics memory



what the fuck are you running? on slackware everything together uses 380


File: d54de00a20f26c7⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, s.png)



no meanies! >.<




Into the trash it all goes.



meanie! >‸<



>Can't run the greatest application ever


Into the trash it goes.



>Intel Graphics



Kill yourself queer.



>Intel Graphics

Anti intel is the ultimate hipsterism. When it comes to linux support, no one else comes close.



It's not a question of hipsterism. It is pro-kike or anti-kike. It's literally called INTEL for fucks sake!



>thinks twitter is linked to queers

>deduction from biased views

let me judge you too, fatty.



KDE on openSUSE takes up 500-600MB of 16GB RAM on a fresh install.






You can run Excel, but why would you run that proprietary shit on your computer, if there is libre office



It is hard for kernel alone to run Excel, you probably meant GNU/Linux

also nice bait


File: 3809ba8a205dba8⋯.png (7.49 KB, 350x400, 7:8, 3809ba8a205dba8c30796a592d….png)


Do you have a single fact to back that up?



>what is xfree 86 project

>thinking buying old or used junk == consumerism

>fallacious pro/anti dilemma "you need to choose sides or else"

even a 2008 intel processor with intel GMA can be configured to play 1080p without screen tearing.

I tried an amd business laptop with non-opensource ati drivers and it tears as fuck with just the DE.

it's rare to find AMD fx laptops that are made in 2012 when only samsung and acer made few before dropping contract with AMD.

also old AMD laptops with nvidia fucking unsolders its own gpu so nah.

are amd zen laptops that support vulkan a thing now?



What is WINE?? Or install Qubes OS, you nigger --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbN5Bz3v-uA&t=9m30s


Also, OpenSUSE has perhaps the best KDE experience!



not that anon but

>intel flawlessly runs with just the kernel. even better with specific free drivers

>amd or nvidie needs to choose between proprietary or free driver though the free implementation is not as good

the latest nvidia cards somewhere around 2016 probably comes second place (free driver).



>perhaps the best KDE experience!

Are you using LEAP or Tumbleweed?



I would say enjoy your botnet, but we know that you are a kike and you prefer Linux for your own systems.



>blur a window in the place where important text is

Jesus fuck KDEtards can't design anything. Who the fuck would use blur outside of title bars? Not only is it clearly impractical as seen by the hard to read text in the menu but it also wastes the GPU on something that doesn't even look that good.


>global menu

Now I have to give it a try. I just hope you can disable all this blurry glassy shit.



>There are no Jews involved at any of Intel's competitors.



How are the drivers for the GTX980? I have a machine I keep meaning to re-install the OS on anyway but I'm unsure how recent Nvidia cards are in Linux. I'd like to at least be able to play L4D2 with it.


I remember some autist either from here or /g/ developed blur for his WM and someone asked him if he could add it to KDE, given how little resources it used. Neat.


File: 3e5ea72d118453b⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018-06-13_21:00:10_1920x1….png)

I used to like KDE too but then I tried a window manager instead of a desktop environment and I was convinced to never use a DE again. You should do the same, OP. The performance is much better, and you don't lose any funcionality. There was no questioning it but once you try a WM you really learn how bloated a DE is.


Any nvidia gpu with nouveau will perform terribly, you're better off using AMD or Intel if you want free software drivers. Also nouveau's support for GPUs after kepler is terrible because with maxwell nvidia started obscuring their GPUs more (encrypted firmware) making free driver development harder. Nvidia also started implementing killswitches with kepler so that's another thing to mind.



What panel are you using?

I'm still desperately looking for a not-shit one to use with openbox.




What is this newfag doing here?





what a counterproductive waste of resources


Is that a global menu? I love this feature, it saves space in the windows and its easier to reach it with the mouse.





It actually makes shit readable over highly transparent backgrounds. Without that, a wrong underlying image can easily mix with window contents like a captcha image from hell.



Nobody said transparency wasn't also useless.


>blur effects is now consider new feature



> A tech preview of GTK global menu integration.

Fuck yes, I love the global menu and adding GTK support will make it even better.


Using transparency in the first place is the real problem. Although I have to admit that it does look fancy on a panel or a drop-down menu like in the OP pic. It's completely retarded to have a transparent terminal window or window borders.


I personally prefer it on the right, but whatever. having a dock at the bottom might have made sense on a 4:3 screen, but with modern widescreen monitors there is so much horizontal space that's better suited.


yay, freetards, instead of working on and following a strict HIG, cluelesly continuously copying UI elements / visual design trends from other platforms in a half-assed manner without understanding why they're there in the first place. almost feels like the DE exists only due to OpenSuse.

Qt probably has some excellent technical stuff under the hood but it's sad that interface design itself is a convoluted mess. it took them 3 major versions to even properly align some of the most noticeable UI elements.. quality.


I like the neon aesthetic, and used it for a long while when it came out, but I switched to i3-gaps with pywal and it looks amazing, more config but it's set and forget, or set once and maybe tweak over time into perfection.

Is neon as broken for everyone else or was I doing it wrong? The network manager doesn't remember settings and I got to config in config files, kwallet seems shit for remembering passwords, it forgets when using octopi for example, and if I want to set an avatar, updating can and often removes/resets it or prevents me from setting it back. There are other little things where it get's in the way with certain applications but it's minor compared to the networkmanager and kwallet being needed regularly and forgetting the password or not saving basic settings. I used a couple of different manjaro kde neon install isos.



they've made the system more usable without the compositor




can they add motion blur next?



>worrying about IME

>what is libreboot

thou needst to part back /le pol/


When will it finally roll out on Manjaro?



just switch to arch mang





How long before this lands in Kubuntu? Do I need to wait until 18.10 if I don't want to mess with PPAs or anything like that?



That looks gorgeous but the RAM usage is absolutely disgusting.



>KDE actually uses a lot less RAM than GNOME or Cinnamon.

Would love to see a source for that. Not that I don't buy it, I just want to see a detailed comparison.



Blurry =/= glassy

Of course you can disable it.


File: 1a232643e30d005⋯.jpg (69.65 KB, 909x1200, 303:400, door frosted glass.jpg)


>Blurry =/= glassy

It's replicating frosted glass, dipshit.


File: 202597c042a06d8⋯.png (585.37 KB, 957x714, 319:238, kde5.png)



>only 8MB

Is this sarcasm? No simple process or effect should use more memory than can be held in L1 cache.



Are you retarded? A single 1920x1080x24bpp frame is already 6MB.



Not a KDE user, but I find that pretty neat.



Cool, but how is that related?



It probably uses a buffer to store the filtered result.


This is bloat.

If you don't use GNU emacs + linux and write your own software you're just a brainlet.

Don't eat the shit that the man tells you too.



>this is bloat

>use GNU Emacs

M8, I use emacs, but you'll have a hard time finding something more bloated and slow.





The image buffer should remain on the GPU, and the CPU should just send rendering commands to GPU.

There is no reason for the image buffer to reach the CPU.



Are you? These effects are done in the frag shader.



Electron text editors





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