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File: ade5e480b5279fc⋯.png (147.08 KB, 838x838, 1:1, rules.png)

File: 980033e33b2ddba⋯.png (220.54 KB, 1866x978, 311:163, tone police.png)


Let's implement this here!

>No subtle put-downs or unfriendly language. Even if you don’t intend it, this can have a negative impact on others.

>Be kind and friendly. Avoid sarcasm and be careful with jokes — tone is hard to decipher online. If a situation makes it hard to be friendly, stop participating and move on.



File: ced0da1eb225488⋯.jpg (67.4 KB, 776x651, 776:651, 2b2ecf841f98674c7f82d7d190….jpg)


turbo gay


The world gets safer, people get softer, life gets easier and easier. It will all be gone soon enough.


File: 76f04b3b1bf2885⋯.jpg (96.88 KB, 409x409, 1:1, tired of this shit.jpg)


Nobody likes being spoken to in the tone of the red text, and there's nothing wrong with being courteous.

Here's the communication tone problem with imageboards. Halfchan was founded by a 15 year old and in those first few days of its existence his audience of fellow 15 year olds cemented what the norm of communicating on imageboards should be like. All newcomers had to conform to how established users spoke and that's why reading imageboard posts today feels like listening to 9th graders who can swear and insult all they want because their parents aren't home.

Imagine what imageboard culture might have been like today had halfchan been founded by a 36-year old.



Exactly. With shit like extreme hothouse climate change, superbugs being resistant to hand sanitizer. Civilization is heading for a total disaster, and for the good.



>I'm afraid you have been let go from SO due to unprofessional customer interaction

>but I don't even work here

*row row fight the powah* seize the means of upvotes. Pajeets of the world unite!


Meanwhile this girl thinks the issue is civility or ageism or some toxic privileged ideology. Excuse me miss but maybe you should educate yourself.



True, but I think it only becomes a problem when people take it literally. What is amusing is that the communities on image boards by their nature, are far more likely to attract higher IQ 'odd' people than say, reddit, and yet the Flesch–Kincaid level of our discourse is abysmal compared to SO and perhaps reddit (they have a lot of their own weird logo too).

You have to admit though, there is a certain directness you get on an image board, as opposed to coaching "retarded nigger" in gentle language.


you can leave anytime nigger



I think one of the worst things I've seen is the modern housing crisis in big cities. Even if the city steps in to build affordable housing, it will be snapped up by Chinese investors in a snap, who are willing to pay exorbitant prices, just to park their money somewhere.



>Nobody likes being spoken to in the tone of the red text

That's the entire point. They should not like it to the point of actually checking for duplicates and actually doing there own research first, so they don't get ragged on.



>just to park their money somewhere

That's the crux. Capitalism needs a roof otherwise the ultra rich run out of things to spend it on and instead turn even more dangerous than they already are.


File: d366d2e884b15bf⋯.jpg (169.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, use-this.jpg)


> Seriously? KYS you retarded nigger brainlet.

> Gas yourself you faggot kike!

> >>>/oven/ you retarded double cunt

> >>>/g/ newfag

> Perhaps if you didn't have nigger-tier reading comprehension

> Pajeet pls go

> Fuck the mods

The amount of cringe-inducing buzzwords in these images gives me a feeling that OP is 14 year old if not less. Consider going back to r/kekistan or whatever other hole your crawled from. And if you care about StackOverflow then you most likely shouldn’t even touch computers in the first place.



Has it occurred to you that we talk like 15 year-old teenagers here because teenagers that young have no filter? It's objectively a better, more efficient form of communication that has the added bonus of increasing individuality and ability to take one's own initiative. Basically, don't want to be called a fag around here? Then fucking step up your game and stop being such a soft, collectively dependent rabbit that would starve to death if your mom stopped bringing you chicken tenders in the basement.

I'd rather have a world where I'm called a faggot for being a dumb faggot than a world built out of utter shit because everybody has participation trophy mindsets and are utterly unable to even replicate the quality of products made 17 years ago. Fuck filters, minds need to be free.



Anon, if you don't see what OP was doing with those buzzwords, I'm afraid you might actually be a literal case of what some of those insults imply.



Ooooh, you won't like what 2018 and beyond has in store for you...nowadays it's all about putting censorship onto everything so that capitalism can run undisturbed to the sound of greed.



> I was merely pretending to be retarded!

Sure thing, bud.


>Imagine what imageboard culture might have been like today had halfchan been founded by a 36-year old boomer

polite sage for shitpost



That's not what he's implying, are you fucking stupid? Read, nigger.



The retard here is you. You do not understand context, and your replies betray an acute sense of idiocy.



Anon, your post is subtly offensive to the mentally handicapped. My constructive suggestion for improving your post and standing in this fine community we've built here is to fuck off and only come back after you've bleached your skin white.



<15 yr old fag posting

Die, conformist. You can write whatever shit you want. I'm 21 and I don't feel like I'm being enslaved by cuckchan.

Yeah, I imagine what the endchan would be like. Like shit full of situationists.


File: 1f688f67f9c6e28⋯.webm (128.52 KB, 354x264, 59:44, voice-of-an-angel.webm)


File: ae106ea8d2442e7⋯.png (56.88 KB, 736x380, 184:95, no.png)


>>muh codes of conduct

why does everyone make a fucking code of conduct

solution to this is great engagement with the community, so it naturally stays the kind of community you want, solution IS NOT TO BUILD WALL BETWEEN DEVS AND THE COMMUNITY


File: 587e177f474c26e⋯.png (33.16 KB, 455x190, 91:38, evidence.png)


File: b255fb6f4de6bc3⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 380x285, 4:3, b255fb6f4de6bc3324a14c24dd….gif)


>Oh no, I was wrong on the internet

>I know, I'll just call everybody a samefag!


SO is shit anyway so nothing of value is lost.



Living proof that CoCsuckers are braindead faggots that can't achieve anything so they have to resort to CoC bullying. You got the font wrong there. A /tech/fag wouldn't make that mistake.



>Nobody likes being spoken to in the tone of the red text

Maybe, but it sure beats the "friendly" (and condensing) version.

<>>>/g/ newfag

Teaches the user the valuable skill of fending off for himself in trivial cases, saving him several hours over his life.

<Sweety, this is called invariance and covariance :). If you AskJeeves it, you'll find find tutorials that can explain it much better than we can in an answer here :D.

Teaches the user to use pajeetoverflow as his jewgle proxy.

<Pajeet pls go

Short and to the point. Fix your english or find a forum for people who speak the same language you do.

<I'm having trouble understanding your question. I think you're asking how to add a swap after system installation. Is that correct?

That's gayer than a /tech/ convention and gives the retarded poster a reason to keep being retarded instead of improving by pretending the fault isn't on his part when it clearly is.

At the end of the day, the red version is actually nicer as it improves the life of the idiot, and the "friendly" version sounds nicer but aims to keep everyone as helpless babies.



>A tech information site won't let me shitpost like an uninformed asshat!

Boo fucking hoo.



This is just the beginning of the faggotry OP posted.



>keep everyone as helpless babies

Remember when you could punch people IRL for being retards? Lots of people out there nowadays that need a good beating.



You /g/ faggots are not welcome here. Go back to your hugbox, nigger.



>tee hee I'm so sensitive




> cringe-inducing buzzwords

First day here?



Is there a precedent which lead up to this?


I dont even post there anymore. Had no idea it went down the shitter



I'm not sure, it has always seemed very cordial to me. Perhaps the SO team had a rough night in the bath house, or an extra dose of soylent that morning.


The real problem with SO is that 90% of the threads get closed for some stupid reason



trolled those libtard gay soyboys epically dude!



Usually, because it's a duplicate thread. Of course, having existed for 10 years, a lot of things are going to be duplicate. And most of the site's users are pajeets that are too fucking dumb to look it up before they post a question. That's why one of the unfriendly/friendly things in OP's images deals with people calling out pajeets for being retards that can't use a simple search engine to find out if it's a duplicate or not.



Keep up the snark, maybe one day you'll make reddit mod!





File: c4cb273146087b9⋯.jpeg (56.92 KB, 743x550, 743:550, 931C78F8-2D52-4EA5-B83E-9….jpeg)


Yeah, fucking gay and unusable. Kys faggot.



>Ban sarcasm

>because you banned anything that made it possible to make it clear that what you said was actually sarcasm

Oh yeah, I'm sure this well-thought out police will work out great.

Fucking PajeetOverflow.



Don't ever post that picture anywhere ever again. Do you understand me?



Well, in the case of Stackoverflow I think it's appropriate to tell people to behave. Not every place needs to be /b/ incarnate freedom of screeching cesspit.


It's a Q&A site. Name one reason it shouldn't have a CoC.



People were actually calling each other niggers on Stackoverflow.



How about, "Don't break the law"? That's all the site needs.



I've got a reason, but it doesn't specifically adhere to Q&A sites: resources allocation. The moment you take a strong stance on anything related to social interactions, you have to hire moderators, reviews tons of "abuse" reports (let's not forget building the pipes for those reports to go through), waste time playing kindergarten cop for a bunch of "he did it FIRST" - "no YOU!", waste even more time playing PR to appease the constantly offended and their "micro-aggressions"... maybe those resources could have been better allocated in making the service more reliable.

A reputation system would be enough in most cases, but even then people don't play fair. People are asshole. Trying to force them not to be assholes is a lost battle - some will be rude for no reasons, other will be offended for no reason, and both are equally in their right to be so, and both will waste the resources you allocated to endlessly fight the problem.



So get rid of the assholes. Problem solved.



You might not remember, but there were time where retards weren't forcibly made capable of combining letters into words, and words into sentences so they stayed confined as stains on their small communities instead of shitting up things for everyone thanks to internet and (((public edication)))

good times.



subtle baiting is still baiting man, fuck you


File: a360da5ccc0e9c8⋯.png (61.29 KB, 642x146, 321:73, so.png)



Great. Every internet forum should police members is harshly that everyone has to lie to each other, delude themselves into thinking everything is great (ubless we tell you that it's wrong) and never take a firm stance on anything. You wouldn't want to be offensive now would you?


Companies are legally required to maintain a workplace free from "harassment". In practical terms, this requires employers to police the statements of employees, otherwise that can be considered grounds for a workplace discrimination lawsuit. So suggestions for things like "Codes of Conduct" and other bullshit are never countered with "Suck it up", because the counter-argument will easily be construed as enabling harassment.

By allowing workplaces to be an exception to the first amendment, we have created zones where people can only hear one side of the argument (for 7-10 hours a day, 4-5 days a week).

Point is, faggy shit like this should come as no surprise, and it won't stop until workers can once again call out co-workers on their stupid ideas.


File: fec09a95960bfd3⋯.webm (913.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wwwww.webm)

More like code of cuckoldry.









>Imagine what imageboard culture might have been like today had halfchan been founded by a 36-year old.




criminally underrated post



>why does everyone make a fucking code of conduct

because if you don't have one, SJWs will swarm you to either make you have one or ruin you if you refuse



<pic saved



>Not every place needs to be /b/ incarnate freedom of screeching cesspit.




...because it's not male?




lol but who cares, Stack Overflow is for retards



> and there's nothing wrong with being courteous.

Of course not. What people object to is making exact the level of courtesy something to argue or ban over. It's not as if there haven't been courteous boards in the history of chans, either.



Commiefag alert

In CY+2 Capitalism is the best option


File: 42b87cdafb1d14c⋯.png (181.97 KB, 342x342, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



Code of Conducts are pointless because like all leftist regimes that have failed catastrophically they only apply the rules to people they don't like inconsistently. The real intent behind all this shit would be really easy to write down.

"We will ban you for whatever reason we want or for no reason at all and don't expect us to ban others for what we banned you for suck out dicks"



Unbridled capitalism is always going to lead to a disaster that ultimately results in peasant revolts or catastrophic resets. Regulation is necessary.



no, when someone is a faggot, he is told that he is a faggot. this happens everywhere and in every culture. the only reason you don't see it on any moderated forum is because they ban you for it, and thus they have slightly higher amounts of retarded faggots as posters



>If a situation makes it hard to be friendly, stop participating and move on.

< Unless the participant is a woman, of course, then you are sexist for trying to answer a woman's question, sexist for giving up on her for being an idiot, and/or sexist for not trying to answer her question.


File: ec19a1e4f046f52⋯.png (936.48 KB, 1797x1998, 599:666, mansplained.png)



I'm not a "let the free market rule" type of person (even though I see where they're coming from), but the only thing better than capitalism is if we get robots and AI to do everything for us and work becomes optional for our society. Every other way some form of capitalism is the most viable option. Regulation is a logical result of capitalism because people will simply stop supporting things that go against them. But I do see a serious issue with monopolies and the like, so I guess you can't get by without SOME kind of regulation sadly.


File: 964bb3772ae4335⋯.webm (1.52 MB, 640x360, 16:9, criticism.webm)


>you might be in a bind without power

Which is why you get a battery.

>I don't need this mansplaned

What a joke. Just because a man explained something that makes it now invalid.



I agree; but it's pathetic that these monopolies have carte blanche, simply because our regulations are antiquated.



fucking this, it's funny the first few times maybe, but getting called a retarded nigger repeatedly should annoy people into doing their own research instead of sitting and waiting for someone to hand it to them on a silver platter.



>waste time playing kindergarten cop for a bunch of "he did it FIRST" - "no YOU!"

Where does this cancerous idea come from that it doesn't matter who did something first? This is why self-defense is de facto illegal in many places.



>Nobody likes being spoken to in the tone of the red text

I like being treated like a submissive little bitch so fuck you



>He thinks 'climate change' is real

>Muh jewish 'superbug' 'news'

>He thinks 'hand sanitizer' is anything more than carcinogenic perfumes

You're a fucking moron.



This is how gay SO is: In some hashing circlejerk thread I posted some comment saying something like "SO posters like to be pedantic about password hashing because they think it makes them look smart". It was a reply to someone questioning password hashing with 10 billion rounds of sha256 or something. I got a warning email for being Toxic (TM). Funnily enough, I already got into all your shit websites 10 years ago despite your autistic passweord hashing schemes.

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