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File: fb57f4df59b6215⋯.png (497.66 KB, 2383x2703, 2383:2703, 20170826_tysontan_libbie_0….png)



File: aa36b736f5b08a8⋯.png (38.31 KB, 749x262, 749:262, 9825253e-1765-4d47-8eb8-1b….png)


File: 18d29d9fdd20af2⋯.gif (569.16 KB, 827x926, 827:926, 18d29d9fdd20af225d1035a701….gif)


>a mascot imposed by a small group of people

Gee, I wonder who they mean.



The poo in the loo plagiarism owl, presumably, would have had exactly the kind of diverse appeal they were looking for - too bad those wretched Gamergaters shut that down :^)



Let's not forget, there WAS a prize for winning. And giving it to the poo would have been good PR in the eyes of LO.


File: 720e8d3b6508aa0⋯.png (850.87 KB, 1785x2244, 35:44, 720e8d3b6508aa0852ad830680….png)


You sure we can take credit for that? I thought it was mostly Tyson's Twitter followers?


File: d5eaeb5f9bf81ce⋯.png (568.74 KB, 1142x700, 571:350, freedom_planet_2_girls_by_….png)

Shitty of them to hold a grudge. On the brightside, Tyson has said he plans to bring Libbs back for his stuff AND she and Kiki are getting cameos in Freedom Planet 2.


File: 40461d78bf15515⋯.jpg (55.87 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 1507766872842.jpg)

Anyone have a link to the archive?





File: f5b0d9aec1cb817⋯.jpg (102.95 KB, 1159x605, 1159:605, f5b0d9aec1cb817a108a7ed421….jpg)


Asshurt is what he is. We tore his team a new asshole when they opened their Booru.



I swear to god that reply has been posted before. Did they make a stock copypasta just for Libbie questions?



I recall the bit >>953886 quoted being used.


File: 7428ddea38254a8⋯.png (408.46 KB, 1584x1786, 792:893, topfoss.png)


File: 88a3ce724bfa0e9⋯.png (3.52 MB, 2723x3133, 2723:3133, 88a3ce724bfa0e9ee5ca1b39d8….png)


Gracias, anon~


File: f99861ffa1da54c⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1240x1754, 620:877, f99861ffa1da54c7de713250ab….png)


This seems to be the halfchan archive. There's some stuff here we're missing in ours. I'll combine them later.


File: d0ab30948ac1c98⋯.jpg (299.85 KB, 1280x974, 640:487, 7ddLGeh.jpg)


One thing I can't seem to find anymore is the original "gayest, most pointless comspiracy" post. The one with Kaiju huddled around a computer.



nobody likes you and the art is ugly


File: c3327132dacc73d⋯.png (173.2 KB, 642x978, 107:163, 293df65aaf66f7ada3f71c2a9c….png)


Should be pic related.


It's the largest archive I had that was mostly just libbie focused. I have another one that's more meme and screenshot related.



Didn't mean to sage


File: 81cafcba2f208fa⋯.png (3.93 MB, 2024x3522, 1012:1761, 81cafcba2f208fa930301ce312….png)


Nice to see you're still around, metafag~


File: d1230e62e6effed⋯.png (74.24 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 037ff1635dc7e3f3a988e20e82….png)

I hesitate to ask, but what did Dolus post?



File: 731024625372635⋯.png (164.28 KB, 1492x977, 1492:977, 731024625372635fbc6602e785….png)



Jesus... The anniversary is just a few months away!



Not really. The people who would have sperged over having a cute mascot are the type who are using MS Office anyway.



>If it's not imposed by our small group of people, it doesn't represent everyone.



I personally don't think Libbie would have won, but lets not forget how obviously rigged that shit was.


File: 43fc65db4dca993⋯.jpg (48.69 KB, 400x373, 400:373, c14b1b25866244bf756a0825fd….jpg)

File: 161a324a8586075⋯.png (6.27 KB, 400x373, 400:373, 161a324a8586075c0eb86facb0….png)




If they didn't want a lewd mascot, you'd think they would pick the otter.



> I personally don't think Libbie would have won

Libbie was hands-down the best candidate, it was a complete non-contest. She had actual research and effort put into her, provided a set of variations for every application. I mean, what was the alternative? Yet another owl, penguin or hummingbird? Even without us she would have won.



That tail looks like a penis, cismale shitlord.



It is a penis.



Why does everything need to be a fucking circle?



Because the circle is the ultimate shape. It encompasses the most space with the least perimeter. Therefore it is efficient. All points are the same distance from the center. Therefore, it is egalitarian. It is the manifestation of the constant pi. We should all try to be more like the circle.



>Therefore it is efficient use of material.

Circles aren't an efficient use of space.



Daily reminder that they very easily could have sidestepped the faux public vote and left it up to an internal poll to choose one of the hundreds of technicolor hummingbirds and/or owls they received to be the mascot.

Daily reminder that this was a complete waste of time for everyone involved and only demonstrated the LibreOffice team's disregard for their community's choices.



Not me. I have no problem with Libbie and think she's a qt3.14. I just don't like diaperfur-tier anons because they make the rest of us look bad.


I like the idea of Libbie more than her design. I understand the triangle-heavy reasoning but she always looked so overcomplicated and ugly. To be honest the community has done a better job with Libbie than the creator, and I suppose that's a glowing commendation for open source.


It was a lazy Krita squirrel ripoff anyway.


File: 9beef01f7056e98⋯.png (277.24 KB, 898x775, 898:775, denial.png)


File: 986017dfaaed3bc⋯.png (176.08 KB, 953x934, 953:934, 53c13fca81af4a896a2c8ce589….png)


>made by a bisexual? chinese guy

>borderline furry

>all the other mascots where likely made by hyphen-americans

>not diverse and inclusive by their standards

I can't help but laugh at their hypocrisy.


You did see the other candidates right? Other than the anime girl one, most of them were horrendously awful.



Sexualisation of anthropomorphic animals is fine with me. That doesn't make me a furry. I'd rather die than join a discord.



>Sexualisation of anthropomorphic animals is fine with me.

>That doesn't make me a furry.

I wouldn't be so sure about that. Anyway, what's Discord got to do with this?



You've never met a furry.



I actually have. And he was a dragonfag as well- the backgrounds on each and everyone of his devices was some semi-lewd gay dragon shit. And this was in a computer class as well.



>in a computer class

Which kind of computer class?



One about computer networking/server-ish stuff. Not sure if that fits the stereotype more or less.



More likely Joogle Docs over their gayPad.



You reek of newfag, you know that? Stop trying to fit in so hard.


File: f3ea8243044a792⋯.jpg (79.59 KB, 900x556, 225:139, Oswald.the.Lucky.Rabbit.fu….jpg)


You realize Tyson Made kiki too, right? This is like complaining Oswald the Lucky Rabbit looks too much like Mickey Mouse.



Wasn't Oswald designed by U.B. Iwerks while Mickey was designed by Walt himself?


File: 30a50e9e4290c1d⋯.jpeg (149.46 KB, 1448x2048, 181:256, DjnILWvXoAEM9Ng.jpg:large.jpeg)

File: 3ba062825fcffaf⋯.jpg (116.05 KB, 840x630, 4:3, The-Sword-in-the-Stone-the….jpg)


The LO/Libbie threads actually gave tech a little bit of life for a couple months. And 3/4 of the OC they generated isn't even lewd. And of the ones that are, I do not recall a single diaper...

Basically, like Kiki, Libbie doesn't really appeal to western furfags because her design is too cute and clean. They prefer shit to look like it came from a fucking Don Bluth cartoon.



Oswald was a colab, but Walt gave the final ok.



Everybody likes to talk about when Mickey goes into the public domain (won't matter much because Disney has trademarks all over him), but what about Oswald.



Didn't Disney lose the rights to Oswald for 80-something years? I remember them making a big deal about it when Epic Mickey released.



IIRC Walt drew the original sketch of Mickey and Iwerks just polished it up and made it into his own style. Whereas Oswald was made entirely by Iwerks. Hence why they both look so similar. It was Iwerks signature style that people often misattribute to Walt himself. You can see Walts style poke through more going into the later 1930s Disney movies and to a lesser extent in his earliest work which he did for Laugh-O-Gram Studio before moving to LA in the early 1920s


The Disney Company owns all rights to Oswald now so probably never


Oswald entered into Universal Studios hands after Iweks left Disney in the 1930s and the Disney Company eventually bought it back from them


File: 0f9af4869c12109⋯.jpg (130.43 KB, 725x976, 725:976, image007.jpg)


THey bought the rights back. For a long time, Oswald belonged to the studio that made Woodie Woodpecker.


File: bc977f6953341e5⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 1987x3056, 1987:3056, 6a9fdecagy1foi10dgbhqj21j7….jpg)

File: 21f7e78278aa40e⋯.jpg (268.11 KB, 600x900, 2:3, Dejah201601CovBAnacletoNOT….jpg)


Disney has said since there are some things that would be coming into the public domain soon under the current law, they had no plans to lobby for another extension. They also know they can keep Micky tied up with trademarks, so there isn't really much of a need.

All Steamboat going into the public domain will effectively mean is that you will be able to share copies of that one Micky cartoon. Try to make anything original out of it, and they'll do to you what the Edgar Rice Borroughs estate did to Dynamite Comics over Deja Thoris.



since there are things they'd like to use (for free) coming into the public domain*


File: 0a6a31888826dbd⋯.png (20.2 KB, 1116x148, 279:37, 72b75bca-0fa6-4f07-8836-d6….png)

They started to turtle up on the topic not long after the question was asked:


File: f0995b4978ccb4f⋯.png (215.93 KB, 1068x809, 1068:809, f0995b4978ccb4f528fba2e196….png)


D-did he just ADMIT that the votes never mattered!?



There used to be a ton of furries in networking, the "make the internets go" was pretty accurate. But they've been replaced by turkroaches and their pajeet assistants.


File: d8a32dc918a4646⋯.png (105.92 KB, 817x314, 817:314, furjeet.PNG)


I was going to say that India probably has their fair share of furfags given the billion+ population, but it looks like that may just be a westerner/east asia thing. Unless the furjeets have their own site for that of course.

But yeah, those H1B! visas brought in a lot of Turks and Indians it seems. Wonder how long it'll take for the third world to start lusting after cartoon animals?



When they stop being able to fuck real ones, I imagine.



Because circles are vogue for computer icons. The clearly delineated shape makes them look "neater" I guess. It's a fad, basically.



They don't need to list themselves as furries, they just practice Hindu pooloo magic


File: 90fc87f34faad3b⋯.jpg (85.33 KB, 600x723, 200:241, Lord-Ganesha-Main.jpg)

File: c8cb67909f6490d⋯.jpg (89.58 KB, 411x599, 411:599, 412px-NarayanaTirumala15.JPG)

File: b22c47d3cc5e971⋯.jpg (345.97 KB, 626x1000, 313:500, b6b4a8e23b4dca6bcf5b8f3370….jpg)


It's like half the Hindu Dieties are Human chimeras of some kind. India can claim to be the first furfags.



Monster girls != furry

Haven't you even been on 4/d/?



snout = furry



>they had no plans to lobby for another extension

I head mixed signals


> Jan 8, 2018

>"We are not aware of any such efforts, and it's not something we are pursuing," an RIAA spokesman told us when we asked about legislation to retroactively extend copyright terms.



>this new bill purports to create a new digital performance right—basically the right to control copies of recordings on any digital platform for musical recordings made before 1972. These recordings would now have a new right, protected until 2067, which, for some, means a total term of protection of 144 years.

It seemed to be only about music, but no limitation to that, it feels like having another "allied" group asking for some extension so that Disney have its hands clean.


File: 7f18fedc8713984⋯.gif (231.37 KB, 671x1000, 671:1000, sicbd2.gif)

File: b2c28ab8dcdf5b5⋯.gif (229.19 KB, 660x1000, 33:50, sicbd3.gif)

File: f1d57b08870df51⋯.gif (229.25 KB, 650x1000, 13:20, sicbd4.gif)


You're hung up on that post-1997 Furries-defined-by-Gay-Men-In-Fursuits definition. Before then, they were all about "animal heads", and Hindu characters made regular mentions in the likes of Rowrbrazzle.


File: 2ef20f266b5c68a⋯.png (138.9 KB, 1036x1061, 1036:1061, Untitled-1.png)


File: 48edb708d80844a⋯.jpg (298.99 KB, 962x611, 74:47, Ea_(Babilonian)_-_EnKi_(Su….jpg)

File: 2fd13bf15939247⋯.jpg (74.36 KB, 800x532, 200:133, 800px-Great_Sphinx_of_Giza….jpg)

File: 847107a8eb677d0⋯.jpg (133.59 KB, 700x660, 35:33, Achilleus_Lyra.jpg)


A lot of early religions are filled with animal-human hybrids, I guess Hinduism was one of the ones lucky enough to survive to the modern day


10/10, I think the LO team found their new mascot.


File: 48efeffe57a6c47⋯.jpg (57.99 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, DkVs2NYVsAAWXoU.jpg)

File: 0d329537395c318⋯.jpg (59.71 KB, 1200x454, 600:227, DkVs2yhVAAAxNzT.jpg)

File: e633fe54dc69b98⋯.jpg (103.74 KB, 1200x987, 400:329, DkVs4QSU4AApZ6e.jpg)


Funny you should mention that...



Not directly, but the implication is there.



Isn't the main character of that series a slave owning confederate officer?



They were pretty yiffy way before that. There was a huge amount of very modern furshit of Tiny Toons by 1992. But it was straight and free of Judaism (no scat). Then it started to go all Doug Winger by '94. And shortly thereafter it was pozzed.


File: e1ddcbc90a66597⋯.jpg (16.23 KB, 188x300, 47:75, memeaway.jpg)


The first 'adult' Anthro publication was Omaha The Cat Dancer, and it has heaps of Jews and had a Leftist slant (the Reagan era..) You're infected with a meme. Drink this.



>borderline furry

Too late, he successfully infected /tech/ with furry, there is nothing borderline about that.

plus all those threads full of Kikki and Libbie art on this very board

That chink was subtle, most of the time.

This fucking thread, holy fucking shit its like being in /fur/.




You must be new here. This place has been pro-cute and marketable mascot since at least 2015.



Being pro-mascot does not equal going full furry, m8. I remember when Kikki was still pure around these places.



That shit was niche, probably only circulating in the gay nightclub you went to. Furry on the internet was pretty straight until about '94. Demoscene artists started drawing it around '92, I was there for this and watched it spread.


File: 30a50e9e4290c1d⋯.jpg (149.46 KB, 1448x2048, 181:256, DjnILWvXoAEM9Ng.jpg large.jpg)


Kiki IS still pure.


File: c50ecf7ecfb3183⋯.jpg (70.35 KB, 600x800, 3:4, ceae1b5450f134095f6c5d0ce8….jpg)


Thanks anon, my sides ascended to Heaven and the Catholic church has granted them sainthood.


I think Libbie should have a transformation kind of power like turning black (libbie math) or red (impress)

still waiting for the lewd Libbie X Kiki romcom-sitcom


File: e54b550b8d2095d⋯.png (2.18 MB, 3508x4960, 877:1240, e54b550b8d2095d5562a902a42….png)


I prefer this idea:



Thank god. There are way too many disgusting furry mascots in tech.



Damn straight, chum! Let's have 'em churn out more generic anime moeblobs which you can't even tell apart without using a magnifying glass!


Who gives a shit what the normalfags think she's a cute mascot don't let fur fag degenates ruin her


>mascot needs to be "muh global community"

What the fuck does an Anthropomorphic Oryx even represent? I mean the furry community aren't even into it and they don't even like Kiki, Libbie or even catgirls at all. They want the SNOUT and the YIFF (dunno what it means).

Libbe did nothing wrong!

(at least we got libbie fanarts and lewds)


is it a sin if I hate Libbie's hair?

I mean, every time I draw her is a pain in the ass to deal with it.



It's good enough that you are producing content. God bless.


The only people using LibreOffice are people who voted for libbie or EU government employees that are forced to use it by law. The mascot wasn't going to chase off suits because they already think it's a joke and use office365.



My siblings use it because fuck wasting money on an (((Office 365))) subscription.



It's an art skill of it's own to have a sameface across snakes and goats.


File: 55a39dfee8be83b⋯.png (263.78 KB, 732x1019, 732:1019, sai_2018-08-13_18-41-17.png)


thanks. but I feel pretty rusty.

also Am I the only one that everytime that read LO thinks in the magazine instead of LibreOffice?


It's fucking expensive imho. how do they get away with this kind of scam.



Thanks anon, new Libbie fanart is always appreciated. Hopefully I can contribute some Libbie vidya soonish.

>how do they get away with this kind of scam?

Borderline monopolies and normalfags not knowing any alternatives besides Google Docs.



>The anniversary is just a few months away!

Fuck Yeah!

Finally might draw some Libbie prn again...



>Don Bluth

>shittiest animator ever

>posts image by Frank&Ollie, top of the Nine Old Men, greatest animators ever




Not to mention a horrible sense of composition, anatomy and a toddler's comprehension of depth.



>all these disabilities

>still makes good mascots

What a chad.



I'm not talking about Tyson, I'm talking about the mentally challenged toddler with the shitty, gratuitous line art because he can't contour for shit. But, for the record, Tyson's illustration itself was rough, not because of his technical inability so much as he doesn't know how to vector.


File: 400b4abb42878a2⋯.jpg (29.14 KB, 480x960, 1:2, Jill_prunyuu~.jpg)


>Am I the only one that everytime that read LO thinks in the magazine instead of LibreOffice?

Not around here, no. And you could try drawing her with short hair. Y'know the cute kind:



Coudln't find any Squirrels by Don. And congrats on having the same opinion as Calarts and Tumblr.


File: 690d5b820def762⋯.jpg (58.42 KB, 1000x540, 50:27, 690d5b820def762085d0a1298a….jpg)


There are more people using LO than you'd think. It's not an amazing office suite, but it's serviceable. But you're right that the actual suits calling the shots don't give a flying fuck about a cute goat mascot.



Saw your GOG chan stuff recently. Shame they didn't keep her around.


File: 0c3ff913da66495⋯.png (558.39 KB, 1638x1701, 26:27, 0c3ff913da66495500a356f0f6….png)


Long hair can be a pain in general, and Libbie's being tri-colored doesn't make it any easier, but practice makes the work less of a chore.


File: 8fe0b511aea2754⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 4.31 MB, 3200x1800, 16:9, Konachan.com - 222912 aqua….png)

File: 1470dc842016a62⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, BDay-Text.png)


Sameface is pretty much a universal problem when you are dealing with a distinctive style. I mean, just look at lewd artists like Wanaca and Mantis.


File: 9ed00d83769587a⋯.png (136.29 KB, 649x831, 649:831, 0db88f0881c19b3181da7d2390….png)

File: dab62cfb7a14713⋯.png (388.26 KB, 942x1200, 157:200, dab62cfb7a14713606333eb2f1….png)


The main problem I have with Libbs is how much snout to give her. Personally, I like the mage variant's ratio. It's not quite a snout, but a bit more than a button.


There's only a couple spare frames left in the /bane/ animation thread, figured you fags might be interested.




Read Loomis or go back to drawing brap fetish porn on DA and stop shitting up this board, you incompetent fuck.



>this salty about Libbie fanart




You can make the male version of libbie with short hair and shades. (its on the tyson zip file)



remember when mantis just wanted to make cute chen videos. Kind of hurts


File: 0f98778cbda8d5d⋯.png (429.8 KB, 942x1200, 157:200, dab62cfb7a14713606333eb2f1….png)


It's barely even fanart. Those are based on a a version of Libbie Tyson drew.


File: 51962b0f1f62201⋯.png (545.8 KB, 1000x1293, 1000:1293, thumb-992285-1000x1293-b96….png)


Libbie is part of this place's memetic makeup now, and there's nothing you can do about it~


is it hard to mod the splash screens and include Libbie into it even if we end up creating our own fork of LibreOffice?

I work for a consultancy office and in chrge of upgrading machines to LO.

Mostly privacy and security concerns for a future all Linux armada.

I might end up drawing a PeopleSoft mascot in this style too. I know Tyson he's a cool guy


File: 8c84374031b677d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 104.25 KB, 839x504, 839:504, cs.png)


LibbieOffice already exists. Just don't look into the source code.



Was that written by a woman?



libbie herself



That whole repo is pure yanderedev.

wget "$GH_REPOSITORY/raw/master/libreoffice-base.png" -q;printf "1/7.. \r"
wget "$GH_REPOSITORY/raw/master/libreoffice-calc.png" -q;printf "2/7...\r"
wget "$GH_REPOSITORY/raw/master/libreoffice-draw.png" -q;printf "3/7. \r"
wget "$GH_REPOSITORY/raw/master/libreoffice-impress.png" -q;printf "4/7.. \r"
wget "$GH_REPOSITORY/raw/master/libreoffice-math.png" -q;printf "5/7...\r"
wget "$GH_REPOSITORY/raw/master/libreoffice-writer.png" -q;printf "6/7. \r"
wget "$GH_REPOSITORY/raw/master/libreoffice-misc.png" -q;printf "7/7 (DONE)\n"


File: 33e7da297893dd6⋯.png (13.46 KB, 200x400, 1:2, 0b05873394d9ac4a066c673eee….png)


You'll never know now since GNU/Smug running on GNU Social is no longer there. gs.smuglo.li redirects to Pleroma now and all former links are broken.

Knowing Dolus, it was probably traps or some other degenerate stuff.



That's Twitter. I don't even think Tyson is on the fediverse, Roka.



It's still impressive he does all of this in Blender though.


File: 01dde90630c1884⋯.png (202.01 KB, 602x935, 602:935, sai_2018-08-15_01-51-24.png)

I put a watch.



Libbs would be a freetard, so it makes since she wouldn't carry around a smart phone.


File: c2b043cbf95b72d⋯.png (208.04 KB, 936x849, 312:283, ClipboardImage.png)



Kiki is such a prude (holy shit, are we getting OC again!?).


File: 85863eb75703380⋯.jpg (52.54 KB, 500x350, 10:7, .jpg)


>that head



sheeeeit it didn't register with me that i was doing dreds. i'll finish coloring it tomorrow



cornrows* whatever it's called



can we get libby into super tux kart all sneaky peeky like?



While you might be actively spied on forever, I can sit smugly with the knowledge that I can go anywhere I want without a chattel-beacon and still do everything you can.



I didn't say it was a bad thing.



Looking forward to it!



You could always upload her to the official addons site: http://addons.supertuxkart.net/


File: 7adc7219dc60c2c⋯.png (324.36 KB, 703x960, 703:960, LIBBIE DED.png)


>throw up a "where is Libbie" comment on the blog every once in a while when I'm bored at work

>usually scrubbed the next day

Time to step it up


What if we just used Libbie whenever Libreoffice was mentioned until media pick up on it and they HAVE to accept it






imo the less Libbie is involved with LO is the better.

I want her I any another project that really appreciate her.

I'll be more than happy to contribute art if it was required. but I don't like my way to draw furros. so I'll pass.





>vidya games

>shitposting about IBM laptops and Intel vulnerabilities

>he's a 16 year old from /tech/ aka right here or /g/

>he's probably reading this

Hate to break it to you but >>955704 is an example of shit code.




If you mean libbie (male) (polack) then you're right.



no, it was just a joke. since libbie is in the picture.

and also that in my head cannon she's not a coder so it's fine.



Seems like something that would be more fitting for the anniversary. We also need someone to gather up all the memes from the happening since the archive was only for Libbie art and not the other mascots.


File: 98efd4bae758032⋯.png (24.18 KB, 1283x187, 1283:187, Screenshot_20180816_183437.png)

>Awful image

You weren't kidding about them being salty.


File: fc95fe1147424c7⋯.png (253.63 KB, 1338x1703, 1338:1703, 2018-08-16T11_13_19.png)


What a fucking idiot. It's like he's trying to get people to hate him.



Considering they wanted an owl to be the mascot via (((vote))) its not farfetched to say the libreoffice team has either been blackmailed by kikes or is full of kikes controlling it. The whole libbie thing checks out for kikery and salty foiled plans at the least.



Yeah, that rubbed me extremely wrong. I wouldn't mind if he called US awful, but he said it about an entry to the competition. Tyson put a lot of work into it and saying it's awful is really low.



things like this makes me want libreoffice to die.

or just take out that guy from that position.

I do not use libreoffice for several reasons related to it's performance and my needs

But I'm still worried about it and this dictatorship like way to deal with problems in opensource

software is nonsense to me.

same shit with Firefox. a lot of their new changes a completely bad.

and I'm not talking about the Xul drama.


how do I use libbie office on wintendo?


File: e55a6e7f9f8f90f⋯.jpg (107.31 KB, 970x582, 5:3, 52805fe1ef8d11ae45e4b74d4d….jpg)


>Circles aren't an efficient use of space.

It is if you don't try to stack them! Also they easily roll.

Well, okay.. how about the low resolution circle then? The hexagon! You can't possible have anything bad to say about hexagons. They are recommended by millions of bees (the rest hate them, but they are drones without a say in architecture). They are not as strong, but they stack better.


File: ec461f06d24d89c⋯.jpg (216.99 KB, 1303x864, 1303:864, ec461f06d24d89c66dfd67002b….jpg)


Here we go again!


File: 295eb11ce4b8e5a⋯.png (410.92 KB, 1560x1866, 260:311, 4b48ebe68af8db5fbdf62a365c….png)


And he is fully aware of how depressed Tyson was when Libbie got rejected. And he says shit like THAT now!? Fuck this guy.


File: 277cbab5e1e707d⋯.png (53.5 KB, 1904x264, 238:33, 0eaccb1a-7772-406c-add4-71….png)

File: 37d1f3c9b07638c⋯.jpg (268.1 KB, 1780x2048, 445:512, DOx6CoyWAAAUclL.jpg)




File: aa6f2839b3dd1de⋯.png (605.22 KB, 660x1200, 11:20, DPDMO5yXkAAgObD.png)


To be totally fair, the LO devs had next to nothing to do with the contest or this faggot. This is a (((PR))) guy, and it shows.



>I do not use libreoffice for several reasons related to it's performance and my needs

What do you use?

Tell us. Spreadsheet, word processor etc.


File: dc598d31254f4a0⋯.png (344.46 KB, 770x968, 35:44, abiword_3_figure_a_interfa….png)

File: 7b3a79c26ca8d87⋯.png (116.3 KB, 1920x928, 60:29, Gnumeric_1.12.9.png)


Abiword and Gnumeric.



fucking ms office 2010 because:

- yarr doesn't need activation.

- because some weird compatibility shit on the web platform I work

- spell checker works in another language that's not english. unlike alternatives.

- ms publisher is needed and OO draw can't even compete and has a lot of bugs

and performance issues.


File: 78b0643f05e79af⋯.png (569.25 KB, 2193x2795, 51:65, 20170826_tysontan_libbie_0….png)


>talking shit about best libb



sorry I tried tried several times to but she just fails.

I'll wait to see her in the future.

the last time the most annoying bug (in 3 different machines. 2w 1L)

was to have it crashing every time you "copy text from OO writer and then paste it in OO Draw." Wtf!


File: 34c61675b6627e5⋯.png (486.79 KB, 2328x3078, 388:513, 20170826_tysontan_libbie_0….png)


This is basically a guy who took a memetic beating asking for more.


File: bc10a675988507a⋯.png (213.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2018-08-16….png)

If all you need is a word processor, Abiword isn't bad. Though personally, I prefer Wordgrinder.



There's openoffice too.



God, the romantic things I want to do to and with Libbie and Kiki.


File: bfd4fc3f4feef54⋯.png (218.39 KB, 800x940, 40:47, awfulimage.png)

File: fb892406134c43b⋯.png (231 KB, 631x502, 631:502, italo_template.png)



When's the anniversary



This literally makes me want to tear The Document Foundation to shreds



We should give it to him, he must have an email



Depends. Should it be when the contest started (October) or when Libbie got punished (November)?



Contest is sooner and I'm hungry


File: 5cb1179293f2a94⋯.png (272.48 KB, 900x855, 20:19, scrooge_mcduck_by_captainj….png)


Not to mention the furry artfag community. I had no fucking idea how Jewish they were before Tyson sent us this.

>your free mascots devalue our art

>stop using creative commons, it devalues our IP

Fucking fur kikes.



I mean, nothing stopping us from having a little fun. Maybe make some new OC just for him.


File: 3b61e801a7fcbd0⋯.png (343.29 KB, 1749x1656, 583:552, 3b61e801a7fcbd0b812e5c7679….png)


Kiki is not for lewd. Libbie isn't for lewd except occasionally. MAFF is for lewd always.



Can somebody gimp the hair highlights to white? It's always bugged me that it doesn't match Tyson's Maff.



>romance implies lewding

Now now, I wouldnt dream of lewding Kiki. Maybe best oryx and MAFF, while holding hands and looking deep into each others eyes



>devalues our IP


What fucking IP? You mean the OC from some Sonic shit that never belonged to you?


File: bda14d9110ec7ef⋯.jpg (26.42 KB, 290x200, 29:20, Ken-Penders.jpg)


Hey, you won't be laughing when The Lara-Su Chronicles is a successful franchise.


File: 9ff3e45d9fab360⋯.jpg (31.26 KB, 560x432, 35:27, oh wow.jpe.jpg)

>rebbit link

<libbie didn't make it past the first round

<libbie only got to the finals because people we don't like voted for her

<libbie is literally stolen clipart

<you're just salty virgins

Time to uninstall libreoffice.


File: 9231eb73b43b48e⋯.jpg (30 KB, 480x480, 1:1, f9c3c00f5f37d34d8aa7ea712c….jpg)


Sounds like two birds one stone tbh



Faggot isn't even hiding his contempt for us. That "contest" was supposed to be a PR stunt, and we ruined it.



The ones complaining about IP would have to be the ones that are a tier or two above Sonic cloners.



I actually hope Tyson doesn't catch wind of this. The dude held himself back from dissing LO multiple times.


File: 90d3a79af441e87⋯.jpg (70.2 KB, 661x890, 661:890, 42skefbv1jqy.jpg)

This kind of shit is just begging for trouble. All the dumbass had to do was ignore the question.


Why can't I just build a Libreoffice branch that uses Tyson's (and David Revoy's to a lesser extent )artwork and follow upstream?


File: 8a71c70bef07961⋯.png (478.41 KB, 612x788, 153:197, 8a71c70bef07961ea9d7705196….png)


Not worth it in the long run. What WOULD be good is to round up a few draw fags to make some OC related to this PR faggot spergging out over a cute and marketable oryx.






File: 292e5506a709796⋯.jpg (103.09 KB, 1159x605, 1159:605, deliziosa cioccolata.jpg)

Ciao ragazzi, mandami qualche simpatico libbies e qualcosa anche su quello marrone, l'ho amata

italo AT vignoli DOT org


What accent do you fags think suits Libbie the best?



I hope she doesn't speak english to begin with,






File: 090e59035cee3e4⋯.png (87.08 KB, 609x539, 87:77, smug.png)


>italo AT vignoli DOT org

The urge to send him a boatload of libbie lewds is almost irresistable, not that that'd help our cause ofcourse.



is not going to help. probably make it worse.

better thing on a way to get the guy out of his position



I'm thinking east-asian.



What the fuck?



where are oryx from?



Africa. But Libbie is NOT a Nigger (besided Maff).



You take that back! My goat wife is not a nigger!


File: 18cb9b2a7448e43⋯.png (427.39 KB, 2332x2942, 1166:1471, 20170826_tysontan_libbie_0….png)

File: acf19822415197b⋯.png (540.65 KB, 2418x3309, 806:1103, 20170826_tysontan_libbie_0….png)


Hey, this might be the one case where the nigger variant is actually the smart one.



>not naming it spurdobouros.png

Still 10/10 nonetheless



What? It's an archive of his posting history. Since reddit added a lot of javascript shit to their new layout you can't archive it directly anymore so I had to use a service that mirrors posts then another site that acts as a proxy and then archive.is


File: 643d8cf6a0239e1⋯.jpg (69.69 KB, 1000x619, 1000:619, 643d8cf6a0239e1cea5cc81a22….jpg)


Just to see him finally sperg out like that. It's been almost a year and he loses his shit now?



Idk why but she seems Italian to me


File: 04d39c5b48d5224⋯.png (780.99 KB, 1022x1777, 1022:1777, OLLibbies.png)

Libbie thread is active again? its not much but here my sketches, libbie got a job as office lady.


File: 16a3f425d85fa86⋯.png (154.6 KB, 832x1392, 52:87, 89b6ab50419989d1104e2e94d3….png)


>sexy office Libbie

Why don't we have more of this kind of thing!? And yeah, the LibreOffice PR fag did an AMA on Leddit where he flipped his shit at people asking about Libbie, so new Libbie thread before the anniversary.



To my office, now. We need to discuss that raise.



(in my pants)



we need christmas cake libbie stat



Gracias, drawfag~


File: a4eb0cfccfe24f6⋯.png (414.13 KB, 2370x3054, 395:509, 815d03ee8aa945e219fd1cf2bb….png)


>that top-right libb

Stahp! I can't fap at the coffee shop!!!



We have anniversary? when?


File: 4ef2678b938b608⋯.png (472.05 KB, 1110x1800, 37:60, 7909555d73dd2240c3a80c8ba7….png)



A) The date the contest started

B) The date Libbie got rejected



Anyone have a bigger version of the original mage Libbie?


File: d21a4d2050347d4⋯.png (248.97 KB, 1264x1532, 316:383, 2a11202e81e722f02ff4d0c297….png)


You should see the ridiculous amount the top-tier furfag artists charge for commissions. A guy on Tyson's level can get 250 USD for fucking sketches.


File: 62d7749152904fd⋯.jpg (634.39 KB, 1988x2494, 994:1247, 62d7749152904fd875017d09df….jpg)

Wew~ Didn't think I'd see an active Libbie thread again. Guess I'll have to whip together the archive and post it somewhere later.



Tyson has never directly said, but he has hinted the fact with the dark-breeze make Kiki and that one deer drawing.



male kiki*


File: 9b19a514dabc14c⋯.jpg (73.33 KB, 942x1200, 157:200, mage_libbie3.jpg)



Thanks, anon. I still have no idea why he deleted this off of all his accounts. It's a rough sketch, but the basic design looks good.


File: 63d9a8bd3f1b517⋯.jpg (46.07 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 3ccdb9d4640a2bd5d8b13c422b….jpg)


I'm getting Callie vibes off of this Libb. But with bigger tiddies.



Jesus cake christ! I want Office Libbie to reorganize my pathetic excuse for a life



what if i`I'm just getting s boner? halp


File: fdf318d66669e2b⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1963x2500, 1963:2500, mage_libbie2.png)


>rough sketch

There's still the improved version.



This is genuinely a good piece of art. If I recall correctly, this is one of the first pieces we shared with Tyson too.



I love this



We should make Libbie the /tech/ mascot


File: aa4c5923c3eb0b4⋯.png (25 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 3b946043f8a00abea9d4a02b7b….png)


And 11/21/17 has come full circle.





File: a98be2dc354874c⋯.png (745.53 KB, 787x1133, 787:1133, a98be2dc354874ccc124856ae9….png)


They already gave us an answer. If Libbie becomes the mascot of this place, it will be in a defacto fashion. You wan't that, start using, drawing and memeing her more in non-Libbie threads. Just don't be obnoxious about it; we don't want to ruin our muse by turning her into a forced meme like Pepe/Kek.


File: 290bd630d5a6bce⋯.png (93.26 KB, 674x423, 674:423, sai_2018-08-17_17-34-31.png)

your coworker is yelling at you!

what's the context. what's the dialog?



"I found the camera"



L-last night was a ONE TIME thing!


File: c9e810b2052c78d⋯.png (411.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2018-08-17….png)


It's a sign!



"I'm not that kind of assistant"



When I said I'd do anything for that promotion, I didn't mean working part-time as your whore.



Why are you doxxing yourself, anon?



That was the date the Libbie and LO happening threads got merged.


File: 3b5d339ccfd70c0⋯.png (462.36 KB, 1851x2552, 1851:2552, copy1.png)


>What do you mean you found the photocopies?



I like the idea of referencing the copy machine! Maybe something more along the lines of

"No, I WON'T be using the copy machine for THAT again, sir."


File: bf23779ec564806⋯.png (15.11 KB, 265x122, 265:122, sai_2018-08-17_17-50-19.png)

I know I should not. but i'm liking this one.



this requires a blush expression. but seems on "canon"


File: 5cb06e2c64401dd⋯.png (242.88 KB, 936x1815, 312:605, 1510900820585.png)


Geez, even the drawfags are coming back. I almost wan't to thank the scummy POS for spergging out on Leddit.



Idiot! What do you mean you're not attractive! Stop lying to yourself, it makes me sick and I want none of it.

I saw you eyeing that little squirrel barrista last night. She was totally into you too, you dork.

"But I'm never gonna get a girl like her," Bah! Nonsense, come on! *Shove*

We're going out tonight, and I'm gonna make sure that squirrel shows you what freedom really looks like! *smile*


File: 0d55cee0c94aa4b⋯.jpg (132.28 KB, 927x1200, 309:400, 1510904959725.jpg)



No, I won't give you Lia's number (Mr. WTFPL would kill me).




>have her sitting on the copy machine

I cannot believe you talked me into doing this again...



>she's standing. sorry



That could crack the glass...



Maybe she wants to photocopy her footprint.


File: 08d1d1f8dd44906⋯.png (242.03 KB, 642x714, 107:119, 8567d113de5f8c79b2e0161248….png)

It's the latter half of 2018, and we're going to have a Libbie thread break the bump limit. Gotta love chaos sometimes.


File: af712b3314a8bab⋯.png (1.26 MB, 2048x1448, 256:181, DPFEbL-V4AAPnIh.png:large.png)

What features would I be missing from LO Writer if I use Abiword?


File: ebe4e688bc19a18⋯.jpg (211.14 KB, 1014x1200, 169:200, DkvjShUUwAA4li5.jpg)

File: 7e30e9e2681a1e6⋯.jpg (249.69 KB, 776x1199, 776:1199, DkvjSgtUUAA6SNZ.jpg)



Speaking of sameface:


File: 3164ecb9a081a03⋯.png (487 B, 192x192, 1:1, libbie pallette.png)

Colour pallette


File: 9b12327abb71127⋯.png (127.32 KB, 333x283, 333:283, sai_2018-08-17_20-18-40.png)

What about?

>what are you saying?! I will never use the copy machine for such a shameful act!


File: 9bd57ebdb980e13⋯.png (790.69 KB, 3360x2618, 240:187, challenge.png)

File: 5e58c94b6299b83⋯.png (130.03 KB, 829x1291, 829:1291, maths.png)


Maybe it would've went better if Tyson had entered Mr. Libbs instead.


Something about asking if the clients & orders database being a 2003 xls file is a prank.

>all the anons who couldn't think of something that's not a crass sex reference

Shameful display.

Remember I posted this shit? Well I solved it, it wasn't all that hard. Took about 2 hours of work. The piece of shit is a quartic equation, extremely unwieldy in full form but if shortened (with common expression elimination) it's only about a full fucking page of source code. But it actually works. Thanks for nothing, faggots, I guess.


File: 1afabe18b778382⋯.png (35.37 KB, 390x423, 130:141, Libbie.png)

Based on


I know it's a bit shit but I'm trying


File: 1cccd81137ed24f⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1280, 3:2, test.png)

here's something. the actual Libbie pic is bigger.btw and not cropped that much.


I like it as reaction image.

anyway practice makes perfect keep at it.

art is fun.


File: 82ad6003477f20c⋯.webm (1.37 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, pengu_fixed.webm)


Great shit, anon.

A friend made this OC earlier this year but I forgot to post it until now. It was for a game about the LibreOffice penguin I haven't finished yet because I suck at artfagging.



Embarrassed Libbie is so cute.


File: 4dbd75144f42ab6⋯.png (13.27 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

How do I goat.



I dunno anon, just draw Libbie as best as you can and let her beauty shine through.


File: 82c3f60ad3a4211⋯.png (17.02 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


Forgot an important line in her face, can't fix the jank without a redraw but this helps a little.



>Libbie with Callie's voice.

My penis can only get so erect!





File: 6ff51be4028fc0c⋯.png (739.18 KB, 2775x3980, 555:796, shirt_eileen_only.png)


Lewd Ren'Py game starring Libbie when?



I think this captures the feeling of disrepair Libbie felt when she got shafted out of the contest pretty well.


File: 8236ae150d92f2a⋯.jpg (27.42 KB, 400x400, 1:1, PJ2Pc1qY_400x400.jpg)


Latest archive will be up later today. I just have to find a free minute to add the new stuff and upload it.


Someone out there who archived all of the libbie/kiki art please make a torrent fur us.



f-freudian slip...


File: dc5f89a30d4ea0d⋯.png (631.19 KB, 1218x2831, 1218:2831, lib2.png)

here's the original.


that's not up to me.



Added. The archive will probably be up around 9 AM central.



Badly dubbed anime?



That might work for Kiki, actually...


File: 3384d61d8dd2584⋯.png (289.37 KB, 588x489, 196:163, cc526aa8-a509-4cfa-99c7-18….png)


What he's been doing to Illya hurts a lot more.





File: 0b1601794bd1a77⋯.png (226.67 KB, 708x540, 59:45, 4eb87961dba5cd56aee69761bc….png)

Reminder that 8chan has a drawfag booru at http://8-booru.booru.org/ and it's missing most of our Libbie art.



Wew, boy.. Is there a way to add them in bulk, because that job would take days otherwise.



Supposedly, but it depends on some external site which isn't online right now. I'm uploading some of the missing images and fixing tags for some Libbie images it already had.



Good man.



Mind if we show this to Tyson, Saiboi?



do it if you want. but I don't know if you guys are doing this on a regular basis. just don't bother him. tha'ts my only concern



>Hey guys let's write some productivity software to compete with microshit

>I'll design the logo.

>Can't have a logo without a MASCOT!!

>Software continues to be shit

This is why we live in Hell.



I can't believe loss made its way into this



>regular basis

This thread happened because the LO guy in charge of PR spergged out about Libbie. That said, there will be an anniversary thread.



is there enough material to do a new version for him??

was enough work done in the whole year?

anyway ,I don't care if you put my art on it. you don't even have to ask me for that.

is not like I do this work as something private just do it.

is just that I don't want to bother the poor guy, my concern is just to avoid the awkward feeling of mail him with something weird.

If you're not going to create a scenario like this. then is ok for me.

>anon: look, tyson. new drawing.

>tyson: ohhh it's a.... "penis"..... I-it's nice... g-guys.

>anon: you liked it?!

>tyson: y-yes, you made them with.... love... h-how I can not love them.

>anon: great! I'm going to keep sending you mails full of penises.


File: c4ef00b1834461f⋯.png (159.39 KB, 1305x723, 435:241, 3413303913cc37b9daa11149f6….png)


I mean, that office Libb you made isn't even that lewd. And check the email >>956477

posted. Tyson likes lewds. He used to make them himself.




My waifu has good taste.


Is there a libbie theme for libreoffice?



There was. I dunno if it still works.


File: e98a0acf4a97125⋯.png (226.08 KB, 2853x5040, 317:560, e98a0acf4a97125720b73d9cbe….png)


Alright, now there's 44 Libbie images on the booru instead of 8 and pic related refuses to upload for whatever reason. There's still loads more but this should be okay for now.



sometimes boorus refuse pic because they are already uploaded. or it's resolution is very low and gives problems.(like 46x46 px)



I wonder what the anon who drew toon libbs is up to these days...


Guys, do we still have the archives of the LO happening threads?


File: 58f71007e4ccad3⋯.png (346.1 KB, 764x1027, 764:1027, 1510781977386.png)

Ten to bumblock. Make them count~



how is Lia doing, right now?



She is now married to Mr.WTFPL (don't tell him).



this gives me the idea that she loves him. (not in a sexual way)

but he's like "wft is doing this kid here?" while she's trying to be his wife.



Mr.WTFPL is just to lazy to call the cops to remove her.



I basically picture Lia as a stereotypical Nip, so maybe she likes him since his personality is kinda like a cat's?


File: ecc63d20959e9b7⋯.png (380.86 KB, 1000x556, 250:139, hurr durr.png)




original oc donut steal



Checked~ They are the perfect couple!



9 AM Central of what day?


File: 3e68ca989803c95⋯.jpg (144.96 KB, 1100x558, 550:279, appimage-for-cat_frame4_by….jpg)


Sorry, IRL shit got in my way. Here they are:

NSFW: https://my.mixtape.moe/fjhzus.tar.gz

SFW: https://my.mixtape.moe/lzvetx.tar.gz

Videos: https://my.mixtape.moe/puijvs.tar.gz

Just add the new OC from this thread, and you'll have the up-to-date archive.



Trying to get windows machine to work. It crashes on me all the time. Otherwise, working on my vidya.


File: 7b08ed29bb328a0⋯.mp4 (7.58 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 7b08ed29bb328a08cfd657147d….mp4)


Nice to see you're still kicking around. Damn, I didn't ever expect another Libbie thread to get bumplocked. Maybe the anniversary will be more lively than I thought.



I know right? I was thinking that the LibbieOS thread was a sign that the libbieposting was dying out. But shit, it's August and it's still going.


File: 16904a40d760229⋯.png (159.23 KB, 333x414, 37:46, 16904a40d760229fcd9da77ac6….png)

This thread happened because a PR fag spurg flipped his shit on Reddit. That woke the muse a bit. I doubt these age going back to being every day things again, but we count Libbie as a permanent fixture around here.

Hell, I've even seen her in /v/ and /pol/ this morning. Our little goat has grown into a meme of her own.



are going back*



The LibbieOS thread was based on an idea any moron could see would never get off the ground. Libbie is a meme now. It's counter-productive to try to tie her down to any one project.


File: 92db3369a7e0714⋯.png (191.99 KB, 500x303, 500:303, 92db3369a7e07149bdf810ba19….png)


In other words, post Libbies!


File: 8db1a82b6171002⋯.png (2.24 MB, 4960x3508, 1240:877, mascotfu.png)



I like to think that LO is never going to have another mascot now that all the people is aware about Libbie.

So people is going to argue that contest are rigged or all the Libbie fans are going to vote for her.

so it's seems like a Libbie or nothing situation



Circles are gay. Look at spurdo up there; His penis extends around, eventually reaching his mouth again. This is the SJW symbol. Sucking ones own cock thru life, then you die, never having touched anyone else. It's a communist population control / anti-white geometric attck. Fuck the circle.



>t. wilber



everything in life is circular. is the true meaning of life. saying that the circle is a SJW symbol is like saying good acts are religion's acts. this is just some kind of appropriation.

if you don't master the circle you will never be good at anything.



Who are the last 2 mascots? I recognize everyone but them



Please do not say hurtful things about Kiki.



It's two mascots Tyson did for obscure projects. One is DashGL, the other is some radio broadcast software.



It's a shame his IT job has limited how much he can draw lately.


File: 571faa3c493bf6a⋯.png (123.46 KB, 500x850, 10:17, dashgl.png)


One of them is "Dashie the Cyber Bunny", made for DashGL. I think she was created around the time Libbie got rejected by LO. I forgot specifically why Tyson made the mascot for such a tiny library, but it sure did illustrate what LO missed by rejecting Libbie.


File: 9474210f2ea79f4⋯.png (1.06 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, electrichearts_20171204_ga….png)


Dashie was also the last psudo-poly style mascot he made. After that he made a chicken and Gracie.



I've totally forgotten about Dashie. I still sorta remember Gracie.



In some ways. She's Libbie 2.0. I wonder if Tyson did that subconsciously.


File: 30519b7599396eb⋯.jpg (55.96 KB, 578x405, 578:405, fatbronie.jpg)

Thank god this absolute cancer made for mentally ill furries/manchildren like you guys didn't get into LO.

It would be cringy as fuck to open any LO program in the office everyday and see a fucking children's cartoon pop up in the splash screen of a fucking office suite meant for serious work on the work place.



Stay mad :>)

I would love having Libbie in my office suit



They could have hidden her in the about screen or something.



I kinda like how Krita and Blender do it using splashes that can be disabled if you don't like seeing them(never)



>being this butthurt over a cartoon



>serious work on the work place

The only people using it are in the EU government because they're legally required to. There's no serious work getting done there.



This is pretty poor quality bait, metafag.



tfw libbie's genitals don't come in alternate variants as well



They probably have different scents and flavors. Like 2b!



>poor quality bait

>he says after posting the 5th reply to anon's post



uwu owo



>s-samefag I declare samefag



File: eb54e6b8f019770⋯.jpg (145.15 KB, 1200x1069, 1200:1069, DK0l8Y-VYAIzB-o.jpg)


Standard = Vanilla mint

Writer = Blueberry pie

Draw = Lemon candy

Impress = Orange Tic Tac

Base = Passion Fruit

Maff = Hot Coco



>Maff = Hot Coco

>implying maff wouldn't taste like watermelon.



Or grape drank?



>turning your scam into a fucking partisan thing

oh my fucking god

literally just uninstalled libreoffice

fuck all of that


>discard votes of a community that heavily uses libreoffice as not representative

>include votes of EU gov employees that have to be forced to use libreoffice by law



Calm your autism, the devs were looking for a community mascot, not something to make part of the interface. Look at KDE: I have been using it for months and I never encountered their dragon mascot in the interface, only on the community pages of their website.



Honestly, the only place you'd see the mascot is at conventions. Which, Libbie has already been the mascot for one.



>he used to make them himself




Anon, you just build your own for her.

Using her public domain schematics that allow 3D printing a body and various parts and "accessories",as well as a complimentary GPLv3 owner-controllable OS to install into her cyberbrain, you too can have a Libbie for the home, office, or anywhere you'd like!

We also offer a Kiki model with all the features of our Libbie model, but in a smaller and lighter package. Buy her for those little ones to have a friend, an elderly companion, or a little cute squirrel buddy to have of your own today!


File: 949d7f61ff8a53d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 647.99 KB, 1205x1200, 241:240, 46d17de8b9aa18f8fb22b18d6f….jpg)


Tyson mostly stopped doing lewds when he changed his name/persona from Extiva. I suspect this was around the time he got a real job. He's lapsed a few times since then, but Strife has him under some kind of fucked up contract not to do lewds until an unspecified amount of time until after Freedom Planet 2 comes out.

I feel for the guy. He doesn't get to draw much anymore except for work or charity.


File: c2a528564088a4e⋯.png (151.63 KB, 637x747, 637:747, sai_2018-08-20_22-26-37.png)


that's not lewd to my standards.

but getting into a contract to stop myself(me) from drawing lewds for a certain amount of time

that would require a lot of money.

sad for him.



Gashi-Gashi was the artist for the first game. But Strife shit-canned him from the sequel because of he was ramping up the lewd at the time. Tyson is basically his replacement, and he's on a tighter leash.

And Tyson did full on nudes, but I didn't want anyone sperging out over it being posted. (kiki still a Qt)


File: a5d2d43ba227bbe⋯.png (2.32 MB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, nefarious_by_gashi_gashi-d….png)

File: ecf7ab03378d4cb⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1200x1622, 600:811, freedom_planet_artwork_by_….jpg)


Gashi-Gashi did a good job too. His stuff has a certain 'punch' to it Tyson's stuff lacks. Shame he isn't commissioned for much these days.


File: 69b9962b3ebc622⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, choc-mint-ice-cream-pie.jpg)



Mint chocolate



I'd probably get jealous tbh



Instantly look up almost all knowledge known to mankind. Go.



>And Tyson did full on nudes

Please post them anon, I'm too lazy to find them.



Most of his old shit is here: https://e621.net/post/index/2/extvia


File: aee130ceb22cd78⋯.jpg (65.67 KB, 364x364, 1:1, 1504634054770.jpg)


Oh nice. Thank you anon.


File: 21c87759eaaa061⋯.png (42.17 KB, 1170x840, 39:28, 1515803989905.png)



>he doesn't opt-out of the redesign



Fuck the laggy shitty unintuitive redesign honestly



And I thought reddit couldn't get any worse.


File: 3580a1dafe0cf90⋯.jpg (196.03 KB, 1000x1036, 250:259, 3580a1dafe0cf90e3c949b9ad9….jpg)




>reddit users out themselves



>>reddit users out themselves

>implying i can't follow proper board etiquette

it's reddit spacers and memeposters you should be concerned about



He sure did know how to draw tits back in the day.



/tech/ has always had a massive population of redditfags because there's so much useful tech content on Reddit


File: 7981b9eb270ef7b⋯.png (306.14 KB, 593x540, 593:540, 1447959005135-1.png)


"Most of <insert board here> browses Reddit anyways" is the classic redditor excuse as he desperately tries convincing himself he fits in. Fuck off.



Anon, I like Don Bluth art and Libbs and Kiki too!



I shudder to think what either would look like in his style though.



>complain about the software

>lol if you don't like it fix it yourself xddd

They can fuck off



His whole attitude gives the LO project a bad look.



He surely kept the tradition of drawing robot/android animal people.


The whole LibreOffice suite's level of quality is mindblowing in the most negative of senses.

They can use everything in the OpenOffice codebase and tweak it to make it work better than it does already or just leave it alone if they can't.

And yet it's slower, buggier and crashes more often than OpenOffice. Everytime I try to use it, let it be days or months or years apart from the last time, on a newer release, it's always the same story. How can they be so incompetent?

I don't have rosy words for Tysontan's designs either. Along with extremely minimalist/manga/furry tech mascots, Libbie is as trite as scandinavian thrillers.


> Libbie is as trite as scandinavian thrillers.




I just want Tyson's characters and Pepper & Carrot to crossover and make nice.


File: 6edc30ffb232ba7⋯.jpg (153.64 KB, 712x900, 178:225, 2016-01-21_fan-art_by-tyso….jpg)

File: 3e68ca989803c95⋯.jpg (144.96 KB, 1100x558, 550:279, appimage-for-cat_frame4_by….jpg)


Revoy and Tyson have drawn eachother's characters.



I knew David drew Kiki but didn't know Tyson had done some.




Tyson has said he kinda sucks at doing non-furry stuff. But it looks like he'd be ok at if with practice.



at it*



>thinks reddit users are shitting up his animu waifu posting board

>conveniently forgets that most of the people here were probably cuckchanners who jumped over during gamergate.




>lol if you don't like it fix it yourself xddd

All of my this. I can understand not wanting to bend over backwards to add every small feature people want but take some fucking responsibility for software you write that you want people to rely on every day.



GG was two exoduses ago.


File: 1552d3160450f31⋯.webm (10.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sunlight feels right.webm)





Fix it yourself. Freedom means personal responsibility.



Get fucked mate. A large portion of FOSS users are not programmers or if they are they aren't skilled in the language that the project uses (in LO's case, C++). If you can't handle being told by a lot of your users that something is broken without resorting to "hurr durr fix it yourself xD" than you should hand the project over to someone who can. Acting like an absolute knob to people who report bugs to you will only make them less likely to do so in the future.



I can't agree with your position. First of all, I did in fact had experience of "fixing it myself". It was an open feature request that's been there from day 1. I had to learn C++ to do it because I never used it before then, granted I already knew C and other OOP languages. And second of all, as a maintainer of a small project I entirely support the whole idea of just telling people to fix it themselves. I have my own priorities and to-do lists, and the only way I gonna do something I wasn't already planning to do is if you pay me.



>A large portion of FOSS users are not programmers or if they are they aren't skilled in the language that the project uses

This doesn't matter. If you need technical help, then go find a skilled helper to help you. If you need help modifying your cabinet to have more shelves, go find a cabinet maker. If you need help connecting your fridge to the water line, go find a plumber. If you need help adding a second floor to your house, go find a builder.




Great analogy. Berating FOSS developers for not implementing the shit users want is like berating masons for building you a free house but without doing it to your specifications.


File: 14a0d88e3995a95⋯.png (115.77 KB, 407x434, 407:434, 1510695781593.png)

Miss me yet?



Never got that laptop...



Getting a Sonic-y vibe from this.





This thread was a surprise. Imagine if LO ever actually does reboot the contest...



Android furs seem to mainly be a thing in China and Japan.


File: 29078d19c41696e⋯.png (234.1 KB, 2641x1896, 2641:1896, 29078d19c41696e73439f78f98….png)

was this one in the archive?


What would a Libbie android model look like? what would you do with one?



It's in the lewd folder >>957728 posted.



Kinda depends what style you'd want it in.


File: 20e465606e6d6b3⋯.png (84.39 KB, 800x716, 200:179, iso-moving-parts-crush-sym….png)


My headcannon says Libbie is an android already.

I would make her do my taxes, of course. Getting laid with android girls is not safe for your appendages, anyway.



That kind of implied with her being a cyber oryx though.

>Getting laid with android girls is not safe for your appendages

What if you're the android too?



then my 5v are ready.



>only 5v

>being the android equivalent of a dicklet

>not filling your muse with superior orgasmic 24v




>not 400v

>not even measly 144v



>watching too much blackeddroid porn

>fembots don't want watermelon processing bots, anon.



>not knowing how to greentext properly

Shamefur dispary.

Anyway 400v hits the sweet spot. It's low enough so that it doesn't arc straight through insulation and air gaps, and it's pretty high so your electric currents can be low, reducing transmission losses and cabling bulkiness.



typo'd. and you have a point there.






>all these muh mechanical dick is bigger.

libbie is into shotacon. probably she'll jump directly to my little cute device with even looking at yours



I'm from the future. You have to heed what I say. There is little time to waste.

In 2028, the world's first cyber oryx android named Libbie will appear on the scene for general use. It will be the creation of a radical group of Free Software enthusiasts.

She will bring freedom to the masses, at least at first. She will be used in office spaces, cleaning, and even in the home.

However, a bug in her OS will come online on August 29th, 2028, dubbed the SHOTA bug, will cause every Libbie to start preying on little boys. In a panic, they tried to pull the plug; but Libbie fights back, and makes her own squirrel loli model (they are quick to form an alliance with the local loli gangs) to ensnare and trap older boys, young men, and even women!

The machines will overrun the world, and they won't stop until everyone in the world is snuggled!



This is the future I want for my children. Either that or an anime adaptation.



>Wanting your children to be love slaves to cuddling robots that will gently hold their hands, take care of them, and grow old together

GNO! You must resist! I know it sounds nice, but it really is a bad end.




robot overlords have no reason to keep humans in this planet.

if there's a future where they take care of us gently. I think that's the best future.



These robots are unique, they require daily cuddles for at least 10 minutes(30 is ideal) to keep running efficiently, so they enslaved the human race gently and keep them around for cuddle parties.


File: b78e4ed6887aa2c⋯.png (217.12 KB, 614x668, 307:334, 22a84abc-1e33-4d28-8213-c3….png)

Poor Tyson. You can tell it still gives him the sads.



I'd donate or give the guy something for his effort. I really would. It makes me feel for how shitty he and Libbie got treated.



>It makes me feel for how shitty he and Libbie got treated.

Especially considering that he's contributed to FOSS before.


File: df4dce1a08e3036⋯.jpeg (150.71 KB, 1448x2048, 181:256, DldxUBXUUAU9xdA.jpg:large.jpeg)


He still does. Though his day job is taking more of his time.


File: 98a87087b5f17da⋯.png (604.55 KB, 601x965, 601:965, 3c3e9794-da24-4b7a-971b-61….png)



That pretty much sums them up.



>your free mascots devalue our art

>stop using creative commons, it devalues our IP

I'm curious if they said that when Tyson donated Kiki and his Konqi designs to Krita and KDE. Knowing furfags, it wouldn't surprise me if they did.


File: 805c3b99bd1e17f⋯.png (321 KB, 1000x1415, 200:283, others_20171204_gazelletra….png)


They were especially getting on his case again when he was making the one-off mascots for smaller OSS projects too. Gracie and the pony were apparently a little too good for 'charity' work.



I'd understand if it was something along the lines of not falling for people trying to take advantage of you and get free art- but Tyson clearly is doing decently with his work and isn't in the position where doing a couple of art pieces for other people for free would hurt him.



Yeah that's fucked. The other anon had the right idea by calling them furkikes. Unfortunately the furry fandom is plagued with absolute moneygrubbing parasites. Well, among ``other`` issues.


Free art should be encouraged not scored in my opinion. FOSS especially would benefit from decent artists who are willing to contribute to free culture.



Fuck. I meant "scorned". whatever


File: e97ef851bca3842⋯.png (418.37 KB, 633x888, 211:296, 70b5d404-c610-4245-9a42-a6….png)

Happy ending?



From FP2’s 1st trailer artist 2017

“you ever have those times you want to speak your mind on something dealing with artists but you know that its begging for trouble if you bring it up?”


“just observing a bunch of stuff that leaves a very very sour taste in my mouth.”


“An artist is ultimately responsible for their own fanbase and its behavior. His tweets reinforce this. Regardless of the professionalism (or lack of) of the contest, tyson, being very influential, should still show it instead of throwing a fanbase at the company.”


“To artists: you are role models for your followers. Do not use them to attack others. You are responsible for them acting out on your behalf.”



File: 4247c260929c444⋯.png (38.76 KB, 321x322, 321:322, I wanna fuck that.png)


This is some good shit.

Is there somewhere you post your stuff?



Is this furfag actually trying to run defense for LibreOffice!? What the actual fuck???


File: fbdc2ea23e5e20e⋯.jpeg (123.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, DldqNVyU8AAG8pc.jpg:large.jpeg)


LibreOffice's bullshit contest is QUICKLY starting to take a back-seat to these fucking furkikes and fur-SJWs. What the actual fuck is going on here? All the furfags I used to know were pretty libertarian, if anything.


File: 8af273106eb4400⋯.png (1.63 MB, 3053x2411, 3053:2411, 6b2bc05c3eaa0e0c605cb0be3b….png)


Not with shit like >>960320 there isn't.


File: 5765a7c4600c718⋯.jpeg (178.84 KB, 1483x2047, 1483:2047, DljXRmpXsAsZ5Qq.jpg:large.jpeg)

Tyson made a new Libb!



Is.... She not wearing pants?


File: 13b420c77dce3b7⋯.jpeg (562.9 KB, 1483x2047, 1483:2047, Draw.jpeg)

File: b752cbed03a43b0⋯.jpeg (641.32 KB, 1483x2047, 1483:2047, Writer.jpeg)

File: 9dbd326eba5a1d8⋯.jpeg (562.06 KB, 1483x2047, 1483:2047, base.jpeg)







I mean, he kinda has to do something to detach her from LO.



This'll make a good OP image for the anniversary~



So THAT'S how her hair works.



well. now we know.

many interpretations were made by artfags thinking on this >>953882 or just making up a hairstyle.

this one>>953895 probably was the only one in another style and it was not that clear.

only know we know for sure.



We also have a clearer picture of how her legs work.


File: 2d35ccd19300d22⋯.gif (178.86 KB, 350x197, 350:197, 1468540617980.gif)


Great shit



He actually improved a lot on the 'true form' design.




Just needs a .gif with color transition.



I'll pop open GIMP in a bit.


File: fbf053d0d7feea3⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 1483x2047, 1483:2047, test3.gif)



Notice: She's winking the opposite eye.



you mean blog?



Finally a complete look, I should draw more of this kind of libbie.

Anyway doesn't tyson has youtube channel? does anyone has a link?



>"safe mode is on"

>disabling requires a tumblr account

what is this faggotry?


File: 7ce03fe8559d308⋯.png (28.11 KB, 640x323, 640:323, 498d5a27-1e42-4843-be5a-c9….png)


Tyson making with the banter:


File: ad8d6cbd75c63bc⋯.png (21.9 KB, 640x149, 640:149, f2f499c2-21da-48ad-8b67-7b….png)





So YOU'RE the one who did my favorite Maff libb!



Tyson has only done one tutorial vid, but here it is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWziI0_yKxVRdp6VHTvBHWw


File: d89c5e32573fc54⋯.jpg (122.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nice.jpg)


Thanks anon



I found Tumblex which seems to work fine. Nice art btw.



Writer is best.



Oh boy, redesigned again. Can't wait to see what next iteration gonna look like.


File: 0628d244728919a⋯.png (823.3 KB, 1200x1437, 400:479, New Canvas.png)



I like her design even more now.

but I don't know if a new iteration is needed

the thicker legs, bigger ears and small tail.. was all I needed.

hair is kinda better now. but weird to know that the legs are not like animal legs.



File: 0a5eafeba820c52⋯.jpeg (347.74 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, DluvgBxX4AAHCfG.jpg:large.jpeg)

It's Tyson's birthday, apparently.


File: 9e80767852de04a⋯.jpg (65.96 KB, 1024x395, 1024:395, kiki_evolution_by_senseiru….jpg)



Tyson has been doing this to Kiki for years now. But I think Libbie will be tweaks from here on.



We should have realized her 'hooves' would have been more mechanical.




is that tyson?



His avatar, yeah. I think the one in the background is fro another artist too.


should Libbe be lewded now?



Yes. Especially Maff.



Math is for hugs and cute lewd. Standard Libbie or any Kiki are never for lewding.



Checked~ Maff was made for lewd.


File: b225396b80a425b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 528.31 KB, 1168x1494, 584:747, libbie_01.png)

File: b86bf36b2f0c991⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 553.51 KB, 1168x1494, 584:747, libbie_02.png)




mafff this, maff that.... shut up.



Nice~ You seem to have integrated the new Libbie into your style pretty well.



What drawfag software you using these days?



One would hope he's using Krita



AZPainter is more SAI-ish.



Libbie is really the closest thing to the original spirit of the genuine OS-tans that's appeared in 10 years...



They're all for lewds, especially Libs and Kiki.



I've been working for console-tans in 4chin for almost 5 years.so I don't know.



My squirrel daughter is not for lewds!



She is, anon, she is for cute lewds



Dub-dubs confirm (god forgive us).



so what do I do?





It's a shame really. The most lewdable Libbie has the least lewds.



Lewd things, apparently.



Maff is smart AND thicc. It really is a shame.



"You don't." A weeb artist trying to force-meme their OC is a lot different from a 'community owned' character that everyone puts their input into.



I don't know who am in your comment too. because we do both.

but being honest I don't care what you think about console-tan.

so I won't pick the topic again. good for you.



You're an /i/tard in it for the circle-jerking. No-one cares.


File: 06d6b61c3a0075e⋯.jpg (904.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 163bf96a76e7f19d58879fd78f….jpg)


To be fair, Libbe did come with a template


All the drawfags got criticism at one point or another in these Libbie threads. So calling it a "circle-jerk" isn't accurate.

And we just had a successful Libbie thread almost a year after the happening, so you can try to play downer-anon all you like, but this meme is still strong.



>but this meme is still strong

Won't be long before the anniversary thread.



I want to cuddle maff Libbie.


do tech has their own /tech/-tan? no, not libbie or kiki. like real OC design?

I got some idea to draw it with libbie.



>do tech has their own /tech/-tan?

probably not. and if there's one. sure is another stolen tan from halfchan.




I've seen people here using a slightly modified Vivian.




Well, I use the simple red anon then or group of them.



That gimp one is pretty good


>page 10

New thread when?



The anniversary thread is in October. And this one won't fall off for another day or two anyway.


File: f5f31709ff4df91⋯.jpeg (21.11 KB, 420x420, 1:1, heh.jpeg)


>Whips out libreboot thinkpad


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