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File: 624f4e108434f90⋯.jpg (835.68 KB, 2576x1936, 161:121, 20180813_001.jpg)


Not much Toughbooks in these threads lately edition. Old one hit 400 posts.


File: c40da864081a449⋯.jpg (796.23 KB, 2576x1936, 161:121, 20180813_002.jpg)

And for shit's 'n giggles, look what I did: XP/Vista dualboot on the M6500. Now if only I could get the 2nd HDD working with a mSATA SSD, I could triple boot XP/Vista/7


Is there a brainlet-friendly guide somewhere for librebooting the x200? I don't get what youre supposed to do with the raspberry pi




Just buy a pre-librebooted one.

It's what I plan to do at the end of this month.




>running tranny code



Nah I think it would be a fun little project to do it myself, I just have to figure out how first.



It's not like running libreboot puts any money in the freak's pocket.

unless you plan on buying it

like I do



First for X31 and X40.




Dude, once you have the a programmer connected to the BIOS chip, it takes 5 (or 10 with slower SPI speeds) minutes to do everything you need to.

Check the coreboot guide on Github (it's the same you'll find on libreboot's site) or watch YouTube videos.

It's really not diffcult at all.


Does the X200T work with core boot or libreboot?

The wikis specifically say that the touch panel is still untested, and I need it for reading my doujins and drawing.

Also, can you flash using any old FTDI USB UART adapter?

I've heard anons talk about using a CH341A, but I already have several USB UART converters.

That is the only thing holding me back from flashing it.


[Copied and pasted from the other thinkpad thread]

Hey, I have a problem with my T410. The screen started acting weird a while back (making white horizontal lines and the way I would fix it was by pushing on the sides of the screen until it went away and I would add duct tape to keep if "fixed". One day it broke the screen and now I'm wondering if it was the screen being fucked or if it was the hinges (they're normal nothing seems wrong with them). Should I buy a screen of the whole upper part of a T410 ?



Lines through the display that are "fixed" by pressing the display's controller ribbons located around the edge are an indication that the screen is failing.

The flex ribbons which are joined to the panel are joined using an adhesive, which can fail over time and lead to the ribbon separating from the panel.

Melting the adhesive with a heatgun and compressing the joint might improve the problem, but once it happens, the panel is doomed.

It's not currently possible to repair this kind of failure outside of a panel fab.

Grabbing a screen by the edges which have flex ribbons will cause this to happen. That's the reason the back of LCDs have stickers which say DO NOT PRESS HERE

Get a new screen.


File: 9adb3b33decc64d⋯.jpg (833.69 KB, 2576x1936, 161:121, 20180224_002.jpg)


X32p > all.

t. owned one until I fucked up the motherboard


File: a789954a96def4f⋯.jpg (58.87 KB, 557x572, 557:572, itronix-gobook-mr-1.jpg)

>mfw some guy on halfchan owns pic related

Fucking jelly, wish I had a MR-1, but even broken units are going for ridiculous prices on eBay.



That honestly looks awful; there aren't even computer nipples.


What distro should I put on my R51e?

this shitheap only has 1gb of ram



Upgrade it to 2GB RAM and install something like AntiX or Devuan.



OpenBSD should work fine.



But I don't get what you're supposed to do with the pins and everything and do you need a SOIC chip?


t530 as a college laptop?



Heavy, FHD screen is pretty awesome for a TN panel, dGPU option, quad core and classic keyboard capable.


File: 5d2ce56ad4e8469⋯.jpg (166.7 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, general_dynamics_duo-touch….jpg)


You can LARP as a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for pretty cheap.

Thinking about getting a W series. Can you install better aftermarket mGPUs in the pre-chiclet models?



GD DuoTouch.. now that takes me back. Pentium III right?

Anyway, nope, they're not MXM/upgradeable, and even if they were MXM some """""whitelist""""" blocks it, Lelnopo did it on the W70x and again on the P7x models.


File: b00e4fdcfe2e0ce⋯.jpg (330.44 KB, 900x461, 900:461, t410.jpg)

ordered T420 from bongland and got the bong keyboard with the blue BIG Dick Return key becaus i'm a BIG BOY


File: 09c8c8913d42580⋯.png (156.67 KB, 516x440, 129:110, prisonschool84.png)


Got that one too

The left shift is a pain in the arse to press



I have a UK keyboard on my P50 and I kind of hate it.


File: 05de8febeb02533⋯.jpg (4.26 KB, 216x250, 108:125, 1534315914290.jpg)


I just use US layout with it lol





Anyone know where the fuck I can find a T440s replacement (backlit) keyboard? Or god forbid just a key





I fucked around with RivaTuner on my M40 w/ Quadro2 Go earlier, with 166/400 Core/RAM I can hit 40-50 FPS in Deus Ex's training level at 1024x768 Medium, not bad me thinks!

Still need to get some 860 Evos for the M6500, but I can't be arsed to spend money on a almost 9 year old system. and i'm waiting for Zen 2 and the 250GB 860's to drop below 60€



Oh, and I bought a battery for my M6500, let's hope this chinkshit battery won't burn down my house or at least work without shutting down.



This made me think though, since this Quadro2 has seen better days: would I get a insane performance increase in Deus Ex if I would replace it with the Precision M50's Quadro4?



Top left corner niggerlover



FUCK my life. it's exactly the same chinkshit one I bought used while on vacantion.

Let's hope those faggots take it backwithout much hassle.



x31 > x40



Just tried out the SteamPlay thing, I can get a solid 60 FPS on my M6500 in Deus Ex, awesome! Haven't tried more intensive games like FoNV or GTAV yet though.


where is kutge when you need him



Playing BeamNG under Windows sadly, because BeamNG on SteamPlay just gives me some crypic error


Went to my local computer dude, found out he had several disassembled M6500's and a part I needed: the PC Card/Smartcard reader assembly, with a eject button that isn't broken off.

Also got me a E8400 for a HP mini server, but I apparently fucked the motherboard up by connecting the fans incorrectly



And they did, no questions asked. Impatiently waiting on the 860 Evos to drop below 60€ so I can triple boot XP/Vista/7 or Loonix.


So last week I received my new (and first) Thinkpad. I went to a café with air conditioning to do some work because they had air conditioning.

The waitress came to take my order and was like "Oh is that a thinkpad?", she told me about how she was a graphics designer and was saving up for one. I asked her if she uses Wacom tablets and she said she had a cheap Bamboo one, I told her I have a huge Cintiq back at my place, she asked me if she might try it out sometime, so I said sure, she ended up coming to my place after her shift. I showed her the tablet and we watched a movie, somehow we ended up making out and it wasn't long before I was fondling her "trackpoint" 😏 and hitting her "X" key. This girl is really nice, and a bit geeky, we have another date set up for today, never thought a Thinkpad would get me laid!

TL;DR - My Thinkpad got me some trackpoint action and got me laid.



Very nice anon, just make sure to ditch her if she ever mentions Deviantart.

I just acquired a T520 and I'm in love. Only problem has been that I had to install and unmute the mic in windows for it to work. I have the model with integrated graphics but I still want to play the occasional game. Does anyone have any experience installing a graphics card? I'm yet to take a look inside further than the RAM and HDD slot.



Only way you can install a GPU is swapping the motherboard and HSF assembly, and getting a 135W PSU.



God damn LARPers. If your "Thinkpad" got you laid then it's not a real Thinkpad, it's a Chinkpad. Yes, I am very triggered.


I've got a T430 which I've been thinking of replacing with a Dell E7440. I have an MSATA SSD running MacOS for work shit and Mint for personal use. The awful 1600x900 display and 60% worn 6 cell battery are getting on my nerves, and the Dell should fix both of those issues as it has a 1080p IPS panel and hopefully a non-fucked battery.

Ideally I'd like to just upgrade the T430 though the screen upgrades are not ideal from what I've seen. Any suggestions on other laptops or upgrade paths?



fuck off back to reddit






I was not aware until now that the E6440 had a 1080p option, thanks anon that may be the way to go.


File: 964991b0b506d0b⋯.jpg (125.1 KB, 960x960, 1:1, DVy7MV4VwAAaNnT.jpg)


File: 132ca48ad9b717f⋯.png (518.96 KB, 500x640, 25:32, 2A63AEB9-DC44-425B-B005-48….png)


*teleports behind you*

*disconnects your cintix*

Heh... nothing personal kid...

Piss off Lenovo viral marketing team.


Found out the lid of my M40 is cracked, brb kill myself.

Or I can just order a C8xx lid for a few bucks and be done with it I suppose.


File: 6d9f6621f6b1d1b⋯.png (116.6 KB, 256x256, 1:1, lmao.PNG)


that tattoo is about as gay as this image



Wow, lids for the C8xx series are more expensive than I thought. Found some very cheap CF-19 Mk5's on eBay though, no caddies but with batteries and chargers, and undamaged lids. Might buy one, swap lids over, get a cheap caddy and resell it.




Do Latitude XFRs count?

I've got an E6420 XFR on the way.

It's gonna be my beater work laptop.



Yep, Haswell Latitudes and Precisions are god tier, if you can get by without NVME and NGW wireless cards.




Well, at least it's not a E6400 XFR with the bubbling screen issue.



E6420 have those issues as well, just gotta watch out for them.

It's just the nature of that style touchscreen



And, if I recall, the E6400 XFR wasn't really even a Dell, they were an Augmentix design bought out by Dell



Have a seller asking $140 for a T420 with a i5. Should I?



What are specs ? RAM ? SSD ?

A bit expensive if 4GB/HDD combo..



From the seller page:Has 320GB Hard Drive with 4GB of Ram. Screen size is 14 inches. The OS is Windows 7.

About all they described. I'm planning on it replacing a T400 with Libreboot, putting Coreboot on it and using ME Cleaner too for use a daily.



You could eventually save a few bucks asking about the battery condition. It's up to you, not a terrible price after all.

T420 is great with coreboot indeed


File: fac1e56cef6d15e⋯.jpg (239.32 KB, 1413x1884, 3:4, img.jpg)

I too fell for the memepad. Really happy though. Modding a QX9300 was a pits, due to libreboot having no proper docs on it. Thank god libreboot IRC guided my dumb ass through all the difficulties. Temps are awesome, fan is quiet.

My non-desktop daily driver for years to come.


>T440s for $250

>T460s for $450

Which one?



why do these old portable computers and even the newer ones sell for so much?





...whilst I'm still fighting through the gentoo handbook.



T440s has a shit touchpad, so I'd say go for the T460s. Skylake is a nice plus too.


Rarity. Something like a CF-U1 is far more common but useless because Atom CPUs.


File: 950d08955c047c7⋯.jpg (155.84 KB, 697x768, 697:768, faggt-fourchan-trash-17785….jpg)

What's difference between T520 and W520?



Quad cores, Quadro GPU, 32GB RAM max, that's about it.


I was recommended a thinkpad from my friend a few years ago and fucking love it - last week it finally died. I'm looking to buy a new one, can someone recommend me their favorite type?



xx30 if you really need a Classic Keyboard, otherwise a T or P series.



>last week it finally died

Fix it you mongoloid.



Please make proper docs and post.



Love my X220



Yeah, will contribute to the wiki when I get to it sometime next month explaining how to do it.



And done. Really impressed so far with its power. Popped in the old SSD out of the other and it booted with no issue.



What about the ergonomics? How does the keyboard compare to the Thkinpad one?



Depends. If you care about color accuracy, go for the T440s (if and only if it has the FHD panel, the trackpad is easy to upgrade if that concerns you); otherwise the only good T460s is the WQHD one which is probably not the one you found ($450 seems too cheap for it).

If you don't need color accuracy, do what you want. They're pretty similar machines, the performance gap is there but it's on the small side.


Hey, is it a good screen for a thinkpad T410 or not? It says it's for E46A, E46L, T410 and it's the right size but it's the first time I'm buying individual parts like this.




Your friend died? I'm very sorry for your loss.



if the t440s is anything like the t440p the panel is a piss easy replacement.

I had the 1336x768 cancer panel and the 1080p IPS panel was well worth doing. get a legit panel, if it's labeled "compatible" stay away.


FUCK YEAH! Finally found a lid for my CF-19, and it's in Europe too so I won't get assraped with customs fees.



I baked the GPU from that thing last week, seems to have fixed the artifacting issues. Still having issues with resuming from hibernation and standby however.


File: a9a56c840419820⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, IMG_20180902_151311.jpg)

Update on my Rugged Latitude, it arrived, and it's glorious.

The touchscreen has no bubbles, and works perfectly, the rubberized keyboard is fantastically quiet, and the dedicated GPS chip works flawlessly with google earth.


File: 76a4e394dcaeaaa⋯.png (36.74 KB, 779x467, 779:467, spec.PNG)


Here's speccy shot



Does it have a clitpoint?



No, it has the sealed rubber keyboard


Why are they always filthy in pics?



Because they are purchased used, out of a business environment



You should drop in a i7 QM CPU in it, since it's socketed.



I've considered it, but I'm concerned about the cooling capacity of the machine with a QM in there.

Honestly, it runs great with the 2640M, so I see no real need to up my power consumption.



And shipped. Should be getting it later this week.

Found out Crucial put out some super cheap SSD's, the BX500. Might get two of them to put in RAID0 for that sweet 600 MB/s transfer rates.


File: 27dbacef1562271⋯.jpg (60.65 KB, 960x540, 16:9, cleanit.jpg)

Before the cleanliness of my laptop the cpu average temperature was about 93ºC. Now it's between 43ºC and 56ºC.

Clean your laptop.



This won't work if your laptop has a botched cooler design.



lol nice computer faggot



Much love



>this whole post

had a chuckle



It's true though.

t. cleaned up and repasted some Pentium 4 shitbox desktop and went from 60C idle to 35c, on the stock Intel cooler.



its not fucking rocket science just get an old rpi and follow the damn tutorial its like $9999 cheaper


are there any other models recommended for drawing besides the x220?




Any of the X200 series tablets.



What is that wallpaper OP?


File: 8a77c4f5470ea96⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1420364084564.jpg)


Something I found on >>>/wg/ years ago.




thanks guys



IMO they're kind of a gimmick. Even the cheapest Wacom Intuos will cost the same or less and have better pressure sensitivity and just werk better.


Yay got the lid in the mail. Looks like new too!



Scratch that, I went with two Samsung 860 Evos, Amazon was selling the 500GB version for less than a tenner more than the 250GB version.

Thinking of RAID0'ing them or triple booting XP/Vista/Win7, not sure yet.



What real improvement has been made with the 860s over the 850s?



i know one guy who has a toughbook with gentoo, protecting his hard work lol



Not much, LPDDR4 cache, sequential read is 550 instead of 540MB/s, 300 TBW instead of 150, and it's a whopping 2 grams lighter than the 850.

And it all doesn't matter on a SATA2 machine like the M6500.



>green mod

gaymen-poorfag tier RAZER


File: 833fa2ba1f5e44e⋯.jpg (55.49 KB, 391x391, 1:1, coolparrot.jpg)

Are there any other recommended upgrades to an X200 besides an SSD? Had mine for a few years, best purchase I've ever made. I'm planning to give it a really thorough clean again soon so figure I might as well kill two birds with one stone.

- Wireless card is Intel Wifi Link 5100AGN, which was seemingly the lowest spec one available on X200s, are there any go-to more modern ones?

- Still has the stock fan unit, though I'm finding it tends to buzz sometimes, are there any improved fans/fan upgrades or should I just get a replacement standard fan?

- Besides that is there actually anything worth installing in the ExpressCard slot or extra Mini PCI slots? I found a USB3.0 unit for the ExpressCard though the old board likely throttles the transfer rate so it's probably not worthwhile.




Yeah, that generation of Precision was a brutal piece of machinery, and was styled to look the part.

I love my M6800, it's a coal fired monster but it makes VM work a snap.

Would be better if I could find 32GB of 1866 RAM for less than $200, I only have 16GB in there right now.






If you can get by the whitelist, put an AC7260 wireless card in there, and a M25H dedicated GPS module



max out ram, the fan noise may be fixed with an extremely light oil like sewing machine oil.



coreboot/trannyboot will eliminate that, and a normal bios mod to remove the whitelist would work fine too. I have some jewtel AC card in my bios modded t440p with no issues.



> I have some jewtel AC card

That would be the AC7260, as it was the only HMC form factor AC card made by Intel.

And if you search ebay for their Dell part number, 8TF1D, they can be found for roughly half price



nah. I put an 8265NGW in the t440p. ac7260 would be fine in that guys x200.




NGW form factor is the m.2 card, HMC is half mini pcie



Ended up pulling the 860 out, a acquintance of mine wanted a SSD and i'm getting the 2nd 860 later this week anyway.




It is literally less expensive to do yourself and you will learn a little something too. Just do it yourself. $100 for an X200 and $50 for a Beaglebone or whatever to flash, or $250 to buy it from some shill overpriced freedum site. Or, you can pay someone to do it for you, there are people on eBay who provide the service for like $50.


File: df9fe90f2cdb212⋯.jpg (49.64 KB, 419x480, 419:480, WINBOND-1.jpg)



It works fine by the way. You have to desolder the WSON chip to flash it. Better put a bigger (16MiB) SOIC chip after that. You can find a bag of W25Q128FVSG for 5$ on Aliexpress.



Also, put coreboot on that thing. Libreboot is for fags.



>flash coreboot

>install AR5B95 wifi card

>install SSD

>install USB3 expresscard (worth it)

>max out RAM

>if fan is noisy, get an original Lenovo fan replacement (most sold on ebay are shit)

>install gentoo


File: cfbbc3ac8703166⋯.jpg (91.42 KB, 1000x804, 250:201, s-l1000.jpg)


SMD ic clips exist, mein neger.

Used one on my X230T when bios flashing.

Also used a memePi zero in "Ethernet Gadget" mode that I SSH'd into it from my stationary, along with flashboot.




hurr durr



X230T has a SOIC chip, this explains why you've been able to use you shiny clip test stupid.

X200T has a WSON chip.



> AR5B9

But that's 802.11 N only, why not add AC capability?



The chip you listed is 128M.

It's still compatible?

The wiki also says all I have to do is solder leads off the chip while it's in place.



possible but you need to have good soldering skill

it is more practical to remove it and put a SOIC instead (for easy access later with test clip)





File: d59e6fbe9d4bb27⋯.jpg (5.03 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20180915_195526.jpg)

Thought I would show you guys my T500 since I upgraded it. I have 8GB RAM now and a T9900. Screen is still 1280x800 and I don't have a reason to upgrade it. Have a keyboard cover on the way.

Got a R61i not too long ago and I must say the build quality it much nicer than the T500. So much so I find myself using it more often. Have a great day/night everyone.



upgrade the screen, I've had both and the TN panels are extremely shitty in comparison. on ebay the screens are more money than you can get a new t500. just go to a used laptop store and buy a hole new one with a better display.




>windows 10

>piriform speccy

why are you here?



I may upgrade the screen in the future. I mostly use e-mail and have my document viewer and file system window open. That is three windows and I have two of them on a separate virtual workspace.

Now it is a different story for my R61i as the screen is glossy. It's not a complaint, more of a distraction when switching from the T500. I was thinking of replacing it with a T61p, although I heard that the graphics card inside loses contact because of heat issues. I'll have to research that. If the problem is that bad, I don't mind just getting a matte screen replacement.




>>windows 10

>>piriform speccy

>>why are you here?

It's a work laptop.

Its job is to look like nothing a client can easily buy, while I am there to do what they think they need me to do for them.



I have a T61p where the video often boots up all garbled. Sometimes it books up ok, but then eventually the screen goes wonky. Then the system is still running if you ssh into it, but eventually it just locks up hard. So that sounds a bit like the problem you're describing.



I'm sorry for being nasty to you in my earlier comment. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. 😞



Of my three Dells, all of them have windows installed on them as the primary OS, but each for very different reasons.

The M6800 has windows for graphic design and VM work.

The E6230 ultraportable is my shitposting machine, has windows on it for plausible deniability, and the linux disk us a USB 3 SSD.

And, of course, the E6420 XFR is my work laptop.


File: 519422d2d052129⋯.png (57.82 KB, 483x259, 69:37, pic_18-09-2018-23:42:53.png)

Never owned one but the moment a guy I know let me have my hands at his I've fallen in love. He got it from some relative for free. Now I'm interested in getting one. I see drawing manga being mentioned and I like that a lot. Can any anon say more on this?

I'd use it as a portable everyday light use machine since I already have a workstation laptop (pic related). Should a poorfag with an incoming payment buy one?

Yes, I'll update to 4.17. any minute now




Jelly tbh, too bad there's no IPS screen option, and that Dell went down the shitter after the M-series Precisions.



>Dell went down the shitter after the M-series Precisions

At least they still have dock ports



Nope, ditched on the xx30 Precisions.



Those dogfuckers


Are there any decent laptops still made?

>docking station

>real keyboard

>optical drive

>open source os supported hardware

My desktop is getting tired and I have been thinking about getting back in to a laptop. I really miss my T22.



x800 Precisions, or whatever Panasuckit has in their JDM only Toughbook/Let's Note line, apparently some models even have a WUXGA screen and DVD burner in the palmrest.



I think the current gen HP ZBooks meet his spec, but probably not his budget



If HP unfucks their keyboards i'm getting a ZBook instantly, fuck Dell and fuck Lelnopo.


File: ba6e6be218f0de4⋯.jpeg (54.26 KB, 950x323, 50:17, laptop-precision-7730-mlk….jpeg)


>I think the current gen HP ZBooks meet his spec, but probably not his budget

Actually I don't mind spending money if it is quality and fits my needs. I tend to get years and years out of my stuff because I don't game or need bleeding edge power. I looked Zbook's and the ones with a good keyboard have no drive or docking.



I looked at the dells and they have that nightmare chicklet keyboard and no more docking stations. "single cable" thunderbolt "docking" is the meme now. Everyone copy's every single shitty trait of the powerbooks now.


I wasn't even thinking about them because my CF29 really soured me on the whole line. Shit screen, keyboard and touchpad. But I just looked at the CF31's and they may fit the bill now. Referb last gen ones are not that expensive.Only negative that I can see is lack of numeric keypad but the keyboard looks 100% better then the old CF29's.. They even come with real RS232's still. The only question really with them is open source support. I need to research that some more. Also need to figure out if i can get multi screen out of the dock.



File: a7d2de05df73a91⋯.jpg (599.98 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1.jpg)

File: adc84f92d82e8e7⋯.jpg (4.44 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 2.jpg)


Now in White. More to your taste?


File: 15b1f49af0f6c46⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20180917_154740_HDR.jpg)


Here are the shit I did to mine

- Maxxed out ram

- Libreboot

Frankly im quite happy with what I have with my x200 but there are a few more mods that you can do if you want

- 1440x900

- Msata

- usb 3.0

There is probably some more but I can think of them off the top of my head



CF-29's have the same keyboard as the 30 and 31

I tried installing Slackware 8.1 on my M40 last night, but it doesn't want to boot. RIP 2 hours of my time.




Could it possibly be a issue with grub?



Nice pape.







>Temps are awesome



During a stress test m8.

The dual core before I modded the QuadCore did 80°C with the fan going turbo.



>Actually I don't mind spending money if it is quality and fits my needs

Okay, check out Getac





Don't buy this. Or rather do if you want to deal with shitty build quality and failing parts.



Out of curiosity what do you get when idle?



There are 3 different keyboard options on the 31s now.



Normal, rubber (bring a hammer and chisel!) and backlit chiclet like most newer 31's have.



Since I don't turn the fan on till 55°C, it hovers 40-45.

With the fan on lowest speed it's somewhere around 30-35°C.

Although during load it never exceeds the second fan speed.

It's mostly thanks to the combo of a W700 (or T500 with ATI) Cooler put into the non-ATI chassis + liquid metal.



Why don't you explain in detail what these issues are?



Cases that crack, nonexistant support, parts are hard to get, glhf buying Getac when you're not a authorized dealer.



I see, too small of an operation to support what they're trying to sell


Where should these be bought in Canada? Ebay has absolutely retarded shipping prices.



thinkpad forum: https://forum.thinkpads.com/

or probably faster:

Your version of classifieds.

So I guess... craigslist?

Over here in naziland we have "Ebay Kleinanzeigen", that's where most thinkpad's are being sold. Many librebooted one's on there as well.



thinkpads.com is cancer, don't use it.


Fuck my fucking life, I missed out on a 760EL. Oh well, i'll come across one someday!

There's a (rather expenisve?) Precision M4500 on my local adverts site, thinking of getting it.



eBay Kleinanziegen on the other hand is GOAT, if you can find the right adverts, why they're asking ridiculous prices for old Precisions, Toughbooks and ThinkPads is beyond me.


File: 18b26b1173067d3⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, baky8x.png)


Please respond...

My niggers after i will finally (hopefully it won't be stolen at sorting center) get my x220 which things i should look for? I watched lots of youtube videos, but they are mostly the same; i want general advice from know-how men of culture. Shall i fall for M.2 SSD meme (i have 256GB SSD at work as a main for win7 and i notice almost no difference with my home 10K WD velociraptor 160GB hard drive).

getting this x220: i5-2520, 3GB RAM, refubrished by "it-mixx", 150- euroschekels, 320GB aftermarket hard drive, probably german "tastatur", probably near dead battery (50-60%) and shitty win7.

the first things i should look for are:

- fan/dust cleaning, thermopaste renewal

- hard drive renewal?! (i have external USB3 1TB HDD and dunno what to use it for)

- buy some additional module (i'm pretty sure USB3.0 is unsupported)

- get some M.2 180-240GB SSD (which are the best? samsung evo?)

- general signs of heavy refubrishing (screw caps removal e.t.c.)

- display problems (it will hit hard on my budget and i'm picky about old lcds)

- general hardware malfunction? (like wi-fi not working e.t.c.)

- keyboard > changing to dvorak (also big enter is no-no, i like '\' on top of it)

- dead battery soldering new li-ion caps

- case scratches and signs of beatings (i may use "liquid resin" painting) [may actually paint it black using "liquid resin" to make it somewhat beating-proof?]

may someone add common problems or is it enough?

I plan to clean install win7 (for work purposes, all modern electrical engie software is written for win), b-b-but! which linux distro (or, God forbid, BSD seems like a viable option right now) i should go with? F.e. if i ever plan to libre-boot it? I'm a bit scared by Gentoo and Slack, because none of my close relatives use it and getting a handbook cost a fortune in my shit-poor country. Common BSD problems also turn me off, but SystemDickInTheAss is not an option in any case! So which linux/BSD distros support:

- actually a viable working on battery lifetime (i heard rumors only linus 4.+ solved this problem)

- no systemdicks

- no pre-installed bloat software

- no need to actually spend my quality time compiling all this shit-bloat

- i'm such a brainlet i might as well go for Arch or Devuan or Tails if babysitting is just a joke

- again i can't get a hold on any "%DISTRONAME% Handbook" around my parts



You fucked up by going for a refurbished X220, and fucked up even more by going for a Sandy Bridge ThinkPad.


File: cae275db63b8bd2⋯.jpg (168.13 KB, 600x441, 200:147, Macbook.jpg)



Their marketplace is good though. If you are looking for something someone will have it for a fair price.




That's why.



Enjoy your housefire



It's not bad if you have the mon...

>Upper Left window is gookle

fuck off


File: 1c1f50b685c84a4⋯.jpg (776.26 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, ayayaya.jpg)



Except you are obligatory to fill in your location, which is a big nope.jpg in my book.

That and the image bullshit, who gives a fuck about big images in 2018?


Unfucking thread+860 Evos are back on sale at Amazon.de again, 79€ for a 500GB SSD is pretty good.


T61p WUXGA for 60€, go for it?


If I was looking for a windows XP laptop to play old games on which would be my best hope?

I want a monitor with a pc inside it that I can just plug shit in and it'll work. If possible a monitor that isn't eye rape. most modern monitors are giving me eye strain and I want something that won't.



Pentium M era Latitude, ThinkPads from that era suffer from flexing.

M4500 on eBay Kleinanziegen with cracked lid and 920XM+1800M, thinking of getting it.



Speaking of which, stay away from anything with Quadros in them, the 2005-2007 Quadro GPUs are housefires and tend to shit themselves quite often. (go read about bumpgate, interesting stuff)



Didn't do it, the cracked lid was a no-go for me, god knows what else might have happened to it.

>tfw the only Precisions on your local advert site are the Mx600 and up models


Is it a good idea to order thinkpad parts from alibaba ?



If you're this stupid then you shouldn't be allowed to order things online. You will get fake shit at best and broken shit at worst.



I'm asking because I know it might be the usual Chinese trickery but some people seem to have had good results.


Got my CMOS battery in the mail for the M6500, now it keeps it's time and BIOS settings. Also ordered a caddy for my M40 because I broke the original one.


File: bc0965abfb5fd27⋯.jpg (42.95 KB, 726x545, 726:545, $_85.JPG)

>mfw I come across a Precision M50 out of nowhere on a local classifieds site




And bought, 30€ with shipping. Needs a thorough clean but god damn, I still can't believe I bought a M50!





Traded my 31 for a G1 Mk4 today, Skylake is pretty awesome so far!



Except it didn't, and fuck me if the motherboard is dying.


File: e486fffae6b7706⋯.jpg (2.26 MB, 4272x2848, 3:2, smol boi and thicc dude.jpg)



Thinkpad 25, it doesn't have an optical drive but checks all the other tick marks.


Is a used Toughbook CF-31 mk4 worth $800? What should I be looking for when buying one of these used?




First hit on eBay, get a power port cover somewhere cheap and you've got a nice 31.


So um, are there any good modern Thinpads that would be great for college/travel?

I've had a 230x before and it was a decent little laptop, but had to sell it for money.



Thanks for the link. Should I generally be looking for an i5 at around that price $650 give or take depending on RAM and HDD/SSD setup? Is it worth getting a second battery?



If you're on the road without a socket nearby then yes, the the MP Battery. Or better yet, a used Lind charger off eBay if you have a car.



Widescreen was a fucking mistake, look at the keyboard bezels on that X60s and W500.



I've got an Carbon X1 I'm happy with. It's the only ThinkPad I have though.



Maybe they could make the keys wider to get rid of the bezel.



Awesome. Thanks.



P50 here, meh cooling but great performance, won't be getting a ThinkPad next time however, really thinking of the Precision 7730, or the ZBook 17, even though it has a godawful keyboard.



Keyboard was the #1 reason I went with ThinkPad. Came very close to getting a T420 or T420s but wanted a better screen.




I like my W500 but I wish they put in a numpad like the W540/W541


File: 7f9da4e28a4ec67⋯.png (8.93 KB, 368x279, 368:279, donxnr.png)


I've thought of getting it since I can get a pretty decent discount on it. But supposedly its a pain to get into, can you confirm that or have you even tried? Not only that but whiny fans on a laptop is annoying for me.

I've thought about getting the A285 with a Vega/Ryzen 2500U for about 1000$ but not sure how well Linux works out of the box for it yet. Videos I've seen is that you have to do some decent amount of tweaking to get it working properly, unless they've updated it to work better.


How to make the "mute volume" key work on a T400 with Linux ?

I tried to pass "acpi_osi="Linux" to kernel but nothing happens when the key is pressed. (Even with xev)

(it is running coreboot by the way)



Where did you get your screenshot from?

Mine is the generation 1 (2012) model. I bought it used a couple of years ago and opened it up to see what dust may need cleaning. Minimally hard as far as laptops go.


Wouldn't call the fan frequency whiny at all. Playing a YouTube video it's barely audible and if I'm stressing the CPU it of course gets louder I'd never call it whiny. Maybe our definitions would be different though.

>high surface temps

I've never observed anything I'd call high. Metal chassis will transmit heat better than plastic so I can see why some people may call it high.

I do miss having an ethernet.

Myself, I'd prefer to stay away from the A-series and stick with X, T, or maybe W series. This is a generally recommended guide: https://sites.google.com/view/trueflametech/free-stuff/used-thinkpad-buyers-guide


If you want cheap toughbooks search up "dell xfr no power cord" on ebay, and you will get a ton of old government pulls. Prices range from 75-100 dollars. Bonus points if you can find one with a green unclass sticker.



I got it from Notebookcheck, and its the latest generation one, not the 2012 version.


File: 31ea0692f70e7ca⋯.webm (9.86 MB, 1080x1440, 3:4, computer-vp9.webm)


Fucking kill me, the M50 I got is in terrible condition.

>fall damage so the screen+case are fucked

>backlight is red = worn

>won't boot most of the time, a-la the T2x's Blink of Death

At least the Quadro4 works, hopefully.



Managed to unfuck the boot problem and the backlight works fine when it's warmed up, only need to fix the case a bit.

Also found out it was the highest spec model you could get, so it has a Quadro4 700GL and Pentium 4 2 GHz, guess this one's a keeper then.



1600x1200 Deus Ex with Medium/High settings gets around 20-30 fps, so this is the power of a GeForce4 Ti4200 in mobile form.


Also got 32GB RAM for the M6500 in the mail, still having issues with the CMOS battery.



Fuck me, touchpad is acting funny on the M50. Guess i'll have to find a UXGA C840 and move the CPU+GPU over.


File: f4e13c36b8ebd1a⋯.jpg (530.24 KB, 2576x1936, 161:121, 20181006_002.jpg)

And for shit's 'n giggles, my collection of Precisions.

Left to right: Precision M6500, M50, M40




Boi compile a guide


File: 5a5d7e0a3b1e982⋯.jpg (4.63 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, phoro.jpg)


Will do.

If you can't wait, here is the initial guide I followed.


Just don't drill into the MoBo, snip off the pins. The resale value is not worth the hassle.

Others on libreboot IRC did the mod as well, great source of info.



The turbo boost to 2.8ghz on 2 cores was a nice surprise. Since Intel used to call it Dynamic Acceleration it's data sheet says it has no turbo boost.




That guy's a fucking madman.

>T60p with R50p QXGA screen and 51nb T70 board

>X32 with pinmodded Pentium M and Radeon 7500 GPU

>R61 non-WS with R500 board

>600X with Dell Vostro i7 guts and CF-30 display

>T61/T500 with Core 2 Quad mod



Looks like i fucked up! Should i also adress this question to /support/?

First thing first: thinkpad x220 running win7 & mx-linux on same hdd.

SysV sometimes fucks up and can't unload networkmanager after sleeping for some time, also can't unload crypto disks (seems like systemDicks took it over).

Second: after cleaning and re-connecting keyboard power button doesn't start up notepad the first time: it flashes, then 5 seconds dead silence, then i press start button again and it boots up okay. What is the meaning of this? Loose keyboard connection? Doesn't seem so.

Third: where can i get those awesome plastic flat screwdrivers (or just flat things like guitar mediators) for electronic plastic case opening?



eBay > "spudger tool"



Are you sure that it is not broken?

If I remember, x220 had issues with C-states and suspend that you had to install that package on Arch. It might also be that the bios isn't updated yet.

If you really think it is a dead keyboard then you should look on dmesg for "wmi error" or "unknown key"

>sysv fucks up

it could also be that the keyboard is stuck (phantom press) so it fucked up the boot sequence. You should try an external keyboard which usually disables the built in one.

You should try booting up a live distro again and it might be that your mx-linux install fucked itself (maybe it detected bad sectors and stuff got corrupted since some winfag sellers usually hide the bad sectors with a certain tool)

>disconnecting keyboard

That is usually not advised as the flex pins might oxidize (not gold/copper but the inferior black pins) when left unattended or not reseated back into its port for a long time. Sweat may also corrode it. If there are a bunch of wmi errors, stick keys, or phantom/non-working keys on the live distro it might be a sign of bad keyboad.


Started playing through Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy on my CF-19, pretty fun! Really need a Dual Touch stylus though for that right mouse button.



>SysV sometimes fucks up and can't unload networkmanager after sleeping for some time, also can't unload crypto disks (seems like systemDicks took it over).



Found your problems.

>after cleaning and re-connecting keyboard power button doesn't start up notepad the first time: it flashes, then 5 seconds dead silence, then i press start button again and it boots up okay. What is the meaning of this? Loose keyboard connection

Could be bad keyboard. If the keys don't feel the same or are crunchy, try pressing hard on the key in question until it feels normal



>soundless webm

lemme guess, it's got CucKchanOS installed?


File: fc6138766cc9c07⋯.jpg (64.84 KB, 900x900, 1:1, angry_pepe.jpg)

>tfw my gf dropped a T470s that I got for free from my uncle who scored several while dumpster diving his corporate dumpster

>tfw even after the standard battery troubleshooting that fixed 98% of problems caused by dropping it won't start or get a charge

My baby, it hurts



haha nice facebook frog dude!


File: 194d3ec9fd6efa5⋯.jpg (87 KB, 1698x890, 849:445, R8jtbkC.jpg)

lol I was watching something by Level1Techs and guess what was in it, a Toughbook CF-19.

Wonder what those red stains are, hmm...



NetworkManager? Just use WPA Supplicant and wpa_gui if you need your Fisher Price UI.



What about wicd?



As far as I know, it's not as actively maintained but it does have amazing throughout for certain hardware.



Hasn't had a update since December 2014.


I am curious about the newest Ryzen Thinkpads that Lenovo is selling.



>Onboard ram

>No Ethernet port and you have to buy a dongle for it.

Disgusting, but tempting since I want something very light and portable.

Also curious about the A485. Seems alright.

Any new Thinkpads that are considered solid?



P-series or xx30, anything else is trash.


I cant get a fucking void linux usb to boot on my libreboot x200. I feel fucking retarded.



Actually I take that back, I repasted my P50 and it won't go over 95c during a stress test now.


I wonder which thinkpad should I buy? I'm looking for a relatively cheap one. The most performance-hungry tasks it will get to do will probably be Watching 1080 videos and running intellij idea.



X230 or T430 if you can live with the shit screen.



specced out T500, 8 gigs of ram and a core 2 quad, 1680x1050 screen and an ati graphics chip.



And I bought a brand new, boxed palmrest since mine's cracked somehow.



One palmrest later and I have a near new P50.


so p72 is to be preinstalled with redhat if you so wish

>inb4 bios

>inb4 nvdia

sometimes i oh so really want an usb3.1 libre lappie



Fuck RHEL, Zorin OS or go home.

I like how Dell offers a Ubuntu option on their Precisions, that'll save me 150$ on the Windows license too.



thinkpad p series have amazon botnet long ago you nigger



Bait. ThinkPads never had Superfish.



Why didn't you buy an actual camera instead of a bad computer.

Why is the keyboard so bad on these.


Has anyone here successfully converted an old MacPro G5 to run Linux? I hate to toss this thing because it looks sweet and I feel there is so much potential, but at this point its beyond obsolete.



>MacPro G5

A Mac Pro is an Intel machine. A Power Mac G5 has one or more PowerPC G5 CPUs. The easiest visual identifier between the would be whether it has one or two CD bays on the front: a Power Mac has one, an Intel Mac Pro has two. A G5 would also have a big G5 emblem on top of the heat sinks if you pop the access door off.

Yes, a Power Mac G5 will run Linux just fine, albeit a little bit slowly compared to newer computers and with worse web browser support. I have one that runs Gentoo perfectly.


File: ca88da9ba6c172a⋯.jpeg (1.78 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 422EA751-6880-4819-BABB-7….jpeg)

Lenovo Thinkpad x201, 4gb RAM, 512gb ssd, Void Linux (used to run FreeBSD on it thus the sticker)



Nice, there's a X200s for sale in my area but I think it's too expensive, and i'm looking for a late 700-series ThinkPad.



My employer tossed mine out in the trash because the screen was broke. I fished it out and bought a screen on eBay for something like $35.00 — I will call that a win. The ssd I already owned.



It is def a Power Mac. But going by what you're saying, its probably time to say goodbye... :(

Also, sorry about posting non-thinkpad on this thread. Forgot where I was.




The last of the bloated browsers that work on ppc64 are firefox 52 and palemoon 27, although I hear that somebody recently got chromium to work on a Talos, which is little endian ppc64 (ppc64el). Maybe that work will filter down to our big endian ppc64 machines someday. qtwebkit 5.212 is theoretically an option that still receives updates, but I haven't tried it yet. This would allow us to run qutebrowser or otter browser. The next option is using TenFourFox under OS X, which is by far the best of the bloated browsers for PowerPC Macs in any OS. Of course, non-shit browsers such as lynx, links, elinks, w3m and dillo all work as they should.

Depending on the model, system performance should be somewhere between that of a high end Pentium 4 and a Core 2 Quad.

Politely saging for discussion not related to thinkpads and toughbooks.



You've certainly piqued my interest with this list of "non-shit" browsers. Are these what you guys are using? I'd be stoked to get rid of GOOG.


File: 029ef0a4c312bc3⋯.jpg (370.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DubbelsinFHD.jpg)





You can still make a pretty penny from it selling the case. Lots of people want the G5 case for hackintosh jobs.


A485 Vs hp elitebook 745?



Krista's period



Nice digits. If you're a normalfag that spends all day on faceberg, these browsers aren't enough for you. If you're an autist that's truly tired of the modern web and willing to put up with a few broken websites, you should give them a try. Most or all of them will be in your favorite linux distro's repos. They'll all handle your shitposting and news reading without complaint, but they do not support javascript whatsoever.



Upgraded the R61i today. Went from a T5450 and 2GB to a T9300 and 4GB. I only upgraded it because I got the fan error and figured I might as well since I am going to have it open. I ended up cracking the palm rest plastic. It's in a way that you can't even notice but still. Also I ended up with one extra screw like always. Oh well.

Next I'll go for two of those USB 3.0 cards. Then finally I'll upgrade the screens. Have a nice night guys. >>970000


At fucking last my RAM for the M50 came in the mail, and my 3DMark01 score went up from 6665 to 6800 something. Not bad for a top-end Precision from 2002.



that green is fucking disgusting, I hope you never bring that thing outside



please sir, tell me how you know a website is requireing javascript


File: c2f1c6ed5dcef52⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 3264x1840, 204:115, IMG_20181026_120854.jpg)

File: 75230ae78794cbb⋯.jpg (2.04 MB, 2976x3968, 3:4, IMG_20180427_182749.jpg)

Posting my collection

In order of purchase history



>t61 to transplant screen onto t60 when it broke. Cheaper to buy it as spare parts than perennially buy repair parts. Now being used in picrel 2

>x60t for meme swivel ibm and 4:3 touchscreen meme. It's pretty fun actually

>IBM NetVista (4 i think). dad found this somewhere idk what to with it. Its pretty slow (its from like 2003 or 2001).

They all have SSDs except the netvista.



Forgot to add that the thing comming off the side of the x60t is a serial port connector



Install noscript or umatrix in your current browser, set it to globally deny scripts by default and see what breaks. Generally, advanced UI features on newer websites are most of what will break most often. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Further questions on this topic should be directed to the Q&A sticky in the event that your search engine fails you.



>Rick and Morty

>Apple charger



Interesting. It's just like an older computer, isn't it?

What >>990936 said though.



>posting that dumb fucking meme image a hundred times non-stop in every thinkpad thread with that shitty fucking setup



What's a good ThinkPad to run Windows NT 4.0 on?



Also finally found a crack/activation bypass for Office XP, yay! It should work with 2003 too but apparently there's some shitty checksum check which blocks it.


I currently own ThinkPad X200T. Is there a better alternative for up to 130$ given that I'm not going to flash libreboot on it?





File: 6dc2c37f970de21⋯.jpg (460.72 KB, 1231x848, 1231:848, reform-beta3-halved.jpg)


I'm so hyped about this.

completly open source hardware with tons of I/O. easy to repair, mod, extend.

low profile cherry mx keys

runs on an ARM with passive heatsink.

I'm a bit worried about the price/performance ratio thought (roughly gonna be 500, 700€)

there is no release date yet but I hope for something early 2019

should I be excited or not?



I'm hyped about that too. I also keep an eye on the little Pyra.


>I'm a bit worried about the price/performance ratio thought

I'm willing to go back, performance-wise, in order to gain back control over my hardware. We will only get better open tech when we support projects like these. The same problem is in radiation-resistant hardware (think space radiation for satellites) that keeps it 15 years behind the mainstream hardware in performance.


File: 301e506334a6597⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 2456x1380, 614:345, pyra.jpg)


Forgot pic because I sucks cocks



I like the idea and it's got a lot of nifty bits but I'm afraid that I'll end up with unusuable hardware. My gripes are:

* Gaymer stuff could have been a bunch more keys

* Dude seems to do a lot of "spaghetti on the wall" engineering (e.g. https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/its-the-speed-that-counts.83415/)

* Keyboard is probably going to be like the Pandora's in terms of usability (i.e. thumb typing a pain; needs to be set down to be useful so you may as well buy a $100 netbook instead)



This looks interesting.

Fully open at schematic and boardfile level is also nice. And it seems to have the CPU+RAM as a separate module from the rest of the mobo, so that can be possibly upgraded in the future. It should also keep the mobo costs down as they can use cheaper process and less layers for it.


I have come to hate windows logo on my superkey and don't feel like to sticker it, there seems to be no blank keycaps available on the market for a ME-infested chinkpad tho



isopropyl alcohol and a good rub or a tiny bit of paint stripper might work, but you'll tarnish the surface

maybe a little tiny bit of abrasive paper




>maga hat

Ami go home, seppos get out


Whoa holy shit, Panasonic finally updated the CF-31 to Kaby Lake. PC Card and ExpressCard slots are dropped too.



It's backlit so I guess no


I just found a refurb "non-touch" x220t, what does it mean? I can't use the the stylus or something?



Digitizer only IIRC, only usable with a pen.


File: d8b67a92e5baf81⋯.png (815.31 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Schermafdruk op 2018-11-10….png)

Got bored, installed Debian on my M6500.


Frens, can I get some recommendations for the first thinkpad I buy? I'm thinking about going with a used X220, my budget is around 250$ but I'm not sure which thinkpad is the best "bang for buck" choice


Looking to get a Libreboot compatible Thinkpad, preferably the X200. But I live in a place where it's quite hard to get such old hardware, and so I was pondering whether to buy refurbished units from the chief tranny himself, i.e from Minifree. I don't have time nor the patience to learn how to solder, so getting one from there would be ideal. Call me lazy all you want, but I have other things to do.

Are they trustworthy? Will >she solder some sort of homosexual botnetspyaidsware chip in there?



Get a T530 or W520(with a k2000m). If you want to upgrade to a beefy monster down the line, you can.




I tried that and it failed.


Gonna play the thinkpad lottery and drop 50$ on a t60. Hope i get one with atleast a 1280x1025 screen.



1280x1024 is 5:4, you'd be looking at a very rare 770Z for that.


I need to choose a laptop for work, I make CAD drawings and need to visit construction sites sometimes. I don't have to care about NSA spyware because it's not for personal use. I just need a sturdy laptop that can handle being in the vicinity of humanoid construction workers.

I was thinking either the Lenovo X1 or the P1. Anyone have any of these of have any experience in the field with them?



X1 has trash GPU for its pricepoint, P1 should be fine. Though I would rather get an older W or T series Thinkpad since they actually have buttons on the bottom of the trackpad, also it's textured and feels nice.


Some keys of my Thinkpad don't work anymore and I've been reading about it and found this thread :


Could it be that my thinkpad is dead or do I just need to replace the keyboard?



Not that much of a risk for a new keyboard, they are cheap to get for those models.




Thanks, I already own an x200 for personal use.


File: 3fae7e1a6b4c481⋯.jpg (91.62 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 579580-1.jpg)



nevermind, just needed some time to seep into the motor. used some 3in1 and now my fan runs with no rattle.




If you really want a laptop with a Pentium 2, then sure.


Are there better bet than ME cleaner if I have to use a bleeding-edge Intel chip?


Not sure if I should go full "FUCK NVIDIA!" for this:

>install Debian on Quadro4 equipped Precision M50

>install proprietary drivers because Noveau doesn't support the Geforce4/Quadro4

>make xorg.conf


>fatal error something

>turns out 96.43 is not supported by any modern kernels anymore

>meanwhile, a Precision with a AMD FirePro from the year 2009 is still supported under any modern distro


Also installed NT4.0 Workstation on one of my T22's today, pretty fun!


New thinkpad user here. Bought a T530 at work. Does NOT have descreet nvidia. Plan to coreboot it (as libreboot is not proven compatible yet). I also have a dock. pretty hapy with it so far, except chiclet keyboard. I plan to do the hack.

I am just generally curious if there are any recommendations for this thinkpad other than what I already mentioned. Cool modifications, changes, etc? I'm also curious if I could simply put a higher-resolution screen into it. My thinkpad ios a 1080p screen, and I'd like a 1600x1200 screen like I had on my old Dell Latitude D820.




Go nuts, this is a W530 but it's basically the same as a T530.


>see t60 on local classifieds

>only 30 dollars

>set up a deal with the guy

>travel halfway across the city to a very shady area

>waiting outside of a pharmacy for this guy

>the crackhead walks up to me with a beat to shit lenovo ideapad

what a goddamned waste of time.



I have repairs a few tough books professionally. I only ever see them after they been put through the wrigger in mechanics shops, these are ideal for feild work so allot of companies sold them as diag devices for desiel test and the like. Real trashy fucked up but still running, bios batteries and busted duckbill in the USB ports are common but I'll be fucked if the disks were still ok in all the ones I finger banged.


I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 with an Intel Pentinum 4 CPU and was wondering if it has the intel management engine. Also I'm looking for an operating system that is extremely lightweight since this thing only has 1.2g of ram. At the moment I have lubuntu running but it doesn't feel light enough. Considering it's a 32bit processor is something like gentoo the best option?



Wrong thread.



OpenBSD is super lightweight and the P4 is ME-free. Enjoy frien.


File: 44deb3753af3cb0⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, dilemma.png)

Got a T420 on the way for well under 100$. 4GB of ram and no HD but the chasis looks nice and I have compatible DDR3 ram and a 250GB SSD I can use from an old broken iMac. Going to flash coreboot with me_cleaner privacy and possibly upgrade to a quad core 35w i7-ivybridge later.

Question is: Do I install Gentoo or OpenBSD? I already have Gentoo on my haswell desktop and I like it quite a bit. I used to love FreeBSD, even more than I currently like Gentoo, before it got CoC'd and the maintainers of a few packages I used left the project protest. I'd love to ignore the CoC but because of it's exlusive nature it immedietly affected the capabilities of the OS. I will add that I don't think Gentoo will be greatly affected by the upsteam Linux CoC since they have always mainstained their own kernel fork (I could be wrong though). I will likely compile from ports on OpenBSD so binary packages is out of the quation either way. I'm leaning towards OpenBSD for maximum privacy and CoC safety but my only worry is it seems like radically different configuration experience in comparison to Gentoo and FreeBSD.





File: 8bfe0baf519390f⋯.png (524.11 KB, 601x665, 601:665, A22m.png)

Saved this antique from a junk pile at work.

>Thinkpad A22m

>Windows 2k vintage

>Pentium 3 800MHz

>128MB RAM

>Hard disk makes horrible clunk noise

Will eventually buy an SD to mini IDE card

>Floppy drive

>Just shy of 50mm thick

Plan to PXE boot something both modern and minimal enough to possibly work.



Is that actually the ThinkPad? It's in great condition if so, nice find.



>Is that actually the ThinkPad?

Yes. I just whited out the background.

The top left keys are a bit stiff (Esc, F1, ~) and the whole unit needs a good clean. Some shine on the key caps too. There was never any hope for the battery.

More details once I get time to play with it a bit.


I recently reapplied thermal paste on my T420 but the temps are still hitting around ~75-80C.

Is that temperature range normal for an i5 without the Nvidia chip?



What brand of thermal paste? Kryonaut always helps my temps.




>SD to mini IDE

The SD IDE emulators tend to cause headaches. A full-spec CF card is my preference for these projects since they already implement proper IDE; you just need a pin adapter. The ones you want are usually marked as "industrial" or similar, though you sometimes get lucky with consumer-grade cards as well. I'm sure there a wiki, forum or website that can help in that regard.



Doesn't get much better than that, GC Extreme or Liquid Ultra is the best non-metal/LM pastes you can get.


what do you guys think about the x240



Guessing my fan's bad? It's not really blowing real hard.


File: 428409a737f01d5⋯.jpg (50.49 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, $_86.JPG)

Bought a 760XL, fuck yeah at last!


Whats the newest chinkpad that can be librebooted?



xx00, I suggest getting a T500 and upgrading it to a QX9300.


File: 47da2b7dfbdf949⋯.jpg (3.93 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, JPEG_20181120_203023.jpg)

Spent $12 on an r51 and now I gotta spend $100 for a microcontroller if I want to reset the supervisor password. Already ordered some ram to upgrade from 512mb and a new cmos battery and this is starting to turn into a money sink. Has anyone dealt with removing SVPs?



You can at least boot to Ganoo Linux right ?

If yes, then it might be possible to clear it with i2c. I did it on a x200, (It uses a 24c08 eeprom to store the (((password)))



>toy soldier on desk

What are you, 8?



Unfortunately it won't. It prompted me for the SVP when I tried to change boot options and came up with a bad crc2 error as well. It's my first thinkpad and trying to get it set up properly is half the fun. I might just end up getting the key maker x1 if it saves me the hassle for the next time I pick one up and run into the same issue. I'm probably going to get another one eventually at some point.


Goseiger is awsome. I have all my /m/ toys and gunpla on my desk. I have almost ever kamen rider kabuto form in vinyl action figure as well, even a couple of boukengers.



Short circuit SDA and SCL, boot up, set known password, done.



I shorted it and it still came up with a password prompt though it said default configuration used when it tried to enter bios



if you can remove the hard drive, install gnaoo loonix on it and put it back in, you can get around it


File: 911b83598d5a3c1⋯.jpg (2.89 MB, 4608x2592, 16:9, 15428343385505421084986811….jpg)

Had to borrow a soldering gun but got it done. Now hopefully i can clean up the solder after I'm done



hello void brother

I have mine installed on a x230



Why did you switched from freebsd to void? I was thinking doing the opposite


I like my W530, but this fucking horrible FHD panel with its faulty colors in the top left even looking straight on it.


Welp I broke it. Using a soldering gun led to me using too much solder and accidentally soldering multiple pins. Afrer removing it it no longer boots and just gets fan spin and charging light when turned on. Guess I'll sell it or keep it for spare parts


What thinkpad should I buy if I'm looking for a machine that can run Windows 95-Windows XP's game library? It just has to play them at 60 fps and I'm happy.



Dell Latitude D810 with a Radeon X600. If you need more FPS, M6400 with a FirePro card.


I found store selling X220T without working tablet screen, which seem worthless. Can the screen be replace with tablet screen replacement?


Talk me out of selling my 760XL.

>dead battery

>no FDD so I can't reinstall it

>shitty keyboard compared to my T2x's

>no USB

>cardbus support is shit



Where would be the best place to buy for a UK machine?



eBay, Gumtree, whatever local classifieds your country has.


File: 95808806053cec3⋯.png (1.38 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 2018-11-23-213741_2048x153….png)

Letting my T60 upgrade, still fine after all these years.


File: 087dc7f263208b9⋯.jpg (2.19 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, IMG_20181122_104330.jpg)

W530 fresh from eBay




I hope you remembered to remove wayland along with dbus, appling a patched gtk+:3 and removing qt4 and 5.

Also, disable the bin host, rm cloveros_settings.sh and .bash_profile


File: 9733496bb075deb⋯.gif (983.29 KB, 800x709, 800:709, 1467312003022.gif)


Nice Youmu fumo(and thinkpad), isn't that pricier than the W530 itself?



ah wait I'm stupid, the fumo is around $100 but I remember it being ~$240



How the fuck are you supposed to use a js supporting browser without D-Bus? Chromium, Firefox and Midori crash without it, Netsurf doesn't have support for cancerscript, and the rest use Qt which I don't want as having to use more than one UI libraries is fucking stupid.




Building palemoon from source doesn't require dbus if you use versions prior to 28.0.0. Last known good version is 27.9.3, anything after that is based on firefox 52.*.* series which has CSS2/botnet and requires dbus.



Compile it yourself with the -dbus flag, dummy


I'd like to buy something as big as T420 but with a good screen. Any recommendation?


In love with my X200



X1C6 with WQHD HDR screen.


File: 9cf9ac0513aabeb⋯.png (196.54 KB, 455x407, 455:407, ahhh.PNG)

Spent a shit ton of my parent's money ($210) on a x201 althought to be fair they were offering to buy me a $1000 laptop

how bad did i get fucked boyos


File: af71a983014348e⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, IMG_20180710_115637.jpg)


i got my x220 for $70 in june



$210 sounds like quite a lot for an x201 in $CURRENT_YEAR, you could easily snag them for half that price about two years ago. Then again you said nothing about its condition. If it's mint-like (including non-shiny keyboard), has nice extras (such as 9-cell battery in good or great condition, docking station providing Displayport and optical drive, a caddy for an additional drive, 90W PSU, etc) and good specs (8 GiB of 1066 MHz DDR3 RAM and a medium-to-large size SSD) then the price could be ok.






How to you even secure this machine? Apparently it's hopelessly vulnerable to most of the serious shit of the past few years.

- has ME/AMT (obviously being botnet in itself, not properly supported by me_cleaner which can leave it in a semi-bricked state, not supported by Libreboot, too old to support the HAP bit), which is also vulnerable to SA-00075 (latest ME firmware for the board supposedly patches that, but then again much newer ME firmware might both expand the botnet in itself as well as add other yet widely unknown bugs)

- Intel CPU vulnerable to Spectre, Meltdown (unless patched, but if on Windows 7/8.x you can get moar MS botnet shipping with the patches) and now also PortSmash due to the Arrandale CPU having HT

- integrated WLAN vulnerable to CRACK (too old to get patched firmware/drivers)

- integrated Bluetooth vulnerable to Blueborne (as above, too old to get patched firmware/drivers)

Looks like a good machine provided you only use it offline-only in your faraday-caged basement's loo and not much anywhere else.



>Now if only I could get the 2nd HDD working with a mSATA SSD, I could triple boot XP/Vista/7

You do realise that you can multi-boot a shitton of OSes using just one single storage device (only condition being it being large enough)?



Chiru, faggot, I know you're here! Do you have a new Twitter account or something? This shit banned literally every single meme source I had. I'm fucking starving.


File: 3903f7a8a52255d⋯.jpg (2.37 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, IMG_20180716_101846.jpg)


File: 7d7c3d81ef69818⋯.gif (220.89 KB, 205x210, 41:42, 3b0d59ad6f0116513264abdf5e….gif)



Fuck that, i'm too lazy to setup partitions 'n shit.



Sold for 60€, so I made 140% profit. Not bad if you ask me! Also should be getting some CF-19 parts in the mail next week.



>remove wayland along with dbus

Has neither of those in the default install

>appling a patched gtk+:3

Already has

>and removing qt4 and 5.

It doesn't have qt4 and gtk is worse in every way



>too lazy to setup partitions

Indeed, it is dangerous to go alone. Read this www.epmurphy.com/pc/lmbbuild.htm


File: f979932ff47b83f⋯.jpg (3.24 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20181126_000643.jpg)

Yeap, Thinkpad T60. Now that's a laptop!


File: f9d23c1e92f8e9c⋯.jpg (3.29 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20181126_014050.jpg)



>all of these were changed after my post.

Alright, i see what you did, good job.

I know it's you chirunofag.


File: 22c91f3001bbbd8⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1442x1500, 721:750, CF20-1.jpg)

Anyone toyed with a CF-20? How rugged is it really? How is the keyboard? It looks good on paper but I'm cautious.


Nice, I've heard good things. How do you like it?


That's my thread, and my TB. Dock HDMI works well but I get some sort of interference flickering with VGA. Might be a problem with my dock. It's not a serious error but very annoying with prolonged usage. VGA straight to TB works fine.



The getac specs look really great, but comments like these worry me.



CF-20 is a downgrade CPU wise from the 19, the Core M is slower than a Ivy Bridge i5.



I see, but shouldn't you overall see a speedup vs if they had embedded the same chip because of the superior GPU of the Core M?

A lot of people shit on it hard because of the tablet format too. I think I'd use it a lot tbh.



No idea really, I went from a FZ-G1 Mk2 with a Haslell i5 to a G1 Mk4 with a Skylake i5 and I don't exactly measure a difference.


File: 37d9b4deafa29e6⋯.png (157.19 KB, 618x622, 309:311, tbcaddy.png)


Is there a TB HDD caddy adapter like this on the market? Does not have to be to USB.

>I went from a FZ-G1 Mk2 with a Haslell i5 to a G1 Mk4 with a Skylake i5 and I don't exactly measure a difference.

I guess a lot will depend on the particular CPUs, but IMHO anything north of core2duo is going to be about the same for "general use" all else (ram, ssd) equal. Of course gaming if you do it and web apps (the modern ones are especially demanding) will see a big speed difference.

Overall the reason to upgrade for me usually is (1) newer gen = lower power usage = higher battery life, (2) brighter display tech or (3) necessary ports (USB3.0 or HDMI). Usually if there is some slowdown it's an issue with insufficient RAM.

The keyboard is a big deal for me because I do a lot of typing. I really like the tb keyboard, one of the best on the laptop market (imho), although I do wish it came with a clit like ThinkPads do.



If i'm not mistaken no, there was one for the older models however.


File: 9a0d645758e25a3⋯.jpg (6.67 MB, 4640x3480, 4:3, IMG_20181126_104333.jpg)


Now I have both :)



have uk keyboard, live in swansea use the us layout

because its more intuitive ...



And with next week I mean tomorrow.


brand new x230 worth it for 320?



x200 was a great machine. they should have made the newer versions even more durable and maintainable instead of falling for the thin and light meme. Some argue that the last real thinkpad was in the X31 series, but the X200/X201 were great pieces of kit. My x200t survived more than one motorcycle crash.


cheap plastic crap the both of them.



I'm from Yurop but hate ISO keyboards with a passion. ANSI keyboard is one thing that Murika sure did right.


File: 38c818c280a768b⋯.jpg (201.53 KB, 1904x907, 1904:907, yTxbvvm.jpg)

Took my 19 apart, waiting for GPS module to come in mail.

>tfw Panasonic still hasn't announced date/location for the Toughbook Innovation Event 2019



Fucking kill me, the GPS module is for a 18 so it won't work in my 19. Let's hope the seller either partially refunds me or exchanges it for a CF-19 module.



The antenna seems to work fine on the Sierra WWAN card it's GPS connector however, so that's a plus.





Just bought an x220

did I fuck up?



Could have done worse for the money.


New thread: >>1002207



y tho?


Just got a x230 for $90 with shipping but it's 4gb ram and no hdd, charger, and unconfirmed battery life.


I apparently need to flash a new bios to my t60 mobo in order to replace my T2400 with a T7400. How do I do this on loonix?

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