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File: 3c79d1f3b54a31b⋯.png (46.98 KB, 650x773, 650:773, 1520380041734.png)


Is being 31 too old to go back into college?



For an undergrad program? I don't think there is a limit, but being around 18 year olds might be annoying for you. For a masters or PhD I don't think anyone would bat an eye. Usually "mature" students take weekend and evening courses, perhaps that is an option.


Collage is a scam. Go to trade school.



I'm not a burger.


31? What the fuck have you done for the last 14 years?



following my dumb dreams.


No, but you will need to accept that there will be a lot of people younger than you. That doesn't mean that older people won't be there, but they are definately the minority.


File: 3eaff05a405b7e5⋯.jpeg (26.75 KB, 474x316, 3:2, computer science students.jpeg)


>Enter college at 31

>Graduate at age 35

<I'm sorry anon, we don't hire anyone over 23

>Hey girls, did you invite anon to the party?

>Eww no. He's like SO old.

>He's kinda cute

>No. He's like old enough to be our Dad, and he like has no money

>Eww. Old guys with no money are so sad.

>Yeah total loser.

>I bet he's a like a full on virgin.


Yeah, do it. Better late than never.



I just want to go into research in CS.



For a masters program? It's not abnormal at all to go back in your thirties, or any age really.



I'll be 31 when I start to study a bachelors of CS, and maybe 35 when I start a post bachelor.



You say this, but all girls with daddy issues love older men.


college is for faggots.



My Sociology Prof started when she was 40.

I had classes with at least 2 guys in their 50s: one had recently been laid off and was looking for a career change that late in life.



I've been sitting in class with multiple 50 year olds before.

It's unusual, but hardly impossible. Just don't expect too much social contact.



Only if he has money though.



no one asked


Hate to break it to you, my dude, but absolutely nobody is going to hire a middle aged freshly graduated CS bachelor's holder, and for good reason. It takes a lot of sleepless nights buoyed by youthful energy to attain competence in software development. I doubt you'd even be able to finish the bachelor's program in 5 years. So you'll be 36-40 by the time you apply for an entry level programming job. Absolutely nobody is going to hire you. They will (probably rightly) assume that you're looking to finally settle down with a paycheck, which is exactly the type of employee who is a burden on a fast-moving software company. Every software company I've worked at has the 40-something year old dude who has made his one-man department opaque and difficult to work with as a form of job security.

If you're not looking for a job as a developer, and just want to see how the sausage is made, then go for it. But otherwise, you'll want to go to trade school. You could get a job as a quality assurance analyst, and start with writing test automation scripts. You could really move up from a position like that; I've even seem some developers who started out here. It looks a lot better on a resumè to have a few years at a company where you advanced into a development position, with a proven value-added work history, than some no-experience degree. Trust me on that one.


For all the people suggesting a trade, you have to remember that you'll be around the most normal of normalfags if you choose that field. Of course, in a sense, it's better than the people you're around if you're a programmer.


your sense of time is poisoned.

now it comes to bite you back.

but fear not.

follow yourself as long as you try not to be others.



Trade school is a scam. I have a bsc and trade certification both in areas supposedly in need of more workers. Education wont do shit for your job prospects, the economy is in the toilet and nobody wants you. Unless you can find someone willing to invest in you, don't bother.

OP, take what little skill you have and go self employed. The only groups with money to throw away are banks and boomers, take all you can from them to keep your head above water.



It is.


Better learn to drive a forklift.


File: d2bba737b119b6e⋯.jpg (38.31 KB, 312x445, 312:445, 51EIARLKNJL._SY445_.jpg)



Even that requires a masters degree now.



amazon bots will replace forklifts soon



At my school it was about a 50/50 split between male and female students for intro CS classes.

Senior year, girls are a rare sight. I've seen two of them in the past two semesters



programming is easy to get into you retard nigger

>But otherwise, you'll want to go to trade school.

good idea, programming is a shit industry (that pays well, but so does sucking cock)



That's typically it. I remember seeing only a handful of cute girls, and they were surrounded by a phalanx of orbiters, but they can only get by that way for so long. I don't think there were any girls in my graduating year, unless you count some androgynous Chinese girls that were just background noise.



Yeah it is easy to get into, faggot. That's why I gve him two alternative pathways instead of through college. Learn to fucking read.


no ffs there are people here in their 60s


also no for the same reason robots aren't going to replace palletjacks




It's a fine way to do art. You can take such a class at your local college. You do need a high school diploma, though, which might make it hard for you.


I'm 27 and started college at 25 for computer science. Since then, I've been to hackathons, built up a GitHub profile with numerous repositories, made a lot of websites and programs, made a video game, and even wrote some hacking tools.

Never say never.



Interestingly its not any more retarded then the Euro truck simulator.

i have no idea why that game exist



Hello Mr. 1%er

fuck you #resist #occupy #riseup



Are you being ironic?



Anon here is 110% correct. OP, you are NOT going to get hired as an entry level... Well, anything at 35+. Your best option, right now, is to kill yourself.



pls no bully op, he go through hard time, okthnx




this is a problem industry vets have as well, I know loads of older people who were fired in their 60s for no reason other than they were too old and the companies they worked for didn't want to pay out the extra benefits

it's why CS and IT are shit fields in the first place



Anon I'm 29 and and in my first year at college, for a CS degree. Kids are annoying, but otherwise is all good. Non-ordinary people don't have ordinary lives.


File: db98dba3e45ecb5⋯.jpeg (54.19 KB, 495x484, 45:44, 4fd7cf4609baada5cf50c7be2….jpeg)


Yes, anon. If you have to ask, it is.

If you already had some reason to go that made it worth it, you wouldn't be here asking. A general comp sci degree is overrated if you're doing it to get a job. If you want to become a computer scientist and love debt and academia, by all means, go ahead.


2 of the people in my CE classes were over 40 years old, so I'd say no. (That said, the average age was somewhere around 23).


I saw even older people in college, so go ahead.

Or just get a job and earn money instead of going into debt for school.


Yeah but it don't let that stop you. You might hook up with some young sluts.


File: 20e3c31afeaaf07⋯.jpg (539.64 KB, 713x950, 713:950, david-gandy747.jpg)


You neglected to mention you have to look like this.


I thought I was old starting college at age 19.5


File: 799f8d1dc00576e⋯.jpg (139.32 KB, 900x675, 4:3, ganbatte_kudasai_nee__shi_….jpg)

You are always old to be hired, but you are never old to study and create a business.


File: 3d53fe89f373e90⋯.png (662.45 KB, 589x1131, 589:1131, 149102513429.png)

File: 42491481b345667⋯.jpg (48.2 KB, 350x500, 7:10, NeptuniaHighSchoolVol.3.jpg)


>Is being 31 too old to go back into college?

No. If you have the motivation to study, just do it. You will probably be working until you are about 70 years old or so. Also, if you have been following your dreams until this point, why stop now? I would recommend a Computer Engineering degree over a Computer Science degree, though.



>College is a scam

>college is for faggots

It depends on several factors, such as:

* What you want to study?

* Which country?

* Which school?

* How you are going to spend your time there? (This is the most important. Don't be a MIT Nigger who can only repeat what their prof said without understanding anything in reality)

Getting a degree is recommended, if you want to get hired, since HR people don't know shit about programming and the people who do know are still reluctant to hire a self-taught NEET (because they have zero way of knowing whether you are a larper or if you actually know something. Someone with a degree from a okay school will at least have the skill required to learn the skill needed to do the job)



>I would recommend a Computer Engineering degree over a Computer Science degree

Mind elaborating why? Not the first time I've heard this. Are they better if you want to work as a low level programmer instead of webmonkey?



>Is being 31 too old to go back into college?

if you want to learn {whatever}, yes. especially if you can do it cheaply/pay in cash/no debt

if you are going into debt to try to get a better job, that is a very risky bet.


File: 30bd32823f1a625⋯.png (170.43 KB, 231x300, 77:100, ClipboardImage.png)


girls are so mean


File: 852decf674ff641⋯.jpg (142.28 KB, 850x871, 850:871, __blanc_neptune_series_dra….jpg)


Computer Engineering programmes are more universal, uniform and similar wherever you study, but Computer Science programmes can be useless webmoneky tier crap (in other words, it depends a lot more on where you study because the quality of CS programmes vary more) Also, learning low-level stuff is beneficial for understanding high(er)-level stuff. Also, a CE programme teaches you more practical things, whereas a CS programme teaches you a lot of things that have little use outside of academia. And finally, a CE programme provides you with knowledge from a much broader area than a CS programme (I like to think that CE is somewhere between CS and Electrical Engineering)



these are not girls, nor are they women. these are disgusting whores



I thought I was old starting at 22.สสสสสสส


File: a35e32e6df0287c⋯.png (108.9 KB, 1019x623, 1019:623, 1518730466970.png)


Some degree programs in the states are EECE and some are a mix of CS and CE. You can look up the college you want to transfer to from community college and look at their courses.

My EECE program is more difficult than the applied computer science program, lmao. I actually have some screenshots saved to motivate me not to switch to the easier degree.


What degree do I get if I want to go into programming language research?

I've been reading up on some of the less researched fields and they're crowded with category theory, set theory, type theory, and combinatory logic.

While I know some stuff in each of these fields I don't want to be an amateur anymore. I want to REALLY know these fields and more. So I'm thinking a mathematics degree might be more beneficial for me?

CS seems pretty lame nowadays and the only other field I'd consider is EECE or just straight up EE.



Maybe you can get a job.

But you won't have a career any more.

Better go looking for something else, maybe logistics.


File: 7b92427c30739cd⋯.png (372.78 KB, 1351x1054, 1351:1054, lit.png)


>What degree do I get if I want to go into programming language research?

I think a good Computer Science programme is what you want.



>You will probably be working until you are about 70 years old or so

Not OP but tbh I wouldn't mind. Every retiree I know wishes they were still working instead of just waiting to die but many got retired by their employers.

As for me after being a neet I rather be stuck in an office, that shit sucks and so does being broke. I have socialization problems so I might have to start working from home. My main problem is that years ago I realized I actually suck at this but I don't have any other useful skills for this shitty market.



Yeah, Americans girls generally just don't have the fortitude to make it through the entire program. And it's a good thing, because they would make terrible employees.



I got my BS in computer science between 31-36. And now I'm working as a programmer (almost 38). Lots of student loan debt. But I'm doing what I want to do.



Gets easier with age.


If you're going for compsci, it's not that you're too old, it's that the programs have all been pozzed and dumbed down for women and niggers. The days of assembly and C in compsci are over. It's now a glorified python/java code monkey factory.



Yeah they are all called 'apps' now and it's full of emotionally and socially crippled people. Lots of trannys for example.



>Is being 31 too old to go back into college?

Being 32 going to college, it's pretty great.

>No uppity professors that try to make you things their way

>Girls like you because you are the only one with dick and balls in the whole school and look like an authority figure

>Have money and car to go everywhere you like

>For some weird reason girls run across the road to get your number


why are mexicans disgusting, noisy, unwarrantedly arrogant, obnoxious filthy idioitic subhumans with the self awareness of a senior dog with diarrhoea



>Is being 31 too old to go back into college?

no, but 34 is too old to start a new career with no experience.

you will be competing with men that have 10+ years experience more than you




this is true. i have an associates in auto tech, and when i was being interviewed, a lot of the hiring managers actually talked shit about college and said theyd rather have the 18 year old kid that helped his dad fix cars, than a know-it-all recent graduate thats afraid of getting his hands dirty. 1 year of experience is worth more than 4 years of college in the blue collar world


Just get a normal job for a while and eventually leave society to live in the woods.



>implying any walk-in job will pay enough to do more than not starve



A virgin @ 31 ;-o



Fuck really? Explains why my brother who's a highschool dropout is make $30 a fucking hour. I figured he just got lucky as fuck.



Look 'em directly in the eye and offer a firm handshake. $300K starting, any position you want.



Actually I went back to finish when I was 47 in 2000 just because...I started in 1971 when I was17. I actually had more social contact than I did when I was young. I was asked out by this synchronized swimmer broad that was openly gaga over me and I had this hot jewess that used to come up to me all the time and act annoyed with me. Both had hot tempers though. kek. I met a lot of people that just loved talking about stuff I love, like books and movies and music and art.

Just do it. I love the entire university atmosphere, both the physical surroundings and the mental attitude. You just can't find that anywhere else in society.


Follow up question. Is being 31 too old to go back in to high school?



>no, but 34 is too old to start a new career with no experience.

>you will be competing with men that have 10+ years experience more than you

Only if you're trying to get a senior programmer position immediately after you get your degree, which is impossible in the first place. You can't immediately jump straight into a mid-career position as a programmer. You simply don't have enough experience for something like that. Regardless of your age, your competition is for entry level positions, which is mainly other recent graduates or people with a year or two of experience.



if burger: nah, just get your ged. its fucking piss easy, just arithmatic and like 8th grade english.

if anything else: idk, maybe


Do it, or later on you'll think "oh if only I had done X".



I don't think you can physically go to high school classes. Probably just take the tests.



wow $30 dollars an hour, that's like half an AAA game every hour!

People's subjective perspective of money can be humorously variable.



Take over a 17 year old's identity and transfer to a new school and have him mysteriously go missing.



A seriously reply is that I passed mine without studying, the GED that is.

Just study algebra and science on khanacademy and practice writing larps since you have to write a paper in 1 hour.


File: 73c21194a5ecf25⋯.jpg (183.98 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, 5mP8F0NYSVrwrlWRCSD4uywMNn….jpg)



I feel you, OP. I'm 30 and work for the post office.

I want to go back to college but I don't know if it will work out.



>go back into college

Why on earth would you want to do that?

It's 2018. Universities are for the soft, weak and misguided.


Your never too old to go back to school, but most school is a big scam. Unless your going to learn something beneficial, save your money and time.



universities only like to hire professors who are in their 30s, generally early 30s, so they get at least 30 years of tenure out of them and so theyre not too young. if you start now, dont expect to be able to get a job as a prof, which would be the way to do research (unless you can manage to join or start a private firm). the PhDictionary is a good book that talks more about that shit , and it seems that its probably relevant to think far ahead like that for u



Anon don't encourage suicide - encourage dying for a good cause.




Hey OP, I heard the Israeli Jerusalem district just opened up a new building and are looking for a few 'job' applications.



just do it, don't think about it, and don't listen to negative people.

if you want to do it, then do it.

no one else is going to live your life for you.

think about it, would you rather wait 20 years in that post office and say "fuck, I should have gone to college 20 years ago"?

just do it. you'll find it much easier to be motivated now you are older



this. I went back when I was 63 in 1994, I had some hot gals after me, I can tell you. one was a telegraph operator and the other used them thingamigiggies what all those young kids are up to and that.

rootin tootin high fallutin times I can tell you that



True, but kicking ass in Calc 3 is cool while learning about complicated shit



>not going to college at 83 and slaying those gold-diggers after your inheritance


File: 64c6dc67f04b265⋯.jpg (75.39 KB, 479x479, 1:1, sweat.jpg)


<I'm sorry anon, we don't hire anyone over 23



How common is something like this actually?



Never. It's an 8chan fantasy with no basis in reality.



Most people wouldn't want a 23 year old, since it means he's right out of college and has no experience. Only fools wouldn't consider higher age as a good thing (up to a point, I guess).



I dunno. Somebody on /tv/ said they went back to college in their later years and got btfo by hoodlums. Bring a gun or at the very least bear mace with you if you decide on doing this OP.


File: 172ca31bf58e7f4⋯.png (85.88 KB, 283x283, 1:1, notfbi.png)


>I'm sorry anon, we only hire children.



>going to Chicago inner-city college



the post office is a damn good job. you are acting like a 3/10 roastie who divorces her 7/10 husband making six figures because you "deserve better"



> You can't immediately jump straight into a mid-career position as a programmer.

my point is, if you are entry level at age 35, you will NEVER reach a senior position. you will be retirement age before you have the experience.



>Do it, or later on you'll think "oh if only I had done X".

that's what charlie sheen said about trannies. look where he is now



I've seen at least three women in their late 30s, early 40s.

Also saw some 90 year old veteran get his last class for a degree.

It's not a problem.


File: cf471d9b81a51b1⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 6067x4044, 6067:4044, maxresdefault.jpg)


>I love the entire university atmosphere

>in 2000

yeah nothing has changed in 18 years, your experience is still relevant



inb4 satire



Stop asking people's permission to do something you want to do. Don't ask other people if you are too old to do something, just fucking do it. You don't need the internet's permission.



Many community colleges have a high school completion program that's gives you a hs diploma, not a GED



GED should be MORE difficult. I completed it without trying, studying, or going to high school past freshman year.


Go to a trade school and do the most disgusting job you can think of related to that trade. Sewer cleaners make good money, as do deep sea welders.



>an 8chan fantasy with no basis in reality.

Tell that to half the people here without a job faggot.



>he didn't give them a firm handshake and look them in the eyes



Regardless, a HS diploma is supposed to be more valuable than a GED in terms of what is minimally acceptable.

E.g. the US military limits the number of GED holders that can enlist



Half the people here are actively anti-social. They have no desire to be well adjusted to society. Do you honestly believe people whose language is cuck this and jew that are interested in the feelings of people who are not themselves?


I'm 34 and going.

Got a better job because of it and they are paying what grants don't.



File: 929815bd7504dfb⋯.jpg (28.07 KB, 610x406, 305:203, debenedetti.jpg)


>Do you honestly believe people whose language is cuck this and jew that are interested in the feelings of people who are not themselves?

<Appeal to probability – a statement that takes something for granted because it would probably be the case (or might be the case).

>half the people here are anti-social

>they have no desire to be well adjusted

<Affirming the consequent – the antecedent in an indicative conditional is claimed to be true because the consequent is true; if A, then B; B, therefore A

>Half the people here are actively anti-social. They have no desire to be well adjusted to society

>Do you honestly believe people whose language is cuck this and jew that are interested in the feelings of people who are not themselves?

<Affirmative conclusion from a negative premise (illicit negative) – a categorical syllogism has a positive conclusion, but at least one negative premise.

>Half the people here are actively anti-social. They have no desire to be well adjusted to society.

<Fallacy of composition – assuming that something true of part of a whole must also be true of the whole.

>Half the people here are actively anti-social.

<Onus probandi – from the Latin onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat the burden of proof is on the person who makes the claim, not on the person who denies (or questions the claim). It is a particular case of the argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy, here the burden is shifted on the person defending against the assertion. Also known as "shifting the burden of proof".

This is what peak shill performance looks like, you may not like it but yada yada


File: cc42cf327d067cc⋯.jpg (97.81 KB, 620x350, 62:35, pot meet kettle.jpg)


>projecting this hard

Get help.



>Tell that to half the people here without a job faggot.

They're literally not trying.



Go ahead, tell me that you're just pretending to be retarded.



I'm 23 and still at university. I'm actually planning on working for a bit after I get my degree then going back for another degree at around 30 years old. I don't think it's weird at all.


enjoy your thousands of essays about the same thing 99% filler.


Sort-of on topic:

I've been thinking of going back and getting a second bachelor's in Economics.Or, I could get a master's in CS. The curriculum for the CS master's program at my local uni doesn't do anything for me, though. Most of the offered graduate CS classes are for related programs.




In my experience, girls prefer "older" guys. When I was 33, I was still fucking 18 year olds regularly. I got more pussy than when I was younger. Now I'm 35 and in a relationship with a 26 year old. Occasionally i still fuck another girl when she's not looking. ;)



Because all women are gold-diggers and older men have had more time to acquire resources / wealth.


I'm 31. I want to go to high school.



Prefer is the wrong word--when they think of an older man, they think of Clooney, not your average tubby 30+ year old.



Any good tips, anon?



>MIT Nigger

Caltechfag detected, opinion discarded.



>be me

>enter service round 23

>get out round 25

> enter community college round 27 requirements for university are too damn high

>How many years later still in

They lied to me bout 2 year degree. Be in 4 yrs now

>almost got A.A. degree tho

be taking 2 classes per semester so I guess it all depends on how hard you work.

> random 30 sumthin year old tells me bs bout how it's all over when turn 30

>continue ignoring him while following dream (whats left of it anyways)

>afterwards gonna finish up major

So no. I guess it's not to late to enter college. As long as you got the money, resources, and willpower. I guess you might make it. Who cares how fucking old you are. Just don't let anybody get in the way of your dreams. Unless you wanna become hitler or sumthin.



True it's just faggot Hillary loving propaganda and programming people to be mentally ill shemales who chop their dicks off and molest children.



You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Someone even remotely ambitious can be promoted to a senior programmer position within 10 years of when they first get a job, easily. Potentially even a little faster than that if they do a really good job.


File: 4cb956362e88af2⋯.jpg (71.95 KB, 700x882, 50:63, DjWEPECU4AAeW2Q.jpg)



>in 2000



IT is special because you don't always need the expensive piece of paper to get past HR. Sometimes a bullshit cert from ec-crapcil is what they have on their checklist. You don't need some class spending 4 months with an overpriced and verbose book holding you hand to learn something that you could probably do on your own in half the time for free. Unless you need the piece of paper for something specific, or you're a wagecuck trying to break free I wouldn't bother. The best thing I got out of college was some friends and networking. It's best avoided if at all possible tbh


Don't waste your time unless you're going to a real school. Community colleges offer nothing but blended classes. So unless you want to relearn how to setup a screensaver and other useless garbage I think it would be wiser to study yourself and get certified.



>androgynous Chinese girls

This is my fetish



Is that you VisiblePlankton? Is this me?



Never too late if you're planning a business of your own.


if you are still reading comments at this point, i went to uni for first time at 35, up until then i was unqualified with no real employment security. that was 10 years ago, I've always been so glad i did it and never regreted it for a moment. life feels very different now. no need to look for interaction with the young students, just keep your head down get the result you need and always remember what your goal is. at 31 if you are interested in partying with the students you are going for the wrong reasons. good luck.


if your 31 and need a degree then it would probably be best to go into a trade


I'm 29. I started a business and now I'm about to attend a Mormon college to study business and get a virgin waifu. The key is to powerlift, have money, be the boss, and be 6'2.



what did you study?

how did you pay?

what did you do after graduating?


Go for it, there's always the chance that by the time you're 60 we'll live to 200 and 30 year olds will be viewed the way we view 12 year olds now. Retarded.


ffs OP could have graduated college in the amount of time this thread's been up



>be me


>enter service round 23

>get out round 25

only two years, were you kicked out?

>Just don't let anybody get in the way of your dreams. Unless you wanna become hitler or sumthin.

You must be new



Just get coke, retard. If you don't use it all yourself, you can get some chick to do lines between pounding her holes.



Somewhat inexperienced PL researcher here

If you go deep enough into studying PL, you realize almost nobody knows what they're talking about anyways and the only things you actually need to know are proof search and recursion. Everything is ultimately just a variant on those two things anyways.

The category theorists are basically just glorified cultists (they even have their own system of sigils and proclaim the sigils are the one and only universal truth), the type theorists have their heads up their asses (they came from philosophy, so this is par for the course) and the set theorists either don't know anything (they came from math and actually believe in Zermelo-Fraenkel as the basis for mathematics) or they're actually just type theorists. There's a lot of overlap between these groups. If someone doesn't fit into any of these, they might actually know something, but will probably be into slightly more convenient rearrangements of arbitrary symbols, they also tend to know some neat algorithms or do more than just PL to keep their research moving. There are very few people who are ready, willing and funded enough to do the PL research that would actually move the field itself forward and of those I'm not sure anybody has the raw talent necessary to pull it off.

Learn a functional programming language (either Scheme or ML), a logic programming language (Prolog's search strategy makes it the worst, use anything else, even miniKanren) and a dependently-typed programming language (I recommend Software Foundations to learn Coq). If you realize that type theory basically ends at logic programming (types are just glorified logic programming predicates) then you know about as much as anybody in the field. Wrestle with a hard optimization-focused compilers project for a long enough time and you'll be ready for pretty much any PhD program in PL. Whether it will enthuse you enough once you understand it is a different question.





>Zermelo-Fraenkel as the basis for mathematics

How else would you construct the natural numbers? Whether you use NBG or ZFC, they're equivalent.


sunds gd


>be me

>can't get a job

>shit cv makes me less than zero

>go take course to get internship

>course doesn't care about internship at all

>"but hey you can network with profs"

>profs haven't worked in industry in last 20 years

>have to network/apply myself

>nobody responds to me again

>square 1

Uni is great anon. I don't regret it at all.



Have you written anything substantial in Prolog? You're not forced to use depth-first search.



>wanting the kind of girl that would use coke




>attending BYU

oh god, hahahahaha

Have fun reading the book of mormon and enduring light brainwashing so they can get your 10% tithing.



and there's an even better chance people will vote for free degrees for everyone. then you just wasted money on a worthless piece of paper that everyone else got for free



>implying there's any females under 50 that would turn down free drugs



Surprisingly there are females that arn't complete degenerates, kys.



Would Joseph Smith want you to be looking at this sacrilegious website?



Women don't prefer old guys, they prefer power (money). For women power >> looks, so at 30 you have worse looks (but still ok if you aren't a complete slob) and much more cash, making you more attractive than your 20 year old self (unless you inherited a fortune). Shit, but it's how things are. Women have a (much) better deal when they're young, with the drawback if they fuck up they're screwed once they hit 30.






At my city college the girls there make direct sustained eye contact just because you are not a child>>970247

>I love the entire university atmosphere, both the physical surroundings and the mental attitude. You just can't find that anywhere else in society.





>> random 30 sumthin year old tells me bs bout how it's all over when turn 30

>>continue ignoring him while following dream (whats left of it anyways)

sums up the thread well


In the tech field yes. How ever I have a guy in his 50's doing an associates program with me, and he'll probably get to retire in his 60's because of it. Hes also a chill guy, people seem to like him.

Tech field is lame, but if its practical people wont look down on you, and it will be well worth it.



How does that follow? Why would that have anything to do with it?



iktf, i changed majors and got into network engineering, neetdom was hell tbh



A if you are based and older, you may be a hit with the ladies.

B but, they will often be sluts.

C Oh, the education part? If you're alive, you're young enough.



age = int(input("What's your age? "))
if a age >= 18:
print("welcome to college")
print("go back 2 k-12)



Get into a trade, be an HVAC tech or a boilermaker or electrician. The average age of apprenticeship is 27, you are not nearly too old. You will be able to afford a home and a family if you choose and be an independent man. Do whats logical, dont get debt just for a chance at doing something you think you want to do. Become a tradesman and take up your interests as hobbies on your own time. I got into an HVAC apprenticeship program after 10 years in IT. I make less but am much more happy.



>programming with python tutorial 3#


File: 452ed08fe8a2e72⋯.png (83.9 KB, 500x443, 500:443, 561B265B-F5C5-48C2-90E7-DA….png)



Taking Embedded Systems, not one cunt in sight.



You can play cs and get a degree? Finally I can be employed



Yep I suck ass



1v1 me in 1.6 rn, scrub

meet me in Dust 2 in 20 minutes, post steam ID






I have less money at 27 than I did at 20 but I get more sex now than before.

The real difference is now I treat women for what they are, whores, and they respond favorably



Try trade school, its much cheaper and will provide the skills you need to know to get a job around your area.



Plumbing or electrical work is the best trade. Everyone needs those kinds of professionals at some point in every community (even boomers) and it rakes in the money! Move to a low taxed, cheaper area and you can save up a nice nest egg. Everyone still needs plumbers and electricians and boomers will PAY for that kind of service!



I know an electrician who retired in his 50s, the dude has a nice middle class home and some savings living out his retirement. Whenever you have homes and businesses, you have a demand for plumbers and electricians. The question is can you compete in your area or get hired? I'm sure some areas have plenty of those people applying for jobs. Average electrician makes around $20 per hour. Not too bad.




Hey OP, I'm 30 and still live with parents. You definitely can go back to college at 31.



honestly being 30 can be a big deal or not, I am 30 and I look 25, I am not fat 6ft 180lbs, go to gym and I have a mentality of 15 year old(the only problem I have with my body is fucking receding hair line, I guess healthy lifestyle wont fix that). My manager at work is 27, when I first met him I though he is at least 40, dude carries himself. he looks, talks like a 40 year old. So it depends on an individual, OP only you know how old you really look and how fucking mature you are. And have you got enough mental capacity to learn?



>telling OP it's a subjective opinion

delid this


College and trade school are both scams just become a NEET and take part in crashing ZOG with no survivors.



Everything about this post beyond 100% correct and advisable.


Half of this is correct and advisable.

You're never too old to go back to college. So long as you use that money appropriately, who cares? That's why it's there. It's not a fucking playground for dumb kids who want to party one day, and complain about sexual assault and women's rights the next. Fuck you.



This is how you lose big, anon. This is how you will end up on skid row by the time you reach 50 (or whenever your elders die). If you want to party it up on the other hand, and have an extra bullet for yourself when you can no longer exploit your loved ones anymore then maybe thats an option for a loser.



This is how you lose big, anon. This is how you will end up on skid row by the time you reach 50 (or whenever your elders die). If you want to party it up on the other hand, and have an extra bullet for yourself when you can no longer exploit your loved ones anymore then maybe thats an option for a loser.



I'm 26 and just started 2 weeks ago, I feel too old for this shit and would like to quit already.



I said before, I'm 29 and in my second semester. Plow ahead. Nevermind your feelings, that's just your worst aspects trying to put you down. Work for what you want.



nah just came up with the same phrase, or maybe I saw it and it was subliminally planted who knows. Not exactly a novel opinion.

>imblyign I reddit




Breh, I'm heading to med school in November. I had a trade for years but decided fuckit, I'd rather use my brain than my back.

Good for you dude, it's never too late.


Anon don't listen to the cuckchan trespassers, I'm currently studying computer science and physics at 19 and literally, 80% of my classmates are 10-15 years older than me.

They are all fat neckbeards , who make the great mistake of simply sitting in class and not doing more.

Work on projects and get internships.



> my sociology prof

Oh I thought you meant real college, not kike filler.



Imagine being a wizard, then imagine you're in your 30s, maybe approaching your 40s when you finally get a degree and get your life started somewhat. LMAO where's the motivation?



>Work for what you want.

What I want is to not work.



Then give up and die.



You die if you work. Unless you work on your own terms wagecuckery Is basically an entire life of wasted opportunity.



Work means work, fool.



>this poster works for GSMR



It's adorable that you believe that.


its been over a month, let this gay thread die already



become an hvac tech nigger



Nowadays, teens have become so empty and nasty like never before. So, expect little support or any modicum of goodwill from this grotty bunch of male sex bot huggers and those wretched female sjws , colleges are crawling in both.



Not being 40 and still be a wizard



Best advice here.

If a man who can work HVAC is unemployed it's because he doesn't want a job.




im an hvac tech and ill probably do over 100k next year however i also sell equipment. I also make 25/h for warranty work and for service repairs i make more like 50-100/h since its commission and my commission is fat.




lmao didnt see these replies

hvac really isnt bad if youre good at talking to people.

Im trying to get my own company going in a year or 2.


File: c5f3d2820f5051a⋯.jpg (74.02 KB, 900x800, 9:8, kisspng-hijab-muslim-islam….jpg)

Junior networking Engineer in my mid 20s here. I'm thinking about getting to the highest position possible for me based on my abilities and then quitting by the time I'm 40 to become an electrician. Most of my family going back three generations were electricians so I feel that I need to take up the trade but should I just straight up quit and head to trade school now rather than wait until I've done the best I can in the networking field?



Electricians are in far more demand--engineers are getting their jobs outsourced, Abdul.



I thought mainly sysadmin jobs were being outsourced and automated. I get how muh infrastructure as code(SDN, NFV) and muh cloud computing takes network engineer jobs but there will still be a need for network builds for SMBs and apartment complexes done by MSPs. Most of the physical networking can't be done by third worlders unless there's cheap flight or under-ocean transport. What am I missing? Also should I get a degree in EE as I'm working or just go the trade school route?



Have you considered a career as a hobo, or bum?



Better to jump off a bridge at that point.



To avoid starvation and a torturous death. What if you'd have on other choice but to get off your ass and work before your boomer parents pass away and leave behind nothing.


At the end of the day they just want your money. They won't deny you the chance to go back. That said the biological clock is ticking - if you want to do this and complete a career - now is the time to start - do not delay!


I'm finishing my bachelors at 25. The afternoon classes usually have the older crowd and more laid back professors. If you're making good money now I wouldn't go back for a degree unless you need it for a promotion or raise. If you're low income now it would be worth it.


Non-traditional students (ones over normal age) are getting more common. Go for it. Make your life better.



I went back to school at 49, so no.


Got my college degree at an adult formation school called the AFPA here. Many of these are funded to help you get a motherfucking job. If you saved enough to pay studies to be SURE top have a job that pays you more, go do it faggot.

Now I'm an animator for some Irish Subminiature Horse company, it was worth the investment.


I just finished an Associates degree in computer networking, wondering if its worth doing online classes for a bachelors of science or if I should just give up computers and go back to school for carpentry.



Try to get a IT job while working on Bachelors. CCNA cert too wouldn't hurt. In a SHTF scenario, carpentry will be more valuable.


I went back in my mid 20s and I was usually the oldest one in the classroom. I now make way more money than I could have imagined before. I just have money saving up with no effort because I don't spend much at all. Go back to school, it is worth it. I'm finally on the path that few Americans are on and I'll be able to retire before official retirement age. I'll be able to live off my saved income instead of leeching off piss poor social security checks.



Collect it at 65-70. You paid into it might as well get it before the pot is so fat brainlets will get convinced non citizen access should be more liberal. The immigrants do a fantastic job leeching it as the system currently is


File: cb162e676e1edc9⋯.jpg (97.23 KB, 1050x590, 105:59, 1504794355404.jpg)



It sounds like your experience with relationships is restricted to picking up twinks at your local bathhouse.


31 is top old for chans


>>>966073 Nope! I'm also studying in a university and I'm 30s!


see a cs degree with only discrete maths.

this shit a scam or nah?



If you're OP, I'll tell you I'm going back at 35. Now, our situations may be different. I'm going back because I'm genuinely interested in the topic (comp eng) and am not concerned about "getting a good job" after. Now, I do expect to ROI on my investment, which will be as minimal as possible because I'm going to CC and then transferring to a top quality state school. I wouldn't pay even 30k for this, but my route is less expensive. I am also in a financial situation where I can do it, meaning I don't have to work at the moment during school. If you are in a different financial situation then your answer will be different, but I just want you to know people do it.



What fantasy world do you live in? I'd like to live there too.



>I figured he just got lucky as fuck.

Yes, he did get lucky as fuck. 99% of high school dropouts won't make anything even close to $30/hr. Most high school dropouts will be lucky to make minimum wage.



>Go for it, there's always the chance that by the time you're 60 we'll live to 200 and 30 year olds will be viewed the way we view 12 year olds now. Retarded.

Wow... Whatever your dosage is, I think it needs adjusting.

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