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=Daily reminder that you can no longer use the web without an approved browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome=

>Please upgrade to a supported browser to get a reCAPTCHA challenge.

>Alternatively if you think you are getting this page in error, please check your internet connection and reload.

>Why is this happening to me?

[tor users can't post images.jpg]

modfag stop fucking deleting threads. your definition of a good thread is shit and arbitrary



Tor is Firefox you fucking cretin. You're not special.



>websites should just accept endless unstoppable spam

it's this or accounts to post. fuck off.



>Tor is Firefox



Maybe if you didn't redundant threads, they wouldn't be deleted. We have two (2) Tor threads already; post in one of them.



The Tor browser is a modified verison of firefox. Tor is not firefox.



tfw TIL tor is a web browser




>A plate of rice and beans is a modified version of rice. it is not rice.

By all means, try using your own homemade jimmy rigged web browser to connect to the tor network. See how far you get before you reach a captcha wall. Even if the Tor network is not approved, the browser it's running on (firefox) certainly is. The retard OP was complaining about browsers, implying that the monopoly of Mozilla and Google makes using an underground hipster browser like Tor impossible, utterly oblivious to the fact he's still stuck in the Mozilla/Google bubble. Fucking reading comprehension.

Anyway, why in the fuck isn't there an open source, non-javascript captcha alternative? Why is JS needed to prevent spam?



this isn't a tor specific problem, genius. i'm using palememe with literally no plugins, which I assume would get the same error if i took off tor.


up until maybe a few months ago, you could solve the new recaptcha without JS, and it was much easier. i'm talking about people with no cookies or tor users (the story is different for a good goy who has a 10 year session with google and doesn't have to do anything aside tick a box). people would block JS on recaptcha so they get the easier non-JS version



your post is spam because when you mindlessly reached for the _standard bot reply #3_, you didn't provide enough context to distinguish whether you're talking about posts on 8ch being removed, or websites requiring recaptcha to mitigate spam



My tor loads too slow, is it firefoxes fault or did google chrome use up too much of the onions again? Does anyone have extra onions? I ran out and I can't stand the smell of garlic, I need onions!


File: 1de3de9438c72df⋯.png (182.25 KB, 939x562, 939:562, Untitled.png)

>Please upgrade to a supported browser to get a reCAPTCHA challenge.

My favorite site provides a non-Google captcha option to users who prefer it. I wish more sites had the courtesy to do this.


File: eb5e03ac73b37ec⋯.jpg (87.43 KB, 567x426, 189:142, cottonwoodbbs10.jpg)

The modern web is shit, and any network that requires more than an 8-bit computer is shit.



Maybe not shit but a bit excessive. JS should provide comfort for users rather than being a must have to use any given page.



Implying the jewgle captcha is about stopping spam



That's furaffinity login page, and the alternative captcha is probably the only decent part of the entire site.



Looks comfy.


File: 3d0244d47773980⋯.jpg (48.24 KB, 624x372, 52:31, borderline.jpg)


PSST! Hey kid, wanna dial into the last Commodore 64 BBS on this side of the galaxy?



File: e7e55632f5c3296⋯.png (201.18 KB, 727x500, 727:500, 9e8f5518c37d6639f2830c73db….png)



>they have accounts on FurAffinity

My brothers.


What's the deal with tech and gay furries?



These aren't /tech/, though.


now that we have established a web shotting thread. someone explain to me why palememe has said this exact line about my one download for the last hour:

1 hour, 3 minutes remaining - 43.6 of 374MB (88.5KB/sec)]

why the fuck. how is it going 88.5KB/s if it hasn't advanced by a single KB in the last hour? this happens in firefug too, and happened in firefug 5 years ago, and happened in firefug 10 years ago. how the fuck is a simple bug like this still not fixed? this shit is fucking retarded, it takes a day for me to realize some download is stuck and restart it. FUCK WEV DEVS DIE IN HELL

>inb4 you're entitled because you expect some basic download functionality that's been there for 20 years to actually work



Stop downloading big files through your browser



There's probably some sites you can't avoid it, because the site is 100% javashit that generates randomized links for every file, and it's all hidden behind a bunch of obfuscated javashit. So you can't just copy/paste the download link to wget or something, because wget doesn't parse javashit, and even if it did it would probably be missing a bunch of javashit pieces that the web browser loaded earlier.



Oh, and if you start the download and then copy/paste the link to wget, it won't work because the link will already be expired after the download started in web browser.



because it's a meme browser



Just change X-User-Agent you fucking /g/tard


File: 27106e852c887b0⋯.png (150.76 KB, 1049x1020, 1049:1020, unnamed-1.png)

File: 47b48e316d201ff⋯.png (464.78 KB, 1349x618, 1349:618, Onion-Cloudflare.png)

File: 1fd6726c7e1bc15⋯.png (183.98 KB, 1999x575, 1999:575, Tor-network-example-1.png)


>the web means google's pozzed captcha is necessary

Get a load of this brainlet



i'm not gonna read any of this shit or i will end up throwing my 20lb laptop threw the window. there was never any tradeoff that the article name implies. the cuckflare captcha page is and always was absolutely pointless. no other CDN has ever needed it. literally all they did is block a bunch of random IPs and go "look goyim we blocked all the bad guys you are secure goyim give money". i hope hell is real so these cock sucking faggots can burn in it.


Reminder that current web standards and (((w3c))) are to blame for this.

A modern web browser is required to run way to many fucking things to the point that to be called a web browser would require bloat.

Almost fucking every browser you see is either a fucking firecucks fork, jewgle controlled blink, or lasty fucking amature webkit/webengine browser.

Even fucking suckless surf is bloat.

Out of fucking everything webkit is the biggest mistake of the modern internet.

It convences new devs to flock to it because it's easier,

It has all the features of your most basic bitch browser, but it also provides none of the real world functionality that is needed in a browser.

You can't just turn something in one of these browsers, you have to make some long and retarded hack around to get anything to work.

Qutebrowser is a good example of what i mean, half the functionality he's working on is massive fucking hacks around a flawed engine.


File: 03844a199ff20d9⋯.jpg (41.3 KB, 600x693, 200:231, plebs.jpg)



>faggots recongnize a faggot site just from it's login page

This is hyper faggotry



>My favorite site


>That's furaffinity login page


>My brothers.






most correct



It's especially bad when you have google in your hosts file and the captcha is setup in such a way that you can't tell why your login didn't actually work.


What would it take to make a new barebones web engine from scratch? It could just support absolute basics (<a>, <p>, <h1>-<h6>, <img>, <em>/<i>, <strong>/<b>).



That's pretty much Links, but I'm not sure what they could do to be able to display more garbage websites without adding bloat



Would take five minutes, and that's just to search github for a first year that already did it. The whole point is that this gets you nowhere, because you can't render any modern webpage.




meant (((modern)))





They don't sell security, they sell a sense of security while selling user data on the side.

It's basically the same as the DRM and anti cheat industries.


You aren't wrong.


Did you mean >>>/fur/ ?


>It could just support absolute basics

Then you can't use it on 99% of sites, including useful ones like 8chan.



>Then you can't use it on 99% of sites, including useful ones like 8chan.

the number is much smaller

Links works with 8ch



Nah, Links actually renders tables correctly (Lynx doesn't).


File: ffb2ed4c7cd866c⋯.png (162.87 KB, 921x646, 921:646, Cute Website.png)


Modern web is shit anyway. The old web was simple and nicer looking.


I can't even log into my bank's website with Waterfox, it was fine but then the kikes updated their web interface.



>the current state of the web

i used to bank over tor for around 5 years until one day they blocked it. even before that it would get triggered and ask me my secret questions every time i logged in. im not putting money in it anymore. will stop using it when i run out



This, it's machine learning with a side of correlating the identity of site browsers. These days it's also massively slowed down for "problem" posters that Google doesn't like.

BTW Google owns cuck chan and moot still runs the place.


my palememe has aids wat do


[tor users can't post images]

i only have these tabs ironically open, i do not endorse any of those cancer websites or products im reading about


oops gay host. trying again




>>Why is this happening to me?

>[tor users can't post images.jpg]

Gee, I wonder. You can browse the web with Lynx fine, idiot.


bump cuz im angry and need to shit on something

firefug and it's forks (at least palememe) have a bug where they get in this mode where they go to fullscreen every time you switch to a different window and back. sounds like it may be from disk corruption (e.g losing power), which is a typical problem that is too hard for the webnigger mind to comprehend

also you can't use ctrl+shift+{pgup,pgdown} to move an about:config tab around when the focus of that tab is inside the preferences list (e.g you just clicked on network.http.sendRefererHeader [sic])



lol i fixed the fullscreen shit by deleting localstore.rdf. what a piece of shit


*blocks your path*

plz enable js and cookies so we can let you accept our privacy policy XD

<literally 40% of the screen is lost to this shit



>Enable JavaScript you fucking autist neckbeard, it's not gonna hurt you

<waaa i used some homo web scripts instead of a plain upload form and people are complaining that it needs JS




Using Tor with PaleMoon is not a good idea. Even with JS off, you're still giving away some info that could identify you.



i rather have a slightly higher risk of getting identified than use bloated tor browser




Being "identified" is a binary, not a gradient determined by a bunch of arbitrary choices you can select at your leisure. It's one thing to say that you won't use a piece of software because of its featureset, scope, direction; it's another thing to claim that your being fingerprinted simply isn't feasible because you feel like it.



oh fingerprinting is feasible and i could do it against tor browser as well if i wanted. where did i claim it's not feasible? the solution to fingerprinting involves removing the web among other things


youjew will block non-standard browsers too.

it blocks midori claiming browser doesn't support html5 video, yet it does.



Just change the useragent?


Yes fuck cloudflare so hard you kill all of its employes and their family by bursting all their internal organs from the violence.



JESUS CHRIST de-anoning shit is just horrible



Fuck that sites that gate content behind accounts and then that in turn behind google botnet. Or filehosters that use recaptcha and then after you completed it on tor block you by ip.


>Or filehosters that use recaptcha and then after you completed it on tor block you by ip.

that's the worst. these faggots who do IP blocking should at least be smart eough to know that it's not always your fault if your IP is blocked. and then accordingly they should properly design their shit to deliver the block message before wasting the user's time with a captcha or whatever other rituals they feel like imposing. but most nignogs these days cant even into graceful degradation



What would be the solution, because I agree with you. Only browse through rss/text based web browser?




There's always w3m or other terminal browsers. Are you going to get riced out webapps? No. Is that a huge loss? No.



Are you using right now w3m to browse 8ch and other sites?


>there are people on /tech/ right now who are not using a terminal browser



File: bb50e84da0c684a⋯.jpg (128.66 KB, 1210x797, 1210:797, simon-bisley-1210x797-wall….jpg)

Testing posting with Internet Explorer 8. :^)



terminal is bloat. use links with framebuffer


Has any one else noticed a memory leak in waterfox the last week or so? I'm starting to see it take up 30% of memory if streaming video for any amount of time. Closing the tab doesn't restore the memory it carries on using that much memory and hanging every few seconds even if all I'm doing is looking at a .txt file in it.

It's only been the last week and I don't recall an update.



I actually have a huge problem with icecat, when if leaved open for a long time, will eat up all my ram until it eat the swap, and my entire system get blocked if I don't react quick enough when the swap is being used.

I seriously don't know what is going on. I'm using icecat from the official website.



These most often come from javascript, I have it disabled by default in firefox and dont really ge them anymore.


You should use youtube-dl+mpv+open-with-mpv for videos.



Do you use any addons, when stylish became malware it had similar behavior



All this thread needs now is some Bowsette.





The degenerate recognizes a fellow degenerate and calls him out; summoning another degenerate and yet another to describe the situation.


>what is useragent

get fucked newb



why don't you just wget you dumb monkey

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