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File: 8b56907a7039c61⋯.png (32.34 KB, 400x323, 400:323, compaqpresario2286.png)


Because they're shitting on the hard work of hardware developers. When the hardware people make fast and cheap computer components, the software people have an excuse to be lazy because optimization is hard work and hard work is for the hardware people! They're like "I'm gonna be elegant in my object-oriented code and leave it to the optimizer to optimize my unoptimizable trash!" As a programmer you must care about Time and Space, not your own, but your users'. Time saved is performance is CPU cycles, Space saved is efficiency is megabytes. Stop fucking it up. And don't you ever demand of your users to upgrade their hardware when your trash is slow and eats too much RAM. Their hardware is fine, your software is trash. Thank you, good night.


How easy is it to do raytracing without an API or hardware

not that easy


Hardware often comes either undocumented or not working as it is documented.

Furthermore, it's power often comes at expense of increased compexity.

And I'm not even getting into plain bad engineering, which also happens now and then.

I only barely dipped my toes in low level programming, and amount of effort software devs are putting into working around faulty hardware horrified me to nope the fuck out immediately.

But a lot of higher level software can go die in a ditch, yes.



this sub 85 IQ posting needs to stop

you need to build something with a terminal-like interface, a proper console buffer and basic algebra and trigonometry, that's all it requires

sage because niggering


MenuetOS and KolibriOS are written in assembly.






What's really astounding is how bad so many programmers, like this faggot i'm replying to, are at basic math. I predict less than 0.1% of programmers are black, so you can't even blame niggerification like you can for everything else. Pajeets are bad too, but they're usually too busy ">tfw no gf"ing to cry on /tech/ about having to do math. That's right, /tech/, white programmers are so bad at math they curl up into the fetal position instead of gitting gud at math so they can implement raytracing.



Maybe he meant realtime ray tracing?

IIRC it's a buzzword in new nvidia GPU marketing campaign, and raytracing is quite a computationally heavy task if you want to do it at any decent framerate and resolution.



>not discovering the magic cheat code constant that God encoded into our universe so that we can do fast real-time raytracing like Carmack did with fast inverse square roots



What Carmack was doing is called raycasting.



Carmack claims he didn't come up with the inverse square root thing.



Well, someone did. Be that guy, /tech/.


File: 7ccc7317f44e993⋯.jpg (174.27 KB, 1000x780, 50:39, 518153.jpg)


I think it came from some computer graphics book from the 80's. Back then you couldn't waste cycles and expect the hardware to do all the heavy lifting, so the developers had to be much better at their craft.


File: 36d6fdaf1719a77⋯.jpg (4.84 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.jpg)

Some retard once said on this board, and I'm paraphrasing here; "Its possible to run Super Mario 64 on a SNES, it just doesn't because nobody wants to put in the effort to optimize"

And I had to actually think about this for a second, because I know such a feat is impossible, but you have to think about why its impossible. The question as to wither or not a given program can or can not theoretically run on a given piece of hardware, when taken down to its fundamental levels, is memory bandwidth and throughput. Nothing else actually matters, it all comes down to memory bandwidth and throughput. That's why its fundamentally impossible to run Mario 64 on a SNES, even if you imagine the perfect scenario such as if Mario 64 was made completely in machine code somehow, you'd still be bottlenecked by memory bandwidth and throughput. A SNES, no matter how hard you try, is never going to be able to push each frame of the game at a reasonable framerate.

The reason specialized hardware exists, GPUs, SIMD instruction sets, and various rendering pipelines, is to reduce the overall memory bandwidth and throughput requirements of a given piece of software, keyword is reduce, not eliminate.

That all being said, to properly optimize a piece of software, in an ideal scenario, you would develop that given piece of software to run smoothly without specialized rendering and computational pipelines first, then you would move on to utilizing such pipelines to get more headroom out of it

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