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File: 343e497b0a1d8f7⋯.jpg (169.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, computers_indoors_room_ill….jpg)


>get paid cash from casul work/local item sale

>buy core duo or older business laptop locally

>install debian on fresh drive

>run tails for naughty business

>also for naughty business, use tumbled crypto bought with a cash card registered under a pseudonym

>use vpn

>use tor

What are the holes here?


Even searching for Tails will get you put on a watchlist



Do not use from home. Ever ever ever. Not even when you first get the thing to test it. You never know what is being logged by who and for what reason. Always go to some public wifi place. Use a different one each time. Do not look suspicious. Do try to blend in, which means take a fucking shower and wear nice clothes. Look like a Starbucks fag and no one will question you at Starbucks. Oh, actually buy a faggy latte or something, with cash. Don't wear obvious 80's movie glow in the dark nigger sunglasses and hat, but do try to keep facial exposure to a minimum if you can.



He's already on a watchlist for visiting this site.


Nice try Starbucks shill. My own home is much more secure and I don't have to worry about surveillance.



If you put it on a network you are being watched as much as humanly (plus AI) possible. If you take steps to make that process more difficult? Hey, the interns at the NSA love a good challenge!

>What are the holes here?

Thinking privacy survived the middle ages.



Were getting to the point that soon you'll need someone to run on your shadow to protect you basically.



Going IN starbucks? Nah, just park in a nearby lot and use their wifi, or other open wifi in your city. It's better if you have a high gain antenna and don't have to park right next to their building.



This >>973066

or do the dangerous and illegal thing like using someone else secure wifi, not close to your home

Don't bring your cellphone with you when playing with that and try to not to repeat places as much? it all depends on where you live

This is also good idea >>973078 but again depends on how much vigilance there is

Using your own network will only get you reketd


If you go in Starbucks you're on their CCTV network and that footage is logged forever. It's almost impossible to avoid the botnet but you shouldn't just give yourself away to it either.


First question answered should be "what's your threat model". This usually comes from what kind of operation you want to run, but I guess you can't just share this with internet strangers in full detail.


Using your home network is bad? Why?



There is a chance that you will fuck up and will be traced back to your location.

Logging in from public space gives you a certain degree of deniability.



because there is a cable that that leads directly to (You)



Isn't tails designed to be secure by default? Is there reason to believe I will compromise my own security by using it as-is?



When you use Tor from your home network you make it on the list.



Come on, we're all on the list. I'm not even american so its not like the nsa has to pull any stops.



Your online activity can be correlated with you being home.

It seems like not a big deal, but it will be very usable info if you leak some of your data by other means.

And no matter how good your setup is, it won't save you from your own dumb behavior.

When it comes to crypto - humans always is the weakest link.



You need to be more specific. OPSEC should be relative to what you're doing. Protecting yourself from the government knowing you're planning to murder someone or distribute CP is not the same as protecting yourself from them finding out you broke into a site nobody cares about.



>privacy/anonymity flow?

>>get paid cash from casul work/local item sale

>>buy core duo or older business laptop locally

>>install debian on fresh drive

>>run tails for naughty business

>>also for naughty business, use tumbled crypto bought with a cash card registered under a pseudonym

>>use vpn

>>use tor

>What are the holes here?

Talking about it online.

What you mentioned is okay, your holes are probably in places you didn't mention


-Home or public?

Either is fine, don't listen to the tards saying otherwise, just remember to spoof identifiers like your mac address and stay out of view of cameras.

-Tor>VPN? Dumb

-VPN>Tor? Okay

Shady Business things to be aware of:

-Similar writing patterns can be used for writing analysis/Identification

-Same or similar usrnames/passwords as clearnet services could identify you

-Posting images can identify you, if taken from your camera you can be identified by location as well as certain unique things about your camera like lens scratches.

-Do you carry a cell? Pocket Snitch



apprentice tier


Dumb anon here.

I am shit with computers despite using them virtually all of my waking life.

Tor seems like a CIA trap even with VPN.

I'm basically at the point that I've destroyed all my electronics and trying to move somewhere further out into the woods.

Are we basically fucked by the interconnectedness of society? (Walk into a grocery story, you're on CCTV, walk outside your house, you are tracked by sattelite.)

I literally just want to be left alone to practice my spirituality without amoral/evil interloppers gaining knowledge about the inner workings of my practices. I can't though because of this almost 6th sense that I'm constantly being watched, and I have to play dumb that I have no idea whats going on, and it is making cracks in my sanity.



insanity is easily taken advantage in the astral realm, so work on that first, and many of your paranoias will dissipate. this improvement in your mental health might cause you to question the necessity of being off the grid in the first place. you may decide to return to civilization and become a grey man. or stay innawoods, but you better be honing survivalist, hunting, oper8r and marksmanship skills or you are fully wasting your time. as for your tech related questions: there is no escape, but you can become a ghost. remember that their interest in you scales with the illegality of your activities. install gentoo, install coreboot, only connect on borrowed wifi with spoofed macs. keep a separate, fully airgapped laptop for your memes and murder manuals. all of my advice is very involved and none of it is easy. it will take you about 2 years if you are driven.



>>also for naughty business, use tumbled crypto bought with a cash card registered under a pseudonym

Fucking hell how can you be so autistic? Why put your money onto a single point of failure such as a cash card that can be canceled so easily? Just buy a privacy made (XMR) crypto with cash in hand or over the postal service and convert it to any shitcoin you want via shapshift.


Tumbled crypto is a waste of money. You could have the same effect with blockchain jumping.



t. retard fudder

Literally nothing will happen



I don't know what cesspit you faggots crawl out of but fucking stay out of this board you oblivious LARPing retards



using the internet is the biggest hole. stop fucking using the internet if you need to be 100% anonymous. also fucking stop living in urban areas. get the fuck out into the boonies where there are no fucking cameras and light pollution. then you can have your precious anonymity and privacy.



If they control enough nodes, they can see everything you do. Tor is a us gov project, so this isn't out of the question. Even if they just control a few nodes, they can log the frequency and size of packets to trace their transport through the network. Even if they just have your isp and website (likely if both in five eyes) this is enough to trace you. Even if they just want to figure out who you were post facto, all they need to know is that you connected to the website using tor (even 8ch logs this), and your rough geographic location, after which they can just look for all tor users near you.



Why not just jump off a bridge? That will be sure to protect your privacy.



your car gps data could be tied to you connecting to the wifi, unless you use a different mac adress everytime (and if there is no other fingerprinting



(just kidding some knowledge is needed.)

Take a look at the bottom of your ISP provided router, If your wifi password is 10 or less numerical digits,

theres a chance that all the other ISP provided routers in the area use the same password generation scheme.

2wire does this alot on their routers. Use a mac address lookup site to make sure you are cracking the

same model of router to decrease likelyhood of wasted time.

My fairly underpowered GPU cracks at 14000 hashes a second using Hashcat so going through the ten billion

possible permutations of 10 numerical digits takes only 7 days, and I'm sure that a retired mining rig could

get through these signifigantly faster.

This can be exploited with programs like aircrack-ng and oclHashcat/cudaHashcat. airodump-ng should be used

to capture your target router's encrypted handshake packets but i suggest using oclHashcat or cudaHashcat

when it comes to the actual password cracking, because hashcat uses the GPU and GPUs are very good at

parralelized tasks like password cracking.

There are tons of tutorialz on wifi cracking so I'm not going to write a full one here. but I will link to a good

number of useful resorces.

https://aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=cracking_wpa CPU cracking. Still useful to read the bits on handshake interception.

https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=cracking_wpawpa2 GPU cracking.

https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=mask_attack mask attack is used because you would need 102GB to store a wordlist this big.

https://hashcat.net/files/hashcat- required toolz 1/2

https://download.aircrack-ng.org/aircrack-ng-1.4.tar.gz required toolz 2/2 (in source code form)

https://www.blackmoreops.com/2014/03/27/cracking-wpa-wpa2-with-hashcat-kali-linux/3/ another guide.

if you need more information:





It should also be noted that airodump-ng makes .pcap files and hashcat needs .hccapx, required toolz 1/2 should have a converter tool to make this process ezpz

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