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File: 730694076e98d99⋯.png (12.5 KB, 497x310, 497:310, ripkernel.png)


last good kernel update on debian, here we go.......


File: 67bbc5aace096cc⋯.jpg (40.61 KB, 550x550, 1:1, IMG_8309.JPG)

End of an era right there. Cis Linux. Now that was an OS.



I'm a zoomer, though.

/98/ baby


Oh shit, you better delete those apt programs after this is done.




You're using Debian (or some derivative) but for some reason now you're concerned about much aids is in your kernel.



Dumb here, please explain



You need to be *sure* the systemd doesn't run apt and silently upgrades your kernel to the CoCked version. Next thing you know, you turn on your computer and you got a rainbow penguin boot logo.


Devuan doesn't sound too bad though.



> Ran upgrade without thinking

> Firefox ESR updates to quantum version

> Reload firefox

> Classic theme restorer gone

> THIS fucking faggot looking up at me holding a box



Code Of Cucks



I did the exact same thing ""upgrading"" without thinking, but they still offer binaries and source code for 52 on their ftp so I installed it from there


File: 62c49ca190772bb⋯.png (59.63 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, screenshot.png)


Forgot to attach pic


Will do this, thanks




This sums up modern day Mozilla pretty well

>we removed some important features you've loved but we had our PoC trans intern draw a cute picture for your error messages

I can't wait until Linux is the same way! Diversity rocks :^)



>not doing a sudo apt-mark hold firefox-esr

It's your own fault.


File: 60859fc8d50d6ab⋯.gif (5.47 KB, 468x60, 39:5, image.gif)


Okay, name a non-cucked distro.

And don't hop on the "muh systemd evul" bandwagon because most new programs won't work without it. It's necessary now.

Go ahead, I'll wait.




>defending shitstemd

>pls spoonfeed me /tech/

Kill yourself faggot.



Glad to help. Just remember to keep an eye on https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-452/product_id-3264/year-2018/opec-1/Mozilla-Firefox.html so you can switch to an alternative browser before the russians leverage an exploit & steal all your passwords. I'd recommend qutebrowser, I'm slowly trying to introduce it into my workflow so it's not a big shift when I have to stop using ff



k whatever wh*te boi



>It's necessary now.

poettering pls go



Devuan's good, systemd's evil and you don't need it for anything.



Just build and install your own damn kernel. Generic kernels are for normies. It is educational too.


Quit making me feel old.



Piss off, redditor. If you gave a shit you wouldn't be on Debian.





wew. haven't used cuckzilla in years. glad i didnt have to see this shit



>unironically using Debian over Devuan

>believing systemd was not a problem with Debian

Hide and report.



I'm not a redditor, but what's wrong with debian? What should I use instead?





File: bf9dc36a371774e⋯.jpg (79.93 KB, 704x756, 176:189, PIG.jpg)


Zoomers are 2000 and after

You're a millenial, and you always will be



Gen Z is anybody born 1995-1997 or later faggot.


File: a65e61c8be7aa67⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 350x272, 175:136, perpsi.gif)


>Statistics Canada defines Generation Z as starting with the birth year 1993

>Randstad Canada describes Generation Z as those born between 1995–2014

>A 2018 report from Pew Research Center defines "Post-Millennials" as born from 1997 onward

>The Futures Company, marketing agency Frank N. Magid Associates, and The Shand Group use 1997 as the first year of birth for this cohort

>MTV described Generation Z as those born after December 2000

>The American Marketing Association describes Generation Z as those born after September 11, 2001

>Author Neil Howe defines the cohort as people born from approximately 2005–2025

Apparently nobody knows what the fuck Gen Z actually is



It seems most at least agree the starting point is somewhere in the mid to late 90s however. I'm going with that one, since otherwise the age range for generations is a bit to much. After all, someone born in 1983 has little in common with someone born in 1998 or 2000.


File: 099cfd4eebd1416⋯.jpg (111.06 KB, 704x1024, 11:16, Gender Revolution.jpg)


If we're going by culture, then clearly the zoomers are worlds away from the millenials. I'd say there are massive behavioral differences even between people born in 1996 and 2000.

Zoomers are the last hope for this planet.


File: 47077bac311db48⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1969x2963, 1969:2963, memorial_day_special.png)


>Zoomers are the last hope for this planet.

That's a lot of pressure. I just hope my observations of people around my age being slightly less pozzed isn't something that's limited just to where I live. though growing up with the internet already well-established has has the side effect of more furfags long with more access to honest news though it is better than the alternative of them believing everything they read

>that magazine cover

I'm glad that was only a subject of ridicule among the people I know.





1998? Fuck you infant nigger.



>(((systemdick))) is (((""necessary"")))

Use Gentoo.


File: 348bed887a61a65⋯.jpg (189.71 KB, 800x1044, 200:261, goethe-02.jpg)


You're posting this in my thread faggot

say that to my face bitch and not online and see what happens

fite me irl



reason? What does it have that debian does not?


You're 30 and NEET and you always will be gramps



Everything is just more pronounced while the population of honest people goes down. it's literally idiocracy.





You literally have threads on /tech/ about gentoo +


Everything on Debian is bloated, you cannot install libreoffice without java, rxvt without perl and everthing else without avahi. Why somebody need avahi? There is not choice of package version on this crap and if you try install openrc on devuan it breaks on update.


who gives a shit literally nothing will change. none of you niggers are smart enough to be a part of the linux kernel


File: 08b95ba3d3d99b2⋯.png (84.38 KB, 985x353, 985:353, bzoomer.png)




>> THIS fucking faggot looking up at me holding a box

>$SIDES == "in_orbit"




Things already have changed. Linus failed to stop the insertion of weak crypto, alledgedly only to be used for IoT devices. Now with him gone, the barn doors are wide open for the cianiggers.







gentoo, slackware, openbsd



>most new programs won't work without it

<Bbbbbbbbbbb-bu-but /g/ told me anti-systemd fags are just paranoids, systemd is optional right?, I can easily replace it in official Debian™ and would still work like normal right? I still have freedom right guys?


More reason to not use these copy pasted "distros"



Devuan doesn't have systemd, so it's easier to just use that instead of trying to run Debian without it.


File: 06f0c8a6c7a9a73⋯.jpg (59.97 KB, 688x596, 172:149, 1533698744547.jpg)


so 1995 or later...?



if you didnt grow up in the 90s your not a millinial.



>Devuan doesn't have systemd

It also doesn't have quality control



Linux doesn't have this "quality control" that you talk about, and systemd only makes it much worse.



>1995-1997 or later

Oy vey, common core is working well!!!

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