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File: 12033728e543d2d⋯.png (50.78 KB, 671x454, 671:454, 2.png)


Post yours!


File: f9e0885a081a2a8⋯.png (83.48 KB, 861x786, 287:262, onemorestep.png)


File: 022dadf5c0df1e2⋯.png (28.09 KB, 816x558, 136:93, ClipboardImage.png)


<NSA data mining thread


File: 42d69e0a25bb40e⋯.png (147.79 KB, 924x895, 924:895, my addons.png)

New addon I can't live without is a search engine sanitizer. I use it to blacklist clickbait sites, content mills, liberal bias news sites, and American news sites that are error 451'd in my country.


Is there an extension to stop these extensions auto-updating into botnet spyware when the creator sells out or is hacked?



about:config > disable




kill yourself


give it a couple years and you'll have a nice comfy hugbox with no dissent getting in, and no idea of how bad thigns are out there.



remember to consider how much time you will actually dedicate to code review when a new version comes out



>give it a couple years and you'll have a nice comfy hugbox with no dissent getting in, and no idea of how bad thigns are out there.

You're making assumptions. I get my news from secondary sources like imageboards, youtubers, and podcasts. Don't need "40 Thing That Will Outrage You About Apple Pies - Huffington Post" in my search results when I'm looking up pie recipes.


I have en extension for you. Take a rope, tie it into a knot, wrap it around your neck and a branch and let your body go limp. Best extension ever.


File: 80ce65448750486⋯.png (118.61 KB, 1583x772, 1583:772, Captura de pantalla_2018-1….png)

R8 or h8?



>I get my news from secondary sources like imageboards, youtubers, and podcasts

Yes, only the ones you like and whose opinion validates yours. You've created your very own little hugbox where unwanted opinions and different world views aren't allowed because they hurt your little feelings.


/g/ tier thread, report and ignore.


File: 1fa462f4f949e88⋯.jpg (10.17 KB, 120x104, 15:13, IMG_08102018_191809_(120_x….jpg)


I know what opinions I hold and I choose to keep them. Don't care what Schlomo & friends want me to think.



It's always da juice with you guys.



I know you mean well, the problem is that echo chambers are a slow and slippery slope with no clearly recognizable breaking point.


>Don't care what Schlomo & friends want me to think.

This is exactly what Schlomo would want you to think, because by isolating yourself from mainstream media more and more it's easier to make you look like an extremist and thus reinforce the media you try to avoid.

That is, assuming Schlomo schemes anything bigger than dodging the draft via religious studies or such.



Your posting here without being banned or punished by the site owners in any way only puts holes in your theory, and provides validation to the other anon's.


>muh jews have 4d chess

So why should he give shitstream media his money again?



>copy url

>paste into archive's onion site

Problem solved


thanks for the contributions fellow anonymous posters, this data will be useful in the fight for the greater good



>Your posting here without being banned...

Terrible argument, that's like saying reddit isn't full of left wing circlejerks because thedonald is not banned yet: echo chambers are a gradual thing, and when your defense is "we aren't completely silencing dissent" you're probably past the halfway point already.

Simple lack of actual discussion can be enough to kickstart an echo chamber.

I'm the other anon btw, not 984374

>muh jews have 4d chess

That was an attempt at a joke.



Except 8chan is pretty much a free-for-all, and the issues are with the moderation of individual boards instead of site management having a shit political agenda.

Being able to hear viewpoints you don't like doesn't mean the site is an echo chamber for them. Banning them does.



first of all, y u no check quads

>Except 8chan is pretty much a free-for-all, and the issues are with the moderation of individual boards instead of site management

You are right, and in fact I blame the excessively lax board moderation for the current situation of most major boards: not curbing off topic politics being by far the biggest issue in places like /v/.

>Being able to hear viewpoints you don't like doesn't mean the site is an echo chamber for them.

Right, but it also doesn't mean the site isn't an echo chamber (for you, for them, or even for someone else).

Reddit is full of circlejerks that don't ban dissenting opinions, it's still impossible to have any actual discussion if arguments are answered with mockery such as "muh freeze peach".

TL DR avoiding biased bans is not enough to avoid transformation into echo chamber



I would add this to tor but it would increase my fingerprint



t. faggot that literally cannot stop sucking dicks and browsing clickbait news sites to show us how "the SJW are at it again"


don't forget video blocker, after i installed it, i realized just how much pointless garbage on jewtube is showed into your face every day via "recommended for you"


Is there an extension that alert user if site use fingerprinting techniques?



>using uBO and uMatrix together

This will cause problems as they are bit compatible with each other. Just add the black lists to uMatrix.

>using those together with Canvas Blocker

Pure retardation

>using a web-based password manager

beyond retarded

>google add-on

kys. Was this entire thread meant to shill for it, or was this OP shitposting?


>using Privacy Badger

Even the makers recommend not using it because it is such shit.

>using it together with uBO

How did a nigger like you manage to find h8chan?

>no uMatrix or NoScript

You might as well kill yourself


>NoScript + Privacy Badger + uBO =?

I believe this makes you a triple nigger. Even the NoScript official FAQ explicitly states that it is not compatible with uBO. Privacy Badger is uBO for retards, by retards.


File: a23da910f90d8ea⋯.png (27.08 KB, 888x407, 24:11, ClipboardImage.png)


>>using Privacy Badger

>Even the makers recommend not using it because it is such shit.

>>using it together with uBO

>How did a nigger like you manage to find h8chan?

>uBlock Origin is an excellent privacy tool. uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger should work well together. Similar to adblockers, uBlock Origin protects using blacklists. Privacy Badger protects by automatically learning about trackers as you browse, which means Privacy Badger might catch things that uBlock Origin doesn't know about. Privacy Badger will learn about far fewer trackers when used together with uBlock Origin, but that's OK.

>>using uBO and uMatrix together

>This will cause problems as they are bit compatible with each other. Just add the black lists to uMatrix.

umatrix doesn't do content blocking. I have never had problems using them together.


>uBlock Origin

The obvious choice for adblocking


For getting rid of scripts and other unwanteds

>Crush Those Cookies

palemoon's version of self destructing cookies.

It's great


Fuck googleapi cancer


For custom scripts that i have

>image Search Options

To get a quick link to saucenao from any image

>JSView Revive

Probably not needed but it's helpful to make extracting css and checking js easier


I like to have solarized themes on everything without having to save site cookies or use javascript like what 8chan would have me do.

>Tree Style Tabs For palemoon

It's a good addon that makes managing tabs a tad bit easier Wish it'd organize by domain tho


Autism keybinds for people who hate using the mouse


No need to javashit and bullshit html5 web players, run that shit in a white man's media player.

I change most of the other settings manually in about:config

Basic ones that i can think of is the http.refer and the useragent.

I like using about:config for useragents more because i can set certain agents to specific websites.

I can also use it to shitpost

I kept dom storage on because that breaks a lot of sites when turned off.

I also have some scripts designed to redirect to specific or generally https sites using greasemonkey.

It's safer in my opinion than trusting some https redirector that uses lists instead of a catch all.



>reddit enhancement suit

I can't even get bothered by this anymore. I've come to expect virtually every single poster here to be a cuckchan cross-posting subhuman.




>reddit enhancement suite

Fuck! First time I laughed here in months. Fucking sides.



>reddit spacing

jesus fucking christ I can't tell what's ironic or not anymore


File: 5f1a72aa91c7611⋯.png (186.15 KB, 1318x912, 659:456, Screenshot from 2018-10-14….png)

File: 62399ba778654a1⋯.png (164.48 KB, 1338x919, 1338:919, Screenshot from 2018-10-14….png)

File: c0f3458b09b2847⋯.png (60.92 KB, 1324x338, 662:169, Screenshot from 2018-10-14….png)

pls no bully



>needing an extension to enhance reddit

echo " www.reddit.com" | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts



>reddit enhancement suite

it has to be bait at this point



<I believe this makes you a triple nigger


<Even the NoScript official FAQ explicitly states that it is not compatible with uBO

>Q: Can adblockers work with NoScript?

>A: Even if NoScript does block many advertisements as a side effect, its main focus is on security, hence it misses some fine-grained controls over ads delivery which you can find in proper adblocking products. On the other hand, NoScript provides unique protection features against Web-based attacks, such as XSS or Clickjacking, and a high level of reliability, which are not available in adblockers. Therefore NoScript and adblockers, such as Adblock Plus or uBlock, complement each other. You can use them together for a secure and quiet browsing.


Why are you lying on the Internet?

>Privacy Badger is uBO for retards, by retards.

uBlock uses static lists. NoScript blocks JS but I have it set to allow first party JS only, and sometimes other scripts must be enabled to make a site work.

In those cases Privacy Badger will block all trackers, even those who aren't in uBlock's lists.

Tell us anon, where did Privacy Master touch you?






Say whatever you want about voting, I hate dredging through piles of shit to find porn.



Stop looking at porn.


not gonna post muh add-ons here

but i haz question:

does anyone know if theres a translation addon that can translate full pages, but doesnt use google translate?


sound advice




Sometimes a man just wants to see tiddies. I prefer white ones. Now here's an extension / utility I've thought about doing myself: The nigger eliminator. I know "porn scanners" scan all images on a pc for "fleshtones". I download my porn in bulk, and I hate how cuckchan has nigger posters that have to shit up every thread of pretty girls with niggers. So I'd like to scan my bulk download folders and pre-eliminate the pics with nigger fleshtones. Would save my eyes a lot of discomfort doing it manually. Could be turned into an extension like adblock that eliminates images from a page based on nigger content.




>obsessing over race

>"porn scanners"

>"fleshtones" (it's flesh tones, retard)


you mean, "eliminate"?

mate you don't program



>spending your day complaining about other peoples ideas on the internet and failing at insulting them

I think you're the retard.





frankly were all retrded for posting in such a shit thred tbh femmes

tho i honestly would like to know if theres a non google page-translate add on for firefux


How many of those are actually libre?


once debian ships out the newer versions of firefox, i'll learn how to make my own extension



just learn how to make userscripts



umatrix doesnt have cosmetic filtering and i didnt come across any problems at all

first party scripts have fingerprinting too

password manager is self hosted

that is not a google addon it just takes translations from google.

you are a retard.


not sure about libre but all are open source


File: a7a4c80535f68cb⋯.png (47.64 KB, 469x510, 469:510, 2018-10-28-161845_1600x900….png)

web is good and normal


>only one anon in here using Tree Style Tab

Wow I thought /tech/ knew how to internet...


saged and reported


File: 8b340577ade161d⋯.png (126.23 KB, 1110x466, 555:233, DeepinScreenshot_select-ar….png)

I really want to get rid of LastPass but I got an account but it has all my stuff and work makes us use it


File: e119b7b57e80bc8⋯.png (29.82 KB, 536x196, 134:49, ext.png)



Unironic firefox usage? A lot of you all seem to use firefox. Didn't expect that.



How can you tell versus Palemoon?


File: b2d0493ecf18627⋯.png (77.57 KB, 1143x528, 381:176, Screenshot from 2018-10-28….png)



or waterfox, or icecat, or any other fork. Don't know what the other anon was expecting. Chrome, maybe some meme browser?


Three if you count tab tree. Still not very many










Not him, but you can tell they aren't using palemoon because palemoon has a small colour indicator next to it that tells if it's a native palemoon addon or an addon running in firefox compatibility mode.


Discovered today that my auto cookie deleter for palemoon no longer works.

Anyone know how to fix or a better alternative? I've disabled all cookies for now.

>tfw posted in the wrong thread



What's the point of a cookie autodeleter? umatrix stops cookies from leaving your browser so you don't get those annoying enable cookies popups and stock ff can autodelete at close, not trolling just genuinely curious


The single biggest change to my browsing recently has been Firefox Container Tabs + Temporary Containers. I set every new tab to open in a new temporary container for total isolation between tabs. I use Cookie AutoDelete on top so I can choose to preserve cookies for specific sites within dedicated container tabs (for staying logged into things) and everything else is wiped at tab close by default.


pretty much whatever this guy recommends





lol you use windows and you demand security. how ironic.


Does anyone have the essential list for legacy firefox extensions?



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