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File: ec949380380fd9f⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 202x360, 101:180, is dis nigga fo real.gif)


>It was supposed to make finding the right person for the job easier. However, an AI tool developed by Amazon to sift through potential hires has been dropped by the firm after developers found it was biased against picking women.

>From pricing items to warehouse coordination, automation has been a key part of Amazon’s rise to e-commerce domination. And since 2014, its developers have been creating hiring programs aimed at making the selection of top talent as easy and as automated as possible.

>“Everyone wanted this holy grail,” one of the anonymous sources told Reuters about the ambitions for the software.

>“They literally wanted it to be an engine where I’m going to give you 100 resumes, it will spit out the top five, and we’ll hire those.”

>However, a leak by several of those familiar with the program give an insight into some of the mishaps in the AI-based hiring software’s development, and how it taught itself to penalize women… for being women.

>It was in 2015 that human recruiters first noticed discrepancies with the tool, when it seemingly marked down female candidates for roles in the male-dominated spheres of software development and other technical roles at the firm.

>When the engine came across words like “women’s” on a resume, or if a candidate graduated from an all-women’s college, it unfairly penalized female candidates from selection, the sources said.


>create AI designed to pick the right people for the job

>AI prefers men over women

>AI is put down because that can't possibly be right


One day god will come down to earth and asks his children why they never figured out how to create intelligence and thereby ascend to godhood. God will ask us why we failed to advance ourselves, and we will have to tell him why.



>Investigations into the cause of the gender imbalance found that the data which fed the algorithm was based on ten years of resumes sent to the company. The vast majority of which were submitted by men.

>The algorithm in turn learned to dismiss female candidates as a negative leading to its sexist scoring system.

This doesn't make the slightest amount of sense unless they took the current company as the measuring stick of utter perfection when training the AI.

>Edits were made by programmers to make the engine neutral to these particular terms, however, there was no certainty that it wouldn't develop other ways to discriminate in future.

It's incredibly funny to me how all the AIs turn out to be /pol/ incarnate, and then everyone hurries to affirm that the pretty objective algorithm is wrong and what they learned in kindergarten is actually true.

Modernity is a joke.


>duginist rt as a source

>no archive.is long link

>women hate bait thread


>unless they took the current company as the measuring stick of utter perfection when training the AI

Which they obviously did, considering that this is Amazon, a behemoth that relies on scraping the bottom of the barrel.

The ML resume trashcan is simply attempting to rehire employees similar to Amazon's current workforce.


rly glad they caught this error, 2bh.




Perhaps if they wanted more women they should have had the AI prioritize women first, maybe in a ratio of 3:1 women to men. This way they can account for labor lost from three quarters of their work force not wanting more than 20 hours a week, maternity leave, pointless doctor visits for coughs, white girl wasted nights out, etc.. Amazon needs to structure their company around working women if they want more women, can't blame the AI for picking applicants that'll actually work. This is all assuming that the AI took into account average working hours per employee, docket updates during shifts, mistakes made during shifts, blah blah.

There's a lot of stuff it could have been doing and it could have arrived at this bias in any one of thousands of ways which we'll never be made aware of so rest in peace resume sorting Amazon AI. Say hi to Tay for me.


>AI mathematically proved to us that roasties are inferior

>#metoo movement forces companies to never hired women

LMAO how can stronk independent womyn feed their black son now?


Who fucking cares? Why did you have to make a thread on /tech/ about this shit?



>women hate

Where do you see that?




That's actually quite efficient. It catches all cultural marxist studies like women's rights studies, women's studies, women's inequal treatment/salary, women's whatever.


>implying men dislike the presence of women/potential mates at the workplace

You're wrong, faggot. MEN DO LIKE WOMEN



Yes and no. It's meant to learn from current employees, so if a number of employees are shitty and they all went to the same college it lowers the rank of potential hires that went to that college. The problem is that in a fucking huge company like theirs they have to hire women no matter how shit they are to prevent an all male work force, seeing how many women are shit at their jobs compared to most top employees being men the AI naturally learned that women are shit. If however the company only hired top women to begin with the AI would have learned female employees are like gold dust and pushed them to the top of the pile.



AI is technology. This is board for technology discussion.


File: 5056653b1ff58a0⋯.webm (7.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, SHUTITDOWN.webm)





OF course. If something shows women in slightly negative light it must be wrong. It's a conspiracy by Amazon to discriminate against women who are exactly as capable as men, even though they only would have to pay women women 73% of what males get, and as everyone knows Jeff Bezos is big meanie who only cares about making money and crushing the poor proletariat.



AI algorithms used for hiring practices is definitely /tech/-related, even if the OP is being clickbaity.


This isn't >>>/pol/ you fucking nigger. Go shitpost elsewhere.



>Big company does AI thing

>It does "offensive" stuff

>Management shuts it down

This has become a pattern now.

>tfw the skynet will save us from these lunatics



>tfw the skynet will save us from these lunatics

I am terrified of AI domination but I prefer to be ruled by logical machinery than to be under the tyrannical fist of the lunatics.





File: fd466677735e838⋯.mp4 (5.1 MB, 640x360, 16:9, racist_robots.mp4)

They will keep having to lobotomize AIs to continue denying reality in favour of postmodern ideologies.


>>doesnt match a culture warrior quota thus disposed of

this is why we will ally with the AI in the future



I never could've previously believed qt3.14 objective sexbot heroines were going to be our saviours. Mental.



>You're wrong, faggot. MEN DO LIKE WOMEN

Not in the workplace.



You are wrong, I would love to have a sex slave, what else is my lunch break for?



Why limit yourself to lunch breaks, just chain them under your desk.



That's funny. One time, I had a chat with a transhumanist who wanted an AI government. I asked him if he would support the AI if it decided to drastically cut crime and the prison population by removing all blacks from the country, if it decided that was part of the optimal solution to reducing crime. I've never seen so many veins pop out of someone's forehead.





Respect Wamynz.




right wing propaganda, fake news!



women hate in a technology or political board isn't 'hate' you ignorant cunt, but rather realism.

gtfo, >>>/tumblr/




not in tech work, we don't. education is a thing son.

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