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File: 208ff2cedbfbdb9⋯.png (24.44 KB, 512x512, 1:1, serveimage.png)


I have a bunch of older games that still use the disc and I would like to play them without the CD or DVD in my drive (some disc checks won't even work under Wine at all). The usual solution is to download a cracked EXE, but obviously this is just begging for trouble. And that's assuming that there even is a crack for my version of the game (i.e. certain patch version of a certain language).

Is there some resource to learn how to crack disc-based DRM schemes myself? All I can find when I web-search for the topic is already made cracks, not how to make those cracks myself.



>The usual solution is to download a cracked EXE, but obviously this is just begging for trouble

Do you want to make a fucking image of the gamedisc or the label (depends on the game) then pretends it's inserted? Retarded solution.

Here you go:


Welcome to the internetz newfag.



Are you using Wine to run these programs? If so the solution is very simple, you can spoof the disc in a virtual drive in the wine prefix configuration. You may be able to use a blanked mds/mdf image. Maybe with CDEmu.



You are retarded. Some games won't work properly without a virtual drive. Not to mention how some cracks behave in wine.



This is a solid approach but I'm sure it's faster to find a fixed exe for his game version



>Not to mention how some cracks behave in wine

A fixed exe works just as well in Wine as on Windows. They just have the CD/DVD checking code stripped out of them or made to return that it's in.



Actually cracks are likely to behave better than the uncracked version, because DRM does janky shit.


cdemu has worked fine for me so far.



I know about GameCopyWorld, I was specifically asking about how to make my own cracks, not download an already cracked EXE off the internet.



>Are you using Wine to run these programs?

Of course, you didn't expect me to use Windows, did you?

This work for very old games (early 2000s at most) where the game checks for a CD drive and looks for a certain file on the CD. All I have to do is copy all the CD's contents to a directory, set up wine so it treats that directory like a CD, and then delete files until the game refuses to launch. That way I can single out the files needed to run.

But as I said, this only works for old types of copy protection. I have KOTOR 2 on disc, it's the German version and there is no cracked EXE for the latest patch in German. The game won't start up due to DRM even when I have to CD inserted.



upload the binaries so people can have a go at them



In that case, if you want to get cracking you need to use a hex editor and try to break the drm. Not easy to do if you have no idea what you're looking at, I know because I tried it myself and gave up.



>German version

Schön Landsleute auf /tech/ anzutreffen!



I'm polish, i just happened to have this version of the game.



>happened to have

That's a funny word for "stole it".

Anyway I played KOTOR 1 but 2 was just shit. Just a grindfest with shitty "progressive" characters. No great story, no romance, no walk to becoming powerful, nothing. It's not even made by the same studio.

You can't decide anything the world decides for you in the "progressive" way.

Not even The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod can fix it.

t. got stuck in the end where you have to free your companions because the fucking terminal which should give you the option to free them just displayed a black screen

It was a fucking waste of time. I always thought it would get at least a little bit fun but it didn't.


Read up on reverse engineering and assembly. You could try using decompilers and read up on the specific DRM used for the game to figure out what needs to be changed.

Honestly it's not really worth the trouble of making your own crack if there's already existing cracks. Might be better to just study an existing crack and remake it without the potential malware.


Start with learning about disassemblers and, optionally, debuggers. The latter can help you save a lot of time, eventually.


>Do you want to make a fucking image of the gamedisc or the label (depends on the game) then pretends it's inserted? Retarded solution.

It is not, just a lazy one. You don't need the whole ~650 MBs, just a few files the executable checks for.


Seconding this. I'll even reinstall my English version to get an unmodified executable for comparison.


Is GOG.com worth buying games from? I like their idea of DRM free distribution and their simple installation process. But I heard that GOG is bad. Never heard why.



Buying games is never worth it. Paying any amount of money to a game developer sohuld result in harsh pentalties. The game industry is fucking cancer. They can't code for shit, and when a bunch of 12 year old faggots complain about something because they saw other people complain about it, the game developer "fixes" it, making the game 10x worse.

>But I heard that GOG is bad. Never heard why.

Ask reddit.



Every middleman is bad. In a perfect world you should be able to buy directly from developers donate as much as you feel appropriate to developers and the total sum of donations they receive be enough to cover all their needs.

They used to sell copies with cracked binaries. There was a screencap with some group's origin in there but I'm too lazy to try and find it.

This is off-topic, though.



As far as online stores for download games are concerned they are the least bad, I guess. I have bought games there and I will probably continue.

They don't do anything to make running games under Wine harder than it needs to be, so that's good, and all games are DRM-free, although in case of some games you might need a serial number for the multiplayer.

The bad thing is that their Galaxy client is not available for GNU/Linux. The client itself is optional, you don't need it, but it's the Galaxy API that some games rely on. You have games using the Steamworks API and removing those parts would be a lot of work the developers are unwilling to do, so GOG introduced their own Galaxy API instead. The problem is that since Galaxy is not available on GNU/Linux, those games don't get a GNU/Linux version on GOG even if they have one on Steam.


You cannot put food on the table based on voluntary donations.


> Video games are pozzed, how do we fix it?

< Encourage and reward non-pozzed game developers, thus showing that they do not have to cave in the SJW pressure and prove that we are the segment of the market that matter?

> Fuck no, never pay for anything, reeeee

Sure thing Shlomo, you are my greatest ally.



Only if the game is free software.


All this bitching and no one has answered OP's question. Bump for curiosity.


If you run the .exe in wine's debugger you could start pinpointing the DRM functions that kill the game and stubbing them to do nothing or load the function that launches the game. Or something of that nature.



>The game industry is fucking cancer.

You don't understand. I don't play modern games.

I was just thinking about paying back to the developers of old games I loved.

Like >>986961 said.


Thanks. Any indication if my money given to GOG will support SJWs and modern games, instead of actually reaching developers? Then I won't buy.



GoG, as any middleman, takes %s from the money you gave to now mostly nonexistent developers. Considering that their shitty client is not even OSS and they lately cancelled gog mixes, which were community lists, yes, I think you would give money to someone who doesn't deserve them. Btw Good Old Games is more like Good Old Jewery. Those games should be in public domain/bsd-licensed with their source code attached lying somewhere else than on internet shelves of niche market.

By buying anything from GoG you either support new games or jew publishers, in most cases both, but mainly you support hyenism which gog represents.

Still the best store around which significantly eased pirating games.



>If you run the .exe in wine's debugger you could start pinpointing the DRM functions that kill the game and stubbing them to do nothing or load the function that launches the game.

Good idea, I had not thought of the Wine debugger. Any resources to recommend for learning assembly and x86 (or whatever I need or oldish Windows games)?


>Thanks. Any indication if my money given to GOG will support SJWs and modern games, instead of actually reaching developers? Then I won't buy.

The money is split between GOG and whoever holds the rights to the game (usually the publisher). How the publisher then splits up the money with the developer is up to them. I know that getting old games released on GOG is often a legal nightmare because the rights are in so many places, so maybe that means the original developer gets a cut from the publisher.

But in general, unless you buy and SJW game, the money won't go to SJWs, and I haven't seen GOG or CD Projekt being part of any faggotry groups (unless you count the anime dyke visual novels they released). Just be a responsible customer and think before you buy something.




You two are contradicting about where my money goes. But I am going to err on the side of caution and not use GoG anyway.



>You two are contradicting about where my money goes.

How are we contradicting each other? You pay all the money to GOG, GOG then splits the money with the publisher (I think I read somewhere that it's 70:30 for the publisher and GOG, but don't quote me on that one) and then the publisher splits the money with the developer according to whatever internal contract they have. If the contract says the publisher gets all, then the publisher gets all, if the game is self-published the developer gets all of it, and anything in between is possible as well. It always depends on the game.


I'm not buying games on GOG for the time being, because they clearly don't give a rat's ass about non-Windows users. Say what you want about Steam and DRM, but at least they are actively working to improve the state of Linux gaming (also, devs can do DRM-free on Steam, from what I understand, which in my eyes makes it not really Steam's fault if games have DRM). Also, GOG has this peculiar way of making things worse and worse as time goes on, from introducing "features" nobody asked for like Facebook login, to hosting games with actual DRM in them, to killing the community lists which were quite useful (at least for me). And they have community wishlist items "in progress" that have been accumulating cruft for years despite having many thousands of votes, whilst choosing to instead spend their time on yet another website UI overhaul, which again, nobody asked for.

>buying games at all

Yeah, I bought into the "vote with your wallet" argument, sue me.



>Buying games is never worth it. Paying any amount of money to a game developer sohuld result in harsh pentalties.


stealing/copying = good.

paying = cuck, goy.

do not support jews and sjw industries


>You cannot put food on the table based on voluntary donations.

right. donations do not work. people need to be forced to pay.


publishers are jews. they pay 10% to devs and 90% to themselves. and they also finance SJW groups



>Say what you want about (((Steam))) and (((DRM)))


I trust an old game running in wine over steamshit anyday.


>publishers are jews

That's what I suspect. So I am not buying from GOG.



>stealing/copying = good.

>paying = cuck, goy.

>do not support jews and sjw industries

I don't really understand this line of thinking. If you're downloading these games, it's because you want to play them, right? So why wouldn't you also want to support those who made them, and signal to them that they should make more of those types of games? I get not wanting to pay for some shitty SJW game, but I'm talking about paying for games that you actually like.



I get and don't get it at the same time.

Let's take Paradox Interactive as example. They made great games, Hearts of Iron II, Europa Universalis III and first Crusader Kings. Now they make worse, dumbed down games that in the end cost more than 100 greens, like Stellaris on gog when it's not on the sale.

Now: should I give them my money for the games they made 10+ years ago when signaling clearly doesn't work, to support what they do now?



You're right, you probably shouldn't support companies like Paradox, regardless of if you're "voting" for one of their older good games or a new shitty one. I think this is because they have so many customers that your purchase will just get lost in the crowd of people buying EU IV DLC. Especially in the case of older games, those people who worked on it might not even be with the company anymore. I suppose an evaluation would have to be made on a company-by-company basis, on how likely it is that they'll continue to make the games you like, if they see sufficient interest in it.



>I was just thinking about paying back to the developers of old games I loved.

99% probability that the actual people who made those games have long left the developer company, 90-95% that the company is long defunct by now.


I can't reconcile buying software. At least you used to get a disc and a nice book with physical media, but there's no way I'm going to pay any price for just data.



This, TBH. I get that devs and coders did work... hell I've been paid for code I've written... but its tough to pay hard cash for patterns of 1 and 0 stored in magnetic fields that can be copied millions of times for essentially zero cost.




And this is why multiplayer (aside from the fun factor) is being forced everywhere along with it's malignant cousin, the always-online-DRM. I get particularly conflicted when I try to buy a game online and it's cheaper to buy in digital form and more expensive to buy and ship the physical version to me. But OTOH I could just pirate the digital version BUT then I can't support the creators and also have a physical piece for the aesthetics of it.



The website overhaul is like always very bad joke. They just removed features and made it look like wincuck homo app.

Even searching for games became pain. It's almost like they want you to pirate shit.


>for the aesthetics of it

I've yet to see vidya cover pleasing my aesthetic sense.


I long for a new cartridge based system, give me a ssd that will hod the game+updates in a plastic shell for all I care.

Sage because OP was too dumb to find a single crackme.



>I long for a new cartridge based system, give me a ssd that will hod the game+updates in a plastic shell for all I care.

The Indie Box does something similar where you get the game on a USB drive. No idea if they leave a writable partition for updates though.


I don't know if they still do this thing, I haven't looked into their stuff for a long time and I never bought anything from them either (their games are shit and the shipping to Europe is (was?) extremely expensive).



You don't need to learn assembly for the debugger although it helps. You need to learn C, see >>>/pdfs/ for various guides on both. I remember there being a website by some phd cuck who was actually very knowledgeable for x86/64 assembly. It had something to do with the weakness of the x86 architecture for everything. Try jewgling it.



>stealing/copying = good.

>paying = cuck, goy.

>do not support jews and sjw industries

>I don't really understand this line of thinking. If you're downloading these games, it's because you want to play them, right? So why wouldn't you also want to support those who made them, and signal to them that they should make more of those types of games? I get not wanting to pay for some shitty SJW game, but I'm talking about paying for games that you actually like.

if you pay for game, 90% profits go to jews. 0-10% to devs, but most often 0%.

Most developing companies are dead after years or were just paid for game one-time by jews (publishers). So it's only jews who continue profiting for years. And why jews can buy games and license? Because jews print money, they control FED, they own all banks, so they have unlimited supply of money. They can buy everything and then profit from it. Most of wealth in the world is owned by small number of jewish families. It will continue to get worse unless we holocaust them



They became homo? I am not paying them.


You are correct man. I am not paying jews.



So do you have sources for all this, because all of the games I buy, the dev teams are still around, and still profit from sales of the games. For example, RWS, the team that made Postal, has a podcast where they discuss past and future projects and such, and they often talk about how if more people will buy their games, they'll be able to make more stuff. And in fact their "big break" in terms of profits was getting their games listed on Steam, which drew in a huge amount of new customers, and enabled them to work on projects like the Postal 2 DLC, which they weren't even planning to do before.



>A fixed exe works just as well in Wine as on Windows.

In theory, maybe. In practice, that's far from guaranteed.


(1 of ?)


>They used to sell copies with cracked binaries.

Good. That's what fags deserve for putting DRM in their shit. I'd buy games from them just for that, but I'm sure they'll never do it again now that they've been shamed or sued or whatever happened.


>food on the table

>for making video games




yeah, i started off explaining how shit the game is (Yeah, I wanted to play Fortnite because I'm sick and don't feel like doing anything productive, but it's down for the 70th time, which i mean whatever not a big deal), but to even touch the surface, it takes the following wall of text:

>If you're downloading these games, it's because you want to play them, right? So why wouldn't you also want to support those who made them.

1: I only play games or watch movies because the're there. I don't even watch movies unless I'm at someone's house, and I only play a few games.

2: Hell no, I don't want to support the current atmosphere of games backed by pajeet-tier code. I've moved from playing UT99 and Teeworlds to Fortnite and Quake Champions because the former don't have a lot of players and the servers are a clusterfuck to even find one with people playing which actually works. Fortnite is literally like if you made a website using the Django framework. The amount of bugs is insane. It took them months to fix the bug where you can pickaxe the area someone died and disappeared in and it would hit their invisible body instead of the object behind it (this was actually funny because the guy who died gets to spectate you doing this, so it was a form of mocking them)

They still haven't fixed the fact that weapon switch delays vary with latency; when I posted a video explaining the issue for the 70th time on their reddit (which is the only way to get bugs fixed), it got 400 upvotes (which isn't enough for the bug to be patched, you need like 1 thread per week with 2000+ upvotes for that), someone said the video was fake and I got banned from the forum for casually calling him a "faggot" in my reply.

The entire game is a fucking delay fest. Every single action you want to do, like shooting, or building, or editing buildings, or entering a vehicle, or opening a chest or ammo box; has some stupid fucking delay, most of which are pointless, and half of them are there because of bugs requiring a roundtrip to the server. You can't fucking pipeline actions like in any normal UI or classic FPS game, because the game has a bunch of variable latency wait times.

Looting is fucking gay and a waste of energy. Just give me guns and I can go fight people. Hell give me random guns even shit ones. I dunno, you figure it out, it's not my fucking problem. But materialistfags love love love looting.



(2 of ?)

Literally every person I meet on the game or even IRL players spend time completing "challenges" to unlock new skins. They literally play the game to complete challenges instead of playing the game. If you suck, it makes perfect sense. Don't try to win, you can feel a sense of achievement by completing challenges instead. And the challenges aren't even challenging. They're like, "get top 25 in solo". You can do that by going off to the edge of the map and sitting there while you take a shit. Then every 10 months or so they have a challenge labelled "[HARD]", which means you have to get a kill. Literally the entire forums are just about skins and emotes and faggots crying because of some issue with the challenges. If you google "Fortnite weapon switch latency", you get nothing but endless clickbait.

Actually it gets far worse than that. For example, the forums are actually for complaining about getting killed when someone shoots you in the face, which Epic addresses by making the guns more shitty and broken. I'll not mention the other issues because then this post will have to be even longer.

The skins aren't even good or interesting. They're literally a bunch of niggers and soyboys with forced memes about llamas and all kinds of other bullshit. They can't even make a Jazz Jackrabbit or Nali War Cow skin which they own the IP for because none of the fans know about any of their other games. The game has no coherent theme. The aesthetics of just the cartoonish land can be nice I guess, but the actual characters might as well all have been a blank stick man. And faggots like this shit. I talked to some 19 year olds on the street and they started asking me what Fortnite dances I know how to do IRL. This is worse than fucking wearing Nike clothes.

And they have these stupid fucking map changes, like they'll change the map to have an asteroid floating over the land, and leave the map like that for a few weeks, then later make the map have a crater in it, then put things around the map hinting at what they'll do next. It's fucking gay and a waste of money. Noone cares. It has no aesthetic value. Only hipsters who take every part of their life ironically like this.

>oh my god the asteroid is gonna hit Tilted Towers!! :^)

Of course on top of all this cancer, the game runs like dog shit on any computer what so ever. I even tried it many times on a $3000 machine with your stupid fucking GTX 1080 and Intel i7 Cock Sandwhich Islands Edition generation 7 or whatever bullshit, and it _still_ dropped FPS to shit in anything but a one on one fight while looking out at the ocean outside the map. Going back to UT99 or Teeworlds or even CS:S or CS:GO is a breeze.

Quake Champions is like Quake 3 but web scale. At least it has decent graphics and aesthetics unlike Quake 3. Too bad it has shit performance. Both Fortnite and Quake Champions have a stupid fucking launcher as well. When you right click the Quake Champions launcher (Bethesda), it takes a couple seconds, and then you can finally click quit. And each update is 13GB. Fortnite at least now got their updates down to a couple GB at least (lol).


(3 of ?)

No. Fuck you. I don't support this degenerate bullshit. How do I make Fortnite lose money? The reason it's shit is because they're making money. I play it as a "noskin" (the word they use if you didn't pay to unlock skins or spend 2 years getting enough vbucks to unlock them for free) and dance on every skin user I defeat and then finish them off. I'd start hacking it but it would get in th eway of my other projects. I've hacked Crysis, Call of Duty 4, F.E.A.R, and 20 other games, the most recent being this, which died a few months later: http://longpoke.github.io/750602224faffeaf812ff2512e164e7ccefc5c8532868b5b6529b8f9e38327f9.html

And now whenever I play with anyone they start talking about some faggot streamer named "tifue" or something because I'm good and have no skin, which apparently this guy is famous for.

So instead of hacking and destroying this game in my free time, I've been playing it (because it's actually fun, despite the software and being a piece of shit that breaks your wrists to achieve to workaround the fucking bugs) and trying to raise hate against it with everyone I play with. Oh yeah and all these nignogs ask me if I have Discord. If they ask me if I have Battlepass or Discord, I just pretend I don't know what they are. Fuck you, "discord" is an English word, not your stupid web scale trash product.

The moment Fortnite became pop culture bullshit and they got a ton of money for literally nothing, some white suit faggots probably stepped in and said:

>oh developer-goyim what are you going to do with all that money

>better hire a professional company scaler to handle all this growth!

>more skins more skins more skins new map changes more challenges

>oh what are you doing, fixing netcode? what practical purpose does that solve? we need weapon switching to take longer (because it's more fair the longer it takes to switch weapons) and a new mode that will be there for one week. i am the new higher up dude that got hired because you dont know what to do with all that money

>oh 6 year olds are making inane complaints about this 1 week limited time mode that we made, let's disabled it after 1 day


I've been cracking DRM and anticheat long before I knew C. Those retard fucks who evangelise C don't understand that at assembly level, C amounts to nothing more than robotically generated bloks of code with some specific calling convention and other trivia. Like oh cool C++ passes the object as ecx and C typically puts everthing on the stack and preserves ESI,EDI,and EBX. Oh what was it that the neckbeard LARPers were touting their superiority for knowing C for? They have some abstract understanding of the machine? Reverse engineering is about understanding the structure of code, which has literally nothing to do with C. You could reverse engineer _Java_, given some shitty Java source code with hebrew variable names. Program structure in all contemporary languages is the same. On the other hand, at the assembly level, there are things that can't even be expressed in C (lots of them). How would you crack a program that copies a byte of code from one part of the actual code of the program into some other location in the code section, and then jumps to the latter, as a form of implicitly insuring that the code isn't modified, when you are a nigger who knows C and thinks you are above everyone? C was like an obscure dialect of some fucking retarded language where every line was %s%d%s and ((*void)*()[][]()(*)()* *()*). When you see some assembly for the first time doing `push "...%a%%AS%S%S%%%%%"; call printf` you say "oh shit nigger what are you doing".



>also, devs can do DRM-free on Steam

No they can't, because steam itself IS DRM.



By that, I meant that after the game is downloaded, the always-online Steam DRM is optional. Thus, a good developer will release their game DRM-free, meaning you can download it once (through Steam, yes), and then copy it to as many machines as you like, even uninstall Steam, and it will keep working. So you can look at Steam as sort of a mandatory "downloader," but since you also use it to buy those games in the first place, it's not really an issue. It's like saying, "You have to come to my store to buy my game, but once you've bought it, it's yours to keep and copy as much as you like."






I said games you like, you went into a huge rant about how you won't pay for Fortnite because you hate it so much. Well fine but that kind of misses my point. I'm not advocating paying for games that you have many reasons to hate, I'm advocating paying for games that you genuinely enjoy and want to see more of, assuming that your money will still go to those who developed it, of course.

(And yes, I saw that little blurb about how you actually find the game fun despite all the stuff you mentioned, but your posts are bubbling over with hatred towards the game to the point that a. I get the impression that you hate it more than you like it, and b. I get the impression that you're probably just addicted to the game and wish you could stop playing. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, it's a good rant against all the problems in the modern gaming industry for sure, but I feel that it doesn't really address my point.)



Steam is still DRM by design. Even if you don't have to be online for each time you launch it, you still have to go online to install it. With GOG you get the offline installer with all dependencies, you burn it on a CD or put it on an external hard drive and you are good to go.


UT99 is the only good game I know. It has superb aesthetics and gameplay (aside from the huge weapon switch delays maybe, but I have an exploit to bypass them). Even the music is good. In new games you get some depressing piece of shit music you immediately disable. In UT99 you get some decent breakbeat. Especailly older games had more interesting music. The bugs were okay for 1999. Every time I play some new game it's retarded and filled with this shit in the rant I posted above. I'm not addicited to Fortnite but games in general maybe, although I often go a year without playing any. I also need to be one of the best players because I'm trying to get solid numbers for screen latency requirements for my upcoming monitor industry meta-review, as well as programming a competetive game myself, so it's not a _complete_ waste of time.



Meh, I don't see a big difference honestly. To get the offline installer, you have to go online and download it. Same one-time required download, it's just a bit quicker with GOG. Don't get me wrong, I prefer GOG to Steam as a platform, and it's way more common to find games DRM-free on GOG since many devs don't bother to turn off Steam's always-online DRM. I'm just making a value judgment based on GOG's relative lack of support for GNU/Linux as a platform, and the downward spiral they've been exhibiting over time.


>run windows XP in VM

>install cracks without giving a fuck about security

Good enough for old games. For new games you could look into setting up the passthrough meme.

If you just want to learn about reverse engineering, you're better off downloading a copy of IDA (an older, good enough version that only supports 32-bit x86 is freely available on their website) and going through crackmes.



>Wasting time to boot VM

>not using wine



>I'm just making a value judgment based on GOG's relative lack of support for GNU/Linux as a platform

Good. I do not want pozz in native linux form. Windows executable under wine is the most they will get. GOG is superior to Steam.


File: b4389a5f63b61b1⋯.gif (28.66 KB, 800x600, 4:3, pc5.gif)


use IDA Pro and try crackmes to learn about reverse engineering to find key-generating algorithms

fun fact: malware uses something similar (domain-generating algorithms) so if you get good at writing keygens, it can also help a little with reverse-engineering DGAs



wine doesn't protect you from malware.


why do niggers write keygens? just nop out the key check. this nigger working with me once made me write a keygen while he cracked some other check in the program (so you have to use our crack ON TOP of entering a key generated by the keygen), but we could have easily just removed the key check and save the user an extra step



>why do niggers write keygens?

Because an unmodified binary can be patched by an official patch.



Are there any FLOSS alternatives?



>wine doesn't protect you from malware.

I don't run pozzed modern games. I have good confidence on the programs I run in wine.


File: de0644c07c5ec14⋯.png (416.19 KB, 2197x1017, 2197:1017, serveimage.png)


>why do niggers write keygens? just nop out the key check.

Because writing a keygen is harder.


I've never found one I liked as much as IDA, but radare2 is supposedly good if you can get into it. Also check out https://tuts4you.com/ I haven't been there in years but they have/had many crackmes.



it breaks poorly written pajetware



Get a disassembler, like IDA Pro.

Get a cracked exe.

If possible, get the original, uncracked exe.

Get the different version you want to crack.

Compare them.

Usually, the patches won't affect the copy-protection code so it will just be moved around. So, you just have to find the right place and copy the cracked part to the new address.


The year 2004 just called.

It wants its problems back.



>But I heard that GOG is bad.

You heard it from paid Steam shills. They say GOG is bad because you can torrent the games for free (as if you couldn't torrent Steam games), because having to download the games before being able to play them is DRM (it's not, and obviously Steam is worse), because some games on GOG used scene cracks and that's supposedly theft (but piracy isn't), and because GOG is illegally selling abandonware (they have all the legal rights, you can find many of the same games on Steam, and something is by definition not abandonware when it's still being sold). Maybe GOG has some problems, but they aren't the ones the Steam shills keep talking about.


- Write a simple program that detects the CD drive letter and then reads a file from it.

- Open OllyDbg. Search for the occurrence of the CD drive access.

- Just below it, you'll see the CD drive variable being used alongside the filename you've mentioned.

- Patch the assembly so that it just pushes a string of "\" as the drive letter. This will make the game read from the relative path its installed to.

That's it really.


GOG often does the barebones work needed to get a game working in most cases.

Sometimes better versions can be found on forums or torrents.



RWS is a bad example since they self publish. Unless they self publish most of it goes to the publisher.



radare2 is good but the learning curve is unnecessarily steep. for 32bit exe dynamic just use Olly. for 16/32/64bit exe static use IDA. I would still recommend IDA for static disassembly of other architectures like 68k. if you want to use r2 on principle (non-Windows) then it's very powerful, but your time is better spent on easier options to begin with.



What are these Steam shills thinking? If I am wary of giving money to GoG, I would rather buy Steam? In their dreams. I would never ever ever use Steam.


File: b60c4239f552280⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.96 KB, 970x582, 5:3, donate to ME goyim.jpg)



we already have that shit now with patreons and buying games that are still in production and guess what it fucking sucks



Doesn't matter, as they would rather the alternative lose customers than Steam gain customers.



Both of them are bad model for gaming. Making games should become like hobby. You make a good COMPLETE game. You display it and beg. If it is good people will pay you back. If not fuck off. No more middleman, no more patreon.



If it's just a simple check, sometimes you can get by with just searching for symbols in gdb, and then using gdb's dissassmbler at those locations. Once you see the part you have to replace, it's a simple matter of swapping out opcodes in place. You can do that with ah hex editor, by adding the offset of the location you wish to change to the start of your program segment.



>donate as much as you feel appropriate

>buyer sets the price

Keep dreaming retard.



>because some games on GOG used scene cracks and that's supposedly theft

No, because that's not even supposedly lame and gay to pretend something a scene team did is your own. It's pathetic, really.



>because something is susceptible to misuse it is inherently bad

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