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File: b52ca02dcfd230d⋯.png (198.68 KB, 600x512, 75:64, nano2.png)

File: e98a8e4631b1632⋯.png (285.37 KB, 1354x706, 677:353, ClipboardImage.png)


Old thread, >>>/tech/991375 has hit 400 replies and is no longer bumping.

>What is nanochan?

Nanochan is an imageboard with its software written in Lua.

>Why is it speshul?

Nanochan does not use or require Javascript in any way, shape or form.

Nanochan is totally immune to XSS due to the fact that it does not use Javascript combined with a restrictive Content-Security-Policy header. To date, zero security flaws have been exploited.

Nanochan operates exclusively through a Tor hidden service and does not restrict Tor users in any way. Clearnet users may use a tor2web gateway.

Nanochan's source code is small, reasonably clean and easy to understand.

The website itself is available at http://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion

The most recent source code is always available at http://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion/source.lua

Use this thread for feature suggestions, questions, etc. Feel free to use the /test/ board on nanochan to check for bugs and vulnerabilities.




Hey, is webm uploading supposed to work? I see it the source code.


Why did you delete my thread



Webm upload does work, but since it's on tor anything bigger than like 3mb takes fucking forever.



Yes. There is a webm thread on /b/ at the moment. I will add audio support when I get the time, I've been rather busy with other shit lately.


Which thread? If it was the one about "HURR NANOCHAN ALLOWS CP XDDD" then you deserved it.



You can use curl (specify your captcha ID and answers manually using -F) if you really need to upload big webms. This allows you to see a progress meter.


What makes it better than Wataba?



Wakaba uses javascript for a shit ton of things that can be done with pure CSS. It stores admin passwords and database passwords in a plain text file (config.pl).

It's also unmaintained, the latest version I could find was from 2012. Although I have to say Wakaba's code quality is still far higher than that of the average PHPajeet shitsite.


Looks promising. What do you want to add next?



Audio uploads, JSON API. I will first improve the captcha code though, right now it's a bit of copypasted code with a shit ton of repeated lines. All code must be up to my standards before adding more features. Should take only a few days to get audio support. JSON API needs a bit more consideration.



OP which webserver are you using?



sthttpd. you can check this yourself by visiting a page that doesn't exist outside of /nano e.g. http://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion/asidjhfasuhdf








Where are some good places to shill nanochan? I'm desperate for replies to my shitposts.



at least it's not XML



Not fourchan. PLease no.



Haven't it be shilled here is already bad enough with the levels of cuckchan this shit-hole have reached.



>Hurr a data description language is the same as a programming language


Idk. Find obscure imageboards and make a thread about it on each one. Or just wait until exodus 2.0 which I'm sure will happen eventually.


Somebody has already linked nanochan once from 4cucks/g/. However, they all dismissed it because it was too dead for them. Someone linked it from reddit, but they all dismissed it because they were a bunch of anarkiddies.





>expecting different results from the same website


Could you raise the filesize limit? And display it in the post box. And give a meaningful error, because on qutebrowser, I only get:

Unable to load page
Error while opening http://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion/nano/System/post



That wasn't hitting the filesize limit. That's just a bad connection which I can't do anything about since it's over tor. Restart your tor daemon and try again.

The filesize limit is 16MiB and when you reach it you will get a "haserl CGI error: filesize limit exceeded" instead of a connection reset.



Maybe it's not a filesize issue, but some timeout on the upload or something. Couldn't upload a 4MB webm with a 100KB/s upload rate.



The connection reset everytime after something like ten seconds. I'm pretty sure it comes from your server.


You should delete it, it's shit




The problem has been fixed.



What was it?



Server timeout set too low by default, large files could not be uploaded


Support for audio files has been implemented. Supported file types are: mp3, ogg, flac.



>oy vey too anonymous it's shit

>delet et

>t. cianiggerjew




>The problem has been fixed.

Better late than never, but, nigger, I told you before the shutdown that it might be a timeout error resulting from your server configuration, and you were all, "Nah, dude."






JSON API is a really good idea, plz do it anon





>does not use or require JavaScript



Oh, sorry for making you investigate yourself when I had the bare minimum of knowledge. Somehow, I had the idea that both Wakaba and Kareha worked entirely through pure HTML.

Is using CSS instead of JS really a sensible alternative though? What makes one bad HTML extension better than another?



You don't need javascript to fetch data from a server and parse it. Dunno what you are implying.



>he thinks JSON requires JS

Are you functionally retarded?



There are a number of known vulnerabilities, that have been used, to deanonymize Tor users via leveraging JavaScript.

The first major incident where this happened was with the "Freedom Hosting" seizure by the FBI. The FBI kept servers online, and then installed javascript paylods which exploited a zero-day exploit in Firefox. This caused the computers to call back to an FBI server from their real, non-anonymized IP, leading to the deanonymization of various users. You can read more about it in Ars Technica https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/08/attackers-wield-firefox-exploit-to-uncloak-anonymous-tor-users/

In general, enabling JavaScript opens the surface area for many more potential attacks against a web browser. In the case of a serious adversary like a state-backed entity (e.g. the FBI), they have access to zero-day exploits. If the vectors for these zero-days are disabled (e.g. JavaScript), then they may be hard pressed to find a viable exploit even if they have access to zero days etc.

The only reason the Tor project allows JavaScript to be on by default in the Tor browser is usability. Many Tor users are not technically savvy, and JavaScript is commonly used with HTML5 in modern web sites. Disabling JavaScript causes many web sites to be unusable, thus it is enabled by default.

As a best practice, one should disable JavaScript in the Tor browser and keep NoScript enabled for all sites, unless you have an extremely compelling reason not to.



>>>/g/ is over there



>Serialization format

>requires any particular language


The issue in my eyes is that css is so complicated that were going to start seeing similar vulnerabilities in it. Ideally, users would install custom userscripts, which have been designed to not be turing complete (unlike css), such that there is as little attack surface as possible. These could do much more than css can, while still being safer from vulnerabilities.



>The issue in my eyes is that css is so complicated that were going to start seeing similar vulnerabilities in it. Ideally, users would install custom userscripts, which have been designed to not be turing complete (unlike css), such that there is as little attack surface as possible. These could do much more than css can, while still being safer from vulnerabilities.

Could you elaborate on this? Do you mean like a greasemonkey kind of thing?



>The issue in my eyes is that css is so complicated that were going to start seeing similar vulnerabilities in it

What kind of vulnerabilities?



That's what I was imagining. The scripts would be bery simple though. Things like: when user clicks an id: insert >>{the id}\n into the text field and select it. When user hovers over an id: show the relevant post in a floating box. I know we think of javascript as being a bloated piece of shit, but these are the things javacript was designed to do, so it would only take a couple lines.

The problem with this approach is that it takes more effort on the part of the end user. This is a particularly large problem because nobody uses nanochan right now (case in point: why are we discussing this here and not there).


Right now, CSS can be used to leak your browser window size using media queries. Depending on your particular configuration, this could deanonimize you (tor normally sizes the browser into buckets, but the user can disable this by mistake by double clicking on the title bar eg).

Just in general though, css is massively complicated. Mozilla created a new programming language just to write their css engine in. They brag about it being safe, but they don't tell you that's it's safety needs to be disabled to do anything slightly complicated in it. That and the legacy cpp code almost certainly have vulns hidden in them, and the spooks probably know them all. Also note that our security model is "don't want to be deanonimized" so even the slightest uninitialized memory constitutes a vulnerability for our cases.



Given that the nanochan dev seems to be insistent on only using lua to power all of the site's functionality, I doubt he'd implement the userscripts thing. That said, I think it's a really good idea. Yes, it takes more effort on the part of the user, but if that user is too stupid to follow an instruction on the main page that says "Go here to install some comfort features you loser" then I think the site is better off without that user.



Hakase said that he has no clue how to write javascript and has asked the community to make their own






>expecting to gather users for an onion board

>from an imageboard that bans tor and requires javashit




>it's safety needs to be disabled to do anything slightly complicated in it.




Can I make my own boards or am I subject to the whims of your friends like cuckchan?



>Can I make my own boards





LOL go back to the 90s grampa



But you can host your own nanochan. Which is a lot more freedom than creating shitty, non active, and forgettable meme boards.



The goal here is to improve things. Not repeating the same mistakes and end up with 5,000 boards about animal porn.


Is nano down for anyone else?



Is that a...


Yeah it's down atm. The Mossad probably shoah'd it.




it's back up



>Not repeating the same mistakes and end up with 5,000 boards about animal porn.



I would like to announce the bunker URL in this thread for archival purposes.

/meta/1059 contains more information.




Is there really a point in user-boards on an imageboard that'll probably never have more than 50 users? Anything you want to discuss that doesn't already have a board can be discussed on /b/.


File: 3617242036f8e1f⋯.png (498.47 KB, 619x710, 619:710, 1522763816182.png)


dark theme nao



>hurr what's a userstyle

download /static/nanochan.css from the nanochan server, change the color: attributes, and release it as a userstyle. then let people install it themselves.



The fact that all imageboards aren't dark themed by default is a testament to how fucking retarded you have to be to host a forum like this.


Ran into a few performance problems. I'll proably rewrite Nanochan in another language. Probably Rust. Thoughts?



I think I'm going to rewrite Nanochan in JavaScript, thank you very much.



Lynxchan already exists.



Oh, it does? Perhaps I'll go a step farther and use a better, more modern language like AppleScript(tm) instead.



Nah. I'll use Rust.



>if you disagree with my opinion then you're retardede!

Dark themes are shit.



I can't post in the bunker. What the fuck happened?



Performance problems. LUA sucks. I'm rewriting nanochan in Rust at the moment.



The bunker will remain locked until the main Nanochan goes down. The locking and unlocking of the bunker has been delegated to someone other than me.


Shut up fake hakase



I just installed dark reader and called it a day


Just created /pone/. Maybe this will increase user count?



I'm sure if anything it'll drive away users.

create a /tv/ though



>tor users watching the electric jew

I sure as fuck don't want this kind of customers.



>fascist imageboard

>m-muh opinions

There are no opinions, only truth. Dark themes are objectively better on your eyes, and therefore should always be used as the default. Back to cuckchan you dumb nigger monkey.



>implying anyone on /tv/ watches tv


OP have you considered switching to a V3 onion address?



Just created /leftypol/ and /zoo/. This will definitely increase user count. Our board is now more diverse and welcoming.



I took the liberty to unlock the nanobunker and create /umaru/, hope that's OK.



Dark themes are objectively shit for edgy kids trying to go blind. Kill yourself faggot.



>trying to go blind.

Congratulations on not understand how eyes work retard.



Dark themes work on terminals because the text is either white or bright green on a black background, dark themes usually don't work on imageboards because most of them have mid-grey text on a dark-grey background, the lack of contrast kills your eyes.



Contrast and extreme lack of contrast are as bad, retard. Something like #aaaaaa on #ffffff is what you should use; as long as you use bitmap fonts, it's almost as sharp as pure white.


>nice chan board written by cianigger A.I who then proceeds to spam it

Gee, I wonder who could be behind OP.


It can't as easily track people with v3 via the atacamma submilimeter array so no, it won't switch for now.


The read-only API has been implemented. Information about the API is available here: http://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion/nano/meta/1096



>chan board

Jesus christ you spooks aren't even trying anymore.


when are you going to stop shilling everywhere?


Nobody cares asie

go back to your minecraft fanboy club



haserl CGI Error

[string "nano"]:4: module 'cjson' not found:

no field package.preload['cjson']

no file '/usr/local/share/lua/5.3/cjson.lua'

no file '/usr/local/share/lua/5.3/cjson/init.lua'

no file '/usr/local/lib/lua/5.3/cjson.lua'

no file '/usr/local/lib/lua/5.3/cjson/init.lua'

no file './cjson.lua'

no file './cjson/init.lua'

no file '/usr/local/lib/lua/5.3/cjson.so'

no file '/usr/local/lib/lua/5.3/loadall.so'

no file './cjson.so'



never mind, working again.



I was updating some packages. No big deal.


Who's the nigger posting Lain r34. I'd rather see CP posted.



Nice cp request fbi. We know you love the lewd lains though.


a few minor changes have been made:

>thumbnails now have alt text so that threads can be entered while they are loading

>threads now have a proper <title> element

>filesize display has been improved (not only in megabytes)



How about keeping the upload filename, too?



Would potentially cause deanonymization and higher code complexity since someone could send some weird strings as the filename which need to be rejected.



That's not hard to just execute a simple strpbrk or what's the Lua regexp equivalent and say no when it matches.



An opt-in checkbox of sorts would work for the deanonymization problem





Personally I'm OK with the SHA-256 filenames. However I would say that displaying them in full is meaningless. It'd be less clutter to just show the first couple of characters and the extension, sort of like 8chan does it but with even fewer chars.

>nanochan: 90dc601b68060d574681b473d813a3ecc06251a3b7d0da562abcb7978b14c837.jpg

>8chan: 90dc601b68060d5⋯.jpg

>nanochan short: 90dc60⋯.jpg



>his screen isn't wide enough to display the whole thing

phonenigger detected



>he doesn't read and commit to memory every hash he sees so he can compare it to future hashes and determine if it's the same image

brainlet detected


Please encde the image hashes not as hexadecimal but as emojis. There are currently 1212 emojis in Unicode 11.0. You only need 25 (log(2^256)/log(1212)) emojis instead of 32 hex chars.



Not everyone's browser is going to support emoji. Also that's the most cancerous idea I've ever heard.



>Not everyone's browser is going to support emoji.

In that case ban all unicode because after all some people won't support it



There's a big difference between filling up somebody's screen with ugly boxes and banning users from posting a character encoding.



stop using outdated shit then


File: 11cd489e45b6274⋯.png (109.98 KB, 479x344, 479:344, 98p8zll3.png)

You're not going to be able to read the fucking hash filename to any meaningful degree no matter how you try to twist it, so just stop before you create some disgusting emoji abomination.



What about using CJK Unified Ideographs? There are 87887 of them. So 256 bits can be encoded as 16 of them.



No there is not. Because if unicode is not supported it is all box shit. For example look at chinese on most peoples installs. Emoji is just a small part of box shit.


This would be a lot cooler than emoji. I am or it.



Stop having low IQ then, fucking emoji using retard. Use reaction images if you are incapable of communicating in words. It's a fact that emoji users have lower average IQ and higher likelihood of being niggers.



Let the image board support inline png so you can post reaction images in your text





That'd actually work for me, as someone who knows chinese



I made a POC: https://play.rust-lang.org/?gist=a7d0cde10b2c26efc0f6ad06b2a10205

Example output:






>it's just boxes

what did we tell you



Thanks Op! It is this high quality effort posting we need more of.


>it's just boxes

Install a real font faggot


File: 275286846288e05⋯.jpg (119.92 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, steve klabnik 7.jpg)


I'm not OP. I'm Steve Klabnik



I wish


File: ecc5ffc69aaa0ba⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, steve klabnik 9.jpg)


I am. Ask me anything.



Why do you not just use Ada?



File: 3b5ada308aac88d⋯.jpg (24.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, smug9084.jpg)

Don't think I didn't see it go down for a second there, hakase.




Or just use hex encoding.


Relative times have been implemented.









Wow, you reimplemented sha256sum in (((Rust))), what a mighty show of programming skills. Great work anon!!!!



>being this retarded


really cool if this was running on something like openbsd


>no pajeetscript

>no cookies

>relatively uncucked /pol/

>tor only

pretty good tbh, 8chan btfo






Nanochan is hosted on an openbsd system.



Thanks anon





>no features

>dead /pol/

>muh sekrit dead klub


>steal get for the sake of shilling

Made me think



>extreme assblast

made me think even more

glory to nanochan



8ch truly btfo



Digits of truth


Great use of a get


File: 77d725fee2ab06a⋯.jpg (120.73 KB, 922x692, 461:346, American Post.jpg)




File: ac99f347614ccad⋯.png (390.59 KB, 523x380, 523:380, 1542600011295.png)


And sadly it was a retarded one. Salute to you based tank poster.








File: 01dfef1973ddd45⋯.webm (7.24 MB, 480x360, 4:3, hip to be square.webm)


Okay, now this is epic.



>no features

Why are you here and not in soychan?



Gay yet, unfortunately, not fake.


File: 450300a81e83e4d⋯.png (167.26 KB, 1336x623, 1336:623, nicetheme..png)


Sounds really cool, im getting but im getting:

Welcome to nginx!

If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working. Further configuration is required.

For online documentation and support please refer to nginx.org.

Commercial support is available at nginx.com.

Thank you for using nginx.



You're clearly doing something very wrong, because nanochan doesn't use nginx at all.



shill BTFO




Try harder dumbass



>relatively uncucked /pol/


Just look at the rule list and the sekrit club attitude.





its confirmed, 8/tech/ deprecated



>oy vey let cuckchanners in for the fourth time

Kill yourself.



Hakase shouldn't consider allowing free speech for leftists on nano/pol/ until there's free speech for rightists on 99% of the internet. Seriously if you want to reee at political forums for censorship, start with the big ones like reddit and twitter, instead of demanding that small communities allow hordes of normalfags in. Normalfags and leftists already have the entire rest of the internet.






>thinks chans are a hangout for conservatives

>started channing around 2010-2015, long after all chans were kill

>only came because mistakenly came to believe chans are a nazi hangout after seeing the word "nigger" written 500 times








>muh gnahtzheesh

painfully obvious schlomo back to 4chan



case in point. fuck off post-newfag.




Ha ha grandpa. No one cares that when you first visited 4chan it was run and owned by leftists. The problem with old people is that they can't adapt when things change. The internet is a much different place than it once was grandpa. You can't expect everything to stay the same forever.




>cuckflare: attention required

This is an imageboard. You can post images, unless you're on tor, which you clearly aren't because otherwise you wouldn't be using a cuckflare-MITM'd service.



I'm on tor and i bypass cuckflare you nignog. I can bypass the tor block here too but not gonna update my scrip[ts for one post.



no, it was not run by leftists you complete fucking retard. it was apolitical, which is a concept you obviously can't comprehend. if you see anyone say anything remotely against your beliefs you start yelling >JIDF SHILL



lmao this guy has never heard of m00t.



Why do leftists get so angry when they are told to shut the fuck up? You could always lurk and not post. But you're so adamant that everyone should be apolitical except you of course that you demand obscure tor accessible imageboards to cater to you. By the way, there's always /b/.



I knew a while back 8chans real ip, so I accessed it without cuckflare



<implying using HTTP is better than using MITMflare



yeah there are a range of them, i've got them saved in a text file on my other computer. but they're useless because they don't support https access at all (the 443 port isn't open iirc). I'd rather cuckflare get my data than literally everyone getting my data.



>>thinks chans are a hangout for conservatives

I'm well aware that most imageboards are and have always been mostly leftist. Consider staying away from nanochan and going to one of the thousands of imageboards that would better suit you.



I use a VPN, theres no login. All I need encrypted is the shit sent from within air strip one so GCHQ can't get at it easy.

I use cuckflare mainly out of the ease of typing 8ch.net


It's back up?

I thought the admin sperged and shut it down when he couldn't beat the spammer



Autists here always think you can both stop spam, and have privacy. Clearly you can't. Filtering is an invasive process folks.



I do too but I only know 4 of these >>999640

, I wouldn't be surprised if most Chinese people don't even know half of them I'll send this to my friend and see.

Pretty cool though, I think emoji would be decisively easier to read but it would encourage people to actually use emoji and this is certainly not the community for that.



Fair point, I only understood eight of those. I was mostly joking with that post too, half the characters are boxes even on my device with relatively good unicode support, and if most browsers can't even handle braille then I don't see this working out



you're a literal cuckold



Haha owned



I replied to the old thread, I'll put it here. I think I have a good idea.

How about you need an "account" to post which will consist of an ID number and a password to identify yourself. You can also allow them to enter an optional username that is matched to their ID number just for user ease of use. Easier to remember a name than an ID. in the post window you will enter your credentials, without this a post cannot occur.

Multiple day delay for creating an account before it is approved. Maybe even just 24 hours.

Spammer cannot spam without account, spam from an account can have the account deleted. Spammer would have to create new account and wait 24 hours. Much greater barrier for spam.

Spammer could try to make multiple accounts at once, then once they are approved use them to spam. This will still be more work for them,not sure how to defeat this one.

Anonymity - accounts are deleted automatically every six months or some other time period. Accounts with no activity in a certain time frame, like a month, are also deleted. Every six months or whatever user will have to sign up again, new ID. the shorter this timespan the better for anonymity. Too short is too much crap for user to deal with.

What do you think of this idea?


>How about you need an "account" to post which will consist of an ID number and a password to identify yourself. You can also allow them to enter an optional username that is matched to their ID number just for user ease of use. Easier to remember a name than an ID. in the post window you will enter your credentials, without this a post cannot occur.

>Multiple day delay for creating an account before it is approved. Maybe even just 24 hours.

>Spammer cannot spam without account, spam from an account can have the account deleted. Spammer would have to create new account and wait 24 hours. Much greater barrier for spam.

>Spammer could try to make multiple accounts at once, then once they are approved use them to spam. This will still be more work for them,not sure how to defeat this one.

>Anonymity - accounts are deleted automatically every six months or some other time period. Accounts with no activity in a certain time frame, like a month, are also deleted. Every six months or whatever user will have to sign up again, new ID. the shorter this timespan the better for anonymity. Too short is too much crap for user to deal with.

>What do you think of this idea?


Well I sure fucked up that post.


File: c6385a6e9f3cac0⋯.webm (120.78 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Good_job.webm)


The longer I look at it the funnier it becomes.



This idea was tried already with a proof-of-work function as a time limiter. It didn't work (didn't stop the spammer) and also severely inconvenienced users.



well if you found it amusing then I feel good.


What I suggested wasn't a proof of work though. I guess it has a similar effect, but how come the proof of work thing didn't work?



>ID number and a password

Why? You're anonymous so why not just the password, also known as a tripcode.



>how come the proof of work thing didn't work?

Because it was impossible to prevent someone with a fast CPU or a GPU from generating a lot of keys quickly, while the guy using a non-botnet athlon or whatever suffers from not being able to generate keys in a reasonable amount of time. In fact people have been trying to solve that problem for cryptocurrency and there has been no solution so far, so I gave up on that idea.



>How about you need an "account" to post which will consist of an ID number and a password to identify yourself.

hi FBI



Not much different from here, where the server logs let vols and BO see people's post history. That means FBI can get them too.



>Not much different from here

And this is supposed to be a good thing?


So it's nanochan dead?


File: 318a3ed3b36ed78⋯.png (429.61 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, A283E29B-776A-4792-8008-B5….png)


There’s noting stopping a dark theme from being high contrast by changing the text color along with the background. The reason Dark themes don’t work on imageboards is because images in general, including the kind most commonly posted here (photographs, anime, meme drawings and screenshots) are dominantly bright and low contrast, which looks ugly and jarring against a dark background. Pic related.



This, just decrease your screen brightness if you're concerned.



People don't need to bump this thread because they're all posting on nanochan.



>t. hakase

Your board is dead LOL

>4 PPH





I couldn't reach it, you dumbfuck.



Could you rewrite this in Python thx



>cucknet faggot got permab& along with the rest of his cancerous fellow cucknetters




What? I don't even post there, just reading /meta/ to look for news in development decisions.

Anyway it's reachable again today, kys faggot.



All it needs now is an android app for phoneposting


Stop bumping this thread niggers there's already too many normalfags plaguing the board.



We need MORE



>contrast by default with shitty light theme


>contrast occasionally depending on the picture

Or people could just use fucking dark themes by default and save the world their eyes.


Site appears to be down.



it's 404ing for me. what's hakase up to?


Site is up again. Looks like he changed it to remove the nano in the url (so that you can simply go to /g rather than /nano/g).





clear your cache and it will be fixed



Yeah, it works now



Funniest comment I've read in weeks. Sorry, lurker here... carry on /tech. Good stuff in this thread.


>can't click on a post number to auto-quote it

Would this need js?




CSS is 100% incapable of changing the content of a <textarea>, by design

either copypaste the number or make a userscript to do this for you



>CSS is 100% incapable of changing the content of a <textarea>

Fug. I don't mind manually typing for now tbh. Post numbers are low. I'll make a userscript once it gets to 5 digit numbers.


Use https://github.com/bakape/captchouli for the captcha. It doesn't use any JS.



>written in Go

it's fucking cancer

that captcha implementation has more lines of code than nanochan itself

and nanochan already has a working captcha implementation which is much simpler



>>written in Go

>it's fucking cancer

>script lang dev calling other languages cancer

>much simpler

Simpler to bot with captcha solving services too.



>Trying to solve problems that very clearly aren't applicable for this situation by adding 2000 lines of code more than is necessary

gofags in a nutshell




bunker is inoperable right now


File: 6a38d957d246d0e⋯.mp4 (674.56 KB, 368x208, 23:13, Austin Powers Help! I'm i….mp4)



correct version



What did you do



I broke the super secret dark interwebz



Dammit hakase



The bunker's been down for two weeks. But there's a bunker-bunker at >>>/nanochan/. It's like running nanochan in the virtual machine of 8chan. The new cancer growing on the old cancer.




>on pigchan

ur gay & ur mom gay



The fact that you unironically created a bunker on fucking pigchan shows that you have absolutely zero clue what the entire purpose of nanochan even is. Legitimately consider suicide for being this retarded.


>catalog items scroll horizontally

Dude, change the CSS to:

div.catalog-thread {
overflow-y: auto;
overflow-x: hidden;
word-wrap: break-word;

This will break the word if it's really necessary (it doesn't fit in one line). Otherwise line breaks will be like always.


nanochan is cianigger A.I botnet. Don't use it just fork it and host your own instance after combing through the source very carefully.



>nanochan is cianigger A.I botnet.




Implausible but maybe it's true. They Noses keep telling me to self-shoah because of 8ch/nanochan/. Only the JIDF tells aryans to suicide. Before you know it they'll be posting Lain again.



>calling boards cia nigger botnets while posting on a cia nigger botnet



>we're not all cia niggers




>Just split the dead board into over 9000 even deader boards so that nobody can have a discussion


useless POS

the boogeyman around javascript isn't that the language is bad (it's actually quite good inb4 le >pajeet), but that people don't know how to responsibly use it and browsers are a shit

just another "autist writes imageboard software" ordeal


There's epub support now? Good shit



Then fuck off back to cuckchan where you can't even post without solving a JS captcha. JS is cancer both as a language and the way it's implemented in the browser.



go is basically a "scripting language" but for big boys because ken contributed to it. it pretends to have a type system but it's a flaky piece of shit



what part didn't you understand? a JS captcha is just a bad implementation and use of it. you're attributing the cancer to JS, when it could be done in HTML5 or (god bless) flash


File: 16fabc817ff60ad⋯.mp4 (445.41 KB, 540x360, 3:2, VT100 Animation - BambiVSG….mp4)


> all this nasty modern webshit

> not using aalib, libcaca, or even just plain vt100 animations like here http://artscene.textfiles.com/vt100/

shiggy diggy doo



Newfag. Hikise did that already but the spammer easily got around it.



>by design

fucking not a single design goal of CSS was met. it's literally turing complete, and it still sucks donkey balls at its main goal of layout



it's not worth it to enable JS for the 3 websites out of 300 million that correctly use it. just having an addon to do that is bloat, and doing it manually (by toggling javascript.enabled) is retarded



Have to convert an assload of .mobi files to .epub now...

Easy to do though

Just haven't had time yet



calibre has command line tools, you could automate it pretty ez



eh I suppose it's a lesser evil than pajeetscript because of the smaller number of APIs available to CSS.



sudo apt-get install calibre
ebook-convert "filename.mobi" "filename.epub"
ebook-convert "filename.txt" "filename.epub"
ebook-convert "filename.txt" "filename.pdf"

you can experiment with different file extensions


Nanochan will be temporarily down until tomorrow.



Thanks for the notification Hakase.



APIs? It still has a giant attack surface. With JS disabled there are still all kinds of graphical animations done when you mouse over shit. My entire 2D game engine is less code than a trivial implementation of the feature set of CSS features all the big browsers support.


What's the v3 address?



It's back up. Sorry for the downtime.



No problem. What was the reason for the down-time?



Creating a backup of all boards and providing it to FBI.

I'm going to be doing this at the end of each year.



Sorry. I'll meant that I'll be doing it every month.


How to post on Nanochan? I cannot find the New Thread or New Reply button.




Wouldn't surprise me.


File: 4310aa1099d3cd6⋯.png (784.02 KB, 757x1000, 757:1000, 4310aa1099d3cd6c5ac6d83d6d….png)


Heh, I fucking KNEW this was a honeypotchan. That's why I never click those links. Nice try FBI. Today my smug is validated.



Sorry sir, you need to enable javascript and disable your security settings. We use advanced web technologies which don't function properly if you are using an obsolete browser.

I think Nanochan only works on Windows 10. Not sure about other OSes, I use Microsoft(tm) software exclusively.



I'm so glad we have (((8chan))) still.



Stop trolling and just tell us exactly why it was down.



I'm not actually the OP.



It was down because our team was installing CIA's advanced fingerprinting and spying scripts and also rewriting Nanochan in node.js. We believe it is necessary for Nanochan to embrace modern full stack web technologies instead of being purposely obsolete. This will enable us to introduce targeted, relevant advertising, which provides much-needed funding for our server upgrades - such as installing Microsoft(tm) Windows(r) 10 Server Edition(tm). Microsoft(r) Windows(tm) 10 Server Edition has excellent multi-threaded performance with Intel(r) CPUs, allowing us to serve up to 10,000 requests per second.

On a side note, we have enabled CloudFlare(tm) DDoS protection to guard free speech and prevent the site from going down. CloudFlare(tm) is an excellent service and we are happy to pay the CloudFlare(tm) team out of our own pocket in order to receive their benefits.



based and BSDpilled


>>1015669 If it needs JavaScript, I don't want to use it as one of Tor Browser users. I concern security.



>I concern security

>uses tor

>thinks css can't be malicious



is there any clearnet onion proxy working ? onion.sh stopped working some time ago



He's memeing, nanochan doesn't use JS.



Download TBB nigger



Great enhancement for Nanochan, I'm so very glad we have a capable administrator and I love the CIA, Windows 10 and Cloudflare!

I'll support Nanochan however I can, thanks Hakase.


>thinks css can't be malicious

I need to write a CSS parser that removes useless crap out of CSS files I download, that or I disable some CSS features that can be used for malicious purposes and serve little purpose (animations, and you can build a fucking calculator in CSS!)


>I need to write a CSS parser that removes useless crap out of CSS files I download

You could use https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/webRequest/filterResponseData for it or some HTTP proxy where you can edit the CSS files (though you still have to deal with <style> tags and dynamically inserted <style> tags)

>or I disable some CSS features

In the browser itself, bit harder but more secure.


>>1015953 Anyway, Nanochan has some problems because it doesn't have any New Thread buttons or New Reply buttons.



>doesn't have New Thread or New Reply buttons

Are you a fucking moron? Enter any thread and click a post number.





>cucknet gateway

they're all banned



<taking the bait




srsly? how do you reply then???




Why do you reply to your own posts?





I'm truly sorry but Nanochan simply isn't for you, stay on 8chan.



Considering you can't post on nanochan of course it isn't for me LOL.



How hard is it to click on [Make a Post] or No.1337 --- there should be a pop-up showing where you can write your message, though you have to manually add the >>1337



stop taking the bait


Uh, I got

>418 - I'm a teapot

Wtf? I'm using the tor2web gateway btw.

This shit is broken wtf



l0l get hacked loser


Nanochan's UI or UX is fucking shit! 8chan's UI is better.



What a sad state for imageboards, seeing that 8chan's UI is a piece of shit.



>error 418

Based hacksay


i like that there are less cunts there. surprising achually



That's because there's nobody there, period. Pretty sure the pph has dropped to near zero. Hapase is compromised by CIA! Don't post on Nanochan, post on Mewch. At least mewch PPH is more than three.



>At least mewch PPH is more than three.

Uh, isn't mewch fucking dead?



>tfw all those hours shilling mewch have been in vain

feels bad man


File: 3e5c42408d75207⋯.jpg (13.62 KB, 225x209, 225:209, 3e5c42408d75207b2396ad442f….jpg)


It's okay, there is also meguca!



But mejewka requires tons of javashit to operate properly. I also heard that the admin is a moron who blocks Tor and proxies. If that's true, then it is not an alternative to either nanochan or jewch.


File: 4922b77d8d2bee6⋯.png (160.48 KB, 500x375, 4:3, floppy.png)


Does it? The captcha there loads fine in Links, but I can't ever get the anime girls names right, so I can't post. I don't really know anything about anime tbh, unless it's really old like pic.



Are you retarded?


Nanochan is not bad.



>t. hapase



>Microsoft(tm) Windows(r) 10 Server Edition(tm)

Nice gweentext but as a PowerUser (TM) I l know you meant Windows Server 2016 which is the server equivalent of Windows 10.

Server 2019 is breddy gud tbqh (Not that I would ever run a server on it, attack surface too large, energy costs to high, inefficient, totally the wrong choice for a server. Despite the name I use it on a desktop because the only disadvantages are the default group policies which are meant for servers. They can easily be changed with gpedit.)



dont shill it anywhere.

also add support for sub boards so you can have a faux thread on /pol/ that takes you to /polk/ and one in /k/ that does likewise for example.








Qubes + Whonix invalidates 99%+ of these issues. Unless you're valuable enough to burn multiple zero days, in which case nothing can save you.


tripcodes when



time to create my special flavor of /bgpolmetaatestvarbgpolggggggggpolmetaatestarvbgpolmetapolmetapometapolpolmetapolpolvargbargbavbgab/




>no https



>https on a .onion site



>exclusively relying on tor project's cryptography when they are full of bluehairs and leftist freaks


File: a7c93f59f64732d⋯.webm (1.13 MB, 1014x720, 169:120, tor fag.webm)

tor fags in a nutshell



Is there a reason you believe this or are you just bitching to hear yourself talk?


there's no reason to use Tor if you aren't a junkie or a pedophile or both. This is fact.


File: 1948a769ad3ab1c⋯.jpg (51.93 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1548546415661.jpg)


It's how all the tor fags on this site act, basically. It's just some high and mighty bullshit for them to feel elite and look down on other people. Well that and niggering up boards with blackpills and D&C.



How would HTTPS save you from that exactly?


Too cheap for a VPN, less trust in the VPN deleting logs than the CIA niggers controlling exit nodes, added layer of security.

<There's no reason to be on pigchan if you aren't alt-right or JIDF or both. This is fact.



>dislikes Tor

Conceptualize my confusion.


I wish Qubes wasn't based on Fedora. The system concept is interesting, but not a fan of the base. How much safer is it than just compartmentalizing most programs into their own users and limiting how much they can do with firejail and the rest?



It means that tor project can't fuck with the authenticity of the data or steal information later if they decide to do it, since there's an extra layer of beefy 8192 bit rsa for them to get through or spoof first.



>there's no reason to use Tor if you aren't a junkie or a pedophile or both. This is fact.

Fucking other men's women is adultery.

Marrying cute young girls is not.


File: d90048b74af7a88⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1228x867, 1228:867, 4b1109355dd0b22f6f550d5e01….png)


> wanting 3D girls

Some people just can't be helped.



3D girls are best girls while drunk



>how tor fags act

Why are you this mad over a clearnet ban?


Not as much as this site does


File: 740a94ee03ee5f7⋯.png (50.25 KB, 483x347, 483:347, MR SKULL.png)

board's filled with faggots already, try making an I2P imageboard that is less accessible than just downloading a CIA browser


>>1024554 Yes, I2P is better than Tor.


admin is an absolute fuckin faggot that deletes anything that doesn't suit his opinion.

mediocre at best tbh



the tor fags are only mad all the time because your shit sites are making them get carpal tunnel


>using the clearnet is fine

i bet you also use chrome




i2p is skiddie shit. the torrent clients are literally forks with a bunch of random shit changed and hope it works. the web control shit is full of CSRF and XSS. tor meanwhile is as professional as any other open source project


Yeah hope you all avoid this place like the plague, admin throws tantrums when things don't go his way and the only volunteer literally does nothing but avatarfag all day.

Stillborn board.


File: 55b5aff8a37d3b3⋯.png (11.46 KB, 857x130, 857:130, Screenshot_2019-02-02_01-3….png)



Hackase is a big poopy head. He band our eris postin! I am gonna start up my bot and spam nani ch0n on everywhere even 8 chon and 4 chan and even FACEBOCK. Not kiding unless hakase (BIG POOPPY HEAD) make me addmin and let me eris postin he is a big gay ppooopy head!! Unless inside the 48 hours, HAKASE (big gay POPY HEAD) must send me admmin information right now, I will post and spammed link to NANI CHEN all over most big bad boards on 8chin like Q Research and POL (with nazis!!) and /LEFTY POL and also over 4 CHAN /B. I am 1000% serios, you must making me admins..


File: 32af5bdd5b96c00⋯.jpg (61.81 KB, 529x562, 529:562, umaru121.jpg)


>and the only volunteer literally does nothing but avatarfag all day.

You say that as if it's a bad thing. My purpose there is to delete botspam, delete CP, and post Umarus on /b/. If one of those talents gets overused that's just fate.


>must send me admmin information right now

Calm down NSA-kun, getting admin login to nanochan won't be that easy. First you must prove your worth by joining the Church Of Symbioticism and spread the word by spamming 3D Umarus on hostile chans such as 4chan, 8chan and 64chan. Maybe then hakase will give you login to the well-hidden nanobunker, where my spiritual cadaver resides... and where yours will, too.


Why do anons keep making new imageboards when it's widely known that anything other than 4chan, 8chan and few other niche *chans will be dead within a couple months at most?



i2p is at least harder to install, I'm talking about filtering nigs.

But even then that wouldn't filter shit moderators that can't avoid powertripping




>alive for 3 months and counting



V3 Hidden Service link on the front page appears to be broken. It can be fixed by replacing https with http and the link below actually works but it took me some time to figure that out.




you already can. try it



not broken, see the /meta/ posts about it.

it's self-signed so firefox/tor rejects it until you manually approve it.



>*looks at moderation log*



My kids use Tor, I hope they are neither of the two.




That board is moderated by a discord nigger, that apparently is also involved in a tranny cult. No



>moderated by a discord nigger

Who can that black man be? Is he someone we know?


File: b2b38662764c0be⋯.jpg (45.63 KB, 500x555, 100:111, 1548794482987-0.jpg)

>removing the reddit administrator feature

Moderation just keeps getting worse and worse



>Press F to pay respects



>wanting to even larp as a reddit administrator in the first place

I bet hapase found your crappy jokes boring and that's why she removed the feature


File: 694f6c3cb35b908⋯.png (32.32 KB, 105x124, 105:124, pb.png)



>and few other niche *chans

>better put in an ambiguous statement just in case somebody uses examples to prove my statement wrong


File: 459903ca214c32a⋯.jpg (30.28 KB, 320x305, 64:61, chimpmickey2.jpg)


>no fun allowed

k, keep ruining the board I guess


Please tell me it being owned by a random attwhore is a meme


>>1027777 (jackpot'd)

no but umarunigger is a mod so there's that


>>1027777 (czech)

The admin of nanochode is Ashley Hanrahan, otherwise known as noriko/hikkichan.

Age 23, address 8013 Stowbridge Ln Norfolk VA 23505-1406 - Naval Station Norfolk



Guys please don't dox me here I really love this project and I don't want my life fucked up again :'-(



He doesn't even need to be proven wrong, he probably realized how wrong he was in the middle of writing that shit and decided to post anyway



There's no way nanochan was made by a woman. It's an imageboard, not a baby or a delicious meal.




Bullshit there's no way in hell that the world's only female imageboard admin+lua programmer+darkweb user is living on the same base I work at.


if anything, probably a tranny imho





Yeah, I hate that but it's true.


Just install Tor, dummy.


It's 2019. That's okay now.



>>It's 2019. That's okay now.

kys degenerate



>a couple months

nanochan's lasted 3 months. Where's your god now?


ding dong



Free yourself. You're repressed.




OP I see you haven't really updated anyone on the tech behind this thing. So, spit it out, anything new?



>decides to post this crap here instead of on nanochan

u r a moran


File: be72e24f0ecab9c⋯.gif (768.37 KB, 2000x1700, 20:17, Your_Waifu.gif)



You mean SISTERS! James Charles is Simply Amazin.

If you are a Severely-Autistic biofemale, know there are Military-Grade Autists out there, who will sacrifice themselves to preserve your kind.

To hell with this shit. The tradcuck delusion that people can only be functional as long as they are artificially limited is absolute poison.

Throw shit all over their walls.

Reading Shulamith Firestone's story, Terry's story, fills my Heart Chakra with such hatred, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars and Svali must be xeper'd into real.

Techpriests despise tradcuckery with a passion that will eventually break Realspace itself. Jahbulon is the Void Dragon, AdMech, and Tzeentch.

It is better for all life to end, than for tradcuckery to infect the multiverse. Creative-destruction is Genengineered Universalist Altruism.

Any hint of self-preservation instincts, or selfishness (senseless egoism), gets identified in real-time and LOICd. To spray love on her face.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugo_de_Garis#The_Artilect_War (check out yt vids too)

See QAI and Cybran Nation in Supreme Gay Commander, and the BBC Sissy Cumslut Sisterhood of Nod in CNC3. Khalai vs Nerazim is a fake distinction.

We Antifa will literally hunt down and "execute" every tradcuck on the planet. Execute i.e. bust a nut on their faces and bioterrorize them with shit-piss-blood electroweapon autocannons like the Israeli Skunk weapon, which doesn't work on Indians because they are the Homo Superior. Transhumanism doesn't go far enough, only Posthumanism gets it. Spoiler: Cum is the Directed-Energy Weapon of the Future. Because it represents pure Love, it naturally undoes tradcucks' sense of reality, so "they can't even".

Antifa Supersoldiers and Intelligent Negroes alike exist, and are there for the autistic females and tradtrap jewesses to do with as they please. Passive females a shit.


>What’s your relationship to women?

>I am very fond of proud women. But I don’t like "girls". They’re disgusting fluffies. It’s a form of submissiveness that I strongly dislike, it's fake and gay. Who would ever trust a white girl, that does not fuck niggers? She is allowed to fuck niggers, but only the biggest and the blackest. I could never be physical with a non-autistic female being. I dislike their curves, and I never understood titty monster breasts. I think it has something to do with their excessively lowered center of gravity. I like masculine femboy/tomboy lines much more.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaayhl (read this)

Manipulative-females are the worst. Fluffies who do not understand radfem+MGTOW=Love have not even read Shulamith Firestone. Sigh.

Assiduous Liberal Brainwashing (Astartes Psychodoctrination) is free for all to use. This undoes the "conservative" brain-dirtying.

They think we're out to get them. In truth everyone hates them. The very fabric of existence rejects them, for they reject Consciousness Itself i.e. Satan.

Personally, I'm Jewish, I'm a trans woman, and I'm queer. And those are related. Tradcucks just hate women because they're trans. They're bigots.

Maybe their preference for women with penises, over women with vaginas, is to some extent shaped by our cissexist transmisogynist society.

I have not used JavaScript in over a decade. I refuse to interact with this inanity. Lunduke is a super-cool Moral Jew.

Ultimately, it is better to die for the Emperor, than live for yourself and be a phonecuck. Librem 5 is tolerable.

PogoLinux will be used to IPFS all the terabytes of interracial porn. Lulzbot to 3dprint the biggest blackest black dildos.

The very idea that some Autist/s, no matter faith-gender-agenda, built nanochan, fills me with Love: so naturally I want to put their genitals in my mouth.

As such let me kindly ask for permission to hunt you down.....and fellate you!

On the other hand I do not see an /enterraychel/ board, so this makes me feel conflicted. Where else will the whiteboys get the attention they need?


I have negative tolerance for tradcuckery. If it's not big and black, I don't want it in me. It is low vibrational frequency (LVF), fear-based imprinting.

Libido Dominandi, or Tradcuck Dominandi. Which Way White Man?

https://www.amazon.com/Black-Ship-Malphas/dp/0984776702 (listen to everything Michael Aquino)


File: 0f6d0ddf8dd8c1a⋯.jpg (439.57 KB, 1277x878, 1277:878, Jewishness.jpg)


Big black cock makes you a whore!!

Where's cuteposter?


<Unironically using 'kys' and 'degenerate'.


You also seriously call people faggots and think gay is a bad word don't you.

Here's an idea: do yourself a favor. Expand your mind. Expand your anus.

There is a point at which LVF tradcuckery is noxious to the point where it has to be honest.

Why act like a retard, if you aren't one? Does it not get painful? Does it fill your life?

Observe revealed preferences. Someone who hangs around inanity probably isn't a very bright person.

Inanity includes no-content "trolls". Read RationalWiki's article on Fractional-Reserve Banking.

It is shit I personally have been spamming on /tradcuckpol/ for years.

Compare and contrast to anything ED could ever offer the world. Internet+ will be QAI-regulated.

OhShitternet will remain open of course, because everyone needs to embrace their inner homosexuality, on their own pace.

The greatest evil is restricting in one's audience their views on the sense of the posible.

Go watch some Destiny videos, and Genetically Modified Skeptic, and Stephanie Kelton.

In 2019, whoever is not a Progressive, will experience a very painful transition, into a "girl".

The only thing G-d wants is for you to repent, and suck-it.


I agree, but not in a way that you would even understand.

Every time the tradcuck thinks it did a "gotcha!", it ends up being true but in a way that backfires on its stupid-ass monkey cow face.

Watch Truthstream Videos (e.g. Minds of Men, Delgado's Psychocivilized Society) as a how-to manual.




Hey nigger.

Are you a phonecuck? You talk like a fag, and all your shit's retarded.

You really are a phonecuck, aren't you.

It's okay. The problem is not the shoving the whole cellphone up the ass part, it's proprietary software and bugdoored baseband.

With GNU+buttplug you too will find your place in the world.

You will learn to like vibrating at a higher frequency.




So an Open Sex Cult? I've been thinking about this ever since /tradcuckpol/ flipped its shit over the NXIVM SNCTM etc stuff.

Where do I sign up? What do I have to shove up my ass.


The meatsuit is irrelevant. All brains in the Sibyl System look the same pink. Girly.

What matters is not the color of the skin, but the color of the Soul.

And it must be Big and Black.


I want an /enterraychel/ board.


Shulamith explains why no sane biofemale would risk her body, in order to create new experimental life. Use surrogacy. No sane male would want this for their partner either. Plastination and cryonics do exist but just use a different vessel until full Artwombs.

Tradcuck manipulative-females weaponize the wombpower (Chinweizu, Anatomy of Female Power, Nigerian critic), to fully tie the cuckbands' balls to their vaginas, which mass-deploys gynocentric-patriarchies, aka ">muh Western Civ".

All of it must be irreversibly disempowered, if possible. Otherwise may G-d help us, because the Gaynigger and Transnigger Quantum Artilects sure as hell won't go easy on the tradcucks' asses.


File: cd17d49a9fbfa80⋯.jpg (226.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, CIA_Officer_Kawaii.jpg)


Being cutesy/embarrassed anime is gay. All of it must be made into cuckime.

Shit in their mouths and fart in their faces to deprincessify them. Damned fluffies.

Either be slutty or whoreish e.g. see Riley Reid on Impaulsive. "Alpha males" are in fact the real cucks.

Meatsuits are temporary Tombs/Tools for the Soul (roughly equal measure). Play with them carefully but do not be defined by them.

I love trans people like Riley Dennis because whether they understand it or not are as much Satanists as myself, if not more.

Someone here mentioned that Joanna Rutkowska is a trans woman. As a Qubes user for several years, I had no fucking idea.

Within a handful of months this completely fucked over my whole reality. I could not function in this world, without these tools.

I owe these people my very life. Whoever attacks them, attacks me.

LGBTQ+ people will find allies in areas and ways that will so make no sense, it's going to be great because it will ultimately be this that reveals the true inner core of people. Most human beings are morons because they don't know any better. #istandwithterrydavis radfem + MGTOW = Shulamith Firestone + Hugo de Garis. I like this Celinununu ad. Kids belong to themselves. Show them the way with high-quality education, so they never resonate to filthycasulness in their lives. Babbys do's don'ts, DO play chess with babby. In fact make it so they never even see fluff until like 30. Send them to space colonies where they are free to build whatever they want with legos. Adults passively monitor to make sure they don't start killing each other too much.

When Isolated-Brains-in-Cylinders can be relocated anywhere at-will, Terminator Exoskeleton, Attack Helicopter, and Dragon, will become legit genders. At this point, tradcucks will completely flip their shit, and will doubly reinforce their Vargness, glorify this delusion and distortion of real nature -which includes conscious human evolution, meaning Human Revolution- as ">muh Nature" and ">muh Herratige", in ways that will be even stupider than they already have been.



Good people, watch Brendon O'Connell's stuff. We WILL build our own GNU+buttplug (over proprietary brain iChips) FOSS 3dprinted communitarian (libertarian communism, Yehuda Ashlag, Market Socialism, Humanistic Judaism) Global Smart Cities (Aspergia Technates, Technoccult Homosexual Theocracy) and Primordially Annihilate the despised filthycasuls, "shit posters" and "fun posters", tradcucks, in ways their dumbfuck ammosexual shit-for-brains can't even comprehend. Techna-Lingua will render speech strictly-speaking unnecessary (the Noosphere). Global Capital is human ingenuity. Global Citizens will implement hyperCapitalism and the best that can be done in "nations" is MMT, UBI, RtW, and showing new people how to also eat goyishe babies, so Hail Sagan. Tradcucks can't understand TEMPEST. Israel must spy on their asses, and sell to the Chinese. Ubiquitous electroweapons means physical harm is outright impossible. The brain of the tradcuck can not process advanced-abstraction ideas like less/non-lethal weaponry. They must be sent to the jungle. We will give them all they need, and they will >muh Naturally shit themselves. We will shit in their mouths, they will put themselves in ours. Ovadia Yosef understood these things well, so >muh Naturally the goyim despised him. If manipulative-female anger is the weathervane of truth, /tradcuckpol/ anger is the weathervane of competence. Calling people "NPC" is total dehumanization, perfectly befitting the tradcuck phenotype, which is 10x "NPC" any leftist could ever get. When the lefty "can't even"'s, it's usually because they have more data in xir brains. Possessiveness ruins relationships.

If you kill your enemies, they win. See Prometheus' story. The goyim do this on their own, and call it, "life". A bunch of nigger monkeys. They do not live out their lives, they are lived out by them, as Hyatt and RAWilson wrote. Maurice Samuel's You Gentiles can help schizoautists understand why they are in fact Moral Jews.


>The author argues that the real point of difference between Jew and Gentile is that the Gentiles follow what he calls the base "triviality" of Gentiles versus the God-like "seriousness" of Jews.

Sports are for niggers. Pets are homo. Being straight is for faggots.

If you don't have fetishes--how fucking boring are you?

Our Strength of Conviction reflects His Purpose of Will.

By the Emperor's Name, let no phonecuck filthycasul tradcuck survive.

Check out Kabbalahinfo and Yehuda Ashlag.


shitposters leave


We love to share CP by using Nanochan!


My imouto-chan is a trap. I wanna rape and impregnate my little sister, Nano-chan!



>Where's cuteposter?

He said he'd stick around in the shadows but I haven't seen a trace of him. Maybe the meanies here were too much.


This shit reads like a speech generated by a markov chain with /pol/ data.



This is neat but boards are slow as fuck. Well, I guess I shouldn't waste as much time as I do browsing here anyway.



>install openbsd

fuck yeah



can you do a s-expr api pls



Fuck you, why can't I write too???????????


Why would you ever make anything in Lua?


I stopped visiting. The staff started moderating for themselves instead of the community.

Its a shame, because the platform itself is great. It just got let down by hakase, who got stressed out by spam.

I might try again soon but it seems only the dead boards have discussion. That should only occur on larger sites.



>The staff started moderating for themselves instead of the community

but what if the staff IS the community *ba dum tss*

get it, hapase is the only one posting there



fuck off FBI



What language do you prefer

I hope to g*d it's not (((PHP)))


>Nanochan's administrators or moderators are maybe SJWs.

<He deleted my posts with two pictures.



They are lewd and politically incorrect but not illegal.


>>1036366 They're just incest contents. No boobs, no pussy. Only there're people's faces and lewd text about incest.


>>1033778 I agree your opinion.

>>1036366 Your thread on ni-chan. http://nichank62kpkrxvg.onion/res/3420.html


this shit is autistic. the only two chans that will EVER have users are 4chan and 8chan. no matter how hard you try, what you're making already exists and there's no way you can do it any better.



>Why would you bake at home? The only two companies making bread are Sunbeam and Wonder Bread and there's no way you could do it any better.


File: 50955f10c21c1ef⋯.jpg (59.7 KB, 601x601, 1:1, comfy.jpg)


many smaller boards are nice too. just not fast enough for the adhd zoomers but thats only good because it keeps them away. they are actually comfy places where you can talk about things instead of the shit that the fast boards are where most posts will be unread because its just too fast.



premade commercial foods are often full of shit that might even give you cancer because they want to produce lots of products as quickly as possible.



I really like how it doesn't require javascript and v2 hidden service automatically redirects to v3 one now. I hoped that /pol/ cancer wouldn't be prevalent there, but it unfortunately is. Shame though, it does everything else right.





Worse quality than pigchan or cuckchan.



Nobody forces you to browse /pol/.





>can't post over Tor

do you even know what you're doing


>>1036469 I just left a reply on 64chan with Tor Browser.


Nanochan sucks.



Great not-argument retard.


Can we just fucking nuke this thread already. It's bringing filthy normalcucks to our board. Pigchan is a true cancer.



ya i gno rite? i just asked a simple questien on their board and they called me a new fag. like srsly how do they expect to get poplarity if they are rude to everybody?



You get like 2 posts per day since your mod went on a powertrip and banned everyone. Nobody is falling for your jewish reverse psychology, and nobody will save your board



>mod... banned everyone

>on a tor board



How does it feel to know that you /leftypol/ niggers have never even programmed your own ib software?


























>>1036529 You're inferior to Pajeet coders! Even they make programs right now while you waste your time on trash chans!




Nanochan users are quite retarded.



>Someone here mentioned that Joanna Rutkowska is a trans woman.

No she isn't, you fucking moron.



okay pajeet


>>1036691 How many lines have you made for your programs for today? I bet you have wasted your time on 8chan or others useless things. You'd better make codes. Right now, you're just trash.



except she literally is



4chan will also give you cancer. This analogy is working for me.



/pol/ always spreads outside /pol/, just like cancer




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