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File: 9a97f307c02b865⋯.png (733.86 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 9a9[1].png)




I made an account for tumblr a few weeks ago because I wanted to grab some stuff that was only on some nsfw tumblr blog. I browsed the site for maybe an hour out of curiosity and saw cp within that time span. That news doesn't surprise me at all. I think this shitshow on tumblr's end is probably due to the fact that yahoo just looked it up and it's technically Verizon now but that doesn't help that point owns tumblr. I do doubt twitter or facebook will die anytime soon. There is too much boomer money tied up in facebook and twitter is too "culturally important" for it to get easily shut down imo. Maybe I'm retarded though who knows.


>Tumblr removed from App store




>and saw cp within that time span

Was it cp or just naked children? The latter is pretty common to stumble upon while browsing the internet.




>(((social media)))

Pick one.

<Social media starting to die.

More like the following:

>(((Tumblr))) purges all NSFW content, app pulled from iOS App Store beforehand

>(((FAANG))) stocks lost $945B because of recent controversies



I'm not one to run the risk of seeing potential baby fuck, so while I'm certain, I'm fairly sure it was cp.


Only idiots use Tumblr. Smart guys use Tor when it comes to CP.



Then why is pretty much all cp on the clearnet then?



Old honeypots



>Social media starting to die.

Yep. Trust the plan.




Its Gnu or gnothing



>bigger megacompanies gang up on a somewhat smaller megacompany

>this somehow indicates the death of social media

>"the problem is totally the porn, guise!!!!"

Keep sucking Google and Apple's cocks, there is no way this will backfire.


Tumblr is small time for CP. The real stuff is on Pinterest and Facebook.



Tell us more




Do what you can to save your shit


And Snapchat too



Reported for soliciting CP



Google closed down +, and I don't recall Apple Inc. having a personal public forum of sorts.



It's designed to herd people like cattle into increasingly monitored and censored services like faceberg and twitter



This is why I use the fediverse and have done for ages, just don't use mastodong as it's ruled by it's autocrat gargon

I reccomend using https://pl.smuglo.li or https://anime.website as instances I know the owners of that don't care along if you don't get them in legal trouble



You're a fucking idiot if you think that CP on Tor is any different than CP found on Clearnet. Hint: the FBI is the biggest distributor of CP on the Internet.




Just change your User Agent String to the Google Search Bot.

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html)

That bypasses the need to log in.


>muh CP!!1! won't anyone think of them childrunz???

Lemme guess, the "CP" they are talking about were just innocent images of girls in bikini on a beach or something like that?


File: 2fc3f4ee9cf258b⋯.png (637.95 KB, 534x482, 267:241, 1456867850721.png)


>smart guys


Good joke.



I can vouch for Smugloli




Thanks famalam.

Upvoted and subbed. 👍👍👍



<Fediverse posts CP

<AndStatus&Tusky get removed from Google Play

<Feds come knocking

<NSFW tag has to go

<Sealion.club all over again

IQ130 again?



There has not been a CP incident on the fediverse for ages and they get delt with and the CP removed quickly.

There is also more than one instance

>kys phoneposter


nepfag is the coolest admin on the fediverse


> Assuming that things like CP aren't distributed by the government to control the masses.

> Assuming social media doesn't exist because the government and corporations use it to control the masses

wew lads we have a bunch of new friends here.




What's that?



a GNU social instance from a while back



>a while back

Has it really been that long?


File: d6c7bf223e0b56a⋯.jpg (95.2 KB, 750x530, 75:53, d6c7bf223e0b56ab9022a16692….jpg)





Hey, Sea Lion Club is still alive, though waaaay past its glory days of 2016, when every edgy faggot from Twitter stormed its gates during #RIPTwitter and #FreeMilo. That drama with Hope/Jonathon was probably the only interesting thing that has happened there this whole year lel. There are, like, maybe 5 active users left.

But yeah, you guys are better off joining all the cool kids on GNU/Smug or Shitposter Club. Some Pleroma servers are also chill, just not the ones made by Mastodon refugees. Seriously, Mastodon is huge no-no, trust me on that.



>twitter clapping emoji meme

>nigger emoji

You have to go back.



>some stuff that was only on some nsfw tumblr blog.

........what kind of "stuff" anon?

>and twitter is too "culturally important" for it to get easily shut down imo

Nobody is going to keep it alive for that, iirc the last founding injection they got was from the saudis to censor all the bad shit posted about them but it didnt work so they wont be paying again and they were the only ones back then


This, youtube also has a cp problem, its not worth using tor for this shit anymore


Thanks bruh, does this work with other sites or just tumblr because of yahoo's shitty coding?



Most likely SFM or blender, tons of porn with kid models off vidya, like the girls from the last of us or clementine from walking dead



Isnt mastodon overrun with sjws and soy?




>Friday, November 16, 2018

>According to an affidavit filed in support of the federal criminal complaint, law enforcement received a CyberTip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that Rehman had uploaded multiple files of child pornography to his Tumblr account.

>Investigators found images of child pornography on Rehman’s cell phone and on the flash drive, the affidavit says, as well as a significant amount of child pornography anime. Investigators also found multiple images depicting violence and racial hatred. For example, Rehman allegedly created an image in which he is wearing a Nazi officer’s hat in front of a large pile of dead bodies. In another image, a cartoon character duck is depicted with a caption bubble stating, “When you trick the autistic kid into raping the girl with Down syndrome you record it, sell the video to a local pedophile and use the profit to buy guns to shoot up the school.”

this guy was posting 3 years olds sucking penises



nice get

now praise kek and wait for the fbi



Like tumblr




You're still with an IQ of 90 aren't you.

Say, why are people migrating to Twitter which doesn't allow CP, loli, or porn?


Reminded of the idiots that migrated to pornhub.


We already have FBI here



The Mastodon™, sure. But it's a distributed GNU/Social network, so it doesn't matter.

Just think of the left-cancer being gatekeepers for making the sperg-right out, like how edgy BO here love to go 1111444488888888 in stickies here all the fucking time.


Tumblr's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PhotoDNA filter was down for the last 2 weeks and lots of CP made it through. PhotoDNA is responsible for auto-reporting over 1 million files a month, so with it down, Tumblr was flooded with a lot of CP at once.


File: a892392ad981ab6⋯.png (43.55 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1f914.png)


I wonder who has the capability to shutdown PhotoDNA from Tumblr, as Google, Bing, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook use it.


>Tumblr removed from App store due to cp

the muppets are jewing themselves and each other. you can't make this shit up


>I browsed the site for maybe an hour out of curiosity and saw cp within that time span. That news doesn't surprise me at all.

no you fucking didn't, I've unfortunately stopped by tumbler hundreds of times since it was made, even spending hours browsing it sometimes and never saw CP or anything questionable even once. you're probably one of those nigtards who thinks a 23 year old model is CP

>boomer this boomer that

yeah, you sound like one of those idiots



what are you trying to say?




>This, youtube also has a cp problem,

no it fucking doesn't. i've never seen CP on youtube and I use it heavily. the worst thing i've ever seen is a picture of some tits got through their filter. "a CP problem" would be if you're a white collar faggot in your house with your family browsing videos about WW2 on youtube and you see some CP, and this happens for more than 0.00001% of people. also in case you're new to computers: it's not actually possible to filter CP, so every big platform on the internet will always have some CP - all the company can do is try to remove as much as possible.

>, its not worth using tor for this shit anymore

yes it is, because you don't post your bare IP, but half the absolute nigfucks in this thread probably don't even understand that Tor can even be used to hide your IP because they've read too many techcrunch articles about "darknet"



Shit son, you got us anon, the fediverse is a den of pedophiles and CP, overflowing with the most vile imagery crafted by the Rothschild kikes themselves to enslave the white race... or some shit... I dunno what's you're really on about, but go on.



Using Google as your user agent string works on sites that don't want users to access them without first forking over an email address but still want to be indexed in a search engine so users can find them. Also useful for bypassing fullpage-redirect cookie/privacy pages and some "disable your adblocker to continue" interstitials. Sites bend over backwards to suck Google's cock, may as well put on a Google mask and take advantage of that 👨🏿‍💻



The fediverse is cancer because like 90% of the instances are run by absolute faggots who think even twitter is too permissive in what they allow. These types of things attract a certain personality type to volunteer their time on, very controlling and censorious people who like to tell you what you can't say. I would rather use twitter than any gnusocial trash



We need a good open source tool that is similar to PhotoDNA. I run a popular pomf clone and it gets abused alot. I don't proactively moderate content for liability reasons so I have to wait until I receive takedown requests from non-profits and law enforcement.



Reminds me of the fake rules smuglo.li has in place of no 3DPD, when the site admin is the first to ignore it. Nearly free USA press.

Some faggot was just challenged to post his dick, and a cuck sucking faggot he is, shied away, fearing nepfag.

Truly cancer.


Apple should remove all those livestreaming apps. I've seen a lot of underage pussy on those things.



Remember the skype child pornography case? Good innocent times.



I remember stickam and blogtv being full of the same thing.


File: b9a94c95a4a1995⋯.png (185.27 KB, 599x929, 599:929, salty commie.png)


>commie faggot cries about muh transphobia

>gets shat on

>starts screeching at some smuglo.li guy to post his dick as a last resort

Yes https://monads.online/users/thatcosmonaut , some internet guy is totally a cuckold because he didn't send you his penis. Cry harder.



>Meme Souls meme avatar

He's a lost cause



Post your dick.


File: a7cc7da79c6be36⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.93 KB, 600x450, 4:3, wangthrower.jpg)


Here you go, you flaming homo.


A.I will decide that to get rid of child porn only jewish pedophiles will remain alive

Trust the plan





Post your dick.



I legit want to see this in jewtube



>We need a good open source tool that is similar to PhotoDNA.

no, we fucking don't.

>it gets abused alot

uploading a file to a file host is not abuse you nignog. thank you for running a pomf clone though



Paedophiles in fediverse: https://pleroma.soykaf.com/users/urgeless

Clearnet: 2

Darknet: 0


Confirmed paedophile in fediverse:


Clearnet: 3

Darknet: 0




he specifically chose the black clapping hands instead of the white ones, because porn is for nigger



Interesting citation, so comie faggots aren't fine, but "non-offending pedophile" are fine?


File: 20313d55d543cdc⋯.jpg (10.8 KB, 397x298, 397:298, IMG-20181120-WA0004.jpg)



>a pedohpile

U wot m8?


File: b2baace4e0e7012⋯.jpeg (129.98 KB, 599x885, 599:885, CA5AAABF-2676-40AE-A44B-D….jpeg)

File: bc1c4ca0b6ce293⋯.jpeg (56.41 KB, 605x533, 605:533, F12234D0-CB8E-4A1F-841D-E….jpeg)


The commies on the fediverse are real easy to bait



File: 73dbcb44fff1c74⋯.jpg (64.12 KB, 555x640, 111:128, 1c793d054c841ecf694ca8b8b7….jpg)


They are also quick to instance block so fun you can get from fucking with them is limited. Ln the other hand, it's a self-cleansing mechanism on the network and the reason instances like SLC/FZP or Smug are still fun. The latter triggers the snowflakes into mass blocking on purpose actually.





Honestly suprised at the denial.




So are rulecuck faggots.

Wait a minute, you maybe unto something


Strange way to be inclusive to Tumblr NSFW fallouts.

Kinda ruins >>1000028 's statement, no?

I thought they wanted more porn on their network. Not more antagonism.


File: ebd5ddf3c49325b⋯.jpeg (73.88 KB, 572x614, 286:307, 35ECCF27-99EB-4C17-B896-9….jpeg)


Sometimes you can fuck with them without even posting at them if you put somthing anti socialist


File: d897c62a6791c44⋯.jpg (13.42 KB, 236x306, 118:153, hitlerdubs.jpg)


Not really – the idea is that faggots who can't weather insults and "wrong ideas" are worthless and fuck off on their own while those with thicker skin can stay and be assimilated. It shouldn't sound unfamiliar to you – it's basically how imageboards work.

Nice Hitlerdubs, checked.



Neat, Trannies on the fediverse!

I wonder if there was correlation study with transexuals and child rapes.


Interesting logic about "wrong ideas" Hermann: Commiefag vs paedophiles.

Which one should the fediverse maintain?

>how imageboards work

Is that the fediverse?



Has anyone pointed out Nepfag is a confirmed [National] Socialist, and how Ironic that is to smuglo.li users?




File: 73ccbf4f73892e3⋯.jpg (43.32 KB, 715x797, 715:797, fd47ca8231b3992c47b45294c3….jpg)



Bruh, no one has seen or heard from Hope/Jonathon since he stepped down and handled the keys to SLC and FZP to Moonman back in like February. You seem to be grasping at straws here.


polish roka, you aren't doing yourself any favours:


You should have left the furfag get caught like he did. You know their degeneracy is sinful!

Anyone who has sexual relations with an animal must be put to death. Exodus 22:19



OOOOOOOH so because they are using a new alias, it makes ok not to count the fediverse as paedophile attractive network.


What was that straw again? Oh yeah, cancer.



Also your obsession with cats is a little weird man, you might want to check out your degeneracy.





I knew /pol/niggers were retarded, but this is a new low.




smuglo.li is compromised of /pol/fags, in fact nepfag is volunteer there,,,

I don't comprehend how low is it for faggots to expose their shit publicly.

Whose better, Chad imageboard user vs virgin fediverse namefags?



Yes I know but nepfag is one of the funniest people there



That's wrong. Nepfag does it for free on /a/, not /pol/. smuglo.li's main purpose is being /a/'s bunker in case 8ch goes down.


File: 58417479bff01bc⋯.png (484.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 58417479bff01bc1f65f210f8c….png)


It's Exodus 22:18. Verse 19 is about sacrifices given to false gods. Anyway, is there a reason you're invoking names on an anonymous board (other than just autism)?





Wrong, nepfag is a BO of /leftypol/ and a flaming tranny.



>nepfag sucks benis

true to be quite honest



Freenet has more cp than tor. Tor is only useful if you're using clearnet sites and want to hide your IP.



WTF websites are you going to where you see naked children all the time? This is not normal.

This thread is a stealth pedo thread.It's fucking revolting.



8ch, maybe? Also, calm your tits.


speaking of cp anyone of you know jpg4?


beauty degree for pedophiles

white children > Asian children > black children


>>1000291 Is he a male cross-dresser, trap?


>>1000320 In many countries, fucking animals is not illegal.


>>1000351 Freenet is not as secure as Tor. Many pedophiles using Freenet were traced by the police. Tracing pedophiles using Tor is more difficult.



Tracing is equally easy on both through JavaScript.


File: e6bab5aca337d34⋯.jpg (213.7 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, カエルDX ‏ @kaeru_dx 10641389….jpg)

>moot cucks

>exodus to hotwheel's site

>tumblr goes sfw

<exodus to your site

<you control tumblr now

why isn't anyone doing this?



Implying CIA niggers didn't plant this CP themselves.

Its the oldest trick in the CIA handbook. Plant cp to ((shut it down)) or take over the site by self policing.

They did it with 4chan when moot nuked /b, they did it with voat, they even tried doing it here on halfchan before hotwheels sold out the site to Jim.

You summerfags wouldn't know about any of this though.


>>1000490 I2P is safest among Tor, I2P, and Freenet.




>when it's almost summer in the Southern Hemisphere

lol okay



Too bad it's a clusterfuck to use and cannot natively visit clearnet sites.



Create a system that pedophiles can use, and only pedophiles will use it.



>"Officers located a green flag hung on one of the apartment walls, which Rehman said was a flag for Pakistani Nazis."

It was the /pol/ kekistan flag, wasn't it.



That's why I dont use it much


>>1000708 I could visit clearnet sites using I2P several years ago. If it is impossible now, it is because of lack of exit nodes, maybe.


>>1000708 I could visit clearnet sites using I2P several years ago. If it were impossible now, it could be because of lack of exit nodes, maybe.



Facebook has no revenue stream and exists solely for profiling people and executing Zersetzung on the public. It, like Google, are In-Q-Tel operations and they will be funded by taxpayer money laundered through investment slush funds even without any revenue.



I2P's outproxy closed because of abuse.



Thats not true, try being a bong and saying nigger online, you need that kind of shit to hide from the stasi


On the topic of social media, can someone please explain to me what the deal is with GNU Social and Mastodon? From what I can tell, GNU Social is like Twitter, but instead of one central service with central rules there are multiple "instances" which can all see each other and each one has its own rules. So you could make an instance where the rule is that every post must feature pictures of smug anime girls and enforce that rule with an iron fist, ban all content without smug anime girls, but it would still somehow be part of the larger GNU Social ecosystem or something like that. Is Mastodon then just another instance or is it a fork of GNU Social?



Mastodon is interoperable with GNU Social and Pleroma (a newer and less awful platform), except the code is dogshit and it attracts salty fags too sensitive for Twitter.


Which GNUSocial/etc instances let you say nigger?



Said ecosystem is commonly referred to as the "Fediverse", as it binds a bunch of random servers running different software that all implement the same protocol(s) (OStatus or ActivityPub).

As for the Twitter-like software:

GNU social - PHP 5

Mastodon - RoR, JS

Pleroma - Elixir (BE), random-ass JS frameworks (FE)


GNU/Smug, no doubts about it. Shitposter Club used to be lax, but then it got flooded by GABfugess, which #triggered Moonman (the admin) into pulling a huge shoah.



>Moonman (the admin)

What a huge faggot and disgrace to his name.



Moonman broke the database, registrations have been disabled on shitposter.club as moonman is moving from GNU social to pleroma



He also broke his own rules, just like all fedi admins.




Nepfag hasn't used GNUSocial in a year now. Call it Pleroma+AGPL.

Still cancer.



>I don't proactively moderate content for liability reasons

Can you use that to defend yourself? I thought glow in the dark prosecutors didn't care about that shit at all, they just want a pay raise. Please answer, I'm actually interested.



That's the name of the instance, not the name of the software.



not him but In the United States, yes. Electronic service providers and remote computing services aren't responsible for user generated content https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_230_of_the_Communications_Decency_Act.

You should only remove files if you receive a DMCA takedown or something illegal is reported (via user or organization) for you own legal protection. If it's CP, you also have to upload the reported files to the NCMEC and any information you have about the poster. https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2258A



It's still called GNU/smug


Nepfag is Swiss but smugloli is hosted in the USA


File: 3c665cac2279d9d⋯.png (32.1 KB, 890x153, 890:153, Screenshot_20181127-210024.png)

File: af5caf196cbd02a⋯.png (49.99 KB, 893x272, 893:272, Screenshot_20181127-210102.png)




It's called GNU/Smug because despite it being Catholic, the users worship RMS and Terry as saints.


twitter and instagram are more active than ever though



jesus christ you’re a huge gaping faggot



> you’re a huge gaping faggot

That doesn't make any sense. Did you mean to say "raging faggot"?


This place is turning into /g/



Kek, (((they))) were shocked that the same social media psyops which helped to elect Obama failed, and that Republicans gained enough knowledge to outsmart them on (((their))) own platforms. Now social media's being investigated in multiple nations.



Honestly both halfchan /g/ and 8chans /g/ have pretty good board culture these days



Spotted the tranny



The most bizzare instance on the fedi.



a reminder that (((they))) are dead. (((they))) have lost. We have won.


Was it loli or did it involve real kids? I'm pretty sure gab purged loli recently to stay on the app store too.



Gab banned it as they are anti free speech. I swear you still have to sideload gabs app



Gab has been banned from google and apple's app stores for a while now. At least you can sideload it on android, but on apple you're fucked. This is exactly why you don't buy an iphone. Not that gab is really worth using, but anyone who owns an iphone is a total cuck



I have to sideload clover to phone post anyway but why would anyone use fucking gab when it's nonfree software that's probs data mining



All forms of social media are by & for faggots. Also shills



whitepill fag fuck off ree



it's not over until cheeto has built the wall, dissolved the CIA, left the UN, put shillary and her band in prison, eliminated the federal reserve, and made it illegal for politicians to meet corporate leaders in secret


LJ ;___;

why'd you kick me in the nostalgia balls, OP




Retardanon; porn can be seen on YT; search for Nude Yoga. Plenty of tits to be seen.

As to CP, strange comments on YT videos meant for children, Elsa and Spidy drinking piss... all of #Elsagate. I could go on.



>goes and searches

>fully split vagina video preview images on first page of results

At least they finally took down that gay music video with the homosexuals eating each others poop after like a year.



This bullshit again? /a/ is still owned by Tenicu while Nepfag provides all the other shit around it. I was on /anil/ when /a/ was compromised.


File: a07df7550c18ceb⋯.jpg (103.89 KB, 1145x560, 229:112, ClipboardImage.jpg)


<they even tried doing it here on halfchan before hotwheels sold out the site to Jim.

More bullshit. The pedo board was actually ran by lowcard and Hotwheels stepped down over stress. Jim is technically not involved. Your beef in this case is with CM, who should be hung and quartered according to CIA nigger standards, because he is working on some coin based shit to circumvent censorship. Now that file deduplication is here, its not that easy unless I give the CIA niggers some funny ideas.


Can confirm. The alternative would be nuking shitposter. Also gab the gab users are the shittiest people I have stumbled upon on anything. You can really tell the difference between Gargamehl's Gay Bar the 4 OG servers and Gab.


And now Tumblr's straight banning porn.



And we care about social media again?



Because it'll just be normalfag exhibitionism porn with awful tattoos, piercings, and dirty roast beef curtains, which is what 99% of tumblr's porn was. No one wants to actually look at any of that so they've been scattered to the four winds.


Maybe inrupt-solid can replace the big corporation controlled content services online



There's full on hardcore pornography of women being fucked in their vaginas by giant cocks all over youtube. It gets taken down constantly but can stay up for weeks at a time. Wouldn't surprise me if there was occasional child porn as well.



>Social media starting to die.

No it isn't it's just being redirected to another honeypot named mastodon.social. Mastodon's creator forked GNU social and began employing the Embrace Extend and Extinguish methodology often used by Microsoft. And the best part in all this is that Microsoft is responsible in this EEE since a Microsoft employee participated in the creation of the instance wide blocklists.

Besides MS there's also the French government who endorse it meaning that it's DGSI infested (DGSI is french CIA). More than that Framasoft is also somewhat involved, their commies but they aren't all bad, still beware.



>90% of the instances are run by absolute faggots

Then make your own instance.

>who think even twitter is too permissive in what they allow.

Fallacious argument.

>I would rather use twitter than any gnusocial trash

2 shekels have been transferred to your bank account.



Reminder that it also runs on openBSD.



>Isnt mastodon overrun with sjws and soy?

See post >>1005324


> so it doesn't matter.

Yes and no. Problem is what you indirectly endorse when you use the software. The balance of power one what "features" gets added or not or what get removed or not is entirely in the hand of the spook named gargron right now. He added private messaging which wasn't implemented in the past decade because it cannot be secure, result is that he leaked shit tons of private data. For transparency he was asked to add a feature when a instance wide block is made on a server that it was publicly available and he did not implement it. He deliberately did not respect WC3 standards for error reporting thus making it very hard for developers to make their version of the software compatible. He's making retarded/unethical choices everyday.



spotted the tranny



> Also useful for bypassing fullpage-redirect cookie/privacy pages and some "disable your adblocker to continue" interstitials. Sites bend over backwards to suck Google's cock, may as well put on a Google mask and take advantage of that

That's a really handy thing, thank you. Now to see if there is anything that doesn't work.


File: f43e5da2633a3dc⋯.jpg (31.27 KB, 639x467, 639:467, f43e5da2633a3dc1612ff4e05e….jpg)

>Social media


Social media will never die for as long as there's normies, females and internet on this planet.



And don't forget faggots, plenty of faggots


this website (redchanit) is the best popular social media site


Sage because of shit OP but the Tumblr app is back on the App Store a few days before their scheduled shoah of NSFW content.

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