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File: 08a3476f9e9613a⋯.jpg (57.31 KB, 600x316, 150:79, IMG_1524.JPG)



>Netflix has just purchased the rights to 'The Irishman,' a film that will unite Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci & Harvey Keitel

>The $105 million deal will be directed by Scorsese and ready for release in 2019

>Based on true events the film will tell the story of Frank Sheeran, a mob hitman played by Robert De Niro. Fellow wiseguy Jimmy Hoffa will be played by Al Pacino, with Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel also starring.

What does it mean?


The movie has been in development hell for years, been waiting for it for a long time but I wonder how it will ultimately turn out. Cuckflix isn't a good sign, hope Scorcese retains full creative control and he isn't forced to add divershity or whatever.


They are all way past their prime.

But if Scorcese pulls it off, it has the potential for kino of the year.

File: c7e70ae82756537⋯.jpg (60.39 KB, 636x380, 159:95, IMG_1528.JPG)


Magneto, the robot from alien, maybe the next bond? He has a career that won't quit!


File: 4e0ee61c25e4823⋯.png (311.43 KB, 600x524, 150:131, triggered-600x524.png)


>next bond

But he isn't black, a woman, gay or transexual.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Let's give love to one of the most celebrated kino series that jump started the import car culture.

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File: 5ac7ee92b4b7f94⋯.jpg (142.63 KB, 750x936, 125:156, fast9.jpg)




I hate you faggots. Meme responsibly, Tyrese posted this himself. Could still be just fanart.



He plays the Ghost of Paul Walker.





Fast 10 is the Fast and the Furryious.


File: 5b2b53d4d91daf7⋯.jpg (141.47 KB, 300x450, 2:3, Tom_and_Jerry_The_Fast_and….jpg)


Already happened

File: 89352d44fcf4a6e⋯.png (151.96 KB, 808x830, 404:415, salty tv commie.png)


Looks like the cucks over at /tv/ are really feeling it now: They're deleting and banning anything that makes them look bad, while ironically letting the people killing the board go by unmolested. Join in with your ban badge and stories.


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File: 09c6893f1c2abc0⋯.png (11.16 KB, 929x205, 929:205, deadboard.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


/slothhq/ pls. Your board is a pathetic spiraling mess of regurgitated halfchan maymay and forced pasta. I'll go ahead and enable ads again just to boost numbers temporarily but ask yourself


Protip: the answer isn't pph


File: 850abd93363ec81⋯.png (35.11 KB, 1223x481, 1223:481, jennywon.png)



Except jennay didn't win.




Tell that to your BO. They're the one called Jennywon. I don't care about the dumb waifus, I only care about shitposting.

Anyway, I'm out. Have fun on your dead board. Good luck with the ads knowing the majority of 8chan uses adblock extensions.

File: e8afc79c0785c02⋯.jpg (37.79 KB, 720x576, 5:4, IMG_1517.JPG)


RIP Joanie Cunningham ;_;



Sad days


File: 62ea037c6153494⋯.png (55.99 KB, 491x585, 491:585, mfw62ea037c61.png)


File: 8c5e3e8057db273⋯.jpg (34 KB, 407x594, 37:54, IMG_1523.JPG)

Fun fact: she took scott baio's v card.



Didn't they all rape each other in this?



You're thinking of Eight is Enough

File: a897a95c4756754⋯.jpg (32.49 KB, 620x470, 62:47, IMG_1401.JPG)


>taken from his home as a child to be trained as an assassin by a bureaucratic cult

>forced to abandon his mother who remains a slave until being raped and murdered

>brainwashed to never marry, have a family or care about anything outside the cult

>pregnant wife used as bait to emotionally manipulate him

>left to die slow in the most horribly painful way imaginable

Disneycucks still don't understand this writing.

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File: 8af53e6384fe6d0⋯.png (33.57 KB, 255x240, 17:16, 1448547441087.png)


I have always seen the sith as the good guys in star wars films, the jews inherently are trying to bait us into believing their drivel and nonsense about a fictitious "god" that made the world flat and made it ok for them to brainwash, rape, and steal, and subvert and destroy civilizations.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>jews are behind flat earth

Not sure where this meme started but jews run 98% of all media which spits out nonstop references to the globe, also it was jews like Einstein and Sagan who were the 20th century's most influential heliocentrists.



back to reddit you go


Seems like Trump is Sheev and the Jewdi are the political elite.



Naw trump is good goy #1. He humiliated shillary and gave out some quality butthurt but assad is the man now dog.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Delen: "If you value your lives, be somewhere else."

What did she mean by this?

FYI, this one scene showed she was a better fucking captain than all those seasons of Janeway in Voyager.

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Except not really.



DS9. Not even close.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>whitestar fleet

>battle hardened veterans

>starfury squadrons

>based starkiller leader


>space minivans

>we wuz captainz n sheit




The Jews.


File: b1b866cd8506637⋯.png (884.56 KB, 853x480, 853:480, vlcsnap-451929.png)

How much stuff of Babylon 5 never saw the light of day?

File: 83f36f25e40dfe4⋯.png (821.79 KB, 764x781, 764:781, superb.png)


Tell me Major, if /television/ is so great, why is there no Star Trek Thread?

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Nah I'm more of a Battlestar (((of David ))) Galactica man myself Just kidding, nobody like that piece of shit ripoff



The Tholians. Tiny little things, but the Enterprise ended up running away from them and they never challenged them ever again.



>Nah I'm more of a Battlestar (((of David ))) Galactica man myself

Sci-Fi with a slice of Mormonism for free!



>They make a web

>Look like oversized incests

>Talk pretty big for bugs

>Can't really survive in a real environment

Why didn't the Federation just develop a giant rolled up newspaper to swat them with?


File: 7e908cf151fc53f⋯.jpg (231.14 KB, 723x800, 723:800, gul_dukat_by_valakenria.jpg)

List from each Star Trek series the top five episodes per series.

File: e75a0f593c3f2cb⋯.png (78.79 KB, 640x492, 160:123, IMG_0827.png)


Have you ever met someone famous?

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I saw a local TV anchor eating Pad Thai once.



I met Tim Rim Linn, "The radical Finn". Quite a big deal in Finland great actor his best movies for me personally is "The Sauna" and "Time wasted searching". Great guy he acts with talent he worked as a toilet cleaner and mailman. A rags to riches story, cleaning peoples shit and delivering post.

He was a lot shorter irl though.



I am screen capping this as the definition of pseudo-intellectual



Nah fag, its obvious its just an emulation of King's old style.

File: 4f31afadc04fcc6⋯.jpg (59.97 KB, 960x480, 2:1, A World filled with Kino.jpg)


I am surprised there hasn't been a serious attempt at an adaption of these books to the screen yet. While not suitable for film, they could make a great batch of miniseries. Sky made an attempt then sort of gave up.

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Only /pol/ has meme magic capabilities dummy



No anon, the board with the true mastery over meme magic is /bane/



Actually, no, television and movie studios need to stop making shitty adaptations of perfectly good books.



B-but anon that would mean they would have to come up with original ideas!



Just start keep ripping off the nips, but make sure there's someone that actually understands why it's popular in charge of creative control. And no fucking niggers shoved in

File: 330260a68c7256c⋯.jpg (221.79 KB, 1600x1150, 32:23, RTjtl.jpg)


Can we have a military movie general thread, /television/? let's do it.

What's the latest military kino you've watched?

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/bane/ the origin?



Banes on a plane, or Baneman Begins



There will be a scene in this film where Aidan Gillian will be standing doing the power stance next to a transport plane in Germany as some soldiers roll up in an army truck, with Alon Aboutboul in formal civilian clothes in tow, along with three prisoners wearing black hoods.

As they get out Aidan Gillian will hand a briefcase to one of the German Soldiers and say the line "Herr Pavel, I'm SIS!"

Then the cinema will go wild.



If only normalfags had any taste, I cried reading this.



Probably more likely to get a Submarine Scene

File: e7993244e035ca1⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 418x700, 209:350, BzbjBEdIEAAx9pv.jpg)




What did he mean by this /television/?


It was the name of his sled.


He thought you'd like to know.


Surely he meant oven?

File: 7b980789cec16bf⋯.png (117.89 KB, 214x317, 214:317, IMG_1399.PNG)


>“Mr Polanski was as justified in fleeing this Court’s illegal conduct as he was to flee the Germans who invaded Poland,” the Oscar winnerMs lawyer proclaimed in a new filing today.

>the Chinatown director was originally assured only 90 days behind bars in the late 1970s after he pleaded guilty on five charges stemming from having sex with then-minor Samantha Gailey on March 10, 1977

>Upon being informed in 1978 that then-presiding Judge Laurence Rittenband had changed his mind on the plea deal and was looking to put the director in jail for up to 50 years, Polish-born Polanski, who lost members of his family in World War II, fled to Europe


14 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Jew privilege



The Jew cries out in pain while he sodomizes your shiksas!


Charles Manson did nothing wrong


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Aside from being a cretinous little scumbag he really didn't, was just a random degenerate they picked at random to play the part of boogeyman and patsy.



>They are more than likely putting the children in our food, is it so hard to believe after what we've learned anons?

yes, this is getting really ridiculous

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Thread celebrating the very finest samples of opera and theatre, which may arguably be called the original kino. To start, some of one of my favorite male singers, Placido Domingo. Enjoy, share, and discuss original kino waifus and hazubandos.

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Enjoy. This one comes in at 3:30, so get your favorite seating device and monocle ready you bloody wino.


If only we could put Klassical Kino as background music to this site.



>Some masterful baroque era masterpiece as dressing to our 4d kino discussing




It would be comfort overload.



oh Cholie

File: b06fb5e514bc852⋯.jpg (82.19 KB, 674x1000, 337:500, B-)EST-MOVIE.jpg)


get hyped for the best movie of current year




File: 084d10f0194fcd4⋯.png (10.2 KB, 246x200, 123:100, 0840dc82.png)


>get hyped


File: fe583d30114e914⋯.png (124.86 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, dubs yellow.png)


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