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You like to dance close to the fire, don't you?

File: 1411445195261.jpg (229.37 KB, 923x865, 923:865, the_elder_scrolls__family_….jpg)


Welcome to /tes/, 8chan's discussion board for the Elder Scrolls video games, texts and lore. Related art, character and tabletop threads are also encouraged.

The rules are simple:

1. Discussion is limited to anything related to the Elder Scrolls and its surrounding lore.
2. All kinds of shitposting, including (but not limited to), bait threads, CHIM spamming, shilling is expressly prohibited.
3. Posts including images, tabletop campaigns and personal mods/gameplay/characters are similarly limited.
4. Erotic images are allowed if appropriately relevant, but must be spoilered.

File: 1414436839240.jpg (300.01 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1412450361702.jpg)


Planning on reinstalling Oblivion. There any newish good mods that aren't on knots or the demwaifus guides?
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File: 1411129114052.png (116.9 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, Alphabet Daedric.png)


To support this board, I'll leave some lore in here
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From what I understand, iron and steel weapons/armor are the baseline that pretty much everyone uses unless you’re one of the rare few that can manage to get something better. Steel is apparently so common that even iron equipment is considered shit in-universe. How the people of a pseudo-Medieval setting manage to create steel so easily is a mystery though; probably magic involved somewhere.

Dwarven metal is a step up from steel, not just because of its usefulness as weapons/armor, but because of its resistance to corrosion and dulling. A metal like that would be of huge benefit to a pre-industrial society. The problem is that it’s a finite resource that can only come from melting down priceless ancient artifacts, hence why the trade of Dwemer artifacts was banned at least once. Most of the people who have dwarven equipment are either antique collectors or adventurers who get it straight from ruins.

Orichalcum and, by extension, orcish weapons/armor seem to be much more common than any of the other “special” metals. It’s not unheard of for more normal people to have orcish equipment. It’s probably not as coveted as the higher-tier metals just because it’s not as strong as they are and it has no artificial scarcity attached to it.

Moonstone and elvish equipment used to be much rarer, due to the production being a trade secret. In the present, it seems to be one of the more attainable “special” metals, like orichalcum. Elvish weapons would probably be more desired in-universe than elvish armor, since the sort of people willing to drop lots of money on armor are probably going to want heavy armor.

Malachite is much rarer than the other metals, so much so that its production and trade has been regulated in the past. In addition, glass equipment is apparently hard to forge and is not very durable, so whoever wanted to use glass equipment would have to be both wealthy and have access to skilled smiths.

Ebony is the big kahuna, being so rare and so strong that its trade has to be heavily regulated. Ebony equipment would Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1412512864870.jpg (243.37 KB, 686x686, 1:1, describe tes character.jpg)


Morrowind vs Oblivion vs Skyrim

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How so?



You're enabling a fag.



Which fag? How is he being enabled? Be specific.



No. That would only enable you.



As expected, you have no arguments, just empty rhetoric.

File: 37886cf82bfcdb5⋯.jpeg (6.7 KB, 300x168, 25:14, TES6.jpeg)


So, God Howard announced it. Discuss where it might be, thoughts on that no Kirkbride input is in this one (supposedly), ect.

Personally, I'm thinking it might be a return to High Rock. At least I hope so. Hopefully they stop this trend of dumbing down the lore and bring back that good weird shit like in Morrowind, but thats unlikely.

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The Elder Scrolls is an open-world dungeon crawler. It has stats (for the moment), and tries to make its world deep, sure, but it was never meant to be a role-playing game in the first place. That's just a weird idea some Bethesda developers got midway into Morrowind. It's a game series that's designed to be shit, and that game just happened to be good by accident. Don't be so disappointed when they start getting shitty again.



define "role-playing game" …


What I'm expecting

>Protagonist discovers he is the reincarnation of a famous sword-singer, who are all but extinct

>he is needed to fulfill a prophecy and save the land

>travels around hammerfell recovering lost sword singing arts

>they work exactly like Skyrim shouts, some Arts make you jump, dash, perform a roll, disarm the enemy etc.

>epic new feature where you can buy a galley, recruit NPCs as crewmembers and sail the ocean (piracy and sailing are common themes in redguard stories)

>you can customize the galley as a player home

>the villain of the story will be the ancestral enemy who sank Yokuda and plans to do the same to hammerfell



also, following with the aquatic theme

>Rise of the Coral Kingdoms DLC

>the Sload are back with a vengeance and spreading a new plague

>fight through underwater ruins and coral reefs to stop Tamriel's ancient enemy

>face off giant Dwemer constructs revived by evil Sload technomancers, they look like normal constructs but have seashells and stuff on them


I think it's going to be an incredibly lazy game.

File: fc75853ec77480e⋯.jpg (216.9 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 51062-1-1392283674.jpg)


Is that it, then? Fallout 4 and 76 are utterly terrible, insulting pieces of shit which display an endemic incompetence at Bethesda Game Studios. It seems all the best staff left in the early 2000s and no matter how big BGS gets (I think it's at ~400 people now) quantity will never beat quality. 100 shit devs will never make a better game than 20 good devs.

Does this leave all future hope for good TES games in the hands of modders, as unorganised and often unreliable as they are? Is that really how bleak TES looks going forward?

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You describe that as being a really bleak scenario, but I'll be really glad to:

a. not have any more lore rape (and especially not to have any more nu-lore "experts" creeping out of the woodwork)

b. have the series actually be in the hands of the community thanks to projects like OpenMW


>implying it's possible to be any more disorganized and unreliable than ZeniMax's hundred anonymous shell companies


OpenMW can be every good part of any later games without any bad nuBeth shit, Todd can get fucked - it doesn't just work and I'm not buying it.


I like to think that several fans got together and summoned Sheogorath and asked him to screw up one of their future games as retribution for their double dipping in the modding community. And somehow through the use of "Meme Magic" our favorite madgod is doing just that.


>>14479 That and it seems Mehrunes Dagon is also joining the fray and destroying their reputation as a good AAA game company. As far as I am concerned they need to break free from this influence and get their shit together unless Chapter 11 is what they want.

At this point I can only say that the nords of Morrowind speak the words of most of the current fanbase: You're on your honor. Don't press your luck!


I wonder how much further they can strip down the rpg mechanics in the next title

File: 1414467814097.png (88.74 KB, 588x128, 147:32, logo[1].png)


So OpenMW .33 is now being finalized. All that's left before 1.0 is a handful of features (mostly AI and OpenCS) and a lot of bugs.


Do you think OpenMW 1.0 will make 2014? Do you think it will be finished before Morrowind is old enough to register for forums on May 1st 2015?
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>mfw been waiting for OpenMW since the project was a mailing list and a portion of the cave Addamasartus with a single Corprus Stalker and no collision being rendered on Ogre3D

Rather than be impatient I'm just amazed it's gotten this far and being able to actually play and mod it is a dream come true. You can't rush this shit, it's probably the most fundamental thing to get right to really maximize Morrowind's potential as a game. When we're in our nursing homes playing a post-1.0 release of OpenMW and a fully realized TR mainland (possibly other provinces), we'll have it fucking made.



>When we're in our nursing homes playing a post-1.0 release of OpenMW

I've been saying this for a while, being an old decrepit fuck playing Morrowind with a completed Project Tamriel walking through Morrowind, Cyrodiil and Skyrim will be the comfiest of golden years



What can I say, you agree with me and so you are wholly correct.


The latest version just came out yesterday and even though they said shadows were being implemented going forward from this release, it turns out they were not. But still I am waiting for this to be completed so I can make the full migration to OpenMW.



Build from source or grab a nightly. Shadows are already in there. So they'll almost certainly be in the next stable release as well. I only tried it a bit but they look good. Don't forget to enable all the requisite options in the ini file if you want to try them now.



# Enable or disable shadows. Bear in mind that this will force OpenMW to use shaders as if "[Shaders]/force shaders" was set to true.
enable shadows = true

# How large to make the shadow map(s). Higher values increase GPU load, but can produce better-looking results. Power-of-two values may turn out to be faster on some GPU/driver combinations.
shadow map resolution = 2048

# Allow actors to cast shadows. Potentially decreases performance.
actor shadows = true

# Allow the player to cast shadows. Potentially decreases performance.
player shadows = true

# Allow terrain to cast shadows. Potentially decreases performance.
terrain shadows = true

# Allow world objects to cast shadows. Potentially decreases performance.
object shadows = true

# Allow shadows indoors. Due to limitations with Morrowind's data, only actors can cast shadows indoors, which some might feel is distracting.
enable indoor shadows = true

File: 1415778947962.jpg (571.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, obliviongangsta.jpg)


let's have a TES humor thread
OC is always best
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File: 9e87576653ea536⋯.png (94.81 KB, 233x243, 233:243, 1459553894222.png)



>walking corpse



File: 8b2fcc4a423f6ea⋯.jpg (25.02 KB, 670x376, 335:188, 64364-1-1428065807.jpg)





db assassin is death and Wulf is the emperor fag


File: 3df0bcc6803618e⋯.jpg (98.78 KB, 500x355, 100:71, x0IZwaT1.jpg)


File: c2359f7e3de132c⋯.jpg (827.32 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 1475095043444.jpg)

File: 327ec8083deba67⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1966x2235, 1966:2235, commision__nord_warrior_by….jpg)


ITT: Post about your current or previous Skyrim characters. Give backstories, skills, strengths, weaknesses, personalities, etc.

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Best build has been an Imperial Sheriff. Basically trying to roleplay Skyrim as if it was a western. His backstory is he's just that, a sheriff. I played him as a combat archer using the slow time shout to simulate reflexes and also added a horse mod because horses in skyrim suck normally but you gotta have one to be a cowboy. I don't roleplay that hard but for the purpose comitted no crimes and tried to become thane of all the holds and take lots of bounties. Loved wasting Forsworn camps to simulate genociding prarie n'wahs. Goddam savages. Eventually save game bloat fucked it up.

Gonna try again except this time adding destruction magic as well so he's a full on glass cannon. Figure firebolts plus slow time is allot like firing two pistols. Maybe the apprentice stone to add insane magica regen. Had a great aesthetic for him as well, bonemold boots because they look kinda like cowboy boots, cultist robes which look allot like a duster, dawngaurd gauntlets which match up perfectly adding cool buckly shit, and a big cowboy stache. Since there's no appropriate hat just gave him a bonemold helmet. Looks like a space cowboy.

Follower is Fendahl in furs, my tonto elf sidekick and free skill trainer.


File: 428ecbef4ca5ea3⋯.jpg (673.38 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Adrianne.jpg)

My characters are all either what I imagine to be Skinny-fat Spellsword Bretons or straight mage and gimmicky yet fucking JACKED Orcs.

I love Conjuration and Restoration, literally every single one of my characters would rather spawn healing, eat 18 cheesewheels, and run than use a potion but I couldn't give less of a shit for destruction, illusion, or crafting past the basics.

As far as weapons go. I'll usually go for a basic huge hammer for 2H, an axe and shield for blocking, or a Mace and Dagger depending on the character, it's mostly for the aesthetic. Mace and Dagger is cool cause you can Bonk em on the head with the mace and then get two swings in with the dagger. I usually carry around an Ice Enchanted Mace with a Soul trap Dagger and an electric dagger for maces. If you're a really good enchanter, an Ice and Paralyze Mace, a Soul Trap and Fire Dagger, and a Health and Magicka Leech Dagger would be good.


I've tried pretty much everything to some degree, except enchanting and alchemy. I know they're powerful but never held my interest in any of the games. Well generally I just dick around and do quests and guild stuff until I get bored and start massacring everyone. I need a new TES game soon.


Gave me a good laugh, thanks anon.



I guess I can post about my current Skyrim character too, goodness knows this board needs more activity. Dark Elf glass cannon mage focusing on Destruction for most of the playthrough, then once I got it to 100, I switched over to a stealth/one-handed build. I'm playing with Ordinator obviously because Destruction is ass in vanilla. It's not amazing in Ordinator but it's at least playable. Anyway I just did some guild stuff like I mentioned. The College was boring but the archmage gear is necessary. Thieves Guild questline is shittier than I remembered. I also did the main quest for the second time in my life (got this game back in 2011). Yeah it just sucked. Maybe I can find the motivation to do the Dragonborn DLC since everyone hypes it up so much.


File: cf570362bdb3047⋯.gif (2.8 MB, 327x387, 109:129, BEGONE_THOT.gif)

I've played so many different characters that now I just play as the default nord in the rags you start in. No missions, no magic, iron dagger and long bow only, and I only go into open towns (if at all). I just hunt and trade with people as i come across them. I even walk if possible. It relaxes me.

I use mods that improve the graphics only except for Vampires Suck.

because they do

File: 84c760a1961e982⋯.png (709.94 KB, 740x1016, 185:254, 2.png)


R.I.P Board


The dreamer is awake





File: 7a053d17d5e1101⋯.jpeg (280.13 KB, 2048x590, 1024:295, B1F8629E-C35B-4598-B12B-F….jpeg)



Where is the body?


We alive, but the fetchers wanna stay in curio's cuckland

File: f13b7aaca15e558⋯.jpg (1.98 MB, 3270x1360, 327:136, 1313685156029.jpg)


How to fix Oblivion:

(Most of this is based on the Cyrodiil described in The Pocket Guide to the Empire, First Edition.)

1. Instead of being the diverse landscape with temperate forests, snowy mountains, and rolling hills, the Imperial Province would consist of mostly tropical jungle and rain forest, except for the Nibenay Bay. The Nibenay Bay would be a fertile grassland that surrounds the Imperial Isle (which I will discuss later), and be chopped up by rivers that flow from Lake Rumare to the rest of Cyrodiil. These rivers are the foundation Cyrodiil; most cities and settlements are built on the riverbanks. The jungle grows even more alien to the southeast, near Black Marsh, and fades towards the western ocean.

2. The Nibenese-Colovian split would be visible. The Nibenese are the mystic, flamboyant, ceremonial people of Eastern Cyrodiil, who decorate themselves with garish clothing, face paint and tattoos, and other ceremonial garb; they have a hierarchy of workers, merchant-lords, priests, and finally the battlemages, who would serve as the Counts of Nibenay. The Colovians are the rugged, simple, hearty people of Western Cyrodiil, who dress simply and comfortably with little regard to style; many of their children go on to join the Imperial Legion, and the Counts of Colovia would all be Legionnaires, preferring their Legion battle armor over regal clothing.

3. The Imperial City would be actually astounding. It would be built on multiple islands within Lake Rumare, connected by ships that travel around the city, gondolas, and enormous bridges that host entire neighborhoods. The Palace, instead of being the White-Gold Tower, would be an actual palace that resembles the "crown of sunrays" it was described as. Green Emperor Way would feature the magical talking heads of previous emperors. The City would be enormous, and would take a lot of Akaviri influence.

4. Akavir would have a very real effect on Cyrodiil. The Nibenese Counts would have Akaviri features, and possibly decorate themselves in clothes of snakeskin and masks. Nibenese cities would feature a great deal of Akaviri influence. Wealthy homes in Cyrodiil would be guarded Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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then perhaps they should have waited to make a game set in cyrodill



They should have set it in High Rock.

Think about it. High Rock is described in lore as being a boring, culturally homogeneous generic European fantasy world. That sounds exactly like Oblivion to me.



The Regal IC texture pack does add the red roofs and red tower tops, which helps somewhat. Mods likewise manage to do a fair amount, Better Cities, etc. Still, it's very tough to get Oblivion to go along with particularly big expansions. Even on modern systems the FPS eventually tanks hard.


There's tree replacer mods that bring back some part of the Jungle feelings, though it's a little more Vietnam than Indo-China.

But truly, for Oblivion to truly be fixed, we're going to need to rebuild it from scratch - Make the overall landmass at least twice the size, with no need to rely on all the old baggage of the original game.



So we're fixing all of them?



File: 88bacc85fb755c2⋯.png (42.95 KB, 635x292, 635:292, WE WUZ EMPRAHS.png)


Don't you niggaz be forgettin dat da original inhabitants of the Imperial Province was REDGUARDS. Tiber Septim was a REDGUARD. The Imperial Province was ruled by REDGUARDS until IMPERIAL DEVILS crawled outta Oblivion and took away our special minds and powers! I ain't bullshittin' you my niggas, we was emprahs n sheeit!

28 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 27ec711300323bd⋯.jpg (173 KB, 673x1000, 673:1000, robin-des-bois-prince-des-….jpg)


Redguards are supposed to be "Hollywood" moors.



Is this an actual cap from Daggerfall?






Serious question, why did Uriel lose all his hair between Arena and Daggerfall?



Not sure how much you know about the events of Arena, but basically Jagar Tharn locked him in a plane of Oblivion for 10 years. So not only did he get a fair bit older, but it changed him as a person; he comes back as a much more cautious person compared to his aggressive younger self. He says that his time spent in Oblivion was a series of waking and sleeping nightmares. So we can speculate that it was also a harrowing experience for him.

File: d06e399a7e8f7e7⋯.png (26 KB, 859x465, 859:465, pyrates BTFO.png)



Good thing Morrowind has a multiplayer option without all of the cloak and closed-sourcing.

File: 1456280833493.gif (17.03 KB, 220x355, 44:71, races_ob_breton.gif)


>Never accomplished anything of note

>Not even human

>Not even elf either

>Literal rape babies of slaves and elves

>When the badass Nords arrived from Atmora they didn't even realize these pathetic beings were related to them

>Never had a unified nation

>Never been important politically

>Ancestors of Reachmen savages

>Always been protected from foreign threats by neighbouring human countries

>Got cucked by orcs

Name a worse race, /tes/

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That makes sense though; they're a race of mongrel rape babies who've only been accepted by men because the elves they spawned got wiped out. They don't have any unique dawn-era collective superpowers because they weren't around back then.



>the elves they spawned

I'm retarded, I meant "the elves that spawned them".




Though it's a moot point considering phylogeny of races


File: e3f9d2e265f9c84⋯.jpg (130.1 KB, 1359x376, 1359:376, TES RACES.jpg)



Kajits are obviously worse… Bretons and dark elves are subhuman and elven trash but kajits were invented to be nonhuman furry pandering trash…

File: 1416795983867.jpg (196.68 KB, 600x767, 600:767, Great_House_Redoran_Poster….jpg)


Which house is the best house?
In my view, it's Redoran. Hlaalus are Imperial bootlickers, Dres are backwards, incompetant slavers, Indorils are weak religiotard has-beens, and Telvannis, though actually fairly badass, are more interested in their petty house squabbles than truly exerting their influence. Redoran is the only house which is both honorable and has its shit together
36 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I like how no matter what house people choose, they still say "yo but telvanni are pretty sweet though."



Telvanni are favored to shit in the original game. That's why.


Broken, you say?


so I joined Hlaalu and I'm playing Morrowind for the first time since 2006….I have the feeling that Hlaalu is actually (((Hlaalu)))



Lol get a load of this guy he doesn't know the word filters

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