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File: f80a02ee329ad3d⋯.png (368.68 KB, 842x1498, 421:749, tail.png)


In an effort to make this thread have more sustenance than simple slavegirl lusting, what sort of behavior do you think a kobold slave would have? How would one act?

They're fairly obedient, to dragons at least, but they also have a rather large superiority complex. And it's worth mentioning their hankering for fortification.

I like to think having a kobold slave will result in a mess of burrows and trenches all throughout your yard, as well as random boobytraps all through the house. Fortunately, I'm sure she'd be kind enough to give you clear instructions how to avoid them. After all, a triggered trap is no use as a trap.

Kobold slaves undoubtedly take more work and care than your typical elf slave. Besides training to get over the whole superiority lot, and the mentioned digging up your yard, and trapping your house, you've got a critter what ain't exactly as civilized as an elf. If you want her to properly serve as a maid, you'll have to train basic etiquette on top of typical duties. And I imagine kobold cuisine isn't all that tasty either.

Then there's issues of egg-laying, and occasional "heat" as it were. Though, some might not call that last one a downside.


Badly justifying your fapbait thread doesn't actually make it any better.


If you're letting a slave dig in your yard and lay traps in your house you're not disciplining it properly. Instead you need to be using it to locate traps in dungeons or tombs, places you would actually find (or spring) traps in. Unless you need it to be digging for whatever reason, these skills are otherwise useless to you. Remember that if it does build traps, it will do so purely for the purpose of escaping from your clutches.

Keep in mind that kobolds typically form large groups to make up for their general lack of physical strength, which implies that a kobold slave isn't particularly handy for physical labor (unless you need someone to slither into a crawlspace for you) and that it will constantly be trying to escape back to its tribe. Its survival instincts depend on the tribe. In order to make good use of this slave, you must truly break its spirit, crush it until it is nothing without you, like a dog. Until then you can not afford to risk sleeping in the same room as the slave; kobolds are untrustworthy and will cut your throat given the opportunity.

If you were expecting a sexier answer go to >>>/fur/ where kobold sex belongs.


File: 0ffb7cb3052d245⋯.png (315.98 KB, 948x1028, 237:257, 584891.png)


Eh, someone mentioned making an elfslave wat do thread in the metathread, and I figured I'd beat them to the punch while also getting to discuss kobold behavioral norms.

Elves are boring as fuck. They're basically immortal humans with a massive bit of haughtiness.


Seems a bit extreme. Though, that also does assume it was a kobold of a tribe that either A, still exists, or B didn't sell it off.

Assuming that the kobold wasn't from a tribe that'll have it back, could most of this not be avoided? It isn't like kobolds are a race what particularly value freedom, as much as they just like themselves more than others.



Eh, you got salty and thought you'd make a shitty porn thread only you don't want to just come out and say it.



Porn alone doesn't really do it for me, as far as threads go. I want to talk about the characters behind the lot. It's why the whole 'magical realm' threads never did anything for me. Most of it skipped what I was actually interested in.


File: 73aceb6b288635b⋯.jpg (107.95 KB, 773x1000, 773:1000, sgt_kobold_by_regourso-d57….jpg)



Nowhere in the thread does it mention fucking the Kobold. Methinks you are projecting too much.

However, the question of Monster Slaves does tie into something I've encountered a couple times: Player Characters who take prisoners. This is not the most heroic thing, but murderhobos are nothing if not opportunistic, and when they have a cowering critter under the business end of their blade, especially if it's something remotely cute, like a Dire Wolf pup, or a fledgling Goblin, their reaction, more often than not, is "I WANNA KEEP IT!"

Different monsters have different signature abilities and stereotypes that might make them valuable to have around. Especially if they are the least bit sentient and capable of speech. A kobold might be useful for setting up a defensive perimeter of traps and simple alarms around your camp at night, for instance.


File: b5dc3d5064e5971⋯.jpg (199.68 KB, 800x925, 32:37, 1399251604913.jpg)


I did mention "heat" to be fair. Though, that was the last line, and wasn't really intended to be the basis of the lot, so much as an issue of keeping a kobod slave.

Biggest issue with kobolds setting up traps is knowing where said traps are. A less-than-friendly kobold might be inclined not to tell you to begin with, and even a friendly one might not think to tell you without your asking.



>What do

Murder op


File: 9a53b4dba1fc430⋯.jpg (17.86 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1467496633551.jpg)


Unless the Kobold is a slave from birth, in that case it will imprint to whomever is in it's environment as the "tribe". This is pretty typical of all forms of slavery though. You're either born into it and know nothing else, otherwise all sapient races have to be broken into it. Although the last sentence in OP implies sexy times, this would be an issue for a slaver for maintaining good well trained stock since lizards can get pretty vicious and active when it comes time for mating or the mother protecting eggs (assuming a lizard species that protects eggs and doesn't simply abandon them). The biggest advantage for Kobolds would be the same thing children are used for however they're too smart for that as you've said so they'd be more akin to house servants or tradesmen servents since trying to break them in to being farmhands will simply result in a revolt.

You'd have to take a page out of Communism and completely purge their gene pool of smart people so they'll be amiable and gullible, while also being passive.



Farmhands would be a pretty lowsy use for a kobold slave, anyway. They're not fit enough for it. They'd be best served on anything complex enough to need a keen hand, or for anywhere a smaller form might be of use.

Otherwise, they're only suited for digging, and that's limited to soft ground most the time anyway. It's more of burrowing as it is, but if you need some holes dug, you probably couldn't do much better.

Intelligence shouldn't be too much an issue, since by nature, kobolds are subservient. Usually, though, this is to a dragon. Whether it'll serve fine to a human is a bit in question.



Neuter it, they are a worse infestation than hobbits



But isn't that the best part? Within a week's time, you'll have a liter of little kobolds to sell. You'll make your money back and then some.

Small as they are, they don't even eat much. Besides that, they aren't exactly picky about food anyway. Though, they do have a preference for meat.


Has there been a version of DnD with a half-kobold player race? With the modern obsession with hybrids it wouldn't fucking surprise me. and even I have to admit that those hips are fucking nice >>310076


File: 7d5e1e0f0ad2361⋯.jpg (3.8 MB, 3456x2304, 3:2, Kittens_in_a_box.jpg)


>Within a week's time, you'll have a liter of little kobolds to sell

So, pic related, but with kobolds?



Except they're eggs, yeah.

Just be sure you find all the eggs.

Last thing you want is for a few to get loose. Next thing you know, you'll have a whole tribe on your hands.


free monsterwife.


>teach her magic

>look as your slave becomes infinitely strong, inifinitely intelligent and infinitely wise.

>gaze at her ascend after the first few lessons into a being higher than anything you could dream of.


File: c7d59fc885e3ed9⋯.png (418.92 KB, 1200x974, 600:487, 1431115692681-2.png)


Considering kobolds aren't exactly renowned for being good-aligned, that seems incredibly dangerous.



>what sort of behavior do you think a kobold slave would have? How would one act?

Kobolds are good at two things:

- Traps

- Digging like motherfuckers to build underground tunnel systems

You know which real-life people do both of those things? That's right, the Vietnamese. So if you ever need a whole bunch of small Charlies to harry your enemies, they're the ones you need.



Strangely enough no. There's a number of variations on kobolds like Urds, but there's as far as I know all there is when it comes to half-kobolds.



Actually, Kobolds are batshit insane workalholics that function near-mechanically in their work ethic, if you read their ecology in the Dragon magazine.

Sex for a kobold is basically in the same vein as sex for Lizard People In Overlord, it's more Chemically driven and is mainly for procreation, but the women are more in mind for the idea of sex than needing to be eased into it or anything.

Basically, if a Kobold female notices someone with the qualities to be fit to breed, she'll fuck him without little reservation, birth the eggs and get back to work, care is usually someone else's job as a part of the tribe before that kid is ready to be put to work and so on.

After Kobolds finish work in an area, they leave cave markings and stuff so out of the way you'd never notice, and move on.

Truth is, Kobolds use people treating them as vermin and the generic cannon fodder race to their advantage, as like what? 75% of all Kobold cleanup quests never actually doing the job because the one's you killed were designated to die for the tribe to mislead the adventurers from the actual tribe settlement.

Individuality in Kobolds is a rare thing, might have something to do with their mammalian traits.



I never really got the appeal of making shit for half-races anyway. Do you really need separate stats for a cross-critter?



At best, I honestly think Kobolds, in addition to their already variant breeds, should have certain types.

Regular Kobold, which is the average Deekin looking scraggly tiny alligator lizard midget that hops around to walk making those squeeky yip yips yips, can be cute, but usually looks on par with their depeiction in 3.5-4e and have a fine balance of all Kobold ecological traits, may produce more Vietnamese Asian tier work is life kobolds, or independents fit for PC use/henchmen/cohorts/lovable mascot characters.

Mongrelbolds, which are Kobolds with canine features, whom can vary from being around up to two inches higher in height than regular Kobolds or being the same as the regulars, these are often Kobolds you find in service to evil Dragons, namely Red ones, are very territorial, and aggressive, and are also common as roving bandit squads, like the one's in Baldurs gate, and they pretty much hate Humanoids outright, due to their strong affinity with Red Dragons, Mongrelbolds have almost been bred out to the modern homogenized standards presented in 5e, an ongoing theory suggests that their inherent appearance was actually a result of a Red Dragon Patron using Transmutation magic to turn dogs into Kobolds as it's Kobold population had dropped because of a raid, and they interbred, which would explain it.

And Higher Kobolds, which are Kobolds around the same height as their Patron Deity, noted for being the most aesthetic in terms of sexual dimorphism, and are far more capable of rational thought, their position in a tribe or community can be anything from a leader to an exile because of their better frame, build, and overall intelligence compared to their peers, said Kobolds are only seen in large, long-standing communities that are often hidden from prying eyes, but a long-term tribe in service to a draconic patron having one or two is not unheard of. It is suggested that many of this rare number of Kobolds become wanderers, and are often mistaken for lizardmen, some taking up clerical roles to Kurtulmak or some other sort of divine following, travelling to varied Kobold communities across the lands to assist them in some shape or form to further the deity's aims.

And after this we have the other stuff, like those dragon-blooded Kobolds that like the Kobold communities golden goose.



Yep, it's cutebolds, dogbolds, evilbolds and dragonbolds.



>Kobold slave wat do?

Kill the stupid thing with a shotgun, then report OP for making a shit thread.



This thread is hardly that bad. Calm your tits, faggot.


File: 121e1ed111a0097⋯.jpg (292.98 KB, 879x834, 293:278, Kobold army with leader.jpg)

>Make a wish for a harem of kobold slaves from a genie lamp.

>Turns out the rest of the tribe is also included.

>They keep trying to genocide the local gnomes over some age old rivalry.

>Keep trying to please me by stealing shit from the rest of my neighbours.

>Have to move out into the middle of nowhere to avoid getting an angry lynch mob sent on me.

>Kobolds just send off raiding parties to steal stuff every few months now rather than every night.

>Adventurers start getting called in to deal with me. I know because my slaves occasionally bring me their bodies.

>Now stuck in a trap filled cave full of stolen treasure I can't spend.





Just conquer a kingdom so you can sell it, ask the Kobolds to be on the hunt for wish granting items, and soon, take a class in Minion management, like Thrallherd so you can send booty calls at whim.

After that, get your hands on a hydra, breed and harvest them to produce the Phermones they release which Dragons find irresistible, capture a dragon, breed it, and you'll have the workings of a Draconic empire in no time.

Also, remove Gnome by turning them to stone and starting the souless Garden Gnomes trade/Trend



It's a halfchan-tier shit thread and belongs in the garbage you retard. Trash like OP deserve beatings for making threads like these.



Do you actually know how bad halfchan threads are? Because I think you're trying entirely too hard to fit in.



I don't because I don't go to that shitheap. This thread is still shit, not /tg/, and belongs in halfchan with the rest of the garbage. Go fellate a shotgun, faggot. Accepting this shit helps ruin /tg/.


File: b9da8627ab42d91⋯.png (46.96 KB, 950x800, 19:16, e196208c5db45c97613f0e7c24….png)

File: 005c8f6421cb4c8⋯.png (49.89 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 64e3cc646320c5ec64d768c9dd….png)

File: 628a666598c335f⋯.png (25.09 KB, 700x950, 14:19, d452de15f495ea59ee5f23c9a2….png)

kobolds, they get no respect



>Kobolds aren't /tg/




In his defense, I think he meant "kobold smut threads aren't /tg/" but even then he's wrong. /tg/ one of the few places that I've ever seen kobolds sexualized.



I can understand not wanting every thread to devolve into smut or /d/-type stuff, but if you read this thread, it's not different than any other thread about discussing and playing with ideas. Not like /tg/ is the most squeaky clean christian imageboard anyways. Not like people are restricted to only make weird smutty threads, either.

This thread actually gave me an idea for a minor campaign antagonist that enslaves various monsters for their notable talents. Kobold Trappers, Goblin Raiders, Bulette tunnel diggers, Harpy Air Raid squads.

It also raises the interesting question of Monstrous Hirelings. Assuming your setting has sentient monsters, why couldn't you potentially strike a work contract with a kobold to be your personal trapmaker?



kobolds are just dumb, viscous, little shitheads. their only saving grace is their innate ability to make traps. i would sell the little fuck to the nearest bbeg, and fuck off back to my swamp fortress.



What about asian Kbolds? Instead of being Draconic they're furry, vicious little bastards.


File: 73e23a15f7a8a31⋯.jpg (14.09 KB, 906x380, 453:190, kobold architechture.jpg)

Call me a faggot and I won't contest it, but I prefer the adorably inept DF version, AKA cutebolds. Reptilian kobolds are dope though.




Make sure to go with the Pathfinder one. It's got all sorts of stuff that the 3.5e version doesn't.


File: 38784788f36cbfd⋯.png (1.23 MB, 990x797, 990:797, fa8783d53549b894fcabb29497….png)


yes, they are.



>Assuming your setting has sentient monsters, why couldn't you potentially strike a work contract with a kobold to be your personal trapmaker?

Ethnic or cultural tensions or conflicts. Barring that, there really shouldn't be. I imagine if you were the fantasy equivalent of a third world dictator and you needed a fast and cheap way to defend a territory, you could do worse than hire a tribe or three of kobolds.



Work contract? Perfectly valid, assuming you can get the kobold to respect it. Slaves bring ethical concerns, of course, but otherwise your hardest part is getting by social whatnot of the kobolds. I'm not certain they'd understand the idea of a work contract. Regular pay might do better, in that regard.

After that, you just have to make sure the thing doesn't rob you blind, and steal all your stuff.


File: b576d2aa69a063d⋯.jpg (29.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1289868108812.jpg)


>Arrive in po-dunk town like the big dick-swinging badass adventurers we are

>filthy peasant folk are overjoyed to see us

>they have been getting ransacked by a Kobold tribe for weeks

>About the blow them off

>Bard stops me

>"I know.. let's make this interesting and use DIPLOMACY"

>Whole group, bard included, bursts out laughing

>"No no, trust me, this will be awesome."

>We track down the Kobold's hideout by following the trail of traps

>Our Rogue is tearing through these things, disarming them left and right like he was pulling weeds

>Before we engage the kobolds, remind everyone not to kill them if they can help it

>Kobolds are bested in a matter of seconds and left cowering in a corner

>Barb proceeds to tell them, in flawless Draconic, that if they don't agree to our terms, that we would leave, go slaughter a dragon, bring back its severed head, and beat all of them to death with it

>Kobolds agree to listen

>Arrange a simple contract between the Kobolds and the village

>In exchange for a reasonable sum of food and materials for traps, the Kobolds will defend the town and guard the woods

>The only reason the village hadn't been wiped off the map was because the Kobolds were keeping other monsters out of their territory.

>Turns out other monsters hate dealing with Kobolds as much as adventurers do.

>If the Kobolds keep good on their word for the next few years, we promised to come back and arrange a meeting with a real Dragon for them.

>Last we heard, that town was still being protected, though it's now a bit infamous for being a town that's difficult to get into because of all the traps.



Asian Kobolds are actually Gnolls, or dogmen.

Which is part of a long-term fuckup which, like many things is 100% the fault of Slayers and Loddoss war.


File: e45623e7f08530c⋯.jpg (129.42 KB, 662x1000, 331:500, 1403467856173.jpg)


To be fair, it ain't like they were always lizard bolds either.

Though, lizard bolds are vastly superior.



in my setting kobolds are a race of dumb, cute, weak, dragon dog hybrids. their inborn ability to make traps out of anything around them, was given to them by a dragon god that took pity on them. their servitude instincts come from the dog part of, and their hoarding instinct comes from their dragon part.

they usually live with the other dragon races, taking odd jobs, or selling fur and meat from the animals they trap. the other dragon races make sure not to let the kobolds populate human lands, cause of how dumb they can be and the traps they make have killed children before.


File: 64bc5ffcd7114b7⋯.jpg (209.31 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 64bc5ffcd7114b702babc2bee7….jpg)


This is something what I really want to see, that is sadly never used. Kobolds move in to a place, and turn it from a quaint, clean countryside home, to a heavily defended firebase.

I can see it now: You walk over to your new neighbors, who just moved in next door. Strange, you think, they must be busy with gardening. The whole yard's dug up!

As you step towards the door, you hear a *CLICK*, and next thing you know everything's white.



And all of this is a problem … how?



Well, you're stuck surrounded by a bunch of short lizard tribals all the time, and can never really leave without making a huge trouble, not to mention the spent time trying to get around the traps.

I mean, sure, you get egg laying hips. But at what cost? Not like kobolds are high culture, or renowned for their cuisine. You'll be stuck with a meal of unseasoned cooked whatever they found. Sometimes some really questionable meats, too, if you know what I mean.



Dude I would so love to lock a lizard girl up in a basement and fuck her whenever I wanted.

I can just imagine that hot, tight cloaca giving way before my cock. I can practically hear her squeaks and squawks as I fucked her. (She'd be chained up of course since she'd be my slave). That'd be so hot. And she could clean my apartment, I mean castle, so I didn't have to. She'd do it naked, so I could fuck her whenever I wanted. Unnf.



You are no elegan/tg/entleman and you do not deserve a Kobold slave. Another post like that, and I'm reporting you to the Slaver's Guild.


File: a7564a6434438c1⋯.jpg (57.97 KB, 334x453, 334:453, I had a feeling.JPG)

>make characters that tend to be incredibly assertive and creative

>sometimes make characters that are completely vain and with the ego the size of a moon

>said characters treat everyone else as inferior

>now and then end up having "servants"

>these "servants" are either sex crazed horndogs that want to get in my pants or people that just want the benefits of being a servant without the responsabilities

Submissive people are truly defective in the head.


File: 3b07f79b74e97e5⋯.jpg (44.39 KB, 263x270, 263:270, certainly not.jpg)


>want the benefits of being a servant without the respons[i]bilities

>defective in the head


File: 108c963e514dc57⋯.jpg (148.16 KB, 577x586, 577:586, 2e_Kobold.jpg)

File: 59b71cf3289d4f8⋯.png (40.45 KB, 220x301, 220:301, 220px-Woman_with_kobold_ba….png)

File: 29d59ea4a86be84⋯.jpeg (65.82 KB, 468x617, 468:617, Kobold_and_flowers.jpeg)

File: 30d9b24f7dd4215⋯.jpg (175.32 KB, 672x728, 12:13, Kobold_FFXIV_Art_2.jpg)

File: d97e56b9a53716f⋯.jpg (8.34 KB, 180x233, 180:233, KolboldMoM.jpg)


>if you don't follow my holy book (post 3ed) you are wrong

If you only want to discuss scale-bolds that's fine but don't act like Shit&Sheckels is the only one who is allowed to use that name, especially since they are nothing like the mythological creature they are named after (except being smal, I guess).


File: ccdadcc6c43b77f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.84 MB, 1500x2100, 5:7, c4a740536af468e872825fb0dd….png)

File: 442ab5b61d9009f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 144.3 KB, 1280x889, 1280:889, dca38f0121e7861a8da7e1785d….jpg)

File: f20d6ceff1ce0a7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.53 KB, 1280x914, 640:457, f03713554dc0528ac08237e49f….jpg)

here, more kobold qts


File: 9900fe969a51d18⋯.webm (1.01 MB, 1080x720, 3:2, that's gay.webm)


File: a43f142911304cc⋯.png (277.17 KB, 291x409, 291:409, Deekin.png)

File: f2b8e4a90970ae5⋯.jpg (217.31 KB, 1200x776, 150:97, old___deekin_by_pkunkbwok-….jpg)

File: 04bd23e176f0a92⋯.png (3.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, tymofarrar_w_i_p_by_meadow….png)

File: 72412345d714afc⋯.jpg (170.54 KB, 504x734, 252:367, 64b891957abfa6a6ab1cf4cd70….jpg)


To be honest, we really need more stuff on Deekin. He is pure Kobold love, and I want to see that settlement he got going at the end of HOTU.


File: 36e2976163e306a⋯.jpg (29.97 KB, 400x300, 4:3, delet this.jpg)


>balls and human penis


File: 2ca3c3312cd0498⋯.jpg (58.8 KB, 870x782, 435:391, 17426384_123022168231702_7….jpg)



>This is not the most heroic thing, but murderhobos are nothing if not opportunistic, and when they have a cowering critter under the business end of their blade, especially if it's something remotely cute, like a Dire Wolf pup, or a fledgling Goblin, their reaction, more often than not, is "I WANNA KEEP IT!"

Does sorta make me sad that my group is pretty good-aligned, cause we'd never end up doing that, but then, I'm a wee baby when it comes to doing amoral stuff like that anyhow.

Though we did adopt an asian werewolf once.


File: db8e355311fe3a8⋯.jpg (21.28 KB, 220x308, 5:7, D&DKobold.JPG)


>doesn't want scalebolds

>doesn't post dogbolds



File: 2c899f817fc01db⋯.jpg (105.02 KB, 500x600, 5:6, tumblr_inline_n7x6i2To7D1s….jpg)


>gay trash


>no cloaca

Get cancer brah


Consider it more of an adoption, then. Take on a kobold as your squire, and train it to be good!

Sure, at first, it's sort of kidnapping and slavery. But that's only because the kobold's sort of an evil criminal. Should be vaguelly justifiable for a good-aligned character.



>catch a kobold committing a crime

>apprehend kobold

>tell it that instead of turning it over to the town guard, you will instead help it turn a new leaf

>forcefully make the kobold your squire and teach it the ways of your god

It's dead simple if your playing a good aligned paladin or cleric.



This guy gets it.

Has the bonus effect of netting you a new adventurer if your main guy dies, too.



for evil characters

>catch kobold commiting a crime

>aprehend kobold

>tell the kobold that he has two choices, swearing ethernal servitude to you and your cause or to be fed to your fiendish patrons.

>eventually the kobold will adopt your fucked up views of life and it'll begin following you out of respect or fear.


File: b3c54d3fba4f560⋯.png (136.64 KB, 507x739, 507:739, Loot everything.png)


Do you really need justification as an evil guy? I mean, slavery at that point is fine.



Less chance of the slave revolting or trying to escape if they genuinely respect you.



>enslaving kobolds

>not going Scar and say "Stick with me and you'll never go hungry again"

>deploy goosestepping kobold army to overthrow your enemies

Do you even Lawful Evil?



>Lawful Evil

>Being altruisticly good to anyone, even your minions.


I am the authority and authority needs to be respected


Even if you don't want to



Being Lawful Evil doesn't mean you have to be a dick, anon.



Is it really altruism to manipulate a being of lesser intelligence into free servitude forever? It's not like you're paying the Kobold Brownshirts.



You don't have to be a bad guy to be a bad guy, anon. Just be out for yourself.

A mutually benefiting agreement can be just as helpful to you as one that only benefits you.



>doesn't want scalebolds

Never said I don't want them.

>doesn't post dogbolds

I'm merely saying that there's all kinds of bolds and acting like DnD owns the name for their 3ED version annoys me.


>template thread

>wat do

you >>>/suicide/



>"M-muh templates!"

If it brings about discussion, fuck you, seems like it works fine enough.



Eh, the thing about Evil centric alignments is that there's something manipulating them. you could be highly lawful, and do enough dickish things to be evil, or your could be lawful enough that you sound reasonable and sound, but then there's this "odd" bit of evil you work in just because.

It's kind of the main stichk of Devils, really, "Here's your perfect society" "But you've got to sacrifice a newborn every 6th moon to keep it going because reasons." There's no being reasonable, and if you try to protest against this, them somehow you end up fthe one in the worst kind of wrong.

It's like how warring nations or people who want to expand rulership and the like are somehow evil for exercising thier rights as leaders, or how benevolent Dictatorship is on the fucking Evil list in the D&D 3.5 Kingdoms of Kalamar Villain Design Handbook with that Gold Dragon that has done absolutely NOTHING wrong. Like, holy fuck, there's some serious bias in that shit. Though that fucking Anti-Elf king is grade-A fucking amazing.



There's no sensible reason you can't be evil-aligned, and make a perfect society. If it benefits you, that's all you care about. If building this perfect society puts you on top, with all the fame, wealth, and whathaveyou your heart could desire, then you've fulfilled the requirement. Evil is about selfishness. If it hurts you, you can't be truly evil and do it. However, if it is beneficial to you, there's no reason you can't do it, even if it's a typically "good" thing to do.

But, then, the alignment system is trash anyway.



>But, then, the alignment system is trash anyway.

Pretty much. It's fine as long as you use it as a loose guidline on what guidline would/n't do and where he stands in the cosmic scale, regardng spells and such. Going into a detailed discussion hardly leads to anything as many on the arguments are going to be based on books, which are written by people that didn't spend half as much time thinking this through.


File: 32d19b6f4c5028a⋯.png (153.86 KB, 642x613, 642:613, tumblr_o743mxQdGR1tdv657o7….png)


I probably wouldn't mind it if it didn't also apply to entire races and whatnot.

In concept, I get it. X race has a natural leaning towards Y. But the practice is, it's perfectly okay to massacre an 'evil' race. The race is evil, and therefor always perfectly fine to kill.

Basically, though, that's all in the simplification of the alignment system. If you only give it half a sort of worry, it's not too bad. As in, you don't take it seriously, you don't actually use "evil aligned races" as anything more than a, so to speak, savagery level. Outside obvious things like demons and such, anyway.

I guess it's kind of necessary, but damn if it doesn't fall apart rather quickly.



Genocide is still an Evil act, Satan, for it is Stupid Good.



why is a Necotyr holding an imperial weapon



Genocide call be good



What if you are genociding a race of literal demons?

Though, it ain't like I mean genocide anyway. If it's evil, you can attack it without reason. You don't have to kill all of them to kill them.



not all demons are bad




Here's a second problem. Even if a demon for some reason becomes a good person and only does good things, wouldn't he would still ping on "detect evil" since he is basically an Evilness-elemental?


File: 9ad72ebf9e150b2⋯.png (623.44 KB, 1280x1246, 640:623, tumblr_o8ag5bJEli1tdv657o1….png)


Also a concern. Hell, it's probably an issue, I wager, with even regular creatures. Kobolds, to go from the thread's topic, are typically an "evil" aligned race, for instance.

If you raise a kobold to be good, is it still evil?

Does that apply to kobolds in the service of dragons who are good?


In Planescape all the dead babies and the stillborn are under the protection of Zaphkiel the Watcher, the highest-ranking Archon of Celestia.

This means that no, evil is not inherent and taught rather than born. One point for Team Rousseau!


File: 7f91c8bb97a235d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 348.6 KB, 900x655, 180:131, 1423633205815-1.jpg)

File: 68a0ee6f9e1af22⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 117.91 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1430710846848-2.png)

File: cac79b6fe7d9df6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.18 KB, 1000x675, 40:27, 1423666108049-0.jpg)

File: 5d201237cdb907d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 645.12 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1463506768396.png)


Greetings fellow connoisseur of best gender


File: 238acb7ae4117be⋯.jpg (10.59 KB, 254x304, 127:152, 1.jpg)


Well, at least you got slits for the first few. Still




I think they're LE.

The thing that Kobolds adhere to in behavioral common convention that's the "evil" part, is usually village raids, working with evil dragons, and baby eating and acts of vile vore, next to theivery and assassination.

Additionally, overbred uneducated low INT kobolds are pretty much pests in the eyes of the public.


File: 7e1d329a58b8dd2⋯.jpg (33.66 KB, 466x500, 233:250, 0_7463f_59149c49_XL.jpg)


> You don't have to be a bad guy to be a bad guy



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I'm pretty sure this question is just another part of "baby orc" dilemma. If you take a living being that is supposed to be evil before it actually becomes evil and teach ot good things, it will register as good on the alighment radar.



Problem is, when does it turn evil, so to speak? Because some races are listed as a flat evil, with no consideration for circumstances. Can a orc raised good be truly good?



The most likely time is two options:

A) Precisely the moment it is born


B) The time period in which this being is pure and innocent (so, pretty much infancy and toddler period).

Additionally, if evil cannot be completely expunged from the being, work on softening this evil into mischief. Mostly harmless pranks and overly intricate swears shouldn't cause too much damage.



Are you implyng that "just doing my job" evil (like dictator's armymen) is something to be admired?


File: 1b2ddd7688638d2⋯.png (93.68 KB, 699x666, 233:222, tumblr_o8ag5bJEli1tdv657o1….png)


Depends on how you define evil in that regard, I guess. I've always take the selfishness/selflessness approach myself.

Incidentally, that's something of an idea for a character I've got floating around for a while. LG kobold paladin what's a sort of reluctant hero. Complains a lot when he's out saving some farmstead and all they offer him when he asks payment is some cabbages. Though, I mostly play on, for kobold mentality, the whole dragon line myself. Loads of greed, pride, quick to anger, that sort of lot.

Alas, I barely play anything, and my only nearby GM is a bit more towards the "game" aspect of "roleplaying game".


No, more that just because you're an asshole, doesn't mean you have to actually appear like an asshole.

Likewise, just because you are good, doesn't mean you have to be a nice fellow.

It isn't so much as that it's something to admire, as it is, dicks are dicks, good or evil. I'd much rather spend my time with an evil monster with a pleasant disposition, than Sir Goodfucker the gold-plated smug holier-than-thou cunt.



Well, tastes differ. I've always tried to apply "just because everyone is an asshole doesn't mean you have to be one" mentality to my games.



A valid runup, but it does mean interesting characters don't get a chance to shine.


File: a2aaeaa4e57196e⋯.jpg (38.76 KB, 408x360, 17:15, 1302386786245.jpg)

So what system lets one run moder-fantasy kobolds what go full operator-tier operators?

I've been fiddling with the idea of taking Only War and trying to jerry-rig a functional lot for it. Seems that it's about one of the only games what has more proper soldiering in it. But, downside is, it's more designed for something with logistical support, not to mention the whole most enemy is built around 'legions of hell' as it were. Not that I'm necessarily planning to go outside that, per say, but still. I'm aiming more towards the Unified Skeletons of the Afterlife VS whatever you'd call kobolfied Vietnam, than poor bastard fights gods and their friends



>not to mention the whole most enemy is built around 'legions of hell'

What are you talking about? The most popular enemy for the guard in that book is the Roman knock-offs, and even in fluff it's far more likely for guard to run up against other humans than it is shit like CSMs or daemons.


File: 0fb3e9109e2a10f⋯.jpg (55.65 KB, 600x511, 600:511, Black Trenchcoat Kobold.jpg)


GURPS, FATAL. Maybe more seriously Shadowrun?


File: fb8895487a491a9⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 300x323, 300:323, 1432056862186-0.jpg)


Most common enemy is probably orks, given they're pretty much everywhere in pockets, and cannot be properly exterminated without nuking the entire planet. Still, you're not entirely wrong, but the book seems to focus more on the larger enemies. Maybe that's more a matter of the standard enemies don't need a massive load of stuff to them.


Every time I've taken a look at GURPS, it strikes me either as far too vague, or far too complex. Maybe I should give it a shot, but I'm just not sure about the investment, so to speak.

Shadowrun, though, that sounds like it'd be interesting. A bit more sci-fi than modern fantasy, but not too much that it can't be worked with.



Fantasy Craft can at least get you to playable dragon-blood lizardfolk and black powder weaponry with just core book.



kobolds would probably have something protecting their mouths since they protrude out so much.


File: 8396e369cea0e60⋯.jpg (102.92 KB, 766x511, 766:511, Sort of like this but with….jpg)


Some sort of helmet that extends out down the snout? You'd have eye-holes cut out into the helmet itself so the metal could extend down the mouth. Possibly need a strap of some kind further down the snout to stop it from slipping as well.



I'd expect a sort of beak type helmet.

The visibility might end up lacking, though. Snouts aren't that vital, anyway, but I imagine you're going to want at least a metal band so to speak just in case.


File: 7065a7e9a70dfce⋯.jpg (121.71 KB, 500x500, 1:1, spectacle.jpg)


I'd say more like pic related, with a veil of chains protecting the snout and neck.

This is assuming your lizardfolk can work metal, of course.


File: fa06fd862ba2f8f⋯.jpg (62.78 KB, 600x800, 3:4, italo-normann elmo_bizanti….jpg)

File: 4e10fe6e2d06b3c⋯.jpg (63.24 KB, 600x800, 3:4, italo-normann elmo_bizanti….jpg)

File: 7a1b0ea5eec3732⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 4032x5172, 336:431, KHM_Wien_A_24_-_Bascinet_o….jpg)

File: 3921da004ddb54c⋯.jpg (20.14 KB, 432x377, 432:377, bm_basc84.jpg)



Yeah, the Bascinet could work… but I don't think it could rivet open for a kobold because the snout's still there.



If that's the case then couldn't you have it swing open like a ducks bill at the end to accommodate a snoot of that size?



It's stupid if they can't. They hang out with dragons, and dig all day.

I mean, maybe they have a harder time of it, but orcs can work metal, and they hardly do anything.


The bascinet is what I was thinking towards. Big beak sort of shape.


Remove the bottom, more or less?



What artist is this?

My dick is diamonds



Whoops forgot to sage.


File: 540dcb66c19ad8a⋯.png (212.1 KB, 564x924, 47:77, grabthetail.png)


I'm fairly sure it is Guoh.

Hard to say for certain, as my folders have been rather unkempt as of late. Really ought to organize them, but you try manually going through 10k+files



>No, more that just because you're an asshole, doesn't mean you have to actually appear like an asshole.

Lawful Evil is basicly the sociopath alignment.

You are a complete dick that only wants power/money/influence but you manage to get everyone on your side because you look like a nice guy.

All the fun of a Lawful Evil character is that everything goes exactly as planned every time. And when it looks like it doesn't it just means it's a more complex plan.


File: 4b1c66a7ca22f91⋯.png (23.95 KB, 336x297, 112:99, tumblr_ng77v49dqE1tdv657o3….png)



It is Guoh and if you like this and have not yet downloaded every single picture he ever drew, then you should do so now.:




The point of swinging it open is so it doesn't obstruct a human face while not having to hold it in your hands. Since it can get hot, maybe obstruct breathing (or at least the feeling of obstructing your breath), and so you can see better. For a Kobold their snout is way up front so they don't need to remove the whole piece to breathe only the very front to protect the snout would need to be a separate piece if it's that uncomfortable, their eyes range from between the complete side of their heads to being angled slightly off to the sides but still angled forward and it's dependent on eye vs snout placement but the part covering the snout would not obstruct the eyes it would be the part covering the eyes for protection which would impede their sight. If the part covering the snout is affecting their sight it's because of their snout interfering with their sight already. So it would need to be an entirely new helmet design, it would be a two-three components depending on desired coverage. The piece that can be removed to free their eye sight would be a piece worn on the underside instead of the sides or top and would overlap another piece so when it's removed it's not exposing their throat, the snout is pretty much out of luck cause then you can just ram a pike into their nostrils and they're fucked so one solid component on top since their snouts are too exposed otherwise. The eye holes would concentrate to the sides of their heads do to the position of their eyes, only one part of their side can be seen with one eye. Our eyes have this too but the margin is very small compared to a Kobold's.


Considering the vagaries of kobold culture and general mindset makes me wonder… how do you see a kobold tribe being made to work in an industrial complex?



For starters they're swarming. There will be activity day and night all over the complex to optimize output. If you want to manage them you'll have to give them specific instructions for how much they have to produce and how to do that, and make sure they always have something to do. Idle kobolds will start to get fidgety and fall to their base instincts of digging and trapmaking, as well as some hoarding. While kobolds work incredibly fast they don't understand the concepts behind lean manufacturing. If you do manage to teach them and work very accurately (they can do this, but they have to be taught), you'll end up with a manufacturing plant where many of the robots and machines are replaced by kobolds.

Oh, and do teach them that tying up the OSHA inspectors and stuffing them into a closet is a no-go. Kobolds don't care about workplace safety, and they get annoyed when people try to stop them over this.


File: bdf8bd7abe0d67d⋯.jpg (47.67 KB, 581x393, 581:393, 20170517.jpg)


Not ELF slave, Watdo.


I wonder if eating your slaves can be considered as wasteful if they are dirt cheap. But you cant eat them if they eat shit, you need to fatten them up. But that will ramp up the price. What is the best way to eat a kobold anyway? Since they are reptilian they cant taste too bad.



Kobolds would be great workers, but I'd advise against visiting them. Big industrial equipment, combined with a bunch of touchy, flighty lizards with a knack for traps and holedigging don't make a safe combo.

I expect you'll have to avoid actually going inside. And don't ask where they get the materials to keep producing. Local complains of theft are not your concern.


File: eb36a3004aaca56⋯.png (262.08 KB, 594x841, 594:841, tumblr_nro0koXzXs1tdv657o1….png)


Dragons do it. But, then, dragons aren't exactly a reputable source to base what is acceptable behavior on.

Still, a race of quick-breeders isn't the worst choice. Though, you do have the whole sentience issue. Most civilized beings don't take kindly to that.



Go home, Laius. You're drunk.



Theft violates the NAP, anon.


File: d6f6e48259b58be⋯.jpg (23.5 KB, 300x366, 50:61, 1432056862187-1.jpg)


Ah, but buying questionably-attained goods, or otherwise using said questionably-attained goods, is totally fine. You just can't steal them yourself. No obligation to return them.



>It also raises the interesting question of Monstrous Hirelings. Assuming your setting has sentient monsters, why couldn't you potentially strike a work contract with a kobold to be your personal trapmaker?

This was actually part of the backstory for my first ever PC, namely how his parents survived after being exiled from their warren; His mother was Chaotic Evil and actually had the audacity to CHEAT on the trials to become the Warren's Priestess, a cushy job that really only require you to activate a relic in the event of intruders, but you had to be worthy to actually DO so.

She just figured the Trap-makers would do a good enough job that she'd never actually have to…

His father was the Master Trap-maker, but a Chaotic GOOD pacifist, so all of his traps were NON-lethal and only meant to by enough time for the Priestess to activate the Relic…

Needless to say, both were out on their asses as soon as an adventuring party showed up to take the Relic, and begrudgingly teamed up to try and survive in the outside world.

Eventually, the mother figured out how to use her conning skills to sell the father's non-lethal traps to "civilized" beings as security systems, as those types generally don't want to risk dying by their own security or cleaning up the inevitable thief corpses.

Thus the "Klansmiths" as they came to be known, created a Security Services empire, mostly making use of their many numerous offspring to staff the enterprise.


>I wonder if eating your slaves can be considered as wasteful if they are dirt cheap. But you cant eat them if they eat shit, you need to fatten them up.


>Though, you do have the whole sentience issue. Most civilized beings don't take kindly to that.

Yeah, biggest problem with eating Sapients is that large/complex brains require huge caloric intakes, so unless you're specifically wanting to eat the brain, there are far less costly options, especially for reptilians since there is far more meat on a larger specimen of Crocodilia.


But would eating humanoids cause the same problems that eating humans does?



It's GM fiat if you'd get prions from eating sentient beings, if you do then no sane person would eat it and avoid it like the plague resulting as a natural taboo.

Slavery for labor is different though. People think you could just go back in time and then invent and introduce all kinds of things without a hitch, but without the infrastructure to support it and the foundations laid out then it would be a highly expensive and ultimately fruitless venture at best. Even if you did convince them you'd still have to convince everyone to roll with your ideas, until you can get everything down to even make it a feasible idea until then cheap labor really is the better more readily available option for many people you'd have to convince otherwise. Sex slaves is something we humans do to eachother and it's a natural thing we all engage in (plus women are whores who readily submit and approach conquering men) so us doing it to other races that's close enough to a human form is just our own projection manifesting as war crimes. And sodomy.


How do you think I'd fare if I tried to employ my pet kobold clan as an entertainment troupe? Hamlet with kobolds, anyone?



>Hamlet Act V, scene I

>kobolds are digging a grave

>kobold instinct kicks in

>Ophelia's funeral proccession approaches the grave

>they trigger the traps

>Claudius gets beheaded, Gertrude is poisoned and Laertes trips into a pitfall

>it is the kobold that builds stronger than the mason, the shipwright, the carpenter, the gallows-maker and the gravedigger for their creations fill themselves with tenants


File: e3a0d28035b62ea⋯.png (922.64 KB, 725x533, 725:533, ClipboardImage.png)


>Organ Grinder with a dancing kobold

That's an NPC that's going into my next game.


File: 74be72bd3fee6eb⋯.jpg (130.45 KB, 829x1450, 829:1450, 1432696037193.jpg)


Kobolds can be trained easily enough, but their instincts are fairly strong. They're also not exactly the most pretty-voiced creature around about.

I imagine it won't work as well as other creatures, but it shouldn't be impossible. Focus around the voice. Kobolds are quite agile, for instance. You could focus more on movements. Kobold belly dancers aren't really advisable, mind you. Sadly, most folk don't find short, flat-chested, wide hipped lizards attractive.



> Sadly, most folk don't find short, flat-chested, wide hipped lizards attractive.

I guess plebian tastes are common. Then again, plebians are also known as the unwashed ==masses== so it makes sense I guess.





Kobold clowns anyone?



Don't honk their noses, they're trapped.



Kobolds have a dragon's pride. I really don't think laughing at them would be healthy for anyone.

If you're an expert at trap disarming, maybe. Myself, finding a landmine in my trunk in retaliation to a joke I played on stage isn't really worth it.




How about as mimes or jugglers? Trapeze artists?


File: 022f1cd7f683224⋯.gif (480.05 KB, 141x141, 1:1, like.gif)



>dem foreskins

Still too bad that it's so rare I see man-ass in these pics outside of the furry fandom, but we don't talk about the furry fandom not even if we used to be them



Being as dexterous as they are, I can't see why not for the last two.

I'm more interested in them as musicians. Sure, a kobold's singing will sound like rocks and chalkboard scraping, but who's to say their quick-moving little hands can't play the harp extraordinarily?


>liking gay-ass foreskins on lizards

You, sir, are scum of the earth.

Even among gays, you are gay.

If you're making a lizard, it should have a cloaca. If you're giving it a human penis, you're a faggot among faggots.


File: 6f4a9ab761e9d26⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 257.98 KB, 1273x1800, 1273:1800, 45888162_p0.jpg)


Are you angry because you fucked a kobold and even his tiny ass thought you were too small?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>but who's to say their quick-moving little hands can't play the harp extraordinarily?

Assuming that kobold culture is sophisticated enough to produce complex music, what kind of instruments would they play? I mean obviously they would have drums and maybe some simple woodwinds, but given that they have a penchant for building traps would we also see weird instruments with moving parts like the hurdy-gurdy? Or maybe they have adorable ickle kotos that they pluck.



Given their penchant for traps, I imagine any complex instrument, especially stringed, is likely.

Lacking any real easy lips or generally wrap-aroundable mouths, wind and brass instruments are likely out. It'll mostly be a focus on stringed or percussion instruments, I imagine. Maybe music box style things here and there.


A kobold shouldn't have an ass. It should have a cloaca. All in one hole. No need for your homosexual "ass" garbage.



I can actually picture this happening now: A primitive tribe of kobolds is setting their traps as usual, digging their caves, doing 'bold shit. One starry-eyed cutebold hears the familiar twang of a spring trap and is inspired to recreate the sound with a humble string attached to a piece of wood, only to be surprised when the rest of the tribe finds itself enraptured with this toy. Before long more complex stringed instruments, accompanied by drums and rattles, are ringing throughout the inner depths of the caves.

We have to make this a thing.



Next thing you know, the instruments themselves will be connected to traps, and you'll have adventurers infiltrating a camp accompanied by a kobold orchestral piece.


File: 31a0ee40d90760d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.51 KB, 1280x914, 640:457, 0af0f8129b562e9e423f4bcb5a….jpg)

File: 3bf59fe28ed074a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 762.73 KB, 1280x1008, 80:63, 3d06ad88d838190754c10af40c….jpg)

File: 8cee77d4ed3bb03⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 214.83 KB, 730x790, 73:79, 381c16a452ad2d07d2a17e0f00….png)

File: 3b2a147a170d9f9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 384.71 KB, 995x640, 199:128, 827f336fc1b8fc7464edb7c8d8….png)


kobolds usually don't have booty, they have thick thighs and tails


File: 1ec9646930efc5e⋯.png (251.58 KB, 837x645, 279:215, 1ec9646930efc5e7afdda53990….png)


Or wide, egg-laying hips, if you aren't a disgusting faggot craving human penis graphed onto lizards.


File: a8a7b52c979f31d⋯.png (494.91 KB, 788x597, 788:597, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cd38d1282cc6944⋯.png (916.99 KB, 1000x6200, 5:31, ClipboardImage.png)


But, anon, that's the best kind of booty.


File: 7bfdb0b5f17aed8⋯.jpg (73.51 KB, 1296x612, 36:17, 20170517.jpg)


Nice tail



File: 8b92688c5619288⋯.png (62.75 KB, 486x200, 243:100, Dicks.png)


>My degenerate fantasies are better than yours

Calm down there Autismus Maximus - we get the picture.


File: 762df19a6fcf199⋯.jpg (224.26 KB, 616x796, 154:199, tumblr_o743mxQdGR1tdv657o3….jpg)


I'm just saying, if you absolutely must lust after faggot lizard men, they ought to at least be lizard men. Cloacas are required.

Anything less, and you're just after regular humans with shitty green skin.

This applies to female lizards as well, mind you. None of that asshole shit. One hole. Cloaca. No more, no less.

Also, no tits.


File: d55efef8175fd76⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 3000x2102, 1500:1051, 4ee542063100be66be2e66d1ba….jpg)

File: e18cc7723d10c9f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 562.48 KB, 992x1080, 124:135, 186c9a0a2762c1f52435de811a….png)

File: 83cd5e8792e8660⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 24.82 KB, 550x550, 1:1, fb055eda87c0c0200c22a960ae….png)


fuck off nigger, you don't dictate how a fantasy races should look. i like my kobolds short, thick, and with fat tits. what you gonna do about it?


File: a9609c12a2a7b4e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 181.54 KB, 794x990, 397:495, 1436521983121.jpg)


Call you mean names on the internet.



>I like my sexual fantasies stupid, illogical and off-topic. what you gonna do about it?



File: 178fca6a63c6788⋯.jpg (32.38 KB, 383x431, 383:431, weenie.jpg)


call you a weenie.


File: 1c2c62396644dc7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 321.56 KB, 988x1000, 247:250, 0a13cb2e5fe860ce6985e5e84f….png)

File: e533c71eb811b6f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 973.25 KB, 1100x846, 550:423, 1f7d45cd96d922cff94b52631f….png)

File: 5cc74d79a1a2d87⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 776.27 KB, 1890x1417, 1890:1417, 5cc74d79a1a2d87aee1fe87de4….png)

File: ec35e898192639d⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 386.18 KB, 1601x2000, 1601:2000, ec35e898192639d9c46f98f4c….jpeg)

File: c9d29b122eeef66⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 352.94 KB, 2040x1537, 2040:1537, c9d29b122eeef66273c11e3a1….jpeg)


It's not that I disagree with you, but I do take issue with how gigantic those breasts are.



Since you're getting so cloaca-hurt about this, I will explain why I prefer the dick-n-balls anatomy to your proposal. No, it's not my fetish. One can hardly call attraction to anatomical parts native to one's own species a "fetish." It has to do with simple practicality.

Cloacal touching, common in birds (but not, notably, in reptiles, whose males instead have hemipenes) would be only clumsily achieved in an upright species because of their posture. This is part of why human male genitals look so different to the genitals of the males of other species. Another reason is drainage; the tip has to point down, otherwise fluid won't exit the body properly. This is the case for 100% of the hominid species we know of and are able to study, therefore it is reasonable to assume it would also be the case for other species who share our posture or similar. Mammalian anthropomorphs also could not have a sheathed penis for the drainage reason I hinted at earlier, the prepuce instead forming into a protective retractable "skin" we call a foreskin.

Of course, following this line of reasoning, lizard-men may actually not in fact end up with "balls," their testes instead being internal, assuming that they are cold-blooded, because their bodies would function at a temperature which would not destroy the gametes.

I do, however, agree with your assertion that female reptiles should be flat-chested, as nipples would have no function for them, and I could even agree with you on female cloacas (which unlike male cloacas would be consistent with real-world herpetology) but I would propose that a vaginal genital structure also isn't entirely unreasonable. The reason for this has to do with how babby is made: When we are forming, our genitals start out kind of ambiguous, only taking definite shape after our gender chromosomes are read (contrary to popular belief, we not not all start out female; this is a misrepresentation of the facts). If this were the case for lizard-people, but the females did not develop a vagina, they would instead have a vestigial growth on their crotch, which would be gross and potentially put them at an evolutionary disadvantage.

Or, you know, since we're talking about fantasy we could always just follow the "rule of cool" and exclaim "It's a magical realm! We don't have to explain anything!" like most furries do



The "hemipenes" lot is to what I referred to. Most folk just label that a cloaca 'cause they aren't autistic about genitals. I've not actually heard the term until now, in all honesty.

Regardless, balls and foreskins on lizards is 100% trash-tier garbage.

>"It's a magical realm! We don't have to explain anything!" like most furries do

Most furries are also after stuff what barely qualifies as non-human. It's almost always just a regular frame with a new coat of paint and a funny head. Maybe a tail, depending on the species they pick. I don't even say 'fur', because most of the time, it's indistinguishable from skin.

They're trash, not for having some kind of degenerate fetish, but for the lack of any real attempt at matters. They pretend as though they've an impressive imagination, while repeating the same tired formulas ad infinitum.



If I'm honest the only reason I know what hemipenes are is that I was doing research on lizards because I was considering getting one as a pet. Turns out lizards are expensive.

>Most furries are also after stuff what barely qualifies as non-human

Also they seem to have a complete lack of interest in actual worldbuilding. I brought up a discussion in >>>/fur/ recently hoping to get feedback (on dragons, I think) that promptly devolved into a porn dump. Everyone who takes their shit seriously leaves the fandom eventually. When I create worlds, I try to make them interesting, which is why I need to know psychotically specific things about how anatomy for alien creatures might work.




My big issue with furry worldbuilding is that even when they do try it, few bother to address the question of 'Why animal people?' Hell, about 90% are basically just the real world but with anthros in place of humans. Those that actually try to be fantasy or scifi still just use anthros as stand-ins for humans. And if there are humans in the setting, they all went extinct after making the anthros, leaving them as stand-ins for humans.

I have yet to see a setting that gives a reason for anthros beyond just setting conceit.



The absolute best way I've found to implement anthropomorphism is to either use yokai (think animal spirits from Japanese folklore) or to have anthros be a kind of race of men cursed with animal bodies. That's the absolute best way I found to handle it, and even that only really works in moderation (and generally only in high-magic settings, which I don't like writing).

The best furry literature I've ever seen basically boils down to symbolism (wolves are loyal and sociable, foxes are tricksters and thieves, &c) with the actual animal-people concepts being very rare, more of a novelty than a normality. Once you end up with a situation where everyday common people are casually talking to animals the whole concept breaks down, in my opinion.



Having said that I am myself working on a writefag which explores the concept of a human scholar interacting with a member of an utterly alien culture, a story for which I feel one anthropomorphic character is appropriate, but the story is progressing at a snail's pace because I'm trying to be very careful to characterize the other character as distinctively non-human, which is much more challenging to write than the alternative.


File: 7961e03f6ffafe9⋯.png (692.47 KB, 719x418, 719:418, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4596c1869aacae1⋯.png (593.63 KB, 796x693, 796:693, ClipboardImage.png)


>or to have anthros be a kind of race of men cursed with animal bodies.

May I interest you in "Grimoire of Zero"?


File: 10ceb789a4e0fa9⋯.png (890.74 KB, 1200x664, 150:83, the_epic_cardgame_by_haisu….png)


This so much. They don't even make changes for the different shapes, most the time. Tails only rarely get more than a hole they'd be uncomfortably jammed through, and hats most the time just happily cover up ears. And of course, this is leaving off things like chairs, cups, keyboards, and so on.


That's a lazy way, you ask me. I prefer beastmen proper, what simply have a culture of relation to their respective animals, so to speak.

You look to the stereotypes, and the general behaviors of that type of creature, and then you simply elevate to a race.

Crows would be a marvelous example, were there anyone outside maybe Pokemon what's done this. Crows are a bunch of heavily family-oriented thieves and troublemakers, with a knack for engineering and puzzles. If that doesn't already sound like something easily made distinct from humanity, I don't see how any spirit type lot is going to be.



> crows

Actually, the Lego Chima franchise/TV series have the crows be family oriented, greedy thieves/scoundrels/con artists though not much on the engineering and puzzles department (molepeople do that). My 4 year old son is a big fan of the series. I watch it with him some of the time because why the fuck not.


File: 96c2651c1882d89⋯.png (71.27 KB, 900x350, 18:7, ClipboardImage.png)


Guin Saga as well. Though, more cursed with just an animal head.


File: 94dc77b6fbe07c7⋯.jpg (122.26 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1200px-George_Washington_G….jpg)


I remember watching it briefly with my little sis. Looked like an interesting lot, but sadly, it never went anywhere.

I was actually quite fond of the aesthetic of the birds, though.

Always meant to pick one up, but the sets were fuckall ugly besides, or came with one nice birb out of a half dozen shitty other creatures.


File: 08c4eee1e56c987⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1280x1920, 2:3, 1463460706256.png)

File: 5a5d9246998bf6c⋯.jpg (2 MB, 3072x2304, 4:3, DSCF1316.JPG)

File: 59e80626c07d9f3⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 3072x2304, 4:3, DSCF1317.JPG)

File: 6f15f611bb82796⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 3072x2304, 4:3, DSCF1585.JPG)


>I remember watching it briefly with my little sis. Looked like an interesting lot, but sadly, it never went anywhere.

It really didn't, they just shot too low with the demographic of the show compared to what they needed to sell the sets to, so the theme shelf-warmed HARD…

Nexo Knights is way better in this regard!

>I was actually quite fond of the aesthetic of the birds, though.

>Always meant to pick one up, but the sets were fuckall ugly besides, or came with one nice birb out of a half dozen shitty other creatures.

You didn't get Spinlyn's cavern?



> they just shot too low with the demographic of the show

yeah from what I've watched with my son that's my impression as well. So much more potential in it if they had aimed at a higher age bracket.



They always do that, demographic wise. It's not the entirety of the problem, anyway. It's more that it just never moves to anywhere, and the characters weren't writ all that well. You can do a children's show right, after all. Even if you do a very young age aim.

That said, I feel like they should've targeted more in the Bionicle area, than what they did. Seemed aimed for very young children, rather than the bionicle age of some odd early teens and such. But that's more due to the style of things. I felt like the thing had some nice parallels to the old days of that. But, then, I didn't watch hardly any of it, so I may be projecting fond memories on something I only got a vague glance on.


File: 7b8116cde0f9373⋯.jpg (25.45 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 18253243_135723596970794_7….jpg)


>They don't even make changes for the different shapes, most the time.

This is a hard thing to wrap your head around, as a human who has had opposable thumbs and an upright physical configuration, and so on. I wanted a race of birdpeople in one campaign I had, but I wanted them to essentially just be large birds with full sentience and language. No hands. No plantigrade legs. Possibly no clothes. As little anthropomorphization as possible.

Well, that raised a few questions, like how would they even make certain objects? Bird legs are fairly flexible, but they don't have the range of mobility that a human arm does. How would they fight? Would they even use swords like other humanoid races?

And all of this is actually good worldbuilding material. Asking yourself these questions and fleshing out something to its logical conclusion, rather than just saying "How can we make them operate like every other race?" is great for building internally consistent worlds… but things like that also get slightly hampered by a lot of systems being combat focused and making characters who are combat-suboptimal feel unimportant.


File: e2cce20885e6e1c⋯.png (214.41 KB, 693x924, 3:4, 8b15f47b8327130372b402515d….png)

File: abd52aaccf88b9a⋯.jpg (108.95 KB, 500x606, 250:303, 1449881429744-0.jpg)

File: 0468b73caac6329⋯.jpg (227.34 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 4NiziwE.jpg)


I don't really even mean to go to that level. It's just that in many cases, they literally go for a 1:1 copy of a human. They don't bother making much of any bestial differences.

Not to say I don't like stuff like you mention. I am certainly fond of the idea.

I more focus on characteristics and habbits myself, anyway.




Incidentally, /monster/ seems to suffer from the same problem. Nobody cares enough to question and explore the consequences of nonhuman biology and culture, and all of the purported 'monsters' are just window dressing on generic animu grills.

Might as well change the board name to /exoticwaufisgeneral/ and be done with it.


File: 8c07585afef9565⋯.jpeg (328.88 KB, 769x1028, 769:1028, 4214.jpeg)

File: 079f04083f0f1ef⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 7000x8000, 7:8, 420 praise it.jpg)

File: f69576781cc56bf⋯.png (200.86 KB, 475x610, 95:122, 15364 - lizardman monster_….png)


Yeah, never liked monsters. Only good one of the lot that I found was the lizardgirls, and that's more due to having an actual culture, an actual standard about them. Even then, they're fairly generic. But, especially compared with most everything else, at least they're different.

It also helps that they're pretty much the only race what doesn't go full rape tier kidnap femdom assholery.



Well mainly it's because the main source used in /monster/ is MGE, and that's just a guy's fap fuel/monster manual. There's not too much monster girl manga out there that provide insights in to other cultures either. Most of it has to be home brewed. I remember adding quite a bit to what became a biology thread back before the crash. Explained what happens when you breed with monster girls and what traits are linked where.



Since you mention that. Might you be the one that hates harpies and specifically crow girls?


File: 5ead2392e0d334e⋯.jpg (241.72 KB, 686x1178, 343:589, tumblr_ne6gbu0Lgy1tdv657o1….jpg)


I don't particularly like harpies, but if you're talking that one harpy crow in that series of comic what is nothing like a crow in the slightest, then yes, that's me.

That thing is trash.


File: 69f21a57a3730e0⋯.jpg (51.22 KB, 608x480, 19:15, 1388557400813.jpg)


>Kenku slave what do

Obviously, the proper answer is to train them to replicate musical sounds and make a fortune as the first Kenku DJ/Conductor



Man, I almost thought you were only a mith or something. Maybe I just missed you posts before. I've read posts on /monster/ that made it sound like some like 90% of /tg/ hates crowgirls, which was quite surprising considering Chrow seems to be as fond of her as any other blackbird related picture.


I always had a fun campaign idea where Kobolds were actually insanely intelligent and highly organized.

Just imagine, scores of small reptilian humanoids that employed fierce guerrilla tactics, would constantly find weaknesses in natural defenses, and have some of the best espionage agents in the realm. All while being synchronized in combat, assisting each other's attacks and actions like cogs in a clock.

Then you give them firearm capabilities.


File: ccde0ee2753090e⋯.png (273.77 KB, 600x739, 600:739, tumblr_n6ykjdk6FB1tdv657o2….png)


I don't post on /monster/, so I can hardly say, but I'm sure you could do a good crow girl. It's just that the one what gets posted a lot isn't at all crow like.

Worst part is, the guy what draws them seems to know how crows are like. Whenever he draws a crow proper, it's caught correctly, for instance with that one where the crow steals the rest of the crowgirl's bread. But for some reason or another, the artist's decided to make her a generic shy girl.

It's pretty gay.


Modern fantasy kobolds is something of a dream of mine. Sadly, nobody around me does that sort of thing, or for that matter would give a damn about kobolds anyway.

Still, I long for kobold mercenaries, well versed in the ways of warfare. They seem like they'd be one of the best races for the way of modern fighting. Strength and such doesn't matter half as much when you've got a rifle what stops a target at 500 yards.


File: 023cde90bb6efbf⋯.jpg (88.46 KB, 570x1399, 570:1399, 1452355258151.jpg)

File: 18ed471f403ae19⋯.jpg (103.31 KB, 715x1118, 55:86, 1452357555513.jpg)


>So much more potential in it if they had aimed at a higher age bracket.


>They always do that, demographic wise. It's not the entirety of the problem, anyway. It's more that it just never moves to anywhere, and the characters weren't writ all that well. You can do a children's show right, after all. Even if you do a very young age aim.

Yeah, this is why I say Nexo Knights is better.

Even if you knock off points for having three Monty Python references in every episode, it's still a decently done cartoon.

And while it might just sound like my female chauvinism talking here, Merlok's excuse for why Macy couldn't lead the team in Clay's absence is pure bullshit; Not wanting to risk the heir to the throne on the front lines rings rather hollow when you IMMEDIATELY THROW HER INTO THE FRONT LINES!


>How would they fight? Would they even use swords like other humanoid races?

>And all of this is actually good worldbuilding material. Asking yourself these questions and fleshing out something to its logical conclusion, rather than just saying "How can we make them operate like every other race?" is great for building internally consistent worlds… but things like that also get slightly hampered by a lot of systems being combat focused and making characters who are combat-suboptimal feel unimportant.


Hell, to bring things slightly back on topic, this is probably why people like Kobolds as much as they do; Actual thought has been put into how they operate as a species.


>Incidentally, /monster/ seems to suffer from the same problem. Nobody cares enough to question and explore the consequences of nonhuman biology and culture, and all of the purported 'monsters' are just window dressing on generic animu grills.



Yeah, it certainly doesn't help that /monster/'s specific brand of autism doesn't allow you to go any farther away from humanoid because of the "furry stigma," leaving you with what is basically a board of "_mimi" style girls barely trying to fulfill basic fantasy tropes…

Shame I get banned on site over there, since a nation of Lesbian Feminazi Monster (girl) Supremacist would probably go over pretty well with the 8chan crowd.


>I always had a fun campaign idea where Kobolds were actually insanely intelligent and highly organized.

You're reminding me of my idea for a setting in which most of the egg-laying races came together to form their own federation…

>Then you give them firearm capabilities.

…Which is also the same setting featuring my autistic Artifice goddess and her magi-tech robot women techno-theocracy.

Firearms never took off in it due to "Bolt throwers" IE magically powered liner-accelerators for projectiles, being far more popular choice of ranged weapon, particularly by Sahuagin Marines for their effectiveness both in AND out of water.


>They seem like they'd be one of the best races for the way of modern fighting. Strength and such doesn't matter half as much when you've got a rifle what stops a target at 500 yards.




Bro, I don't know how many times I have to say it, but stop copying so much shit. We can hover over replies. It's easy to see the context. No need to copy literally the entire fucking thing for the sake of "Muh ANON", for instance, though several others are pushing on clear extremes besides.

If over 1/3rd of your post is someone else's content, you're doing it wrong.



>"How can we make them operate like every other race?"

This is also why I never liked the playable races bloat that tends to happen in RPGs. I also don't like the fact that DnD in particular seems to have about thirty base classes now, but on-topic you can make a lot of really interesting races that play differently and roleplay differently than the others, but most RPG designers seem to be hell-bent on ensuring that no playable race has any restrictions that aren't also imposed on the human races. And just giving one of the player races acid breath and another infravision isn't enough, in my opinion. You need to make the races distinctive and interesting, otherwise there's really no point, is there?

In fact this is why I like anthropomorphization on the extremely rare occasion that it's done well: Playing a cat-man who might choose to use their natural claws in place of a primary weapon is interesting. It makes the player think, would this give me an advantage in a grapple situation that overrides the disadvantage of not having armor piercing? And let's say that particular race of cat people is only able to eat meat, or that they prefer their meat raw and freshly hunted. That's interesting!



So how would you fix it?

Would you change the core mechanics? I feel like most the stuff for, say, DnD is too vague most the time to make much in the way of variance for races. You'd either have to add additional rules, or change the core, I figure.



I would start by boiling down playable races to a basic set, at least for the core rule book, so that greater effort can be put into making each feel distinct. After that I would put hard-line restrictions on what certain races can do, so that there are abilities that some races have that other races do not. Part of the problem in this regard when it comes to DnD specifically is that magic is so prevalent in the setting that this leads to the perfectly valid question "why isn't there a spell for that?" which I don't have an answer to. And don't be afraid to say that certain characters simply can't do shit; let's say in this setting you can't have a dwarven spellcaster, because dwarves do their magic using runes rather than spellcasting. People will throw a hissy fit, but it makes playing a dwarf feel unique, especially compared with elves who are often quite adept at spellcasting.

I'm told that dwarves for a time were essentially treated as being fighters with infravision, and that's a good start. It gives dwarves a very valuable role that few other characters would have at least in the early game: Being able to see and do spot-checks in dark areas. Halflings, of course, due to their size, can fit into smaller areas and are thus also valuable in certain situations. I guess the basic rule is to think of scenarios where every character should feel uniquely useful, which is often lacking in RPGs where people sacrifice excellence to be at least competent at everything.

Going back to dwarves, there's also potential for rules that would aid in roleplaying, such as specifying that dwarves have a significantly greater tolerance for alcohol than the other races. Imagine a dwarf getting into a drinking contest; our finest here on /tg/ have crafted wonderful stories out of similar situations >>306587

Humans, of course, have a sort of unnamed advantage over the other races: Their prevalence means that they're more likely to have friends nearby. In pretty much every setting a human would be considered more trustworthy in most cities than an elf, or even a dwarf. They're on their home turf. However, they would be very much out of their element in a dwarf fortress. I guess a lot of this kind of stuff just comes from having a competent DM, but this is stuff to think about in order to make the various races feel distinct.



(part 2, I guess)

I would need way more experience with proper gaming to be able to give more concrete advice, but as an example here's a race I've designed for my own fiction: Born from a lizard-like people in the dark corners of the Deep Wood, where men and dwarves alike shudder to tread, there live a simple tribal people called the totori. They do not possess the magical essence to harness their own magic, and have yet to evolve beyond simple stone-aged tools; a player character who is a totori would have no idea what to do with a crossbow. They are natural predators, with keen eyesight and an anatomy fit for climbing trees or swimming through the water, but they are also extremely cautious and tight-knit, as predation is a two-way street. As a unique adaptation, they developed a visual sign-language of silent gestures so that they could communicate without being heard by the blind but keen-eared races they fear. As a result, a player character who is a totori would be extremely shy about speaking aloud to a stranger, and would only cry for help under extreme duress. However, they are also excellent at reading facial expressions and body language, because this is how they are used to interacting with others.



That's not really a huge lot to go on, but then, those races are the "literally just a human but X" races, anyway, so I guess I can't right fault you.

I was hoping for more mechanical differences than a bonus in X or Y.


Do Kobolds lay eggs or give live birth? Do they lactate?



Only one way to find out. In other words, what would you GM say or do if you take a kobold concubine after a raid and take her everywhere?



Eggs and no.


"So how do you make the town guards and peasants not kill her and you on sight?"



Eggs. Same as dragons, I say.

Admittedly, mostly I say this because egg-laying is hot, but they are lizards after all.

Keep in mind, eggs are not going to be hard chicken type stuff. They're going to be the soft snake tier eggs.


I'm always happy to take a qt kobold to train in the ways of JUSTICE. Slow building on love, as our travels and training progress is best way to go, though. None of that immediate concubine shit.



>no hard eggs

>no panting and writhing oviposition

Well damn.



Who says it isn't still rough for them?

They're just dropping soft eggs. You've got the equivalent of a rubbery dildo instead of a solid object, is all.




Something that's been bugging me about Guoh, does he have defined characters? Some of his drawings look similar, but just different enough that I'm not sure.



>Kobold slaves undoubtedly take more work and care than your typical elf slave.

Elves take FOREVER to house-break.


The Freefall webcomic has an anthro wolf main character, but there's a very limited number of them, 14 total, if memory serves. The only other non-human (or non-robot) character is decidedly non-anthropomorphic. His species is described as somewhat squid-like, and he wears a human-shaped environmental suit to better fit into human society (and fails, but that's the basis of most of the comedy).


What concept do kobolds have of economics?


File: bb6b30f79f1cfe5⋯.png (72.8 KB, 367x544, 367:544, Kobold poster.png)

File: a85c36b6c94fb24⋯.jpg (264.57 KB, 640x853, 640:853, Kobold who thinks he's a d….jpg)


None, as they're all hardcore communists. More seriously however, I doubt they'd have much of a concept of individual enterprise and private property given how often they're depicted as viewing individual kobolds as unimportant in favour of the well-being of the tribe.

So while you might be able to convince a tribe of kobolds to trade with you for things, you'd be dealing with a representative of the tribe rather than a merchant. They'd also be unlikely to bother attempting to set up any form of economy within the tribe. As a result they'd most likely only be interested in bartering off goods they don't need for supplies they can't easily acquire or currently need (such as medicine or high-quality tools). The upshot of this would be that a savvy merchant could potentially convince a tribe to sell them jewelry (either crafted by the kobolds or stolen) in exchange for goods whose market price is far below that of the jewlry- after all, most kobold tribes aren't going to be able to sell things on the high street, even if they were so inclined.



Yep. A kobold warren is pretty much a commune, except it doesn't fall to infighting or the ego of one individual. Things change when a dragon of a sufficiently forceful personality enters the picture. It can easily convince the kobolds to serve it, making their treasure into a continuous stream of revenue for the dragon. In turn they will also trap the lair of the dragon to protect it from outsiders, but this might go overboard and the dragon gets locked outside of its lair. And while the kobolds can get a bit annoying with their constant worship, they are either too useful, precocious or both to dispose of.



I wanna see a story where a dragon eventually begins to like his kobold underlings on a personal level, even though (or perhaps because) most of them are not much more intelligent than an older child.



Kobolds have human-level intelligence, but they tend to be a bit naive and are always eager to please their dragon master, even if the dragon just wants to be left alone.

Think a more subdued version of the gnomes from Oglaf.



>Think a more subdued version of the gnomes from Oglaf.

All I can see are dragon dildos. Proverbial ones, that is.



Yes. There's a few proper full-fledged characters, though you only get information on them really from his streams.

Sword kobold is a recurring character, apparently, with dreams of being da strongest


It's more that kobolds don't waste time worrying about frivolities, to begin with. Kobolds are a constantly hunted primitive race who's only boon in life is a close relationship with dragons, whom are also massively greedy.

Basically, any excess wealth is handed off to said greedy dragon, and for everything else, it's the tribe struggling to survive.

It's not really "communism" as it is "we can only live if we stick together".

Oh, it also helps that kobolds are massively xenophobic. Anything non-dragonoid is pretty much untrustworthy trash to them.



Kobolds aren't stupid. After all, they can preform some pretty solid ambushes, and make some impressive traps.

Their problem is the same problem all dragonoids have.

They feel everything in an extreme burst. Every emotion is multiplied. Every bit of greed is a massive hunger, every bit of anger a flood of rage, every bit of joy an endless song.

Dragonoids tend not to think so deeply on their actions. Dragons themselves, especially, as they have no need to worry. Dragons themselves are creatures of raw instinct and inclination, because they have no need to bother with anything else. If a dragon wants something, it takes it. If a dragon is angry, it destroys what it is mad at. They're the literal top of the food chain in every way.

But as far as kobolds go, they lack the raw power of a dragon. They lack its toughness, its magical potential. Kobolds only have their intelligence, and even there, compared to a dragon, they're much smaller.

For a kobold, that immense rage that comes from a tiny slight what'd make a dragon burn down an entire kingdom just for associating with whatever slighted him, is something the kobold cannot act on. This is why kobolds are so friendly with dragons, more than anything. Because dragons are all powerful, to a kobold. Being massively prideful dragonoids themselves, kobolds see dragons as basically a perfect version of themselves. Rightly so, perhaps.

They can get all their desires, they can destroy all their enemies. They can simply do whatever they please, as it pleases them.

For a kobold, constantly swarmed with desires, with feelings they cannot act on due to their lack of power, this'd appear to them to be the perfect existence.



Trips demand more deekin.




>I don't understand evil alignment

Glad you got to admit it, anon.

Evil alignment is the selfish alignment. Every action you take is something that benefits you and only you. So being nice to a kobold or starting a cult by getting children to follow your god in a show of "good fortune" is a means to an end for furthering goals that you personally desire.



This is the sneaky way to do it, but that's not even required.

You just have to be a selfish type what doesn't worry about others, is all, for evil.

Doesn't mean you can't be a nice guy about it, though. No need to be rude to the man you're robbing at knifepoint, after all.



When evil/selfish alignment is involved, it's whatever goes as long as it benefits you. You can play by the law and manipulate it and its loopholes for whatever town/city government to your benefit. Or I mean hey, you could start a bandit brigade or do a hit and run on a supply carriage. It's whatever you decide throughout the campaign that best suits you, in either short or long run.




these are examples of neutral though



neutral has territory to lean into selflessness as well as selfishness. Neutral is the fence in the middle, between running out to a for sure death sentence to save a compatriot, or just full on deciding dick over said party member because it doesn't benefit you. Perhaps it wasn't clear enough. Evil/selfish is all and entirely about you . Even at the expense of your own allies if was the benefit of you. The previous examples I gave was toward someone who would run a lawful evil character. Think corrupt mayor or some shit like that if you're still having trouble processing what I'm getting at with evil alignment being the selfish alignment. Evil isn't just done because "lol I do it because it's evil". 9th level wizard Grob Wonderwood isn't just setting that orphanage on fire because "lol it's evil". The sole benefit he's getting out of setting that orphanage on fire is the amusement out of the act, and what chaos transpires from it.

That help?



Neutral is more around selfish, but not actually harmfully so, typically. Or, alternatively, flipping between the two.

Evil's all about not worrying about the effect on someone else.


tfw no kobold bf



>I'm pretty sure this question is just another part of "baby orc" dilemma. If you take a living being that is supposed to be evil before it actually becomes evil and teach ot good things, it will register as good on the alighment radar.

Dead baby orcs go to heaven: specifically they fall under the care of Zaphkiel, the leader of the Celestial Hebdomad and the most powerful of the Archons. And he will take exception to being sent a lot of babies, so expect your face to get wrecked by a high-level Archon if you keep killing them.


File: d76719879378bdb⋯.jpg (71.59 KB, 621x621, 1:1, vomit.jpg)


>furfag facial expressions







Is mind-breaking it with your dick out of the question?



Not if said mind breaking is the result of it coming onto you and you give it tender, gentle loving with your massive human dick to which the kobold becomes addicted.




But they should really be cuntboys



I love penis! I also love cuntboys and blankboys tho :3




I don't want to know.



they're frustrated needy boys with no easy way of getting off owo


File: a9c845aa7e235dc⋯.png (474.39 KB, 1280x1825, 256:365, tumblr_ovp4b67LAx1tdv657o4….png)

Which one of you idiots bumped this ancient thread?

Well, "ancient" is a bit of a stretch. Fairly old, in any case.

Why are all the posts trash? Let's get some actual discussion going, at least. None of this micro-reply trash.

Think something up more interesting to chat about. Discuss the proposition of keeping a kobold, whom dearly love fortifying and digging, in your home, for instance.



Don't play dumb, we all know why. Furfaggots, in the literal sence in this case



Maybe if I were some kind of wizard I could build some kind of demiplane extension to my house to summon and dismiss as needed, and then let my new kobold friend run loose turning that demiplane house extension into a suitably terrifying impossible maze of fortifications and traps.


File: feb758642425d23⋯.png (314.1 KB, 1280x1786, 640:893, tumblr_oxlinjgPj91ufyollo5….png)


True enough. Unfortunately, kobolds've risen in popularity among them. Not with any real benefit, I'm afraid.

Though, that complaint's largely due to most furry art of kobolds being child-proportioned pedobait.


Sounds interesting, but needlessly expensive by large. I mean, if you could just do all that, why do you really need a house in the first place? Live in some fancy plane, instead. Only a few can ever even get to such a place, and so fortifications are no longer half as important.



>put him to work building a sex dungeon for the two of you (although some adjustments may need to be made for the sake of lessened lethality)


File: 5f2c5723cf6bc8f⋯.png (111.6 KB, 400x575, 16:23, kobolds are quick to recog….png)


A kobold's not like to be content fortifying one measly area, especially if said area isn't where it lives. Kobolds are naturally paranoid creatures, and so cannot feel relaxed without every hallway being a killing field, every corner being an ambush spot, every doorway being mined, and so on. Ideally, the entire immediate area around the home'd also be fortified and otherwise trapped.

Mind you, a kobold doesn't fortify like a dwarf might. Dwarves love their walls, and such. Kobolds aren't so wealthy as to invest in such things, and besides that, don't like so straight-forward defenses. To a kobold, there's no point in a wall, as the enemy knows where it is. This is more due to the kobold's physical weakness, as a kobold simply cannot be expected to defend any single point, in any effective capacity. Kobolds do best through constant ambushes, retreats, short defenses, flankings, and generally maneuvering around the enemy rather than flatly facing them off.

Due to this form of combat, everything is fortified. Because unlike a dwarven city, where you have one defensive line where all others are in relative safety, kobolds cannot rely on any single point. Depending on the force of the enemy, kobolds can expect combat to happen in the very center of their homes. On the other hand, this is ideal for a kobold, as the further in to your fortified lines the enemy is, the more options you have for facing them off. Enemies quickly find themselves seemingly surrounded by a near-endless force, usually not actually containing more than a handful of kobolds. Kobolds can move around through near endless collapsible tunnels to what was thought to be an already taken fortified position right behind an enemy's force.

The only really comparable situation to assaulting a kobold hive would be something along the lines of Stalingrad. Though, naturally, without the sort of 'hold until bitter end' defenses. Every building is a pillbox. Every home is a bunker. Every hallway a killing field. Every garden mined.


File: 77fccd3ec05feda⋯.jpg (2.14 MB, 2400x3380, 120:169, 132e45cfb63fb8e201758f494a….jpg)

File: ac696e4a694c45c⋯.jpg (188.78 KB, 592x800, 37:50, 8665a2fd5d1681d1be9862a7db….jpg)

File: 8b12b674edbded8⋯.png (1.05 MB, 958x1414, 479:707, 850f365dc1f336d98a046f0ad1….png)

File: f24d921f86ca50a⋯.png (763.95 KB, 706x1280, 353:640, dbce59e554a8049606c0097d8a….png)

File: bf8df5fc8c3c1e7⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1000x1280, 25:32, f5ec759bdc62fef354bd680c61….png)



>Last image

>You will never adopt a Kobold daughterfu while adventuring.

>You will never train her in rogue skills and start a criminal empire together.

Damn it.


File: 82ac7a50e471c46⋯.jpg (52.48 KB, 392x516, 98:129, tumblr_nb9ann89H71tdv657o1….jpg)


>training your kobold to be a dirty criminal


Incidentally, the last couple of >>341294 were exactly what I mean when I say "child-like proportions".

Maybe it's my personal tastes, but I think they ought to be simply smaller, not just some low-class pedobait.



i would breed the kobold, is there literally ANY other purpose for them?


File: 32942dc0a622eaf⋯.jpg (149.9 KB, 500x690, 50:69, OH GOD WHY.jpg)


They're small enough to fit into tight places, and they're pretty handy with complex bits.

Otherwise, just fortifying, I'd wager. Certainly wouldn't trust a kobold maiden's cooking.

Incidentally, this's given me the idea of a kobold clockmaker. It shouldn't be too much a jump from traps to clocks. Both are fairly complex mechanisms, and quite small, after all.

Only issue is kobold society doesn't tend to advance to the degree of being able to machine the needed components.



What if it was a society of kobolds that worshipped a clockwork dragon?



Doubtful, most aren't smart.



I see why making half mutts for OP races like ogres into half ogres is good. But I don't really see the point to half orcs.



Yes. It's call being a dick who closely fallows high morals. Like not killing an unarmed man, but willing to kill a 6 year old who throws rocks at you.



You don't have to be a dick to be evil.




I like the alignment system, it keeps paladins from being murder hobos, and gives order to stuff.



So should we stop putting zombies into the evil category just because 1 smart one in a billion could be not in the evil category?


Next time you can reply to all other posts in just one, anon. It makes you look less of a tosser when people realize you're samefagging because you filled in the name field.



#NotAllMuslimsDemons - Don't let 650 million bad apples spoil the bunch!!


File: b31d03a93b7641c⋯.jpg (165.66 KB, 1024x1497, 1024:1497, Yoshika.jpg)


What if one in one billion falls into the qt. category?



Even better! Now maintenance on said dragon ally falls into the usual role of a kobold's serving them.


Is the good zombie evil, or good?

Because if you're going to have all zombies as "evil", that zombie who is good can't actually be good.

Now, stop namefagging, you cuckold.


File: fc1fb7a929cdda7⋯.png (379.38 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 33bdc4fd51e5dd794f90273eb3….png)


Cuteness is a weapon used by evil races to get you to lower your guard.


File: 474e9b9cf2604c5⋯.jpg (57.13 KB, 768x528, 16:11, Untitled presentation.jpg)


Mate, my point is, this the categories are put in for structures, showing how most things in said category would most likely react. And of course there will always be exceptions to the generalization, dumbass.




Get rid of the name, you faggot.

Fucking hell, is this your first day on a chan? It ain't hard. You just don't stick nothing in the name field.

Anyway, that ain't the way it works in DnD, and that's my point.

Hell, I even said this shit in the post you're replying to.


>In concept, I get it. X race has a natural leaning towards Y. But the practice is, it's perfectly okay to massacre an 'evil' race. The race is evil, and therefor always perfectly fine to kill.

Basically, the way DnD has it set up, it's full tilt collectivism tier garbage. No matter if there's good kobolds out there, it is okay to massacre the lot of them because they're "evil".



>Basically, the way DnD has it set up, it's full tilt collectivism tier garbage

I know, right? It's pretty terrible that some people just want to go on adventures and slay badguys with out going into some grade-school tier morals discussion every damn time.



So you want to risk your neck sorting out the 1 good one in a hundred?

I just simply can't see your problem with the system, that can be fixed. How would you fix it? Maybe giving percentages as to were the monster lean?


File: 05f4b1d16c2a783⋯.jpg (116.49 KB, 773x1000, 773:1000, 1432056862187-2.jpg)


There's a simple solution you aren't seeing:

Don't be an asshole what has to murder the kobold babies in their entirety because 'm-muh ebil race'.


Again, I already explained exactly how to avoid the issue in my post. Maybe if you weren't an incompetent pile of feces regurgitated from tumblr, you'd be able to actually fucking read.


>Basically, though, that's all in the simplification of the alignment system. If you only give it half a sort of worry, it's not too bad. As in, you don't take it seriously, you don't actually use "evil aligned races" as anything more than a, so to speak, savagery level. Outside obvious things like demons and such, anyway.

Incidentally, this is the same way you have to deal with the alignment system as a whole, as otherwise, "evil" and "good", let alone "lawful" and "chaotic" start falling apart rather quickly just by simple player actions. The alignment system is hilariously trash. Frankly, you ask me, it shouldn't exist at all. It should be enough to say "Those orks over there are worshipping the dark god of violent rape orgies, and actively murdering the nearby townsmen's shagging sheep collection", than to say "DEY R ORKS AND DA DND MANULE SAYS ALL ORKS IS EBIL GO AND GAS THEM ALL"



Mate, I don't think anyone implied killing babies.

And I find the system to be serviceable, so until you come up with a better system, I just can not agree with you.


File: 1af4dae54992699⋯.jpg (72.57 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 2ad585d7dbb7a7dadc0c40fe40….jpg)


>can't follow basic context

>can't not be a shitboot namefag




>Basically, the way DnD has it set up, it's full tilt collectivism tier garbage.

We were talking about this in another thread, but it's important to understand that the foundation of D&D's default setting, the basic presumption of the whole bestiary, all the classes, magic, and so on, is that Good, Evil, Chaos, and Law are all planar forces. There is not meant to be a morally gray, relativistic subjective interpretation of these things. That's why alignments exist and it's why every monster has one.

A monster is evil because it's intrinsically tied to the natural plane of evil that is a real, factual, actual place that people can go to and suffer in, because it's an awful place.



Don't get me wrong, I definitely understand it from the original perspective.

But for what DnD is used for typically, now a days, alignment is a rather unfortunate old hangup, you ask me.



Playing the game wrong and misunderstanding it is not the fault of the game itself. D&D has lots of problems, but not being pretentiously morally subjective is not one of them.



Elaborate. How do you "play the game wrong"? What's misunderstood here?

Should we only ever be playing DnD in its original, default setting?



Alignments are pretty clearly explained. The planes are a pretty big deal too. Saying "these creatures are chaotic evil" means you don't treat every one of them that you come across with the presumption that some might not be evil, and they shouldn't be played that way either by the DM.

You're playing it wrong and misunderstanding the system if you're going in expecting a complex, nuanced approach to monster morality. They're walking sacks of XP that you kill because they are Evil. And not "well, from their perspective, you're the evil ones!" kind of evil.. But literally bound on a deep level to the cosmic concept of Evil evil

If the way you want to run it is that morality and alignments don't exist, that's up to you, but you're going to have to houserule several classes and monstrous abilities to make that work. But at that point, you are running your own version of the rules and it's fucking moronic to claim that the RAW version of the game is somehow invalid because you wanted that exists in every copy of the book in circulation is wrong for not conforming to your interpretation.



Fair enough. I guess some people enjoy fighting boring robotic enemies with shitty non-existent characters who only function in a strict game perspective.

Though, you're going to need to complain to DnD itself, as they're also making these non-empty trash settings.

I'm not saying the 'raw version of the game is invalid'. I'm saying the raw version of the game is shit, the way alignments are explained.

You can say something is shit without saying it's "invalid".



Don't get me wrong, man. I prefer some depth and nuance to my games too. I've run plenty of games where monsters could be bargained with and made to help the PCs. The point is that sitting down to play D&D and one of it's many poorly written campaign settings, especially with the state 5e is in, and then asking "Why are all these evil monsters evil?" is misunderstanding that their default presumption is of an absolute concept of Good and Evil… and also because it's D&D and that's exactly how Gygax made it from the start and how it's been for decades.

Not understanding that's how D&D is supposed to be typically means someone didn't read enough of the book.. or that it wasn't clearly explained that morality isn't shades of gray in the default rules.


File: 1b8feac8ce7a316⋯.jpg (296.52 KB, 566x1233, 566:1233, 1426472513191-0.jpg)


Maybe, but none of this really changes the answer to the question "why are all these monsters evil" from "because DnD is shit".

I understand what you're trying to say here, but the argument seems to just be "because it was designed to be shit".



>"because it was designed to be shit".

D&D's Planar Cosmologies have a little more going on than that, but yeah.. With the alignment system hard-wired into so much of the game, making morality a matter of one's cosmic/planar alignment is the only way it works.

It's hard to design a class that's all about goodness and carrying out the will of the Gods to smite evil when evil is entirely a matter of opinion, y'know?


File: 81ba966263f22b9⋯.png (159.17 KB, 1238x1238, 1:1, cf8b8165380768de7adbec6d84….png)


All that needs be done in such a case is defining what exactly is the will of the gods.

"Goodness" is largely going to be up to them, after all. Especially when "goodness" usually entails a lot of 'greater good' type horrible actions with good reasons.

Best way to frame alignment, you ask me, is in terms of selfishness. Put that in place of "evil" and "good". Same deal for the "lawful" and "chaotic" jazz, with more of a, say, 'restraint' or such. More, how likely they are to abide by a set standard or principles. A chaotic individual, in this sense, would be perfectly fine with doing anything, if it fit his goals. He'd have no principles he strictly holds. A lawful individual, meanwhile, might be an evil son of a bitch, but, he's got his own code of etiquette, for instance no women or children are to be harmed.


File: 12634eb73ce72be⋯.jpg (138.58 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 600px-SAD.jpg)


>Not understanding that's how D&D is supposed to be typically means someone didn't read enough of the book

I'd say the problem could also be that the person in question read too much, specifically too much shitty fiction. There's just too many "I wonder who the true bad guys are" stories out there.

It can interesting to have a setting in which there are no true bad guys, anybody has valid reasons for their actions and is just doing their best to survive. Just don't slap an orcish orphanage at the end of your dungeon and think you are doing something deep by forcing the players into some moral dilemma.


The alignment system is shit in general. In my opinion it should only be used as a guideline for how to play a certain character. It shouldn't lead to hours of pseudo philosophical debates about what a character is and isn't allowed to do. I'd say it would be better to make it simpler, with only good, neutral and evil or to make it more in depth, giving the PC something like the Nature, Demeanor and Concept stuff that characters from certain storyteller games have.



This goes back to just houseruling and handwaving away the rules, which is perfectly fine. If you've got the choice, it's probably better to just not play D&D and struggle with it's clunky approach to alignments and such.


File: 4ce3e4ac5ad5206⋯.png (14.32 KB, 384x192, 2:1, tumblr_nx7pntc1h91tdv657o3….png)


This is more or less how I go with it. Especially in regards to race-alignments. It isn't so much that all kobolds are evil, as it is they are more naturally inclined towards such.

Incidentally, how's that jazz as is work for the 'good' dragons, anyway?

Unless said good dragons have no kobolds under them, wouldn't they end up being "good" so to speak? Or does it not count when it's more forced by massive ball of death incarnate?



>Unless said good dragons have no kobolds under them

Bingo. They either do good on their own, via proxy agents or just want to have a good time.


File: 8fe8e8c03555c01⋯.png (356.55 KB, 1099x1198, 1099:1198, 32abc6f49bd5ed82f474a49016….png)


Ah, too bad. Does put a minor damper on a character I was wanting to create at some point.




I used to plat a Chaotic Evil rogue that would not kill attractive women, children or cute things either out of compulsion.



The closest good dragons have to that are the Dragonborn of Bahamut, who are a mix of the whole "evil has hordes but good has champions" and some really weird rebirthing and transformation fetishes. But that's to be expected given that they're from a book co-written by one of the authors of the Book of Erotic Fantasy.


File: f4f658fcf5e63c5⋯.jpg (53.02 KB, 597x640, 597:640, 1426441301241-1.jpg)


Dragonborn are fucking gross.

I was thinking towards a servant of one of them gemstone types, originally.


File: 515017663c5356c⋯.jpg (23.36 KB, 480x424, 60:53, 1506487516423.jpg)


>guoh drew male kobolds

And I thought he hated them with all his heart. I've found new respect for him


File: e69c263747b45fc⋯.jpg (109.57 KB, 1023x804, 341:268, e724b97ebf15197cbb5baca315….jpg)

File: adecb202dd41392⋯.jpg (187.46 KB, 989x1200, 989:1200, DKf6SYUWsAArOD5.jpg)

File: 33b6d821989ed2b⋯.jpg (2.88 MB, 1920x3192, 80:133, dylan-quinn-mahen-final.jpg)


eat a dick nigger, dragonborn aren't unbirthing transformation shit anymore, now they're an ok race of not-halfdragons.


File: 058698cdd8cfb62⋯.png (24.49 KB, 643x339, 643:339, primary sex characteristic….png)


Maybe they're female but since they have no tits they look male.

Proof: they have eyelashes and eyeliner :^)


File: 9264024ddc3ee36⋯.png (214.91 KB, 724x657, 724:657, 22aab11bd1e42d072be689f11f….png)


Don't know nothing about this unbirthing shit, I just know they're a boring pile of trash.

I'd much rather play a kobold.


File: 8952cf2c9e39b40⋯.png (193.33 KB, 500x684, 125:171, hans-get-ze-flammenwerfer-….png)



>implying that's redeemable


File: 8b52248cc4782bc⋯.png (358.04 KB, 724x794, 362:397, b90bc98d56a4b650fcb7c366eb….png)


File: 58f254b070f3dcf⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 113.75 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 56f211ce556cac7cbeafc46db4….png)



Hi, not a DnD player here but I gotta get clarification. 'Unbirthing'?



To become a Dragonborn of Bahamut (distinct from the regular Dragonborn) you engage in some kind of magical ritual that turns you into an egg, your old body breaks down and is restructured as a dragonborn roughly your old size, even if you were a halfling or something.



That's… Not as bad as what I thought it was.

Almost kind of cool, actually.



The only one with eyelashes is the very obvious female leader. The two beside her lack eyelashes and have a male body style. Besides, Guoh always gives the females distinct features.


>>341986 here

I take back what I said. Just learnt that kobolds are now an all female race via sexchange tumblrshit. ty volo I'll stick with iksar for actual lizardfolk that are born with a permanent sexes, not tranny futa shit. get a cute fembold maid and she becomes a ftm the next day nonono.. volo's guide fucking ruined kobolds for me



>Just learnt that kobolds are now an all female race via sexchange tumblrshit



File: 795bd2207fb1b69⋯.png (451.67 KB, 481x740, 13:20, TikTik color sketch.png)

Why are kobolds so easy to lewd?


File: dd10834cd3cc82c⋯.png (81.39 KB, 1200x680, 30:17, koboldlogo (8).png)

Shameless self-shilling.




>her tribe gets wiped out

>only she remains

>tfw she becomes a "male"

I'm still asshurt about this "sex changing kobold meme". Fuck volo. Tumblrites don't even play dnd.


You made that? I thought some furaffinity faggot did.


File: 2f33ba361dc7a60⋯.gif (458.97 KB, 2141x2662, 2141:2662, saving.gif)



I don't even have a furaffinity account. Please link to a furaffinity post claiming to have created or contributed to Kobold Adventure, because they are liars.



My bad, I just assumed that a fafag made it whilst I was searching for kobold biology on google a week ago.



'Sall good!



>sex changing kobold meme

What meme is this exactly?


File: a8c629eb20971af⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 366.27 KB, 1280x1370, 128:137, tumblr_ovp4b67LAx1tdv657o8….png)


Oh, hey, I played this a bit ago. Pretty fun, if a bit empty at the moment.

Could've done without the tits, but hey, minor detail.


They're literally created for the purpose of serving their draconic masters.

Of course a race like that'd end up having some of the more carnal desires effecting them.

Besides that,

>egg-laying hips



It's in the latest official dnd guide by volo and is now canon. All kobolds are tumblr grade futanari. When your lusty fembold's tribe dies, she becomes a "male" and if you're a big enough faggot to even consider a male kobold, well he becomes a "she" with the same masculine build he had when he was a man.



Ah, okay. Well, that's not totally out of the realm of possibility, some frogs change sex. But with the way modern DnD is and the way it sounds, that sounds tumblr-y as hell.


File: e9d08f87e0b3ef1⋯.png (160.29 KB, 966x349, 966:349, asd.png)


Update in literally FOUR to FIVE hours!



Have to agree with this.

It might be an interesting little tidbit, if it weren't for how quickly down the gutter DnD is going.




If you couldn't tell already, I'm massively asshurt over this decision to make them tumblrfutaherms. I only found out about it yesterday. I'll never fap to guoh's kobold girls ever again without being in fear that they will become "male".


File: 4be7a0428cbf68c⋯.gif (5.79 KB, 457x499, 457:499, 1410475632892.gif)

File: ebffdbc220f9ab7⋯.jpg (288.69 KB, 597x798, 199:266, 1411506901814-3.jpg)

File: ae7a4c84e4b2c35⋯.jpg (163.8 KB, 350x500, 7:10, 1414437967501.jpg)

File: 5763176dcc6722c⋯.jpg (109.95 KB, 541x814, 541:814, 1414609337728.jpg)

File: b0c1a33b16180c7⋯.jpg (253.94 KB, 1000x1300, 10:13, 1414625046671.jpg)


>All that needs be done in such a case is defining what exactly is the will of the gods.

5e actually helped fix this a bit, you can no longer Detect "Good" or "Evil," just supernatural beings of such like Celestials or Devils.

>Best way to frame alignment, you ask me, is in terms of selfishness. Put that in place of "evil" and "good". Same deal for the "lawful" and "chaotic" jazz, with more of a, say, 'restraint' or such. More, how likely they are to abide by a set standard or principles. A chaotic individual, in this sense, would be perfectly fine with doing anything, if it fit his goals. He'd have no principles he strictly holds. A lawful individual, meanwhile, might be an evil son of a bitch, but, he's got his own code of etiquette, for instance no women or children are to be harmed.

This is how I've always looked at it.


>really weird rebirthing and transformation fetishes

IT'S D & D!!!


>>Just learnt that kobolds are now an all female race via sexchange tumblrshit


Indeed, WAT?!?!


>When your lusty fembold's tribe dies, she becomes a "male"


>some frogs change sex

Can we get some further clarification on this?

I mean, how is this governed?

Is this an automatic process or a voluntary one?

I would think female would be the defaulting sex in most cases, in which case one could simply make Kobolds a single-gender race.




>Please link to a furaffinity post claiming to have created or contributed to Kobold Adventure, because they are liars.

Oh, so do you not want a cute kobold gal to contribute to your stuff because she has a furaffinity account?


File: cc7868daefc6fbb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 256.31 KB, 642x1008, 107:168, tik tik kobob.jpg)


>It's in the latest official dnd guide by volo and is now canon. All kobolds are tumblr grade futanari. When your lusty fembold's tribe dies, she becomes a "male" and if you're a big enough faggot to even consider a male kobold, well he becomes a "she" with the same masculine build he had when he was a man.

As a kobold writer, I don't know how to feel about this.



I do not want a person to claim to have contributed to my game without actually having contributed. Furaffinity has nothing to do with this.


I actually need to play kobold adventure. Maybe then I can write some stuff for it, too.



And holy shit. Kobolds are officially tumblr-tier now. Kobolds are fictional, so what is the point of having this sequential futa crap enforced on them? Nobody except futafags and trannies want it. Man I fucking hate volo and xir tranny fetish. Why does tumblr and sjwism have to ruin everything?


It hurts anon. I can't tell you how much it hurts.




Well, one species does it at least. And only female to male, when there presumably aren't enough males for procreation.

So I mean there's SOME precedence in nature, but I'm pretty sure it was only done here as tranny fetishism.



volo should've made the kobolds parthenogenic, that way every kobold would be a grill




I agree fully. The concept of a male kobold is just so wrong. They're utter trash and there's plenty of reasons why nobody wants nor likes them, but unfortunately due to modern day gender equality sjwism, our kobold babes are doomed into trannyism because volo has a fetish for dickgirls and cuntboys.


File: b3c1a1414f2a2ef⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1831x1162, 1831:1162, bbae6a6e60838407fb596a74b6….png)

File: a84b245bb05d96e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 317.27 KB, 3468x2612, 867:653, 011b1f1e616165bd97a28c6f02….jpg)

File: bba96b3a25d5ec2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.13 KB, 1131x628, 1131:628, 898241017fa208ccf99fcc2f7b….jpg)

File: 9637d6bfd0c923e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1021.83 KB, 2578x1534, 1289:767, 2065212_Carpetwurm_10-17-2….png)

File: 49707a89adbd69c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 801.69 KB, 1831x1162, 1831:1162, a52e08e589e8fe56c6551ce8e0….png)


>there's plenty of reasons why nobody wants nor likes them

sorry, but male kobolds are popular with gay scalies. has to do a lot with dom/sub.


File: d4df3df371533d2⋯.png (687.08 KB, 576x864, 2:3, Kobolisa.png)

File: d5aa46d47cf8aa2⋯.png (299.56 KB, 963x1125, 107:125, koopacap_kobold_v2.png)

File: acf18b66a50fa43⋯.jpg (188.35 KB, 752x872, 94:109, 1416672082310.jpg)

File: b5a652b9b449960⋯.jpg (78.54 KB, 727x1098, 727:1098, 1418530395879.jpg)

File: 172ca3feaaa514a⋯.jpg (46.3 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1418581272915.jpg)



>And only female to male, when there presumably aren't enough males for procreation.

I actually meant what governs it in Kobolds, if any actual explanation has been given.

From the PDF I found, all it says is "kobolds can slowly change sex," and with how that section emphasizes the sexless, dutiful nature of Kobold Life, I'd assume this process is entirely voluntary.


>volo should've made the kobolds parthenogenic, that way every kobold would be a grill

It's certainly still an option, especially since Kobolds were never big on the whole "gender" thing in the first place, plus Magic means you ain't gotta explain tits-I mean, genetic reproductive methods.


File: 1c99a63ddc5c8d3⋯.jpg (350.49 KB, 600x779, 600:779, LEWD.jpg)


>external balls

Degenerates like you belong on a cross.


Better yet, why not have the gender of the kobold be based entirely around the gender of its leading dragon?

A female dragon gets her legion of males, a male dragon gets his harem of females.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How can furfags make something as pure as Kobolds so disgusting?


File: f9247f3dc891dbd⋯.jpg (59.04 KB, 437x402, 437:402, sei-ji's ex boyfriend.jpg)

Kobold Adventure version 2.08 (Plantlife) is now live. Tentacle rape (including a brief cockslit-fucking scene) aplenty! In order to get to the new parts, you need to go into the woods and then go explore the unknown during the forest scene.

Please be nice to the plant, it has autism.




Welp, that's a magical realm that's taking it a bit far even by my standards.



>your bride will never eat you



The fuck's this?


File: 69e559a2621e01c⋯.png (178.31 KB, 789x799, 789:799, tumblr_oqg90ebWBS1tdv657o3….png)


A porn game that involves kobolds, who unfortunately have tits.


File: 182708d9d9b5235⋯.gif (13.95 KB, 309x318, 103:106, 1501608741123.gif)


A videogame.



Can you be a herm?

Can things go in your peehole?



Not yet, not yet.

There is cockslit tentacle fucking, though.



Do the plants mind control you with spores?

Can you fugg gryphons



The latest update added a single tentacle-plant which pseudo-mindcontrols you with addictive aphrodisiac sap. There are no gryphons yet.



Sigh. I'm a simple man with simple desires, but it seems I must wait longer


File: bae50403e373098⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 114.58 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, The ghost of Steve Irwin m….png)


>This game

Nice Anon, I found it a couple of weeks ago when searching e621 for kobold porn. Really like the writing so far and hope it continues.

On topic though: I don't honestly see what the big fuss is about Volos guide. So they made the lizards have a trait that some animals have, that doesn't make them any more tumblrish than say, Jusrassic park, which had the dinosaurs have the exact same trait. At this point you might as well start bitching about how the guide also states that your slut-lizards don't have any gender roles in their society (because members can potentially change sex in certain situations and child rearing is treated as a communal thing). Basically it's treated as a non-human aspect of a non-human race, not as a chance to monologue about how you should always ask people for their prefered pronouns and set up "teachable moments" in your roleplaying game. If you do find yourself in a situation where some kobold starts lecturing you on the difficulties of transitioning and how "passing" is transphobic you should probably be blaming your DM or whoever wrote the adventure you're running for sticking that in, not this specific supplement for treating kobolds like reptiles rather than waifus.



>Not searching rating:e




>So they made the lizards have a trait that some animals have, that doesn't make them any more tumblrish than say, Jusrassic park, which had the dinosaurs have the exact same trait.

"Kobolds, uh, find a way."

Maybe Volo is actually the Forgotten Realms equivalent of Jeff Goldblum?



>not a big fuss

>he actually wants his kobold maiden to become a man

You see, it is actually quite a big fuss. Jurassic Park based the sex changing shit on history and biology where as kobolds are fictional and never had this until volo came along, so why should they have this enforced in them? It is far from creative. It's futa. Nobody wants it except tumblrs and volo. Volo is a tumblrite pulling a marvel.


>cockslit fucking

You drew male kobolds? Also for the love of kobolds, please don't put futa shit in. It can be your own kobold universe where they don't change sex.


File: dee331f3d68bb94⋯.gif (3.76 MB, 550x332, 275:166, 1.gif)


i can dig it


^this, people here need to chill the fuck out, not everything is tumblr trans shit, people can take inspiration from the strangeness in nature for their fantasy races, in fact that is how you elevate a race from their bland beginnings


File: 91d675419e85d0f⋯.png (89.5 KB, 421x452, 421:452, 91d675419e85d0ff58b98fd88f….png)


By making everything sequential futanari? Sure thing, anon. i wonder if guoh knows about volo and that his lusty busty kobold harem will become male because of volo's fetish


File: 671bb243ba15497⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1180x1205, 236:241, 1471030175477.png)

File: 8ebdf590867eeec⋯.jpg (893.23 KB, 3200x3200, 1:1, 1481326331941.jpg)

File: 0076bfcec016207⋯.png (369.84 KB, 792x974, 396:487, 1481329096593.png)

File: 7c3f24f6c9667a8⋯.png (496.91 KB, 1040x1102, 520:551, 1481329653511.png)

File: 0e7104479f698cb⋯.png (32.72 KB, 374x324, 187:162, 1484496369904.png)


> I don't honestly see what the big fuss is about Volos guide.

Indeed, it mostly plays into the the fact that Kobolds see themselves as "Kobold" rather than a specific individual.


>By making everything sequential futanari?

They aren't sequential, the damn thing says nothing about what causes the sex change other than it can happen to even out the gender ratio.


>when you force the kobolds to fuck oozes, constructs, and aberrations

Can't get a lizard sorcerer bloodline army otherwise


File: caaaa6bf0e17521⋯.jpg (10.19 KB, 251x241, 251:241, wet.jpg)


That guy sounds mean.


File: b265875c9fc713d⋯.jpg (300.34 KB, 1019x1200, 1019:1200, 1457404295514.jpg)


The way DnD is at the moment, I'm afraid I cannot just take it at face value like that.

Plus, it seems to be strangely set up.



https://issuu.com/scarxamparelos/docs/volo_s_guide_to_monsters Someone did a pdf scan of the whole book. It even has search, so you can jump right into the female to male transsexual kobold action.



I don't draw. I have an artist.


File: 5556da192adcd7d⋯.png (445.92 KB, 522x377, 18:13, TPP_Miller_infobox.png)


What page is it on? I'm too lazy to keep flipping through


File: 536b1b7d21aaaac⋯.jpg (34.7 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 56e15f04dd0e4c75a2c3e577e9….jpg)


>Goblin war camp is a swastika

What did they mean by this?




There is a search button. Just type "kobold female" in.



Page 65:

>Because they lay eggs, and the eggs don't require much tending, kobold females aren't exempted from war or work. '''Furthermore, kobolds can slowly change sex. If most males or females of a tribe are killed, some

survivors change over several months until the tribe isbalanced again.''' In this way, the tribe can quickly repopulate with just a few survivors. Because of these factors,kobolds don't have assigned gender roles for young or adults. A leader, sorcerer, miner, or crafter is as likely to

be female as male.

Emphasis is mine on what I presume is the offending passage.



is the artist a girl from tumblr?



… And the I fucked up the boldin. It's the phrase "Furthermore, kobolds can slowly change sex. If most males or females of a tribe are killed, somesurvivors change over several months until the tribe isbalanced again". Serves me right for just trying to do a direct quote I guess.


File: fd02361e9a025ba⋯.jpg (426.79 KB, 1000x814, 500:407, 1501156271669.jpg)


No, that artist is my kind of not really online boyfriend.



Ah. Doesn't look too bad. I'm still skeptical, but as is, it more reads like saying kobolds are essentially the perfect mook for dragons, specially designed to pretty much always be ready as cannon fodder, even if the dragon in question tends to prefer the taste of, say, male kobolds to female ones.



>preferring male kobolds to females

I love dragonesses, but they really do have shit taste when it comes to slaves. They actually prefer male kobolds and that's just gay.



I was getting at the taste. A kobold is a fairly common draconic snack.



My bad. Regardless, I would actually be less bothered if they changed gender and not sex. That would make much more sense.



this is what is getting some panties in a twist. its just a quick excuse for why kobolds are so numerous, and why the genders act the same



What do you mean? It's the same thing, effectively, isn't it?



It's a shit excuse. Making them futa is barely creative at all when they could be getting into massive kobold sex orgies I am sorry anon, but I'm not a massive futa faggot. I want my kobold to only take it in her snizz, not xir ass.


Gender and sex are different things nowadays, anon. It's silly, but tumblr, mediakikes and SJWs are ever powerful. Gender is meaningless, just something you "identify" as.


File: 07b79ac3dd33162⋯.png (319.75 KB, 650x861, 650:861, 07b79ac3dd331622f7e54f3111….png)


Right, at least that's how they define it, but otherwise it's inherently tied in with sex.

Making an already relatively genderless race flip genders seems rather worthless. I'm not sure how that'd be better than said nearly genderless race simply changing their biological sex as needed..

Maybe I'm just looking too into your phrasing here.



I guess it could be interpreted as their master prefers a female personality, aka a biologically female kobold for example. A kobold could take on a gender role at the master's request. I don't see how it couldn't be better as your kobold will never change sex that way.


File: bbdcb924207152a⋯.png (195.28 KB, 500x936, 125:234, 1432143914902-2.png)


Way I saw it was, kobolds barely have a gender identity to begin with, and so it's pretty much a mute point to them.

It's a difference of "lays eggs and mates" and just "mates".



Moot point. That's the phrase you're looking for.


File: a9609c12a2a7b4e⋯.jpg (181.54 KB, 794x990, 397:495, 1436521983121.jpg)

File: eb36a3004aaca56⋯.png (262.08 KB, 594x841, 594:841, tumblr_nro0koXzXs1tdv657o1….png)


Same shit. Mute makes more sense anyway. Silent point. A point that doesn't matter.



>wat do

Make a coat out of it's hide



>Mute makes more sense anyway

It really doesn't and you're an idiot.


File: cc40cef2132e44f⋯.jpg (198.04 KB, 557x1000, 557:1000, ee138dd92ef4a0de844cef8f4c….jpg)


no u


Bro, that's mean, and besides, kobolds are far too small for any hide to be of particular use.


File: 7b14945bb0f0711⋯.jpg (33.33 KB, 469x544, 469:544, literal drinking out of a ….jpg)


Yeah well if it's hide how do you find it dumass?



I still think this is dumb, I rapidly reproducing species wouldn't need an equal amount of males and females. It would have many females and a smaller population of males to fertilize eggs, since males can do this for multiple females a day.



This is true. Though, it does quickly cause some problems with in-breeding, I think.

Plus, it'd leave the males as a somewhat more valuable commodity.

Be a bit awkward for a dragon who's got a penchant for munching on the males, if doing so ended up leaving the tribe crippled.



The kobolds may all take turns cycling through the genders, so that the gene pool has some variety and in the event of large population loss there is a higher chance that if all of one sex died, there would be some in the middle of switching already thus reducing the wait time before reproduction can resume.


File: e8e2555e9b526e9⋯.png (450.81 KB, 480x548, 120:137, ClipboardImage.png)



Just in case anyone was wondering, this anon isn't exactly right. It says nothing about kobolds being futas or hermaphrodites or anything like that.



Slowly changing sex is sequential hermaphroditism or as I call it, futanari trannyshit. Your kobold maid will become a kobold butler if her tribe is killed. This was already posted in the thread. I linked a pdf scan of the book a while ago.



>Your kobold maid will become a kobold butler if her tribe is killed.

Only if you have the tribe around, yes. If not nothing happens because most kobolds aren't psychic.



>or as I call it, futanari trannyshit

Futanari doesn't apply here because futa are animu girls with dicks. Trannyshit doesn't apply here. Trannies are mentally ill people who think that gorging on hormones and surgically mutilating their bodies will make the the crazy go away.

It's stupid and does nothing to really enhance the "lore" of kobolds. It's a little tumblry with the whole "there are no gender roles" but they could have just said that kobolds are sexually monomorphic and it would mean the same thing they imply.



Futanari literally means "hermaphrodite" in wapanese, anon. Sequential changing of sex is herm, thus futa. I use futa as an insult because its shit and degenerate. All kobolds as of the latest dnd are unfortunately futa.


File: ab33a04bc24c62b⋯.jpg (58.49 KB, 500x568, 125:142, ab33a04bc24c62ba86de4c55cf….jpg)


You are trying entirely too hard to fit in.



I do not understand. How so? Never was my intention as I've likely been here far longer than you



>as I've likely been here far longer than you

Entirely unlikely. Stop acting like a turbosperg and expecting us to all give you headpats for being an overblown retard.



>implying i want your salted autistic asspats

>implying i expected anything

Nice edge. I was merely pointing out that the author who wrote volo's guide to monsters made kobolds hermaphrodites which is true. If anything, you are the retard here only autists are into futa such as yourself :^) kys degenerate niggerfaggot



Goddamn, you are one tryhard faggot.


File: a2afca7cc2de71f⋯.png (108.58 KB, 663x1199, 663:1199, 1466573294538.png)

You're both faggots who should hang yourselves.

Let's talk about qt koboldic babes.



I want to talk about her anon I really do, but she will become a "male" one day.



I'd love to fuck a female Kobold (male)



That just means you get to jerk her off.


File: b188c1a1a8862b5⋯.jpg (213.34 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1453912771633.jpg)


Only if she's got tribal pressures to do so due to a severe lack of males.

No reason your sort of kidnapped koboldic psuedo-daughter'd suddenly become a man.


File: ffc53f2109b17fe⋯.jpg (15.42 KB, 326x307, 326:307, ffc53f2109b17fe1471c01128d….jpg)





File: 8a08359ffa84318⋯.jpg (237.97 KB, 700x600, 7:6, tumblr_nks71bisAD1tbptflo1….jpg)


If she's a girl but then one day grows a dick, is she still a girl?



She becomes a "male" so that unfortunately makes her a "he". Kobold princess to kobold prince eww… that's faggot shit. I want all my kobolds to be female and for them to permanently stay that way


>Guy with a dick: Male

>Girl with a vagina: Female

>Guy with a vagina: ???

>Girl with a dick: ???



Cuntboys and dickgirls. Literally ftm or mtf transexuals.



Vagibros and dickgirls, you mean.


File: a52a0fc2001f943⋯.jpg (59.46 KB, 569x585, 569:585, CommissarHolt.jpg)



This is a shit meme and you know it.


File: 265318aee15bc1e⋯.gif (2.34 MB, 345x259, 345:259, 265318aee15bc1e308570ec054….gif)


I think you meant to say garbage and garbage. Have you tried not being such a fucking faggot?


File: ea7a078c57c56af⋯.jpg (330.01 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, tumblr_o3oi3fwnf81rv1nxto1….jpg)


Please. I don't even lust after either of them. I just happen to know the proper terms.

Also, I'm running out of images to post.



>posting pics with male kobolds

>defending trannyshit

Damn anon, you really are a faggot aren't you?


File: 231681859aa78b0⋯.png (297.73 KB, 695x701, 695:701, 1389492765705.png)


>defending trannyshit


There's nothing particularly wrong with male kobolds. I mean, someone's got to be the expendable cannon fodder in the dragon's harem. And, of course, someone's got to staff that harem, if you've a female dragon ruler.



Then you have male kobolds and female kobolds. None of this switching shit where a male turns into a chick.



Sure. I'm not against that.

Though, I'm not really opposed to sex-switching kobolds, either, to be fair. I mean, it'd be a bit awkward if your kobold servants died out, on account of you preferred the taste of males.



It's still far better than them changing sex akin to a tranny. At least that way kobold princess stays a princess.



>It's stupid and does nothing to really enhance the "lore" of kobolds

I think the idea is that it likens them to cockroaches, being very difficult to eradicate despite their seemingly destructive behaviour.



Kobolds aren't really "self-destructive" or anything like that. They've just been practically engineered to be the perfect optimal servants.



>Kobolds aren't really "self-destructive" or anything like that

They're go-to expendable chaff that dies in droves and faces extermination with every raid they do on a civilized settlement. Without the genderswapping, this would put too much pressure on the fighting male population.



They never actually risk themselves in any meaningful capacity, though. It isn't, as you suggest, 'extermination'. Just the loss of a fair number of the tribe.

Which, to the rather un-individualistic kobold, isn't that big an issue.

Likewise, for raids on their territory. A section of un-hidden or otherwise poorly defended 'tribe' will be left, and the would-be adventurers or guards or whatever else out to take down some band of evil monsters get their 'kill' on what they assume to be the whole lot.



>Likewise, for raids on their territory. A section of un-hidden or otherwise poorly defended 'tribe' will be left, and the would-be adventurers or guards or whatever else out to take down some band of evil monsters get their 'kill' on what they assume to be the whole lot.

You're putting a lot of stock into what are essentially dragon-goblins. If we're going off of the D&D Kobolds, they'll easily piss off their neighbours and provoke aggression very quickly with their evil-aligned masters or failure to understand (or respect) property. That isn't exactly a good long-term plan for a race of physically weak creatures. The genderswapping just adds to their survivability.



"Long term plans" are for their dragon overlords.

Of course their dragon overlords are out for their own interests. They're dragons. No dragon in their right mind gives a flying fuck what you tiny little loser mortal weaklings think.

So, kobolds, being directly under their employ, aren't exactly going to worry that much, either. Outside of getting caught in the immediate. But, of course, if the dragon ordered it, it must be carried out, even if it's technically stupid.

I think you're giving them a lot less credit than they're due. They aren't just some low-level mook enemy. They're practically crafted servants for their draconic rulers.



You assume kobolds are always under the employ of a dragon, but this isn't the case. I'll agree that a Dragon can rouse a Kobold settlement to effective action, but left to their own devices with no effective leadership they'd likely provoke some nearby village who will then hire a band of four homeless people with swords to kill them. I'm not saying the Kobolds are useless, I'm just saying that their genderswapping makes it easier for them to take huge hits to the population.



True enough. Though, I'd argue a dragonless tribe isn't really kobolds in their natural habitat. They're directionless, acting mainly on draconic instinct at that point. Which is a very bad instinct to act on, when you're very small, very weak, and not exactly threatening.



>I'd argue a dragonless tribe isn't really kobolds in their natural habitat

Same as saying a human tribe with no chief/king isn't their natural habitat, or elves with no druids or dwarves with no booze, they're just better off certain ways. Either way, Being able to make an army of servants from any two kobolds no matter how many you've lost is effective, ruler or not, and given that conflict is in their nature it makes sense.



Not exactly.

Whereas, humans didn't start with a leader, and dwarves hadn't begun with booze, kobolds've started under dragons.

Or at the very least been heavily modified to serve them.

They're dragon blood, after all.



Regardless, they die in great numbers under Dragons or not and their mystery meat adds a level of resilience to their numbers that drives home their expendibility and lowliness, which does suit kobolds and doesn't feel like forced progressive shit because of that.



Sure. Personally I don't really care. Don't think it's that necessary, though, but that's more because kobold males and females are likely to just be fucking any time they've a moment's respite from work, and said resulting eggs are just handed off to the tribe for whoever's in charge of child-raising to take care of.

Stil, I don't personally care much.


Alteration is best because you can make things bigger


File: aaf9c58768eb57c⋯.jpg (62.14 KB, 312x250, 156:125, 1397348152726.jpg)

File: be5ffda3ef24677⋯.png (215.01 KB, 800x900, 8:9, 1413582557102.png)

File: 844c1403dcfff57⋯.jpg (466.34 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1418195831740.jpg)

File: 8e285f6948ccf3b⋯.jpg (116.17 KB, 543x800, 543:800, 1418368914466.jpg)

File: fba39161251e61a⋯.png (226.52 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 1418369356410.png)


>Alteration is best because you can make things bigger

How do you think we got Dragonborn?


File: 0f0036a7225e3ed⋯.jpg (378.88 KB, 1219x1080, 1219:1080, 1a14c5447f33aba950abf05314….jpg)


File: 9ed0bd6161c34af⋯.png (96.86 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1426473141861-0.png)


Kobolds are too small to be making much of anything out of. At least, nothing effective.


File: 50e61fbcb9e5bba⋯.jpg (314.31 KB, 900x720, 5:4, gman.jpg)



He'd rather turn one into a flesh light than take it live like any proper adventurer would do.



I think we're all missing something important from this thread.

If a proper wizard can figure out the hormone imbalances going on here, then they can turn ALL kobolds into females, thus doubling their kobold cocksleeve population.



>changing hormones within a person

That sounds more like a druish kind of magic to me, anon.


Simple, you abuse their low intelligence and utilize them like a smarter dog. A Kobold is generally less intelligent than other humanoids. Especially if this came from common stock. In the life of the burrows they would be subjugated to the strongest authority and generally a worse off slave. Convince them they are a better slave under your care.

I mean, who are they to argue right? Under you they can be fed til they are full rather than fed with what's available. Your home is safer than their tunnels. They can lead a more fulfilling life with you than working as a mineslave. Just putting two and two together with basic logic shows your rule is more gracious than Kobold rule.

However, I would argue against obtaining mixed male/female slaves due to their reproductive capabilities. It's like how you don't mix genders of male/female rat pets. Males should probably be "fixed" one way or another (not 100% required but recommended) to promote subordination and are more suited to physical labor. Whereas females are more suited to maintaining the home or details of a workspace. If you're one of -those- people then the answer is "yes" for those questions in the back of your head.



People really don't check that movie right…

The whole reason the dinosaurs change gender is because they explicitly stated they used frog DNA to plug the genetic holes left in the samples. The geneticists were stupid enough to utilize a species of frog that is capable of changing gender based on environmental factors. No reptile changes it's gender, that is a trait of some fish and amphibians.



I think all kobolds need to be female. It's much better than them changing sex. I'm a little salty over guoh drawing male kobolds, but fuck kabier. dumb bitch popularizing male kobolds with her ultra gay fapcomic.


File: 59dbe2e3f5fdb61⋯.png (102.7 KB, 500x524, 125:131, tumblr_n6ykjdk6FB1tdv657o1….png)


He's drawn a few for a while now. Or at least, lizard males.


Problem is, logic works only on logical races.

Kobolds are creatures of instinct. They lack individuality, despite this, and consider the good of the 'tribe' their good, too, even if the reality is it is completely detrimental to them.

I'd say it's better to try and convince the kobold this is its new tribe. This requires a bit more 'brainwashing' as it were, but I'd expect it's more reliable than trying to convince a creature who hasn;t really got a concept of 'self' and typically works from instinct that they're better off.


File: 80b27f50c085e58⋯.jpg (2.55 MB, 3104x3104, 1:1, IMG_20171125_030238.jpg)

File: 1d6ca3f59770749⋯.jpg (2.28 MB, 3104x3104, 1:1, 1511590043280-1592129505.jpg)

So, i made this. This is my first kobold ever



>egg-laying hips


>no tits




The upper legs are a bit long compared to the lower part, and the arms are a bit tin. But you've got the right idea, anon.


File: 65da94d7ac80ad3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 302.75 KB, 779x988, 41:52, 6e4e74237db7a501ae84f6e1dd….png)


What other anon said. Glorious egg-laying hips and flat chest is the best.

Tail's small, though.


File: 752d5457f8c6511⋯.jpg (275.43 KB, 1012x668, 253:167, 1358965932342.jpg)




Egg-laying hips, but no cloaca? Two holes are a wasted economical space. Cloaca is more efficient!



Thanks m8


I actually wanted to make the arms thin, but i will fix the legs thing, it was also my first time drawing digitigrade legs so i was kind of lost with the proportions


Thanks mate, will take note of that for the next one


Sadly i have no idea what a kobold's cloaca looks like, never seen any drawing of them with one


File: 3eedaeb3a972e79⋯.jpg (178.22 KB, 666x1000, 333:500, transcutaneous_cloacopexy_….jpg)

File: cbaf0b881bdd1ff⋯.jpg (56.5 KB, 400x300, 4:3, normal_nile_hemipenes.jpg)

File: 8ea3d92e210b33d⋯.jpg (225.06 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 98270Loki_right.jpg)

File: 6dc7bf75ee632d6⋯.jpg (137.94 KB, 756x516, 63:43, 20458f1.jpg)



So i did some research and found that reptilian genitals look like this

in the last picture the left one is a female and the right one is a male

so, the cloaca should be drawn as a horizontal slit where the anus is supposed to be?

also one would not be able to see it from this position? >>345146



most reptiles have hemipenes(2 ding dongs) so they can mate on either side. Also located behind just behind the legs on the tail. You might have to get some interesting poses for mating.

I think alligators just have the one penis and still have a cloaca.



>2 dongs

that explain some pictures i have seen. Now i'm trying to find out how a cloaca would look on a "human" frame, i have been looking at some dragon hentai but most of the ones with cloacas also have some fetish for extreme openings and are overly exagerated


File: 47c5158f45a057e⋯.jpg (52.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1340603878600.jpg)


You would do better to look at the skeletons of both lizards and humans and try to combine them. It'll be spooky, but you'll have a better frame to throw organs, muscle and skin on.

Once you have a skeleton you should be able to find how it would move and it's limits of locomotion. You might even be able to find reference of lizards standing on their hind legs. Try and think like nature and what would something's purpose serve and how convenient nature can make it.


File: f3549536c8b23fa⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.76 MB, 3104x3104, 1:1, 1511664309803-441372333.jpg)

File: 9bbe84060292c96⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.49 MB, 3104x3104, 1:1, 15116643583651903513058.jpg)

is that a progress?


That sounds good, i think i will do that


File: ab64096de6a8b8a⋯.jpg (113.47 KB, 707x1131, 707:1131, female_lizardfolk_sn_by_lu….jpg)

File: c54000eacab2200⋯.jpg (431.55 KB, 1500x2375, 12:19, Argonian_Female.jpg)

File: c9df487022928a1⋯.png (653.32 KB, 705x831, 235:277, Beau'ne.png)

File: c084e40de0455b4⋯.jpg (145.57 KB, 794x1006, 397:503, zyrro_the_lizardfolk_range….jpg)

File: b0c66202bf0418e⋯.jpg (59.02 KB, 608x986, 304:493, argonian_mother_color_by_p….jpg)

egh, kobolds are too small crazy, give me lizardfolk or argonians instead



Well, it looks like it's typically on the frame of the tail, so it'd probably not be visible from the front o na humanoid lot.



Of a sort. My stance is it's too low,basically having been placed right where a human's genetalia would be.

On top of that I have issue with the tail design. This is something you'll have to decide for yourself, but you can't really have a tail, and an ass of the typical look. Not unless you're going thin. As it is, your tail is essentially coming out of just above the rear, rather than continuing from the spine.



About the tail, i actually have no idea what i'm doing here so i might need more study on that



I was thinking the same thing, i will do another one now



When you do a tail on a human figure, make sure you are placing it right where the coccyx would be.

furries never get this right


File: 58bfa0da50baaba⋯.png (53.92 KB, 475x484, 475:484, tail pos.png)



so, it should be placed somewhat like this. In order for that to work correctly i think the kobold should have a different standing position, standing upright would make it look weird inless it's a cat tail or something


File: 8c3630bd36b59ce⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.82 KB, 710x528, 355:264, lizard man skeleton1.jpg)

File: 21d58f029c41fab⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 210.4 KB, 710x528, 355:264, lizard man skeleton2.jpg)

File: cd16d6e57046a8d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.97 KB, 710x528, 355:264, lizard man skeleton3.jpg)

File: abe2283e57d78a9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 212.27 KB, 710x528, 355:264, lizard man skeleton4.jpg)

File: a43dc75d9bb1f19⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.75 KB, 710x528, 355:264, lizard man skeleton5.jpg)


i just found this, maybe you guys might find it useful

Warning: this might be a little bit spooky



This helps a lot illustrating what I meant by the tail earlier. See how it continues from the spine?


File: df5361cc4f2bd4f⋯.png (521.95 KB, 710x528, 355:264, tail pos.png)





It sure does, but also it points out something else i was thinking about. Look at this creatures posture, in order for the tail to "work" i can't draw this creature standing exactly like a human would, instead the hips are in a diferent position


File: c1b045baec8d85a⋯.png (352.16 KB, 981x1129, 981:1129, tumblr_offwjgtZqR1tdv657o3….png)


That seems to be more to do with the nature of the leg design.

Or did you mean ass-wise?

A proper tail will mean there's not the usual look to it, if that's what you're talking about.

This is the only image I have what seems to go anywhere near the idea.



yes, i meant it ass-wise, i will be saving that pic, it's incredible how hard it is to find references on this


File: a8a7b52c979f31d⋯.png (494.91 KB, 788x597, 788:597, a8a7b52c979f31d90bf090332b….png)


The problem is that furries are incompetent, when it comes to making creatures based around actual animal anatomy.

They just go human, and are done with it.



true, they even give them human feet and such, the worst part is that most people learn to draw looking at their favourite artists, so they mimic their mistakes



That is a really nice lizardman though. Why are the japs so good at making lizardfolk?


File: 6feac4f5a763180⋯.jpg (94.13 KB, 478x518, 239:259, 1.jpg)


Because the japs successfully separated full on beastpeople from their 'kemono' stuff, it seems.



>he wouldn't single handedly produce all the high culture shit and cook for them while they bring you whatever you need

sounds like the problem is you


File: db759837e7804a3⋯.png (463.94 KB, 800x1700, 8:17, tumblr_ot0gv79iwr1wqu0ixo1….png)

this thread


File: ceec047b87e80be⋯.png (42.41 KB, 443x383, 443:383, Capture.PNG)



thanks, i was too lazy to do it myself


File: 1b055fed15f61e1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 510.23 KB, 1130x1600, 113:160, halcy0n_halcy0n-tomek1000-….jpg)

File: 04e13cbd3451d05⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 412.03 KB, 1130x1600, 113:160, halcy0n_halcy0n-tomek1000-….jpg)


>I think all kobolds need to be female.

If only we all were female Kobolds…



>>egg-laying hips


Double yes.

>>no tits



File: 54ec2b6d7476145⋯.gif (498.4 KB, 500x400, 5:4, uno1.gif)


>wants tits on lizards


File: 50d8a7d11e8b4d7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 612.24 KB, 1280x1217, 1280:1217, tumblr_o8ustqhmlJ1tdv657o1….png)


>tits on a lizard

please leave.


File: 89aff90152bb494⋯.jpg (2.45 MB, 3104x3104, 1:1, IMG_20171126_063856.jpg)


So, i made another one, i think this one looks better


Thanks for the double yes m8, but no tits on my lizards


File: e8f6f5ba5bae638⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 2648x3104, 331:388, kobold.jpg)


sorry, ignore that one



>dat tail

Fuck yes, anon.


File: 99211ee6e60a114⋯.jpg (402.34 KB, 2897x1755, 2897:1755, osborn1906-tyrannosaurus-r….jpg)

File: 3f4e216be84d60b⋯.jpg (2.18 MB, 2560x1784, 320:223, Edmontosaurus_pelvis_left.jpg)

File: 31710914b5105a1⋯.gif (26.1 KB, 1008x628, 252:157, GregPaul T rex.gif)

File: 185deaef89b0cd3⋯.jpg (161.16 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1375393785948.jpg)

File: 4c347c91d0006cf⋯.jpg (66.84 KB, 450x704, 225:352, scale.jpg)


that's looking better in my opinion. Work on getting all proportions right and you got something really good.

I wanted to add this to the discussion, but it's not something I am familiar with enough to say it's needed. might just be a cosmetic thing if it looks good. Just looking at dinosaurs skellys; The pubis and ischium on the hip might have to be different from a human hip structure. The ilium and sacrum might be okay and the coccyx would be the tail anyway.


File: 346cfb2e0b871c4⋯.png (2.89 MB, 978x1278, 163:213, posture.png)


thanks m8


that looks interesting, might try it for the next one. But if i do that i think the posture should be a little more horizontal, kind of like this pic i found but not so much


File: b5253bb1fe8ef8f⋯.jpg (200.44 KB, 950x1430, 95:143, Overlord_Volume_4_End.jpg)


There's a lot of different ways to set things up. Lizard stature is weird.


File: bf768ad61b1231d⋯.jpg (309.63 KB, 2213x1000, 2213:1000, t-rex musculature.jpg)


The King never skips leg day!


File: 42f09b6daf14789⋯.jpg (21.66 KB, 600x286, 300:143, Fluffysaurus Rex.jpg)

File: 0ff48944f4d2b0f⋯.jpg (157.58 KB, 822x1094, 411:547, Fluffrex.jpg)

File: 2ed1d071c60b650⋯.png (168.95 KB, 500x667, 500:667, Fluffy Dinosaurs.png)

Did someone say dinosaurs?


File: 75b981b8cc111f5⋯.png (432.57 KB, 1280x875, 256:175, 75b981b8cc111f5655dd1d37e9….png)


feather-dinos are shit.



>science is shit



File: 09255d67f1bc802⋯.jpg (146.28 KB, 720x1024, 45:64, 0c4e82edc675488aec110cdb36….jpg)


For what it's worth, there is one feathered dino I like.



Dinosaurs were not covered with any significant amount feathers. Neither were they cold blooded.

Their skin most likely had a variety of pigmentation.



>Their skin most likely had a variety of pigmentation.




Your waifu a golddigger.

Also why the fuck did the author kill the manga in a non-conclusive way?



I know. Yet, despite knowing she is a massive, cuntish kike, who probably doesn't even care all that much about you, and is going to be flirting with other guys still for their wallet, I somehow just want to give her a hug.

Don't really know what it is. She's the queen of bitches, and yet for some reason I really like her.

Artist behind the comic is was Sanzo, from what I understand, and she is rather odd about finishing comics. Just makes a load of stories.

I have heard a rumor it was stopped due to lack of sales, but not speaking gook, I have no idea how accurate this is.


File: b1c5a7201844a35⋯.jpg (170.58 KB, 1067x600, 1067:600, tumblr_nqouh664TG1rvubfwo1….jpg)



>qt raptor girls may come in a variety of colors



what the fuck is that thing? looks like snooki in south park. doesn't look like a reptile aside from the feet/legs.



i have no idea what that is, i just posted that picture to illustrate what i meant about the posture


File: 792c2b2f40b50cd⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 553.85 KB, 721x955, 721:955, 008(2)_01.png)


>Don't really know what it is.

It's her cuteness inferior as it is to best girl


File: 24a77db0d27095e⋯.png (189.31 KB, 800x640, 5:4, 4f314d60db30ba0327d434572d….png)


It appears to be an extremely titted Yinglet.

They do have tits, I guess, but not to that extreme that I've seen.



so… whats a yiglet? it's from some game or something?


File: 5979dbbeb2e8ea8⋯.png (306.15 KB, 806x800, 403:400, 1425085208.valsalia_baxxex….png)


From a comic series called "out of placers".


It you can get by the rather shit art at the start, and the somewhat all over the place plotline, as well as the absolutely cancerous community due to being posted on furaffinity and TF lot at that, it's pretty good.

Lot of worldbuilding what makes things interesting.

I want more info about the rockslug things, though. They're the best.


File: c70b5945b5a87d2⋯.png (49.7 KB, 192x361, 192:361, heresy.png)



i made an account there to try to find references for drawing this: >>345375

i can't unsee the amount of heresy i saw there. Also not a single useful ref


File: 8083cedb8df6fcb⋯.jpg (133.1 KB, 1152x993, 384:331, Aligator boxer.jpg)


Like I said earlier, furries are useless, as they only go for human frames.

I'd recommend you look at some of Guoh's stuff.

He also has issues of not always going towards the beast angle, though. But he's certainly a helluva lot better.




State what your buziness were at this warped hive of HERESY!



yeah, i wasn't expecting to find much, but i thought maybe one or two images could end up being useful. I found some artists that can paint these beautiful animal faces with fur that looks almost real aaand… completly human bodies with just animal feel


File: 653559cf10c2add⋯.png (498.61 KB, 1280x1255, 256:251, tumblr_nzisrhi96a1tdv657o1….png)


Someone linked the comic a while back. It was interesting.


Unfortunately, artists who go for a more beastlike scope are rare. Especially in the western area.

You can get some stuff from the gooks, but it's hit-or-miss for a lot of it.

Problem is, even there, they don't do a whole lot of lizards in general, and their kobolds are straight-up dogpeople.

I've been trying to learn this type of stuff, and unfortunately, it seems you're stuck just studying animal anatomy, and hoping you can cram it on to an upright frame , most the time.




Can I join in posting furaffinity stuff?




I had to make a fucking Tumblr account because Tumblr was doing that gay mature content block.



Yeah. He's also got two accounts, just so you know. No fucking clue why, but most his stuff goes on the 2nd.





The second one is his main account and the first one is only SFW content.


File: 0189130ab0dc6e1⋯.png (14.14 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 0189130ab0dc6e17d095bb383d….png)


Guess that makes sense. It used to be the first was his main. Must've started the other for NSFW.


File: ba515bfe56937c9⋯.jpg (406.07 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, sigma_ref_sheet_final_by_r….jpg)

File: ea407d13a3d66f8⋯.jpg (199.9 KB, 1000x1272, 125:159, Monster_Manual_5e_-_Kobold….jpg)


If you're going for the beast man angle, then I'd suggest using raptor anatomy as a reference point. The straightest a kobold's posture should get, would be a leaning forward look on a normal person. There would be little to no actual butt on a kobold beast person, because the you wouldn't be able to tell were butt begins and tail ends. If you want it to be as close to possible to reptile, then go with the cloaca at the base of the tail. I personally would put the cloaca were the vagina is, simple because that would be the most convenient spot to have it on a bipedal creature.


File: 2cb754a0c123986⋯.jpg (38.77 KB, 600x617, 600:617, DG0hmrpUIAAAuH7.jpg large.jpg)


Eh, cloaca on the base of the tail, which is about where it should be, works pretty well I think. It does mean somewhat more awkward sex positions, but missionary would work fine I'd say, you just have to throw the legs a touch higher.

Do completely agree on the posture, though. They shouldn't be as hunched over as a raptor, but they should be leaned forward a fair ways.


File: 8234a5c9408e655⋯.jpg (2.18 MB, 3104x3104, 1:1, 15117921330721903513058.jpg)


In my experience so far, going for a more beast-like approach requires a lot more of work


I want to find a middle ground between sexy or aesthetically pleasing and beast-like. An yes, today i started looking at dinosaurs, i just made this one, i think i'm getting there


I prefer cloacas at the base of the tail too





File: 02bf9011ff75261⋯.jpg (38.05 KB, 494x350, 247:175, reptilefolk_by_geldrin-d58….jpg)

File: 021818f755ada05⋯.jpg (41.34 KB, 736x550, 368:275, 2b2dc5a1d9e0c35b1f2226b670….jpg)

File: 7a98a7f0de92811⋯.jpg (90.08 KB, 850x850, 1:1, afb06d2683fbe27225e381eb97….jpg)


I find it more aesthetically pleasing for the cloaca to be vertical and on the front.

Also note the longer the shorter the femur is in proportion to the tibia, will be how fast it can run. I.E. if the upper leg is shorter, the creature can run fast for shorter period of time.

It's why we see dog legs have longer tibias for running, and chimps have longer femurs for more stability.


I just used the first raptor person ref sheet I found on google imagines.



*longer or shorter



> if the upper leg is shorter, the creature can run fast for shorter period of time.

i didn't knew that. How fast are kobolds supposed to be?

Also i have been looking at pictures of reptiles and their cloacas seem to be placed horizontally, i think that depending on how the body is set up it would look (and work) better if it was vertical, but if it is on the front it looks a lot like your normal vagina


File: 85f1409b2f08601⋯.jpg (31.65 KB, 576x467, 576:467, plantigrade.jpg)


Personally, my favorite design is the more "T" shaped lots. A small vertical line, that acts more as a sort of triangle shape to the typical horizontal slit.


Looking at this, I notice your legs tend to flow from a more straight point, rather than a truly digitigrade stance. It ends up looking like it's just standing on its toes, rather than a separate point of leg.


>/tg/ talking about kobold ass and cloacas

>except it's done not for fetish purposes, it's for biological feasability and how to properly draw them

You boys done me proud.



I've been down that road before. Art is suffering. There really are so few furries who bother with reference and anatomy.

There is one, Trogan, who did some neat stuff with researching different humanoid body types. He mostly worked with putting large horses on two legs, but his ideas were sound.





>Personally, my favorite design is the more "T" shaped lots

got any picture of that?

> I notice your legs tend to flow from a more straight point

noted, i was trying to avoid the weird crouching stance some furries draw. For what i see on that picture the tip of the foot is aligned with the knee i was trying to get that right, what i think i did wrong is that i'm making the lower leg too short so it ends up being too vertical.

I like how that deer leg is proportioned, i will try something similar to that on the next on, but i would like the tibia to be a little bit longer


thanks, i will check that one out



Forgot to add: When you have a tail, you should make sure to play around with balance. We humans walk upright and our spines support such a crazy notion, but we lost our tails for balance as we didn't really need it.

As for cloacae, I found a slightly interesting written piece about alligators. I'm just going to cut and paste the relevant parts, rest is nonsense.

>…During mating, the penis comes OUT of the cloaca, and the sperm flows along it into the cloaca of the female (fun crocodilian fact: female alligators and crocodiles have a clitoris!).

>So we know the sperm gets into the female, and we know the penis everts out of the cloaca, but HOW? The authors of the first paper listed were interested in figuring out exactly how the alligator penis works. So they took four alligator penises, and dissected them very carefully, with care for things like glands and cell types, to determine how exactly the crocodiliants get it up. And it turns out that it's a weird hybrid of methods. First off, as the authors note: Phallus stiffness can be achieved in various ways,

>The two most common ways are via fibrous tissue, such as cartilage or ligaments, and via an inflatable area of the penis, which fills with blood (or lymph) to create stiff member. And as it turns out, the alligator has BOTH. They have fibrous bodies at the base of the penis, while there is a blood sinus (empty area) at the tip. When the alligator gets goin', the authors hypothesize that the muscles around the base of the penis control the fibrous bundles to exude the penis from the cloaca. Meanwhile the tip fills with blood to create a rigid structure.

>The second question is one of flow. As in, seminal flow. How and where does the sperm flow from the penis to the female cloaca? As you can see from the diagram above, the seminal duct doesn't delivery directly to the penis, it's a little above. So there are two possibilities. The sperm could flow along a groove in the penis into the female cloaca, as occurs in birds like ducks, or it could go through a tube in the penis, as it occurs in mammals. And here again, it's something of BOTH. The alligator penis does have a groove at the base of the penis.

>But the groove (or sulcus) is lined with MORE of the erectile tissue that fills with blood. The authors hypothesize that during an erection, the groove actually closes to form a tube, down which the sperm will flow. There are even muscles that could contract to help it along. There are even more interesting things about the alligator penis. For example, there are glands associated which might produce a semen like substance, which wasn't thought to exist in alligators. There are also a lot of mucus glands and a great deal of immune cells in the penis, which is probably a good idea if you're hiding it in the cloaca (where all waste products also exit), and then sticking it in someone ELSE'S cloaca where all THEIR waste products exit.

>But overall what interests me is how much of a hybrid this penis is. It doesn't just have fibrous tissue or just fluid filled tissue, it has both! It doesn't have sperm flow along a groove or down a tube, it has a hybrid of the two.

Here are their references

Moore, B., Mathavan, K., & Guillette, L. (2012). Morphology and Histochemistry of Juvenile Male American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) Phallus The Anatomical Record: Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary Biology, 295 (2), 328-337 DOI: 10.1002/ar.21521

Thomas Ziegler & Sven Olbort (2007). Genital Structures and Sex Identification in Crocodiles Crocodile Specialist Group Newsletter , 26 (3)


File: acbf5a1454eb6d8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 781.72 KB, 1082x1100, 541:550, 7b2f611ef86247f5e2aa3f8c8e….png)


This'd be aroundabout what I mean. It's effectively a horizontal slit, still, it just has a touch more spread potential as it were.



Fucking scientists, man. People give wizards flak for being weird, but how many wizards've you heard of, dissecting penises?



Imagine being one of those scientists though. No matter how good or accomplished you are, you will always be the guy cutting up aligator dicks.


File: ca8edc9afd2dd8e⋯.png (2.06 MB, 2048x1800, 256:225, joPGSbx.png)


>I've been down that road before. Art is suffering.

forgot to say. Yes, this can be quite frustrating, but it's also the part i enjoy the most. I can be really lazy when it comes to actually finishing stuff, but i could spend the whole day experimenting and trying to get something right

>pic related, i have had this thing lying around for like a year with 0 progress


that's really interesting, sadly i have no idea what an alligator's penis looks like, but i could imagine kobolds/lizardfolk having a similar system

>…During mating, the penis comes OUT of the cloaca

>female alligators and crocodiles have a clitoris

i think the T shaped cloaca you where talking about would look great for that


i think that's what i'm going to use



that's going on my next campaign


File: 5982f929a60cb6a⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 354x163, 354:163, 1453348197250.gif)


and we'll thank him for it.


File: 983e4fe840dabba⋯.jpg (23.69 KB, 435x300, 29:20, catfoot.jpg)

File: a4468a78a133436⋯.jpg (50.36 KB, 400x545, 80:109, Kobold.jpg)


I suspect not as fast as a man, it really depends on the lore we're using.

It's hard to work out how fast a bipedal creature half our size, with a long femur, and with Digitigrades(that second set of backwards knees you see) would run without a living reference point. If I use Chimps as a reference point, the lack digitigrades would would make it inaccurate. If I were to use an ostrich as a reference point, the small femur would fuck it up.

Tl;Dr until I find a living bipedal creature with both a large femur and a second backwards knee, I can't figure out how fast a classically designed kobold can go.

>but if it is on the front it looks a lot like your normal vagina

That's actually why I like it.


File: c67789f9bf36b8d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.52 KB, 341x256, 341:256, 300841_3ebae8ad9710475f9be….jpg)


Google solves all woes.



maybe like a lemur or some other monkey


i think i heard some reptiles have 2 of those



But then we come to a different set of problems, both of those evolved to climb trees, and kobolds don't do that. And lemurs, monkeys, and chimps are only partly bipedal, meaning when they run, they run with all four limbs.


File: 5b7fa70c78830dc⋯.jpg (46.06 KB, 1011x720, 337:240, raptormom.jpg)

Stat-wise, kobolds are pretty high dex types, but I don't know how that translates to speed.

Supposedly, raptors were fast. So I'd assume they're likely to be about as fast as them.


File: cad6fcdd0319b6b⋯.jpg (73.58 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, Compsognathus longipes.jpg)

File: 1cecbe9b951d468⋯.jpg (71.18 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, Huaxiagnathus.jpg)



might end up just using raptor or compsognathus legs. I could even make their hands different instead of the standard human hand with claws


File: 42444e4e439f9e3⋯.jpg (95.43 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, Velociraptor.jpg)


forgot this one



Most lizards have hemipenes. All depends on how the reptiles mate. They can then mate from either side without much trouble.



>Stat-wise, kobolds are pretty high dex types, but I don't know how that translates to speed.

Regular land speed, but they can turn on a dime, can squeeze through tight holes and might be good climbers as well.


File: 0c51a274ce5a4eb⋯.png (608.24 KB, 3195x2313, 355:257, cc30d5609a5b314c5d830319df….png)


Which'd be the right way to go, you ask me, as human hands are a bit dull.

Though, I do get why most folk go with the lot. IT's hard to do more animalistic arms and have something that looks good, compared to essentially slapping on some digitigrade legs.



I only wish I knew how fast they could go.


I'd imagine they'd be good at climbing mountains.



yeah, but you could have longer fingers and smaller palms and that would look different enough without being impractical


that makes the raptor/compy legs seem an even better option


also digging, maybe shorter fingers for that? or big hands with strong fingers


File: 492e2ad79fcda89⋯.jpg (84.02 KB, 518x297, 518:297, mole_5.jpg)


For digging, they're going to need some pretty heavy claws, I'd say.

Kobolds are primarily digging soft turf, anyway. Not going through stone, at least not before getting basic tools.

Personally, I'd say avoid large hands. But, otherwise, maybe you're wanting to take inspiration from moles.



Kobolds are tool users, so no biological digging tools are needed. It is noted that they can dig like motherfuckers: no human, dwarf or gnome can match kobolds in sheer speed by which they can dig tunnels: and because they're smaller they don't need large tunnels either. You might even go all the way and have them navigate on hands and feet through even smaller tunnels to be able to scurry through narrow passages at speed. But kobolds are not dumb: they know how to dig while minimizing the risk of collapse and not to dig in such ways they keep running into Hidden Fun Stuff.



Kobolds have different priorities from dwarves when it comes to digging, it's also worth pointing out.

Where a dwarf digs for mining, or for construction space, a kobold's usually digging for defense and storage.

Kobolds are the Vietcong of monsters, essentially. Loads and loads of interweaving tunnel systems, that can be strategically collapsed at any time.



>Kobolds are tool users, so no biological digging tools are needed

i will take note on that


>heavy claws

i think i will try that, but if they are tool users having big claws could be annoying


you know, i have never been really interested on these creatures before this thread, but dragonoid vietcong sounds awesome


File: 05f4b1d16c2a783⋯.jpg (116.49 KB, 773x1000, 773:1000, 1432056862187-2.jpg)

File: b5dc3d5064e5971⋯.jpg (199.68 KB, 800x925, 32:37, 1399251604913.jpg)

File: fb8895487a491a9⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 300x323, 300:323, 1432056862186-0.jpg)


Worldbuilding is something of a beloved hobby of mine. Especially around dragonoids as a general rule. Kobolds, on top of that, really scratch my underdog 'guerilla' sort of itch.

They're a bunch of paranoid little lizards who excel with ambushes and traps, not to mention defenses, all while being massively instinctual and impulsive, not to mention prideful, as their dragon cousins, just without the particular strength and toughness that lets 'em get away with it. And for that I absolutely love them



>you know, i have never been really interested on these creatures before this thread, but dragonoid vietcong sounds awesome

If you look at it it's perfectly logical. They're smaller and skinnier than most of their opponents, so they have to use guile. They dig extensive tunnel networks and utilise traps to get the upper hand, and if they have to fight a more powerful opponent they attack from ambush and in large numbers. The only difference is that they're draconic and instead of checking the trees for charlies you check the tunnels for kilos. It kinda works in the same way how dwarves mirror the Sikh.


File: 02663c205d4ae1a⋯.jpg (147.51 KB, 919x896, 919:896, 1407161715138.jpg)

File: 52225467f821066⋯.png (156.51 KB, 858x938, 429:469, 1415618793558.png)

File: 7e810aaa94ac528⋯.jpg (169.02 KB, 750x998, 375:499, 1418213285743.jpg)

File: 7105a95b7ace731⋯.png (225.05 KB, 721x1024, 721:1024, 1434230232019.png)

File: 30d45d1bc72b81d⋯.png (128.66 KB, 673x715, 673:715, 1434991764270.png)



>>tits on a lizard

Well of course, I'd put tits on everything!


>no tits on my lizards

Eh, they're your drawings, I can't force you.




For instance, DINO TITS!


>Dinosaurs were not covered with any significant amount feathers.

Well you shouldn't jump to such assumptions: Some clearly did have a large amount of plumage, especially considering the ones who were ancestors to modern birds (Clade Coelurosauria) , but it's not something that extended to all of the Suborder Theropoda.


>There would be little to no actual butt on a kobold beast person

Not necessarily…

You're looking a bit much at reptiles and thinking Kobolds would only have the likes of Iliofibularis, but they would most likely have gluteal muscles in order to support their more erect stance.


>I find it more aesthetically pleasing for the cloaca to be vertical and on the front.


It may be anthropocentric of me, but I like when a sapient species has to look each other in the eye to mate.


>Fucking scientists, man.

You think we got into the sciences because we were fucking sane to begin with?


> I could even make their hands different instead of the standard human hand with claws


>Kobolds are tool users

Yeah, if your Kobolds are tool users, then you don't want to get too crazy with your manuals, the ratio of palm to finger length can't be skewed too far one way or the other or else holding things gets awkward, same with the thumb-equivalent(s).


>Kobolds, on top of that, really scratch my underdog 'guerilla' sort of itch.


>If you look at it it's perfectly logical. They're smaller and skinnier than most of their opponents, so they have to use guile.

This is why I love the little bastards even for non-lewdness; I emphasize with them a lot.




It's safe to assume that almost ALL coelurosaurs had some sort of coating, since even the most primitive ones of them, like Compsognathus and proto-tyrannosauroids, and even some of the biggest ones , like Yutyrannus to which coating would be nearly useless due to gigantothermy, have been occasionally found with filament imprints. Even the most basal (aka primitive) deinonychosaurs (aka "raptors") had been found with fully avian feathers all over their body, so it's safe to assume even the largest Utahraptors had body covering similar to birds unless they lived in some hellishly hot environment.



I think Argonians are cool 'cause they're people whose souls have been hooked up to a kind of universal internet


File: 87151a6ce49e782⋯.gif (303.42 KB, 687x399, 229:133, f9ed7453b49130e1f7fdfa73bd….gif)


Feathers r bad bro


File: 3921efcc5746cf6⋯.png (3.36 MB, 2680x3508, 670:877, 55605345_p0.png)

Why is it always reptiles on /tg/? I want my shrine maidens and forest guardians.


File: f76a3450ba0be08⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 272.22 KB, 1280x1321, 1280:1321, tumblr_owyenaFGm81tdv657o4….png)



That's why.



But I like hair.


File: 0b6cdf26a349228⋯.gif (5.24 KB, 365x300, 73:60, 1453940428011.gif)


That is due to being a homosexual.






File: 77cd22def3466e9⋯.gif (2.33 MB, 450x600, 3:4, 77cd22def3466e962fd8abfb3b….gif)


If you were talking about fur, I would still disagree but at least respect your opinion.

But hair = homosexuality. This is a scientifically proven fact.



Why wouldn't a mammal have hair? It makes logical sense.


File: 66458411e86873d⋯.png (391.28 KB, 731x944, 731:944, knight 4.png)


Why would you have a pile of gay ass human-tier hair on top of fur, unless you were a homosexual?

It just makes logical sense. Hair = homosexuality.



It wouldn't be on top, it would be a different kind. The same way humans have short clear hair on our skin and dark hair on our faces, armpits, pubic areas, and head, so would a different mammal.


File: 53400f6e3089463⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 2400x3380, 120:169, 77fccd3ec05feda56e9745730f….jpg)


They've already got fur.

In any case stuff like >>346551 is still 100% grade A homosexuality.



>They've already got fur.

So do people. Yet we have hair.


File: 870b5e08134aee5⋯.png (834.06 KB, 1280x1374, 640:687, tumblr_o8ux84lDI81tdv657o5….png)


We do not have fur, mate.

Are you some kind of human-pretender shrinemaiden trying to ruse me?



Look at your arm right now, it has hair on it unless you shave like a woman. Only difference between fur and hair is the density of hair per follicle. And that just means that mammalian beast races would have really dense and luxurious hair compared to ours.


File: b7e65d9923afdd6⋯.png (259.5 KB, 590x513, 590:513, buyyourgame.png)


>it has hair on it


See the issue, mate.

>bluh bluh hair and fur are the same


Regardless, none of this justifies wigshit on things.



They are the same.



>being a straightfag

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