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File: de1c5495c862f8e⋯.jpg (867.57 KB, 2325x3225, 31:43, Guard Regiments 1.jpg)

File: e5a88e735ca9c4e⋯.jpg (776.62 KB, 2325x3225, 31:43, Guard Regiments 2.jpg)


>>302890 hit the bump limit, and >>309680 is more about anons being upset than 40k. So this one goes to the Emperor's Finest, of whom a thousand die for every decorated hero.

8th Edition is around the corner; are you ready?


File: 7df8b5a1633f28f⋯.jpg (549.82 KB, 927x750, 309:250, WOT DID YOO SAY PINK HUMY.jpg)


Any word on when 8th is going to be released? Will GW ever make plastic Steel Legion? Will they make an actual re-release of Necromunda? Will Necrons get a Knight equivalent? Will The Fallen become a new faction in 8th? Will we see other loyalist primarchs come back? If Matt Ward already brought back Robert Grillman and made nuMarines, thus reaching peak Ward levels; are we going to be seeing a down-slope of Wardness?



But that is assuming Plasma guns didn't see any changes. With stats being uncapped and weapons capable of dealing multiple wounds there's the possibility of some of the high powered weapons gaining more unique properties to deal with their intended targets.



>Peak Ward levels

Nah, not until we see Girlyman become leader of the grey knights and rides in an upgraded version of the grey knight baby carrier, the grey knights becoming ultra-grey knights, and they all save the imperium by making all space matones into ultra-grey knights.


File: bffa88d10f11353⋯.jpg (214.96 KB, 1280x933, 1280:933, Aberrants.jpg)


Ward only writes for Sigmar, as far as I know, so we might be safe from ultra-ultra marine knights of titan-ultramar, who are all atheists, blanks AND psykers!

About the release date, we will likely know at the end of the month since they are likely to announce it at some big event, and Warhammer Fest is 27th-28th of may. tldr; early June



Genestealers vs Hereteks?



Genestealer cult on a traitor Forge world.




Wait no sorry those are Dark Eldar.


File: 58ebec4014f5561⋯.jpeg (227.22 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, 40K Necron - The Deceiver….jpeg)

This is how I see the "shattering" of the C'tan: All it did was spread their influence across the cosmos, especially that of the Deceiver and Nightbringer. The Necrons' "independence" is nothing but a cruel joke on the part of the former.



So that's basically the really really gay ending of 40K, that ends with MW jerking himself off. The only continuation at that point is a gritty reboot. So how do you go about resetting the… setting?



Rogue Trader. Both the rpg and the original 40k. More high adventure in space. More cheesy mismash between 1950s scifi and 1980s heavy metal. Have a combination of rules for both wargaming and small squad based rpg adventures a la killteam. A specialist game and wargame in one. Also pirate squats



>So here’s a big thing – Characters can’t join units anymore. The age of the <add prefix>-star is over.

>To counter the fact that these Characters cannot join units and “hide” from enemy fire, there is a rule in the Shooting phase that means you can’t target a Character unless they are the closest enemy model. This represents the difficulty in picking out individuals amidst the maelstrom of battle and applies to all Characters with a Wounds characteristic of 10 or less, including things that previously might not have benefited from any protection. For example, Roboute Guilliman, who has 9 Wounds, can now realistically advance in the centre of a disciplined Space Marines army, directing his troops while remaining relatively safe from incoming weapons fire. Really big heroes, like Magnus the Red, will still need to brave enemy fire, but with, in his case, over a dozen Wounds and a respectable invulnerable save, he holds his own just fine.

>The final part of the Character ruleset is Heroic Intervention. This allows Characters near a combat to pile in and attack if the enemy comes close enough, even if they themselves aren’t charged (because your Chaplain’s not just gonna stand there and let your Assault Squad have all the fun now is he?)



I dont know what to think about this.



I think things just got downright strategic. Bubblewrap is no longer taped on. Won't necessarily have to hack through a dozen Look Out Sir!s to get some OP. Just deepstrike behind enemy lines.

This is getting tasty. Every new rule has all the warning signs of a fuckup, and then makes up for it almost immediately in the extended explanation.



>This is getting tasty.

fucking trips confirm



Listen up, Guardsmen!

>Wouldn’t it be awesome if some of those units you so rarely see like Scout Sentinels were suddenly not only good, but great? What if Bullgryns and Rough Riders were actually scary in combat? How about Heavy Weapon Squads that actually provide covering fire to the rest of your men instead of just acting as distractions for enemy units? I am here to tell you that all of these things are true in the new edition!

>And the hype train just rolls on! Veterans now are truly seasoned warriors that–while no Adeptus Astartes–are soldiers to be respected. Your squads will no longer pop out of their Chimera, shoot one thing, and then die or run away immediately after the enemy returns fire. Nope, now, with the added “encouraging” presence of a nearby Commissar – which limits the losses of a bad Morale test – Astra Militarum are downright stalwart. Even Ratlings – with their sniper weapons allowing them to pick out and target Characters – will now be reaping a tally on your enemy’s leaders in the name of the Emperor!

>But it’s not all about the ground pounders. The tanks of the Imperium have had a rough go of it in the current version of the Warhammer 40,000 ruleset, prone to getting destroyed in one shot or ingloriously throwing a tread going over a bush. But no longer. The tanks are back and better than ever.

Leman Russes, for example, have Toughness 8 and a 3+ save, so they won’t be slowing down until they’ve lost half of their 12 Wounds.

> The tanks of the Imperial Guard will definitely be making their mark on battlefields across the Imperium.

>But here’s one last little tidbit for you, as no conversation about the Guard would be complete without mentioning Orders. One of the Astra Militarum’s most well-known rules mechanics, Orders work automatically now and provide a variety of bonuses. You have 7 to choose from, but the one I want to discuss is ‘First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire!’. This now makes a unit of Astra Militarum infantry treat their lasguns and hot-shot lasguns as Rapid Fire 2; that’s 4 shots per Guardsman at half range! Combined with the fact that every weapon has a chance to hit any target, the much-derided lasgun can now be the deadly laser weapon the Emperor’s armies need.

>That’ll be all! Dismissed.




So commissars, hilariously, prevent more men from dying, and Lemans are more vulnerable from the front but won't explode if someone gets in their rear arc. Also, I guess they're doing something Rough Riders, so that's something to look forward to. Not sure how I feel about orders being automatic, as the chance to fail was always just a risk I was willing to take. Makes you wonder what the vox caster is going to do, know.


What do people think of mini wargaming, the youtube channel?

Dave seems like a cool and fun dude, especially his munchkin advice (use 11 dice instead of 10).

Ash seems fun too. Steve, not really.



>8th edition is using the keyword system from smegmar

Fucking why? God I hope they don't replace the allies matrix with that shit.



If I had to guess, it'll extend the range orders can be received from



I watch it quite often since I can't get a game as often as I'd like to, agree on Dave seems like a laugh, quite like Matt as well, I like looking at the shit he puts into his narrative campaigns.


File: 5c544cb9f839fe1⋯.pdf (1.49 MB, 01 For the Emperor.pdf)

Testing, testing, if any of you have yet to try Ciaphas Cain in here, this is your chance.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Purging - by Linkin Loyalists

Purging with my kin

These heretics won't kneel

Our Lord we call forth

As we slaughter them all

There's something I can see that crawls upon the surface

Heresy, disgusting

Their lives shall be ended swiftly by our fury

With glory

It does seem

The drop pods have been launched

The time has come again (And I'm convinced that because they're they've sinned

That there's only one course that we can take)

I've felt this way before

So Throne damned pure

Purging with my kin

These heretics won't kneel

Our Lord we call forth

As we slaughter them all

My faith will not falter as we strike them down in hundreds

Cleanse and purify

Our hatred won't be stopped as we descend upon them

Their treachery shall not stand

The drop pods have been launched

The time has come again (And I'm convinced that because they're they've sinned

That there's only one course that we can take)

I've felt this way before

So Throne damned pure

Purging with my kin

These heretics won't kneel

Our Lord we call forth

As we slaughter them all

Purging with my kin

These heretics won't kneel

Our Lord we call forth

As we slaughter them all

There's something I can see that crawls upon the surface

Heresy (as we slaughter them all)

Their lives shall be ended swiftly by our fury

With glory (as we slaughter them all)


File: c522ae13e92f3bf⋯.png (167.08 KB, 780x571, 780:571, greenskin genocide best da….png)


>that’s 4 shots per Guardsman at half range


So much dakka!


Is that the first novel?


Now its needs to be added to grimdark songwriting on /tg/.


File: bb82acff9adf497⋯.pdf (9.07 MB, Fight or Flight.pdf)


Why yes it is, me bucko! And here's the original short story Cain and Jurgen came from, acts nicely as a sort of prologue.



So ends the Patriarch attached to 20 cultists

I will never forget you.


File: 2200484ae968ef3⋯.jpg (633.14 KB, 2048x1443, 2048:1443, GW-Shadow-War-Terrain.jpg)

If anyone has been skeptical of the SW:A terrain, and I have thinking that it looked like shit and wouldn't work with other stuff (not being modular etc.). Well I guess I'm wrong about it.



Magnificent. This could provide some great kitbash material, to say nothing of more cinematic games.



They fuck the rules up nearly every episode (one game had them forget Noise Marines ignore cover, which is you'know the main thing about them).

Also for the longest time Matt didn't allow Slaanesh or Sisters of Battle Penitent engines to be played because muh Mormonism.

Tabletop Tactics is better


One slip and that's thousands of pounds of plastic broken.



>one slip

Are you sure it's that fragile? And that you are that destructively clumsy?




I love how his misguided attempt to escape with the salamanderscout vehicle ended with him saving the day.



Moments like this lead people to think Cain is the Emperor's plaything.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Did he get over it?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Matt? Yeah because it was losing him money.

Also anyone seen these? They are pretty great.



>Genestealers fighting DE Wracks on an imperial world

I kinda want to know the story behind this


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A new tribute from VeeTpl



This is… exquisitely beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Talking of high-quality animations…



What's with the difference between parts 1 and 2 and part 3 though? It goes from the crudely rotoscoped look to obvious filtered 3D, and it's not for the better.



>you cant target characters on the battlefield

This makes NO SENSE.

It seems they want the game to be more lore-consistent (no more "dark angels with space wolves combined") but only when it suits their agenda (you can never shoot guilliman).

What the fuck.



unless he's the closest char to your units, or he has over 10 wounds , or you are using a sniper rifle

which makes sense kind of



That's my issue, it doesn't make sense.

If you're on a battlefield and there's guilliman 50 meters away from you and 3 space marines 40 meters away from you - you're going to shoot guilliman.

Also, you could surround him with space marines (in front of him, behind, to his left and right) and then he becomes un-targetable, correct?



To be fair nothing's stopping you from a tactic like that in the current edition either.

Huh, I kinda worry how this is going to affect Tyrant Guard, since they flip their shit if they're not in the same unit as a Hive Tyrant.



I'm just going to be pissed if I can't run my chaos and orks together anymore.



>Twin-linked Weapons

If you play Warhammer 40,000 today, you’ll know that there are a lot of twin-linked weapons about. These let you re-roll to hit dice, making them generally quite reliable, but potentially no more deadly than a single weapon. In the new Warhammer 40,000, twin-linked weapons instead get double the number of shots at half range.

>This is a massive boost to a lot of units. Many vehicles, in particular, are going to be kicking out ruinous amounts of firepower – your Land Raider, for example, almost doubles in effectiveness. With its twin heavy bolters and now utterly lethal godhammer pattern lascannons, it becomes, quite rightly, one of the most powerful models in the game.

>Orks as well, renowned for their habit of twin-linking for “more dakka”, gain a lot of bullets from this change. Just think about the number of shots those Waaagh!-planes will be firing now!


Another type of weapon that is changing is the combi-weapon. While in the current edition you can only shoot the “specialist” portion of the gun once, in the new Warhammer 40,000 you can either shoot both all the time, but at a -1 to hit modifier, or choose to just shoot one with no modifier. This is a pretty awesome boost in power for a lot of elite units like Chaos Terminators, Sternguard and Meganobz – no longer just one-hit-wonders with those shooting attacks.


Warhammer 40,000 has no shortage of things that go ‘boom’. Whereas once these weapons would have used a template, in the new Warhammer 40,000, these are resolved much faster by just using a random number of shots. This represents either how many warriors are caught in the explosion, or how direct the hit is on a larger single-model target. Otherwise, these work exactly as any other shooting.

>Explosives tend to work pretty well now against both numerous infantry and large individual models, but not as well against either as dedicated anti-infantry or anti-tank weapons.

>We’ll be back tomorrow, with some news on how Datasheets work.



shame on that formatting, sage for doublepost



I like all of this tbh



My theory confirmed, they sped up playtime by making it hyper lethal.

TEQs are going to be mandatory to stop vehicles from woodchipping regular units. My first company of Terminators is going to be greasy cheese I suspect.



Still don't get why they took away templates. I have a deathstrike that I haven't put together. How would I put down pie plates now?



Well look at it this way. All flamers of every kind outside of apocolypse had the same firing range. None could werf around corners. A simple hand flamer and heavy vehicle mounted incinerator both had similar area of effect. This change makes it more vague at the least, rather than strictly obtuse one size fits all.

All bombs, of all kinds from artillery to infantry grenades, had 2-3 sizes.

That's all I got for devil's advocate. Not like it took up a lot of storage space, or a large variable template could be made. Looks like 2nd edition even had a ton of separate sizes for every kind of flamer and explosive.







>Explosions are now randomized

Well, I guess for every good thing they always bring out a bad thing. like >>311549 said, I could go for more different sized templates.



So twinlinked is rapid fire?

What's rapid fire then?



>This now makes a unit of Astra Militarum infantry treat their lasguns and hot-shot lasguns as Rapid Fire 2; that’s 4 shots per Guardsman at half range!


well judging by yesterdays post rapid fire is stilla thing, so .. i have no idea



>twin-linked now doubles your shots

Quick, which weapon benefits the most from this? I'd say something like the Vulture with a twin-linked Punisher Gatling Cannon.


Could an Officio Assassinorum only army be viable?



On a large enough table sure, but they'd need some form of crowd control elsewise. A small force of anything as distraction. Gangers, Arbites, Guard, Inquisitors trained wrong as a joke, anything to take round or two of shots while you assassinate the warboss.


So uh, I don't know if this is true, but the novel series on the Beast were going to have a different ending: the Imperium would have awakened the Men of Iron to fight off the Orks. Except that didn't happen because the Men of Iron are going to have their own miniatures soon. Does anyone know more about this?



That sounds utterly retarded.



Where in the Emperor's name did you hear this?



Sounds like bull shit, since the Men of Iron, for all we know, are all dead. Also we could infer that they looked like terminators from Terminator. That'd be 'two' armies of metallic skeletons on the broad. Another fact is that they hated all living creatures, sound familiar?



From what I remember of their appearance in the Gaunt's Ghosts book, they actually look closer to Cylons.



https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Men_of_Iron In fact, the article has a picture (not uploading a picture myself because my box is acting wonky).


File: c0614ba67e764b8⋯.jpg (68.4 KB, 640x495, 128:99, 88f798262a2ad41c7aefa025d4….jpg)

File: 4167d419b4be6fd⋯.jpg (176.79 KB, 1200x804, 100:67, kinopoisk.ru-Terminator-2_….jpg)

File: 0ac8b3ae3a66cb3⋯.jpg (111.46 KB, 390x600, 13:20, 1378731283388.jpg)

File: aae6762dabbaf86⋯.jpg (36.57 KB, 500x278, 250:139, 500px-Iron_Men_40k.jpg)


Considering everything they heaped on to Necrons I have no doubt they'd do some extreme artistic license on those established facts.


There are many ways to depict the human form in metal. And here are two pics of all the glimpse we have ever recieved of their forms. Not terribly human like. I didn't use the Man of Iron as he seemsd to have some chaos corruption if I recall.

No need to go terminator bared teeth route. Also, at this point, they may have westworld'd the distinction. There was a story of a squad of Space Wolves on the galactic edge, one slapped a bum of a girl and found out she wasn't what he expected. Story ends there. Proved two things: Space Wolves at least pretend to ha e libido, and something on the outskirts mimics mankind completely and can at least silence space marines.



There's likely more than enough remaining fragments or copies of their AIs rummaging around old tech, looking to fuck up anyone that powers them up though, so if you somehow managed to get a perfect copy you might be able to piece together their production facilities and chassies based on that?

Not that there'd be any sane reason to do that when they'd just start culling any meatbags they could find anyway.



That rumor sounds just as retarded as the "The Beast Rises" story line. So it is essentially confirmed



Seeing how the battle cannon is pretty much trash that does about 1 wound average, I really wouldn't have any high hopes about former templste weapons.

Just imagine how fucked Orks will be, practically all their cannons will be literal trash now.

I'd just continue using templates as always I think, it's a lot more fun than this shit.


File: 8dbf78dbe3bc26e⋯.jpg (630.33 KB, 1200x1046, 600:523, New40kDatasheetsRubric.jpg)



I hate to be the one to say it. But where are the points costs?



I think it's the power rating in the upper left. So no longer will we have the specific numbers of yore, it's been casualized for the plebians who can't count to 3000.



but think how big 3k points games are gonna be now if 1ksons squad is 8 points :^)

although i do agree in all seriousness



But where are the points for the wargear upgrades? Is that shit just going to be free now?



Wait.. But that is for non-competitive play. What is going to be used for competitive?



Looks like it, yes. So you with the Rubrics you get 1 free Soulreaper Cannon per 10 models, a free replacement of the Force Stave/Inferno Bolt Pistol and free Warpflamers for everyone. Which… holy shit this can actually be lethal as FUCK at very short range.


A big ol' middle finger aimed at all non-casuals.



That's fucking insane. If wargear upgrades don't cost points anymore, what's stopping someone from just spamming plasma guns?



Hard limitations, just like with the Souldreaper Cannon with the Rubrics.



Even if you can only take one a squad, you could just take one in every single squad. Plus, there are vets and special weapon teams to worry about. Why shouldn't I field 5 special weapons teams, all with Plasma? It costs the same either way. There's got to be some sort of price somewhere.


File: 62f062698eca7e1⋯.jpg (189.06 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, 1382888376490.jpg)


"one plasma gun per 10 marines"


>mfw taking my fully upgraded noise marines won't cost me 700 points anymore



>Why shouldn't I field 5 special weapons teams, all with Plasma?

Because you now blew a lot of Power Rating I feel dirty just by typing that on five squads with limited wounds while your opponent has a better mix of units to counter them with.


I do hope that they go plastic soon, Noise Marines are pretty swell. And the Sonic weapons kit is now at "temporarily out of stock", so this might come true very soon.



But they said there was still a points system/something similar for competitive. Is all of that shit just on a completely different sheet?


File: e0cb6c3fe60a9f9⋯.jpg (48.79 KB, 600x620, 30:31, 99590102174_EmperorsChildr….jpg)


They are always out of stock, I bought 3 a month or so ago after they were out of stock for a good 2-3 months.

Forge world has pre-heresy noise marines, which look exactly the same, the problem is it's £35 for 5



How much power rating can 6 guardsmen cost?


I sure hope so, or else shit's going to get retarded.



Haven't heard about that, but it makes you wonder why they shouldn't go with that from the get-go.


The sorrows of playing a less mainline army…


Calculating in the fact that they can bring plasma guns? More than you'd think.


File: 636bd65d8e130f5⋯.jpg (254.73 KB, 1191x1600, 1191:1600, f99229945c5a5775004a23d8ad….jpg)


We'll get our time soon brother, Fulgrim is confirmed alive so we might even get a daemon prince model one day.



It was from the first FAQ they did. The three ways to play bullshit. "Power levels" were the second narrative/casual way to play.

> makes you wonder why they shouldn't go with that from the get-go

GW is torn between giving sigmar-tier retards 40k and not wanting non-casuals to leave like the first time. This is just to bait them into playing.



But if a unit costs the same regardless of whether they bring grenade launchers or plasma guns, why wouldn't you ever just give them the plasma guns, or whatever the most lethal equivalent is?



Last time I checked Fulgrim has never not been alive.


Given the fact that you already paid for them you can give them whatever. But the fact THAT you paid for them is what kinda balances it out.



He was stuck in a painting for awhile, also had his soul eaten by a daemon at one point, GW seems to have forgotten this.



>But the fact THAT you paid for them is what kinda balances it out.

That doesn't really answer my question. If a grenade launcher and a plasma gun effectively cost the same, why wouldn't you take the plasma gun?



maybe they're more situational now? like with lascannons doing multiple wounds but to a single target vs whatever

I'm not sure though I wish they did a datasheet for something with multiple choice weapons ( e.g a 10 man tac team ) so we could see how it works a bit better


I'll ask here since we have about 4 w40k threads.

Would a list like this work for a complete beginner?

3 helldrakes + magnus the red + 6 terminators

170 x 3 + 650 + 51 x 6 = 1466 points

2 combi meltas on terminators at +6 each = 12 more points = 1478



Aside from missing the all important Point Cost, which they said would still be there regardless of their "new" game types, this is looking like Warmachine. Everything you need to know about the unit is all right there. The idea would only become more clear if they started to include datasheets into the boxes the models come in.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





>Dawn of MOBA 3

Well, I'll be the first to say I didn't see that coming.



>Next to that, we have Power Level, which we’ll look at in detail tomorrow, but for the moment, suffice to say that it is a quick and easy mechanism for balancing in less competitive narrative or open play games.

Oh thank Christ. So points are most likely to still be a thing in competitive mode. Which means competitive is going to be the only mode that people play.



Is this bound or unbound?


What is the point limit?

Need more info lad


File: f02f4ffc79461ae⋯.jpg (136.44 KB, 1000x452, 250:113, New40kPointsPowerSM.jpg)



>Power Levels are a great way to very quickly get a roughly balanced game organised and started, but they do not account for the various wargear options and upgrades a unit can have. For this level of granularity, you have points. These will be just as detailed as they are now, right down to points for individual weapon upgrades on every squad member. For example, a Tactical Marine Squad of five models is Power Level 5, but in a matched play game, each of those Tactical Marines would cost 13 points each, with upgrades ranging from a grav-pistol for the Sergeant at 7 pts, all the way up to multi-meltas at 27 pts. The full squad totals up at a similar number of points to what it costs today. With faster play times for most games, we’re expecting matched play games of a couple of hours to sit around the 2,000 points mark.

>In matched play, your points will be capped across the whole game. So if you’re planning to summon units to the battlefield, you will need to set points aside to do this. You won’t need to specify what the points will be for though, so this does leave you with your options open and if during the game, you decide that what you really need is a fast combat unit instead of a durable objective holder, you’ll be able to summon the right tool for the job, points permitting. You will no longer be able to indefinitely replicate Daemon units, and instead, summoning will be used more as an alternative mechanism of deployment, much like deep striking or outflanking is today (both of which exist in their own forms in the new Warhammer 40,000 too).

>The points for units don’t appear on the datasheet but will be elsewhere in the same book. This is because you don’t need them to play if you don’t want, which frees up room to include more rules for weapons on the datasheet. It also means that, in the future, points for units could change without invalidating existing books – so if one unit or weapon starts to dominate tournaments, or certain units don’t seem to be carrying their weight in competitive games, we can address the balance.

RIP I will never forget you Genestealer Cults and Tyranids.


File: 8677cb495c48214⋯.jpg (50.99 KB, 600x772, 150:193, People told me this shitsu….jpg)


>No more free units

>But points are in a separate section of the book

There is enough room on the datasheets for both systems. It seems pretty pointless to separate them, especially since most people are just going to use points anyway(especially since you get free upgrades with power levels).



Welp, looks like the Tervigon is now a glorified Deep Strike beacon. Here goes the last good unit in the Codex.



At least there are still points. Shit sucks for tyranids, though.


Maybe guants will get a point decrease sufficient enough that players will be able to mass spam them?


So how many days are we betting in until GW completely ruins 40k?



That happened awhile ago lad.



Well, drive it more into the dirt then. How long until GW announces female space marines?



oh fuck off back to your other cancerous thread



They're going to throw in even more terrible rules soon.



That's what people say every edition change, without fail.



Nothing can be worse than 7e, nothing.




Just watch. Somehow GW will fuck up harder.



Wasn't almost every edition the worst so far?

>4e fish of fury

>6e grey knight stormraven gunship spam

>6e necron night scythe + doom scythe spam

>6e heldrakes

>5e grey knights









>In spite of the edition (and inevitable meta) shake-up, the life cycle of Warhammer 40,000 goes on.

>Powergamers are actively trying to break the system before it even comes out. For their part, the game designers claim they play-tested the shit out of 8th so that it isn't a broken mess (like 7th Edition), and specifically referred to stuff like deathstars as loopholes to be plugged, so they may yet evade (or at least slow down, because who are we really kidding?) powergaming. EDIT 5/9/17: the new rules on characters means that deathstars are no longer even remotely viable in 8th due to ICs being unable to join squads anymore. On the other hand, if they have less than 10 wounds they cannot be targeted unless they are the closest enemy unit. So…yay?

>The unification of the statline and the General trend to simplification is also going to mean that finding numerically optimized weapons and units is going to be much, much simpler.

>Neckbeards are raging over the "dumbing down" of the rules before most have even been revealed. Said gamers are blithely ignoring the fact that 7th edition is a broken bloated mess with so many different special rules, random charts, cheesy formations and supplements that it's almost impossible to keep track of what's what anymore. It's so bad that even Age of Sigmar is drawing more people in than 40k now, so maybe shaking up the meta is a good thing. Sure, the complainers have a point in that AoS was dumbed down as fuck compared to Warhammer Fantasy, but at the same time it also ended up vastly more successful and playable, so the point is debatable. Time will tell.

>Tournament Players are rethinking their lists since their 7th Edition "decurion formation detachments" are now invalid.

>Garagehammer guys are still in the garage doing their thing.

>Narrative guys are making their own rules and "forging a narrative", now aided by the "Narrative play" option.

>The general player base is stuck in the crossfire from the shit-flinging of the Neckbeards and Tournament players.

>G-Dubz is still trying to take your money, having increased prices by almost a third after the annoucement, but against all odds they seem to have lightened up ever so slightly.

>Overall, GW's claims that this will be the best edition yet are beginning to seem like they might actually hold up, or, at the very least, there's clearly more work and effort being put into trying to make it good than there has been in a very long time.

>This is probably going to be the best time for anyone who has been apprehensive about playing the tabletop to go empty their bank account (and sell their car, and a kidney.)



You just have to buy some book for them unless you want to play the casualfag game for retards. It's like you don't WANT to part with your shekels goy! Make sure to remember buying the Generals handbook update every year, as well as all the codexes!


And what are you going to do with that? You won't be capping any points that's for sure, and the whole enemy army can gang up on Magnus while he's in a corner trying to summon in your real troops.

Just don't start anything now, wait and see how the new crap turns out. For all their promises you'd have to be a retard to jut believe GW on their word that CSM is awesome now, even if they call themselves "new GW" or whatever.


Point cutting doesn't help much when it's a big expensive kit though.


>It's so bad that even Age of Sigmar is drawing more people in than 40k now

>also ended up vastly more successful and playable

You really outed yourself there shill.



>Clearly copy-pasted argument instead of making your own

>"We need a universal statline when there were only two to begin with"

>"Dann does entitled neckbeards worried about shit being dumbed down"

>implying AoS is bigger than 40k

>implying AoS was is a fucking good thing and only "complainers" were dissatisfied with it

>"Empty your wallets goy!"



1d4chan isn't well liked on imageboards. Please fuck off and die


File: 1327c8b11d62373⋯.pdf (1.68 MB, 03 Traitor's Hand.pdf)

File: 6d5fb3c66c5d819⋯.pdf (169.47 KB, Traitors-Gambit.pdf)


Since when, faggot? We've been using it for years, even on here.


Hiya, sunshine! Wanna book?






Don't think so.

Any news on when we can expect faction reveals?



Honesty i thought there would have been a faction focus thing yesterday but there wasn't, my guess would be the next one wont be until Monday but I've no idea


File: 679871972e92e35⋯.jpg (144.86 KB, 1000x619, 1000:619, New40kDamoclesTauChaos.jpg)



>The Cicatrix Maledictum, the great warp rift that split the galaxy in half, snuffed out the multi-system-spanning firestorm – the war for the Damocles Gulf is back on! With the Imperial defenders pressed hard on every front from Chaos incursions, reemergent Necron dynasties, and ravenous Tyranid hive fleets, the T’au were quick to react to the new opportunity. They launched their Fifth Sphere Expansion to fight back against these terrors of the galaxy, seeking out new worlds and claiming more territory for the Greater Good.

>Wait, fifth? What happened to number four?

>Yeah, about that. So, the dynamic and ever optimistic T’au might have been a little over-eager to embark on a new expansion.

>The Fourth Sphere Expansion fleet set off almost immediately once the fires in the Gulf had subsided, but with the Great Rift still raging through that region of space, all contact with them was soon lost. Were they all killed by some unknown attacker(s)? Did they just lose contact due to interference? Perhaps they entered the Warp – intentionally or not – becoming lost (or worse) in the violent empyrean tides? Maybe they will yet be found, or emerge somewhere unexpected in the galaxy, a lost portion of this optimistic new empire ever intent on conquest…

>more Tau dying

today is a good day



>chaos worshipping Tau show up later



>But what about Daemons in the new Warhammer 40,000? Let’s run through this preview one god at a time, shall we?

>Khorne blesses his devotees with an increased ability to reap skulls in his name. These models charge up the table taking skulls for the Skull Throne with Unstoppable Ferocity, which grants them a bonus attack and a point of Strength in combat if they charge or are charged. This turns already formidable melee units into killing machines! Your Bloodthirster will be a king of melee when he charges, as he should be.

>Tzeentch grants his minions the ability of Ephemeral Form, giving his Daemons +1 to their invulnerable saves. Wow, that’s good! A Lord of Change with that boost will be quite powerful indeed, with a 4+ invulnerable save and SIXTEEN wounds

>Slaanesh is all about speed, baby. They will almost always swing first in combat, even if they did not charge, due to their Quicksilver Swiftness special rule! This means even relatively fragile units such as Daemonettes can be a threat at all times. They’re one of my favourite units – I own nearly 100 of them at present (I might have a problem) – and I can’t wait to get them on the table.

>Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got Papa Nurgle and his motley crew. Probably the coolest models in the Nurgle Daemon line are the Nurglings, in my opinion. These little buggers were often taken in the past just to fulfil the Troop requirement, but in the new Warhammer 40,000, they will be taken for their ability to deploy near enemy models and engage them quickly, tying them up or simply getting in their way using their Mischief Makers special rule. That would normally be a very dangerous proposition for a unit of little guys, but the children of Nurgle are Disgustingly Resilient – which means they ignore wounds on a roll of 5 or 6!



Oh fucking hell.

Remeber how the Tau were irrelevant, taking only a few hundred systems on the backside of bumfuck nowhere? How it would take probably six to eight hundred years to be anything close to a threat to anything?

GW just used the Maw as a plot device to spread Tau fucking everywhere. An entire colony wave spread like Primarchs to their own unique habitats across the galaxy.

Q'orl will likely board and devour one of these ships, getting the warp skimming technology they desire.

On the bright side you can have Space Wolves and other Segmentum Solar centric forces fist their ugly faces and the event make sense.

Reminds me of how Beastmen followed a chaos incursion to explain how an Empire regiment could fight such a strong force within their borders. "Because the game company wants you to have the excuse."


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


…Fucking dammit, now some of them might wind up in our custom sector. Oh well, not until its main crisis is dealt with.

By the by, meet another of the Imperium's most heroic Commissars. Fimir mutants when?



>Fimir mutants when?

Never, because a.) they'd be considered xenos, and 2.) they breed by capturing human women, and that's extra heretical.



>The good news is that these crab-armed warriors are absolutely lethal, especially if taken in units of twenty or more models. In large units like this, the Graceful Killers special rule grants them a bonus attack with their Piercing Claws (which are resolved at AP-4 when you roll a 6+ to wound!) allowing them to slice through armour in melee.



File: 74a97b1762a2e32⋯.jpg (287.04 KB, 828x547, 828:547, 40K Chaos- Daemonette Rese….jpg)


>They’re one of my favourite units – I own nearly 100 of them at present (I might have a problem) – and I can’t wait to get them on the table.




The next white dwarf is coming out on the 16th of June rather than in the middle of the month

I hope that gives you a hint



Yes and no

It's going to be free for the Power level system but Points will still exist


File: d7c805482bef11a⋯.jpg (664.42 KB, 1000x555, 200:111, New40kStratagemsCommanders.jpg)

File: 54bc0c3c7f4d917⋯.jpg (282.35 KB, 1200x352, 75:22, New40kStratagemsTable.jpg)



>These represent your army’s commanders marshalling their forces and vital orders coming down from high command (that’s you!).

>Any army that is Battle-forged can use Stratagems, and as we’ve established already, it’s very easy to make a Battle-forged army. If your army is Battle-forged by the current rules of Warhammer 40,000, it still can be in the new edition.

>Battle-forged armies earn Command Points based on how efficient they are likely to be at the logistics of war. Armies with a balanced mix of unit types and plenty of troops will tend to have more to play with, and every army that is Battle-forged gets 3 Command Points to start with. Some units are such capable and experienced commanders that they give you additional Command Points just by including them. Bjorn the Fell-Handed, for example, the oldest living(ish) loyalist Space Marine, gets you an extra one just for showing up!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


New strategems, or a new overall mechanic?

Vid unrelated, DoW as an art film.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Someone actually gave it a shot.


File: 8e18b767936b2e4⋯.jpg (93.75 KB, 1080x1812, 90:151, yaranaika, commissar-kun.jpg)

Apropos of nothing, some OC the party drawfag did.


I learned something weird

Not sure if it got Retconned but in the Death World book in 5e it says that Fenris has heavily eclipsed orbit meaning it's winters are cold as fuck as you'd expect from Fenris and it's Summers are water boiling hot

Why the fuck is Fenris only shown as snowy every other time



Because muh vikings



The only thing I can think of is that M31.999 would be Winter



>With explosive violence, the world is torn asunder. Blazing islands rise from the steaming sea spewing flames, with lava pouring down their slopes. Below the surface, the waters boil into steam that engulfs Fenris with its sulphurous fumes. Great tidal waves scour the coastlines of Asaheim and the islands. Islands created in the upheavals of preceding years are cast into turmoil by this global transformation. Some endure, but many are broken apart or swallowed by the seas, engulfed in the churning waters and casting their unlucky inhabitants into the deeps. But the great lump of solid granite the Fenrisian tribesmen know as the polar continent of Asaheim always stands fast, a single, changeless continent on a world of fire, ice, ruin and torment.

From the sound of it the tribes stay on the bit that stays cold.



So by the sounds of things Fenris must have an incredibly long day or rotates in a way in that the one side always faces away from the sun




New Space Marine FAQ

>Primaris Space Marines do not replace regular (if a superhuman killing machine can be described as ‘regular’) Space Marines. These guys have a few extra genetic enhancements, thanks to Belisarius Cawl, and serve as additional reinforcements in the Adeptus Astartes arsenal, not replacements.

also no sign of female marines, they ever say "new brothers" a few times


File: e752242494230c6⋯.jpg (75.84 KB, 600x801, 200:267, 1465087110250.jpg)


Oh yeah and to answer >>311124

>Primaris Space Marines will be available alongside the new edition of Warhammer 40,000. Oh and while we’re on the subject, we’ll be announcing the release date before the end of this month…


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Oh and a trailer (holy shit I am slipping today)



Basically new space marines with some new organs that wont mean anything model wise, new armor ( which might look cool we'll see) some new kit options (or options for how they get kitted out) and that's it? fair enough then, doesn't seem too much to worry about by which i mean no femarines so that faggot from the other thread can suck it


>…release date before the end of this month…



Seems these Primaris guys are more accurate to the fluff of Marines being 8 ft tall. Kinda like the Thousand Sons and the upcoming other chaos Marines. I think making them an optional, more powerful choice is part of an attempt to represent them more as the super soldiers the fluff treats them as without having to invalidate all the Smurf armies already out there.



Didn't the haemonculi kidnap Nids before? Might as well kidnap half-nids.


File: b89d3fbbe6554fe⋯.png (353.97 KB, 438x381, 146:127, 2342452R452.png)

Tell me lads, was this a terrible time to start playing guard?



Nah, the new firing lines rules, new command options and new lasguns bring new shit for guard players.



Opposite tbh



I don't think there's ever been a better time to play guard.



tbh I've been thinking of starting a small guard regiment for shadow war that possibly most defiantly will expand because I've nothing to build atm






Alright, good. I ask simply because I bought some guard models semi recently and then suddenly 8th edition is coming out before I actually sat down with the rules of the game.



Check the thread, my good man.



File: 8dd024c9ce5111d⋯.jpg (241.1 KB, 1600x1018, 800:509, cadian guardsman.jpg)


Im so hyped about the firing lines and new lasguns rules, HHHHNNNNNGGGG MAH DICK



>mark X

What the fuck, they pulled a microsoft.



But all it really does is ruin the fluff with another pointless MORE ELITE ELITE ELITE SUPER SAYIAN MEGA HYPER PRIMARANE bullshit that they're literally pulling out of a hat.

I can't fathom why they couldn't just leave it at the new armour.



Unless, you know, you wanted to play with tanks and artillery. The Battlecannon is a complete joke now an it bodes ill for all other template weapons.


What happened to mk IX armour

Why did they skip it



What is Tzeentch's favorite number?


File: 67abcf9d78c76ef⋯.jpg (19.18 KB, 260x260, 1:1, 18e8a8f767fc4c72a2bd6a916d….jpg)

On the topic of the new power armor. If MKX takes all the good things from Crusade/Heresy variants, shouldn't all the nu-marines be wearing MKVI helmets with the superior senors in them? Besides, what advantages does a Maximus helmet provide over the current pattern?


File: ed98d9d7201297b⋯.jpg (123.4 KB, 1200x552, 50:23, 40kFFTauSnipers.jpg)

Anyone have an idea why the Sniper Drone datasheet has an extra entry in the Faction Keyword section? I know there was some teasing of a new faction coming, but other than that I have no idea.

A part of me wants to hope that this slot will become Ordo Xenos.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>superior senors


File: ec91fa80611755c⋯.jpg (251.43 KB, 1200x510, 40:17, IntercessorDataSheet.jpg)


Tau Septs most likely work like chapters - http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Tau_Sept

You can see that the Intercessors have <Chapter> as a faction keyword, so you can have your Intercessors be Space Wolves or Dark Angels, etc. Basically just means if you have sub-faction specific stuff, it will apply to them too.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's making me giddy with nostalgia!



>bolt pistols don't affect armor anymore

Also, is bolt rifle a new piece of wargear?



>Is the Bolt Rifle new?

Yeah, Primaris Space Marine's get them.

"That bolt rifle is pretty cool too. This is the iconic bolter armament of the Space Marines with a bit more kick. It has additional range and armour piercing punch over a standard bolt gun, meaning Intercessors will do well in a shoot-out against most current Warhammer 40,000 Troops units, and thanks to the new Strength vs Toughness system, they can even start to menace lighter vehicles, wounding any vehicle smaller than a Gorkanaut on 5’s and reducing its save by 1." - https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/15/primaris-space-marines-gaming-may15gw-homepage-post-4/



Ah, thanks for the info.


>want to buy some more Deamonettes

>don't want to buy any more models until new rules come out

It's like having a crack addiction.



>That means you can add Primaris Space Marines to your Ultramarines, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Iron Hands, Rainbow Warriors, or any other Codex Chapter you like, even one of your own invention.




Good lord this is going to be interesting



Would they still have gene seed from the lost primarchs hanging about?



If speculation is right, the Ultramarines were so numerous because Guilliman was the adopter of those two lost legions. Makes sense of their open welcome of the eventual Silver Skulls, treating them as equal sons of the same Primarch thereafter.


Is there any basis, fluff wise, for a guardsman army that gets hand me down equipment that is essentially a mishmash of shit I've bought off of ebay, or is it just ">yur dudes"?




They for sure have geneseed of all chapters of space marines.


either a penal regiment that has gained enough trust to be handed down unneeded equipment or a regument from a very poor planet that gets equiped with whatever they can get, you need to make them look ragtag anyway.



There's the old fashioned way of just making them several different armies that are depleted and joining up for a specific battle.

Though one thing I completely forgot about are that PDFs are a thing.

Maybe they started out as a PDF just collecting scraps, busted up tanks and vehicles, ripped coats, dented/cracked helmets, expired airfilters and just a whole host of "damaged but still serviceable" equipment that they mended, repaired, and repainted. Basically MSF in space. Are there any real world examples of armies that get by using a wide array of other people's leftover shit? I know that Israeli forces used Third Reich surplus early on, and that ISIS uses all of our shit we "left".


File: b2a2d78bcc350a4⋯.jpg (61.17 KB, 604x474, 302:237, 20e0d294963855183e3f00ccf1….jpg)


>Are there any real world examples of armies that get by using a wide array of other people's leftover shit?

Most militia's/uprisings use looted equipment for the most part, including civvie cars and the like.

Selous Scouts used equipment taken off dead commies as well wearing black face, which apparently worked to confuse the enemy


File: bc4680d3c8c7985⋯.png (266.25 KB, 455x872, 455:872, beee014e7de3584d4a0760a782….png)


Have them as the last troops left after a long bloody war with a chaos/genestealer whatever cult uprising, the army is full of conscripts wearing whatever they can find.



Why didn't they skip Nurgles Number then



If this means they're bringing back a lost Legion then this starts becoming interesting


What confuses me is how is there a Dreadnought for the "Primaris" marines when they've just rolled out of the line

How the fuck have some suffered battle injuries enough to be put in a Dread right off the bat



Maybe it's for marines that are in the 'sleep'/stasis they go into upon near death? It's a possibility at least



It seems to me we have yet to be given a sense of time scale.

Also it would make sense that they would use any dreadnought they have built right off the bat rather than let build up dust. First casualty, first internment.



Honestly why couldn't they just have had Girylman shit out a few new pieces of wargear instead of pulling the 'space marines but better' shit? It'd have been less radical of a fluff change and now pretty much every existing SM and Chaos character is of an inferior breed. Unless they intend to write fluff for older SMs feeling inferior and resenting all the promotions going to Primaris marines, I suppose, because that I could get behind. My paranoia is telling me they just wanted to make an expensive new set of overpowered models.



Come on now, Anon. It's GW, of course they want to make an expensive new set of overpowered models


>Some, Guilliman has forged into new Space Marine Chapters, whole brotherhoods comprised only of these new warriors.

Well now, that's interesting.

>Others he has offered to the existing Space Marine Chapters. Many Chapter Masters have welcomed their Primaris brethren into their ranks, accepting the new reinforcements gladly. Others, though, view these new creations with suspicion or outright hostility, claiming that the Emperor’s work should not have been meddled with.

So the question now is are they going to pull a new heresy with the special marines? That could let you move the story forward without actually changing too much:

1. Imperium pushes back impending doom with numarines, initially seems to be crusade round 2.

2. Numarines are denied leadership positions or rebel for some other reason (alternatively they cannot produce gene-seed and are doomed to slowly die out, Chaos marines fuck up their production centre etc etc).

3. Potential fluff power-creep problem is resolved but new patterns of armour and weapon are still around for GW to sell new models.

>But I play Chaos! Where are my super-super-human reinforcements?

>Secondly, did you not see the Death Guard teaser video? The Chaos Gods have not been idle – we guarantee there are some warp-charged hulking warriors on their way for you guys in the not too distant future.

Then again maybe they're just going to do Knights round two and give every faction a new big guy again no matter how hard they have to rape the fluff to fit them in. This is potentially a repeatable pattern, just keep power-creeping the fluff in cycles and all. It's ideal from a community relations standpoint too since you don't invalidate anyone's models, just make it highly attractive to buy a handful of the new elite units every few years.

>Though they are a step removed from their brothers, the Primaris Space Marines still bear the gene-seed of their Primarchs, and some dissenting voices worry how this new type of warrior will react with the known genetic quirks and flaws of some of the more unusual Chapters…

Possibly a hook for it not working well with the Space Yiffs.



I suspect that was just a bit of a joke, it'd fit their new 'we're so laid back you guys' style and all.



>Come on now, Anon. It's GW, of course they want to make an expensive new set of overpowered models

They could have done that without messing with the lore so heavily though, that's what annoys me. We're just seeing the 'give every faction an expensive Knight-equivalent' pattern again. Arguably flyers were the same thing too though there there was more of a fluff justification there and an existing FW set of rules so I'm less grumpy so this is potentially the third time it's happened.

I'm all for advancing the storyline but so far it still seems to be more about selling new models than telling actually original stories.



>I'm all for advancing the storyline but so far it still seems to be more about selling new models than telling actually original stories.

Imagine if GW was a model selling company and not a lore peddling business.



Marines that got injured/crippled in becoming a Primaris?


>It seems to me we have yet to be given a sense of time scale.

We have an exact time scale:

"For ten millennia, Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl has been working on a task set for him by the Primarch Roboute Guilliman: a new legion of warriors. Now, though the Imperium is poised on the brink of annihilation, his task is complete…"

- https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/15/a-new-breed-of-hero-may15gw-homepage-post-1/

It took 10,000 years to make them, or at the very least it took until Guilliman's arrival to give the green light for deployment. I'd imagine he commissioned them during or around the heresy specifically so at a baseline they'd be better than heresy era marines by a noticeable margin.


>Pretty much every existing SM and Chaos character is of an inferior breed

That's partly the point, but Chaos get mutations and warp powers to make up for it, also >imblyinggg Primaris marines can never defect.

I'd considered these "Movie Marines"; they actually get stats a bit closer to what the fluff portrays SM as. And they avoided the other option; making them worse. "Times are dire, so Guilliman commissions a way to make common guardsmen Lite-Marines." No. Just makes everyone less special.


>They could have done that without messing with the lore so heavily though

>Adding new things fucks with the lore

Well, I guess? The same way adding a new character to a show always fucks with the existing relationships. Thing is, it's 30 years old and they have to add new shit. People buy Space Marines, they'd be retarded not to support them as much as they do.

>inb4 "why aren't they doing thing I want?"


Pretty much.



>Imagine if GW was a model selling company and not a lore peddling business.

They could sell models and respect their lore anon, jewing things up isn't the only option.


>That's partly the point, but Chaos get mutations and warp powers to make up for it

And new models that must be purchased…

>also >imblyinggg Primaris marines can never defect.

Well nobody has ever defected with a fucking razorback or land speeder, apparently.

>I'd considered these "Movie Marines"; they actually get stats a bit closer to what the fluff portrays SM as.

That would be nice to finally see, I suppose.

>And they avoided the other option; making them worse. "Times are dire, so Guilliman commissions a way to make common guardsmen Lite-Marines." No. Just makes everyone less special.

Well yes, that would have been an even larger fluff-rape since SM are supposed to be elite. They still could have achieved the same thing by giving the better armour and guns out.



Selling the models goes above and before the lore, it's a tabletop wargame first, a lorefags paradise second.

As a chaos player, new models are always a welcome thing, I don't really care if the lore is fucked due to them being added, I want new models to build and use.



>Adding new things fucks with the lore

Not what I said: adding new things unnecessarily/without considering their impact on the universe as a whole is fucking with the lore without good reason. If GW actually want to use these numarines for an interesting storyline that standard marines couldn't have done then fine, if they're just adding another set of expensive models into the 'marines but a bit better on the tabletop' category at the cost of a major change in fluff that's stupid. Strictly speaking there is nothing to stop GW adding new things but more =/= better particularly when the new things are at odds with existing themes etc.

>Thing is, it's 30 years old and they have to add new shit. People buy Space Marines, they'd be retarded not to support them as much as they do.

They've been adding stuff last 30 years already, the model range has hardly been stagnant for three fucking decades. I'm also not expecting GW to ignore good business decisions and stop giving marines special attention: as I said they could just have given existing marine veterans the new armour and weaponry and still been able to sell new models. Numarines are hardly the only option GW have for making more cash they're just the laziest option that will also appeal to kids the most (Space Marines but cooler!). I'll retract this if they actually do something with them fluff-wise that isn't just a crusade normal marines with better equipment could have done instead but I doubt it.



>Selling the models goes above and before the lore, it's a tabletop wargame first, a lorefags paradise second.

It isn't a binary choice, both can be respected. 40k's continued success owes as much to its lore as anything else too: in the long-term protecting the lore matters.


File: ec91fa80611755c⋯.jpg (251.43 KB, 1200x510, 40:17, IntercessorDataSheet.jpg)

File: 18e1b4ed11cf466⋯.png (327.7 KB, 1200x514, 600:257, SMUnits.png)


>And new models that must be purchased…

There will never not be new models to purchase unless GW goes under. You're playing the tabletop equivalent of a soap opera; it's not made to end.

>Well nobody has ever defected with a fucking razorback or land speeder, apparently.

kek, true.

>They still could have achieved the same thing by giving the better armour and guns out.

Slight disagreement. Though giving slightly better stuff out to marines would improve those units, it's only incremental. You'd go "oh, nice new tech" and that's it, whereas these are meant to be better overall but with less of them, the eventual idea that you can field an entire Primaris force.

That said, Intercessors look like the halfway house between Tacticals and Terminators, and you can only have 5 of them in a unit (so far) so overall you actually have the same attacks and wounds per unit, but potentially less shots overall when both at full strength.


What lore is being fucked with that's making you Mad Online™ specifically?



>per unit

Unit in this case regarding the entire squad, not individuals within it.



>There will never not be new models to purchase unless GW goes under. You're playing the tabletop equivalent of a soap opera; it's not made to end.

I'm still allowed to bitch about it and I stopped giving GW money years ago.

>Slight disagreement. Though giving slightly better stuff out to marines would improve those units, it's only incremental. You'd go "oh, nice new tech" and that's it, whereas these are meant to be better overall but with less of them, the eventual idea that you can field an entire Primaris force.

Yes but from a fluff perspective it's just rehashing Space Marines' advantages unnecessarily.


File: 01da9dfb7b90ac4⋯.png (932.95 KB, 1194x660, 199:110, PrimarisMarines.png)


>I'm allowed to bitch about something I have no financial investment in

I can't stop you, but I can wonder why you'd give a fuck unless you're hoping the grapes sour.

I haven't bought GW in years either, but the 8th ed changes actually seem pretty good to me. My choices were ignore it completely or take a look and then either dislike it and move on with my life or like it and see what happens.

>Just rehashing Marines

Pretty much, but I like the new minis and I'm not so big into the lore that anything and everything could be a potential transgression so I'm just taking it as it cums.



>What lore is being fucked with that's making you Mad Online™ specifically?

If you actually read that post you'll see I'm not complaining about a specific retcon but about needlessly adding more to a setting that directly contradicts existing themes: the addition of Space Marines just mildly better adds nothing new and simply complicates existing lore. Existing themes is shit like the average SM no longer being the best of humanities warriors at the cost of a personal life etc he's just the second best. I'm not explaining it well but my analogy would be shit like FO3 and 4 compared to old Fallout: even though they don't generally directly contradict existing lore what they add is thematically damaging and completely unnecessary.

Out of interest are Sternguard/Vanguard veterans still a thing? That would seem to give us another intermediate step between Tactical Squads and termies.



>I'm allowed to bitch about something I have no financial investment in

I've still got whatever type of investment a person has in a fictional universe they care about. Emotional perhaps? That's not quite the right word but it's something like that.

>I haven't bought GW in years either, but the 8th ed changes actually seem pretty good to me. My choices were ignore it completely or take a look and then either dislike it and move on with my life or like it and see what happens.

>Pretty much, but I like the new minis and I'm not so big into the lore that anything and everything could be a potential transgression so I'm just taking it as it cums.

It will potentially play better on the TT and don't get me wrong I love the look of the new models I'm just annoyed about the path the lore is taking vs where it could go. It looks to me like we're just going to keep repeating the Knight-cycle of every faction having a new unit shoehorned in for this year's 'theme' (knights, normal troops but better, flyers) then abandoned fluff-wise a year later with the existing fluff forced to account for its sudden appearance. When you look at any of the recent SM additions (e.g. Centurions) they're just sitting in a fluff-role that was already taken and aren't used for anything worthwhile or even at all.



>"For ten millennia, Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl has been working on a task set for him by the Primarch Roboute Guilliman: a new legion of warriors. Now, though the Imperium is poised on the brink of annihilation, his task is complete…"

>Sheev is going to AotC the Imperium


File: 4cb23d3c6a3314e⋯.jpg (353.22 KB, 1366x695, 1366:695, Space-Marines-1.jpg)

Pessimism. Realism. Grimness. Darkness.

These are the hallmarks of the fourty first millennium. The centuries since the Emperor's intermnet have seen the dimming of the light, the diminishing of the glory of man. By this time a good half of the Imperium is under siege or else scoured of goodly life.

This however is no longer that time. The fourty second millennium is nigh upon us. A primarch has returned, and brought a unified vision as only one of their own can. This millennia has a warcry, has a cold and stalwart ally, and most importantly has a promise of answered prayers. This is a millennium of not only war, but golden providence.

An element of nobleness has returned to the grimdark, piercing it in twain. That which the great crusade fought for has come around again and though merely an echo it resounds to all human hearts as that which does and will succeed.

Let the naysayers prattle. As in reality so in Warhammer, noble pride has returned. Survival is an afterthought.


File: 8289cae6cbc1044⋯.jpg (158.22 KB, 806x695, 806:695, a4a4f777b1149aebdd282630c1….jpg)





Many that appear by all counts to be pessimists and selfish claim instead they are being 'realistic'. Like the U.S. practising 'real politik' rather than holding fast to their supposed morals and principles.

'We must save the orphans, there is time, the fire has not yet reached the second floor!' To which one may reply, 'they're as good as dead'.




Pessimism ≠ Pragmatism

Saying "The kids are as good as dead" is a realistic view if the scenario they are in would normally lead one to believe that they are in all likelihood either already dead, will die before they can be reached, or the people that could save them would die trying meaning the kids still die. If it's practically feasible to save those kids with minimal loss of life, then a realistic pragmatic solution is to have whoever is best able (and suitably compensated, eg. Firefighters) save the kids. Pessimism is just fatalism; it's all fucked so why bother. Pragmatism is realistic assessment; we're gonna have to let it go, we can't do anything here but we could with the next, etc.

40k is not realistic, nor pragmatic. Everything is ramped up as high as it can to ludicrous levels. Taking it seriously is dumb.


File: 305b71b1d7ba7ca⋯.jpg (69.38 KB, 1000x358, 500:179, New40kDarkImpGuilliman.jpg)


The Indomitus Crusade & the Dark Imperium:

> “Roboute Guilliman gathered his new armada. Along with elements of the Adeptus Custodes, a small contingent of the Silent Sisterhood, and a vast war host of Primaris Space Marines from many newly founded Chapters, the Primarch set a winding course. Strike forces from over a dozen pre-existing Chapters of Space Marines, led by the Imperial Fists, joined the fleet. Thus began many new legends as Guilliman travelled to aid beleaguered planets, breaking sieges and sweeping away invaders to bring hope back to the desperate defenders. It was not long before word began to spread, as all those planets that could receive astropathic messages hailed the return of a hero out of myth. Once more, one of the demigods of the past fought for the Imperium of Mankind.”



>crusade from terra

>still no terran pdf/solar auxilia




Maybe they'll show up down the line? I mean, we never thought they'd release custodes and sisters of silence, and yet here we are.



I'm not so sure. It's easy enough to justify super-super-super-humans and elite psykers being needed abroad, but why would the local pdf - even if it's the best one in the imperium - have the resources or numbers to send units across the galaxy?

It seems like a niche enough thing that you'd be better off converting some scions or regular guardsmen. But hey, I would have said the same thing about converting regarding the Custodes with Marines. So who knows?



PDF get recruited into the guard all the time. It's not a stretch to imagine that, in this time of need, the High Lords would allow a guard regiment to be founded from the PDF of Terra, if it hasn't already happened.


>New Chapters and warriors that can resist the tide of chaos





The thing with the terran PDF, is that they are all gene-enhanced badasses, the lowest soldier there would be kasrkin level.

Also, terra is not allowed to create guard regiments or space marines chapters, they are excented fro mthe tithe, that could change now though.



you can always use the 30k ones anon, there might be a chance of some rules for using 30k units in 40k in 8th



But i want to read their exploits though.



So begins the Age of Ultramar



Yea if GW is any smart they'll either port in the FW rules or at least make some kind of special rules to represent different patterns of Guardsmen. Cadians for general purpose, Cathacans as guerillia fighters, DKoK as siege and attrition specialists, Elysians for fast attack drop troops, Steel Legion for mechanised and SA as heavy armoured voidsuit boys.

Can't really think of any specific roles for the others though.



>GW is any smart

Well there was your first and last mistake.






Hokay, boys, who wants to roll up a brand new guerilla regiment?



Shock and awe still needs to be filled



>Hokay, boys, who wants to roll up a brand new guerilla regiment?

fuck it sure, going with this https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Imperial_Guard_Regiment_Creation_Tables yeah?



Solarauxilia, since thisis coming from terra.



Go for it.



>shock and awe

Shit, savlar chemdogs?

Althought they are mostly COIN, with their lootings and rapings and such.



alrighty h-here I go

>Regiment Classification

rolled 8 penal legion

>Recruitment Criteria

rolled 99 (rolld3+1 times)

not sure if I understand this one fully pls no bully it's my first time

rolled 6,17,66

6-all male

17-all female

66-vat grown

alternatively we could also go with gangers or convicts as a default

>nature of recruitment

rolled 6 standard conscription

alternatively we could take punishment/Redemption/recycling as a default

>Home world

rolled 21

hive world

>home world terrain

rolled 13

jungle world

>core units

rolled 22 infantry


guerilla (predetermined)

>loyalty rating

rolled 2 fanatical

>special equipment

rolled 86 preffered fighting style

>regiment creed

rolled 28 for the homeworld

>regiment friends

rolled 46 Adepta Sororitas

>regiment enemies

rolled 32 eldar

Seems both plain and contradictory at the same time.



Now, flesh-on-bones, boyo! Work with these contradictions and what they could mean!


File: 50e494e7feb5863⋯.jpg (76.55 KB, 400x400, 1:1, catachans-codex-400x400.jpg)


A failed batch of vat grown troops (due to air pollution caused by the Hive World and the Jungle around them) They are split into male and female segregated regiments to avoid any chance of them breeding, instead of merely euthanising them, the techpriests decided to send them to war.

During their growth period they were fed large amounts of imperial propaganda, and believe that the emperor himself is their father, making them fanatical warriors who exist to strike fear in the hearts of his enemies via suicidal ambushes, preferring to die in his name and their homeworld (which they believe is the Emperors homeworld as well).

They also idolise the Catachan Jungle Fighters (due to both their worlds being jungles, and due to being forced to watch a large amount of Sly Marbo films) to such an extent that they have copied their name, but due to their Hive Cities accent and slang, it sounds more like "Cathacan".

Something like that tbh, you could do better I just came up with it in a few minutes.




I ended up with

"Hailing from a Hive World surrounded by dense jungle. Vat born children whom are malformed are offered up to the local Sororitas for a second chance at life, they are essentially prisoners from birth and are executed if they try and escape their fate, though most will be weeded out through training.

The women go on to join the Sororitas in one way or another, and the men are formed into a servant cabal. Specializing in Guerrilla warfare, they stalk out their targets, leading them into elaborate flame based traps, before disappearing back into the jungle or hive they are operating in.

Due to the teachings instilled in them by the Sororitas, they are fanatically loyal to the emperor. They hope earnestly that their sacrifice will earn them the respect, and honor of their homeworld and societies which tossed them as infants. also fuck eldar"


File: 119fac170bddae4⋯.png (54.25 KB, 197x142, 197:142, Choo-Choo.png)


GW already state that FW models will get rules when 8th is released. The big question is what happens to heresy armies.

>at least make some kind of special rules to represent different patterns of Guardsmen

I am honestly surprised the more popular Guard regiments haven't already gotten the legion treatment. Maybe they are saving it for a big guard update/release of update models?




Okay, boyos, now why do they hate the Eldar with the force of the Emprah?



Because Eldar are fagets



Space elf fags dared to attack their savior sisters temple ofc. Could also be that The Eldar are close to the Human form yet are still Xenos, could cause some kind of extra hate in the malformed guardsmen.



I like that, but…

>Craftworld Eldar usually only attack places for a handful of specific reasons

…Uh oh.



Could be Lugganath shitters thinking that the planet they are on is a webway portal.



Doesn't need to be craftworld, could be a group of pirate Eldar looking for slaves.



They act like a bunch of stuckup bitches. Although if you give a Farseer a firm spanking or two she tends to become chill, casing point how Macha is sort of pally with the Blood Ravens now


File: 89b5d23fb2cf8a3⋯.jpg (52.84 KB, 500x500, 1:1, RumourEngineMay17.jpg)

>this weeks rumor mill

>tfw the Lion might be back

inb4 it's age of Sigmar stuff



Fuck I was going to post this


I think Hersey is going to stay the same, so then that way they can further distinguish the two systems


Ok I Asked my local GW guy, he said that Mk IX armour wasn't skipped and is a thing and there is a reason it went straight to X at the time being, and that Mk IX armour should be coming at some point



Maybe afailed pattern or an upgrade for normal marines?



Funny since mk.VIII had barely rolled out. I'd say most chapters had more Indomitus armour than Errant.



As heretical as this might sound, how would a farseer change after application of handholding and a good dicking?



>inb4 it's age of Sigmar stuff

it looks like a pauldron of sorts, but there is no marine stuff around or behind it.

might be the high elf lion shitters



No doubt but I also want it to be The Lion



Give her the belt and she'll suck you off



What would I have to do to make her into a cute, loving, housewife who likes to cuddle up to me and wants kids?

Or am I going too far?


File: 74123e44e7a2a2d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 303.16 KB, 1005x821, 1005:821, Lightning wifey.png)


Same way you do it with all women. Showing them a firm hand!


File: 8df6dc026643113⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 129.81 KB, 243x319, 243:319, ClipboardImage.png)



Well Its one of two things:

A. A new High-Elf white lions model.

B. A new Dark Angel sculpt.

I doubt it'll be The Lion, since we don't know what his exact issue is. Plus we have yet to learn the full story with his sword and why Cypher has it. Not only that, we don't know if Cypher has escaped yet or what he even plans to do with the sword. Does it have The Lion's soul? Is The Lion trapped inside like a demon? Or does it just drain souls and the last person to go was The Lion? Does this effect only work on those who wield the sword? Does it work by stabbing someone then stealing their soul?



Cypher wasnt trpped by the custodes, the custodes are trapped with him.

I really want to know what he wants to do in the throne room.




I knew the name changes were going to be awful, but fuck that's bad. Eldar isn't even difficult to copywrite like space marines and imperial guard




You only have two turns to bring in your reserves now, or they're destroyed. This is going to fuck over a lot of units if it isn't balanced.



That needs a Macha edit.



Ah well. Wake me for another big event, like a new faction or Blood Angels fighting Nids.



Could have sworn they already had a special name. Guess this is the High Gothic version though. False to assume the Eldar's own word would be similar.




The Dark Elves had Druchii, so they have a similar root and it's been combined with Aeldari so GW can copyright everything.

Don't really give a shit, everyone's gonna keep calling them Dark Eldar, much like everyone keeps calling Astra Militarum IG.


File: 82c9b72fc328db5⋯.gif (858.67 KB, 811x541, 811:541, macha engaging in the trad….gif)


I approve.


File: ebd4a70a2695585⋯.jpg (14.19 KB, 300x297, 100:99, ebd4a70a2695585e575bead391….jpg)



Now I don't normally rag on Macha, but this actually looks bad.

Also, how does an IG regiment that's stylized after the human resistance from the first two Terminator movies sound?



I-i like it ;_;

And that depends on if they have a connor or no, and an ordo xenos involved in order to prevent him being killed with warp time-fuckery.



Who's the Terminator in this scenario? Necrons, or a few last Men of Iron stragglers?



You mean the Ordo Chronos, surely.


A daemon of Tzeentch, I say.

Speaking of time stuff, I just uncovered something a touch unnerving in Dark Heresy 1st Ed:

The prophecy issued by the Gilded Widow in House of Dust And Ash (p219): "The black sun burns and he comes, riding its wake (…). At its passing the eye shall be snuffed out, the carrion lords thrown down, and the hungering ones torn from the outer dark.'

Okay, the Eye of Terror/Astronomican(?), the Slaugth, and… the Tyranids. What the fuck would it have done/will do to the Tyranids?



Sounds like Malice comes by way of the Tyrant star, snuffing out or converting large swathes of the outer galactic Tyranids and closing the Eye of Terror. The other warp storms of the time would likely remain, but still. The carrion lords might refer to either the lords of terra, the lords of change, or Nurgle beautiful greater sons.

If they bring that prophecy back I believe we'll see a 'hodgepodge' faction, where any unit from any army can be used. Malice, pure chaos.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I choose to see it more as some ineffable cosmic force of darkness that twists or destroys everything in its shadow, human, xenos, or daemon. Remember that the daemon Haarlock imprisoned on Sinophia was terrified of his (and the Star's) return. Daemons have contempt for their rivals, not desperate fear.

Still, I rather like the idea of a hodgepodge army, all hideously pale and warped.



She got an Imperial Fisting



Cypher doesn't have his sword


What are some of the more unusual imperial guard regiments you guys thought of?

I had two. One dedicated solely on anti-air with plenty of hydras and sabre gun platforms.

The other is dedicated solely to maintaining and operating deathstrike missile launchers.

How well do you think these would go fluff wise?


File: 2af3ec54db6d0e9⋯.jpg (75.02 KB, 350x260, 35:26, 337845.jpg)


>The other is dedicated solely to maintaining and operating deathstrike missile launchers.

>Literally Imperial Guard Exterminatus Unit

>More Deathstrike Missiles than you have troops

>Invade our world and we'll blow it up with you on it!




>vehicles can fight in melee

>deathrollers might be great again

>charges instead of tank shock

Also, an Annihilation barge is only T6 with a 4+ save. That seems a little fragile.


File: 0657237b068bc58⋯.png (24 KB, 349x235, 349:235, sheeh2.png)


>Vehicles have -1 to hit for heavy weapons if they move




>No more facings

Part of me is really upset that they removed one of the few parts of the game that actually requires putting thought into positioning your units. I like the new wound system though so I'm kind of in between.



You weren't really planning on using all those tank cannons were you?



I just want to know how blast weapons are supposed to work now.


File: c89bbe772772ba6⋯.png (225.33 KB, 825x667, 825:667, Adeptus smugstartes.png)

Rate my list:

Ultramarines Combined Arms Detachment (250 pts)

>ML2 Librarian (90 pts)

>2x Scout Squad (110 pts)

>Aegis Defense Line(50 pts)

Imperial Knight Oathsworn Detachment (350 pts)

>Roboute Gulliman (350 pts)

Imperial Knight Oathsworn Detachment (350 pts)

>Roboute Gulliman (350 pts)

Imperial Knight Oathsworn Detachment (350 pts)

>Roboute Gulliman (350 pts)

Imperial Knight Oathsworn Detachment (350 pts)

>Roboute Gulliman (350 pts)

Imperial Knight Oathsworn Detachment (350 pts)

- Roboute Gulliman (350 pts)

>mfw this is actually legal



This. Especially for deathstrikes. Pie plates were easy to work with. Everything under the plate or touching it is fucked.



Watch IG tanks still have guardsman ballistic skill. Enjoy hitting on a 5+ at best.

This kills the demolisher




Blast weapons are now just random rolling with no scatter. No on knows how the fuck arty is going to work with this system though.


File: e85937a2f43b931⋯.jpg (60.47 KB, 612x1024, 153:256, e85937a2f43b93125ffd4f1d8f….jpg)


Care to show me a demo on it?



If I spent a decent chunk of my tax returns sure. I'd have to give each Gulliman a different mustache



>no scatter

but part of the fun was the risk of blowing your own shit up. Also, it meant that an opponent couldn't shoot their big guns if you got too close to their own troops, encouraging tactical thinking on both sides. It's too forgiving now.



>I just want to know how blast weapons are supposed to work now

Going from how the flamer works and the Frag/Krak grenade profiles on the Primaris datasheet:

If it's a frag blast or equivalent, you roll for the number of hits it assigns to the unit. (These hits can all be assigned to one model, so if a frag missile hits a lone marine, you aren't just wasting one wound, you could hit it potentially 6 times, each conferring a potential wound.)

If it's a krak blast or equivalent, it hits once and you roll for the number of wounds it assigns that hit automatically provided the initial hit happened.

In the same boat as everyone else regarding artillery. They have 100% said templates are gone, so it may just be "3D6 hits" and scatter dice is "Roll to hit the unit the dice point to, if it points to no one, it's a miss"



So having a small unit may longer be a defense against blast weapons, as that just means more potential wounds on a smaller amount of models.



Correct, though the same "Frag doesn't do shit against armour" applies. In regards to single figure units (characters, for example) it means an explosive is about as powerful as it should be and, if successful, would blow them up and do damage rather than being a single wound (bullshit).

Basically you don't need to worry about coherency to the same degree to avoid blasts/flamers because it's not determined that way anymore, but if you have low numbers you wanna hope they have armour enough to not get blown the fuck out.


File: ae4ab4c73031c2d⋯.png (43.34 KB, 216x338, 108:169, what.PNG)




They haven't sold them on their own for ages, you gotta buy the 3 pack you filthy goyim.



still available in UK lad just checked


File: 11e8118f902799c⋯.png (286.84 KB, 768x618, 128:103, NoCadianTeam.png)


File: 5359f0a23b94fec⋯.jpg (19.92 KB, 294x300, 49:50, 5359f0a23b94fec1655183f1c7….jpg)


So something I just noticed about this is that the frag and krak grenades are their own type, instead of "Rapid Fire" or "Assault". So they might have rules completely different than what we're used to.


[concern intensifies]



I think it'll be more so all grenades across every army can be listed as having the 'Grenade' weapon type which you can refer to, which will most likely be similar to what we have already (can only throw them on the charge, etc.)



>both of those

Go on…Fluff em!




Regiment Origin

>Regiment Classification

8 - Penal Legion: Scum, criminals, murderers. Watch them closely.

Regiment Demographic

>Recruitment Criteria

58 - Born on asteroids, off-world hab-stations, or the vessels of the Imperial Navy.

>Nature of Recruitment

3 - Elite Tithe: The best of the best of the planet were recruited for this regiment.

Regiment Homeworld

>Home World

36 - Feral World: They fight like wild animals in the Skyfather's name.

>Home World Predominant Terrain

92 - Agriworld: Sturdy, hard-working types, glad to be off the farm.

Regiment Tactical Information

>Regiment Core Units

38 - Light Infantry


7 - Ranged Combat

>Loyalty Rating

7 - Undisciplined: Will follow the Emperor but don't expect them to bow to authority figures.

>Special Equipment

52 - Blessed Wargear

>Regiment Creed

11 - For the Homeworld: This regiment's mission is to demonstrate the skill and steel of the homeworld to the rest of the Imperium.

Regiment Relations

>Regiment Friends

39 - Adeptus Mechanicus

>Regiment Enemies:

27 - Orks

>Minor Xenos Species

84 - Loxatl



I can crunch up some stats for the anti air one easily enough in Only War. The deathstrike one would be costly and probably limited in number but doable with some homebrew.

No clue how to fluff them out. I'm crap at fluff.



Could be a repackaging, like putting three in one box, that way you have to buy a box of three even if you only want one. Or they could be making a slight change. I highly doubt they are removing them forever.


Style them like the Minute Man crews during the Cold War. Small crews that had to operate extremely deadly weaponry and required knowing a huge set of codes and protocols in case something happened.



I like this idea. Do we know how many we'll be able to take in 8th? Whats the current amount, 20 or something?


File: 6d0e6f08279a507⋯.jpg (15.11 KB, 1200x87, 400:29, New40kCCWPowerfist.jpg)

File: a0e92293d5ac72f⋯.jpg (15.66 KB, 1200x86, 600:43, New40kCCWChainsword.jpg)

File: af1b1d0af96af9c⋯.jpg (17.23 KB, 1200x121, 1200:121, New40kCCWPowerWeapons.jpg)



>Even the humble chainsword gets a boost. No longer just a standard combat weapon, the iconic combat weapon wielded by the Adeptus Astartes and many other forces, now gives its bearer more attacks in combat. Perfect for grinding through hordes of low armoured troops, the chainsword now functions on the battlefield how it always has in your head. This change also helps differentiate dedicated combat troops from those just wielding improvised or side-arm weapons.



Despite all these changes, one question has yet to be answered: Are the rules going to be written better so as to prevent rules lawyering?



I like it.


I don't think it's possible for any set of rules to be written that well, it's a failure of language.



Call me when they make Choppas more than just a generic close combat weapon.



The fact that they haven't even mentioned it even though Orks is the primary "close combat army" is making that look rather doubtful.

No, I assume they'll make the new Primarine style Orks really awesome though, so you'll have to buy a bunch of boxes of those…




I'd say to the contrary, if even the basic Chainsword's getting a +1A I don't see Choppas not getting 'some' buff, even if it's D2 or AP-1 or something.



So, uh, they hate both Orkz and Loxatl, huh? Combat against Blood Axe mercenary hires?


Well, hit me with your rolls first, and I'll put my own autism to the test.


Damn, the 40k general on cuckchan is fucking cancerous,it's gone beyond shitposting into full retardation



Fuck it, may as well fluff it up:

Halatia is a Feral World of hunter-gatherers born to penal colonists that inhabit the surrounding asteroid belt as part of a joint mining/training operation by the Imperium. Prisoners harvesting materials in the Emperor's name are 'encouraged' to breed, with their offspring being claimed as Imperial property and taken planetside once old enough to have received a basic education, left with nothing but a lasgun and an Imperial standard blanket. Halatia's terrain is relatively tranquil and arable, but hosts Ork tribes and native Loxatl that terrorize the youth as they grow through the Halatian Agoge. They are monitored throughout, with those surviving to the age of maturity being judged. The weak and cowardly are executed, their parents sterilised. Those that merely survive are repurposed for menial needs such as serving the Mechanicus and their machines that quarry the asteroids, but those that thrive are Chosen for service in the Emperor's name as they leave those younger to fend for themselves against the green tides.

Once back amongst the asteroids, should they still retain their lasgun it is blessed by the Mechanicus as ritual for completing their test. These Halatians are then trained and educated, with common planetside incursions to maintain Ork populations and teach modern ranged warfare to cultivate them from hardy warriors to dependable soldiers. A strange mix of pride and disgust permeates the ranks of men born and raised brutally to succeed, and succeed they did. Survivors of a grim adolescence now acutely aware of their lowly parentage and ownership by those that endanger them, they maintain a pragmatic if undisciplined view; they may dislike the Imperium for their apparent disregard for humanity they cannot argue with the results that made them who they are. Ultimately, they have no choice. They property of the Emperor, fighting to prove their existence is worth the Halatian Agoge.



>beyond shitposting into full retardation

I only go there for the HH general when a new book drops, and that is 50% shitposting.

Please give us an example



>I only go there for the HH general when a new book drops

wish that was a thing here tbh



Someone buying FW books, scanning them, and uploading them here? Or an completely unnecessary general?



well when you put it that way..

i just quite like the novels but refuse to go to halfchan no bully plz




Theres some russian facebook site that has a guy putting pdfs of the HH books a week or so after they drop.


And pretty much everything else 7th ed.



yeah i got gathering storms books off there fuck paying for them, but I'm more of an audio book guy for heresy i like them on when i build or paint or go to sleep, getting harder to find torrents for them though sadly



If you say anything remotely positive about 40k you're called a shill

Tripfags non-stop

Every passable post is followed by 10 low effort shitposts, like fucking BRAAAP-posting, le gay dark angels maymay and whatnot


It looks like there's been a general crackdown on torrents lately, unfortunately



yeah it sucks balls, i only need like #25, the new garro one and the shattered legions as well,

this far in am i fuck forking out for them now is there not meant to be like another 20 or so to come?




4chan is infested by Reddit, you just need to take a look at the state 1d4chan is in to get an understanding of how bad it is.



1D4's actually in better shape than it was two years ago.



That's mainly due to people on here trying to fix the place, it's still suffering from the mods and editors being all reddit users (one of them even admits to never browsing /tg/ on his talk page)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I am so very sorry.

Otherwise, that's pretty damn metal.


I just want be psyker, so bad. Any tips?



>please give us an example

Jesus fuck I thought you got banned. An excellent example is an autist which is always in every thread bitching about how every army but space marines is an "NPC" race. Or the fact that half the threads I've ever seen degenerate into /pol/ vs. reddit.



>A feral world named after a Love live song

I highly approve of this



Follow instructions for making tulpae. Congratulations, you've just made your very own daemon!



Ok, back from work. Rolled up stuff for both regiments.

Anti-Air dudes

>Regiment Classification

Penal Legion: Scum, criminals, murderers. Watch them closely.

>Recruitment Criteria

Abhumans: Ratlings, Ogryn, and other such useful creatures.

>Nature of Recruitment

Standard conscription: Average or above-average citizens recruited from all levels of society.

>Home World

Civilized World: Soft as clay before the firing of the kiln; war is their crucible.

>Home World Predominant Terrain

Desert: At home in sun, sand and wind.

>Loyalty Rating

Adherent: Hold fast to the Creed and His will.

>Special Equipment

Specialized Lasgun Pattern (Thinking some heavy, long ranged, full-auto version for anti-air)

>Regiment Creed

Esoteric Beliefs

>Regiment Friends

Imperial Guard (of a specific world)

>Regiment Enemies:


Minutemen Deathstrike guys

>Regiment Classification

Imperial Guard: A true regiment, drilled and competent in their service.

>Recruitment Criteria

All male [m/f ratio adjustable]

>Nature of Recruitment

Elite tithe: The best of the best of the planet were recruited for this regiment.

>Home World

Shrine World: They charge into battle eagerly, and their very prayers are warcries.

>Home World Predominant Terrain

Jungle: Masters of stealth and inured to disease.

>Loyalty Rating

Adherent: Hold fast to the Creed and His will.

>Special Equipment

Special Vehicle (If the deathstrike itself isn't special enough already.)

>Regiment Creed

For the Emperor: Fervent belief in the Imperial cult and the righteous mission of the Imperium fuels this regiment.

>Regiment Friends

Adeptus Astartes (a specific chapter)

>Regiment Enemies:

Specific Chaos-aligned group




>those aussie prices

jesus christ



Except for a few things where it's in our favour Like the Taurox and Baneblade which hover around the US price, the Valyrie which certainly isn't It's $110 here everything is matching the exchange rate approximatly


File: 5d7a8de0047aad6⋯.jpg (183.05 KB, 1000x629, 1000:629, 40kFFKnights3.jpg)

File: 0507ba52769880f⋯.jpg (64.25 KB, 800x552, 100:69, 40kFFKnightsDetachment.jpg)

Forgot to post this yesterday


>Though you don’t often see large numbers of Knights in a single army, those few are easily the match for many armies, and thanks to the new Super-Heavy Detachment, you’ll still be able to field them all on their own if that’s how you roll.

what joy


Did anyone here get into shadow war: Armageddon then?



I tried it and the rule about having to shoot at the target easiest to hit really turned me off.

Also I already have Infinity for skirmish.



I play it with my gf sometimes, and im trying to organize it for my monthly gaming night, mainly so i can get people started with an army and lure them into 40k with 8th ed


File: d8273ec20308688⋯.jpg (157.25 KB, 1000x619, 1000:619, New40kStrongholdNidsMarine….jpg)


File: 1c616f122a31ab5⋯.png (233.74 KB, 620x640, 31:32, 1c616f122a31ab591ca3b639ac….png)


>fortifications have a stat line



You can now blow up walls I guess.



>Get to blow up bunker for 1 CP

>Get your dudes to not die when bunker is blown for 1 CP

Sounds like they came up with one thing, then another to counter the first. Not too bad. I haven't played since 4th ed, but if we can now destroy terrain then ok.



Yea but only about three games before going over to a Inquisimunda hombrew thing. The regular SWA rules are just too simple and lacking in campaign stuff.



> The regular SWA rules are just too simple

thats the plan, you try teaching drunk nomies 40k :^)


File: 9bf9728563f02b4⋯.jpg (274.72 KB, 1400x873, 1400:873, Khorne Bikers.jpg)

Is there any homebrew or additional stuff for Combat Patrol? Or does that all fall under "Kill Team,etc?"



What's their movement speed?



Don't forget that the ion shield covers the entire knight now that facings are gone.


This unified statline shit will fucking kill 40k if they aren't careful. I'm all for streamlining, but I think I can remember two to three different statlines. My ADD isn't that bad.



Super Heavy Detachment isn't interesting for Knights, as that's what they've always had

But it is interesting for Guard, Eldar, Orks, and Necrons


File: f2f78a93c8d59df⋯.jpg (129.04 KB, 1000x675, 40:27, New40kTransportsRazorback.jpg)

File: 03a24b3f9d20159⋯.jpg (122.08 KB, 1000x439, 1000:439, 40kFFTyranidsHormagaunts.jpg)


>In the new Warhammer 40,000, Transports are almost universally, better: they are more durable, faster, many are better at shooting, and all have fewer limitations on the units disembarking from them. For example, a unit disembarking from a Transport is no longer prevented from charging that turn.

>Units now disembark at the start of the Movement phase, before the Transport moves, but can then move, shoot and fight normally in that turn. This opens up loads of tactical options for both shooting and combat themed armies, especially now that multiple units can share a single Transport up to its capacity.




>unit of boyz charges out of a battlewagon

>battlewagon charges in right after them

And now instead of having to take an armor save, if we even got one, we just have to not roll a one. This is looking pretty good.



Cool. Mob armies now have a chance to weather shooty armies and get in close.

Except Tyranids. Their troop carry is several editions discontinued.



Gee I wonder what those things in the picture with the Goliath could be?


File: c3db3f83a186bb4⋯.jpg (117.67 KB, 1000x633, 1000:633, New40kTransportsGoliath.jpg)


They look like nurgle daemons of some sort



Yeah, you can see a plaguebearer in the back. The things on the right are probably going to be part of the incoming death guard models.



Oh man, i thought those were arbites for a second and got exited.


The art has gotten worse, universally - both for ex-Fantasy and 40k. It's only downhill from here.



It certianly isn't as iconic as it once was, but bad? I have yet to see Liefield proportions on anyone.



it's certainly more boring



Am I the only one who likes it when I see two "bad guy" factions fighting each other?



Not at all. Chaos vs Tyranids or Necrons and Necrons versus Tyranids are especially cool. And how I see the Galaxy being "saved."



It's become very flat and boring.




>In Cities of Death games, these bonuses get even better – if a unit does not move, its cover bonus from being in a ruin is increased from a +1 to their Armour Save to +2, representing the unit digging into cover and fortifying their position. This can make even a humble Guardsman squad difficult to shift, and a power armoured unit all but invulnerable.

Fire Warriors are gonna fuck things up again.

>It’s not just Infantry though, flying units will do very well in Cities of Death games, as they are able to leap from rooftop to rooftop easily. Some of these units will be Infantry as well! Imagine facing an entire army of Night Lords Raptors in the twisting streets of a ruined hive, and you start to understand what terror means…

I don't think they have actually covered Jumping or Flying units yet?



>It’s not going all Infantry’s way of course. There are solutions to dug-in enemies. Grenades for example. Any Grenade thrown at a unit in ruins will always count as having rolled the maximum number of shots (6, in the case of a frag grenade) and can reroll to wound thanks to the “Fire in the Hole” mission rule.

just nade them mate


File: b4ef44e39d7799c⋯.jpg (171.19 KB, 1000x763, 1000:763, New40kCitiesofDeathCorinth.jpg)





It's because the new digital art is incredibly clean in regard to edge quality and more 'fleshed out'. The previous art was more classical in that it left things unfinished in a way that your mind just filled it in. They need to go back to traditional art again, or at the very least artists that aren't sticklers for perfect images.



I wonder if that applies to grenade launchers, or if you have to get up close and personal to dislodge infantry.



Both i would imagine since they would follow the "grenade" rule



ive been trying to find the audio books for garro and shattered legions for a couple weeks. can't find shit.


This weekend I went to the Warhammer store near my house just to see what was up. I've always enjoyed building models, and the guy at the store convinced me to get a starter set. What have I gotten myself into? Are there cheap alternatives to all the paints and shit that they sell? I'd like to have cool models without spending thousands of dollars on paints I'll only ever use once or twice.



damn….new starter set comes out next month with 8th edition rulebook. hope u didn't like the new DG and Chadmarines



Do we have any information on what the new starter will be? Marines plus whatever, I'm assuming.



Death Guard and Primaris Marines


File: 3215ea325329dea⋯.jpg (83.32 KB, 1300x1125, 52:45, 3215ea325329dea4b51b8e0821….jpg)


>two marine armies




have to pay homage to Ward's hard on for Ultramarines, as well as show off the new Death Guard models, so what better way than putting them into one set



How about Death Guard vs Imperial Guard?



That has more or less always been the case. Marines simply are 40k's posterboys.



But it used to be Marines plus some sort of horde army, to balance it out. Nowadays it feels like nothing but marines. Shit's boring.



>2nd Ed. SM vs Orks

>3rd Ed. SM vs DE

>4th Ed. SM vs Nids

>5th Ed. SM vs Orks

>6th Ed. SM vs CSM[Not-Word-Bearer's/World Eaters]

>7th Ed. SM vs CSM (same set?)

>8th Ed. SM vs CSM[Death guard]

I can see what you mean, but they now want to focus more on Chaos being the BBEG of the setting. If they did do L&tD VS. SM, I wouldn't argue.



Well 6th Ed had cultists aswell though, it would have been so much better if it had been forces of guard and cultist with marines as elites in both sides.




on odd chance i do find them anon I'll post magnet for you


8th edition will be available to pre-order from 3rd june and on sale on 17th june




the new books look alright and the death guard models look pretty sweet as well


File: 2f2af4c930fe91e⋯.jpg (62.37 KB, 600x847, 600:847, Captain1-e1495543296272.jpg)

File: b788d765592422b⋯.jpg (133.7 KB, 1000x975, 40:39, Inceptor1.jpg)

File: 190c68b58671181⋯.jpg (143.3 KB, 1000x975, 40:39, Intercessor2.jpg)

File: 74ddb53efbc9170⋯.jpg (81.01 KB, 800x834, 400:417, Lieutenant2.jpg)


The new Primaris get my dick hard. Fuck GW and their good looking toys.


File: b801eb364b53001⋯.jpg (110.5 KB, 800x945, 160:189, Blightbringer1.jpg)

File: e61012a11fbdd01⋯.jpg (119.16 KB, 1000x1004, 250:251, Drone1.jpg)

File: 38f62924be3203c⋯.jpg (124.32 KB, 800x945, 160:189, LordofContagion1.jpg)

File: e5493bb31bfa107⋯.jpg (77.01 KB, 800x876, 200:219, Plaguecaster1.jpg)

File: c4afa8ff025a385⋯.jpg (193.14 KB, 1000x1004, 250:251, PlaugueGuard1.jpg)



what you think of the poxwalkers, new nurgle daemon?


File: b5e8142b6182023⋯.jpg (160.21 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Poxwalkers1.jpg)


Given the human clothes, lab coat especially, I'm tempted to say Nurgle specific cultists. You get 20 of them in the box going by the promo shot so they'd fill a similar role as the cultists offered with Dark Vengeance.



you could be right i just want some they look fuckin awesome


File: 0eb71411330bcd9⋯.jpg (73.6 KB, 600x620, 30:31, 60010199008_DarkVengeanceE….jpg)

File: f52afe3d10c6da8⋯.jpg (182.36 KB, 1000x1048, 125:131, DarkImperiumContents.jpg)


Which reminds me. Comparison of boxes:

Dark Vengeance gives you 49 minis:

• Dark Angels Space Marine (DA) Company Master armed with bolt pistol, power sword and combi-weapon

• DA Librarian who carries a bolt pistol and force sword

• DA ten-man Tactical Squad

• DA five-man Deathwing Terminator squad

• DA three-man Ravenwing Bike squadron

• Crimson Slaughter Chaos Space Marine (CS) Chaos Lord - armed with power sword and plasma pistol

• CS Hellbrute armed with multi-melta and power fist

• CS Aspiring Champion

• CS six-man Chosen squad

• CS twenty-man Chaos Cultist squad

Dark Imperium gives you 53 minis:

• Primaris Space Marine (PSM) Captain in Gravis armour

• PSM Ancient

• PSM Lieutenant with Autu Bolt Rifle

• PSM Lieutenant with Power Sword

• PSM five-man Hellblasters squad

• PSM five man Intercessor squad

• PSM five man Intercessor squad

• PSM three-man Inceptor Squad

• Death Guard Space Marine (DG) Lord of Contagion

• DG Noxious Blightbringer

• DG Malignant Plaguecaster

• DG Foetid Bloat-drone

• DG seven-man Plague Marine squad

• DG twenty-man poxwalker squad

Worth noting that Vengeance gives you walkers and vehicles, Imperium is all infantry save for possibly the Drone.

Vengeance offers - "Small-format paperback edition of Warhammer 40,000: The Rules, along with a complete assembly guide, a quick-play reference guide, a datasheet for the Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion and an army roster sheet. There are also dice, templates, and a how-to-play booklet that includes six scenarios to enact on the tabletop."

Imperium offers - "Full 280-page hardback Warhammer 40,000 book, dice and range rulers. A complete set of datasheets to field both these Death Guard and Primaris Space Marines armies are included in two separate booklets inside the box."


File: 61a74a8bff467fb⋯.png (85.97 KB, 604x398, 302:199, DarkVengeanceUpdate.png)


Also some good news if you wanna get Dark Vengeance right now (may apply to UK only):

"Warhammer 40,000 is being updated soon and when that happens we’ll be taking Dark Vengeance off sale."

"If you buy a copy of Dark Vengeance between now and when the new rules come out we will send you a free rules booklet enabling you to use all of the miniatures in this box set with the new version of Warhammer 40,000."

"We’ll post the rules to you from the UK once the new rules have been released."

- https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Dark-Vengeance-EN






"Another unit to get excited about are Poxwalkers, the other Troops choice for the Death Guard. Coming in at 6 points in matched play with Disgustingly Resilient, they are a very solid pick. This unit also never has to take morale tests, which means you have to kill them to the last man (zombie?) which is not an easy task. Another cool rule they have is Curse of the Walking Pox, allowing you to add another Poxwalker to the unit every time they slay any enemy Infantry models. This unit is great for holding objectives or for screening your more valuable units from the hyper-fast assault units we’ve seen in armies like Tyranids. Also, if you’ve got Typhus on the table, he increases the Strength and Toughness of nearby Poxwalkers by 1 with his special ability, bolstering their already formidable durability!"

So Poxwalkers are neither cultists nor daemons, they're Plague Zombies - https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Zombie_Plague



>Death Guard are one of my favorite armies

>Tyranids are one of my favorite armies

>Tau are one of my favorite…

>Druekhar are one of my fav.

Fucking hell Frankie, make up your mind already.



I want to hear one of those faction focus things start off like " The mechanics, a bunch of metal toaster fuckers " or " You can't get as smarmy as these knife eared cunts". Just something to add a bit of honestly into it so it doesn't seem like a greasy sales pitch



Well, he is saying that they are ONE of his favorites, not his one and only favorite.


>Today, we're going to focus on the Space Wolves. Personally, I think they're all a bunch of over powered furry pricks, but they told the Inquisition to fuck off so I guess they're okay. Here's how they're going to fuck a bunch of wolves in 8th edition:



The Incetoprs and the captain look like they're wearing pschic-hoods.


File: 11d07ec6798404c⋯.png (448.44 KB, 455x395, 91:79, Croc Lol.png)



>tfw Frankie begins the Ultramarines focus by taking one big dump over them being Mary-Sues before reluctantly writing one or two paragraphs about actual gameplay.

A man can dream.



They've got all sorts of extra shit on them. I thought the captain was in termie armor at first.






Sad thing is he might shit on the Sisters since he's working with GW and that's their MO.




Paid shill here, but I do actually quite like the look of them. I just wanna know how much they're going to fucking gouge everyone with the pricing. There's no way it's staying the same price as the current starter. It's June, too, which is GW's annual "All our prices go up because FUCK YOU!"


I know they mentioned Primaris Dreadnoughts, but if they make Primaris Terminators I'll shit.



>that thicc space marine captain


File: fd26f8c9313ad69⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.83 KB, 504x515, 504:515, When the thickness goes to….jpg)


But then he'd have to shit on the Eldar first.

>that thicc space marine captain

Do not give them ideas, for fucks sake.


Well my first ebay model arrived and holy shit, nobody told me the DKoK were manlets.



As compared to who?






Got a picture?


File: 2781adc89a3881a⋯.jpg (22.92 KB, 536x293, 536:293, Z_DKOKCadiancomparison.jpg)


don't have a camera, but here's one someone else took. Guess I'm not the only one to notice.



I like the regular primaris marines pretty well. Especially the last picture. But fuck me the others look awful. The captain isn't too bad, but he's overdesigned to hell. The interceptors have the same issue as those steampunk dwarf models, way too much shit going on. Plus they could have at least tried to pose them dynamically, they look like they can't even lift their guns. Plus the guns look fucking retarded.


These ones are pretty good. They've got a lot of shit going on, but that's done on purpose, they're supposed to represent hellspawn.



Forge world models have better proportions than gw models.



yeah seems they're in a proper 28mm scale rather than "heroic", at least all I've got is the tank dude sticking his head out so he won't look too out of place. I wonder why they would do that though? Why not just make a more detailed body in the same scale as the other stuff?



>those shielded bolters on the interceptors


Also, i do really like the bolt rifles, they look like battle rifles and i like that.


That drone looks absolutely disgusting, as it should.

Also, taht death guard with teh stick grenade looks baller.


They have the potential to wreak havoc on armies with lots of weak infantry like the guard.


It would make sense for them to be smaller and thinner, they barely eat enoigh to keep combat able.



Because they want to make you buy a whole army of Krieg, not mix with cadians. They get more money that way I guess.



I personally don't see any problem with mixing in models that are slightly different sizes, it's not like people are all uniform height in real life.


I wish they'd keep selling the models from the older starter sets. Like if I wanted to play Chaos, but not DG, then I could just get the guys from dark vengeance instead of having to hunt them down on ebay or buying them separately.



I don't personally have an issue either. Hell, I have krieg and cadian models in my guard army. I just know some people that get really autistic about model scale. Someone got weird with me when I used bolt action minis as conscripts one time because the scale was different.


File: cb97943396d71fc⋯.png (508.42 KB, 879x683, 879:683, whos behind this.png)



How weird we talking?



Not too weird, he just kept bringing it up



Yea the jetfags are positively horrendous. It's like they just modified the cad for those fugly baloon squats. Why do they have those feet harnesses, what do they even do that a purpose-built flying armour can't? My god don't try to tell me the epitome of Imperium innovation use manual pedals to steer or some fuck.

And their poses look mongoloid, how about some actual cool, dynamic flying poses or something? Makes you wonder if they're even trying or just lazily copied the same cad in slightly different poses and equipment.

I expect to see Ebay drowning in spare numarines that people try to get rid of, I'm already wondering how to get rid of that half from my box.



Too tall? *BLAM!* Too short? *BLAM!* Too wide? *BLAM!* Too thin? *BLAM!* Humans are only one category; human. If you're not in that category you're just as good as a snotling.




I can't believe I'm saying this, but the jetpack guys may be more poorly designed than the centurion.



I get a centurion vibe from how they are positioned, as well as the fact that they have a case of tiny head syndrome.



Just noticed the Drone isn't using lascannons, those are some sort of nozzle. Gonna go out on a limb and say they are some sort of chemical sprayer.



>Will they make an actual re-release of Necromunda?

Yes but not in a very long time



Vostroyans are fucking huge as well



GW fucking love Eldar

Why else would they be so OP



I think they're pretty shit in the drawings and they're ok in real life

You don't realise how big the Captian or the Lord Contagion Who is on a fucking 50mm are until you see them IRL



It's basically the Same

DV gets you on the Space Marine side 10 Standard Space Marines, 5 with extra dakka termies, 3 who are fast bikes, A Captain and another HQ

DI gets you 10 standard Primaris Space marines, 5 with extra dakka, 3 who are fast, and 3 others who are probably HQs

While on Chaos, 20 cultists, some special CSM, a 6 meter tall vehicle, A Chaos Lord and another HQ

While in DA for chaos it's 20 cultists, some special CSM. a 6 meter tall vehicle, A Chaos Lord of Nurgle, and 2 others who are probably HQs



>overdesigned to hell

I'd say due to the size of the minis, it's not that bad. A lot of the detail is actually quite chunky plate-over-plate which I think still works within the Space Marine look. If you want to see overdesign on minis too small for that detail, look at Infinity. I love that game, but their stuff's too small for the detail they try to throw in, makes everything hard to differentiate at the tabletop level. Less an issue in 40k since you think in squads and weapons rather than individuals.


I also like the dumb shields on the bolters, though if I get them I'm gonna cut a groove from the top so they could actually aim the gun. I dunno, maybe I'm retarded, I really like the Primaris models. Shit's chunky as fuck.


>Implying they let manlets serve in Primaris


>Why do they have those feet harnesses, what do they even do that a purpose-built flying armour can't?

I'm assuming that they're some sort of mechanical buffer or control for landing.



I like these new ones, and the Centurion. TFW that cheque clears


The drawings always make me get an American Football vibe from them, which I don't particularly like.


File: 3aff4512ff9330d⋯.jpg (232.31 KB, 1200x1118, 600:559, LeviathanDreadProfile.jpg)



just reading that the now thing looks pretty fuckin good imo



>Heavy 2D3

What the shit


So is 40k ruined now or is GW planning something worse?


File: 106e4b4b9a6f3dd⋯.jpg (97.53 KB, 646x312, 323:156, 1D6_vs_2D3.jpg)


2D3 is just a way to guarantee 2 shots and average 4 rather than a flat 1/6 chance for any outcome.


40k actually looks better now



Will you fuck off already you doomsaying faggot?

You have been wrong every god dam time, and yet you keep up with the bullshit.



>So is 40k ruined now or is GW planning something worse?

8th ed looks pretty tits mate dunno where you've been



Look mum I posted it again!



hes just assmad that there's no womarines because hes a pessimistic cunt, was wondering when he would come back to the general after his thread got anchored and he got btfo by the announcement



Honestly, the only problems I see with 8th are no templates and armor values. Everything else looks either good or mediocre.



Lack of templates I can live with because the way they've handled it seems fairly novel in regard to flamers at the very least, though I will miss the tactile "put the disc over the dudes and laugh as you fuck them for poor positioning".

Armour values and flanking I'm a bit disappointed are gone, but at the same time the consolidation of everything to one type of profile was a long time coming and seems to work well enough. Have to see what it's like once the full rules are released.



add. Could well be worth just keeping hold of old templates and house-ruling it, too. Be interesting to see how it changes things.


Q: what index's you guys going to grab first?


If having to roll a bucket of dice each phase with less than 10% doing anything and everyone being way too tough bothered me last edition, will the new edition do anything for me?



You are now rolling yet even more dice this time around, but you will have a better chance of killing shit.



Like so many others, I don't care for the jetpack bros. I'm feeling pretty good about the intercessors, though; I can't wait to kitbash some into scale-accurate Tacticals.


>inb4 GW makes some really terrible rules

>inb4 GW ramps up the prices harder than ever ($20/space marine, $100/chimera, etc.)

>inb4 GW completely rapes the lore in the new rulebook

>inb4 GW cucks itself to feminists

It's bound to happen sooner or later.



Just let the people enjoy the shit as it comes out man, stop being such a salty bitch. When GW inevitebly fucks people over worry about it then and do your gloating but goddamn



>Chaos now gets a Loyalist(legion) unit to use

>There may be more!

I hope they give Chaos more Loyalist stuff, especially anything in the Legion list. I know its not 100% "Chaosy" but it would be nice to get whirlwinds,LR variants, Basilisks, etc.



How about Storm Bolters and Assault Cannons?



chaos should be able to use anything from the heresy era ( i.e. 30k units and shit) since they would have been equipped with it anyways just add one of those chaos-ey sprues in the box so can make it look all spikey and shit



Theoretically, wouldn't at least SOME of the CSM be post-heresy dudes?



We know for a fact that a growing number of them are.


File: efaed7a3eb4a4a2⋯.jpg (70.89 KB, 680x510, 4:3, ReallyFaggot.jpg)


That's retarded. They're devalued as an 'elite' army because they're like 70-80% of the primary playerbase so you see them everywhere and the game is built around catering to them, not because they're not super soldier-y enough. Furthermore, the models are already to scale for the 7-8 ft. range, all the tanks and guardsman models being out of scale are what make them look small.


anybody here have any examples IG conversions using Anvil Industries stuff?



The rules says is a unique unit you dimwit.


File: 6e79240eec2304f⋯.jpg (50.84 KB, 495x428, 495:428, Minotaurs Symbol.jpg)

Asterion Moloc of the Minotaurs can beat just about any other Chapter Master in straight-up combat… but what about the Primarchs? When doing mathhammer, is it possible for the Gregor Clegane of Chapter Masters to put up a fight against the Emperor's sons?



I don't see much advantage, he is a eternal warrior like lysander, but lysander hit at STR10.

What makes him so letal?



He has, implied, multiple lives worth of experience as he seems to brainwash his way into a new body. Sort of m. Bison'esque.

He also has the full technological backing of the Lords of Terra, so any one up they might give in Astartes crafting is there. Meaning that if the old 30k marines actually were better and undegraded then the Minotaurs have been artificially propped to that level.



Are we talking about fluff on in game rules?

Fluffywise, now with the new supahmarines, minotaurs are screwed.



Strikes 4 times at S6 AP2 initiative order, Preferred Enemy (Space Marines), a 2+/3++ save, Frag Grenades, 4 Wounds and indeed Eternal Warrior.



where the 3+ inv come from? The storm shield is 4+ isn't it?

Thinking about it, the edge he has vs Lysander is striking in initiative order (apart preferred enemy) but while Lysander one shot T4 characters with no eternal warrior, he doesn't.



>implying they won't get the best ones now they are Girlymans brownshirts



Ultramarines and surely their new spiritual liege do not like minotaurs



Does anyone actually like the Minotaurs?



The high lords that tell them to fuck whichever chapter they don't like that day.



The lords of terra of course, and probably part of the inquisition and the oficio asesinorum.



I'm sure Rowbooty do not like the lords of terra as well. And they don't like him. So I don't think he will let a chapter that can be potentially used against him to get the best shit.




I meant besides the people who hold the Minotaur's leash. I can't think of a more reviled chapter. I'm pretty sure even the Marines Malevolent have more fans.



I told you anon, parts of the inquisition and the oficio asesinorum must like them, or atleast be acceptive towards them.


Also hypothesis why they do not like dreadnoughts? It says they threat them with cold indifference. It's because they're inhabited by the former minotaurs of the cursed founding?



Maybe it's because they're considered failures? They did get laid low in battle, after all.



File: d1839d36ac9b64d⋯.jpg (18.42 KB, 1200x99, 400:33, 40kFFOrksProfile.jpg)


I remembered to call you when Choppas were more than just CC weapons.

+1 attack, like Chainswords.

Big Choppas are now +2S, -1AP and 2D




I don't know, but if I had the choice of either being backed up by either the Minotaur's or the Marines Malevolent , then I'd choose the fucking Minotaur's in a heart beat.


Probably because they limit the role a member has on the battlefield. Now if they are a loyalist part of a traitor legion then yeah they might not like dreadnoughts since they made their pilots crazy.





Also, I pretty much fucking called that shit:

>I'd say to the contrary, if even the basic Chainsword's getting a +1A I don't see Choppas not getting 'some' buff, even if it's D2 or AP-1 or something.

Choppa gets the chainsword buff, big choppas get AP-1 D2.


Just ordered about 50bux worth of anvil stuff because I bought their backpack bits a while back and liked them a lot. I received the order today, ended up with an extra head sprue full of helmets that I didn't pay for, is this a goof up or do they do this occasionally? Anybody have experience with them? I'm also this anon >>314498 and have decided to post some conversion pic when I get a chance.



Lots of 3d party guys will bundle imperfect bits as bonus into larger purchases. At least Horizon does it. Or did, he's been putting stuff into misprint boxes for bidding lately.

God I love getting a field of capillary towers that look like las cannons sliced them for >15.



upon closer inspection it's even stranger I ordered 2 of the "10 any torsos and heads" which would equal 20 heads and 20 torsos. Final count on all is 33 heads (one of which was from a different set and was grafted onto one sprue[also not counting the two empty helmets that come on a sprue), and 22 torsos. I mean, it's pretty fucking rad to have extra bits and all, but holy shit this is a little strange. Usually people will just cut part of a sprue and deliver the amount ordered. Anvil is a pretty cool guys.



should also mention that other than minor flash, all the bits are perfect.


File: dff3d37f787cf0b⋯.png (333.98 KB, 576x525, 192:175, t3x.png)

Stupid idea but here goes.

Could you do an army composed entirely of Rough Riders?

What would the point cost per unit be in a 40k point apoc game?



You can and 8/tg/ has. Ork-hunting Spess Canadian Mounties riding furry giant moose-frogs who can clamber over sheer surfaces with ease.



Like >>314571 said, 3rd party guys give you extra stuff all the time. Every order from Pig Iron or Victoria I've ever made, I've always received extra bits.


Hopefully that stacks with the attack you get for having 2 close combat weapons. It also looks like the fixed Mob Rule, though that looks like about the only thing they changed.



Yea either it's a very bad sales pitch or Orks really got jack all but the most basic changes to make them semi-viable until they release new scalecreep primaorks.

And no word on big guns or BS in general, so prepare for monobuild shit again.



They did set a precedent with Ullanor's orks, and further back the Black orks of fantasy.

It would be mighty funny for a warboss to come out of the galactic core wearing squat living ancestors for armour.



What was that precedent? What's so special about there anyway?




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



The constant camera shaking is really bad, wish he didn't do it.



I think the idea is to be more of a jitter than a camera-shake; like you're going through a hand-drawn flipbook. I agree it should be toned down a lot though. Might be stylistic or trying to hide how static the images would actually be without it since it's all close-ups of helmets.


File: cab5d1e09b0ae21⋯.jpg (93.73 KB, 1200x606, 200:101, New40kPrimarisCaptainAgain….jpg)



Hoho. Methinks the regular Marines aren't going to take kindly to a shiny new officer.



If I remember correctly, Ullanor's orks were the ones that were gigantic in stature, with the average ork boy there being about the same size as a Nob anywhere else.



>Mark 10 GRAVIS armor

What does the Gravis upgrade do other than make you look fat?



would be greatly appreciated. been digging around, cant find them. trying to see if i can budget it in and just share them since doesn't seem like anyone else is



>boltstorm gauntlet

Quality naming there GW



It gives you



Hi, I don't know much about 40k and some friends and I are thinking of getting into it, but I heard from one person that matches are mostly decided by your army composition. So, in other words, it's very likely that you could lose against someone that has miniatures that counter yours but you do much about it. Is this true, and if so is it pretty easy to fix?



The game is about the get a massive overhaul for the newest edition (8th), which comes out next month, it's best to wait until then, since shit is going to change a lot.




but you can't* do much about it



It's mostly some special matchups, like Knights being either awesome or worthless depending on the enemy's amount of antitank weapons, Orks and Nids against virtually anything else that isn't specifically gimped to be fair, GK vs Daemons and such.

Apparently they're "fixing" this in the new edition, but well, never believe GW's sales pitches.

Like the other guys say, wait and see how it turns out.

Alternatively, get the skirmish stuff (the official SW:A killteams mixed with a homebrew like Inquisimunda is much better than vanilla SW:A) so you can just get a couple of boxes and try stuff out while you wait.


File: b1b80c1a2ed1ab3⋯.pdf (109.67 KB, Echoes of the Tomb.pdf)

File: bb82acff9adf497⋯.pdf (9.07 MB, Fight or Flight.pdf)

File: 2b66cdec192c1f4⋯.pdf (78.78 KB, The Beguiling.pdf)

File: 6d5fb3c66c5d819⋯.pdf (169.47 KB, Traitors-Gambit.pdf)


Well, newfriend, I may not be able to help you much with the rules, but I can ease you lot into the fluff somewhat.


Read the story by this gentleman.

Also, these are some short stories you might enjoy. They're all comedy, but they get you a good look at the Imperium's main army (the Imperial Guard) and give you helpful glimpses into their enemies, both alien and daemonic. The first proper book is upthread, if you're interested.



Do you like Space Marines? It's the Space Marine game. 90% of the releases are Space Marines. Endless Space Marines.



This anon speaks truth, listen to him. Don't buy anything until 8th Edition hits and we've taken it apart.



wait for 8th ed on 17th june m80 or check out https://www.warhammer-community.com/ for the daily update rule snippets n shit


File: 91f9db958ac7d61⋯.jpg (276.25 KB, 940x1217, 940:1217, 40K - Necron Overlord.jpg)

File: 9d605c9cfd36abb⋯.jpg (82.91 KB, 585x374, 585:374, 40K - Dark Eldar TUUUUBES.jpg)

File: dff5091c519784d⋯.jpg (957.43 KB, 850x1191, 850:1191, 40K - IG Imperial Guard En….jpg)


Shush. Necrons and Eldar still have grand cheese, plus the Guard can roll over anything if played the ways they're supposed to be.

Is Tau Fish of Fury still a thing or no?



Oh boy, If you thought fish of fury was bad you should've seen the 6th ed Riptide spam.


File: b6e77c3e88b7b3d⋯.jpg (344.02 KB, 610x1798, 305:899, Tau Vs WS.jpg)


>Fish of Fury

Yes. From what I've seen, its not as bad as it was. But it's still 7th ed, so.


Army composition is a big thing in 40k. But most of the time you play it will be against people you will see more than once. Thus your army will be geared towards how other people in your area play. So if everyone in your area uses a lot of tanks, you probably will too. So adapting to the local "meta" is also a part of the "game." Now with the existence of the internet, you will encounter people tweaking their army using lists or builds that were used to win tournaments; this usually results in the use of "cheese," tactics or builds that bend the rules.

tl;dr: See what other people in your area use, then figure out ways on countering them but don't solely focus on countering them. Try not to become like the guys n the picture but at the same time kinda do that.


File: ee17c262624c2a6⋯.jpg (239.96 KB, 1536x1339, 1536:1339, lRHUcVP.jpg)

File: 018f569fec5c96d⋯.jpg (128.72 KB, 1080x958, 540:479, tMai2X8.jpg)

File: 921a85a14f104b4⋯.jpg (873.82 KB, 723x4228, 723:4228, wYATBBz.jpg)



>a model with an assault weapon may fire even if it advanced earlier that turn. If it does so, subtract 1 from any hit rolls made when firing that weapon.

>if a model with a heavy weapon moved in the preceding movement phase, you must subtract 1 from any hit rolls made when firing that weapon this turn.

what the fuck

>transports take up a slot

why was this distinction needed?

>flyers take up their own slot

I actually like this, it's a buff to orks who have a lot of good stuff in fast attack.

>battalion detachments can take 6 elites

fu ck

>brigade detachments

>12 troops

>5 HQs

>8 Elites

>5 Fast Attack

>5 Heavy Support

[Waaagh!!! intensifies]

Also, there are detachments based around specific force org charts, which I fucking love.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with this.



Ha. I guess Khorne does not want the wretched bugs stealing from His tally.



>a model with an assault weapon may fire even if it advanced earlier that turn. If it does so, subtract 1 from any hit rolls made when firing that weapon.

>if a model with a heavy weapon moved in the preceding movement phase, you must subtract 1 from any hit rolls made when firing that weapon this turn.

>what the fuck

Advance and move are different.



>BA doing what BA does best: killing Nids

>Oh no! They might get eaten!

>Don't worry! Robutt Girllymann is here to save the day!

>Nids go ???

>Khorne shrine found

It was all good until that last panel. It also makes the bad guys of the edition sound like they did the good guys a favor.



Oh, I see now. Shit, assault weapons just got ridiculous.



Plasma has changed, it has 2 firing modes know


It's Warhammer Fest this weekend, so expect more info and shit.


I would guess that Ka'Bandha wants the Blood Angels kill for himself.



Just so you know this is very likely legit

How I know is that the Plasma Incinerator has the supercharged mode, which was something I heard about from my local GW manager



>Fortification Network



Well shit, this one hit the 500 posts in 19 days. Making a new one!



Well it is 8th ed


New thread: >>314924

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