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/tg/ sister boards
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File: 56323420538ec66⋯.jpg (122.07 KB, 1200x829, 1200:829, 1285419821442.jpg)

File: 26c3375e5b0fe7e⋯.jpg (86.52 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 1307046497486.jpg)


Thus concludes our bi-monthly drama and subsequent slide into total-inactivity.

Back to business as usual: Lodge complaints here, pose questions, suggest banners, contain drama.


It's no secret that things have slowed down and we're on the edge of going on and off the top 25 boards. Some anons have theorized that this is because some of our younger anons are having exams, therefore aren't able to post as much as they normally do. Do you have any sight into what's possibly going on here, Chrow?


File: ee010bba604e2f0⋯.jpg (182.17 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1438291115766.jpg)


>Do you have any sight into what's possibly going on here, Chrow?

School related issues do seem to be the most obvious, but they don't tell me about any backend site admin kind of stuff. The board creation feature was recently re-enabled, and I can only guess that doing that caused something to get a little wonky. Otherwise, I'd say that telling Timestamp to cut down on his bullshit had a little to do with it. He was contributing dozens of posts, even if it was all arguments and petty bickering. Not to mention that the ensuing meta-drama got some people posting more.

There was also another board that opened just a couple days ago which is part /tg/, part /v/ which got a decent spike in activity. I saw they were having issues with people namedropping them on /v/ and attracting shitposters, so I won't name it just yet. Either way, get out there and post more.



Say, boss, you ever get to those games of yours?

Also, nice contrast.


File: 2dd3d4d91a5f8d4⋯.png (124.56 KB, 342x343, 342:343, 1469827299713.png)


> Timestamp

Did he really shitpost enough to earn himself a name?


Woohoo, we've passed /erp/ already.



Crow, I think you should put a resources list on the sticky. If you want more users to do stuff other than lurk a condensed primer for settings and rpg systems would be a good way to get people posting.


L5R RPG players are in a somewhat comfortable limbo at the moment. With all of the first, second, third, and mature fourth editions to draw upon and the future FFG RPG to look at, that is.


File: 95387f20bf29ed6⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 378x252, 3:2, The Dubs Community - react….jpg)


You mean like 1d4chan and such?



eh more like pdf links.


File: d83a8cd018608ca⋯.png (1 MB, 1100x739, 1100:739, ClipboardImage.png)


Actually doing a game night tonight with friends and continuing our campaign tomorrow after a month long hiatus.


What sort of resources do you suggest? PDF Share thread feels like a given, but what else? Game night thread? Book reading thread?



Manga too.

Also might be nice to link the various project threads.



supplementary works, expansions.



>another board that opened just a couple days ago which is part /tg/, part /v/

So this new board is competing with /tg/, which is already slower than it used to be, and it's run by a furry, and it's advertising on other boards with pony pics…I don't like this new board.


File: 22b297bf16f66e2⋯.png (111.36 KB, 212x288, 53:72, Quina.png)


> pony pics

If the difference between being in the top and being a dead board is those posters, they can stay.



read their rules, ponyfags are banned. stop making assumptions before posting. Its making you look incompetent.



Except that ponies and furfaggotry is banned there. I'm willing to bet it's either Mark or some other cut from /v/ trying to make the board look like it's full of faggotry. Wouldn't put it past that fucking kike.



Game night, the one "game finder" thread, probably the 40k general if there's one, and such, I imagine.

I don't personally care for links and sticky things, but some folk find that sort of deal quite helpful.



Wouldn't be the first time Mark's false-flagged. Remember /vvv/?



You're in the wrong place here, you should post on this nebulous other board instead.


File: da6cd2c02188a0f⋯.jpg (40.75 KB, 480x480, 1:1, CzyEbvG.jpg)


>Otherwise, I'd say that telling Timestamp to cut down on his bullshit had a little to do with it.

Not quite. Had to deal with a few real-life obligations.

This aside - although those a few crybabies and plebeians being unable to face the fact of their bullshit stories being marked as, well bullshit, certainly sparked a little discussion, don't forget my input in PDF and Q&A threads.


File: fbd13410f8ade66⋯.png (177.39 KB, 476x497, 68:71, 1448082825800.png)

Side note: I'm seeing people calling greentext bluff.

It seems the change is already here. I'm very happy to see it.


File: db451852c01cab8⋯.jpg (494.61 KB, 1530x1760, 153:176, Jojo'sBizarreBaseball.jpg)


I'd guess there's more than a few high school students here, and probably some university students too I'm one, but my finals aren't for another week and a half. The only real way we'll know is in a month or so when the exams are finished. Hopefully we don't slow down too much between now and then. If it is the case then we might actually get a boost in traffic, and not just from summer kids (although I don't think /tg/ will draw them the way /b/ and /v/ do), but also from anons who have the free time to play and therefore will post here more frequently for pdfs, campaign/story advice etc.



>writes an obviously fake greentext to prove his point

>people call bullshit like they always did

>"the change is here, I'm the hero /tg/ needs"

Can't afford a pass?


File: 04d4c005e00ca7b⋯.jpg (56.17 KB, 752x499, 752:499, ahv3acntdvyy.jpg)


Your mind works in very… let's call it "simple" patterns, bruh. And it's fine, it's fine, we need such people too. It's just weird to assume everyone else can't rise above your level of sophistication.

You wouldn't be D&D 4th edition fan, by any chance?




That's not his greentext, it's mine. I'm not sure why it got bump locked either, I didn't break any rules and I just titled it aggressively because the green texts lately have been shitty so I wanted to contribute a good one. I even avoided posting porn because I don't know that Crow is cool with that so if anyone can explain the lock that would be cool.




Linking threads seems a little redundant, but I wouldn't object to giving it a shot. Linking random PDFs and such in the sticky doesn't make a lot of sense to me.


Can't control what other people post. The board seems okay, but I'll always be in favor of less fragmentation, since this site doesn't have a very strong population in the first place. More boards covering the same subjects could just mean less activity for all.




This is just tiresome now.


I know you aren't Timestamp, but the whole thing seems kind of shitposting and bait-y. If you really think it doesn't deserve it, I'll remove the anchor.



8chan is all about autistic works of fiction and some have more truth to them than others, if people want to engage then I'd like the chance to do so without the thread being slowly hauled off into the depths but if nobody cares then it's probably not worth the extra clicks.



/tg/ type activities are by nature social gatherings. Anons might just be spending more time away from the computer because it's fucking nice and they're doing things with friends.

I am a massive normalfag and am projecting hardcore.



Well, since you mention that, between work and hanging out with people to play vidya and board games, I haven't been shitposting on /tg/ as much as I could.



They lean more towards videogames.



That thread definitely deserved the anchor. It read like some tryhard teen. Not a pleasant thing.


Can I just take a second to rant about how fucking retarded the phrase "reddit spacing" is?

It's just double spacing and proper paragraphs and has nothing to do with reddit. It fucking baffles me that "you format your posts so you must be reddit" is a thing. What the fuck else are you going to give the redditors? correct punctuation? capitalization? Grammar? Proper spelling? Perhaps you just want everything in one long drawn out run on sentence monotonously moving from topic to topic droning on and on with no real point or conclusion to be drawn from anything said it just goes on and on forever because punctuation is a 9gag thing now and you ceded the paragraph to reddit and theres no stopping because only cuckchanners use periods.

Don't give reddit all our good shit just because you need an eject button to escape an argument you're losing. Find another ripcord to pull.

sorry I had to get that off my chest, I've been seeing this shit pop up more and more in the last week both here on /tg/ and elsewhere on 8chan it just irritates the fuck out of me.



Because it is an insult to readers if you assume that they cannot read a paragraph consisting of mor than one sentence before they are overwhelmed or lose interest, or the writer suffers from these deficiencies of the mind.

And since Reddit is the drunk lovechild of 4chan and StackEchange, with both parents drinking heavily throughout the pregnancy, the link was quickly made.



Reddit spacing isn't just double spacing for clarity or because you're moving on to a different idea.

It's when you double space for no good reason.

As demonstrated by this post. please forgive me.

It also tends to happen a lot with mobile users because the reply box is so small, a sentence can look much longer than it really is.



Pointing out someone's formatting as a way to dismiss them or skip their points is an incredibly bitch move though, and should be called out whenever its done. If we're gonna be all about self policing and keeping up a high quality of posts then using something as lame as someone's formatting to disqualify their points should be called out.


As you point out though, there are other reasons excessive spacing could be used that have nothing to do with reddit, like on mobile which is understandable.



This. It's just annoying.


But we already police ourselves by calling out the bullshit.



It's gone too far, and it does fuck all because the primary reason for that double spacing is because posters do not realize they can resize the box they're typing their post in. That's it, that is the only reason that excessive double spacing happens is because of the size of the box.




Like I've said in pretty much every meta thread /tg/ isn't very good at self policing and can't tell posters apart so I would rather we not turn into babies first /pol/



>/tg/ isn't very good at self policing

How new are you?



You got me, I'm a secret redditfag. I'm going to finish up my posts and then I'm going to take a long break from /tg/ I think because this stopped being funny months ago.




>can't take the bantz either

>whining about /pol/

I dunno dude. What few issues we've had over the past few months aren't really matters that can be attributed to /pol/ or bad policing. Maybe the problem is you?



The reddit spacing shit is shill ops. Its being used by groups who hate on /pol/, if anything the people getting mad at it are burned out people from politics boards, and the shill groups trying to destroy them.

There's plenty worse things to get mad at, I think getting mad at reddit paragraph shit when its used for basic non story posts is a waste of time, and essentially lowers the quality of the discussion.

Its like how on /v/ you cant discuss console games without complaining about the consoles essentially making it an unfocused thread, because the userbase submitted to idiotic, posting habits introduced by people who hate imageboards because they want their kekkies and meymey to put on their imagecap sites.


>almost back with our old friend /monster/

That was quick. Methinks the lead up to 8th edition Warhams is doing us a favor.



I think something weirdly fucked up happened with the metrics, because we fell almost as quickly as we rose.


File: 7ef26017e3dab21⋯.jpg (16.04 KB, 424x417, 424:417, 7ef26017e3dab212a657c405a4….jpg)


Mobile browsers should be mocked and shunned on the basis that they aren't getting the full imageboard experience, though.


File: a0eed9afbf0617f⋯.jpg (24.77 KB, 450x570, 15:19, a0eed9afbf0617f758ab74eb74….jpg)


What was that all I could hear was




I think there's some technical issues going on, too. For a short while trying to click on /a/ sent me to /irc/.


File: 8e42aee6e5db019⋯.png (104.23 KB, 500x333, 500:333, skullknight.png)

Hey Chrow, it's Graves. Now that we've cleared up some initial misunderstandings, I was wondering if you could add /games/ to the sister board list. I was going to ask you something else but I cannot for the life of me remember/

And if you guys are worried about UIDs, Aux told me 8chan's experiencing some hiccups right about now and isn't counting UIDs correctly. Some boards like /games/, /bane/, and /liberty/ certainly got hit worse than others, but nice to see /tg/ made a pretty fast recovery.


File: 93be17e24cd4e2d⋯.jpg (48.92 KB, 800x674, 400:337, 1471569324612.jpg)


Sure, why not? You guys seem to have a pretty comfy thing going for you.



Thanks m8. And how in the hell do you put links to boards in the announcements?



Simple! You fake it with html code.

<a href="https://8ch.net/games/">/games/</a>



Hmm. Hey, Graves, how would you feel about stretching the mutual arrangement further for us?

What I mean is, perhaps your board can groom disgruntled /v/tards for entry into tabletop, whereupon it's suggested/strongly hinted/however that they come over here?


File: 91622fdf34ec9eb⋯.jpg (129.47 KB, 500x720, 25:36, 40K - Blonde Lady Inquisit….jpg)


Pic forgotten.


File: aed64cf3b830fc9⋯.png (39.74 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 1487645834913.png)




Well there's a thread up about /v/ going /tg/, so that's a start. I assume you want me to take a more active role, and I definitely will, but for now I feel I should let it come naturally with maybe some minor pushes before considering any "hard" pushes.

I'm all for crossposting between our boards, but being less than a week old we don't have quite that much activity yet. We're doing fairly well for ourselves all things considered, but I'd like to see us grow a bit more. That way, when we start encouraging crossposting, /tg/ will get more posters and /games/ won't be dead. I already have some plans on facilitating our growth in a number of ways, though I'm open to suggestions.



More than fair. Good things come to those who wait.

Maybe you should advertise yourself as /v/ without the mod shittery.


File: b0f340ee84eecc1⋯.png (341.95 KB, 838x674, 419:337, AW_SHIT.png)


>a /v/ alternative that might actually work

>and it has the approval and inclusion of /tg/


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hello, 90s.


Seems they're messing around with the code again.



Yup. Shit's broke in a new and fascinating way. Everytime you click on a post number or an ID, it opens a new window.. Why? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS?



There's always new and fresh shit going on with 8chan, isn't there?



That's a browser specific issue, change the browser.link.open_newwindow value in the config to 1 if you're using Firefox then the problem is more or less fixed.



Even the reply box on a desktop, to be honest. Unless I'm writing a really long post I'm not gonna drag that shit out to full size, so I'll usually only have a sentence or two per paragraph because that's how it looks in the quick reply box.



Seems to be fixed now. All is well.




I'm not having anymore issues.



Yep, it's gone for me as well.



I'm not talking about the quick reply issues, I mean that the default size of the Comment box at the top of the page is very small and if I'm typing up a short post I usually won't bother to resize it.

This probably holds true for a lot of users and with that size of reply box, we usually do a new paragraph a lot sooner.


wow, graves your board is shit

its got kind of reddity rules but not super reddity

its exactly like /v/ but with much fewer posts, shitposting included.

it can be good, I will check in an a month or two



That might explain the odd grousing about reddit-spacing. With this in mind, a lot more of it might be on accident.


So… looks like the site is fucking up again, just a little?



Yeah. Seems like quite a few posts disappeared from different threads.



They come back if you make a post. If you look on the front page of the board, rather than the catalog, there's a message at the top saying they accidentally fucked up alacrity.

Hopefully whatever was broken gets fixed soon.



In quite a lot of ways. /bane/ and /television/ are usually semi-active but now they're off the top 50. What I want to know is how this site keeps on fucking up? Are devs really this fucking incompetent or is 8chan just that fucking broken not even codeJesus could fix it?


>disallowing furshit, ERP, etc. is reddit

>/v/ discussing games

wew lad



There was talking of making a new fork of the software being used to run 8chan. I fear InfinityNext 2: Electric-Oh-God-Everything-Is-Broken-Why-Does-This-Keep-Happening-boogaloo may be upon us…



Isn't the system for board ratings messed up in that it counts the bots and other automated systems used by /leftypol/ and one of the news boards? How difficult would it be to work around that?



Pretty difficult, but I believe you can run a script. And that aside, /games/ has been slow as balls this weekend, for reasons I can only assume to be due to this site breaking. Hopefully we can get momentum back once 8chan is relatively stable, but I'm in worry mode, not to mention I can't see stability lasting for long.


I was looking at the /polk/ exodus sticky and m712, owner of nextchan, is making blazechan, and I think it's worth keeping an eye on. Right now I'm trying to convince /polk/'s BO to keep a bunker on nextchan but not to be too hasty in leaving. Given 8chan's lack of growth and various issues we shouldn't be opposed to the idea of leaving but it's not a decision we should make recklessly.



Nextchan is already dead, and blazechan will follow suit. If you're just here for /tg/ moving to another site will not accomplish anything nobody new will show up at all (if that's what you truly care about, if you're not here for the company you have now, then why are you here?) instead of once in a blue moon because nobody will care about a tiny site used by what is perceived as a small group of friends, and the number drop off will kill both the /tg/ here and wherever you go. And /polk/ already left once, nextchan, then when 8chan came back they just went right back to their own board a lot of good an exodus does.

An exodus on the scale of 8chan requires a very deliberate and very coordinated effort with multiple people working in tandem to acquire as many people as possible in as short a time as possible. And even then that only works if the trigger is right, and it isn't the site going down was a suitable trigger but nobody that wants to kill the site dead were prepared for it.


Time to find 404'd threads and ones with missing posts and bump them.

Also, everyone needs to fucking post more.



We're goin', we're goin'. Of all things, shit's getting done in the Yu-Gi-Oh thread.


File: 21b669e27e83479⋯.png (708.66 KB, 549x724, 549:724, 21b669e27e834798b4e9cc262a….png)

>over taken by /brit/


seriously though have we lost posters or has /brit/ gained some? I'm a mod on there and I haven't seen an increase in traffic



Counter's probably screwy.



I'm not sure if more posts by the same users work, isn't it about the posts per IP?



A fair point, but keep in mind 8chan hasn't grown in some time, in fact I believe it's shrunk. An imageboard with better stability and chance of growth is naturally appealing. But your worries are legitimate, and I'm not rushing anyone to leave as that would be a bad idea. It's just something to keep in mind for the future.





>It's no secret that things have slowed down and we're on the edge of going on and off the top 25 boards.

Frankly, while exam season is likely responsible for some of it, I also blame the 40k meta, between FFG told "no more 40k for you, never mind you're the only ones to have written decent lore over those last 20 years", 8th edition "Loads of Marines = Loads of Moni" (after a the more promising era of knights and Ad Mech, that were adding something new) and the additional awfulness of DoW III for the /v/irgins defectors, I think something broke.

You had roughly three 40k thread always near the top of catalog (typically general, 40k FFG and a specific topic). Only general is left (and is painful to read because NiceDaemonette has realized he can bait & shitpost as much as he want as long as he doesn't use his pseudo to get insta-ignore. Activating the IDs might be a solution), all the other 40k thread are slowly but surely being pushed out of the board, second highest is a topic about "oh well time to change to something else".


File: 001ca888d0c811c⋯.jpg (84.8 KB, 523x332, 523:332, laughing baratheons.jpg)


I'm just waiting for 16chan to show up and dazzle me with webms 2.0, and I'm outta here.

I'm going to be waiting for a while, I feel.



hard to believe its almost been 3 years since webms first dazzled us.



Nah. I'm seeing a buncha bitching and wailing, but I'm also seeing a fair bunch having fun with it. Once the salt levels lower a bit, discussion will improve.



also, the state of magic the gathering is in shambles right now and possibly for the rest of the games life.

it feels like its star is waning because the developers are incompetent. but I digress, I'm just pointing out that most the activity in M:tG threads is negative.



>also, the state of magic the gathering is in shambles right now and possibly for the rest of the games life.

What happen?



bad set design for several sets leading to terrible and stale standard formats one after another combined with WotC hesitating to make any bans for the health of the game, has lead to a general malaise every spoiler season where you can tell even the people who defend the game don't really have their heart in it.




I'm still kind of not accepting the fact that YuGiOh is taking it's place though, is there really no other card games to replace the giant?



Hex exists but its digital and doesn't really scratch the itch of the friday night magic folks. Force of Will is weeaboo as fuck so its not going to work for people who like fantasy tcgs.

I haven't been paying attention to what yu gi oh has been like in, oh, several years. is it really coming to a resurgance? last time I checked it it was glutted down with a ton of extra rules and new zones for no real reason.



Not exactly, the closest we have is Hex, which is digital. This is one of the reasons Magic is in the sorry state it's in right now, a combination of being too big to fail with no adequate competition. The game is being mishandled to fuck, but it at it's core a very good game, and nothing (except maybe Netrunner) has ever been able to quite accurately capture Magic's positive traits and really expand on them. The spoiler thread is discussing this very same thing at this very moment.


>Force of Will is weeaboo as fuck

And also dead or dying (apparently).

I want to make my own thing. I really don't want to try to compete with Magic, I just want to do my own thing. It would just end up being more weeaboo trash, though.



>Only general is left (and is painful to read because NiceDaemonette has realized he can bait & shitpost as much as he want as long as he doesn't use his pseudo to get insta-ignore.

No man, you're just salty and ass-sore about 8th…



Than you for proving my point.




I thought Yu-Gi-Oh hadn't been a big thing since my high school days, at least in Merica. Has it resurged, or somehow picked up momentum?


He's not wrong though, dubsman.


Anon from the YuGiOh thread. I'm not the guy who requested the adaption, but the anon who's been posting the adaption.

Seems to be enjoyed by a handful of anons or at least one one anon, but I wanted to make sure me posting these large posts wasn't causing issues.

I don't need to use a trip for that thread- right?


/brit/ is gonna be more active due to the snap election & terror attacks.



>I don't need to use a trip for that thread- right?

Since you're the only guy doing it, I think your posts identity themselves and it's not like you are fighting to be heard against a tide of dozens of posters over multiple threads.



>I also blame the 40k meta

I can see how the negativity and dealing with faggots might be a downer, but the 40k threads are some of the most active on this entire board. It's just not possible for activity to drive a board down in the rankings. And we're definitely not getting enough new threads to push anything off the board.

Are you just angry that there's negativity surrounding the threads or what? I don't get what you're complaining about beyond ND's faggotry.



>I don't get what you're complaining about beyond ND's faggotry.

I'm not even being that much of a faggot over there, just trying to shout down the asshurt pointless REEEEEing at a new edition.


File: 6d9eed2895cda17⋯.jpg (30.83 KB, 480x480, 1:1, ChBrGb7W4AA-MkN.jpg)


Don't tell people what they can and can't REEEEEEE about. You're only making things worse for yourself and further illustrating that you are the problem.



>Don't tell people what they can and can't REEEEEEE about.

It's not the REEEEEEing itself, it's that they keep shitting on 8th and anyone who suggest it might actually be worth a try.



By anyone, you mean you and you alone, don't you?


File: 015643ab505fbfd⋯.jpg (33.65 KB, 468x426, 78:71, serveimage.jpg)



That's the thing I'm not angry, I was cynical and I still could get riled about 40k before 8th ed. But now I'm completely past that.

I just don't care anymore.

And as a result I barely browse /tg/ since all I check are the threads other than 40k and those are way slower.



I don't get you. You didn't flee into the night with the Newcrons and StalinTau.


Keep on going, my man. You do the Outer Gods' work.



>By anyone, you mean you and you alone, don't you?

Nope, there is at least one other Anon, because someone else is also standing up for 8th besides me.



You just admitted right there that you are part of the problem. You're "standing up" for the product of a company that doesn't give a shit about you and further inflaming any bitching by acting like a fanboy, and going into the thread with the mindset of a white knight.

Just stop that shit and either argue logically and present whatever facts you have, or let the whiners whine themselves tired.



Tau have been stupid since day 1 but ultimately they were always presented in lore as "it's small isolated faction that's surrounded by murder, it's gonna be a question of who squash them first PS: we want weeboos and need new stuff to sell", NuCrons (though it's retarded and oldCron are way cooler) I left the benefit of the doubt because Tomb Kangz in Space could be ok and you already had nids for "the unspeakable horror you can't talk with that just kill stuff".

I was fine with the gray knights being THE BESTEST COOLEST SPESS MANRIE EVAR§§§§, because again it sort of make sense for the Inquisition to have a ace in the hole for when daemon prince shows up and extrerminatus is just not gonna cut it, again minor tiny faction.

I didn't like it already, but I could somehow accommodate it.

But when they decided to go with: Cadia is kill (fuck you general setting, cadian and guardsman lore), Xenos and Fallen take a stroll on Terra (fuck you general setting and Dark Angel lore), Girlyman is sad that space marines are spread too thin (fuck you ultramarine lore), then magic centipede guy decide to come in with legions size (!) amounts of NuMarines, that might have been helpful earlier (oh gee I dunno to prevent the destruction of Cadia super warp sealing technology?), much better than the ones made by the Emperor (!!) (fuck you Raven Guard, Salamanders and Blood Angel lore) and he will throw in some new gear while he's at it, even better armor than golden age master piece (!!!) but also specific terminator, assault, hell even commando armor (!!!!), of course brand new super bolters, super plasma guns, etc… Oh and grav' vehicles (!!!!!) because at that point why the fuck not.

Logistics? Never heard of that.

It's not a revamp of a minor faction.

It's a clear intent of taking a gigantic runny dump on the setting that was already polluted by turds here and there.

They already don't know how they're gonna dig themselves out of the hole. Are NuMarines old guys put in stasis right after Horus (so basically centipede cunt knew how to make them for 10k years…)?, OldMarines can be upgraded (fuck the Emperor, that scrub)?, Everyone is getting trained by the Greatest Of Them All but somehow get to keep their chapter culture? Everyone will be able to make NuMarine (yup it's that easy, or centipede guy was sitting on the not only the how to make NuMarines but also the entire stockpile of gear to run countless mass production of them… JUST AS PLANNED)?

So yeah, bailing out. It was fun when it lasted, it's not the only fun setting out there.


File: e5864b6bc6f8c7e⋯.png (677.01 KB, 1791x1562, 1791:1562, 8chan :tg: - Chaos Elephan….png)


>It's a clear intent of taking a gigantic runny dump on the setting that was already polluted by turds here and there.

You know this isn't the intent. They're trying to take things in a new direction, and honestly some of the objections you raise aren't even that bad (or bad at all). It seems to me that you care immensely, if you can rant like that. Besides, isn't it in the nature of our pastime that we can use the old stuff we like instead of new stuff we don't?



>argue logically and present whatever facts you have

We've been trying…

>or let the whiners whine themselves tired.

…But if there is one resource the Neckbeardium has in abundance, it is Salt.



Salt, piss, and vinegar. The unholy trinity.



And that's the very reason I don't open 40k threads anymore (and therefore browse /tg/ far less than I used to). Because there is always one guy like you whom you're never sure is a shill, an idiot, a troll, or just someone with simply terrible tastes, ready to defend the undefendable (in this case the mother of all ass-pulls. Seriously if they just wanted to sell new models they could have gone "we found a STC coupled with the experience in centurion and terminator armor for a cool new Mk. IX armor". They didn't have to go "ultramarines primarch ordered random mechanicus guy to make better space marines than what the Emperor did…" and fuck over THE hardest canon in the lore: "Space marine are hard to make, they're the opus magnum of the Emperor." Next isn't some non-sense about tranny marines and what not, next is Horus ain't dead and the Emperor never existed in the first place).

You're already made me explain far more than I was willing to engage on the subject

of 40k in the first place. It is a dead setting to me.

Anything new is cancer.

Anyone defending the new stuff is cancer.

And you know what it's ok. It's not the first time this happens, it certainly won't be the last, let's just agree to go our own way.

That's the last post I will make on the subject because it's just a waste of everyone time. There is nothing to debate, I was just stating one of the reason I though could explain why there is less activity.



>whom you're never sure is a shill, an idiot, a troll, or just someone with simply terrible tastes, ready to defend the undefendable

Anon, simply put, I've seen far too much shit IRL for any of this to really bother me anymore. As I see it, things are changing. Not often for the best, I'll freely admit, but hardly the ruination someone like you bitterly proclaims it to be.

The only thing which could make me thoroughly disavow the setting as you've seemingly done is if they went full-on political with it and cowtowed to SJW vermin. Even then, I would simply look to the grander past and stick with that. As such, I have not seen this contamination, and so I am satisfied that the 41st Millennium is safe to enjoy. We should all be grateful for that, at least.


File: 74dc1069137ff38⋯.png (93.76 KB, 210x259, 30:37, mfw.png)

>24 threads as spam on /bane/

p weak fam


File: 0720472105fd064⋯.jpg (28.75 KB, 333x500, 333:500, christopher nolan.jpg)


It will be revealed that Christopher Nolan was the god-emperor all along.


File: 76021ef80b0e5c0⋯.png (150.33 KB, 928x409, 928:409, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8289e351aef6364⋯.png (25.39 KB, 841x207, 841:207, ClipboardImage.png)

>Random thread about hating politics pops up

>OP returns to whine about "censoring all redpills" and reddit spacing



I have found the secret to /tg/ related contentment. Especially if you're burnt out on the older staple games.

Find something new and let yourself nerd out to support it.


>Have GM, that I found over TG, text based game

>GM makes my PC center of the story

>"Oh cool!"

>Start to get friends IRL

>Ask the GM if he could dial the time back, since we we're playing for 5-7 hours at a time and it wasn't working out for me, wanted to play for 2:30-3 hours instead so I could continue playing and hang out with IRL friends

>"You knew the game time when you signed up"

>"Well fuck you too"

>Find another GM

>Things are cool-ish I guess

>Play first session

>Text based

>People don't responds for literal hours, GM waits for every reply silently

>This goes on for 4 hours

>Combat arrives

>Completely disinterested, went to grab a bite to eat

>Roll to attack, 4 damage.

>"Is that all?"


>He sperges out at me for not RPing, my attack and in fact encourages the PCs to kill me when I was prepping food for 10 minutes or so

>"Can we just play?"

Booted from the campaign.

I have trouble finding a GMs who aren't autistic apparently. Woe is me.


File: ccf0123beb56137⋯.jpeg (27.27 KB, 290x450, 29:45, Reaction Catgirl Nekopara….jpeg)


>I don't want to talk politics, man…


In other news, apparently only one faggot in /a/ gives a shit about the difference between sub and dub content these days. Took him most of a month to notice that the Yu Yu Hakusho thread had some dubbed videos in it, and he dodges the question when asked about why he's only bringing it up now.



this is why you avoid /a/ like the plague.

I've been resisting the urge to talk about my hero academia here in the manga thread because I can't talk about it anywhere else on this site.




Come on down, friend. Feel free to hear things in the Queen's English.



>A fair point, but keep in mind 8chan hasn't grown in some time, in fact I believe it's shrunk.

Well yes, it shrunk 3 times. You wouldn't notice inside the site because it's a myopic view, the first one was the drop off of popularity in 2015 then there is the drop-off in 2016 and no you would not notice this in /tg/ because the brunt of the population effects are primarily the top boards like /pol/ and /v/ and /b/. Of these 2 there is a recurring pattern where activity drops then rises, then drops again and it was basically stabilizing but then in 2017 /pol/ outright stops growing at all and has kept shrinking with no bounce backs whatsoever. Incidentally this is tied with Trump winning the election. Practically everyone else is fluctuating and stabilizing or has already stabilized into a consistent fluctuation of numbers until the hack which whether or not it's effects will be felt I cannot say until at least a few more months. /v/ on the other hand has had the slow bleed effect throughout 2016 until near the end of the year, then it starts actually fluctuating between negative and positive growth within a similar weekly range post count on top of this I've seen people that knew nothing of anything that happened last year which tells me that /v/ actually does have an influx of new people coming in despite the shrinkage. Also the site has a bug where monday had a sudden spike but I see no spike in activity monday.

In case you're wondering the third shrinkage was the loss of the tiny boards, collectively they were practically all just blogposts or small handfuls of friends but that adds up when there is thousands of them.



But anon, anything new is shit. Also, players and GMs suck. Tabletop games are best played by you reading the books, making some NPCs, then just playing by yourself.



So, is it possible that /pol/ will lose its hold on the other boards soonish?


Not you again, you old grouch.



Quit confusing Anons who go out of their way to discuss politics as being /pol/, because that's not going to go away any time soon. Unless you want Chrow to turn into another nazi mod.



god forbid you ever try to make anything yourself.

I mean the barrier to entry to making tabletop games is so high. you know how hard it is to get a book printed? or to print out a sheet of cards? I mean I know the chinese do it for pennies but they're using some kind of strange chink magic. Also, making videogames is so hard. you have to download unity and learn how to open it and everything.

sarcasm aside, its easy to get trapped in a malaise, particularly with this hobby, because there's a bit of financial investment with these games, but there's a world of small, independent people out there trying to get by that would even love to just have your attention, if not your money.


File: 90feabbae41d9de⋯.png (160.11 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1470341806910.png)


What do you mean by Nazi mod?

> follower of a national socialist philosophy

> goes to /pol/ from time to time

> mildly conservative

> swings a banhammer around everywhere

> grammer

> what I don't like

Nazi mod can mean literally any of those things with the way people use the damn word.

Yes the e was on purpose.



Nazi Mod from ye olden teej pretty much banned everything that did not fit within his very narrow and limited scope of allowable topics. No drawfaggotry. No writefaggotry. No talking about lore or worldbuilding to an extent. Nothing but talking hard mechanics of approved systems.



I'mma guess that he didn't last long.



He was one in a long line of mods on halfchan /tg/ that was driven off by pissed off users.



Hah. Now you're making me see ald /tg/ as Asterix and the mods as Romans.


File: 637cb57f330fe88⋯.jpg (8.4 KB, 366x184, 183:92, kekus.jpg)

Tarot thread just upped and vanished. I thought those errors stopped a while ago?



https://8ch.net/tg/res/318098.html Here's the link, if it helps Chrow.

It is a touch amusing that the thread going around Kek "assumes" like that.


File: 10e7ca7d63bdd6b⋯.png (7.57 KB, 491x57, 491:57, ClipboardImage.png)



Sorry guys, but it wasn't me and it wasn't just the usual false alarm that can be bumped to fix. The OP deleted the thread.



What the…




The thread was our Judgement, and we were found wanting.


File: 8efe4373666d3bb⋯.png (6.27 KB, 376x417, 376:417, 5adf5b2953e9312ac408d11721….png)


You want to restart it now, or leave me to it in a couple hours?

I like the progress made thus far. Rather have slow crystalizing than a sudden hodgepodge.



I'm sorry, holy shit

I just didn't want to clutter the board with stupid or make something that would be considered cancer once it ended up on funnyjunk or something.


File: a99bfdb4186d195⋯.jpg (9.86 KB, 182x255, 182:255, a99bfdb4186d1952236ff19931….jpg)


If it has something like Hitler skullfucking a rabbi with a flagpole I doubt it will end up elsewhere. We make this our own, it stays our own.

Chans survived on obscurity in the past. With the reclamation of Pepe and ED's 'offended' page we've now mastered exclusionary content as well.




Let it die, that thread was pure cringe.



Nothing stopping you from ignoring it. God knows I've minimized every custom magic deck thread we've had.




Do it, you faggamuffins. I'm drunk and all my knowledge of Tarot comes from Persona, Jojo, and 40K, in that order.


File: 80ff78c34a63f61⋯.jpg (126.68 KB, 520x1000, 13:25, 40K - Imperial Tarot - The….jpg)

File: a4b85784098eabe⋯.pdf (11.3 MB, Warhammer 40k roleplay - t….pdf)

This is what I mean by 40k tarot, by the way.


Just a shot in the dark, was the anon who deleted the last thread and/or the one that complained about cringe the maker of the new one?



I'm not the one who complained about cringe. I'm the one who apologized about deleting it before that. The OP of the tarot thread



Unless it's absolute faggotry, like the worst kind of /tv/-tier, low-effort, bullshit, b8, all around obnoxious threads deserve to be called out and shat on. Ruining someone else's good time because you don't personally like a thread is faggotry and runs afoul of the "don't be a faggot" rule.


File: bec71f229a5e695⋯.jpg (12.14 KB, 638x479, 638:479, no-body-can-hurt-me.jpg)


> Ruining someone else's good time because you don't personally like a thread is faggotry and runs afoul of the "don't be a faggot" rule.

What compels you to answer/react to what you perceive as trolling/shitposting?


Man, I'd rather we had less traffic than those teenage edgelords that show up in every thread now.



We're not in 80s anymore, Dorothy.

There are countless sites out there. If one becomes too shitty for your tastes, migrate elsewhere.



Nice too see you are back, fuccboi.


File: d3e7a2cec898085⋯.jpg (64.45 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, 483208412-real-estate-tyco….jpg)





Also, don't try to jinx a spate of good luck.



Well, there's a difference between, "I disagree with this person's opinion on this topic!" and someone going into a thread and repeatedly posting " HATE THIS THREAD. BAN THIS THREAD. WHY ISN'T THIS DELETED YET?!



Yeah outside this thread >>318580 I'm not seeing it, I could see where he might see more of that but the majority of these threads are 3+ months old in which case he's not one to talk.



Funnily enough, this is chan. While there's nothing standing in a way of civil discussion, people shouldn't roll eyes, just because some kid starts to sperg like there's no tomorrow.

In fact that's the beauty of this place - you're worth only as much as you can express and how much you can withstand. If a guy can't be "beaten" by either arguments or total lack of interest, he "won" and that's how it should be.

At least that's the theory. The moment some overzealous mod enters the thread and starts to ban people just because they can't manage things on their own, it becomes no different than heavily moderated, censored subreddits.



I get what you mean, freedom, chaos, etc, but that shit doesn't fly. This isn't /b/ and this isn't /tv/. We're not here to sit and bask in the glory that is unfettered spergs gracing us with their appreciation for freedom to be a completely disruptive, obnoxious cunt.

Sometimes the only way to handle people whose only contribution to any thread is bitching and moaning about how the mods aren't deleting all the things he hates is to shut them up.



It's either alluring freedom that paves the way for big fandom, or a heavily moderated, slowly dying forum where a few cynical oldtimers decide what things and what way to discuss are kosher.

Stagnation vs ever evolving chaos - if RPGs truly deliver some lesson this is the one.



Kicking one faggot in the dick for being a faggot is not heavy moderation. It's pretty much the least you can expect moderation to accomplish.


File: 25f0c12f222fc7a⋯.gif (565.66 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 25f0c12f222fc7a729df19dca7….gif)



Why are we arguing about this when there's literally nobody doing it in any of the threads that are active right now. Are you fuckers really that bored?



It's not that you kick any specific fag. It's that they are kicked away constantly. It makes people seek alternatives and stigmatize place as one to avoid.

And thus goes the fanbase.

I'd also argue, that mod stepping in the moment people choose to escalate conflict rather than defuse counts as "heavy moderation".


File: 0d1cea67feab5a3⋯.jpg (30.07 KB, 480x360, 4:3, bullseye neeson.jpg)


Well, nothing going on on subreddits I usually visit, and I got banned on the rest of forums I frequent.

…but why ask? Are you THAT bored that you care about other people's business?



Drama whores, guys like sage bomber haven't been around for a long time. And I'm the chuunibyou guy, but as far as I'm aware I only do that once in a blue moon.


File: 8d18c3ef3e25fb8⋯.jpg (39.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1466030382612.jpg)


> everything in this post

Oh, so you're just looking for (You)s? Why didn't (You) say that in the first place.



Because I'm deeply mysterious person and don't socialize too well.



NAh, someone just had a bee in their bonnet. Delicious angry ara.


>deeply mysterious

Oh goodness.



Timestamp. Please. Go away forever… and then a little longer after that.



I also think that whoever drinks unclean coffee deserves to be skinned alive.


Request denied: not a chance.

Tell you what: produce good shit and you won't even guess I'm there. Just like you didn't guess my presence in so many threads.


And we're up to #17, right behind the Egyptian shitposters and /brit/, which is about 90% or so general threads. We can do better than this!



can we though?

I mean i know if we make an effort at a burst of shitposting but this is a marathon not a sprint.



>Just like you didn't guess my presence in so many threads.

It's almost like we don't notice you when you aren't being a giant attention-starved faggot.



Were I to crave any attention, I'd go full namefagging mode, or play avatar game, Anon.

Let it sink.



And then you'd get banned. Eventually.


File: 773b1a08ce601fa⋯.jpg (20.75 KB, 468x304, 117:76, article-1025999-02205BB600….jpg)


So instead of just being obnoxious, you'd go out of your way to violate the rules. Interesting plan.


File: 104212dbdba0bf8⋯.jpg (38.82 KB, 1067x600, 1067:600, tdy_jackson_trump_161117.n….jpg)


So? There's whole Internet to play and it's getting bigger each day.


Can't say I follow your logic, but in general an occasional ban is a small price to pay for doing things my way.



Yes tripsman, we can. Right now we're #16 between /brit/ and /egy/.



>Throw a fit

>Get called an obnoxious retard

>Throw more of a fit

>Get banned

>We're doing it my way

You should get your head checked out



As long as I get to say what I want to say, I don't give a damn about much else, Anon.


File: 45203eca0b2b49e⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 560x372, 140:93, 45203eca0b2b49e505f1e3a2a7….gif)


I suppose this is the great anon federalism vs anti-federalism. The state of the board vs the state of individuals.

Anti-federalism is for frontiers. I can't think of a single instance, save directly after the Black Plague, that the individual's own ambition came before society's well being. On the outskirts it's the natural order of things.

Your libertine view is incongruous with our temperance. The majority is, and likely shall continue to be, against your flavor of prose. You can either swallow a bitter pill and find fulfilment here by another means, or go down with your egotism.

Or so this anon opinions.


File: 4a3962feeb04fe2⋯.jpg (35.97 KB, 400x401, 400:401, think.jpg)


You're overcomplicating things.

This community is struggling to survive and there's no denying about that. And yet, while on the verge of collapse it still thinks it's reasonable to enforce approach that'd fit a forum with strong, numerous fanbase, one that can take the risk of turning newcomers/individualists/visitors/tourists away.

So, rather than change it into philosophical-ethical debate, let's just enjoy our trip together. Is it gonna be short or long - time will tell.


> Your libertine view is incongruous with our temperance.

Just how many people are you representing, hmmm? And how many of them actually give a damn?



>a small price to pay for doing things my way.

someone please tell me what this bitch is babbling about so I can be contrarian and piss in his cheerios.


File: 00105ba918ce16c⋯.png (1.02 MB, 826x738, 413:369, Daft Bot Stares Over Newsp….png)



>"Dude, the way you're doing things is annoying. Think you could dial it back a bit?"


Look, I'm the guy who wholeheartedly endorses recruitment and newfags, and even I think you're being a fag about this. Hell, I bet even ND thinks you're a faggot.


You think antagonizing us by acting smug is going to get you what you want?



You are best just ignoring the pipings of the little bitch. He's an attention seeker extraordinaire.



I'd rather go 'down with the ship' as you alarmingly seem to place it then deal with the likes of you. Quality before quantity, no compromise. I have standards and no asshat with a psychosis is worth the effort to put up with.

Hell, excising you would make this place more appealing to quality anons, and less to shitposters like you.

I feel like this is a monthly ritual now, along with the excorsism of nihilism anon.



Cup, sword, pentacle, wand, or all four?


File: df016fce0b130c0⋯.jpg (116.9 KB, 658x700, 47:50, 1410994528525.jpg)

File: ff49215b83b19e4⋯.jpg (136.74 KB, 714x1000, 357:500, 1411205385377.jpg)

File: e3ae0f2fb2e5fa2⋯.jpg (211.1 KB, 900x1176, 75:98, 1413330034832.jpg)

File: f99d0dfca5ea356⋯.jpg (116.67 KB, 571x800, 571:800, 1418251244815.jpg)

File: ef285fd2bfc2193⋯.png (128.01 KB, 301x276, 301:276, 1418832016331.png)


>Delicious angry ara.

Rinko is love, RINKO IS LIFE!


>Hell, I bet even ND thinks you're a faggot.



we are currently above /cuteboys/




Not that they care, /cuteboys/ loves to have someone on top of them.

Still at #16, below the britposters and /n/.



Shovel in more coal, boys, we're picking up steam.



You just can't help yourself, can you? Dropped the name, but you're still doing the same obnoxious crap.



> Look, I'm the guy who wholeheartedly endorses recruitment and newfags, and even I think you're being a fag about this. Hell, I bet even ND thinks you're a faggot.

So? I've seen my share of sites and forums doing Theseus's ship. The opinion of someone who might as well disappear tomorrow or the day after isn't very important.

Especially on an anyonymous board.

> You think antagonizing us by acting smug is going to get you what you want?


It's just that these "us" you're talking about is… how much? Five guys? Six?


> I

This is the only thing I see in your post.



File: 8a0df2a6897ede4⋯.jpg (190.06 KB, 652x623, 652:623, closer redman.jpg)

> Reddit spacing

You don't deserve the response.



This is the first time I've seen a genuine example. We've got a unique specimen here, it knows exactly what it's doing. Not the usual antisocial autist, or at least high functioning, he wants the odium specifically.


File: ec1dbf4fe2178df⋯.gif (1.72 MB, 320x240, 4:3, _kitty.gif)




It was fun for a time, because he's just so fucking ridiculous, but this is tiresome and I'd rather not retread his antics in any other thread.



A few comments more, and you're gonna see me everywhere. Even there I won't ever be. Ain't it fascinating?



Hide the posts. Ignore.

Now Chrow, is there any point in that Diversity Dungeons thread now it's spiralled into /pol/shit?


File: aa425ebfd349329⋯.gif (88.62 KB, 600x450, 4:3, aa425ebfd34932984dc7260466….gif)


> talking about the containment thread outside of the containment thread

Are you autistic or did you just not think?


File: 85ab743ad925336⋯.jpg (41.93 KB, 500x256, 125:64, cleaning_up.jpg)


Well, that's about enough of that.


Under what context? I'm tempted to say Wands, as they correspond to creativity, which is /tg/'s thing.


That thread has covered so many different topics already, that I'm inclined to just leave it be to see where they'll end up next.



Goddamn, how many times have you had to slap timestamp's shit by now? And in such a short time frame.

Fuck, not even I was that bad. Was I?



Reflect on how autistically stubborn and long winded you became near the end of that fiasco and repent. You were of a kind with this one.



Stubborn? Probably. Long winded? Not really. At least I kept my shit to once a month. Sometimes twice if I really felt like shit. Been trying to get better.



How quickly would you go crawling back to halfchan if they stopped banning you?



Haven't been back to halfchan since we left during the first exodus. Also, you mistook me for ND. I doubt I was that obnoxious either.



>How quickly would you go crawling back to halfchan if they stopped banning you?


>Also, you mistook me for ND

I'm posting there now, but considering there is yet another moderator shitstorm due to content pruning on /d/, remains to be seen how long I'll stay unbanned…



Your desperate need for attention and validation is pathetic.


File: 2f2ecad50a5dc18⋯.jpg (215.85 KB, 588x740, 147:185, __kawashiro_nitori_touhou_….jpg)



You're feeding it

Not shooing it away, but actively making this place more appealing. Stahp


File: 73edfe72969ba3c⋯.webm (6.77 MB, 600x360, 5:3, AutisticScreechingCompila….webm)

Can we just reflect for a moment on the fact that anyone who manages to get themselves banned on 8/tg/ is a faggot of the absolute highest caliber?


hey chrow, what's the bump limit set to on /tg/ threads?



Should still be at 500.



Don't piss off the grognards. We're normally quite harmless and non-combative, if a bit gruff, so it takes some real effort to anger us.



Note that in the catalogue this is 499 because the number you see is the replies, which does not count the OP.


Apparently (((Chodemonkey))) added new formatting options instead of fixing his broken fucking site, so be aware that this will probably lead to a new wave of shitposting.

<I'm doing it right now.



That's strange, your second formatting does not show up right for me on my laptop but it does on my phone. (((This one shows up,)))

<this one does not.




Isn't this something from ponychan?

Pretty gay.


File: 7a4f500cbae0030⋯.gif (446.94 KB, 500x269, 500:269, 2945963005_1_7_V3J1DBKd.gif)


I don't see the point of either of them.

The echoes never needed special formatting and the right-bracket red text just looks dumb. Neither of these fix the site or solve the massive issues we've dealt with for the past 3 years. If anything, they make the site more gaudy and stupid looking because now our admins are trying to catch up with years-old memes and worrying themselves with moronic filename fixes instead of just making sure the site doesn't implode again.


File: da798ebb9c2c42f⋯.jpg (4.83 MB, 1600x10000, 4:25, urban unease.jpg)

Hey, I'm a newfag to 8/tg/ and I got a question, I'm writing a short green text story, which may or may not be a series, based off pic related.

I'm including some dice rolls for the settings/characters/etcetera and also for some of the character's decisions and actions.

Is this something that really belongs on /tg/? I don't want to start any shit like CYOA generals which I remember being thought of as unpopular cancers.



>I'm including some dice rolls for the settings/characters/etcetera and also for some of the character's decisions and actions.

Sounds like a quest.



I know it sounds it. But it won't be up to other anons, just me as an auther rolling to add a bit of randomness to the stories.

I'd much prefer to post this in an existing thread, but I don't know of one suitable.




Thanks for the suggestions, I'll most likely post the stories to one of those boards, but I feel like just a straight up story thread based off a /tg/ compilation doesn't really fit there either?

Are story threads themselves unwelcome on /tg/? Or is that you'd rather maintain things being directly related to traditional games?


File: 655a282b58d4f74⋯.jpg (71.59 KB, 781x593, 781:593, easy, bro.jpg)

So is that meme tarot thread some mod's baby or something? I've called them fags and so have other people, but for some reason the posts keep disappearing. It seems rather petty to me and I didn't think this was the kind of thing /tg/ did. Just out-and-out removing reply chains makes me a little unsettled, even if they're not "nice" or whatever.



The other user whose posts were deleted literally posted nothing else but whining in that thread. You going into the thread to start shit like there aren't any other threads for you to post in is violating the "Don't be a faggot" rule.

You're not part of some vocal majority who is being silenced, so go do something besides shitposting.


Flammenwerfer requested for >>316746

ND is being an attention whore again


File: 77fe37d6a5aa7cd⋯.png (2.18 KB, 156x81, 52:27, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah, that post from 22 days ago sure needs urgent cleansing.


What's up with the (h) and (u) after the names of images? They both show the image in the same way if you click on them.

Also, we #15 now.






its so you can save the filename. you have original, what I assume is hash timestamp, and the last is unicode. (h) and (u)


File: ac79c482183bb96⋯.jpg (367.89 KB, 1920x914, 960:457, ivan-smirnov-chase.jpg)


Long and short

>The feature for saving some as the original filename is fucked up so it only works at random

>Every other time it doesn't work, it gives you the ridiculously long scramble of letters and numbers or it just cuts itself off and appends a … into the fucking filename

>Chodemonkey insists that he needs to put ridiculous 60+ character hashcodes instead of filenames for everything

>Claims this is about security and futureproofing and other bullshit and that people should be happy he's doing this

>No one is happy because it's inconvenient as fuck (also it's encoding information into those filenames. Thanks faggot! I sure do love conditional anonymity and privacy!)

>After almost a year of people bitching at him, Chodemonkey implements a dropdown menu system that gives you the choice of original filename, hash, or unix filename.

>You can't mouseover a filename to see it's full description

>and using the save as original filename feature still cuts off the filename and puts in the fucking ellipses anyways

>more bitching

>He fixes it again

>Now we get the huhuhuhuhu filename system.

>All that shit just to get back to functionality we had 3 years ago.



C'est la vie.

>latest anti-SJW thread anchored

Ah, I was beginning to wonder where the bickering went.



It was alright for a short while, but as soon as certain faggots returned to argue in circles, doing that mile-long sentence-by-sentence quote-reply thing, there was no point in keeping it around. It's about 70 posts shy of auto-saging anyways.

Any good conversation to be had was already had or ignored. All that's left is bitter faggotry and solipsistic bullshit.


Well boss, they've given up abortion for…fairly amiable political discussion. Not on topic, but not going in an eyerollingly stupid direction.


File: 68b6e01e26ff211⋯.jpg (114.35 KB, 650x650, 1:1, aXm4884xjU.jpg)


I seem to have stumbled across something. Every once in a while, especially in a particularly active thread, I see a (h)(u) get added on, and you'll get some images with chains of (h)(u)s added onto it. Does it add a (h)(u) every time the image gets saved by an anon?



It's an issue with the image save feature, or so I've heard.



Was it as bad as Harem Knights? how bout "uuugh muh succubus gurlfrend" modern fantasy threads? At least tower princesses have aa (sort of?) gme thing now. Mind you, I'm not against magical realm, I'm against this weird sort of middle-school bullshit 'man if i ws in this setting id fug all the gurls n shit and conquer all the nations'.

Fuck, man, I've seen some cringe. So much cringe. Warhammer High levels of cringe. So I ask again: How bad was it?



Well, considering the remade thread is still around and the biggest problems we've seen are 1) people not understanding that the tarot cards are not literal by name, and 2) some faggot whining that the thread is cringey and should go away.



So in other words, there is no problem. Chrow's in his eyrie, ~all~ enough is right with the board.


Harem Knights needed some more of the oldfag sort in the process. While a handful of decent stories came out of it the Mantis/Thief combo stands out to me, the overall story was an eyeroller. It needed Bros from the other races, just for instance, and more amoral antics from the stranded fa/tg/uys (which would probably count a large number of crossposters among their number). That "slavery is fucking evil, gaiz" vignette would've never happened if this had been written right. It would have been "us" putting controls and standards on the institution, not hamhandedly stamping at it.



And here I thought Ron deliberately put that in to mock you. It just reads like a laugh "hu hu hu hu hu"


File: f177f5c082b35e8⋯.jpg (49.32 KB, 720x650, 72:65, f177f5c082b35e8a91858a4970….jpg)


>Harem knights coulda been good!


It ws fucking stupid, terribly eyerollingly inane, full of "dood if i wuz in fantasyland I'd be totes competent enough to fight and shit and rescue hot babez who'd totally bone me" and full of wish-fulfillment nonsense.

I'll tell you what happens when a bunch of fa/tg/uys fall into a fantasy setting: They die. They have none of the skills required to survive, they'll have mssive diet shock, culture shock, etc. None of their own skills would transfer in the slightest, and even those that last more than a month would end up as serfs, peasants, or at best accouuntants within the larger cities. It's absolutely hilarious to think mallninja idiots would know how to actually fight, and even funnier to think they'd be capable of affecting any sort of change at all.

It's just as stupid, cringeworthy, and terrible as Modern Fantasy threads that always, /always/ have half the posters acting like they're in relationships with impossibly hot monstergirls and /whining/ about it. It's just as groan-inducing as fanfics of a fanfic about taking characters from 40k and turning them into high school girls and then acting like you'd have any chance to bone a single lady-primarch-teenager. It's equally disgusting as "LOOK AT ALL THESE GIRLS YOU CAN GATHER UP AS TOKENS THAT YOU CAN ALSO FUCK JUST BECAUSE YOU SAVED THEM!" shit from Tower Princesses.

Like, there's a linking thread between all these, and I finally figured out what I hate about almost all of them - TP being the exception to this.

It's not roleplaying. It's self-insertion into a fantasy. Tht sounds the same, I know, but it's not. In roleplaying you act as a character. They may have similar personality traits to you, but they are explicitly not you. In Modern Fantasy threads and in Harem Knights stories that isn't the case. Most of them are the poster inserting /themselves/ into a story of their devising, which is why it comes off to me as so innately repulsive. It's like coming to Exalted and discovering that the local lord with all the hot chicks hanging off of him is described as basically looking like the DM, having all the DM's moral and political and ethical views, and he looks over at you and drops the shell that he's from 'another world' with a stupid high-schooler grin.




File: 3064999ab11b2ae⋯.jpg (71.11 KB, 480x687, 160:229, Reaction - KEEP CALM becau….jpg)

File: 49d8982cca203ef⋯.jpg (37.17 KB, 320x353, 320:353, Calm Down Hobbes -reaction.jpg)


I really wish I had that one reaction image of a guy in shades being blasted by a gust of wind from his monitor. Or if I do have it, what the hell I named it.

Imma guess that this has been bothering you for a while. But really, as someone who wasn't posting on 4chan at that point (I'd reverted entirely to reading suptg's archive), the appeal was more of a bunch of autists (those who survived, at least) having adventures in fantasyland. Some suspension of disbelief was required, and much dumb was seen. Still, amoral autists in fantasyland sounds like a fun idea. Second only to Nazis in Fantasyland.



Basically, the (h) lets you save the file under the hashname, the (u) under the usual name. The thing is, codemonkey fucked it up and now there are countless variants of (h) and (u), most of which return null - because apparently it doubles for each copy of that image?

tl;dr: 8chan's coding is a dumpster fire.


File: c7b3cccbd726f1c⋯.jpg (137.77 KB, 525x809, 525:809, laughing harder.jpg)


Codemonkey's a Beavis & Butthead fan. Ahuhuhuhuh.


Oh, a fair warning that /v/, /pol/, /b/, some other assorted boards have been getting the living shit spammed out of them. Mark on /v/ was smart enough to put a captcha on to completely circumvent the spam, then was promptly fucking stupid enough to turn it off before going to bed. If you see a bunch of nonsense words strung together and the thread is updating/bumping but its post-count is not increasing, that's the spammer and per-post captchas need to be enabled.


Since yesterday my posts won't go through correctly. It stays at "Posting …100%" for like half an hour.


>It's self-insertion

I hate that too, I hate it with a passion. It's why I can't stand 99% of all /monster/ stories or Isekai animu.



>Since yesterday my posts won't go through correctly. It stays at "Posting …100%" for like half an hour.

Nevermind. This one got posted immediately.



>/monster/ stories

What's your "1%"?



There was a nice story in the yuri thread, before Aux deleted it at least.



There's literally only one good iseki anime and that's because it parodied the shit out of isekai.

>Main character doesn't even die in a cool way, literally dies of shock because he thought a tractor was going to hit him. Everyone laughed as he shat and pissed himself, no one really missed him.

>He's not even that competent in the new world, basically a shit-tier thief

>His companions are either insane, stupid, or chuuni as fuck

>Regardless of all of the above, they still strive and have fun

Whereas most isekai is like

>Oh man I died in such a cool and painless way and everyone missed me

>Holy shit look at how cool I aam and how my nerdy lifestyle prepared me for this fantasy world that just happens to be structured in exactly the right way for me to succeed

>Oh god I'm surrounded by hot chicks who want my fucking dick, I can't pick, ugh

>Haha, watch me game the system so I never fucking lose

Like, fuck, literally the worst genre.

In case anyone is wondering, isekai is a genre in which the main character dies and is reborn in another setting.



Orzh's stuff is also generally good.



>Haha, watch me game the system so I never fucking lose




And that would be the 1% I meant. I had some fun with Overlord and Grimgar too but I could totally live without them. I'm actually impressed how long Konosuba stays good. Even the shitty translation of the LNs can't ruin it's humor. To me, it is the one true spiritual successor of Slayers.



I take it then that Log Horizon and/or Overlord stuck in your craw.



SAO is literally the worst isekai I've ever been exposed to, LH waas one step up.



Overlord is a weird case, because the MC literally started as an overgeared, min-maxed, ultra toptier character with all the contingencies and safeguards in place because he spent years of his life building the best damned guild in the entire game for years more before he _died_ and woke up in a new fantasy world.

Log Horizon wasn't so much about the usual isekai stuff in my opinion, though.


How come there's no isekai where the main characters get raped, crippled, eaten by wolves, horribly ill from the plague, burned at the stake, or forced to be starving peasants just so they don't die only to get stabbed by a bandit?

Hell, there should be more games run like that. For example

>You wake up in a fantasy land.

<Oh boy, i wanna cast some magic.

>You don't have magic. Oh hey it's a troll.

<I want to attack the troll.

>The troll swings his club and splatters your friend against a tree. Blood and chunks of your friend's brains hit your face.

<Oh fuck this, i take my girlfriend and run.

>She trips and the trolls catches up to you easily. He crushes your legs with his club. You are now crippled.

<I throw a rovk at him.

>It does nothing. The troll then picks up your girlfriend, tears off her clothes, and rapes her. Due to the sheer size difference, things tear and she screams in pain before dying of blood loss and pain.

<Fuck you, GM

>The troll then eats you. Game over. Want to try again?



Hell, we could make it even quicker.

>Main character is born

>Main character is then thrown into a muddy ditch because that means one more mouth to feed.

>Main character dies.

>Main character's corpse gets eaten by rats.

The end.


File: d13916c223039fd⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 2000x3000, 2:3, nureha_fox_from_log_horizo….jpg)


Because it'd be short, dummy.



Log Horizon was a sort of fusing of concepts, between Isekai and the "economic fantasy" of S&W and Maou Maou Yuusha. It helps that our hero isn't a teenage bishie, was a definite nobody outside the game world he put so much effort into, and the two girls after his pants in the show are pint-sized Normally cute flat-is-justice doesn't faze me whatsoever, but ninja girl being hard submissive pushes my buttons. Oh, and a crazy nymphomaniac fox is fine too.



>Because it'd be short, dummy.

That's good because then the audience wouldn't have to sit through the shit.


Reminder that the only good genre is modern day where the main character goes through his life working, wrecking his liver through alcoholism, hating himself and others, then either jumping off a building or hanging himself.



I thought Slavs wanted to escape that shit, not be reminded of it.


Would never be published for it to be sat through.



>How come there's no isekai where the main characters get raped, crippled, eaten by wolves, horribly ill from the plague, burned at the stake, or forced to be starving peasants just so they don't die only to get stabbed by a bandit?

So you want one set in EVE Online, then?



Re:Zero went a little bit in that direction. Too bad it went to shit after the beginning. Even so, a story can't work on "look, im subverting all these tropes". Many LN start of just like that when you think about it. With an interesting twist to a well known concept. But unless you also have a good story behind it, things will turn dull rather quickly.


You would have so many of those in the first place if people wouldn't like them.


File: a56d97800f3e43c⋯.jpg (266.52 KB, 750x551, 750:551, American-Crow-750.jpg)

Happy 4th of July, you glorious faggots!



Can't really say it's happy. One nation, under god, indivisble no longer applies. When Hillary's wrongs were espoused and went unpunished on July 5th last year we kind of stopped functioning as a nation of laws. 240 years. I don't know what we are now, and my drawer full of tiny American flags will not be flying ever again. All 70 made in China. nihilist-kun, have a spare comfy blanket?



>implying that was the death of law in this country

>implying it wasn't long strangled to death by Obongos the Lawless One

>or assassinated alongside JFK

>or disassembled by the Federal Reserve

>or ended with the Civil War

Even our very founding principle that "all men are created equal" is delusional at best. Regardless, we've been fucked for a very long time, it's all just coming to a head now.



May our board go on to see many more, boss.


>all made in China

You know how to fix that, right?



I wanna write an isekai where the reincarnated is a Civil War era general or captain who is chosen to help lead some rebellion or some shit against an 'evil empire'. Then an opposite number is also reincarnated by the 'evil empire' to help them. Lots of swapping perspectives, lots of ambiguity as to who is right and who is wrong, a lot less "hur hur modern tech from my world in medival land!" due to the era the guys are from, lots of big war tactical scenes, etc.

I dunno. I just don't want to fall into the same traps.



>hur hur one woman dismantled all american law




It's not that there wasn't precedence, it wasn't that it was her, it was the symbolic timing at a number of demographic and social crossroads.

At no point will we have a 'Fall of Contantinople'. I'm comparing it to "I am not a Crook" Nixon and slick Willy, both of who were given permanent stains that made them, at least for a time, exiles from politics.

Here was a person who had their abuses publicly stated on national television. Who is proven to have conspired to destroy evidence, take bribes crom foreign powers, to silence political opposition, and who has a body count of eighty or so 'accidents and coincidences' to their name. Nothing came of it.

I know other politicians do this shit, but here was a public trial in all but name and more than half the voters(if legitimate) still thought she was the better choice.

I want to live in a time when I can look my fellow man in the eye with respect and comradery. Instead I have disgust and zealous hatred. The country stopped working as intended a while ago, and that July 5th statement was the engine light going from solid to blinking to off as the sugar in the fuel hit.

No pic captures my emotion at this time, so I must borrow a string of moon runes.




It's important to understand that it is power fantasy escapism for young Japanese men who are essentially in a soul crushing (by design) society in an economic depression. Before it used to be stereotypical harem animu but isekai has taken it's place. Personally I wouldn't be so hard pressed about isekai myself if it wasn't fucking fantasy video game worlds, every time. So far i've counted only 2-4 that shakes things up a bit, and one of them is responsible for this craze, and 2 of the others involves the protagonist having an actual practical skillset. The last one is some guy who was pretty much uber hax before he died and he's basically getting a restart "elsewhere" so all his OP bullshit makes perfect sense.


Should the pinned image be updated to include

<pinktext and (((jewtext)))?



It probably should be.



How do




you "bluetext" just by using the three parentheses on both sides. Also it isn't blue, it's blue on a white background, as in the flag of Israel, hence "jewtext"



You misunderstand me: I've seen giant blue text like redtext on /v/, without the white background.




Echoestext overwhelms redtext.. so something like..




should give the effect you describe



Guess not. Fuck it anyways.




(((or maybe)))



There you go.

Redtext then (((Echoes)))?

But it's kind of a moot point. Redtext can be naturally used and it's formatting doesn't have to appear. The echoes, aside from being a /pol/ meme for indicating jewish tricks, requires you have the brackets on there and it gives you the white backdrop to boot. It looks bad, it breaks up the flow of a post, and it's meaning is muddled to the point of almost being an anti-meme.

<Pinktext, on the other hand, is just fucking weird because it's a meaningless permutation on an existing, long-standing imageboard feature that seems to be bereft of meaning..

>I guess it could be useful for indicating different speakers, but at best, I'm neutral towards it.



I've used it to indicate




Also, it clashes with highlighted posts.



>be me

>girl I know from class joins my pathfinder group

<high anon

>cum in my pants

>y-you too


File: 065c9b660292c71⋯.jpg (406.47 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, 1443492081788.jpg)


>>It's self-insertion

>I hate that too, I hate it with a passion.

But what if the author is aware of his faults and actively uses those character flaws,

and mostly focuses on his "close" group of dysfunctional "imaginary" "friends"/tard wranglers anyways?

After all, if a solar system destroying god-weapon takes the form of a ADHD manchild spazoid, YOU DAMN WELL KEEP AN EYE ON THAT SHIT!


>I had some fun with Overlord and Grimgar too but I could totally live without them.


>Overlord is a weird case, because the MC literally started as an overgeared, min-maxed, ultra toptier character with all the contingencies and safeguards in place because he spent years of his life building the best damned guild in the entire game for years more before he _died_ and woke up in a new fantasy world.

Wait, Momonga DIED?!?!



>I know other politicians do this shit, but here was a public trial in all but name and more than half the voters(if legitimate) still thought she was the better choice.

I find it genuinely sad that you didn't…


>I've used it to indicate




File: 21f4cdcd9bfbbb5⋯.jpg (52.24 KB, 990x749, 990:749, Farnsworth.jpg)

>Good news, everyone! I've built a machine that makes you

<read this in a different voice.


File: 2069d1d01253029⋯.png (288.17 KB, 700x1065, 140:213, sunless void.png)

>Jim and Chodemonkey only ever update the site with retarded Goldwater ads or their latest attempt at a memeboard that will be dead in less than a week

>Only features ever added break the site or do nothing to fix the actual problems

>Site is still hemorrhaging users

>/tg/ dropping in the rankings again

This has been a lousy month so far.



Meh, it's only been a lousy week. Besides, the previous month proved we can move up well enough when we put in the effort.

>bad new features




>But what if the author is aware of his faults and actively uses those character flaws,

I do this with my BBEGs sometimes. When I catch myself dwelling on something negative, I'll base a character around those feelings imagining what it would be like if those feelings sort of got out of control.



>bad new features

The filename thing and the pointless echoestext and pink text.



I don't see the problem with any of those. Not high priority things but nothing wrong with them existing.



I think the issue is supposed to be that they shouldn't be adding frivolous things when there are still issues to fix.



>hey admins, the site is falling apart

>the hack still left us with a concerning amount of missing or glitchy features

>Spambots can still bring the site to its knees for hours before you bother to do anything

>We've got shills, raiders, and outside parties trying to burn this place to the ground

>Can you do something?


What's that one line? Better for people to think you're a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Or something like that.. Moot was largely hands off in a pretty terrible way, but he kept his distance and didn't say shit that didn't need to be said. Turned out that was because he was cozying up to Gawker and Nick Denton to suck his micropenis, but Jim and Codemonkey are so frustratingly clueless that there's very little doubt that they don't really care about this place.



As long as he's well written, I don't care who the character is inspired by as long as he's well written. If that means basing acharacter on yourself and your own flaws go ahead.

What I can't stand if the character is just the author(/or "your face here, dear reader") in wish-fulfillment fantasy, like the stuff >>321491 wrote up.




Seriously, I can't be the only one who switched to Katey Sagal for that?


>I do this with my BBEGs sometimes. When I catch myself dwelling on something negative, I'll base a character around those feelings imagining what it would be like if those feelings sort of got out of control.

And now you know how the Nice Daemonettes and the Daughters of Peace were created; Take mild misandry and oedipian fetish sperging and crank it up to 69!

It's 40k after all, so even the lightest shade of grey can still be pretty dark.


>As long as he's well written

Eh, there in lies the rub…

On the one hand, I did write a pretty well received snippet of how a bridge tech and an abominable alien machine of destruction fell for each other…

…On the other, I wrote one of the most reviled smut-fics on /tg/…



YOu know what it does for me? It wasn't in a different voice.

It was just read first.

Out of order.

This thing is a pain in the ass, thanks to that.



>Site is still hemorrhaging users

? Looks like an increase in users to me, and I've been checking that daily.



Before the constant string of site-fucking events, /tg/ was hovering around 300-500 users on a regular basis. 8chan's constant instability has driven a lot of people away.



>/tg/ was hovering around 300-500 users on a regular basis. 8chan's constant instability has driven a lot of people away.


>something that happened over a year ago


>/tg/ itself already had it's severe user drop well before then

Get fucked Anon, stop pretending you know what you're talking about. /tg/ had hovered around 300-400 UIDs at it's peak in 2015 then it drops sharply on it's own throughout the months, and that dropped several months before Josh's fuckups you can see it in archive pages where by June it's less then half of it's own number and has stayed that way until a couple months before April where it's UID count started to climb and consistently remain around a 200UID average then it drops again after the April hack. The big UID drop and user hemorrhage has already happened, you're confusing a loss in users with the natural fluctuation of day to day activity.


File: cf1119751c220ee⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1275x900, 17:12, Don't feed the Seagulls.png)

I'm still around, just in case any of you were afraid that I'd abandoned /tg/. We've just been mostly drama free for the past few weeks and there haven't been any reports or incidents until last night when the Dragons had Feathers thread went off the rails and we had people argue and whining about ND when he wasn't even the one posting. Also, that one violence sperg is back, so that's fun too.

Since the thread is way off the rails at this point and shows no signs of improving, I think it's better to just anchor it. People who want to keep going down that line of discussion can, and in a few months, the thread will be gone.



>When it wasn't even ND posting

Funny, they talked just like the attention whore.



The differentiating factor is whether or not there's some weird, low-quality TF art smattered in between quoting 90% of the thread.



There was.



Thanks Chrow. That thread dove right into a dumpster fire.


File: 712858814972236⋯.png (239.41 KB, 800x1017, 800:1017, 02f6d9b6392ba69491f13d1fc7….png)


He posted earlier, but ND wasn't the one arguing with people past a certain point. The guy posting all the Sanzo art is not ND.



No real surprise there. /tg/ has been declining for a while.



ND posted maybe two posts. You can usually tell an ND post by that they're comprised of 80% greentext, and filled with "reddit spacing".

Why would someone want attention on an anonymous imageboard? How would they be recognized? What would be the point?

Maybe they were just arguing because they disagreed with the pretentious /pol/ack lauding monstergirls for something they are not, and then jumping to non-argument garbage disguised as 'intelligence' through big fancy words.



Personally, I thought the thread was going pretty well, for something started by a shitty 'dragons with feathers = duck" meme trash.

It had some relatively decent discussion running around.

I ain't going to complain about the anchor, though, as it was some pretty low effort meme trash. Only reason it went anywhere at all is that people like talking about dragons



>and filled with "reddit spacing".

Hey I don't "reddit space" on purpose…

8chan has a bad habit of adding an extra line when quoting multiple people.



Solution: Don't fucking quote so much. It isn't needed. Seriously, stop adding so much greentext. You used to get this, for a short while, but now you've gone back to full autism mode.

If your post contains more than 33% roughly greentext, and it isn't a story you're writing, it's a shitty fucking post.



>Solution: Don't fucking quote so much. It isn't needed. Seriously, stop adding so much greentext. You used to get this, for a short while, but now you've gone back to full autism mode. If your post contains more than 33% roughly greentext, and it isn't a story you're writing, it's a shitty fucking post.

Thanks, Satan.



You're just doing this to annoy me, now.




>You're just doing this to annoy me, now.




I used to try to reply to everyone, but really nobody wants to really read through all that shit. Plus some of those posts are really old and maybe long past the point where it's on anyone's mind. At most two-three people, or multiple greentexts to specific points in the same post now but I'm reconsidering that too since it ends up just being nitpicking a sentence out of a paragraph and promotes bad english.


File: 909a503e76255da⋯.png (53.66 KB, 168x154, 12:11, Reaction - Happy Negro.png)

File: 88f32dd9719b116⋯.gif (419.46 KB, 350x343, 50:49, Touhou - Awoo Dance - reac….gif)


So, someone in the /games/ meta thread is saying that the anon making an SS13 server thread here and on /v/ is some cancerous avatarfag named Wolfspider. Could anyone here tell me if this wolfspider guy is the cancerous fuck that anon claims him to be?


I wouldn't say that. It's highly dependent on the kind of setting they're in, but I'd say most fa/tg/uys would be meh-tier murderhobos. I don't think we'd get a great hero or something though.


>But what if the author is aware of his faults and actively uses those character flaws

But that's the caveat. How often do you see that?


File: 7730294cd46e963⋯.jpg (52.62 KB, 748x543, 748:543, 0a78c5be5c9633f11a15e0f4d0….jpg)


It has now.



Dankeschonne, anon. I look forward to HWNDU: Melee in the coming months.



Wolfspider became infamous through his enthusiastic participation in the neutron-star-tier dense cancer clusterfuck that was the /v/ 4am threads. He is living manifestation of cancer. He is an avatar hailing from the plane of cancer itself.



>We've just been mostly drama free for the past few weeks

That might wanna change. I don't want to say too much until there's something more substantial but there's rumors flying around that mtg judges fuck around for favors.



How long before we get articles of "MTG Players are dead" from Star City and Channel Fireball?



I remember when scarcity games had one of their writers lose their fucking shit over gamergate.



So if they have any more writers of Geordie Tait quality writing for them I'm expecting a major meltdown.



>Never forget the 6 gorillion

>Never forget the 50 bajillion womynz

Please tell me they fired him.



>Geordie Tait thinks he'll have any children when he spends all his time writing colossal faggoty articles like this

I'm sure he thought that article would be a real panty dropper.



The guy named Chaos Your God is indeed some infamous 4am faggot.

However, he's not half as bad as people make him out to be, at least outside of 4am shit.

Plus, I think 8stationhost keeps him in check by large. Thus far, though, he only pays for the server, and he doesn't seem to care to ban nobody.

8stationhost, is a massive asshole who hates everything and everyone, so I don't think you'll get much flak for calling him a nigger if you so choose.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Have a second chance to fail at life.

No thank you. I've just gotten the current one back on track; everything is beginning to go my way. There is nothing whimsical about being abducted away from comfort and prosperity.

>this fantasy world just happens to be structured in exactly the right way for me to succeed

That just raises enormous logical, metaphysical, philosophical, and scientific problems; commonly confused metaphysical issues, anthropic principles, observational selection effects, teleology and a line of questioning about God's (gods') existence. Life is capricious not munificent. I refuse to accept that it would provide handouts.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

10 years of faggotry, here we go! No idea if this is safe to post on /a/.



>No idea if this is safe to post on /a/.

Good thing you're on /tg/


File: fc910bf2a82212f⋯.gif (1.3 MB, 400x360, 10:9, 1441731957679.gif)


>No idea if this is safe to post on /a/.

How about you ask on the actual >>>/ameta/ ?


Nice numbers you got there.


File: 9ac61129c9628a1⋯.png (127.98 KB, 1262x374, 631:187, fbghjmuik76i76.png)

By the way: which one of you fags was pic related?


File: 17eb2f73bf806d9⋯.webm (720.17 KB, 640x360, 16:9, yea.webm)



Nice Digits




I don't get it. Is this some copypasta or was it posted in some forum /tg/ recently talked about?



Let's say rpg subeddits are full of "oh halp me with my totally not troll thread".

What's even more funnier is that people seem to take such stuff at face value. Heh.


File: def45a9ac939437⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1992x1992, 1:1, 1477626563995.jpg)


>There's literally only one good iseki anime and that's because it parodied the shit out of isekai.

And also because of best girl.



Due to the time since I last made this request and the antics of the developers behind the scenes, I ask again. Would you be willing to add board-wide CSS to make thread hiding, having the hide button for images also collapse the frame and other common or most requested options? I don't know if my ability to actually hide threads on boards such as /co/ is due to bugs on hotwheel's side or due to custom CSS, but I hope to be able to do the same thing on /tg/.


File: de37243c7de38bf⋯.png (7.42 KB, 170x217, 170:217, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ee010bba604e2f0⋯.jpg (182.17 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1438291115766.jpg)


I'm not sure I understand the question. Do you want custom CSS that makes the buttons more visible or different somehow? Or do you want CSS that makes hidden images, threads, and posts appear differently? Because nothing I've done on the BO end of things should affect whether or not you can hide stuff.



I might be saying it wrong. I am under the assumption that you can put in code for the board, whether it's CSS, JS or something I am completely unfamiliar with. What I do know is that I can hide threads on /co/, but I cannot hide them on /tg/. This is a difference that has been in place, for me for months, at least as far back as that kerfuffle with Next and possibly farther back.


File: 314121562348b2c⋯.png (22.35 KB, 296x401, 296:401, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8681d4ab94a7253⋯.png (21.55 KB, 672x274, 336:137, ClipboardImage.png)


It's not disabled at all and never has been. I've changed nothing with the custom CSS or any other features that could disable that feature.

Try shift+f5 to hard refresh things or clear your cookies.



I have done everything short of reinstalling my browser many times over the past year that this has been a problem. It was just localized to this board and I remember that you said that you would leave the board as vanilla as you could. I only now checked with my secondary browser to see if the problem was present, but that one could hide threads. There are no differences or settings that should interfere with 8/tg/, but I still cannot hide threads.

I apologize that I brought up what has turned out to be an issue on my side.


Can you please fucking perma NiceDaemonette? Even without the tripcode, the slaanesh spam and porn shittery are obnoxious. Hell, I preferred when there was a tripcode because at least then I could filter



It may not be you. This site has gone to shit since infinity next shat the bed. Codemonkey's done his best but I give it a year at most.


Pressing the [-] button in the catalog works just fine for me to hide threads.



Have you played around with your config settings?


File: e93e458ca02cff0⋯.jpg (19.64 KB, 425x320, 85:64, is this nigga sub serious.jpg)


Don't say that, I don't wanna go back to 4chan. The posters there try too hard.



/Sudo/ is collecting board tans. Fill in gaps please.



Then you need to get your shit together and keep it together and stop being such a cunt, because every time we think you've finally stopped being such a cunt, it turns out you just weren't posting at all for the past few weeks.

We should not know when you're around. We should only care about the quality of your posts, not how much awful TF art you can attach to your posts that quote the majority of the thread just so you can comment "Haha! Good post! I'm also participating in this conversation!!"



Uh, dude, I don't think that's ND, just another poster who doesn't want to return to our benighted homeland.



For some reason, I assumed it was in response to the guy one post before saying ND should be banned.

I don't want to go back to 4chan either.




Who the fuck said anything about having to go back to 4chan? There are a ton of altchans run by autists in their parents' basement that run more reliably than 8chan and would love to have the extra traffic.



Then why are you here?


File: 0500f239a404804⋯.jpg (107.29 KB, 1262x640, 631:320, i'm not running.jpg)


Woah dude, chill out, I think you're a little angry for some reason.


I don't want to go deeper into the rabbit hole either. You just gonna keep running away?



Just keep running away?!

damn toonami promo creating an earworm for life.




While doing housecleaning not associated with 8ch, I must have done something. It's fixed for me. Whatever I changed or deleted didn't look in anyway related to 8ch, but it must have been the thing somehow fucking with me browsing /tg/.



Actually as far as how badly those alternatives handle even a fraction of 8chan's own traffic I respectfully disagree.




So the vulture was doubly wrong. Of course.



>pointing out that 4chan and 8chan are not the only two websites on the internet and you are not required to choose between them


Are you really so fucking insecure that you reflexively attack anyone who insinuates that your sitefu is not the most blessed and infallible holy site of Kekistan that nobody will ever surpass? Dude, chill.



Not really. But we've had poachers from Endchan and other places before, and your talk seemed similar to them. If that was not your intent, I apologize. If it was, then kindly fuck off.


Hey boss, sorry about adding to the commotion. In my defense, the guy who calls people shills for not agreeing with him was pretty annoying.



Oh look it's you again. I called the guy a shill because he got pissy when people suggested that 8th ed. might not be absolutely perfect. About three of the posts in that argument were mine.




Fuck off reddit



Oh good, you're here. I don't have to derail that other thread to address your antics. Nice work finding a route back on topic (in hindsight, a new army was a little too vague), but you're still a faggot. And no, jackass, you went after him because he suggested things weren't as awful as you thought. Same as always.

Also, since you got all pissy about being (half-jokingly) called /pol/:




"Poacher from Endchan" here, that wasn't me. I shilled for Endchan because I was tired of Jim's faggotry and got pissed when I saw the exact same bullshit canards used here that I saw on /v/ during the first exodus to justify not leaving a site that randomly fucks its users in the ass. Ah well, 8chan's probably going to die after Trump outlives his usefulness anyway.



I thought not. Thanks for the confirmation, you can move along now.

>same canards

Nah. We know this place is a scrapheap. But it's our scrapheap, and our community built around it.

>it'll die after Trump

Now you're just tempting fate into him being eternally "useful."



Multiple boards call people shills. The term used to be more associated with /v/ than /pol/. Anyway about it though, this shitflinging contest has gone on for three days. I'm just dropping it at this point.



Well shit, turns out I misinterpreted the original post as having replied to people who were upset about the codex prices. The fact that they were replying to some anon who just came on to whine slipped under my radar somehow. I need to stop posting at 3-4 AM


I really wish 8chan would go back to how it was back in 2014. I especially want reddit to leave and stay out. Maybe for a good portion of halfchan to go the fuck back too.



You can blame hotwheels for that one. He personally invited reddit in a few years back



> I especially want reddit to leave and stay out.

Resistance is futile.


File: b240e932a26da0f⋯.mp4 (880 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, the fun is over.mp4)



I've heard other places call us Redditchan, is that true?



That's just faggots from /intl/ trying to stir shit. They ran around for about half a year constantly spewing the words "freddit" and "reddi/pol/" on any board that didn't ban them immediately.

They're the same kind of people who will turn around and bitch that not being allowed to post brownpill spam means that 8chan doesn't support free speech.



It is completely and objectively true on /pol/ and /v/. Here, not so much. (Incidentally, guess which boards the global staff seem to favor the most.)



That's just /intl/ shilling. We got scapegoated for a lot of shit following gamergate crashing and burning.


File: 7f74169a501623a⋯.jpg (43 KB, 736x534, 368:267, 9fb4a218ff036e8a95f30f065a….jpg)

Perhaps I've been too hands off as of late. We're holding at a steady level of activity, at least. Everyone needs to calm the fuck down, at any rate. less screaming about shills, but also less arguing with people blatantly posting shit to try and start an argument. I said it many times before, but if you want to piss someone off who is acting like an idiot on an imageboard, just deny them the (you)s they are after.

Post last edited at




Huh. And here I was expecting to come home and have a continuing fight on my hands. Parts of it were fun, but this is better.

If you'll accept me explaining myself, most exposure I've had to shill accusations was on /pol/, often accompanied by paranoid rants, and often in response to someone just having a different opinion.


Reminder once again that most redditors who come here are well-behaved and assimilating immigrants, not the irritants you think they are. Look at Timmies and Halfchanners if you want someone to blame.


>crashing and burning

What? I thought they faded into the background, partly of their own volition. They only emerge when something goes down or the lugenpresse drops their name.



Is it one anon shit stirring about /pol/, or have a number of us gone cynical on any crossboard interaction? Hadn't payed attention to the meta until my draw request caught fire.

Also do you have a PO box or something? You may have a gift later this year for good job you've done so far. It is not hotpockets.



Is it a discount for hotpockets?


Again, sorry boss.


File: 689df02c1315a30⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 540x304, 135:76, pet_the_crow_do_it_nrow.gif)


>Hadn't payed attention to the meta until my draw request caught fire.

For what it's worth, that guy had a single post in his history and it's that one. Not sure if that's indicative of anything, since IPs can change, phones are a thing, and so on. Hard to say for sure, but it's still a dumb thing to start a fight over in a drawthread. It's also no secret that /pol/, the largest board, has users that visit other boards.


>Also do you have a PO box or something?

Never had a need for one and I'm reluctant to accept gifts.


Looks like we've had another server hiccup. No posts have disappeared, but threads might be prematurely 404ing and some posts might not show up until they are posted in



>Thanks for the confirmation, you can move along now.

So you want me an active contributor to this board to leave because I publicized the excesses of le based mods? I post here via onion despite Jim and his mall ninja of a son making it as shit of an experience as possible on purpose because I like /tg/. I posted the shit I did because I like /tg/ and don't want to see it become a casualty of admin faggotry.

>We know this place is a scrapheap. But it's our scrapheap, and our community built around it.

Is it, really? How much do the global mods give a shit about you and your wellbeing? They certainly didn't care enough to respond to a DMCA properly. A community isn't a website or a codebase that doesn't fucking work. A community is the people who belong to it, and a community can move when it's got a better chance of survival if it's based elsewhere. Take /sp/, for example. They seem to instinctively understand this concept, which is why when 4chan's admins outed themselves as fucking cucks they left for 8chan, and when 8chan's admins went out of their way to fuck them over after they exposed a fool among #team8chan they left for 76chan, and when 76chan died a death of critical incompetence they moved to Endchan. Every time, almost completely intact, because a community isn't a site, and it shouldn't die when the site is dying.

And while I'm steamed, here's some fun with cognitive dissonance on /sudo/: https://archive.is/cZjaN



> they left

Actually Anons from 4chan do that all the time, the only real difference was that the exodus was large enough to be self sustaining and has so far avoided 7chan's and 4chon's fate. Literally countless heaps of alternatives that die and everyone just heads back, you can thank GamerGate for that because the SJWs will never allow GamerGate discussion if they did then 8chan would've died out and everyone head back as well then.

>Every time, almost completely intact

Actually /sp/'s numbers completely dropped both times, if you seriously expect me to believe that UID number was the same in /sp/ before they left for 76chan then I'm frankly insulted you think I have the memory of a goldfish.

I'm really not liking you patronizing preaching here either, I give zero shits about the Admin or Globals. So long as they stay out of here except when removing CP I truly don't care, since their job is to be hands off and do exactly that. The only obnoxious thing I don't like is those thread lists on the front page because some faggot wanted his board to get more attention, but that's so easy to ignore there really isn't much of an issue.


File: 461aeffe63db2f2⋯.jpg (212.48 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, d4745f3b13273059eb936cf316….jpg)


Gamergate isn't anymore than a catalyst anon. Everything after /v/ and /pol/ has it's own reason for existing here. We are not beholden to that shithole anymore and you can bet your ass that if halfchan allowed GG discussion again it would change nothing numbers wise. The time period you're talking about is at most two months in my books, where a vast body of persons swore to never look back.

It's a god damn site, not Mecca. It was, is, and never will be the inevitable place of return.



I meant that you should carry on doing whatever the fuck you were doing, you autistic faggot.


In case you forgot, a community fragments when it's forced to move, and we don't want that. As long as /tg/ has Chrow, and I can post alongside glorious faggots, I am content.




It still hurts. Everytime I see a get that isn't Wade Davis a little part of my soul dies.



I must admit, I too see big GETs going unstolen and feel sorrow that /sp/ is no longer hanging out with us.


File: 132fdf9eaff82f2⋯.png (589.74 KB, 668x1100, 167:275, 1440318364051.png)



Gone but never forgotten. The memories /sp/ gave us with their MVP season of GET stealing will never die.



>. We are not beholden to that shithole anymore and you can bet your ass that if halfchan allowed GG discussion again it would change nothing numbers wise.

Glad we agree, to bad you missed my point there.



/monster/ seems to have taken up their mantle at least. They just stole /sp/'s 70kGET out from under the literal trumpcucked horsefuckers, in fact.




Is it really necessary to bring that kind of /tv/ faggotry here?


Ha. You know, maybe anti-SJW threads are good for the board after all, if only because they let us vent about things worse than That Guys. That, and they kinda hew to the origins of this board in the First Exodus.


File: be711039c0febf6⋯.png (57.97 KB, 803x306, 803:306, zguenobuoocz.png)

A friendly reminder: we've chosen this abomination for the BO.

Woe is us.



A paladin? That explains why I couldn't think of him as a wizard. He's gone down the same mysterious path as Gandalf.



As long as there's not too many of them, they've never been a problem..



…That's a halfchan thread from the looks of it. What are you doing on halfchan and why would you assume our BO is there posting about not molesting his sister?



Better then the frog guy, who pretended be french.

That said, a guy posting a crow image with crow on it doesn't really mean he's Crow the BO. You got any actual definite proof? This just seems way out there.


File: 57fc0b4f0638ea7⋯.jpg (824.73 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, P1110702-1 blog2.jpg)


What act of half-assed rusery is this?


File: 09a2aa493952b68⋯.png (64.08 KB, 191x189, 191:189, ClipboardImage.png)


XD You have earned my upvote, friendanon!.

Have you shared it on facebook yet?!

1 like = 1 subscribe



> You got any actual definite proof?

Like… a timestamp?



The post is probably real, but there's no evidence that Chrow posted it, you dullard.



I think he was making fun of timestamp-anon.



Now I'm the dullard. Would have been less subtle if he also asked for pictures of character sheets.



Is it true? Are you secretly a paladin?



He willingly herds us cats, therefore he must be.

Either that, or he's Hades/Pluto.



>He willingly herds us cats, therefore he must be.

So he is the Paladin of Cream?


File: f8f10d009ed555b⋯.jpg (40.78 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 93e3421ff15e2eef24561598a5….jpg)


Too much of a lazy heathen to be a Paladin. Maybe more of a druid? Animals seem to like me and I revived a few office plants from the brink of wilting once. Although, I'm not enough of a hippy to be a druid. Might be safer to just say I'm a wizard.



What about Beastmaster?



So you're a hippy?


Any Discord for 8/tg/?



Yeah, it's right here: >>>/suicide/


File: 5a772156407ae5e⋯.png (428.52 KB, 800x618, 400:309, 1469418961198-3.png)


I'm not that good with animals.


Haha, fuck no.


There's an one that calls itself the officially /tg/ discord, I think, but there's nothing officially endorsed by the board. Mostly because a lot of us don't like discord and it seems really counterproductive to make another place for us to talk about RPGs, shitpost, and share pictures of anime girls.



Chrow, what is the post limit again?



750. Innit?


File: 278c4b8a7ce86a8⋯.jpg (239.58 KB, 1129x887, 1129:887, greenman2 knowing look.jpg)


>Too much of a lazy heathen to be a Paladin. Maybe more of a druid? Animals seem to like me and I revived a few office plants from the brink of wilting once. Although, I'm not enough of a hippy to be a druid. Might be safer to just say I'm a wizard.

<Don't be bashful Chrow

>We're all druids here



Autosage at 500, 750 before no more posting.


File: 6e342b7d739c452⋯.jpg (70.84 KB, 729x1000, 729:1000, consider-the-bunny.jpg)


Actually, I was cherishing the irony of being asked for proof, in a place where asking for a proof is considered haram.



You're such a fucking retard that you don't even comprehend what a retard you're being.



>Actually, I was cherishing the irony of being asked for proof, in a place where asking for a proof is considered haram.

Except that, that is only for story time.




That helps. Thanks.





Note that the 500 posts is not reached when you see 500 in the catalog. The number you see there is the replies that don't factor in the OP. So if it's got 499 posts in the catalog, it's autosaging.



And you're a victim of your own limitations.


Except you're pushed into defense with a snap of a finger.



>this holier than thou faggot again

Get the fuck out and stay out.


File: eec2017254447b9⋯.gif (2 MB, 367x227, 367:227, water bear.gif)


>Except you're pushed into defense with a snap of a finger.

What? What defense, timestamp only demands proof from story time. Most of those story time caps are so old it's long past the point anyone could even prove it. Other subjects like SJW infection people will ask for proof, and Anons will provide what they think it is. Usually months later, in the same thread, an Anon will come around after reading new material that was even worse then the offending material beforehand.



Request denied.


> What?





And most importantly: for what purpose?



Let's play a game, /tg/. It's called "See if you can spot a pattern here!"















Did you figure it out yet? The answer might not surprise you: It's all the same faggot.



How big is your crow folder?


File: 72e80ed94e8a5fe⋯.jpg (353.65 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 350409398_2b2b3285d7_b.jpg)


Not big enough.



Fucking capcode.


File: 7e89e6f5fada58f⋯.jpg (92.44 KB, 564x871, 564:871, coliseum 2.jpg)

Say I'm a fucking retard and set up a discord server for pathfinder, where would I go other than the game finder thread to get people willing to play a PARTIALLY lewd version of the game? All options, no matter how autistic. I will regret this.


File: 6775b5fa4be486a⋯.jpeg (79.06 KB, 933x800, 933:800, 1495065349.C4365E40.jpeg)



No seriously. They've got a thread for ERP Discords and Pathfinder is a pretty popular system from people running lewd adventures.. Not that I'd know anything about typefucking of course. Haha.


File: 95d9813e4ed40de⋯.jpg (95 KB, 520x906, 260:453, eh.jpg)


Incredible, thanks!


File: 5e31ca60b8cbabf⋯.mp4 (278.74 KB, 640x360, 16:9, how lewd.mp4)


I'm partially interested


File: 5921f8c6bc10eed⋯.gif (207.9 KB, 354x534, 59:89, 5921f8c6bc10eeddb526b200be….gif)


I posted on /erp/ about it, describing it decently. If you just want to join the discord and read through what I've posted here's the link https://discord.gg/UnQHycY

You can take a look at what I spent the last 2 days trying to organize and tell me how I've fucked up


This is gonna sound kinda newfaggy, but how do you link threads from other boards? It comes up so rarely that I've forgotten.



I'm usually not one to say something like that but lurk more. It's really not hard to find out.



Do you know how to link to a board? >>>/likeso/ ?

Go from there. I believe in you, anon. You can do it!




Fuck you, you helpful faggots, I forgot.


Did it work? I'm spreading word of a /tg/ project in there.


File: c7378c79178618b⋯.png (82.06 KB, 322x372, 161:186, thumbs_up.png)



>Newfag question

I've got one of those too, actually. If I want to post a photo that I took with my phone, what do I have to do so that one cannot immediatly get my location and all sorts of personal information from it?



I think there might be a setting on your phone not to record any EXIF information, but if you locate the file with windows, go to properties >> Details >> (at the bottom) Remove Properties and Personal Information

Then just go from there.



What if I'm lazy and drunk? Can I just use the snipping tool to copy and paste a part of the picture? Would that be enough?



>open in paint

>select all


>open new document




Should work.


File: 360458448f61030⋯.png (548.96 KB, 506x723, 506:723, beer stein1.png)

File: 67841f49d7ed857⋯.png (571.41 KB, 519x758, 519:758, beer stein2.png)


Alright, let's give it a try.

Here's the reason why I'm asking this in the first place. I bought this beer stein today and I have no idea what this thing on it's lid is supposed to be. It is some sort of dial, that can be turned to each of the 12 numbers. Between those numbers are the letters W O H L B E K O M M ' S ("Cheers!" in German).

I have found nothing about his on the web. So maybe the obscure knowledge of /tg/ could help with this. I have no idea where else i should even start to look.



Two guesses

What time you're supposed to leave, a reminder for lunch hours.

Or more likely, number of beers downed.


File: ce862c4d11b854b⋯.png (901.87 KB, 1092x877, 1092:877, ce862c4d11b854b66af4df959f….png)


>number of beers downed

But the dial only goes up to twelve.



I did consider both of that. A beer counter seems to be the most likely use, though it could be used as self-control only. It's surprisingly well made. The dial even locks in place on each number.


I guess you could count down once you have reached 12.



>It's surprisingly well made. The dial even locks in place on each number.

That's German engineering for you: spare no expenses to make the best product you possibly can. The obvious down side to this design philosophy is that with more complex things you'll end up with horribly overdesigned products. And Kraut Space Magic.


In case anyone failed to notice, 8ch.pl seems to have finally kicked it. The imageboard community now has one less bunker.

(Onion users can't upload so pretend there's a webm of Taps here)



I don't think 8chan.pl was ever an official bunker, but it's always a shame when an imageboard dies. Even if it was slow and small, it was home to some folk. As long as they aren't faggots, they are welcome here.



I'm pretty sure the people who went to 8ch.pl went there because they were tired of the faggots here. /4chon/ is currently debating whether to go to Endchan or stay here because of how Jim and Ron screwed them in the past.



Considering how often everyone else forgets about /tg/, despite us chugging along just fine for the past 2 years without major incident, that sounds like drama involving all the other big boards, who are in constant THE SKY IS FALLING mode. I've seen it on /pol/, and /a/, and /v/, and most recently, some faggots have tried stirring up shit on /co/.

Wherever they end up, I hope it works out for them. maybe this is a thing we should care about on principle, but all the same, moving to a smaller, more broken imageboard will likely just kill us.




I'm saying the drama involving the various 8chan spin-offs and replacements has little to do with /tg/, and since /tg/ is so small right now, if we tried to get everyone to migrate to one of these other sites, our community would likely die completely.


File: 8d59baa6783f32d⋯.jpeg (29.43 KB, 279x300, 93:100, 1501567427.jpeg)


>we'll never get our /sp/artans back because Jim is one of those old men that literally cannot stop talking about politics



It's because of their autism, not a minor annoyance which most of us can easily ignore.



I'd be autistic too if I could post only by using a script that bruteforced it through and later had my board swept out from under me from Jim trying to make it a politics news-board


File: e11c43e5fc1deff⋯.jpeg (144.17 KB, 1280x948, 320:237, 84473fc5add1b8ab21fea29b7….jpeg)


>a minor annoyance which most of us can easily ignore.

This seems to be /tg/'s mindset in CY+2. Not that it's a bad thing. We can control what gets to our table and easily circumvent poz throw piracy, homebrew, and simply just playing old systems and games that were never touched.



>that second bit

Now see, that is more cause for anger. But I thought they were a sports board.



>We can control what gets to our table and easily circumvent poz throw piracy, homebrew, and simply just playing old systems and games that were never touched.

I find this mindset unbearably naive, tbh, but I've bitched enough about that this week.


You seem confused, anon, everyone knows that /sp/ stands for shitposting. they do talk about sports but really anything goes



>We can control what gets to our table and easily circumvent poz throw piracy, homebrew, and simply just playing old systems and games that were never touched.

I find this mindset unbearably naive, tbh, but I've bitched enough about that this week.


You seem confused, anon, everyone knows that /sp/ stands for shitposting. they do talk about sports but really anything goes


File: e9759e197a10eab⋯.png (126.8 KB, 302x449, 302:449, 1501807073.png)


They were but left for I think it was 76chan after Jim repeatedly fucked them over. Now 8/sp/ is just dead. We lost our funposting get-goblins and I want 'em back but I also know they were done irreparably wrong and Jim giving the board back was just a token "I fucked up but don't want to deal with the heat" gesture.



It seems almost required at this point that an image board must have a tool or an ass at the helm. Not saying we should, but after Moot and Hiro (who originally ran 2ch, if I remember right), it's something I've resigned myself to.



Or a degenerate. Don't forget that.



Or combinations of the three. Those are common too.



>I find this mindset unbearably naive, tbh, but I've bitched enough about that this week.

Well, the crux of the issue is not that they can get to games that have already been made, but that this sort of SJW mentality will affect future products. This much is true, but it's also somewhat inaccurate to think that we can fight ideological corruption in products that we have no hand in making. If a company or a team is going to do this shit, we can't stop them. Even if we could, they represent an exceedingly small portion of the larger "community" who has their sense of importance and value inflated by some occasional twitter drama and articles written by shitty news rags that have been in a death spiral for the past decade.

At any rate, the issue is that the shit we're seeing coming out of WotC, Paizo, Onyx Path, and a few others is a symptom of a larger cultural problem. You fight them over this shit and all you do is make them your enemy and give them an excuse to dig in their heels, because now they're not only virtue signalling, but also fighting for the greater good. Kill this shit at the source, excise it from journalism, academia, and entertainment, and it will stop being so desirable to be a colossal faggot who waves rainbow flags and insists that playing games of pretend with dice are about protecting the feelings of niggers and trannies.


Chrow, dahling, I told you there's no shortage of proxies and VPNs.

Life finds the way.




Go and stay go, we do not want you, we do not need you.



Who the fuck are they and why should we even care?



Took you long enough to find one that works.


File: c688fb996a1c4bc⋯.gif (436.55 KB, 255x161, 255:161, 1432300323600.gif)



An autist that likes shitting up posts with acting all holier than thou.


File: a99947a2f80b2b9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 522x860, 261:430, ClipboardImage.png)


Pic related as an anon.


File: fa07fc7021888d6⋯.jpg (230.82 KB, 863x752, 863:752, skeletonrideneverends.jpg)


>At any rate, the issue is that the shit we're seeing coming out of WotC, Paizo, Onyx Path, and a few others is a symptom of a larger cultural problem.

While True, I really think RPG's and their followers are such a tiny fucking hobby (especially after the fads of ADnD and 3.5) that is only fragmenting more and more.

Honestly I don't believe anyone is making money at RPG's with indies basically vanity printing their books and Wiz's basically squating on the IP at a slim profit (but opportunity cost lost because those bucks would definitely be better spent on basically anything).

>If you fight your enemies they win

and that's some bullshit. Fighting them is both good practice at fighting them (and basically putting an incentive on you to make arguments that convince the observers if not the screeching harpies that are you technical opponents), it lets other people know that they are not the only ones dissatisfied, and the more your opponent brings out the greater good (the more hateful, petty and political your opponent gets) the more they alienate the fanbase of mostly apolitical players they rely on.

<And it won't matter to the harpies, because they don't actually play the game. But the more that people who play the game, see that, the more they question their RPG dollarydoo budgets and where they go which is where it hurts. You can't have a Representative of degenerate trash when you got no spare dollars. You cant hire queer writers if you got no money for writers.

But anyway, that's probably not what you meant but it is sure what it sounded like. I honestly kinda prefer segmen/tg/ed player base like this because people only play what they like, and if you like it a lot you end up at a place like this (probably after going through rpg.net or something similar).

Best of luck to you anon (and all rpg anons). May your games be fruitful and not full of fruits.



I'd be surprised if WotC is making any profit off of 5e since there's just over a dozen printed books and the rest is all free PDFs on their website. No, if they wanted profit they'd have already released Planescape for 5e. Here, I'll even give them an idea for the books:

- Sigil and the Outlands, detailing the City of Doors and its people, the Outlands and the Gate Towns.

- Planescape Monstrous Compendium, which contains all the monsters from the planes.

- The Outer Planes, describing the Great Wheel.

- The Inner and Transitive Planes, for the elemental, Astral, Ethereal, Shadow and demiplanes.

There, four books. Make them $40 each and you will rake in the dosh. Maybe some extra stuff for the collectors (posters, a nice case to put all books in).



Does Planescape even need a new edition?



Less of a new edition and more of a collection (not a summary like 3.5e did) for the current edition of the game.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anyone excited for the Eclipse?



Excited for nothing happening. Don't even know what I would even want to happen.



Why would anybody want a collection of Pozzfinder shit when the Rules Cyclopedia exists?


File: a1092ae611eedcf⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 22.09 KB, 1908x154, 954:77, Nice reason you there kido.png)

File: d9bf44c003778be⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 23.68 KB, 963x173, 963:173, owner.png)

File: f5cca4bc6e19dfb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.23 KB, 503x27, 503:27, wehhns.png)

File: 1bdfc4ad3cb6cd6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 18.78 KB, 812x142, 406:71, frizz.png)

File: 8eb0776d5f53baf⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 11.18 MB, 600x336, 25:14, milk2.webm)

So you were shitty corruption friend all alongss, have many times did your friend suck your dick for protection on his

Safe reddit blog, and to even ignore the rules and banning an anon for not braking da rules, moot the second. stocking and censoring others mother fuker, u little type da same way nigga, as with cock.space shit in the last share thread.

>not me

Well you doing for something, if not you then it's for your friend who talks in the same way and somehow you're conveniently there to delete or ban for his or hers hurted butt.

Not going to call you out in public because we've had enough drama today. Give it a rest with all the no reason bans, manipulative samefagging, 100% argument insults/bait that is Suppose to go nowwhere and not getting da funny maymays. If it wasn't muti-bans, not getting the maymay from your butthurt, censoring from that butthurt, your conflicts of interest (most likely or one incident, then it wouldn't be an issue, but it seems like all you've done is start arguments and act like a smart gay and egoist like a redditor for the past few weeks now. Knock it off, if that's you.



*('somewhat likely as of now'') or if it was just one incident at least*


File: 67061dbbcf4da55⋯.jpg (77.15 KB, 469x437, 469:437, problem imperium.jpg)


Have you tried not being a faggot?



Have you.


File: 365ead15e43ecd8⋯.mp4 (8.4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, skyrim gameplay.mp4)


File: 50a4106baacd367⋯.jpeg (4.71 KB, 161x175, 23:25, Pokemon - Annoyed Miltank….jpeg)


Maybe you shouldn't come on here while drunk as a skunk. This might also explain the bans. It's what you do when a drunk starts singing and carrying on in a public place.



>drunk as a skunk

Not even drunk, plus this doesn't even relate to the post.

And even if i was drunk it depends, on what happen and how drunk am i, but really, being just drunk isn't really good reason for a ban.



Then why the fuck did you talk like that? If you were trying to be funny, it fell completely flat. If you were trying to make a point, it got lost in the bizarre ramble. If you were wanting to garner respect, you achieved the opposite. You're doing yourself exactly no favors.





Literally, are trying to the same again, and make shitty bait again, because this is the samething as last where no is talk about the post and just shitting out insults at this point, hell if this even used >>327412 the drunk shit before in the thread. Meh, Mostly likely just me but if it is you then you are doing a bad job.


Oh wait it is you, nevermind.


Becuz read the posts from the other thread for once, you poopoo.

>not funny 2 me

>changing the subject in one post

that because you have shit taste for gay jokes and meme with this


there better gay jokes then that.

>You're say this is a week augment becuz muh shit taste

Well gud, it just as strong like you own augment insults.


File: 3f30948ebe4df86⋯.jpg (137.93 KB, 500x321, 500:321, 3f30948ebe4df8697cf7ad98a0….jpg)


Jesus Christ son, step away from the keyboard.



Nice unrelated post, becuases you ran out of ideas and have nothing to say.

You little did this about 2-3 nows, if you don't the counting the drunk crap.



I'm a new poster to this…train wreck of a spiel. You're really just making an ass of yourself.

You are either drunk and not admitting it, or have a profound lack of knowledge of the English language.



>You are either drunk and not admitting it

Or not at all.

>I'm a new poster to this

>changing the subject in one post

Now, i know you're making about bullshit up


File: dc4b3b460bbde1f⋯.jpg (18.07 KB, 300x260, 15:13, crow.jpg)


>So you were shitty corruption friend all alongss, have many times did your friend suck your dick for protection on his

You began spamming incomprehensible retarded shit, constantly repeating the same thing over and over, shitting up the QTDDTOT thread, and then kept ban evading to screech like an even bigger faggot. The no reason bans were simply a continuation of the previous bans you evaded, which only become more relevant when you do shit like this.There's no argument you could offer that would convince me that I shouldn't keep banning you.



>you began spamming incomprehensible retarded shit, constantly

You mean shit posting, then yes i did that

>Constantly repeating the same thing over and over

you mean how we came back and forth over and over again as i shitposted you took that it, took as i being 100% fullly serious for some reason but hey you told me you were entertained at least. Or maybe like you or your friend who i just talked too who the same insults over and over, you just saying that because you are making thing up and have nothing else to say.

>shitting up the QTDDTOT thread

The one that was doing was you or your friend trying to make insult over shitposting posts, you or your friend first started it in the first place you dumbass, with the /fur/ shit, i wanted to make a joke about that.

>ban evading

As i got for no reason, and out of nowhere.

>the previous bans you evaded,

It was still for no reason

>become more relevant

>implying it's about being relevant

Wew you do have an ego, to the point where see other having big egos like you.

>There's no argument

Because there wan't an argument in the first place, pointless insults to shitposting out of all things.

Just like how there wan't even a reason to ban me in the first but being bias, get hurt or conflicts of interest.

>I shouldn't keep banning you.

Because you give me no reason but made up ones.

Can i shitpost in peace without having to defend myself constantly, because that been happening in the past few weeks, with anons or maybe one anon, who could be you.

And i didn't see say you weren't doing this, for fuck sake.


File: 92fc95c7f7a4fae⋯.jpg (18.99 KB, 270x350, 27:35, 92fc95c7f7a4faeb87549990f3….jpg)


>How does it feel when the BO is entirely justified in his bans and even if he wasn't the entire userbase is united behind him because you are such an unrelenting faggot.



>Can i shitpost in peace without having to defend myself constantly, because that been happening in the past few weeks, with anons or maybe one anon, who could be you.

How about you stop shitposting entirely? We don't need shitposters and we definitely don't need faggots who think they are entitled to be obnoxious cunts whenever they are punished for being obnoxious and cunty. You're such a fucking idiot that you don't even realize you've been arguing with multiple people for the past 10 or so hours, none of them me, and now you've decided to escalate this to the point that you're now yet another idiot going out of his way to make their removal from the board a public matter, where many will weigh in and confirm that they don't want you around.



>How does it feel

You weren't reading shit were you.

>unrelenting faggot.

lal interest

>he wasn't the entire userbase is united behind

sine when did i say fucking that.

im no userbase, nor do i care about being united behind, just with one who being following me and saying the same shit.



After this incomprehensible gibberish >>327441

just cut him off

And that goes for whoever's serving him drinks too.



Chrow, what are you doing up so early? I hope you're getting proper amounts of sleep.



>You're such a fucking idiot

Thank you, i know right.

>How about you stop shitposting entirely?


How about i shitpost and post freely.

>they are entitled to be obnoxious cunts

you mean you, like your entitled to be king for this board and say 100% what goes around here.

>you've been arguing with multiple people

No, im sure it's few at most sine one guy did admit to be the same motherfucker by his own fuck up.

>confirm that they don't want you around

so now i'm important? the hell are talking about


File: 95c825ecacf2577⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 2837x2382, 2837:2382, 91b73a23fd9f71f6e3a8bf3578….jpg)


>You weren't reading shit were you.

No I did, I just disagree with you and think your a cock sucking faggot who can't tell the dick is still in his mouth and that is why everyone is having a hard time understanding you and why everyone knows you are a faggot.



>incomprehensible gibberish


>just cut him off

no u

best reponice


>No I did, I just disagree with you and think your a cock sucking faggot

So, i take that as a yes.

also My Hero Academia was shit animu



also one more thing

>past 10 -11 hours

Most of that shitposting, call me faggot (do it) but i been only arguing for last 2-1 hours now maybe even 3 now. you forgot to put to that there.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Obnoxious Anon, it is I, NiceDaemonette, here to tell you that you are being a shitcunt.

Worse, you are an incomprehensible shitcunt, LITERALLY.

Fuck man, my younger nephews could type a more coherent post, and one of them isn't even a year old yet!




pls go egoboo

but nice meme tho


File: 178fca6a63c6788⋯.jpg (32.38 KB, 383x431, 383:431, weenie.jpg)

Always gives me a giggle when the attention faggots become exasperated when called out, then proceed to turn the dial up to 11 and try to increase to MAXIMUM OVER-FAGGOTRY.

…but it ends in the same way every time.



>but it ends in the same way every time.

You don't say, shit ass ``arguing`` bait always do the same thing and say the same thing.


File: b69c3b80b3a6e05⋯.mp4 (10.15 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Weird Al Yankovic - Word C….mp4)


ur a gay, both for calling out your own namefaggotry and not using a webm I can save to my hard drive.

off topic sage


File: d95af0bffbf544f⋯.gif (2.95 MB, 300x231, 100:77, Reaction - Black man stare.gif)


>not funny 2 me

>shit taste for gay jokes

Nigger, do you see anyone laughing with you? Seriously, are you or are you not Brazilian? You strongly remind me of a stubborn and proud jackass I knew from there. Incidentally, if that is you, holy shit you've come down in the world, mate.


Confirmed for shit taste.


How was he even doing that, boss?


>saging a bumplocked thread


File: d44935dfe1253fa⋯.webm (4.36 MB, 574x480, 287:240, spam is free speech.webm)

Webm is the tl;dr of the latest drama, minus the bit about masterchan.


Speaking of IP Address bullshit, is there any way to spoof one from a specific area?

I know you guys hate 4chan drama, but I figured I could use the over-zealous ban-hammering over there to get said zealots in hot water.



What sort of hot water?



>What sort of hot water?

Hiroshimoot going "WHY YOU DO THIS?" sort of hot water.

I figure if they want to continue trying to force "NiceDaemonette" off the site because of a personal grudge, I'd force them into a game of chicken where they'd have to start range banning major metropolitan areas.

Hopefully it won't come to that, but they already seem pretty convinced I'm ban-evading already with my IP Address being shuffled, and that isn't going to change once I've moved.



Those who spoke up, as opposed to the lurkers, dubsman.


Why is there a furry board advertising at the top of every page?



Instead of keeping the board from falling apart, Codemonkey is running Hunger Games sessions with boards, and Kemono won the last round.


File: ff7f09475ac275c⋯.jpg (5.78 KB, 269x231, 269:231, HaB.jpg)


This is Chrow's sandbox, dumbass. Either play by his administration or make another board that is better.

Go on.

We're waiting.

Oh, wait - you can't.

Because Chrow has the userbase, the dedication, the capability, the poise to run this shit and all you have is your entitlement to make posts that are, by YOUR OWN ADMISSION, shitty, unfunny, noncontributive, and overall shitposts. We don't want you. We never wanted you. We will never want you. You're worse than someone whose banning was so celebrated it got a fucking sticky on cuckchan's /tg/. You're worse than spanish flea. You are worse than these people not because of avatarfagging or anything else. When they got banned, they left like proper, honest gentlemen. And you have nothing better to do than to shit up one of the last bastions of decent discussion for this hobby on the planet. Worse, you think it to be your right to do these things.


File: 8682829d702ac2b⋯.jpg (21.97 KB, 300x225, 4:3, crows-nest--on-oregon-coas….jpg)

I think I've handed out more bans and deleted more posts in the past few days than I've had to in two years of doing this. Sagebomber excluded. He's still at it too. He's been sage-posting the same stupid, incomprehensible shit in the QTDDTOT thread for the past few days.

It would be one thing if he was trying to make a rational point and argue from a place of reason and legitimate perceived injustice, but it's just this same stupid shit about furries and reddit.




Nah just ban the cocksucker until such a time it ceases to be amusing and then wait until he pipes up again and then do it all over again.

>its the gift that keeps on giving



>It would be one thing if he was trying to make a rational point and argue from a place of reason and legitimate perceived injustice, but it's just this same stupid shit about furries and reddit.

I have to wonder if the kid isn't mentally ill considering his non-comprehensibility…


New thread is up >>327925

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