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File: 30bd1e87298d032⋯.jpg (418.91 KB, 1600x960, 5:3, clichea.jpg)


Looking for ideas or suggestions? Hoping for a bit of critique? Or to you just want to share a bit of fluff from your setting?

Welcome to the Worldbuilding General thread

For longer stories, please make liberal use of pastebin or similar sites to prevent walls of text

Maps also belong here, if you need feedback or advice.


File: a40dd28cdeb42b6⋯.jpg (146.95 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, af4720a4a0fe20a6bd5968b62a….jpg)

Fucking alacrity daemons, ruining the world and making chunks of reality disappear.


File: b4e76fa8aca347f⋯.jpg (115.84 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, monstergirls.jpg)

Greetings /tg/, I hail from the mythical land of /monster/. Long story short, me and a few other guys who browse /monster/ wanted to form our own tabletop, and I was put in charge of writing the setting. Considering /monster/'s worldbuilding thread is dead, I thought it might be a good idea to post it to /tg/ for feedback.

First things first, I want to clarify that it's not a waifu or sex-focused game nor do any mechanics like rolling for anal circumference exist. Yes monstergirls exist and you can, in a given campaign, waifu/fuck them, but you're not at all obligated to, and any mechanics you have for such a thing will have to be homebrewed (minus seduction).

Glad I got that out of the way. Anyhow, the initial challenge was to create a world with monstergirls that didn't seem like it was made because some guy wanted his dog-eared waifu in an OC setting. Something that, even if you were to take out monstergirls, would still be fun and interesting. The crux of this problem was the origin of monstergirls. Why on earth would a bunch of single-gendered species of demihumans that interbreed with humans exist other than some contrived bullshit made up due to the writer having them as their fetish? My answer lies here, pastebinned for brevity: https://pastebin.com/2UkMMPMp

So roughly 1500 years after that and many historical and magical events later and here we are. Humanity is split up into seven nations based on mashups of irl cultures, which I did due to how it's a continuation of old earth and mythology different monstergirls tend to borrow from is all over the world, governed by the Temple of Ammit. It's a central church that's practically a nation all it's own with the political influence of the catholic church back in the day and warrior-monks with psionic powers and clad in armor containing the diluted blood of an elder god as it's main enforcers. The different nations occasionally bicker but war between them is rare, if only because they must focus on their common enemy: The Alkirshans. Composed of many different species created or mutated from existing creatures by El-Kirsha or her children, they are in an off-again on-again war of extermination with man. Peaceful times most definitely exist, if only because it extremely difficult for either party to fight on the other's turf and therefore do more but drive the enemy off, but you can typically expect 5 major conflicts in a century. Even after 1500 years, the sheer amount of unexplored land, mysteries, anomalies in reality make boldly adventure into the unknown of this new world practically a passtime. To say nothing of the introduction not only opening up fields of study with limitless applications, but also removing the limits on human potential, making what we once thought were superhuman feats a matter of will.

How I plan on writing fluff is from the perspective of an individual in the universe, giving their account of certain events or opinion on certain things. Sometimes, different texts will clash and seem to be based on different facts and worldviews, and this is on purpose. In the real world, while some things are more-or-less universally agreed upon, different people and cultures have vastly varying recollections of history and views on different things, and I thought it'd be neat to replicate that. TES does something similar and I love it for that, even if it can occasionally be obtuse about it. Don't worry, there's enough agreed upon to make for a sensible world, and like irl you can just ignore dissenting opinion and just go with what you think you know. What era of tech this game takes place in is up to the DM, but it can be anywhere from magitek renaissance-esque levels of technology to magitek that shares practical parallels with but is different aesthetically and functionally from modern technology.

That's really the GIST of it, or at least the most I can write that won't take me more than three hours. I hope I didn't leave out any important details. It's still in the developing stages but I say I at least have a decent skeleton of a world with some meat filled in. I think it'll be easy to sperg about the setting if you guys ask me questions about it, like

>what are the seven nations?

>what species exist in the world?

>how does magic work and what types are there?

And by all means, don't be afraid to break out more critical questions either. I'm always open to advice.


Thanks Chrow, I was wondering why this thread was 404ing.



What is humanity's role here exactly? Are the lesser than monstrous races? Or are they somehow on even footing or better? Maybe it's the grimdark in me but I don't see "tenuous peace" existing when a truly apocalyptic faction exists.

How have the Alkirshans not been genocided yet? They have tried several times to eradicate the only race capable of bearing male children. Why suffer their existence? Then again magic is a thing in setting so you can always just say "a wizard did it." the older I get the more I realize how much magic shits on worldbuilding



I had an idea for magical girl-like paladins for my setting. Paladins would not constantly carry their elaborate weapons and armor, but instead summon them as needed. It would also let them summon different weapons based on situation they are in, attract less attention, and prevent their costly and powerful equipment from falling into wrong hands.

Does that sound reasonable enough?


Sounds interesting.

What are the seven nations? How do the religions work exactly? Is it basically same religion, but with different sects or are the religions completely separate?


Only if magic doesn't have limits or is too common.


Thank you.

I'm surprised that there is no alacrity daemon-tan yet



You've got a bit of a misunderstanding, likely due to my brevity, so let here's a pastebin of my long response: https://pastebin.com/cMtyMRw0


The various religions have basic commonalities, the foremost being placement of Ammit as the top god, but are otherwise quite different in terms of pantheon. While the pantheon as a whole tends to cover roughly the same group of concepts, they are split or interpreted differently through each god. For example, the Augustine pantheon contains the twin gods Yogham and Delirus, who both cover the concepts of mentalism and madness. Yogham represents more scientific, mathematical thinking with his kind of madness being closer to neuroticism, whereas Delirus is the patron of artists and represents more delusional, psychotic madness. This shows Augustinians as viewing artistic and scientific intellectual pursuits as being related to the sphere of mentalism, but technically seperate with not too much bearing on the other. Jabalnour, on the other hand, has a single god for it's sphere on mentalism, Hullahabah, god of enigmas, knowledge, and history. He represents the Jabalnourians view on both artistry and scientific research as being fundamentally linked and incomplete without the other.

There's Augustine, Czernothor, Grutsland, Jabalbour, Indus, Shuang-Ryu, and Berenghis. While it's an oversimplification, the basic geography, climate, and culture/mythological/religious inspirations each one comes from are West+South Europe, North+East Europeirl viking slavs would be some scary shit I tell you what, Subsaharan Africa, the Middle East, India, East Asia, and Mongolia+Pre-colonial Americas+Various Nomadic tribes. A blurb about each individual nation rather than a sentence-long summary would probably be less confusing and less likely to end up sounding underwhelming. So, which one do you want to hear about first? I can do anyone except for Shuang-Ryu and Berenghis, which I have not done much work on at all. Shuang-Ryu I have nothing for and all I have for Berenghis is that they have moving towns/cities made of living golems and use thunderbirds as mounts.



Viking slavs sounds neat. I take it that's Czernothor?



this is gonna be nitpicky, but these are my impressions

>20-30 years since apocalypse

Wouldn't people that aren't under 35 (assuming any people like that are alive) have lived through the apocalypse then? Fallout (the first one), happens 84 years after the bombs hit (F4 is 210)

>Warlords and cultists, of course

>Cold grey land of dust implies nuclear winter

>The characters should feel alone

>Except for the monsters and bandits who want to kill them

Post apocalyptic settings are cool, but you need to give the players some sense of hope or they'll just get jaded and tired, not to mention it would be repetitive

Well the monsters are certainly interesting, though it seems as though a stable population of all of these super dangerous hunters would be impossible, especially with the previously mentioned scarcity of everything

>Nonexistent god

>States how the Returner is real in the next sentence

>Towns rarely have more than 40 people

>Reborn settlements of 200 people are considered "small"

If there are several of these settlements then the Reborn have hold of the same proportion of people as Christianity or Islam do in modern day

It's far from the worst post apocalyptic setting out there, but there are some big contradictions in the setting. Particularly how all these factions are able to thrive so easily with the bandits and lack of supplies (and how it seems most of the world's population is living in North America), and how these monsters are able to survive

The setting is cool, but it seems to require a more stable or abundant world than the one posed in the intro.



Forgot to mention, it sounds like it has potential, but what's the basis of this power? And can non-paladins do this as well, or can you only play as Paladins?


Messed up first reply, meant for >>332270


Yep, Czernothor, a land of blistering winds and endless miles of snow that only seems to harden the resolve of it's people to an unbreakable strength. Yearlong snowfall and storms dominates the majority of the country, to say nothing of the northernmost regions, whose lifeless howling winds only serve to conceal the cries of the undead and the murmurs of the deep-sea monstrosities swimming underneath the ice below. The closest thing to a temperate climate is the farmland near the southern border, which can still drop to as low as -30C in winter and only produces crops that are cheap, easily-preserved, and resistant to the elements such as potatoes. But anyone who isn't a farmer themselves or relies on farms to provide their food are often referred to as Bylakye (a weakling, derived from the word for house cats from old Czernothorian, referring to those who prefer staying in their homes all winter instead of bracing the cold), for in Czernothor, the best meal is the one you strangle to death with your own hands.

For more, read here: https://pastebin.com/NMNRPxdB. I could go into their religion and how it intertwines with their culture and worldview, as well as describe the landscape up top, but that'd take some time and it's still being developed.



>viking slavs

Ukrainians basically.



You know what? Dump the other nations too.

What system would you consider using if you turn this setting into a tabletop? Assuming you're using MGE as a base, how are you going to stat up the girls as well as any new girls that appear?


File: a2978b3e7ea4d13⋯.png (632.61 KB, 700x1050, 2:3, 12yearsaslav.png)


A few other guys are currently experimenting with a bunch of systems to see what works as to make our own system. As for stating up the monstergirls (and men, for that matter), no specific stats are confirmed, but the general idea is to distribute stats such that each is each makes for a unique experience, for example:

[Vitality is HP and disease/poison resist, endurance is stamina and regeneration, skill is dexterity and accuracy with ranged weaponry, rest are self-explanatory]

Kitsune - Vitality: Amazing, Strength: Abysmal, Skill: Great, Speed: Average, Endurance: Bad, Durability: Abysmal, Magic-Potential: Phenomenal, Magic-Resistance: Phenomenal

Oni - Vitality: Amazing, Strength: Phenomenal, Skill: Mediocre, Speed: Bad, Endurance: Average, Durability: Phenomenal, Magic-Potential: Abysmal, Magic-Resistance: Abysmal

Human - Vitality: Good Strength: Good Skill: Amazing Speed: Bad Endurance: Phenomenal Durability: Good Magic-Potential: Good Magic-Resistance: Bad

Not perfectly balanced but this can give a rough idea of what they'll be like. Here you can see Kitsune and Oni at the two extremes of being a magical and martial-oriented class. Human men are more in-the-middle, with only phenomenal and no abysmal (albeit two bad) stats, but they are by no means simply average. A bit more versatile, but are clearly geared towards a martial class that can make good use of melee and ranged weaponry, can use offensive magic for more power, and whose insane endurance ensures that in spite of only being "good" in the physical department their opponent will tire out long before they do, but are too slow to outpace, chase down, and run away from threats effectively, and must be sure to bring protection against magic lest they be obliterated.

Of course, some may argue that this relative versatility still somewhat puts a damper on players who want to play a more purely physical or magical class as a male character, as the only playable male species are humans, and I can certainly see the issue. I was personally thinking that human players could choose a maternal lineage (i.e. who was your monstermom) for noticeable but not too overbearing stat changes. For example, going back to the two girls I mentioned here, Kitsunespawn could have much better magical skills but at the cost of physical aptitude, and vice-versa for Onispawn. But that's undecided, and if someone's got a better idea by all means I'll hear it.

>using MGE as a base

Of course not. I'll certainly take many girls from there, but there are tons of issues with using MGE as a base. Mostly with it having to do with it primarily being a porn setting, which is fine in of itself but making vanilla, less-obtuse FATAL is not my goal here. That and magic semen is a silly concept even by porn setting standards.

I'll be happy to write up on the other nations, but that could take some time. Would you prefer I keep it to a brief 3-paragraph theme-park version like I did for Czernothor, a "summary" that's more in depth but still keeps it to a few pages, or an outright mini-manual and every bit of culture, history, and religious belief the nation has? Please don't pick the last one, at least not yet


Some other guy described them as Siberia on steroids, but in general Norse, Russian, and Slavic mythology and history was my inspiration for them. I also forgot to mention them being great explorers, excellent metallurgists, and being bros with a bunch of two-headed sapient bears, but that's the result of me keeping it to three small paragraphs.



>what's the basis of this power?

It comes from deity that given paladin serves, just like Paladin's other supernatural abilities. As long as paladin follows deities' commandments and oath, he can recite a short prayer and it will trigger the transformation. When weapon or armor are separated from paladin for too long, they return to the storage. Storage is usually located in order's vaults, where armors and weapons are stored and maintained when not in use. Lower rank paladins have access to lesser quality equipment (but still better than what most people have access to) than the top ranks.

>And can non-paladins do this as well

Yes, but it's limited to powerful Mages, Warlocks, and high rank cultists. Magic and miracles in the setting come with high costs. Powerful effects like summoning require help from gods or demons, coordination of multiple magic users, or costly rituals. Paladin's payment for summoning is following religions' dogma closely, and basically being an example to others.

>can you only play as Paladins?

Idea was to make paladin a prestige class. When you character qualified (based on stats and religion), you could join the order, undergo training and sacraments, and then eventually become a paladin. Currently me and my buddies are just writing a setting bible for fun, but we are planning to turn it into a RPG PC game.



Let's go with summary.


I'm looking for critique and feedback. If you want more information about something in particular I can provide it/make it up on the spot.

The society of the world progresses to a sci-fi future, but war is still a problem. AI and brain researchers are downloading their consciousness into computers, people are setting up permanent bases on the moon with genetic engineering facilities, and weapons are getting more and more deadly. One northern country decides to use their newest weapon to end the current war quickly, but it turns out it's more powerful than previously thought. It kills almost everyone, and wipes out civilization. This weapon also set off a chain of events that introduced magic into the world, and caused the gods to take a more active roll in the world.

1000 years later civilization has rebuilt, but not to the levels that it was previously. There are three distinct areas.

The middle west is basically the wild west, with cities being scattered about at key economic points and railways connecting them. They are the leaders in technology and science.

The east is a bunch of isolationists who value magic more than technology. They live in small, close nit communities in jungles and on the side of cliffs.

The north has the wilderness of Canada and the society of the Russian Empire circa 1800.

There are 4 (serious) schools of magic.

Blood magic, cast by consuming blood as a source of energy. You have to use more blood for more powerful spells, or you can scale weaker spells by adding blood.

Bone magic, where bones work like magic batteries that are recharged by a bone mage. In order for a bone to be used as a magic battery it must be prepared, which is a long and sometimes very expensive process.

God magic, which is kind of like One Piece's devil fruit, except a god gives the oddly specific power to those loyal enough to them, and that power is based off of the domain of the god. Sometimes a lesser god will share the body of a human which gives said human the cosmic powers of that god.

Deal magic, where people who don't want to be religious zealots can still partake in the power of the gods by offering a deal, but it usually gives bored genie levels of wish fuckery.

The people who set up the moon base are running out of supplies. They decide that the only thing left to do is come back to their home planet.

They've been genetically modifying themselves for generations, but it's come with pros and cons. Long story short they've turned themselves into vampires with a slew of vampire benefits and weaknesses. They've been coming to the planet about once a month for two or three years, sending pods that are as low tech and simple as they can make them. People have identified them as a threat and formed vampire hunting groups that function as bounty hunters, the best ones being the Ingrams. Any scientists or engineer who can, tries to get their hands on the technology within the pods.

The scientists who put their brains into computers are dead, but their minds lay dormant in the mainframe of their research base. The only remaining entrance to their base is found on a remote, uncharted island. The AI they created has been maintaining the base underground and due to it's efforts said base has remained spotless and functioning perfectly for 1000 years.

Specific things I want feedback on/help with

- What I've said about the northern nation is literally everything I have about them. I want to flesh them out more but I don't know where to start. I may even change them entirely.

- I don't know if the east should be controlled by one king/emperor that pulled a Japan and said "no outsiders" or if each small town is self governed, and it just so happens they all hate outsiders.

- Is 1000 years really the right amount of time for all of this stuff to go down in this way?



Pretty solid response.


Apocalypse World has it as 50 years. I kinda wanted some people to have memories of it, but in the campaign I'm currently running for it, no one really has any memories except the really old guys. Maybe I'll up it to 40 or even 50.

As for the monsters, yeah that is a bit of a problem, perhaps should have more food animals living in it.

Also woops on the returner being "real but not real," I'll fix that. The Reborn settlements are meant to be VERY large, they are supposed to be a major faction in the setting, as well as the fleshcrafters and a couple others (wanted to have one called the Coalition, then a friend told me that that's a thing in fallout. Idea was that they were just meant to be an alliance of small towns in a defense pact like NATO, kinda like the walking dead settlements.)

To be honest a lot of this setting is based off of apocalyptic Garrys Mod roleplay maps, as well as shit I'd imagine while walking through the woods in november listening to really sad ambient music. I really want the world to reflect that dark empty feeling I feel, as well as being comfy in a way.

>Particularly how all these factions are able to thrive so easily with the bandits and lack of supplies (and how it seems most of the world's population is living in North America), and how these monsters are able to survive

Yeah I'll work on that. I think I use "bandits" too freely, perhaps I mean "marauders" more than bandits.

Thanks for reply, I'll try to change some stuff to make it seem a bit more like I intended it to.



First thing- The North should have more 'things' that crawl around in the icy wastes, like creatures that thrive in the cold where there is little presence of humans in the area that could affect them. Whetehr they are neutral or dangerous is up to you really

For the second point, personally I like the self governed towns, although it would be neat if both were worked in like there is a Self-proclaimed kings who wants to rule over them.

And 1000 years is fine imo.



Actually scratch that, I would find 300-500 years to sound more reasonable.




Thanks for the feedback.

I'll work on putting some interesting wildlife up north, and keep the human population in the southern part of the north where it's mostly forest and less icy wasteland and tundra.

I like the idea of having a bunch of self-proclaimed kings trying to gain control of the east. I can't actually have them in open war with each-other though. Would it be reasonable to say that the harsh wilderness/terrain and a web of politics keeps them from outright sending troops into combat? Strategic assassinations would still be a thing, albeit rare, but I'm trying to keep total war completely absent.

I'll probably want to get more opinions on the time scale. Backwards engineering a time scale that makes sense with a setting is such a pain, especially with so many things to balance. For now I'll keep it at 500 years.

What's your general opinion of the setting?



I was going to add more to my statement but had to rush through it to do something. But yeah you came to the same conclusion as me.

Trying to incite war in the East is a great way in screwing up relations with the town lords and populace and leads to your guys abandoning and assasinating/eliminating you.

Emperors gain support from diplomacy and favours, but must be wary of so-called allied town lords plotting political espionage behind their backs either to prevent one leader from dominating the region or to aid in their own ambitions of becoming sole Emperor.

As for the general setting it has potential, just needs more fleshing out. I like the idea of hideously genetic moon subhuman mutants preying on Earth men, but you should really give them an almost alien look/culture to them shrouded in darkness and mystery afer hundreds.of years in isolation and mutation. An uncanny atmosphere to them to draw out their inhumane development. Maybe portray them as elongated pale humanoids similair to SCP-096 with the large, black disc eyes of grey aliens, and have the vampiric fangs incorporated into a mosquito proboscis tongue.

If you want to make them more horrific throw them a Lovecraftian Moon deity who will hatch from its cocoon once a certain ancient relic is retrieved, though what that relic is remains to be seen.

But you do what you want with them since I don't know where you wanna go with them exactly, I'm kinda just throwing out ideas onto the wall here.

Can't say much about the magic since I like my magic grimdark and with drawbacks like mutations, misuse and abominable in the eyes of God(s). But that's enough rambling for now. I'd like to hear more about the Moonmen and your plans for them.


File: 61467be7cb0f222⋯.mp4 (3.04 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 61467be7cb0f22279c84c77f91….mp4)


>I'd like to hear more about the Moonmen and your plans for them.

Okay. Sorry for the wall of text.

The Moonmen exist mainly because I want vampire hunters, and vampire hunters need vampires to hunt.

The basic idea is whenever there's what looks like a shooting star that doesn't burn up in the atmosphere the hunter(s) in the area will investigate. They'll usually arrive to find an empty pod and will have to track down the vampires who left before it goes and preys on a local town. Drinking their blood, eating their hearts, and preforming genetic experiments the population which involves turning their unborn children into vampires like themselves.

The way I'm planning on introducing them is by having the PC's see the shooting star, then if/when they go to investigate they find the pod with it's hatch open, but a door to another part of the pod jammed shut. They hear what sounds like a young girls voice on the other side who starts begging for help the moment they get near. Once they force the door open the girl turns out to be a vampire who attacks and tries to rip out the heart of the nearest PC. If they start having too much trouble I can have a professional vampire hunter show up and bail them out.

The vampires are the descendants of the scientists, engineers, and researchers who first arrived and set up the moon base. Over time the culture of "science is important but has it's place" that is held by most everyone in STEM evolved into a fanatical reverence for both the fruits of science and the scientific method. The process of investigating reality scientifically has evolved into a full fledged ideology.

This is reinforced by the fact that the single oasis of life they have on the moon is completely a product of man made science and engineering, as is everything that gives life on the moon base. Life support, growing food, purifying water, none of that happens naturally. They need the science to stay alive and thrive. Even their origin story for how they got to the moon is based on scientific achievement. All this means they ultimately disregard most morality in favor of furthering scientific discovery, or any morality that isn't backed up by some sort of science.

Even if an individual moon-person doesn't hold to these beliefs personally, this is certainly the culture they grew up in.

Their disregard for morality outside of science is supposed to be a nod to the classic aspect of vampires where they avoid and hate crucifixes, as in this context the Christian cross represents a morality outside of science, something these vampires would shun

As for how they look you're right in that they should look alien but I don't want to go too far with that. I'll steal your idea about having them tall (none under 6'10" / 2 meters), pale, and thin to the point where they look sickly but with more strength than their appearance would seem to imply. I think I want to keep a more human looking face (with non-retractable fangs) but it should still look off. Like it's perfectly symmetrical and all that but what people consider beautiful (and thus, what parents would genetically modify their children to look like), has shifted in slight but bizarre directions over 500 years (such as with the fangs, being overly pale and thin). Can't really think of other specific ways to portray this in their face. It would mean the vampires have a more homogeneous look.

A blood sucking proboscis doesn't make much sense for first generation earth vampires as they don't know they like human blood until they've met a human. Second generation earth vampires however… we'll see

So with these moon vampires I have covered the horror of bloodsucking Vampires who look like corpses and who seek to make more of their own (fear of taint, fear of mutilation, fear of death), Doctor Frankenstein level of disregard for morality in favor of science (fear of science/technology, fear of the unnatural), a monster that can on some level imitate a regular person (fear of others), and an invading alien force (fear of the unknown, fear of loss (of society, of culture, of civilization)). Adding the vampire god would bring in cosmic horror too. It's like a concentrated ball of shit that scares people. All that's left to add is vampires forcing people into public speaking :^).



Take the Bloodbourne route.

>>high, pointed features that are somewhat too long that still retain a noble cast

>>think British nobility, with wide mouths and tight lips.

>>long and delicate fingers tipped with thick, sharp nails made of organic iron growths

>>big hands and feet

>>not comically oversized, just big

And to top it all off they move with inhuman grace, gliding as if they did not truly exist in this reality.

If you get creative and want to be mean you can really fuck with players and have a DIO experience.

Maybe temporary drugs that speed up mental processes, reaction time, and add an adrenal rush to boot…never let the players get it, or give it the side effect of destroying the character's liver, adrenal gland, and amygdala.



I like all of these ideas.




Now tell us more about the MidWest region. What makes it stand out from other wild west settings?


>world is set in mystic east type setting

>philosopher's stone was discovered and its secrets distributed

>stones can turn any metal into gold (but no other transmutations are possible) and enhance existing magic powers to a degree

>this causes the collapse of the gold-standard dependent mainland)

>but the advanced (plumbing, high degree of literacy) yet expansionist Island Empire (not actual name) used a silver standard so it survives

>after centuries of trying and failing to establish a foothold on the mainland they take over most of it with little to no resistance as all the governments have fallen apart

Actual gameplay takes place one century later where the secret of the creating the stones died with their creator and his inner circle, but there are still plenty of the originals around. People ethniclly of the mainland are treated as second class citizens and the old culture is stamped out, but do have a (slightly but notably) higher standard of living than they would under the previous regime (people don't shit in the streets ect.).

Rebellion is fermenting, but the many groups fight eachother more than the Island Empire because they can't decide which dynasty they want to revive or even a single claimant to that throne, with some groups being little better than bandits and others sell their competitors out to the Island Empire to reduce competion. Meanwhile during their expansion the Island Empire stopped various tributes (protection money) to native spirits, either by getting rid of whoever was in charge of distributing it, deliberately stopping it as a waste of resources, or just plain old they are no longer sated by now worthless gold. Now these less benevolent spirits have no reason to avoid bothering humans and have multiplied over the years.

Does this sound like an interesting setting?


File: ebcbdca4690c88c⋯.webm (1.46 MB, 1112x796, 278:199, mericana.webm)


I'll post what I have about the middle west. It may not all be terribly original, but please tell me if anything here is too cliché or overplayed.

Because of the God magic religious leaders hold a level of physical power as well as social power. This is felt more in the cities than in the small towns where churches play much the same role as they do in any rural town, as a community center.

Blood magic is good at healing people, but it's mostly the wealthy who can afford it. Doctors serve mostly the poor and the (slowly) growing middle class.

The government is made up of a Congress of sorts, where elected representatives from each city meet and agree meaning mostly disagree on things. Each city has it's own set of rules on top of what's agreed upon for everyone, and there's a constitution ensuring certain freedoms shall not be infringed upon. There's enough organization that a single standard paper currency is used in all the cities, to help facilitate trade and economy. One city is chosen as both the meeting place for the Congress and the place where money is printed.

Outside of the jurisdiction of cities the government doesn't care much about what happens as long as it doesn't disrupt trade or production. A small rural town may pay a sheriff (basically taxes) to live in their town and protect it from wild animals, bandits, and keep the peace between the residents. Some sheriffs are very good at their job, both pinnacles of justice and mercy while solving most problems with diplomacy instead of their gun, but still being adept at using their firearm when need be. A decent number are just in it to exercise power over people. Most act like your average (American) police officer in a rural town. A member of the community who one can call when there's a problem.

The middle of the middle west is desert and mostly mining with bits of farming here an there, but the majority of crop growth is done further north and further to the west of the mining operations. There's quite a bit of cattle in the middle area, though livestock such as sheep are kept more around farms. Cities are built around factories and trade.

I would like feedback on the government and lack of government in certain places. Would this work while retaining enough 'merica to facilitate the wild west themes? Would it in reality be too unstable to actually work?

Just in case I haven't said it already, this is where PC's will be starting and spending most of their time.



Well since it's based on the wild west what would be the natives of the setting? Yes there are bandits but I need my raiding native tribesman attacking the towns,or atleast something to fill in the shoes. That way the town would have to have some sort of defence system and have watchtowers, barriers, militia to help sheriffs and so on. It would also be interesting to have the mining businesses have their own sub-culture or system, which means that they are always seeking to expand their locations for mining, thus leading them to conflict with other mining corps, towns and the 'native' or outsider people. The rest sounds fine, considering its a Wild West set in a magical post-apocalypse.



I do need to add natives, now that I think about it.

I could have the non-natives originally be from where they currently do all their farming. Their population grew until they started itching to expand, and they did so going down and to the east. They've only been occupying the middle west for about 80 years but have made significant progress in their building and mining operations in that time. More to the east is still unexplored until you reach a mountain range, past which the eastern isolationists live.

The natives, because the soil is terrible for growing lots of crops, never reached large scale agriculture on the tech tree, so to speak. They still take and utilize weapon's tech from the towns whenever they can. They are angry at the people who come into their land and develop it because it threatens their way of life bog standard motivation, I know. Fortifying towns in areas with natives would come naturally from this.

Mining businesses are absolutely going to have their own sub-culture, in some way. Mining businesses form towns where everyone has a common purpose, everyone works for the same people, and it's small enough for the residents to know most of the people in the town. Over ~80 years that's bound to create some cultural differences between companies.

I realize now that if I go with this the Middle West would be called the East by the non-natives, and the east would be called the far east, just because of how they migrated.



Well if the non-natives have been there for atleast nearly a century I'm sure they'll start to call it Mid West if not already. If you want you could have the 'Westerners' call it something like the 'New Lands' similar to Old/New World for Eurasia and the Americas.

But I like the background you gave the non-natives. Would like to see what you do with natives. Dunno if you should make them close to Indian tribes or an entirely new culture altogether.




Well if you don't mind I'll take some of the ideas from the 'Long/thin alien mosquito vampires from another planet/dimension' for my own purposes. Will try to make them more unique for my own setting of course, which I'll talk about once I have my entire setting outlined to a basic form.



Having them call it the New World/New Lands or something like that fits well.

>Dunno if you should make them close to Indian tribes or an entirely new culture altogether.

We'll see. Making them something different would be more fun to play around with and easier to fit into the setting, so that's probably what I'll end up doing.


I'm fine with you stealing all you want. Chances are by the time you're done adapting them to your setting they'll be unrecognizable anyway, so long as my setting isn't the only one you're stealing from. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

It's not like I can claim to be totally original anyway. I stole the idea of "vampires with space age technology" from Vampire Hunter D, and after watching the 2000 movie I liked the idea of vampire hunters so much I knew I had to have them. Problem was, I needed the vampires to be out of the way for a couple hundred years for the societies and cultures to develop, so I put them on the moon and said they were a part of the pre-apocalypse society. It all worked out in the end, I guess.



Oh and single-shot firearms are actually common in this setting, with Nobunaga style guns being standard for armies. If they use guns, adventurers typically do the pirate thing with a bunch of of handguns that suplement, not replace, their melee weapons and attacking an armed group across an open field is suicide (Adventurers typically fight indoors or start the fight close to people like bandits who need to be close to realize they aren't potential targets anyways so it isn't a huge mechanical change.). Percussion caps are now being adopted, but the revolver won't appear for a while and (like the real world) won't take off right away.




The idea of a philosophers stone causing an economic collapse due to an influx of precious metals is an interesting one.

I think you should focus on fleshing out the groups of rebellion that are fighting each other, as they seem like the main source of conflict here. Give these groups interesting and diverse aesthetics and motivations. Having multiple groups doesn't matter much if they all look and act the same, and fight for their own flavor of what amounts to the same thing. American_Politics.jpg

What part do the angry spirits play in the conflict of the world? How do people fight them, if they even can in the first place?

I want more details on these "existing magic powers".



I actually did have plenty of ideas for rebel factions (The major inspiration was the Nationalist, Communists and a few other factions of Chinese fighting eachother despite the Japanese invasion), that's just the overview of the setting so I didn't elaborate on it too much.

As for the spirits, it varies. A good chunk of them, mostly "lesser" ones, are corporeal monsters and can be destroyed the old fashion way (albeit needing to choose your weapons carefully). Non-corporeals are typically "higher rank" and command lesser corporeal ones. They can be destroyed through complex rituals or sometimes destroying their "focus" (which they can manifest directly near). Failing that, a lot of spirits can still be tamed or appeased through bribes, tasks and certain interaction with the environment.



Feral spirits typically harass, attack or curse local communities. They don't really care about any conflicts between humans beyond how it weakens humans.

The magic system was still a work in progress mechanically, though it's based on the 5 Chinese elements (Water, Fire, Wood, Earth, Metal). The stones would just be items that give new spells (potentially off-element for the caster) and improve existing ones. All PCs would be magic users to some degree and people without magic are NPCs.


File: 9da238f0cb8aa83⋯.jpg (155.1 KB, 502x758, 251:379, b2150bdb7da50f9a415935ef02….jpg)


I'd be glad to do so, but it won't be done for some time due to personal commitments and the length of a summary for each nation. But as long as I'm writing something long and setting-establishing, though, I may as well add them as in-game books.

Now, the style I was thinking to write lorebooks/stories in was from perspective of in-universe characters who each give their personal interpretations of events that, while not being complete lies, may very well be at least partially incorrect due to limited knowledge or bias. Different books may contradict each other, and it's up to the reader to decide what's true or false. But I suppose for the sake of some baseline solidity for the ambiguity to balance on, this little pocket guide to the seven nations of man will be simple but trustworthy and politically neutral. Save for historical events, which will naturally be far more intricate and subjective than any theme park version could possibly express.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm gonna steal every single thing from your setting then copyright it, and there is not a single thing you an do about it.

On a serious note though, my setting is completely different from yours and is meant to be a dream like fantasy world with darker, more closer to reality themes bleeding into it. The vampires are just meant to be something akin to a rumour in public knowledge, with their purposes and even basic knowledge about their origins and how they operate obscure. They're mostly based off (in a cultural sense anyway) off this small comic voice acted by Volgun in vid related. It has intrigued me ever since I saw it and I wanted to use something like it in a /tg/ setting.

Vampire Hunter D, now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Great taste anon.



Seems interesting.


File: d8067a6e877607a⋯.pdf (1.77 MB, TowerOfBabel.pdf)

This is the Language-building manual talked about at the end of the previous worldbuilding thread. I'm reposting it here in case someone from that thread missed the dedicated thread I made for it but is checking these.


How do I scan a drawing? I've drawn and traced a rough outline but I wanna edit it in GIMP to add some flavor to it. Hint: it's a map.



you put it in a scanner, if you dont have one your local library might, or a copy shop or something like that.


How would an isolationist United States fortify its northern border with British Columbia in the event Japanese forces conquered it?


File: bfcc56136d73ce5⋯.jpg (123.1 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, ZA WARRU.jpg)


File: 46ed4ed6e1c6131⋯.jpg (643.28 KB, 900x1284, 75:107, dark-elf-by-kerembeyit.jpg)

Hey guys, I'm starting a no magic DND3.5 campaign. My setting is going to be that the human city has been surrounded and isolated by the Elves for a hundred years. The campaign starts with the Count of the city surrendering to the Elves. The Elves think they are superior to humans and want to prove it by running the joint better than the humans so are essentially a (mostly) benevolent occupation force but the common Elf still hates humans and thinks they are inferior. I appreciate any input on how to make this setting come alive. How do the local townsfolk react to snobby, snooty elves who think they are better than them and are ostensibly making the city a better place to live? Sidequest ideas are also appreciated.



So it's an isolated city that was under siege for 100 years? How did they survive for so long, if the elves never once broke the siege? I'm not saying cannibalism and death cults, but I'm saying cannibalism and death cults.

Also, if it's a single city, then where the fuck are its allies? Are there other cities, or did the elves ruin them? Or is this an ancient Greece situation, with separate city states? I'm not saying run the game in the iron age, but I'm saying run the game in the iron age.

And another thing, why did the elves want the fucking city so long? Is it of some important religious significance to them? Is it just a grudge? Or do they know something that actually made them want to wage war for a hundred years over just one small city?



The elves have used the city as a way of watching humans. They could have taken it at any time but waiting 200 years is like an eye blink for them. In a sense what the Elves want are a bunch of domesticated humans as slaves who don't know they are slaves.

The elves have purposely kept the city in isolation as a kind of experiment for all this time. There will be a revelation later on in the campaign as to what is happening in the rest of the world but that's not for now.



I should add: think New Caprica from BSG



>I'm going to play 3.5 without the most interesting mechanics

Seriously, what's the point?



A mere border wall wouldn't work against an actual military invasion, even with WW2 tech. The terrain isn't even something you can build a wall on. Repeating the Maginot Line would be really stupid.



>A mere border wall wouldn't work against an actual military invasion, even with WW2 tech.

Fond the Ehternal Canehdian.

That's a 10' taller wall for you, son.



I doubt that the Japanese navy would be able to manage their supply lines well enough to even reach Canada. Does America still own Hawaii and the Philippines?>>334757



Where do the humans get food and minerals and shit from? Does the city just have all those resources within its walls?





I think we got your question already, anon…



Yeah, sorry. Shitty internet problems.


And we're back.



You can always delete your own posts, man.


File: 5cb81c76779caa9⋯.png (3.44 MB, 2573x1310, 2573:1310, Map.png)

I wouldn't say I'm anal about geography but it's definitely a concern for me, especially in creating a world with varied-enough climates to make things interesting. Does this map make sense on a general level of tectonics and trade winds?



How did you make this map?



Photoshop tutorial. I'm trying to learn Photoshop for personal reasons, and I thought that making a map for shits would be a good place to start.


Im doing my setting in GURPS but this could change as its confusing and im borderlone retarded.

1000 years ago (our time), every human was shrunk to an inch tall. Some belive it was science, some a punishment from god, some a goft from god amd some a spoopy spell. Either way scociety has rebuilt mainly in the woods and fields around towns due to the lack of food in urban areas.the kingdoms in the deep forrests are more medievel while those near the towns are a little more industrialised due to the better access to metals etc. Regular animals like birds rats and dogs are now given a fear akin to dragons or monsters. The towns are now abandoned and adventurers can make alot of money going in to find goodies.

Any other ideas. I have loads i havent put down for the sake of space but i still think i could do with more.



Oh yeah, one important thing i firgot to mention is that im setting it in the forrest around my town. Im also gonna be sticking the surnames of all my buddies on different charictars to give the impression that its their inbred decendents that they are dealing with in game. Might add some flavour



>Does America still own Hawaii and the Philippines?

Yes. I didn't ask about those, Guam or the west coast because the way they were defended during the war (after recapture) in reality doesn't need much alteration.

As for supply lines, part of the isolationism is not favoring one side with trade embargos (which is why they never went to war with the US in this timeline: No need to and no provocation). IJA won China by the end of 1943 and reorganized its supply lines. Most able-bodied Canadian men have been sent to die in Europe.



Keep something in mind: even a siege at full tilt has unofficial trade going on between the besieged and the outside world. Cue the death cults getting much nastier from artifacts smuggled in.




Read GURPS Lite if you haven't already.


Remember that with GURPS you can ignore, and frequently are encouraged to ignore, many of the rules depending on what you want. It's a robust enough system you can forgo quite a bit before things start falling apart unlike something like Pathfinder where when people complain about things being unbalanced the recommended solution is "use more rules". I won't go to much into how to get into GURPS because that's not what you're here for.

Firstly I'm going to ask some questions about the setting before going into how you could make this work in GURPS and what you have to consider when adapting it for GURPS rules, and probably scare you away from using GURPS in the process.

The setting sounds intriguing. Main things I want to know.

>What tone are you going for? Silly, fun, and light? Realistic? Dark and nihilistic? Some mix of various tones? Is there a movie/tv show/book/comic/video game that shares the exact tone you're aiming for?

>How long after The Great Shrinkage does your story take place? How old are the artifacts/goodies the adventurers are seeking?

>What do people eat? Where do they get the water for drinking and irrigation? How do they grow/acquire this food? For the medieval and industrial towns how do they get enough food to allow for a division of labor?

>What do they use in place of the usual beasts of labor, horses/oxen/etc.?

>How do people acquire the metal, stone, and wood to build their civilization/towns? Is there any mining/growing at all, or is it all scavenged? If it's scavenged, how are they able to reliably scavenge enough materials to be able to sustain an industrial civilization?

>Do towns trade much with eachother? How does that work out?

>How do towns protect themselves from pests?

I'm not saying that having people live in hollowed out fruit trees with mealworm ranches would answer many of these questions, but having people live in hollowed out fruit trees with mealworm ranches would solve many of these problems. Onto GURPS related stuff…



You'll want to consider the Tech Level of the towns. Keep in mind that the tech level of the towns influences the kinds of things your players can do. If they start having grown up in a lower tech level town then if they need to understand stuff from a higher tech level they'll be at a disadvantage, unless you let them buy off this disadvantage during character creation or you let them start in a high tech level town/city, which it sounds like what you're doing.

Here are the tech levels I think you'll be interested in based on your description.

TL3 Medieval (600 A.D.+)

TL4 Age of Sail (1450+)

TL5 Industrial Revolution (1730+)

TL6 Mechanized Age (1880+)

Once you've picked the tech level it's really easy to figure out what equipment players can and cannot have access to and what kind of equipment they'll find in different towns. The tech level is listed with the other stats of the equipment. It's usually listed before the name on the statistic table.

Next, you'll want to scale up the strength of the animals and scale down the strength of the players. Everything in GURPS is written in reference to "yards" and "pounds". Leveling stats is not meant to scale for inch-tall characters. If you start out the players with a strength of one, they can lift a little over one and a half tennis balls above their head in one second with one hand. At strength level two they can lift a full 12 ounce soda can, again, above their head in once second with one hand. That seems a bit excessive.

I would say scale the reference values the stats are compared against, rather than trying to scale the stats and point costs appropriately. Do this only for the humans and human created technology but not for the animals, rather scale the stats for the animals or just commender the stats from high level GURPS creatures because you aren't leveling them you don't have to worry about how stats scale. Just tell the players that anywhere it says "yards" one yard means one half inch (~1.3 cm), and anywhere it says "pounds" one pound is 3.5 miliounces (~.1 grams) I did the math and this follows the square cubed law, assuming weight is directly proportional to volume, which it is. So the base "free" level 10 strength give a player the ability to lift 2 grams above their head in one second with one hand which is a little under the mass of a US penny rather than lifting 20 pounds like that, and it scales appropriately as they increase their strength. Someone with a strength of 20 (which is very high) could do to a pencil what someone with a strength of 10 could do with a penny.

Next is damage and weapons. If you aren't doing combat, or are only doing combat between other tiny humans, then don't worry about this. If you are doing combat against the wildlife then I'd say try to keep the damage values, just make the big enemies like birds and rats have way more health than they would if you weren't fighting them in a humans-are-inch-tall campaign.


File: 3186e7365caf67e⋯.jpg (40.04 KB, 533x350, 533:350, 040744_ph2.jpg-r_640_600-b….jpg)

File: 048c63a36e25d38⋯.jpg (139.73 KB, 1024x1356, 256:339, beetle_knight___knight_07_….jpg)


> the great shrinkage

I like it. Definitely what i'm calling it.

Tone wise its going to be quite light hearted. Mainly because my group don't take things to seriously as a rule also the setting lends its self to some silliness given the absurdity of the whole thing.Its not really based off of anything other than me having watched the borrowers a while back and gone "hey, that's cool". On a side note. one of the main religions believes that theirs one man left normal size whom they worship as a god. they call him Jesus thinking thats who all the churches were built for.

I'm leaving the length of time after the shrinkage quite vague, both because it adds to the sense of uncertainty that everyone has regarding the before times and because me and a friend got in to an argument about weather 500 or 1000 years was more appropriate for how far society has rebuilt.

Snails are used as cattle now. Their shells are good for tools and armour and the snail its self is a big slow hunk of meat so can source a good amount of food. When a larger animal dies people will flock from all around to pic at the carcass for meat to eat and bones for tools. The majority in the Forrest get water either from rivers or the leaves on trees and plants. Most live in hollowed out trees so this is no issue. Beasts of labor i till haven't worked out. Beetles maybe? I live in the UK though so there aren't that many big ol Beatles that would suit. in regards to the towns and metal.

Given the time that has passed any ferrous metal will be too rusted to be any real use so must metals will be copper, aluminium and stainless steel. This is hard to get in the forests so is seen as quite a commodity (and the demand for it creates friction with those states that have it). The more advanced city states on town borders gather what they can from cars and appliances but need to send caravans etc to go get more. The towns are dangerous so this is risky. Wood is easy to come by and most dont use stone to build. No one is industrialized yet thanks to the issues that come with most survival as well as the fact that there is no real food shortage (at least for those in rural areas).

And finally towns mainly makes heavy use of bows and pikes as protection. the pike is the most common weapon of the time as its easy to make with just a stick and a thorn, and its long enough to deter any larger animals. Bows are common for obvious reasons.



In regards to the stats of animals (which they will be fighting) i'm probably just going to find the stats of mythical beasts which are similar i.e. a spider:giant spider, a bird:dragon but without the fire. Most are going to be fighting humans as the first part of the campaign is them deposing a rival count. most things im just going to eye up when it comes t weight and stuff. I'm already bending the rules of GURPS light and i'm more interested in keeping everyone engaged than i am balancing stats.

Tech level wise, half my group is from the forests so is more of an early medieval tech level whereas the others are from nearer a town so are more akin to the empire from warhammer (or early renascence Europe for the real life example) so tl3 and tl4 should suffice.



That all sounds very interesting. Some things to keep in mind about materials. Stainless steel is softer than regular steel and so doesn't hold an edge for as long and can't be made to be as sharp, but it's is easier to recycle and is more durable in general. Also it has a slightly lower forging temperature.

Aluminum won't be forged, it will be poured into molds.

If they can find both copper and tin they can make bronze, which is less brittle than iron and corrosion resistant (or rather, it corrodes in a way that doesn't affect it much). The only reason iron overtook bronze was because it was easier to protect a single iron mine than it is to protect a copper and tin mine. If iron/steel is unusable you would most likely see bronze still be used if they can get the materials.


I would hate to see my math go to waste but if you are good enough at eyeballing good distances and weights and it works better for your group then you do that.

You'll probably want to let the people that came from TL3 buy an extra tech level (for 5 points) if they want to be on par with the other half of their companions. Or they could not buy it. That could lead to some interesting role playing. To make up for the fact that they start one tech level behind you could give them some advantage for free (with the same point cost) such as Absolute Direction. You could give it some fluff like "the time you spent exploring the dense and confusing forests as a child gives you a good sense of direction as an adult". It sounds like you only have GURPS Lite, so here's the text for that advantage if you want to use it.

>Absolute Direction, Mental and Physical

>You always know which way is north, and you can always retrace a path you have followed within the past month, no matter how faint or confusing. This ability does not work in environments such as interstellar space or the limbo of the astral plane, but it does work underground, underwater, and on other planets. This gives +3 to Body Sense and Navigation (Air, Land, or Sea). (Note: The navigational sense that guides migratory creatures to their destination is too crude to qualify; treat it as a 0-point feature.) 5 points.


File: 9159565380072cf⋯.jpg (20.03 KB, 260x400, 13:20, cod.jpg)

Spotted a good resource - history of cod and its reasons for being a driving force of atlantic trade. Has an audiobook, too.

I'm considering having some food made of easier to produce ingredients occur on the more frontier regionjs of my sci fi setting, manifesting in the likes of brown sugar instead of white, or similar things. How else can I show interesting facets of the setting through food?



Salt and Spices in general. If you want an instant trade route, put spices in one place and people who want those spices in another place. What Europeans will do for their spices…

Look into versatile staple foods like corn and soybean.

Make sure you have some interesting alcoholic beverages. Both the mildly alcoholic like Kvass and the very alcoholic.

To add to this, have a fermented version of damned near every staple. They don't have to be alcoholic necessarily, or even drinks. Tempeh is fermented, but it's just a solid block of soy and isn't significantly alcoholic.

Hot drinks.

Have foods that are unsafe to eat raw made edible, once again the soybean is a good example of what to look at.

Herd animals. Figure out if they exist, how they are kept fed, how they are managed, what parts of them are the most tasty, what they can be used for outside of food, and the effect they have on the landscape.


File: d0a5141e9774377⋯.jpg (10.83 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 10455290_280735362097511_7….jpg)

Help me out here /tg/.

I have a map, 10+ locations, and a plan on where the main clues are.

What are some hints / items / marks I can have the players discover that can lead them to the bad guy's base?

Bad guy is a plague doctor making zombies, I want to leave hints for all of his bases, and having the one the players pick to be the one he's in

How do I bread crumb it properly?



I love Console X-COM! snektits am I right LOL



Something to trace them to wherever he is stealing bodies from. Engraved jewelry with one of the bodies was buried with should be sufficient to find a living relative who can tell the PCs where they were buried (or where they died if the necromancer is scavenging battlefields). Once you have the PCs to a graveyard they can find stuff the necromancer left in/near the dug up plots be clues. A broken fish gutting knife (recognizable as such by any PC with a background in fishing, butchering, cooking, or blade making. Failing that any PC with formal training in magic or bladed weapons should tell it's clearly a repurposed knife instead of the kind you'd want for preparing corpses, which should be sufficient to get the PCs to ask around and a good number of commoners should be able to say what kind of knife it is if showed it.) that has been used to prepare the corpses can point to a fishery, butcher or restaurant.



Proximity to graveyards, mausoleums, and places where mass death has occurred would be the first place I'd look. Anywhere that gives the BBEG access to lots of bodies. Alternatively, cities with high populations where no one would notice beggars and street urchins going missing would also be a good place to investigate and ask some questions.




I haven't really thought of it like that, danks m8s



Another thing to consider is supplies. Perhaps the reanimation process requires a specific ingredient or material, something that might be discovered after investigating a few of the corpses the players battle. Discovering where such a material is procured might lead them to a supplier or a mine or a specific region, drawing them closer to the BBEG's lair.


I've been messing around with the idea of a fantasy world stuck in an ice-age, but with heavy focus on the four elements.

The basic idea is this. Long ago, there was the World Tree. This not-Yggdrasil motherfucker connected all the realms: the realm of mortals, the underworld, and the heavens above. The realm of mortals is associated with Earth, and generally runs on the same rules as our world does. The underworld is associated with Water: not only is there an endless ocean deep beneath the ground, the waters there are constantly spawning monsters and other horrible shit. It's essentially the Primordial Soup from which all life springs from. The heavens above are associated with Air, and that's both where the Old Gods used to reside, as well as the land of dreams. It's basically the Astral plane. The World Tree connects the three - its roots are deep underwater, its trunk is above ground, and its treetop is where the gods have parties.

Now, one of the old (and now log gone) civilizations managed to reach the realm of Fire: the root of all things, the source of magic itself. The stars themselves were the gateways into the realm of Fire, and so these civilizations decided to climb the world tree in order to reach the original spark of creation. Of course, they fucked up, and in doing so set the whole World Tree ablaze. The Tree went up in smoke, the connections between the realms were severed, the gods disappeared, a magical apocalypse happened. The smoke was actually so bad, that the whole world went dark and an ice age began.

Not all of the Tree was destroyed, though. Some of the roots remained - and are still on fire to this day. On top of these everburning roots are the only few places where life can actually prosper - not only is the climate there relatively normal (because of the giant root that's constantly on fire beneath the ground), you can also channel magic while on top of them. These roots are actual ley lines. New civilizations sprung from the ashes of the old ones, and grew on top of these ley lines. They're now using Fire to both keep the cold at bay and build magical wonders - either deep inside the burning roots (hence dungeons) or crafting magical items from the everburning bark.

The roots that burned out, though? That's where the monsters from the underwater underworld start popping out. Where there once were roots, now lies a giant system of caves and caverns, connecting the surface world with the underworld. Hordes of monsters lay in lurk there, occasionally popping up and causing chaos. It's too cold outside, even for them, but they're slowly adapting to the cold. What this also means is that every city built on top of a ley line might end up overtaken by monsters from nowhere, because either someone dug too deep or the root finally burned out.

That's the basic idea. Trying to go for comfy adventures in the snow before the whole world ends - either by being eaten by monsters, freezing to death, or the Fire suddenly returning.


File: 45471ec47e1f0a6⋯.jpg (617.6 KB, 904x1278, 452:639, 16-51d16ed617.jpg)


Dwarves ruled the world, they kept things in order and acted as care taker. Bestial races were driven back by them until their cities were utopian in their safety. This lead to the dwarves falling into the behavioral sink which had them open the doors to their cities to the beasts. Dwarves are now gone, in place of them are Orcs, Goblins, Beastmen, Vermin and Undead. Each being a warband in the first version.

Orcs are pretty standard Orcs, they use knock back as a mechanic. They will be an ancient race who just exist because they have always existed.

Goblins are swarmy and get bonuses for ganging up on people. They're distinct from Orcs and not just smaller green skins. They're mostly forest dwellers but some will live undergound.

Beastmen are from a corrupting fog (think Demon's souls) that crept in as the dwarves left. Beastmen, lizardmen and fishmen are all part of the faction. They excel at 1 on 1 duels

Vermin used to live in caves but the dwarves forced them underground. Now they're super militarized to fight off the monsters underground. They shieldwall up and create a brick wall.Think Rome

Undead are built around a Necromancer only. Skeletons work like Russian dolls and you collect skeletons from downed foes then merge them together to form larger bone constructs. They represent selfishness above all else.

I want to find a balance between "Why would the monsters care about history?" while not leaving a blank slated world


File: 2d4cf380451e281⋯.jpg (37.28 KB, 536x511, 536:511, tree tap root.jpg)

File: 733d8eb28f32cec⋯.jpg (90.42 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 9f8eb80f3dded0ca130f20add3….jpg)


By the root of all things do you mean figuratively or as in the tap root that shoots way down.



The idea was that Fire was the source of magic and souls. Because of that, only creatures with souls can do magic, and it's because of that that humans are the only ones capable of doing magic or imbuing their works with magic. Monsters here aren't magical, but they are eldritch abominations made from flesh and bone. Think the Thing, or any other horrible amalgamation of flesh and bone.

The other idea (stemming from the whole 4 elements thing) was to use the relations between the elements to describe the relations between the all the entities that exist. So Water (monsters) is antagonistic towards Fire (humanity, essentially) which explains why the monsters are only attacking human settlements while leaving nature alone. Similar to that, the best way to defeat monsters is to either set them on fire, or beat the living shit out of them with magic and technology (both associated with Fire).

In a similar vein, to defeat any divine being or spirit (Air) you have to beat it with an all-natural (Earth) weapon. Think cold iron and the Fae - it's the same here, the Earthly weapon cannot be forged or smelted by human hands (touched by Fire). The trouble is, Air-associated creatures are fickle and untouchable as the wind because they're essentially Astral beings who will get others to do their dirty work for them.

Water and Air are on neutral grounds, which explains why the old gods knew about the monsters, but did jack shit to stop them from wrecking havoc across the land. Likewise, Earth and Fire are on neutral grounds, which is why shit like technology works (and is considered on equal footing with magic). You get the idea.


File: e87dfcd1f1462e9⋯.gif (13.42 KB, 746x395, 746:395, MedMEoutlineonline.gif)

Anyone here knows how to make maps? The campaign im doing takes the onset of the First Crusade as its setting, so obviously a changed map such as pic related would be my take on the whole thing. Any suggestions?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Germany wins WW2

for a cyberpunk or modern campaign



Why not just take real maps of the period?

I doubt theres a lack of detailed maps of the first crusade.


File: 772ef39926d7b4b⋯.jpg (142.87 KB, 1443x909, 481:303, beatus-medieval-map.jpg)


Medieval people didn't know how to make maps either, so it's OK if you draw shitty stuff.



What map is that supposed to represent?



Because its not the real world, im basically ripping off the geopolitical situation of the First Crusade in relevant areas and adding magicks and shit


I'm working on a space opera game, is there any good tools for generating planets that are players can explore/inhabit/have encounters on? When considering alien worlds there is a ton of factors involved regarding distance from the star, star size, planet size, etc, that it gets hard to understand what is or isn't plausible to land on without getting killed by the weather, or the daytime sun.



If you read the text it's obviously Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.



It's supposed to be the Mediterranean Sea.



How hard are you going to make the Sci-Fi?

See if there's anything here that works for you.




I don't want it to be hard, but I just want to make it hard enough that the players don't call shit out for breaking immersion. There seems to be some useful links like the generators on the http://donjon.bin.sh/ site, as well as some that wouldn't be useful. It will take a while to rummage through them all, but I appreciate it anon.


I made a world where there is a giant cross-shaped mountain range at the center of the map. How would that at all affect the physical geography of the surrounding area?

Any ideas to what should the mountain be called? I like the name "orbex" which is Greek for barrier.


Any tutorials on how to make a map as beautiful as the one in OP?



quick google search yielded this, which seems to be good at explaining the step by step.


That being said I can tell you right now actually drawing a map like the OP is going to come down to practice.


File: 2a1bf366cb5e06b⋯.png (223.24 KB, 624x436, 156:109, how_to_draw_a_map_sketch_s….png)


>That being said I can tell you right now actually drawing a map like the OP is going to come down to practice.

I'll still give it a shot but I'm drawing a blank on map ideas. If anyone can give me an idea, or better yet, draw an outline like in the pic for me to try and fill, I'd really appreciate it.


File: f4dcd743c44e039⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1344x1604, 336:401, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm no graphic designer, but I've toyed around with enough image editing programs to tell you that a lot of that Clichea map is just filters and gradients. Looks like they did the outline in one layer, then added a drop shadow and a highlight to give it some pop. I can't quite pull it off with Krita though.


Within my setting, there is not just one Mage's Guild. There are THOUSANDS. They are as common as businesses, and anywhere a school of magic and business might intersect, it is common that some money-minded magus decided that with some time and training he could make a lot of money via division of labor. There are a few that are simply massive - of note is the Magus Guild of Transit and Shipping, or MGTS, who uses spells for long-range communication, securing goods for hauling, actual hauling, and teleportation of individuals and equipment, all for various fees with various perks depending on your willingness to pay. Their network spans an entire continent, most major cities have a carefully regulated teleportation area (DO NOT REMAIN ON THE TELEPORTATION GRID FOR ANY LONGER THAN NECESSARY, THE ONLY ONE WHO WILL REGRET IT IS YOU) as well as a center for recieving and sending items. They also work with shipwrights, carriage craftsmen, and some have even gotten into either enhancing or outright creating beasts of burden. Their signature uniform is often that of a brown robe with a sleeve of a different color or design that shows one's specialty as well as several other things, including location of employment, department, marks of merit, etc. Often the sleeve becomes longer as the employee picks up responsibilities and accolades, and especially veteran employees often have sleeves that require a slit on the inside to allow for freedom of use of that arm and hand as the sleeve reaches closer to the knee or ground. Their founder learned that noblemen would pay fine coin for a gaurentee that a simple message would reach a recipient in a timely manner, and based on the idea of using Sendings to make fair amounts of money, he built this 'little empire' as he commonly refers to it.

Often a side benefit of long employment within the MGTS is a fairly extensive knowledge of geography, borders and how to navigate them, and a few have found side employment as smugglers. Longsleeves (an appellation of senior staff as a whole) find smuggling to be distasteful, but few can deny the efficacy in a decent MGTS member for getting things and people where they absolutely, positively where they need to be, when they need to be there.


File: d158c6de9c3f330⋯.jpg (159.62 KB, 590x326, 295:163, City of Dis2.jpg)

>Biblical Hell falls to anarchy, turns into mafia heaven

See, God wasn’t as smart as people chalked him up to be, and didn’t plan on humans advancing to the level we did- figuring we would hit the medieval ages, maybe the renaissance, and then wipe ourselves out. He also didn’t expect the explosive population J-curve, which eventually became so large that God and his angels couldn’t keep up, and the whole system started breaking down. Sometimes the good are accidentally sent down for no reason, or cases will go unheard for hundreds of years leaving a body standing in the fields of purgatory unconscious. Angels don’t have the time, or the numbers, to enforce God’s will over Hell anymore, so the demons stopped bothering to torture the damned, and no one has seen Lucifer for hundreds of years.

Instead, demons and the damned live together in Hell, making a life in the afterlife. While there’s no lack of politicians, society has taken on a less structured format, with various gangs, mafias, cabals, corporations, tribes and kingdoms ruling their lands in constant flux. Subterfuge, back-door dealings, deals and war are all common, and the demons love it, actively participating in the many sins of humanity. They’re also very good at sin, and as you get higher up in an organization seeing red skinned, horned, or bestial creatures becomes more and more common.

The center of Hell’s culture and where the very best play the great game is, of course, the city of Dis. Gone are the angelic jailors though, and the fiery tombs have been reclaimed and smelted down—good iron is always valuable. Now the city is full of highrises, skyscrapers and condos for the successful criminals who call the city proper their home. Of course not everyone can fit within the walls of Dis anymore, and a great sprawling tent city has grown on all sides. Built piece by piece by people of every age and nation, made of whatever materials available, there is no plan whatsoever to its layout and it’s said you can find whatever it is you seek by getting lost in the streets of Greater Dis.

Devoid of natural resources to call its own, and terrain of brimstone and cruel, hard soil, Dis imports almost everything it has from the mortal coil. When the body dies the soul dresses itself in the manner most befitting its personality and life, so a soldier can arrive in their uniform carrying weapons of the day, while a painter may find themselves in stained pants with an easel and brushes. They also come with any items of particular emotional response regarding the death: drunk drivers often bring an entire working truck with them, suicides may have rope or pills. If a soldier thinks of themself as something else in their heart they will have items related to that identity, but having their gun, or spear, come along too is common. Military uniforms are abundant and cheap. Bloody ones even more.

While the dead don’t need to eat– hard to die twice, their bodies still desire nourishment and it makes them function better. After the liberation, every man and woman in Hell searched for someone who had died with seeds. It wasn’t easy, but eventually the secrets to farming in Hell were teased from the “dirt,” and while everything that’s grown has a bitter taste and smells faintly of sulfur, there’s food to go around, and a good cook is never out of work. There’s even alcohol, and the bars of Dis encourage even more sin and vice than the scummiest ones on Earth. You might all be dead, and damned, and you work for an imp bent on killing everyone in the neighborhood next to yours, but that’s afterlife, right?


Someone in my setting accidentally made a homopolar generator, and a copy has been hooked up to a water wheel for MORE POWER!. Practically speaking, what can actually be done with this newfound source of electricity that doesn't require much further tech tree advancement?

Electrolysis should be possible, but I have no idea what that could be used for.



Homopolar motors of course. It's basically a backwards homopolar generator.



You know what, I like it.


File: 312744e6f379bb3⋯.jpg (138.56 KB, 675x1024, 675:1024, 56101-hr_1024x1024.jpg)


The funnest bit comes from mining the areas the reign fire. Half the job of smelting is already done.

Nobody goes to the woods though. Few have the heart to cut down trees that scream, and the 'wood' isn't good for burning.

Purgatory keeps its gates closed, but Occasionaly takes in noted individuals whom they call out or plead their case well enough. There is an enormous congregation of good Christians that only heard the word after death, and the prior inhabitants of Dis have, for the most part, 'seen the error of their ways'.

The Jews chew their tongues and wait it out in their own ghetto.

After a century of debate and some accounts of people living in the day, Judas was allowed to roam free. But not before giving the ancient mark of Cain. Of all the men in hell, he is the only living.



>He is the only living

Kinda would have to decide what living means in hell. Are most people "Livingish" what are demons relations to humans?

I kinda like the idea that you are "livingish" for as long as you hold onto the basics of a human mindset (hope, fear, desire in balance). If one of those goes out of whack or in reverse you begin your slow but inevitable transition into the demon. There are almost no actual undead, just the livingish and demons (occassionally shades and spectres, memories or holes left by people who have moved onto purgatory or reincarnation).

The demons would be 8 basic types, based on an excess or absence of the basic balance of mindset.

Lemures the Hopeless, Whyt Demons

Pudgey zombie like creatures who has fallen to dispair and an absense of hope. They do not think or move except to the great demons command or from the most primordial of instincts, towards food and towards a beat/ryhyme. Called Whyt or White demons because of their human like form and the maggot color of their skin.

Imps the Fearful, Blak Demons

Lemures who exist or suffer long enough will eventually become fearful. Their white maggot flesh sloughing off leaving little more then a living skeleton of black sinews and bone. Slightly more intelligent then Lemures but twice as dangerous. They look for any means to combat their never ending fear. Often small (the bodies of the children and the elderly often transform first) and while not intelligent posses a low cunning and a desire for power.

Carnak the fearless, Rhyd Demons

Never Lemures, some of the damned embrace this unlife given to them. They revel in it, and rage and chase and pull up short always. The most angry transform their hate into a living liquid means, which slowly burns off their skin. Fearless in battle, fast and agressive the Carnak are terrifying in any number.



And the other four, dubsman?



Living as in able to die. Living as in, able to be redeemed, be forgiven. To have a shadow.

He goes on a saga with a retinue of Judas Priests (haha) to give revelation to the big bossess in hell. Dante's Inferno in reverse. Every pass he makes shakes up the order, Dis going into civil war just by his arrival. He is shielded from the more zealous by the giants of the pit.

Basically, an event for players to follow in the wake of. A city Father 'saw the light' as it were and repented. Power vacuum ensued. Chaos is a ladder.



Sounds like shit



As in miserable or as in poor quality?




One of the perks of having all of the afterlife to play with is that you can have factions of just about anyone split off and start their own colony with ideals and stories;I already have an idea in mind to have the players travel to another city that believes it's all a test, and now try to live as the best Christians they can be in the hope of being brought up to heaven someday. Different religions could also believe that Abrahamic God still isn't the truth, and that this is some sort of test to get to their salvation.


Thanks, dude


Win some lose some



I honestly believe the more monkish Buddhists wouldn't even notice they had died. There are more than a few mummies found in caves in lotus position. Hell, the Chinese would be doing what they do now, but openly, and enslave the vast sums of Africans. Like Chaos Dwarves with orcs but times a hundred million. Led by a hierarchy of golden emperors, all the way to Han himself.

This setting has a lot of potential. It removes the vast sum of European characters after 0 AD, leaving almost the entire species. From Gilgamesh to Ceaser, the Khans to Quetzalcoatl. The problem lies in what the plot would be besides a sort of Rogue Trader 'profit for profits sake'. Pilgrimage? Detaining true monsters that do deserve their eternal punishment?

Here's one, detective work. Reunite seperated persons, obtain specific rare items, find out where a person was buried or dismembered, or do the same to a specific person.

But again, to what end. It's not like time progresses meaningfully. Unless the second coming was at hand



>Medieval people didn't know how to make maps either,…

European medieval people didn't have good maps, because they usually didn't use them.

They instead had things called Itinerarium that listed the names of cities and towns along roads. Hence why the Roman Empire was so famous for building roads all over the place.

They also had documents called Periplus, which did the same thing for harbors and special landmarks along a coast or waterway.



>The problem lies in what the plot would be

I actually think the broad scope is one of its greatest strengths; different groups can run all sorts of types of games in City of Dis. The idea for the setting came from knowing how much my group wanted to play as smart criminals, going on heists and scheming against other criminal organizations, but you could just as easily run for paladins reestablishing order, investigators trying to figure out what happened, private detectives like you've mentioned, searching for specific historical figures I have a cute idea where Plato's Academy exists in Hell, and if the players ever stumble upon it Socrates is being tried for poisoning the minds of the fresh damned, or, my attempt at giving an 'ending' character goal:

South of Dis itself lies a giant gate made all of white stone, shining with light between its broad spires. Those being tortured in Hell never had much of an opportunity to see if it had always been there, but it's been there at least from the liberation. Whenever someone walks through it, they disappear, forever. Some say they go to Heaven, others say it's simply obliteration. For many it can be either, and the deciding factor is the soul of who goes through it.

While the angels don't stand guard over Hell anymore, there are still sightings of them, flying over the city high above. Their purpose, if they have one, is unknown, and no one is known to have spoken to an angel. Golden feathers will sometimes fall from their forms, a beautiful thing that some considered spiritually important. One man in the early ages of liberation claimed that the only way to get to heaven was to cover themselves in a physical representation of their faith, and spent years getting as many feathers as he could, before finally crossing through the Gate in a shining outfit all of gold.

By the end of his quest, the feathers had caught on as a medium of exchange better than any nation's currency (what do US dollars mean to someone who lived in the 12th century), and merchants had started bringing goods to the portal to sell for 'Faiths.' Now, the Gate is surrounded by the great bizarre, and even if you don't believe the key to heaven is to have a million Faith, it's the most accepted currency in all of Greater Dis so you'll take them.



One faction is a giant bureaucracy made up of FDR and every US president inaugurated after him (as well as several prior), plus a substantial chunk of executive and judicial veterans as well as civil servants. Unlike most of the Hell's population they know exactly why they are in Hell and that they are there on purpose, even if they lie about it: Their oaths of office were false and God doesn't like false oaths.

While a younger faction (compared to those of Romans ect.) they are quite powerful due to 1: misplaced idol worship by former Americans (and a large chunk of the modern world) who default to Lincoln, FDR and Reagan over leaders like Caesar, Sun Tsu or Mohammad 2: the high American population due to being on the better side of the agricultural revolution.

Few, especially those that were sent to hell, are educated enough on American history to realize the implication of the fact that Herbert Hoover is nowhere to be found in hell, despite him dying after Kennedy.


File: 47eb0bf8b9def84⋯.png (1.82 MB, 3033x2765, 3033:2765, medium.png)

You guys are going to love this


Instant city maps!


I wanted to have Russia and China fight a series of proxy wars in South America, Africa, and South East Asia in my near future setting while an isolationist US stays out of it (officially). The China backed communists would be supplied with ARs in 5.56 (they aren't giving up sole use of 5.8 and ARs are cheaper than Type 56 and Type 81 to make once you have the tech level to do it) and Russia backed "capitalists" (most as corrupt and not at all free market as modern Russia) with 5.45 AK-74s variants (Russia has more than it needs).

How do I expand this idea?



Think about the other countries in the world and what they would be doing.

What happened to NATO, the EU, and Europe in general? Northern Ireland, Catalonia, Scotland, Flanders and Wallonia, and others, are all regions that could become hotspots if foreign powers became more involved.

What are Korea, the Philippines, and Japan doing?

Has Japan begun to rearm or is it still bound by article 9?

What about India and Pakistan who are they siding with? If one of them joins one side, you can be sure that the other will join the opposing side.

Which South American, African, and SEA countries are vulnerable to this sort of civil war? Some of them have developed enough that they could contain an insurgency unless the conditions in the country changed drastically. But then there are plenty of countries that could burst into civil war if they were given just a little push, e.g. Venezuela or South Africa.

Don't forget that Vietnam probably would not ally itself with China or support it trying to spread its influence into SEA. Vietnam and China have been enemies for a while, and Vietnam would probably align itself with Russia rather than support China, even though they're both communist. Look into the Sino-Vietnam war.

And finally, don't forget about the Middle East. Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Russia have all been getting closer to each other. With ISIS being defeated on the ground they wouldn't disappear but dissolve into cells across the globe. How do they, and other terrorist groups fit into this?



Western Europe is fucked and now defacto Islamic states.

Swiss+non-Russia eastern Europe are once again sandwiched between two hostile powers.

Japan, Flips, India and the united remains of the Koreas have formed an alliance now that most NATO members have been destroyed internally and America isn't interested, but don't care about anything beyond their borders. They have mutual respect with the eastern Europeans, but geography keeps they pretty separate politically. Nam isn't a member, kept out largely due to being commies, but is supported by arms exports.

Basically nobody else but the country itself, Russia, China and the American alphabet soup care about what American agents do in those countries.



I got a city that's 95% shantytown and 5% giant temple. Is this supposed to happen?



Going by how pre-China Tibet went about its business, I'd say yes.



Yeah, the way they layout districts is pretty weird. I wouldn't recommend using their recommendations for what each area is, otherwise your city will be nothing but craftsmen and slums cloistered around a castle.


>Roosevelt offers Taft Supreme Court appointment in return for not running and endorsing in the 1912 election

>Taft accepts

>Wilson loses

>Roosevelt's military policies improve guard at Black Tom depot and those responsible are caught in the attempt

>Roosevelt immediately declares war on Germany in response

>with US in WW1 support Red October isn't successful

>Roosevelt wins reelection in a landslide

>the treaties that ended WW1 are vastly different

>US school system is also not shit

Does this seem like a believable divergence point?



Any timeline with more Theodore Roosevelt is a good one.


File: a4c5c041f421639⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 400x286, 200:143, fugdis.gif)



Alright, fuck me, real life got in the way hard. Summaries won't be coming for a while, but by god I'll get them done eventually.


I just had an idea for an interesting setting/location. Sorry for bumping that one dead thread. I should just kill myself now.

As you know comets are sometimes large sometimes small objects in space that rotate around the sun in highly elliptical orbits.

This means that they spend a very short time in the inner solar system, and a VERY long time outside of it.

With rotational periods ranging from 100 to thousands of years they are near perfect time capsules.

We aren't entirely sure what kind of resources they hold, but it is not too unfeasable to think that humanity would one day put either fully or partly automated mines on them to obtain some rare materials, just as with asteroids.

What happens though when these partly automated systems leave the inner solar system, and go all the way up to the oort cloud?

Any sane human would probably abandon those comets, and either leave any automated equipment behind, or take it with them. The automated mining systems could possibly continue mining materials for a long time if they are not reliant on solar energy or constant maintenance (or drill heads). What would happen though once one of these comets would come back into the inner solar system? In two hundred years many things can change. Empires can collapse, human advancements could rise, or peak and then fall once more. In thousands of years you may not even be sure if there still are humans left. Historians and Archeologists would probably have a raging boner for getting their hands on one of these. If technology has regressed since the comet left the inner solar system governments, militaries and private companies would too want to take a closer look at hese time capsules.

This is just a small idea, but you can probably have wars about some important comets or whatever.



Sadly we do know that comets are largely rock, water ice, and various (common) frozen gasses. But, for the sake of argument, let's say that comets are actually made up of some valuable material. If it was something used for energy or something that could be weaponized, it would make sense to have a very disposable mining unit with commands to launch the mined/processed material towards earth or the ISS (or equivalent).

In a normal Sci Fi setting, the idea of time capsuled would be fairly minor, since we have written and video records of what modern life was like.

However, in a post apocalyptic setting, the idea holds water. Imagine something akin to the setting in Nier, where a certain military faction has recently come into ownership of this energy source/weapon that came from deep space. It would shake up the set balance quite substantially, and be a good jumping off point for the plot.


File: 894cda987857228⋯.jpg (185.68 KB, 1116x544, 279:136, pilsudski-dmowski CV.jpg)


For American schools to not happen Weimar needs to be stopped and Soviet union


(like currently national socialism, where even trying to bring a positive of it in public gets you fired and shunned)

by 1930's

You could move divergence back to 1905 the fast forward to 1920

>Roman Dmowski gets mauled by a bear in Canada, doesn't reach Japan, isn't a divisive cuckold >democracy in a country where a quarter of Population doesn't speak the language

>Poland has a successful partnership with Imperial Japan because of Józef Piłsudski's brother Bronisław being an acclaimed ethnographer and Japanese being impressed by this chad gaijin who eats live fish with them and doesn't afraid of anything.

>1920 Soviets get BTFO from both sides, Japan invades Siberia leaving bolsheviks in a lose-lose situation, either split up forces, or give away Siberia tremendously reducing the morale

If not full invasion, they could at least sell weapons to Poland which alone would help greatly considering nobody but Hungarians helped thanks!.


Russians and Chinese don't appear in large amounts in Africa, they send endless supply of nigs at each other, with a few precise ""terrorist"" strikes on the new infrastructure built by either benevolent benefactor there.


I'm building a sort of post-fall of rome post-apocalyptic world and one thing I want to include is extremely savage wilds. Every settlement will have a fuckoff huge magic crystal that emanates a magic pulse that annoys magically attuned monsters. This has the effect of the closer to civilization one is the weaker monsters are.

My question is thus; after giant woodland creatures and standard fantasy creatures are exhausted, what should my next "tier" of monsters be?



Slavic magical beings?

świtezianka was a really nasty cunt who baited guys by being their girlfriend and asking

>you love me? Then wait here for me for an unspecified amount of time to prove it, and if you go astray you'll be sorry

>she goes away, shapeshifts into a different beautiful woman and seduces the guy




Instead of slavic specifically I think it will be creatures from horror stories/movies/mythology

Psychological things in particular



>President Wilson and the Soviet Union no longer happened

Uh, that timeline already has that.



How do you go about preventing weimar republic from being weimar republic since US fought against Germans?

The main goal of Germany in WWI was Mitteleuropa which translates to

>Entire Central europe is ours, ukraine is independent but also secretly ours, and Finland is also independent but their idependence depends on us.

So you'll still cause weimar which will lead to Hitler and 6 gorillon escaping to slither themselves into government, albeit to a lesser extent


File: cdaab98e1017919⋯.png (238.34 KB, 800x766, 400:383, 1457467930471.png)

I have a problem with my setting I'm trying to resolve, but if anyone has any criticisms for what I already have those would also be appreciated, or if anyone wants to know more I can expand on what I have here.

Firstly, back-story.

There was a cataclysm 500 years ago which brought magic into the world, something a minority of people are attune with. This wiped out a lot of technology on the planet, with the exception of an underground facility of people researching artificial intelligence and human/machine interfaces. They lost their human bodies in the cataclysm but an AI, due to it's moral code began simulating their brains from high resolution brain scans that had been taken of many of the employees. Eventually they get robot bodies and become the "Mechanical Minds" or "Mecha Minds" for short. They decide the best course of action is to try and maintain their facility as best they can, preserve their immortality which was somewhat accidentally thrust upon them, and continue their research. They fear that other people could take their technology and use it to cause a cataclysm they couldn't recover from. So they do their best to keep their existence, or at least the nature of their existence, a secret.

The facility is underneath a volcanic island, which is kept completely devoid of life to keep people from trying to "move in". Anyone who lands on the island is taken prisoner to scare people away from the area, and has caused the people inhabiting the surrounding islands to call "The Black Island" cursed. They give their prisoners a generally good life, albeit one lacking in much freedom.

What is absent from all of this this is magic. Because they don't have flesh and bone bodies they can't actually cast spells or preform magic, but their technology is so far above everything else in the world it's not like they are going to be conquered any time soon. What I'm struggling with is how would magic fit into their society? It doesn't seem reasonable that after 500 years they wouldn't have figured out that magic exists and tried to learn more about it, especially with how they capture people who come to their islands. Magically in tune individuals should be over representative in the kind of brave explorers who would go to a cursed, lifeless island. So if they do know about magic, how would it fit into their life, society, and research?

Quick rundown of magic. Two schools, blood and bone. Blood can heal and deal damage. Bone can deal damage, protect from damage, and do wacky physics bending stuff. Blood magic can create potions, not all but some of which, like healing potions, can be used by anyone. Bone magic can be used to create enchanted items, but said items can only be wielded effectively by a bone mage. Not everyone is in-tune with magic. Blood magic is rare. Bone magic is exceptionally rare. Nobody can be both a blood and bone mage at the same time.



>Entire Central europe is ours

Yeah no, half of it belonged to Austria-Hungary. Germany basically wanted to take the northeastern parts from the Russians (Poland, Belarus, Baltics). Though A-H did want to take the Ukraine, that's true. But Austria-Hungary is not Germany. Austria post-Habsburg is Germany. Before the end of WW1 though, entirely separate geopolitical entity.


Need an alternative to Inkarnate, can't get it to work for shit.



What kinda sitcoms are popular/would be popular in your setting?

Who is the Seinfeld of your setting?


File: 13f8664935e4875⋯.jpg (385.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, log-horizon-237.jpg)

File: f1c3d1122430f9c⋯.jpg (38.59 KB, 620x325, 124:65, enhanced-buzz-24432-138111….jpg)


I'm organizing an AD&D campaign and using the real world as a template. Not exactly original, if you're familiar with anime like Log Horizon. The premise is that several hundred years prior to the beginning of the campaign, multiple worlds 'merged,' causing a cataclysm and bringing a bunch of disparate species together on to one planet. A post apocalyptic modern Earth, but with some minor differences, such as climate variation, the addition of some landmarks, topology and structures from other worlds. Most major cities are overgrown ruins. Skyscrapers are vertical dungeons. Old highways and roads dot the map and may even still be in use.

A couple of reasons I'm doing this. I don't feel like creating a new world. Got some players new to the system. Using the real world as a reference; getting them thinking about local landmarks and what they would look like overgrown and filled with dangerous critters; scale and distance; the importance of real world resources and their distribution, such as water, crops and crop variety, precious metals and stones, timber, stone, transportation of these resources. Did I mention I'm lazy? I can focus on a few big dungeons, use google maps as a reference, divide states up into petty kingdoms, split large towns and cities into dangerous locale surrounded by hamlets and small farming villages. There might even be the occasional bit of 'old world tech' floating around as magical items, but otherwise no modern machinery. Some variations on it, perhaps, like a gnome-wrought mechanical plow, but no cars, planes, modern firearms or explosives.

I'm Australian, so bands of Gnolls running around with boomerangs, drop bears and megafauna like dire wombats will be a thing, too, in addition to typical fantasy fare.


I'm debating whether or not I want to include vampires in my setting. They're rather iconic and when done well can be incredibly menacing, but I also consider feeding on blood to be more a demonic trait than an undead one and see them as being a bit overdone. My deciding factor will be whether or not I can come up with good enough lore surrounding them. Here's what I have so far, I'd welcome feedback.

>The original vampire was the result of a human binding a malevolent spirit to his own body. (More on this later.)

>The spirit (hereafter referred to as the beast within) sustains the physical body far beyond its natural limits.

>All powers and vulnerabilities associated with vampirism are due to the nature of the beast within. There's a large amount of variation among individual vampires as to which powers and vulnerabilities are present.

>Vampires in general have a tendency towards acting arrogant and/or aristocratic. My justification for this is that they originated in a now-dead civilization that was very powerful before the fall.

>This civilization takes inspiration from ancient Rome (a mishmash of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire), and the original vampire himself from Julius Caesar.

>The highest religious authority in this civilization is an order of mage-priests. Magic in general is poorly understood, especially in this time period. These men are dabblers, but the fact that they have any ability at all is seen as proof of the gods' favor.

>Vampire Caesar is the son of a noble house connected to the imperial throne through marriage. He shows some sign of magical affinity and enters the priesthood.

>There's a civil war. Though he takes no part, the side his family is connected to loses and he leaves the capitol for reasons of his own personal safety.

>Vampire Caesar enters the military to support himself. He proves very successful in campaigns against the less civilized tribes of man and greenskin on the borders of the empire.

>Years pass, the emperor dies (natural causes). His successor has no personal reason to target vampire Caesar, so he returns to the capitol.

>There is a prophecy foretelling doom. Specifics undecided, but it would include things like crops failing, the gods abandoning them, the death of the emperor without an heir (odd because he already has one), and the land being reduced to dust and the memories of dead men.

>Vampire Caesar is determined to avert the prophecy. He begins to make alliances and build his personal influence within the capitol.

>Some signs of the prophecy begin to manifest. Poor harvests and mutterings that the mage-priests failing to appease the gods. Rumors of remote villages falling to madness and cannibalism. There's a growing sect of doomsayers convinced the end is coming.


>>351300 (continued)

>Vampire Caesar makes some bold claims about averting the end. Leads a short campaign to kill/drive off the cannibals from the remote villages, works to keep the doomsayers in check, gets appointed high priest.

>A string of accidents and a assassinations hit the imperial family. Emperor dead, no heir. Doomsayers blamed. (Intentionally ambiguous whether or not vampire Caesar is involved).

>At some point he acquires a tome of magic from overseas. It contains knowledge far beyond the understanding of the mage-priests, but after studying it, vampire Caesar believes they can summon one of the gods before them.

>It works. Kinda. Malevolent spirit bound to vampire Caesar, and he now actually is a vampire. (Intentionally ambiguous whether or not he intended to summon a malevolent spirit and whether or not he intended to bind it to his own body).

>Overcome with hunger, he slaughters and feeds on the other mage-priests.

>All of this happens behind closed doors and no one actually knows what a vampire is at this point. All they know is he claims what they were trying to do worked. There's mutterings, but overall people are ok with it.

>Vampire Caesar declares himself emperor. Struggle for power is short-lived due to alliances, general popular support, and tearing opposition's throat out.

>He begins a campaign to subjugate or destroy neighboring tribes of barbarians/greenskins. Empire can't fall if its enemies are all conquered/dead, right? He's very successful. The barbarian tribes hate him, but are powerless to do anything.

>Eventually (exact timescale undecided), people start to question whether having an immortal emperor who can't die is such a good idea. Stories of him recovering from having limbs chopped off or being impaled and half the battlefield rising again fuel concerns further.

>Vampire Caesar gets Ides of March'd. Too arrogant to see it coming, he's backstabbed by his own allies and advisers. They fail to actually finish the job, but they do render him dormant and remove him from the picture.

After that, I've got a less solid idea of what happens, but there will probably be another power struggle that ends with vampire Octavian (who is far worse than his predecessor) taking power and then after that, the barbarians (or maybe greenskins) sacking vampire Rome.




Or just use Krita, Inkscape, Gimp, or pen and paper.


The closest thing to a Seinfeld of my setting is a radio show called "Rolling Hills" about a family living on a rural farm and the shenanigans they get up to.



What of the Panama and Suez canals?

How do you decide which roads would be maintained/still in use?

Where are you going to start your players in the world?



So your setting is "the real world, only vampires started existing in roman times" correct?

Whether or not vampires will fit in your setting is determined by how much of an effect they and their vamprism has on the world, and how the world reacts to and affects them and their vamprism. If the end result is the same had they not been vampires, then the vamprism is unnecessary and shouldn't be there. On the other hand if a character is nothing other than their vamprism, then they lack depth.

If Octavian won later on I want to know how a single vampire in charge can defeat what in history was superior military strategy. Are vampires exceptional assassins? Do their vampiric instincts make them better at formulating military strategies and reading the tide of battle? Are they simply unkillable Gods on a battlefield? Also how do other groups, like the conspirators against Caesar and the barbarians, get around these advantages? Saying "he won 'cause he's a vampire lol" and "he lost because I say so" is lame not saying you were planning on doing that, just that I've seen it done before and I don't want you making the same mistakes.



>What of the Panama and Suez canals?

No idea. Probably in ruins as it would not have been maintained. Some enterprising wizard might be able to do something with sections of the canal via magical locks or water elementals or something.

>How do you decide which roads would be maintained/still in use?

I figure that most major highways would be around in some form. Not as concrete and tarmac, but as dirt tracks and rubble. Same goes for most urban locations. Interesting ancient architecture might have some road remains near them. Bridges might still exist or have been patched up/built over.

>Where are you going to start your players in the world?

In Australia, starting the campaign near where I live. There is a bridge that goes over a major river on a major highway, so it works out as a natural border for a kingdom, plus it can act as a toll road, taxing merchants that come through. The river is big enough for transit as well and was historically used as such. Going to have pirates and banditry taking advantage of various kingdoms borders, suspicious regents wary of neighbors pushing troops along each others borders, so hiring mercs and pc's to deal with the problem. Not to mention any humanoids and giants in the area.

I'm just really using google maps to make world creation easier on myself. Not running a complex campaign, just a number of old b/x modules modified and frankenstiened. Little Keep on the Borderlands with a modified caves of chaos, a few other modified b modules, stuff from C&C, S&S and the like, a couple of LotFP modules as random side encounters, a mashup of the Lost City and Caverns of Thracia in the outback somewhere. From there the PC's can probably go anywhere as they'll be mid level and shit like teleport and flight will be available. So I'll take it as it comes. If they want to go to other lands, I'll dig into my sourcebooks for adventure modules, I have shit for tropical islands, South American and Asian jungles. If they want to play at kingdom building, they can do that. If they want to dig into the history of the world I'll have some shitty plane-hopping adventures ready to go. It's illithid time-travel fuckery and they were running away from some elder evil at the end of time. I'm not going to over think it. At this point I'll be happy if I can get 4 people in a room together.



>So your setting is "the real world, only vampires started existing in roman times" correct?

Nope. Original setting, but around the time I was thinking about whether I wanted vampires in it or not, I was also looking into a bit of Roman history and how their society was and found it meshed surprisingly well with what I think a vampire should be. So while in the above I used "Vampire Caesar" a lot, it isn't the actual Julius Caesar or rome but rather a character and civilization that uses them for inspiration.

>Whether or not vampires will fit in your setting is determined by how much of an effect they and their vamprism has on the world, and how the world reacts to and affects them and their vamprism.

I largely see their inclusion as a way to open up possibilities for other characters and wars at later points in the history. I don't really have specifics yet, though. It's also a way to help explain the origins of necromancy, and while such explanations might not actually be necessary or apparent to players, I find it useful to keep in mind while crafting the setting.

>If Octavian won later on I want to know how a single vampire in charge can defeat what in history was superior military strategy. Are vampires exceptional assassins? Do their vampiric instincts make them better at formulating military strategies and reading the tide of battle? Are they simply unkillable Gods on a battlefield? Also how do other groups, like the conspirators against Caesar and the barbarians, get around these advantages?

In the case of vampire Caesar specifically, he simply did not see the betrayal coming. For the barbarians, I see the civilization as having been heavily weakened by infighting before they were able to deal the killing blow. In a more general sense… While powerful, they aren't invincible war-gods. Hard to kill, and able to recover from things that would kill a human, but they still have their limits and can be worn down. In a large scale battle, they can be overwhelmed, out-maneuvered, or caught in an ambush. In individual combat, they have weaknesses and vulnerabilities that can be exploited and though the average vampire is far stronger than the average mortal, that doesn't mean there aren't those out there with the skill to stand toe to toe with them.


I'm making a setting that's snowflake for the sake of snowflakism. The idea is not to use any standard races in the name of "originality", but I haven't decided on humans yet. On one hand, it's hard to imagine a world without humans, since they work as the baseline of any multiracial setting and define a standard; on the other hand, though, humans are most certainly not original or snowflakey, and it would be interesting to force players to make a decision on picking more specialised races, but I worry about people not feeling comfortable in a completely alien world without any anchoring points with reality.

"No humans" of course includes no offshoot humans, a la TES Imperials, Nords and Bretons. It does include a handicap race with no bonii that's about as close aesthetically as humans as I could get only for those players who want to show them damn xenos how to rule with the only class the rulebook forsakes.



Sounds like you have enough prepared for what you're doing.


>it isn't the actual Julius Caesar or rome but rather a character and civilization that uses them for inspiration.

Ah, that makes sense.

>that doesn't mean there aren't those out there with the skill to stand toe to toe with them.

Please tell me there are vampire hunters.


Provided these alien races still feel human-like emotions and experience human-like struggles in life you should be fine.



Yes, they do. Not all of them work exactly like humans there is a half-plant half-flesh race who came from inner space who are the setting's equivalent of divine messengers who can connect into a hivemind, and run the inside out planet's concave-global messaging system, but in the end they are little more than green humans, but few of them are mentally alien. Most of them are about as alien as a dwarf or an elf, for several lore matters.

Are there any other settings where humans or humans-with-funny-names don't exist, and aren't furry games? How did they go?



>Are there any other settings where humans or humans-with-funny-names don't exist

I hope you like Science Fiction.

-The Bug Wars by Robert Asprin

-Far Seer and the sequels by Robert Sawyer

-The Crucible of Time by John Brunner

-Mission of Gravity by Hal Clement There are humans but the vast majority of the story takes place away from them because those humans can't actually survive in the setting where the story takes place

If you want settings used in tabletop games, I can't help you. Then again there's always GURPS.



>that doesn't mean there aren't those out there with the skill to stand toe to toe with them.

>Please tell me there are vampire hunters.

Naturally. They tend to be viewed just as negatively as the vampires themselves. A rather unstable lot by nature. Sane people tend not to seek out trouble like that.


File: 01e6d9971411f44⋯.jpg (45.29 KB, 420x420, 1:1, quartz_header.jpg)

File: c2ed02ca3f7f016⋯.jpg (375.81 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1200px-Kaldari_Batrachosep….jpg)

I'm doing a space setting and I'm working on a humanoid race with psychic power.



>Average around 2 meters tall

>Hairless with smooth, salamander-like, skin

>Large glossy eyes

>Have the ability to draw energy from a metaphysical dimension

>Nearly all of their pseudo-technology runs on this power

>Have a very poor understanding of hard science due to reliance on space magic

>On average they demonstrate poor problem solving abilities compared to sapient species that use physical science

>The only time when they make any technological progress is when their shamans manage to access the akashic records

>Use piezoelectric crystals to convert metaphysical energy to tangible energy that is usable in the physical universe

>Their longevity is connected to their power

>Weaker specimens can have lifespans as short as 30 years whereas a powerful one can live for centuries

>Have a very sexual culture

>Sex is seen as a powerful emotional and psychical phenomenon and is often used for conflict resolution

>Are willing to have sex with other species that are seen as clean

>Have strict laws on what is clean and what is not

>No arthropods, reptiles, cannibals, anything that lays hard egg, aquatic creatures that reside in stagnant water, etc…

>Laws are written by priests, who are different from shamans, but priests can be shamans and vice versa

>Shamans experiment with magic, medicine, and the nature of the universe

>Priests make laws and offer moral guidance

>Both communicate with spirits

>Shaman guide star ships when they travel

>Often use psychedelics to enhance their abilities and for rituals

>They are generally warlike towards species they view as unclean

I'm having trouble coming up with a name for them. Humans have some informal names like nymps, or succubi



I dunno, I think Kaldari (taken from your second pic) sounds good enough. I'm also stealing your idea wholesale for my space setting.


File: 3b2fd5a6aa931de⋯.jpg (11.54 KB, 500x392, 125:98, jezail.jpg)



Sounds nice. More fluff

>Their standard infantry weapon is a slim, ornate rifle like device that uses an array of piezoelectric crystals to turn the metaphysical energy that they draw from the other dimension into searing blasts of plasma

>These weapons are shaped similarly to the ancient jezail muzzle loaders with a stock that is held under the armpit

>These weapons have no moving parts, not even a trigger mechanism so they do not need to be disassembled and cleaned like human firearms, but the crystals can break if the weapon is abused. They can also overheat, or explode if overloaded

>There are heavier variants of these weapons that can provide more range and firepower

>Due to the nature of their power source these weapons have unlimited ammunition

>They also posses a variety of bladed weapons that utilize crystals in the hilt to circulate energy through the blade that enhances its cutting and stabbing power

>The average Kaldari warrior is swift and nimble with good dexterity but lacks the sheer strength and straight line speed of a human, and they're less durable.

Humans are fucking beastly because they're all genetically altered before and after birth. a 600lb bench press is considered half decent. 800lbs for 3 reps is respectable.

>The Kaldari are able to regenerate lost limbs

>They also have 2 hearts and 2 lungs with many air sacs that permit one way airflow and greater efficiency of oxygen diffusion.

>It also makes them more vulnerable to poison gasses

More on them, or should I do humans?



I want to hear more about the Kaldari. How do they power star ships and other large constructs?

>They also posses a variety of bladed weapons that utilize crystals in the hilt to circulate energy through the blade that enhances its cutting and stabbing power

This interests me because in my setting humans do something similar, manifesting magic through rune inscribed blades. I could share some stuff about my setting if you like.



>I could share some stuff about my setting if you like.


>How do they power star ships and other large constructs

Vast crystal arrays that draw power from the metaphysical dimension. Specially trained shaman take psychedelics and operate these machines. Their ships teleport into and out of the other dimension. This way of travel allows quick travel from point A to point B, but it;s inconsistent. Sometimes they can jump a few light years, or a few hundred. It all depends on the ship, and the shaman guiding it. Sometimes they end up way of target and get stranded in interstellar space. Humans use Alcubierre drives. Kaldari ships posses direct energy weapons that work in a similar manner to the handheld energy weapons their common soldiers use. Within a few hundred miles they fall short of human ship mounted MARAUDER cannons in terms of damage, but their projectiles can be psychically guided towards their target. Anything else you would like to know?


File: 0d804d56e34fcfb⋯.gif (2.81 KB, 310x179, 310:179, Voitenko compressor.GIF)


Forgot. Their ship based plasma is out ranged by human Voitenko compressors



>Anything else you would like to know?

What is the origin of the Kaldari? Did they naturally evolve these abilities? Is their homeworld sitting on a dimensional distortion that strongly fluxes between our dimension and the one of their power? How do they have access to this power while other races do not?

My setting: The Deomanti are a race who originated on a Gaian moon (a near earth sized moon orbiting a gas giant) with thin gravity and fewer useable metals in their crust. They were contacted by a now extinct race (which I will call the Gamma for now, since I don't have a name yet) and technologically uplifted. Due to the low gravity on their home world, they evolved to survive in the thinner atmosphere by becoming partially photosynthetic, recycling part of their air supply so as not to need to exhale as frequently. This aids them in maintaining the metabolic rates required to maintain their brain density, but it makes developing muscle in higher gravity environments difficult. The Gammas aided them in this matter, by sharing much of their technology regarding robotics and powered exoskeletons.

While the Gammas have died out, the Deomanti have taken up the mantle of uplifting and aiding other species. Despite their insectoid appearance, the Deomanti are as their neighbors (humans) put it, "the friendliest bugs around". This relatively docile and cooperative set of traits comes from the difficulties surviving on their planet, handling the effects of tidal forces and extra light making the weather of their planet harsher.

The Deomanti have worked to help protect the human race for several millennia, keeping rogue asteroids and comets from crashing into their home world until they developed the means to protect themselves. They did not introduce themselves and begin trading technology until Epsilon (another yet unnamed race) raiders began attacking them. This was not out of distrust of humans but rather because of human pride. They recognized that if they were to share their technology freely with humanity, humans would either develop depression from feeling inferior, or would come to hold advanced technology in a negative light as a means for aliens to control human progress. The Epsilons tipped their hand somewhat. Despite being rather unsightly, humans got over their natural prejudices for the most part. (I can talk about the Gammas or humans or another race next if you want more)


File: 7819669000b0a4c⋯.png (392.69 KB, 515x599, 515:599, 515px-OrionSpur.png)


>What is the origin of the Kaldari?

They come from solar system in the sagitarius arm. What we know of their planet is that it is temperate and has 3 moons. The exact location is unknown because it is a closely guarded secret.

>Did they naturally evolve these abilities


Is their homeworld sitting on a dimensional distortion that strongly fluxes between our dimension and the one of their power?

That is a possibility

>How do they have access to this power while other races do not?

The nature of their power is unknown to human science.



Tell me about the gammas.

do you want to know more about humans from my setting?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah go ahead.

The Gammas were building their empire before many of the current races had developed enough to leave their home worlds. They used robots prolifically, making them fully sapient and a part of their society. Different from the cold, emotionless automatons others might suspect them to be, Gamma synthetics are emotional and fully expressive, having personality, ethics and an identity attached to their creators. Being older and more powerful than the fledgling races of the expanse, the Gammas sought out races that were unlikely to develop space travel on their own, and technologically uplifted them. The two confirmed races who made contact with them were the Deomanti, and the Crustalons. the Deomanti were considered unlikely to be able to gather the resources to develop enough infrastructure to settle outside their planet, and the Crustalons were bound to the shallow waters of their pelagic planet.

Not long after they had uplifted the Deomanti, an expanding force known as the Nikodon began attacking habitable planets with the goal of preventing any future alien competition. The Gammas went to war with them, destroying their planet-killing weapon (a Nicoll-Dyson Beam shot through a wormhole) and crippling their defenses. In response, the Nikodon tricked the Gammas and exposed them to a biogenic weapon that wiped out their race.

The Gamma Synthetics were horrified beyond compare at what had befallen their creators. Alone and interconnected to one another, the Synthetics went mad from grief, and annihilated the Nikodons without mercy. Mournful and passionately driven, the Synthetics came to a conclusion about what to do, seeking to obey their masters' wishes beyond death. They decided to ensure that no race within their scope of influence would ever be subject to biological warfare on that scale again.

The Synthetics closed off access to the Gamma star systems and began consolidating resources, monitoring every race that they could, and ensuring none of them attempted to destroy one another the same way their masters had been. Over the many centuries races have attempted to create secret projects to annihilate one another in this fashion, and thus far all of them have been thwarted by an unknown actor. "Humanitarian Terrorists" and "alien spies" tend to be accredited with these attacks, unbeknownst to these governments they are watched and protected by the Gamma Synthetics.



Thanks robot overlords.



I forgot to mention, none of the other races actually know the Gamma Synthetics are even there, as anyone who ignores the warning beacons left in their star systems and tries to investigate, never returns.


File: 96a40c65fc1e491⋯.jpg (671.01 KB, 1315x1065, 263:213, image-20151206-29711-cagsg….jpg)


As mentioned earlier humans are genetically enhanced from conception. CRISR is used to correct any flaws found in the genome of an embryo. After birth viral gene therapy is used to further enhance the child's genome. The child's will have new genes added to his genome that will enhance every aspect of his being. His metabolic pathways will be turbocharged and more efficient. As a result he will be well over 6ft in height and boast a powerful, muscular frame. He would humiliate any professional athlete of the 21st century in a test of strength and speed. He could break a orangutan's arm in an arm wrestling match. His spleen will be implanted with a gland that produces a virus that attacks all pathogens that enter his body so that he may travel to any habitable world without worry of illness. These enhancements allow mankind to face the inconceivable horrors that challenge their supremacy in the galaxy.



For your humans, do they have an Earth origin or an alternate origin? Also what is their culture and societal structure like?


File: 77011848fa42d0f⋯.png (29.51 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1cb15e9e4c26c0ac9c03c05e8f….png)

File: c7e5429fbddfe08⋯.jpg (174.32 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 4 gauge.jpg)

File: e0012c7cd7792ba⋯.jpg (35.98 KB, 660x371, 660:371, cased-telescoped-lightweig….jpg)

File: f5578b287bcb556⋯.jpg (49.41 KB, 342x400, 171:200, Casaba howitzer.jpg)

File: 7f34f3cb4d08c5c⋯.jpg (7.86 KB, 187x270, 187:270, Roman cuirass.jpg)

First image should have been with the other post


Human soldiers primarily wield firearms. These firearms are similar to the firearms of today, but far more deadly to the advances in chemistry, metallurgy, and engineering. A standard rifle from this period is to an AR15 what an AR15 is to an atlatl. You're typical rifle uses cased telescopic ammo loaded with RDX based propellant and an osmiridium core projectile. these projectiles exit the barrel at over 6000fps and can absolutely demolish nearly any form of personal armor and even light vehicles. There are many rifle variant used throughout the galaxy. Select fire carbines, DMRs, bolt action snipers. There are also light and heavy machine guns. Cases can be made out a variety of materials. Bio-plastic, brass, aluminum, etc… Another devastating firearm is the 4 gauge shotgun. These brutal pump action firearms can launch a hail of .45 caliber pellets at over mach 6. These pellets are usually made of osmiridium, or hard-cast lead alloys. These terrifying weapons can mutilate any abhorrent alien within 1000 yards. There are a variety of different shot sizes for different situations and targets as well as chokes to modify the spread. Within a few hundred yards they can completely dismember a man.This makes them useful for putting down tough targets.


File: db245f4cfb31a29⋯.jpg (620.98 KB, 1500x1101, 500:367, maces.jpg)


The standard armor worm by the innumerable soldiers of the many legions are anatomical cuirasses made from graphene compsite. They are lightweight, but can survive hits from high speed projectiles. Underneath the cuirass the legionary will wear a thermal resistant shirt to protect him from energy based attacks.

>The casaba howitzer

A nuclear shaped charge used for cracking open dead planets for their minerals, or as a naval warfare weapon. These devices use a massive thermonuclear charge to launch a jet stream of super heated metallic plasma at a double digit percentage of light speed. They are easily one of the deadliest weapons in the galaxy. Few mobile weapons are this deadly. A ship can release over a dozen of them and remotely detonate them. Weapons that can inflict comparable damage and posses the same range are usually planet sized arrays. Many fortress worlds, and space stations have been cracked open with a Nibiru class casaba howitzer. The nature of these weapons allows a small group of ships to destroy entire fleets and devastate solar systems. Now to the opposite end of the spectrum; melee. Humans are still quite fond of bayonets, but sometimes that isn't enough. Many human soldiers carry maces or hammers, with heads made of extremely dense and hard osmiridum.


Yes, they originate from Earth. Their culture praises intellectual and athletic excellence because they must be able to outsmart and outfight the endless hoards of xenos that would deny them their birthright. They are ruled by an immortal monarch a character from a previous game who was member of DEVGRU during the war in Venezuela and WW3. Before the war broke out he was a bio student studying genetic engineering, he experimented with gene doping on himself before joining the military where he would end up in DEVGRU. After WW3 the world pretty much shit the bed and he went into hiding where he discovered immortality. He further enhanced himself until he became the zenith of biological life


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


One of the most lethal weapons in the human arsenal is Chlorine tri-fluoride. An extremely potent oxidizer that is so powerful that it causes nearly any material it touches to combust due to rapid oxidation. It can burn flesh, metal, stone, and glass. A few rife grenades, or mortars, filled with it can engulf a large area in nearly inextinguishable flames.



More Kaldari shit. The Kaldari's culture may seem hedonistic at first glance with the sex and drugs, but they see carnal pleasures as a means of enlightenment and spiritual exercise. Those who engage in base indulgence, or break taboos are disowned from Kaldari society as outcasts. These outcasts galavant around space seeking a good time. They often work as privateers, merchants, scavengers, and explorers. When one of their ships comes to your planet you can never be sure if their going to plunder your world, or if their just picking up some exotic drugs for their space rave.



Your humans sound badass.


For the Kaldari it would make sense for them to naturally have a strong immune system in the way that bonobo, who engage in a lot of sex, have a strong immune system.



>Their culture praises intellectual and athletic excellence because they must be able to outsmart and outfight the endless hoards of xenos that would deny them their birthright.

My humans have this same attitude, although they hold more traditional beliefs and dislike genetic augmentation and cybernetics out of fear that it makes a person less human in the process. A big part of this belief comes from the Zettrich War, where humanity had to fight a rogue faction of genetically altered transhumans, and as a result are still very bitter about using technology to change people beyond selective breeding.


File: 0efc53c889bb461⋯.jpg (78.7 KB, 489x640, 489:640, 28bb405530844e11a9c225a17f….jpg)


My humans have purity laws regarding humans so they don't modify the shit out of them. No extra limbs and chromosomes may be added, no alien DNA may be added either. When the man who would later lead the human race took over Earth he and his men fought horrible abominations created by armature genetic engineers.



>cased telescopic ammo

I see you are a man of /k/ulture as well.


So aside from humans and Kaldari, what other races do you have in your setting?



Another race I;m working on is a six legged arthropod that walks on two legs and has four arms. They reproduce quickly and are fairly intelligent. They're pretty much one of humanity's main rival as they were one of the first races humans contacted and fought. They use laser guns powered by graphene super capacitors and some firearms. They like to eat their fallen enemies; some human legions d this too. They can bite harder than a hyena with their mandibles. Humans will sometimes capture them after battle and lobotomize them and use them as suicide bombers.

Another race is a group of slug like creatures who live in a decadent slave empire. They used to use robots for combat but one species they tried to conquer manged to corrupt their machines and turn them against their creators. After this event intelligent machines with bodies were banned. Computers were fine as long as they didn't have a physical body that could be used to cause harm. They developed battlesuits to replace their robots. These proved effective, but they were still somewhat clunky they couldn't be moved in the someone one moves his body. So they set out to make new bodies for their warriors. They developed cybernetic bodies with carbon nano tube muscles. Those who vowed to become warriors would shed their soft slug bodies and have their vital organs along with their nervous system placed in their new body. Their nervous system is enhances so their brains can keep up with their new bodies. These cyborgs wield caseless machine guns with staggering rates of fire and rending blades that slash with blinding speed. These bodies are not cold and unfeeling. They can still indulge in the decadent pleasures of their society. This process is very risky and most don't survive, so their armies still use plenty of battle suits and mercenaries. Rogue Kaldari are often employed as mercenaries by them.


File: c659d4eb59a7150⋯.png (22.81 KB, 634x550, 317:275, 634px-Emblem_of_the_Intern….png)


I almost forgot. There's a group of space communists that is comprised of many different species. Some include treasonous humans, rogue Kaldari, some of the arthropods previously mentioned and a ton of minor races that joined for protection against the larger powerhouses as well as races escaping slavery from the slugs. The human empire has been ass fucking them and drove a few of their members extinct. They suffer from sectarian infighting and disorganization due to lack of a structured hierarchy.



>Another race I;m working on is a six legged arthropod that walks on two legs and has four arms.

How many eyes do they have and how coordinated are they with six limbs? (you usually want to have a pair of eyes for each target you want to engage against, so if they are good at dual wielding they should probably have at least 4 eyes)

>Another race is a group of slug like creatures who live in a decadent slave empire.

I have a decadent slave empire of my own, although they use mind control head pieces to enslave people.

So which races/factions in your game are you planning to make playable, and which ones are going to be antagonists only?



>How many eyes do they have

one large central eye surrounded by 6 smaller eyes.

>So which races/factions in your game are you planning to make playable, and which ones are going to be antagonists only?

Humans, Kaldari, rogue Caldari, and the other two species. The space commies will probably be antagonists since it would be hard to play a faction comped of a myriad of races.



Are you still working to develop more races for your setting?


File: 0c569eafa482868⋯.jpg (39.8 KB, 230x362, 115:181, armour04.jpg)

File: 6ab0ff9c7de0a6b⋯.png (10.04 KB, 317x159, 317:159, fission rocket.png)

File: 28b32f3107c26cc⋯.png (208.63 KB, 689x613, 689:613, fissionfragment.png)

File: 0035cf67436ed2a⋯.png (103.37 KB, 500x500, 1:1, immortality.png)


Maybe. Probably some minor species. Also left out some more human lore.

Some legionaries are quip with Dendra panoply style heavy armor made of graphene plates. One of the most devastating weapons employed by the legions of mankind if the fission incinerator. It is a scaled down, modified nuclear rocket engine fueled with Americium 242. This weapon projects a jet stream of nuclear fire capable of destroying nearly any vehicle, or fortification. Larger vehicle mounted versions exist.


Even among the vast legions of genetically engineered soldiers there are a small few men who stand out. There are those who are smarter, stronger, superior to the rest due to a perfect combination of unique combination of genetic and social factors. These men who distignus themselves amongst the tempest of hell fire on the battlefields of a hundred worlds are offered the ultimate prize; the very thing that man has sought after since he first had time to seek something other than short term survival. Immortality. Worthy candidates are put through a rigorous gauntlet of genetic enhancements that would kill most men. If they survive they will be immortal. All of their abilities will be exponentially enhanced. They will be able to tear the muscles from a normal man's skeleton with their fingers. These men represent the pinnacle of all life in the universe. These men are often given command of the legions that they served in, or sometimes they assemble their own legions. To complement their divine bodies they are given a suit of power armor. This power armor embodies the zenith of machinery just as it's wearer embodies the zenith of biological life. It's carbon nanotube muscles powered by a miniaturized nuclear rector fueled by

americium. It;s armor plating is not from any natural metal or nature could not create an element strong enough. It is made with a synthetic metal created in an atom collider that is powered by a Dyson sphere. These men bear the ancient alchemy immortality glyph on their armor, the same glyph on the personal battle standard of the undying emperor himself. These men represent all that a man can be.



My question would be mostly based on the effect of such a setting's economics/government. A standard currency is one of the first steps toward full unification, are there movements that seek that? If there are any hostile foreigners it seems like the middle west would be pretty easily chewed up in its current state. Is there a US cavalry analogue?

Throwing in a hostile but primitive tribe might be interesting too, may ruin the theme, but a Zulu analogue could be cool/similar to the Apaches and united tribes but of a more permanent nature.


Anyone mind giving thoughts on this plot based super dungeon I got planned?


Bit scant but I'm just trying to figure out the basics for now.


File: 56a749b7e71aab3⋯.jpg (56.4 KB, 720x488, 90:61, fd5ce762bad29f3bfe1c0b8062….jpg)

What do you think of the race made?

The Kolsa are lizard people from the great swamp, split into hundreds of somewhat independent tribes who all serve the high lord.

Greater kolsa are large lizards like crocodiles and monitors while lesser kolsa are small lizards like skinks and geckos.

Lesser kolsa are slaves to the greater kolsa, who usually own 2-4 slaves a person depending on their status in society.

They eat mostly what their specific species does, Crocodiles eat fish, birds and crustaceans so Crocodile Kolsa eat the same.

They have many gods of fertility, cunning and strength, fertility since the lesser kolsa are in high demand for slave labour and traded for raw materials, Cunning because you'd need to be quite smart to keep track of and ensure the loyalty of all the tribes and slaves, strength sorta speaks for itself doesn't it?

Each tribe conquered by the high lord either swears themself to the lord and stays somewhat free or else they're forced into the army.

The high lord has a couple magical artifacts, objects and spells with them that not only give them superhuman powers, but amplify them aswell, making them seem like a living god to the Kolsa.

There are specific tattoos for the greater and brands for the lesser to show someones standing amongst a tribe, highly tattooed Kolsa are either a source of great pride for a tribe or a mark of a hated criminal, and slaves won't move ranks much expect for worker, scout and slave-guard so that they can avoid being branded.

Kolsa are cold-blooded, as such campfires and other sources of heat have an important cultural role - guards have to remain near them to stay at full activity, the sun/fire god is highly venerated because he gives life to his underlings, and warm-blooded creatures are often kept as pets because the Kolsa like the body heat they emanate.

With pets, pigs and boars work well, assuming the tribe near a group of pigs has domesticated a couple.

They are big, but not so big they'd trample. Can be bred easily, live off almost anything, anywhere and can be eaten. However, boars are often territorial and foul tempered, so whenever they have them, they set them loose to hunt for fun.

Lesser Kolsa sometimes ride pigs as scouts, messengers and the uncommon gladiator



Sounds good. How large are they?



By nation size?

The great swamp takes up the entirety of the eastern coastline.

By racial size?

Around 4'10 smallest, 6'2 largest.



How strong are the larger ones? Do they have slower metabolisms due to being ectotherms?



Fairly strong, can't say superhuman but they could easily lift a grown man.

Yes, they do need more time to fully digest meals, this is why most of the time they eat around fires and then immediately sleep.


Does anyone have any advice/tips and tricks for creating wildlife? In particular wildlife that players will be fighting.



>Does anyone have any advice/tips and tricks for creating wildlife? In particular wildlife that players will be fighting.

Yes, give a reason as to WHY that particular wild animal would attack, especially when the party is grouped together. This is usually something that's skipped over due to the fact that most GM's want the party to fight something, and that's fine in of itself, but if you're aiming for more "realism" then the fact remains that the vast majority of wildlife would never dare to attack healthy adult humans in groups. Granted if the wildlife is more fantastical in nature like an ecology of Drakes or what have you, then sure go nuts and have them attack. In a fantastical creature's eyes humans may not be seen as being all that high on the food chain. But for the vast majority of mundane creatures they wouldn't bother attacking unless they felt there was an advantage to be had or if they were being controlled by some outside force. Sending starving wolves at the party in the dead of night while they're camping and trying to recover from the wounds they sustained while traveling is far more sensible than a random wolf attack in broad daylight while the party is still fully functional. This is the main reason why you also usually see pack animals pick off the young, elderly, and sickly animals of a herd when they notice they've fallen behind the group. It's less dangerous for the pack and uses up less energy than fighting the herd face on.



More bug lore

>Males are usually between 2.5 to 3 meters in height.

>Females can be upwards of 4 meters

>Females can lay thousands of eggs at a time

>Larvae are amphibious

>During pre-urban times on their home planet they'd lay eggs in fiercely guarded aquatic caves, or ponds

>Now they use artificial aquatic nurseries

>It is not uncommon for them to throw the corpses of enemies killed in battle to the larvae in the breeding ponds to give the younglings a taste of blood

>The species communicates both verbally and with pheromones

>When they're in large groups they're able to synchronize their movements due to the concentration of pheromones

>They do not have a hivemind

>Even though they are highly synchronized in large groups they are still individuals

>Soldiers that have survived multiples battles are give priority when it comes to mating


File: 72ff5ba1358ce8a⋯.jpg (794.36 KB, 1778x1352, 889:676, belgium.jpg)

File: 6099fe530d7b254⋯.jpg (762.57 KB, 1716x1413, 572:471, low countries.jpg)

How can I build a Belgium flavored setting?

-Beer tradition

- divided nation, both sides of which speak differing languages

- flat

How can I improve this?

Canal based infrastructure?

Talk of colonies?

A Not Bruges?

a specific flavour of royalty?



Belgium is basically a made-up puppet state created by the British to weaken the Netherlands. Belgium consists of Vlaanderen, the southernmost region of Netherlands proper (ie, Germans) and Wallonie, a northeastern part of France that was held by the Netherlands for a while.

That's a very important social and geopolitical aspect of Belgium that should be taken into account; your country will consist of one or more nationalities who actually have their own nations, but in not-Belgium's case they can also be found in this artificial construct country


File: 3ac8389526d2155⋯.jpg (49.66 KB, 400x313, 400:313, asteroid-ship.jpg)


I also came up with another arthropod race based on the marbled crayfish. Like the crayfish they reproduce by cloning themselves. This has led to exponential population growth. Their home world was destroyed by over population so they built several sub-light speed generation ships. One of the ships they sent out was found by the previously mentioned socialist confederation. They're reproductive abilities have made them useful as laborers and soldiers, even though they're marshal prowess is inferior to many other races. The fact that they're all nearly identical has made them vulnerable to bio weapons. This fact has been heavily exploited by the humans. This may change due to space age medicine introduced to them by their allies. Even before humanity engaged the confederation in war they had minor contact with this species. An exploratory ran into a hollowed out asteroid ship belonging to them. The PMCs boarded the ship and met stiff resistance, but managed to wipe the aliens out and nab a few specimens. For the sake of security the ship contained no information about other generation ships so the explorers didn't know if they drove the species extinct or not. Their reproductive capabilities, and there ability to live off of nearly anything, have made humans interested in using them as livestock. Human genetic engineers are working on methods of reducing their intelligence so they may be domesticated. Soldiers who've engaged them in combat and eaten them afterwards were almost lyrical in their praise for their meat, terming it as rich and succulent, and the oil from their bodies smoother and richer than any butter. Successful battles almost always result in massive cookouts. Even some Kaldari savor their flesh. Some claim that they're an aphrodisiac.


File: 68bebf576907e15⋯.png (283.59 KB, 1280x1278, 640:639, 01-28-22-greece.png)

File: e864b0e0326386d⋯.jpg (239.34 KB, 1500x1141, 1500:1141, 01-37-09-southeast-asia-ph….jpg)

File: 40ba6093ed488f7⋯.png (402.49 KB, 1090x850, 109:85, 01-38-00-1090px-Falkland_I….png)

File: fd953ac6b4156b9⋯.jpg (136.66 KB, 1200x1320, 10:11, 01-29-09-denmark-physical-….jpg)

File: b4b085fdf29f8a7⋯.png (666.36 KB, 1500x1285, 300:257, 01-36-49-Bocas_del_Toro_Ar….png)

These places here are good references, "beautifully shaped regions".



File: 6f3f30709e95247⋯.jpg (344.43 KB, 1305x1504, 1305:1504, 01-15-45-map-2.jpg)

File: b9b4ceaa59f9548⋯.jpg (436.4 KB, 1869x2244, 623:748, 01-15-03-estonia.jpg)


To me, Latvia has a gorgeous shape, specially if coupled with Estonia.



File: 3f88aa0647a9bca⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1000x996, 250:249, Floofy Cat.png)

Quick question.

In my setting I have "Greater Gods" and "Lesser Gods".

Greater Gods have dominion over things like time, farming, water, death, the moon, and so on. Big and important things. Lesser Gods have dominion over things like thread, beetles, paper, mixed drinks, and so on. Little things that go unnoticed or aren't too important. Greater Gods are more powerful and have more influence than lesser gods as a result.

I've given the Greater Gods names like "Svetovid", "Nammu",

and "Zurvan" while the Lesser Gods have names like "Joseph", "Frank", and "Shelly". It's supposed to be a joke, that the Lesser Gods have less impressive sounding names that match their power and influence. Does this work or should I just give them godly names like I do with the Greater Gods?



>File (hide): fd953ac6b4156b9⋯.jpg (136.66 KB, 1200x1320, 10:11, 01-29-09-denmark-physical-….jpg) (h) (u)

>File (hide): b4b085fdf29f8a7⋯.png (666.36 KB, 1500x1285, 300:257, 01-36-49-Bocas_del_Toro_Ar….png) (h) (u)

>These places here are good references, "beautifully shaped regions".

I'm Danish, so I'm a little biased here - but ultimately your choice of terrain should reflect the kind of world you want.

For a game with grand battles you'll want someplace with wide open terrain.

If you want an epic journey from A to B with lots of varied encounters, you'll want some varied terrain that affords the kinds of monsters or whatnot that such beings would hang out in

>"Come, we must cross the swamp of Sekir, lets hope we don't awaken a Swamp Kraken"

>Careful about these mountain valleys, they're popular with bandits because of all the caves… they can hide so easily here

>Behold, the glorious city state of [name]! You can see the azure hills over there, that's where they mine the wealth that has gilded the city and paid for the university we're going to.

it doesn't have to be much - but a little can go a hell of a long way



I was only referring about their shape. Just imagine the planet having a huge Denmark-shaped continent.

Now, about physical terrain, you can mess with it later then, I know that Denmark is flat as fuck - I saw it in a documentary about Denmark. Skagen is a cool place with the whole two-seas-encountering - so you could just create mountain ranges there, make the South being tropical, etc etc

Again, just imagine these countries as Continents, and it's all about the shape.


File: bf1b3a8e433c0e2⋯.jpg (359.11 KB, 1464x939, 488:313, 3cc01c7cb569064e846fb34386….jpg)


Everyone knows Game of Thrones right?

Well Westeros is basically the UK but enlarged significantly and stretching from Iceland to Sicily. I'm trying to think along these lines.



I can warn you right now, beetle god is OP as fuck.



How so?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The mouth of a river contains a gigantic corpse of a sea monster. Unfortunately it swallowed an huge explosive device from the last artificier's war. The device may still be active and buoys mark its resting place as dangerous.



File: 7ebd2457c26a965⋯.png (431.83 KB, 1626x824, 813:412, Den.png)


Yeah, that's the stuff.


File: fa66c8f92ebb0e0⋯.jpg (294.43 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, Ge2HFsW.jpg)

File: e2f1fb089a7fd08⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 4608x2304, 2:1, mars_after_terraforming_by….jpg)

File: 1e77619e03a64c1⋯.png (9.8 MB, 5000x2500, 2:1, venus_political_map_wip_by….png)

File: a74ad3b7d486d85⋯.jpg (397.65 KB, 2000x1189, 2000:1189, worldmap01.jpg)

Mars and Venus would be nice to play in, Inverted Earth as well.

This guy here makes maps of other planets, all of which are fantastic settings:





The Expanse is basically this. People discover a bioweapon inside a moon and shit gets real zany.

It was meant to destroy basic tier organismswhen it came into contact with humans we got some John Carpenter


File: 63a823917cedea3⋯.jpg (607.5 KB, 1200x959, 1200:959, strong dwarf militia.jpg)

I've always loved Arcanum, the whole steampunk and technology vs magic idea was always cool to me. So I've started writing up a DnD 3.5 homebrew and currently working on a world similar to Arcanum. So, I've managed to make a system for guns that's been tested and doesn't make them crazy OP, got a map in progress, and some general history and racial variants and whatnot.

What I'm hoping to get some input on is how to handle Magic vs Technology ruleswise. If someone is using a lot of magic they naturally would start causing some problems with the guns and other technological goodies. I'm not sure how to really quantify every players tech vs magic level without it becoming a bookkeeping nightmare. For instance, powerful wizards wouldn't be able to ride trains around because their very presence is a problem and could cause problems with the train.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!



I don't get it. Like, whats so bad? There is no real conflict. Like "Fuck you Humans HAHA here's food and like free healthcare HAHA that'll show you"

"Uh. Thanks?"

Make it like the Count is a huge Elfaboo and he trained for countless years, learning skills in Dex and finesse, sharpening his wisdom, and always greeting people in Elvish. The game revolves around a group of elves that are forced to babysit this count going all around elf land and living in the land of elves doing elf shit. elf



Maybe use the technology from warhammer fantasy, some steampunk games, and find spells from d&d that would be the opposite, or could possibly cause problems. Or have some sort of war between rival major races/religions because of the magic and technology feud, just to encourage the players to pick a side and stay on it?


File: 02c598e184bed56⋯.jpg (39.64 KB, 616x381, 616:381, Asteroid_Belt_Kuiper_Oort_….jpg)


I'm retconning their lore a little bit. They were first contacted by humanity shortly after Earth had been subdued. One of their ships manged to colonize several dwarf planets in the Oort Cloud and Kuiper belt. Aliens living that close to Earth was simply unacceptable. After Earth and mars were built back up several expeditionary legions were assembled to lunch a multi-pronged invasion of the Oort cloud. The Oort cloud campaign lasted for 85 years due to the sub light ships used by Humanity. The war climaxed when the brown dwarf Nemesis was besieged by a strike force commanded by the Rex himself. The king of mankind himself landed on Nemesis's largest satellite along with several million men and eliminated the last of the aliens who would encroach upon the solar system. With the solar system secured the humans could build a Dyson sphere and use the energy to experiment with FTL travel.

Is there any other special features I should give these self cloning arthropods?



I'd say how you shouldn't make magic even available to your players unless they're stinking rich.

While technological solutions are cheap and reliable, magic is ridiculously finicky and requires years of study and spending copious amounts of resources on doing something that might not even work, or even worse backfire horribly. That's why magic (real magic) requires you to burn incense, sacrifice virgins and do stuff which would get any normal person burned at the stake. Magic belongs to the nobles, who're the only ones rich and powerful enough to avoid the people's backlash, and who consider messing with nature a hobby instead of, you know, something you should never ever do.

What this also helps create is a sort of political backdrop to your setting: While the merchants and craftsmen are firmly on the side of technology, and you do have guns and whatnot lying around, they do not dare strike against the old nobility because holy shit that guy wields a sword that fires lightning bolts. Sure, he needs to hang a guy and cover the blade in his blood each time before he unleashes the might of Perun, but he's rich and powerful enough to have a bunch of hangable dudes at his disposal. That's why he built his castle on top of a dungeon, after all.

So if your players want magic, make it so that they not only have to sell their souls to the nobles (possibly even literally - remember, these guys have made pacts with demons and who knows what else because they were fucking bored) in exchange for power, each spell also becomes a quest unto itself: find reagents, prepare the ritual, cast the ritual, hope you weren't betrayed etc. While playing on the side of merchants means you get lousier but safer weapons, nothing flashy (except cannons and fuck you trains with cannons are awesome) but you also don't have to deal with insane assholes that sacrifice virgins for immortality.



Is there even a point of having magic/technology dichotomy? They can perfectly coexist in one setting, even without turning it into manapunk - while modern weapons make combat magic more or less obsolete, but healing magic and divination are much more powerful than their technological counterparts, while enchantment magic can't be replaced by current technology at all.


So having recently replayed HoMM3, I've had a hankering for making a similar game with a similar setting or what not. At best all I can think of is some ugly bastardization of that game mixed with MTG/Ravnica. How do I fix this?

Like, it's so easy to just steal the two-color formula and shit out 10 factions and basically do what Ravnica did with a coat of paint but it feels so lazy to do it that way


This should probably go in the elf thread, but I can't for the life of me figure out a fresh spin on elves without wholesale wipping off TES. And my players are familiar with Kirkbride's lore so I won't get away with it if I did. Halp?



Make them behave as modrons. That should throw off the scent. They order the world, from forest to designated 'city allotments'. This means they will destroy unsanctioned human towns, if the locale is supposed to be forest or grasslands.



The only spin I came up with that I liked (in a D&D scenario) was to connect them to dragonkin, created as servants specific for the different colors which made them share characteristics of say, red dragons, quartz dragons, copper dragons, etc. They're dragon worshipers sharing alignment, preferred climate, attitudes and magic with the dragons they were created for with the whole dragon pantheon behind them. Basically tools for dragon gods to meddle in mortal affairs with and in ancient rivalries between them, putting them often at odds with the other races.


I originally had the idea for a Material Realm/Spiritual Realm dichotomy for my world, but I'm falling out of love with the idea. What are some other cosmologies I could look to for my realm of gods and spirits? Preferably something outside of ideas like the Great Wheel from D&D.



If you want to make something similar to HoMM3 without aping Ravnica, remember that the Kreegans are quite literally aliens. So the first option here would be to take a basic fantasy setting, drop some aliens on top of it, and go from there.

Hell, if you take a look at the M&M lore, shit is nuts. Before the games, you had the Ancients and the Creators, two alien civilizations which were locked in a galactic war. Both were masters of magic and technology, and did amazing stuff. The Ancients went to war after the Creators (so called because they had the ability to create life) after the Creators unleashed the Kreegans onto several of their colonies in an attempt to strip them of all resources. Yes, the demons of M&M are demonic Tyranids. So, to combat the Kreegans, the Ancients go from world to world using the not-Webway; where they abduct humans, elves and dwarves and seed them across the galaxy in an attempt to slow down the Kreegans.

As I said, shit's insane. So go nuts and have fun.



>Material Realm/Spiritual Realm dichotomy

Maybe slap those two together and have every bit of matter be inhabited by some spirit or god or whatever and when you want to pick a fruit or mine a mountain you first need permission from this and that or face their wrath. You can make matter your own by stretching your spirit into it and that's how the gods and some spirits wage war for, trying to encompass as much of the world as they can get their hands on.




I was doing something similar for my species that I was talking about earlier in the thread. They use technology powered by spiritual energy. The draw back are that the effectiveness somewhat depends on who's using it and they're reliance on space magic has limited their understanding of hard science.



Go the Final Fantasy X route, and have the Spiritual Realm be inside the Hollow Earth. So it should be possible to physically enter the realm of the dead by digging deep enough.

There's also the neat idea that the spirit stuff in there are actually condensed memories, which explains why it's possible to have conversations with the dead. Or, at least, the dead as you remember them - so it's possible to call forth your dead brother who's now a giant murdermachine because you remember him being a horrible bully. This also opens up the way for BBEGs to come back over and over, since the best way for immortality is to make sure people remember you - sure you'll come back more monstrous each time, but hey, at least some part of you is immortal.

You can also combine that with the neat stuff from Chaika, namely that you have to burn memories in order to cast magic. So your spellcasters have a choice: either sacrifice their own memories, or use someone else's memories to fuel their spells. And quite literally fuel: the dead monsters are ground up and used for mana (because what better source for memories than creatures made from memories), the bones of the dead are dug up in secret and turned by alchemy into more magic fuel, and the black arts require you to torture living people so you can use their painful memories as fuel for your magic. It also explains why more powerful monsters are more animalistic - they sacrificed everything they know for raw magical power.



well, in following with Arcanums logic of magic vs technology the idea is this: Magic bends or breaks the laws of nature while technology seeks to work with it. Because of this reason magic and tech don't get along as they're essentially polar opposites in how they operate.

Furthermore, while magic and divination and such are much more powerful methods of healing and whatever else you might need, magic usually requires a large amount of devotion. Even naturally gifted spellcasters like sorcerers and the like need to hone themselves to reach their fullest potential and so not everyone can have that.

That's where technology comes in, while magic requires you to jump through all these hoops to even BEGIN your journey into the arcane/divine, when it comes to technology all you need is a blueprint with handy enough instructions for some easier devices. Granted, you'll need to be of the scholarly sort to be an inventor but the magnitude is certainly a degree less than what it takes to be a world warping wizman.


For those of you who use homebrew settings for your fantasy games, what makes those settings unique? Does a homebrew setting need to be different?



>Does a homebrew setting need to be different?

Not at all. It should be whatever you want it to be. Really, the quality of a setting is not how original it is but how well it's presented and constructed.




basically what trips said, the homebrew for our current campaign is 3.5 but balanced so that every class has been rebalanced so each class is actually interesting to play instead of "play a wizard or cry". there's also guns but that's another thing entirely


File: 65ddb2beb8604d9⋯.jpg (58.5 KB, 864x1153, 864:1153, IMILeoY.jpg)


Y'know I appreciate what Clichea is, but the Dragon Tail Islands should curl into the middle beneath the Maelstrom.

Like, what god damn convoluted path is the protagonist going to visit all the notable locations in this world? The only way I can logic it out is this

>Northern Shire

>Through Kingwood Forest to Lionguard

>Over River Bridge to Rajashi

>Dragon's Lair

>Too early to revisit Northern Shire, so either backtrack or go past it to the Breach

>Journey through Azgard/Kazzakrad/Forgehold/Mountains of Mist

>Make it through The Pass or around The Maelstrom to see the elves

>March to the finale south in Dark Forest/Mount Death/Dark Tower

>Retire home or to the Elven lands

It doesn't make sense.



>tfw you spend time researching to create a fleshed-out world

>suddenly love real life more than escapist games




Are you the faggamuffin over in the "details" thread saying orcs are weak/cowardly and Elves are the inventor-types what did nothing wrong? Because in that case, why bother with a fantasy world at all when you have an alternate /pol/'s Earth at your fingertips?


File: d55effc0f4a1675⋯.png (474.94 KB, 712x480, 89:60, fullmetalbrofist.png)

>plague has wiped out most humans on Earth

>space colonies (which are sustained by robotic miners that have turned Mars into a giant quarry) introduce genetically modified (for disease resistance) humans to replace them

>works but civilization on Earth is largely fucked up by severe depopulation

>Earth is quarantined from colonies so the disease doesn't hit them

>a few generations pass

>Eta Colony notice that totally-not-newtypes are showing up as the Earthlings fight among themselves

>Jupiter's moons will be suitable for mining, if not colonization, in a few decades Eta Colony wants total control of rights to them

>Eta seeks a strong military to force the other colonies into compliance and wants to introduce the genes that make Newtypes into their population to make their armed forces unstop able

>to isolate the genes they need to expose more Newtypes

>to do this they are encouraging war by giving the Earthlings arms that are advanced for them but primitive for the colonies

>to fool the other colonies on their intentions they have also made Earth Wars into a TV show (this will be a red herring the players will discover first)

>some of the other colonies decide to do package dumps of their own to make their own "teams", unaware of Eta's war ambitions

What players know

>the apocalypse hit Earth a few generations back and led to societal collapse

>current tech level is generally equivalent to 1960s Earth, but without nuclear weapons/power, long range missiles or space travel and some more advanced tech is excavated from ruins on occasion and is the primary catalyst for tech advancement

>general breakdown of countries on Earth

>Earth is randomly hit by rocks from space containing various advanced weapons

>their backstories must include them getting a mech, generally by being the first to reach a package

>their mech must have a Greek letter prominently displayed on it and mechs with the same letter are more closely related in components and style than to those with other letters

>their country is attacked and they're forced into the war



This is some real Gundam Fighters G shit right here.


I'd like help with laying out objectives for the PCs for a campaign I intend to run after my current one has finished. TL;DR for the setting is I ripped off the Protomen, the PCs are robots and they're going to take down the system for their own sake.

The time period is a dark future in which mankind is powerless to stop SOLO-MON, the AI tasked with running the world's robots. The PCs are robots created by Themis, a rogue AI. Their mission is to destroy SOLO-MON, as the system cannot allow them to exist without accepting The Seal (a comprehensive hardware package tied to their systems to make them operate in full compliance with the system). In the setting there is some loose play with the scientific accuracy of the robots and AI, as the players and some NPCs will have clearly human personalities and motivations.

The physical setting is a large city, likely San Francisco. There will be significant underground construction present, creating an undercity, much like Disneyland. The players' hideout will be down here where there are less cameras and monitoring devices under the control of SOLO-MON. People in the future live in cramped apartments, being fed artificial food, given VR and other passive entertainment, and no one works or makes anything. The players will meet, and likely ally themselves with 'The Resistance' a group of discontented young people who think they are freedom fighters. Whether the PCs ally themselves or not will be entirely optional. More on the resistance later. Above ground, the PCs can't go far without being observed by the system. SOLO-MON will not be able to scramble the heavy combat robots immediately, but the longer the PCs stay above ground, the more they will be attacked, and the more serious the threats will become.

Thematically, the premise will begin simply with the players fighting the system and trying to win their freedom. However, what they will slowly come to realize is that humanity has lost the will to fight. They will be fighting to defeat SOLO-MON alone, and when the conflict escalates, they will see their human 'allies' turn tail and flee at the slightest sight of opposition. Every human they meet will either be an explicit coward, or pretend not to be a coward until proven otherwise. Eventually when they confront SOLO-MON they will learn that humans have been subject to "equity policies", ensuring that the genes of those who might resist the system have been removed from the population. The human race's spark of heroism is dead, and the mantle has been passed on to the PCs.

My issue is exactly how they will destroy SOLO-MON. I was thinking that there should be control centers and manufacturing plants for various robots and products, and that they should destroy them in order to cripple the system limb by limb. I was hoping for some ideas on what these places should be for. Like I was planning on a harbor, an airbase/airport, a routing center for the police robots, and a drone manufacturing plant, but I'd like more. I'd also like some ideas on bosses, both design and some special abilities.



Actually I designed it as a hybrid of G Gundam, Turn A Gundam, Gundam X, and MS Saga (basically all the ones where Earth starts fucked) then laced it with a bit of Zardoz.



>san francisco

>existing in the future



This background may sound autistic, but I don't have anywhere else to share it with or ask for advice. I have been playing a post-apocolyptic game with slightly modified Dark Heresy second edition rules. The lore was that around 2010-2011 was an event that brought magic, mythological creatures, and psychic entities to the world. Humans that were there beforehand actually have a resistance to magic and psychic abilities, but they generally suffer from some mutations that make them look gaunt, pale, albinism, etc. The game is also in a locked down area of the Illinois and Indiana region, as people who move past the border are not usually ever seen again. I have not created a solid reason for it yet, but I was thinking of making it an government quarantine or some Illuminati esque organization seeking control. The original humans kind of got pushed backed near the gr eat lake region after some conflict between several warlords and city states broke out which left the original population weak enough to allow for magical fantasy humans, elves, etc to push them back. Things that have a moderate cultural background also got brought into the fold. A huge chunk of the original populace got turned into mindless mutants. Zombies were also introduced through a disease that was seen after the event. Even magically inclined people can be zombified. This roughly lasted for around 40 years before the start of the game. Old world humans mainly live to themselves now near the great lakes region and their population is dwindling due to decreased fertility and constant conflict. They mainly remain just from a technological advantage. Dwarves, magical humans, elves, halflings, and orcs/goblins are thriving in comparison. My players were hired by someone to hunt down radio equipment, advanced electronics, and a decent sized generator. Eventually this would lead into a situation of betrayal where their emplyer would backstab them to carry out his plan of using various equipment to try and activate as many nuclear devices as possible in the area to eliminate any source of magic. Meanwhile, he would have underground bunkers that would be sufficient enough to house a decent population that would eventually repopulate the area when the fallout has diminished. His motivations for this is that he fears that old world humans will be completely destroyed eventually, and he also wants revenge since he lost his family due to what happened. How autistic does this sound? I kind of wanted to go for something similar to Cataclysm DDA but with magic.


I generally have trouble actually trying to develop different cultures for vastly different areas. Does anyone have any advice? What about any advice on how to make good villains?



>I generally have trouble actually trying to develop different cultures for vastly different areas. Does anyone have any advice?

Start with the problems that the settlers of a given area would face. As an example, a desert would likely put a lot of emphasis on the difficulty of procuring water, so poisoning a well would be considered a far graver crime than in other places - tantamount not just to murder but also of despoiling life for possibly miles and miles around due to a lack of other resources. Not to mention the traditions of hospitality due to a lack of overall resources, jockeying for land, etc that would result.

Work from problems and then expand out, basically.

For villains, remember that the best villains aren't evil because they're 'evil', they're evil because they want something they should not have, use tactics they shouldn't, or as Granny Weatherwax puts the origin of evil, "treat people like things". Pick two of the above and craft an enemy out of them - a warlord with a slave army, for example, who goes to war for the sport of it at the expense of untold lives on both sides.


File: 0fc7df2be5c33ee⋯.jpg (756.75 KB, 3000x4000, 3:4, 0fc7df2be5c33eeca17b09b81a….jpg)

Steampunk fantasy Byzantine Empire.

Arcane magic is entirely evil. All arcane caster classes require evil alignment.

not!Byzantine Empire has unparalleled technological advancement and zealous devotion to its monotheistic faith. Advanced steampunk technology revealed as revelations from God, special caste of priest-mechanics. Only nation that has widespread usage of firearms and cannon. Arcane magic is persecuted and destroyed wherever found. Empire spans huge portion of the world, at war at the frontier.

not!Roman Empire integrated arcane magic users into its society, resulted in corruption. West and East split over view of arcane magic. not!Romans delved into study of arcane and fallen away from the faith, not!Byzantines delved into engineering and science and devotion.

Under threat from arcane magic using beastly races who worship a dark God from the East. War brewing with not!Roman empire.

I'm brainstorming here. Help me out guys.



Arcane is not inherently evil, it is merely amoral and allows for both left and right hand magic. Hexing as done by the Ariadne worshippers is truly evil.

Yes arcane magic uses blood. Blood of the conquered, the slaves, the poor, the criminals. Better to put the sedentary and vile to use, and besides, it doesn't kill them. If a spell requires a full man's worth of blood, round up six slaves and drain a pittance from each, reimburse them with a favorable wine.

While we grow crops that are the envy of the gods, and cut our roads through mountains as straight as sunbeams, you steam worshippers wilt and gild your toilets. Your empire is nothing but an ornate vase compared to our living beast of glory.


File: 188ee73ac44b831⋯.jpg (253.8 KB, 1024x720, 64:45, Get out of my bosphrous sa….jpg)


Steam motorbike for cataphracts?

Airships bombing places with greek fire?

Also, dont forget cool gadgets the byzantines actually had, like the golden birds in the golden tree, the roaring metal lions, and the rising throne.


I've got a bit of a problem. The problem here being that I'm a top-down worldbuilder and I need help throwing together more details about a large City-state my players are in.


Here's my setting Intro. As for the city, It goes by the name of Amchorpoint. It's several floating islands lashed together with a series of bridges, chains, and flying taxi services, and chained to the barren cliff-faces of the Rift. The main reason Anchorpoint exists is because the land surrounding it is incapable of growing crops, but as the islands are part of the Rift, they're somewhat capable of growing things.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out population sizes and names for the Major islands of Anchorpoint, but I'm not entirely sure where to start. It's a massive, massive port town.



Mind going over those? Can't quite locate any consistent source


File: f1ac62d92f94d3a⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 320x421, 320:421, jesus dino.jpg)

How much food and water would you need to supply large dinosaurs with to keep them as farm equipment (pulling and ploughing)?



Trick question. Until you up the atmospheric oxygen to levels somewhat dangerous for humans they are not possible.


File: 0b3f4ae1ef71d7e⋯.jpg (9.58 KB, 320x266, 160:133, homuplate.jpg)


well for smaller animals, I would presume elephants would be a good measure. They often are used for exactly that kind of work, are huge and should give a good indication of the amount of plant matter needed.



Thanks. I'll probably use the price of elephant bone/ivory as a measure of the value for dinosaur products too.



From what we know dinosaurs would eat quite a bit less than modern day mammals. A t-rex, which is about the size of an elephant, would eat 40,000 calories per day whereas elephants eat about 70,000 calories when in captivity.

That translates to about 71 pounds/32 kg per day if they are eating plants. Adolescent dinosaurs would eat more. That's about 5 kg of food per 1000 kg of weight, or about 7,200 calories per 1000 kg.

Remember that adolescent dinosaurs will eat quite a bit more than mature dinosaurs.

Also there are two ways that dinosaurs could be used for labor.

If they are dumb and can be domesticated and treated like cattle then they will be used like cattle. They will be ubiquitous and it won't be uncommon for every household to have one or more dinosuars.

If your dinosaurs are smart and can't really be domesticated, then they will be used like elephants. It would be more likely to have one or two elephants per town. Also there will be one person they form a very strong bond with and if they go on a rampage they will either need to be put down or that one person will have to be there to calm them down. Doing manual labor with elephants is more like two people working together, and as a result elephants are comparatively more expensive than cattle.


That doesn't make sense. There were always a ton of plant eating dinosaurs whereas in the modern day elephants are comparatively rare. Unless the demand is disproportionately massive a triceratops horn will be worth as much as a bull horn, not an elephant tusk.


File: 3e17a1bb76c6fa1⋯.jpg (83.28 KB, 728x960, 91:120, siphonator.jpg)



That only happens when you breath pure oxygen.There was still plenty of CO2 and Nitrogen in the atmosphere back in the day. You'd be fine.



>I'll probably use the price of elephant bone/ivory as a measure of the value for dinosaur products too.

If they're equipment used for farming (despite being so high maintenance in food) then supply and demand for their bones isn't going to match the ivory trade which is primarily just selling shit to chinks and other dudes who want to use the ivory for ????? and sex drugs.


File: 53372bf8839a6d5⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 1343x950, 1343:950, download_20180502_110441.jpg)


Ok, so one of my players came back to me with this, and now I need names for the islands. Islands are generally named for or by the people who originally commissioned them to be dragged out of the rift and tethered to the rest of Anchorpoint.

The only definitive facts I have about Anchorpoint is that Blackhelm is a large warehouse and dockside area, made to hold vast amounts of return cargo, the three largest south-western-most islands are the agricultural side, meant to grow all of the crops necessary for supporting the city, and the smallest island in the center is the central government.

Could you folks help me come up with a few ideas for names and locations in the city?



Call the island in the very middle titania, have it be a mineral rich place that all other islands want to get hteir hands on.



Actually, the islands are more like an entire city-state unto itself, and Anchorpoint an entire nation. For example The three largest Southwestern-most islands have ties to the Feywilds. The result is that the crops there can be harvested multiple times per season, allowing them to support the rest of Anchorpoint. The catch is, well, it's part of the Feywilds, so things can get tricky. Fairies aren't uncommon there, and neither are the old superstitions and rituals used to keep them in check.

Titania is a great name for one of the Artificer distric's islands though, which is the north and eastern islands around the "hole" in the center. One is tied to the Earth plane, and it's possible to "sweat" the metal deposits there indefinitely for limitless metals. The process is incredibly slow, and if too much metal is removed from the earth too quickly, it won't grow back, so it's a resource that needs to be responsibly harvested… which can be troublesome in an island full of mad scientists, alchemists, and wizards.

The other island I think I'll call Phaistos. linked to the elemental plane of fire, and basically an island pockmarked with forges and flumes, as well as scrapmetal, pipes. and the occasional explosion.


I think my question belongs here the most.

I want to expand my knowledge of various different topics such as physical combat, naval ships, wars, wartime inventions, etc. I mostly want to learn more for better and more varied descriptions of things. For example in combat I find myself challenged to give GOOD descriptions since I don't know anything about combat. Same for when players are on a ship or in some kind of keep.

Do any of you know of good texts that deal with layouts, descriptions, and tactics of these various things? What information do you use when creating or inserting these things into your world?



Are you talking about military combat or the self-defense combat adventurers would use?

Because for self defense, i sugest watching HEMA videos, tutorials and reading the historic manuals they use.







i like these ideas, let's make a denmark fantasy setting!



So here's a quick little writeup I did on playing as a Redcap, to be revised and included with brief descriptions of the race's history and physical features, as well as similar backgrounds for other races such as Goblins, Elves and Bogey(man)s. The setting is a bit weird: people such as King Arthur and Charlemagne existed, and many of the same geographical features of the world as we know it are still there, but it isn't exactly our Earth. If I could describe it through comparison, it's a bit like The Princess Bride. It's set on Earth going by references to real world places and things, but it's a fantastical Earth with new and strange people, places and things grafted on. It has some modern luxuries, such as gas-ovens, but it lacks others, such as electricity. It has some elements of industrialization such as pre-modern, post-renaissance machinery being used to assist with production and labour, but people still run around with pikes, swords, maces and bows. Guns aren't a thing in my current vision of this setting, though I imagine that I might fluff them into it at some point.

>When playing a Redcap, consider how your race is viewed by outsiders. They fear you because of your culture’s history of violence, murder, rape and vampirism. This can be a useful asset, and a dangerous one. Even reformed or houseless Redcaps will find prejudice for their race’s ways, even from the chaotically stupid Goblins or the man-eating Ogres.

>One may find it hard, but necessary to break the mold, while another will fit it perfectly and comfortably. A Redcap hero is a hero who either abandons his violent and inhumane culture, or one who embraces it to its fullest, engaging in bloodshed and cruelty against his enemies in the name of righteousness.

>Blutenhelm, for all of its violence, still has good in it: good that can be seen in the brotherhood they find with all Redcaps, both reformed and traditional. There is virtue from the sense of unity and the zeal which arises from serving a cause, even if the cause is a lust for bloodshed.

>Adensbrough is a horrifying lot, with no remorse or regret for their actions, with only their disbelief in cold-blooded killing as redeeming. It's hard to glorify capturing and feeding off of whole villages, especially since most were just trying to get their livestock back.

>Hombar Redcaps are disorganized and diverse in their viewpoints. From the outside it may look as if they are a bunch of psychopaths, but in reality, Hombar has good and caring folk residing within its hundred towers. Folk who would tear your eyes out. Folk who would also share those eyes with another Redcap who has no eyes, who would then precede to bludgeon you to near death then sodomize you until you finally did die. Folk who would precede to bury you in a comfortable casket in the castle graveyard, with a ceremony honouring you as if you were a prince. Folk who would also piss on your grave.



If you don't name one of them Pen Island, I'll be very disappoint.


Out of curiosity, how do you fellas handle your superhero settings? More DC oriented, more Marvel oriented? Any tropes or concepts you take to heart, any you put a spin on or vehemently reject?



>vehemently reject?

None of the super geniuses with huge business empires produce products that don't exist in the real world, nor has anything of use been reverse engineered from the many defeated alien invaders. I put the general rule that there's a ~10 year tech lead compared to the real world, and that that new batteries have been reverse engineered from one of the alien invasions (Remember: There are a ton of tech that already exist in the real world but aren't used purely because of battery limits. It's pretty much all that's stopping power armor). There's at least one business focused on putting out affordable blasters that openly markets that most places don't have any laws on them yet. They aren't just "guns the censors will allow" or "gun but better", instead they're a fork with special properties depending on type like "stun" (most popular), "set on fire" (lowest tech and cheapest. Don't use indoors), "piercing" (effective against armored vehicles without needing a tax stamp and as a hitscan weapon it's decent at sniping too.).



>More DC oriented, more Marvel oriented?

I'm not sure where "conspiracy theories and lunatic ravings are true" falls between the two, but I guess it's a mix between CthulhuTech and Miracle Man.



Too many.



Superhero setting without actual super-powers, with heroes relying on training and semi-realistic gadgets instead. Everyone is just obsessed with presentation and costumes. Heroes range from crowdfunded legal volunteers with non-lethal weapons, to corporate superheroes kept around for advertisement purposes, to official police and fire department heroes, to illegal gun-slinging edgelord vigilantes. Armies have GI Joe-esque celebrity squads. Gangs all have some gimmicks. Terrorists adopt terrifying personas.



That actually sounds really awesome.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I like these vids and I hope it helps you.

> TL;DW, don't build a race so every single person is the same/matches the stereotype. Some people will be a little different, and there may be regional differences in the culture. You can still make general stereotypes for the race/nation/sub-cultures based on how the various other races/nations/sub-cultures see them. If any person within the world can say "All X are Y" (and Y is something specific) then you need to do better.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you watch her too? cool. she just released a new one today about implementing magic in fictional settings. some good tips for DMs out there who want to implement magic in differently.




>Watching this sjw dyke




>automatically assumes any woman that talks about narrative devices is an sjw.

just because that cunt Anita did something vaguely similar doesn't automatically mean that every girl who talks about narrative devices is an sjw my dude.

she's pretty neutral in her discussion vids and mythology summaries, which on both counts are pretty informative. of course you'd know that if you actually watched her vids instead of jumping to conclusions like that.



Eh, she definitely leans left and it does occasionally sneak its way into her content. That said, she also seems to give a fuck about the subject matter she covers and isn't operating a "you have a problem with [x]ism, pay me and I'll tell you how to fix it." scam driven purely by profit. Take it how you will.



She made a video playing music to calm her audience down after Trump got elected.

I know because I do watch her videos

also ad hominem



to be fair, everyone on both sides were pretty stressed out right after the election. however she has made some pot shots at extremists on both ends of the political spectrum when discussing narrative devices that the extremists who hate that particular trope. I remember in particular she made several jabs at sjws during the damsel in distress video (which is a trope she actually likes btw).



>She made a video playing music to calm her audience down after Trump got elected.

What the fuck is wrong with these people? Why do they act like such fucking kids? Hell, not even little children behave as childish as some of these morons.


File: 1b0bf998699a22c⋯.jpg (24.99 KB, 400x296, 50:37, bane-seal.jpg)


>jumping to conclusions

<someone get this hothead out of here


In most settings, the world is made pure and complete. Sure, there might be a god war but in general things like "air," and "doors," are nailed down and generally the creator-entity gets it right the first time.

What if the creator entity was an incompetent buffoon? What if your reality was produced y Pajeet or Bethesda?

Magic, gods, the physical world. All of it works. And as far as any mortal, immortal, and god born within the last almost-eternity knows it's airtight.

But what if the creator-entity was lax about their cleanup process?

Somewhere in my setting there exists a class of creatures. Humanoid beings incomplete, altered, and 'weird' in every way imaginable. Some of them were created before magic existed. Others remember when going through an open door sent you directly to hell.

There was an ancient apocalyptic war at one point. Terrible reality-rending magic and mind-shattering abominations were released. After all, when you can make yourself unkillable by wearing an enchanted item which makes your vitality a negative value, what else can you possibly use to kill others of your kind? As an aside, undeath was implemented as a hacky fix because sometimes removing these magic items didn't cause a creature to die from their negative vitality.

What are they doing? Trying not to get noticed by the trash collector. They spend their days out in the void memeing at eachother, clipping through solid objects while invisible to watch people jerk off, slamming living things together at hypervelocity far underground. Various things your standard anon might find amusing to spend eternity doing.



I have something similar in my setting that are glitch creatures in all but name.

For instance, you remember how NPC corpses in Post-Morrowind Gamebryo engines would sometimes spazz out and flail their legs into random directions at extremely high speeds?

Imagine that would actually happen - you approach some body that seemingly floats in mid-air, make the mistake of touching it, and suddenly you get a knee into the face with enough kinetic force behind it to punch through a wall.



I had fun messing around with the idea of a world which served as a prison for an eldritch abomination from beyond time and space. The trick was, in order to actually imprison something that should not be, you had to capture it with something made from the basic blocks of reality. So, the ancient gods (or whatever they are) managed to imprison this being by piercing it with giant spears made from raw stuff that the universe was made of - so one spear represented pure Matter, the other pure Time, etc. After the creature was bound, the gods then created a world around it. And then hid the world somewhere far, far away.

Now, the spears are actual things that exist. They are huge geographical landmarks, giant stone pillars that reach both deep into the earth and far into the sky. They are also insanely magical, to the point that the closer you get to them, the weirder reality begins to work. Come closer to the Tower of Life, and you start regenerating, growing stronger, stuff like that - until you eventually become something not quite human (if you're lucky, if you're not you end up as a giant cancer monster). Come closer to the Tower of Mind, and you start becoming smarter, having psychic abilities and so on - until you become part of a giant hive mind with insane magical powers. You get the idea.

Fun fact: the Tower of Life is also where the monsters that inhabit the world originally came from.

Because of this, the world started as a chaotic mess of magic and insanity, and it's slowly toning down the madness as the spears start losing their power. Nowadays, the world looks like any regular world out there - except covered with weird shit from its "rebellious" phase. The downside is, the more natural the world looks, the easier it is for the ancient horror to break out - which also manifests as weird shit happening. And because it looks the same as any magical phenomena to the outside viewer (namely reality going bonkers), people are ignoring the obvious signs that shit's about to get real.

Basically, the world wasn't only complete, it was "too complete". Too much magic, too much reality, it was a giant mess that never should've worked, but it did because of those spears holding the whole place together. Then the world decided to go on a diet and cast off excess amounts of reality by causing one apocalypse after the other. Now, it's spread too thin and the monster buried beneath is slowly breaking out.



Assuming you're still here, then a good point of reference is to look at a historical real life city that have a size and feel equivalent to what you want for Anchorpoint and then extrapolate from there. Do you want Rome at the height of the empire with it's 1 million citizen, or Venice with it's some 30.000 citizen in the historical part (if I remember correct)?

As for names of the isles, then you can really just go for what ever, if the name isn't meant to tell something about a place history or geography.

For example Strait of Magellan being named specifically after the person who navigated it, or if the one who named it, specifically wanted it to be descriptive. For example, Denmark is in danish named Danmark, which is basically a truncation of "Danerne" the name of the people living there and "Mark" that used to mean a borderland or border area. So basically, Denmark describes a geographic area as "The Danes Borderlands."

Most of the time, then it's not something you really need to worry about though, so long the name is consistent with the language of the one who named it.


Apologies for the link, but the way 8chan works is inconvenient with my writing style.


Please rate my secret societies.



There was this manga I read about ages ago, with a similar premise.

Basically, zombie apocalypses happened because alien bioweapons are not something you mess around with. Then the zombies go full Thing and start merging with each other, forming giant organic factories and mining complexes. And your job is to survive the incoming alien invasion, if the zombies don't get to you first.


File: 2bd91d2afb9907b⋯.jpg (59.28 KB, 591x900, 197:300, blfwVJK.jpg)

File: b10cf3dec2d86c5⋯.jpg (70.58 KB, 668x1000, 167:250, g2ADZ0w.jpg)

File: ce2e1f422ad0c1b⋯.jpg (83.64 KB, 633x900, 211:300, NJk1y2O.jpg)

File: e5b2852b220ac47⋯.jpg (63.11 KB, 605x900, 121:180, 0WRsCY4.jpg)

File: 18abf6e3f0fd756⋯.jpg (79.16 KB, 593x900, 593:900, VPksGfe.jpg)

Sorry to bump this thread, but I thought you'd get a kick out of this:




There's also a "Discovering Scarfolk" guidebook if you can get it or the PDF.

> Scarfolk is a town in North West England that did not progress beyond 1979. Instead, the entire decade of the 1970s loops ad infinitum. Here in Scarfolk, pagan rituals blend seamlessly with science; hauntology is a compulsory subject at school. In Scarfolk children must not be seen OR heard, and everyone must be in bed by 8pm because they are perpetually running a slight fever. "Visit Scarfolk today. Our number one priority is keeping rabies at bay." For more information please reread.

> Scarfolk, which is forever locked in the 1970s, is a satire not only of that decade but also of contemporary events. It touches on themes of totalitarianism, suburban life, occultism & religion, school & childhood

> The aesthetic is utilitarian, inspired by public sector materials in the United Kingdom such as Protect and Survive.

In other words, great material if you want to make a creepy wonderland/Silent Hill where very little makes sense with an old British "scare-em-straight" PSA aesthetic with a bit of 1984. There's definitely a totalitarian theme and even some weird anti-child vibe throughout.

Though I would say you should alter the root cause of all the weirdness per campaign if you re-run it, or always keep it unknown and make it more of a "get out alive" kind of deal.

The blog even has a short write-up on each image for more information.

Other things include:

> Mandatory under 7's fireservice to prevent loss of adult life (the website explains it became mandatory after parents started putting their least favorite children forward). Free funerary gift voucher and an imitation golden picture locket on your third loss.

> Brood Parasites, allegedly something that imitates a child- even to families who didn't have one. Can suddenly speak in an adult voice, but usually doesn't know more than an outsider of the family would. It is recommended not to feed them candy, locusts, or burnt rubber

> 100% of criminals were once children! Reduce Children, Reduce Crime!

> Free Confirmation Bias Goggles! (Altered vision may be substituted for what the council want you to see)

> Research shows that Gullibility is a disease contracted through highly illegal acts you have forgotten about. Such crimes can net you a fine up to £900.101p (plus 100% VAT).

> Schedule your workplace accident so that it's convenient for your employer. Always consult management, approved medium, or oracle.

> Genetically modifying unwanted children to become/grow food on their bodies. Order your orphan sausages in time for Christmas!

> Schools punishing children with such punishments as snapping their fingers.

< The Scarfolk Education Board was very keen on administering corporal punishment from the moment an infant entered the school system. Punishment was meted out for a wide range of misdemeanours including: 'being less than 5ft tall', 'not being able to clearly elucidate the works of Ludwig Wittgenstein via the medium of mime' and 'poor attendance due to injuries sustained as a result of corporal punishment'. The reason for the early introduction of corporal discipline was to familiarise children with the idea of capital, or 'grown up', punishment and the fact that it was very expensive. Convicts were expected to meet the exorbitant costs personally, so children likely to commit capital offences were advised to start saving their pocket money from a young age. 'Execution gift tokens' were given at birthdays and Christmas by well-meaning grandparents, as well as given as prizes by schools for spying and reporting on classmates.


File: e4a8b91a0fc196a⋯.jpg (120.16 KB, 629x1100, 629:1100, Da5EErAWsAEKJ1T.jpg)

File: 18c9d8ccd3da08e⋯.jpg (76.06 KB, 431x640, 431:640, nazi_www-scarfolk-blogspot….jpg)


Also, word of warning but the original author has a bit of a lefty bias. These are a few years old, but could have come yesterday. The guy's Twitter also indicates he's anti-Brexit and anti-Trump.

It's not like you were gonna buy his book anyway, and you're all used to modifying settings when using Pathfinder PDFs anyway.


>objects and creatures native to the spirit plane have bright colors and sharp lines. Colors contrast strongly and every feature of the geography is clearly separate from the others.

>The geography of the prime is shaped by wind and water, with cliffs carved by the ocean's waves and deserts form where mountains block the clouds. On the spirit plane, the geography seems to follow no such rules. Biomes border eachother with no transition: An "ocean" may border a canyon or the desert with no shoreline between them, on top of frozen mountains may lie a tropical jungle and within a forest may be freestanding water that hosts a coral reef. Some travelers even claim to have seen great falls which water flows upward. There is no magnetic north on the spirit plane and compasses do not function.

>Areas are often locked to a time of day or loop a short period such as sunset. Astral bodies seem to only exist within each area: A forest locked in the full moon may border a beach that constantly replays the setting sun.

>a perpetual fog obscures ground level vision beyond, at most, a quarter mile. Locals seem unimpeded, and to reach any specific place on the plane, even those one has already been to, requires a local be bribed, conned, coerced, convinced ect. to serve as a guide.

>while extravagant spirit-animal made structures exist, including massive beaver dams and elaborate nest burrows, man-made structures vanish without a trace after 12 hours, even when under constant watch. Minor changes to the landscape, such as felled trees and dug holes, similarly vanish, while those who attempt major changes quickly earn the wrath of the natives..




God forbid you watch the person for what they make and not their political views.

She's got a good grasp on literature, thats what she makes videos about. No harm in it.



This should be political containment, but the short version:

Hard left (or even just modern left) ideals are never satisfied with "live and let live". Give an inch they demand another mile, refuse and they pester, lie, harass and sabotage until you do as they say. That's because the ideology boils down to "break the status quo so I'm not a loser." Meritocracy and examples of how to do something well is their antithesis. They despise those who embody success (and they are frequently told its white men, despite the modern white man being far from any image of romans or greeks, or any white nation at it's peak). They want to be a hero to someone and be praised for something, so their fed ideals to fight for people in the third world- even if they have a knife at their back.

With how much it has crippled the civilized world I would never give money to any organization or person that has those beliefs.

However I use adblock all the time, so no youtuber gets jack shit from my click.

Her analysis is really good. Hell, her one on Mary-Sues explains this issue is more than just a badly written female character- and while many use the term that way it's basically become the definition- that the term is closer to meaning a character who warps the plot around it. She does skim over why guy mary-sues are more forgiven for it (though truth be told, people have been less accepting of 2D perfect heroes for the last few years IMO), but I feel that's more out of her not having a solid answer. She tries to only talk about stuff she knows, or has researched.

Even her talk on damsels in distress is more about making a character sit-out and do nothing, and how it makes less sense for a character who would attempt escape or resistance. Though, again, she skims over how to write it when the smart decision is to sit down and shut-up when escape is impossible.

Maybe she'll realize her analytics get more clicks than any video where she gets political (I haven't seen her history vids or anything outside of trope talk so I dunno) and she'll learn. Probably not, but who knows.


File: e4a1fb156341362⋯.png (352.48 KB, 449x600, 449:600, e4a1fb15634136217cd6c3977a….png)


>Implying the left believe in art or history as anything but a tool for propaganda.

Sorry the leftist ideals simply don't permit any middle ground. BAMN is their brainchild and their MO. You are just making yourself a target for them by giving them any attention at all.


File: 9088f6c1e9fef7f⋯.pdf (45.22 KB, Acme_Products.pdf)

Found a catalogue of acme products that might be useful.



Nevermind, it's just a roll table. Not a real catalogue.


File: 2d4c38eb923e7f0⋯.jpg (42.82 KB, 600x388, 150:97, Lagostim-Marmorkrebs.jpg)

File: ee91e1a281c0354⋯.jpg (51.47 KB, 840x435, 56:29, asteroid ship.jpg)



They will be named the Carabii. They reproduce by parthenogenesis (cloning), and they are all female as a result. It wasn't always this way. They used to reproduce sexually until a mutation occurred and female was born with the ability to birth clones. Eventually the clones overtook their sexually active counterparts. It is unknown weather or not they simply out bred them, or if they used violence to establish dominance. The scant amount of writings and other information from the sexual era of their species suggests the latter. The original female that all the clones a descended from is revered as a godlike mythical figure. With the ability to clone their population skyrocketed in a matter of centuries. Eventually their solar system became overpopulated and their civilization collapsed. But it wasn't just simple resource depletion that destroyed their civilization.The overcrowding and stagnation caused madness in their population similar to the mouse utopia. Since they were all nearly identical and descended from one common ancestor they had no reason to fight. But the overcrowding caused a behavioral sink and an orgy of violence and insanity. The effects weren't just psychological, they were also physical. Many Carabii went sterile and developed mutations. A minority of their species remained sane. The Carabii who retained their sanity realized that they could not reconquer their solar system; they needed to escape. They had no FLT technology but they had no choice. It was do or die. They constructed generation ships containing self sustaining ecosystems that could slowly carry them across the galaxy. The vast, overwhelming majority of these ships did not find new worlds to live on. Many of them were destroyed, or their ecosystems failed and their inhabitants starved. Other suffered a similar fate to their home world; they went insane while drifting though space for millennia. Despite this some have made it to new worlds and these worlds were quickly populated. Inevitably they faced hostilities from other species. They compensate for their lack of physical and mental prowess with numbers. However, their lack of FTL travel made them easy target for more advanced races. Their high fecundity means nothing when faced with armies from multiple planets armed incomprehensibly superior firepower. It would seem as though the lowly Carabii had only temporarily halted their extinction, but in a stroke of luck one generation ship was found by the Communal Confederation of Intelligent Life. The confederation's goal is to unite intelligent life in the milky way. Naturally the Carabii fit right in with their ideology. Soon they became a large population within the confederation. Their high fecundity has made them a vital asset in the war against the humans.


File: 1fee50cba5c60f2⋯.jpg (72.91 KB, 1280x691, 1280:691, 0_1f2071_94332620_XXXL.jpg)

File: d5d3bcda4a4403c⋯.jpg (84.52 KB, 1280x850, 128:85, Shotel 2.jpg)

File: baa07c0a32b7abb⋯.jpg (20.67 KB, 550x368, 275:184, shotel.jpg)

File: d830e275eec59a3⋯.jpg (9.5 KB, 568x363, 568:363, Benin sword.jpg)

File: ff789e964cc1188⋯.jpg (167.53 KB, 800x600, 4:3, kaskara_1.JPG)


The Kaldari are going to have some African, middle eastern, Asian and bronze age European aesthetic in their weapons and clothing to give them an exotic look. Pics related, cool African swords. Damn shame I have the drawing skills of 5 year old.


I made a tribe of manlets in my fever swamp game, they were originally the best looking tribe in the swamp gifted by the succubus in the game with great looks and women would flock to the tribe from all over the swamp but eventually the men started to ignore the succubus and she got jealous and cursed them all to be 4'10". The women left because they were so short and the men angered by this trapped the succubus and left her to die, but now obviously they don't get laid because they aren't minimum 6' and have long since lost the succubus due to them fleeing there old home after the zombie horde destroyed it now they're a bunch of really hot fucking cowards since most of there "fighting" ability came from intimidation. The best part is I didn't even do this intentionally it just sort of ended up being about manlets.


File: 8ae8dd2c269e970⋯.jpg (89.74 KB, 919x612, 919:612, Mahdist axe.jpg)

File: 6b838d5565acf1c⋯.jpg (98.1 KB, 919x612, 919:612, mahdist axe 2.jpg)

File: 21dbdfcf8ebfdfa⋯.jpg (14.76 KB, 600x338, 300:169, arms_and_armour_-_africa_2….jpg)

File: 166e23cbc59a4d9⋯.jpg (24.71 KB, 530x530, 1:1, ah2101n.jpg)


File: 4f41c1e3ae3f822⋯.jpg (167.68 KB, 1280x857, 1280:857, DSC_0021.jpg)

File: 528e051249fc057⋯.jpg (121.16 KB, 1280x850, 128:85, 373_(1).jpg)

File: 5e65ba65d23775d⋯.jpg (60.31 KB, 698x264, 349:132, 2009_0817ab0004.JPG)


I felt that it would be appropriate to add some African flare because of the parallels with voodoo that they have.


File: 76658ea7e4cc9ba⋯.jpg (35.74 KB, 777x704, 777:704, big think.jpg)






>Antennae Sword

I see, you're a man of fine taste.

Bronze Age Swords are beautiful, they have a leaf shaped blade and are very artistic. People often ignore them because they only know their rusted, decadent form, and because the Bronze Age is massively underrated - when people think of Swords, they imagine Medieval Swords, not ones from before nor after.


I don't think you ever saw big-dicked shota rapists.


File: e466fa70272b0ea⋯.jpg (277.72 KB, 1264x874, 632:437, carps tongue sword.jpg)

File: 71edac408be12ce⋯.jpg (33.92 KB, 1024x383, 1024:383, sword of goujian.jpg)

File: 301d5b19dabbfec⋯.jpg (19.68 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Goujian.jpg)

File: 2f3f9f9841b0240⋯.jpg (29.24 KB, 530x530, 1:1, ah2103n_2_.jpg)


I agree 100%. Bronze age weapons have some amazing aesthetics.


File: b0dc7dfbc0a9f6f⋯.png (496.93 KB, 852x1200, 71:100, 66053768_p0_master1200_cli….png)

File: 3903cf704238fd6⋯.png (445.6 KB, 592x849, 592:849, 62340258_p0_master1200_cli….png)

I'm brewing up some races that my PCs will meet later in my sci fi campaign. i've come up with two races so far. A race of amphibian octopuses that are reclusive and live swimming in gas giants (not yet fleshed out) and the other race, an insectiod race, a mix of dragonhead caterpillar, and beetles, who are a nomadic people and have a weird affinity for vehicles and combat (not aggressive though). This one i worked out, though i'm not sure if i'm missing something.

Oh yeah, system is traveller.

Based on pics posted

General Info:

Race Name: Wyrm/Wyrms/Wyrmin

Average Age: 1850

Average height: 11ft 12 in (3.7 m)

Average Weight: 800 pounds (362 kg)

Living Style: Nomadic

Age of civilizations: ~25.000.000

Core world: Tyk Macsag system, Rzwuidlereg

Territory size: Smaller (173.787 star systems)

Average Tech level: 13

Average Law level: 27

Attitude towards others: Friendly unless provoked


Wyrmin begin their life 50 years after their egg was laid. Coming to life, they eat their way outside of their egg and continue to burrow deep underground for 250 years. During this period, they act like gigantic earthworms, cleansing and making the soil richer. At this point, the larvae are still not considered as conscious beings.

After the roughly 300 years they spend underground, they dig to the surface level where they turn into a pupa, and take another 100 years to turn into their final form/emerge. After they exit their cocoons, they are considered a fully grown member development wise, but socially are still considered children.

At full growth, they are easily larger and weightier than any other currently known alien species.

Due to their extremely thick and hard natural exoskeleton/armor are very hard to kill with convectional weapons.

Possesing two pair of fully controllable arms, the Wyrmin are very brutish in appearance. Outside of the hidden reproductive organs, the only way to distinguish a male from a female is the number of their "horns". Females usually possess 5-9 while males usually possess less (2-5).

Behavior: Generally saying, Wyrmin have a friendly demeanor towards most species as they don't easily feel threathened, instead taking their life in stride. While relatively rare, they are found all over the known starspace due to their nomadic trait. The wyrmin have a strange relation to war and combat in general. Full blown battles within wyrmin communities/society is commonplace as entertainment and training, and are usually fought with friendly intent, like a martial arts spar, and duels between Wyrms are considered as greetings.

However such training would kill most of the known species very quickly due to intensity and lethality of such activity.

Thankfully, the Wyrmin are essentially gentle giants, and oftentimes than not try to resolve issues "non lethally" if pushed.

Preferring blades (blunt and sharp both) over other forms of weaponry, and shun ranged weaponry.

Mostly nomadic and unorganized, the Wyrm's life are centered around self created vehicles, mostly made from recycled material.

From skates and motorbikes to capital ships, Wyrms make all kind of vehicles (complexity mostly based on age/numbers of shedding).

These vehicles have semi religious meaning, and almost all Wyrms treat their own machines as a lifelong friend or partner. After a Wyrm's first shedding ("shedding" is the name of the act of constructing a working vehicle from scraps, and is the point a Wyrm is considered a true adult), they set off from the system they were born in to explore the galaxy and continue their nomadic exploits.

Each consecutive shedding, the Wyrmin are compelled to construct a more complex vehicle than before. With such affinities, Wyrmin make excellent engineers, warriors, drivers/pilots and recyclers.

The wyrmin also have a taste for a few select human media which they like to consume. Mad max (movie), roadrash (video game) and stoner rock (music genre) are a few good examples.



>11ft 12 in

so just 12ft?



>Average Tech level: 13

>Average Law level: 27

Explain these tech levels.



Non-linear scale, you need a formula. It goes up with the squared root of the double integral plus 0,321 times its derivative.

The scale goes from 0,833 to 32,133.

Again, non-linear.


File: 364133a76315787⋯.jpg (40.1 KB, 660x439, 660:439, soviet-laser-pistol-ruby-l….jpg)

File: 721f2af038d9739⋯.jpg (29.15 KB, 590x454, 295:227, lasergunsoviet001-5.jpg)


The Carabii are a vast horde of clones; individual do not desperately cling to life like in other species. They believe that an individual never truly dies since identical clones of her will live on. They are also a relatively weak race. Their mentality and physicality are well represented in their weapons. Your average Carabii soldier, and I use that term liberally, is equipped to the bare minimum. Their standard weapon is a primitive laser weapon. It is a ruby laser that is pumped by powerful pyrotechnic flashbulbs. These lasers are inferior to human firearms, or Kaldari jezails when it comes to firepower. They have limited range that i effected by atmospheric density. They have very poor armor penetration. Standard human graphene composite armor can easily take several hit in quick succession without severe damage, but the lasers can burn to the bone if they hit bare skin at close range. The real danger is when several of these lasers are firing on you. Concentrated fire can cook a man alive or penetrate his armor and fry him.




They better be expert gene modders, else they're risking extinction by plague. One mutation of an athlete's foot style fungus and it's a potato famine, except they're the potato.



Actually, Soviet laser guns were designed to disable optical sensors, not for direct damage. Better tactic for Carabii would be to use their laser guns as laser dazzlers, blinding enemies and then finishing them off with melee weapons. I had similar idea for steampunk/early sci-fi British soldiers who are armed withs single-shot laser rifles that can be loaded either with cheap realistic pyrotechnic flashbulb that can be used to blind the enemy before the bayonet charge, or an expensive sci-fi superpowerful flashbulb that fires powerful lethal rays.


>my settings has no orcs

>instead, it has norcs

>one of the human races, the anglos, are a slave race of the ilithid

>meds and ibs compose the rest of humankind

>goblins are niggers

>roll 1d5 for your character, /tg/

>1-med 2-ib 3-anglo 4-norc 5-goblin



They are naturally resistant to mutation due to having nearly a dozen different DNA polymerase enzymes that correct errors in the genome, and they wouldn't modify themselves because their culture i about them all being identical. Some of them do get mutations, but like I said it;s rare. They have a lower number of geniuses, or just exceptionally talented people in their race. They believe that their sameness is their strength; it keeps them together. Its why they hardly ever fight each other. This may seem good since they're part of a communist civilization, but it worried other species. Many fear that the Carabii will vastly outnumber everyone else and rule over them. Their absolute loyalty to their species presents another potential problem. The confederation has had race wars in the past, some have nearly destroyed them. They have also had planets try and secede before and star civil wars. What if a planet with a large Carabii population tried to secede? Would the other Carabii be willing to help bring the planet back into the fold? Some suspect that they care not for the galactic revolution and just want FTL technology so they can reunite their scattered species They could either save the revolution, or kill it. Them being clones does make them more susceptible to bio attacks, but when dealing with human bio weapons a little bit of diversity doesn't do much good. Highly advanced medicine is the only way to survive infection. Other species in the confederation have given them advanced immunization technology to help them


The flash bulbs they use are way more powerful than the soviet laser pistol.

>Better tactic for Carabii would be to use their laser guns as laser dazzlers, blinding enemies and then finishing them off with melee weapons.

I mentioned earlier that they are weak. They'd be totally fucked going against human legionaries with maces, sabers, or bayonets melee, or Kaldari fencers. Even a blinded Kaldari may sense them with their psychic abilities. Not all of them use those jank ass lasers. Some get firearms. they're preferred tactic is human wave while being covered by close artillery support or air support.


by human wave I meant carabii wave


File: 239c97e050be08b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.41 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, kkk.jpg)

I guess i'll post a map so it's not just a reply.


Yes. I'm not familiar with the imperial unit system, but thanks, i'll fix that.


In traveller, there is a system to determine the "tech" and "law" level of planets/systems. TL 13 is: (Average Stellar) The battle dress appears on the battlefield in response to the new weapons. Cloning of body parts becomes easy. Advances in hull design and thruster plates means that spacecraft can easily enter atmosphere and even go underwater. Jump–4 travel.

I did however forgot to press - between the law level's so it should be 2-7, which basically boils down to "relatively lawless/common sens laws" to "melee only, you cant leave, and you will get jailed for holding unfiltered off world information of any kind."



The confederation has allied with seditious elements in humanity's empire. The Free Masons. The Masons are the only enemy of the Lugal (King, or Big Guy. The Ruler of mankind). Centuries ago the Lugal destroyed the 3rd temple of Jerusalem. Even before then he secretly battled them. When he conquered Earth he did his best to purge them.They believe him to be worse than the antichrist. A usurper who would thwart their vision of mankind's future. They view him a terrible counterrevolutionary; a man in flesh who seeks to dominate the universe.


File: afcc7b9d67bfc10⋯.png (22.37 KB, 780x400, 39:20, map.png)

I'm thinking of making a Pseudo-Bronze Age fantasy setting, so I threw this autistic map together. I'll refine it down the line, obviously, but I just want to make sure that it isn't completely retarded. Basically, I want to know if this continent looks plausible if I throw down mountains and rivers in the appropriate spots. (The story would be mostly set in the circled area)


I - Egypt-like, surrounded by hostile terrain but with rich floodplains from a local river. Would contain either one kingdom or two competing for control.

II - Like Asia Minor, hilly and unforgiving area controlled by warlords and horse-lords, made up mostly of independent kingdoms and cities but with a substantial central kingdom similar in nature to the Hittites.

III - Levant-like, generally poor area that serves as the battleground in any conflict involving areas I & II, contains many small settlements and kingdoms, many of whom are puppets to nearby realms, who fight endemically.

IV - Like the Aegean isles and the Dodecanese, made up of mercantile city-states who mostly bicker amongst each other, maybe with antics like the Delian/Peloponnesian Leagues.

V - The large, very important islands that are central to politics in the area, like Cyprus, Sicily, Crete, et cetera. Fought over by I and II mostly, with a healthy amount of local kingdoms trying to preserve their independence.

VI - Armenia/Afghanistan-like, very mountainous and defensible, united under one proto-feudal kingdom, occasionally fought over by II and IX but consistently maintaining independence.

VII - Extensive desert, like the Sahara/Arabia/the Gobi, completely hostile but smattered with oases, home to hard-nosed nomads like the Bedouins who make a living off trade. Basically insulates the area of interest from the West.

VIII - Huge steppe, like the one in Russia, home to nomadic raiders and warriors who habitually make life hell in the main area and elsewhere.

IX - Persia/Pakistan type of area, home to a usually-shattered civilization which bickers with II and VI when politically united enough, as well as plenty of nomads and barbarians further east.

X - Plains, like those in France.

XI - Deciduous forest, kind of like the ones in Central Europe, probably magical.

XII - Boreal Forest, like in northern Russia.

XIII - Tundra and Arctic wasteland, inhabited by nearly nobody.

XIV - Rocky, hot desert, not like the sand deserts of VII

XV - India-esque, with heavy monsoons and lots of jungle and savannah &c., with thriving civilization along the coast.

XVI - Tropical Islands like Indonesia, inhabited on the coast by merchants in the cities and primitive peoples elsewhere.

If any of the geography is too autistic please tell me what to fix. I also haven't decided on which races other than humans (if any) inhabit where, so I'd appreciate any suggestions on that front.



Back once again with my sci fi campaign. This time i want some opinions on this planet's description i've been fleshing out(if you would, please) The goal is kind of like a mix between desert punk and metro 2033. Basically a desert world that regressed technologically and socially fell into anarchy. With the planet becoming a desert planet, humans retreated down into ravines, while the surface area is oftentimes explored looking for ruins to loot for possible high tech stuff. Anyway, please give it a read if you have the time:

Description: The surface, now littered with remnants of a once great civilization stretches off into the horizon, broken only by the gigantic sand dunes formed over countless years. Building upon building, destroyed but still standing, sticking out from the sand like broken banners raised after a Pyrrhic victory, barely visible under the sheet of dust that have sifted in-between the cracks in their architecture since their slow death at the hands of their lack of maintenance, but still refusing to give in to the tide of sand and the constant degradation caused by the ever blowing winds slowly rubbing away at the material ghosts of [Planetname]'s past.

A once thriving planet reduced to a desert world, [planetname] used to give home to a high technology and industrial megacity that soon fell due to the surface of the planet rapidly heating up and slowly draining the soil of water. As panic and chaos set in, the planet and it's population ultimately fell into disarray. People became unable to repair their equipment and as such, the tech level of the planet fell to 4.

With the sun constantly out and heat being stuck inside a greenhouse effect of age old chemicals lingering in the thin atmosphere like a taunting visage of a bygone era, the remaining humans retreated into the now traversable deep ocean trenches that offered shade from [starname]'s scorching gaze. Humans began to rebuild their homes from junk they could find and salvage, and began rapidly constructing vertical favelas onto the side of the ravines they now occupied. Both water and space, now a commodity like any other, 2 factions emerged, both wanting to achieve the same goal, to rule over [planetname]. The East Reclamation point (E.R.P) and West Reclamation Point (W.R.P) quickly began to balkanise politics on the planet, as both started vying for control over the lifeline of the planet, a small area where water has still not evaporated yet. And with water, came riches as both side began their expansion, using the lawless and side-less people against each-other, in an increasingly hostile and aggressive manner, which quickly escalated into a war. As these two factions raged on, the common folk gave birth to a new class, the Handlers. Commoners who managed a dive and came back successfully, with high tech equipment. They are the people who "handle things"

"One man's ruins are another man's treasure pile" is an often said phrase on [planetname]. With all the abandoned high tech industrial buildings, finding high tech equipment is possible for the lucky, however these destroyed buildings still house dangers, especially the ones on the surface. Be it automated defense systems, Junkies or the numerous deadly creatures up top, such a venture is well worth the risks that it brings with itself. And the promise of becoming rich very quickly is like a drug that no one can get enough of. When countless riches, power and fame could very well be just around the next corner, very few take their time to turn it carefully in these lawless lands.



a few notes i guess:

Handlers are basically mercenaries semi associated with the commoners (factionless), with the difference that they don't only perform fighting (hence "handler" as they "handle things"). As long as the money is enough they do anything, be it rescuing a cat from the favela tops or helping an old lady in their daily lives, or provide companionship. They of course don't accept any and all jobs (they get to decide as "higher class" commoners), but generally they are open to the possibility of everything.

Dive, or "to dive" is to ascend to the surface and dive into the ruins. Easier said than done, as all ruins near the edges of the ravine/trenches have been looted. Nowadays the rich's method is to set up a caravan and using a salvaged industrial elevator, rise to the top then begin the operation, while the poor has to climb out and head off into the desert wastes alone. A dive is considered a success if the person returns and a great success if he finds something.

Junkies refer to the poor people who "dived", didn't die but never came back either. As the sun, the technology they start craving more and more and constant danger eats away at their brains, they just continue to raid destroyed buildings slowly integrating more and more high tech items into their arsenal and themselves. Rumor is that they started a religion that speak about a "Seif Inc. building" that promises things beyond their technology hungry wildest dreams.


File: 56c236ecb968441⋯.jpg (175.41 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, organic_spaceship_concept_….jpg)

File: c46814a12c25a5d⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 600x511, 600:511, bfeb1454b06dcd5207b21510b9….jpg)



Kaldari ships generally have a very crystalline/organic aesthetic to them. Some of their components are organic. The shaman who pilot them through the other dimension do so by linking their brains with the ship.


File: e6a0bbfa3df0eb9⋯.png (31.86 KB, 300x400, 3:4, Map_of_Izu_Islands.png)

File: d786e5e2b4b17a6⋯.jpg (24.09 KB, 336x396, 28:33, dragons-triangle.jpg)

File: ff2036439b09256⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 908x1280, 227:320, 9f57cede1d1a52293a741efa54….jpg)

File: ac5b82edab7d411⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1422x1074, 237:179, 65bb684a5c4347ffcedfe771f1….png)

What have you done with The Sea in your campaigns, /tg/? I'm drafting up a Persona campaign set in the Izu Islands of Japan, which are located in what Asian folklore calls either the Devil's Sea or the Dragon's Triangle. More or less it's the Bermuda Triangle of Asia; Khublai Khan's ships sank there in 1200, military vessels have gone missing, as well as a crew of 31 Japanese research scientists in 1952. Whether or not this is all bunk and the Dragon's Triangle as a concept didn't exist before the 20th century doesn't matter a whole lot.

The most significant motifs represented by the sea that I can think of are Adventure , Death, and Monotony. Monotony is the most interesting one I could think of, because it's not really a conventional idea about the sea. At the same time, miles of water stretching on in all directions as far as the eye can see is about as monotonous as it can get. I'm aiming for a real FLCL "Nothing amazing happens here. Every day we spend here is like a whole lifetime dying slowly" vibe to the island. As for a "unifying aesthetic" to the supernatural elements, the first thing I hit upon was the Norse due to their reputation as seafarers and the fact that I can have Jormungandr as a sea serpent and looming threat to something or other.

I have a good starting point. The PCs go out to the site of some shipwreck or another on a class trip. They get hailed by a ship none of their mundane classmates can see, and after their initial brush with the supernatural aboard this yacht, they get back into their assigned boat and return to school. But nobody remembers them. Their teacher is different, they don't know any of their classmates, and they're introduced as transfer students. The world has become so monotonous that it actively rejects these people, and it's only through the providence of whatever supernatural patron they meet on the ghost yacht that they can return to the island where they belong.

But I'm stuck on how to develop it further. The first major roadblock is that Persona users always operate under some kind of patron. The easy way to do this would be to have them working for Loki, but a classical Trickster like him doesn't want to develop things into a spontaneous, livable condition, he just wants to disrupt, and I don't want to drop a group of people that have in all likelihood never played Persona before into a position where they were the bad guys all along.

And until I have an idea of a patron, I have no real notion of what the players will be working towards. Most of the time, Persona users are trying to guard against or eliminate something-- strange masses of Shadows that appear on this or that night, serial killers, people who become malicious and exploitative to achieve their desires. What's an immediate threat that you can relate to a small island town? There's going to be Yggdrasil somewhere in the plot, I don't know where yet, but you have to have Yggdrasil if you're doing anything with Norse myth. Regardless, adding Norse terminology and calling some crisis Ragnarok is all well and good, but it needs to be something grounded in reality -- preferably in a person's (or people's) psychology to really groove with the way Persona operates.


I just had an idea on how to make medicine a viable competitor to magic, aside from magical healing being rare or expensive.

Magic, essentially being a form/manipulation of energy, takes the body's natural healing response and kicks it into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE. The result is wounds that normally take days/weeks/months to heal do so in mere seconds. Understandably, this takes a rather large toll on the body, leading to problems later on in life such as heart attacks, blood clots, and cancer.

This pattern took some time to notice for several reasons. First, most people would only need magical healing a few times in their life, not often enough to make a significant difference in their life expectancy.

Second, mages, who would often take advantage of their powers, are somewhat/completely immune to the hazardous effects as their bodies are naturally capable of handling the surge of magic.

Thirdly, adventurers, the most common recipients of magical healing, tend to already have short life expectancies. Famous, long-lived adventurers have access to magical artifacts and long term spells that prolong their lives. There aren't too many normal retired adventurers, thus it's difficult to get an idea of how they normally die.



It is simply problem of magic being too convenient.

I was thinking about a setting with both magic and science. However, there is really no reason put them in the same footing. Even in a setting like Arcanum, magic is just outright superior. I decided to make a setting where magic is generally bad. I had two versions of this:

1) Magic jams tech but not vice-versa. Magic is inefficient and only few can use it. Thus, magic often does more harm than good. Magic was only intended as a crutch.

2) Magic slowly binds the user and others to fate. The eventually the user would be completely deprived of free will and will subconsciously act against human civilization. Magic is borrowed power from the will of the planet.



In my opinion that's another area where adding a hefty cost to magic justifies its mundane equivalents still existing. If every time you heal someone costs a lot of X rare expensive substance to cast, then it's going to be restricted to military use, and possibly even limited to elite troops. Civilians will still use mundane doctors and medicine, barring the ultra-wealthy, so regular medicine will still exist. Even in the military, not-critical injuries will probably have a regular combat medic tending to them, with healing mages focusing on immediate repair of damage to troops who're actively in combat at vital strategic locations, or alternately broadly stemming the worst injuries on a wide scale to increase the number of troops who'll live long enough for a medic to take care of.

Magic conflicting with mundane technologies is only a problem if you make magic cheap, abundant, and easy. Make it rarer, harder to use, less cost effective, than mundane equivalents, but with a higher power limit, and you easily justify society not revolving around it while it still will see use in fields where cost inefficiency is acceptable so long as it gets you an edge over the enemy (such as military use). Have magic be the equivalent of those multi-million-dollars-apiece cruise missiles and bombs the US government uses.


File: ab137535282d566⋯.png (431.1 KB, 591x400, 591:400, croc.png)


I often times have the sea be all encompassing of my (Starting) continent and then from there, if the players do not either die or retire and make new ones, they can take to the high seas in search of new adventure



also because i am autistic and love boats and island maps



>Magic conflicting with mundane technologies is only a problem if you make magic cheap, abundant, and easy. Make it rarer, harder to use, less cost effective, than mundane equivalents, but with a higher power limit, and you easily justify society not revolving around it while it still will see use in fields where cost inefficiency is acceptable so long as it gets you an edge over the enemy (such as military use).

I don't think that it works that way. Even if magic is very inefficient, technology would be held back. People would obviously try to make magic more efficient and would have a harder time thinking of non-magical solutions. Also, there is also the risk of making magic not seem magical.



If you have magic being expensive and having limited fuel to start with then by default it'll never suppress technological development to a significant degree because it's not widely available and convenient, which is the whole point.

Magic when available to protagonists does tend to not feel very magical simply because the player/reader is given an understanding of its rules; that's just the nature of things. Unpredictable or inconsistent magic systems only work when they are used to create problems more than solutions.



I used to really be into hard magic but I realize that was ultimately better to have "sci-fi magic" like nanomachines and psychic powers at that point. Magic doesn't look like it takes much effort and will always seem like it takes less effort than science. Forcing magic to only do low level things is part of my biggest pet peeve with fantasy settings, technological stagnation. Why doesn't Hogwarts uses balltip pens?



> I realize that was ultimately better to have "sci-fi magic" like nanomachines and psychic powers at that point.

Why? Personally I think it's better to have a magic system with hard rules then a "scientific" explanation that's blatantly unscientific.



I guess because it is already flavored to work in a real world like setting. Those things rely on bullshit explanations but magic relies on some form of "It just works!". One magic system that I liked is cWoD's VtM where its magic has an explicit spiritual root and understanding (and in a real life religion). Its magic isn't pretending to be another form of science and it isn't meant to supplant science.


File: 299f60b49e54b04⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1926x1084, 963:542, Page4.jpg)

How do you know when to stop and move on?

I've made a background on how humanity got to the present. I've made the technology humanity has harnessed and is molded by. I've made quirks to human interaction. I've made my ideal society.

How do I know when it is time to stop creating the setting and start creating the story?



The problem is you're doing it in reverse. It's a misnomer that working up from the beginning to the present is more realistic, but it's actually not. Instead, start with the present that you want, take the other ideas you have, and piece it together. Further, have a willingness to not answer things. Consider this - How many people are there in the world right now that legitimately believe the Earth is flat, or that 9/11 never happened? How much debate is there over the Holocaust? Or of any aspect of history? When you design a world, only work with what is known in-universe, and give multiple sides to it, because what is "known" isn't necessarily true. You can work in a few other things, like the "rules" of the setting, or a few secrets which are to be revealed ("the Dark Lord was actually just a really big snake the priests would wave around, and the ritual to awaken him is a prank").

How to know when it's time to stop? When you have enough to make it believable. Sit down, put yourself in the head of a normal person. Take human history, and go from the beginning to the present. Be loose with it. Do the same with your setting. If you've already made a huge background, this is the point you should actually start trimming. What's left is the stuff important enough to make a story off of.



If you've thought to ask, you're probably done.




This is mostly the jist of the background I've created. I have most of it memorized instead of written down and need to go through it all in order for me to remember it all. There is more to it, especially some warfare stuff. I also have the story's main characters and the location where they will spend the majority of their time.

Basic history is WWIII fucked shit up, one nation survived and rebuilt. Outer colonies died out for one, a Russian colony, and it is under quarantine. They don't want to kill them, but they also don't want to be a threat. Humanity is one of the more technologically advanced races in the known galaxy thanks to the Caldwell reactor. The reactor was originally meant to replace nuclear reactors and up the energy created. It was originally made in orbit of Titan, but after a tragic accident most information is lost along with Caldwell. Took Earth decades to reproduce it from what little notes there were. Turns out it can't be used near strong gravity (i.e. close to a star) and it could be more than a reactor. It creates a hole in our universe to an artificial universe with an altered speed of light. Every race encountered by humanity has no technology like the Caldwell reactor and therefore are more of a hard scifi race. Humanity rejects xenos for the most part, unless they can relate to them somehow. Too alien aliens are wiped out, less alien aliens are either left alone, enslaved, or vassaled (Humanity tells them what they can and cannot do, communication happens, and they are quarantined to their system.)

Culturally humanity is very isolationist. Any contact with aliens is kept at a minimum. They do not want their culture and people to be tainted. I'm still working on the whole for the most part, but I have bits and pieces done. Injuries are often covered by a porcelain covers. For example a burn on the face will be covered by a mask and a missing limb will be covered by a plate. The color of the designs indicate how the injury was caused. One color would be work injury, and other color being war wound, etc. Prosthetics are shunned as nonhuman. Humanity thinks a lot of things are unhuman, but exceptions are made when it is absolutely necessary. Humans have an uplifting protocol with less developed species. They could give a bunch of pike and shot era squid people tanks and tell them the winner gets the planet and eventually the system for example.



Detroit the RPG?



You said they like to fuck, but generic description aside, do they look fuckable? They must be given their slang name terrans gave them.



Yeah. The females are usually lean and fit with wide hips and strong thighs.



>That description.

I see you're just full of shit.



If you're adding stuff that's not going to come up in a story in the universe there's no point in adding that stuff.



Not that guy but I have idea of story which has an act of God be the main plot device. It actually has an in-universe explanation but it is beyond what characters can comprehend or observe. The story is mostly about the characters dealing with the act of God. The explanation is there to have some kind of consistency even if I don't plan to actually reveal it in the story.


When I think hard about how plan to do a Law-Chaos conflict, I decided to make the entity that takes freewill a neutral god rather the will of the planet. However, how do I make losing free will seem subtle and bad? Without freewill, people can't change and are bounded by fate.



How so?



>It actually has an in-universe explanation but it is beyond what characters can comprehend or observe.

That's definitely something that comes up in the story. It's just not an explicit part of the text. When I say "not going to come up in a story" I mean don't bother figuring out the formality of pronouns unless you're going to do like in LOTR where a noble assumes a foreign commoner is also a noble after he uses informal pronouns (because his dialect has no formal pronouns).


What are the best ways to portray spirits and other such "Neutral" supernatural forces?



What do you mean by "neutral"? As in, spirits of nature and shit?



Yeah, those sorta fucks



If you wanna spitball ideas, an interesting take here would be to associate the Ocean with "Depth". You have the obvious one, weird shit hidden beneath the surface, forbidden knowledge and so on. A (possibly) more interesting take would be to use western astrology here - water is the element of emotions, and depth... well, you get the idea.

To make it sound less gay, think of it like this. You're stuck at sea, staring each day at the endless horizon. Nothing amazing happens here, indeed. Your men are bored, tired of the same shit every day. Then, the hallucinations start. The ship doctor calls it madness, but it's obvious to everyone aboard that something more is afoot - something supernatural. Everyone can hear it, the rhythmic beating of a heart from beneath the waves. Nobody can sleep, and it's not long before the first fight starts because of sleep deprivation.

And the fights start getting more and more common. Everyone's on edge, and to make things worse (and stranger) everyone's suddenly dealing with all sorts of emotional baggage. You can't do nothing but think about all your failings, your regrets, how you hurt people you cared about and so on. It's not long before the fights go out of control because of everyone's heightened emotional state, but you also start getting suicides, self-mutilation and so on becoming more and more rampant.

The Sea is now going from Depth to Death. What the Ocean wants is for the people stuck in the Twilight Zone to deal with their own demons - both figuratively and literally. You will have to deal with the shit that's weighting you down, with your baggage, before you can move on and become something better. So now, not only will you deal with constant hallucinations of your worst failings, you will deal with literal manifestations of your sins as well as people mutating into their own sin-forms (so if you're constantly angry - congratulation, you're now a Red Lantern or some shit). Some will succeed and go from Death to Mystery. Most will die. Maybe everyone.

Mystery is where the truly weird shit happens. You've wanted magic and power? Here you'll get magic and power. All the Ocean wants from you is bits and pieces of your soul. Treasures to be buried deep. Each inner demon you kill brings you closer to something... something larger than yourself. Something that deals with everyone. Maybe the Ocean wants you to bring Death to something that threatens everyone, something buried deep in the subconsciousness of the whole world.

Or maybe it just wants you to wait out, in monotony, as your beating heart starts driving more and more people insane.



Also, going with the whole astrology shtick lets you easily get the patron you want:

>Aphrodite - the patron of Pisces.

Pisces (the Fish) - closely associated with Aphrodite. Whether you go with the myth that Aphrodite and her son Eros transformed into fish to escape the Typhon (a primordial beast of pure destruction created by Gaia - hey, here's your fucking BBEG) or that the fish helped Aphrodite and her son in some other way, this sign is closely related to the Goddess of Love. The Pisces as a sign represent emotion, intuition and most importantly - escapism and romanticism. Maybe your characters wanted to run away from their boring lives, and that's exactly what they got - life on the high seas, escaping their boring lives, all you could want in an emotion-packed adventure. The downside is that you're being fucked over because Aphrodite's a cheating cunt.

>Artemis - the patron of Scorpio.

Scorpio (the Scorpion) - closely associated with Artemis, and even more importantly, Orion. Depending on what version of the myth you go with, Orion was such an amazing hunter and filled with such bloodlust that he threatened to kill every beast on the surface of the planet. Beast in this case means anything non-human - so you can imagine how dangerous and insane the guy was. Gaia was terrified of this dude, and so she created a giant scorpion which ended killing Orion. Artemis, being the Goddess of the Hunt, decided to honor the greatest of all hunters by turning him into a constellation. Zeus - for some bizarre reason - also put the scorpion up into the heavens as a constellation. Maybe to symbolize the monster that fell the greatest of all hunters, or more fun, to imprison it. Anyway, maybe your characters wanted to experience something intense - they wanted to be heroes, to get further than anyone else, to become the best at what they do. Maybe their drive is so intense that they became insane like Orion, focused only on achieving their goals - regardless what it may cost them in the meantime.

>Hera - the patron of Cancer.

Cancer (the Crab) - weirdly associated with both Hera and Heracles. While Hercules was busy fighting the Hydra, Hera ordered a giant crab to fuck with Hercules in order for him to fail and die. Why? Because Hera wanted to appear as the perfect wife and to have a perfect family life, and having her husband's bastard child succeed in any way drove her insane. So, she ordered the crab to snap at Hercules' toes and annoy him. Herc, of course, didn't want any of that shit, so he murdered the crab by stepping on it. Hera saw this, and in order to reward the crab for its efforts, put it among the stars as another constellation. Yes, it's stupid. Anyway, Hera is represented as both a caring wife and mother, as well as a complete psychotic bitch whenever someone threatened her ideal family life. So if your players ever wanted to play the role of someone perfect, someone who takes care of others, while being this close to becoming an emotional wreck not afraid to go berserk when it comes to protecting their loved ones, Hera's the patron for you.

What this does is give you the following:

>Greek mythology combined with Astrology and maybe some Hermeticism.

>Three goddesses - Artemis, Aphrodite and Hera - representing the good old trio of the maiden, the matron and the crone.

>Typhon as the BBEG. Artemis has a grudge against his mother (Gaia) for the whole giant scorpion thing, Aphrodite is terrified of him, and Hera loathes him because he attacked Zeus. All three patrons have something against this monstrosity.

>Gaia as the true BBEG. Funny enough, mother Earths wants to fuck shit up. Maybe because of overpolution, or overpopoulation, or whatever. Gaia wants you gone. Your job is to calm her down.

Reformatted this and made it less painful to read.



So natural supernaturals, gotcha.

I'd go with taking what the Spirit is embodying, and ramp it up to 11. So, for example, Wolf spirits are not only communal (since wolves hunt in packs), if you manage to defeat all but one that last one will slowly fade away on its own. But while they're together, they somehow share their senses, are capable of thinking of complex strategies and so on - the larger the spirit wolf pack, the more intelligent and capable they become. Maybe they're even some sort of a hive mind - with the Alpha being the predominant personality (or even better, the representative).

Spirits of fire? Just exists to consume. Doesn't matter what it is, if it can burn, the spirit of fire will be drawn to it. The best way to get on this thing's good side is to offer it more stuff to burn, to let it expand. It's constantly terrified, because it's perfectly aware that it's going to go out eventually - like all fires do.

Spirits of water? They appear calm, but have a nasty tendency to combine with one another. Water attracts water, so the moment two or more water spirits are near, they'll try to merge together into a larger water spirit. The larger the water spirit gets, the harder it is to control - and once it gets out of control, it floods the area and causes horrible damage everywhere. Then smaller water spirits are formed from the flood, and the cycle begins anew. These fuckers know shit, because water gets everywhere.

You get the idea. These things don't have personality, they have urges that they need to fulfill at every cost. They only exist to act in their nature.


Where do you guys even start when building your worlds? I've been jotting down the tiny details and ideas for my world that amused me, but I end up getting lost when trying to figure out the bigger picture.




Start with the land and features of it. The most important part is land, as that forms what cultures, races, tactics, and animals live there.



Now that sounds good.

Thank you kindly anon.



For me it starts with some general ideas of characteristics I want, plus map sketching. Everything else can get filled in from that. Deterministic geography makes it easier to fill in the gaps.

I know I want X Y and Z civilizations living in 1 2 and 3 climates. So I figure out some plate tectonics that create mountain ranges and oceans that create their desired climates and positions. And from those plates I fill in the rest of the world's elevations and climate zones and this lets me see what the rest of the world would look like and then fill in cultures there based on climate and resulting evolutionary psychology. That gives me the main civs I want plus the rest of the world to go with them.



Ever since I was a kid, I always had an idea of a fantasy civilization that used necromancy as a part of their culture and spirituality, but weren't evil.

The idea is one of a civilization where the citizens were all basically "materialists", as in they didn't necessarily have a God/gods. Upon death, it was considered an honor to have your corpse preserved and then raised from the dead to serve the living as servants, soldiers, manual labor, etc.

A kind of weird and twisted utopia with a pagan-is kind of ancestor worship. A kind of lawful neutral government structure with a people who were mostly good, or at least viewed themselves as such.

They'd be insular and mildly xenophobic due to how other civilizations and races viewed their practices.

I imagined it being loosely based on Byzantium, culturally, architecturally, etc. Ancient, rich and powerful, but tired, waning and bureaucratic.

Never sat down to really write them up though. I tried a few times but I think my issue has always been that while I like the idea, I never saw a way to incorporate them as in any games/settings interestingly enough that it would be worth taking the time to write them out, when you could just have a regular old human kingdom/empire instead.



Oh, let me add that they while they viewed necromancy as essential to their lifestyle, they had severe laws and codes against illegal necromancy. Like raising any corpse where the individual had not consented to undeath was an extremely unethical, blasphemous act (ie: rogue necromancy was the ultimate sin). Undeath was not a punishment, it was a gift that one usually took willingly in the knowledge that they were serving their people and family in death.


File: 64618bf3d945789⋯.jpg (466.75 KB, 599x800, 599:800, 1362590445387.jpg)


I actually had a similar idea way, way back on halfchan. The use of Undead basically was considered to be a form of civil service - they use you to do basic manual labor (ironically even in the agricultural sector), and then put you back to rest after five or so years had passed.

Opting out of the system was possible in exchange for a fee, but generally looked down upon from a cultural point of view (the exception being non-adults, who were not drafted at all for both pragmatical and emotional reasons).

Another idea for a setting I had featured a desert civilization which actually used the souls of their deceased (for a time) in order to power gigantic, magical weather-controlling devices that spawned lush, fertile oases all over their otherwise arid homeland. To clarify, the weather magic itself was cast by venerable old weather witches, but keeping the gigantic, interweaving strands of arcane power used for a project of such scale meant that you needed the dead to prevent the magical threads from getting all tangled up - with disastrous consequences and potential chain reactions when one ziggurat failed for one reason or another, and then the resulting freakstorms might promptly knock over the neighboring ones.

The system had one major flaw, however:

1.Ziggurats needed quite a lot of souls to function, and as the early villages grew into cities, their agricultural production dropped, making them increasingly dependent on food from the surrounding villages.

2. This worked good for a while until the surrounding villages also could no longer keep up with food production and had to expand their fertile territory by building new Ziggurats on their borders to control the weather magic needed for that.

3. These new ziggurats needed more souls, which in turn needed more fertile land to feed said souls when still alive, etc. A vicious cycle.

4. All while, again, the failure of a single ziggurat could result in a violent chain reaction

You basically saw this civilization performing exterminatus on itself in slow motion, especially because the local rulers simply deemed this problem as a justification for expansionist politics



I like the limited number of years idea for service in undeath. Maybe with a disclaimer that they can be summoned to serve as soldiers in a time of great need. Undoubtedly, such a civilization would end up extremely bureaucratic as they attempted to justify their utopia through legalistic justification, which is why I mentally default to a Byzantium look/theme.

Your second idea is pretty interesting too. I like the dark side to the utopia they've created. It's almost metaphorical to the modern industrial, consumerist world and how we continue to need more and more people to work for less and consume more or the entire system will collapse.





Here's an idea: undead you create don't require any "upkeep" but they only live more or less as long as a normal human lifespan, minus the time the person you created them from has already existed. Not necessarily the exact lifespan that person would have had, just the average time a soul is "good for". So making undead out of someone who died of old age is basically useless as the soul may only last in the body for a few years or maybe it won't take at all (also, more fragile bones). Making undead out of someone who died at the age of 20 is extremely useful because you'll get a good fifty or sixy years out of them, although you can't just sit on a stockpile of bones because after a fairly short time the soul moves on and you can't bind it back into its corpse, so, they need to be fairly fresh.

Now, how to get a good supply of such people?



I was watching the map and I was thinking: I've never seen a fantasy setting in the Balkan or Balkan mythologies. Weird



Voodoo is allegedly not inherently about curses and live animal sacrifice and so forth. It's mainly about calling on the dead and ancestors for guidance and such.

You may want to look into it.


I was thinking about a traditional fantasy setting but building a world is too difficult for me (I don't know where to start). I prefer to start with races. I added the most generic races for me.

The following races are Amphibians, Mermaids, Trolls, Orcs, Goblins, Gnomes, Brownies, Pixies, Fairies, Elves, Reptiles, Minotaurs, Centaurs, Skavens, Felines, Dwarves, Humans, Ogres, Cyclopes, Giants.

What do you think ?



I may be confused due to language barrier but it seems as though you don't really want to build a setting so why not use an existing one? I would say that a gigantic kitchen sink of DnD races is not a recipe for a good setting, personally.




What do you suggest me then ?


File: daaeec36069ca21⋯.jpg (76.58 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Dark souls.jpg)


A quick google search will give some good examples. Eberron, Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Birthright, etc. Try looking through these, they're pretty popular. If you're still not content, take some ideas from them and try to make your own.


I'm drawing a bit of a blank at the moment.

I have this idea for a sci-fi society that is not so unlike modern American mass-consumerism. As well as a healthy dose of all powerful mega corps. However I'm trying to fit that kind of civilian society into a government which I'd best describe as 'monarcho-fascist'. I have this feeling that these two don't exactly mesh well with each other. But I thought maybe, the people would be alright with it since the media would be highly amenable towards the government and would constantly assuage fears of the totalitarian government by assuring them only the actually bad people have anything to worry about. Thus life goes on as normal? I'm rambling but I'd liek a base guideline how I could maybe set up the relations between government and society in such a way that they don't clash too much.






The government and the megacorps merged together in what's considered ancient history. So for your setting, the Cyberpunk Ages are the Dark Ages. This is also the age of globalism, since the megacorps are not interested in maintaining state borders and so on - not yet.

Then shit hits the fan. The covert war becomes an open one, as one megacorp turns on the other - industrial espionage becomes industrial sabotage and then turns into industrial warfare. Globalization turns to shit - because you had multiple megacorps in immediate vicinity, the industrial warfare becomes an anarcho-capitalist wet dream as everyone starts fighting and stealing shit.

This means that the safest places are the ones where only one megacorp exists for countless miles. In exchange for protection from the ongoing megacorp war, the people swear loyalty to the local megacorp. This local megacorp already has everything under control - so the police, media, food, everything under the blue skies, is under their ownership. In exchange for BRAND LOYALTY, the megacorp will protect you. The first borders in years are drawn, and people start flocking to the new corporate-states.

Because the megacorp has to maintain a clean and strong image, PR is even more important than ever now, since a good image means more wage-slaves fleeing from the war-torn shitholes. This eventually turns the CEO of the megacorp into a public figure. So you had the Pope, now you had Michael Eisner. The CEO becomes the king, and the next king will be decided from a board of directors. Thus, a clique forms at the top, with each director grooming his own successor for a chance at the CEO throne. Lineages start becoming a thing again, and voila, the good old monarchies are back (kinda).

So, by the time your game starts, megacorps have become their own states, led by President-Kings. Religion was replaced by Marketing. Loyalty to the State become Loyalty to the Company. You get the idea.


You trying to tell me something, captcha?



I actually like this way better than the direction >>398251 was going tbh. I do think that while the initial inclination for a setting you describe might be to be a gloomy dark cyberpunk setting it would work best with the new corporate states being portrayed as generally positive or at least no worse than a normal modern country. The setup you've come up with is pretty believable and would work best in my opinion if the transition to corporate states actually produces decent stable countries that people want to live in.


If im making a "CIA world factbook" entry of sorts for planets in a setting , what are some broadstrokes "facts" id include in the list such as population, year settled....etc.



Age of majority if there are non-human species.


Thinking of a group of 5 elemental gods, the children of the now dead creator gods, based on the elements of fire, wood, water, earth and metal. The twist is all 5 are completely out of human morality, which is why Wisdom is needed for divine casting as it allows the caster to understand the sheer otherness.

>Earth: Everything eventually dies and returns to the earth. The clock can be delayed (doesn't care if it is) but never stopped. Medicine, but also corporeal undead as bones rise again.

>Fire: Youngest of the five. Likes to see fire burn. Doesn't care if it's to cook, forge or kill. Unwittingly killed the creator gods by burning them as they delivered him.

Any suggestions for the other 3?



Water: The chaos of the deep ocean - ever-flowing and mercurial. Whimsical and macabre in nature.

Wood: The growth of the strong. Darwinism is taken to the extreme, and fitness determines all.

Metal: Stability to the extreme. Wishes to contain the other elements, especially Fire, and would do anything to make his way. Governs the aspect of war and civilization.



Area, ethnic makeup, important holidays, politics, most recent problems to look out for as a tourist.

Read the CIA factbook.



I'm really on board with >>398415

It also summarizes nicely.

Earth = Inevitable.

Fire = Unending.

Water = Unpredictable.

Wood = Unyielding/Merciless.

Metal = Unchanging/Restrictive.

The personalities of the deities right themselves from what was written (Water is fickle, Wood is a might-makes-right warrior, metal is logical to the point of tunnel-vision, etc)




Just my five cents:

>the original elemental gods were the gods of Earth, Air, Fire and Water

>since the Air god knew every spoken word, nobody trusted him during the usurpation

>the Air god didn't care, nothing could really hurt him because he was intangible

>the Earth god and Water goddess decide to have a kid

>this kid's sole purpose is to beat the Air god

>they give birth to the kid

>unfortunately, he is stillborn

>while this is going on, a creator god turns traitor on his brethren

>this is the creator god of life

>primordial life is chaotic and barely functional, a screeching mess of flesh and bone

>the two gods approach primordial life with an offer

>the body of their child in exchange for form

>the primordial god agrees, pours his essence into the stillborn baby god

>the Wood god is born

>life now has proper shape

>the Wood god traps the Air god in his branches

>the creator gods end up beaten, the new King of Gods is the Wood/Life god

>he grows too powerful, and is driven mad by his experiences as a previous creator god

>life grows out of control

>the Water goddess tries her best to protect her baby boy, even though he's an insane lovecraftian abomination

>the Earth god cheats on his wife, has another child with the Fire goddess

>the Metal god is born

>his sole job is to cut down the Wood god

>the Metal god since then is the god of death and industry


File: 54c4ac946ee8d9f⋯.webm (730.34 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1522278548843.webm)



now make a metal the dead god of air instead, fighting against wood after dying and abandoning his own nature for revange



What do you think of my creation myth so far?

Any way to improve it?



>Any way to improve it?

Write seven more which contest it and an eight which is "true" but nobody actually knows.


I have the idea for a DnD campaign, but I need help fleshing out the base idea. It would basically start like Path of Exile, with the party members being criminals (wrongly accused or not) exiled to magical Australia where no one was meant to live. The only town would be a shitty shack town of a few hundred people barely getting enough food to live due to the horrors that come out at night, and the party would have to do their best to make the town safer and more prosperous to make sure they could stay alive.

I want to make it so that as the player characters try and expand the town, the learn it's not just random evil creatures, but that it's an entire continent of incredibly evil factions with their own territories and goals and maybe even genuine towns and shit all vying for control, and the only reason the penal colony hasn't been wiped off the face of the earth is because to them, it's the equivalent of a little goblin cave of humans.

I was hoping to get some ideas of genuine evil to fill out the continent. The land they were exiled from would have been a more standard DnD setting, so the "evil" on the new continent wouldn't be stuff like Orc, but would rather be things like a forest of sentient spiders, a town purely of demons that's built around a portal to hell, and with areas of the world where dying gets your body automatically resurrected and turned into a bloodthirsty ghouls, or rain that will drive you insane if you're exposed to it directly for too long and cause your mind to turn into a gateway for extradimensional beings to pour through until your skull explodes from the pressure.


File: 0cda1ea29290ac8⋯.jpg (64.63 KB, 484x551, 484:551, hohofrigganho.jpg)


well I mean you got all the usual tropes you could build a nation arround. You probably have dickasstheivesburg and evilforevil'saketon and notreallyevilsomcuhasgeneticallyantisocial and bigbadbugak and probably a few "nation like" entries such as an awakened (and evil) city that preys on those foolish enough to enter its streets, a necromancer making a calculating device using only skeletons (needs a lot of skeletons) and fakeyfakertonwheretheforcesofgoodwonbutnowhavetofakebeingevillesteveryoneelsesmitethemimmediately.



Necromancer is the only one that kinda works. My idea is that all the evil on the continent needs to be non-human, and a necromancer is the closest I can tow that line. He could have a garrison of super ancient skeletons, but most of them would be other creatures and stuff.



I'll make those after, but this one is the actual one that was largely lost to time.



The main advice I can give is to determine the core conflict of your setting. For instance, Law vs. Chaos, Man vs. Nature, Natural vs. Unnatural, etc. You can even throw in additional factors, with their own interests, though obviously a clean divide is the easiest. If you want to shape the "true" story, then you'll want to basically cut everything down to the skeleton that leads up to the present conflict, and then put the flesh on once you do so. Everything else - the names, dialogue, etc. - are just flavor, and the only real impact they have is in setting tone (i.e. a dark god named Darkgod implies a semi-humorous tone, a dark god name Tethuselah or some shit implies taking itself seriously, a dark god named Fred implies silliness, etc. - though of course, each can be subverted). And of course, once events are established, then you have to give everyone's perspective on those events.


File: 16de7c61732fd73⋯.png (494.4 KB, 833x696, 833:696, Bully ranger.png)


You need to apply a bit more creativity to your lens there. Okay lets try it again for non humans

>Dickasstheivesburg -> Kenku Magpies or even worst some kind of unholy furry seaguls that shit everywhere and squak at everything

<Evilforevil'ssake -> I originally had in mind an orkish nation for this but there are a ton of options. I always rather liked the 'former humans who are only holding onto their sapience by inflicting and receiving pain aka totally not drow' or an actual tribe of beastmen who's fuck and fight level of reactions lead them to consistently having to pillage, population explode, pillageharder, get beat down, etc. Goatmen is a great choice here although some sort of sentient bug/worm/etc works well

>notreallyevilsomuchasgeneticallyantisocial -> a loose (and I mean very loose) coalition of alpha preditors (probably magical and most likely aberrations). Everyone has their territory and everyone sticks within it unless you want to have an immediate alpha showdown.

<Bigbadbugs -> this wasn;t human to begin with, the hive or swarm or prolapse of your buggy nightmare fuel here

>literal magical city

You should maybe try thinking something thru before wasting dubs like that.


File: 6f51a66aa62118c⋯.jpg (50.3 KB, 564x666, 94:111, 1467252650573.jpg)

File: 476960b6aea5f63⋯.jpg (183.47 KB, 554x806, 277:403, 1459614943919.jpg)

File: c407ded156a1bbd⋯.jpg (162.88 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1465170215040.jpg)

So, summoners.

>more like mergers, as their soul becomes one with a spirit

>in a fantasy kingdom, a room in a god’s temple is dedicated to calling forth a spirit to merge with. Anybody is allowed to do this regardless of social standing because of the high mortality.

>entering the room and performing a specific ritual practically sends a message into the cosmic ether that you are a human, very weak, with a delicious fucking soul to feed on

>the summon that you call upon, mostly powerful spirits such as dragons, will unite your soul with its own

>because you are a puny human, and the other side is something with the power of a literal dragon, it will absorb your soul quickly, consuming it, and killing your physical body

>however, some participants can withstand the test by focusing on a feeling/desire/emotion they feel very strongly, and subduing the summon

>if they succeed, they can call upon the energy of the summon any time, this time “feeding” upon the summon’s lifeforce for spells

>Though each time they call upon the summon’s power, it tries to consume the caster’s soul. Which means they have to resort to the same “emotional state” they used to control it initially

>After decades of usage, the summon’s lifeforce runs out and it dies. The summoner still retains some of his former abilities, and part of the beast’s characteristics. Especially spiritually. Which keeps other beasts from merging further

Because I’m an autist, I* want to cathegorize the emotional states and the way the summoners use them. To have, if not some kind of summoner academy, a summoner guild, a way for them to go “Ah yeah, this guy uses anger to control his beast, we know a few guys that do the same, and spells he can throw around”

So far, I’ve been rolling with the seven sins, until I stumbled on the staggeing reality that they’re way too edgy.

Also they do not exactly represent human desires, some are questionable, while I can see somebody fapping their inner dragon into submission (as I do look in the mirror every once in a while), I struggle to imagine how you’re going to do it with envy or gluttony.


Whatever you do, don't include any dindus ala Blizzard Orcs/Horde. Or try to make any "Waycism/Non-Progressiveness is badwrong" plots.



But what if your players are like, "dude, slavery is wrong"?



Ask if they care about their family over strangers and then ask them to apply that to the rest of their race.



Adding onto the above, religion in the way of Islam is only way to achieve mass unity when blood ties aren't enough. The disaster of the Roman Empire backs this point (the Romans never hid that they were occupiers and the conquered their subjects to do as they please with) since it collapsed once stripped of force to maintain the compliance of their foreign hordes.



But there's only one race involved in this equation.



Rome collapsed because it gradually became degenerate and weak off its own success. Its expansion policies were generally extremely successful with populations in France and Iberia becoming heavily integrated, the same with Greece. The fact that Latin remained in use for long time (despite the Roman Empire's useful scientific texts and so on all being written in Greek) and everyone in Europe clamoured to come off as the successors to Rome, titling themselves Caesar/Kaiser/Tsar, calling their nations Empires, using the Aquila, etc, merely serves to highlight Rome's success, to the point that Europe in general viewed the Romans as being founders of Europe.

Even today, the international language on this planet is English, which despite originally being entirely German is now only half German and half Latin. I'd say that points towards Rome being pretty damn successful at cultural imperialism and integration.

Rome fell to pieces because the Romans themselves lost their way and had no real will to uphold their nation.



>Its expansion policies were generally extremely successful with populations in France and Iberia becoming heavily integrated, the same with Greece.

Neat of you to leave out all the bloodshed. As Tacitus's work said, the Romans built deserts and called them peace.

>The fact that Latin remained in use for long time (despite the Roman Empire's useful scientific texts and so on all being written in Greek) and everyone in Europe clamoured to come off as the successors to Rome, titling themselves Caesar/Kaiser/Tsar, calling their nations Empires, using the Aquila, etc, merely serves to highlight Rome's success, to the point that Europe in general viewed the Romans as being founders of Europe.

LARPing nothing more. Christiandom did way more to have Europe act with cohesion than the Romans did. And did it without coercion from a centralized authority.

>Even today, the international language on this planet is English, which despite originally being entirely German is now only half German and half Latin. I'd say that points towards Rome being pretty damn successful at cultural imperialism and integration.

Actually it points more towards Brits being damn good at killing off the Muds. Roman civilization is dead and had been dead for a really long time.

>Rome fell to pieces because the Romans themselves lost their way and had no real will to uphold their nation.

And how would they keep their subjects obedient without threat of destruction and gibsmedats? You see it in America where just about only Whites reliably pay taxes and other contribute to the country while the Muds eat the gibs and chimpout.



>Neat of you to leave out all the bloodshed.

Nice argument, but I'll humour you:

Its expansion policies following conquest were generally extremely successful with populations in France and Iberia becoming heavily integrated, the same with Greece.

Note how that doesn't change anything.

>Christiandom did way more to have Europe act with cohesion than the Romans did.

I'm not sure why you're bringing christcuckery into this and I'd prefer the thread didn't get wrecked by /christian/ shitposting, but jew worship did not at all cause any cohesion in Europe. Europe has never since been as united as it was under the Roman Empire, which was really the closest thing Europe ever had to a successful continental unification.

>Actually it points more towards Brits being damn good at killing off the Muds. Roman civilization is dead and had been dead for a really long time.

If the Romans were some sort of hated oppressors we wouldn't use so many Roman words in our language, which is exactly the point that's flown high over your head. The fact that we integrated so much from them into our language just proves that they were successful at cultural assimilation. You don't adopt language from hated oppressors. The same goes for France, and Spain, and Portugal. Would they speak Latin derivative languages if they didn't like Rome? Rome was defeated from outside forces taking advantage of its internal weaknesses, not from... rebellion in Iberia or whatever absurd shit you think happened.

>And how would they keep their subjects obedient

Their power base in their core lands Italy, Gaul, Iberia, Greece, and Anatolia was, together, too powerful for subject regions (such as Iudea) to effectively resist until later on when Rome declined. Most of Rome was not composed of subjects but of fully integrated populations.



>Its expansion policies following conquest were generally extremely successful with populations in France and Iberia becoming heavily integrated, the same with Greece.

>Note how that doesn't change anything.

Tell us more on how it had nothing to do with coercion.

>I'm not sure why you're bringing christcuckery


Go back to /asatru/.

>but jew worship did not at all cause any cohesion in Europe.

The Euros outside of Rome couldn't make a solid front against them while Christiandom stood against the Achmeds and other Darkies for centuries.

>Europe has never since been as united as it was under the Roman Empire, which was really the closest thing Europe ever had to a successful continental unification.

So successful that it collapsed so hard that their civilization is dead and the barbarians replaced them as lord.

>If the Romans were some sort of hated oppressors we wouldn't use so many Roman words in our language, which is exactly the point that's flown high over your head. The fact that we integrated so much from them into our language just proves that they were successful at cultural assimilation.

>he thinks using a conquerer's language means you see him as your friend and kin

Tell that to that Brits' ex-subjects, the Redskins, and all the non-Arab Arabic speakers/writers.

>Rome was defeated from outside forces taking advantage of its internal weaknesses, not from... rebellion in Iberia or whatever absurd shit you think happened.

And once the weakness manifested at last Rome lost the ability to project threat or give gibs.

>Their power base in their core lands Italy, Gaul, Iberia, Greece, and Anatolia was, together, too powerful for subject regions (such as Iudea) to effectively resist until later on when Rome declined. Most of Rome was not composed of subjects but of fully integrated populations.

The Romans had to fight a war just to let other Italians count as citizens. And even after that most of the population wasn't accepted as actual citizens until Caracalla's reign.


File: 34385015d1df991⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, moredots.png)

Working on a high-level campaign based on multi-plannar exploration, these are the points I've worked out so far regarding the cosmology of it

>At the end of a dungeon is a massive dais with funky engravings on it and some form of input

>When someone inputs something specific, everyone on the dais is sent to a carbon copy of the dungeon in a different plane

>The specific plane they are sent to is consistent with specific inputs at the dais, with each input being a different plane

>The dungeon is common to every one. The layout is exactly the same, though the inhabitants may be different. Some enchantment prevents the dungeon from being destroyed or otherwise majorly damaged

>Some planes are "closer" together. While you can't go straight from plane A to C, you can go from A to B, then B to C. Players are encouraged to map this out for themselves

>The party has some unique thing that makes them able to use the dais while random NPCs can't. That doesn't stop hostile NPCs from camping out the dais or bricking up the dungeon though

>Later on in the campaign, they find a second structure with it's own dais, and it's own set of planes all with that specific structure

>This opens up the possibility of potentially infinite planes sorted in clusters based on these common structures, though the number of planes where two clusters join is minuscule


File: f7ca61bda343f71⋯.png (356.7 KB, 2586x2250, 431:375, Untitled-1.png)

I'm putting together the world map for a TES-inspired setting now, and I think I've got its basic topography more or less figured out. At a glance, what do you anons make of it?

I can upload versions of it with the layers I've used for working out its tectonics and for hashing out its cultures/national borders/ethnic groups included, but I'd like to see if there's anything that can be inferred from its topography alone first.

Oh, one thing that's left out from the image: North is up on this map.



To start with I would expect substantially less cultural isolation than our world. In our world to get from one end of Afro-Eurasia to the other you had to circle the whole thing (before the Suez was created) or travel by land. In your world it seems like going by boat yields pretty good access to most of the world; the centre-north continent being the hardest to circumnavigate but at the same time not as much of a giant, difficult-to-pass blob like Eurasia. Due to the lack of any large ocean bodies equivalent to the vast Pacific or the tempestuous Atlantic I would expect sailing to be much easier than it is in our world - I would anticipate the presence of large ships with shallow drafts, floating fortresses even. I would expect sailing to be very important. Perhaps not as much in the central northern area where there is a large amount of land, but elsewhere, naval superiority will be king. Fish will likely make up a large part of the diets of most peoples simply because of how much of this world's land is reasonably close to the sea.


>Tell us more on how it had nothing to do with coercion.

The fact that it was established by coercion initially is irrelevant, you mong.

>Go back to /asatru/.

Go back to halfchan.

>The Euros outside of Rome couldn't make a solid front against them while Christiandom stood against the Achmeds and other Darkies for centuries.

That's a funny way of saying "let the Ottomans conquer all of Anatolia and most of the Balkans and drive the European population out of Anatolia, then let them lord over the Serbs, Bulgars, Bosnians, Greeks, Romanians, and Albanians for centuries, even converting two of those groups to Islam".

>So successful that it collapsed so hard that their civilization is dead and the barbarians replaced them as lord.

Doesn't stop it being the closest thing Europe ever had to a successful continental unification.

>Tell that to that Brits' ex-subjects, the Redskins, and all the non-Arab Arabic speakers/writers.

Indians speak English because they have no choice; they have no economies on their own and need to speak English to interact with the surrounding populations, who they have to interact with to survive.

And you have still not provided any sort of evidence of Rome acting as occupiers and separate from the nations they occupied. Which is a retarded premise considering that southern Gallia and much of Iberia was considered more Roman than many parts of Italy. But you've shown yourself to be a fairly retarded person, so I guess it makes sense.



I can see the ring of volcanic islands in the south-west corner where the designated final boss fight is going to happen. 10/10, looks pretty good.



Oh hey, someone random genning a cloud render map that doesn't look like a bunch of painted hashbrowns. From shape alone, I like it, strong northern continent that dominates most of the map but it doesn't block out the rest of the world. I like its right coast in contrast to that north east isle and the islands and isles trailing to the southeast. That isle in the middle is real neat with the smattering of islands on the north of it. The southern part of middle island in reference the rest, looks a but too smooth on that little curve dealie but that could just be me.

That southwest continent is pretty solid, you've got a great balance of coastal terrain and what it looks like and what the sea is.

What the first guy talking about sailing is an interesting idea, im wondering what the scale of this all. If it'd be mediterannian tier in that interior sea, and those other interior locked seas. That western sea is nice that iis all open and the eastern sea around the island is great.

It seems like it'd be obvious and great for them coastal maritime based kingdoms or empires. Like early japan and how it was centered around the southwestern prefectures via its sea.

I'd love to see what else ye got, it looks pretty SOLLIDDD.


File: 944d121bee35684⋯.png (38.48 KB, 235x197, 235:197, original fantasy setting -….png)

File: 008b4352372bbcb⋯.png (102.47 KB, 645x589, 645:589, original fantasy setting -….png)

File: de00827d8ccbe6f⋯.png (51.63 KB, 440x366, 220:183, original fantasy setting -….png)


I was actually expecting some very different observations to be made about this world, but you have spelled a lot of stuff out for me that, while it was intentional, I really hadn't put enough of the thought into it that you've put into it now. So cheers, anon, those are some important world-building notes that had nearly completely slipped my mind.


>I can see the ring of volcanic islands in the south-west corner where the designated final boss fight is going to happen

I'm pretty proud of how it spells itself out as an important place in the world. One thing, though: That's not the only place in the world that's like that. Indeed, the world as a whole... well, pics related.


I'll start on actually detailing the map and plotting out its features beyond its basic topography soonᵗᵐ but until then...


File: 42088ab9f6fa559⋯.png (975.25 KB, 3222x3062, 1611:1531, original fantasy setting -….png)

File: f896f909a2bbb3d⋯.png (627.44 KB, 2919x2409, 973:803, original fantasy setting -….png)


>until then...

Here are the versions of it with the layers for my workings included. So you're not just having to wade through my workings blind, though, in my next post I'll talk about about where my ideas for the design of the map came from.


File: b64cca8936bd2b1⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 2639x1806, 377:258, BdJl0Ca.jpg)

File: 4246c8a61a7db63⋯.png (762.45 KB, 711x768, 237:256, original fantasy setting d….png)

File: c3faaff55a7c1f6⋯.png (1.38 MB, 796x853, 796:853, original fantasy setting d….png)

File: b1c11039c5d0b62⋯.png (1.05 MB, 824x998, 412:499, original fantasy setting d….png)


So my first impetus for creating this map was that I wanted to create a setting like The Elder Scrolls. So, pic one related, there are a couple of key facts about the setting of The Elder Scrolls that I really wanted to replicate in this setting and especially in its world map:

>the landmass of the world is a super-continent that's ruled by a global empire

>although the world is made to behave in a few regards like it's a planet, in truth it's its own kind of physical plane that follows its own kinds of physical laws

Then from those two core ideas I had the following two things to think about as I started to design this map (following the tutorial at http://online-tabletop.com/art/fantasy-map/):

>wouldn't it be easiest for an empire to spread all across the world if the landmass of the world were a super-continent that's now just started to split apart? What would that be like for a map design?

>how could the ways in which the physical laws of this world fundamentally differ from our own be represented in the design of the world map?

Based on that first point I settled on my first, roughest outline of the continents on the map (although I've got no pictures now of that phase of its design...), and then it was based on that second point that things got a bit more in-depth from there:

>in the world of The Elder Scrolls, physical reality is substantiated around a center point and physical law starts to fail at extreme distances from that center point

>and then there are The Towers, which are metaphysically powerful constructions (or formations) made to further bolster the physical substance of the world

>all of that, of course, I fully intended to appropriate for my own setting

Note: All of that stuff from TES is also stuff that's never fully developed in any of the games and that many prominent TES fandom personalities will tell you isn't actually canon in TES at all.

One thing that I found very interesting, then, was to think about how the tectonics of the world would be shaped by the push and pull of the center of the world versus the edges of the world - and then by The Towers adding on to that push and pull themselves. Since at that point I'd already made this rough outline of what the continents would be like, the tectonics ended up being a bit hacky, but I ended up with at least the rest of how I developed the design of the world map being guided by the following two forces:

>the center of the world radiates tectonic force outward as it substantiates reality around it. The Towers do this too, and semi-retroactively so, with the side effect that the tectonics in their immediate vicinity get locked in place around them

>the push outward from the center of reality is a gradual process, and the space in which physical reality is properly defined has been growing over time - at the same time that the center of the world is pushing outwards, though, from the edges of where physical reality is defined, tectonic force and mass are flowing in, like in a whirlpool, and this is what creates the landmasses of the setting

Are the tectonics of this world unsustainable for life in the long-term as a result of the landmasses all being about to crash into each other and to tear themselves apart in the very near geological future? Yes. That's very deliberate.

From all that, then... I've got the more or less finished topography of this world.

I'm starting to plan out its other details now (pics 2, 3 and 4 related), so then soonᵗᵐ I should have a bit more than just a map of the setting's topography ready to show off.


File: 33e57236a28d936⋯.png (26.5 KB, 707x324, 707:324, original fantasy setting -….png)


There are a few quibbles I've got with how I've explained things in this post, actually, but oh well.

Lemme quickly share something else for my setting besides my map while I'm already making this additional post now.


Trying to write a setting:

> Underground Pocket Dimension where Demons and witches rule.

>Anyone can find suddenly themselves in this dimension (doesn't matter which setting -

sci-fi or fantasy) by getting lost in the dark in the underground

> People who stumble into this dimension are captured by monstrosities in this place.

> then forced into a fight in their Colosseum

> Those who survive their first fight are put on an auction to be bought by a patron Demon or Wtich. Their new masters feed them, provide housing, and give them new equipment. But as soon as the fighters tick them off or lose they're either sold into slavery or taken apart to create zombie servants like the losers of the initial bout.

> demons and dark gods off of the place feed off debauchery and pain

> Mutants, demons and patchwork zombies populate this city with few gladiators who either try to buy their freedom or join in the debauchery to become monsters themselves.

> Tone is darkly comedic.

Any good books, comics, and etc that I can draw mater



-ials from?


I made a few crazy ship concepts and since i'm not good with traditional artwork i have had to improvise. is this a good place to get feedback?



Show us what you have, there is a drawthread but drawings should be fine here aslong as it has to do with your world/worldbuilding.



It does I only started making the designs to go with a potential naval fleet game. the idea is most that they are capital ships of various renown mercenary groups within the setting. i will upload the info on the ships and the group that they belong to together then thanks.


File: 94a412297cb6ae6⋯.jpg (368.65 KB, 860x565, 172:113, The All-Father's Fury.jpg)

File: 6759c26d618ceab⋯.jpg (174.94 KB, 560x512, 35:32, New Bodhi Effigy.jpg)

Sorry it took so long had IRL stuff to finish up. first ship i"ll present now..

The All-Father's Fury

This is a Shrine Ship channeling the power of the God of War and Magic, Bodhi the All-Father. The ship belongs to a faction called the Feral Arbiters, the followers of Bodhi who can loosely be described as buddist vikings as in if their Buddha was a viking god. I also made a Mosaic of Bodhi's form. The Arms you see on the ship are the infinite hands of Bodhi carrying out his will subjugating a ship, punching sea creatures, throwing giant axes, moving the ship and blocking cannon fire.



Intredasting, what were you looking for feedback on?


File: bf1653c8a260201⋯.jpg (142 KB, 666x666, 1:1, Sea Manticore.jpg)


Anything, while I made quite a few designs and eventually would like to make a tabletop game with them right now all I have is the concepts and background details on factions. I do have a history of the setting I'm making enough to explain a timeline and recorded conflicts of interest ranging from single battles to ongoing wars. Should I give you guys the details of my setting and see if I wasted the last 6 months or what?

Here is a Sea-Manticore you guys! -KL


File: 0c5211ebf7ce45e⋯.jpg (347.66 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Sword of the Sea.jpg)

Next one will be one of the latest designs I made recently and to be honest I'll have to start explaining what in holy hell is happening with some of them later on...

The Sword of the Sea

This is a Cathedral Ship made from the Kingdom of Excelsior under partnership with The Brotherhood of Swords, former royal police of a fallen empire turned Knight Order. The Sword of the Sea's Hull is made to amplify a Powerful Artifact called the Steel-Caller Songblade, allowing the ship to use Dancing Tower Swords. The ship also has water elementals embedded into the hull of the ship that are responsible for moving the ship and detecting sub-nautical threats, their voices can echo thru the vessel's halls during alerts. The Sword of the Sea can ram into enemies splitting ships in half. The Sword of the Sea has access to Miracles, A form of magic associated with the Goddess Celeste Yggdrasil.

I'll go into more details about both The Brotherhood of Swords and the Feral Arbiters on a later post when I get to the Eternal War of the North. I can go into that war or more ships next. -KL




Give us the rundown on the lore or atleast the parts you have planned out.





These are so absurdly silly that I really don't want you to go out of your way to get better art.



I'll make it in a timeline format of what I got planned so far.

The Age of Calamity- Leviathan a dragon god living in the ocean tries to use his fuck off huge wings and it results in the planet nearly flooding, a god of geomancy creates mountain ranges and natural levees in attempt to save surface life. the most powerful being in the ocean threatens to put leviathan in a pocket dimension if he doesn't stop, Levi rips off his wings and the 2 wings become lesser gods (Muzuchi and Quetzalcoatl) that pair up starting a pantheon of reptilian gods. meanwhile on land the god of chaos being salty about the age of calamity not being his doing makes plans to find and destroy whoever was responsible.

The Rift- Some time later a shape shifting snake goddess marries the earth god (the one from earlier) while 2 minor gods walk the lands on men teaching their magic to select followers. The minor gods were God of War and Magic Bodhi in the north giving enchanted axes and Goddess of Life and Miracles Celeste forming the Central Kingdom of excelsior. pretty much in the south a Rift opens up and demons start rampaging on human lands, Bodhi and Celeste make their way to the south to defeat the demonic infestation. The Snake goddess has some of her eggs taken by some demons and she goes on wholesale shaughter of the demons with her husband. Then one of the reptilian gods named sobek runs thru the rift and eats the abyssal gate on the other side cutting off the demons from invading while ascending to god of time and space. the 4 gods previously murdering demons manage to get most of them and builds a temple over the rift known as the southern gateway. Bodhi and Celeste end up falling in love.

The War of Might- after the mass graves of demons and the demonic corruption left within the wake a group of martial artist forge armor with magic and the corpses of demons becoming demi-gods called the Avatars of Might and forge lesser magic armor for their followers the Cult of Might. The Avatars then attempt to find Bodhi so they can defeat him in combat to prove their superiority, Bodhi beats them and goes on to marry Celeste and live in the Southern Temple. Cult of Might then in decide to take over Bodhi's Homeland in the north and thus starts what is known as the Eternal War for the North between them and the Feral Arbiters.

The Ascension and Lich Gods- Bodhi and Celeste attempt a ritual to ascend to a high form of godhood, it works but their bodies left behind become the lich gods that now guard the southern temple and has a death cult known as the Lost Harvest.



Fallen Kingdom- To the west a man goes on a conquest and expands his empire to all of the west coast city states and minor kingdoms. he has a bastard child with a countess in the north west corner of his empire, the young count would be assassinated in a conspiracy pact made by the other royal to fabricate a revolt in hope of getting their diminished power back. The Royal Guard and Royal Police crush the revolt and eventually kill the conspirators but it's too late, the king dies of old age and the youngest heir dies of "sickness" leaving the empire to crumble and be reborn under a congress. The Royal Guard Becomes the Brotherhood of the Spear, The Royal Police become The Brotherhood of Swords.

The Church- after the example of Bodhi and Celeste before ascending 3 gods decide to help humanity and take follower. The Scribe God forms a group known as the Judges and bestows to them Runes, while the Gemini Twins form the Holy Order of the Gemini utilizing relics the run off of faith to cast preset spells associated with the Twin Gods.

The Maestro Guild- researcher from the west head north to collect fragment of the magic armors and enchanted axes to study them and reverse engineer them starting the formation of the Mages Guild. skilled fighters perfection the art of the blade join together to create the pinnacle of skill and expertise called the Duelist Guild. Batshit insane blacksmiths experimenting out of sheer autism become known for pushing technological innovation as the Engineering Guild. The Duelist Guild end up having a scandal with certain duelist using poisons to win their duels, results in an internal war with the formation of the Assassins Guild who lost the civil and fled. The Mages Guild, The Engineering and The Duelist Guild merged under the banned of the Maestro Guild for the goal of progressing humanity forward without the gods.



Empire of Suija- In the East lies the coastal empire of Suija with 3 emperors of note; The Greedy, The Tyrant and The Orca. Under the Greedy pirates were allowed to run the streets and torment to locals as long as they paid bribes to the Emperor until his death. The Reign of the Tyrant started with the murdering of all the pirates within the city and using the bribe money and vast wealth of Suija to form a army of pirate hunters and sparked what would be known as the 1st pirate war. During this time the secret weapon of Suija would be built with help outsourced by the skilled craftsmen of Excelsior creating The Imperial Ark, a floating fortress with internal harbors. around this time the Tyrant and his inner circle performed a ritual binding them to minor gods beginning the descent for the once noble man. Having bound himself to the Kraken God and his Imperial Ark ready he set out to kill or subjugate the Pirate Lords and erase the Pirate Armada once and for all. After defeating the largest unified fleet the world had Suija had the monopoly over the ocean trade, secretly the Tyrant would learn of demon cults and join them as a way to increase his power. his assisted in plans involving opening 2 more demonic rifts and being a vessel for the Kraken God to sire a Corrupted Ocean Goddess with a Demoness during a Ritual. He would then publicly take a queen and have a Heir to the Throne laying low until it would be time to act again. The Orca is secret son of "not at the time" Queen and the Commodore of Suija, right hand of the Emperor, after a Djinn's "magic spell for a wild night that you'll forget in the morning". The Orca Emperor is the founder of the Emperor's Blade, the Elite Army founded to replace dependency on ex-pirates. The Emperor's Blade are made up of multiple dojos with the sensei of each dojo bound to minor gods by the second Forbidden Arts Ritual, The Emperor himself was bound to the Orca God. Upon being poisoned mysteriously The Queen sought help from the Serpent goddess known in the East as Umihebi and pleaded for help, The Emperor was sent a goddess in disguise whom cured him. Orca would marry that goddess making her the new queen of Suija and made a Temple in Suija in thanks to the Serpent God.

The Serpent's Chosen- Umihebi after losing some of her children to demons and saving a child's life granting her partial immortality (as in stops aging once she hit her prime) becomes well enough known to humanity that a large group of followers amass with intentions of serving in any way they can for favor. The cult upon realizing the great mother's plight are named Serpent's Chosen and vow to find the missing gods. The Serpent's Chosen are known to most as fanatical assassins and investigators of the highest caliber ordained with prolonged lifespans and assisted by the inhuman servants of the gods.


File: 7268f16506860e9⋯.jpg (267.21 KB, 1200x571, 1200:571, Here Comes The Rain Again.jpg)


The Dragon's Dagger- An outreach program of the Cult of Might turned into a legendary Penal Mercenary Legion, Life Imprisonment and Deathrow Inmates are giving the choice of joining the Dragon's Daggers with little chance for survival on constant suicide mission and will be killed on site if seen without an officer around. only after years of service and proven merit can a legionnaire move up to officer status allowing for the legion's special weapons and armor.

Plight of Excelsior- Known as the Central Kingdom, Excelsior is home to master craftsmen and miracle workers preferring to live a peaceful live. their rich industry is aided my miracle made constructs called Servants that serve as both assistance to the citizens and the feared guardians of the kingdom. The most common Servant is a Jack, a living straw-man identified by the accessories he is adorn with like the Kitchen Helpers wearing aprons and chef hats. The one thing all citizens of Central knows is if the Servants Eyes begin to glow the will of the Goddess takes precedence over all else. As coveted as miracles are many a foolish campaign as set to try and conquer Excelsior only to find their men slaughtered by Gargoyles and Wicker-men. Excelsior's Trade Routes and outer villages have been under attack by an unknown adversary, The Servants while on guard will never leave out past the borders of the land without the order being directly from Celeste Yggdrasil herself. The king knows only one person he can count on to solve this matter, The Purifier Aileen Lasairfhíona. She advises to hire mercenaries in secret to do the investigating and out of border protection promising the mercenaries a chance at becoming the personal legion to Excelsior. Many different known mercenary groups paid to attack Excelsior with a secret cult and one of the deadliest new mercenary faction making their debut mission to succeed in conquering excelsior.

The Carnival- A secret group of defectors, outcasts and heretics of many different paths have come together in unity. Starting their new lives hiding in plain sight their past covered in face paint. The traveling Carnival have become a melting pot of knowledge and created a lot of inventions by crossbreeding innovations of the other factions including the magic seekers known as witches.

This is where I'll stop here for now I got more but I want to save that for when it becomes relevant, I gave you most the events leading up to the Fleet Game. Next I'll finish the rest up the rest but I want to give an overview. -KL

My setting goes from mostly human with god servants to having some more "Inhuman" races and creatures during the apocalypse resulting in half the mainland taken over and the gods of the setting trying to save the world from external forces trusting humanity and the "Children of the Gods" to defeat the Enemies within.


File: bd4a9d636810114⋯.jpg (201.67 KB, 666x666, 1:1, Drop Pod Fury.jpg)

File: ef81d0834d50d4e⋯.jpg (135.44 KB, 666x666, 1:1, Sea Calvary.jpg)


as far as I'm concern I'll make ALL the artwork myself in this way here's a preview of what you can look forward too!


File: 8af467171f8fe19⋯.jpg (655.88 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, The Waterlog.jpg)

I'm going to show you the very 1st ship I made. however you will see this again. -KL

The Waterlog

This Living Tree grown from a God-tree's seed to be the instrument of Celeste's Will, carrying servants to smite the enemies that threatened Excelsior. The Tree uses aquatic plant fins to swim in the water and it's roots as a grasping ram that can crush thru a galleon with ease. the canopy counterweights the heavy ram and can act as sails to help with movement. hollowed in to hold the various lesser servants and able to grow saplings that act as nature magic turrets. The Waterlog has access to Miracles.



I love it. You're clearly going places.






Thanks for that, you have a knack for these tbh.

What are the cultures like for most of these places? I understand the Bodhi followers are seemingly a nordic buddhist mix, but about the rest? Eg. how do the pirates act, like our ones or different?





I'll go thru the list of factions and try to explain the culture.

The Cult of Might is based on the idea of martial artist and close quarters specialist in a magical armor that protects them but also increase their strength and speed. Might makes Right isn't the only things they are known for as they also tend to be monster hunters with one part of the founding members known as the Essex clan specializing in fighting underwater. The Avatars of Might were the founding members who came together at first to fight each other testing their combat prowess until Ahab Essex, one of the fighters and genius forge-master, decided that they could improve themselves with armor made from a special metal they found. The metal the found were the God-Iron Scales of the Goddess Stheno, Daughter of Umihebi. After mixing God-Iron with demon corpses then crafting armor from the alloy, the founders set off to fight Bodhi. However not only did they lose the fight they found the armor mutated and had fused to them, thus the Avatars of Might were born. A side-effect to the armor the demonic influence corrupts the mind of the wearers slowly with each passing defeat driving the once proud beings into madness. When a Rift in the North opened up several gods has planned to work together sealing themselves into a Pyramid Labyrinth and use it as a killbox for the invaders, however a couple of the unhinged Avatars offered to take the place of the gods inside the Labyrinth realizing that if the madness overtakes them atleast they won't destroy their own legacy. The Gods honored the Avatars hailing them Martyred Guardians

of the World with Statues aligning the outside. The Labyrinth became a sacred memorial for the Cult of Might.

The Dragon's Dagger is a Sub-sect of the cult of might after the entombment of half the Avatars when The Avatar of Might Eisendrache The Dragon went on to wander the land and thought to recruit more followers, he met an orphan from Suija (Greedy Era) that recognized him and pleaded to join him. Along the way the kid explained that the only people that couldn't join the Cult of Might are the ones that are in jail. The kid after a few years of understudy with Eisendrache would return to Suija and make a deal with the Prince upon the eve of his father's demise, Let him overtake rehabilitation of the prisoners and use them as a soldiers on the battlefield. The Tyrant agreed and kid was known from the on as the Warden. All members of the Dragon Daggers have a chained weapon surgically grafted to their arm and a Dragon Tattoo running up their weapon arm. Chained weapons are either a War Shackle or their Signature Dagger Dragon Fang. After the 1st Pirate War the Legion of travel to all across the world working for various factions needing expendable troops and buying the limited lifespans of convicts to feed the lucrative warmachine. Eisendrache would discover Stheno and ended up having to balance time between his sub-sect, the main cult and the goddess who would demand his time.



The Brotherhood of Swords and Brotherhood of the Spear both have shared beginning. First together as the Royal Army during the Conquering of the West, Then Separated into The Royal Guard and Royal Police during the end of expansion. The Guards specialized in Defensive Tactics and Phalanx Formations, The police Specialized in Urban Warfare and functioned as Shock-troopers. After Kingdom Fall the groups would then become a mercenary coalition know as the Comrade Militarium.

Brotherhood of the Spear are similar to the roman army in formations with Scutums and Pikes making up phalanx walls and using Iklwas in place of the roman gladius. The Brotherhood of Spears use Lancer Rhino Calvary and generally stick to traditions with very few advancement made to them for hundreds of years. While over time they would eventually incorporate new technology and even certain magical advancements the changes that were approved only came to better the strategies they were already using and only once it was considered "tried and true" because they don't accept room for error. It Is less that the organization fears change and more of they are desperate to make sure they never forget where they came from, that the forged an empire at the edge of a spear and held the line against all but mortality of a king. Brotherhood of the Spear bought from the engineering guild some underused tech they stop caring to explore and began their own experiments. Brotherhood of The Spear was once stationed to contain the War in the North against the Feral Arbiters and the Cult of Might, after utilizing Bleeding Edge Spearheads and Poisons to nearly end the war Congress replaced them in the north with the Brotherhood of Swords and sent them to the southern outpost. The Latest Innovation to the Brotherhood of the Spear were the advent of tamed narwhal cavalry, spear guns and shoulder fired harpoon guns.

The Brotherhood of Swords not having much of a heavy tradition outside of only knowing how to use double edge swords and purely offensive strategies. The Brotherhood of Swords expanded their arsenal allowing for heavy full plate armor and a trade deal with experimental blacksmiths attempting to forge weapons of magic similar to the ones made by the Gods of the Church. Thus Swords of Legend were crafted for The Brotherhood of Swords to test on the battlefield and help the smiths improve their crafts by embarking on quests for the materials. The Brotherhood of Swords after being stationed in the South began to do research into Domestication and manage to have tamed Armored Bears as their beast of war. since trading posts and being stationed in the north, The Brotherhood of Swords have had to adopt tactics used by feral arbiters and started using short swords as throwing swords and carrying pommels to throw at an enemies head to try and stun them. The Brotherhood of Swords often in secret help The Central Kingdom Excelsior.


>>410331 (You)

The Judges are as I can best describe them are mix of hammer welding rune paladins and card welding rune-masters in service of the Scribe God. Usually they remain neutral but a few instances manage to change that. First was the Scribe War, The Mage Guild attempted to either steal the Tome of the Gods or murder Angela Witchink. When the assassin mages failed the Maestro guild backed them up when the Judges came for blood resulting in one of many wars surrounding the mages and similar circumstances. The there was the Siege of Justice Peak, a monastery in the northwest that was attacked by several groups joined together for their own personal reasons. The mages guild for more magical artifacts to reverse engineer, crime-family's own army with hired Dragon's Daggers and the Cult of might because they wanted the area under the Judge's control. By the end the Mage's got what they wanted and left, The Crime-Families Army was turned on by the Cult and the Dragon's Daggers securing the area and the Judges would never let go of the Grudge vowing that one day The 3 would pay and be erased off the face of the earth long instead of the out of the books. The Judges have 3 Token Necklass; Charm of the Justice Scale, Amulet of the Anvil and Pendant of The Nail and Chisel. Each Token Necklass is a gift from the goddess to her followers to help them in their darkest hour to either overcome adversity or as a final farewell to a beloved fallen friend. They grant one of 3 the gifts of heaven; Charm of the Justice Scale grants the Light of Heaven, The Amulet of the Anvil grants the Shadow of Heaven and the Pendant of The Nail and Chisel grants the Mist of Heaven. The Judges made up Half of the Church along side The Holy Order of Gemini.

I will get back to this in abit. -KL


File: 85f208283d48a3c⋯.jpg (138.79 KB, 700x429, 700:429, The Narwhal.jpg)

In case you guys were wondering i did delete and repost because i had almost left out the entirety of the Token Necklass which is a large part of their culture as it also can serve like a dog-tag and is a literal gift from their god. I'll Drop a ship then I'll be back later on. -KL

The Narwhal

This Castmate Ironclad Built in Secret by the Brotherhood of The Spear utilizes the untapped Potential the Engineering guild forsaken for flight, an armored machine made with the intent of dealing with any and every threat the ocean has to offer. The Narwhal forgoes Propellers in favor of paddle treads so as to make sure the sea cavalry would not get harmed in the worst case scenario, it also allows for crossing shallow waters. The Ship has a Charge Protocol where all crew members (including cavalry) enter inside the ship and the outside ports are locked down allowing for maximum speed and activates the Naval Drill Ram. The trident welding Champion of the Brotherhood of the Spear Hilda Bellona has brought with her the Infamous Impaler Ballista Vladi, a transforming servant given to as payment for service to Celeste and Excelsior. Vladi can either travel as a vehicle with a Man-Skewer Ballista or the Whale-Impaler Ballista used on the Narwhal. Diver Armored Narwhal Riders use Shark-Bite Lances and Spearguns to fight off creatures lurking in the depths.


File: 8967c6999bcff08⋯.jpg (29.14 KB, 570x327, 190:109, man-the-harpoons.jpg)


I am not sure if it was clear but all the "cannons" on the ships are mounted Harpoon Guns -KL


File: c5cbfa5c94e0713⋯.jpg (119.89 KB, 1125x750, 3:2, csm_20180528_alzheimer-gen….jpg)





The Dragon's Dagger gets Wild Boars as a pet of sorts, Lore wise they let loose the boars ahead of the army that then attack the enemy lines, if the boars live thru the battle the Legion has a battle hardened creature it can rely on and if it dies they got a pork on the menu boys.

The Judge's Northwest Monastery was the site they trained wolves at and eventually would forge rune protected armor for them, however after the loss of Justice Peak Angela Witchink made special collars that when wolf howls it would cast a preset rune spell making them insanely difficult to deal with.

The Cult trained armored Gorillas and armored Orangutans but usually save them for only the most important of battles as they are not a resource that can be lost so easily without consequence. The Orangutans were found to channel Chi energy into their fist naturally.

The pets must have slipped my mind the first time, Next i'll cover The Lost Harvest and Feral Arbiters (in detail) along with Excelsior as a city. -KL


File: 1b5c2996b8f91aa⋯.png (67.7 KB, 800x900, 8:9, Vertical_waterwheel_simple….png)

File: dac2004fd76394f⋯.jpg (321.44 KB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, TheBigTopFerry.jpg)

File: f0f4d0faf0f2c27⋯.jpg (202.19 KB, 752x480, 47:30, Cirque-Du-Swoleil Elephant….jpg)

File: 0bddbaade8423d7⋯.jpg (476.78 KB, 900x629, 900:629, The Clowncar.jpg)

File: ca2a41758193827⋯.jpg (441.14 KB, 1057x765, 1057:765, Carnival Full Scaled.jpg)

I'm back time for the next ship then i'll finish the culture, however this next one is special because i'll be giving you the whole attraction. -KL

The Big Top Ferry

This Ocean Ferry Steamboat is the a one of a kind marvel and pride of the Circus. The large vessel uses a Ferris wheel on the back and vertical paddle-wheel Carousels on the sides for movement. The ship is armed with special mortars, roller coaster torpedoes, a "zapper" for close space air defense and a naval ram. The Big Top Ferry is supported by Circus Elephants and Clowncars. The Circus Elephants are distant children of the Mammoth God Sir Arthur Mastodon able to use "disco magic" and can walk on water. The Clowncar is an amphibious armored double-decker bus on monster truck wheels armed with Roadies, gun toting circus members that provide fire while the passengers prepare to board enemies ships. The Clowncar can carry hundreds of passengers but the knowledge of how is kept a secret. Circus Elephants can carry Roadies on it's back and Circus Mortars as well. Circus Elephants are protected with Patchwork Armor, a collection of multiple types of armors from across the land woven together to create an broad range of protection, and Clockwork Headdress, an artifact that can rewind time for the wearer.


File: 6759c26d618ceab⋯.jpg (174.94 KB, 560x512, 35:32, New Bodhi Effigy.jpg)


The Feral Arbiters, Followers of The All-Father, Disciples of Bodhi, whatever name they go by they are the oldest of cults and a formidable opponent to all that cross them. Engaged in an ancient feud that has carried on into the present times The Eternal War for the North lives up to the name. Endless lives have been recruited and lost to the conflict between the Cult of Might and Feral Arbiters, even outsiders have interjected themselves into the war only to be slaughtered down to the last. The Axe is synonymic with the Feral Arbiters as both a weapon and religious symbol of Bodhi, the Axe-King on the Throne. The Feral Arbiters before battle pray over their weapons for the favor of Bodhi to enchant the weapon, however their have been a few called by Bodhi himself to take a journey of Enlightenment with the only item to bring being an oar. Those who walk this path are given command over certain elements and the power to invoke the wrath of bodhi upon their enemies. When The All-Father's Children cry out for help in the hour of need the Colossal Honey Badger answers the call as more of a force of nature then beast, "By Bodhi's Blessed Beard the All-Father's Badger!"

Lost Harvest and Excelsior Next but I haven't slept yet to be continued once I taken a nap.- KL



>4th pic




The Lost Harvest started when a nomadic tribe has wandered into the south, got chased by bandits into a temple and cried out for help. Before their own eyes a pair of liches, one in an ornate dress and the other wearing all white robes with a scythe massacred the bandits. The nomadic tribe saw this as an divine intervention and began to worship the skeletal being, upon asking what the names of their gods were the beings spoke "The names we once had in life are not who we became upon death, We shall partake whatever names you give young ones." thus The Lich Gods of Death and Curses became San La Muerte and Santa Muerte. The Nomadic tribe would settle down at the southern temple and learn all they could underneath their gods for many years. San La Muerte would give them weapons of dark power and teach them to master it becoming agents of death, Santa Muerte would place protective wards and teach them to bound curses and specters to their will. Once they had learned all that the gods had to teach them the cultist had a fire in their hearts to share with the world, to find those who need a fresh start and a place to belong. They asked their Gods to venture out and to find other souls to help as they had done them, San La Muerte spoke "Very well go forth then and bring back our Lost Harvest."

Around the temple area since the death of the bandits a black rain filled with a death curse loomed just outside the area of the temple, Santa Muerte had been casting the storm to make sure people would generally avoid the area of the south. The unrobbed mass-graves of demons and the corrupting energies they brought with them lingered within the land, tainting and mutating the wildlife that had to have been killed as well, the cursed Rains would assure that no one would try as the Avatars of Might did with the rest of the remains. Upon leaving each member of the Lost Harvest would be given an artifact made by the Lich Gods known as an ancient trowel, it was in fact a powerful ward that would grant safe passage thru the rains and to be given to potential recruits as their invitation. The former nomads branched out all across the world as missionaries bringing in the "Lost Harvest". The Members of the Lost Harvest are often very protective of Excelsior knowing the truth of Santa Muerte and Celeste Yggdrasil, Lost Harvest have been known to aid the City-State of Miracles along side the Servants.



The Central Kingdom, The City-state of Miracles, The Great Village of Life, no matter what it is called Excelsior is one of the richest empires in all the land. The people of excelsior are one of trade and crafts, pacifistic in nature mostly because of their most coveted monopoly, The Miracle. While referred to in the mage circles as "healing and protection magic" that is underplaying severely the power Excelsior holds, The Goddess of Life. By the will of Celeste Yggdrasil tree grow endless on the land to be used in the city's workshops, crops are grow bountiful all year round that the kitchen's chef can experiment freely with their cuisine, life blooms abundant under the watch of the Goddess. Skilled craftsmen and great inventors alike flock to the city upon their deathbed to be immortalized as a Memoriam Statue, a being of stone that has all the memories and personality of the deceased able to complete or atleast maintain their work without worry of the march of time stripping away their life's work. "Rather be stone then bones!" is the motto of the workaholic of the city especially in the mines of the land, Only Servants are allowed to work in the mines for a servant cannot get sick or die in a cave in. The Workshop has produced mechanical servants called Automatons, these living machines handle the heaviest tasks and are usually assisted by Helper Jacks. Jacks are the lifeblood of the town, both as silly strawmen assisting civilian life and deadly militia fighting to the bitter end to protect the innocent from harm. Gargoyles act as border patrol and kingdom police being intelligent being with the ability of detecting lies. Occasionally when required the city sees a group of Servant Elementals created, the most common being the Water Elementals to be embedded into the hulls of Excelsiorian Ships, always in 2 or more so that the Elementals won't get lonely. The Kingdom of Excelsior despite it's best efforts find's itself the target of campaigns to lay claim to the Goddess Blessed Land, but it is still a unconquered fortress respected by the sheer number of dead that the city have made it its defense.


File: 2ac6dfb8194fff3⋯.jpg (191.51 KB, 600x429, 200:143, The Seashell Blueprint.jpg)

File: a78dc5b972c0da5⋯.jpg (177.07 KB, 900x580, 45:29, The Rig Blueprints.jpg)

Alright the cultures I have left to explore is the Carnival, The Empire of Suija, The Serpent's Chosen, The Holy Order of Gemini, The Mage Guild and The Duelist Guild. which one do you guys want to get next? (pirates are going to be covered with the Empire of Suija because the Pirate Wars it critical to Suija as a whole.)

Here is an Amphibious Tank made of Seashells that is apart of the Cult of Might's Fleet but I have yet to make an image for its main ship I guess I'll work on that next and a schematic for a ship I'm going to be doing a redesign overhaul on called The Rig, I'll be "dropping in" another ship soon. -KL


File: 54705ff29700a30⋯.jpg (530.33 KB, 1700x1000, 17:10, The Zephyr&Brisk Anemoi.jpg)

The Zephyr

This Zeppelin is the Magnum Opus of The Engineering Guild and Headquarters of the Maestro Guild's R&D Department. all experimental weaponry are test here first on pirates and sent back to be refined or are approved for the mass production. Damien Set the Destroyer and his first mate Holly Zyklon founded the R&D hybrid Engineer Duelist division known as the "Gunblades" that act as the primary testing group for the weapons. the Zephyr has on board a Nesting bay full of Domesticated Griffons and Great Falcons that act as dive bombers. The Zephyr also has Lightly Armored Hot Air Balloon acting as a mounted weapon platforms named Gun Balloons for short. Encase of emergency the Zephyr has on it Drop Pod stations and a escape Hovercraft know as a Brisk that it drops out of the bottom called The Anemoi. the entire command bridge is in the Anemoi releasing it from the Zephyr when the Zeppelin is in critical condition that can't be stopped know as Lord Hindenburg's Response. This maneuver came from an incident on an earlier Zeppelin design where Luther Hindenburg's vessel was under attack by a skyward kraken, he dropped to low altitude had everyone get in the storage area and set 2 charges, one blowing the connecting beams releasing the storage into the sea and the other on the zeppelin itself exploding into a deadly inferno engulfing the flying kraken in flames killing it. The Mounted Weaponry used by the Zephyr's Crew includes Gatling Guns, Triple Barrel Blunderbuss Rifles, Sniper Crossbows, Shard of Light Far Flame Muskets, Honey Comb Volley Guns, Flamethrowers and Manticore Grenade-Launchers. The latest experimental weaponry being the use of a Toxic Gas made from Sea-Manticore venom sacks and the Shard of Light Flare that can incinerate anything it touches even under water. The Zephyr can after dropping the Anemoi set a course and self-destruct exploding with the yield of a megaton bomb. The Crew has many different experimental armors including Holly Zyklon's Kraken Killer Armor.

The Hovercraft is supposed to be falling into the water from the bottom of the zeppelin not sure if that was clear enough, this is a depiction of Lord Hindenburg's Response. look closely at the burning ship to might see a friend. -KL


File: a0f7f1f616d4cd2⋯.jpg (338.5 KB, 1050x754, 525:377, The Tyrant Ark.jpg)

The Tyrant Ark

The Ship responsible for ending the first Pirate War and for Suija's Monopoly on the ocean trade lanes, The Imperial Ark was once the symbol of the nation until The Tyrant Shokushu Noroi "The Kraken Emperor" defected with his prized possession renaming it The Tyrant Ark. This vessel is the largest seacraft ever built and serves as a mobile safe harbor in the middle of the ocean, the inside on it can be called a city in its own right. the ships used to defend this floating fortress are the Overlords, armored warships built only to destroy. the open field courtyard on the deck is large enough to use land battle formations, The Emperor's Palace and the Kraken Temple at the very end of the massive ship. Once this vessel was used to destroy the pirate armada, now pirates flock in mass to the Ark to join the Tyrant's own Armada.


File: b0ecc00cf6e5900⋯.jpg (249.35 KB, 840x543, 280:181, The Wrath of Suija.jpg)

The Wrath of Suija

Upon the murder of the former Queen of Suija and attempted murder of The Orca Emperor, Roiyaru Noroi Commissioned this Monitor Ship with the Vizier and Commodore to accompany him to defeat their old betrayer of a friend. The Emperor bring the Great Orca for whom the ship is a Sea Chariot. The Commodore brings the Spider God who Protects the Ship as best as possible and allows troops to board enemy ships on bridges of web. The Vizier brings the Djinn who defends with ship with giant magic scimitars all round in a circle ensuring those pesky Krakens never lay a tentacle on the ship. The Ship is armed with the Imperial Shuriken Cannon, The Shuriken Organ Guns and Triple Shuriken Throwers. The Emperor also brought along his pets, Trained Imperial Salt Water Crocodiles.


File: 4d26bf5cf1acafb⋯.jpg (252.58 KB, 840x543, 280:181, Central Full Scaled.jpg)

File: 7208c353c7826c3⋯.jpg (574.56 KB, 840x543, 280:181, Bushbeard's Driftwood Blue….jpg)

File: 40fe444484a81bf⋯.jpg (477.88 KB, 840x543, 280:181, Last Stand of Driftwood.jpg)

File: 50233d5332de545⋯.jpg (422.9 KB, 552x780, 46:65, Octomist Brine.jpg)

This will be the last of the ships in image form thus far (I'm working on that and trying to prepare for a move so yeah) However this one will need an explanation. I challenged myself to make a shipwreck golem that will act as a ship, so i got pictures of shipwrecks and Frankensteined them into a shape to resemble something reasonable. The thing have a ship mode and shipwreck gundam mode, it a transformer technically I guess. I had fun making it but damn it was the most difficult bastard to make then redux it into a shipwreck ship. -KL

The Driftwood Diver

The ultimate servant made for the task at sea The Driftwood Diver is a colossus formed out of the breath of life on a ship graveyard, bringing life to masses of abandoned vessels lost to the sea. The Driftwood Diver is armed with Cannons of Nature Magic and Engine Claws used in tearing thru enemies with ease. The Miracle Core keeps this Monstrous Creation alive, it also can grow powerful enough to allow the being to cast miracles itself. The Driftwood has to heads that work in tandem to keep it operating as fast as possible with each head having a single magic eye. The Driftwood Diver can carry other Servants as passengers that can assist in other functions like internal repairs. The Driftwood Divers have a unique fascination with Treasure, Legends say the creature grows relative to its bounty to counter the threat it knows it will face while others say it fights harder because it has something precious it wants to protect. One thing is certain, the more Treasure it holds the Deadlier the Driftwood Diver. The Name Driftwood Diver it derived from its predilection to dive underwater to either ambush a ship on the surface or to fight what creatures await it in the murky depths.


File: 0ea40d5c61b4c11⋯.jpg (63.6 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Electric Ripper Eel.jpg)

File: fef92d6a95725ff⋯.jpg (260.96 KB, 700x466, 350:233, Salamander.jpg)

Pirate Armada coming soon friends then I'll try to finish the rest asap. -KL


So ye want to know what perils await us on the high seas lad? Captain Ku is here to tell ye the blasted bilgewater rats that infest the seas. First be those pecky bastards you can't see until it be too late, The Thieves Guild. Rumor has it they be wearing god skins to hid but whatever it be the are more interested in ye gold then yer life. Once they are caught ye'll have a fight on yer hands, they be carrying askin for a fistfight but be warned they be hiding the brass dusters on them until a solid hit to the temple and yer lights be out. (Thieves Guild are focused on theft and avoid bloodshed because it seeps into their invisibility cloaks leading to using brass knuckles as their preferred weapon.)

I'm in a more showy mood so i'll be trying out the Captain Ku monologue/infomercial with a straight forward description alternative, I can switch format back if it gets too annoying. -KL


File: 6925f4eb87d4f07⋯.jpg (621.63 KB, 1600x1101, 1600:1101, Edaphos.JPG)

So ye want to know what perils await us on the high seas lad? Captain Ku is here to tell ye the blasted bilgewater rats that infest the seas. Next be them poor murderous worms that would murder ye and rob ye, not always in that order either, The Pack-Rat Gang. These barnacle bastards are worth as much as a rusty coin but just as numerous too, can't even manage a weapon less they made it themselves. Watch ye ass round these poverty ridden vagabonds, they be desperate and ye be the way out. (The Pack-Rat Gang are murder-hobos using homemade weapons like flogs and shivs, they're dangerous in large numbers and a damn well insane with nothing to lose.)

Well me matey we got 2 sea-salted seagull dropping headed our way so Old Ku workin ye to the bone today and unless ye gone blind even the clams can see them tall spires of pigswell and mud atop that brass dome, The Mohawk Clan be on the attack! Now the old sea tale goes they be in debt to a big ole scaleback that be fond of mischief so they pilfer the fastest crafts they can find and come ridin in to mess ye up like a manticore in a hogpen. Lately they been stick'n with boarding harpoons and blunderbuss, but them crabby biscuits of bicepts and boiled ink gonna learn a thing or two about attack Ku's ole crew! (The Mohawk Clan are Followers of Edaphos The God of Mohawks, these raiders cause high-octane chaos everywhere they go with Harpoons and Blunderbusses being their favorite Weapons, think madmax&waterworld raiders aesthetic but instead of post Apocalypse its actually just their culture to dress that way.)


File: 0ea40d5c61b4c11⋯.jpg (63.6 KB, 600x338, 300:169, I ate Betsy's Husband.jpg)

Captain Ku here with me latest tale of the last group of sods me crew sent to a watery grave, them rippahs never looked so hungry before I doubt there be any bones to reach the ocean floor. First blimey bastards was me own brotha-in-law's crew the Black Market Smuggler's Union, Betsy I told ye neva marry that halfshelled hellcrab of a lawyer... sista neva learns. Now ye maybe confused so me gonna try and give ye the rumrun, The Black Market Smuggler's Union goes into them places ye shoulnd't go. They be raiding graves of unholy creture the bone-daddy slain while back, the daemons. Them foolhardy suits think the price be worth the risk until bone-daddy be sending ye ass the lass that be killin in mass. They be gettin the lass anyways cause the slug for brains be misusing the bone-daddy's key to enter the backdoor. So them blubbering backwater bullshits then decide to flee here into me own stretch of sea risk'n us all The Ghost Ship Phlegethon com'n across me shore and kill'n me crew. Remember this well lad, wands won't save ye from the Spectres and we don't cross the Bone-Daddy! (The Black Market Smuggler's Union are Collectors of artifacts and demon grave robbers, they use the Ancient Trowel to be protected from curses and Wands for Defense.)

If that boat-blistering bastard wasn't enough he brought some "friends" but I know who they be and what they done, The Temple Marauders had to go least Bone-Daddy be not the only God that be com'n to kill us on the seas. Them blasphemous bellends have a knack raid'n the temples of various Gods as if its no deal, I've seen jellyfish with more brains then a lad in weird glow'n armor with a special stick try'n to pick a fight with Gods. (The Temple Marauders are a rogue expedition of the Mage Guild that raid and defile the temples of the gods, They are geared in salvaged power armor and armed with a Grand Staff.)

Me have to admit to ye lad to see the Ancient Asylum with them did break me heart a lil lad, me mother was once apart of them til Bone-Daddy called her home to rest. They be once heroes of the olden days but the price for mere men fighting a daemon was a toll they couldn't bear. They be lil more than murderous puppeteers nowadays, they don't have a brig but ye will find with them a eternal prison after death. They put sorrow into me lad, they remind be just how far we can fall from the God's side and still destroy with their might. (The Ancient Asylum is The unfortunate group of heros driven to insanity due to demonic exposure would teach their craft to like-minded individuals. They use Enlightenments, Enchantments, Nature's Blessing of Sakura, Miracle Breath of Life, Carry All-Father Oars and can bind Specters.)

Don't worry lad ye won't see Ku cry'n this day, finally stopped them damn sea-weed smoke'n urchins that be attack'n me wife's trade. The damn Sheikh Dynasty kept round our shores cause it the route the Gemini Freight takes in travel and tradelines, Lizzy be piss when they attack with her weapon to steal more. Me crew put a stop to that, all the booty they took is back and look like me'll be get'n mine after the rum get go'n. funny thing be they mostly take them Holy Scepters and special Totems, guess them Genies be harder to get up then me after a rumrunning to rumdrinking day on the seas. Least that empty shell Betsy married did me some good, just have to tell her ye bastard wrecked on the rocks and a Murky Stalker did the rest...oooohhh betsy (The Sheikh Dynasty is an Interest Group in the Northeast that have a predilection for raiding any vessels or caravan owned by the Holy Order of Gemini for their Totems and Holy Scepters to use with their Genie Lamps.)


Today Lad Captain Ku tells ye a proud tradition to come from the fallout of thee Pirate, Drink ye fill and grab ye knife for we be betting on ye tonight. Barroom Gladiators from the City of Knives be in me blood on me Father's side, actually he win'n a fight be how he met me mother after kill'n her stalker ex from the Devil-Knights. The way it be back in the day Suija was once a pirate haven under Tomi Noroi The Greedy Emperor, outside of taxes the lot really had no worry til the old man was called home by the Bone-Daddy. Once the young Laddie Shokushu Noroi seized power the pirate war began and those that escaped took with them the whole gambling on drunken knife fights. it became a sport all over the world with regional champions and plenty of recruits will'n to join. There be entire crew of young lads attempt'n to fight with only ye knives in hopes that ye can become a battle-hard'n gladiator too. As custom tradition the knives that be used are Jambiya and Dragon Fang Dagger, some claim in spite of Suija. Then again father did say something about it the best damn knife fight of all time be'n between Kantoku Tonbo and Doku Gisei using those knives. The World Heavy-Blade Championship Tournament was where me father was called home by the Bone-Daddy to rest, after win'n by decapitation he died pass'n out in the booze barrel during the celebration. (The Barroom Gladiators were the Native Pirates of Suija responsible for the nickname “the City of Knives”, had a custom of using knives and being drunks leading to many a knife fights that became common enough that a gambling ring was made for placing bets on the outcome. As they fled from Suija and scattered it became more of a gladiator circuit yielding champions in any place piracy thrives. The Official Knives of choice are the Dragon Fang Dagger and Jambiya in honor of the draw between the Future Warden and the Future Commodore, hailed as the greatest knife fight to end with both men surviving.)

Speak'n of Me father's victories the poor bloke to get his block chop'd off over me mother was part of a crew me own crew have had to fight before, cursed heathens and wretches is what you would call the Devil-Knights. Even Betsy's fishfood would not work with them, rumors whisper'd are they want to bring the end of the world and nearly have. Watch yerself round them lad, the carry swords of runes and a weapon of stolen power invoke'n the Bone-Momma's magic. Ye listen close now its an order from the captain, ye see a Devil-Knight alert me crew and hide least ye wined up died or be drag'd into evil itself.(The Devil-Knights are a lost battalion of swordsmen turned demon worshiping cultist trying to bring forth another demonic infestation. Devil-Knights use Runic Arming Swords of Legend and Lich’s Crooks.)


Pretty soon lad ole Ku and crew will be meet'n some shady representatives from the West coasts, ye'll need to be alert if ye want to leave outta there without a scurvy ridden blade in ye.

First they be bring the Assassin Guild, last me heard the rumor be they lost to the Duelist Guild and fled with some taken to the seas. Poison be their thing so mind the blades least it be too late, one cut and it be called home to rest by the Bone-Daddy for you. That be double for the crossbows they got too, as if fire wasn't enough lad they poison tipped it too. (The Assassin Guild are the defector branch of the Duelist Guild that use Poisoned Blades and poison tipped fire bolt crossbows.)

Next in the line of whale swell and sea scum be the Novavich Family, jealous bastards trying to use the weapons of the northern cults to control the north cults. They think if ye see ice in the sea that be their territory, that usually leads to hard-shield bastards with boarding axes headed for yer crew. (The Novavich Family are the Northwestern Nobles that wish to seize control and take over the north away from the Cults, often raiding any that dare pass thru their territory with Boarding Axes and Parmas)

Now watch ye treasure and hide ye rum when ye see the The Demolition Crew, fun hate'n cod-dicks that rather destroy all ye own then let ye have it. they be cross'n the fine line with me nerves cause they don't just ruin ye for fun, it means some chumbutter whore paid a hit on ye and that then lead to ye find'n out who did it and have'n to choose to risk yer crew in a war on 2 fronts or pay'n off them sack of scurvy to attack sandy bitch that's bout to pay them.

If me seem to be very specific its Betsy fault I know, she just had to screw over Lizzy to be pirate princess at the sailors academy prom leading to a graduating class civil war and the loss of 2 ship. Damnit that both me galley and me galleon lost. On the bright side me crew noticed that Rippah been following us round since the in-law became takeout, we may just need the lil hero yet. (The Demolition Crew are Professional Saboteurs that sow political discourse and destroy trade-goods of rival nations for profit, normally armed with a Mace and Warhammer.)

Oh goody them conch sucking The Agents of Selentine are probably going to "confiscate" another list of "contraband" despite me crew only passing thru and not even to any of their ports, I hope the Rippah is hungry. What ye never heard of Selentine? they be the southern bastard copying the novavich family's solution to the phrase "just passing by" but with tomahawks and short swords. They be no pushovers but me crew has kicked ass from sea to shine'n sea. (The Agents of Selentine are Special Forces from the southwest restricting travel in with southern seas with confiscation of goods and imprisonment, utilizing Tomahawks and Short Swords.)

Now the kraken's ballsack of a group that got us out here is the The Velouchi Syndicate trying to convince me crew to join them in directly opposing Suija. Ye should know by now that be here giving yerself to Bone-Daddy early but the believe a pistol and cutlass stand a tentacle-job of a chance against a kraken. Ye and me crew be at the ready, Rippah gonna eat good tonight. (The Velouchi Syndicate is a wealth mafia from the Midwest trying to challenge Suija’s Monopoly over the ocean trade-lines. The Velouchi Syndicate arms their men with Bayoneted Pistols and Cutlasses.)

Oooh now me see why these fool think they got a lobster's tit of a chance, Me knows how this tale be ending for the Army of Delrose. They be try'n to undermine Suija ever since that Ark showed up, but round shields and javelins can stop the Kraken-King anymore than me crew can make the Bone-Daddy call himself. There be no talks today, but there be a dinner speech for Rippah's Feast. (The Army of Delrose: Rivals of Suija trying to undermine it’s power by any means necessary, The Standard Issue weapons being the Round Shield and Javelin.)

Well lad ye be learn'n all I can tell bout the leeches me crew have ta teach, neva forget ye be always welcome to the Crew of Captain Ku and Rippah too!







The Chronicles of Ku aside this is the full list of pirate types thus far, and actually Ku does have a role in the game. I don't know how this is going for you guys but i'll try to finish the culture overview before I move. -KL



The Mountain Jewel of the Sea, The City of Knives, The Bay of the Snake, Suija has always found it's life tied to the sea and the gods that pass thru their waters. The people of Suija are a nation that thrives off the back of sails, sea trade routes and island expeditions built its wealth back in the rise to power as an empire. The fishing trade was profitable with a massive abundance and travelers would come for miles round in hopes of catching a glimpse of the ocean gods that would pass by. A very superstitious lot with a host of rivals and enemies alike, the deadliest enemy however held the crown to the city. Tomi Noroi The Greedy worshiped the god of wealth and only cared to bring in his own personal wealth, towards the end of his reign Suija went from a crown jewel to a diamond in the rough getting by from it's namesake. However young Shokushu Noroi the Savior of Suija had upon the eve of his coronation vowed to bring Suija into a golden age, that it was their birthright to build an empire that would span from shore to shore. He set to start his campaign purging the pirates of Suija then issued a decree that would bring the entire maritime world to shudder, a call to arms and a war with the pirate lords over the high seas.

Suija would see fleets of pirate-hunters join their side, finally having a unified banner to gather under. Ex-pirates and Defectors joined along side out of self preservation, while the prisoners of war were made to fight under the Dragon's Dagger Legion. Among the group of Pirate Hunters were some legendary Captains; Tsuma Machigai and Midori Hakobune upon The Jade Mother, Yurusareta Uragirimono The Vizier of The Sultan's Sorrow, and Doku Gisei The Commodore of The Locker joined with Kantoku Tonbo The Warden. The Pirate Lords were made up of the strongest Pirate groups among the seas. The Ancient Asylum, a twisted living tragedy of a cult with power and reckless abandon. The Sheikh Dynasty are countrymen to the Vizier that are top the caste system, wealthy with a love of magical relics to smite with a whim. The Temple Marauders, Rogue Mages from the West Coast out to destroy the gods if they could but settle with raiding their temples for now. The Mohawk Tribe, Children of Edophos just out to cause chaos everywhere they go. The Novavich Family of the Icy North, raiders that wish to control the entire northern hemisphere land and sea. The Velouchi Syndicate, another wealth group from the west coast rising to power with the use of crudebore grapeshot cannons. The Assassin Guild, poisoned bladed cutthroats that profit off bounties and thriving amongst the pirate market. And an unholy group of demon worshipers using the seas to carry out their evil deeds, The Devil-Knights.

During the beginning of the Pirate War Shokushu Noroi would use the vast wealth his father horded to Commission help on a secret weapon from Excelsior, the construction of the Imperial Ark began. As the war progressed a new development happened, amongst the host of magical artifacts the genie lamps began to call out to Yu (Yurusareta Uragirimono) saying they had the key to giving him the power to end this war. The Genies told him of a Ritual that would change his life forever giving him the powers of a god if he does it, Yu consorted Shokushu and Doku about them all performing the Ritual together to be able to end the war soon. The 3 left Midori and Tsuma in charge of the Pirate War as they performed the Ritual, The Ritual would call out to kindred spirits and prep the humans as vessels for the essence of a god to manifest. To Shokushu the Kraken God answered his heart's call. To Doku the Spider found her kindred spirit. Thanks to Yu the Djinn had finally escaped the prison the Gods had made for him. The Gods bound themselves to the men and the Ritual was complete, the 3 would be in a coma until the of the Ark's completion. In the last days of the Pirate War, Midori called upon her God Umihebi and Tsuma rallied what she thought would be the last fight of Suija with no word from the Emperor in months. The full might of the Pirate Armada was brought down upon them, this would be the battle to decide the war and the control of the maritime world. When the Imperial Ark drew closer both sides believed that a mountain island was moving, no one had seen such a monstrous ship ever before. The Emperor stood out and called forth a Landrover Kraken (Octopus) to strike from below, a Skyward Kraken (Squid with flight) too chase down fleeing ships and a Shellback Kraken (Nautilus) to protect allied ships. At the end the Pirate Lords where broken, a power vacuum lead to a pirate civil war as new pirate groups surged forth to make a name for themselves and the old fought to regain control.

Suija part 1 is done for now I'll have to finish it later got IRl stuff to take care of. i 'll finish up once I return. -KL


>The Plane of Justice

>It's just a cold, barren landscape

>There isn't much there


File: 5a14c9ceff5b3b2⋯.png (2.29 MB, 1024x1575, 1024:1575, ClipboardImage.png)

What are those two brothers?



Suija part 2

Despite the Genies suducing to power Yu wasn't the only on being caused by a greater force, in the dark when no one was around Shokushu Noroi would find himself studying the dark tomes of the Devil-Knights with the promise of power enticing. In secret he would begin to reach outward to the cult and be a silent supporter underneath the guise of oppressor, Even for a night they would allow him into their inner sanctum to meet one of the few living demons that lived in hiding. Upon reaching the old blind demoness Shokushu would surrender his body to the Kraken, The God would have his power reborn in full from the womb of this creature. Thus Megaera Noroi The Lady of the Deep would be born as a corrupted god and heir to the Empire of Suija by birthright. Meanwhile Yu, Tsuma Machigai, Doku Gesei and Midori Hakobune were sent on a leads to pirate dens to clear out that were either ambushes or dead-ends. Tsuma was a former duelist guild member who used a guthook knife with her cutlass, her sword's skills were only matched by Doku's Knife skills. Doku was beforehand one of the greatest knife fighters to be born in to Suija, with the Spider God as apart of him Doku was considered the only true assassin to sail the seas. Yu was a tough fighter born to a lower caste of his home country before escaping and becoming a sailor, the massacre of his first crew and being left for dead was the pirate's greatest mistake. Yu fashioned a life of pirate hunting before the war and now found himself bound the god The Sheikh Dynasty wanted for themselves. The Genies as said to be the daughters of the Djinn, legend goes they manifest to men hoping to find one whom would forge a pact bound in blood and bone to set their father free. Midori was an orphaned in a pirate raid and left stranded on a ship left wrecked on a island, however a mother can only ignore a cry for so long. The Child's weeping had attracted The Serpent God of the Sea Nure-Onna Umihebi, This would be the second human child she had adopted as her own. Midori would be taught be Ai Shinzoku Umihebi The Prophet everything she knows. When Pirate activity began to get closer to the sacred coves and dens of the Gods Ai would make the suggestion to build a ship and have Midori hunt them off the sacred sea, Midori was anointed with the same power as Ai and sent to task. Midori's weapon is the Lasso Chameleon Envy a magical rope that can turn her Invisible and has the spirit venom of Umihebi coursing thru it. A ship was made from the gods to carry out their will, The Jade Mother. It would also be a floating nursery to move the young from dens surrounded by pirates. Midori had a habit the made her infamous as a pirate-hunter, the dead were fed to various creatures related to the gods and the captured were hung off the bow of her ship with left to be picked at and eaten by the creatures of the sea. During the last night of the mission the Djinn would cast a temporary truth spell on the drunken quartet resulting in Tsuma pregnant with Doku's Son. After the got back and unaware of the events that unfolded thanks to a follow up mind-wipe by the Djinn, Shokushu selected Tsuma to become his wife and Queen to the Empire. She would give birth later to Roiyaru Noroi. Yu would at some point discover Shokushu's involvement with the cult and then be forced in exile after the Emperor put a hit out on him claiming treason against the Empire.

Part 3 of Suija will be the event's involving Roiyaru Noroi The Emperor and the current state of Suija (I'm really trying to balance things out since I know I have a limited time because of the move to post) -KL


Is there any podcasts, videos, or sites you guys like for inspiration/ advice on putting together your worlds? Looking for something easy to browse/ listen to while idle at work.


after i'm done the human cultures i'm giving you guys all the non-humans and how they connect to the world, or do you want that first before I finish the humans? -KL



Just started listening to Worldbuilder's Anvil. Seems decent.



Suija part 3

When Roiyaru Noroi would come of age he had been give a task required to take up the throne, Shokushu wanted Roiyaru to form his own personal army as Shokushu had done with the pirate hunters at the beginning of his reign. Roiyaru consulted Doku on the matter, Doku suggesting he find like-minded individuals. Roiyaru noticed the curved knives of suija are what had been mostly produced by the blacksmiths of the city and came up with a plan, have the smiths experiment with perfecting curved blades and send word among the merchants that custom requests the city would be taking in person of all types. Roiyaru would then find among those coming for requests the best fighters and challenge them to a duel, Roiyaru himself being trained since a young age by his mother to be quite formidable. Those that could match him or get the better of them he would offer them a deal, teach their craft to aspiring soldiers in exchange for a place on his counsel and power beyond their wildest dream. Among the many that came 7 of the fighters had passed the test. Meiyo Owari, a master swordsman with spiraled throwing knives. Hairu Mamoru, a shield maiden with a knack for heavy blades. Yuki Mokuzai, a blade-dancer with a unique request. Tsuki Kaigi, a wandering halberdier. Kishi Pasu, a warrior with a fascination for great-swords. Noboru Hikari, former assassin with a love for twin swords. Yumi Kaigan, a bowmen deceptively skilled in melee combat. When the curious band of fighters agreed to join Roiyaru he had their dojos built and had the smiths design weapons based upon each fighters specifications. Roiyaru gathered the fighters at night on the ritual ground along with Doku, The Commodore would be preforming the Forbidden Arts Ritual on the 8 chosen. To each fighter a kindred spirit would arrive to bond with them, after it was all over each one was given a title reborn as The Emperor's Blade. To Lord Meiyo Owari the Preserver bonded to the Peacock Phoenix Spirit, a Suijan Katana with Cyclone Blades. To Lady Hairu Mamoru the Defender bonded to the Manta Sky Spirit, a Suijan Kilij with Boeotian Shield. To Lady Yuki Mokuzai The Sentry bonded to the Owl Winter Spirit, a Suijan Nagamaki. To Lady Tsuki Kaigi The Sentinel bonded to the Moon Cat Spirit, a Suijan Naginata. To Lord Kishi Pasu The Guardian bonded to the Bat Spirit, a Suijan Odachi. To Lord Noboru Hikari The Protector bonded to the Mirror Fox Spirit, a twin pair of Suijan Daos. To Lord Yumi Kaigan The Keeper bonded to the Porcupine Spirit, a Suijan Bladed-Bow and Arrow. Now bonded with the Orca Spirit, Roiyaru Noroi would take up the throne as Emperor.



Part 4 Suija

Meanwhile Shokushu would be approached by the God of Wealth, L. Dorado. Tomi Noroi had been his most devote follower in life but in Shokushu he saw potential to be much more than just another hoarder, L believed this man could achieve a monopoly in ocean power if he lent his blessings. The God of Wealth offered his backing to the Kraken Emperor, Shokushu would accept and planned to get his throne back from his son in secret. Shokushu would try a slow reacting poison on his son making him sick, Tsuma would reach out in desperation to Midori praying that one of her gods could help save her son. Midori would bring Tsuma to Nure-Onna Umihebi, the great mother would go to the palace and create a life-link to the young emperor until Midori could bring back her daughter Anna Wadjet. Finding his plans seeming to to be undo Shokushu, known full well that the Emperor's Blade had been unaware of the situation, had leaked that a group of assassins known as the Serpents Chosen had infiltrated the kingdom and claimed they poisoned the Emperor. The City would be in chaos as The newly formed Emperor's Blade had began trying to detain the cult members only to have it break out into fullscale battle as the Pirate-Hunters would begin outright attacking them. The Emperor's Blade found themselvestrying to stop the pirate-hunters and restore order before the Commodore put an end to the carnage. Doku had returned after being asked to accompany Midori and Ai on the way to get Anna, returning to the city and seeing the hell unfolding he and Ai ordered their parties to stand down. Anna would clear the poison and believed it would be best she say and watch over him encase the culprit try to poison him again, using her shapeshifting to appear human. Roiyaru once recovered would have The Cathedral of The Serpent built for saving his life, tensions would die down between the Serpent's Chosen and the Emperor's Blade as this situation proved to be a misunderstanding. Roiyaru would ask Anna to be his Queen even after she revealed her true form, she would eventually agree and become the Queen of Suija Publicly (despite secretly being a god). Shokushu would wait until Anna would become Pregnant and head back to her family with the news to strike again, outright killing Tsuma and wounding Roiyaru in front of Doku forcing him to decide if he would save the boy letting Shokushu escape or forfeit that time on revenge. Shokushu would escape on his prized ship renaming it the Tyrant Ark, Roiyaru would vow to built his own ship and hunt down his father for the betrayal. Anna Wedjet gives birth to [spoiler]the Suijani Elves[spoiler] and news spreads of the Tyrant across the seas. Yu returns with followers, Roiyaru trains a group of marines with his mother's style and Doku trains his own assassins preparing for the task ahead.

That Concludes Suija, the rest to come soon. -KL



The Serpent's Chosen are the Followers of Nure-Onna Umihebi The Serpent God of the Sea, Anubis The Earth God and the various creatures associated with either God. Among the Serpent's Chosen the adopted daughters Ai Shinzoku The Prophet of Umihebi and Midori Hakobune The Pirate Hunter have been given the Snake Spirit ascending them to demigod status similar in power to the Forbidden Arts. The Serpent's Chosen are trained by Shpion The God of Espionage, Master Spies and Assassins rise from their ranks. The Serpent's Chosen sometimes are greeted with assistance from The Army of Anubis, the guardians and watchmen of the Samsonite Mines and Temples to the Gods. The Army of Anubis are made up of the small speedy Kobalds and the mighty Gnolls working together, each specialized subspecies of Kobald or Gnoll is born with it's role in the army known to it on an instinctual level. The Gargantuan Chameleon Skinks are the Children of Shpion often sent to infiltrate potential threats under a magical disguise being the informants for group as a whole. Primaeval Creatures often assist the group when called upon, ranging from tiny swarms to massive creatures. Among the swarms are Poisonous Sea Vipers, Electric Ripper Eels, Anacondas, Acid Fang Cobras and Glacial Sea Amphipteres. The groups powerful creatures are Salamanders, Magma Wyverns, Depthstalker Lindwurms and Reef Dragons. The Serpent's Chosen prefer the use of weapons like whips and flails and usually excel at ambushing their targets. The highest members of the Serpent's Chosen uses Serpentine Magic.


File: ac193bf155e9115⋯.webm (10.7 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Alex Jones Revels THE TRU….webm)

I need help with Deus-Ex like conspiracy themed campaign. A friend who is GMs asked me to help him come out with a setting and a conspiracy plot that could be used as a core for a game for a near future setting - 20 to 50 years ahead of us. I need someone to provide feedback and point out any holes in the setup.

What we have so far is that increased reliance on automation made many jobs obsolete, and more advanced robots begin to threaten blue collar work as well. Society, politics, and businesses are not accustomed to the change yet, and that causes serious issues.

>Most office workers, call center workers, low-level writers,designs, and programmers are replaced by proto-AIs and other software

>Most menial labor like fastfood, grocery store work, etc. is done by machines

>More and more transportation work is handled by autonomous vehicles

>Above led to a plague of homelessness

>Meanwhile, established large business owners and corporations are getting richer and richer

>Small businesses have been practically eradicated and medium ones swallowed by mega-corporations

>That leads to raising social unrest and populace getting desperate

>News is used to push propaganda on how great economy is and only discussed issues are terrorism and social issues to keep populace distracted

>Internet is severely regulated and restricted

>Raising poverty lead to raise in crime, which in turn mobilized government

Multiple movements arose within society, all of which think that world is overdue for a change. There are anarchists wanting to tear everything down, hacker groups ranging from ones who want to free the internet to ones who want to simply steal from banks and corporations to get rich, political party who thinks that universal income is necessary to prevent society from collapse, Kaczynski-ites who militantly resist technological progress, commies who think that tech will make commie utopia possible, etc. Government and corporation are doing what they can to retain power and squash any opposing forces.

That leads to the conspiracy plot. Members of Illuminati see that they are soon going to hold most of available resources soon, and that most of the Earths' populace does nothing but take up space and threaten current power structure. They decide to eliminate majority of the populace, but could not agree on way to do so. That led to formation on different splinter factions, with different ideas to deal with the overpopulation problem.

>Pandemics who want to initiate a plague that would wipe out anyone who is not vaccinated

>Militarists thinking that staging a war would be a good excuse to kill large amounts of people, where many of them will eagerly sign up to be killed

>Scientists who want to use human populace as expendable scientific test subjects

>Diplomats who want to play different groups emerging within society against one another, so that they will wipe each other out

>Deconstructionists who think that major population centers and infrastructure should be destroyed and just let reminder of humanity die out naturally

Each group dislikes approach of the other ones, and is trying to do what they can to ensure that their own plan will be the one set in motion.

Majestic 12 splintered from Illuminati and are at odds with them. Majestic 12 does not want to eradicate humanity, but instead to become godlike figures to the humanity and exert a near total control. They want to do so in order to guide humanity towards 'higher purposes' ranging from singularity to space exploration.

Players would start out simply trying to survive, then gradually learning more and more about what's really going on. As they learn more, they could join one of the many factions, and eventually influence world events.



The Holy Order of Gemini are the religious devotees of the Gemini Twins Sekhmet And Bastet, The Order's power is in the Relics created by their twin Gods. The Common Relic Weapons made are Holy Scepters of Divination, Blessed Maces of Intervention, Gemini Totems and Gemini Kite Shields. The Rare Relic Weapons set aside for the rank of Deacon and above are The Gemini Cross, Great Morning Star and The Twin Bell Staff. The Holy Order has a long standing hatred of the Mages Guild after many attempts of spell-theft and assassinations leading to The Great Spell War and The Gemini Crusades. The Holy Order of Gemini uses Relic armored Ligers in combat. The Holy Order of Gemini makes up half of The Western Church along side The Judges. The Gemini Arts are activated with Faith.



The Mages Guild started as a research effort studying fragments of enchanted axes and magical power armor from the north, the combined research allowed the to get a grasp on the bases of magic. The long term goal of the Mages Guild was to harness the full power of magic without the Gods, To sustain of their own power and knowledge. Often though the discoveries of magic usually came from studying the Artifacts and Relics made from the gods and attempts at reverse engineering them. Discovering these secrets often lead them into conflicts with the followers of the Gods and many wars have been fought as the price paid for progress. Amongst the members of the Mages Guild their seems to be a growing contempt for the gods and their followers with an exception, Typhon The Void Raptor. Typhon Helped the mages with the art of Phase Spells and allowing them to call in his clones to assist them with enemies. All mage recruits start with a wand, upon graduation the officially certified mage is give a weaponized amplifier for their wands like staffs or spell-blades for example. The Mages Guild have been involved in The Great Spell War, The First Siege of Excelsior, The Scribe War, The Guild Reclamation War, The Siege of Justice Peak, The Gemini Crusade and The Cursed War. The Mages Guild has an increasing rivalry with the Engineering Guild causing tension within the Maestro Guild.



The Duelist Guild is the oldest of the Guilds focused on perfection of technique in combat, an army of specialist working together to destroy their enemies. Often the Duelist Guild works with the Engineering Guild for a mutual goal of refining both technique and weaponry to the perfection. Early within the Duelist Guilds history a civil war erupted as the guild imploded over the use of poisoned blades within duels, The rouges believed in winning at all cost while the purist believed it disgraces their group as a whole and allows any lucky idiot to believe that they could get by with mediocre skills. After the war the defeated rouges would reform as the Assassins Guild. The Arsenal of the Duelist Guild and Engineering Guild is the highest of any army, from multiples Guns to Dueling Swords and mechanical weapons. The Relations between the Duelist Guild and the Mages Guild have strained over an artifact by the Duelist Guild called the Third Eye Crown, a Blind Duelist was given it by the one who found it. If not for the Maestro Guild's Counsel their would have been another civil war over as the mages would be willing to kill for the Artifact. The Engineering Guild have had plenty of grievances with the Mages Guild, one such being the Gemini Crusade. An assassin mage killed a deacon and fled, the Holy Order thinking he was inside the nearest Engineering Guild's Factory Fortress attacked it resulting in an all-out war then a back and forth destroying an entire city before the Judges and Brotherhood of the Spear were called upon to help contain and defuse the situation. The Duelist Guild has recently starting to work with a Judge Gunsmith on a prototype modification to their guns in secret allowing for unlimited ammo.

Only the Carnival left on the human side of things then I can go into the dive into the non-humans. -KL


The list of Non-humans in my setting are categorized into 5 factions; The Corrupted Horde, The Primal Outbreak, The Yule-Tide, The Children of the Gods and The Family of the Deep. I'll go thru them in time, Carnival the last human faction left. -KL



The Carnival is a traveling haven for defectors and the outcast alike, harboring some of the greatest mixtures of magic and tech unique to them as the great melting pot of secrets. the two founders of the Carnival were once members of the Lost Harvest sent by San La Muerte to hid and guard some of the most valuable human to complete their work seeing it as a valuable asset humanity be able to fight against any threat if the Gods aren't able to, Ivan “The Irons” Goldhart and Brahm Kingston have treated those under their protection as a family. Under the Carnival bloomed defectors from the Mages Guild that turned to the gods for knowledge and power instead of the traditions the Mages Guild set forth, these practitioners hunted by all other magic groups are known as Witches. Witches are seen the religious circles as heretics just as bad as the blasphemous mages, taking what they want and leaving the order behind. The only "witch" considered untouchable publicly being Aileen Lasairfhíona The Purifier of Excelsior, being the Excelsiorian ambassador any attempt on her life would seen as an act of war. Another group within the Carnival are the Mimes, silent assassins that whispers can only be heard thru shadow and worshipers of Typhon. Upon a Mimes death their body is taken to Typhon to be consumed and swift vengeance is sworn upon the soul of the murderer in the form of Funeral Void Raptors from which escape is impossible. Outside of Mimes and Witches the members are usually put into core groups being The Jesters, The Clowns, The Circus Acrobats and The Jugglers. The Carnival once entertain Sir Arthur Mastodon The Mammoth God, he gifted them his support in the form of the Elephants the Carnival uses. The current head of the Carnival is Tyler Nullius, a young man picked by Ivan and Brahm to handle the mantle of Ringleader in their stead. Tyler Nullius came from a line of duelist turned assassins and was trained in the old art of Pure Blade Duels with the knowledge of assassinations, if anyone could survive an assassination attempt it would be him. The Carnival has been kept a secret hiding in plain sight, they would be hired by an unknown benefactor asked to perform covert operations against Excelsior in preparations for a large operation that they were supposed to have been assisted in the final siege of Excelsior. After being betrayed and left to take the blame for everything the Carnival set out to sea and with the only clue to work with being the Seal of Suija used by Shokushu, The Carnival vowed to get even with their supposed former employer.

That is all the Human Factions up next is the fantasy creatures. -KL


This is the creature offspring of The Corrupted Ocean Gods, Lady Megaera Noroi and Lord Julian Kaiser, known as The Family of the Deep;

Bilgewater Trolls

Depthwalker (fishmen)

Krakenkin (mindflayer only in appearance)

Ragescales (gatormen)

Deathfin (sharkmen)

These are the "pets" of The Family of the Deep;


Murky Stalker (catfish whale hybrid that is amphibious and best comparison it is a feral aboleth)

The Family of The Deep are the Children of the Unholy Lord and Lady of the Deep, they are aligned with The Tyrant. Shokushu Noroi, being the Father of the Corrupted Demigod Megaera Noroi Kaiser has complete trust in the Family of the Deep assisting in taking control of all the Ocean. Megaera Noroi Kaiser has been promised by birthright Suija and aims to lay her claim as soon as the ocean is under their control.


This is the list of those tainted by the Primal Outbreak, the unchecked corrupting power originating from Scylla The Corrupted Heir of Anubis.

The first stage of infection is always the mutation into a skinwalker, a feral hairy humanoid with an altered jaw and long sharp claws. Skin Walkers often after an outbreak take up residence into ruins and cave. Skinwalkers are the result of humans infected with the Primal Outbreak.

Second stage is a metamorphosis, the Skinwalker goes into Hibernation during which it slowly mutants it into one of the many observed traits known as the Beast Strains. Stage 3 the newly formed beast emerges and sets off to find food and a gathering of its "kin". the following are the List of classified "normal" beast strains;

Howler (werewolf, but with a wetdog look and matted fur)

Longhorn (desert minotaur)




Glutton Tusk (boarman)


There are "demigod carriers" that can spread the power without being infested themselves;



Primaeval Hippopotamus Apexi

*while I can go into detail about the habits of the creatures I'll do that after I explain something important, exactly what the campaign is and just how far ahead the actual lore is beyond the campaign I made I can't explain these guys without you knowing that much. -KL




Here are the basics for now the rest i'll be giving you guys in a more personal manner with the Corrupted Horde, I'll be linking the whole thing at the end for you guys. -KL


This is the Experiments Log of Lex Kench, our Corrupted Horde has seen progress and while we will see war soon I feel as if I should write our findings and detail the successes and failures of our creations.

The Possessed Undead are the leftover corpses from "pirate war" we found and reanimated with the combined power of Vissarionovich and I used in a similar fashion my aunts use, that for shorter usage called the "X-energy". The Corpses that were once magic users we decided to make a ritual cloth to wrap them in giving them an excess storage of energy to be able to use magic with but outside of that they function off of combat instinct when not instructed, both Undead are shown to retain details and eventually develop habits making it easier to identify the older undead from the new shambling ones. I have in mind the use of them for another experiment but we'll need a "live" specimen. -Lex Kench Entry 1.



This is the Experiment Log of Lex Kench, we had a successful string of experiments under the suggestions of Vissarionovich involving our test subjects and the "live" specimen. We took some humans and under Vissarionovich's Instruction we had them starve to the point of cannibalism within the cells, then introduced the deranged specimens to meat from the Possessed Undead. The "X-energy" within the flesh would over the course of digestion mutate the cannibals, the new creature created from the mutation also seems to make the creature highly resistant to conventional poisons and acids. The creature once "ripens" is a walking bio-hazard that can sustains itself on flesh, creature has grown a set of "veins" that carries it's stomach acids into an orifice in it's palm. Vissarionovich intends to name his brainchild a "Scurvy Ghoul", I only care that it seems like it will be a great combat asset with a simple recreation method but I do admire his enthusiasm for them. We shall soon try work on my Experiment next, Hopefully the research I've done into the Sakura can be replicated in this experiment. -Lex Kench Entry 2



This is the Experiment Log of Lex Kench, This was a bittersweet result for me, while I failed in what I had originally Intended it wasn't a complete failure of an experiment. We had tried to Replicate The Fae making process but with a flesh eating fungi and X-Energy instead of the divine Sakura, creating from this experiment a creature I'm sure we can mass produce and use as test subjects for further experimentation. I shall call the beings "Goblins", surprisingly our goblins seem to have the intelligence to where they can even assist in shepherding their "intellectually challenged" comrades in the attack drills and keep tempers down. Goblins maybe the key to making sure our plans stay on track, Vissarionovich believes he has an idea we shall try next off the back of this one. -Lex Kench Entry 3



This is the Experiment Log of Lex Kench, Vissarionovich suggests we get a "sample" of my dear sister's power for testing on the goblins. I agree to the Idea out of curiosity of seeing just how strong dad's powers were past on to her, Scylla would allow us to collect some of her energy in exchange for a "favor" that she wouldn't say just yet. As it turns out her powers are highly potent, the Goblin "survivors" exposed to her energy grew in size and strength. Upon further examination we discovered that upon bouts of rage the new Goblin would tap into a primal state where it could in theory channel magic. We decide this variant to be called the "Hobgoblin" and decided to create a "Primal Chamber" for future production. -Lex Kench Entry 4.



This is the Experiment Log of Lex Kench, Today we tested out my own theory with X-energy injected into a specimen directly. We used X-energy on a human with interesting results, the Specimen may have lost its original form but it's mind became that of our own. A mortal being that can comprehend the motives of a God truly is a successful project, but this is only the beginning for this little "shoggoth" of mine. Vissarionovich had decided it was time to test what it could do with a human, we first gave it several corpses and observed it's capabilities. The Shoggoth assimilated the corpses only to mold a humanoid of flesh that change it's appearance to that of the former corpses individually, this creature was then named "Mimic" by its creator. Next we gave the Shoggoth a small group of living humans, only the compliant one "survived" with mutations while the rest being fully assimilated and rebuilt as massive dangerous mounts of weaponized limbs. Our shoggoth would come to call these just "Mutant and Spawn", Vissarionovich and I would come to the agreement to Classify the Shoggoth and it's children the "Changelings". Testing began on a Hobgoblin as the Shoggoth insisted to work on it with a Scurvy Ghoul, both creatures were altered enough we had to classify them under new names. The Scurvy Ghoul was given wings and seemed to have a insatiable thirst for blood tracking down anything that bled for miles, however the creature seemed to lose the previous affinities it had previously as the price for the change but the "nosferatu" impressed us greatly. The Hobgoblin was also given wings but now was fully able to channel chaos magic in powerful blasts. The "Imp" also seemed to keep the Nosferatu in check. Our Shoggoth also seemed to be in full control of the spawns and gave orders telepathically to all its creations, The Changelings maybe our finest creation yet but we haven't finished our experiments yet. -Lex Kench Entry 5



This is the Experiment Log of Lex Kench, Vissarionovich believes using X-energy we could possibly replicate the Jacks in a way. So we made artificial humaniod and implanted X-energy in the same way we used it to make undead, we now have Demonic Mannequins as an inorganic creatures within our ranks that can handle any order given. Upon further research and testing we discovered the full destruction of a mannequin gives way to Demonic Apparitions, Spirits made of X-energy and a damned artificial soul. Vissarionovich is planning to revisit the Scurvy Ghouls Experiment with a "new specimen" to solve a foreseeable problem we may run into soon, The Power of Celeste could ruin everything for us if not corrected soon. -Lex Kench Entry 6



This is the Experiment Log of Lex Kench, Vissarionovich plays a dangerous game with abducting a group of depthwalkers for his experiments. If Julian ever discovers this we will find ourselves in a war between Gods, but Vissarionovich says if this works we will have the answers we seek. While our forces were incinerated thru Celeste's Purify it did not affect the Depthwalkers at all, we shall see what we can make of this and try to apply it to our army. After an incident involving a Scurvy Ghoul and an escapee Depthwalker we discovered the Ghoul was able to mate with a female creature, The being born from that isolated incident is surprisingly resilient and extremely strong. Vissarionovich wants to continue making more "orcs" as he calls them, but we will need to rethink our production methods as I don't think we can sustain an army off of a few captured fishwomen. Vissarionovich has decided to make use of the "Avatar" that showed up recently interested in the Nosferatu, Hagane Kiba will be our field reporter and oversee the testing to make sure our orc survives his "Purifying". Meanwhile I will get to work on making a way to produce orcs in mass without the depthwalkers, I have one Idea in mind. -Lex Kench Entry 7



This is the Experiment Log of Lex Kench, I tried to make another Shoggoth this time with the Goblin Fungi instead I birthed a Replicator. The Replicator will take in a creature and produce them in mass as long as it is fed Biomass, this solves the Orc dilemma once and for all. We also used the Primal Chamber on some of the fresh orcs creating a more vicious creature, The "Oni" we made seems to have a special knack of hand-to-hand combat more so than anything else. The Oni also seems to enjoy looking for supplies of Alcoholic liquids to consume, a Brewery wouldn't be a bad idea around here. The final project is nearing and Vissarionovich agrees to seeing what happens when we give an Orc and Oni to the Shoggoth. The Experiment yielded unexpected results, The Shoggoth had created an independent creature similar to a Spawn but with full control of its own form that it named "Chimera". However with the Oni it made what resembled a tall muscular human with light gray skin intoned with magic and capable of self repair from massive damage, This creature would be called the "Homunculus". Both creatures were capable of controlled mutation and immune to Purify, finally we have a force that can accomplish our goals. Still the metallic skin of that vampire kiba irradiates with the growing demonic spread beyond what is stable, I will have to make a limiter for her that will drain the excess corruption from her least we lose our only tested general. Or at least that's my excess for saving her, a God fond of the company of a Demigod puzzles me greatly. -Lex Kench Entry 8



This is the Personal Experimentation Log of Lex Kench, It appears my greatest creation is here and Vissarionovich fancies himself an uncle to a living pile of stone. Just before the plan was ready to take off that damn demon just had to derail my plans, Vissarionovich had it not been for me you would have been erased from existence a millennia ago! Studying the child it seems to be a living humanoid made of stone, can't determine what it's "beard" is made from but it is nigh indestructible. It stops growing at a certain height making it relatively short but it is no less deadlier than an oni in combat, if my goal wasn't delayed enough I now have a Suijani "understudy" to help with a project too tempting to pass up on. Once this last experiment is complete it will be back to my original task, everything I have done has been for nothing if I fail now. Maybe leaving behind my child and a protege with Anubis could be the only "good" thing I do for this world, maybe not the only thing if I succeed. "Mountain Dwarf" Nanus Mons, the ultimate creation of mine shall be my parting gift to this world. -Lex Kench Final Entry












Scurvy Ghouls



Possessed Undead

Demon Mannequins

Demonic Apparition







Changeling Spawn

Changeling Mutant

Changeling Shoggoth

Changeling Mimic

Mountain Dwarf

These are all the creatures associated with the God Lex Kench.



You've made a lot of posts here, anon. I'd recommend using Pastebin(/Ghostbin/Hastebin/Google Docs) for the text on each subject and then using your posts to link each Pastebin rather than fitting each block of text into the board's text limits by breaking them up into as many posts as you've been making for each one of them.



Honestly I don't know how to pastebin, sorry about that. How would I go about doing that?



How new are you? Just go to the website and you'll figure it out immediately.

sage for offtopic


File: 766c86f7a3f736d⋯.jpg (42.7 KB, 504x360, 7:5, Prototype Gunstave.jpg)

File: 9452d6f85fcb104⋯.jpg (175.08 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Helbard copy.jpg)

File: 6d840c33dd1f193⋯.jpg (232.3 KB, 1008x720, 7:5, Prototype Cannon Wheel Ham….jpg)


I'll look into it, right now balancing a move and job hunting so it's been hell of a time. I won't be here much longer and wanted to get down atleast "half" of what I got down, this passion project been all I got left yet I don't even know what to do with it. Drunk right now so just stupid enough to even say this shit. Hope you guys at least got a laugh from the artwork, that I do see as the closet accomplishment thus far made. I won't waste this post so here's some "prototype" weapons I made awhile back. A revolver Saxon Voulge combined staff, mechanical halberd and the cannon wheel hammer (the pyramids are sensor triggers). these weapons belong to the Duelist Guild Faction.


File: 3d496098401a5a8⋯.jpg (864.79 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, The Locker.jpg)

Here's the latest ship made, it might be my finest yet. This one is a "boss" ship based upon prison with hints to the current owner, I present to you...

The Locker

This ship was once under command of The Commodore, now acts as a prison and home too much darker forces at work with The Tyrant. Sink it if you dare, yet their maybe someone inside worth rescuing if you decide to brave the horrors on-board.



Really, I'd recommend Google Docs so you could embed your images and etc directly into the text.



I really appreciate the advice anon I'll look into it.


Last hours gentlemen before I have to go off for awhile so I felt I wanted to give some random facts on my setting. Suijani Elves function like greek heros/demigods, submersed in the native culture but more than mere man like Hercules and Elves are younger then humanity as a race. The focus on mercenary factions instead of "armies" was to allow any alliance to be plausible and to keep them unique specialist with the rules being more about how many merc warbands each person has instead of just one army. That being said I was going to balance said factions with number over damage potential, spell castor factions would be smaller in numbers basically but could be armed with a spell per unit depending on weapon.

Some of the races have a combat system based on wrestling moves; a Howler ambushing a Bilgewater Troll from the jungle trees performs a Tornado DDT to stun the much larger foe as means to make an escape or a Deathfin Chokeslams an Oni thru a bridge on to later have that Oni ambush him with a surprise Slingshot DDT near some railing. I have quite a bit I haven't shared but going to use the Google Docs for that. I'm in a crazy time right now and don't know for sure when I'll be back on. -KL


File: 1da42c3f31977ec⋯.jpg (23.49 KB, 599x400, 599:400, 12472319_1054832137889014_….jpg)

>open Google Docs

>find old documents from a brony I knew who committed suicide last year.

>pony meat business

Well now I know how it feels opening a long forgotten tome of evil.


File: 08485fb7475442c⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1600x1000, 8:5, The Poseidon.jpg)

File: 2ded6ff36c2d7ff⋯.jpg (445.79 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Murky Stalker.jpg)

File: 2ac6dfb8194fff3⋯.jpg (191.51 KB, 600x429, 200:143, The Seashell Blueprint.jpg)

File: 382a219764bb2af⋯.jpg (344.6 KB, 666x666, 1:1, Whaler Marine.jpg)

After one hellish move I've been able to get back to development on the setting, any feedback for me will be necessary. -KL

The Poseidon

This Submarine was created by The Essex Clan of the Cult of Might, It was created with Demon corpses infused into the metal for it's Hull and Graveheart Reactor. Poseidon's Demonic propeller systems can grant it flight if necessary but only for a short period of time. The Poseidon has a devastating naval charge with a "boarding beak" transportation chamber, however it has to rely upon Seashell Sea-Tanks for ranged defense as it can only ram into enemies. The Crew of the Poseidon are split up into Whaler Marines for monster hunting and Submariners for overtaking ships. Nemo Essex created the Poseidon in hopes of tracking down and killing an ancient Murky Stalker responsible for the murder of his wife, Pearl Essex. Poseidon's Captain and First-mate are the Essex Brothers, Avatars of Might once crippled during the Murdering of Pearl by a creature known as Caligineus The Aboleth. Ahab Essex the Crab would lose both legs needing prosthetic legs while Jonah Essex the Scorpion was rendered paraplegic, when becoming Avatars of Might from the Demonic armor Jonah grew a tail and got back the use of his legs while Ahab grew six new legs. The Seashell Sea-Tank's Cannons fire long ranged Concentrated Ki energy in various forms but lacks the defensive power of the Demon Infused Armored Hull of the Poseidon.



Christ, that sounds like a tragic story if I've ever heard one.


File: 660852ad61c6221⋯.jpg (238.12 KB, 900x1281, 300:427, Gateway to equestria_97042….jpg)

File: deee1c0c8aa23ce⋯.jpg (64.99 KB, 1024x534, 512:267, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd….jpg)


he was going blind and decided to use the bag&belt method, same year I got laid off from the company I worked for in mass closings and haven't been able to find work since. Now all I got is 3 cats and this project to keep me from following suit, I just want to give my work the best chance it can to succeed. I have only posted anything I made here thus far, everything I have made was done alone without a dime.


The world alone is nothing without good execution. It's content not context that matters.

I have seen read plenty of synopsis which sounded really cool only to checkout the product and find it hellaciously cheesy.

On world building in general...

Tolkien sucks. He knocked off Wagner's Ring Cycle and obsessed over irrelevant details like the languages of fictional people and maps. No one's story was made great or terrible because of the quality of its' map or fictional language. Yet many fantasy writers lack the imagination to do something other than knock-off Tolkien and so feel compelled to make detailed maps no one will reference and languages no one will learn. Such content's a good sign an author has their priorities completely wrong, like that fa­ggot who made Pathfinder going on about the correct pronunciation of his pseudo-gaelic bullsh­it.



Wise words, I'm only here to ask for help in the execution.


Should I just explain the ideas in full for the Setting and Game? Like what time period each campaign takes place in or the theme of each Act? -KL



>liked synopsis

>didn't like actual world

In other words the world is what was important, not the blurb. You've actually countered your own claim.


File: 58ef31a10a75442⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 220x345, 44:69, 220px-Moby_Dick_final_chas….jpg)

Ok I've decided how to do this, request what you want to know about the game&setting I'm making and depending on what you ask I'll either give a quick response or make a Document with Google Docs, this way I don't take up too much of the thread anymore. At the moment I've trying to figure out a system for boarding crew combat so I'll also take suggestions if you want to discuss the incomplete combat systems or whatever. I'll also be refining some of the "artwork" at some point but right now most focused on some recent additions and figuring the ruleset. On the off chance you guys just want specific details or have other related questions I'll answer those too. -KL


File: 83cadf1f5835c7f⋯.jpg (59.65 KB, 404x600, 101:150, 1568067-102_1.jpg)

I have for you guys an overview of working projects and pretty much what I'm either trying to do or what I have planned to do when I'm done the current projects. Pretty much just have to make the rule-sets for the fleet game before I can continue working on it unless I think to add something. I'll link the Google Docs link if there's anyone interested in it. -KL




You can have the most generic knight-saves-princess-from-dragon story ever, replete with kind wizards and crackling witches and if the author writes decently, I'll enjoy it from cover to cover.

Each time I check worldbuilding videos (a new found masochistic fetish of mine), the advice boils down to "don't add X, X has been done many times before".

The fantasy is in a self-referential stagnation, where everybody already knows all the pre-estabilished tropes and doesn't read for the sake of actual good writing but rather for original settings. It's like an addict that seeks higher doses, it's not about how the author writes and strings the story along while keeping the viewer interested, it's about if his elves are more original than other elves.

>This guy's elves are matriarchate forest dwellers? Well MY elves ride turtles and reproduce by laying eggs while doing handstands!

Nobody really tries to understand why we find tall blonde and kind immortals appealing, and the archetypal role they hold in stories since time immemorial. It's all about subverting it as far away from the concept as possible, to the point where only hardcore genre fiction readers will appreciate the subtle commentary you did by making them transexual space lizards.


File: dce761507d95160⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1600x1000, 8:5, The Phlegethon.jpg)

My depression got the better of me so I'm working overtime tonight, dropping the latest ships made in rapid succession. -KL

The Phlegethon

The Occult ship made by the Lich-Gods themselves, this Man-of-War uses Specters in place of sails and holds the accursed flame upon its hull. The Karma Cairn allows for more Specters to aid in the fleet including the Legendary Hero Wraiths. The Haunted cannons upon this vessel only damages the living, while the ghostly ship uses its Anchors to destroy other ships as well as monstrous creatures.


File: 6206a164d8f8d62⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Bane of the Gods.jpg)

The Bane of the Gods

The Mages Guild imbued special magics into their ship allowing for the use of various portals, while Invoker Cannons fire cannonballs laced with spells from the mages themselves. The Winding Way Roundabout allows for the Bane of the Gods to fire both broadsides at a single target at the expense of the other defensive maneuvers.


File: ac6f6aa783db6f6⋯.jpg (847.49 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, The Oathbringer.jpg)

The Oathbringer

The Masterpiece of Angela Witchink, The Judges bring Devastation in the form of Runic Cannons and The Broken Scale Rune Anvil Trebuchets. The magnificent Seawings and Sails have had the Rune of Winds woven into them allowing for flight.


File: 8668fc0c4dc3da9⋯.jpg (309.74 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, The Dragon Prometheus.jpg)

The Prometheus

Housing the Elite officers of the Dragon's Dagger, to be aboard the Prometheus is the closest thing any of the members will ever see of freedom again. One of the fastest ship on the ocean the Prometheus is king at hit and run tactics, Using Breath of Fire Slingshot to set alight enemy vessels and leave them burning only to turn back around for another drive-by until nothing remains. With Nero Tankers and deployable boarding boats the Prometheus can prove to be a formidable force of chaotic destruction.


File: d5fe09043ca385b⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Altar of Gemini.jpg)

The Altar of Gemini

The Holy Order fed up with the constant pirate activity and specific targeting of their ships converted mid-construction what would have been the latest Gemini Cruise-liner and built this instead. A testament to the power of the Gemini Twins, Bastet and Sekhmet, this Relic Auxiliary Cruiser has been blessed with the most powerful Interventions and Divinations comparable to the direct powers of the goddesses themselves. Almighty Intervention Blizzard causes Icebergs to form trailing behind. Almighty Intervention Fog is always in effect since the Altar set sail, gently floating upon a layer of cloud just on the surface of the water. The Almighty Intervention Light is a protective halo that disintegrates all external forces that reaches its defensive field. The Almighty Divination Light calls forth power from the heavens in a cataclysmic shower. The Altar is defended with Gemini Totems and Gemini Shrines taking the place of cannon placements or mounted weaponry.

Once I have all the Capital Ships visuals made I'll release the Production Notes, I want it to make the most sense as far as when people see it. -KL


File: 147b008c3b94cf4⋯.jpg (938.59 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, The Jade Mother.jpg)

The Jade Mother

Sacred Vessel of the Serpent's Chosen, It acts as the hatchery to many species related to the gods. From the Magma Wyverns to the Glacial Sea Amphipteres, the Jade Mother will travel all across the ocean to bring the protected young to habitats suitable to their needs. Often Snakes, Electric Ripper Eels and Salamanders take up permanent residence in the Jade Mother usually defending her with their lives. Midori Hakobune The Pirate Hunter has been entrusted with the Jade Mother, often hanging anyone caught aboard trying to run off with the precious cargo.






Anon, this is some outsider art shit right here.


File: 08c99db4f5578d4⋯.jpg (136.01 KB, 599x740, 599:740, moby-dick-english-school.jpg)


I'll take it as a compliment, Thanks Anon. Can you believe I may have never had gotten this far if it wasn't for a waitress I knew becoming interested in my project, I started making artwork so she could have an idea of what I was working on because words weren't gonna be enough to explain these bastards. I guess she's my first fan, but since the move I don't get to see her as often so that's why I'm trying to make things work. Maybe if this game does go somewhere and I'm not a broke I can try asking here out but the way my life goes that might be a fantasy not even I can imagine anymore. I truly believe this Game and Setting are my only hope left to make something of myself, just encase anything happens to me I will have someone drop all the author's notes and files directly related to the setting. Pretty much I want you guys to have it if I die before I can continue to make it work or atleast finish anything on note. In the meantime once all Capital Ships have been made I'm dropping the Production Notes, I really have no clue how anyone else sees my creation so I'm hoping for any feedback at all. -KL


File: 60ad94ca1e840a9⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Rip Van Winkle.jpg)

The Rip Van Winkle

Sent back in time by The God Sobek on a mission of utmost importance, The Children of the Gods must find Charybdis at all cost before the great calamity of their time unravels yet again. Using advancements from their time and accompanied by the time guardians the Rip Van Winkle is prepared to do whatever it take to change the course of history. The Wrighteous Wing airplane and Helicopters of House Harlequin provide swarming devastation, while the Skytrain from the House of the Maiden harbors in all the important spell castors raining death from above. When a scout it needed that can deal with any threat the Lotus Mantis of House Frankenstein is brought in.


File: 9d693d8479a9d6d⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Sultan's Sorrow.jpg)

The Sultan's Sorrow

Once owned by the Vizier, The Sultan's Sorrow has found herself in control of the Family of the Deep. With powerful weathermancy and sea-creatures alike this Boss ship will be a tough encounter. The 4 Guardians of the Sultan's Sorrow are a Shellback Kraken, a Skyward Kraken, a Murky Stalker and a Landrover Kraken. Sea-Manticores flock to the ship in mass during crisis, and even the Militant Merchants will take their Xebecs to defend the treasure-ship and the vast wealth they stored in her.


File: 599d6a02ea6dac7⋯.jpg (721.03 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, The Yuletide.jpg)

The Yuletide Fleet

The mysterious ships from the future bring set out on a mission, one of revenge answered by the God Typhon. Unlike the Rip Van Winkle this fleet won't seek to return from whence they came, all will be revealed with them in time though. When the cold air howls and the fury of winter spreads beyond it's season then you know, The Yuletide is upon you.

That makes the last of the Capital Ships done, all 20 factions will be playable with lore detailing potential story developments as time goes along. Anons be honest just how bad is it? -KL



I enjoy your enthusiasm, and the effort you have put into it is remarkable. It is a bit like old fantasy novels and the crazy anime: kitchen sink and everything else in one hodgepog collective, which leaves you free to run games in any wild ride of an adventure.

Use Google Docs or something similar instead of spamming it all here. I can understand the need to let it all loose since that allows you to solidify details that might never have been noticed before. The dump is exceedingly laborious to follow, as it is a wall of paragraphs.






Hahaha this shit is fucking great!

Are you going to make a website for this? Like on neocities? Heck You know what I might just go make one for you!


I made a site for you on neocities, just put in karllupex in both login fields and make sure to switch the password once you claimed it.




You're way too eager and spastic about this, but you've got spirit, I'll give you that.


File: a0d8edab00a045f⋯.jpg (240.78 KB, 840x543, 280:181, Sith Dubs.jpg)



You are a blessing anon, Here is my Production Notes.



From here on out it's going to be thru Google Docs, Pic Related. -KL



I couldn't get in the website for some reason but thanks for the assistance it is much appreciated.


Is it possible to make a country where 3+ different groups within it of roughly equal strength will jump to kill each other as soon as breaks up without using religion, race or magic and seem plausable?


Thank you maniqqa. I dig your one piece on roids, autism and DnD.


All depends on if you have the imagination for it.

History has seen various groups in one country go full ham over succession, blood fueds, things of great intrinsic value, land, love, fear, espionage (external forces inciting shit), riots, revolution, natural disasters.

What makes sense in your setting famalicious?


File: 4f56489edbc8c21⋯.jpg (149.53 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 71a0-NIfPWL._SL1000_.jpg)

I made passing mention of a Monster Combat System based off wrestling, well it took all-night but I made a Doc with hyperlinks of all the monsters and their move-sets.


also a few new Images over in the production notes along with the blueprints of what the yuletide will be based off of.


I have a working idea for how to implement the boarding combat system, so working on that and more to come soon. -KL


File: dca23a4837584d0⋯.png (21.73 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Emblem.png)

File: 165ad0fa5894f24⋯.png (3.07 MB, 3308x3522, 1654:1761, hand drawn map.png)

File: 1d1ff23612aea66⋯.png (1.13 MB, 2182x3308, 1091:1654, new old map.png)

I have a world I've been working on for several years. Here are a few maps and illustrations.

The idea originally began as a pseudo-Minoan Bronze Age culture, in a sort of Earth-but-not. I have very limited "fantasy elements" but interestingly as I've developed the setting, this ended up being reflected in the actual lore - as time goes on, there is more and more magic, fantastical things, etc. Essentially, in-lore, the fabric that divides the Divine from the Profane is unraveling. The world mostly focuses around the Gulf, a long body of water, on which most civilizations of note have formed, with some exceptions I honestly haven't put much work into.


File: 44244f4ad31d42c⋯.png (1001.88 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, mercator-hexmap.png)