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File: 897999c91404f07⋯.png (5.54 MB, 1623x2119, 1623:2119, Hall of Speakers.png)


The old thread has gone past 500 posts. It can be found here: >>347762

If you want to talk about out-of-game politics for /tg/ games, you post it here instead of shitting up the board by making another thread.



Key points to really emphasize up front before info dumping on anyone, just in case you're not the only guy making an infographic

>MtG holds numerous sanctioned/official events, sometimes several in a week at game stores

>Most of these events are big deals for the stores that hold them (as they create incentive to sell more cardboard)

>Official MtG events require judges there to act as referee and make sure the rules are being followed

>Being a judge is a volunteer position, but there is a certification process which determines what sort of events a Judge is allowed to oversee

>Becoming a Cerifified MtG judge requires no background check, nor are judges required to report if they've been convicted of certain crimes upon applying

>Wizards of the Coast, the company which makes MtG, claims to be very strict about their code of conduct for events and competitive play, even going to far as to issue lifetime bans over relatively minor incidents.

>In spite of this, WotC does nothing to uphold the same level of professionalism in their judges, who attend numerous events as part of the Judge Program and as representatives of the community

>Several high level judges have been discovered to have sexual assault charges, some involving minors, amongst other serious crimes

>In some cases, this went unnoticed and completely unaddressed by WotC for years


File: a025db1b2a53ff5⋯.jpg (15.07 KB, 255x255, 1:1, piccolo's out.jpg)

>derailing the politics thread with RPGshit



Derailing it with the same old caster supremacy discussion we've had for years now. Makes me wonder if some of these posts aren't just copy-pasta'd from cuckchan. We know that there's faggots who are constantly watching both /pol/'s to try and mobilize counter-ops and disruption tactics. We also know that there's a definite SJW presence on cuck/tg/ that's trying to derail any thread about the topic of WotC and their pedo judges. They mass-flagged Unsleeved's channel after he put out his first video about pedos and rapists going un-banned from MtG.

That might be a bit too paranoid, but I have to wonder what kind of dumb sacks of shit would do this. Do cuckchan rapefugees not even read the OP before hurrying to post in a thread?


File: 195663133469063⋯.png (2.59 KB, 324x451, 324:451, inhales.png)


Next time, I'm just handing out bans.



For what? The link is broken



Works fine for me. Try refreshing?


What are some good western board games or RPG's beyond GURPS that aren't pozzed?


File: 3f10b343a24c07b⋯.jpg (568.69 KB, 1460x897, 1460:897, 20170818_212945_HDR.jpg)


The stuff Crafty Games makes is relatively free of any kool-aid stains. I know personally that one of the designers behind it can be a bit of a lefty windbag and spends too much time on facebook whining about Trump, but Fantasy Craft and the Mistborn RPG are both devoid of any gender politics or grandstanding about the hobby being a tool for womyn of color to fight the patriarchy or any shit like that. Unfortunately, that might be the line in the sand you have to draw: A minimal amount of political whining, kept a respectable distance away from the product.



For RPG's your stuck with most things written suitably far in the past and MYFAROG. Board games are a different beast since Asmodée has been consolidating the major board games companies (they merged with Fantasy Flight, Days of Wonder, and bought the rights to Catan). These are too big not to virtue signal. Independent companies mostly sell niche products and don't need to signal because normalfags aren't their market. However independent stuff can still have designers who drank the koolaid, so do your research if it's important to you.


>>353444 checked.




File: 1cb79a0134c74f0⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 613x390, 613:390, Capture.JPG)

File: 362340abd358999⋯.jpg (52.43 KB, 786x895, 786:895, b95f13839ebe6049ae4b99ad82….jpg)

Pedos of the coast went international apparently.

This one looks like Kurt Ichenwald lol



File: fe4b846eadc6492⋯.png (14.46 KB, 594x81, 22:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a1b354136fa6833⋯.png (261.09 KB, 312x445, 312:445, ClipboardImage.png)







>WotC banned 140 people on January 4

>almost doubling the DCI suspended list

Thankfully someone knew how to archive. It seems very suspicious to me. Has anyone researched the people mass banned? It's feels like damage control, but are they banning sex offenders or people who disagree with them?


File: e0227a2b1f370bd⋯.jpg (117.99 KB, 987x559, 987:559, DSzd6KyU8AEVEwi.jpg)

Took me 40 minutes to stop laughing.



Now this is clever.. Hadn't considered using question and answer sites to sow the meme seeds to get the public wondering about this sort of thing.


File: 60df9a727aab0f6⋯.png (104.77 KB, 540x861, 180:287, Screenshot_2018-01-05-18-2….png)


Am I reading this wrong or are you just blind? Because only 2 of these bans are dated 2018. Going to the mothership shows 9 DCI bans filed on January 2nd.



The archive only has the first page. Read the bottom for the total number of bans.



>stuff that isn't pozzed

It kinda depends on your definition. I'd say most games that were made few years ago are pretty safe. On the other hand, some people would argue that stuff like WoD, most fantasy and everything cyberpunk related was always pozzed.



Honestly I feel like the best solution would be to make our own at this point.

I'm working on a couple of games myself, but progress is slow.


File: b6ec1c6e68fe49b⋯.png (670.89 KB, 540x747, 60:83, ClipboardImage.png)



>non pozzed

>written suitably far in the past

I guess there's a lot of older games that aren't pozzed. You could give Mazes & Minotaurs a try. It's old, doesn't seem pozzed and it's free.


I haven't really read it yet. It's the next thing on my list.


That's what reminded me of M&M, since that also has the Vikings & Valkyries alternate setting. I'm currently reading through MYFAROG. Sorry, but so far I really don't see why people love it so much.



Self-publishing and digital distribution is easier than ever these days. Although, formatting and designing books for PDFs is kind of a whole 'nother set of skills unto itself… But that shouldn't stop anyone from trying. There's no reason we can't have more games and systems.




People like it because Varg wrote it (to educate his very young children in basic sums and scand history) and because of muh vikings.

It has too narrow a focus to have broad appeal I think.



More than 1 reason to derail a thread mate. Maybe someone got some info spoiled they would like to keep out of the public eye



Don't support these people at all. It doesn't matter if they interject the content into the game. The fact that they're making enough money to spend time on facebook spreading leftism is a problem. Don't enable it.


They're all 6 months bans which is weird.


Problem is getting any where. It's a shit load of work and then if no one even touches it why did you bother?


Varg is a NEET larper on youtube. He has his little e celeb cult who shill it for him. Take it for what it is.


File: 1adc0f2d9d15153⋯.png (68.8 KB, 398x156, 199:78, greeks.PNG)


It actually has a very broad focus, in my opinion to its detriment. In the default setting almost every culture of Europe is somehow represented in what's supposed to be a small slice of scandinavia, pic related. The whole game suffers from being too political because it comes off as very forced. It's about european mythology but instead of a golden age it presents a land wracked with the same problems as modern europe.


I like it because the combat just feels right to me. It's very crunchy and seems grounded in reality, but it's not unplayable.


>using larper as an insult on /tg/

I don't have a smug enough anime girl for this

In other news, Unsleeved Media is up to 12 sex offenders with no end in sight. People are starting to meme it towards normalfags. I saw a post on one of the many question forums about how to protect your children from predators at MtG events. Normalfags already have a stereotype of gamers being creepy hambeasts so it shouldn't be hard to push that angle.



>The fact that they're making enough money to spend time on facebook spreading leftism is a problem.

I can tell you that they do not make enough money. The company is only a couple guys and neither of them have any kind of social media reach or strong online presence. It's more like watching your parents whine about what they heard on the news on facebook, rather than some marxist professor telling you that chromosomes don't determine sex.



Larper has always been an insult. If you weren't such a larper yourself you would know in the hierarchy of nerds larpers are seen as equal to furries.



But that's wrong you fucking retard



Fuck off larper. There has never been a point where running round a wood with a foam sword hasn't been incredibly lame and mocked.



But he's right, the only people lower than LARPers are Harry Potter and Warhammer 40k fans.



Does Harry Potter fans also include superwholock fans?


File: 95ec70aea6bf7df⋯.gif (148.85 KB, 1024x595, 1024:595, geeks.gif)



The whole doctor who/harry potter thing is relatively new and isn't accounted for in the hierarchy since they're not permanent residence.

People who read sci fi are higher than people who watch sci fi. People who watch Trek are over those who watch wars.

This chart isn't great but it gives a nice rough estimation of where stuff sits.

I would consider the doctor who types to be 1 step above furries but then they could also just be thrown into the erotic fanfiction grouping.



Honestly without that very last sentence this could easily be a legitimate comment.


>People who watch Trek are over those who watch wars.

Star Wars is pretty much normalfag tier. Trekkies are definitely less "geeky" at this point, no matter how they want to delude themselves.



MYFAROG has a combat system which sits in an uncomfortable boundary between a games like Rolemaster and your standard OSR in regards to crunch - something that lacks the freeform nature of the games Varg wanted to emulate, but not complex enough to be meme-worthy.

Setting-wise, it doesn't draw a lot of appeal because of Varg's focus on "high-born" individuals in the fluff. The pro-aristocrat tone is a very strong contrast to the fantasy that most people like - the "common man's hero" who rises up to save his people. That's setting aside the racial/gender problems that tend to rile up normalfags - real autists focus on portrayals of socioeconomic classes.



This was pre-geek fad. Basically it means loser in this context.


File: 04148b5d0f78843⋯.jpg (45.83 KB, 411x512, 411:512, Martel.jpg)


>real autists focus on portrayals of socioeconomic classes.

Only the unwashed proletarian "autists". The real elite autisté knows full well to appreciate heroic spirit inherent in the superior classes of man.



*unsheathes nerf bat*

*waddles behind you*

I'm with you brother





>Trekkies are MORE "geeky" at this point


The elite are scum, and have always been scum. Their role has always been leech off the masses and send them to their deaths for the sake of settling petty squabbles, to foul themselves genetically through inbreeding or else create a foreign bloodline with no ties to the land they govern, to mismanage the lands under their protection resulting in famines and civil strife, and to engage in wanton sin for the sake of self-pleasure.

The common man on the other hand is physically and mentally tough from his hard labors, capable of proper animal and agricultural husbandry for the sake of feeding himself, in tune with both the natural world around him and the God in heaven through work and prayer, and so competent in his tools that me might match a noble-born in combat with no more than field equipment.


File: 082ba5675c52eb2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 39.59 KB, 737x349, 737:349, ClipboardImage.png)


As an erotic furry, I have enough decency to keep it to myself, except when topical (such as when discussing pic related).

Otherwise, I'd fall into videogames/anime subtitled groups.



>for the sake of settling petty squabbles

You misspelled "genetic hygiene".



Still ovenworthy.



But sex toys aren't for baking!


File: 7235c39ef43ef2e⋯.jpg (18.75 KB, 210x321, 70:107, eshygddt.jpg)


I'd suggest you try to wrangle your copy of the communist manifesto out from the cum-stained depths of your colon and then take a less biased look at history.



>erotic furry

>only a 6" dildo

You're only starting out, aren't you?


File: 6dcd4daeff746eb⋯.jpg (11.54 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1469827972062-2.jpg)


>anti-elite = commie

>implying any authoritarianism is good

The absolute state of monarcucks, everyone.



I've been on FA for maybe 8 years, but I don't have an OC. I bought a few dragon dildos a number of years ago, but it's been number of years since I used them.



How many dildos, dragon or otherwise, could a human possibly need, Satan? For every day of the week or so that you can hop from small to big to train yourself to take the biggest one in one go?



Depends on what you want, really. Some are plugs for extended play, or wearing passively while you putter around at home, some are for widening, some are for texture, versus thrusting, etc.


File: c3d135ee73d3b18⋯.jpg (67.21 KB, 784x1000, 98:125, smugkoume.jpg)


Yes, being anti-elite in principle is literally communism.

Being against the degenerate satanic globalist pedo sex cult etcetera elites we have today is another matter, but thinking there is zero qualitative difference between people and that the common cattle is fit to run a government means you're right at home with the shitlibs, commies and sodomites like our subhuman furfag friend in here.

What we need is a traditional, principled ruling caste like the Brahmin or Kshatriya that are above the plebes without being degenerate tyrants.



The texture for just wearing, I guess? I've seen too much shit on the internet and I imagine that certain forms can't be comfortable with repeated insertion and removal. Or do you play stuff with randomly generated assignments to get yourself off?


File: 795f4930ea564ca⋯.jpeg (35.31 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 795f4930ea564ca6198ad14dd….jpeg)


The fundamental flaw with your proposition is that genetics do not work like. Study history and you'll see this recognizable pattern:

>charismatic man rises from either the upper-middle or lower-upper class

>rallies the nation together to be stronger than ever


>descendants almost immediately begin to shit everything up

Greatness is a quality that arises from the individual. It is a matter of innate qualities tempered by circumstance. It cannot be taught through schooling, it cannot be bred through genetic lines, and it cannot be sustained through the generations. This is the fate of every autocratic nation: To be driven to ruin by its own rulers.

It is the right of the people to decide their own fate for themselves - to elect their own representatives, to war for their own intention.


File: 4a68bcf8899e85a⋯.jpg (113.13 KB, 589x599, 589:599, 48285.jpg)


No, genetics shouldn't be a problem. Genetic superiority might have mattered in a multiracial empire like ancient India, but in the ideal ethnostate based on the same European stock, superiority would come more from the traditions, spirituality, rights and duties inherent to the ruling class.

You are only objecting to hereditary positions. If you have a large pool of nobles, or whatever you want to call them, that are all instilled with the same values and principles, you can elect the leader from within their ranks, or even create a form of noble council government. The point is that the leaders ought to be inherently superior to the masses. Even today people largely expect it to be so, which is why people keep getting pissed at corruption even if we have degenerate "democratic" regimes full of cheats and charlatans.

>It is the right of the people

By whose word? Marx? The French revolutionaries? Plebs can say whatever the fuck they like when they hide behind "democracy". It's every man's right to get free heroin and dragon dildoes from the state, every child's right to forever mutilate their reproductive organs and turn into abhorrent monsters, every niggers' right to rape whenever he wants and everyone has an undeniable right to never ever be offended by anything, lest they be nazis, in which case they should all get shot.

This are the kinds of "rights" you espouse.


All you have said so far is that some people should just be allowed to rule, everyone should magically agree ob who's allowed to be part of their ranks and they should be self aware and enlightened enough to keep their genetics clean.

If that would all work out so nicely, I'm sure everybody would be on board with your idea. As it is, it sounds like some fantastical fairytale. Just as unlikely to happen as a communist society that actually works.


File: 180b95aa4d8f742⋯.jpg (76.59 KB, 900x900, 1:1, in with a yang.jpg)


The issue is that traditions and education alone are insufficient to ensure a superior nobility. And even if it were - why would you not educate everyone in the same means? The entire process is entirely arbitrary, and furthermore, restrictive to development. You can make an argument that scarcity of resources dictates only a portion of humanity can be chosen for enlightenment, but what of when those resources are expanded? Or when they are lost? In the former, history shows that those in power will never allow others to take power - and so human development will be stagnated by the very traditions that were meant to uplift it. In the more likely case of the latter, the burden of scarcity must then be forced upon the common man. Kept away from such concerns, the bond between noble and commoner is stretched further, for the former continues to live without worry while the latter suffers. The only possible result is a rebellion of arms - or else a mass purge. Such was the way the communists handled their inability to deal with scarcity, as have all authoritarians.

The fate of republican government is not much superior - corruption is a human condition. It is something that bleeds throughout man, regardless of circumstances. Yet this corruption is proportional only to the power given to those in governing positions. Consider the United States or Rome, in their early days in contrast to the latter. As the state grows in power, as it becomes more involved in business, so too does decay sit. This is a lesson which the early founders of these nations had not yet learned - that government must not merely be limited, it must be excessively limited. Every amendment, every bill, grows the state. Policies to curtail it are necessary. But when you place an aristocratic regime, this becomes impossible.

>It's every man's right to get free heroin and dragon dildoes from the state

>every child's right to forever mutilate their reproductive organs and turn into abhorrent monsters

>every niggers' right to rape whenever he wants and everyone has an undeniable right to never ever be offended by anything

No man has the right to claim things from the state - be it material possessions, or a birthright. He has the right to do abhorrent things to himself - but not to to bring harm to others. Offending is not harm. Rape is a form of harm. This is a matter of the law.

In contrast, the product of aristocratic regimes has been one where those in power have spoken against these matters, while ignoring those same rules themselves. Where the lust of a nobleman might claim a dozen women, while he at the same time puts men to death for the same deeds. The law is a matter meant to be equally applied to all - and this has never been the case in any autocratic state.

You speak of these things while imagining yourself a potential nobleman, deluding yourself from the truth - that a chance at "virtue" as you imagine it is nothing more than a simple lottery game. You are no different than the communists who imagine themselves governing things, while they themselves are fated to be the first ones put to death by the workers they claim to champion. In your arrogance you both make yourselves enemy to the human order - the eternal march toward the stars which can only be reached in a society where man's success is earned only through his merit.


File: ef142a01bcfe82e⋯.jpg (5.6 KB, 208x243, 208:243, 13600033_1335736139789573_….jpg)


A working communist society has never existed. Working traditional caste or nobility based systems have existed in a plethora of variations throughout all of human history.


Corruption is always a concern, but democracy makes it much more problematic. First of all it is infinitely easier for elected officials to cut and run, leaving the society they were supposed to lead in ruins while they saunter off to globalist NGOs with their ill-gotten gains. A traditional elite caste on the other hand, would have a vested interest in keeping their lands and nation functioning. Futhermore, a clearly defined elite wouldn't be able to just slink away from responsibility as a "ordinary man" once his term ends.

The only real issue is the danger of the elite caste as a whole degenerating, but this could potentially be solved with competition within the elites or a Kshatriya/Brahmin duality.

>This is a matter of the law.

Equally as worthless. By what authority does the law exist? Modern legal states are all based on elected officials, all influenced by degenerate NGOs and interest groups that smear their way with money or threats. We have laws that actively discriminate against the population in favour for foreign marauders, "hate speech" laws that punish people from merely offending people. This is the clown world that democracy eventually descends into.

Democracy could have been a good idea if the masses were smart enough and able to choose for themselves. But when they are reduced to cattle brainwashed by media propaganda controlled by the very same international filth that puppeteers the governments, it's a exercise in futility.

You're hardly one to speak of delusions if you can look at democracy and claim it's a good thing. You are merely parroting what your Jew overlords have instilled you with, democracy is great goy, it's your duty to vote, make sure to watch the talmudvision to see which candidate to vote for!



The thing about voting is that it mostly takes no time at all so you might as well do it while you try to restore monarchism or whatever it is that you want to do. Who knows, in theory something good could happen.



>be lolberg

>tfw enforcing your views would violate the NAP of those opposed, so you do nothing other than slathering your genitals with peanut butter so the dog consents


>It is the right of the people to decide their own fate for themselves - to elect their own representatives, to war for their own intention.

The same people too lazy to read labels, or fact-check?

Also, who provides that right, because those work two ways, if you have a right demand, someone needs to provide it.

And they should have the absolute power to plummet the country into ruin, because since there's a lot of shitty people, we should increase the chance that they get into power through lies and manipulations, other than let the few good men have it.


>wastes dubs on being delusional

Voters and their choices don't matter, only people who count the votes.

Even then (((foreign owned))) media can help you brainwash the populace into self-destruction.



Sure, the problem is that it's being sold as "democracy". Even if you somehow buy into the idea that authority comes from the unwashed masses, the current forms of democracy are nothing but a sadistic joke that only a shill of the current corrupt globohomo kike elites could condone.



My secret dream is to see just once an actual outsider be elected, maybe of the 1488/1776 variety for maximum hilarity, and watch him wreak real havoc on his nation's (((you know whos))). I know I'm likely to never see that happen but a man can dream.


File: 48d8a16d8ee29c2⋯.gif (3.51 MB, 284x211, 284:211, disgusted_macho_man.gif)


>Thank God we got all that discussion about Caster Edition and fixing it out of this thread and instead are enjoying this insight into the mind of degeneracy.



Democracy does not speed up corruption - it slows it down. In contrast to your delusions, autocracies change at the pace of their rulers, making them prone to rapid changes in both positive and negative directions. Democracy is a slow thing, for it is difficult to get people to agree to anything. It is for that reason that democracies do not immediately collapse, but wither over time. In this way they leave an opening for other governments to slip in - yet at the same time, they leave an opening to correction, if the people so will it. Thus those who would degenerate a democracy will seek to establish governments with such weight that they make it, by creating a web of laws which obscure simple governing - but this is a very simple fix, as simple as limiting the possibility of the governing body to make amendments.

>on the law

You pretend that this is the fault of republican government but you are a fool - everything you detail is a symptom of human society. You make a proposition of an alternative form of government and claim that it would erode these ancient demons of the mind of man, and yet are incapable of actually detailing how these will be prevented. You quite certainly have no historical basis to show it - for if such a virtuous government existed, we wold clearly have it as a basis from which to define others. Such is your folly.


>Also, who provides that right, because those work two ways, if you have a right demand, someone needs to provide it.

The right of the people comes from the people. It is an innate natural right. Man is born free and it is thus his right to remain free. To be provided anything else other than this liberty is not covered by this.

To evade poor governors, the solution is quite simple: limiting the power held by the governors. Consider the US, where the power of the state is far greater now than it was in the past. And as a result, the corruption in the nation is far greater. One must simply take that power from the state.


File: 06976cec73f5cf4⋯.jpg (60.49 KB, 750x537, 250:179, 06976cec73f5cf4c3aa9de30e4….jpg)


Again, the delusional one here is you. You paint all "autocracies" with broad strokes as if a soviet backed banana republic is the same as a centuries old traditional monarchic or caste based empire.

You also seem to be confused about the "autocrats" being synonymous with the law. The basic foundation for any of this to work is that they are bound by principles and traditions that limit their power. Spiritual or philosophical, the very point is that adherence to some ideology makes them better and more "noble" than the common man, and thus deserving of the responsibility of leadership. Historically, it is when the ruling casts eschew their principles that their system of governance degenerate. Ensuring that there is enough competition within the noble class, or checks from another caste, to enforce adherence to the principles is then required to keep the rulers' superiority intact. A Damocles' sword.

You fail to explain how a democratic government is supposed to be protected from corruption. Limiting amendments is pointless, as the laws are based on the will of the plebes and can thus be changed by the same, sooner or later someone will just cut through the red tape.

You also fail to account for the predatory nature of global political elites. When the Wallstreet jew has more in common with the Bolshevik jew than the real people of his nation, they would rather work together than serve the goyim, as history shows time and again.

>You pretend that this is the fault of republican government

No, the ten-generation rule is a common problem in most forms of governments, even traditional aristocratic ones, as I just mentioned.

The issue is that corruption is infinitely easier when all law and power is based on the will of the easily influenced cattle. You can deny reality all you like, but seeing how suddenly miscegenation, sodomy and genital mutilation of children (as long as it is done in the name of faggotry) has become accepted and protected by law should tell you all you need to know. If you push enough pozzed Buzzfeed listicles down the throats of the catladies and shitlib children, you suddenly have a horde of useful retards that will vote for whatever inhuman filth you have in mind. And then you can bus in all manners of foreign apes, rats and roaches to throw in some extra votes, and shout racism if anyone objects. This is how your beloved democracy works.

You say I have no historic basis? Look at how long India and China prospered with these kinds of governments. Yes, they went through ebbs and flows, but you could still trace the same line through the centuries until they fell to foreign colonial aggression. And in no fault of their own, I should add, as they would have little chance of stopping the juggernaut of European superiority and technology no matter what their governments were like.

>The right of the people comes from the people. It is an innate natural right.

And again, where does this come from? The assholes of the founding fathers and their French inspirations? "Freedom" is just a retarded buzzword, even in our most natural state we are not free, but slaves to the elements, our bodily needs and psychological makeups. Freedom is a luxury granted us by the guarantees of a functioning government, and then usually limited to some degree and paid for by our allegiance or taxes.


File: 4a08b5d7fb25ca8⋯.png (208.75 KB, 500x376, 125:94, b73ca5ef8f1572e8448b70bc2a….png)


There has never been a case in history where the ruling class has not thrown aside their ideals - especially when the promise of greater power exists. Competition will not solve this; indeed, competition between families, within families, have both proven historically to bring about internal struggle within the nobility. This is for a simple reason, the same reason which plagues republican governments- the death of the

>You fail to explain how a democratic government is supposed to be protected from corruption.

Bureaucracy. Democratic states move only at the speed at which culture shits, and even then, they are slowed by the pace at which a law must be passed. Consider the Imperial vs Metric system. To make the shift from the former to the latter was easy for many nations, because the state could make the decision without much objection. But in the US, this proved impossible, for the simple reason that not everyone, not every state, would come to agreement.

The same principle applies to republican government as a whole. It slows them down. This is the greatest loss of such states, but it is also its greatest advantage, for it prevents corruption from spreading. The United States had only the barest countermeasures against corruption, and yet naturally managed to resist it for over 135 years. And yet despite the last century having undermined much, it has nevertheless proven resistant to the same corruption that has plagued its fellows in the EU.

>When the Wallstreet jew has more in common with the Bolshevik jew than the real people of his nation, they would rather work together than serve the goyim, as history shows time and again.

Allow me to demonstrate your folly with a very simple change of words:

>When the English nobility have more in common with the French nobility than the real people of his nation, they would rather work together than serve the common folk, as history shows time and again.

Furthermore, because the latter relies on the personal dispositions of the rulers, there is an even greater tendency for these groups to enter into wars with each other as result of personal insults. The common man is ignored entirely, and forced to fight wars on behalf of the corrupt aristocracy.

Why should any man be forced to fight and die on behalf of another? Why should he leave his son without a father for the sake of a stranger?

>The issue is that corruption is infinitely easier when all law and power is based on the will of the easily influenced cattle.

This is incredibly false. Degeneracy breeds at the rate of human curiosity, and has always been found within the elites - the elites who, at the same time, prosecute it within the commoners. The difference is, when something is a taboo for the common folk, they as a collective will push against it, and prevent it from taking power. Keep in mind, even the hive of degeneracy that is California voted against fag marriage as late as a few years back - it was only by pressure from the elite, in violation of the rule of law, that this was changed.

Those who rise to power in republican states will be corrupt, as those born into it will be in autocratic states. The only difference is that while the former are limited by the resources it takes to influence the populate, the latter have no restrictions on the corruption they may allow.

>And then you can bus in all manners of foreign apes, rats and roaches to throw in some extra votes, and shout racism if anyone objects.

You pretend that open borders are somehow a requirement for a republican state. They are not.

>You say I have no historic basis? Look at how long India and China prospered with these kinds of governments.

Opinion immediately discarded. Chinese history can be defined as following a very simple trend: Man founds dynasty, China runs well, his kids take over, China runs less well, their kids take over, things get even worse, and eventually things go so poorly someone else arises, and the cycle continues on.

These governments have always fallen to corruption. They have always required another to step in and take power - someone who did so through their own merit and ability. Again proving the very simple fact that greatness is a trait which cannot be bred into a governing body.


>>353725 (cont)



>And again, where does this come from?

I may ask you the same - Who decides the ruling class? Who gives them the right to rule?

Is it the common man? If it is them, then does this not immediately put a flaw in your system equal to that of democracy?

Is it themselves? If this is so, why should a meritorious commoner not have the right to take power? Why should a man of demonstrably low quality not be stripped of aristocratic prestige? Who would judge this?

And if it is God? Then who is to say what God says? Perhaps God grants the right to self-rule. Perhaps he appoints aristocrats.

See now your own folly and weep. Further, I tell you this - government is an unnecessary factor. It is a symptom of the human need for defense - defense of borders, defense from foreign powers, maintenance of certain factors of infrastructure, trying criminals, etc. The community can of course provide these things on its own - it simply finds this matter of specialization more effective. But the simple fact is, people can operate effectively even in the absence of a state. This fact alone stands in contrast to your claim for the need of a ruling class.



Its themselves of course and its less of the fact that they are born into it as their heritage is but a gift, it is the will of the ruling class to rule and the ability to do so that puts them where they are. If humans really could live in communities and societies without leaders or a "ruling class" as you call them, then they would have a long time ago.


File: 1e0d016223472f0⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 8.48 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, leftypol.mp4)


are you really this retarded?

Do you believe in the concept Economy of Scale?

If you do (and you should) then you believe in government as the inevitable end result of your "communities". It goes likes this

>everyone has communities (which are presumably organized in some fashion which is totally not governments im giving you that one)

<Each community costs X

>Eventually two communities will cooperate to reduce costs. This gives them an immediate advantage despite the cost in turmoil. The savings can be spent on bombs or wars or whatever gives the best return on investments (probably wars) .

<When two communities collapse into a government like this it puts the rest of the regular communities at a disadvantage (they are paying more for less) Inevitably they begin to collapse into governments as multiple communities collapse, dictated by geography, language, trade and of course other governments (as seen in the build up to WWI etc).

As for who chooses the aristocrats

>We aint gotta choose nothing you faggot, they're already chosen. We've had haves and have nots for fucking Millennia and now you want to get stuck on this chicken and the egg bullshit first year poly-sci nonsense argument.

<Pic related, its the face of your community you cock sucking degenerates, why dont you go back there




Both of you are half right and half wrong, one thinks that freedom is inherently good and that a ruling class or state with order is bad while the other believes almost the opposite. Yet you both say lies and exagerations to prove your points but also point out valuable truths in your arguments.



Liberalism doesn't = libertarianism and looking at his arguements he doesn't seem dumb enough to be a marxist.


Could you faggots stop? This is about /tg/ politics not /pol/ politics. This is more of a political news thread than an ideology thread.


File: 402994ef689097c⋯.jpg (470.11 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, just do it.jpg)


>If humans really could live in communities and societies without leaders or a "ruling class" as you call them, then they would have a long time ago.

Humanity has created democratic government for well over 2000 years, and has functioned in smaller communities with little more than its elders acting as "governance" for far longer.

>it is the will of the ruling class to rule and the ability to do so that puts them where they are.


>We aint gotta choose nothing you faggot, they're already chosen. We've had haves and have nots for fucking Millennia and now you want to get stuck on this chicken and the egg bullshit first year poly-sci nonsense argument.

The entire concept is rendered ridiculous by the fact that, at this present moment, we do not have a "virtuous elite" - we only have a corrupt class of financial elites. So the question begged remain - Who determines these virtuous leaders? Who is to say that the ones who rise to power are virtuous? The simple fact is that what you're describing - a collective of virtuous individuals rising up and putting themselves into power - is impossible. You can, at best, hope that a single individual will rise to power, and form a dynasty. Yet it will not be men of equal status who he appoints - it will be sycophants and other lesser men.

Now, with regards to the economics discussion:

Individuals, not communities, determine what gets produced. The only time the community decides is in a socialist state, where the government commands the economy. But the free market, left to its own devises, will settle things just as well.

The reason governments form is this: scarcity. And when one person has something that another lacks, sometimes violence is a good way to take it. Further, people are attracted to those of like-minds - and so groups of the violent gather together. They target others, exploiting their resources, while doing no work for themselves.

So one of two things happens. The first is that individuals in a community pool resources together to train their own soldiers, perhaps prompted by a strong leader, to defend them from outside threats. The second is that these threats take over the community themselves, and become the government. These communities differ in origin, and yet both have the same result - the birth of the ruling, noble class. Either as protectors of the people, or as exploiters. This origin is the "traditions" you speak of. Unfortunately, in the long run, this never lasts. For political purposes, the ruling class interacts with its neighbors. Those who championed the people and those who oppressed the people blend into one, an entity of its own which exists only to maintain its own existence and its own privileges. And thus the seed of corruption grows to a tree, beautiful on the outside, but rotten on the inside.

><Pic related, its the face of your community you cock sucking degenerates, why dont you go back there

It's obvious that you realize you've lost the argument, since you've persisted in associating me with communists and leftists. A particularly amusing proposition, given that you both simply champion different flavors of tyranny.


>implying /pol/ talks about political ideology

It's political, it belongs in the political containment thread. At least it has /tg/ applications.



>A traditional elite caste on the other hand, would have a vested interest in keeping their lands and nation functioning.

I like how monarchists are just libertarians with a funny hat. Same tired old lies about rational self-interest being a viable national policy.


File: 956d8e1c49df5a6⋯.jpg (102.2 KB, 900x1357, 900:1357, but senpai, I hook from th….jpg)


>Same tired old lies about rational self-interest being a viable national policy.

Yes, this is why every capitalist society has collapsed and communism is the superior economic system.


File: a9bc447b0116902⋯.jpg (88.28 KB, 655x687, 655:687, yohanedisgust.jpg)


>Democratic states move only at the speed at which culture shits

No, it moves at the speed that the elites want, if this is a problem with traditional governments, it is at least as big a problem with democracy. Again, you must be utterly blind if you can't see this happening today. The elites have decided it is easier to elect a new population than to retain the graces of their original voters, and so we see the mass import of foreign rabble. In the US you can even see how the previous nigger administration placed immigrants specifically in opposing states with the aim to shift the demographics. These kind of globalist shenanigans to annihilate the natural population are infinitely more vile and evil than anything traditional governments are wont to do.

>And yet despite the last century having undermined much, it has nevertheless proven resistant to the same corruption that has plagued its fellows in the EU.

Again, you are in dire need of a reality check. The US is utterly corrupted with a web of jews, corrupt officials, corporations and international organizations whose sole function, at best, is to serve Mammon while the population languish. And in the worst cases, they actively work to genocide the white population.

>When the English nobility have more in common with the French nobility

This is a strawman. While not nearly as bad as my example, it is still something that should be avoided, globalism of any kind above national interests should be avoided at all costs. You will also do well to note that this trend is mostly European, where the cultures involved have been largely similar in the first place, similar problems aren't nearly as prevalent in other parts of the world. In addition, you seem to forget that the power of nobility is linked to land. Even if English and French aristocrats would conspire together, they would still have to satisfy their populace to avoid rebellion, modern globalist rats on the other hand, don't have this constraint.

>it was only by pressure from the elite, in violation of the rule of law, that this was changed.

Oh really? Then why do we see the dildo-waving hordes marching about? If this was a push from the democratic elites, they certainly managed to socially engineer the people to support it fast enough, cue the buzzfeed listicles of "15 things you won't believe will fit in your anus".

Also consider the reactions to faggotry-pushing in both cases. If a traditional noble government were to push this kind of thing with an iron fist, the people would seethe with just contempt and resentment, adding to the ticking bomb of revolution. Meanwhile, in the modern democratic regimes, even if the majority does not support it, the very functions of "democracy" and the media brainwash makes the masses think that this is a natural democratic decision. Consequently, they will largely grow to accept it, and the minority that does not can be painted by the elite media as evil undemocratic nazi bigots.

>The only difference is that while the former are limited by the resources it takes to influence the populate, the latter have no restrictions on the corruption they may allow.

Nope, I don't buy it. You cannot with a straight face claim that the "resources to influence the population" is somehow a limitation. Not when we live in the nightmarish clownworld of today. The cattle is influenced so fucking easily, it is a wonder they even have the IQ necessary to breathe on their own. It is only in these last couple of years that people have started to wake from their stupor, and then only because the white genocide has been pushed too hard, too fast, and people have started to notice inconvenient truths like constant terror attacks and the fact that 12 year old Afghan refugees are actually 30 year old terrorapists. And even then you have a sizeable portion of the population that is either so dumb or so evil that they are actively shilling for this shit. If the kikes hadn't overplayed their hand, people would have hardly noticed what was going on.

>Chinese history can be defined as following a very simple trend

You completely missed the point. The dynasties change, but the same kind of government continues. Again, this is the ten generation rule in practice. The next dynasty takes the Mandate of Heaven from their predecessor, this only proves my point.


File: f0ba6dafdee2113⋯.jpg (48.69 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ada0aac3cab5a87424748232e6….jpg)



>I may ask you the same

I already explained that. The will of God, the Mandate of Heaven, ancestral tradition, chivalric code, the specific form does not matter. What matters is that the power is seen as coming from the nobility adhering to some strict, supernatural principles that hones them into better men than the commoner.

The natural leader of a society is always the best man among them. You may claim you want a potato or a sub 70 IQ somalian woman to rule you, as long as they are democratically elected, but I don't believe you. People will never accept to be ruled by their inferiors, we seethe with righteous contempt at corruption and hypocrisy, and doubly so at those who would presume to lord above us. This is why we need our rulers to appear as our superiors. The moment you look at your leader and think "I could've done this" (Which is practically always in a democratic regime), he has lost his credibility.

>See now your own folly and weep

Nay, 'tis thee who are the fool, and a cur! Thou hast the honour of thine mother; a donkey! A knave such as thee is scarcely fit to clean the latrines, such is thine lack of virtue that even the rat abhors thine sight! Verily, I have observed thine wife copulating with dogs and moors, such is thine lack of manhood! Begone now with thine fellatious fables of plebeian governance, and learn to govern thine bowels before thou adresseth thine betters!



File: 7bef57e07766ac5⋯.png (278.47 KB, 500x604, 125:151, Le happy wizard.png)


The bans handed out between December and January were likely all the people banned for being part of the Magic for Bad Facebook group, which got Travis Woo banned (although he didn't actually do anything). In particular, WotC banned people who were part of the infamous P1P1 women draft shitpost (as in, they had commented on the post, period) and were in the screenshots all the crybully women and beta white knights took to expose the group.

I know this because, although I never joined that group, I was able to join the Magic for [B]ad 2.0 emoji emoji emoji group when it formed; near as I can tell, this group is the only one of the handful formed in the wake of Magic for Bad's closing which isn't full of moles and retards. I don't post much, but it's been useful to keep tabs on the people who do and follow the whole MagicGate situation.

I can find some pictures if you want.


File: e7b00d91c196c75⋯.jpg (34.25 KB, 294x452, 147:226, 480c5fbc6ab56872aa74f12c2a….jpg)



Let's break this down a bit for the sake of deconstruction:


1. The Mandate of Heaven

There can only be a Mandate of Heaven if there is a God. Otherwise there is nothing more than people claiming power. Accepting that there is a God, you must also prove that He desires there to be appointed rulers, and not for the people to have self-rule. Governments of both sorts have claimed to be ordained by God, yet there is no proof you can give that this is the case.

Assume you sever the Mandate of Heaven from God, and that it is simply an abstract principle - How does that explain the emergence of republican government? What does this mean? Did Washington take the Mandate of Heaven through violence, and just toss it aside? Did it fade away? Or did he grant it to the people? Place it in a Constitution? Is it still floating around out there, waiting for someone to take it up?

2. Superiority of People

I repeat this point strongly. There can only by three situations:

> People are inherently better than others by blood.

Genetics has proven this to be false. Better people are more likely to produce better children, yes, but environment is still required as a development step. Further, even the lowest of families can produce a child far greater than their parents, and the greatest can produce sub-standard offspring. This is biology, it is well studied, and it well documented through history.

>People are inherently better through being raised.

If this is the case, your noble caste is only better because they were born into that case. Yet if this is the case, I ask the question again - why would a society not choose to educate its entire people the same way? Given even a modicum of study into political theory, you would recognize that over 2000 years ago, Plato recognized that this was the case, and proposed that all people on society be given equivalent education - with those evaluated to be the best being selected for the role of Philosopher-Kings. Plato recognized the issues of lineage and was critical of democratic government, having lived under it. And he was a lot more clever in proposing a solution.

In any case, this goes back to the earlier point which you ignored: The only reason to place limitations on who is educated, under these circumstances, is because of scarcity of resources. But this fails to leave a solution for the expansion of resources or what should be done when those resources are compressed. And if the resources exist to educate the entire populace - Why have a noble class, and not a republican government?

>People are inherently better through virtue of position.

In this case, there is no difference between being born into or being elected into a position, and anyone who becomes a "leader" will immediately be elevated as a result. If anything, the elected leader will have a stronger will to power, since he had to at least go to some effort.

3. The Will to Power

Your argument rests upon the idea that an autocratic aristocracy will rise up under some great leader and take power. Yet this is clearly not happening - there is only you, here on the internet, arguing that it should happen. Now that's all fine, but what do you do if the next person who wants to "fix things" does what Washington did and helps to legitimize republican government? What do you do if

4. Corruption in the System

Your claims are that because the current republican system is corrupt, therefore therefore the whole concept of the system causes corruption. Yet when pointed to the fact that every dynasty throughout history has fallen to corruption, you claim that this is simply a rule of generations. Yet all you care about is the "good times", ignoring:

>the last days of a dynasty

Under a bad ruler the land itself suffers. The absolute power maintained by a true autocrat allows them to cause great damage to the land and people during their time in power. A mad ruler, given sufficient power, can quite literally demand his soldiers battle the sea itself, and see no consequences. This is far less impact than a republican government can demand.


The dynasty change is your way of claiming autocratic states correct themselves, and yet you ignore the potential of the same thing happening in republican states. If you use the example of Rome, it seems that republican governments are, in fact, the way by which you produce the strongest autocratic rulers - consider that a man like Julius Caesar was only able to do what he did because of the republican state. Had a man like himself been born 100 years after that point in similar circumstances, he could have done nothing.

Your entire argument is based on the idea that the present system is flawed, yet you are more than willing to ignore the corruption present in autocratic systems. You are nothing more than a hypocrite.


>>353812 (cont)

5. Will to Power

You champion the idea of a will to power being essential while not only championing a government which restricts it on the vast majority of its own population, but you also absolutely lack it for yourself. Even with the corruption of the US today, it is far easier than you seem to believe for a person to attain lateral movement. A man from the absolute lowest part of society, given sufficient will, can enter the military and become a distinguished officer. Someone with a very simple idea can start-up a business and become wealthy off of the most mundane of inventions - an extra piece of metal behind an earring, a new model of bra, whatever other mundane thing people will purchase for improving their quality of life. If you follow politics closely, you'll realize that the internet has made grass-roots movements more viable than ever - and the reason the elites have pushed so hard to restrict the internet is because this threatens the stability of the two-party system, backer-based system which gives them power.

This is a republican government at the end of its ten-generation period - a republican government at its absolute weakest point. You, right now, if you are a US citizen, are living in what could be considered the absolute bottom point that a republican government can sink to. And yet if you simply choose to practice the will to power, and have any degree of talent, you can still advance yourself.

The simple fact is you choose to project your own failures on the populace as a whole. You cannot live without someone superior to yourself giving you direction in life, pointing out what you should do. And I admit, there's a bit of romanticism in the idea. The ideal king, the man to look up to, to follow. But the simple fact is such a thing has never existed and will never exist. I for my part consider no man superior to myself - particularly by virtue of blood - and refuse to follow anyone who claims otherwise. These same beliefs will always be maintained by the people, and indeed, they will arise even among the nobility over time. And it is from there that republican government will always return.

6. The "I Can Do Better" Problem

Here's a spoiler - People have been critical of the aristocracy throughout most of history. The only reason these people maintained power was because they had an army, the only reason the armies worked for them was because they were paid, and the only reason the armies got paid was because of taxes collected only because the aristocrats maintained the army. It's a cycle with zero difference between an theoretical anarcho-capitalist state, except replacing the word "feudal lord" with "corporation".

7. Real Monarchy Has Never Been Tried!

This is (You).



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





Alright. Just to give an update on that, I've concluded that MYFAROG isn't for me. I'd still give it a try if some of my buddies or somebody at a convention was to run it but as of now I'm really not feeling strongly towards it. I don't like the world that much and the rules just don't work for me.

If you want to play a game that is recommended by Varg, then I'd advise you to try Basic Fantasy Role Playing then again, everyone here should know that one already. I don't share his views on a lot things but in this case I agree with him 100%.




Wait, what? Why? As far as I can tell, he was just countering those pro-monarch arguments. He certainly didn't derail the thread any further than it already was or just spam links or infographics or some shit. I was pretty much agreeing with him so far.


File: 5f32cd06f59273b⋯.png (258.45 KB, 397x353, 397:353, mfw i am the only man on t….png)

>derailing the politics thread with politicsshit


File: cc06bc2ae1cca96⋯.png (802.2 KB, 1330x1080, 133:108, 65384caab09b006f213d03d877….png)


>it's another lolbergs can't argue except to call people communists episode




Nothing any of them were talking about had anything to do with /tg/ topics, outside of the questionable connection to history as a facet of traditional games. They weren't talking about this stuff because it related to recent events or drama. They were having a dick measuring contest about political systems.



Ah, right. Both of them were banned. In that case everything is just fine. My bad.



>ad hominems


Well, that does sound like democracy, all right.


I thought everything was /tg related? Not like this board moves too fast for off topic shit either.



>I thought everything was /tg related?

Doesn't mean every thread is for any topic.


File: d41c77579fdca2d⋯.png (84.66 KB, 239x278, 239:278, confused.png)


<Rational self-interest isn't a viable national policy!

>I disagree, because rational self-interest has made capitalism very successful and has caused communism to repeatedly fail.

<Wow, you have to stoop so low to call people communists, you're so retarded!



Don't start this shit up again. Not the thread or even the board for this kind of petty fuckery.


A couple more articles about the MTG pedo judges.





>Ian Miles Cheong

I still remember him getting constantly mistaken for Arthur Chu, who is an insane manlet who leaves bomb threats.. and is also a journalist.

Either way, Cheong is an adequate writer and he does a good job of spreading the word without being too incendiary or hyperbolic, though his audience is clearly more of the cheeky wanna-be shitposter type who jump at the chance to push the poorly conceived "Kekistan" meme. The Niche Gamer article is somewhat interesting, especially after they published that piece not too long ago that was almost obnoxiously on the side of Christine Sprankle and her bullshit harassment claims, calling her the most well-known MtG cosplayer and such, even when all the metrics clearly showed otherwise.



most people aren't researching shit. They're just copying what other places are saying.



>most people aren't researching shit. They're just copying what other places are saying.

You must have only discovered this journalism thing recently, huh? Next time you visit a news sites or see an article being passed around, check the sources. You'd be surprised how often places will lift an entire article, sourced from Site A, who took it from Site B, who copied it from Site C, and so on and so on.


File: e6f6d874a8328f5⋯.jpg (108.95 KB, 685x600, 137:120, e6f6d874a8328f52ad40a094d1….jpg)



The best thing about this is that it diffuses the responsibility of supurious claims, as well as boosting a narrative by volume and authority. Everything from journalism and wikipedia to science and holocaust "history" employs this. One obscure, kooky source that would've been taken as a joke on it's own is carefully quoted, re-portrayed and mirrored through secondary sources, and in the end you've got a robust network of lies backing itself up no matter how ridiculous it's foundation are. And if someone manages to prove the deception, the majority of the peddlers can retain their authority by excusing it all on bad sourcing and a promise to try harder (at not getting caught) next time.


So I finally got around to writing that letter describing the reasons I am selling out of Magic. Anyone care to proofread it? Some of the font formatting is different in my document, but the text is all there.




sorry to be a buzzkill but nobody is going to read all that shit by some random anon.

Make it shorter, that's no letter, that's a essay.



Well my intention was to post it/have someone post it on a social media forum so people can see it. I want to contact Unsleeved Media and ask if he'd make people aware of it, but perhaps that would be too public.



The intro makes you sound really autistic and the section about the "fighting game community" doesn't help. Most normalfags are probably just going to drop it the moment they read that you quit after getting caught with counterfeits, but some might be more receptive. I've been thinking about making a writeup like this when I sell my collection. I've never played competitively because of the barrier to entry, so I suspect most people will just write me off as bitter, but there's a chance that it could blow up if posted on leddit



A cheater quit the game. Good.

That's the response that will get. Cover up and lie about your flawes, make it sound like you're a saint but you just can't take any more.



Play the game or lose by default. You don't have to lie like you're saving orphans but you sure as fuck shouldn't say you're using counterfeit cards and got banned from the DCI



>muh pigeon memes

Nice guys finish last. Cheats and criminals win. Sorry man but we're not children. This is reality


Stop derailing the thread with your kikery.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

watch the end of this and try not to throw out or burn all mtg product you may still own.


File: c51d330c51890f4⋯.gif (40.38 KB, 351x251, 351:251, angry rattling.gif)


A couple years back, when that one "gaming has a white male terrorist" problem was making the rounds, I recall making a few observations that it was absolutely baffling to see so many people eagerly jumping at the chance to bemoan the state of their hobby community and how they were so astounded to find out there were so many rapists and racists in their stores and conventions. It baffled me because these people know their communities better than some fame hungry retard trying to use feminism and sexual harassment to get money. They should have known she was full of shit… But now it occurs to me that I was being too generous, or perhaps too naive in my appraisal of the situation.

The kind of people who rush to virtue signal and cry about a ridiculous story of rape and abuse at the hands of nerds are SJWs. SJWs never miss a chance to virtue signal. They also like to use forums and community gatherings to accrue status and power, either by becoming community managers, mods, or volunteers at cons. Of course they make up the most vocal and visible bemoaning within the community.. But the other part of that is the intrinsic belief that the story could be possible, because seemingly more often than not, the most outspoken, aggressive, and zealotrous SJWs are pedophiles, rapists, and degenerate psychos.

For people like you or I, the idea of someone being dragged into a backroom by some balding middle aged neckbeard is unthinkable, because we don't have that kind of evil in us.. But for SJWs, that's not only something they could imagine happening, but likely something they've done or considered doing.

Now that Unsleeved guy is on the warpath with this one, the attitudes have shifted pretty drastically. The same people who were rallying to drag him down and exile him over the mere accusation that he may have done something wrong are now advocating a hands off approach

>WHOA THERE! Just because all of these people are convicted sex offenders doesn't mean we should jump to any conclusions now!

>We're not pro-pedophilia! We're just being reasonable!

>Let's wait and see what happens instead of rushing in and demanding something happen over these verifiable facts!

What would drive someone to do whatever they can to downplay digging into the pasts of as many judges and community personalities as possible? Sounds like some faggots have skeletons in their closets or they simply don't want to be dragged down with the rest of the subhuman scum when it's revealed that they've been palling around with some of the people who get outed sooner or later.


The article by niche gamer is goddamn gold.

Was talking to a guy earlier about this. Just "oh did you see the judges controversy" and linked him the article. Completely revolted and turned on WOTC almost immediately.

If someone is active in the Magic community and spread this around you would fuck with them really hard. Normal fags are not happy with pedo judges.



I work with a guy that has his coming out soon. He's pretty basic politically but I read over his game and there's no gender or race bullshit, a goal was to keep anything of the current year out of it, women can be bounty hunters(? forgot the name for adventurers) but that's all on the cucky side. It's all about a collapsing empire pretty much straight out of Spenglerian ideas. Magic powers some industry but it's still medieval, mages are super powerful but insane so they're lobotomized and used as power sources. Needs some work but it sounds it's moving along. Seems really malleable as a system, if he gets an editor it'll be an awesome game. He sent some artwork my way recently. He posts on cuck/tg/.

Gonna ask if he's cool with me posting some art. Don't mean to shill but I think it'll be good once it's balanced, edited, and some rules are better described. Still have the print .pdf but don't know if it's the most recent version. Could post more once I'm home from work about the system if anyone is interested, I can dig out the .pdf.



*printed out .pdf


File: 910d4147fd117a3⋯.png (23.15 KB, 597x223, 597:223, Legacy isn't for peasants.PNG)

Decided to post the letter in >>354363 as it was since I was happy with the finished product. Generated some interesting discussion in my local Facebook group, to say the least. I did receive some private messages expressing support, and none of the people I count as friends had anything negative to say, so overall I'm happy.



>It's SUPPOSED to be prohibitively expensive

Wow.. What a fucking retard.

At any rate, don't get hung up on guys like that. What matters is that people are seeing it, even if they aren't commenting. Some elitist prick pretending it's some kind of special honor to play Legacy is only doing himself harm.


File: eaaa803b33ceedf⋯.jpg (11.41 KB, 252x314, 126:157, eaaa803b33ceedf9e0062c4550….jpg)



It's especially funny when most of these same people would usually be seen lamenting the current state of the hobby, be it all the filthy SJW noobs or the game becoming a unbalanced mess because of unchecked jewry. But no, even if a new guy agrees with them and wants to play Legacy, he isn't allowed to do do so unless he spends a fortune buying "real" cards.

Once you start getting into this kind of territory, you're no longer talking about playing a game, but collecting overpriced cardboard for it's own sake.



When it comes to shaking up a community like this, the sort of people who will be the worst to deal with are the ones who have a very literal sunk cost into it. People who have spent hundreds of dollars assembling their decks, and spent thousands more purchasing cards over the years. As far as they are concerned, they have accrued some objective value in their piles of cardboard, which means they will do whatever they can to justify their investment and avoid negating that value.



Yeah, there were several people who used the reaction feature to Like™ the post, which I interpret to mean they at least appreciate my honesty. Most of the really insane people either live in different cities or were players I'd never seen at any local events. I'm not hung up on it, exactly, although the number of otherwise reasonable people who started screeching about MUH ETHICS and LITERALLY KILLING THE GAME did startle me.


Oh, rest assured the people who responded to me wouldn't complain about SJWs at all; they are typical liberals who have their own thoughts only within the territory assigned by the group's thoughts. I don't imagine anything will change within my local scene, but maybe someone reading it will think about the sustainability of Legacy in the long term.



>the sustainability of Legacy in the long term

You know, it would be pretty funny to trawl through ebay and everywhere to get a huge pile of legit, popular Legacy classics, and then record yourself burning it all. Only downside is the ton of money you'd have to waste doing it.



Holy shit! I knew people like this existed, but I didn't think they'd be so honest about how elitist they are over a game. There' no rational justification for having fewer players and less access to cards being good for the format, but if you've already sunk thousands of dollars into cardboard, then you're hardly a mentally healthy person. Thanks for your work spreading the idea that people are fed up with Wizards.



>There' no rational justification for having fewer players and less access to cards being good for the format,

Well you're just not thinking hard there. For example, the price of these legacy cards may very well depend on demand being only available in the secondaries market so people busting the format's price point is missing the counter point. They want demand for those legacy cards to stay high to keep the value in the collection and the 2ndaries market going. It's like the world's most boring cardboard ridden ponzi scheeme.


So now that Magic requires background checks for officials, I really would like to see someone vaguely officially (Manager at LGS ect.) ask Wizards if proof of a completed NICS check/concealed carry license (Having a PAL works if any Canadian wants to give it a try) satisfies the requirement. Allows spreading the scandal to a whole new audience (that would eat the initial scandal up) if Wizards say no. Generates SJW tears if they say yes.


File: ab3829b14738822⋯.png (82.32 KB, 791x602, 113:86, Untitled.png)

Don't mind me, just fighting the good fight triggering the cuckchan mods.


File: a9a6fa8ba636c3d⋯.png (232.23 KB, 428x476, 107:119, depressing.png)


Don't you have something better to do?



Not really. I get a long weekend because of Earl Ray Day.



What's Earl Ray day? Some American shit?



>retard triggers retards

What a train wreck



Martin Luther King JR. day renamed after the dude that killed him.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

MTG fag won the first round. Background checks put in place. GG.



The b8 was too obvious, but I'm surprised they even slapped you on the wrist for it. Then again, cuckchan is called cuckchan for a reason.


File: d5c88799b1915d1⋯.gif (2.34 MB, 486x254, 243:127, party semi-hard.gif)



Honestly I was hoping WotC would double down and refuse to do anything, causing an enormous shitstorm.



Could still always do




It bothers me to no end that these faggots initially defamed and formed an collective negative opinion of this guy over some baseless witch hunt bullshit, and now they're claiming he's started a witch hunt and is trying to ruin the game in revenge.. by outing convicted pedos and rapists.

What a bunch of cancerous retards.



I wonder how many of these people can look you in the eye and say that. It'd be fun if you tried that the next time it comes up in your FLGS. Try and see if they stutteringly deflect, or try to avoid your look.


File: f188d8251a70783⋯.png (34.58 KB, 904x375, 904:375, lol.PNG)


It's a shame the term keyboard warrior has fallen out of vogue. It describes these people to a T.


File: 2ea25dc2c9098aa⋯.jpg (120.73 KB, 400x300, 4:3, Gundam - Fed Blue Destiny ….jpg)


>that last part

Gee, it's almost like very obviously trying to avoid the problems of defending these human vermin doesn't go over well. It's also almost like our benighted society still has some lines it holds beyond the pale, and he just crossed one. Getting on his knees and begging for forgiveness won't save their reputations at this point;at least it'd be the honorable thing to do. But whining and lying about it like this can certainly make it worse. Really, the best thing to do at this point would be to delete their accounts, and never bring up this subject again in their new ones.



whoever wrote that shit needs to lube up a razor-blade cactus with chili-oil and sit down hard on it… repeatedly

fucking hell




Well, anyone that's so assblasted about someone reporting pedo rats is bound to have some cumstained child skeletons in his own closet. Let's hope someone from his local area decides to mete out justice.


File: 2395f726eaad53d⋯.jpg (78.43 KB, 750x634, 375:317, 1458676937536.jpg)


>that reddit post



yep, he definitely has some serious shit to hide, WOTC employees need some looking into also since they where so against it.



>Waah I'm getting harassed!

Self-awareness is always lacking with these people. He said something profoundly stupid and now he's getting mocked and ridiculed for it, and he thinks it's some cruel injustice that's totally unfair and not at all justified.. But he sees no problem with lying about and defaming other people, especially if they are certified wrong-thinkers, as decided by the amorphous blob of public opinion.

Now, I'm not looking to talk about Trump at all, but I find the phenomenon surrounding his tweets pretty interesting.. You ever look at the replies he gets? No one ever includes those, because they are the worst kind of cancer. Worse than the shittiest youtube comments you've ever seen. All the blue checkmarks and professionals and celebrities rush to the chance to sling insults and leave the nastiest most exaggerated bullshit they can muster. If the same level of vitriol was directed at anyone else, the recipient would be crying that nazi trolls are inflicting cyberviolence on them and the same people trying to formulate the meanest comeback to Trump would be rushing to pen articles and blogposts about the sorry state of the internet and how evil white men are making it unsafe.

Not sure where I'm going with this, but it's fucking maddening to watch such hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance on such a frequent basis.


File: 8ab53da93427502⋯.png (62.04 KB, 326x212, 163:106, 7baf766d8c800d3a61057355c1….png)


No, you see, Trump is so evil and vile that any violent response against him is completely justified by moral imperative.



There is an argument there tbh. Not all formats should be for newbies. There should be higher tier formats that require more effort and investment. That's a healthy system.



The only barrier to entry should be skill, not disposable income



Disagree. Money is a form of gate keeping, if you lack the autism to invest that much you don't belong in that arena, simple.



>what are you poor

What an argument



>why don't poor people just get more money?




Has nothing to do with being rich or poor, it's about having to invest in something to get a seat at the big boys table.

I'm sick of seeing communities trashed by faggots who have no investment and no desire to be there. I support gate keeping because even if it exiles me from some things (due to cost in this case), I'd take it existing over it being dead and being open to me.



You're retarded. Skill is the best gatekeeping mechanism because it's free and a pain in the ass to accumulate. Money is shitty because people who have much money but zero interest in Magic (such as the people actively buying out cards and creating the artificially scarce gate in the first place) are the ones controlling the gate; if you're reluctant to have people who don't care about the game in your community, why would making them the watchmen solve anything?

All money-based gates do is make people bitter. The Modern players in my town are, on average, much more bitter and tryhardy than the Standard or Limited players. Why? Because they invested money in a deck (like Faeries or some other trash) and feel entitled to a competitive performance.

>but if skill is the gatekeeping mechanism then more people will play because they want to play instead of wanting to show off their money

How horrid.

>but if skill is the only thing preventing them from playing, i won't win as often

Magic is a high-luck game, with the possible exception of blue Legacy decks. Maybe you should play a different one if the idea of luck-based losses bothers you.



Standard is played by idiots who don't know any better and try hard grinders looking for PTQ wins. Limited is played by casuals who don't want to invest in a deck.

What do these 2 groups have different to a modern player? They're fucking casuals you prick.

If you're still playing this game you're retarded but no one should ever be playing Standard with how fast it rotates and how bad the return is on cards.



Well, there's a difference between

>You have to buy into and learn how to play the game to compete on a high level


>you can't play this game unless your deck has at least $500 worth of painstakingly hunted down and purchased singles where the value is entirely decided by false scarcity created by the sellers of the game, scalpers who exploit the game, and the arbitrary whims of ban lists and reprints

At the end of the day, it's still a card game to be played for fun. It's a luxury good that only exists for entertainment. The sellers of a game do not owe anyone anything. They do not have to make their game accessible or easy to play or fair to new players. A certain amount of that is smart to do, though too much of it and casualization sets in and kills the game. The faggot insisting that you shouldn't be allowed to play without giving the kikes at WotC a certain amount of money is being a retarded elitist, attempting to justify his wasted dosh as a status symbol instead of a regret.



>They're fucking casuals you prick.

>implying modern players aren't casuals

Anyone playing Faeries might as well be a casual, but it still cost him $900 to do it. Storm is one of the top decks in the format, and it costs ~$200 without fetches: it's a popular choice for many new players for exactly that reason, but why would a casual player choose one of the most cancerous and powerful decks? Money.


File: 1132c23eadbada9⋯.jpg (822.99 KB, 2404x1260, 601:315, hobbylife.jpg)


I don't give a fuck about you having fun or any one else having fun. I care about having a barrier to entry so you gate keep out fags like you who think everything should be for everyone.

It shouldn't. Fuck you and stop trying to fuck up things I like by constantly expanding them and making them more accessible until they become a worthless mush.

When you call someone "elitist" all you do is prove that you can't compete with serious people. It shows you're utter fucking cancer who has no respect for hard work and earning your place in a community.



>if i can't prove him wrong, i'll just put words in his mouth

I said this before: skill is a barrier to Legacy just as surely as cost. I've been playing Elves for the last year and a half but I still fuck up Brainstorm/Ponder/Preordain chains when I borrow Omnitell from a friend. Your ignorance of this speaks volumes, presumably because you haven't actually played Legacy and you're just peering in through your LGS window, breath fogging the glass like a Charles Dickens character.

Things die, and I doubt Magic has more than 10 years left in the tank before some scandal collapses the company or power creep disinterests most players. There are other tabletop games to fill the space of socializing, and there are other card games (and free methods of playing Magic) to fill the space for people who want tighter gameplay unbeholden to the whims of secondary markets and merchants. You can't tell me you'd seriously prefer Legacy to wither away and vanish entirely than to have it played by people who don't have $3,000 of spending money for cardboard. I'll keep saying this: people are scared of Legacy because it's a high skill format where a single turn can mean being Wastelanded out of the game. Anyone scared of stuff like that will stick to Modern and Limited.

How many Moats and LEDs do you own, anon? I'd hope you at least have some investment in the reserve list because the only thing more pathetic than a financial parasite is someone who sucks parasite dick for the taste of a format he's never played.



I bought Legacy elves for like $25s and standard collection man. There's no goddamn money barrier if you really want to play it.

>How many expensive cards do you own

How very elitest of you, judging people by their expensive trinkets.


>Paying money for cardboard

Just play it online or something.



Great reading comprehension, shit for brains. Go sperg somewhere else.


Update on the counterfeit confession story:

>facebook post explodes, many investorfags angry

>after the initial wave of comments, I get a message from a local old school player who wants to play competitive EDH with his friends at home

>asks me to tell him where I got my counterfeits

>this smells like a trap so I wait a few days, but he seems genuine

>tell him about Villa Zheng, etc.

>"thanks man, this is a big help - there are about 50 of my friends and I who were considering going to a Legacy event with counterfeited decks, to send a message to WotC"

>tell him to keep me posted

I just hope they don't get cold feet. It sounds too good to be true, but the silent majority of kitchen table players who just want to play Magic might start to do something if this catches on.


File: 8c23859d7362dcd⋯.png (711.67 KB, 1200x650, 24:13, ClipboardImage.png)


So my friend likes to post this twitter a lot, but this card seemed particular amusing today. I couldn't resist.


File: c85f4f153405397⋯.png (211.94 KB, 484x422, 242:211, 93ddf91d5d22e2f632f1034413….png)


>I've been playing Elves for the last year and a half but I still fuck up Brainstorm/Ponder/Preordain chains when I borrow Omnitell from a friend.

Just chiming in to say that Brainstorm is not nearly as difficult to correctly use as people say, tbh elves, with it's reliance on GSZ/NO and several abilities firing off one after another, is more difficult to pilot than anything cantrip based.


>I care about having a barrier to entry so you gate keep out fags like you who think everything should be for everyone.

Funny. I'm more interested in actually being able to sit down and play a fucking game of Legacy than curating the community.


>tfw SCG Legacy classic art the end of the month

Can't wait to see the fallout from this one




It's just how my brain works. I have a lot of working memory (had it tested when I was in high school and they said I was in the top percentile), so the kind of vicious repetition and optimization present in Elves is much easier to me than anything involving optimizing seen cards in a cantrip chain. The correlation between types of memory/brainpower and deck choices is fascinating to me, because it influences people so strongly and at a level many don't even realize or acknowledge.

Honestly, I couldn't tell you why I did a particular line of play on any given turn (and I can remember very few aside from the standout ones like ripping a guy's hand apart with cabal therapy or beating a Lands play to death 3 damage at a time underneath a Tabernacle). It Just Works™ on a level so deep and right I don't even think about it. It's like meditating or going to church.

>SCG classic

What state is that in? Because the guy I was speaking to and I live in Canada.



My point is that if you don't protect a community then it dies and you can't sit down and play legacy. Look at any community now full of trannies and all that shi. That is what happens when you don't protect it.



MtG is already full of trannies and feminists, and the people designing and producing the game are full blown kool-aid guzzling retards. While casualization and a low barrier to entry may make it easier for them to get in the door, the problem starts at the source. MtG's fall started with WotC doing things like pulling cards and capitulating to claims that certain art was 'rapey' and glorifying cheaters and shitty players because they happened to be female. Now WotC jumps at the opportunity to put rainbow flags on everything and march in pride parades while handing out lifetime bans for wrongthink and twitter drama.

Maybe you shouldn't feel so smug about your investment in MtG and stop worrying about people invading your secret club, because you shouldn't be supporting WotC at all.



I don't support WOTC. I haven't touched the game since they pushed homos in Theros. I bitched how women were being given free shit in the pro scene and got called sexist for it before it was cool to be anti-SJW.

I'm saying gate keeping is good and lowering the barrier to entry will just get you fucked. The only way to keep these people out is to gate keep extremely hard



And my point is that you're putting the cart before the horse; protecting the Legacy community is pointless because there IS no Legacy community. You can get a Modern game any because it's actually possible to find the cards you need to play, whereas Legacy I need to drive 40 minutes to get to a shop that sanctions the format one night per week

Don't talk to me about dedication or lack thereof. I spent 4 years slowly amassing the pieces of what was already a tier 3 deck and have stuck with it. Eat a dick.


Magic is inherently social. People you consider undesirable will find a way to play and there is nothing you can do about it. Well, besides making it impossible for anyone to play I guess.



A challenging game that requires skill, planning, and on-the-fly thinking will gatekeep far better than a paywall ever could. Leftist faggots have more trust fund dollars than brain cells.

The only things that a paywall eliminates are people with the sense to avoid the shit out of that CCG trash.


File: 57fed4ccb85c40c⋯.jpg (148.08 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1317707763162.jpg)


While you're not wrong, claiming that a high cost for artificially rarified cardboard is a good thing, because it's gatekeeping, is stupid. Good gatekeeping involves system mastery and time investment, not simply monetary investment. Using money as a barrier only hurts yourself more than it keeps out the cancer and poz. Wasting money and netdecking is easier anyways. At best, you're keeping out poor people, which would happen anyways, because MtG is already overpriced.


File: 4316f5a3c9bb672⋯.png (349.11 KB, 508x335, 508:335, 1457823209413.png)


>People you consider undesirable will find a way to play and there is nothing you can do about it.

That's hardly the issue here. We're not talking about the greasy neckbeard, creepy mouthbreather or the weird faggot, we're talking about attention whoring psychopaths that infiltrate a community to turn it into a soapbox for their social marxist brainwash. The former is in the hobby because they like it, the latter only to signal. It goes without saying that the more obscure and autistic the given scene is, the less your chances are for SJW corruption.

In regards to MTG though, the battle is already lost when you have SJW fags and kikes on the top who will always try to maximize profit while shilling their degenerate mantras.

The only real way to gatekeep is to make sure it's too obscure or unremarkable to be popular in the first place.

Sadly, we're seeing the same trend in 40k now, with endless casualization, "community engagement" and the like, so we're sure to see the same crap there.



1 night a week is still a community. It doesn't have to be 7 days a week to count.

You keep them out by trashing their standard decks with your legacy decks. They can't compete so they fuck off and go play casual magic in the corner.


No, it really won't because Magic requires none of those things. It's super accessible right from day 1. You don't need to be good to play in those events you just need to turn up.

Trust fund kids don't buy legacy decks. They buy coffee and iPhones. They invest in casual decks.


40k is on it's 3rd cycle now.

Rogue Trader was taken from an RPG to a tabletop game in 2nd ed. 3rd ed cleaned up 2nd ed to be super casual. 8th ed took that level of casual and made it even more casual because they had layed too much shit on top and made you need to buy 7 books to field a tactical squad.

Community engagement online is new but they did that in stores any way. They tried to get little kids in



You can't really compare the RT and 2nd changes to the later ones though. The entire theme of the game changed completely so it was only natural the rules would follow suit. It's stayed largely the same since 3d ed, and it's from there you'll really notice the massive streamlining 8th got into, with a ton of tactical depth and options disappearing.

And it's not just the rules, the models have become shittier too, with a reliance on monopose kits with very few options and a bloat of clampack "characters". Not only does this mean they can turn up the prices for much simpler kits, but together with the simple rules it makes it far too easy for casuals to just throw a random jumble of models on the table with zero thought to listbuilding or planning. It's not as bad in this as Smegmar, but I suspect they'll do what they can to push it along.

And when the game takes much less skill, less dedicated hobby work and tactics, it'll be easier for the SJW filth to seep in.



I don't need to compare them I just say the cycle isn't the first time it's happened. 3rd edition made it luke warm corporate sci fi to appeal to the lore fags.


You know, all of this shit about MtG made me start thinking - Has there been an attempt to produce a rule system for a card game that only uses basic playing cards and maybe a few die rolls as the means of playing?

There's a finite number of options, sure. But assume you did something like, say, having the players split the deck. Heart/Diamond, Spade/Clubs. Lets say you played "Monsters" or whatever by placing a card down. That's 26 options. Now let's say you needed two cards - that's what, 650 options? Just with half of the deck? The combination possibilities just get higher when you assume, say, playing three or even four cards, or when including the ability to choose how many are played. Then you can include the factor of is the card horizontal or vertical, so you could have "Sideways King of Hearts" and "Forward King of Hearts" or whatever.

I don't know. It seems like it could have potential. It wouldn't be a big money maker, but imagine if you could get a system like that to become widespread? You could always publish special decks to go with it, having custom art or whatever, or collectible cards for side-use (i.e. play a "3 of Hearts" and a "5 of Hearts" which indicates "Manticore", and then just put your "Manticore" card on top to look cool/like a tool), but with the caveat that the game would always allow players to go in with just normal cards.



There's shit loads of them.



And have any of them actually caught on?



No because they're pretty much all single player autism. Malifauxs the closest to a mainstream deck game



>single player autism

Yeah, definitely not the route I was thinking. More "f2p Yugioh" than "solitaire".



I don't think any one cares that much as a group any more. That sort of creativity is not gone from the hobby and now everything is mass produced.


File: 6a98438fc12480b⋯.png (16.13 KB, 588x298, 294:149, whoosh delver.png)


You are missing my point. I want to play Legacy. My friends, many of whom I have met through magic, have also shown an interest in playing Legacy. Unfortunately for them, the decks they are interested in playing cost well over $1,000. They see Modern. Modern is (or at least was 3 years ago) significantly cheaper than Legacy. My friends now all play Modern because they can actually afford format staples.


Yeah, it just sucks that I have to drive all the way out there to get a game in.



The problem isn't legacy being expensive. The problem is you're still playing a game that's as vile as MTG is. When your friends showed interest in new things you should have steered them towards better games not MTG but slightly cheaper.



>implying I had anything to do with it and they didn't just start playing Modern without me

sage because why am I even posting


Hasn't there been any fallout from pedo rule changes yet? I want to see if MTG players are still so socially stunted they will white knight pedos.



No just bitching from the typical lefty loons who probably have ALOT of secrets they don't want coming out.



Mostly contained to reddit where faggots like the guy in >>354862 (pic) claims it will cost to much and there was no reason to do it and WAAAH NOW I'M RECEIVED DEATH THREATS

It's likely going to be a quiet culling because, really, who the fuck is going to publicize that they started doing background checks and found out that more than just a dozen of their judges and volunteers were pedos and sex offenders?





The only way I could see it taking off is if, after a month or so, a store owners compiles a list of the expenses he's had to endure due to WotC's policies shunting the cost of background checks to LGSs. If a store needs to choose between staying in business and having judges who aren't sex offenders, then it'll be a bad look.

Until then, expect either silence or "of course it was a good thing, unsleeved media just tried to co-opt it by making the issue political" revisionism.



In some areas, background checks don't cost anything, if I recall correctly, but even on the high end, it's like 20 dollarydoos. On the low end, you just pull up the sex offender registry and search their name. In the case of employees, the average application has felons required, by law, to state if they've been convicted of anything and what.



I had heard the cost varied but I didn't realize the high end was $20. Guess we won't hear much unless someone starts screeching about it, then.


File: ae313146fcbca42⋯.png (118.33 KB, 660x405, 44:27, ClipboardImage.png)


Yup. Anyone bitching about how background checks will financially ruin small LGSs is full of shit.



Why the fuck are stores doing background checks? The stores have zero interaction with the judges organization.



This is one of the.. problems with these volunteer programs. It's why Privater press shut down their press ganger program. These people are in effect employees doing promotional work. One of them sued over owed income and won in some American state. This sent a ripple where suddenly companies terrified of law suits dropped their ambassador programs on the spot. They bill would have collapsed most of them.

Wizards "pays" in product which the judges then sell on ebay to earn less than minimum wage. Judge promos are worth so much because they're how they "top up" the judges not!wages.


File: d42b36f813b8dce⋯.png (37.11 KB, 604x363, 604:363, 1516617826575.png)

So yea this just happened.



…And then they all go to competing publishers, who nigh-instantly release to the much larger audience, and DnD burns to the ground in a long-desired virtue-signaling bushfire that fertilizes the ground of RPGs for years.




Someone tweet at him telling him that's exactly what Marvel has been doing and ask him how that worked out for them.


File: 6ca837b42bd64f8⋯.png (78.83 KB, 656x520, 82:65, Surprised_Sasuke_by_ineap0….png)


>gatekeeping via rules complexity and lore density

Why is he saying this like it's a bad thing?




Because their goal isn't a quality game but one everyone can play.

Everyone, no matter how little they care or how dumb. This is the new design philosophy 'There's so much stuff out there we must make it as simple as possible because no one will invest in it any way'



There's already damage control being done on his behalf in the replies, because this reads quite clearly as

>women are too dumb to understand rules and lore so only SEXISTS want those things.

Also take note of the numbers on that post: 44k followers and his average tweet gets around a dozen likes and retweets. He starts pounding his chest about MUH OPPRESSED WIMMENZ and he gets thousands. No one fucking cares what Mike Mearls thinks.



Is it a coincidence that my worst player who gives the least fucks also runs FATE for us?

He barely even plans those games out.



> Is it a coincidence that my worst player who gives the least fucks also runs FATE for us?

I don't see a connection.



>implying I played D&D after 2e

You can't fire me, I quit.



I went to look to see where this came from and really there was no lead up from what I can see on twitter. He just out of the blue said that and all the usual suspects lapped it up. There was one guy who was asking for data on it and everyone was calling him an idiot and doing gymnastics. These are the people who Mike Mearls caters to.

I need to learn how to format pdfs so I can make adventures and maybe get some attention then sneak my way into their midst. I then can document all their hypocritical behavior as you know most these people are very hypocritical.



One of the reasons I don't really bother with wotc products, Warhammer and goddammit I hate to admit it but but after the mtg shit me and my friends actually started playing yugioh after so damn long…like 2002.


File: e58c063b7088c09⋯.png (153.52 KB, 336x273, 16:13, Screenshot_3.png)


> I went to look to see where this came from and really there was no lead

It's apparently one of these mysteries nobody's gonna ever solve.

Pic totally not related.




It's all fun and games until your grandpa ends up in a videotape.


File: ad5dbf41eb8ece4⋯.png (91.78 KB, 600x600, 1:1, MTG Judge.png)


good golly I wonder if he's a male feminist?


it's all fun and games until a kid ends up with a bloody anus at GP Vegas.


File: bdf9bfb43831998⋯.jpg (10.75 KB, 353x279, 353:279, MikeMearls2012Ennies.jpg)


> good golly I wonder if he's a male feminist?

One can only guess.


File: 7fb6539cb75e077⋯.png (590.21 KB, 1184x532, 296:133, smug painting.png)


>thinking a game that doesn't have Arneson involved can even be called D&D

Jokes on this faggot I don't want any part of his shitty games.


File: 910f6ece1cfbbc7⋯.png (63.37 KB, 603x660, 201:220, Shenthecuck.png)


Friking cucks. Some of the most annoying virtue signallers ever.



Alright, so maybe you can play MtG and D&D without getting into the tranny shit. You don't need to have gay elves and nonbinary orcs in your game. Fine. You don't need to play with the empowered feminist character cards in your deck. Peachy… But when you support WotC, these are the kind of people who are benefitting from it. Even when you pirate their PDFs, when you talk about 5e, you are advertising for these goony fuckwits. When you discuss the latest set and if you'd run the cards in your deck, you are promoting their products for them.


http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/ lets you mimic all of their formatting to write officially looking PDFs easily, but I'd recommend learning to design and format PDFs specifically so you can publish your own professional looking games and break into the market to steal away precious tablespace from these cancerous faggots.


Mombot (of GG fame) reached out to him last night and told him that the rightthink brigade who guilts him into recoiling like a bitch whenever one of the "trolls" on twitter talks to him have been doing that shit for years. I had hopes that his little bike cuck incident would have helped him to overcome his faggotry, but he's still a pretty weak-willed idiot and ran from confrontation out of fear for what twitter harpies would do to him.. because no one really fears trolls and shitposters. Everyone fears SJWs and their mob of useful idiots, but it's safer to blame the shitposters.



This guy's got it right. Fact is, Shen's just a genuinely nice guy who wants everyone to be happy.

Unfortunately for him, that means he notices the loudest people first, and he prefers to cave to their pressure than actually stand up for himself.

I like Shen, but there's a reason he made that bike cuck comic. That's his thinking. He's one of those retardedly nice people.


File: d4139e59ce5e4f1⋯.png (14.79 KB, 645x121, 645:121, Arthur Chu.png)


>Ian Miles Cheong

Which side is he on this time? Guy flips sides faster and more frequently than a True Neutral Italian.


File: f13058ee65ed1e3⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 355x360, 71:72, ArthurMilesChuong.gif)


He's on whatever side is more popular.



Right-learning shitposter. Mostly writers mediocre articles with a slightly exaggerated humorous/antagonistic slant to them to reach out to the edgy quasi-reddit side of the internet that thinks witty tweets are the height of societal discourse. I don't think he ever swapped back to the lefty side after ditching them during GamerGate.




It's funny how every time something like this happens, you'll always get a bunch of virtue signallers in the comments saying they've seen this behavior but none of them can name names of when it happened where it happened or anything yet this is a "real issue" that needs to be addressed because of how widespread it is.

But in this case its particularly funny because he's basically implying women are too dense to understand rules or fluff and are too busy doing their nails and talking about boys to learn how to roll a d20 with advantage, and these "oh me too"s are basically agreeing with his negative stereotype because of social justice.



They know they're not smart enough for these games. They have always known. But they can mask it as "inclusion" while ignoring that they're fucking idiots. They're full of this double think because they follow an ideology that does not and will never work.



Any TeX dialect


File: 3be2c642877afa2⋯.jpg (11.99 KB, 232x253, 232:253, newsmugloli.jpg)


>most of the replies are shitting on him for being sexist because he implied women are too stupid to learn complex rules



It hit some of the higher-up internet commentator/pundit types and they are having a ball with it on twitter. Expect videos on this soon and for faggots on reddit to start crying over it right after. WotC can't fucking win at this rate.



first they start insulting their mtg customers and then they start insulting their D&D customers. the past few months they have done everything in their power to sour and poison the existing fanbase of these games, from releasing subpar quality product to engaging lifetime game bans for twitter nonsense, to insulting their customers for not agreeing with them ideologically.

I know I sound like a conspiracy nut but I really think Hasbro sent in Cocks to torpedo WOTC so Hasbro can absorb the IPs, turn the brands into something more marketable then a book line and card game that they can sell to children and shutter WOTC for good.



You must be new here.

This isn't anything new. It's just these people now feel safe to spew this bullshit and think everyone agrees with them. It has nothing to do with Hasbro changing stuff, it's the type of people that make up the "geek" market now.

Turns out when you're a loser who can't be a man you latch onto anti-man ideologies in order to say "I'm not like this other guys, we should bully them and you should fuck me for being a good goy".

Frankly we only have ourselves to blame because the people who are anti-this didn't produce enough to get into positions of power.



>A minimal amount of political whining, kept a respectable distance away from the product.

As long as they keep their politics a distance away from the product, I don't have a problem with it. It's only a problem once they start injecting their politics into their product, imo.


>Don't support these people at all. It doesn't matter if they interject the content into the game. The fact that they're making enough money to spend time on facebook spreading leftism is a problem. Don't enable it.

Don't be a faggot. People are allowed to have political opinions on their own time. As long as they don't inject that shit all over their products I don't see the problem with buying their stuff.


File: 1dfe18188f6a064⋯.gif (434.75 KB, 1000x669, 1000:669, guacturtle.gif)


He has such strong features, but such a weak mind.

I am reminded of somebody else.



I'd say comparing between Crafty and WotC also brings up various other distinctions. It's a case of apples and oranges, but Crafty has very few employees and they are allowed to have their opinions, which they keep at a distance from their products. I haven't read all of the latest books for the Mistborn RPG, but I'm fairly certain none of them will include mentions of nonbinary mistings, or stealing plans for a wall to keep the Skaa out from the house of the Cheetohlord. Additionally, the company doesn't bother with any kind of PR shit, like giving interviews to Kotaku about how they are trying so hard to make sure gays are in their games as NPCs and iconic characters and shit like that.. WotC has done exactly that. Not only do the employees of WotC speak on behalf of the company as representatives, but they have turned them company itself into a soapbox, not only sliding in some overt poz into nearly everything they created, but virtue signalling with rainbow logos and official statements.

The difference is stark, but it matters. Just like it's a shitty thing for WotC to issue bans for unrelated shitposting that didn't happen at their events or anywhere near one of their employees, it's shitty to have a zero tolerance policy for someone having an uninformed mild opinion about something, because they're a middle aged parent (as many veteran game designers are) and they only occasionally get their news in passing on the radio or facebook… But all the same, we should tolerate a faggot like Mearls, who literally believes that diversity and pandering to women is more important than mechanics and lore.



>I support fucking children. I love nothing more than downloading buckets and buckets of CP. I want nothing more than to legalize pedophilia and to go on a rape spree.

<Don't you date not support this man if he doesn't put it in his games! Don't do it

Hey faggot. When you give your enemies money they use it to push their agenda. It doesn't matter if they inject it into the game or not, you're giving them more resources and more influence they can use to fuck you over. You're a fence sitting retard who's happy to hand people who want you dead more and then go "well they didn't put it in the game so it's okay" as half of Muslim Africa invades Europe on these guy's money. Where the fuck do you think the money comes from to support these charities and shit?

Money is power. Never give your enemy power no matter what deal they offer you for it. Your enabling this behaviour through direct support. Without YOUR MONEY they will have to stop working in this industry and that means one less cancerous asshole with less money coming in to fuck us over.



Stop being such a hyperbolic twat. Having a retarded opinion that you post on facebook isn't the same thing as contributing to child sexual abuse. Unless they are actively promoting the EU and the UN's genocidal globalist plans, you can tone it back a bit, because the way you talk about it makes it sound like we need to go out and lynch faggots who drink the feminist equality kool-aid like they were kiddy diddlers.



No, that's dumb. MtG cards are like printing money. Just because they're busy being retarded doesn't mean they have a devious plan to ruin their own income. Heinlein's razor: "You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply result from stupidity."


WotC has pretty much turned their shitty politics into a product problem, when they start banning people from events and MtGO accounts for no other reason than pissing off the SJW hivemind for shit they said outside of events. I already stopped playing MtG some time ago but this kind of shit reinforces to me that I wouldn't even want to play casual draft. 5E D&D has also gotten dragged down by SJW shit, like the way 5E Ravenloft was horribly ruined by the poz.


I'm happy you've discovered your inner /pol/tard and want to go on a rant about how you think political discrimination is good because the money you give to liberals might go to some political shit you don't appreciate (as opposed to, say, the bills and hobbies and shit), but as for some of us normal folks here, I suspect the healthy approach is to simply not give a shit about a person's politics when he doesn't make it your problem. If they make a game that's good and not pozzed, I just don't fucking care about their IRL opinions when I make that purchasing decision. And I don't believe that a guy deserves to go out of business just because he said some shit on facebook that hurt your political feelings. I think the regressive left does enough of that retarded damage without right-wing idiots getting in on the action too.



>I suspect the healthy approach is to simply not give a shit about a person's politics when he doesn't make it your problem.

They often do. Actually, they're guaranteed to, since you can't disconnect your worldview when creating a creative product.



Well even 40K had a cheap shot at Margaret Thatcher amid its characterizations of dystopia, but that's rather harmless. Shadowrun had some Injun silliness in the backstory, but we didn't get anything actually cancerous until the last couple years. I'd say it goes on a case-by-case basis.


>yell at fence-sitters to "pick a side!"

>failing this hard to realize that this position is its own side, however much you despise it



>They often do.

Once they do I might give a shit. But so long as they don't, I don't either.

>Actually, they're guaranteed to, since you can't disconnect your worldview when creating a creative product.

Believe it or not, it's possible to write a story that goes against your personal politics simply because it makes a better story that way. The idea that having a political opinion mandates that you proselytize others or insert it whenever is just some bullshit exaggeration. It also reflects badly on you, since it suggests you don't understand how a person could live life without wanking about their personal politics. Loads of people do it. You should try it sometime.



>Believe it or not, it's possible to write a story that goes against your personal politics simply because it makes a better story that way.

Thoughts materialize into speech/writing, you can't disconnect yourself to such an extent as to completely eliminate your personal bias. It's as impossible as a woman creating an accurate representation of a man.


File: 734cfb68fece0d0⋯.jpg (467.01 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, the most tumblr thing you'….jpg)

File: 1b83cfe946f928d⋯.png (252.48 KB, 500x638, 250:319, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f278beccd21acb0⋯.png (718.04 KB, 960x688, 60:43, ClipboardImage.png)



<I'm a pansexual jewish tranny who has a doctorate in feminist dance therapy and a minor in communications who believes that all white men (but not jews) need to die so the superior people of color can take over and punish the west for centuries of oppression. Also I want all children to be genderless and put on puberty blockers and hormone therapy as early as possible and that islam is the religion of peace #fuckdrumpf #antifa

>I'm a stupid normalfag who doesn't really pay attention to things too closely. I think the Daily Show and South Park are news sources and I just kind of listen to whatever everyone else is saying, so I believe whatever trending hashtags tell me or what I hear on the news because I grew up being told by my parents and mainstream media that journalists are trustworthy. I don't really have any strong opinions, but I'll say whatever I think will make people happy, like saying bad things are bad or that nazis are bad.

>I'm a lot like the last guy, but I'm just older and out of touch. I've got a full time job and maybe a family to worry about, so I don't have the time to really get informed, so I most just read headlines and pick my beliefs by whatever makes me feel self-righteous and good. Despite all of that, I still take time to rant on social media and

The first usually doesn't work for vidya or /tg/ hobbies. They often work in journalism, even though they have no journalism degree, or they weasel their way into tech companies through nepotism or volunteer programs. They are people who should be avoided at all costs. The other two are who you are likely to find working in vidya companies and RPGs and shit. They are the useful idiots who will, more often than not, spew kool-aid soaked talking points because they are more afraid of being ostracized for not falling into ideological lock-step with their peers than anything else. In many cases, their beliefs are built on erroneous assumptions and unwilling ignorance rather than any kind of malicious adherence to marxist doctrine and a desire to destroy capitalism and the west. If they knew that the refugee hordes would shit all over their streets, rape their daughters and girlfriends, and likely beat their pets to death, they would reject the idea entirely.



>Thoughts materialize into speech/writing, you can't disconnect yourself to such an extent as to completely eliminate your personal bias. It's as impossible as a woman creating an accurate representation of a man.

Actually disassociating from yourself and mentally perceiving matters from another person's perspective are very doable. Not everyone is as full of themselves as you insist. You also sound like one of those "hur dur objectivity is a lie and everyone is always biased" types tbh, and you're really just reaching very far to pretend that a person having a political opinion you don't like must mean their products/etc. have to become proselytizing, opinionated dreck even in this explicit circumstance where it is acknowledged that their personal politics are kept a distance away from their products.



>have to become proselytizing

No, it's more subtle than that. Do you not understand nuance?



Nigger, you went straight past "tangential" and into "not even remotely discussing the topic at hand." This is like watching Don Quixote charge at windmills and imagining he is scoring valuable points for society. At some point you're gonna have to come back to earth and respond to the actual discussion we were having there if you want to be taken seriously.



What you're saying isn't nuanced. No, I don't believe that someone having a political opinion on facebook means his games are going to become subtle propaganda poisoning people's minds. It's a fucking game for fuck's sake. You're starting to sound tinfoil-tier circlejerk on the "if I only play and buy games made by people whose politics agree with me, I'm saving society from the evil mental corruption" logic there. Nigger at the end of the day I just want to know if it's a good game without shitty writing and annoying in-your-face political bullshit. If it is, I don't really care about their personal politics.



Damn, I want some cookie cake now.



>bikecuck is back

I thought he had ragequit.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Who do you think it making these things happen? The commander has no power without his soldiers.

>The slippery slope doesn't exist

Okay so the liberals didn't fill my country with Muslims who then started an industrial scale child rape gang. Clearly if we had just let them fill the country with Muslims and said "that's it, that's enough right there" the Muslims never would have began raping children. Now I see the flaw in my plan, I thought that when you enable destructive people they carry on being destructive. Obviously I just had to ask them nicely to stop destroying Europe and that would be solved.


You're enabling them. You don't care but you're just burying your head in the sand then will be shocked and outrage when they feel secure enough to start pushing their shit.

Political discrimination is the only way you can stop communists from subverting your community. There is literally zero other way to prevent it. You're acting pro-commie here and I find that disgusting.

>Regressive left

They're progresses. But we can tell you're a Sargon fanboy by the language you use. You're just another progressive in denial who is happy to let the destruction continue as long as it doesn't openly state it's goals.


Maggie Thatcher was a target for everyone at the time. British politics is different to American politics though and we're no longer dealing with British style politics any more.

Spitting image is the best way to explain British politics. It was a weekly comedy show involving weird looking puppets of politicians and celebrities. They would make fun of them in every way possible but did it in a novel and interesting way like John Major being so boring all he ate for dinner was peas and all his sketches were grey. They made them into comedy characters to play with without getting into politics it's self. Politicians used to want to be mocked in this way because it meant they were now important enough for people to care. It was considered the day you "made it" in politics to be on Spitting image.

This is the kind of climate where 40k grew up. When it referenced something it wasn't to directly attack it, only that they thought it was novel in some way. Like the Rainbow warriors being named after a sunk ship from Greenpeace.



You clearly haven't seen the type of people who work at games companies have you? They have always been weirdos and this is the current form weirdos take on.

Back in the day it was metal shirts and long hair on men. But that isn't edgy any more.



That's because retard people cannot be objective. You have limited experiences to draw on so you cannot draw on something that is outside your perspective. If your only experience with retards like you is that they're all retarded then when I write about you I'm going to make it clear you're a retard who's desperately seeking cummies and has no care how he gets them. Why? Because that's how you behave and that's what we can all see. I get your perspective, I get where it comes from and I get that it does nothing but turn the world into cancer because it's nihilistic to the ultimate degree. As long as you get TEH GOOD GAYMES it doesn't matter that they're giving money to Africa to breed more shitskins, then giving money to a charity to help them enter Europe. It simply doesn't matter to you but I as someone who sees how destructive this is cannot write any story about you that doesn't end in your own search for cummies back firing on you.

Your "I'm so enlightened and non-bias" only shows that you're bias as fuck but try to pretend you aren't. You're as much a part of the group think as any one else but you think you're a special little snow flake who can live as a meta human even though every time you go shopping you show your bias by buying brands you like rather than being truly objective where you would always by the new brand to make sure you're only picking the best one each time.


The opinions you hold depend on the community you're part of. When all the leaders are screaming "Communism is the future" how many people who don't like communism are going to join that group? It's almost like the people making the games have figured out that everything is a tool they can use to push their ideas and while you sniff your own farts they win every single battle.

But hey, who cares if WOTC are sponsorin gay pride parades and using their weight to push transexual freaks into the hobby? It's not like people get hired based on networking and it's desirable to hire people who worked at WOTC or anything right?



>responsible for 4e and part of 5e

No wonder those games feel "streamlined". He's just another entryist.



Check out the OSR. As far as I know, OD&D and AD&D clones/derivations/inspired games are practically impervious to politics.


As long as these female bounty hunters are hot or at least average and not rainbow-haired, mustachio'd hobgoblins, there's nothing wrong with that.



>There's nothing wrong with poz as long as I can fap to it

This is how you get to blue haired dykes.



What, so you object to female player characters now?



Give them suitable stat deductions and no. You want to play a -4 strength then go right ahead. But don't make them completely interchangable with men. They should be handicapped in everything but social skills. Maybe just deduct 30% off of every stat by default. That way you get a realistic idea of women's ability.




>everything I don't like directly relates to white genocide and the destruction of the west

Most of the people making the call to let that shit happen did so entirely without the consent of the public and with money that they collected through taxes or shady business dealings, in the case of Soros.

You're equating some middle aged game dev saying, "I don't like Trump" on facebook with large scale globalist bullshit that can't be stopped by voting with your wallet. I'm all in favor of cutting off WotC at the knees and watching them bleed out, but you are dangerously out of touch with society if you think you can stop thee people from spending their money on stupid charities or keep them from virtue signalling on twatter. And this isn't some defeatist shit. It's literally that there's a loyal consumerbase that purchases their products completely without research. Faggots who buy thousands of dollars worth of MtG booster boxes because they know they will keep playing regardless. And this doesn't even get into the matter of how distribution and production works, and the way in which companies like WotC gets their money from a printing run of books long before they ever reach the customer's hand, because distributors and stores buy in bulk and pay up front.



So you're totally against hot chicks doing cool things? How are you not a feminist again?



>Funding things which lead to the mainstream acceptance of poz is okay because I get my cummies


You find women acting like men to be cool? Guess you must be a homosexual. Straight men like mothers and house wives, not bull dykes with broadswords.


File: d499420e498fd4e⋯.gif (984.94 KB, 500x260, 25:13, toshiro.gif)


>Funding things which lead to the mainstream acceptance of poz is okay because I get my cummies

Top tier argument. Clearly you read everything I posted and countered it quite expertly.



I bet you're the same sort who likes "realistic armour" and despises bare-chested barbarians and chainmail bikinis. Fuck off.



Bare chested barbarians are cool. As an act of intimidation saying "I'm good enough to beat you without armour" is an effective tactic. It's also an increase in speed and less ways for someone to grab onto you. All completely reasonable and cool in art work.

On the other hand chainmail bikinis is just for beta little soy boys to you to fap to masculine things and think you're not a homosexual now. Men don't like masculine women. Only children hiding behind their mother's skirts and wanting a woman to protect them do. This is incredibly obvious when you look at the kind of limp wristed sissy boys who like stronk womyn.


File: a15938b80a3fe3c⋯.jpg (83.23 KB, 852x960, 71:80, 2098311-37324l.jpg)



Okay there Freud, keep spitting out your bullshit psychoanalyst gobbledygook about shit that doesn't exist in real life.



Give details?


Are you or are you not masturbating to masculine behaviour? Or do you seriously think women belong in combat?



How hard is it to not be a sex offender for these people?



The cuckchan invasion begins.



I like tits, thighs, ass, hips, vagina, stomach and face. I like fantasy. Therefore, I like all those things in skimpy armour. It's fantasy you fucking retarded Jewish psycho literal motherfucker, it's TNA. Do you honestly think otherwise?



This line sums it up

>We need to put in place some mechanism to keep our community safe from the wrong people.

We know who the "wrong people" are and it's not the pedos they mean.


>I like masturbating to women dressed as men.

Well that sounds like homosexuality to me my good friend.



Men don't wear bikinis.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Women don't wear armour.



I'd like it more if they didn't wear anything, but chainmail bikinis and loosely strapped fur bras are hot nonetheless.



You're a homosexual. Just admit it and go back to jerking off to traps. You're shitting in the thread with your deviant behaviour.




You'd like me to do that, wouldn't you?



> Not wanting your wife to be capable of kicking Jamal's ass if he tries to steal your shit while you're at work.



You're missing a crucial part of the point here.

A casual christfag would obviously be able to set his religion aside and write a story with a satanist or larpagan as a hero. If your beliefs and ideals are on a casual level, you won't mind entertaining conflicting views in a fictional story.

But a SJW faggot who goes out of his way to virtue signal and kvetch on the internet, as if it was a fulltime job, is clearly so invested in his degeneracy that it would be anathema to him to even consider opposing views as valid. Much less spend his time producing a story or setting in which such views are espoused or tolerated.


>if you think you can stop thee people from spending their money on stupid charities or keep them from virtue signalling on twatter

You can't do that alone, but as you and likeminded shitlords gradually open the Overton window, this kind of behaviour will eventually be frowned upon and the normie cattle will stop doing it as it's not giving them social acceptance anymore.

And in regards to tabletop, it certainly does help to boycott shitlib products if that means you can get your group to play something else and turn them off the offending product. Walls are built brick by brick.


Or you know, maybe have a safe ethnostate where there are no Jamals, so your wife can be a tradwaifu withou fear of marauding niggers.


File: b517486db6ffa23⋯.gif (650.81 KB, 500x422, 250:211, _fuck, what a moron.gif)


> Having a retarded opinion that you post on facebook isn't the same thing as contributing to child sexual abuse.


> Let's compare it to Hitler or other extremity, so it doesn't look as bad.


> I perceive myself as smart, and yet I'm using rusty tactics, already considered "too old" in the Cambrian period.


More voices = more power and influence, even if said voices belong to retards and voice retarder opinions in a retarded way. Also, 80s are no more. The Internet is real and it's more influential than some politicians.

Let it sink.


File: 0701e65295a7a2a⋯.png (1.14 MB, 651x967, 651:967, Screenshot_4.png)

File: 8480a6f0bd2ef35⋯.png (661.6 KB, 722x550, 361:275, Screenshot_5.png)

File: 8b2b7ddfe7c2f6e⋯.jpg (845.05 KB, 2048x866, 1024:433, wb01.jpg)


>Or do you seriously think women belong in combat?



File: 60ea0bede1ba172⋯.jpg (155.02 KB, 720x830, 72:83, cats of judgement.jpg)


Just to rewind, in case you missed it, the initial assertion was that a specific game designer for a specific company spends some of this time posting inoffensive lefty shit on facebook. Not full blown "NO BORDERS! REFUGEES WELCOME #KILLALLWHITES" turbo kool-aid shit. Just criticisms of Trump and dumb articles from dumb news sites.

This escalated immediately to one retard (the guy now banned) asserting that buying and playing a game from a person as described above, is pretty much the same thing as giving Soros money to run his child trafficking ring and to pay for the boats to taxi in niggers to flood Europe. Effectively saying that even being mild or neutral towards anyone slightly left is the same thing as ushering in the destruction of the west and the white race… even if it's not present in any of their games and kept far away from the company they work for.



I don't care about his opinions. I'm addressing your fallacious, borderline trollish reductio ad absurdum attempt.

That some people abuse children doesn't make wrong opinions posted on FB or other social media OK. It's still wrong.

Bonus points if you're an important, influential person.



It's in direct response to this post >>356911

>I support fucking children. I love nothing more than downloading buckets and buckets of CP. I want nothing more than to legalize pedophilia and to go on a rape spree.

<Don't you date not support this man if he doesn't put it in his games! Don't do it

Context matters in this specific scenario.



> Context matters in this specific scenario.

In this specific case context is irrelevant. You were caught on using fallacious, borderline trollish argument. This makes your line of argumentation fall like a house of cards.



Do you have an issue with reading comprehension? Follow the posts back and see that this retard equated not flipping your shit over someone discussing politics on facebook with supported pedophiles and demanding people give him money because he doesn't put CP in his games.


File: 5ec3fdf6abaf531⋯.gif (7.9 KB, 857x593, 857:593, well, fuck, calvin.gif)


> Do you have an issue with reading comprehension?

Do you? I'm not addressing the context, but your style of argumentation which I find simply awful.

How hard it's to understand that?


File: e58cdebad6b67a3⋯.png (388.14 KB, 637x471, 637:471, this_face.png)


You're insisting I invoked some ridiculous bullshit to make my argument, but the problem is that in place of an argument or any real substantial counterpoint, the faggot started throwing out some hyperbolic claims that having a minimal tolerance for distasteful things is the same thing as advocating for all kinds of extremely awful things and kept going with that for hours.

The initial point matters because the problem isn't as severe as the faggot's rhetoric makes it appear. Start crying about fallacies and not liking how things are being said, but I didn't equate CP and fakebook politics in the first place. Some devs are faggots. Some are significantly less faggoty and retarded than others. Let WotC burn for their idiocy and their pozzed internal politics, but don't start burning people at the stake for every minor transgression, just being they are gullible and naive about important issues.


File: bd78ea4dc5044f1⋯.jpg (65.12 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, look teller.jpg)


>You're insisting I invoked some ridiculous bullshit to make my argument,


> the faggot started

He is already banned. You're not. No point in scolding the guy.

> The initial point matters

Not at all.

You're using fallacious, borderline trollish argument. This makes your argumentation wrong.



>You're using fallacious, borderline trollish argument. This makes your argumentation wrong.

u havin' a giggle m8?


File: c7478e546d94399⋯.jpg (61.26 KB, 440x449, 440:449, I have no argument.jpg)


Nah, son. You?



At least if you were acting like such an idiot for a laugh, it would make sense. It's actually worse that you think you've made some kind of coherent point by crying fallacy like you just joined your first debate club.



Your opinions are irrelevant and don't determine facts.

…and facts are as they are. You were attempting to diminish the problem by comparing it to a taboo.

Which is a fallacy/simple trolling.


File: 227925894ef1e66⋯.png (539.71 KB, 462x580, 231:290, ClipboardImage.png)



I'm glad the two of you found a way to make even the containment thread worse. That's quite the achievement.


File: d744754dc5d3ece⋯.png (194.26 KB, 448x468, 112:117, (You) closeup.png)


Woa, who let the SJW in here?



I don't know, but since it's quite a tolerant community, you're free to stay.

Just be warned: your shitty logic and overplayed tactics are easy to spot.



Fine, we'll do this. I call fallacy fallacy on your bullshit. Just because you've spotted a fallacy doesn't mean an argument is wrong.

The problem in question is that some game designers are left leaning and gullible enough to trust journos and go along with popular narratives. Ultimately, it's ignorance or an unwillingness to approach conflicting viewpoints that causes this. In extreme cases, you end up with WotC, whose employees actively use their company and products to promote idiotic gender politics and feminism. WotC deserves to lose their sales and their customerbase for doing such things because it's actively damaging towards society. On the lighter end of the spectrum, you have some designers who do not promote or even follow the more extreme aspects of the cancerous ideologies, but still lean more left than anything else. Their products and their company are devoid of the usual diversity and inclusivity rhetoric and any political opinions they voice are done in private.

Wanting to treat all minor transgressions of opinion as if they were on the same level of WotC's behavior, or worse, is moronic. Cancer should not be supported in any way and players should be encouraged to drop and boycott companies who promote such dangerous ideologies and organizations. However, sometimes a person is just stupid and ill-informed, and not suffering from terminal cancer, and there's nothing gained by treating them like irredeemable heretics.

Clear enough for you?



> Just because you've spotted a fallacy doesn't mean an argument is wrong.

In this specific scenario, your argument is wrong.

> Clear enough for you?

Your inner Muricanism isn't gonna help you, buddy. Your argument was wrong, there's nothing more to add.


File: bb63b1d2dcdccee⋯.jpg (17.31 KB, 308x230, 154:115, bb63b1d2dcdccee5c75208d035….jpg)


No, the level of feminist brainwash and utter retardation you'd need to claim women are viable in the military is stretching our tolerance a bit too far, Mr. Noseberg.


File: 1fea05ac9f9532e⋯.jpg (397.5 KB, 1300x867, 1300:867, 01-pavlichenko-snajper.jpg)


Women are quite ok to serve in a military.

…just not every woman, not in every army, and not on every imaginable position/rank.


Now, you can disagree with facts that contradict your very simplistic opinion, my dear White Knight, but it's not that said facts are gonna cease to exist. You also won't get laid.


File: 3e192084213cc12⋯.png (435.36 KB, 600x718, 300:359, leavejapari.png)


>Soviet propaganda from kikepedia



Kindly get back to halfchan.


File: a07dc604f6cfcdc⋯.jpg (84.38 KB, 640x360, 16:9, hergh.jpg)


Sure, buddy, sure.


File: ca7c26c98ffddc9⋯.jpg (61.7 KB, 714x650, 357:325, ca7c26c98ffddc9b0190e83cbc….jpg)


That's strong words from a tumblrite that refuse to accept basic biological facts.


File: d1b2cb378777131⋯.jpg (28.91 KB, 604x398, 302:199, you're doing it wrong.jpg)


Sure, buddy, sure. Whatever you're saying.



>Everyone is always biased

>If you disagree that just shows you're biased

>You should always only support the people who support your own political biases because everyone else is the wrong kind leading to the moral decay of society.

Mate, your head is so far up your ass I pity you. You drank way too much of the /pol/ kool-aid to resort to this kind of specious black-and-white thinking. Your logic legit resembles a SJW's. "Everything needs to be sanitized for my moral values!" "Removing bias in a product is impossible so remove everyone who doesn't support my biases!" "If you disagree, you're part of the problem killing society." I mean holy fucking shit. What cancer.


File: e4aa77332567c73⋯.png (368.17 KB, 445x408, 445:408, 14362542513094.png)

For fuck's sake you ungodly faggots, some of just want to fantasize about fucking King Arthur. Anyone who tries to use the real world as the basis of arguing fantasy should kill themselves or at least go with castration before they can spread their retardation to the gene pool.


File: 55a85c874b5b839⋯.png (426.83 KB, 567x800, 567:800, 1437434784528.png)


>Men don't like masculine women.

Men don't like women who look like men or have men's vices. Women having masculine virtues, on the other hand, doesn't bother men.


The fact that some women are capable of performing adequately in some military roles doesn't make it a good idea to actually put them in the military. Only desperate or insane societies do that, which is why the most prominent modern examples come from the Soviet Union, which was both for most of its history. It's fine in fiction, though, myths about warrior women have been around forever.



No, no, fantasy warrior wenches with bikini armour is SEXIST, you misogynerd pig, womyn should only be represented as stronk independent who need no man, just like they are in real life, as all the totally-legit Soviet tales posted by our friend up there. Like, you know, they even found a viking woman buried with a sword, which totally proves that history is just a dick-washed fabrication of HERstory!


File: 43cc625af06c2bc⋯.jpg (153.26 KB, 480x546, 80:91, wh40k_consider the followi….jpg)


Reality and its inadequacies give birth to fantasies, and they in turn influence reality.

Force people to skip certain dreams, teach them they are "bad", "unwelcome" and you're changing the reality. 1984, Orwell, etc.


> The fact that some women are capable of performing adequately in some military roles doesn't make it a good idea to actually put them in the military.

The fact that some women are capable of performing adequately in some military roles doesn't make it a good idea to strip off them of their rights to apply for a relevant position and perform their tasks.

If they prove to be inadequate -> out.



Women perform inadequately compared to all able men when it comes to the military. I've seen it myself as has everyone that's ever been in service. Just their weaker muscle mass alone makes it pointless to use them as anything other than noncoms. If you even consider taking in women at all you're either scraping the bottom of the barrel or you're doing some SJW propaganda shit to the detriment of your forces combat ability. Jesus christ, just go and fucking look up the attrition rates of female units in any real conflict before you spout shit. Spoiler alert; they tend to drop like flies.

Even if you're fresh off cuckchan you should've seen this argument and all the facts a hundred times before, and if you're a tumblerite shill, know that we HAVE seen it, and you're not going to fool us with your "equality" prattle.

Man, seeing all the cucks trying to shill in here the whole containment thread is starting to seem like a bad idea.



Women do not belong in combat because sperm is cheap and eggs are expensive. The purpose of joining the military is to serve your nation, and women have better ways to do that than picking up a rifle and heading to the front lines. Even if we ignore the ways in which women in combat are uniquely vulnerable no matter how skilled, a competent woman is better off raising competent children than devoting her life to something else and dying childless, as the Soviet sniper posted ITT did.



Sorry, she had one child, I missed that. Still below replacement.



>Women perform inadequately compared to all able men when it comes to the military. I've seen it myself as has everyone that's ever been in service.

A woman doesn't have to be better than a man. She doesn't have to be perfect. She simply has to perform her tasks "well enough".

Also, "military" is a broad concept. It's not that there are no positions other than frontline/commando, you know.


> frontline

That's a helluva simplified understanding of army. See above.



>It's not that there are no positions other than frontline/commando, you know.

Sure, and it's entirely reasonable for a woman to be a nurse or something like that where there's no expectation she'll ever see combat (so long as she's not leaving children behind for that, either because she's young and single or she's past childbearing age and her children are already grown). That wasn't what the conversation was about. The Kurdish/Soviet women soldiers are examples of communist stupidity, not a reasonable use of women.



>fighting against mudslime terrorists makes you a communist now



Women can't function in combat.



Not that guy, but the PKK actually are communists.



> That wasn't what the conversation was about.

Actually not. The conversation was about "correct person for a correct position", which is a reasonable suggestion vs "no womyn on a frontline", which is dumb.

> The Kurdish/Soviet women soldiers are examples of communist stupidity, not a reasonable use of women.

If they survive and perform well, they are correct people for a correct position. Reality verifies competences.



>one guy

I guess you can't conceive of more than one person believing in the same thing. Giving money to leftists is a horrible life choice.


File: bc1b6bafc6f988d⋯.png (434.84 KB, 620x875, 124:175, 1d949c7f0cb4c77bea53d12b41….png)


Denying leftists money when possible is good, but easier said than done. Buying things made in China (like nearly all of your electronics) contributes to the subversion and destruction of western culture. You've got to pick your battles, otherwise your only option is to go Amish or go innawoods.



>but easier said than done

Better that you do it as often as you can.


Why not just torrent the books and not give developers a cent? Encourage others to get the books for free as well.

As for the whole women thing, competant female warriors are like dragons. They exist only in fiction. In real life, women shouldn't be fighting. If they are in the military, they should be nurses or working in administration.

That said, I want games to be run like Dragon's Crown meets Heavy Metal IN SPACE if you want it more sci-fi.



>If they survive and perform well, they are correct people for a correct position. Reality verifies competences.

That's complete bullshit and you know it. They will never be the correct people for combat positions because they are per definition weaker than men, their base stats make them unqualified for the warrior class, to put it in terms a bugman might understand. If they survive, it's because they are lucky despite the disadvantages of their sex.

This pathetic kind of argument is like saying it's ok to put a unqualified layman in charge of a construction project, because as long as it turns out ok in the end, he was the correct choice for the job.

You're clearly utterly brainwashed by some kind of feminist SJW shit.



We can easily do without every single RPG or card game made by problem-haired soyboys. All they can do is put the old classics in a fresher packaging, with a extra serving of poz. We can easily deny the sodomites' orders and play old versions.

I don't even see why we need to pirate their shit, to be honest.



Pirate their shit, make a video of you and your buddies being shitlords with their pozzed game, then send them the video to trigger them. All because it'll be funny to watch them throw a bitch fit.


File: 89cb123e1ab19d9⋯.jpg (812.05 KB, 1492x1876, 373:469, 20170819_122400_HDR.jpg)


Piracy is advertising for these games, in some case. A player enjoying the game may be enticed to buy a physical copy or someone hearing about your campaign could go out and buy some of the books. Better to just not support them at all and let them figure out why.

This doesn't even really get into issues of casualization and dumbing down for marketing purposes. As Mearls unintentionally blurted out, they think they need to make their games more friendly to shitskins and women, who don't buy many of their products, and they think to do that, they need to make their games easier to play and master, which is like a fighting game company wanting people who picked up the game for the first time to compete at EVO and beat the best competitive players in the world. You simply do not support business practices of design philosophy like that. It kills hobbies.


The most overt and pozzed games are easy to spot. The kind of cancerous retards who make stuff like that "#Feminism" game anthology have a lot of trouble finding shelf space and even more trouble actually getting to the tables of the core audience of fa/tg/uys that kept these hobbies alive long enough for hipsters to suddenly take interest in them. Nothing they make it good or worth our time, especially not when there's so many other good systems and games out there that do what they pretend to do better, and older games that have not become obsolete despite the constant flow of new products on the market.

What you need to worry about are the ones that try to sell themselves as games for the core consumer. Like when White Wolf re-released their old games, but put in all kinds of tumblr identity politics, or when the newer edition of Paranoia included lectures about not being a shitlord and respecting tranny pronouns. Paizo and it's apologists like to pretend the game is free of poz, but every adventure path has lots of gay and tranny NPCs integral to the plot and their hiring practices tend to involve a lot of "let's hire women because games need female voices to make them be less problematic!"



>pozzed game about negro wizzards and beanomancers overthrowing whitey

ok sure games pozzed as hell but I'm kinda interested in this. is it possible to run an "evil" campaing in this setting with a bunch of white wizards overthrowing and suppressing the woke minorities?


>>357199 (you wasted those dubs on this?)

>merit is SJW rhetoric

>implying luck doesn't have a big part in any combatant's survival on the battlefield, capable or not

>attempting to explain your argument in a way this board deems acceptable is suddenly "utterly brainwashed''

>all this over a player character choice which has existed since time immemorial

I'm too tired to give a damn whether either of you faggots is right, but your argumentation is lousy. Try again.


Yeah, British politics are a lot less bananas than the Burgerland variety. Though lately I've heard that they're giving the American technique a try. Have no idea why, since it was fine before all that.



>implying luck doesn't have a big part in any combatant's survival on the battlefield, capable or not

Tactics is the art of mitigating luck in a combat setting.

In DnD, luck shouldn't have a big part in a combatant's *survival*, but is a big part in a combatant's *success*.

If your character dies in a campaign, that's your failure as a player. If the whole party dies, that's the DM's failure.

We haven't had pure save or die effects since 3rd edition, and there were way fewer in 2nd ed.



Wait, so we're doing pure game crunch now? Make up your mind already.


File: 362b09a71c46220⋯.png (307.23 KB, 569x651, 569:651, 362b09a71c4622050676e4dc6f….png)


>but your argumentation is lousy. Try again.

You misunderstand, oh great anon-sama, I'm not arguing, I'm stating facts. Basic, undeniable biological facts makes female soldiers a retarded idea no matter how you twist and turn it, anyone with a modicum of sanity will always recruit males over women. It really is that simple. Merit does not even come into it, as they simply do not have the prerequisite physical or mental makeup, so even the best women will always be at a disadvantage against the average man. Each sex has a number of natural roles decided by evolution, attempting to ignore that to coddle the feefees of some tumblerite hambeasts is simply retarded.


File: 578903e895702d7⋯.jpg (81.25 KB, 680x680, 1:1, Unamused Druid.jpg)


>implying I'm pompous for finding your argumentation style (that's what it is, stop trying to split hairs) repulsive

Still, that's better than trying to state that anyone who argues with you is some slavering minion of our enemies. I don't even even disagree with the majority of your points as you put them down. Except for that very last phrase. Do you acknowledge that many male players make female PCs out of curiosity or amusement, or are they all deluded husks as well?


File: 3ef9a500029fd62⋯.jpg (91.87 KB, 960x740, 48:37, c865380be3f734dcc05bcdeb41….jpg)


You know there are just two words (proven empiracly) that make women bad soldiers, it's not even -4 strength.

>Wide hips

that's it, makes them entirely unsuited to soldiery. Go figure.



Did I say I disagreed to that? I don't think I did.

>wide hips

Lemme guess, something to do with center of gravity and balance while moving at speed?



You're a faggot. A literal one. Get off the board.


File: a36673c4884ba75⋯.jpg (224.45 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, ragnar-disapproves.jpg)


>That's complete bullshit and you know it.

No, and no.

> their base stats make them unqualified for the warrior class,

Ho boy…

- We're past the stage when we discuss RPG, it's real world, real army now. Also…

- …there's whole world besides of [game you play]. Plenty of them don't stat females of the species as "not fit for battle". Not to mention, that…

- …there's nothing standing in the way of playing less than competent character.

tl;dr: Cease your Muricanism immediately - your opinion isn't "facts", especially if it's hardly an opinion. More like "a bunch of flawed claims that don't support each other".


Whatever you're saying, buddy.


File: 93a96097c873f4e⋯.jpg (95.86 KB, 1100x763, 1100:763, Aleksandra Samusenko was t….jpg)


>Wide hips

>that's it, makes them entirely unsuited to soldiery. Go figure.



File: 7350601eb7c79e6⋯.jpg (40.58 KB, 600x400, 3:2, kawaii.jpg)


> rushing into an anti-female battle

> using chicks for avatarfagging

Never change, Kotaku. Never change…








Requesting IP hash checks on all of these. There's a serious influx of Cuckchan/Tumblr/SomethingAwful mentality going on here. And their image macro formats are foreign too.


File: 997756cdbc0d871⋯.jpg (49.9 KB, 662x415, 662:415, right.jpg)


Straight outta lil' book of online discussion for angry .tumblerites.



File: 200273abe212a25⋯.jpg (236.36 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, 5948149049_133e4232c6_b.jpg)


All the same guy, who is now banned for being a thread derailing faggot.



Wide hips = pelvic fractures. The primary purpose of the soldier is to carry and pressgang'd women and smarmy photos are gonna change thqt.



Let it die, man. It was a b8 topic in the first place and has nothing to do with the thread.



Cheers, AWACS.



You know, I hated /intl with a seething passion when they were pushing /d20/ a year or two ago, but we could have had a lot worse than you.



No, I was just calling out the SJW narratives the guy was pushing and trying to anchor to reality, who gives a fuck if you play female characters, fantasy is fantasy. Chainmail bikins are the true sign of a patrician mind.


I know /tg/ is all about games. I have a fun one:

>take a news article about the Alt-Right

>change every instance of Alt-Right to either BLM or a reference to colored people, change all instances of "nazi" and other such language to "activist" or "antifa", etc. etc.

>show to a progressive

>watch as they get outraged

>show them the original article




Quick example:

>The Alt-Right Created a Parallel Internet. It’s an Unholy Mess.

>Colored People Created a Parallel Internet. It's an Unholy Mess.


File: 286261328e2f192⋯.jpg (4.55 KB, 242x208, 121:104, A BOMB.jpg)



But how do you win?



>If they survive and perform well, they are correct people for a correct position

What is seen vs. what is unseen. Many mathematical geniuses would probably have performed well as accountants, but that doesn't mean that's the right place for them.


>Giving money to leftists is a horrible life choice.

I want to live in a world in which not everything has been eaten by politics. I would really like to not even have to think about the politics of creators at all when I'm buying stuff for entertainment, and the fact that I do is one of the biggest reasons I started to fucking hate the left. "The personal is political" is in the running for the most destructive meme ever created. I'm happy to buy from people whom I disagree with, so long as they're not the kind of people who think everything should be used as a political battleground.



you got trips, the universe in in balance once again anon.



Cheong became woke on the baizou



You want to deny reality because you're still a child who hasn't realized that "neutral" just makes you a pawn in someone else's game.

Being neutral to leftism leads to the place we are now. Which is why you can't be neutral. Your lack of resistance is an enabling behaviour. Silence is consent.



>Have 20 guys sleeping body to body in shitty huts for 6 months

>They're lonely, miserable and frustrated

>They have to eat together, sleep together and shit together

>They saw their buddy get his guts blown out and had to wipe him off their faces and continue ops when him splattered all over them

Hey guys lets introduce a woman to the situation! You know the thing which cause men to want to murder each other in less stress situations? Yea, we'll add one of those. I bet that will really improve the situation. Since the army doesn't want to be sued for sexual harassment that means they now have to dig 2 toilets and since men can't sleep with a woman in the same hut it's not even tighter on the men so the princess who can't pull her weight gets her own room all to herself.

I've spoke to squadies who dealt with even women support staff. They fucking hated them because of these exact reasons. They just ended up pregnant and fucking off home if they didn't already do that during training.

It doesn't matter if a woman could pass training (they lower standards BTW). Adding a woman to these sort of situations is going to end up in conflict between soldiers over her or she's going to end up a broken cum slut by the time they're done with her.

It's like you guys have no experience with women and how badly they fuck up male groups the moment they enter them.



The more salty commenters, the better.



>You want to deny reality because you're still a child who hasn't realized that "neutral" just makes you a pawn in someone else's game.

This is not about neutrality or moderation (I am further right than you), this is about sanity. I don't want my fucking role-playing games or eggs or pants to be battlefields in an eternal culture war. I want us to win the culture war with a brief period of brutal violence and then shut the fuck up about it.



No man ever wanted to go to war. He always wanted to stay home where he was with his family and he was safe, but he didn't get to decide that. War came to him and it didn't matter if he hid in his basement or if he stood on the front line, the war still came to him.

Even if you win the war you still need to police the ground to make sure another war doesn't start. There is no rest for any good man because there is always a new evil lurking waiting for the moment his guard drops.

If you were "further right" as you claim you would already understand the human condition and the struggle we all live with every day of our lives. There is no peace for an awoken man, only the warm embrace of a woman's loins to forget his troubles for a brief moment before he returns to being the sentinel he must remain until death.


File: c1c2c154c219085⋯.jpg (11.68 KB, 300x94, 150:47, Enlightenment.jpg)


You remind me of my LiveJournal account circa 2002.



>Even if you win the war you still need to police the ground to make sure another war doesn't start

Which is actually not that hard, provided we're talking about actual war. I think I may not have been clear about my point, which is that public debate is inferior to organized violence as a method of determining political power, because organized violence doesn't try to eat every other social activity.



>What is Switzerland?

>What is Thailand?

>What is a mediator?

And don't try to tell me that our enemies want to kill us. They lack the stomach for that. As does the vast majority of this site. This has been said before. You are not some noble guard of the revolution to come. You are a bunch of (admittedly effective and very amusing) pranksters on the internet with a thrill for the dramatic. It gives you precisely no authority, and it annoys to me to no end when one of you thinks it does.



>And don't try to tell me that our enemies want to kill us.

Considering the genocides they've committed, the satanic level of child raping and killing, and that they practically consider people to be cattle, I'd say that they would definitely not NOT kill us if they're ever inconvenienced. The time you should be most worried is when everyone around you is telling you not to be afraid, or that everything is safe. Die by nuclear fire/famine/machete-wielding-diversity-employing nigger rape gangs, faggot.


File: e6885756b0edf7f⋯.jpg (303.35 KB, 600x488, 75:61, e6885756b0edf7ff92d1481f81….jpg)


Somehow when you say you it comes out as


but when I say you it comes out as


At that moment, everyone else was enlightened. Aka

>Back to the forge faggot



Our enemies have literally called for the genocide of whites, I'm pretty sure they would kill us if they had the chance.


You should all be aware that various top boards are getting hit by shills right now. If someone's being a moron, they're probably trying to be.



>giving money to people you disagree with




>They lack the stomach for that.

Unlike the holohoax, the Armenian Genocide and the Holodomor actually happened.



>histrionics, theater, and missing the point again

It's almost like you're doing this deliberately.

>>357538 Oh wait.

/pol/ itself is entry level, as people have whimperingly told me after I've leveled this accusation before. You are pranksters and spreaders of information. To think yourselves anything more than that is simply setting yourselves up for an embarrassing fall. Day of the Rope is just a little theatrical ritual, a mantra. None of you would actually do anything if this hypothetical situation presented itself, because few to none of you have the necessary hatred or training for the task. Nor are you willing to die for it. I have no respect for such theatrics, especially if that translates into trying to throw your weight around outside /pol/. Be willing to fight and die for what you believe in, and perhaps I will respect you. Until then, go fuck yourselves.


Orrrr, you fail to understand that they've been decayed by their own ideology, and were always of the chickenshit "let's humanely replace them" to actually do the deed. That's now failing, because the old masters never properly taught their children. Did you think that "Hard Times = Hard Men/Soft Times = Soft Men" didn't apply to these people? The various useful idiots (and who I was mostly talking about, given the numbers difference) are even more enfeebled and incapable. There is no chance, in America or Europe at least, of us being hunted down by lynch mobs or assassins, unless you're silly enough to live in a muslim-majority part of town still. Preventing such a state of affairs is ideal, of course, but outside the scope of this topic.


>Stalin being a spiteful tyrant like usual

>a Turkish regime doing what the US did to the Japanese immigrants, only it ends in misery because barbarians

What point were you trying to make again?


File: 05564d6f9e5523e⋯.jpg (95.05 KB, 500x375, 4:3, IMG_1268.JPG)


File: 1e7db86ee0e5b13⋯.mp4 (2.82 MB, 640x800, 4:5, cathy nerd.mp4)


Reddit posting

>Goback to reddit



Claiming a political movement is just pranksters because it takes part in a digital realm is incredibly naive. You can't manifest enough fire power to fight the entire world's military which is pretty much what you're up against if you try to throw a coop that Jewish globalists don't approve of. You need to fight an information war until you're in a position where you can become an alternative to that government and they're so busy fighting their own fires they can't use their military force on you.

To put it simply. /pol/ doesn't need to fight a guerrilla war on foot at this junction in time. /pol/ needs to speed up the system collapsing on it's own and causing people to see the government as no longer a safe group to get in bed with. Showing they're mass importing Muslims who murder white children is a fucking good way to do that.

/pol/ is not the military branch of the pro-white movement. It's the propaganda wing and the sleazy underbelly of hackers and crackers that act as story gatherer and teller at the same time.

Power doesn't only come from the barrel of a gun. In the modern era information is more powerful than gun is. Look at the Hollywood shake down, not a single bullet has been fired and yet they have thrown a massive revolution of who will be the millionaires and billionaires in the public eye. Notice how all these supposed rapists are all pale skinned and the moment a brown skinned guy got accused she was called a whore and it was a false accusation? A modern expression of power. Get enough dirt and you can completely change the land scape. Which is what /pol/ used to do, which was what made /pol/ spur on the "far right" as hard as it has. Did it make it fun to be on the right? Yes, but that's their secret weapon, it's always been the hacker communities secret weapon. It's just that war is now fought as much in cyber space as meat space.



Your argument wasn't that they couldn't kill us, it was that they didn't want to. They blatantly want to kill us, and the only reason they haven't is because no one wants to be the one to throw the first punch.


File: 4f1e395fc719104⋯.png (23.21 KB, 350x116, 175:58, autism speaks.png)

Perhaps you guys can explain something to me, because there's something I never understood.

What drives a man to argue about politics on an anonymous phoenician hobbyist board?



What better place is there? All major news outlets are heavily jewed and even the politics boards on here are playgrounds for children and bots


File: 686607044fa7073⋯.png (588.85 KB, 445x626, 445:626, uh oh.png)


Real life.



real life brings reprocussions of jews and their slaves



Look up hate speech laws.



If you stop something as petty as the law from letting you assemble with like-minded individuals, then you have bigger things to worry about and posting on 8chan isn't going to do anything about it.


File: b3b5a51b02edeef⋯.png (180.03 KB, 404x404, 1:1, b3b5a51b02edeefeda0ca4446c….png)




Well gee, it's not like you could be doing both, right? No, you'd have to choose one or the other.



How many of us are actually politically active in the real world?



Because they came for our escapism. Now it's just another battleground. We don't want our games politicized, but that's the way it is because our enemies politicize everything as both tenet and strategy of their ideology.

It's the same shit as GamerGate. I just wanted to play my fucking games.



Do not answer this. It only makes you a target if you are and we know you can't trust Jim not to sell your data to someone who wants it.



Yes, and? What site do you think you're on again?


I don't think you understand what redditposting is. Or what a redditor sounds like. You should get that checked out.


>on one hand, actually trying to engage without cover of every buzzword under the sun

>on the other, muh accelerationism again

I call /pol/ pranksters because that's definitively what they're good at. I've seen what happens when some /pol/acks try to grill an actual Jew, for instance, and got second-hand embarrassment from how easy it was to counter them. You guys work a lot better when, as you say, you make it fun. "Prankster" wasn't an insult on my part, but an assessment of your capabilities. HWNDU and IOTBW were examples of effective /pol/ ops that were also gutbustingly funny, bringing out the ideas that we're just a bunch of fun-loving (if scarily determined and autistic in said fun) goofballs and that the Left is insane respectively. That's /pol/ (both of them, let's not pretend that Halfchan's various contingents aren't our muscle) at its most effective. It's when you try to parley that into authority or credit on here that it gets aggravating. Don't act all solemn and grandiloquent, roar about future battles and conquests, and then balk when someone expects you to be committed. It looks annoyingly inconsistent. Also, where is this "military arm" you speak of? I don't think even white nationalists particularly want killing, or are willing to massacre their rivals. They just want whites to be left in peace, as far as I can tell. Throughout the Anglosphere, things are still much too civil for a "Day of the Rope" to ever happen. People here simply don't hate each other enough for that. And honestly, it wouldn't happen towards groups that have naturalized enough. Mostly it'd be muslims and antifa that gets any violence, and various coloreds who wisely keep quiet will be left alone. Also, just remembered: half of /pol/ isn't even white. Some are even jewish. Thus, I doubt you'll want friendly fire, so to speak.


Back to this for a moment: If you want the anarchy that comes from collapsing governments, do you expect to live through it? If you don't, that's perfectly fine and reasonable. You have my unreserved respect. If you do, are you prepared? Because I doubt most of you save maybe /polk/, need to drop in thereare, and in that case the bravado looks foolish.

As an off-topic aside…


The best 8chan conversation I've ever had on this subject was on /tv/ of all places, where some anon convinced me with patient dialogue and reasonable scientific documents that the Holocaust wasn't wholly what the history books said it was. More of the "internment camps" concept which went terribly wrong in places. A similar conversation has yet to happen regarding the supposed universal calumny of Jews outside the second half of the 20th century. Sephardim I'm convinced were thugs in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but all I'm seeing from Ashkenazi is excessive paranoia and persecution complexes. I'm not really sure where to ask about this, seeing as I'd shouted out of /pol/ for even appearing to doubt it.


On the contrary, our enemies don't want to kill us. They want us to kneel and obey, to be their willing minions, and to beg them for forgiveness. They want to humiliate and break us while they gloat. A series of martyrs is the last thing they want. It's not a cowed and listening audience, its a threat.



You needed someone on /tg/ to teach you about the history of warfare and propaganda? Every nation until the last 50 years would put any ethnic group they were fighting in camps. It was standard practice to do so if you conquered them or if you were fighting them away from home. Every nation did this because it only takes a handful to completely fuck up your war operation. The option was to GTFO or to go live in a camp until the war is over.

I don't know how you think you're worth listening to when you miss the most basic piece of history that disproves the holocaust being some exceptionally evil scheme rather than standard practice on both sides of the fence (no pun intended).

Your enemies will lie and cheat. If you lose then they will never stop lying or cheating you.

As for the "muh accelerationism", I would suggest you look at the state of the Europe and the UK especially. The NHS is the sacred cow that's got rabies, aids and cancer right now. It's dying and there is nothing they can do about it. They just demand more and more money and it's never enough. The staff can barely speak English any more and yet it continues to be the "number 1 issue". The collapse isn't a 1 day boom, it's the system failing over multiple fronts. Those fronts are starting to collapse as we speak.

You have no idea what you're talking about but want to stroke your own ego. I've met hundreds of people like you in the tabletop community. You're just smart enough to know how to roll some dice so you think you're the hot shit genius who can lecture the world. But everyone knows you're just king retard wrangling the other retards with his crown from burger king. You can tell this from the last sentence where the Muslim invasion of Europe is entirely pushed by Jews. You know the people literally slaughtering white people in the name of Jihad. Dead people don't bow and Jews are fleeing the Muslims to Isreal. Rats flee a sinking ship, a king doesn't flee his submissive subjects.



>all this song and dance

If I ask on this site of all places, it's because I DON'T KNOW and WANT TO. Get your head out of your ass.



Because some of them make cool stuff and I'd like them to keep making cool stuff. The guy who runs the brewery down the street is a shitlib, but he's not obnoxious about it, he makes good beer, and I know he's willing to hire conservatives, so I'll keep buying it.



>I want to live in a world in which not everything has been eaten by politics.

Then you'll have to acquiesce your political rights. Those are your choices. The unrest of democracy or the calm of autocracy.



>The libshit and the libshit who's 1 step behind him are okay with each other so I'm okay with them.

Why would 2 people on the same side conflict?


>>357711 (double dubs wasted)

Why did Stalin murder so many of his subordinates?

Also, anon implied that he's not a libshit himself. Reading comprehension, faggot.





Same side.



Don't think he implied that either. Not that you're wrong.



>The guy who runs the brewery down the street is a shitlib, but he's not obnoxious about it, he makes good beer, and I know he's willing to hire conservatives, so I'll keep buying it.

He's implying a cuckservative and a liberal are on different sides here. As if it's okay to buy from 1 because he's supporting another of his kind.

It says "As long as he doesn't gate keep against lesser progressives I'll support him"



I guess we'll find out one way or another when he pipes back up. Though come on, surely you know that conservative coworkers at least are way less of a social minefield to talk with than shitlibs. Hell, you can even broach the subject of NATSOC being heroes to their country with the right wording, and you won't get screeched at afterward.



I jokingly say "I'm a Nazi" and don't discuss the Nazis directly. It's never relevant to the discussions you should be having with people and you can save a lot of trouble if you warp them into Nazis slowly then go "lol you're a Nazi" when they realise Natsoc is where they ended up politically.

It's how the shitlibs do it. They poz up everything so people slowly slide that way then "oh shit I'm a feminist!" That's why protecting the games is important



Eh, it sometimes comes up if history does. History comes up more often than I thought it would where I work. Though it also happened with my college dance instructor (shut up, I wanted better balance), much to my surprise. Then again, she was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan.

>you can save a lot of trouble if you warp them into Nazis slowly then go "lol you're a Nazi" when they realise Natsoc is where they ended up politically.

Is there an amusing story here from experience?



Not him, but I did the same thing to my DM, who was a Berniebro when we met.



I have a shitlib friend.. sort of. He's an old 4chan anon. Pretty decent overall but a bit of a weeb. Slowly over time his language has warped from being pretty tame to calling niggers niggers and insulting faggots. He's slowly changing into a trainee nazi just by being around me and the way I talk.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How did you manage that one? Then again, I came from a family of dyed-in-wool democrats and didn't start seriously noticing what was wrong until my early twenties, so I can see it.


>bit of a weeb

>old 4chan anon

Well you don't say.

>trainee nazi

Now that's a fun mental image. I thought he'd already be "corrupted" by the faggotry of his old board.



I dated a fucking bisexual woman who went to gay pride parades man.. We all have a history.

He's still a shitlib it's more libertarian "I don't care, leave me the fuck around" shitlib. He'd be a nazi if ethnic groups were better defined. He'll come along over time for sure. It's just a matter of more blood shed and fence sitting becoming impossible


File: c05c48d53b08d53⋯.png (164.37 KB, 360x396, 10:11, best_father.png)


>[influence gained]



Of all things, it was my ex who introduced me to Moldbug. She made it practically impossible for me to return to Leftism from that point on. Gotta say, even if it gives you a much clearer view of political reality, this transition hasn't made me happy. Then again, Trump winning was a morale booster precisely because of that transition, so maybe the unhappiness is a temporary thing.

Lolbertarian is actually a decent starting point, if you think about it. Even if the principles are faulty, they still lead with the idea of "ideology separate from either main parties." It can potentially lead into other "separate" ideas, be they fringe or merely hidden.



>Being tricked by Jews into helping a pressure valve let off tension while they got a man more in their pocket than ever made me happy.

Your entire post stinks of kikes. You're entirely influenced by Jews and what Jews do. You haven't left the system, you've just been put in the kiddies pool for edgy teens.



>Then you'll have to acquiesce your political rights.

Political rights are a lie. Voting does less than nothing. Free speech is good, but in the Anglo-Saxon/frontier American sense of not fucking with a man unless you've got a damn good reason, rather than in the Millian sense of facilitating a better public debate.


File: bbf73544c975dac⋯.gif (6.2 MB, 400x400, 1:1, disappoint.gif)


It'd be fine if it weren't for the fact that it often leads to a long dead end. It's an isolationist ideology that speaks mostly of self reliance, and so passively pushes one away from the ideas of societal responsibility. The one zealous lolberg I met was notorious for pot smoking and doing nothing but complaining about the government while sitting at home. The one studious one I met was well spoken in his ignorance and put up blinders to anything outside economics. Without connections, without context, without some reason to shift, it's a corner one may back into forever. 'Not my problem'. It's a relief from what otherwise is torture. That sort of thinking is intoxicating when you have no shoulder to steady yourself on, to share the burden.

The decent starting point is being raised by a succesful plumber father or some other trade skill, in a Sunday's best churchgoing family. A rarity these days as the divorce rate reaches sixty percent. Libertarians are a codification of free market globalism at the personal level, where the idea of tariffs becomes almost an insult regardless of damage done to your neighbors. Where merit based policies ignore kinship and prior allegiances entirely. Where one should only audit, never make illegal, the worst kinds of money moving monstrosities like the federal reserve.

God damnit man, see the shadows and know that they are cast by figures of ill intent. This whole empire fractures and you call the hoarding bachelors potentially well minded? Bah!

On a lighter note, it does get easier after the "oh, so things are that fucked" phase. Trouble is haulting yourself from revealing your power level, or trying to convince the apathetic. Futile at best. It eventually gets Fun.



>a man more in their pocket than ever

This is a totally absurd claim. Does nobody fucking remember George W. Bush? Do you really think Trump was a step up for Jews from that?



Considering he takes orders from his daughter who married a Jewish man and any time she cries he jumps. Yes, yes I do consider that more in their pocket.



Would you rather the alternative? Count your blessings. I owe him for cancelling the TPP, at any rate.



>Be glad there's another Jew puppet who fucked up any chance of a swift rebellion so we're going to decline further and further

Hillary was a better choice.


File: b6e8f70f3de6ec7⋯.jpg (78.81 KB, 680x794, 340:397, f45d53b7ac063c8a68baafff4c….jpg)



I think you can make a good case that our species is going insane from a lack of space to expand into.



There's shit loads of space to expand into. The problem isn't space, it's the lack of real reasons to exist. If you already have unlimited sex on demand and food on demand what drive is left?


Fuck off Trumpkin. It's not bait to say it's better to have someone people hate fucking things up than someone they trust. They will let the person they trust do things the person they hate will get strung up for.



>There's shit loads of space to expand into.

It's not about space, it's about being able to establish your own hierarchy, or more importantly, avoid them at your own choice. That can't be done anymore, not anywhere on Earth. That's what a frontier is about. That's the reason why classical city states would fund and expel their ambitious youth and have them found colonies.



This is the only time in history you can avoid a hiearchy. Until recently the world was dangerous that you had to travel in groups. Wild animals or thieves would stop you on roads and kill you. If you were 1 lone guy entering a town they would find you suspicious and probably a criminal.

You have absolutely no clue how humans lived all through history if you think you could ever avoid hierarchy.



>This is the only time in history you can avoid a hiearchy.

You must be kidding.


>Wild animals or thieves would stop you on roads and kill you.

Which can also happen today, while you also live in a police state. Hurray for that anarchy-tyranny.



>It also happens today

Yea, I'm really worried about the wild wolves of England. I never, ever walk around back roads late in the evening when they will be about. I always carry a weapon on me in case I get attacked by them.

Oh wait, I can walk around the back roads any time of night or day and not give a fuck.

It's Anarcho Tyranny you pleb.


File: b4911d2038f11d0⋯.jpg (400.1 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, b4911d2038f11d050afd35c294….jpg)


>you appear to be an expert at reddit posting

<Go figure




>that grammar

hopefully shitskin detected



>accelerationism again

You still haven't answered whether you expect to live through that or not.

>Hillary better

This is still bait or retarded. The United States is a sturdy country which is another reason why accelerationism is a silly idea, but the kind of damage she would do isn't the kind we want, if we (image boards and Internet culture in general) want to persist as a group. Also, WW3. I don't think many of us could survive a nuclear exchange, if we're being realistic. Also also, "just wait for Hitler" would be fucking impossible without Trump to make it clear this is something people want from the Right. So he lends an ear to Israel. I don't like kowtowing to a parasitical state like that, but if he brings about positive change at home, so be it. I'll take some clouds on a sunny day, if that's what it takes to break the long storm. Don't be like the Palestinian Authority, and "never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity."


Aside from the Israel foolishness, what else has he done which is so awful?

>inb4 muh Net Neutrality

Was already busted when he got to it, and the globalists (Soros especially) profited from that broken state of affairs. It's better to wipe it and try again from square one.



>I'd rather live in a stable decline where I know Muslims and Niggers are going to kill me in my sleep than risk a conflict where this can be prevented.

Trumpkins never get old. They're such utter weenies.



File: 5d2beef0768a55c⋯.jpg (942.18 KB, 1820x1800, 91:90, weenies.jpg)




Fuck off back to DU.



Shouldn't you be posting on r/the_donald about how he blew those Nazis away by saying he's the least racist person ever? "Don't ever apologise" doesn't apply to the God emperor am i right magapede?



>so without an argument that he has to put words in peoples' mouths


>this person actually exists

You know, four years ago I might've been surprised by this. It depresses me slightly that I'm not.

>>357866 (you have no business getting those digits)

>magapede (not since "cumskin" have I seen an insult so limp)

I suppose you'd want him to do the opposite so you could hyperventilate in your reddit-tier circlejerk over how ebil le Drumpf is?




He could just go to kikefy's /pol/.



I suspect that's where he's from when you see how many of their memes he's fell for and swallowed whole sale.



Shouldn't you be posting on reddit about the magic story of your penectomy you fucking subhuman troon?


File: 59c63ddb7e8d715⋯.jpg (32.17 KB, 339x487, 339:487, DUfe4mxU0AATLx5.jpg)

So Card Kingdom Had some Feminist do a article and the MTG shitstorm continues.


pic related, she's a cat lady.



Good God. Those first two paragraphs are bad enough. I can't bring myself to read the rest of it. I'm so sick of this feminist bullshit that tries to even remotely imply that things have always been a miserable pile of shit until feminism came along and straightened out all this nerdy stuff so it's progressive and enlightened now. Shit hasn't changed. These retards just started paying attention after living in a fantasy world where everyone was a shitlord until they started weaseling their way into journalism.




>it's possible to write a story that goes against your personal politics simply because it makes a better story that way.

"It's possible therefore it must be real" is one of the biggest tools to push poz of every color and flavor. It doesn't happen, whether or not it is possible.


The Alt-Right created a Parallel Internet? Shit, how do I switch over?



>it misses the point that the plotline of Jace's amnesia is hopefully a temporary set back meant to shake things up.

It's just a retarded article on a third party site. I can't believe I wasted my time skimming this crap. However, it puts the thought in my head that Gideon might be seen as "problematic" in the future and go the way of Garruk. It wouldn't surprise me if they started rotating strong masculine characters faster than they could actually develop them and eventually stop having them altogether.



What happened to Garruk? Haven't played since RTR/THE standard and Khans in eternal formats, I remember the Triumph of Ferocity shitstorm but did Garruk become Sir Not Appearing In This Set, killed off or whatever since?



He went away after Innistrad and is supposedly just wandering around fucking shit up since he's cursed and all.


So Jeremy Hambly/Unsleeved/Quartering has shifted gears ever since WotC burned him. He's essentially an anti-SJW commentator/pundit for /tg/ shit now. His latest video is 17 minutes of shitting on Mike Mearls for being a talentless retard with nothing going for him except working for WotC. I don't feel like we need to talk about everything he does or even post his videos, but I think it's kind of fascinating that he may have found himself a better niche by being the anti-kool-aid guy who clearly knows his shit well enough to comment whenever it pops up in comics and tabletop games. If he stuck to trying to just be the MtG guy he'd probably shrivel up and die. Now he's probably going to build up an audience of angry nerds and anti-SJW types and likely be more influential than he was when he was making videos about the latest card previews for the new shitty set in MtG.



>BALPS person




Well as long as he doesnt go the Sargon route but he unfortunately associates with Sargon playing in a Warhammer Fantasy game ran by Archwarhammer with Sargon as another player. He was going to go to Killroy but I don't know if that is even happening anymore.

I hope he really sticks to his guns and doesn't go the whole 'both sides are dumb' neutral route.



I dont know how relevant Card Kingdom actually is. I actually live near it but I don't go to it because I hear the magic scene is very competitive and dominates the store for the most part. The D&D is only available for 3 hours on Wednesday even as a DM and I like longer sessions so I found a place in a town outside of Seattle to run my games at. Good thing too after seeing this, I used to go to a LCGS near my place and it was filled most of the time spouting the most inane far left views. I just want to play pen and paper role playing games but ended up listening to people bitch about Trump over half the time in there. Luckily I found myself not welcome after I committed some 'microaggressions' against the female DM who was running the campaign I was in. I seemed to talk over only her or at least what this guy said when he came here. It is all good now because I found a much better place with a kitchen, more room, and better hours so they actually did me a favor.



Quartering strikes me more as a shitposter with an axe to grind, than an enlightened centrist who thinks reading John Locke makes him an intellectual, like Sargon.


File: 7eddde34ede368e⋯.gif (396.93 KB, 400x418, 200:209, 1517165105286.gif)


>the mtg judge program puts out a gender equality piece

just look at the opening sentence and have a nice laugh.



Yup. This is WotC committing suicide.



When it all comes crashing down I'm interested to see what Rudy will do.



Welp, speaking of this exact article and Quartering, he's already got a video on this.



Probably kys himself


File: 65097d5764f5140⋯.png (92.08 KB, 1014x910, 39:35, Homeless Magic Addict.PNG)

>thanks to the generosity of kind strangers and the magic community i was able to rebuild a $1,000 modern deck i had stolen from me while i was homeless

<why the fuck did you have $1,000 in cardboard and not sell it to stop being homeless? why did you expect a bright red carrying case to last a night in a homeless camp?

>it was my choice!™ you may have your own priorities but magic is literally the only way i socialize and i am a perfectly healthy adult!

Imagine having a ticket out of fucking homelessness and not using it because you love being a goy that much.




We were talking about the literal sunk cost shit that keeps people in MtG even though they should know for a fact that it's a bad game and WotC is a bad company. This is a meme-worthy screencap of that mentality in action. Literally…

>I would rather have my Magic deck than a home


These are the people who try to snark at you and insist that it's a good thing that false scarcity cardboard is pricey because it's good for the game that they play completely recreationally.

Reminds me of a guy I know who once told me about how he had to rebuild his collection of MtG cards multiple times. He got kicked out and had to move a few times, and ended up losing tens of thousands of cards that he'd collected over the years. Instead of cutting his losses, he built up that collection again insisting on regathering cards from all the sets he had before. Mind, he didn't play in tournaments or even go to LGSs often to play, or even attempt to build some highly competitive expensive deck… He just kept buying the damned cards.



Sounds like an addiction.



>my then-girlfriend

I'm glad to see some women aren't completely insane



>MtG junkie would rather be homeless than sell cards

So do people actually suck dick in alleyways to get money for their Magic cards? How does one sink so low?



>comments congratulating him outweigh comments calling him a faggot by a wide margin

What the fuck is wrong with redditors? Jesus Christ. Every time someone posts something from there I wonder what makes a man turn into one of these absolute pussies.

I normally feel like the weakest and stupidest members of society deserve to be protected from themselves to a certain extent, but in this case I find myself feeling like this guy deserves to have bad things happen to him due to his own unrepentant stupidity.



>What the fuck is wrong with redditors?

Welcome to the age of viral marketing and astroturfing



The community is about upvotes and internet points. You're quickly browbeaten to step in line, to only say the right things. This happens with every community that has rep points/upvotes/karma, you have to say the right things or you're branded a troll. If you're a troll, you're excommunicated and the mods will pull the ban trigger easier on you. This implants an attitude of submission and abuses the need to fit in.

If you ever say the wrong thing once six years ago on the same account, it can and will be brought up against you as an argument as to why you're wrong. And the people bringing that up will get upvoted as well. As a result, you need to change your very mentality to fit in. To sell this insanity, reddit pushes itself as intellectual, to appeal to the intellectual securities of a 95-105 IQ(same tactics as SJW. There are no coincidences). When you're a redditor, you're suddenly this very smart badass intellectual with decent moral standards that isn't a douchenozzle dick and also very secure in your maturity that you enjoy children's cartoons and are an erudite stoner (I use these buzzwords to make you aware of their codes). But how do you get to this point of being a mothafuckin' badass? By submitting to the Reddit mentality and giving your all for your intellectual pursuit.

Look at how readily people donated their life savings to Boyknee Sandaz for some halfassed "everyone gets everything for free!" dream that obviously was never going to take off. How quickly they fell in line to look like the most decent but badass awesome intellectual they could. Or look how they trip over themselves to smugly do some stupid shit for the dopamine rush they get from upvotes.

If this sounds like a cult,




>It's because it fucking is one.

This isn't even hyperbole.

t. Dealt with a disproportionate amount of them due to upbringing.


File: 111f42a4327d35f⋯.jpg (152.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5134105d3c4eba353f0ef150aa….jpg)


>>In this same vein, the term “he or she” used to describe a hypothetical or ambiguous person is exclusive and can be replaced with the shorter and more natural singular they.



<shorter (then) They

Man, I am sad to see something people love crash and burn but this shit is hilarious


File: 757d2325ff3acff⋯.png (98.94 KB, 976x898, 488:449, lol again.PNG)

File: 6b1827efc06ddd2⋯.png (902.19 KB, 984x767, 984:767, boogeyman.PNG)

>LGS announces they're no longer running MTG events, which is a surprise because much of their business comes from MTG

>Standard attendance has been so low for so long events often don't fire, Pokemon is thriving, and the recent announcement about background checks has been the final straw

>the cost of background checks isn't high in the area ($10 or so), but there is no clear policy from WotC, so if the store absorbs the cost it impacts an already meagre bottom line

>>if they pass the cost onto staff, then they could be seen as greedy, and WotC has no clear definition of "staff" anyway

>the store announcement makes it to the front page of the magic subreddit

>grimly curious, I browse the comments to find something weirdly familiar

>it's the same fucking guy as in >>354862

Reddit isn't really news, but the Facebook comments relating to the store's announcement have been morbidly interesting. It's fascinating to see the different faces people put on when actually playing Magic, when accusing counterfeiters of killing the game, and when discussing how pedophilia charges are fine in retrospect because the guy who brought them up was an internet troll. They can't seem to make up their minds as to whether he is a no-name nobody with no influence or a scary alt-right/Russian hacker with hundreds of thousands of, gasp, Twitter followers!



>functional illiteracy



>refocus, refocus, refocus

This guy is a convicted pedophile 100% guaranteed



The good thing is that they have certain terms that give them away. I had a friend who said things like "good sir" and "shitter" irl. Sure enough, he was a redditor.



They panic because they know they will lose all power and authority in their tiny communities if they have the MtG rug yanked out from under them and they are forced to jump to a new game.



Nothing wrong with shitter. Mostly as a reference to the toilet though.

There's no excuse for using sir outside of the fucking military though.



It's called being polite, dude.



I meant "shitter" as an insult, rather than just calling someone a shit or a shithead. It's always seemed pretty reddit to me, but it may just be a linguistic shit similar to how scummy people were called "creeps" when I was a child and then they started being called "creepers".


There's a difference between calling an old man you don't know "sir" to show respect and saying "thank you good sir" to the guy who gives you your food at McDonalds like some kind of autist.



This situation has escalated a bit, by the way, and both Hambly and the store owner have proven themselves tools. I can go into more detail if anons aren't sick of my blogposting. Political stuff doesn't usually happen in my city; it almost reminds me of Gamergate except the people shitposting on Twitter are real human beings I used to interact with.



>Hambly and the store owner have proven themselves tools

Shocker right there



A big tell is shit like "don't be an asshole." You'll notice them using "asshole," "dick," and douchebag a lot. You could draw parallels to soyboy, nu-male, etc., but those terms have some clear definition to them. Asshole, dick and douchebag don't really have a set definition to them. And if you ask them for a definition, they'll have a canned response, "if you have to ask what one is, you are one rofl XD." There's no real talking to them when they've called you that because in their mind, you're their enemy. There's no coming back from asshole/dick/douchebag, you're excommunicated. At least when we use "soyboy," there's potential for the soyboy to not be a faggot. It's not a complete shutdown tactic, unlike asshole/dick/douchebag. For now, we'll also ignore that those insults wore their power in middle school for most people and that an actual adult would just use the word "jerk."


File: 7f64f161242731c⋯.png (36.38 KB, 1742x235, 1742:235, Capture.PNG)


In a perfect world, this post would have gotten Satan trips.



What about "cuck"? There's no coming back from that.



There wouldn't be…if some faggots didn't overuse it and stretch it's meaning like an anus in FATAL.


In a perfect world, we wouldn't need discussions like this in the first place.



Since we've had Jacobite articles on here before, here's another. I think they get us.



I don't think we have, but regardless, it's an article about meme warfare from last November.. What does this have to do with /tg/ or what we've been talking about?



The tip off for me was constant use of the term, "fuckboy". It's something that I'd only ever seen used by the leftmost parts of tumblr, and hearing it in person was a bit of a canary in a coalmine moment. Didn't hurt that he looked like the most generic numale imaginable.



We have, actually.

https://jacobitemag.com/2017/09/13/the-ikea-humans-the-social-base-of-contemporary-liberalism/ This. I forget which thread it came up in, but I know it was on here.

As for relevance, well, we have discussed things like IOTBW in these threads before.



I remember that article and I know that IOTBW has been mentioned here, but it's not relevant right now, there's nothing to discuss on the matter, and it's weird that you're bringing it up like this.



>one long sentence

Yeah, okay. That was posted out of context. I just happened to find and read it today. My fault.


Lots of happenings today.


>bitcoin still downing

>stocks down 665 points

<The word Treason is being mulled over and possible trials are finally being brought up over this continual bullshit



What's that about Treason?



I don't live in the U.S. so I don't know what any of that specifically means. Where was treason mentioned? What is the memo?



Oh shit. Did the memo actually get released? Last I heard, some lefty dipshits were insisting that the whole memo thing was just a Russia hacking conspiracy to undermine the democrats.


File: d3af47766d17b6f⋯.pdf (1.86 MB, memo_and_white_house_lette….pdf)





Trump revealed an internal memo about the Department of Justice and the FBI using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in a questionably legal way in order to find dirt on Donald Trump and his alleged ties to Russia using a source who was blatantly biased against Trump. It is within the rights and responsibilities of the President to either classify or declassify such memos if it is within the interest of America and the American people. And now the Democrats are making a stink about this because it makes them look bad. Memo's added to this post.



It's funny how the party who was practically the definition of "PR facade" doesn't know how to act when something bad happens.


File: 6123f6c3848fced⋯.jpg (90.04 KB, 600x315, 40:21, pinochet_2.jpg_1085591094.jpg)

So how pozzed is the Second Edition of Eclipse Phase? I know the horror element got downgraded and the Ultimates were removed because the creator thought they were fascists or something, but any other crap that happened that I missed?

Is the Jovian Republic at least untouched?



>implying Eclipse Phase isn't already pozzed in the first edition



Eclipse phase developers are a bunch of prototypical seattle hipsters who live in a hippie commune smoking the REALLY good weed. A few years ago before gamergate even they tried to fire their MRA fans because the influx of logic hurt them physically.

Just know this going in. The eclipse phase devs are too stoned and too communist to give a shit if you pirate their books though.


>>359211 (checked)

>Just know this going in. The eclipse phase devs are too stoned and too communist to give a shit if you pirate their books though.

It's not piracy if the developers release their books for free:



File: 63aee55f996f9fc⋯.png (60.66 KB, 1054x958, 527:479, Jove.png)


>The Jovian Republic is an ideal and 2nd edition is trash, 1st edition only good for how many unintentionally better then communism alternatives you have.


File: 4e4e8f8d1b7bbe9⋯.jpg (12.33 KB, 349x347, 349:347, Jovian Republic Icon.jpg)


Reminder that the Jovians are right.


File: 1cb20d0153f7889⋯.jpg (79.25 KB, 493x637, 493:637, ba25b06f742e3851cf8c5e3162….jpg)


Eclipse Phase as presented in the first edition core was a pretty interesting and balanced sci-fi setting, admittedly with a bias in favour of transhumanism, but didn't forget to make a reasonable depiction of counter arguments and the horrors that could arise from it.

Apparently in spite of themselves because they ruined it after 3 splatbooks.


File: 68328ccc02447f2⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, blaze it.png)


>mfw playing a Jovian businesswoman

I'm an anarchist, too.


File: bc589ee9092a270⋯.jpg (15.28 KB, 326x323, 326:323, Smug Jupiter Man.jpg)


Jovian's are always right.


File: 024d9b9a9d8cd36⋯.jpg (169.4 KB, 689x385, 689:385, 470.jpg)


Just stay clear of autistic kids with girly names.



So I was milling around and the first jewgle result of "don't be a dick" is from Wil Wheaton in 2007. No wonder I instantly detested it. It's pure passive aggressive bullshit.

And to add on top of the reddit = cult angle, redditors (goons/imgurians/tumblrinas/leftists are included) love to use the term "decent people." Something odd to me is that it's always used in terms of leftist policies. "Just be a decent person and support universal health care!" "Just be a decent person and let these brown people in." Remember, a key part of the cult conditioning is the hammering in that you're better/more enlightened/more intelligent/more spiritual than normal people which drives you from the society as a whole. You see this reflected with how they talk. Always talking down to you. Right now, I'm in front of you, dropping information and awareness. But a redditor speaks from on high. It's hard to articulate the differences when someone is talking down at you compared to talking at you as an equal. I think it's mainly the verbiage used, less technical terms used, more passive voice. Sarcasm as well, that's the calling card of a psuedo-intellectual.

Let's return back to the splitting from society thing. Mainly the "you're just fucking better part." Cults will bring up how awesome you are, while simultaneously putting you down as not good enough. We use the term "doublethink" to describe this seemingly contradictory position. "You better than everyone else also you suck. Here's how to improve yourself." Constant denigration followed by a carrot on a stick approach. This is how the cult operates. (Of course, /pol/ will use the same tactics. This is how you spot a shill, they use the same carrot on a stick approach. Beware those telling you how to live your life, self-improvement is something you chose to do, not something sold to you. Strength comes to the strong, and truth does not need to be browbeaten into you.) The end result is a mindless/useful idiot who is only good to parrot what his superiors tell him. The carrot on a stick approach works best with the insecure and weak willed. Hence why you'll get STEM dudes that are stupidly liberal, because they had some sort of insecurity that the cult manipulated. Liberalism is not for the intelligent, but to the weak-willed.

And notice, "decent." Not "Good." Not "great." "Decent." Middle of the road. Alright. Okay. The cult does not want you to be a good person, because the cult did away with the notions of good and evil and replaced it with post-modernist humanism. The cult wants you to be decent, to never shoot above. Because if you're not complacent and have some sort of ambition, you don't last long in cults. The cult wants you to be a decent person, not good, not great. Just average. Perfectly okay with being average because you're a decent person. Cultists won't even notice the wool has been pulled over their eyes because they have been effectively demoralized. They don't know the wool is over their eyes because they've been programmed to think that the wool is good and their only world.

sage for wildly off topic.


File: dd883438f42576c⋯.png (111.85 KB, 836x788, 209:197, JBC Ends Magic 1.PNG)

File: bd73716d6a5882d⋯.png (140.77 KB, 831x897, 277:299, JBC Ends Magic 2.PNG)

File: dab7d1d5be0db03⋯.png (135.74 KB, 818x866, 409:433, JBC Ends Magic 3.PNG)

File: d4265f416ce98ec⋯.png (32.43 KB, 786x226, 393:113, JBC Ends Magic 4.PNG)

This is the final update on my LGS stopping MTG events, since the second announcement did not generate the same kind of bad publicity the first one did, and thus there is less to report. I know this almost crosses the line into blogposting, but some other anons were discussing what it would look like when a store owner protested the background check changes. Well, here it is for posterity: https://archive.fo/B7YfE | https://archive.fo/Hv1SE

I can't believe I ever respected this dipshit. It baffles me how somebody can work 18hr days for months in the Northwest Territories and the Yukon, for the express purpose of collecting isolation pay and hazard pay to start a business, and then say things like "a convicted pedophile being in a position of authority at an event with children is zero evidence of wrongdoing" and "nothing happened in 25 years of Magic, so obviously this policy would not have stopped anything." Yeah, faggot, the absence of policy or a problem reporting method means there's no problem, obviously.

He had four fucking days to write a followup statement and not once did he happen upon either NicheGamer article. I'll give him not wanting to browse through the Twitter profile of an alt-lite shock jock, but the future of a self-owned business demands more action than talking to judge on Facebook.

At least I traded in my cards for store credit before all this happened. I would have liked to believe that not every single person who played Magic in this city was a cumguzzling faggot, but even the casual EDH players at the university club are mostly nu-males; there was even a tranny



>a convicted pedophile being in a position of authority at an event with children is zero evidence of wrongdoing

It's worse than that, it looks like he thinks it didn't even happen at all, and that none of the accusations were true.



Natural selection in action


File: 301062b7b83a723⋯.jpg (79.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, despair.jpg)


If a LGS pulled this kind of false narrative faggotry and I actually gave a shit I'd be posting flyers and picketing. I mean, he's literally publicly opposing background checks to prevent pedophiles from having access to kids. Then again he's cancelling WotC events and advertisement, which would be a positive.

Good thing I'm a faggot with no convictions or LGS' and am not willing to self harm over other's faggotry.



It's very interesting how they do exactly what they claim their opponents do.



Someone linked me some pseudo-intellectual faggot's video recently, wherein he attempted to to explain the tactics of the alt-right.. he was hilariously wrong, but it was jaw-dropping just how much he was projecting. Literally saying shit like, "They put their opponents in boxes and then misrepresent their arguments so they don't have to argue the real point!"… as he's putting a strawman in a box and misrepresents their argument so he doesn't have to rebut a real argument.

And yet again.. It hasn't even been that long, but the reason the guy who got banned was even villified and known was because of baseless accusations and spiteful faggotry. He didn't break any rules and didn't even do any of the things they said he did, but WotC went and changed it's policies and started handing out some lifetime bans. He turns around and points out they are letting pedos and rapists go unchecked and suddenly these self-righteous faggots are like



And what's the result? The dumb fuck is not proudly declaring he will reject the notion that removing pedos and rapists from his store events is a good thing.


File: ab1f962f2ba1e30⋯.png (11.31 KB, 402x125, 402:125, Letter of the law, goyim.PNG)

This guy is one of the highest-ranking judges in the Greater Toronto Area, which is the most populous place in Canada, for those of you lucky enough not to live here.


*there was even a tranny the last time I went. He almost fooled me until I heard him raise his voice about card rulings and noticed the conspicuously brick-shaped torso.


>cancelling WotC events

There are at least two or three other stores in town which will absorb the customer base. It's a positive in that the fewer stores supporting WotC, the better, but the (((community))) will still exist.




Dollars to donuts that these fucks don't have kids or want them in the future, because no self respecting parent would let their kid play in a store run by a convicted pedo. Especially when convicted pedos have a 10-50% chance of raping another kid. That's why WOTC forced stores to do background checks for judge positions. If parents found out that WOTC wasn't doing shit with the pedo thing, there would never be another kid buying MTG ever again.

It's $20 to do a background check on a dude, at the most. How many judges per store again?



Women are so vastly inferior to men when it comes to their pyshical capabilities that they are effectively worthless, their best performs equivalent to the lower 30 percentile of men. So not only should we never allow women anywhere near a war we should make the standards so high that pussies, faggots, and layabouts can't pass anyway. And then we should train those men to be heartless killers just to alienate your faggot liberal/neocon ass even further.

Fuckoff you know damn well that it is completely impractical to make exceptions for a 1/100 instance let alone the 1/10000 instance of a woman who might be able to barely keep up with a poor quality infantry platoon in a real war. But you want to play that dupliticious game then fuck you. This is why I do side with the nazis and fascists giving you faggots an inch always results in you taking a mile and incrementally fucking up society so guess what not only will you not get an inch you will be hung without recourse to the law, simply because it is an expedient means to deal with you.

Not only will you not get your fag, female, and tranny gibs me dats brigade we'll en devour to make our soldiers soulless slayers of men who revel in genocide. You'll pray to be dealing with the german natsocs if we get our way.

Anybody else with me on this? I just really want to give these faggots the monstrous unreasonable caricatures they imagine to be their opposition? Because I'm just sick of hearing the same faggy "principled" arguments over and over again in which the pussy in question completely misses the point and refuses to address pragmatism at all while arguing about some abstract ideal of "fairness".



You might want to make that post again, sans ramble.


Any way we can spread the news that judges are objecting to this process?



I've been considering talking to a newspaper in the city where this guy lives so they can needle him about his resistance to barring pedophiles from judging in and playing in large events.



>And then we should train those men to be heartless killers

Dumb nigger



>bringing back this fucking argument weeks later after several retards were banned for it

The fuck are you doing?


File: 8dcdba28bb45c87⋯.jpg (50.15 KB, 380x380, 1:1, 1416725620649.jpg)


The liberal degeneracy has basically weaponized social conformity. They've controlled popular culture with their jewish tricks for decades now, so they can continue to push the social conventions further and further into the suicidal depths of the clownworld. Constant signalling and shaming then ensure the goy cattle is browbeaten to conform to the latest sick schemes, making them willingly partake in the destruction of their own culture and civilization.

You can call Reddit a cult, but it's just a small part of a much larger and much more horrifying web.


File: efd067e59577d02⋯.png (326.89 KB, 605x863, 605:863, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ac029f76631f95c⋯.png (367.23 KB, 618x879, 206:293, ClipboardImage.png)

Tangentially /tg/ and politics related: Spoony has become so fucking crazy that he's now a tranny. Keep in mind, we've seen this guy for nearly a decade being a mentally unstable trainwreck completely unrelated in any way to his gender identity… and how he insists that he's been mentally unstable this whole time because he's actually a tranny. Funny how these things work.

He's currently e-begging on twitter in the most literal sense. Anyone saying anything remotely positive is getting a response that amounts to "That's nice. You'd better give me money on patreon."


File: 975716b07edd8da⋯.mp4 (890.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.mp4)



Not going to pretend Spoony was very important to /tg/, but he did a few videos called Counter Monkey that were about tabletop campaigns he played in and ran that were pretty good at the time.

Doesn't actually matter though, because it's not actually real. Which is a shame.



I still remember his very first video about Bayou Billy, and that series he did about the choose your own adventure X-Files cassette tapes. Christ, it really has been a long time hasn't it?

>gets patreon shekels to make a movie

>fucks off for three years and announces a documentary about hormone therapy and SRS

2018 is off to a great start.





Sad. I just watched his video on the Jedi Hunter yesterday, and he still looked like he was having fun back then. Give him a few years, and maybe he'll break another way.




Turns out he's been banned from twitter for about a month. The tweets are real, but they're from a fake account that uses two i's in the name. Whoever is behind it is fucking dedicated to the bit, though.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I feel a little bad for spoony even tho he's a total bitch now. apparently he suffers from severe chronic headaches, so I can imagine how that might alter one's mood for the worse.


File: 4e9c08d94b4b1a4⋯.mp4 (2.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, spoony juan but not forgot….mp4)



>I feel a little bad for spoony even tho he's a total bitch now.

He's a dick. And I don't mean for anything offensive he's said, I mean just watch a few of his Counter Monkey videos and you'll see he's a total fuckhead as both a DM and player. Mind you, I might consider feeling sorry for him if he didn't have such a massive ego.



Source on the song of the webm? It sounds really funky



Why does he even have a big ego if he's the wreck of the Hesperus in human form?



I saw that in the /cow/ thread and they were saying it was fake. I don't follow this autist close enough to know one way or another. Is this real?



Honestly that's the most baffling part. I mean you'd figure he'd be a little humbled but nope.



One of the disturbing aspects to me is that many people who buy into the hyper conformist Jewed worldview believe that they are non-conformists because they don't realize that their personal pet subcultures are 100% approved and marketed and not rebellious at all. Once (((they))) figure out how to efffectively market things to a given sub-culture it is essentially neutralized as being any kind of threat to the established order.


I stopped following him after his gf banned everyone from his forums for hating his unfunny crossovers. It seems like I missed some entertaining stuff.



He was on That Guy With the Glasses and the fans sucked his dick, even when he was being an asshole so he got used to treating other people like shit with no negative consequences. I also suspect that he's Jewish, which might explain the superior attitude and mental health issues.



If you're not sure, you should check his nose.


File: 8baca21c3cf2d15⋯.jpg (18.34 KB, 395x387, 395:387, 1517866826872.jpg)

So first Card Kingdom now TCGplayer has a asshurt feminist article on it.

I seriously hope that these companies are actually paid by these people to get this kind of trash on they're sites.

It's a long ass article but holyshit is it obvious.




>open link

>see image


hory shit



>uncommon name

>square face

90% sure he's a guy



>It's been three months since you found Magic: The Gathering

The opening fucking sentence is "I'm a poseur who jumped on this bandwagon way too late, but it's cool to be a geek XD so let me lecture you about how I know everything about this hobby and how my experiences and feelings matter more than an entire industry and a community that has existed for decades without acknowledging how important my feelings are"


Thread hit the limit, new one over at >>359894



Nice trips.

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