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File: 01e756f9c1551f0⋯.jpg (81.19 KB, 520x679, 520:679, deadly-premonition.jpg)


Hello there /tg/. I've been thinking about doing a thriller turning into survival horror Savage Worlds campaign inspired in Twin Peaks and Deadly Premonition, but because I'm not american I have no fucking idea how rural towns in america work, so I have a few questions.

>1. How do sheriffs work and are selected? what kind of training do they get? to they watch over more than one town? Are his deputies also trained as cops? Do small towns have a judge to ask for searchings and investigations?

>2. How big can a 'country' or whatever you americans call it be? 2 towns? 3?

>3. How cold is Alaska? can anything grow there? what are the native tribes there? do they have casinos? If not Alaska, how cold are the zones in the frontier with Canada? Are there moonshine-loving gun-loving hillbillies in those areas?

I probably have more questions, but I can't think of them. Please, help me.


File: 3e9f9764a5e1559⋯.jpg (10.57 KB, 150x194, 75:97, picthumb6990-medium.jpg)


Well, there's this game called Heaven & Earth, that';s pretty much "Twin Peaks: the RPG". It features a small town for a setting of supernatural detective adventures and way I see it, it covers pretty much every topic needed, included Sherrif's work & such.

Feel free to steal it and use it in your game.

Also, there's a "East Texas University" for Savage Worlds - it's teenagers meet horror kind of game and even though it's a parody of sorts, you're gonna find some material there.

Also, make sure to watch some movies, like "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" (small town drama, police work), and "Northern Exposure" (old tv series taking place in Alaska).



I guess I'll have to start searching that. Are they popular?

I was hoping for some american lectures so I could be as close as possible to the real thing.



Twin Peaks, Deadly Premonition, Alan Wake, you can get some ideas from Secret World too.



I'm more interested in knowing how the hell rural america works, because I've seen so many sheriffs on drama TV yet I don't know what is the difference between a sheriff and a regular police chief.



Fiction or real life?



I've just seen fiction, that's why I asked about true life. I want to make some important unique NPCs like a sheriff misantropic woman, a skinhead married with a black panter and other extravagances.



Try watching the shows Longmire, Justified, or even True Detective for modern ideas on the Sheriff stuff. Generally a Sheriff is elected and the deputies are appointed by the Sheriff, which means they may be qualified with police experience, or they just might be buddies with the Sheriff. Counties(not countRies) out west are usually pretty large, in Wyoming for example counties range from 2000-7000square miles, with dozens of towns in them. For weather in Alaska, it varies depending on how far north you go. The southern coast can be relatively mild but the northern reaches actually has 24hrs of light or night depending on the time of year. I've never been, but The Last Alaskans appears to be the least TV bullshit-tier for a show about living there



I see, I'll look for those shows. There are more questions.

How far do a sheriff juristiction go? for all the county or just a town? do the Sheriff get elected like you elect judges? also, do they need any police background or could be a civilian like deputies?

Thank you all for assisting me in this abomination I'm creating.



Most of rural America is farming and back then, factories, same town population and traditional values and a strong work ethnic means no urban hip nonsense, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Now Sheriffs are elected instead of appointed by the population he will preside upon. That's how it works mostly. Think Conservative population with some self-sufficiency.


File: df2d8819748e145⋯.jpg (256.63 KB, 535x400, 107:80, The_King_in_Yellow.jpg)

I recommend The King in Yellow for the start of weird fiction, and some U.S. cross European action. The eponymous entity was much later linked to hastur. I can see his pallid touch wind its way through everything that came thereafter, as though stories about the peeling of the veil can't escape his influence.

And it's counties, not countries. Similar to a parish, province, kriese, amter, fylker, jurisdictions, and boroughs. I'd recommend setting your county in the Rockies or the thick of Appalachia for maximum isolation with relative modernity. Or smack dab in the middle of the Maine lake area for similar effect in a more European climate.




I see. I need to read and watch a lot to make it good.

Another question, but mostly I'm a little retard regarding population numbers. How many people live in a small rural town? How far beyond the three digits?




Sheriff has jurisdiction over his county. If a large metropolitan city exists within his county, there are usually local city cops that handle matters within the city, leaving the rest of the county in his hands. For a small town, there may be a few deputies stationed there in a satellite station while the actual Sheriff stays at HQ elsewhere. Some states may have slight variations, such as on major highways (such as interstate highways), the State Police or Highway Patrol will handle traffic enforcement such as drunk driving and speeding. But if it's standard crime/domestic issues/etc, the Sheriff and deputies handle it.


Same as any electable government position, guys campaign, people vote, winner is Sheriff for a term.


As I said before, they may have experience or cronyism may have landed them the job. It's your setting, you decide.

>population in towns

Varies depending on industry and availability of jobs in the area. Could be up to 2000ish or so, or down to less than 50 people. Nebraska had a town that had a single resident



If you want to keep it small, make it a 'backwater' that has become a ghost town. Back waters were where steam trains stopped mid journey to refill their steam engines. Towns developed around them. Of course the tendency in America for the past sixty years has been for the kids to go to college and disappear into the cityscape, so most towns have been shrinking rather than growing.

Make it however few or many you care to, but know that barring a local resource like coal the place will be heavy in the elderly demographic.



Interesting. And could you appoint temporal deputies in cases of investigations or searching people in the woods?


I was thinking, just in case I go autistic enouth, in three towns in a valley arround a lake and an indian reserve/casino With a total population not far over 100. I can wonder later how the economy there works and how highschools and schools works in my setting county.

I was thinking in a ficticional Alaska county or in the fronteer with Canada mostly because I wanted a cold mountain zone with many forests where things can hide and wolves and bears could be actual dangers. If not, then I could say a total population of 1000 or so so the towns are rather small yet there might be stores of different tastes.



Yes, temporary deputies can be assigned as required. One thing I should mention is that the severity of the crime may get the case bumped up to a higher ranking department. Say a interstate crime such as a murderer that crossed state lines, it gets bumped up to the FBI. Bank robbery also is another FBI-tier crime since all banks are federally insured. Escaped convicts is usually a US Marshals matter. Bombs or gun running is an ATF matter. High level drug rings are DEA. Crimes against a government official may be Secret Service or FBI or both, if the official is important enough. A regular person missing or murdered would be a Sheriff issue unless he feels he and his men cannot handle it on their own due to complexity or sensitivity of the case, and may elect to bring in State Police or FBI as advisors or hand the case over entirely to the State Police. FBI rarely take the case for a murdered normal joe unless maybe a serial killer was suspected, or the Joe's death is suspected to have a connection to some kind of government corruption.

As for the casino, while they are legal on reservations, it still is only economically feasible if say 10000+ people live within an hour drive or so. A casino ain't going to be opening in the bushlands of Canada. Perhaps your plothook could be recently discovered oil sands are driving immense economic and population growth, drawing people from all over to the area. The local tribe wants in on this new money by opening a casino, and are eliminating anyone that stands in the way of this happening. The players need to figure out why various small-time local officials and tribal leaders are being murdered, and whodunnit. This will probably be sufficiently complex enough for the players without requiring you getting into how US federal police organizations operate, unless that's your thing. I'd say unless the governor or congressman is involved, you wouldn't need a higher organization than the state police. Maybe add in some enmity between the Sheriff and the state cops, turning it into a race of sorts of who cracks the case first



Hm… that's a curious idea. How about not being too far from a city but the only access is a tunnel road that gets blocked before weird shit happens? It could be a tourist trap town but nobody actually stay there to live.



Or an island town and a storm is preventing the ferry from running/took down cell towers/washed away the bridge. If you're going for more supernatural horror, they could see unnatural shapes off in the distance in the storm. I don't know too much about Pacific Northwest tribal folklore but I'm sure they have some interesting bits you could use as well.



WEll, I guess my players don't use 8chan nor /tg/, so I can spoil things. What I basically want to play is the town dealing with a secret facility that spread tunnels all over town keeping in habitats all the monsters of myth that were dying because of the black plague, having a secret organization formed by the mayor european crowns to preserve those monsters because of their biological nature. After centuries and the independence of America, the United States get control of the facilities, and what do americans try to do always with everything they get their hands to? they try to weaponize the creatures brought all over the world, mainly europe. Eventually, because of how secret the organization was and because some sort of accident in the 50s or 60s, everyone in the organization or knows about the organization just dies of old age or because what happened in the accident, leaving a bunch of monsters forgotten for decades, yet remaining well hidden and away from town. Still, something happened in the year the players are set in, making the monsters getting closer to civilization and making it even more dangerous to get into the woods.

The locals already knew they better had to be away from the woods, not only to be safe of wolves and bears, but of things in the woods they have no idea what they are or if they exist, but it's safer to not get closer.

I want to play the campaign at first like a twin peaks investigation, with clues, peculiar characters, crazy assassins being interrogated and basically creepness, then when they get far enouth or enouth time passes go fulll survival horror/monster movie even with a quarantine.



Not to be rude or to shit on this thread, because I do think this is an interesting topic, but couldn't you just google most of these questions?



That sounds really cool, I'd play the shit out of that. Maybe tribal elders know the truth about it since they agreed to have the facility on their land, and is a secret only passed from Chieftain to Chieftain as power changes hands. In order to get their casino approved, the Chief is using these monsters to kill people that oppose it, and when the PCs get too close to the truth, he uses the Wendigo to create a storm to isolate them from the mainland and hunt the players down



Mostly because I have no idea what to put in the searcher to actually get results. And because I wanted feedback.


Hm.. I'm not sure of the idea of the indians controlling the monsters, because it implies they could be controlled at all. Still, I like the idea of one blind very old elder warning anyone asking to get the FUCK out of the woods while his son or grandson is a sleacy, scammey asshole who he is only indian in the name and in the looks, having a small casino thanks to dirty money and maybe managing illegal waste dumps in the land of his ancestors.

What I'm thinking as the main antagonists is someone who lost its sanity after watching the horrors in the woods and tries to block the whole valley to keep the rest of the world safe, killing some people ritualistically to peace the more supernatural kind of beasts so he has time to blow up the only tunnel that is the only access to the valley and the only way out… or… among so many beasts, the secret organization brought old pagan gods weakenned by the plague, being Circe one of them, not being just a demi goddess but a fucking inmortal lunatic mad 'scientist', doing experiments with all those beasts and the corpses of the last members of the organization, being kept alive all those decades as nothing but puppets or weird chimeras.



I think I agree now that you mention completely wild monsters sound worse than them being controlled



And that's why Hunting is essential.



I did some reading on Wikipedia about sheriffs to answer your questions and I should say that the article notes that Alaska is one of two states that has no counties, instead using "boroughs," and therefore has no sheriffs. The state primarily relies on the Alaska Department of Public Safety, and its Alaska State Troopers for law enforcement Alaska itself is very cold mostly in the central and northern regions, large swathes of it are untouched forests, mountains, and tundras. Pretty much everyone who lives there lives on the southern coastlines, and the most known Native American tribe there are the Inuits, also known as the Eskimos, known for wearing parkas and living in igloos and hunting seals. They don't run casinos as far as I know. Alaska is sometimes referred to as "The Last Frontier" for how remote and sparsely populated it is, especially in comparison to its size as it is the geographically largest state in the USA.



Shit. I guess Alaska is discarted and I have to do it in a canadian frontier.



Canadian or a border US state, they're almost the same in most ways.



I meant in the border, mostly because I Don't want pussified americans.



Gotcha. That leaves Minnesota, northern Michigan, Montana, or Washington state. Montana is the biggest and most rural, I'd suggest that one.



Oh, and North Dakota.



I think I'm gonna take Montana. It is full of water and has 40% of mountains, it has some story with Spain with is part of the plot and it was full of gold and silver.

I think I felt in love.


1. Sheriffs tend to be elected, so they are whoever the people will vote for. Like most elected positions, they don't have many strict requirements in terms of training. But in order to get elected, they tend to have experience - specifically local experience. Getting a new sheriff isn't like a company hiring a new VP from all the best talent in the world. It's just the guy who's been there the longest and has the most influence.

2. I think you mean "county", not country. A county is just a sub division of a state. It is about geographical size, not number of cities. Large cities can be made up of multiple counties, but in rural area, counties can be multiple cities. And since it is all about small time politicians fighting for control, you can end up with arbitrary areas split off from the surrounding county. The country where I grew up had over a dozen towns, but some of them were only "towns" because someone had decided to call them that. There was no distinct town center or industrialized/commercial area, just a general clump of houses/farms in the same general area. And then the largest city in the area was missing from the middle of the county, because they had split themselves off as an independent body.

3 Alaska is huge. It spans 5 Latitudes, but none of them are really farming country. The states on the Canadian border (and just south of them) are where the farming takes place. They don't have hillbillies, because they don't have hills. Hillbillies are Appalachia, middle of the eastern coastal states. You have rural poor, but what you think when you think hillbillies is southeastern, not midwest/north.



>You have rural poor, but what you think when you think hillbillies is southeastern, not midwest/north.

There is no equivalency in the north to the stereotype redneck that hates the government, loves guns and likes to live on their own terms and communities?


Silly question. Is the new Far Cry set in Montana? Should I watch videos about it to get a look how the Montana population looks like?



Not much different from trailer trash and farmers, the Canadian equivalent is Newfies but they have a large chip on their shoulder about making fun of their province. The really crazy ones will nearly kill you over it.



Universities are usually centered in more urban areas, and thus, are less interested in the goings-on of rural America. The best you can find for material on small towns and villages in the US is anecdotal, in strange places where the so-called hillbillies and rednecks gather together to share stories of childhood and events in their parts of the world.

I have many such stories, myself. I'd share them here, but I have work in a few minutes. I'll keep the tab open and return to share some, hopefully inspiring some material for your work. I was involved in some of the local politics, including some that keep the urbanites from settling in my area.


File: 4f60cbd356d6b25⋯.png (489.08 KB, 441x700, 63:100, negroeggs.png)


There definitely is, Redneck is a southwest thing (althought one that is slowly getting approrpriated eastward). Hillbillies definitely are appalachian but the appalacians go fromAlabama to Pennsilvania (and you can argue even further up the coast info maine/NE canada.

In terms of the Hills have eyes, consider.


Inbred mountain living poor people who literally fought the law (and lost). Like our very own Innsmouth in the mountains.


Newfies are the salt of the earth and definitely deserve the chip on their shoulder. For every shithead they have at least 10 b'ys which is a ratio that is not reproduced elsewhere in america.



There are a lot of rural poor groups and, shall we say 'eccentric' cultures throughout the states and Canada that could fit the bill, from Anabaptists to non-mainline LDS, to the hippie communes and the Kaczynskiites.


All I have are factoids from a causal acquaintance who lived there until he was 18, but he mostly complains about the state when he gets drunk enough:

>Pacific islanders instead of Latinos

>due to to vast distances and roads being few and not always usable planes, boats, and ferries are much bigger part of life than elsewhere - but still expensive

>It costs more to fly from Alaska to lower 48 states than it costs to fly from mainland to Europe or Asia

>towns with no road access are a thing

>much food has to be imported and is expensive

>due to above, most fresh produce is of poor quality

>many other goods can also be surprisingly expensive, like art products for example

>many delivery services do not ship to Alaska, and ones that do are expensive and notoriously late

>internet is slow, expensive, and data caps are downright hellish

>housing is expensive too

>mosquitoes in the summer will make you look forward to the winter

>ravens and moose everywhere

>locks freeze

>de-icer is a must-have in winter

>dirt and mud created by all the snow melting in the spring (snurt and smud) are a bitch to deal with and your car is covered in a layer of mud for at least a month in the spring


>freezing water pipes

>Car Winterizing - car modifications like battery heater, engine block heater, transmission oil pan heater, and so on are a thing, since in certain parts of the state, cars will just freeze when left turned off for more than few hours in winter

>Winters are freezing, but summers can get surprisingly hot - 100 F is not uncommon depending on the area

>These dramatic temperature shits wreak havoc on the roads, literally tearing them apart

>Emergency care, sport events, entertainment, decent malls are limited to Anchorage, which is basically like a piece of an average small city from the lower 48 transplanted into Alaska.

>Every resident gets about $5000 a year from the state and there are no sale taxes. However, this does not quite make up for the crazy prices

>people drink a lot, because there is nothing else to do, unless you decide to fly to Anchorage

You also have some interesting characters in Alaska, since a lot of people who move there are ones who are trying to 'start over,' don't know what to do with their life, are researchers, or are looking for an adventure. I suppose that's where the skinhead married with a black panther might fit in. Them there are also some locals who feel trapped there and transplants suffering from island fever.



Far Cry 5 does take place in a fictional county in Montana. It might be a decent visual aid.



>Redneck is a southwest thing (althought one that is slowly getting approrpriated eastward)

Mostly because the other biggest identifier is "white trash" and doesn't have nearly as noble of connotation.

Also, might I suggest Tremors: The Series?

It was a short lived made for Sci-fi series based on the movie franchise, and had a similar "Old underground Government spooky-beast research facility left abandoned for decades" scenario as a reoccurring plot element.



Montanan here

If you really want the full montana experience and a great fucking plot hook, look into War of the Copper Kings. Montana is largely unpopulated, with quite a few tribes interspersed. It wouldn't be a stretch to have multiple tribes vying for a nearby economic boom, or even the major influx being discovered oil/gold/rare mineral deposit/coal being on a reservation, so there'd be a lease with said tribe to get access. Reservations have their own jurisdiction, which means no sheriff has authority nor anything aside from federal troops. They have their own police force, and as someone who's been there when they roll up on a site under the pretext of there being a bomb threat, they pack impressive heat. Wanna say ar-15s. I highly recommend pulling resources from the local extremes to make the setting have some bite: make the setting northwestern montana, as that's where all the trees are. Have there be a group from the recently fled KKK camp in northern idaho (90s setting) wanting to get a piece of the action (minerals. rare stones, or copper/gold). Have the nearby tribe hold the mineral rights, so they have a lease on the land which would cause friction between the local town oldfags, the out of staters there to make money, the tribesman who want to profit off it, and the oldfag tribesmen who see all of this as a bad thing. Involve some history of the mythological critters as being purchased back during the copper king in-fighting, and a smattering of timber workers who are annoyed with the new industry fucking up their work by sharing the same roads/losing workers due to pay differences in industries. Then, add a newly opened Amish or Hutterite colony that has shit for farmland, but is discovering they have a lot of rare minerals on their land and is already getting squeezed by outside forces to relocate. This would give you a huge variation within a small population, and would give a lot of speculation as to who's involved in the crimes, and why. Red herrings would abound.


Most small counties have their own militia as well. Deputizing is insanely rare past 1930s, and search and rescue is largely operated by volunteers and other branches like paramedics, firefighters, wildland firefighters, concerned citizens. They use radios to ask for aid, and then whoever hears over the CB spreads it by word of mouth. I partook in a search and rescue not too long ago merely because I had the day off, and another guy there was there because he had a horse and knew the area pretty well.

All of my neighbors are older, and generally moved to the sticks to avoid people and taxes. The midwest and northwest has a much less stereotypical type of small town folk. it's just people who want privacy, and a decent amount of ranchers. Farming isn't much of a thing in montana aside from wheat. Ranching however, is huge. Most "farmers" are just growing hay for ranchers. I think maybe The Crazies would be a decent area as there's a lot of minerals, timber, ranching, tribes, and colonies all kinda meeting. It's also "The Crazies", which is a great springboard for any spoopy campaign.

Other things of note: Idaho used to be a rectangle but since northern Idaho had tons of resources, Montana somehow got the face portion. Just about everyone off county roads owns at least 3 vehicles; one of which must have 4 wheel drive. Most folk have a tractor or an atv with a plow for snow removal. Homes are typically mobile homes, or single/double wides, unless built before the 80s.


I think I will apply all of these ideas one way or another. When I have time I'll draw a doodle of a map of the country. I've been thinking it might look almost like a crater, surrounded by mountains and a massive lake.



I have lived in Alaska and this is a mostly accurate summation. The state money is called the Permanent Fund Dividend, it is a stock dividend from money the state invested back in the 70s. Alaska is a pretty trashy place, alot of transient workers up there for oil or fishing jobs, though fishing is way smaller than it was decades ago. The military has a few big bases there, next to Anchorage, and one at Fairbanks, the largest population centers. Some of the native villages had oil on their lands and got filthy rich, none of them have jobs as their tribal government pays them, very high alcoholism and domestic violence.

There are also a lot of rich that have huge homes and planes, atvs, trucks, cabins in the mountains they have to fly their planes to reach.

To the OP, Whittier is a town where the only road goes through a mile long tunnel under a mountain, it's in a bay and the whole economy there consists of fishing tours for tourists. It's a pretty town when the sun is out. Most of the time Alaska is overcast, summers can be 50s and raining, with lots of mosquitoes.

Despite all the negatives, the outdoors are beautiful and the mountains are amazing.


File: d749d67e95a5546⋯.png (1.47 MB, 3508x2480, 877:620, Rosangrante Valley county.png)

So, this is the map I made for the idea. I'll probably have a different ID because I'm posting through my drawing/gaming pc.

It has 3 towns, a native tribe/casino, a ski station made to attract tourists with not much success, a military base and a pharmaceutical lab that would give jobs to most people in the county.

I was thinking the players might focus their investigation in Ravenhelm Town and I was even thinking to add more stuff, like a mill or a few mines.

if the proportions of the map are fucked up is that I have no sense of space so I don't know what is big and small for a town.



>I'll probably have a different ID because I'm posting through my drawing/gaming pc.

Oh boy.

>if the proportions of the map are fucked up is that I have no sense of space so I don't know what is big and small for a town.

If you care about proper proportions, larger towns will be under 10k population, native community probably being around 10% of the town's size at most. And casino probably won't be too fancy if it is not near a high way or a highly populated area. Don't be afraid to whip out google maps or something and use it if you want to make towns more realistic.

Also, what's the way out of the valley? Military and labs alone would require it, since roads are much more cheaper and convenient than air. Speaking of which, depending on how remote and populous the area is, an airport might be another location to consider.



I was thinking about it being a wide rural road crossing a tunnel, but I guess I could turn it into a high way. I've been also thinking about including an helioport of an helicopter landing spot for alternative access.

The military base is even older than the towns and it has a medieval complex theme slightly adapted to modern use over the years. The towns were funded mostly by suppliers of the military base and gold and silver diggers.

The lab was built in the 70s because they researched some of the local flora for medical use, in particular the Rosa Sangrante or Bleeding Rose, a rose without spines and with a vivid crimsom colour that is rather poisonous. It has anti coabulant agents that might make you bleed out just by consuming it, but in small doses or developed into a medicine it can help with clogs in the blood vessels and help with bruises and inner bleedings.

Both have some relations with the monsters in the mountains.

Also, forgot to represent it, but anything that isn't a town is full forest.



>I was thinking about it being a wide rural road crossing a tunnel

That is good too. As long as there is a way out that can accommodate trucks. I only brought it up because it was not indicated on the map.

> I've been also thinking about including an helioport of an helicopter landing spot for alternative access.

Military would most likely have it. Both for alternative access and to possibly help out with mountain rescue missions in the area.

It sounds good overall. If your players are forgetful, make sure to indicate trees on the map somehow.


Another question about America. How many presidents from the last 70 years are left alive? To play with the idea of "everyone forgot about the vault full of monsters" because of secretism and bad organization.


File: 505f0550efc0cb6⋯.jpg (191.54 KB, 673x820, 673:820, Screenshot_3.jpg)


>How many presidents from the last 70 years are left alive?

I'm sorry, Anon, but you can't play RPGs. You lack resourcefulness to be any good.

Come back after a few years.



To play with the idea of "everyone forgot about the vault full of monsters" because of secretism and bad organization.

So there's plenty of reasons I can think of:

1. The vault contains a secret that the ruling elite want to stay buried.

2. The vault is a nuisance and full of monsters, and they have lacked the political will to take action against it, choosing to leave well enough alone.

3. The rulers HAVE the political will to take action, but because of something or someone in that vault, they do not have the ability.



I was thinking more or less on a mixture of point 2 and 3.

The vault was heritated by the US government after the independence of America in a semy Illuminati/Mason way but lacking the funds. They left the vault alone and the descendents of the secret organization to take care of the beasts inside the vault, that's why the military base of the zone is older than the towns, because it is older than the US itself. That changes after centuries when the descendents begins to mix themselves with US politics and become part of the US organizations and a heavy lobby. The secrets of the organization and the vault are so much the presidents must make blood oaths and be silent or be killed by the organization, that's why Kennedy died. No other organization besides the secret organization has any documents about the beasts and the research done there, so when everyone died the White House knows there is something in the Rosangrante Valley county, but they have no idea what is it. Also, the things hidden underground are so horrible they prefer ignoring some disappearing tourists than risk the whole country and maybe the world by waking up whatever is kept inside the vault.




Why there's a nothing in the middle ?



It is supposed to be a lake, but everytime I tried to make waves it looked shitty.



I see..


I've been looking also for monsters from the Montana folklore and I found interesting things like the Flathead Lake monster and some sort of mixture of a wolf, a hyena and a boar called Shunka Warakin. Wikipedia isn't very helpful but I like what I see. Also, been thinking about revealing that the Big Foot are really orcs with very heavy pelt armors.



>1. How do sheriffs work and are selected?

Sheriffs (in burgerland) are elected by the local populace.

>what kind of training do they get

Widely depends on state to state. Some states require sheriffs to at least have law enforcement experience or criminal justice degree before being eligible to run for office, but there are also many states that do not have any such regulation and any citizen may be elected to the position. However, after being elected, sheriffs often may request for more law enforcement training from federal and state resources and are usually obliged.

>Are his deputies also trained as cops

Short answer yes, however 'training' can be stretched very far as a definition.

> Do small towns have a judge to ask for searchings and investigations?

A Sheriff's power in general can vary wildly depending on where they are operating. Some places they are effectively the police, while in other places they can focus mostly on managing county jails and guarding government buildings.

>2. How big can a 'country' or whatever you americans call it be? 2 towns? 3?

It's a 'county' and it really depends on how your state is carved up for electoral districts. Urban areas could have several cities, while some could be a series of incorporated villages around a town. The districts can look pretty crazy given how they often get cut into very odd shapes to group specific demographics or break them apart to secure elections.

>How cold is Alaska? can anything grow there?

Russia cold

can anything grow there?

Yes there are temperate periods and shit tons of trees up there.

>If not Alaska, how cold are the zones in the frontier with Canada?

Freezing cold, they call it the Great White North for a reason.

>Are there moonshine-loving gun-loving hillbillies in those areas?

Search The Trailer Park Boys



Vault full of monsters that have been sealed up sense 'long time ago' is a pretty cool idea. I don't think you'd even need to involve a President for that. The United States is a large and particularly wealthy country, and we have many government organizations who's budgets rival that of entire governments of smaller countries. Not to mention that in recent times, there is a tendencies for intelligence agencies to basically enact organizational policies that run counter current to other equally large organization. One example I can think of is how the CIA and the Pentagon were funding two different groups in Syria, that ended up waging war against each other. You could easily chalk up a highly secret base or sp00k3 site that was the source of a shadow war waged between various bureaucratic powerhouses within the American government, and when shit got really out of hand, all parties buried the issue (literally and figuratively) to prevent liability from reaching the higher echelons. You could work its discovery due to uncovering old as fuck documents that they just forgot to fully redact or destroy, or that something is bleeding out from the site and causing serious problems. Departments have no idea what the fuck is going on, or worse, not want to let on just how much they know, and has created an inter-departmental task force to solve the issue.



>Russia cold

So, is it like, Sochi cold, or Vladivostok cold, or Moscow cold, or Yakutsk cold?



I thought all the government organizations informed the president of EVERYTHING. I just want to justify a full quarantine with even some lethal response while they have no fucking idea what they are dealing with.

Are they preventing a super ebola virus to get out?

Are they dealing with a rebel army? maybe commie invaders?

Are they dealing with alien? maybe shapeshifters that might look like children before getting too close to them and be cut into pieces? something that I'll include among the MANY creatures in the vault.

Among the many creaturs I'm going to include in the vault and the forbbiden forests are Manticores, Chimeras, Harpies, Orcs, generic boogey man creatures categorize as pedofages (literally child eaters) which are shadow monsters that feast on fear and they are the boogeymen, sack men and other child scares, an ice queen or two and, in the deepest vault, an egg of God which might make anyone looking at it die by its presence.

Also I've been thinking about having some of the souls of the last members of the organization become ghosts, some to be tormented enemies and others to be info givers or helpers.



Probably all of those. Western Russia is nicer than Eastern Russia, Southern Alaska is nicer than... any other part of Alaska.


>I thought all the government organizations informed the president of EVERYTHING.

Anon, the USA is almost the size of Europe and we have dozens of organizations doing all kinds of shit all the time. That's way too much shit to all lay at one man's feet all the time, there's a reason the President has a cabinet, and there are numerous government agencies that the President does not have authority over as part of the USA's checks-and-balances system. Lots of things can happen without the President's knowledge or approval.



The United States government is complex, messy, and shady as fuck. Thus you can get away with pretty much anything so long as it's presented right. It's entirely believable that some fucked up science experiments went on that the President knew nothing about and everyone involved covered it up and buried it as deep as they could. But it's also entirely believable that the President would be informed of it and order it be expunged from the records.

Though from what you've been describing, it all reminds me of good old Area 51 conspiracies:



File: 26b48f059ed277c⋯.jpg (137.23 KB, 1888x920, 236:115, America yuge.jpg)


>almost the size of europe

Larger, especially if you count Alaska (which doesn't look that big on a map, but it's almost about the same size as the continental US).


east texas is the buffy version, hunter the vigil is the supernatural version, delta green is the x files version



I thought Delta Green was the Lovecraft version



It's X-Files meets Millenium, meets Cthulhu.



Now that's interesting. It would make it easier for a vault full of abominations could go undercover for so long and the government just forgetting about it, especially if it rely in second or third party organizations.



Exactly. Either the project went wrong or it was simply cancelled and instead of cleaning up properly they could have just filed their last reports and then sealed it up, abandoning it. Years later the things are somehow still alive and start leaking out into the surrounding countryside and no one has any idea what's going on because all the people involved have fucked off to elsewhere if not outright dead depending on timespan.



Well, the vaults were set centuries ago to be self relying, setting different habitats, rooms and stuff to keep the inhabitants fed enouth, grow vegetation and using cleverly ingeniered holes in the mountain and many mirrors to set sun light over the different rooms where the ferals and the vegetation is set, or use plain magic explanations forgotten for centuries. The whole thing was a temporal proceture to save all the 'legend' creatures because the original organization were a bunch of spanish biologists who felt that even monsters were part of god's creation. They also kept some old gods out of pity and investigation. The real problem is when centuries pass and the descendents of that organization slowly forget they purpose or they are replaced by people with other ideas and other loyalties, becoming a gubernamental organization when the american republic was set up. It was so secretive not even the illuminati heard of them. As people is replaced the organization grew more, expanded the rooms in the vault, made different upgrades and even started to experiments with the creatures there, trying to use lion creatures the size of elephants and the few surviving gods for military purposes. One among those gods was especially angry, sored and crazy after so many centuries trapped underground: Circe.

Circe is not only a goddess, but a goddess of sorcery and medicine, and what does that means? she fits perfectly into a deranged inmortal overpowered mad scientist stereotype.

But yeah, besides that the idea is that the government lost any contact with the facility and the information was so secret other people had no fucking idea what were their purpose to begin with, but seeing that there is no leak or danger and that they had no idea what to deal with they left the vault unnatended, making monsters take the deep woods of the valley as their home as something was keeping them from coming into human lands. The problem starts when the thing keeping them from leaving is getting weaker after centuries of control.



Oh, also I forgot to say is that, as the players investigate it, I want them to learn with implications that there are other vaults all over the world, where late medieval europeans believed they were forgotten corners of earth. One confirmed in a small japanese island, other confirmed in a forgotten frozen waste in Siberia, other confirmed in the southest spot on Africa, maybe an island or archipielago and maybe a few more implied.

What is inside that vault threatens the security of all the north american continent in ways noone could imagine, imagine the rest of the world if there are more than one.

That bring another question: why the place isn't nuked?

First: The use of nuclear weaponry would debastate the ecosystem and contaminate a huge chunk of the United states.

Second: They are not sure if whatever is keeping the monsters in couldn't stop the nuclear attack, or if they managed to do it the vault is so deep they might kill a great bunch of monsters it might release the others into the world, all upset.

Third: Well, this one shouldn't be known by the government because of what has been told before, but many of those monsters have stupid unique weaknesses and vulnerabilities, like fairies that could only be wounded by pure iron or other fairies, monsters that are basically shadows, fucking gods only kept by basic runes and sacred enchantments... It would be like using a flamethrower into a hive of fire proof wasps. It might kill some workers that weren't totally fireproof, but enrage the rest.




America is only a couple of centuries old. So this would have had to have been built by one of the 13 colonies, some sort of amerindian group, or even vikings. Or if you want you can always go the supernatural inhuman society of prehistory or aliens.



It was basically built by not too long after the discovery of the americas. I have to look when did the Black Plague ended, but I believe people still died on the streets when the colonies were founded. Besides, the organization was funded by the Spanish crown and some factions of the Vatican, maybe even being an alliance for the two biggest superpowers of that age: The Spanish Crown and the English Crown.



> I have to look when did the Black Plague ended, but I believe people still died on the streets when the colonies were founded.

That's true. Black plague reoccurred several times, but the 14th century outbreak was the most dramatic. Other ones were much more localized, probably with the exception of the ones in Ottoman Empire.

>English allying with Spanish

>English and Vatican playing along

It is not very likely to happen during the colonial era. Brits and Spanish were competing against one another for most of that time. Some of that competition was about business, some about religious differences.



Then just the spanish Crown, maybe do two organizations, one catholic and another one anglican. One interested in the preservation of creatures of god and the other interested in weaponize them.

Nah, just one organization is enouth. It could also justify where the fuck all the spanish gold went besides the bottom of the sea.


this whole idea seems really cool OP.


you could explain that some of the ruins are only good for a 100 years at a time and if its been 70 years since any one went and re energized they could be slowly becoming weaker allowing the smaller creatures to escape.



I kinda want them active in the cold war, to not only have old documents, but actual film records of interviews and tests, everything going to hell when Circe got tired and found a weakness in her captivity, setting free everything and killing everything working on the vault.

I was even thinking about Circe splitting the human genome with Edchina's genome to turn the few female staff into monster ovens.


Sorry for the little bump, but I need the thread alive to use it as a reference. Also hoping for more ideas.

Also, got a little crazy idea for, maybe a spin off campaign because the campaign doesn't seem that would last too much, at least the events in Rosangranted. What if Typhon was buried in the center of Tokyo, feeding creatures to turn into Yokai, but also there is some mythological creature that could act like a mecha to fight him?



Oh hey you live.

After seeing True Detective I can not recommend it enough. It is even better with The King in Yellow in mind, but not necessary. The supernatural is scarcely implied, rather than explicit.



Yeah, I saw some of it and the intrigue is pretty cool. Also the paranormal which was very sutile and not sure if real or not. How is the new twin peaks? is it shit?


File: 9101e08cb8bd042⋯.jpg (90.55 KB, 750x937, 750:937, 27972051_1999008843646202_….jpg)


Jesus Christ is this really what Europoors think of America?


>while his son or grandson is a sleacy, scammey asshole who he is only indian in the name and in the looks, having a small casino thanks to dirty money and maybe managing illegal waste dumps in the land of his ancestors.

And here I was thinking I was hard on the injuns Most of them are too busy being alcoholics to be too scammy anyway.


>I thought all the government organizations informed the president of EVERYTHING.

In theory yes, and I do stress the theory part. The United States is not as centralized as the rest of the world believes.



>Jesus Christ is this really what Europoors think of America?

At least the Cold War America, yeah. That's also one of the cool things about America in storytelling.


File: 4504933d593eeb9⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 800x560, 10:7, McDD.jpg)

Doing a SILENT HILL campaign using this. Will report how it goes



Sure, I can take ideas from it.



So... how is the Silent Hill campaign going?



I'd recommend Mackinac Island, Michigan. It's a tourist town on lake Huron that closes in the winter (just the tourist part. People still live there). The only way to get there and back is by boat and gas powered land vehicles are forbidden on the island. To explain the monsters' presence, one of the attractions is a U.S. Army fort that used to be British and was located on shore prior to the Seven Years War. Drop them in there about November and have the weather get too bad to boat out or January and make the lake too icy to traverse safely.



Alternatively, Washington State may have the features you desire, particularly the eastern edge, or central part of the state.

If you want to have some kind of seperation, you could have adventure take place in British Columbia(Cascadia, I think?) to the West, make it a border town seperated by a ferry that has a blend of American and Canadian influences. Maybe rough seas and odd weather patterns prevent the party from going back.

Pic related.

Your alternative choice of Montana isn't bad either, plenty of mountains to get lost in, mix of different environs in general, and some of its recently (in)famous residents have enough wacky controversy surrounding them(especially in the current socio-political climate) to give some credence to your original idea of having wackadoos like the skinhead married to a black panther and so on. Your "Dirty Harry" style woman sheriff might fit in too, even if it's a stretch.

Do a little reading on the state and it's towns, you'll get a feel.


File: 432c11fd2c3b407⋯.png (1.85 MB, 962x961, 962:961, PugetSoundBoundaries_Basin….png)


Pic did not attach.

Pic related (Puget Sound, Washington)




I kinda want to make an original town, mostly to have full control what is in and what is not.

Also, for other peculiar characters I though to include are a butcher who also has a degree in forensic surgery, a curry restaurant owner who is an old turbant wearing hindu who can't stop dancing to bollywood music who has two twin grandchildren who are trained with curved swords and an equivalent to a hillbilly in the north who gets drunk and uses his truck as a ramming weapon.

I like to play with stereotypes just to give it a twist to make them or even more offensive, amusing or surprising.



Playing with stereotypes is one, but the way you're presenting it, it's not even a satire, or mockery. It's 100% comical. And while it's ok to run game like that, I don't see it working within the context of a thriller.

Think about easing up on these characters, making them less comical...


File: 706c3bcc2a7f400⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1220x2684, 5:11, barman.png)


>Jesus Christ is this really what Europoors think of America?

Yes, but the picture as presented by the Anon doesn't seem crazy enough. Observe that he said nothing about sugar addicted fanatics who mistake their personal opinions for the reality and who are ready to do insane, suicidal shit like attempting to convince everyone that monsters have rights too and shouldn't be killed just because they ate like 50% of a town's inhabitants...



Well, it might be a bit comedic, but is just as I said, I want to do something a bit Twin Peaks like where horrible things happen in a town filled with silly things too.


For fuck's sake anon. You presented it so well I have to include one or two NPCs like that.



> Well, it might be a bit comedic, but is just as I said, I want to do something a bit Twin Peaks like where horrible things happen in a town filled with silly things too.

No problem with that. Still, I think there's a bit better thing to do it. I mean, making it nice, comfy, a bit satirical is ok. In fact, it's gonna add volume to the thrill, once shit hits the fan.

But "and then a butcher says 'ok, people, I've got master degree and 20 years of experience in surgery, fetch me a scalpel, or at least a hacksaw'..." is sure to kill the atmosphere.

As for hindu entrepreneur dancing to bollywood music: it's far from unreasonable. Been seeing it pretty often myself. Heck, I've seen an Arab shop owner in some (of all places) Jordan city, who watched bollywood movie and asked about it said he simply loves it and often dances to its music.

Add something like that, make the guy drop a bucket of info concerning Bollywood on player characters, have them listen to some musical scores, force them to watch the latest blockbuster (my personal favorite is "Happy New Year", heist movie) or have him "fight" with the neighbor shop owner about who is the greater Bollywood actor (Shah Rukh Khan vs, say Amitabh Bachchan) and it's ok. These kids... Too much for my taste.

> For fuck's sake anon. You presented it so well I have to include one or two NPCs like that.

Best of luck, then. From my experience, such NPCs usually go one of three routes:

- Tolkien: although they are pain in the ass, they serve some greater purpose in the end

- King: they die in some horrible fashion

- Hollywood: they get rescued by player characters and finally realize just how stupid they were

I hope this helps...


It seems I can't convince my players to do this idea and I'm kinda disappointed. Still I'm going to keep everything for other projects not related to /tg/ things.

So you guys decide, shall we keep brainstorming this idea for anyone to use it as they want or shall we talk about Savage Worlds in general? because something they really agreed to play was to do some space horror campaign and I can use the horror handbook, the sci fi handbook and the Deadlands Hell on Earth handbook to do something like doom.


File: 9d565334f2aeabf⋯.jpg (101.54 KB, 1280x693, 1280:693, 048_Cooper_and_Truman.jpg)


>It seems I can't convince my players to do this idea

Sad! I think this setting has so much potential: Small-town Pacific Northwest with a sheriff and his deputies investigating some Twin Peaks/Deadly Premonition-esque murder case with eccentric, colourful NPCs, and a dark, ominous presence looming in the background and closing in as the players begin their investigation.

Maybe shows like Jordskott and Wayward Pines – or even something like Gravity Falls could be used as a source for inspiration? A Lovecraftian twist with a nefarious cult?

Tired of the same old sci-fi and fantasy being done all the time.


File: e7504e2ef293327⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


Alan Wake is up there too. And can't forget good ol' Silent Hill. Pretty much everything ever inspired and/or influenced by Twin Peaks.



glad to see your back, i haven't checked this thread in a while.


oh no! i would love to play this type of game. like

>>388729 said i'm so tired of the regular high fantasy stuff. good luck anon keep working on it. your players are dumbasses for not wanting to at least TRY this story.



yes i say we keep brain storming nothing wrong with have a story ready.

lets see, you kinda have everything set up, but lets skip ahead a bit, they are aware of the storage facility or whatever it will be called. how would they go about dealing with it? Creating new runes/seals? Massive fire power? Contact the military?





I'm glad you guys like the idea. Is a shame but I understand people is more traditional when playing games, and this is ,for not finding a better word, experimental.


I was thinking that after the monsters are powerful enouth to escape their basic bindings they should be too powerful to be contained at all. They were weakened because of the plague anyway, but with them getting back into a more healthy population they could breed like rabbits in some cases. In fact, it would be impossible to contain everything living in those woods and have constant 'leaks' going to other parts of the country or even going full 'Cabin in the Woods' ending buth without everyone dying.

I'm conflicted between two ideas, or a short term survival looking for a way to get out of there or a longer term survival, having to learn to live with fucking monsters.

The military would do whatever it can to prevent anything or anyone to leave the area, mostly because they are not sure there are any humans left, and maybe, if the players are curious or plainly mad, they could go into a world tour searching for other vaults.



Redneck isn't really that. Strictly speaking it basically means a working class white dude who is open about his political views.

The name Redneck actually comes from them usually being farmers or other fieldworkers, coming into play more in the south because it is literally what they got. Being out in the field usually looking a bit down lead to sunburnt necks, or farmer's tan, or a literal red neck.

They exist everywhere, the term just exists in the south because it's more common to get sunburns/tans there.

Usually the mountain dwelling equivalents don't get it, so they get to be hillbillies.



>It seems I can't convince my players to do this idea and I'm kinda disappointed.

No offense but your players sound like real squares.



MAybe they are, but is understandable they want something more classical, mostly because I might be selling it as a Twin Peaks/Deadly Premonition campaign because telling more than usual would make the play very boring. The fun of this idea is mostly the unexpected.

I always wanted to make a terror game where I don't tell my players it will be about terror. Or fuck, a terrorist survival scene with the players being citizens getting in the middle of a terrorist attack or surprise incident and they have to learn how to survive.


I have another question about sheriffs. Do they can cash in rewards for dangerous criminals? or working by the government makes it uncompatible? Maybe even making a fund with the rewards the sheriff office gets.



To the best of my knowledge, sworn law-enforcement officers (LEOs) are not allowed to collect on any monetary reward for reporting information or stopping criminals in their jurisdictions. Such actions are considered to already be within the normal bounds of their duties.

Now, if a LEO retires, is kicked from the force, or is in another jurisdiction, he may be entitled to the reward, but I'm not sure.

Basically, if a wanted fugitive has a $1k reward on his head, the local sheriff can't collect. BUT, if that same fugitive is in another state and the sheriff learns where he is in a way not related to the sheriff's ordinary duties, then he may get the reward if he informs the LEOs there and they catch the fugitive.



I see. How about bonuses? Or well, how the fuck are sheriff offices funded? by local taxes or by estate funds?



Bonuses might be handed out for exceptional service in the line of duty, but that sort of thing is at the discretion of the bureaucrats and politicians.

The usual reward for exceptionally meritorious service is an official commendation. This doesn't have a direct financial benefit, but can be used as clout for the officer's behalf if he tries to leverage a raise, promotion, or even just a transfer to a post he'd rather be at.

Sheriff's budget comes out of local taxes, usually sales tax. If you don't know what that is, since a lot of places don't have it, it's a special secret price we burgers get to pay that's stuck on to an item's sticker price at the register. It hovers at right about 10% of the item's sticker price. The pay is collected either by the city (for larger communities) or by the county (for smaller ones) and then doled out to the sheriffs and other LEOs as the city/county/state bean counters see fit. It's hard to say with certainty because things can get complicated, but rural sheriffs don't get paid as well as larger city cops, and they don't get the budget for all the cool toys. A rural station probably has to deal with cruisers that should have been decommed years ago, sub-par or non-existent official-use laptops, an shitty wireless service. Hell, some of the really fucked guys have to supply their own handguns.

Anyway, I'm getting OT. Another way the department can make money is by auctioning off assets that were seized from an illegal enterprise that has no longer pertinent to an ongoing investigation. In plain English, if it was either used to commit crimes and the proper owner is now locked up, or was purchased with ill-gotten gains, the department can seize it and sell it.

And if a department gets really desperate, they can host a fundraiser. This can be as upscale as a policemen's ball where local citizens in good standing (i.e., not violent/career criminals) can purchase a ticket to attend, or something as depressing as a fucking bake sale.

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