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File: 28605767349b6c9⋯.jpg (105.9 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, WHfestLiveBlog-NewAoSBanne….jpg)


The 4 page rules are out, Slaanesh has broken free of his/her/its jizz prison -literally- and points are once again the norm. The age of 'play for fun' is over and the age of fucking over Sigmarines is in.


>Turn Priority - Previously players would roll to determine who gets to decide who gets the first turn in each round with the winner getting to choose. This works in much the same way but now if the players get a draw the player that went first in the previous round wins the roll.

>Command Abilities - Every Hero unit can use a command ability not just the general. These cost command points. You generate 1 per turn but get 1 extra per warscroll battalion on the field. You can now save them up to activate more than one per turn at the cost of going a turn without using any.

>"Look out, Sir!" - New Ability for Hero units, Subtract 1 from hit rolls for missiles targeting a enemy Hero unit within 3" of an enemy unit that has 3 or more models.

>Magic spell casting/unbinding - Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield have been nerfed so they arent mandatory. Unbinding range up to 30" from 18", intended so more Fantasy era units are viable again with new warscrolls that make them ranged anti wizard units. 50 new spells that are realm specific and can only be cast in that realm.

>Warhammer Legends: New rules and warscrolls for every WHF army, not "8 dwarf models are AoS generic dwarf lord" but individual warscrolls for every unit and character of fantasy to play in AoS specifically mentioned are Tomb Kings and Dark elves.

>Summoning: Now actions generate points, different ways based on army e.g Slaanesh -GW's example army- cause pain so heros killing units generate summon points. The better your hero does the more you can summon

>Endless Spells - Give up a dispell option to cast a spell that stays on the field as a minature that roams e.g Purple sun is a giant skull cloud minature that roams on its own like a frostgrave monster casting mortal wounds on anything it floats over. Players take turns choosing the direction which means enemy wizards can turn your own shitkicker spell against you.

>Shooting in Combat - you can now shooting enemys when in 3"'s but can only target enemies within 3". Meaning they are as strong as ever but cant focus fire and burn shit while tanking another unit across the board. aka get fucked sigmarines.

>Artefacts of the realms - 84 new magic items, each mortal realm has 6 weapons and 6 trinkets you can choose 1 of instead of your usual army book choices. New campaign modes will mean that this is part of 'realm themed customisation' So two Idoneth Tidecallers from different realms look and act differently on the tabletop.

>Battling in the Realms - A new core part of the game, choosing which of the 7 realms your game takes place in effects the tabletop. eg. Fire spells in the realm of fire get a bonus to rolls, in the realm of violence combat phases are twice per turn not once before the battleshock phase and so on.

>Measuring - Model to model is gone, base to base is back as the only option. When charging/piling into combat when within 3" you must put each model as close as possible to the nearest enemy unit.

So Slaanesh is back, ranged armies like sigmarines get fucked, magic is back in a big way as are points and fantasy armies.

Question is will this be enough? the tumblr appealing shit is for the most part being kept to the sigmarines nobody likes and shit like the tomb kings are finally back as an army and not just proxies for nagashes deathrattle units. Along with going back to the points format and stopping it being a canon vs canons 6 turn babbyfest this seems a step in the right direction. I just wonder who is going to be sold now when they gave enough of a shit not to play it already.

What do you think? is fantasy creeping back in?



>Warhammer Legends

Seems like they've finally realized that WHFB was and still is more popular and are trying hard to convert people. Which isn't going to work because they're trying to bait them into playing the very game that killed their game.

I see the Endtimes of Sigmar approaching, probably after they carefully try to bring back some fantasy stuff. Maybe a specialist game to gauge interest or something.

See you back in the Old World by 2021.



It was never going to be gone for good, they just needed to please the new CEO with some plastic that sells better. I mean for fuck sake Necromunda is back.


>Age of Sigmar would be better if it was about Sigmar uniting the tribes.

>Warhammer Fantasy Ancient battles.




Doesn't really help if they still give out licenses to game devs that cater to WHFB, look at Total Warhammer, pretty damn popular and not a Sigmarine in sight.

And lo and behold, they're trying to turn back the clock and get some of that Grim-medieval-Dark again with some nostalgia too.



>"i roll 2 bone for make unga unga with the wumpawumpa"


Looking into it it sounds like Malign Portents ends with Nagash destroying Ayzr the realm of sigmar and this sends the remains of the old world of Fantasy smashing into all the realms so shit like brettonia and sylvania are now in separate realms like some Philadelphia experiment shit.



But is it selling? Is it likely it'll be supported in a month or three? My own sources point to no...



GW's new tactic is to smash and grab by writing 2 pages of rules for a new game, repackaging it and then abandoning it a week later. It's just enough to hype it up to the gaming clubs but not enough to make a stable game.


File: 25a410dda3606e2⋯.png (102.35 KB, 534x548, 267:274, 1465427311147.png)

>cinematic sorcery

What does that even mean?



Must be 10-15 sec clips of a poorly animated video clip showing a spell being cast, so a GM or player can use it.



They're making models for spells that can be moved around and do damage and shit until dispelled. If nothing else, this is a very good idea and should've been done with the shitty Vortex spells in WFB way back.



That's what templates are for. You buy a pack of all 3 templates for £5 and that's it you're done. Now they will charge you £25 for a spell model and idiots will buy it up.



Well, isn't that convenient, that templates are mo longer in the game! Better buy those new spell models, goy...

Though to be fair, some of these are essentially summoned monsters, that charge through units to deal damage and stuff. You can have templates or paper markers, but if we're going there, that goes for your models as well. People have been calling it Age of Pokemon and not without reason. It's a pretty cool idea, but it depends on how much these spell models cost and how many you're expected to buy.



It's probably called Age of pokemon because Chaos didn't field an army, they just summoned in whatever countered the enemy army.

But still, templates work.


File: 2a5412c575f8834⋯.jpg (60.43 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, AoSEndlessSpells-May26-Pur….jpg)

File: 3b56699fd3d5cf3⋯.jpg (104.42 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, WHfestLiveBlog-Post2-Sorce….jpg)


When 2nd releases they are selling a £15 box of models that are a complete set of these new 'superspells'. You give up your ability to cast when you play it for a turn and after you and your opponent fling it back and forth like a pong style roaming death or healball which should make games less about static defence.

called 'endless spells' because you cast them once but they just keep going to change the dynamic of a game. on paper it reads almost like having weather effects like a tornado showing up.



While I dig the visuals on the models and the general idea, I don't think I like the mechanical implications.



The deathball looks retarded.

I sorta like the idea... If they had models for spell effects as an option (key word, option with templates still being perfectly acceptable) back in Fantasy, it's something that I might've considered if it looked cool. Mechanically though, the idea that your opponent gains control over it sounds retarded and counter-intuitive. Why would I waste my resources to cast a stays-in-play spell that my opponent can and will turn against me? One step forward, two back with Smegmar. Every time.



But it will be fun XD

Did you wear your hoodie? That's +1 to your night goblins!



No, but I did bring the dildo that I glued a bunch of clock guts to. If I can keep it up my ass for the entire game, I get an extra victory point for my gay steampunk dwarves!



>gay steampunk dwarfs

>hes still trying to push it

>its never picking up

DHD pls go and stay go.



Are we sure that's how it works? I figured it would be something like the opponent being able to control it if it's within range of his wizards and he successfully rolls to capture it or something. Otherwise it's pretty daft.



It reads like the opponent gives up a turn of dispelling -which is now much more powerful with a 30" range- to just deflect the murderballs. So you can give up casting one turn to set one off, knowing your slow units might eat it themselves later but also you might cost something like a tidecasters corrosion the next turn and your opponent can either try and dispell and stop it doing a serious wound to a Hero or let the Hero eat and try and deflect the murderball from units.


File: 5b1df784e531b56⋯.png (559.17 KB, 920x950, 92:95, Shit.png)


You first, Matt Ward.

Ad hominem aside, I'm not the same guy pushing the terms, I just think it's spot on with the dwarves ("SJW tumblr elves" is retarded though. They're still garbage, but it's not a good description). How the fuck else would you describe this abomination?



best tier


>idoneth deepkin

>maggotkin of nurgle

>demons of tzeentch

good tier



>slaanesh cultists



>soulblight vampire counts

lame tier



>daughters of khaine

>maneater court

>clan pestilens

shit tier

>sky dwarfs







>best tier

I'm pretty sure this is a symptom of Giardia infection. You should probably lay off on the ass eating, guy.


File: 0b01c50efb92015⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 227.85 KB, 671x1566, 671:1566, OP_reveals_himself_from_th….png)


>best tier


>lame tier

>maneater court

Remove yourself, elf-lover


File: 3bec5b6b6081cdd⋯.jpg (164.31 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 30124499_782235965306532_4….jpg)


You're bait is shit cause I actually like the aesthetic of the tree, sea, and snek elfs.



>How the fuck else would you describe this abomination?

Obnoxiously overkill Cogfop. Yeah, alright, they're steampunky and love putting brass and bolts on everything. That doesn't mean they need stupid top hats and monocles and cartoonish curly moustaches. That's the style of British aristocracy, not hard working engineers and craftsmen.


File: 5d62dd7d325a34d⋯.gif (296.77 KB, 950x534, 475:267, 2013/07/22/b4/sadpug.5a9b4.gif)


>Tfw we'll never see a lewd wargame with a faction of elf femboys and dickgirls

Life is suffering



>not just homebrewing your own lewd wargame

We are fa/tg/uys, anon! When has something as simple as "not existing" gotten in the way of fulfilling our fetishes and freaking out our friends? We are /tg/ and if the femboy elves won't come to us then we will go to them! We will create them if need be with the power of our own two hands!

Now go, anon, and be the change that you want to see in the world. Go and bring us back a gay elf fuckboy worthy of our name!



Try the /d/rukhari


File: 7a963c506b8ecde⋯.jpg (38.18 KB, 532x453, 532:453, 7a963c506b8ecde9d25d8ddf78….jpg)


Well. You know what to do.



I's a good description, but I'll stick with gay steampunk dwarves. It rolls off the tongue better than obnoxiously overkill cogfop and it's more immediately obvious what I mean to someone who doesn't know the jargon.


Step 1 is to find or make the models, anon. From there any system can be crafted or adapted.



>From there any system can be crafted or adapted

You got me thinking of a /d/-tier necromunda. It can have demon, tentacle alien, robot, and space amazon gangs/factions.


File: 131e46553d9df02⋯.jpg (483.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, warhammer-chaosbane-06-01-….jpg)

This has me thinking... How well is AoS being received by actual players? I primarily concern myself with /v/irgin faggotry than tabletop, and all I've seen is stuff for 40K and Fantasy - hell, the Old World is officially fucking dead and it's *still* getting games. Pic related - a Diabloclone is in the works from some French devs (Eko Software, for the curious or lazy).

We've got that, Total Warhammer, the runaway success that is Vermintide, and the slightly more venerable Dawn of War(s) and Captain Titus' Face-Fucking Extravaganza that I can think of off the top of my head. Yeah, there's a lot of shit Warhammer games in that pile, too, but *sweet fuck-all* for AoS. Hell, I've had a few dudes get fairly interested in Fantasy's lore just from dicking around on the two Vermintide games.

Is this just GeeDub belatedly realizing that maybe torpedoing the old setting for a Chinese knock-off of 40K isn't fucking working?



The moment they added actual rules and points instead of that memeshit it launched with people jumped on it and its more popular than fantasy was but partly with a different crowd.

The ones who were super saiyan god super butthurt are more often than not those '9th age' players that get so autistic they run around cons smacking AoS players armies onto the floor and screaming "KoW players kill yourselves faggots rrreeeeeee" and then when places like adepticon banned them for being rick and morty fan tier obnoxious retards they started screaming that GW paid to have 9th age banned and its all 'age of shitmars fault'.

Really at this point its just a fantasy version of 8th edition 40k.



>Really at this point its just a fantasy version of 8th edition 40k.

When did 40k scrap the setting for a shitty stargate knockoff and replace Sisters of Battle and Tyranids with reddit-level new factions?

Also have yet to see any evidence of Smegmar's supposed popularity.



>"version of x edition"

>could he be talking about gameplay?

>nah that cant be it, better stay buttmad and keep letting people know how salty i am about the sanctity of a tolkein rip off.

Its like the manlets of tabletop games. Its only them that really has such a huge complex but they try to get angry at others for their own issues that nobody else cares about.


Now they just need to reroll the lore to WHF and it might actually become a real game again.



And bring back square bases and formations



Yea, nah, I'm still not falling for these wild, hilarious fables of AOS' raging popularity and fantasy fans being super autists. It's the same shit as always, people claim it's super popular or everyone and their dog hates it, but we've no more than word of mouth to go by.

All I know is there's a handful of people that play it now and then in my parts, and I keep seeing AoS stock being on sale at the nearby LGS and associated webstores. And Fantasy is also still being played, which explains why so many of the new faction kits keep getting discounted.



Yea, seeing how the whole hated Smegmar crunch is basically washed away now, they really should just go back to the stuff people actually want. I'm sure most of the new factions could be written into WFB without too much trouble anyway.



>I'm sure most of the new factions could be written into WFB without too much trouble anyway.

Or quietly squatted. The dryad/elf hybrids would fit pretty well with Wood Elves, but there's a lot of trash there that is better scrapped.



Let's see then.

Orcs are orcs, undeads are undeads, chaos is chaos, dark elves are dark elves, treemen are wood elves. The only tricky ones are the sea elves, dwarves and smegmarines, that would require quite a bit of explanation.



You really do hold a grudge don't you? You're like 50% of the posts in this thread. If you hate the game so much just go promote something else. All you're doing is making it more visible to a board of people who might buy it.

I had no idea about the sea elves until this thread. I had no interest in AoS so didn't follow the factions. But I want to paint some sea life monsters, so now thanks to you being a sperg I now know I can get some from GW. You just fed them a potential customer not took them away.


File: c14777b1d24168e⋯.jpg (89.65 KB, 640x716, 160:179, yousplosions.jpg)



I just checked, and I've made 7 posts here, which is about 15% of the posts. Here, a free (you) for your analpain.


File: 9172272eb0be0a4⋯.gif (940.13 KB, 498x280, 249:140, tenor.gif)


Aside from the armor looking exactly like astartes armor, I really do like the sigmarine lore. would waifu a stormcast protector that was a farmer or nursemaid.



Your childish nicknames for things make you stand out.


File: 6745da43648fa8e⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1028x1026, 514:513, 1524537017577.png)


Age of Smegmar really isn't all that bad of a setting.



crazy idea: sea elves that live on the sea floor and their aethersea magic that turns the air to magical water and erases all memories of them from their victims means they are just really elusive.

Like clan pestilens or khorne they really just fit in via 'because they are there' logic.



Come on m8 you are pretty infamous as /tg/'s resident "FUCKING AGE OF SHITMARRR RREEEEE" autist.

But you are our autist.



>Slaanesh not in his current jizz amber prison full of elf tendies



File: 7d56cc9b4f45365⋯.jpg (187.61 KB, 1000x616, 125:77, AoSFreeCities-Peachy1rbs.jpg)


Don't know if shitposting, but i agree. I can imagine that vast majority of hurt feelings comes from the fact they completely restructured the setting and discontinued a bunch of figures. But I do find it refreshing that the setting has actually progressed into a more hopeful and epic one, it's a nice switch on the formula of high-fantasy degrading into low-fantasy. This also is something we will unfortunately never see happen in 40k, it's destined to stagnate because any form of progression pushes 40k further towards its grimdark and most likely tragic end.



>elves summon slaanesh

>slaanesh vores them

>elven survivors use all that raw degeneracy to seal him/her in jizz amber

Literally daddy cummies when you think about it. It was the way he would want to go.




No, you're referring to the "gay steampunk dwarves" and "tumblr elves" guy. Autistic naming aside, he's not the only one that finds a lot of these new factions dumb.


I wouldn't call a lazy copy of MTG-style multiverse shit very original.

The biggest strength of smegmar is that it's a blank slate with several planes to fill in. But that also means it's really boring and uninspiring until it's been reasonably fleshed out, and it still needs to be fleshed out with good content, which is looking steadily more doubtful when looking at the diversity-quota comics they shit out.


>This also is something we will unfortunately never see happen in 40k

I wouldn't say that, they've already killed off the grimdark there as well. The current 41k lore has already completely changed tone from the original, but at least here we have the luxury of just ignoring all the shitty new fluff they churn out.



>I wouldn't say that, they've already killed off the grimdark there as well. The current 41k lore has already completely changed tone from the original

What the fuck are you talking about? just because papa smurf woke up, don't mean it's gotten any better, the universe is still in a spiral of self-destruction, the emperor is still a massive dickhead and the empire is still working ass backwards, xenos still have their own interest in mind and will throw anyone under the bus if it helps them, and chaos is still chaos. There is no hope in the 40k universe.



40k has done the exact same thing but no one cares because it still has muh space marines.

Half the fantasy line they dropped were already discontinued. They just didn't call them dead yet. They had no stock, they had no support and you might get a metal model run once a decade of a classic piece. Chaos Dwarves had more support than Tomb Kings or Bretonnia did ffs.


That wasn't the terms I was referring to. A lot of people find a lot of shit dumb but we don't make up faggy little names for them which make us look preteen you homosarus.



They have a mixed race scooby gang now. They're going to save the 40k universe with friendship and diversity.



What, smegmarines? Age of Smegmar is already a well established /tg/ slang ever since AoS came around, where have you been?

Also, TKs got a lot of new models not too long before the endtimes, they definitely had support up till the end. Which only makes it more befuddling why they decided to cut the Necrosphinx, stalkers, tomb guard and so on.


Rowboat woke up, and that techpriest that specialise in Deus ex machina pulled a massive army of superspacemarines and technoheresy equipment out of his shiny butthole. Meanwhile, all the other negative "happenings", like the warp rift thing, turned out to be complete nothingburgers and were instantly overcome whenever the plot demanded it. Oh and the Custodes peeked out of the palace as well, and Rowboat called another crusade. Overall that's a pretty clear improvement of the Imperium's situation, to say nothing of all the themes that went out the window with all the brazen technoheresy and progress that came along with it.


How come most of the AoS factions are just single WFB unit: the faction? Like, there was black orcs: the faction, slayers: the faction, witch elves: the faction, dryads: the faction, hell, even gyrocopter: the faction, and now the new starter is is sigmarines vs. cairn wraith: the faction. What's going on? Do they just pick a unit at random, make 2 or 3 facsimiles & call it a faction?



There are 4 factions and then you get bonuses for using themed forced within them. That's why everything is split into unique theme blocks, that's where the theme force bonuses sit.

It also allows GW to pump and dump factions this way. They can release 2-4 new models and a £100 display trophy and then move onto the next one. You can slot them into your big army or buy them as an entire army which hits 2 markets.




It has been pretty shitty so far though. The ally system severely limits your options, so some natural combinations are almost impossible to play without ditching the army bonuses and going into the generic order, chaos, death, destruction brackets.

The weird thing is it's not even hard to fix, they could just add in a more complete combined army roster for Skaven, Beastmen and whatever other faction suffer from this, so people can actually play functioning armies. So far they've focused way too much on pumping and dumping new factions rather than making the game work as a whole, which is much of the reason so many people aren't bothering to get into it with their old WFB armies.



Welcome to GW? All they do is make space marines, bad rules and now giant models you can't transport to a game club.


File: 387a0e3aa7e33b0⋯.jpg (60.01 KB, 700x700, 1:1, AoSPreviewSorcery-June14-B….jpg)

File: 8b1cc363d9bc7bd⋯.jpg (243.75 KB, 1000x1729, 1000:1729, AoSSoulWarsLaunch-MalSorSp….jpg)

File: e51656e90bc1a03⋯.jpg (116.17 KB, 1000x519, 1000:519, AoSPreviewSorcery-June14-S….jpg)

Well since 2nd hits next month more infos coming out. This one surprised me, all the new endless spells come in one cheap box and are push fit with all the rules and so on.

I was honestly expecting GW to sell them all separate at like £10 each.

Gotta say most look neat but the 'gravetide' thats meant to be an idoneth spell summoning an ocean tide that basically passes through shit and does to it what the phantoms did in that old final fantasy cgi scifi movie looks kind of lame. It looks more like teeth coming up out of the ground and chomping together. Honestly theres better water effect terrain you can buy i'd rather use for that one.



WHF battles seemed lower in overall power tier but the trade off was far larger in size. Like maybe theres a wizard of chaos sorceror. But most of the units are footmen, cannoneers or mounted cavarly beating the fuck out of each other and that needs a huge army and you take what you can get.

Sigmar seems more magical and therefore its less 'oh you have a troll thats nice, heres a fucking mile long wall of cannons, gg, no re fucker' and more 'we brought two units of jobbers but all of our hero units are demigods of some aspectic of the realms so we dont need the huge army, just the bigger crushing magedick.

Which is probably why the spell thing is the new focus. Nagash breaks heaven and makes everything undying including magic spells and now they gotta sort that shitshow situation out. again a large army is pointless. But back in ye olde bretonnia vs sylvannia days it was full helms deep or go home faggot this aint a skirmish game.



Apparently Dark Elves are getting the first Warhammer Legends stuff for Age of Sigmar. Thoughts?




It'll be shit.


File: ad6346e3f16612e⋯.webm (4.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, EndTimes.webm)


>Dark Elves




Who is this faggot? He's amusing.



Fantasies size was also one of it's biggest problems. No one wanted to paint 50 of the same damn model and as GW went more and more full retard on the detail it became less feasible to do so.



the one reason i wanted to but never got into skaven.




No upload in 7 months


The new boxset actually looks pretty good tbh, shame it has sigmarines and not some other new faction though.



Try doing Napoleonic wars figures tbh

>hey paint these exact same sculpts 400 times the exact same way



yeah but replacing khorne with ghosts is a good first step. nobody i know plays sigmarines or khorne because they are the blandest shit ever. They want them to be the next blueberries/black legion but nobody likes them.



Khorne was always popular in 40k. Tzeench was the bastard child and Slaanesh became that way once they dropped the noise marines guitars.



Khorne in 40k is basically the reavers from firefly. Khorne in fantasy/aos is just barabrian savages. Thats it.

>hey look at nurlge fanatics riding montrous flies leading a carnival of happy, smiling demons turning the air into pure viral particles

>hey look at the tzzeentch sorcerors floating on discs parading demons made of sentient light and flame and turning villagers flesh into colour out of space shit

>hey look at the roaming questing bands of perverts seeking out slaanesh, descending on a town like cenobytes.

B-but the khorne guy has an axe. Y-yeah. Absolute units etc.

Compared to ringwraiths: the army they look pretty fucking bland.



chaos warriors were always the most popular chaos fantasy army. It's easy to see why they made them a lead faction.



chaos in general sure, but at least in bongland khorne was always dead last in popularity for being bland as fuck. It went nurlge>tzeentch>>>slaanesh>khorne.

The assuumption at large was they went with khorne because it was the most 'safe' to try and sell to kids and normalfags with. Holy warriors vs savage barbarians. Save the plagues, fleshworkers and perverts for the people who want it.



I'm also in bongland. Khorne and Nurle was chaos and then the others were niche as fuck. Especially Tzeench.


File: 4390415fdda5584⋯.jpg (21.58 KB, 300x470, 30:47, 27972771_886952064797821_1….jpg)


>Especially Tzeench.

Just as planned. Brainlets have no right following the Lord of Change. Or do they




Let's be honest, an entire army of legless skeletons in bedsheets is hardly the most interesting force either



Undead are bland as fuck except casing magic which Sigmar restricts hugely. So how the fuck do you make sigmar undead interesting?



WHFB undead is a pretty damn good start. The dynamic of having powerful leaders (vampires) & endless hordes of mooks held together by squishy wizards instantly makes for mechanically interesting combat. Plus, they all looked both more individually interesting & more distinct. Even within 'sub-factions', there's more visual interest & distinction between skeletons/grave guard/black knights than between man in bedsheet/larger man in bedsheet/skaven (?) in bedsheet.



You're talking utter bollocks. Throwing a huge block of skeletons at someone and then just ressing more and more until you grind someone out isn't interesting.



Yea, both VC and TK had enough variation of other kinds of units (Although TK not so much as VC) to make the army interesting.

That's the problem with these boring split armies, you have to either go all spooks or skellingtons and maybe throw in a little of something else as allies.



I haven't played since 6th edition WH but I always used to fuck over Undead with Empire by always targeting their Vampire with my cannons.

Low odds of it working but pump 4 cannon balls a turn at them and they'll all be falling apart soon enough.


File: 46051acdc9c0b76⋯.jpg (11.27 KB, 256x256, 1:1, plum.jpg)

I only ever played one game of WHFB 8e as Warriors of Chaos and I want to get into AoS with Lizardmen. I am looking for a Slann to go along with a start collecting box. Is the finecast model as shit as the rest of them? I keep searching for the metal ones and they cost hella bread.



Theres rumours of a lizardmen/sepharon redo coming for 2nd so i'd wait a little while. Considering the sepharon are litterally demons as the slanns that are the sole survivors of the old world use their insane akira powers to literally remember them back into being i think them getting a model as the crux of the army is 100% likely.



Thanks m80, I'll just look into the Start Collecting box first then. Considering that's only $30 more than one of those finecast frogs, this is for the best.



Now if only fucking blood knights would get plastic kits but NEVER FUCKING EVER since it took fucking a quarter of a century for plastic sister or some such bullshit.

And im in england where this shits made, i cannot imagine the cost of a unit of blood knights in australia.


Is there even a concentration of the whole continuation thing? Because it looks like a lot of people think its >universe A>end times>universe B pops into being as though its been around like a replaced actor in a show. When really its >universe A>end times>big bang makes realms>war with chaos that gets slaanesh imprisoned>sigmar fucks off to heaven like a dick>chaos takes over most of the world>sigmar gets platinum butmad, declares age of sigmar aka not great crusade.

But all i know from the skimming off the top is:

>Stormcast are the souls of heros from WHF in basically astartes forms but when they die instead of their souls going to Nagash like everything else Sigmar takes them in a bolt of lightning back to heaven to reforge them using some dwarven god forge, but each time they come back with less memories of the WHF world, themselves and less emotions.

>Idoneth Deepkin are the high elves slaanesh ate freed and reborn but tainted. They shun the light and live on the sea floor, coming up to towns they cover in a magic ocean to steal humans for surrogate souls for stillborn children and after the magic sea recedes all memory of it is gone

>sylvaneth are the souls of wood elves and high elf heroes, becoming the replacement dryads and basically deciding their goal in life is "fuck that nurgle guy in particular"

>seraphon/lizardmen are almost all dead except the slaan which are so god tier psychic they saw the old world explode around them and just went "bummer" and when the new realm settled just remembered so hard they summoned in demons from the warp in the form of all the dead seraphon

>undead are basically slaves to nagash who is sauron and the reaper from discworld combined. vampires are all products of a soulblight plague and mannfred survived the end times but is working to bring sylvania back as its one of the surviving landmasses kept secret and safe in the core of heaven by sigmar

>slaanesh cultists roam the realms looking for their master in his jizz prison and maybe they found him at the end of 1st edition

>daughters of khaine are elves reincarnated after marinating in slaaneshes vorepouch for so many eons they are kind of slaanesh demons of a kind themselves becoming the new witch elves.

but thats about it. I assume the dwarfs in their airships fly around looking for valuable shit and orcs are like down syndrome kids, they only got one speed and that retard strength to back it up.



They will likely beef up toe Slann so it's the size of a great unclean one.


Paki confirmed. Can't even use basic capital letters.


Dryads are literally dryads. They're magic tree spirits who do tree spirit shit. They no longer have any connection to the elves. The Wood elves are wanderers who... wander.

Either way stop huffing AoS fumes.



There are some wood elves but the Sylvaneth are the old elves. It even says the reason some have pointed ears and grass like long gold hair is 'in tribute to the ancient heros they descend from that still lingers in their race memory'.



So they fucked up the lore even worse than before. Impressive.



As opposed to "where did the elves go GW?" "lolidunno?". The woodland dwelling protectors of nature literally becoming the avatavistic spirits of nature itself isn't a great slight to anyone but the "gay steampunk dwarfs" guy who refuses to let go of his buttstration.


File: aa5348c3dd98933⋯.png (194.08 KB, 428x237, 428:237, LaughingDwarves.png)


>he cares about Smegmar lore



Honestly more than current 40k.

But both are shit compared to Malifaux



Malifaux has a shitty SJW fanbase and no story. Games also way too complex for the sake of being complex. Desperately needs to lose a major mechanic.



>overblowing 40k's recent lore so hard you compare it to No-lore game

Stop this now, guilliman is doing nothing wrong.



The 8th ed lore is shit, but the rest of it still exists. Compared to AoS where your favourite faction of yesteryear is just lounging around in the axeman's waiting room.


Reading the fluff for 2nd edition and right away its got an interesting bit with "Sigmar Heldenhammer realised his greatest mistake and his greatest folly -the stormforged eternals-". I can't help but wonder if thats meant to be meta since Sigmarines are notoriously unpopular with veteran GW customers and new ones. Maybe they admit their mistake or maybe they aren't selling and just being pushed aside. Some other stuff was interesting though:

>Nurgle has been pushed out of the realm of life by the sylvaneth but has basically turned all but a single forest into a writhing mire of pus and cancer

>Orks decided fuck it lets gigawaaagh and invaded all of shyish

>Nagash is starting to realise his mortarchs have never actually been under his control and he's going senile, confusing the realms with the WHF world

>Fireslayer Dwarfs raping khornefags in the realm of fire, another faction they tried hard to push that is not selling well

>Tzeench fucking over the skydwarfs, who also arent selling well. A pattern appears to be forming here

>all the elf descended races freaking out because their souls are not reincarnations but direct continuations of the elves from WHF so nagash wants their souls

>Sigmarines all going insane

>Ghosts fucking everywhere

>slaanesh's prison connected to shadespire which might be a broken realmgate in secret

Added bonus:

>The chaos gods or 40k and age of sigmar are one and the same. Slaanesh is listed as being created by the eldar -now the Aeldar- and he/she used the warp to cross through into any reality the warp bursts out into and went after the elves/aelves in whf and aos because they resemble the eldar that made him.

also prices are dropping

>spell model set in uk: £45

>spell model set in aus: £180



>The chaos gods or 40k and age of sigmar are one and the same. Slaanesh is listed as being created by the eldar -now the Aeldar- and he/she used the warp to cross through into any reality the warp bursts out into and went after the elves/aelves in whf and aos because they resemble the eldar that made him.





>We're hoping this bullshit will attract the 40K players over to smegmar




Found the new fags.

There has always been references between the two games. There used to be a chainsword in the fantasy equipment lists. No one knew WTF it was in universe but it was clear from the fluff that Fantasy had a 40k weapon in it.

This type of wankery goes on a lot.




It's been just shy of stated fact that the two universes are connected by warp for decades now. Quite a few daemons, notably Be'lakor, are seen between both. Kaldor Draigo almost definitely aided the Elves in a quest delving into Nergle's manour. Skaven accidently contacted a craftworld with a Farsqueaker once. Orkoids supposedly came to the world by spores stuck upon the Slaan's temple ships.

There are other hints but that's all I remember right now.


Is it wrong i want a crossover between 40k and aos? doesn't have to be canon i just want to see the high sci-fi clash with high fantasy.

>We are a secular (kind of but not really) empire that stomps out all competition for human dominance! Heros that are genetically remade into demigods to fight chaos, with bolters!

>We are the dead heroes of a former world that are remade into demigods to fight chaos, with crossbows!

I imagine the wolves of fenris would consider it a lovely vacation.



Yes, it is wrong. It would be like star wars and stargate cross over. Their tone, tech, philosophies and scale do not jive.

There is this funny little youtube channel that compares star wars, 40k, halo, and starcraft in various ways. Biggest ships, footsoldiers, top tier infantry, full scale invasions, antagonists, etc. It is laughable because no matter the discussion 40k comes out on top. A space marine, a single one, would wipe the floor with most everything non-warpy in AoS. A librarian would do the same with just about anything warpy. The winds of magic may flow through AoS, but the barrier between the warp and emperium is woefully thin in 40k.

You're almost asking for a starcraft - warcraft crossover.




There was an article in a truly ancient WD where Priestly said the only way the 2 games worked together was if the WH world was a planet in the eye of terror.

I wasn't talking about the fluff though, I meant the usual top quality jewdubs marketing ideas.



I always assumed that WH40k was in the far future of WHFB & Terra=WH world, but that they realised that making 'humans win' canonical could tank WHFB sales so retconned it to be the real world.



40K was the future of our world. Fantasy was a fantasy world.

How do you fanboys not know this shit when I don't give a fuck about the games and still know this stuff?



WHFantasy is between two and four times Earth's size, and has two moons.

It's Earthlike, but so are a number of Slaan creations.

It certainly wasn't a maiden world, nor a Necron colony. That it had Squats and Zoats places it closer to the galactic core than anywhere.


As much as I want to get into Shitmar after seeing a game (I'm considering Fyreslayers or Ogres), I can't really justify $75 for a book knowing I'm not gonna use all of the extra shit it comes with. I'll wait and see what they do to Skaven (I'm not holding my breath for an all Goblin army, and they killed off Beastmen like they killed off Tomb Kings and Bretonnians).


This because if they make something for Tomb Kings, Bretonnians, Skaven, and Beastmen, they're gonna half-ass it.


>Thinks it's only one guy that's calling the Steampunk Dwarfs gay

<When no one really likes them

Lol. If they just cut down on the excessive shit,an all metal Dwarf army could work.


Holy shit you have bad in everything. At least like some non-shitty Elves.


What aesthetic? The Tumblr Elves are just "Not DarkEldar" ripped off from 40k, which did evil Space Elves better for a while.


Points and rules salvaged Shitmar, but it still has some of the old pay-to-win shit with new Sigmahreen model of the month that counters new army of the month. GW is slowly getting pozzed, as the Sigmahreens and new Elves are Tumblr as fuck with the Gay Steampunk Dwarfs. It looks like a fun game to play, but like someone else said, it's Fantasy 40k. 40k does Skirmishes better.



I hope they get a decent rework.



I knew there were references and easter eggs like how WoW has diablo pets and such. I simply never thought they were serious


File: 02e7d21c169bb2e⋯.jpg (35.11 KB, 800x450, 16:9, oogaboogaaa.jpg)


>yellow rock men fall from sky

>big yellow rock man go up to tribe

>speak in grug words

>Empragrug gib grug tribe pointy war club

>order tribe to run and smash monster line

>grug tribe dead


File: 3145904af4c28ed⋯.jpg (308.9 KB, 879x917, 879:917, Новый точечный рисунок - к….jpg)

File: 02d01d5e6c8c772⋯.jpg (364.28 KB, 1207x905, 1207:905, Новый точечный рисунок.jpg)


liber chaotica directly talks about future black crusades and ancient event involving one fun guy. Not to mention all the other shit


>Got the Fyrslayers book with a discount

<It's mostly lore fluff, model pictures, and 5 pages of fucking army rules/set up options

I have to admit I do like the lore about them being greedy dicks because they still keep some of the old Dwarf stuff (if you fuck with them, they'll raise Hell), but where can I find the point listings for these guys?



General's Handbook

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