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File: 431f91befcbc8c3⋯.jpg (38.02 KB, 628x360, 157:90, warmahordes.jpg)


It seems like this was /tg/'s darling years ago but then it went from the first popular skirmish game to another WHF tier "you need to spend about $300 to be viable and everyone follows the meta" and by 3rd edition the game just died without a trace.

Do you still play it? is it true the sculpt quality is declining? i always wanted to get into grimkin but i dont know anyone this side of the atlantic that still plays it.



It increased in costs, declined in quality, and ultimately failed to gobble up Fantasy Battle's playerbase. The other one that was increasing in players was one which let you use any models you owned so long as it was fantasy themed.



I have no idea. I used to be into it, but irl caught up. The first(?) thing they did was shut down their fourms. You know, the ONE nexus where players could easily get together and they could even ask PP directly regarding news,rules,reason,etc. Then I guess they released a new edition? This was some time after the Gyrimerkin or whatever debuted. They had talks about releasing a Skirmish rule set for their already skirmishy game. Now they apparently raised their prices as well and no one talks about them. It feels like they tried to expand way too fast. They had an RPG, then the wargame, then a new RPG, then a Video Game, then books and so on. Also they kept releasing larger and larger models each edition. So it went form "You have this small group with maybe a squad or two" to "Ok, you have your battle group, several squads, solos, AND your bighuge model." Which probably led to: "Well, damn. I wonder what the next literal Big Model is going to be called?"



Their unbelievably botched entry into Mk.III is what did it. It pissed off everyone almost as hard as AoS did for Fantasy Battle guys. Can't speak for the current quality myself, since I dropped it a while back. But from the looks of it, it died a horrible death at my FLGS, too, considering how fast they cut the stock they were carrying.

At least PP is bringing back Monsterpocalypse. Let's pray they learned their lesson the first time.



I think WarmaHordes will live on as an IP that gets made into more RPGs and Vidya with other media like books and comics to back it up, but it's hard to see it holding on strong in the wargame market.



The video game is so badly botched the steam release doesn't even have an .exe. to start the game. That's how badly they botched things. It went from a third person hack and slash to a fucking Xcom knock off as well.


MK3 basically changed nothing so the vets didn't care but they massively underprinted stock so those who did care couldn't even get hold of what they wanted. The UK was told they would get zero stock.. You know the home of wargaming? ZERO STOCK. Picture how fucking stupid that is.


It could go full controntation and make RPGs out of it no problem. The tabletop problem was they ran out of design space so instead made massive trophy sized models. These legendary things were now on the table in a skirmish game. It just scaled the game up to 40k light which no one asked for.



i wondered why places like amazon uk had nothing for mk3, how the fuck do you give up on the biggest market for plastic shit outside japan?



They print their shit in China these days so they had to fit Chink schedules. Then they gave all the stock to yank distribution companies so the stores just mass bought it up based on the hype.

It took a couple of months to get stock here but it was 1 starter box per faction per store. The original estimate was 6-12 months. Which shocking to no one people thought was stupid.

You could argue PP got fucked by the chinaman but that's hardly going to be a unique story with the way things are going. If you rely on cheap chink shit you're going to be at their whim.


Tie-in media is what will save it, probably. The new IK RPG still proves popular, as well as other Privateer creations. I think WM/H just needs time to pick itself back up a bit and iron a few things out. I'm not saying, 4th edition. I'm just saying a minute to pick themselves up after a shaky entry.



That worked so well with Force of Will

>Inb4 'whats force of will'




How do you pick up a game that's already bloated and over extended it's self?

What can you possibly do in that scenario? Releasing more stuff doesn't fix your problems but no more stuff doesn't work either.



Biggest problem I run into playing is that it's not friendly for new players in my area. Most of the people who got into Warmahordes here got into the idea of competitive play and have mathed things down to death for the optimal way of rolling over just about any opponent with their army and cooked up various, cheesy strategies to stomp them into the ground.

Not fun to learn. Not fun to hold onto.


The huge models were often horrendous metal constructs too right? GW has enough problems with overdesigned centrepieces that's impossible to transport, but at least that's all plastic.



Imagine being a kid and being told "yeah you need an actual power drill and know how to tap and pin everything" compared to "I got my snap together shadespire figures and in 6 minutes i was done.



Imagine being so retarded you wanted plastic models that feel like shit and all have to have the exact same pose so you can buy the 12 expansion packs from GW. Who would want such a thing?

Large models aren't for kids, kids don't give a shit about wargaming. Unless you ake a Minecraft wargame kids just won't care.



>Unless you make a Minecraft wargame

...I am suddenly intrigued, on a conceptual level at least, how could it be done anons?



Make half a game, shove it out the door while going on vacations endlessly and then go live in a mansion.



>huge models


Ha, nope. The Colossals were mostly plastic. I would know since I have one/made one. Now, there are pieces of it that are metal, but not the whole thing. Unless you grabbed one of those "Extreme" Warjacks. Which were a larger rendition of a heavy warjack. Oh and they were metal. How heavy would that be? Take a Knight Titan and now make the whole thing out of metal. Don't forget to add the base, which was also metal.



Thats all before PP's autistic anti conversion stance. Remember the guy thrown out of a tournament for using clear bases the same size as PP bases?

Gotta buy approved PP black plastic discs goyim, and you let us catch you magnetizing jacks instead of buying multiples for every variant? oh thats a lifetime ban BUY OUR FUCKING SHIT FUCKER.



Why would you tell such stupid lies? The anti-conversion rule was always "It has to be the same equipment so a model is easy to identify". When you have characters who switch items it's a good rule. It doesn't mean you can't repose the entire model, only that it must be that model and able to be identified.

>Only approved PP black plastic discs goyim

You know nothing kike. PP have released multiple different slotta bases with their models. The first edition lipped bases are smaller than the current ones. When you order resin lipped bases depending on the age of them you may find them a bit smaller than the current ones. This is because they're based on PP's original base sizes. Both are entirely legal.

Clear bases shouldn't be allowed though. It's way too much hassle measuring when you have a big black ring to work to. When shits see through it becomes a whole new level of ball ache. I find it's mostly 40k players who have a problem with the Warmachine base set up because they're too busy going "muh art, muh conversions" and they put the game after the toy soldier. Warmachine was designed as a game and not a way to sell space marines to manchildren so it wants the game to be playable with a glance at the table not a 10 minute discussion if that's a power dildo or a power mega dildo.



> a big black ring to work

This is the only part of your autistic rant of any interest.

How often do you "work" this big black ring ?



found the shill, even a quick look at the W/H reddit showed lots of talk about conversion bullshit.

g-gotta defend the dead brand like a good shill though right? pathetic.



Calling someone a shill because they have an opinion is truly the most pathetic thing. When I go to play a game I don't want to spend 30 minutes asking if the giant penis with pubes glued to it is a hive tyrant or a dreadnaught. I simply want to say "hey fancy a game at X points?" and we're already prepared to go. Warhammer has a huge problem with this sort of shit because the models can be varied so this weeks power sword is next weeks super special one of a kind unique special weapon. It's annoying as fuck to remember and if you forget and get fucked for it then you just lost a game not on skill but on not studying your opponents list hard enough. I have zero desire to play a game like that, it's just fucking stupid.

Some of us play /tg/ shit because we enjoy the game. We don't play it to masturbate over gluing 7 different space marines together to feel like we're being creative. It's objectively a superior GAME if you can walk up to a table and instantly understand every model on it rather than having to guess what some 12 year old picked for his force dildo this week.

But hey, you're so fond of Reddit why don't you go back there for a while? Maybe 70 years or so.


It's a shame because I actually kind of liked this game. I think the theme forces helped kill it honestly, with each theme being built for one unit type that could easily be countered by a theme force designed to fight against that type, so it basically turned into a rock paper scissors game where whoever could afford to buy several different theme forces would be able to win in any situation

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