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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Be me NEET for most of my life

>Bought D&D 5E books and figurines with my first paycheck

>Found roleplaying groups at my community college

>No one wants to play 5E

>Everyone wants to play 3.5, pathfinder and ironclaw

Why can’t I find a 5E group? Is 5E dying or something? Does it have a bad reputation like 4E?


You think you have it bad?

Try finding a group for AD&D.



>Try finding a group for AD&D.

Me and my dad use to play AD&D.



Ironclaw has no business being as good as it is. I’m happy it getting a wider fandom now.


>bought system made by sexist, racist guy who made system for women and blacks he deemed too stupid for a more complex game

>why does nobody want to play it



Didn’t 5th edition retcon elves as a gender neutral race?



Just the high elves. Dark elves are homophobic.



Worse, repeated trannies that randomly change between male and female.


A trove?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Iron claw a furry RPG that removed the HP system. It somehow ground a furry slighting.



homophobic women. the males are soyboys




Wait a minute. Did 5E dumb down Mechanics and shoehorn identity politics?




I'm looking through a 5e PH scan but don't see anything about gender neutral elves, where is it?



Try finding a group for Basic/BX/BECMI/RC D&D!


More pozzed than magic.


File: dc1f29bad1fdd6c⋯.jpg (50.73 KB, 400x477, 400:477, transelves.jpg)


Search for Corellon Larethian

>"You don't need to be confined to binary notions of sex and gender. The elf god Corellon Larethian is often seen as androgynous or hermaphroditic, for example, and some elves in the multiverse are made in in Corellon's image. You could also play a female character who presents herself as a man, a man who feels trapped in a female body, or a bearded female dwarf who hates being mistaken for a male. Likewise, your character's sexual orientation is for you to decide."


5th Edition was always about killing 4th and not at all about being its own thing.



It did, >>381579 is referring to a tweet in which Mike Mearls claimed that complex rules were a soggyknees conspiracy by the patriarchy to keep women out of tabletop. In doing so he inadvertently >implied that women didn't have the capacity to understand complex rules, and the left did its usual ouroboros thing.


File: e8d66cb57129989⋯.jpg (82.96 KB, 826x968, 413:484, drama queen.jpg)


> a man who feels trapped in a female body,

Does it give any advantages mechanically-wise?




>actual, honest to goodness ironclaw that isn't infested with furries

Tell me where you live so I can cuck you out of this group you clearly do not deserve.


Plus 4 STR.



>wanting to play 5E

>paying money for 5E

The world is doing you a favor.


File: 75d9a01e1d4ca39⋯.jpg (541.76 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, wotc_pride.jpg)



Your problem is that you bought into the game and jumped on it without 1) doing your fucking research, and 2) seeing if there was even anyone around to play with. 2 doesn't matter quite as much as 1, because you should pay attention to what the companies are doing and what kind of cancer they are spreading. Knowing that no one in your area was running or playing 5e games would have saved you a little money and trouble, at least.


File: 4224c456bf30971⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1263x2352, 421:784, She-Hulk_Portrait_Art.png)


Ok. Male in female form, here I go!



>Tell me where you live so I can cuck you out of this group you clearly do not deserve.

I am from Seattle.



None of those people look like they play tabletop games.



Every single one of them is a WotC employee. In what capacity, I have no idea, but these are the kind of people producing D&D and MtG right now.



Eugh, never mind.



I live in Seattle too and there is a very big 5E D&D community around. You are obviously aren't looking really hard. Still though it being Seattle and with WotC having their HQ in Redmond you are dealing with a lot of crazy leftists in groups. I keep my power levels hidden and it works out pretty ok. I play at Zulu's Board Game Cafe in Bothell where there is the organized play (which I'm part of) and a bunch of homebrew games. You can ask the employees about if there is any space in games at the moment and they could probably tell you the days games are happening.



So... nobody who actually plays tabletop games.



How can you stand living there? I can barely tolerate it for short bursts and not just because of the people, the roads are fucking impossible to drive on


5e is massively popular and the best version of the game ever made. If a sentence or two about inclusivity activates your hate-baby rage boner then just ignore that shit. Yes WotC has a bunch of progressive and LGBT people working on D&D now. So what? They want to sell books and expand the player base. D&D is a mass market product. I'm an old fucker and I've been playing RPGs since the 70s and I fucking love what is happening right now. If some particular thing seems too PC for my taste then I skip it. Big fucking deal.



Found our local redditor.

Popular =/= Good



It's a troll. Go look at /tv/ right now. 8ch is being raided.


Isn't 5h edition incredibly popular among casuals and a piece of trash?

I don't care about it anyway. I went to have fun with Savage Worlds instead.

How is the tileset though?**



Did Jackson start this bearded female dwarf shit? I fucking hate it either way. Female dwarfs are never seen because they're all holed up and protected in the impenetrable mountain halls, not in the mines or the hillocks, and definitely not in the guard regiments. The way I see it, females are as valuable as gold in dwarf culture, and like gold they protect them with utmost care.



Bearded female dwarves has been a joke for as long as dwarves existed. For some reason Dwarves and Goblins have this weird dynamic where they're half serious and half comedic.



Where have you been the past couple of years?



>5e is massively popular and the best version of the game ever made

Than why is pathfinder still destroying D&D?



>Go look at /tv/ right now.

Why the fuck would anyone do that?



I really like Zulu's. Went when visiting a friend in Seattle, is it a redone house or something? The patio area was nice.


>Everyone wants to play 3.5, pathfinder and ironclaw

That's some pretty good taste right there. Anyways OP, if you really have your heart set on 5E you could always join a group online, there's a ton of people jumping on that shitty bandwagon.


>Isn't 5h edition incredibly popular among casuals and a piece of trash?

Yes and yes.



I wasn't in the area before it was Zulu's but I heard the whole area got hit by a fire and burned down the original then the owner bought the land and built it into what it is now. They are actually reducing the patio space as they are going to make more area for inside as there just isn't enough space at the moment for all that goes on and they have to turn people away who want to play games since they cater to everyone. The patio space will be cut in half and they are going to expand out the back. It will kill the amount of parking space in the back though.



That's still okay, it's a top-tier shop. I wandered around while my buddy talked to the owners about advertising and their set up is /comfy/.

Nice quiet neighborhood despite being right off the road. Any other great stores around Seattle? I also went to Uncle's in Redmond and saw some other store/bar that was packed to the brim but I forget its name. Think it was in Ballard.



The anon you're asking that apparently assume that popularity of a game translates to "people actually play it". In reality, popularity, "sold copies" (and similar methods of measure "a success"), playability, reasonability/coherency of both the ruleset and the setting, actual usage and many other aspects relate to each other in wild, often surprising proportions.



>is 5e dying

One can only hope



Dark elves = incest






If I had a fucking job that had predictable hours I'd totally commute to seattle just for gaming. Jesus fuck.





5e is only trash in the same way that all DnD is trash. It's a skirmish combat game that desperately wants you to think that it's a narrative and exploration based role-playing game.


It's all been downhill since 2E.


File: 7912714675205a4⋯.jpg (36.11 KB, 450x495, 10:11, 337eb3352fa37f3c09258684cb….jpg)


>I'm an old fucker and I've been playing RPGs since the 70s and I fucking love what is happening right now.

No you're not. You're a college-aged adult pretending to be old because you think people care about your credentials in an anonymous image board. No 50+ year old says "hate-baby rage boner."


File: 33ea60b9bf66208⋯.jpg (103.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, IMG_20180702_004759.jpg)

So, any alternative to D&D 5E that isn't another edition of D&D (Pathfinder as well), isn't Furryshit, isn't Vargshit ans isn't Warhammershit?

I was thinking about something in line with the aesthetics of old shit, like Tower of Doom/Chronicles of Mystara, Record of Lodoss War, Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Soulblazer/Illusion of Gaia/Terranigma, Lufia, Lunar, old Zelda (see Katsuya Terada illustrations).

Pic related is the future you chose.



Adventurer Conqueror King System. Adventures Dark and Deep. GURPS.



>No 50+ year old says "hate-baby rage boner."

The cool ones do!


File: 57c26df61f72f3a⋯.png (772.56 KB, 1031x655, 1031:655, violet-tunic.png)



It wouldn't surprise me if WotC starts pushing "all dwarf women have beards it's canon suck it" sooner or later.



>So, any alternative to D&D 5E that isn't another edition of D&D (Pathfinder as well), isn't Furryshit, isn't Vargshit ans isn't Warhammershit?

OSRs in general, "inbetween" games like Beyond the Wall, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Shadow of Esteren, 2d20 Conan, Symbaroum, One Ring, Kai. Also, nothing prevents you from playing still relatively clean, earlier versions of D&D.



There are very little more pathetic things than a grown up attempting to "fit in".



I would love to help you out if I could with getting you some games. Best thing I can say is try to go to comic or game conventions in the area. You can ignore most of the bullshit pandering and just have some fun.



That's not old shit though, it's all modern. For old shit, you have to look at myths and legends from thousands of years ago up through the medieval age. I'd even make an allowance for pulp era stuff like Robert E. Howard and his contemporaries, or even authors like Jules Verne.



It depends on how literal the rules are WRT interpretation. Everything up through 2nd edition was pretty open for interpretation by the DM, and it was simple enough to run a game with fairly abstract combat instead of a tactical wargame.



Except that's bullshit. AD&D is still at it's core a series of simulations world-building tables packaged alongside a monster killing game and the DM advice of "wing it".

Even 2E and the 1994 Rules Cyclopedia, the only versions of D&D ever printed to get a passing grade in my book, still lack anything of substance besides lore and world-building tables.



Most of the problem is an inconsistent schedule that changes by the week. I've tried asking for specific days off but it only backfires a few weeks later when it changes again and that asked for day off doesn't come back. I've resigned myself to simply not gaming anymore.



> still lack anything of substance besides lore and world-building tables.

Whoa there, cowboy... Are you implying that AD&D lacked substance? If all these settings, sourcebooks, adventures, campaigns (not to mention additional books, novels & shit) are "not substantial", WTF is "substantial" then"?



WTF is that?



AD&D2E's City States is how you present a setting with substance. Give the DM details that are fucking usable, as opposed to a Monstrous Compendium expansions and tourism guides.


Ok, the conclusion I got from this thread is that we need a new franchise, made from the ground up, that isn't just a shitty fork of something else.



Actually, the game needs to be modernized as well:

>Make augmented reality table/cards, or an holographic devices, or even use VR.

>This could come with Proprietary Tablets working as the Character/Master sheet and books.

>This is the future YuGiOh should have pursued as well.

The LAN solution is also good, but I preffer the term Local Arena to be taken literally, instead of far away online stuff. Far away online stuff experience sucks ass.



This is a tradition that was started by Lorraine Williams, the CEO of TSR after it was snaked out from under Gary Gygax. She didn't believe in paying the employees to play games, and so she forbid them from actually doing so. This, as you can imagine, was not good for business.


>Not wanting to play 2nd edition

Fucking fag



>any alternative to D&D 5E that isn't another edition of D&D (Pathfinder as well),

Boot Hill. It a Wild West setting. It has STD status effects and female characters can get pregnant from NPC rape.



>tfw you're roleplaying as a female

>tfw you're so immersed and doing auch a good job that you're even doubting yourself, thinking you're gay or some shit

>tfw some npc rapes you in-game and gets you pregnant

>tfw you roleplay getting your imaginary pussy penetrated by a soulless and agentless empty being

>tfw you have to roleplay as a pregnant woman

>tfw you have to roleplay giving birth

>tfw you roleplay being a mother, having your baby sucking yoir tits and everything

Man... this is fucked up.



>>tfw some npc rapes you in-game and gets you pregnant

>>tfw you roleplay getting your imaginary pussy penetrated by a soulless and agentless empty being

>>tfw you have to roleplay as a pregnant woman

>>tfw you have to roleplay giving birth

>>tfw you roleplay being a mother, having your baby sucking yoir tits and everything

That kinda hot


File: c8394bdd88c9fa7⋯.png (240.19 KB, 665x452, 665:452, 017_01_01_01.png)



Are there any hentai doujins where it's just a bunch of girls playing a trpg, and the all lewd is just them imagining their GM's magical realm? I really need this now.



To my limited knowledge, it started with an aside in the second part of the LotR trilogy.

D&D is usually "credited" with spreading the meme, but in fact it's actually a Forgotten Realms thing. Bearded dwarf women aren't mentioned in the AD&D PHB, and the Complete Book of Dwarves explicitly describes bearded women as a trait of Deep Dwarves (non-evil underdark dwarves) only. Faerun was the first D&D setting where bearded dwarf women were overt and treated as the norm.



Nah, it was uphill until 4th, then downhill with Essentials and 5e.



True dedication.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Question. Why do westerns and Wild West settings in general tend to spawn kinky shit?



Muhrica was degenerate since it's early days.


File: 5ca7aa2b3dd7027⋯.png (1.44 MB, 728x915, 728:915, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6211f31a560c091⋯.png (312.25 KB, 1189x696, 41:24, ClipboardImage.png)


>D&D is usually "credited" with spreading the meme, but in fact it's actually a Forgotten Realms thing.

As this anon >>381733 and even you yourself said, female dwarves have been a thing since Tolkien and therefore since the fantasy and later roleplaying genre as we know it today existed and it's been one of the most debated things eversince, as every author has his own vision of this.

As for DnD, I'm pretty sure I saw a bearded dorf-women on at least one old module cover but the most striking example migh be this one. The Shady Dragon Inn contains pre-made characters for every class/race. The two female dorfs are cleary bearded, which means at least to some players and creators this was a somewhat established thing. This books was released in 1983, four years before the first Forgotten Realms material got released.


File: e0c957b39d14a80⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 350x197, 350:197, _castle.gif)


> AD&D is still at it's core a series of simulations world-building tables packaged alongside a monster killing game and the DM advice of "wing it".


> AD&D2E's City States is how you present a setting with substance.

So, to sum it up: AD&D is lacking a substance, but at the same time it does not.

Got it.


Where the are you from, OP? Pathfinder seems to be dying in my neck of the woods. It's all 5E (and some normie-level indie stuff). 5e is exploding (see also, said normies) because of the multimedia whale WizBro is trying to be. It's mostly Adventurer's League (RPGA all over again) and Streaming/Script shows like Critical (or whatever flavor of the week celebrity driven TTRPG drama is popular) on the web. The game is probably dying for folks like us, but it's far from dead in general...

I'm not as old as the "totally with it with the kids" fart whose posting here, but I'm old enough to see Wizbro for what it is. It's a company. They don't need to give a shit about us. Through the power of neoliberalism, they see a market demographic of spoiled lefty kids who throw money at whatever idpol is out there. As a result, they'll claim that the views here will "make them look bad" (at least to that new market demographic). Meanwhile, working folks don't have time or money to waste on frivolous identity or fun money usually, they're probably ignored. So, of course they go for the coastal elites and gender-unknown identifies-as-bacon college kids.


File: fc6b0ef25ab5eca⋯.jpeg (302.31 KB, 970x595, 194:119, zerocharisma.jpeg)


Will the straight white neckbeard demographic ever be viably marketable again?



In stomps Tumblr, automatically knowing everything about the previous poster. How precious.


File: fe14667b487e009⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 640x920, 16:23, 05130253b8c0fa32570a56a4cb….jpg)



>I'm not as old as the "totally with it with the kids" fart whose posting here

You sure it's not a young guy pretending to be older then he is by a decade or so?


I want both the teenfags and boomerfags to leave pls.



Chalking it up to trying to capture a new market is giving WotC too much credit. At this point it seems that they just don't care. It's on cruise control. You look at the books being released, it's been almost entirely adventure modules. 2 monster books, 2 generic splatbooks... we are 4 years into this edition already.

They're doing next to nothing with D&D, and if I had to guess it's probably because they're throwing the vast majority of their resources into Magic to try to appease daddy Hasbro. The Silver Showcase is just pissing money away trying to desperately generate hype.

Sure, you can say Wizards is focusing on the adventure modules because that new market they're chasing is too retarded to come up with adventures on their own and that's what they want, but then there hasn't even been a campaign setting book in this edition. The most basic of basic shit here. 4e got a hell of a lot more support than this, and that was when they lost a big chunk of the market to Pozzfinder, for fuck's sake.



We're gonna need some logs, anon, for studying.



Don't talk shit about She-Hulk anon



this thread is 6 days old, I wonder If OP found something at this point



> I want to stay here alone.



They're trying to kill the remaining interest in 5e, which was overwhelmingly piratable as all the previous editions were, so that they can make a phone app edition. It'll follow the Windows 10 philosophy and there won't be an edition after that. It'll just be incrementally updated and improved upon and called "True DnD" or "DnD Live" or some such crap.

For five or ten bucks a month, you get access to the New DnD. They'll try to sell it with just the new edition, at first, complete with dice rollers and chat rooms and battle maps and character sheet tracking that has DM tools to add stats and equipment and money. It won't sell very well, so they'll start adding older editions and their character sheets as a form of DLC, where you do a one-time payment for twice as much as a monthly subscription and get to add 5e or 4e or 3.x or the mountain of content that was 2nd Edition AD&D.

To hear all the tweakers in Silicon Valley tell it, the future is tablets and cell phones. Given that they won't need to waste time with shelf space and finicky hobby shop owners, they'll see it as a financially viable solution. Just keep an eye out in the classifieds for coders with Java experience and some familiarity with DnD.



Ratqueens I guess. A D&D run by a feminist gender neutral DM alone while looking at tumblr.



Tolkien did, iirc. But most fantasy settings didn't run with that until recently when genderqueer crap became popular.



Pretty sure gygax was a fan of the bearded female dwarf.


File: 7ba2082f3acfa0c⋯.jpg (110.03 KB, 500x440, 25:22, cute_spider_girl.jpg)



I wish they weren't obviously doing this

>but they are

Leftists not even once. I love how they managed to go from "I'm literally too stupid to enjoy your hobby and not autistic enough to care" to ruining something they never liked to begin with. Oh well, even the 'indie saviors' of the hobby have left us and now all that is left is faggots that get triggered by snake and spider posting.


File: 5c2a782d4849644⋯.png (101.51 KB, 1204x552, 301:138, Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at ….png)


Is this the one? I'm surprised anyone still gives a shit about 5E being casualised. It's old news and everyone who cared continued playing 3.5 or moved to Pathfinder.



tbh, I get the feeling that D&D isn't very popular. Yeah, I understand people play it and there are whole forums dedicated to it, but it all looks like a lukewarm reaction at best. "Oh, so this is the new system we got and are gonna play. Ok, yawn".

In comparison, I recall heated discussions each time a massive sourcebook for PFRPG is announced. For example "Unchained" (a big disappointment if anybody asks me), or "Ultimate Tactics". Even in PDF share threads all across *.chans the tension arising form anticipation was enormously high.


File: 8bfa58bc498e0d0⋯.jpg (84.32 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 8bfa58bc498e0d0e18587886e8….jpg)


Maybe among people who play a lot of RPGs it isn't a big deal but latest financial reports show that D&D is growing in sales unlike many of the other WOTC products. They have huge presences at a lot of the big cons where they field something like 50 tables. I will be honest as I haven't been to Origins, Winter Fantasy, or Gencon where these big events are to compare it to other RPG that are ran at cons. Most of the cons I go to have 10-15 tables for D&D and PAXWest will have 20+ tables for it. So it might not be discussed much due its simplicity and development flaws but it is not dying although I sort of wish it was. That way all the people who play it because it is the cool thing to do would decide to find something else to do.


File: 9ea8b7e7c984c2d⋯.gif (932.25 KB, 253x197, 253:197, a_man's_green_hand_is_upse….gif)


Pathfinder doesn't have a warlock class.



>Why can’t I find a 5E group? Is 5E dying or something? Does it have a bad reputation like 4E?

Not really bad, just terminally underwhelming.

It's mostly a mix of 3E, 4E and fixes from Castles&Crusades.

Those who wanted Castles&Crusades already play C&C. Munchkins, scalies and people with spiky chain fetish play 3.x,

autists and goodthink fags play Pozzfinder,

furries play Ironclaw,

those who want have some tough shit or simply exclude munchkins play AD&D2,

people with tables fetish play AD&D1,

people with polearms fetish play either AD&D*,

hipsters who struggle for dominance by comparing length of their neck beards play ye aulde stuff from before AD&D.

And rules-tinkerers play homebrews.

Who's left?



Why are soys so afraid of leftists?



It doesn't?



>RPGs didn't use it until the current year.

It's right above you, you blind fuck. >>382191



Well because of the area revealing to be a nationalist might actually result in getting actual physical along with destroying my lively hood. Personally I prefer to drop subtle red pills when I can and call on leftists to keep their politics away from the table because it frustrates the shit out of them because they just love posturing.



It doesn't. At least no official ones. I'm sure it has support magic classes (let's be real, warlocks are a support magic class, to let mages and sorceresses do other shit than just attack), but none of them are about going neck deep into some eldritch shit, having a cantrip for a class feature (Eldritch Blast) and no eldritch invocations and such. Shame really, I fucking love the warlock class, even just the flavour alone makes the class a tasty meal in 5e. It's just dripping with tasty juices. I do wish the milestones were a bit better for GOOlocks, just having a thrall doesn't seem that good, unless you kill a king or some epic hero or something. Fucking "Hurl Through Hell" is awesome, 10d10 psychic damage, remove ANY unit for a whole turn, fucking great milestone. But you'd think psychic shit would be more GOOlocks's shtick. Anyway, I like them just for the fun factor. There's the kineticist class in pathfinder, but that's if you want to play a bender, a la Avatar: Last Airbender, not if you want to be studying the fae, demons or the unknown beyond the stars. Really, warlocks are the only reason I still hold on to 5E, I just want to try out the class if nothing else.



Ok, not true, there is a Warlock archetype for vigilantes, but it sucks.



I've found Awakened Mind to be really useful. Besides communicating with creatures you don't share a language with, it's great for passing secret messages to other party members. Or messing with NPCs who most likely have no idea what telepathy is. Definitely feel like I got more utility out of the ability than what the devs intended.

If there's one drawback to locks though, even with resetting on a short rest, the number of spell slots is pretty limiting. Even at higher levels the only spells I ever really used were Hex, Hunger of Hodar, and, situationally, Banishment. Otherwise, you're almost always going to spend your turn saying, " I cast Eldritch Blast".



> Pathfinder doesn't have a warlock class.

Not an official one, but man, it takes a very specific mindset to favor a game mainly because it features a specific class, easy to convert or replace via homebrew.

Very specific mindset, indeed.



I stopped following after 2nd ed. pre spalt books.

to me the "magic" of the system was lost after that, and like a lot of anon's have said in this thread good luck finding a group.

the gygaxian feel is lost. why not play anything else. dnd is now cookie cutter crap/



Yeah, 'locks could use some more spellslots. Still, I want to try one out. GOO Tomelock looks like fun to me. One thing that can help is Create Bonfire, 1d8 fire damage, goes up to 4d8 at lvl 17 if I remember correctly. Pretty good for when you just want some fun, like cooking or warming your buddies during nighttime.



I really, really hope that it is.



where do you live



> The elf god Corellon Larethian is often seen as androgynous or hermaphroditic

Those two do not mean the same fucking thing, and I'm pretty sure there are women out there who prefer men's clothes who would be deeply insulted if you called them herm.

>You can play a female dwarf who hates being mistaken for male

Oh my, how problematic that the other races of Faerun aren't more progressive thinking, and this sounds like they're suggesting treating gender as a running gag. How very problematic.




I got roped into DMing a 5e game after not touching the hobby since 2014 or so (I've got some of the beta rules from then but not much else), been to preoccupied with work and /pol/ shit. Its like returning to the shire after destroying the ring except the ring isn't destroyed.


Seems alright. We did a one-off tonight but only had enough time for one combat at first level. Seems like a lot of build choices are simplified so there's less numbers floating around.

>Expect the group to peter out quickly like we always do so don't get attached

>Decide to make a Dwarven... Bard

>Okay I'll be a skald-inspired warrior poet thing

>Stats end up as 18/17/11/11/12/16 stats

>Instrument is a carved horn, but in performance settings I talk and dance and act

>Pick spells based on the theme of "sound"

>Including Vicious Mockery

>Since I have +4 str and +3 dex, I use a longsword and fucking rocks and I just hurl them at people

>While calling them names and hurting them, from a long distance

>When they get close I run the fuck away, sometimes toot my horn

>I'm basically a schoolyard bully named Chäd Thundercock

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