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File: c7c52ceeb941220⋯.png (617.52 KB, 1050x515, 210:103, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4ece5b513a2176f⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1000x555, 200:111, ClipboardImage.png)


Last thread hit the bump limit, find it here: >>375722

What's your kill team? Any character prove their worth?


Malal yet saves you still


Saging because this is a repost from the tail end of last thread, but here's Version 1.5 of the Trisdekan Primer, for anyone who still plays Only War.



Here is a little thought behind my CSM and possible future IG army. A little rambly but I haven't written it down before.

100 years before the Great Rift the chapter master of my now CSM is attacked by a Tzeentch demon, which tells him what is going to happen to the galaxy and the fact that 'you' will never turn to chaos. This led to the Chapter master to prepare his worlds by increasing IG and allowing cultists to thrive, all under his command. When the Great Rift opened he seceded from the Imperium with little bloodloss due to the fact he replaced any that would oppose him. This was about the time the chapter began showing signs of corruption and the CM realized his mistake. He couldn't kill them because their brotherhood is stronger than their faith. With little in the way of vehicles, the CM set up an alliance with the dark mechanicus where they would trade cultists for daemon engines. With traitor guard, cultists, and dark mechanicus the chapter was able to expand.

The Chapter is run by 2 people, the Chapter Master and the head librarian. The chapter only has one psyker at a time due to the fact the weaker psyker ends up having accidents and dies off. Accidents are usually Final Destination tier incidents. The current librarian only dies if an initiate with greater potential power shows up.

The now renegade chapter attacked the orks in a nearby system and managed to set up a grot rebellion to occupy the greenskins for the time being. They then invaded a system with a few mining worlds and a large feudal world. Mining worlds fell without an issue, but the feudal world stood out as an actual threat due to an Inquisitor acting as the planetary governor. The Inquisitor demanded the world create regiments (Think Empire Greatswords with lasrifles cut with bits of Admech galvanic rifle) and was able to supply them with the help of an Admech magos that wanted a defense force for his mining worlds. The Inquisitor withdrew all regiments to the feudal world to defend it. The inquisitor is waiting for a ordo malleus guy to show up to exercise a demon under her mansion, so fuck those mining worlds. Together with her regiments and the armies of the feudal world with pike and shot level technology they try to stand off against the chaos horde. Inquisitor opens up her armoury to help supply the big guns.


Is it just me or does the deathwatch, deathguard, and the thousand sons factions in kill team seem incredibly broken?



Well, thousand sons seem op due to the fact that the leader is a psyker plus they all have 5+ invuln. The only icon they can take is an icon of flame, which is basically a free psy-bolt. So yeah, surprisingly tanky.


Im going to play killteam this friday for the first time with the IG, any advice?



You also forgot how the rubric marines get a bonus to their saving throws for weapons that deal only one damage per hit. Their point costs are extremely good for what they are. The point cost for many factions is way to good and efficient compared to others. Orks have a ton of overpriced gear, and the imperial guard seems to have that problem too.


I'm curious, in the actual tabletop how well would a big wall of imperial guardsmen with lasguns fare against CSM and heavily armored tanks? I mean with such a volume of concenterated fire I'd reckon someone would score a lucky hit on a CSM in one of the weaker parts of the armor, but for tanks and such I don't know.

I'm asking this because I'm playing Winter Assault and I can't help but feel like the tactical marines and the imperial guardsmen's roles were changed, since I don't quite understand why IG wouldn't have morale breaking weapons or AT/Anti building weaponry while the bolter wielding SM would(but then again DoW's bolters are pretty much smgs and if I hadn't read up anywhere I wouldn't have thought otherwise).



Infantry squad is 40 points for 9 lasguns.

At 13-24" range, against CSM, that's 9 shots, half of which hit, a third of which wound, and a third of which penetrate. Total average wounds: 0.5

At 7-12" range, it's one wound average.

At 2-6" range, it's 12.5 average shots, so 1.19444 average.

And that's with an entire unit in full health.

Fortunately, you can have a lot more units. than the CSM.

But really, the strength of the guard is in the vehicle options.



Deldar with a dark lance and a sniper specialist. broken af tbh.36" ws 3+ s8 ap-4 wd6. it pretty much kills anything its pointed at. pick off a few of the stronger enemies and then let my wyches mop up. going to plan so far.



The IG are almost a "drown the enemy in bodies" style army. Especially in regards to their infantry. However, the strong suit of IG are the tanks. DoW gimps the IG by not really allowing them to have as many tanks as they should. The Guard DO have AT weaponry, its just on their tanks.



Deathwatch just has lots of tricks up its sleeve to compensate for low model count. Things like Special Issue Ammunition are game changers depending on how they are used. Trade off is that five Deathwatch marines fully kitted out could buy you four times that amount of guardsmen. As for Death Guard, poxwalkers are the headache of the tabletop put into Killteam. Just be glad they can’t take cultists to generate more of the blobby fuckers like roughly three quarters of Death Guard players do in the actual game. As for Sons, they’re one of the only armies that can bring psykers, which means that unless you’re playing Grey Knights you can easily get raped with smite spam.

T. Am painting a Deathwatch killteam for use in matched play, am also planning on getting use out of the Death Guard models that came with the starter box I bought.



Maybe I am biased, but I have seen armies of deathwatch marines just spam either the infernus heavy bolter and the frag cannon. Both of those weapons beat out almost anything else in the game.



Yeah, on the tabletop. In Killteam, where you have one frag cannon/IFB it’s basically screaming “Focus fire on this model. Kill him first!”


I have a quick question about kill team. Can you only overwatch once with that model per turn, or is it as many times as you want?

I also wanted to ask some advice on making an alien race for my next 40krpg game. I wanted to have a race of aliens that blatantly use warp technology and occasionally fall to full blown chaos, but otherwise are minorly tainted throughout their society. I was thinking of having an insectoid race of locust or fly looking individuals with a strict caste structure of several queens. Any ideas on how to spice them up?





These are your two best options for existing factions. One is like a fire ant colony, the other is more like bulldog ants. Neither are particularly chaos'y, but it is reasonable to assume the former could fall under that sway in their warp-tech experiments, while the latter is so savage that it might as well be warpish.


The snakemen fit the chaos style you want, being surviving Laer. A race that worships Slaanesh.




The q'orl fit the bill mostly, thanks. I think I will use them though for some games I have been planning. Do you have any more lore? I might have to fill in some blanks with headcanon or just use vague descriptions.


File: 164b5973c953600⋯.jpg (47.22 KB, 294x735, 2:5, wat.jpg)

I have this


File: 610c6bc63739c9b⋯.jpeg (117.85 KB, 975x600, 13:8, naimless-e1412273882561.jpeg)

File: ee4889cc706ef27⋯.png (654.57 KB, 735x559, 735:559, Q'orl.png)

File: e85d90516f5ee40⋯.jpg (51.38 KB, 860x928, 215:232, 67b0b56973b3e307d4b9d0b269….jpg)

File: e20f478e15f85de⋯.jpg (16.48 KB, 250x164, 125:82, Larva_Mental_Q'Orl_Dark_He….jpg)


What lexicanum and 1d4chan have are the whole of the lore so far.

As it states the Z'zor are the a good proxy for models, fitting the general description.

Looking at what scant remembrancer picts we have it would take a good kitbash and greenstuff sculpting to make anything resembling a proper one. If you want a close encounter with an easy-to-lore race Rak'gol have some material, and can be mocked up easily with a simple kitbash and some clever painting.

Better yet tie the bugs in to the Alpha legion by using http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Slaugth

Maybe the bugs you face were corrupted by these bastards. Alpha legion pretending to be loyalist astartes in the sector try to purge the fuckers and not get caught being traitors. The Æthean Swords, bearing blue and white livery with golden sword symbols abounding. An allusion to the golden sword bequeathed to Heracles to behead the Hydra of Lerna. Ironic and fitting. Chapter master wears a lion's pelt and carries a conspicuously large power maul, fluent in highly nuanced grunting.


Just a heads up. CCON is doing a 40% off sale on everything as long as the order is above $80 before sale is applied. Get your titans while they are cheap!


File: 63483a9125a35a9⋯.jpg (41 KB, 500x421, 500:421, 1459207575352.jpg)


>space crabs

Where can I get some



nearest space hooker.


Are there such things as Chaos Battle Barges? Or Chaos Strike Cruisers? If the designs changed after the heresy, what did they look like during the great crusade? None of the names for ships in BFG match up.


File: 21714e20d425d13⋯.png (60.82 KB, 405x198, 45:22, ClipboardImage.png)


Chaos has both battle barges and strike cruisers. They looked different in the Great Crusade.


File: 2d9fa936b1c3a94⋯.jpg (141.86 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 84a713b164431df261202fdf26….jpg)


So how shit is Kill Team? How shit are orks in KT?



Pretty bad in it compared to some other factions.



Anything over half your gun's range has a -1 to hit. Anything in cover has a -1 to hit. Certain enemy units have innate -1 to hit.

To-hit is capped at 6+, so only one matters to Orks, but it's still half your hits going down the drain.

This also means that any further than 3" and you can't throw a stikkbomb to save your life.

(seriously, 1 in 7 chance of injuring a guardsman.)

Other than kommandos, all your models move 5". This limits your advances to +5", so at most you can move 10" and take the -1 to hit on your assault weapons before the enemy makes you take it anyway.

This also makes it really hard to get in range for a charge, or to actually shoot someone.

If you do make it into melee, though:

Burnas have what amounts to a sub-par power sword

kommandos and boyz have chainsword equivalents.

a boss nob (of which you can have only 1) can have a 2 damage power maul equivalent or a power klaw.

A kommando boss nob can't have the power maul equivalent, just the chainsword or klaw.

Everybody else fights with their fists.

Overall, Kill Team is not an Orky environment.

You actually need to take cover to survive, and your enemy will have the ability to kite you, if they don't want to get into melee too.

It's unflavourful, and a sub-par option regardless of way you want to play.



The sad part is that an ok kill team list for an ork is just spamming a ton of big shootas. Having two nobs helps a bit, but the kommando nob not getting a big choppa really pushes it down.


File: 28366acd20c6b8e⋯.png (83.64 KB, 674x468, 337:234, SoB left out in the rain.png)


KT is okay. But orks got fucked big time.They gimped other factions, but they inadvertently buffed others. So no combi-weapons for anyone. This makes heavy weapons more important. But then they buffed certain other weapons to the point of ridiculousness, ie the Frag Cannon.

A part of me thinks that they removed stuff just to see if KT catches on, then they'll gradually add stuff if it gets popular. But that could will be both good and bad. Until then, have fun fighting five man Deathwatch teams where four have Frag Cannons and the leader is naked.



Orks being better at shooting in kill team is the biggest shame about it. Burnas are garbage except a zealot. The only really consistent thing you get is a nob with a skorcha and big choppa, but even that falls short in terms of points used vs effectiveness. Most of their problems would be solved if you could give people heavy armor.



> have fun fighting five man Deathwatch teams where four have Frag Cannons and the leader is naked.

So far ive fought tau, nurglites, chadmarines, regular marines and skitarii, havent seen anyone be a faggot over deatwatch.



literal Gretchen meat shields. throw a dozen out there and over run any smaller force. at worse they'll just bullet sponge while you close the distance.


> they buffed certain other weapons to the point of ridiculousness, ie the Frag Cannon.

its the exact same frag cannon as in the codex. just no one outside of DW players noticed it before.

imho the shotgun is more fun to play. use the Wyrmsbreath to auto hit after advancing.



I think the buff is the fact it's 1/5 of the cost.


Which of the whores heresy books are worth reading?



Personally I'm partial to anything featuring Curvy Corax.

Reminder, Femperor is best milf and did nothing wrong. Except maybe trust Whoris.



5/100 vs 25/2000

its more costly. points are more valuable in KT, and given that those points could be used on specialists.

it balances out, armies with smaller troop counts can easily be over run in CC by hordes. since you don't need LOS to charge it makes it even easier to tie up an OP unit in CC.




>Chaos has both battle barges and strike cruisers. They looked different in the Great Crusade.

Yes and no.

During the great crusade all battleships under the space marine legions direct command were called "battle barges" instead. They weren't purpose built vessel to move a great number of troops quickly (with the exception of the Gloriana Class).

Chaos strike cruisers are rare and of similar (recent) design making them prize or newer defections.

Chaos also uses more Grand Cruisers than the Imperial navy and would simply use warp sorcery to move space marines.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Finally, orks are gettin an upgrade.





File: a137efc94462905⋯.jpg (226.64 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1434425127813.jpg)


>That fucking wrench

>That fucking rod

God damn, GW can actually make something good



Red Wunz Go Fasta


File: ff9f823dfe8ea27⋯.png (20.44 KB, 521x480, 521:480, expand donald.png)


>this is announced right as I'm getting ready to start work on an Ork battleforce


File: 2e2907c04e75e40⋯.jpg (21.74 KB, 240x480, 1:2, 81b.jpg)

File: d636cea53b7db9f⋯.png (369.33 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1471653384436.png)


>The oversized double V8/V16 engines

>The double superchargers

>The gigantic exhaust pipes that most likely double as side-burners

>The spike wheels

>That fucking hot rod grille

'Dis is zoggin' bootiful, bless da mek who came up with this masterpiece



I am just worried about the price and the ability to use my old buggies. That looks a lot nicer but a lot bigger.



similar note is that Tau stealth suits are fucking retarded, see in KT instead of overwatch you can dodge 3", if you fly you ignore vertical distance so now your stealth suit after the change is now 20" away from your marine



I don't think the GW police is going to come in to wrench your old models, anon.

Price wise, considering how expensive the old one is for what you get, these can't really be worse. All we can say for sure is there's two different sprues, so it'll likely be two buggies per box. The game should have a decent discount and beyond that, it's not like any proper Ork player is going to buy a lot of these outside of kitbash purposes.



>I don't think the GW police is going to come in to wrench your old models, anon.

Depends if anon is actually going to do games in GW stores...


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The rogue trader sounds hot.



I don't know who's in been put in charge of GW marketing recently, but they're doing something right.


File: 7dc24cf4b8d7ad6⋯.jpg (66.01 KB, 960x402, 160:67, Librarian and Commisair.jpg)


>"I am a Rogue Trader, a pioneer. And when the God Emperors' own son asks you to set sail with a ship full of colonists- and seek out uncorrupted worlds for them to settle...

<You ask what he pays.

Fucking lol.


File: 9ff1871dccf9a54⋯.jpg (125.23 KB, 920x878, 460:439, tumblr_pdnkycME5y1ummjd5o4….jpg)

File: 813990301ee8216⋯.jpg (98.5 KB, 920x878, 460:439, tumblr_pdnkycME5y1ummjd5o3….jpg)

File: 4b0ca8ca812214a⋯.jpg (93.05 KB, 920x878, 460:439, tumblr_pdnkycME5y1ummjd5o2….jpg)

File: af683aaa2a70608⋯.jpg (104.51 KB, 920x878, 460:439, tumblr_pdnkycME5y1ummjd5o1….jpg)

File: 66a159bfe9a52e3⋯.jpg (40.6 KB, 920x820, 46:41, tumblr_pdnkuif1ik1ummjd5o6….jpg)

Some more pics of the ork dragster buggy, plus some sororita flamers. I have absolutely no idea what the gun on the buggy is supposed to be, and the thing on the back reminds me of the shokk attack gun.



It's got rokkits at least. The SAG thing is a tellyporta, which is when I guess the saws at the front come into play. I guess whoever made this also had fun with the sticking a deffrolla on a Junka with a SAG and then hoping it would misfire into the enemy.

You can also see the third buggy in the back of the fourth pic, with the nob sticking up. Looks like a wider and heavier version than the other two.



It looks like buggies are going to packing more firepower than before, and maybe function like bigger bikes, if you can upgrade them to to have nobz. Or maybe a character can take one as an upgrade?


How are Orks in 8th now anyway? Last time i checked, buggy and bike spam was pretty bad so I've kept mine shelved ever since 7th.



>low ground clearance on off-road vehicle

Yet again GW proves that they don't know shit about industrial design.



>real life logic





>knowledge about industrial design


They're a lot of fun if you love spamming boyz.



They were pretty good at the start thanks to eighth edition favoring hordes. They also fixed a lot of the issues they had in six and seventh. They can still hold thier own but the lack of codex is starting to catch up with them. Still 90+ Boyz backed up by a painboy and kustom force field is a pain to deal with.

Speed freaks lists aren't very good right now due to bikes being too expensive. They did recently update it so biker Warbossess can have warbiker units advance and charge. They'll probably make speed freaks lists good again when the new codex drops. They're going to have to if they want to move these new buggy kits.



I've been saying since sixth and seventh that buggies should have been add ons to warbiker units like how the space marine attack bikes were add ons to biker units.



This F1-esque design reminds me of a rumor regarding Blood Angels pre 7th edition where Mephiston was gonna have his own version of Grimnar's santa sled, but this time was gonna be a fast 4-wheeled vehicle, and I just kept picturing Mephiston driving the Tridoron


File: e8dde50c10e900c⋯.png (198.97 KB, 797x490, 797:490, sad orc.png)




So, orks are once again fucked over by imperium and chaos jerk offs? No decent rule maker will take over the orks and would only place shitty rules to be the faction that always loses.




Stop it GW! Your prices are shitty and abusive! Stop making things I wan to buy, build and play!




Leave us out of this, at least you have more than two units to pick from.



Having the options of being buttfucked, dickfucked or eyesocketfucked aren't valid options when the other factions have a "roll 1+ to win" rules.



Still better than Tyranids where the guy writing your codex barely conceals his hate for your faction.

at least that used to be the case, Tyranids are pretty high tier this edition.

Just wait until the Codex drops, if Guard is any indication then 8th edition rewards horde armies. Orks with a full fleshed out Codex and new toys to play with have the capacity to be scary this edition.


File: 2d56c01fa65c80b⋯.jpg (96.48 KB, 712x551, 712:551, speed-freeks-prime-ork.jpg)


Whose this swoll boi supposed to be?


What's the verdict on KT so far? Is it a balanced and fun game with meaningful decisions?



I've heard maybe the next ork codex will allow you to make troops from different clans? maybe even Kult of Zpeed and Freebootas?



Technically it already does. Named character like Ghazgull and Zagstrukk have specific clan key words like Goff or Death Skulls. They just don't do anything but limit which characters you can take in a detachment.



she sounds like she's making the

>wtf am i reading?




It's a nice game with some things that regular WH40K would need badly. It plays better thanks to having elite armies being really elite (SM performing finally as superhuman soldiers) and horde armies facing the usual conundrums of quality and morale, while keeping the model count in check. If you're in a burn out phase due to overly complex and long games of WH40K, give it a try.

And some things aren't done properly, GW style, like cover/LOS and campaign. Even a game like Frostgrave does narrative campaigns better. Resource points have no actual meaning other than a limit for your team to go guerrilla or not. Some lists are unexplicably poor in choices, like why not having Mandrakes or Scourges for the DE? Or Ogryns and Ratlings for the IG? Just limit the model count to 1-2 and you won't imbalance shit. Oh well.


Just played a demo game and I loved it. Going to start painting up my old Tau and Eldar miniatures to use for this.

How do these factions fare in power level?



its breddy gud :DDDDDD

its got a nice fast pace that keeps you in the game. non of that shit where the other player wanders off cause its not his turn. the alternating action makes choices more important. cover is king. lost a DW sergeant to an autogun because i misjudged cover and los.


agreed about limited troop choices and campaign. Chaos sucks if you aren't thousand sons or death guard. but its easy enough to home-brew some other options in. I started a campaign of my own design with an Inquisitor.



Tau are pretty good. Stealth suits are probably the best unit in the game.


File: e71dd8c314838bf⋯.webm (15.44 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Astartes.webm)

I can't wait for this movie to be complete, in about 40 years.



Proportions look good, except for the tiny bolters.Also it would've helped if they showed what they rode in on. Gives the viewer a better sense of whats to come.


File: 82be7aca4a92a38⋯.png (114.9 KB, 500x500, 1:1, SICK.png)


Holy shit thats rad, GW should give those guys shekels.



They did their equivalent of that by not enacting Steel pen Rain with their lawyer commissars.



Never ever.



Noice. Sound quality is a bit shit though and who are they shooting at?

Reminds me, is lord inquisitor still a thing?


File: 18c46e24b375bda⋯.png (654.3 KB, 979x398, 979:398, Kamen_Rider_Drive_Tridoron.png)


>Mephiston driving the Tridoron

It would be a weird combination of a Land Speeder, a Baal-pattern Predator and and that IG buggy from Forge-world



that looks excellent. not too impressed by the power armour design though. head looks too narrow.



Looks like standard rebel infantry wearing stalhelms and rebreathers. Probably not gone Chaos yet.


Say I want to introduce my regular DnD group to playing in 40k. They know nothing of 40k other than it's in space and people shout "HERESY!" a lot. How do I build a newb-friendly campaign that lets them get the feel of playing in 40k without just info-dumping at the beginning of the game?


File: 290dc8a10c462ff⋯.jpg (108.58 KB, 1024x1069, 1024:1069, cadian rough rider.jpg)


Make them all feudal worlders or inhabitatns of a planet that has not been discovered by the imperium.

Either that or play only guard and have your players know only the basics a guardsman would know when shipped out.


File: bd1f3781ad1897f⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 3576x4472, 447:559, 1469642481078.jpg)


Their lack of experience with the setting can be a great boon to your campaign. Don't let them know any more than their characters would. If they're imperial guard, all they ought to know about xenos should be from the imperial primer and whatever rumors are running around camp. Let them figure out the rest- if they're still alive after their first encounter with the enemies of the imperium.



>have them be savages

>taken prisoner in Dark elder raid

>discribe in detail the rape and torture

just dumping them some where in universe completely ignorant of any thing and let them figure things out through exploration.



Honestly the IG is the best way to introduce people to 40k.



Use IG or Inquisition.

Dark Heresy and Only War are good vectors for introducing new people to 40k, even more so if they already play things like D&D.




You could literally have them fight "super orcs" (Orks) and they'd think its still fantasy or whatever. Then you have the Imperial missionaries show up then some other "strange monsters" (some Xenos) show up and then when it looks like its all going to hell you then you initiate Steel Rain. After the battle, the whole world is united under Imperial rule.



Yea, something like that would be pretty cool. Depending on the systems, you could even start it out as straight D&D fantasy fighting savage Orks on a feudal world, or against other human tribes and kingdoms. Then the survivors are selected by the "people of the stars" or something as the Imperial governor descends form his orbital palace to select the decades' regular flesh-tithe to the IG. At which point you could rewrite the character sheets for Only War and have them ship out to some distant warzone.


Getting back into painting the little grey bastards, I need a refresher, what's the gear I have to dig out to do this properly?

Brushes, pallete, paint, water/thinner, cloth/paper towel. What else?


File: 12d1330127f8b05⋯.jpg (954.68 KB, 904x3366, 452:1683, 1-e7684c7df7.jpg)


A light source, possible fan, magnifying glass (if needed) oh and time.


File: afded1b8f96d0d3⋯.jpg (178.42 KB, 1000x609, 1000:609, 40kFFAdMechCawl.jpg)

So i picked up the start collecting skitarii box on impulse last year because i just wanted to paint up some adeptus mechanicus for my model case.

But a friend just gave me their mechanicum codex as they are going all in on newcrons.

So does anyone play mechanicum? they read like something a little underpowered but are they fun to play?



I know one of thier forgeworlds gets a minus one to shoot them which is always a pain to deal with.



That's also the Forge World that gets the deep strike stratagem, which makes it the best choice for melee lists, despite not granting its main bonus to melee.



Mechanicus is fun if you take the time to memorize all the little tricks they can pull off with canticles and forge world stratagems. Unless you run Mars as your forge world you only have one HQ choice.

If you want some Knights they combo really good with Ad Mech. I almost ran them, because I like plasma and Ryza Ad Mech looked like it favored such a playstyle. Then I found out that Catachan has so many chances to reroll ones that Gets Hot is almost a non-issue. That and I got my hands on the Sly Marbo figure that had just come out and I knew it was a sign.


Whose got the new Space Wolves book? Make any interesting lone wolves?


New player here. So I bit the bullet, and ordered the Blood Angels Start collecting box, and their dreadnoughts. What else do should I try to get my hands on before playing? Been told I should get some devastators since hordes are an issue in this edition.



basically they're humans with elder level weapons.

can shoot and stab decently but die easily.


can't go wrong with a rhino or land raider.



Could you please explain how to use this? It looks good but I'm a little unsure what I should use it for.


File: 52bec55278130dd⋯.jpg (123.93 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, WHCitadelSeminar-Aug25-Sna….jpg)

Third buggy revealed. And it's not the same as the one shown in the back of the previous picture, so that's 4 buggies in total now. Really wondering how these will be boxed outside the game box.



They sure look big. How compatible are with previous editions?



Their biggest weakness is the lack of transports, but they managed to avoid that in last edition due to their extra movement range. Not sure how they're doing in 8th though, but it seems people mostly use them in conjunction with other things like knights.

Now 30k Mechanicum on the other hand, they sure don't need any hand-holding.


Seeing how almost all Ork buggies are kitbashed and scratchbuilt, I don't think that's going to be an issue. I just hope these with their fancy weapons don't replace the cheap, spammable rokkit buggies.



take Cawl as hq, set up a castle with onagers, screen with infantry. take the robots with guns and set them to shoot twice with that ability they have.

seems to be the most effective, if lame.


File: 712c7e6c9377731⋯.jpg (298.37 KB, 682x5000, 341:2500, IMG_1102.JPG)


So Michael Kirkbride is an ork now?


Two Orks, at least, by the looks of it. His hatred must have been great indeed.





Keep hiding in those metal boxes faglord.



Its their new chart for their newish paint-range. The chart divides from the baseoat to which way you could paint it. Either by layering paint or by drybrushing. It also shows what some of the technical stuff does.


Imagine if they still used templates what several molotovs would do if thrown at once?



Is there a chart out there for us oldfags to know what paints got renamed to?


File: 48077d4ec8edf14⋯.jpeg (478.59 KB, 873x1200, 291:400, 56BFBAAA-A64B-43AB-86DE-9….jpeg)


>b-but it’s scary out there Sargent

May be faggotry but the Tyranid lunch box gets the job done. Even though combined arms is heresy in canon it good strategy on the table top


Pic related



Yea, the loss of templates is a large part of why I jumped out by 8th ed, it really screws Orks over more than any other army too. As cool as the models look, I don't think the rules will have any of the cool fun flavour Orks used to have. Man, I wish they brought back the splatta kannon.



The loss of templates was both a blessing and a curse. Without them our shooting has suffered for it, but at the same time, the new mechanic has simply cannot deal with the amount of numbers we can throw down.



Sure, basic dakka spam is great as always, but all the old big gunz and kannons are pretty useless now, so paying for big gun platforms is mostly a waste of point. The only I can think of that actually works is the Killbursta, which somehow has 4+ BS until it loses 10 wounds or so. Really, upgrading the BS on actual dedicated shooting units instead of sticking to this dumb BS2 trend they've had since 5th ed really would've solved a lot of the issues.



I know yoofs from the feral orks list has BS3, so maybe they could do something like that. Or make it so that the flash gitz targeter is an upgrade certain models or units can take.



Good man, thanks.



Why did they get rid of templates? I'm pretty fucking out of the loop.



If you want effective Ork shooting take the grot gun krews. They're dirt cheap so you can fill out spearhead detachments easily. Kustom megakannons are great, four or five lobbas can really put a hurt down on massed infantry.

Orks are a close combat army. And now that you can assault after deepstriking/outflanking, not lose 90% of your boyz on turn one due to templates, and not lose your powerklaw nobs every single time due to challenges, you can actually play them like a close combat army. Kustom Force field plus Painboy makes large hordes of Boyz very difficult to kill. If the rumors about the upcoming Ork clan tactics are true crappy shooting may no longer be an issue.

8th edition Orks>>>>>>>>>>>6th/7th edition Orks.



The kill tank kind of blows. It's main gun only does two damage. The funny part is they released rules for the other variant that has a bunch of different firing modes but didn't release points values for it. The kustom mekadread is actually really good. It has a 4+ ballistic skill, can take either a kustom forcefield or the ability to move twice once per game, has a feel no pain that starts at a 4+ but gets worse every time it fails, 18 wounds, and its cheaper than the gorka/morkanaughts. Also it was recently updated so it can take a killkannon.



Death company. Once you get death company get some more death company. After that the Jump pack chapter master/captain with thunderhammer and stormshield. And some more death company. Maybe a death company drednaught to go with the death company.



Regular kannons for gretchin are pretty good too.



I think they wanted to simplify the game, which is stupid, since templates were already pretty simple, and added a level of risk and tactics that I was fond of, as well as giving low BS units a chance in the shooting phase. The flip side is that template weapons are now just as lethal to low model units as they were to high model units. Basically, if you hit a unit with three dudes 6d6 times with a template weapon, all those hits go to those three dudes, they're not wasted like they would have been previously. In addition, they're woefully inadequate when it comes to dealing with high model units, like conscripts or boyz.


Big gunz are a little pricey, though. I think it's about 26 points per Kannon.



>Yea, the loss of templates is a large part of why I jumped out by 8th ed

Certainly scared me away, what's the point of being able to shoot at units engaged in Melee with your own men if you aren't laying down pie plates?!


>I think they wanted to simplify the game, which is stupid, since templates were already pretty simple, and added a level of risk and tactics that I was fond of, as well as giving low BS units a chance in the shooting phase.


Hell I made my game of choice, Brikwars, far easier to teach by cutting out range templates for all the infantry guns.

>The flip side is that template weapons are now just as lethal to low model units as they were to high model units.

>In addition, they're woefully inadequate when it comes to dealing with high model units, like conscripts or boyz.

...But doesn't this defeat the "Area" part of "Area of Effect"?



Yes, so I'm not really sure why they did it, or why they completely gimped the blast radius of certain weapon platforms.



And then you have the other flavourful effects, like Knights making stomp attacks out of their base and certain attacks like phosphex leaving dangerous terrain where it hits and so on.


So i got the latest white dwarf about kill team and theres space wolf, gene stealer, ork and imperial guardish teams but i swear i have seen skitarii/mechanicus kill teams in game reports online.

Are there custom rules or something?


File: 1aea0257058d990⋯.jpg (211.12 KB, 795x550, 159:110, Kill Team Contents.jpg)

File: 6f307b55afc6076⋯.jpg (235.28 KB, 1258x531, 1258:531, I don't actually know bina….jpg)

File: 58717ae86c1f3c0⋯.jpg (205.08 KB, 840x628, 210:157, Stealer cult vs Toaster fa….jpg)


Core rules has Skitarii kill teams.



But its not set boxes only like Shadespire? can i user the rangers from my skitarii 40k box for a babby shit tier starting team?


File: 9c421c669233912⋯.jpg (88.5 KB, 339x544, 339:544, Cross compatibility.jpg)

File: 7d45d2b5a1ebf5c⋯.jpg (261.92 KB, 985x583, 985:583, Ad-Mech Kill Team troop ch….jpg)


I can't see why not, it seems like the game is at least partially intended as an intro into 40k proper so the reverse should be fine.



>mfw shadespire got my goy-i mean friends into AoS and Malifaux and this is getting their tyranid fetish piqued


File: 26f10e7fe1d2b93⋯.jpg (56.44 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, imageproxy.jpg)

You'll receive the sentence the Emperor requires heretic.


Holy shit guys they brought Slaanesh back



>he thought they were ever getting rid of him forever.

They spent the first extremely barebones edition of AoS trying to catch the kids fearing it was too dark. Then the kids only bought the shit like flesh eaters court, nighthaunts and tzeentch so they gave up on the cleaner, gentler shit.

The strangest little change? during this strange 2 year 'cleaning up' they tried to make every charcter who could have a hammer because 'axes were too crude and violent' but now the axes are coming back too.



>set boxes

The guy at the GW store told they put “kill team” stickers on all the boxes that would work with kill team. Plus the website has sub section for kill team with all the comparable minis.

If you have an army already than you probably have the proper units.

Unlike their other specialty games you don’t need to buy any new shit. Though the new shit is pretty cool.



> they put “kill team” stickers on all the boxes that would work with kill team

So, like, half the infantry on the shelves then?


File: 42e1885c71537d5⋯.jpg (86.1 KB, 1000x612, 250:153, tumblr_pe9ve4QMaa1ummjd5o2….jpg)

File: 86244f436bddc76⋯.jpg (158.43 KB, 1000x932, 250:233, tumblr_pe9ve4QMaa1ummjd5o3….jpg)

File: efed5e90d1900e8⋯.jpg (35.36 KB, 1000x593, 1000:593, tumblr_pe9vibZyez1ummjd5o1….jpg)

More shots of the ork buggy, plus sister heads. I want a whole fucking army of that ork driver.



nurgle zambi horde when?


File: 18a0079dc2d9c95⋯.jpg (50.79 KB, 800x366, 400:183, greyfax-header-800x366.jpg)

File: 8ef22be7c47a526⋯.jpg (73.18 KB, 920x950, 92:95, 99120108008_Triumvirateoft….jpg)

File: ad7b04a304b5d0a⋯.jpg (461.84 KB, 1224x794, 612:397, JtYIjTG.jpg)


With the exception of the top left and two sallets, those heads are hot fucking trash jfc. GW sculptors are in direct competition with nuBioWEAr modelers for crimes against aesthetic.

And to think Celestine looked fine and almost made up for butterface greyfax and her gemini.



What do you mean they "brought Slaanesh back"? Was there some lore ump or release that mainly focused on Slaanesh?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


another teaser video.



Did they really try to get rid of axes?



Seeing they always hit on 6+ and generate extra shots, I'm almost starting to hope the new codex might not be shit after all.

Only downside is the speedwaagh lists are probably going to be limited to that trike warboss and all the new models, with no way to use vital units like mad docs and meks on bikes.


Yea, something in Aos. Beats me why anyone would give a fuck about that lore though.


I don't have that many spare female hads from KD, so I really hope you get enough to make full helmeted squads.



GW confirmed there is only one slaanesh, its the same one in both. The elves lured him out the warp into the WHFB reality because they are so similar to eldar, his favourite onahole/food.



Right. And the WFB world is a planet in the Eye of Terror, while the whole 40k universe is in a magic snowglobe in the study of some Empire wizard. The settings never actually interact between cameos, so who cares.



Everyone lost thier bike charecters. You can still use the index rules for them though. The real question is will they be smart and make warbikers cheaper and let you bring them as troops? Because right now they cost the same as space marine bikers and that's dumb. Also deffkoptas need a significant price drop. Fully upgraded one costs more than one of the Forgeworld Warkoptas.



That would not be a bad asymetrical scenario, my old Mordheim group used to do things like that all the time.



> And the WFB world is a planet in the Eye of Terror, while the whole 40k universe is in a magic snowglobe in the study of some Empire wizard.

What was the source for both of these claims again ?



Don't know when the first originated, but the second is a parody of St Elsewhere.


File: 7df8b5a1633f28f⋯.jpg (549.82 KB, 927x750, 309:250, WOT DID YOO SAY PINK HUMY.jpg)



My two cents is this: They revamped KT. They also brought back Necro. Now they're bringing back Adeptus Titanicus. Even though they said they wouldn't bring Mordhiem back, they did introduce Shadespire. But that isn't compatible with every army in AoS, is it? So in another throw back, similar to how they're "bringing back" Rogue Trader (a Kill Team supplement) they're bringing back "Realm of Chaos," their skirmish mode/rpg for WFB. In other words, a KT for AoS. Get it? since AoS is all about "Realms," then a realm of Chaos would be crazy, right? Either way, they have to bring Slaanesh back in since it is one of the main four Chaos Gods. Then they have to bring Fulgrim back. Then they'll probably do Angron last since when AoS came out it was nothing but Khrone shit. Then in 7th ed, they had their Tzeentch period. No with 8th ed, they had a Nurgle period. That would only leave one two left.

Aside from that, there's rumors about the orks getting klan specific units or something.



What parts did you use anon?

Id like to get some arbites in hope nu-necromunda eventually releases rules for them.


File: 608c6ce57c70ed7⋯.jpg (52.46 KB, 453x604, 3:4, WAAAAGHsilo.jpg)

Does anyone have a "Good heavens look at the time" Ork Edition meme picture?

Have a WAAAAGHsilo in exchange.


File: 4b323e121689fd5⋯.jpg (164.19 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, KTRogueTrader-Sep2-Codexes….jpg)

Looks like the new Rogue Trader kill team set is going to have rules for including them in regular 40k. If you ever wanted to include your characters from your Rogue Trader rpg games in your army, now you can.



So they are their own armies, or are they more like little allied factions to have?


File: b69249d8b21e12a⋯.jpg (102.32 KB, 1000x492, 250:123, KTFocusStarstriders-Sep3-S….jpg)

File: b595005773ab692⋯.jpg (80.71 KB, 1000x505, 200:101, KTFocusStarstriders-Sep3-V….jpg)

File: 91e468c21ae2595⋯.jpg (106.17 KB, 1000x655, 200:131, KTRogueTrader-Sep2-NurgleM….jpg)


Probably allied factions. Too few models for them to be a full-fledged army. They should've ust rolled the Nurgle stuff into the DG codex or something, since a mini-nurgle faction seems kinda pointless. At least the Rogue Trader guards look like a possibly cool IG regiment.

Although, the concept of smaller armies being usable for both KT and 40k is pretty cool. I'd like to see them do it for the Gorkamorka factions and for the Necromunda gangs.



I'm pretty sure they're mini allied factions. Although Rogue traders at least the more powerful ones were known to command entire fleets and armies so I don't see why they couldn't be expanded into a full army using units from the guard codex.


File: edc75e26374c0d6⋯.jpg (80.86 KB, 592x216, 74:27, Mini-codex.jpg)


Looking on the Warhammer Community site it looks like they're supposed to be used to supplement your main army in the full-sized games rather than be their own force. It's probably because they made unique models and like I said here >>390221 it seems they want to use Kill Team as a gateway drug to 40k.



Well, the Nuggle mutants look pretty cool.



>GW behaving like an actual business designed to get people playing not a model company for hobbyists.

Weird timeline.



> If you ever wanted to include your characters from your Rogue Trader rpg games in your army, now you can.

Don't hold your breath mate. There will be rules for the models in the box, and most likely noting at all beside that.


FW promised to make a RT army for HH. In the meantime, the Imperial militia list isn't too far removed. I doubt we'll ever see much beyond this mini-codex for 40k though, the best we can hope for there is a solid 30k release with a handful of core models that later gets adapted for 40k in some IA book. Seeing the codices GW has made recently, they clearly wouldn't be able to make anything approaching the level of bling and options required to make a proper RT army.


File: 48a00571dba9000⋯.png (103.22 KB, 283x244, 283:244, Rage level DOOMGUY.png)




File: 63101cc28fa937c⋯.jpg (37.41 KB, 418x455, 418:455, Ffs here.jpg)


This one? Next time try spending more than 30s on Google.


File: dbfedce6642920f⋯.png (168.45 KB, 321x294, 107:98, Doomguy shows you how to g….png)




File: 3dbd9592197424a⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Orange_means_dangah.png)


R8 me WIP palette.

I want to make a squad of redneck country-marauding orks. the more vehicles, the better, I was concerned that wouldn't happen, but given the new codex and speed freeks, I want this to be a reality.

I just used the skate-ork because I don't have any other reference pictures.



oh god, that did NOT crop right, sorry about that.


File: 061670988a5f46c⋯.jpg (100.29 KB, 800x532, 200:133, 800px-Confederate_Flag_(Mo….jpg)


>redneck orks

They gonna be flyin' Dixie there, hoss?


File: 5429d2e18be1b8f⋯.jpg (76.37 KB, 678x878, 339:439, 14269269920901.jpg)



I wonder which country is this.



I was working on something like this in the past, except it wasn't redneck orks. They were just straight up AMURIKAN.

One of the deff coptas was painted like Old Glory, and the warboss wielded a fuck off giant, weaponized, American Flag which was so huge he needed a power claw to lift the damn thing.

It also had a brass flying squig on the top where an eagle would go.


File: 676762b3e808f5c⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 300x300, 1:1, wan-intensifies.gif)


Godspeed, sir, godspeed.


File: bdad0ab4572674f⋯.mp4 (3.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, gondola_dixie.mp4)



For a brief second, I thought about how an Ork Warboss would announce he was going to build a wall to keep those pesky humies out.

Then I remembered that an Ork Warboss would much rather krump the humies instead of keeping them out.



How come slavs like 40k so much?


>ork warboss sees hummies build a huge fucking wall





Slavs are pretty much the RL equivalent of Orks.

They love to fight and can build things out of almost anything.


File: fe671293eadb595⋯.jpg (488.29 KB, 1200x870, 40:29, Tsar Cannon.jpg)

File: 91001c1f5e989b6⋯.png (1.76 MB, 800x1007, 800:1007, IRON'EAD DA BLUDD AXE WARB….png)

File: 6e34bdde6008939⋯.jpg (262.05 KB, 1097x850, 1097:850, Deff_Skwadron_Liftoff.jpg)


The problem with static defenses is that by being immobile, eventually someone will bring in a big enough piece of siege weaponry to smash a hole in it.

Even the most straight forward, simple minded warboss understands this concept. Blood Axe warbosses, however, being more prone to iotas of strategy and tactics, understand that the wall also keeps the enemy neatly packed in one obvious place.

It's also a big, fat, giant bullseye for all that ordinance you've been stashing away.


File: ede25ec494994e1⋯.jpg (24.7 KB, 640x237, 640:237, 5barrelshotgun677.jpg)

File: d333e498ce540f0⋯.jpg (162.65 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 11.jpg)

File: e1ad96eec4e9ada⋯.jpg (156.8 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 12-1.jpg)




Nah, the Chechens are more orky.



>2nd pic

Closest thing to an IRL Slugga I’ve ever seen.


File: ec4042c807793e7⋯.jpg (212.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FW1.jpg)

File: 22084de31d28dec⋯.jpg (183.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FW2.jpg)

File: e903fcd17ab5b1b⋯.jpg (167.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FW3.jpg)

File: 9e78d2eaa14f706⋯.jpg (178.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FW4.jpg)

Wanted to go ham on some custom models I'm going to import for TableTop Simulator since Kill Team came out. Still have the Pathfinder, Breacher, and Stealth left to do. I probably won't really do much for the Drones though.

also shilling myself



Huh, not bad at all. Could use some scratchmarks and wear and tear, and the sword is a little out of place (needs more texture I think, looks like blocks), but the model overall looks nice. When you are done, can you post pictures of the battlesuits?


File: 70c96832c156f7a⋯.jpg (173.32 KB, 570x506, 285:253, Imperial_Fists_Vet_Termina….jpg)


My only complaint is that the front of the helmet looks different than a Fire Warrior's does. Unless that's something else, then okay

A HH question; Would it be out of place to have a dead terminator, in the same armor as pic related, on a base? Or should I make a dead Cataphractii or Tartaros instead?



Only makes sense post-ascension to throne, as methinks that's when the majority of indomitus pattern roled out, capturing it from chaos encroachment.



But most Chaos terminators are wearing Indomitus armor.

Is this just another case like Mk V power armor where it was just being released and the traitors stockpiled it? Or are those just loyalist armors that they appropriated during raids in real space?

Honestly, I know the reason is because for the longest time that was the only version of terminator armor, but I kind of wish that GW would release some chaos terminators in warp tainted or daemonic Cataphractii armor.


File: acd92e946ad2dd5⋯.jpg (80.14 KB, 920x950, 92:95, 99590101351_IronHandsLegio….jpg)



Indomitus Armor, supposedly, was rolled out just before the Heresy. They obviously lacked the Crux Terminus, but they were there along with Cataphractii and Tartaros. But by the Heresy, Cata was in decline and Indom was found to be a it more useful. Eventually it would have been replaced by Tartaros, but the Heresy put a stop to that. The Iron Hands "Gorgon" Pattern is just a beefed up Indomitus armor.


File: 9a248063a4b1673⋯.jpg (31.5 KB, 216x338, 108:169, Terminator_mini_MK1.jpg)

File: b3ff8bc5cfd07b0⋯.jpg (156 KB, 654x460, 327:230, Mk_2_Termi_Armour.jpg)

File: 092d59bf27a3018⋯.jpg (386.59 KB, 704x974, 352:487, Mk_1_Termi_Armour.jpg)

File: f4f7b71522267f5⋯.jpg (45.14 KB, 668x377, 668:377, 10247774186_9e9da4789d_o.jpg)


There were two kinds of terminator armour models before the ol' reliable.

The 'Eggy' MK-1, almost certainly Saturnine that is Dark Age exo-armour repurposed for war, and the MK-2 'Cobra' armour which may be the fabled Minotaur's Arkonak Pattern



What about the cataphractii termie armor?


File: 933ab8761296789⋯.jpg (68.54 KB, 800x601, 800:601, 305468_md-Rogue Trader, Sp….JPG)

File: 026b0832f6f2034⋯.jpg (53.55 KB, 402x599, 402:599, 31d0eac6061428bad92f5eef03….jpg)


Here's a better visual for their 'cobra' nickname. The backplate armour formed a hood over the chassi, rather than simply be incorporated into the rest. As the first homebrew, relying on Mechanicus technology alone, it is commendable. In comparison to other is appears alternately weaker yes more mobile, like a turtle.


The modern armours are marks 3-4-5. Daka forums have a nice long timeline figuring this shit out, can't recall how I found it myself though.

The mark 8-9 Astartes 'Errant' pattern was supposed to be the convergence of terminator tactical dreadnought plate and standard Astartes power armour, but this was later rolled back to merely enhancing the armour of the legs, groin, collar and upgrading the helmet. This left out the rest of the enhancements and incorporated power fist.




Looks like warhound babies.



>I kind of wish that GW would release some chaos terminators in warp tainted or daemonic Cataphractii armor.

They already did with the DG, but if they're releasing anything else shitty like those, I'd rather just convert the regular Cataphractii kits.



>Looks like warhound babies.

Don't give them ideas. Next thing you know, Chaos Warhound will use their demonic thingies to procreate and give birth to tainted Warhound puppies.

Imagine that. A killing machine that still are six or so meters/ 20ft tall but have the general curiosity and lack of common sense from a dog puppy.



Sounds like Beasts of Nurgle.


File: 33c0b1892826f70⋯.png (387.24 KB, 421x510, 421:510, ClipboardImage.png)

So, the Imperium gets Girlyman, the Eldar get Ynnead, the Necrons have more and more tombs waking up, Chaos is proverbially tearing the galaxy in half, the Tyranids come in at ever-greater numbers (even if Leviathan is fish-food).

What do the Orkz get? The only relevant thing I heard was that they fought "side-by-side" (and you thought Space Marines buddying up with Necrons was funny) against the Demons invading Armageddon.



> the Necrons have more and more tombs waking up

> the Tyranids come in at ever-greater numbers

Both of these are empty platitudes that change nothing, like how Ghaz's WAAGH is now the largest seen in millennia.

Don't worry, Ork boyz. You're not alone. Every non-Imperium, non-Aeldari, non-Nurgle player is feeling fucked over narratively too.



I wouldnn't put it quite as harshly. The Imperium and the Aeldari always had their shining moments of glory but otherwise were on a perpetual downward spiral of doomy doom. Girlyman and Ynnead actually give them a realistic fighting chance, for a change.

By comparison, Tyranids and Necrons are more of the creeping doom style villains; the only reason why they actually can be defeated currently being that there's simply not of them around yet. And coming to think of it, Orkz actually kind of fall into the same niche - it's heavily suggested that there's Orkz even outside of the galactic disc. Meaning that, if shit goes down in the Milky Way, you get a FUCKHUEG Waaagh on an intergalactic scale.

I mean, the Orkz kinda (...kinda) are like an immune system. The more fighting is going on, the more of them are drawn towards them. Old Emps basically conquering the entire galaxy in the name of humanity brought up The Great Beast, and with the way stuff is going around right now, who is there to say that we will not see something significantly orkier coming to knock on the galactic front door?

Next thing you know, Orkz can probably summon a proverbial Avatar of Gork (or possibly Mork) onto the battlefield. Then again, it also would make sense that the entire Orkoid race acts as the body of Gork and Mork, kinda like the tendrils of the Tyranid Hive Fleets are just the fingers of the Hivemind


File: 84397e093beef11⋯.jpg (104 KB, 854x537, 854:537, Imperial Guardsman Attempt….jpg)

I read the leak for the 8th edition Ork Codex.

I'll never get to buy 'eavy armour for my Boys again, will I?

Or know the joy of using a Leman Russ, but with an Ork Crew in it?



>the days of the Looted Russ are over

Games Workshop hates fun and loves money, this is a universal truth.


Ghazkull’s Waagh is reaching Beast levels and he himself is only getting bigger and stronger because of it. If I remember correctly, he defeated the Tyranids on that one world that Kryptman herded them onto, and assimilated all the orks on that planet into his forces, meaning he has orks that have been fighting Tyranids for centuries in his Waagh.



>Avatar of Gork or Mork

Isn’t that what Gargants used to be?

I mean, we still have Stompas but there aren’t really any Ork Titan models that aren’t from Epic.



At least they "gave" us eavy armor in the form of a pity strategium, I have no idea why the fuck they took away looted wagons, they were one of the most iconic ork units. Nothing's more orky than taking the best tank in the galaxy, and making it better by adding more guns.




It goes back to that one GW policy to not make rules for things that do not truly have models themselves. Looted wagons and eavy armor do not not have official kits, so they got rid of them.



But eavy armor did have a kit for it, and besides, it was always just "slap more gubbinz and should spikes on the ladz". And with the looted wagon, they could have just released an upgrade kit, like they did with the genestealer cultists.



Do they have recent kits though? I have never seen one in a gw store for years.



A while back to be sure, but it did exist, and it's not any older than some of their other kits, like the aspect warriors. GW is just being lazy.


File: 060d3eadfbfa15c⋯.jpg (105.29 KB, 1000x399, 1000:399, KTFocusDG-July19-Poxwalker….jpg)

Anyone else pick up the latest White Dwarf? fuck that kill team box looks good. Its a story set so those aren't 'just' new nurgle models but the actual rogue traders crew after the geller field failed on the engine levels with a story campaign about retaking the ship as the engineering crew are spreading 'granpappys gift' to the higher levels.

we nurgle dead space now and the models are tight as shit. They also made models for maggots and fly swarms finally. looks great.

My FLGS is getting super hard into it since its pretty cheap to get a base group apparently. I spent £30 on 3 easy build packs, one of death guard and two of pox walkers and from what i've seen if you make the DG melee i'll have enough or just need one more DG easy build kit or a champion to be set.

But looking at the rules aren't poxwalkers -i havent touched 40k since black crusade mind you- just a zombie plague model that doesnt require WHFB zombies and catachan/imperial guard like you used to need?



Pretty much, I guess they thought buying one kit made more sense than buying two and combining them. Maybe they just don't like conversions anymore?



Finally, Nurgle cultists that befit the lore.

They look so happy and gleeful.



Are referring to new leaks? Because the only leaks I've been able to find were about the clan tactics and some of the possible strategems.


I could have sworn I read a rumor about them releasing a conversion kit or something to orkify Leman Russes. Just use any wagons you have as big trakks. It's what I started doing in sixth when forge world released that free dread mob pdf. However if people bitch hard enough they can probably convince GW to bring them back. They did release rules for them in an issue of white dwarf the last edition.



>I used to be a literal number, like my name was a barcode and i came from gene stock birthed to die working radioactive refuse in slag pits, no i can't die, i've got a thicc deamonette of nurgle gf and a pet nurgling. Sure i'm physically rotten and malformed, but i'm happy and everyone calls me by a real name and not a number.

I get its meant to be horrific and a corruption of the purity of human form to astartes level demigods that fear old age more than death, but to the lowest level imperial serf in the longrun papa nurgle must seem like a better option to many.


File: d0c320c52801034⋯.jpg (625.79 KB, 1674x1566, 31:29, Warhammer-40Kart.jpg)

I've always been curious about Gorkamorka. I wonder what an 8th Ed KT mode where each player gets one free cheap transport in addition to their 100 or so point force? Like an SM force would get a Rhino, but they would also need at least three models minimum for a squad. Max number of models would be 15, not counting the transport. You could also add the usual codex upgrades, if any, for your transport. But any upgrades would come out of your 100 points. Transports would be able to safely carry up to their normal limit. However, if the transport has the Open Top special rule (If it still exists), then you could go over the limit by 5. But everytime you do this, you will have to put the extras on the top/sides or where ever they could ride from. If they fall while you are moving the transport model, then the fallen model has to take an automatic hit. Wheeled vehicles would probably be a S5 fall, while skimmers would be a S6. Scenarios would be typical "hold this point until" or "gather tokens" or "Destroy your opponents transport."


Is any Imperium aircraft viable since the rule change?


File: e3c25658bab3c49⋯.jpg (79.62 KB, 350x259, 50:37, Mentors_Chapter_Badge.jpg)

Mentor Legion

8th edition

I'd like to think they directly contributed to the Ultima founding, having a direct line to the Emperor and top of Mars, developing techniques like the ten man squad split, advanced bolt rifles and auspexes.

I'm a tad concerned though. They definitely made it to the modern age, two stories taking place close to present, yet no revisit of the chapter's state has occured. We at least got a comment about the wherabouts and state of the similar Minotaurs, but no such mention for the owl lads.

Their noted actions have centered near Segmentum Tempestus, meaning they likely are based within and so were not caught on the wrong side of the Cycatrix Malectdictum.

I'd like to hope Cawl actually did sneak some second or eleventh primogentor chapters in, and they would certainly be one of the outliers that fit the bill, along with the Rainbow Warriors.

Anyone got anything alluding to their state? Rumours? I see they get a mention in the marine codex, but all pics are fuzzy and they get no special gear.


File: 8b107d8008bc6fe⋯.png (38.64 KB, 1280x378, 640:189, 1280px-Conoco_logo.svg[2].png)

Books question: long ago, I bought the Space Wolves Omnibus #1 and only just now started reading it. Halfway through the second book, I like the setting of 40k; I want to see where the story goes; et cetera, but I don't like King's writing style at all. Using him as a mean, are there better authors/series I should first give my attention and others I from whom to stay away?



Okay, I really fucked up the last part. Work with me here.


File: f568ab2e2d65dc5⋯.jpg (178.32 KB, 960x859, 960:859, 1407334602049.jpg)

File: 4b3a900a425174b⋯.jpg (86.15 KB, 702x1139, 702:1139, 1407322543127.jpg)

File: f653db0da009351⋯.jpg (179.43 KB, 734x793, 734:793, 1407335838432.jpg)


>i've got a thicc deamonette of nurgle gf


File: 05fda46b4846e39⋯.jpg (63.26 KB, 540x324, 5:3, black templar monitoring t….jpg)


Fuck off ND.


File: a38f6224b0efa19⋯.jpg (170.81 KB, 1440x1800, 4:5, 1409623049628.jpg)

File: 575ebf4d761edd7⋯.jpg (305.85 KB, 496x702, 248:351, 1410299077302.jpg)



Dan Abnett l, Gaunt’s Ghosts and the Eisenhorn series are right up there with Ciaphus Cain in terms of required 40k reading.



Don't forget Inquisition Wars. Ain't no proper novel without Squats or musings about the anal openings of Genestealers.


File: 31c8eee17c7791d⋯.jpg (224.99 KB, 1000x840, 25:21, 40kLegionFocus_IronWar_Ima….jpg)

File: d1a4a62bb20cf59⋯.jpg (184.01 KB, 1000x721, 1000:721, 40kTacTollboxDG-Image1j.jpg)

Well boys in taking the plunge into the 40k moneyhole since i cant play Space Marine Horde Mode forever and theres only so much Viday that good in 40k.

Just bought the Codex and Chaos Index, im just torn on what army between

>Iron Warriors

>or Death Gaurd

Im not a WAAC faggot but id prefer not to get obliterated every game. Any opinions on which army i should field? Pros and Cons?



Easy; Do you want a lot of tanks or do you want a lot of infantry?



Id like to field a good mix of tanks that focus on bombardment and infanty support with some hardy boys to support them.



If you want vehicles than Iron Warriors are probably your best bet. Not to say Death Guard doesn’t have good vehicles, but it’s a matter of whether you like Nurgle stuff or if you just want chaos flavored variants of some loyalist stuff.

I hear obliteraters are pretty good this edition.

Sounds like you want infantry support which means Iron Warriors. Their rules fit the play style you want pretty well.



Would fielding the Plagueburster tank since they share a key word Chaos be possible with Iron Warriors then? And would it affect their Bonuses or anything?


Got my easy build cheapo boxes for my death guard kill team and they are great sculpts with one criticism, the poxwalkers only have 6 models but there are at least 4 other variants only in a starter kit where they are wearing shredded lab coats or uniforms. Shame those are starter kit only.



Obliterators are only ok in this ed. They no longer have every gun, instead they now have Flesh-Metal weapons." hich are randomly generated to a degree. They can take marks and Nurgle makes them only tougher to kill. You will probably want Havocs more than Oblits, more diverse weapons and cheaper too.


Yes, you can take a Plagueburst Tank with other Chaos armies. Buffs might be a bit more restricted though. But then again, Iron Warriors don't get anything amazing to work with. Unless you went into HH.


What would happen if Ephrael Stern and Sly Marbo had a baby?



It would be a Primarch.



>What do the Orkz get?

They don't need anything. Every single ork in the universe could die and as long as a single spore remained another WAAAGH would eventually pop up.


What is the maximum number of cultists someone should bring if they plan on using them instead of CSMs? 160? 200?


File: c93b972e19d8df7⋯.jpg (198.01 KB, 686x1240, 343:620, latest.jpg)


Alright then, I think I will do an Iron Warriors Army build and just field the Plagueburster, because that shit looks tight as hell.

Besides the base Codex and the Index, I suppose I will need the Chaos Space Marine Codex as well.

Beyond that I guess Its just patience and money dump into paints and units.

Any advice for Modeling or Unit Purchases for a beginner?



Pick of some of the plastic mk III Marines for the infantry, it’s pretty fluffy and works really good. Other than that, get gud at painting hazard stripes and gunmetal grey.


File: 12d1330127f8b05⋯.jpg (954.68 KB, 904x3366, 452:1683, 1-e7684c7df7.jpg)

File: f8096ca6f725701⋯.jpg (241.88 KB, 1170x624, 15:8, IW.jpg)



Go for Mk 3 Marines. Then get a Plagburst Crawler or two. This page could help you. https://1d4chan.org/wiki/WIP. Remember to clean up your models then prime, then base coat then detail or wash then detail. If you're on the fence about a particular unit or model, just assemble it then get a few games in with it to see how it works.



>How come slavs like 40k so much?

it feels like home


>What do the Orkz get?

best time of their lives



The rule book and the current chapter approved. You really don't need the indexes anymore now that all the actual Chaos codices are out.

Demon Prince with wings is pretty good. Especially equipped with the Iron hands relic. Wouldn't be a bad idea to check eBay to see if any of the Dark Vengeance stuff is available.


https://my.mixtape.moe/oaxyvq.mp3 So thanks to this, I've had a horrible idea: What would Warhammer 40,000 be like if it were designed by dagos and/or spics instead of brits?



Even more catholic symbolism.



The fuck are dagos.

>or spics

At miniatures have their prices tripled. If you complain about this, the cartels make you disappear.

On a more serious note, I would imagine the game would have retained its focus on small-scale combat from the early Rogue Trader era. The Hrud would be replaced by space-faring Chupacabras, the Emperor is revealed to have been Jesus, and Necromunda is way more popular than it currently is because everyone has his or her own personal Necromunda in the neighborhood anyway.



>it feels like home

How so?



A shitty dystopian urban hellhole where the armed forces are blessed by priests?



But isnt most of the slavlands wilderness, mountains and rural areas?



True, but most slavs live in the shitty urban parts. There's also the fact that there are at least two IG armies based on Russian history. It makes sense that there'd be an interest.


File: 6f8e06546817a05⋯.jpg (108.35 KB, 920x950, 92:95, KillTeamRogueTrader09.jpg)

can a digi-weapon be a powerfist?


>rogue trader killteam released

>armsmen look EXACTLY how i imagined they would

>the set costs an arm and a leg for like 7 minis

so where can i get bits that look similiar?

i want space conquistador army



Digital weapons are they're own thing. But I don't know if they're in 8th ed or not. But if you mean Digit-weapon as in it looks like a hand or a finger and you say its a powerfist and the model you're using can take a powerfist then yeah sure. Also would it have killed GW to make a small multipart plastic kit for the RT Guardsmen? They only have three regular models. It's going to be a bitch to anyone that wants to amake a guard regiment out of them. Unless you luck out and the models aren't one piece.





>space-faring Chupacabras

How does that differ from the Hrud?

>Emperor as Jesus

Isn't that sortof implied already?


Hell, there'd be even more detail on the landscape miniatures, and they'd be send-ups of various infamous slums throughout the Latin sphere.


File: ad42c6548b7068a⋯.png (112.29 KB, 564x480, 47:40, ClipboardImage.png)

Are there any good books about the W40k universe?

I don't have anyone to play RP board games with, but the lore still sounds cool as fuck.

My current knowledge is limited to DoW and memes.




15 Hours

Gaunt's Ghosts series

Night Lord's Trilogy

Eisenhorn Trilogy

Rebel Winter

Imperial Glory

Eye of Terror

Pawns of Chaos


File: da6f455577ee25c⋯.jpg (154.97 KB, 750x539, 750:539, 1421790887017.jpg)


Codex Imperialis, 2nd Edition fluff book.

Doesn't have any of the gay newer stuff or art, very good background, short stories and classic art.

Has Squats, does not have Necrons or Tau though (which didn't exist at the time).




That's a good point, any of the 3rd edition codexes contain tons of fluff and illustrations that are great for immersing you in the 40k setting. I personally recommend the ork and IG codexes.


File: de991f783622ad3⋯.jpg (107.73 KB, 417x599, 417:599, 417px-WH40KCompendium.jpg)


Seconding core rulebooks and codexes. All of them up to fifth are great lore dumps. This with tactica imperialis, 40k theories, with visits to lexicanum and 1d4chan give a good wide swathe of lore.




We're approaching Hindu levels of sacred texts.


File: 80f8cfbb12f2cf9⋯.png (25.87 KB, 233x190, 233:190, ClipboardImage.png)






>core rulebooks and codexes

Should I just go straight to the fifth or do they touch up on different parts of the lore?


File: 50287c5c5f5f43d⋯.jpg (167.21 KB, 374x664, 187:332, chaosdamnit.jpg)



Well my dudes, 350 dollars later and my Financial Ruin Marines are on there way (with a good deal of paint, bases, glue and Codexs).


>Don't need the Index now because its in the CSM Codex

RIP 35 buckaroos.



I think there's a couple of units still in the index that didn't get ported over to the codex, so if you plan on using them, there's that. Otherwise, I'd try and get a refund.




The only units that didn't get put in the Codices were anything on a Bike. They apparently did this across all armies. Maybe they're gonna release a set that features mounted HQ in some grimdark Motorcross event? Maybe that's when they'll show Jaghatai as the ring leader of it all and in order to garner his favor, someone must beat him in a race to the death.


File: fc0d2365d3b6696⋯.png (136.24 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ephz6404ymjy.png)


40k is more myth than set in stone. Every edition has inclusions, exclusions, retellings, alternate takes, and explorations of footnotes.

For example Ward made the Grey Knights kill a bunch of Sisters of Battle and wear their blood as a ward against corruption. This was completely unnecessary, but more importantly the tale was retold in the next edition without that little bit of grimderp.

There are details that get mentioned in Rogue Trader days that don't get brought up again until thirty years later. Y'nnead and the Y'nnari for example. The potential Chekhov's foreshadowing is worth the read.



>Codex Imperialis, 2nd Edition

here it is in pdf, not a great scan but you get the text well enough.

what i like most about the old books is all the sayings and proverbs just placed randomly on every page. really adds a lot of character.




haha, remember how the egg cell for the primarchs came from an eldar queen for about five minutes, good times good times.

Boy would the inquisition be conflicted about that one.



Jaghati, Doomrider,and Wazdakka all square off in an epic three way battle over who the fastest is.



Toss in some Harlequins on jet bikes and Sammael from the Dark Angels and we could have a right proper race.



You forgot the ciaphas cain series.


Id be all in for watching 40k wacky races.


Forgive me if im being retarded here but im looking to convert some of the Mk III Iron Warriors into Havocs, but the squad leader has me confused in the Codex vs GW representation.

Can i just declare one of the models as an aspiring Champion for the Havoc Squad or do i need buy this guy.

Its not like he's a bad model or anything but uh, id like some more modularity if the SL can carry special weapons (flamer mite b cool).

Also Lascanons seem to be the meta, but im considering doing missles too splitting a las / missle 10 man havoc blob. Thoughts?


File: 57394b6b8d9a217⋯.jpg (61.81 KB, 920x950, 92:95, 99070102001_AspiringChampi….jpg)



The Aspiring champion is basically the chaos equivalent of a sergeant so a regular guy is fine. Las cannons and autocannons are probably a better choice than missle launchers. They're more reliable in my opinion.


File: 9107e37c9d33e2e⋯.jpg (50.8 KB, 920x950, 92:95, 99550101518_LascannonHeavy….jpg)


Alright, I'll take it into account. With that in mind that saves me from another 20 dollar model.

My last question before this conversion purchase before I start on my first models ever here is the wording in the Codex:

4 Chaos Space Marines, one Aspiring Champion, may take up to 5 additional CSMs.

I'm assuming the additional CSM do no add anymore slots to the 4 Special / Heavy weapons but are there to Serve as meatshields. But couldn't you have two Havoc Squads assuming each has 4 CSM and 1 SL, each with the ability to have more CSM Meatshields?



The extra CSMs are basically meatshields, yes.


File: 54cecff9ba3fbb1⋯.jpg (27.58 KB, 327x499, 327:499, 51cndXPueNL._SX325_BO1,204….jpg)


Alright, thanks pal. Hopefully in 2 weeks when my shit actually arrives I'll have something to show for it here. Until then I'll just have to think of ways to my them as Castellax Lore Friendly as possible.



Use lot of cultists to count as janissaries, and then when you're playing against someone randomly smack them off the table for not working hard enough.



I wish you the best anon. I’m not looking forward to building my army, I should have ran screaming when a friend suggested I play Guard. But I already bought the codex and I got the guy who runs the GW store I go to to sell me some of his old models under the table. It’s how I got my hands on the Sly Marbo model so I’m pretty much obligated to play Catachan now, not that I mind cause Catachan is awesome probably going to splurge on a web store bundle to get my army started. Twenty guardsmen, a heavy weapon squad, a command squad, a Chimera and a Russ. All for about 160 dollars plus tax. Probably going to get Straken and Harker to complete the trinity. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten on lost building.

Sorry for the blog.



>Sorry for the blog.

anon this is /tg/, you can blog post about list building as much as you want.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Necron campaign is starred by Trollzyn

This is fine.



Well it is nice to know that Assholetehp is getting some recognition after 25 years.



I fucking hope the goal of his campaign is to capture Girlyman for the museum...


File: 0505263a8e29a27⋯.jpg (36.96 KB, 640x480, 4:3, necron overlord.jpg)


Ok, didnt expect trazyn to sound like that, but the VA still did a good job, he soudns smug as fuck as he should.



Aye, sounds more like you'd expect a Corsair to do.



There is a unit called an exalted champion. He's an HQ that let's units reroll wounds in the fight phase. That's probably what the aspiring champion model is meant to be used as nowadays.


I have to ask, are Hellhounds worth getting?

I know their a fluffy choice for Catachans, but would I be better off using Sentinals?



Hellhounds are absolutely worth getting, even if you're not running Catachans. They're cheap, fast, a nightmare to charge, and are reliable anti-infantry and anti-character. A squad of flanking hellhounds will ruin most people's day.



Thanks, I was a little apprehensive since they’re webstore only and cost almost as much as a Russ. But hell, I’m playing Guard. If I wanted a cheap army I would have picked any other faction.


>fed ex has delivered your package as of 2:01 PM

>no signature required; left at front door

Uh oh



Chinaman's having a sale right now, they're pretty cheap if you go through him, as long as you don't mind waiting about a month.



He's still in business? Plucky little ant.


File: d12a89b384c8f0d⋯.jpg (4.22 MB, 3984x2241, 16:9, MICRO.jpg)

You know, maybe skimping out on Citadel Brushes for their price was a mistake now that I see the size.



Just use a sewing needle for the details.



Just go to Michael’s/Hobby Lobby/Jo Ann’s and pick up a fine tipped brush, they should be about five bucks. That’s about twenty cheaper than GW wants for their extra small artificier brush.

You should also know that GW spray paint is a scam.


File: 6306479292053de⋯.jpg (10.76 KB, 500x255, 100:51, 31FVNPsPVVL.jpg)


Army painter's brushes aren't bad either. I switched over to them after the art supply supply store I went to stopped carrying red sable hair brushes. The animal they were made out of became endangered or something.



>You should also know that GW spray paint is a scam

Important addendum here is DO NOT buy just any random can from your local Graf Shop, get something from a proper model store, even better if you're willing to shell out for an aerosol gun.


File: 9d28c441d261773⋯.jpg (60.32 KB, 800x600, 4:3, iron_warrior_by_ghostz9-d4….jpg)

Starting work on the first Iron Warrior assembly, wish this retard luck.


File: 6ebfe05b05c722d⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, ADAM_001.jpg)

File: f5f4d0ae842d905⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, ADAM_002.jpg)

File: 001864605c440fb⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, ADAM_003.jpg)

We're on the way now Perturabo.

"Gorilla Glue Pen" Proved to be a nightmare since the wet one side / glue the other resulted in lots of bubbles for the Resin parts. I'll have to look for a more standard super glue apparently.



The important part is the size of the particulates. Some paints have larger particles that are designed to clump together over small gaps to smooth out surface scrapes. That's the opposite of what you want in a mini paint. As long as particles are small and the bonding agent doesn't clump, you don't need specialized paint.



Smaller brushes aren't important. Use the largest brush you can handle (a 2 instead of a 0/00 if possible). All that matters for detail is the size of the point, not the size of the body of the brush. And the larger body prevents the whole thing from drying out as fast giving you longer to work. Big body, fine point; that's why the well-made ermine hair ones are so good.



>gorilla glue

Good lord how horrifying. That's a step away from hot glue.

Get the gel superglue like Loctite.



Seconding Loctite, I used it for the first time a week ago and I'm never looking back.





Don't use Gorilla Glue. Loctite is good, but make sure you get the Gel version as the watery version is a fucking nightmare.



Reminds me of when I put Sly Marbo together, got glue residue everywhere cause the head kept sticking to the tweezers. I managed to get it to stick but now his head’s lopsided. Resin is a headache to work with.



>implying that wasn’t slys plan all along




Roger that Boys, just got the Base paint on Adam, will start the painting here shortly.



Well now he does kinda look like Stallone, face drooping to one side.

Also it’s probably too late to say this but I should have recommended the Iron Warriors guy pick up one of the Horus Heresy boxes for easy access to old power armor. Burning of Prospero had something like thirty marines in that box.


File: 0000b8718afc7e7⋯.jpg (2.25 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, ADAMUPDATE_001.jpg)

File: 51809ff49833f48⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, ADAMUPDATE_002.jpg)

File: 4ad6a237843ac13⋯.jpg (1.98 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, ADAMUPDATE_003.jpg)

File: c1d326a59568504⋯.jpg (6.05 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, ADAMUPDATE_004.jpg)

File: 3b42243a000b9e8⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, ADAMUPDATE_005.jpg)

We'll that took an age. The shoulder badge was perhaps the most difficult of them all and unfortunately I learned all too late the proper thining of both Aba. Black and the THICC Averland Sunset, but at least I was able to translate what I learned into the Lightining Claw. All and all I think it went well for the first model I've ever done. Looking forward to cranking out more.



Thin your paints is law, not suggestion.

There is still a visible flash line on the left leg. The lower half of the helmet is the poorest quality of painting.

That said it is indeed a good first crack at it.

I've been going through Tau Tactica, collecting examples of all the conversions I can whose image links haven't decayed.

Should I dump my accrued findings here, or make a new thread? There is still a lot, might need to plan my posting per category. Not making a post per project, just one to two pics and a short blurb explaining intent and base materials used, possible third party pieces.


File: e6612ee71bd7219⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, CAIN_001.jpg)

File: f7d76ea4421ef30⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, CAIN_002.jpg)

File: 08cf7e927047ff5⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, CAIN_003.jpg)

File: 9a30c2246f2b4e0⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, CAIN_004.jpg)


Go ahead and dump it pal.

I think my 2nd attempt has gone much better. All I need to do is apply the Transfer Tactical Symbol except I don't know how and then Wash. Gotta grab some varnish or something.



The Emperor played a hand in the fall of the Eldar because he knew humanity wouldn't be able to conquer the glaxy as long as the vast and powerful Eldar empire stood.



Could this mean that in order to gain the power to create primarchs, he had to help create another god?


File: 2bec811e53b93ac⋯.jpg (46.09 KB, 720x436, 180:109, bullshit but I bbelieve it.jpg)


I never though of that, but that sounds like a strong possibility. He took a calculated risk. Chaos was something that he could combat, but he couldn't fight the Eldar empire, not even DAOT humanity could.



>not even the DAoT humanity could do that

They actually could. There's that one story of a techpriest in an explorator ship facing some Eldar. Guy hooks in a reactivates tech that put the Necrons to shame, actually rewinding time to bend a bullet mid flight a bit better and change a near miss into a devastating glancing hit. Turns out the Mechanicus unwittingly flies around dormant STC's. For comparison, time rewinding tech is a treasure of the most ludicrous Crypteks, while it was implied all Mechanicus ships of that caliber were capable of performing that function and so much more.

If humanity hadn't been side-swiped by AI and psykers they'd have been on the level of Forunners in Halo. That is lore pre-343i.


File: a74cfb49d3d2eb9⋯.png (64.83 KB, 449x606, 449:606, ClipboardImage.png)

How would one make a grot symbol like this one for an ork? I want to add a grot looking face to the banner on my grot mega tank.


File: 5e3c4c56f7ad551⋯.jpg (153.58 KB, 567x539, 81:77, BM_Banner.jpg)

File: 983b5ea7425ae2d⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault-1.jpg)


There is a traditional symbol for independent gobbos.


File: 8a06f3db3544e8b⋯.png (59.77 KB, 449x606, 449:606, grot skull.png)


something like this?


File: 440c20b3ba8e667⋯.png (551.87 KB, 429x329, 429:329, grotsymbol.png)


So youpost a photo of the bad moons?


Still looks too orky. I made this as a rough draft as a better example of what I want.


File: 6bbd469b32b57c8⋯.jpg (48.3 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 848586116123822_2273397976….jpg)

File: 3d480d8edfcc9d3⋯.jpg (228.32 KB, 1153x692, 1153:692, night_goblin_spearmen_by_d….jpg)

File: 8f4140d156fe4ac⋯.jpg (162.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>so I post bad moons

Of fookin course I do you grot


File: a0005402d4ffa59⋯.jpg (177.55 KB, 1000x589, 1000:589, GWPreview-23Sep-WakeTheDea….jpg)

File: 9ad456736b7c58b⋯.jpg (35.23 KB, 1000x91, 1000:91, FWPreview-Sep24-WeaponProf….jpg)

File: 0f21a9e7316b73d⋯.jpg (172.36 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, FWPreview-Sep24-Ceraptek-1….jpg)

Eldar Vs Primarimes! A new weapon! A new 'Cron!



I thought the eldar and the imperium had a cease-fire going on.

Also, that necron looks fucking rad.



The Ynnari have a ceasefire. A small but growing faction on Aeldari. Everyone else is just where they were prior, except the ones that died.

I'm seeing a lot of potential for conversions with that Necron titan.


File: 028340a3be89f7f⋯.jpg (139.98 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, FWPreview-Sep24-Details-3l….jpg)

File: a9062b884aed03a⋯.jpg (175.27 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, FWPreview-Sep24-Details1-2….jpg)

It's got less mass than the front view implies. Cool.



I'm getting some serious Droideka vibes from the way that it's hunched over like that.


File: 6b42825e96c9e56⋯.jpg (70.27 KB, 1024x788, 256:197, roger roger.jpg)


Thats not a bad thing though, those were the coolest battle droids.



It is if it can't curl up and roll into the heart of the enemy and unleash unholy amounts of soul stripping dakka into their asses.



I thought they tried to fight the Eldar empire using the men of Iron and lost? Didn;t the Eldar control over 90% of the galaxy before getting soul vored? Even thought humans had some cool weapons they'd be outnumbered and the Eldar have the webway.



I'd love to see a citation for that. Truly.

The claim to 90% of the galaxy is faulty. They were so reclusive by the time that humanity arrived that 'absentee landlord' is a generous description.

Humanity built devices for traversing the warp. Rogue traders have them occasionally, lets them go system to system in these turbulent times but much farther in the calm eras. This more or less bypasses the webway shenanigans that cave the Old Ones a one-up on the Necrons.



>except I don't know how

cut out the symbol you want, then immerse it in hot water. this will loosen the bond. then use a brush to ease the transfer off the paper onto the model.



Its a super-heavy. So no, unless it'll be the 40k equivalent of the Skaven Doomwheel.


No. Or maybe they did? We don't knoe because the men of iron were mentioned once. Also if they did fight the Eldar, they probably got fucked by them since there are no men of iron around anymore. But roughly afterwards, they had their giant-species-wide orgy and then Slaanesh.

Seeing how GW made a Squat model and are now cooking up plastic SoB, I wonder what they'll do next? More xenos stuff? Dark Mehanicum? A real Renegades and Heretics codex? A triumphat return of Malal? I really want that last one


File: 87bbdb543f78db3⋯.jpg (2.03 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, decal.jpg)


I used a Testors decal setter on it as well after I finished, but im hoping after I throw on the varnish it will be less noticeable its a sticker for all intents and purposes.



Next month is all Ork stuff. The new buggy, probably the Codex. I hope they come out with a proper Gargant model. This new Necron Titan has me hopeful other than that, more Kill Team stuff.



>unless it'll be the 40k equivalent of the Skaven Doomwheel.

You almost make that sound like a bad thing.



No, the men of iron was human AIs getting corrupted by a "mysterius influence" and going full skynet.

Eldar do say that humanity is but a shadow of its own self during the dark age of technology, for example, the baneblade was considered a light tank back then.



I thought it was just that any AI came to the conclusion that the cause of all humanity’s problems was mankind itself, hence why the imperium doesn’t make use of any Abominable Intelligence.




(Citation needed)

There is quite a bit of conjecture going on in this thread, verging on misinformation.



The men of iron were literally big Terminators, though. Gaunt encounters a MoI manufacturing STC in one of the first Gaunt's Ghosts books.


File: 0ac8b3ae3a66cb3⋯.jpg (111.46 KB, 390x600, 13:20, 1378731283388.jpg)

File: 2c113d0c6d62c8c⋯.jpg (83.8 KB, 741x468, 19:12, Menofiron.JPG)


Not quite. Their forms were myriad and built to purpose. We only hear of the single STC that mass produced one type, only clearly see one that had been walled off and left to its own devices for millennia, and barely catch glimpse of a number in a single comic. The few other forms described are planetoid or nanite sized.

Methinks they were less Necron-deluxe and more Matrix/Dune-esque, which I can only describe as the mechanical bits of H.R.Gieger's biomechanical fetish.


File: e9a63353dbbcd14⋯.jpg (339.05 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Legion of Steel.JPG)

File: 740e9a75b470542⋯.jpg (34.17 KB, 501x275, 501:275, DSC07938.jpg)

File: 2a212127d411865⋯.jpg (40.44 KB, 491x280, 491:280, DSC07940.jpg)


I vaguely remember some article on 1d4chan about some homebrew of an AI with the task of un-fucking mankind's technological & cultural regression, or something like that

Going by the depictions of the Pax Imperialis comic, I think Legion of Steel minis could be used for table-top purposes


File: 34a1d74302f470c⋯.jpg (714.03 KB, 1920x2928, 40:61, 34a1d74302f470c2ab807e00bb….jpg)

I have encountered a problem near the end of my final assembly line production thats left some less than desirable flaws. The lascannons from FW proved to have an unexpected problem of applying high amount of pressure on the wrist and arm causing a cluster fuck in itself. While the final product still looks good the right side Pauldron has fused both with the arm itself AND the chests shoulder area; so now theres no distinctive cut between pauldrone or shoulder.

I doubt the paint will dissapate the oddness of it, since there wont be a distinction between bronze and silver at the meeting point. I'm planing to Xacto knife as much detail back as possible, for at least a gap of some kind. Im thinking i can make a toothpick esque sander to get in there,though barely, to slowly sand away some of the residue as well. I know you usually climb in grit (220, 300,400 etc) but i think i can use the 400 grit as a floor anyhow with how fine it is.

Should i go up to 600 grit for a even fiber finish? I obviously want the guy to look nice and all. Any suggestions? Will have pics later.



Post pics of the disaster


File: 2ed8fece6a0fe2d⋯.png (205.73 KB, 493x408, 29:24, 2ed8fece6a0fe2d22590f42356….png)

GW took down a fuckton of Warhammer related content on the Tabletop Simluator workshop, including most of my stuff, in a DMCA bomb. Anybody have good knowledge around that area and could give me advice?


File: 4637eb7738331fb⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, Problem.jpg)

File: cbf22813b2957a5⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, Problem2.jpg)


Its hard to do with a camera under my types of lights but this is closest I can display the problem. I've carved some detail back in, not sure if its worth attempting to sand at this point.


File: 5db8c38b38e1ecd⋯.jpeg (200.59 KB, 1280x799, 1280:799, Iron Warriors Scouting.jpeg)



There was a Terminator table top game. Mixing those up with AdMech stuff, then some droid bits from anything star wars would work.


Honestly? It looks okay.


File: 0abeb96ed2207c9⋯.jpg (5.36 MB, 5057x2096, 5057:2096, The iron boys.jpg)


It looked a lot worse, like imagine gellitin covering all the way up to the ribs veins inside the shoulder.


>Painted my gellarpox infected in a color scheme that makes them look like drowned victims or they came from the water.

>Made the furnace dude in it have froth instead of fire on his stomach.

>A couple autists at my GW were mad since they don't look diseased enough and tried to say they aren't lore friendly.

Are people really this autistic about paint jobs? I just wanted to make them somewhat original rather than a cookie cutter thing.



Nah, paint job autists are pretty much the worst. Most people would probably give you props for creativity. The IG codex even gives you examples of different paint schemes on the same model, it’s why I painted my Catachans with blue camo. Not to mention that Space Marines are pretty much made for custom paint jobs, allowing you to essentially create your own chapter (or warband if Chaos) Eldar based on Craftworld, tyranids have a wide variety of colors, orks are all green, but they still vary by klan. The only race I can think of that has a static color scheme is Necrons, since silver and green are pretty ubiquitous. But even then you don’t have to paint them that.



They also got mad at me over an ork thing I did. I painted all of mine to have purple skin color and made some autistic back story on why. I justified it as their idea of camo and a lucky color for face paint. Another thing I thought of was that they originated from some toxic deathworld and developed a warning coloration as their spores became poisonous.


File: 1dec4121996e874⋯.png (496.62 KB, 438x712, 219:356, white_cust.png)

File: 72bcaf6c95c35bb⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 4aa67589750844af5f577773c0….png)

File: 5ef43bd65147828⋯.jpg (388.53 KB, 822x674, 411:337, Original_Color_Schemes.jpg)


Necrons are the most restrictive in that they must be painted with a metallic.

Outside of that, every dynasty has its own heraldry.

Every splinter fleet has its own pigmentation.

Every craftworld has its own dye.

Every coven and cabal have their manufacture.

Every Sept and colony have their identying print.

Every Kindred has its own heritage.

Every WAAAGH, Guard, and Scion have their origin world.

Every Mechanicus member has its own Forgeworld.

Every chapter has its own insignia, personal and otherwise.

Every warband has much the same.

Etc etc etc. This is a setting of expansive conversion potential and personalization. Hell, even the Ten Thousand has its own variety now, as long as gold is used.



>must be painted with a metallic.

3rd Ed Necron codex had a bunch of examples going for a ceramic look. Would probably work on the new models too.



Host it on mediafire/mega and link it here.



Another fun thing to do is to give all your kill team members parody names or just terrible names in general. Someone is still getting flak at my store for naming people after what weapon they have, like pistol pete or machete mike. Someone made a Paul Blart commissar for his leader and a few people got mad at that since it is not taking the universe seriously enough or something like that.



Anyone who thinks 40k can't have humor in it needs to read the story of the ork who accidentally went back in time, and killed himself so that he could have two of his favorite gun.


File: 36a3a6356b808d0⋯.jpg (39.98 KB, 600x576, 25:24, 41860_sm-Bone, Necrons, Sa….jpg)

File: 8a30e3d7a3a4523⋯.jpg (841.34 KB, 2434x1921, 2434:1921, I5QP652.jpg)

File: 64a9efa22edb2d3⋯.jpg (143.31 KB, 459x510, 9:10, Nec_Template_1.jpg)

File: 718dbce474805d6⋯.jpg (159.14 KB, 1136x581, 1136:581, h9psToC.jpg)


>Necrons are the most restrictive in that they must be painted with a metallic.

Just because it is conventional, does not make it a rule, else we've be way past our current balls deep level with SMUrfs







Anyone have any experience with WGEs models? Considering the Oblits aince their superior in every way, and even 10 dollara cheaper. Do most people care about offshoot models? GW excluded of course


File: e0b629e103098dc⋯.jpg (318.72 KB, 1270x1379, 1270:1379, necron-paint-schemes-prese….jpg)

File: 82463e3f5a1659a⋯.jpg (9.8 KB, 236x295, 4:5, e45c4e6b7bd72475c918321d4f….jpg)

File: f2773c96b5b207d⋯.jpg (54.77 KB, 553x466, 553:466, DSC01144.jpg)

File: d703c84f7de35f0⋯.jpg (87.15 KB, 736x528, 46:33, 1495021690822.jpg)

File: 7961d7c0509473e⋯.jpg (11.9 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg)


It's going to sound cheesy, I know, but it's true - the only restriction is your own imagination*.

*also the limits of your skill, the model and the visible spectrum


File: da7ccc8173f2109⋯.jpg (304.13 KB, 1052x789, 4:3, 7fb63f966217a948.jpg)


Fuck, please disregard the thumbnail



Hello Kitty Crons?


File: e1b57b6c7889aa8⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, Sampson_003.jpg)

File: 023566ba7d2969c⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, Sampson_004.jpg)

File: 7fde00441bb5ffe⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, Sampson_001.jpg)

File: 7e9088e630e20da⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, Sampson_002.jpg)

I might be able to finish the Havocs this Weekend, but I think I'm gonna need more than just 1 squad to play a game, at least respectably. Are Termies worth anything (heard mixed opinions) or should I just get the Plagueburster and Convert? I really wana skip Vindies if possible. They might have it at my local GW shop.



I hope you're getting paid by Coke for these photos



Best necron army ever.

Wanted to do a pony themed D eldar army for S&G

When I bought 4 tubs of emperors children pink the GW store asked what I was planning. So I told him...

And that’s how I found a new flgs.


File: 62f0ff993c99218⋯.jpg (3.34 MB, 4288x2688, 67:42, To trigger tg.jpg)


A little something like this?


File: 558e14fe8805dcd⋯.webm (501.52 KB, 640x360, 16:9, absolutely disgraceful..webm)


File: 353045c61ec4244⋯.jpeg (1.68 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, F6D20043-8390-4068-B47A-6….jpeg)


>m-must aquire pinkie pie metal box

I was going a little more subtle. Just the colors and cutie marks.







>all that money for a passing fad for fags that died years ago

>when someone in years to come asks why his army all smells like Simple Green the stain of his faggotry will always hit him like an emberassing memory

The wages of heresy is shame.


File: 2301ab561b9acc7⋯.jpeg (307.42 KB, 700x1690, 70:169, 84FD045C-F65C-4637-A758-5….jpeg)


I think we have another image to go with the picture of the Brony converted Mauser that everyone posts on /k/



If i could shill it i would, anything to cut the overhead of the plastic toy moneyhole.


File: 2fead20c4c5b646⋯.jpg (362.14 KB, 1614x1732, 807:866, disgusting heresy.jpg)


Fucking fur-fags gotta poison everything while letting EVERYONE know.



I don't even have any mini's or painted one, but wouldn't regular paint remover work on them?



Supposedly paint thinner damages the models


File: 6fed605a4ef398e⋯.mp4 (2.71 MB, 640x360, 16:9, HERESY!.mp4)

File: 58aeb2dea58791f⋯.webm (1.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, HERESY DETECTED.webm)

File: 25d5429df11c53d⋯.jpg (134.17 KB, 601x500, 601:500, 1457319601289-0.jpg)


All those models...




Fuck the last pic was meant for >>394185


File: 28c1c678d1f2863⋯.jpg (183.08 KB, 1000x995, 200:199, 40kFAQUpdate-Apr16-Infogra….jpg)

The Big FAQ 2 is out.

>CP farms can only generate one command point a turn.

>jump pack charge distances are measured horizontally now and they don't ignore terrain during the charge phase.

>No more soup detachments. All units have to share a keyword and it can't be Chaos, Imperium, Aeldari, Ynnari, or Tyranids.

Just a few of the things.



You might want to hold off on the plague burst crawlers. The new FAQ changed it so they can't be in a regular Chaos Space Marine detachment. You'd basically have to take them in a separate Deathguard detachment like a Spearhead or patrol if you wanted to include them.



And after i planned to sand down the front give it the hazard stripe treatement.

Guess i'll just get a contemptor or convert a leviathan


File: aeb8ef627f60eb1⋯.jpg (50.01 KB, 502x282, 251:141, Who_Booked_This.jpg)


>>jump pack charge distances are measured horizontally now and they don't ignore terrain during the charge phase.

>Jump packs can't jump


File: 2fb2ed314a06e47⋯.png (319.18 KB, 836x923, 836:923, by the emperor.png)




Sorry meant to say jump pack charge distances are measured vertically not horizontally. But yeah apparently fly only applies in the movement phase now.



Get a predator or two.

Armor and artillery pairs really well with Iron Warriors.


File: 078356a5b2f39b6⋯.mp4 (875.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, No rest..... for the brest.mp4)

>Adpetus Titanicus finally comes out

>Titans insanely priced(I didn't expect them to be cheap, but Christ)

>Warhounds didn't make it to release

Is the campaign that was hyped up at least included?

I am late to the party, so has china improved the situation?


I was gifted a Lord of Change.

I know very little about painting.

I've managed to put it together and clean off the mold lines, but I'm terrified the second I touch this thing with a brush it'll look pure ass, even if I go "The GW Way"™.

What's the best way not to embarrass myself?



Prime it. Thin your paints. Take your time. Enjoy yourself.



China has them Warhounds have just been announced.


File: e494a98236d20ba⋯.jpg (2.09 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, 1 in focus.jpg)

File: 67f8c96a04eff3e⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, 2 in focus.jpg)


This is my first go at modeling / painting ever and I feel It turned out okay. My advice would be to look for examples of the model painted and watch different videos for techniques.

I had to look at 4+ videos to find a good way of actually doing hazard stripes that didn't require me to be a Gyro Car Assembling Robot.



Is this before or after a wash?



This is after like 3 coats of Agrax Earthshades + Minitor. Varnish


I've never actually played 40k, but I remember hearing about blobfantry. Is simply drowning my enemies under a million pounds of army men actually viable?


By the laws of probability - yes

In practice - people wise up to tarpit tactics fast and will template your arse into next week, or worse, return the favour.





They don't have templates anymore this edition.



>They don't have templates anymore this edition.

Let a man dream, Anon.



>In practice - people wise up to tarpit tactics fast and will template your arse into next week, or worse, return the favour.

then just send in next wave


File: 221970007665829⋯.jpg (120.75 KB, 750x600, 5:4, Shadowrun.jpg)



In theory yes, in practice it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Yes, you could have 200 Ork boys, but now you have to build and paint 200 individual boys. You’re going to get sick of green somewhere around boy #78



the way to do it would be casting some sort of gasmask guardsmen in long coats and then just spraying them one color then putting on wash



I'll inform you when I have completed my grot army. Got 40 more grots the other day along with a grot mega tank.




It was but things have happened and changed

and really if you're playing an army of 600 grots you're not getting to the end of the game so you'll get penalised for slow play



>Fiends of Slaanesh

<actually agile, multipart, begging for conversions and kitbashing

Fuck yeah


File: f74073140eba92c⋯.jpg (52.84 KB, 570x456, 5:4, il_570xN.1430575988_1pdy.jpg)

File: eb858701d900fd1⋯.jpg (66.61 KB, 570x456, 5:4, il_570xN.1477821987_7504.jpg)


Let me tell you about movement trays...


File: 00da761f0f198fd⋯.jpg (183.67 KB, 1000x549, 1000:549, 40kOrkLare-Sep1-Vehicles13….jpg)

Never noticed the new biker boss has a grappling hook on his klaw.


File: 7d106fe26c1516f⋯.jpg (38.87 KB, 623x414, 623:414, thats actually kinda hot.jpg)


>That end

>dat music

>That thing


Circular movement trays. Now I can play Epic 40k with 40k properly.


More curious about the Warwagon and if its going to be shit.



yknow there's a guy at my store that glues pony dolls on bases and calls them c'tan shards


File: ab062769ea5a14a⋯.jpg (274.35 KB, 704x1024, 11:16, Picture058-3.jpg)



You niggers you're gonna suck me back into this hobby with those Fiends.

Glad to see they can laugh at themselves.



The battlewagon is ok especially if you give it a deffrolla which let's it hit on twos in close combat. It's a bit two expensive like most of the Ork vehicles right now. It also needs a three plus save or something similar to the trukks ramshackle or the Meka Dread's scrap covered monster ability.


File: 28a4e027f3d8314⋯.jpg (4.5 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20180930_164040.jpg)

Is it just me or does Minatorum Varnish mute the vibrant colors of the paint? I dont think im frosting them or anything.

Also cultist blob seems like a good option to cheaply fill space in my 1000 point army goal. Is it worth kitbashing shit to make cultist ( i dont wana blow a mint and not have them meet a WYSIWYG rule) or should i just dump into the static 10 buckaroo models?



Depends on if you want to tie the cultists to your Iron Warriors at all, or if you just want them to be random murder hobos they picked up. Iron Warriors traditionally use human auxiliaries to supplement their garrisons and raiding parties, so if you wanted to give them a more militaristic, IG-sorta look, it'd be well within the realm of canon. As for WYSIWYG, from what I understand as long as what they have is clearly identifiable as the wargear that they're supposed to be equipped with. And since lasguns/autoguns are functionally identical, you shouldn't have a problem in that regard, either.



they came to the logical realisation videogame devs dont: maybe you put out some pozz shit on the side to catch tumblrcuts but maybe just put out what your core audience wants as well?

So Age of Sigmar got a new edition with real rules and those 'just for a larf' ones are justly in the 'lets never speak of those again' bin. Slaanesh and all her/his perverts are coming back with more tits than ever before and 40k in general has been allowed to do whatever the fuck it wants to so we get shit like killteam.

Part of me thinks its just the new CEO tried to make it normie b8 by making the mistake of telling the none media/marketing teams to 'do whatever you want' assuming it would be all female space marines and shit and didn't know they were releasing years of pent up autism.

and next thing you know bam! fucking bloodbowl is back and they never stop.



>when you really want a sylvaneth army but your boys stick to 40k


I know fuck all about IG as nobody around here plays them for some reason. If I wanted to build an army using Sly Marbo and Harker with copious flamenwerfer infantry what should I look into? Are flamers even good on guardsmen? I have so many questions and an immense desire for flying vehicles rigged to play "Fortunate Son" with a button press.



Flamers alone aren’t going to get you very far. Plasma is also important, especially if you’re running Harker. A Spearhead detachment of Leman Russ Executioners with Harker is a scary setup, since it provides almost consequence free Supercharge.



The problem with flamers is that they are competing for points and space with plasma, which is almost always better. Sure, you might get more shots off with a flamer, but a plasma will have the range, the strength, and the AP to put things down.


File: 836da17763804cd⋯.jpg (36.1 KB, 300x429, 100:143, Elysian_Drop.jpg)


You probably want to go for Elysian Drop Troops as a base if you're going for flyers.


Just make all their troops flame based. Otherwise the specifically flamer oriented factions are Salamanders chapter Astartes or Sororitas who are finally getting plastic models soon.



How is that whole project to uncuck 1d4chan going anyway? It rarely gets brought up lately, but I do see a decent amount of really cringey stuff their about social issues being important.



From what I understand it’s a bunch of Reddit infiltrators trying to pull an SCP. There’s lots of people in the talk pages for the articles bringing up /pol/ and calling people racist, see the talk page for the Humanity: Fuck Yeah article. Most of those people end up banned rather quickly, so they’ve gotten sneakier. Stuff like how almost all of the articles on the IG regiments will have little, “hey, there are stronk womyn in the Guard, they’ll kick your ass, gurl power.” Blurbs.



Flamers on the regular guards are ok at best. Now Hellhounds on the other hand are pretty good. Especially if you run Catachans since their ability let's them reroll the dice when determing random number of shots. Flyers don't seem as good this edition and there doesn't seem to be a lot of people running them.



You can also just take an allied renegade guard detachment and have access to all thier artillery as well. It's funny in third edition Iron Warriors could just straight up take Basaliscs.


File: bac1f9d6c4a1589⋯.jpg (115.25 KB, 1146x588, 191:98, Ork-scrapper-jet-3.jpg)

Someone on the design team read deff skuadron.


What would ork power rangers look like?



You just know we’re gonna get some Bat Ork conversions. Morkman and the Gorkmobile.



Geez, GW really wants to milk me dry with those models dont they?




File: fe2a339e845785b⋯.jpg (101.37 KB, 644x644, 1:1, 1439321997678.jpg)

I require help battle bros I've never DMed before and now I got a few friends who have agreed to play a dark heresy campaign. I've got the books for only war, base dark heresy, and black crusade but fuck me there is so much info and I have no idea how to use it. I really don't want to fuck this up are there any tips or tricks I can use to fuck with them and make sure the game doesn't become a slog. Help me ye mighty for my anxeity about this is great.


File: a297a7e6cbef77e⋯.jpg (460.06 KB, 714x603, 238:201, 1294214539431.jpg)

Trisdekanon here. Did an update pass on my old Volume 1 of Potentiam Gigantio. As always, it has rules for a huge variety of Imperial Guard heavy and superheavy armoured vehicles. The latest version has a bunch of formatting and rules fixes, as well as one new vehicle based on the 1d4chan Baneblade Homebrew.


I also added a Paypal donation link because I need the shekels


File: 04ad024679a9998⋯.jpg (4.42 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181003_211202.jpg)



I'm down to like Kitbash some Gaurdsman with Genestealer heads and shit or buy some of the OOP Renegade conversions. I know lasguns and autoguns have a 1 to 1 stat so its pure cosmetic, but I was just worried about people being anal in a tourney scene if I ever decided I wanted to try it someday. Its a down the road kinda deal.

Also the toxic goo came out possibly a little too strong on this one.



The only rule for tournament play is that 75% of the models on the table have to be GW, other than that it doesn’t really matter. People who get anal about kitbashing are either wysiwyg purists or Games Workshop shills. Sometimes you have to kitbash, for Chaos Chosen for example, they don’t have proper models so you’re forced to improvise.

Speaking of which, you probably will have the answer to this question, but for making Havocs out of Mk 3’s, should I bite the bullet and order the heavy weapon set from Forge World, or beg bits from an acquaintance of mine who just put together some devastators?


Hello my fellow anons! I have a few quick (maybe?) questions about some of the rules in 40k since I just started playing 40k as Imperial Guard dad started playing as Adeptus Custodes and I'm a bit fuzzy on some of the rules that you veterans could help me with.


How exactly does overwatch work? When a charge is declared against one of my units, does the entire unit get to perform overwatch or do only the models that are within a certain amount of inches? primarily for flamers/metlaguns I understand it to be the entire unit gets to fire for overwatch (if I roll a six that is).


How do flying units work when it comes to movement? I have a Valkyrie and a Vendetta and the rules about Supersonic seem clear but it also confuses us a bit about the pivoting. The rule states you have to pivot up to 90° and I cannot do it again during the game, does that mean that once I pivot in a game that particular flying unit can on only move in a straight line after that initial pivot? If some the rules about base placement and minimum movement seem like they might really fuck me up.


Shooting weapons on a vehicle that are on the vehicle's side that cannot see the unit I am shooting at, but the vehicle has LOS itself? For an example; tiwn-linked Lascannons/Bolters on the vendetta's other side. Same for sponsons on Leman Russ' would only one shoot or both get to since the tank actually has LOS?

Any info will help greatly my fellow anons, and thanks ahead of time!


File: cf67aa5b730125e⋯.jpg (77.02 KB, 350x262, 175:131, Valedictors_SP.jpg)



Will peruse. If I like the product I promise a sandwich.

Unrelated, I just found out there was a second chapter originally labelled as First Founding along with the Rainbow Warriors. Valedictors, which translates to "those who say goodbye" or "givers of farewell addresses". They have even less fluff in comparison.

Also to bring back up something from yore: http://menducia.atspace.com/primarchs/I.html

The Primarchs match the Major Arcana pretty closely, which can inform on the nature and relations of the forgotten and the purged. Point is we can possibly rebuild the general outline of the two legions using this, the Valedictors, the Rainbow Warriors, collected lore from the books, and the change in nature of the 13th legion after their mysterious embiggening.



1) Every model in the unit with guns that can reach the charging unit fires the guns that can reach, hitting on 6s.

eg A model with a lasgun that's 13" from the chargers fires once, a model with a lasgun that's 11" fires twice, and a model with a combi-flamer that's 9" may only fire the boltgun profile, firing it twice.

2) The rule means that they can pivot each time they move, but just at the start of the move and not mid-move or at the end.

3) Yes, they can shoot the target. 8th edition is a lot more abstract than earlier editions.



Thank you anon!


So to simplify 1, as long as all the weapons I want to shoot are within range every model can shoot, so a flamer would be out if its over 8" from that particular model to the unit that declared the charge?

An example would be a veteran squad that has a HWT, flamer and grenade laucher and has had a charge declared against it that is 10 inches away, everything in it can shoot, except the flamer?






Beg your friend for bits, or failing that, see if you can find some on ebay.


File: 737f363b7b57784⋯.jpg (3.56 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181003_211038.jpg)


Honestly id still go with forgeworld kits because the standard HWs look like trash and of course you cant buy a specific spruce with the ones you want from GW, you just have to bit search.

I do have some forewarning about the resin kits though:

Firstly, all Heavy Weapon kits have a cord save the Auto Cannon and the Missle Launcher. While the cords look great you need to understand that they will require extra work with a firm delicacy. For one, apart from the pressure the resin cord applies to the models primary arm, you'll probably wana do what i did and pre drill holes for the cord to go in to give it extra grip with the glue and to make sure it doesnt slip. Likewise getting the arms to match up is also a bit of a challenge but i always did it wet so i could move them if needed. Its a toughy for sure but the end result i think is worth it. Again if the cord isnt in the equation majority of these challenges dies immediately.

However with the trouble i had with the round drill shaped cord i cannot speak to the difficulty of the flatter belt for the heavy bolter. I can say the cord requires you to bend it to shape it, but you have to be careful because its still resin and can and will break ( i lost a good chunk of my first one from to much bending, still made it work though). The belt I imagine is easier to shape but also more delicate. I'd say go for it but dont make rhe mistake i made.

Thought i didnt need a mask for a small amount of resin i was working with, wound up having breathing problems for 2 days straight in a lot of pain. Sand underwater or wear a mask its no joke.



Update, I managed to get a couple heavy bolters and a lascannon from my friend. I also managed to score some cool bits. I got the faceplate for an Imperial knight that I’m probably going to use as a shoulder plate for my Demon Prince. It looks enough like an Iron Warriors insignia that it wouldn’t look out of place.


File: a27d67bf4083a11⋯.jpg (3.43 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181006_210149.jpg)

File: 82529d1f7c2e15e⋯.gif (38.68 KB, 250x284, 125:142, 250.gif)



Hopefully I made Perturabo proud.


File: 802f91862198ae4⋯.png (66.61 KB, 336x346, 168:173, 9041.png)



I doubt it's infiltration considering the state of halfchan.

Has a 1d8chan ever been considered? maybe not just for /tg/ but also for /sw/, /strek/ and the likes. And don't tell me how this place doesn't generate enough content for that. If you remove the tfwiki-style pages on existing games and background, there's barely any new original content being added on 1d4chan either.



Good job anon!



Sadly, /tg/ is nowhere near as active and productive as it once was, both on halfchan and here.




l can understand why we dont do much because we are small and slow as fuck but there is no fucking excuse for cuckchan not producing any content in at least 4 years. l remember when we were shitting chapters, settings, games daily, now there is nothing left.fuck




The classic Grognard, like the Dwarfs he loves is a race in decline, we are driven out of our places, of our places of joy by dye-haired harpies as they are by rabid goblins, our works despoiled similarly and everything we love burned down, unlike our beloved bearded buddies we just don't have the tenacity to push them back out and would rather walk away from the burning ruins.


File: 5cdff562830ac48⋯.jpg (28.06 KB, 500x387, 500:387, 5cdff562830ac48f8237b130b8….jpg)


>not wrong. The hobby in general has been in decline since 3.5 and if you consider the amount of pointless divisions that we've endured (edition ars, the people we left behind at cuckchan, the people who simply stopped using imageboards/imageboards for /tg/ in the move to fullchan, etc) it definitely seems like people don't move around as much as they used to.


>>395088 (checked)

The truth is we're small yes, but lots of small boards are way more active active then we are (look at /monster/ and /a/). We got some lazy entitled fucks and probably worst, people who just don't appreciate OC. You want the board to be active post, you want games put pen to paper, when you see OC post something (or even better , take their oc and make more OC). We don't have to be top 10 in order to do our own thing, we shouldnt need another boards event or a crossboard event to make content. Right now the only new people we seem to pick up are pretty obviously lost shills and a few summer children that still have a few years before they can post gud.

anyway that's my rant. Only you can prevent normies, don't hide that power level (and when in doubt its pen to paper or boot to arse, your choice).



Anon, its not just /tg/, all of 8chan has been getting slower and losing users, not even the influx of anons from the dead spanish IB has changed that decline.



It's worth noting that 8chan has a larger (proportionally) userbase of lurkers than other chans.


File: b31882179b0af9f⋯.png (3.77 MB, 2784x2340, 232:195, teegee_cards.png)


I've been seeing that saying since two weeks after the Exodus. The only time it was true was three winters past when barely a post was made a day, usually mine.

We are an undead board, any movement is rebellion against entropy and victory everlasting. Worry not about such silly things as 'slowing'.



Cuckchan doesn't produce much these days because all of the creative and motivated oldfags left with the exodus or were driven off by the influx of redditor newfags and edgy facebook memekids. It's unsurprising that the only things we see coming from that shitpit are derivative wojak memes.


File: 5af80ab25a4e62c⋯.jpg (26.17 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 5af80ab25a4e62c1c65e41c1cc….jpg)


there really was a "3rd" exodus it feels like who just fucked off from the imageboards when we moved over.


that is fair enough advice. But still one should not fear moving either. Entropy's victory is inevitable and everlasting if not swift.


File: d25119346107ff7⋯.png (40.72 KB, 1642x393, 1642:393, The Nine Exoduses as of 20….png)

File: 77606e9d9b59649⋯.jpg (348.83 KB, 1944x1092, 162:91, TAKE A GUESS.jpg)

File: d0a9a06233faaac⋯.jpg (372.67 KB, 1944x1092, 162:91, LOOKS LIKE YOU GUESSED WRO….jpg)


>3rd Exodus

Oh boy, do I have news for you.

Anyways; Is there a dedicated email that GW/FW use for peoples suggestions? They had to have had something for all the times people asked about Squats and Plastic Sisters. Besidse their old fourm I've got a few questions that need anwsering, both of the bullshit variety and of the actual rules type.


File: 8fa40dac233ae42⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 482.27 KB, 782x1200, 391:600, c6574bb881570f709618d2f8dd….jpg)


>1st image

Who is that guy? Does he have autism?



Just same shit recycled and GW is a money grubbing company who fell into the trap of hiring young SJWs with pieces of paper on their walls.

The lore went to the shit, the pewter was replaced over priced plastic models, and the artists were underpaid and underappreciated.

What the hell did we expect? GW doesn't give a shit about the stores that carried their products, they would invest in their tourney scene. Keep your favorite editions close and your friends with armies closer so you can pass it on to your children if any of you manlets end up knocking a woman up.



> the pewter was replaced over priced plastic models

Now I won't debate that the plastic is over-priced, but can you really recommend pewter "models" for something that suppose to be about customization?



In saying that it was a direct transition from pewter to plastic they are also leaving out the period that actually preceded the plastic era, the Finecast era.



I'm just an ordinary Iron Warriors fan, but they look damned fine to me



>Are people really this autistic about paint jobs?

Yes, they really are. Personally, I don't even care if your minis are painted as long as you aren't a powergamer. Whatever lets you have fun with the hobby.



Anon, you trully have no clue about what youre talking about or fell behind on the times, GW has been supporting stores and games for some time now, and theres no SJW taint on the lore, so kindly fuck off.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Would Kevin McKidd play a good Gulliman? What actors could play the other primarchs and the emperor



Note: you didn’t say they had to be current/living actors.

Lion El’Jonson:Chris Hemsworth

Fulgrim: young Brad Pitt

Perturabo: Michael Chiklis

Jaghatai Khan: i’d go with Mifune, but having a Japanese play a Mongolian, even a Space Mongolian is the ultimate heresy.

Leman Russ: Mel Gibson

Rogal Dorn: Sean Connery

Konrad Curze:Javier Bardem


Ferrous Manus:Sylvester Stallone


Guilliman:Charlton Heston or Steve McQueen


Magnus:Cristopher Lee, Dracula or earlier Cristopher Lee

Horus: Yul Brynner

Lorgar: one of the Bogdanoff brothers, because the official art for lorgar gives him a real fucked chin

Vulkan:Michael Clarke Duncan

Corvus Corax: Val Kilmer


This is my list, at least. Feel free to add more or suggest replacements.



Sam Hyde, Primarch of the XI legion



I think Brad Pitt from Troy would be better for Sanguinius; if not Brad then Paul Walker. Fulgrim should be played by young Lee Pace.


Bruce Willis


Kirk Douglous



Ferrus Manus is a decent fit for Dwayne Johnson.

Rogal Dorn is a dead match for a middle-aged Lee Marvin, minus the mustache.

Mortarion's basically Tom Hardy. His mask is extremely painful to remove.


File: 4721d8d685d27a1⋯.jpg (444.31 KB, 1546x1160, 773:580, DSCN0976.JPG)

File: 99ea2b5065e4378⋯.jpg (508.92 KB, 1546x1160, 773:580, DSCN0977.JPG)

File: a0a9b5e2ad1e1d7⋯.jpg (560.06 KB, 1546x1160, 773:580, DSCN0978.JPG)

File: 92d90efd0a52366⋯.jpg (572.21 KB, 1546x1160, 773:580, DSCN0979.JPG)

A new edition to my grot army. Still working on the grot banner though.



That's an interesting load out. What's the thought behind it?



Nice, it looks liek an empire steam tank but looted by the boyz.



Right now it is the weapons I have on hand. I think I have several grotzookas and a few more flamers. Loadout is customizable with magnets. I have to make some more rokkit launchas like I did for my normal grot tanks.


File: ad3077a8ec451b4⋯.jpg (194.72 KB, 1199x1200, 1199:1200, DXjXQcXX0AAGvUR.jpg)

File: b873156f169a141⋯.jpg (5.75 KB, 253x199, 253:199, images.jpg)

File: 7b96d2c732beda3⋯.jpg (108.64 KB, 920x950, 92:95, 99120599005_OrlockGang01.jpg)


Does anyone know if I can kitbash a Necromunda Heavy Stubber from the Orlock Gang with Some Cadian Gaurds for some Chaos Cultist Conversion?

I also just made off with a set of 10 Renegade Militias Torso's im gonna use for the torso/heads, and if the Torso / heads are compatiable with the legs and arms I see no reason I shouldn't just buy some Orlock boys and for one extra Stubber Included + Autoguns and Convertible Infantry than buy cadians with lasguns etc.

Pics very related.


File: 9da489548743c7d⋯.png (672.2 KB, 881x614, 881:614, Chimerax00.png)

Aaaand Trisdekanon again, with a new version of Potentiam Gigantio Volume 2. This particular volume covers Imperial Guard heavy, medium and light vehicles, from the Carnodon through a bajillion Predator variants, all the way to obscure Epic and White Dwarf vehicles like the Chimerax and the Hyena. It's got 7 new vehicles, a ton of rule rewrites and clarifications, waaaaay more art, and slightly better formatting.




>>395555 (quads checked)

That sounds really nice.

My running Guard as cultists has mostly just been painting Cadians as the conscripts cultists are meant to be. Lasguns and autoguns are identical statwise, so there’s no harm in running them wysiwyg. The heavy stubbers never really entered into it because most of the time cultist blobs are used for area denial, melee tarpitting, or outflanking shenanigans via tide of traitors/Alpha Legion stratagem. Heavy Bolters do the same job for a better effect, and anything harder than that can be dealt with via Lascannon/Autocannon.



Let none say that /tg/ does not get shit done.

But seriously - thanks m8. This pleases my autism.



>Quad Lascannons

Isn't that like the Quad Las destroyers or whatever from HH? No, I get that they reused the concept; but still, holy shit.



Fug, you can easily get a heavy stuber for the Orlocks. Either doing like the first pic, or ctting up a Cultist with a Heavy Stubber to slap onto your dudes and work ith it from there. If you want the gun to look a bit bigger, then you can get an Ork Shoota and cut the barrel off of one and stick it onto the body of a larger looking weapon. Easiest one would be the Cultist with the Heavy Stuber. I did it with my Ash Waste Nomads, and it looks about right for the original model.



Does this include the vehicles from that older list/book you made? Do you have a link to that too? Also, would you mind uploading it to mega or google docs? I usually don't like using mediafire.


So I have been using a guardsmen kill team, and someone said my list was extremely gay. Am I being a faggot for using this loadout?

>Four guardsmen with grenade launchers

>One guardsmen with flashlight.

>Plasma gunner scion

>two hotshot volley scions,

>Melta gunner scion

>Scion commander with plasma pistol.



Sounds like something made for crunch, not fluff



I just wanted to have a lot of grenade launchers and special weapons guys. I kind of wanted to avoid just having a lot of guardsmen since it slows the game down a bit, and having too many models makes them near worthless after losing seven of them. I just head canon them as some group of looters that raided some supply warehouses after their regiment got nearly destroyed, so now they just act as bandits more than anything else.

Not really relevant, but the person I was playing against used all infernus heavy bolters for a deathwatch team, so I kind of needed something to hit those marines with.



>Four Infernus Heavy Bolters

Thank the Emperor it wasn’t four Frag Cannons.



The image is a vehicle with a pintle weapon and a hunter-killer, but yeah, pretty much.


Thanks! I'm still working on updating Volume 3, which has the Eldar/Harlequin/Dark Eldar motor pool, and then I have rough plans for an all-Ork Volume 4, a book about playing MASH in the 41st millenium, one about nuclear warfare and postnuclear survival, and of course continuing updates to the Trisdekan Primer. I hope I get shit done.


They're autocannons, the modeler just built them weird.


You're thinking of Volume 1, the book of superheavies, and no, this is its own thing. Here's a MEGA link to both! They're separate books, but the special rules and stuff carry across.



File: b782692ece73acd⋯.png (33.74 KB, 450x145, 90:29, kek.png)



Thanks. I liked your triskedan primer. I actually did not know you did these vehicle fan books as well.


File: 43f4b52fab405a2⋯.jpg (4.08 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181012_213747.jpg)




Spoke with my local GW owner and was a chill guy. Advised me on the differences between Talons and Raptors. In the end the lore puts WT as psycho babbling birb men so considering the Iron Warriors look at Oblits like semi-tempermental field equipment or borderline abominations I think keeping it Raptors is the fluffy way to keep it.

Also people been telling me to do like Plasma cheese or something on the Raptors buy nah fuck that. Bad at melee?

How about Dual Lightning Claws and Double Flamethrower Support in a 15 man squad niggah.



Looks fine to me. Your opponent was probably just being a bitch.



Raptors, for whatever reason, are better at shooting in 8th than Assault marines. They can take two special weapons plus a combi on the champion. Two plasma guns with a combi-plas ought to rape any MEQ. Giving them an icon of khorne grants them a possible turn 1 charge. For melee, a powerfist on the champ is pretty deadly. They also have the Ld debuff, so a mark of nurgle would make them better against hordes. Flamers do auto hit, but if your gonna give them a bunch of special weapons, you might as well go for Plasma. Meltas are good for deep strking and stabing your opponent in the back. But its costly, same issue with the plasma load out. Also remember that they have chainswords and against imperial units that could mean extra rape.


File: dea62cbd6021e5d⋯.jpeg (181.32 KB, 920x814, 460:407, 903B7711-D633-452C-B689-0….jpeg)

>60$ rule book suppliment

>allows you to use special overpowered characters

>breaks the game

>ruins the spirit of a small scale squad sized skirmish game

>it’s cool though cause it’s totes optional

That didn’t take long. It feels like they realized that guy wasn’t able to power game enough so they had to break the game.

>and can only use primaris space marines

but tbh I had already home brewed in some special characters into my campaign


>people thought KT was shadespire the 40k

>GW knows 40kfags are the goodest of goys and can be milked like very tired old dairy cows

>KT getting bloat/power creep out the ass

>necromunda being left to die all over again

40k players never learn



You sound like a cynical old Mordheim player just like me, the cycle is pretty clear



frostgrave was my escape



It kind of sucks what they did to necromunda. The least they could do is make necromunda compatible with kill team, but that won't happen.

They really need to release faqs for the balance of kill team too. Orks are nearly worthless, while death guard and deathwatch are broken to the point where it is not even funny. The gellarpox and the rogue trader crew also seem to have bloated point costs for some of the stuff as well.



This will put a smile on Slaanesh's face.


File: c61b470e548a29f⋯.jpg (140.32 KB, 1000x793, 1000:793, OrkNewVehicle-Oct11-Squigb….jpg)

The last buggy. The Rukatrukk Squigbuggy. Also speed freeks goes on pre order next week.


File: e4621400245ddba⋯.jpg (132.5 KB, 1000x681, 1000:681, Speedwaaagh-Oct12-BadMoons….jpg)

File: 5c039a5e37f74d2⋯.jpg (159 KB, 1000x796, 250:199, Speedwaaagh-Oct12-Deathsku….jpg)

File: 6bf21663bc70375⋯.jpg (156.01 KB, 1000x796, 250:199, Speedwaaagh-Oct12-EvilSunz….jpg)

File: 8777518204e4185⋯.jpg (140.31 KB, 1000x889, 1000:889, Speedwaaagh-Oct12-Goff-5er.jpg)

File: fbac04055646f77⋯.jpg (183.31 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, GWPreOrderPreview-Oct14-Co….jpg)


I only just noticed that they haven't shown any new transports. Oh and I guess this is Gorkamorka 2.0?



They haven't shown a whole lot of any new units, other than what I'm assuming are the replacements for the buggies. It's got me a little worried.



They’ve shown some new Ork vehicles. But they have had an almost nonexistent showing for infantry.

Most people were hoping for a new Ghazkull model. But we’re only halfway through the month, so GW better wow people by the thirty first or else Orktober will be a wash. Though, they still have yet to release the codex.



Seeing the pox commander can cost upto and over 100 points on his own, this was bound to happen. Hopefully players will keep KT in its standard format and not become 40K-lite-but-with-sequence. Else, I might as well be playing 300 point 40k games so I could bring in a transport as well.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What's Yvraine up to now? Is she ballin for Guillimayne while he's trying to unfuck the Imperium? Does he know about Ynnead? How would he feel about the Eldar birthing another god?

someone please draw Guilliman as a soundcloud rapper



As far as I know, Yvraine fucked off to do Eldar things. Like get more worshippers for Ynnead, beef up the god power so it can go toe to toe with Slaanesh. Guilimang is slowly trying to unfuck the Imperium, but all of his chaotic brothers are coming out of the warpwork to bully him. I’m guessing Fulgrim is going to be the next one to try out the “let’s fuck with Roboute” tactic, given that GW is slowly rolling out updates for each of the four Chaos gods while marginalizing Chaos Undivided Because GW realizes Primarchs= Hype+Dollars, expect them to bring in a loyalist Primarch to balance out the two (or maybe three) chaotic ones. Expect Corvus or Vulkan.



You forgot jaghatai, hes a possible one too.



>all those miniatures

>all that paint

>all the money and time

>but not a single Derpy

Congrats, motherfucker, that did triggered me



I would also put Russ in that category, but seeing as how the Khan and the Lion are the only Primarchs without models (Sanguinius is also in that camp, but he’s dead.) we might get those two in 40k before Horus Heresy.



> (Sanguinius is also in that camp, but he’s dead.)

you just gotta believe in the Angel



oh and to add: watch ferrus manus show up in the Legion of the Damned




Based on how GW treats the White Scars, we won't get Jaghatai anytime soon. Not even in HH. e'll probably get Snang, then Lion then Emp then Jaghatai. In 40k we're more likely to get Ferrus back from the dead before we get Jaghatai. Hell they had plenty of times to bring others back in, Russ to fight Magnus, Lion to fight Morty, Corvus or even Vulkan. Heck they had the chance with the release of the new codices. But no, we didn't get anything other than Lion is still asleep. Even though Corvus, Jag, Russ and possibly Vulkan and Dorn are all MIA. I'd argue that they should've brought the primarchs that are still alive back first before resurrecting Girlyman, but no we didn't even get that.

Because of the recently shown Fiend of Slaanesh, we are probably getting Fulgrim next.


I wouldnt be suprised at this rate.



Anon, they had to bring back roboute yes or yes, hes the only one capable of unfucking the imperium up, noone else has the autism required to fix imperial bureucracy.



Is it wrong that I would watch a series where Robute just goes around fixing bureaucratic errors in the administratum? Hours of him comparing charts and tomes, talking to various clerks, maybe sipping on some tea while contemplating the most efficient way to keep the Imperial machine running. I think it'd be very relaxing.


File: 8216d8ed3011a17⋯.jpg (174.87 KB, 940x1013, 940:1013, Necron Lord of Rock.jpg)


Requesting a PDF of the Commanders Booklet.



>legion of the damned as a full army

>Codex that gives us not only damned legionaries, but damned Custodes and Sororitas.

>Imperial saints like Celestine can be taken as HQ choices

>Ghost Ferrous with silver arms and a burning skull where his head would be, or carrying his head in his hands.

Might be cool.


File: 062a588a87cc9da⋯.jpg (90.33 KB, 513x800, 513:800, sanguinius vs horus.jpg)


They might do something where the Sanguinor becomes a reincarnated Sanguinius. I'd be ok with that tbh. Especially if he gets revenge by killing Abaddon.


File: 93f9205df300d9e⋯.jpg (22.78 KB, 330x310, 33:31, Erectus.jpg)


>Also damned guardsmen

>Billions of flaming guardsmen with flaming tanks rolling over everyone



that'll teach the daemons to waste a good loyal soul by devouring it


File: 8325815a1ddcaa7⋯.jpg (3.8 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181015_205523.jpg)

File: 7788b699e063762⋯.jpg (2.74 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181015_205547.jpg)

File: f6d866c57d82b4d⋯.jpg (3.39 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181015_205627.jpg)

It may just be me here but im starting to fear the Footsloggin army roster is going to take a few months to complete at this rate. I was able to do 2 Mk III's a day but the Raptors are so detail focus they take me close to 2 days to get them just to look like this which I guess is okay.

I can't imagine my 40 cultist now when 5 raptors is taking the piss out of me.


So I have a squad of guardsmen, a command squad, a pewter commissar, and a deathstrike/manticore that I initially bought for 40k but haven't put together save for a sergeant.

Can I play kill team with that? How do I put together and paint my dudes?



I've found it's better if you put less effort into the regular troopers, especially horde troops like cultists. focus your efforts on the character models or you'll burn out.

just do a simple colour scheme and do a quick wash over it to bring out the detail.



If you want really easy mutated cultists, get some Cadians and glue Ork arms onto them. Then just use Skitarii heads.

Boom, semi-professional mutated abomination cultists. Bonus points for Iron Warriors if you paint the Ork arms as cybernetics. I.e. paint the arms silver and then outline the veins/details of the muscle with blue, like how the original Deus Ex portrayed cybernetics.



Id read a book on that.

The parts of dark imperium of him trying to keep the ecclesiarchy, adeptus terra, ADMECH and munitorum from executing each other was great.


File: 708ab236b5e7a6d⋯.jpg (474.93 KB, 800x720, 10:9, orkz_by_flyingdebris.jpg)


Requesting a PDF of the Commander's Booklet, AGAIN.


File: 511b01a43f50a4e⋯.jpg (41.87 KB, 298x475, 298:475, Dark Imperium by Marc Gasc….jpg)

File: 240a65a06db7f03⋯.jpg (402.36 KB, 1400x2148, 350:537, Dark Imperium Guy Haley.jpg)


Just to be clear... Which Dark Imperium are you talking about?



Wich one has robot gorillaman trying to fix the imperium in it?



Don't we have a PDF thread for those requests?


>There will never be a CSM model that looks as rad as that one on the book cover.

Sometimes, I miss 3rd Edition.


Probably the second one.


File: 13f13cdb66508fd⋯.png (311.86 KB, 409x322, 409:322, 1432479094617.png)

Is it alright if I ask for an opinion on a homebrew rule here, or should I wait until a new thread?



You might as well post it now. Next thread is a while off; Unless the bump limit is at 500 or something?



It is, we haven't moved off of page 2.


File: 47fcd8cadb35e63⋯.jpg (61.85 KB, 679x434, 97:62, kustom-boomblasta-rules.jpg)

File: 9ee3c07317b39b0⋯.jpg (59.42 KB, 653x423, 653:423, shockjump-dragsta.jpg)


The boosta blasta and dragsta rules for 40k were leaked. Sorry for the potato quality it's all I could find.

The dragsta's shokk attack rifle hits on threes which is nuts. And it can teleport everywhere around the battlefield which is hilarious.

I kind of wish the boosta blasta's big gun had a grot gunner so it could hit on fours but the whole charge and possibly do mortal wounds is nice. Combine it with the rumored Blood Axe clan trait which is fall back and still charge the same turn and these could be nasty if you have a bunch of them charging into stuff every turn.


File: eb440ab080eae90⋯.jpg (4.4 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181017_231220.jpg)

Its time to ==SOYLENT GREEN== some cutlists...



> if you roll one or more unmodified hit rolls of 1

So they're going to finally fix the night-plasma problem, eh?

Or is it just because of the grot gunner ...




It looks like it. Maybe it's going to be an update for everyone in chapter approved. My confidence in GW's ability to not write a crappy Ork codex grows. It will be immediately shattered when they release the book and there's no way to make warbikers troops

Also I just noticed but the grot blasta is strength four now?


File: 4a3fac72f293fff⋯.jpg (212.9 KB, 1207x689, 1207:689, rukkatrukk-stats-1.jpg)

File: 0538bdae0978004⋯.jpg (275.09 KB, 1168x713, 1168:713, rukkatrukk-stats-2.jpg)


The rumored rules for the squig Trukk. I'm liking how these things have ap-1 close combat weapons and get around orks crappy ballistic skill with grot gunners.


File: adf6de951a2143c⋯.png (355.62 KB, 669x855, 223:285, adf6de951a2143cdf6961a1767….png)

So my homebrew idea is to just incorporate the Renegades and Heretics army list into the CSM codex proper, removing the R&H keyword and replacing it with the Heretic Astartes and <Legion> keyword. This way they benefit from the aura abilities and strategiums, as well as the legion traits. It's simple and it makes the R&H usable. What do you guys think?


So digging through some boxes i found my old witch hunters codex. i never got around to making an army but see shit like penitent engines and the like are still sold but searching for the codex comes up with nothing.

Are they still a thing? cobbled into the Grey Knights? or getting a revamp with adeptas saroritas?



In the Imperium Index book two they have Inquisition which is basically just the inquisitors, accolytes, jokaeros, demonhosts and their special inquisition land raider. It also has the Assassins too. They aren't a full army they're meant to be taken as a small detachment and added on to a larger Imperium force. There are rumors they are supposed to be coming out with an Imperial Agents book at some point no idea when. Deathwatch can also take Inquisitors I think.


File: a23b0bf64cc6b8b⋯.jpg (2.25 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, cultists_001.jpg)

File: d10b20d9304c5f2⋯.jpg (2.25 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, cultists_002.jpg)

File: 3a775f35353beb6⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, cultists_003.jpg)

File: e2f27f4435ea0ea⋯.jpg (2.26 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, cultists_004.jpg)

File: 27a10c8959b3e25⋯.jpg (2.19 MB, 2656x1494, 16:9, cultists_005.jpg)

The black cultists are the ones I'm currently striping, and the tan ones are my take on cultists. I was worried about the colors i chose originally but now that they are all washed I think the tan is better than the dark blue and reds. Opinions?


File: 8c78a14156e1e8c⋯.jpg (128.49 KB, 1600x632, 200:79, s-l1600.jpg)


Looks like I couldn't fit the Black Cultists in that last post but here they are for reference.



8th edition index broke them up into Adeptas Ministorum, so Sisters of Battle, priests, crusaders, that sort of thing.

Inquisition, which is characters like Coteaz and Karamazov They also gave Eisenhorn a bitchin' model as well as Jokaero and the like.

What else..., Oh, assassins were mentioned, you also have the "Adeptas Astra Telepathica" which is pretty much just sisters of silence, but thanks to keyword shenanigans you can take Primaris psykers and Astropaths from the IG codex and use them to fill HQ slots.


File: 871e23ef1d98515⋯.jpg (81.05 KB, 920x950, 92:95, 99810108001_SistersofBattl….jpg)

File: 09342f65d4e0646⋯.jpg (169.03 KB, 920x950, 92:95, 99110108104_SistersofBattl….jpg)

File: cec2efc53d90998⋯.jpg (97.41 KB, 920x950, 92:95, 99140108054_ExorcistNEW01.jpg)

Picked these up cheap online, metal, finecast or 3d printed place your bets!




Both of these look good, but from the pictures you posted I have to pick the dirty khaki cultists. Do you have any better pictures of the dark blue and red cultists?




File: 1a9cadc4ab1000e⋯.jpg (513.13 KB, 960x640, 3:2, Brave Ultramariene.jpg)


If you are really lucky; they will be GW made metal.

If you are lucky: they will be recast metal.

If you are okay: they will be recast resin.

If you're fucked beyond all hope: they will be Finecast.


I get they're supposed to be grundgy, but you don't need to rust them entierly up. Anyways, the tan is much better than the red/blue.


But then what would be the point of taking cultists? Also if you rolled everything under R&H into CSM, then CSM would get access to sentinels, chimeras, basalisks, etc. Which for somethings would be cool, but stupid for others. The only thing I can actually see that this would change is that tanks a CSM would take. Instead of mixing infantry up with Militia and Marines, you'd just take all the good IG tanks, then load up on bikers or whatever else. Although having a land raider spill out a bunch of Marauders sounds fun; it can only take ten models, so it'd be better to fill it with infantry that you would actually use. Sure you get access to cheaper infantry, but Mutant Rabble are shit and if you roll badly at the begining, they're gone.

Also new thread when?



They could be metal under years of layered, unthinned repaints

>"Yeah it looks like a chiggy nugg' from amcdoodles but ah swear you dig into the core'a that sum'bitch theres one of them spooky space marines wi' tiddys"


Honestly, the only commanders who I can tolerate are the ones that came in with the rogue trader box. Mainly since the rogue traders whole stick is elite units already, and the gellarpox commander is not that much stronger than a regular hulk.


File: bbddf31ba8439a3⋯.jpg (2.34 MB, 792x4000, 99:500, img5bb22699cd029.jpg)








File: fbd96ed031a1468⋯.jpg (8.71 KB, 223x176, 223:176, wuuuut.jpg)


File: f34daabd004e661⋯.jpg (294.74 KB, 1652x798, 118:57, primarchs.jpg)

So guys, assuming anyone is still here: Whatcha think about the new CA points values? Got any lists brewing for the new age?



>From what I understand it’s a bunch of Reddit infiltrators trying to pull an SCP

Define "pulling an SCP"

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