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File: f4096c22b5febc6⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, Cover Vampire V.jpg)


The thread for talk on all things World of Darknes The last thread hit the bump limit, you can find it here: >>313643

Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition, or just Vampire V, has started to make the rounds and people... are not all that impressed. Most of the good is outweighed by the bad, but what's your take on this?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Meanwhile, White Wolf has been releasing a series of videos on Vampire V. In them one of the head writers, Matthew Dawkins (also known as the Gentleman Gamer), talks about the lore playing the role of a vampire himself. In the first video he talks about what has happened between The editiosn of the game.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In the second video he talks about the Second Inquisition and how they are running roughshot over vampire society, and how they messed up the Nosferatu and Tremere.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In the third video he talks about what vampires are and what they are capable of.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In the fourth he talks about the blood, how it affects the Kindred and how the new Humors mechanic for Vitae works.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In the fifth (and final so far) he talks about what unlife is like in the current nights and the headaches that modern technology bring for the Kindred.


File: 80b911cce878ce9⋯.webm (1.8 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Top cuck.webm)


>Matthew Dawkins (also known as the Gentleman Gamer)


Damn that cover is shit.


He turned an ad into a 28 minute LARP session.



Wait until you see the art inside.



Is it like Exalted 3E art?


File: 7ab755e58c9ace7⋯.jpg (45.37 KB, 862x487, 862:487, Vampire V Ventrue.jpg)


If only.


File: 03aad529d18f937⋯.png (503.33 KB, 850x1088, 25:32, 8a79e509bb24f2d0866b6efcff….png)


No way



^This. Absolutely this.



That can't seriously be the 'art' of the book.


Matthew is good, plz be nice



He cucked out when he have David (now Olivia) Hill on his show and didn't curb him/her/it when it started sperging out about GG.


Are there any mechanical changes to the game worth mentioning?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Part six of the Gentleman's Guide, where he talks about the Clans.



Wait wait wait. Fuckboi Hill went tranny now too?



lol yup. Also? Even with all that he's still too 'toxic' for her/hir/whatever's fellows at Onyx Path.


File: bb8fa4d5f8a8c6d⋯.jpg (44.99 KB, 600x685, 120:137, 1419654957507.jpg)

More like Vampire the masqurgay am i right haha



I just have. Wow. It looks like some vanity press. How much did they spend on the WoD license to pump out this shit?


File: d0d107c1489df85⋯.jpg (52.64 KB, 860x483, 860:483, Vampire V Malkavian.jpg)




The thing is that the MET version of Vampire uses photographs instead of drawn art, and given that Vampire V has plenty of LARPers designing it they're going with photographs.



but then one could make the argument that they should have kept to somewhat vague drawings and paintings as the average larper doesn't look nearly as good as a fashion model-

Nevermind my point I just remembered how many landwhales and hamplanets try to do wonderwoman and the likes.




File: 27165d000e9b796⋯.png (787.95 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, Brujah1.png)

File: b1cdd10f4d0c268⋯.png (594.55 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, Brujah2.png)

File: bde331726ba7bcc⋯.png (1.3 MB, 816x1054, 24:31, Gangrel1.png)

File: fce6fe9cbc483de⋯.png (630.2 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, Gangrel2.png)

I have always envisioned them this way...


File: b2ab218b142980b⋯.png (1.42 MB, 816x1054, 24:31, Malkavian1.png)

File: e6dfa1b54294c32⋯.png (516.4 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, Malkavian2.png)

File: f5114c82d0d9b95⋯.png (301.02 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, Nosferatu1.png)

File: 07e8e78386d271c⋯.png (637.03 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, Nosferatu2.png)


File: 4e9f0831d8d3990⋯.png (2.11 MB, 816x1054, 24:31, Toreador1.png)

File: 9c3ace62015a589⋯.png (502.92 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, Toreador2.png)

File: ae3b2d94247469c⋯.png (875.07 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, Tremere1.png)

File: f5a370eac748965⋯.png (561.95 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, Tremere2.png)


File: 2965ed41ea938c4⋯.png (961.84 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, Ventrue1.png)

File: ef936e279a5e11d⋯.png (410.95 KB, 816x1054, 24:31, Ventrue2.png)

File: f508d6d05dd7b5a⋯.png (1.3 MB, 816x1054, 24:31, Random1.png)

File: b7af53c43f540d4⋯.png (1.3 MB, 816x1054, 24:31, Random2.png)

Those are all Clans for now.

There are also Caitiff and Thin Bloods.


File: 47a11c3951d033b⋯.jpg (34.53 KB, 393x462, 131:154, plebsbarron.jpg)


>head writer for a WoD book

>good in any way, shape or form

Surely you jest. I'd say "cuck" is a good definition there.


File: de77d651f8dfd05⋯.png (707.11 KB, 690x968, 345:484, de77d651f8dfd0505c25cbe6d3….png)


no fatchicks

no ones naked

no one's wearing bondage gear

no one's making sexy time

for a group of people claiming to be degenerates, harlots, hedonists, sensates and perverts (literally 55% of their keywords) sure is boring up in here. I think they said all these big words but really they meant faggots.

(Whatever happened to vampires being unnatural preditors who lusts in life were replaced by politics and killing again). I have no idea why anyone would embrace the following:





even if you could make a good argument that they would effectively stop being those things after the embrace.


File: 036be243f7edbe2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.08 MB, 816x1054, 24:31, sexytime.png)


There is one degenerate hedonistic sexy time in the whole book.

I will spoiler it so only those will be disturbed that wish to be.

It is nightmarish.

Also there is a whole chapter only about Vampire Fashion.

That explains why every artist rendering is a fashion show painting (I do not know how they are called, these dress prototype aquarelles).




It's a sad day when you can't even tell anymore of they're parodying something or playing a series of half hour long LARP monologues straight while inviting the entirety of the local liberal arts college over for a photo-sesh(sessions are so square, man) in their everyday clothes.


Appendix III: Advice for Considerate Play

Character and Player identity

Fascism in Play

Sexual Violence in Games

Calibration Techniques (fade to black, stoplight, x card, ok check in, the door is always open, debriefing)

Further Reading:

“Sexual Assault Myths”

“What do the terms Lines and Veils mean?”

The Origins of Totalitarianism

“Let’s Play with Fire! Using Risk and its Power for Personal Transformation”

“Creating a Culture of Trust Through Safety and Calibration



Sex and Sorcery

Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence from Domestic Abuse to Political Terror

The Vampyr

“The X Card”

Dog wat done?


Rapist national socialist political tantric terrorists would make a good RPG.

Sadly, I doubt they mean it that way.



Fascism in Play

Vampire: The Masquerade is not a fascist-friendly game. If you are a neo-Nazi, "alt-righter", or whatever you’re calling yourself nowadays, we urge you to put this book down

and call someone who you trust to talk about where you went so wrong in your life.

That said, Kindred culture is inherently monstrous. Part of the political horror of Vampire: The Masquerade is surviving in a culture that worships the Bad Old Ways. Large parts of Kindred society (especially the Camarilla and the Sabbat) adhere to cults of tradition, ascribes to the idea of humiliating their enemies with overwhelming wealth and force, and praises religious fundamentalism

or even pre-modern ideals like feudal rule.

Many Kindred are old enough to remember WWII in detail and are bound to have opinions on what’s going on in the world right now. Even so, it’s pretty easy to steer the game away from totalitarian perspectives.

Emphasize the differences between individual vampires, and between factions as well as inside factions. Tell stories about infighting, surprising kindness, and new ideas. Play thin-bloods, Caitiff, Anarchs, or even Camarilla members in a Hellene city where most of the Ivory Tower’s traditions have been adapted to suit the present. Another way is to play is to portray Kindred society in all its malicious (and fascist) glory, but let the player characters oppose the system, from the inside or from without.

What if someone wants to play a fascist, though, or a Storyteller wants to introduce a fascist SPC? There are plenty of those throughout the World of Darkness — monsters, but many with pretty faces. They can be a tragic villain, or a former friend who fell, or even someone who the player characters think of as an ally. They might be the Brujah neo-Nazi, the far-right Ventrue billionaire, or the Tzimisce eugenicist.

Whatever face they present, the player characters should be given the satisfaction

of redeeming or destroying them eventually.

After all, the player characters are something unique and special — something fascists cannot abide.

Remember: playing a character whose opinions you oppose can be a great way to understand how supremacist ideas work and how to spot and fight them in the real world.

Fictionally experiencing seductive perspectives like blaming the Other, conforming to norms and fighting for a grand purpose, can help you spot these tendencies in yourself and others and diminish their power over you.

This is all in character, of course. At the time of writing, the real world is currently inundated with far-right fascist ideologies being given free reign by wellmeaning people who want to preserve civility.

If you see people at your table opening up with altright talking points, we encourage you to shut that shit down. If you become uncomfortable with a storyline in game because of what’s happening out of game, use one of the techniques listed here.

You are not obligated to tolerate fascists in-game or out-of-game. This game is a way to tell stories about understanding and perhaps fixing some of the darkness in our own world.

Use that to your advantage.



>Vampire: The Masquerade is not a fascist-friendly game.

<A Group of people

<working together for the same goal

<everything that hinders the achievement of that goal is an enemy or hurdle to overcome

<A Game Master that guides said group

By definition this is fascism and even with a Führerprinzip.



>player characters are something unique and special — something fascists cannot abide

As we all know, Fascists never had any form of hero worship ever. All the references to the Nibelungs and Siegfried the Nazis made were purely coincidental.



Too bad the system is probably shit, otherwise we'd be playing vampire nazis on the ostfront.




Strange that the Tzimisce is named 4 times in the whole book.

Always only in a passing sentence.

0. They are not playable (as are Lasombra, Giovanni, Ravnos, Banu Haqim and Setite Ministry also no further information on those).

1. They were part of the Trinity (Loresheet: Trinity)

2. They were a high clan (Loresheet: High Clan)

3. Fascism in Play (Appendix III)

Somone who reads only this book has no Idea what or who a Tzimisce is, except that they are some evil fascists that are no longer part of the community, then again: All Vampire Clans seem to only be differentiated by their choice of fashion.

Also the layout and style is quite inconsistent.

Appendix I,II,3 in the TOC: Appendix I, II, III in the book.

Not all clans follow the formula Picture with Bullet points.

Almost everything written screams "Play Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines and you will understand everything", because without that knowledge some things make no sense whatsoever.

Also all predator types/how you feed are something like:


>Only feeds on animals

>Only your mortal family, who know about your condition

>be nice to humans



>Also all predator types/how you feed are something like:


>>Only feeds on animals

>>Only your mortal family, who know about your condition

>>be nice to humans

I can understand it somewhat, since it's a LARP and all. Still dumb, and the rest is complete dog shit.



The alpha version of Vampire V had an example where one of the characters rolled on four dice a 1, 4, 8 and 8, which made certain people go WHITE WOLF ENDORSES NAZISIM EVERYONE AT WHITE WOLF HEILS LIKE IT'S NEINTEEN THIRTY NEIN REEEEEEEE. This bit was added for those microbrains who need a crack team of scientists to help explain the concept of sitting down.


File: b67848468214835⋯.jpg (592.51 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, b678484682148359ac4780e293….jpg)


This is the second time I've seen RPG writers trying to forbid their players from playing something, like they have any power over that.



They currently have a "controversy" because of the flavour text of the brujah and


>They might be the Brujah neo-Nazi, the far-right Ventrue billionaire, or the Tzimisce eugenicist.

To imply that beeing a neo-Nazi is a cool thing.



[quote]While the clan definitely includes substantial numbers of vocal and visible outsiders, their desire for rebellion reaches as deep as the fraudster ripping off his own company, the lawyer representing the poor pro bono, the neo-Nazi claiming to be “alt-right,” and the basement-dweller downloading thousands of movies illegally for redistribution on streaming sites.[/quote]

Clearly they say that Brujah are cool Neo-Nazis.

Those transphobig bigots.



>Further Reading:

>“What do the terms Lines and Veils mean?”

The source given here unironically is a question on the RPG StackExchange. What the fuck were they thinking?



I also really fucking hate the new humours system -basically you've given all Vampires a slight twist on the Sanguinary Animism derangement.

Oh and the hunger mechanic sucks dick too- now every action has a chance to go horrifically wrong in a Masquerade breaching style- how the fuck have these clueless fuck wit Anarch's survived this dreaded 2nd Inquisition?



It sounds absolutely retarded, tell me more about it.



Give us a storytime, Satan. All of it.


File: 6f35b7e95b590c1⋯.png (32.9 KB, 700x355, 140:71, Vampire V Feeding Table.PNG)



Not that anon, but I can talk about it a bit. A new mechanic to the drinking of blood involves Resonance. The stronger the emotions of the vessel you feed on, the more potent the drink is. If the emotions are very strong from someone who's very emotional or supremely fucked up, you'll experience what is known as Dyscrasia. Named after Hippocrates' term for an imbalance of the humors, this grants a temporary boon ranging from adding dice to rolls, regaining Willpower if you do something, doing more damage and so on. This last until you either feed again or reach Hunger 5 (more on this later). To gain the effect of the Dyscrasia, you'll need to either kill and drain the victim completely or feed off of someone over the course of three nights (not consecutive for some reason). Each of the ten Disciplines in the core book are linked to one of the four humors, with animal blood covering the final two. Note that animal blood never grants Dyscrasias:

- Choleric: Celerity and Potence

- Melancholy: Fortitude and Obfuscate

- Phlegmatic: Auspex and Dominate

- Sanguine: Blood Sorcery and Presence

- Animal blood: Animalism and Protean

Resonance is how intense a particular humor is within a person. This can either be negligible (doesn't do much), Fleeting (works with blood alchemy), Intense (one additional die when rolling for a Discipline linked to that humor until the next drink or when reaching Hunger 5) or Acute, which means you found yourself a Dyscrasias. Unless the vessel you're feeding from was designed by the Storyteller in advance, the ST rolls to see what you're feeding from (1d10: 1-5 is Negligible, 6-8 is Fleeting (roll an additional 1d10 for Resonance), 9-10 is Intense, which is an additional roll: 1-8 is just Intense, and 9-10 is Acute). It is possible to change someone's Resonance through either roleplaying or rolling: punching someone in the face before feeding will turn them Choleric, sucking their dick before sucking their blood will turn them Sanguine and so on.

Hunger has been significantly retooled in Vampire V. It is rated from 0 to 5, no matter whether you're a 4th or 14th generation vampire. At 0 Hunger you're completely fed, at 5 Hunger you're ravenous. For every point of Hunger you replace one of the dice in all of your dice pools with a Hunger Die: a d10 with a different color or one that's rolled separately. You don't want these to end up on either 1 or 10: if you roll a failure where you have at least a single 1 on your Hunger dice you'll start to act on your Compulsion (think various types of Frenzy); if you roll a 10 you'll get a Messy Critical which means that you'll succeed in a messy way (you pick a lock by ripping it out of the door, your fistfight with a mortal ends with you punching a hole in them etc). Feeding off of someone reduces your Hunger by a number of points: check the table for more info.

Personally, I kind of like the Dyscrasia mechanic even though it slows the game down a bit. Hunger... I'm not a fan of the Hunger dice.



Mathew is responsible for Gehenna being "vampire gets souls", Onyxpath is also be on the borderline of SJWs but it really shows that they are the ones who are all experienced writers.



> Gehenna being "vampire gets souls"

Jesus Christ, I've watched Angel, i know what happens when Vampires get souls, fuck that emo noise.



>After all, the player characters are something unique and special

Putting any soyboy propaganda aside even without sjw culture taking over white wolf this statement is the worst part of all of it. Holy shit think about what this says.


Man i used to love The Gentlemen gamers youtube stuff. But he was never the same after 'the incident' at the ren faire where he shot down a transvestite making heavy moves on him 'because im straight' and the WW community nearly crucified him.

Its probably not make up in the video.



lol what?



He is a very evil transphobe.

They went mad, because he does not like dickgirls and women (male).

White Wolf is an evil nazi company.

Also these >>387635 >>387637



Isn't he also, you know, married and a father of two?


God can you fucking IMAGINE what a new version of Changeling would look like?



He literally went OFFDAGRID after that for ages and came back like "h-ha ha i have a wife and a child now!" and a lot of rumours said it was a imported thai bride. Biggest case of the not-gays i've ever seen.


>book is a fucking mess

>includes the gubment facists drone striking a ventrue and blaming it on ISIS




Hey, I thoght of something fun.

Imagine a party of ISIS vampires.



Not a whole coterie of 1488ers?



Why not both?



ISIS originally started in germany as opposition to Germany so that's actually not really going to work.




For fuck's sake. I knew World of Darkness games were full of faggotry by design, but this is especially disgusting.

Just out of spite people should play a campaign about nazi vampires and post it in White Wolf's forums.



Nazi vampire hunters of the Ostfront fighting against monstrous, misshapen Jewish vampires that prey on the goyim.



Wait if I'm understanding this correctly they just removed entire clans from the playable roster without retconning any to replace them? What the fuck, why?



Yes quadsman, WW fucked over lots of clans in the switch from old WoD to Nu WoD.

Which is a shame because I was one of the dozen or so people who played Giovanni.



Yup. And what really pisses on my chips is that the really interesting plot point of the Assamite schism gets dropped.


Oh that'll be bad, no doubt- but a New Werewolf? Oh imagine the triggers over Defiler Worm (if he doesn't become Patriarchy Worm) and how Trump is actually a Pentex Board member...


File: 0a237cf1f411c4c⋯.jpg (47.11 KB, 490x735, 2:3, 0a237cf1f411c4c4220bde7ebe….jpg)





but they all look the same



They are essentially what the WW devs think edgy Anarch's should look like.

I am reminded of the whole " You're all individuals" bit from Life of Brian



The Nosferatu don't even look ugly. They don't even look like crack addicts.



New Clan Curse- Needs a shower, maybe some skin cream and a good anti dandruff shampoo.

Truly, a tortured eternity awaits this damned clan.



The real anathema to the modern vampire is body-shaming or going on /fa/


Times like this makes me wish "the Nazi Shark army" wasn't a japanese light novel, and instead a ttrpg. So, anybody want to do the hunters on the Ostfront thing mentioned here >>387776 ?



It is literally designed to only be fashion.

Kindred Fashion: (This is the chapter directly after "What is a RPG and What is Vampire, the Camarilla etc")

Black is still the new black. Feeding is messy and bloodstains are easier to hide on dark fabrics.

It is that simple.

Toreador tastemakers in the fashion industry return to black each season for this very reason. This means light-colored clothes, especially white, become status symbols.

A Brujah in a white tracksuit signals “I’m so skilled I don’t spill a drop.” But wearing light colors is always a risk, and many Kindred consider the practice as asking for trouble, no matter how tight their blood-drinking game is.

Fashion is a secret language. Just like mortals, Kindred signal affiliation, attitude, and ideology through their dress, both in the street and in Elysium.

A rose print dress screams “I’m a diva” to those who know about clan iconography, and attire made from trash and rags marks you as a Nosferatu – or possibly a Malkavian.

A subtle Edwardian cut to the jacket or pullover you wear among mortals hints at your age, and the tenderly preserved 1905 dress you wear to court tells neonates to respect their elders.

Kindred dress very differently in the street and in Elysium.

In public, the Masquerade is on, and looking like an antiquated royal is usually a very bad idea. Vampires are stealth hunters. They blend in with their prey. Most are masked with a human cover, and all have a pattern of predation.

These two factors dictate their street look.

A Sandman burglar wears trainers and black Adidas with a hoodie, but a leech with the same modus operandi who feeds from a psych-ward dresses like an orderly.

A scene queen stalking the psychobilly scene spends an hour every evening on their pompadour and tattoos, while a minimal techno fiend would never dr eam of wearing a band T-shirt and has daymares about not getting into Berghain.

Only the handful of Kindred who still stalk the goth scene dress like “vampires” in public.

Elysiums and havens are a whole other story. In these no-Masquerade areas the Kindred flaunt their age and monstrous nature.

Here the complex neofeudal codes of their society rule, and the harpies wear Elizabethan dresses or haute couture creations that would make Lady Gaga gasp for breath.

It’s all part of the status game.

Arriving from the street into the lair of an elder is a humbling experience – no less so, if the guest kneels in their black jeans and T-shirt before an ageless monster in a chalk-white dress made from human skin.

Anarchs tend to despise the need for embellishment as a typical Camarilla thing, instead staying true to a single style, gradually changing through the decades:

a modern street interpretation of what they are and their personal history, carefully maintaining their human mask.

Baggy hip-hop fashion with memento mori bling and woodcut style tattoos recall the 1500s for the Landsknecht.

A World War II bomber jacket for the rabble taxi driver with a history.

Crust punk rivet armor for the Mongol Gangrel warlord.

Most wear perfectly ordinary everynight street clothes with hint at their nature understood only by those who know exactly what to look for.




>Lasombra and Tzimisce have fallen under the shadow of the Sabbat.

>Giovanni and Ravnos have been driven nearly extinct outside their ancestral strongholds by enemies mortal and sorcerous.

>Banu Haqim and the Setite Ministry remain in limbo between the Gehenna warzone and the dubious protection of the Camarilla.



One Toreador wears a crown of roses, another has fresh petals decorating her dress, a third wears a Victorian style brooch shaped like a long-stemmed rose, a fourth a navelpiercing designed to be a more abstracted rose with a shorter, curled stem.



Nosferatu as mainly Jews trying to subvert the world from the shadows and overthrow the Camarilla.

Could make for a good story.


File: b02e210f2ef7be7⋯.jpg (128.28 KB, 569x540, 569:540, b02e210f2ef7be7075320ede41….jpg)



With all this bullshit going on, I don't know where to turn to find local players for my games. It seems that they're trying to kill off any outside interest in these sorts of things aside from a 15-25 year old female demographic so who the hell is DMing for them? I have never ever seen a girl DM

I always saw World of Darkness as being a route for playing comical grimdark, where you watch Blade a few times and shitpost with your buddies over who can make the most tortured backstory to an angsty teen goth vampire/schizo uncle/the guy in the sewers from Bloodlines who was an actor or something

What's the point in a RPG system if you're going to dump all the content?

In Call of Cthulhu 7th edition I remember a stupid disclaimer bitching about racism and whatnot and how all the character art featured token negroes shucking and jiving together; isn't segregating a historical setting from conflict and older values ruining the point? These fucking people want to make every single situation "CURRENT YEAR BUT PEOPLE WEAR X". 1920s is just "check it out, i have a bob cut!!! lol im an empowered flapper bitch"

I'm trying to write my own campaign for Call of Cthulhu and I find that outside of the stat system and some bits of combat, I've scrapped the entire mythos in the process. No 1920s setting, no redditor take on Lovecraft, no tomes or spells anything else. Have to make it all myself. The only redeeming factor is that someone at least put a semblance of effort into the weapons index and I'm assuming said someone moved on to Delta Green- and from there, moved to military fanfiction ala Jace Connors.

Seriously, half the damn agent's handbook is just some guy jacking off onto a pile of Purple Hearts from a pawn shop while watching Generation Kill on repeat.








Probably a callback to 1e, which also had only the seven Camarilla Clans in there. Even Revised had all thirteen Clans.


>a new version of Changeling

Obama being elected caused a Glimmer, a boost of souls that leave Arcadia and enter the Autumn Realm, effectively increasing the number of Changelings in the world. In contrast, the Thallain can enter the world through anti-Glimmers, caused by great misery which lets them avoid the Silver Ban that kept them away from the world. The Silver Ban was flat-out broken by 9/11 and the aftermath, which let them come back in massive numbers. While it would be interesting to see Trump's election cause a Glimmer because people truly hope for America to be made great again, we all know that the writers of Onyx Path won't see it that way.


>a New Werewolf

Patriarch, currently either a servant of the Urge Wyrm of Hatred or an aspect of the Weaver, will rise to prominence.


File: 267b187669fc243⋯.png (234.89 KB, 647x390, 647:390, perfect 10.png)


>Realize your herd's population is directly tied to how many families it has

<want a strong and populous herd

>use your vampire techniques to become a fly by night billionaire

<Use your money to shill family and against degeneracy

>Your hunting grounds become popular and a good place to raise kids (billionaires propping up the schools , etc).

<people flock to your town

>put up strict laws against things people hate anyway, disease carriers, people wandering at night.

<Basically the town becomes all you can eat after 10pm because you're only eliminating the stupid and the degenerate at that point

>Town becomes super safe due to this and more popular

Man they keep saying Fascists no but I keep hearing Fascists yes.



ron edwards should be ecstatic, something he came up with for roleplaying games is finally 'mainstream'. not a mechanic or playstyle, but RPG safewords.


File: d0174e2c58f716d⋯.png (198.08 KB, 307x354, 307:354, d0174e2c58f716d04d6a3bc83f….png)


Quick someone go tell the forg...oh wait that's been dead for a long time. Im sure the forgefaggots love the new vampire. Turns out a guy who studies bat penis and his cronies can't write rpg's worth a damn.



I like the way you think, Anon.


What is generally considered to be the best edition of Vampire the Masquerade?



So pretty much what Carthage was according to the brujah?



>Yes quadsman, WW fucked over lots of clans in the switch from old WoD to Nu WoD.

While it is true that V:TR retooled the clans and reduced them from thirteen to five, it's nothing like it was done here. The Clans in V:TR are more archetypes (The Vampire As Dark Seductor, The Vampire As Undead Lord, The Vampire As Soul-Scarring Horror, etc.) than entities in and of themselves like in its predecessor. On that note, it went from having Clans as their own political entities under a Sect (or as independent entities) was retooled into having the Y-Axis of Covenants to cover political affiliations. It's an stylistic revamping designed to allow the players more freedom with their background without the capeshit-tier lore bloat of the old Clans and Sects and to make for more city-to-city play rather than the "ancient global conspiracy" theme of V:TM. Of course, you still have the option to go for Tier 2 or 3 if you want, see: Danse Macabre. Here with Vampire V they're just chopping up shit for arcane reasons I can't begin to understand.

TL;DR: Stop talking out your ass and making bullshit comparisons.



>What the fuck, why?

Popularity of a clan in the larp communities determines it's fate in metaplot, Apocalypse 5e is going to showcase some more examples of this soon.



> I have never ever seen a girl DM

Of course you haven't that is a fuck ton of work christ we have only gotten one out of three girls to even show up and play in our D&D game after spending tons of time working on their characters that they never fucking bothered to even show up and play. One of which had not one but TWO fucking characters made for them.


Now I really got the itch to play a Hunter game as a Father Coughlin type and curb stomp communist vampires all night.


What would a non-pozzed version of the Loyalists of Thule look like?



Basically the same as that other Vampire game with Christoph, Ghouls secretly controlling dupes to get to that sweet, sweet vitae while they hold lip service to the crusades against the darkness so they retain access to the Church.



These are really cool, but I'm not sure if they're the sort of notes that are really cool for a player per se. I'd give them to a videogame's art director and expect that videogame to have masterful art direction when it comes to the designs of its vampires as a result, or I'd give them to a GM and have that give him a good sense of how to describe the different vampires in his game (which can affect gameplay - think of a vampire whose clan you otherwise couldn't precisely identify being given away for you just by how they dress) and of how to guide a player's character creation - but as for how these notes would be used by a player? Well, all of what I've just described is the GM's job, not the player's.



The whole MKULTRA analogue of Changeling: The Lost? Don't worry, they wouldn't go and try to shut that down - they'd just make the whole game be about how cool it is to be an MKULTRA victim Changeling and how awesome your handler Fey kidnapper is :^)



["Lines and veils"] came out of Forge discussion some years ago, plus Sex and Sorcery, a supplement to the game Sorcerer

I'm morbidly intrigued by what that book might be like.



You know the whole Lovecraftian 'things man was not meant to know' deal? I think that book is probably up there with the Necronomicon-if it came from any version of WW and is about sex it's bound to cause you to cringe yourself inside out.


File: 7b5e9116c06eded⋯.webm (5.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 7b5e9116c06eded508eff36b7….webm)


>Jace Connors

RIP the commander



> If you are a neo-Nazi, "alt-righter", or whatever you’re calling yourself nowadays, we urge you to put this book down and call someone who you trust to talk about where you went so wrong in your life.

If this person were truly egalitarian/inclusive (ack) they would accept alt-righters. Doesn't that make them discriminatory? Isn't that supposed to be a bad thing in their minds?



>Whatever face they present, the player characters should be given the satisfaction of redeeming or destroying them eventually.

Not joining them or improving their methods though, SAD.

>After all, the player characters are something unique and special — something fascists cannot abide.

Get into your grave.



File: a5040702746bb58⋯.png (131.1 KB, 292x279, 292:279, oh nooo.png)


File: 127a2565d209ca6⋯.jpg (37.14 KB, 239x222, 239:222, 1512029682366.jpg)


File: 4540dfd0065aa28⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 500x279, 500:279, Smug National Socialist.gif)

Let me know when a PDF leaks/a physical book is scanned. I wanna laugh at this shit.



Nope, it's fine then. It's fine to be everything you're supposed to be against as ling as you tow the party line.

Really the only way to deal with commies like these is to kill them. You can't reason with leftists for they have no reason.


File: 21c29bf73d1617a⋯.jpg (79.04 KB, 500x371, 500:371, nagus.jpg)


Just remember you can pretend to be a nazi but you can't be a nazi who plays pretend!



Share thread has it.




Read that in Zek's voice.



I don't know, the Malleus Malleficariu and the Loyalists aren't really comparable. Their organization and modus operandi is radically different.


File: c24881af35625e6⋯.jpg (3.08 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, jewish marxism.jpg)


Now that's what I call judaism


File: 3c0a5dc17742291⋯.jpg (173.25 KB, 1796x524, 449:131, TrashGame.jpg)

You know, I should have known better but I went to the stupid place and god knows it turns out calling trash trash is now too extreme for rpg.net.

It is a little interesting to see at least a good portion of vamp fans are also disappointed in this trash game as well. Real sin they dont have a way of talking about it.



More like Vampozzing the massqueerAIDS lmoa



You should have known better, but there's never anything wrong with getting them all pissy because you voiced your opinion on the actual actions and work done by a person who is selling a product. Next time, just be more intelligent about it. Word it in a way where they can't just say you were being mean which breaks their rules. Either way, RPGnet is trash and I don't know how the fuck you make nearly 2000 posts on that place after how bad they've been for so long.


File: 04eee7656437bba⋯.jpg (146.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fish.jpg)


nah this is faggotry in the wild, when I go on safari I leave only pageloads and take only screenshots



>What would a non-pozzed version of the Loyalists of Thule look like?

It would use GURPS rules.


File: b051b042642a038⋯.gif (752.7 KB, 500x750, 2:3, mfw.gif)


>we're evil bloodsucking vampires that treat humans like cattle oy vey

>but we're not as evil as the nazis! hooboy they're extra evil DO NOT TOUCH


ironically enough, their subconscious rationalization would be something along the lines of "you can't discriminate against nazis because nazis aren't people".

every generation needs it's mythology. eventually this nonsense will die off. eventually.


File: caca6fbab327405⋯.jpg (42.99 KB, 540x304, 135:76, [rattles].jpg)


File: 05f23c4985f6318⋯.png (104.32 KB, 209x415, 209:415, Loyalists of Thule.png)


>What would a non-pozzed version of the Loyalists of Thule look like?

It would be just the newer and younger members asking why everyone's so hung up about the Nazis.


File: a0d786ae0bc2a8c⋯.jpg (38.89 KB, 352x480, 11:15, what_the_fuck.jpg)


>Mithras associated with Vampires

As a Zoroastrian I have great disdain for this notion



out of curiosity what was the first? eclipse phase?



>Vampire: The Masquerade is not a fascist-friendly game. If you are a neo-Nazi, "alt-righter", or whatever you’re calling yourself nowadays, we urge you to put this book down and call someone who you trust to talk about where you went so wrong in your life.

>In a ROLE-PLAYING game guide

I never played Vampire: The Masquerade but I had some friends that did, I remember reading the book some 15 years ago and liking the setting.

It's really sad to see another franchise in the hands of progressive activists that don't even understand the nature of the hobby they have subverted. Every company going down this road deserve harsh public criticism and lose their customers, I hope the old school players are not buying their books anymore.


what kind of shenanigans could a matter 6 force 6 prime 2 archmage get up to?

Other than tons of damage I'm having trouble thinking of anything super crazy they could do.



"Damn, my reading light burned out and the hardware store is closed. I know! I'll make a miniature sun!"



I've considered gravity karate and throwing boulders at people.

Plutonium arrows as well.


I need some help for brainstorming Contracts. Anyone offering?



>It's really sad to see another franchise in the hands of progressive activists that don't even understand the nature of the hobby they have subverted.

WoD was always a regressive shitfest, you mong. This is not even remotely new even if it is getting worse.



>There was literally a full page in one book nagging the player about pronouns and "Hurr durr, if you're more offended by transgenderism than monsters, what does that say about you?"

>On the flipside, the game very clearly glamorizes vampirism, even if you're a horrifically ugly Nosferatu. So if they're okay with acts of vampirism, sexual predatory behavior, and murder, but not right wing opinions, what does that say about them?

I know I'm sounding like a rantfag, but I hate these people so goddamn much. It confused me when they pulled their "We don't want you as a customer" shit, but they really do just see it as a club, that they can call all inclusive while turning you away at the door. Really makes me want to play that Patrick Bateman character I was kicking around.



As I said, it looked fine around the early 2000's, no disclaimer against nazis, playing with trigger warnings, statistics about rape and all this leftist nonsense. Why are you so assblasted?


File: f534287226882a4⋯.jpg (44.64 KB, 439x320, 439:320, 1434252855440.jpg)


Naw, it pretty much has been there since the beginning for Vampire. Ironic since I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Vampires depend on degenerate society because it's easier to hide.



<the game is full of murder and monsters, so you can accept a few tumblr pronouns!

>accidentally comparing your retarded beliefs to morally and socially unacceptable acts of inhumanity.

Top wew.



Serious question, why not use "it" which is already actually gender neutral grammatically?



would probably be one of the earliest, with a release of 2009. I think you could make a pretty good argument that all the essential pieces were there for the launch of 4th edition iin 2008 (althought I am not sure if it had an actual pronoun section to reference).



Incorrect, White Wolf has literally always consisted of proto-sjws. You should give the old book another read if you don’t believe us.


Calling someone a retard for saying some retarded shit does not make him assblasted.


File: 2e307a7198e6a34⋯.png (26.33 KB, 853x543, 853:543, dcf113e6f23cb0136eeb77a1bd….png)

File: 311c6d1586efbfc⋯.gif (997.34 KB, 500x270, 50:27, 311c6d1586efbfc0e517049065….gif)





I think it would be a mix of /pol/ and /x/, they believe in Jewish subversion and are also aware and believe that supernatural creatures and certain other hunter groups are degenerate and should be destroyed. I doubt Hitler would consider monsters preying on his own populace as a good thing for an Aryan people.


Didn't they make an entire supplement for oWoD that was about the 60 trillion people who died in DA SHOAH?



Or just use “he”.



>Brujah females look like they're going to a gala ball/fashion show and look nothing like actual anarchists should

>Brujah males look like fuccbois

>Gangrel females are trying to hard to be "Wild"

>Gangrel males look like fags as well

these all look terrible by the way, the fact that the Nosferatu don't even look like ACTUAL Nosferatu is horrible, they just look like hobos



Can you imagine dedicating so much space to something like vampire fashion and then having it all be embarassing, uninspired shit?



The entire thing that they're doing is horrible and retarded, they are missing the mark on what everyone of the vampire clans is about and how the vamps in them should be dressed and how they should act

I'm not a super-duper drawfag but i do know the basics of design, and if you showed someone one of the characters from the little snippets of all the clans, and asked them what they were about, it'd be pretty hard to do so for essentially everyone besides maybe the nosferatu and the gangrel females, and even then, they all look like some retarded Lady Gaga outfits


File: 016aa3d2c5a67dc⋯.jpg (45.38 KB, 349x474, 349:474, 51S5093S31L._SX347_BO1,204….jpg)


>You should give the old book another read if you don’t believe us.

I never said I don't believe you. Pic related (which the wikipedia says it's the revised edition published in 1998) that I've read once is all the contact I ever had with any product from White Wolf. I'm pretty sure there were no made up pronouns though.

Now I'm actually curious, and will probably download this edition to detect all the leftist garbage I couldn't as a teenager, just to see how bad things were even back then.



>As I said, it looked fine around the early 2000's

You didn't look closely enough then.


>Didn't they make an entire supplement for oWoD that was about the 60 trillion people who died in DA SHOAH?

Yeah, it was a Wraith book including an intro about how the Shoah must neva be forgodden!


>Brujah males look like fuccbois

>Gangrel females are trying to hard to be "Wild"

>Gangrel males look like fags as well

I mean, they are vampires. Being metrosexual fags has been a theme with them for quite some time.



That Wraith book is pretty sweet though, cWoD Vampire and Werewolf is basically the 90's goth and new age hippie movements loaded to the brim with the most depressing things alongside the most craziest shit. So things that are not acceptable in current year +X to even broach let alone make fun of or exaggerate is totally an acceptable target back then which is why you get things like the Black Furries going too far and being shown in a negative light but still have a myriad of WoD books imply or tell you that the feminist notion of accepting women and men as equals is a good thing.



>Didn't they make an entire supplement for oWoD that was about the 60 trillion people who died in DA SHOAH?

Yep, and in Wraith20 the Dark Kingdom of Wire doesn't show up. Mainly because Onyx Path doesn't like the Jews very much; just ask Phil "If I add the Lions of Zion to Mage20 I should also make an ISIS Craft" Brucato, or the entire debacle with Mr Kiker the evil businessman who gets killed by the Howling Blitzkrieg in the W20 Book of the Wyrm.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Part 7 of the Gentleman's Guide: this time it is on humans, Touchstones and their uses.



>get a great idea for a changeling game set in a late 90's rust belt boom town gone bust.

>replace cocaine, leather fetish gear and matrix knock offs with college drop outs, booze and ripped jeans and flannel shirts

>meant to symbolise the bleak feeling of people lost in towns going to shit with no way out juxtaposed with the act of being taken away for years against your will with a doppelganger replacing you until you get out as a half fae changeling now living on the lamb to hide from a wild hunt from degenerate fae fucbois

>Want to recommend it at game night

>Realise in current year people would scream changeling fetishes mental illness or something and consider its window closed.


File: c92147946cbaaf0⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1261x1626, 1261:1626, 4d04a452ec7e22950c7612c721….png)


Why are you playing with current year people, anon? It never goes well.



>Why are you playing with current year people, anon?

I wonder if you could invite a current year person that was bullied into going along with progressivism to play with a group of normal people, and deprogram him. Most leftists can't stand peer pressure, and would probably crack being the only faggot complaining about something "problematic" among people who want to have fun and will have none of his attitude, but will accept him if he drop his faggotry.

Despite the efforts of companies like WW, maybe RPG could be used to help some of the lost children of this generation instead of brainwashing them.



Ah yes, White Wolf blatantly ripping Requiem's shit for Masquerade they tried the same thing with the last of the Apocalypse 20th books with some Forsaken material. What the fuck man.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The eight and last part of the Gentleman's Guide to Vampire 5. Got a couple of odd turns for some of the clans in there.



Is it just me or did even the fag presenting it get sick of it towards the end there? This didn't have quite the same enthusiasm as the others.



Is it camariah or kamarilla?



Now that you mention it, I did get that sort of vibe.


I think the former is the 'correct' pronunciation, but the latter is what people actually use.






lol or that.


File: c89bbe772772ba6⋯.png (225.33 KB, 825x667, 825:667, Codexye.png)


man this entire thread makes me want to play that old quick start for vampire from back in the day so fucking bad.



The first is the correct pronounciation when going with the spanish root.



>["Lines and veils"] came out of Forge discussion some years ago, plus Sex and Sorcery, a supplement to the game Sorcerer


>I'm morbidly intrigued by what that book might be like.

it's not what you think. The guy who wrote Sorcerer may be a hippie when it comes to rpg design, but it is mostly about how you could apply mechanics differently to men and women at the table (because it was written so long ago there were only two genders and they were called "sexes")


File: c71596d53344084⋯.png (307.89 KB, 642x674, 321:337, dig.png)


>Onyx Path doesn't like the Jews very much;

Onyx Path consists of people (some goyim, some Chosen) who have been screwed over by Jews many times. So they have trouble forgetting how their oxen got gored. Jews frequently prey on their fellow Jews. Do you think the Jews inside Onyx Path have forgotten their resentment?

The whole "vampire" craze of the 1990s is not aging well in a world where people know what "Pizzagate" refers to. They might as well release "Cannibal: the Blackmailing."


What's your guy's opinion on the Bloodlines game?



>the Bloodlines game?

Nowadays, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided provides similar entertainment with higher production values. The original Bloodlines game stood out from its competition. It aged relatively well for many years. If you like trivia, you can watch films such as "Blade" and spot the parts where Troika ditched White Wolf canon to adopt "Blade" style.



>Nowadays, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided provides similar entertainment with higher production values

Can't say anything about Mankind Divided as I haven't played it yet but when compared to Human Revolution, Bloodlines felt much more "consistent" if that makes any sense. The side quests didn't overshadow the main story, there was a lot of weird stuff going on the game never answered and the boss fights didn't feel so out of place. I also prefer the game's combat, as shit as it might be, simply because it has a close combat option.

The endings were much better too.


File: 1a9f40742746360⋯.jpg (77.01 KB, 1096x731, 1096:731, 1398555413843.jpg)


>Mankind Divided

Are you serious?


File: 41d0707f5c7a537⋯.jpg (166.54 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, vampirebloodlines-07.jpg)


trips wasted



>Deus Ex: Mankind Divided provides similar entertainment with higher production values

>Dude Sex Mankink Provided



It's a festering pile of trash that other than stolen purchased names doesn't have anything to do with Deus Ex.


File: 7755cff00008ab4⋯.jpeg (102.9 KB, 889x556, 889:556, maryImage8ch_7755cff00008….jpeg)



I want 4chan/Reddit to leave.


File: 61bfc32c5b3dc58⋯.jpg (499.88 KB, 800x1150, 16:23, Voormas_Judgment.jpg)

Masters of the Art has rules for creating archmages. 6 arete 12 spheres the whole deal. I went through other books and found nothing like this (mainly the kindred of the east).

So i did some math, and converting everything to freebee points besides the free dots in attributes. The number I got was 325 freebee points. So I was thinking of having a mixed game with 325 points (and a max of 6 for the power limiting thing, generation arete, etc)

I've got two questions:

>does point-buy work for world of darkness?

>how do different immortals match up? I know that mages, demons, and vampires are probably fine. How would werewolves, fae, mummies, and ghosts match up?



>So I was thinking of having a mixed game with 325 points

Jesus fucking Christ.

Anon, let me put that into perspective for you. 325 freebie points lets you create a top-level character for just about any game:

- Vampires are limited to being 8th Generation by the V20 rules (because fuck Vampire V). By carefully balancing their purchases elsewhere they can buy a shitload of Disciplines which can make them extremely dangerous.

- Werewolves are limited by that t hey can only buy first-level Gifts upon character creation. These tend to be useful, but not the most dangerous. This lets then pour all of their points into their Attributes, Abilities and Backgrounds. Whatcha gonna do when a Strength 9 puts its fist through you? Not much, because you're fucking dead. You can create a supreme badass at rank 1 this way.

- Wraiths can crank their abilities up as well, and given that their Arcanoi are only 5 points a piece this lets them have a LOT of them. But there's quite a few of them, which is pretty useful. Paired with max Pathos, loads of Passions and a lot of Willpower means that they are as powerful as they can get.

- Changelings are pretty tough in C20. With that many freebies you can create a character with all the Realms, a bunch of Arts, max Glamour and a whole lot of Backgrounds.

- Hunters probably have more points than they can actually spend given the limitations upon character creation, so you'll be looking at a max level mortal here.

- Mummies go through the roof, especially when they gain access to the Greater Hekau. They can easily buy themselves to the max, and with the right powers they are a force to be reckoned with.

- Demons have a low ceiling to hit when buying stuff, but they can buy a LOT. Attributes and Abilities, loads of Lores and enough Faith to help them through anything. We're talking easy access to five full Lores here.

>does point-buy work for world of darkness?

Kinda. freebie points are for the most point balanced, but the point's kinda moot when you're looking at the lack of balance between splats.

>how do different immortals match up? I know that mages, demons, and vampires are probably fine. How would werewolves, fae, mummies, and ghosts match up?

Like this:

Mages > Mummies > Demons > Changelings > Werewolves > Vampires > Wraiths > Hunters

Generally, mixing and matching between the splats is a bad idea for everyone who's not in the top three.


File: 8408010d4d9d8f3⋯.jpg (171.95 KB, 720x1029, 240:343, 1.jpg)


Do werewolves not have attribute limits? Because mages are limited to 6 and vampires 7. That said we would have to hand wave most limits on character creation. So werewolves would be able to buy higher-level gifts.

I hadn't even considered hunters. With 325 points you could end up with president Jason Borne as a player character.


180 points gets all your stats to 5.

66 points gives you one dot in every primary skill.

Still sounds super fun tho. The masquerade would basically be a suggestion at this point for everyone but a mage however.



>Do werewolves not have attribute limits?

Yeah, it's 5. Crinos form adds +1 Dex, +3 Stamina and +4 Strength, for a total of 9.

>Because mages are limited to 6 and vampires 7.

Making the vampires 6th Generation because of the number 6 is not how Generations work: if you want one step above the limit of 5 you'll be wanting a 7th Generation vampire.

>That said we would have to hand wave most limits on character creation. So werewolves would be able to buy higher-level gifts.

Well, that makes werewolves even more powerful at high levels. Not like they'll need that power that much.



>Yeah, it's 5. Crinos form adds +1 Dex, +3 Stamina and +4 Strength, for a total of 9.

So they can't ever raise stats above what forms give them? So eventually an old enough vampire or kuei jin will eventually be able to win a werewolf in an arm wrestle? interesting.

>Making the vampires 6th Generation because of the number 6 is not how Generations work: if you want one step above the limit of 5 you'll be wanting a 7th Generation vampire.

my bad.

>Well, that makes werewolves even more powerful at high levels. Not like they'll need that power that much.

fact of the matter is that archmages will basically do away with balance anyways.



>So they can't ever raise stats above what forms give them? So eventually an old enough vampire or kuei jin will eventually be able to win a werewolf in an arm wrestle? interesting.

Not really. Werewolves can't go above 5 with their physical attributes by normal methods, but they don't have to because everyone in their Crinos form gets +4 to Strength. This means that even a physically weak starting character with Strength 2 will go above the human limit in their Crinos form. And vampires can only go above Strength 9 by using Potence or other tricks, since the limit for 4th Generation vampires (who are already ungodly powerful) is 9. But strength is not all that important, since through methods I'm not entirely sure of how they work (I don't know all that much about WTA) a Garou can drop a staggering number of hits with matching damage in a single turn.

Incidentally, while Demons have quite a few ways to roll a load of dice for whatever they're doing, they can't raise anything above 5. Not even the dreaded Earthbound can get away with that, which is pretty odd given how they're hyped up.

>fact of the matter is that archmages will basically do away with balance anyways

If you're playing with Archmages everyone else should play one as well. Otherwise the rest is just there for form.



>Incidentally, while Demons have quite a few ways to roll a load of dice for whatever they're doing, they can't raise anything above 5. Not even the dreaded Earthbound can get away with that, which is pretty odd given how they're hyped up.

The non-fallen angels have all their stats at 5, which means a vampire or mage could potentially be better at something than an angel (if the angel doesn't spend any faith).

>If you're playing with Archmages everyone else should play one as well. Otherwise the rest is just there for form.

are arch-spheres any good for play? It seems like having a 5 in a sphere is strong enough already without arch-spheres


File: 5cb3fa000625997⋯.jpg (292.49 KB, 1036x1130, 518:565, Angels in oWoD.jpg)


Angels are not meant to not spend Faith when using their powers. But when push comes to shove angels are horrifying to deal with.

>are arch-spheres any good for play? It seems like having a 5 in a sphere is strong enough already without arch-spheres

Having 5 in a single sphere is powerful, but not the best. Having 5 in several spheres is what we in the business call OP bullshit. And when you go even further beyond... well, only another archmage can stop an archmage.



>fact of the matter is that archmages will basically do away with balance anyways.

Archmages and mages in general are only as powerful as they have time to prepare against you. All shapeshifters on the other hand will murderfuck anything in the party or enemies thrown at you that isn't mage level and pre-prepared at every level of play this even includes the "weak" shapeshifters like Ratkin there is zero balance for Apocalypse with any of the other splats.


File: 7c23089fd471ad9⋯.jpg (127.4 KB, 768x1152, 2:3, AM.jpg)


With that picture, can a spirit 3+ mage summon actual angels. Or do they summon the spirit created by the myths of the angel?

If i summon Micheal, do I summon Micheal or the spirit of micheal? Are fallen spirits or something else entirely?


shapeshifters are basically avenging death monsters, the secret is to run and take pot shots at them with a big gun. Preferably with agg damage through prime 2 or silver.



>With that picture, can a spirit 3+ mage summon actual angels.

No, because the angels have gone where nobody can find them. Anything you summon that looks like an angel isn't.



Or it's one of the Fallen who has escaped their Torment, if you're lucky.


File: 2c6366f4de3d11d⋯.jpg (144.05 KB, 768x1152, 2:3, AM.jpg)

File: bd84975c0738f99⋯.jpg (223.67 KB, 767x1152, 767:1152, AM2.jpg)


what if Micheal and Micheal meet each other?





Just to feel it out has anyone tried playing WoD with /tg/? like maybe using text in something like disgoy or something?

tl: guy who wants to play changeling or hunter but does not want to deal with old fat goths at FLGS.



>Not playing Forsaken with the Superior Apocalypse fluff

oWoD is too fucked rules wise for crossover games.



>guy who wants to play changeling or hunter

I've a Hunter game in the making if you're interested.



They ran out of cocaine budget.


File: e7b5ef6c38c2853⋯.mp4 (812.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, JESUS_CHRIST.mp4)


>Gehenna being "vampire gets souls"

I'm happy I stopped caring even before Gehenna was released.


File: 6575a268a038500⋯.jpg (34.78 KB, 317x303, 317:303, crowley.jpg)


Checked and appreciated.





>Masters of the Art has rules for creating archmages.

Checked, but Masters of the Art has crap rules, so there's no point trying to play with that book. You would have to write better rules before play could start.


anon kindly requests link to book



>>Dude Sex Mankink Provided

Good thing nobody mentioned Dishonored 2.



>I understand now how you feel Delilah, you were Dishonored Two

brilliant writing.


Mage the Ascension- which version is best?

1st, 2nd, Revised, 20th?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Crowely pls go back to destroying men with your ass.


How many dots is "must be used to kill at least one person in the scene it's activated" as a drawback for a Token?



Depends on what happens if you don't.



Well, thematically it's a "cleaner's outfit", as in a janitor type (thought it can morph into other similar blue collar outfits at will) and also the mob hitman kinda cleaner.



That doesn't address what I mean, the consequences of what happens when you don't kill someone in a scene when it's activated is what determines the dot rating of the drawback.



Point. I'd say it'd act as a pseudo-ban to kill someone, and takes it out on you (lethal or agg damage equal to token rating) if you don't play ball.




Triples of the Antichrist, still misspells the name ... there is an omen there.


1st is best because it has the fewest White Wolf mismanagement decisions forced into it. However, with any version of Ascension, you really need to be better at game design than the people who printed the game. And you need to have players who are very good at cooperating.


File: 56d2a5a38328ad8⋯.pdf (12.05 MB, WOD - Mage - The Ascension….pdf)


Let's see how big the file upload limit is.




what sort of trickery is this? I have two michael prayer cards in my tarot set, one facing the back and one the front, because i keep ending up with more of these things. always kinda bugged me because it felt like invoking michael in two places, but i guess angels can do that sorta thing


File: cdd5f7e0671e769⋯.gif (577.25 KB, 350x264, 175:132, cdd5f7e0671e7691927680b56e….gif)


>Second Inquisition

>US Govt and The Vatican genociding vampires then blaming ISis.

My dick can't get any harder.

I haven't kept up with anything White Wolf in a long time. Are they rebooting oWoD again or something? Do they plan on doing oWoD Hunter because it's the only game line I played like crazy back in the day.



Damn it, now I wanna stat Ric Flair as a vampire. Which let's face it, he probably is.








File: 7e807ae8e5133d0⋯.jpg (475.37 KB, 612x792, 17:22, Mtc_screen.jpg)


No Rick already has his game.



>US Govt and The Vatican genociding vampires then blaming ISIS

It's supposed to be ISIL now, but I digress. I want to run a Hunter game now where you are members of a Delta Force style unit doing exactly this.


File: f6112e9c72c7cd9⋯.gif (2.46 MB, 512x512, 1:1, 8chan_mania_in_a_nutshell.gif)


>Natural Selection on Werewolfs

<Knifeedge chop vamps

>Figure 4 Faeries

I didnt know I wanted this but I do



I would legit play Vampire if I was allowed to play a Vietnam vet who became a washed up wrestler who was turned as a cruel joke over drunkenly conversing with a vampire about life.


File: ac2eeb8820a8282⋯.png (60.73 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Defaultashit.png)


Legion of Shovelheads

Iron Assemite

Loner Jake "The Snake" Gangrel

Embraced Classy Freddie Blassy

This works on a lot of levels. Think I'm going to have to work on some suggestions for the 8manias coming soon.


File: e762beedbc4e9cc⋯.pdf (2.17 MB, Vampire_The_Masquerade_(Re….pdf)


Well I've tried to leave it alone and I have to admit that I am back to it. A alternate Vampire the Masquerade setting with Wrassling

Gehenna has come .. and gone. The ancient power structures, the European vampire populations eliminated. The american survivors of the result of three centuries of human depravity and ingenuity scattered and scared. It began 1750 in Istanbul with fires that destroyed kindred and kine and alike, the revolt spread, the core populations of vampires in Europe fell one by one as infighting, fire and daylight made the vampire weak. War by war the grand alliance in Europe stamped out the embers of the old power to make room for themselves. Before humanity even numbered 1 billion the vampire race was near extinction. Similar events passed in Asia, Africa and in select parts of the new world. Eliminating vampire elder and ancillae by the hundred, by the thousand.

The remaining vampires, neonates all, fled to America. The lawless of the place appealed to them and surely the drive west, to populate and colonize an entire continent would seem them passed over undisturbed. many died but slowly the population of vampires stabilized at one tenth or less the previous numbers. Slowly the Inquisition and Vampire Hunter returned to their slumber, satisfied that if not justice, at least retribution had been achieved. The remaining neonates took notice and took up the rules (if not the policial power) of the former elders’ camerilla.

As the vampires survived first in the Americas and then slowly beginning to populate Europe again (but rarely making much progress in Asia or Africa) the vampire changed. Their thoughts changed, their powers changed and their way of life changed. No longer seeking to be master of all, this period of almost 150 years (also referred to as the wandering) taught the vampire the value in being the servant to society, and their place in it. The vampires began the long con as the camerilla came to be know as they moved by faire, as they moved by circus, as they moved by graft and deceit among what they had so laughingly considered their food. As they leaned the ways of the conman, the ways of the traveling sideshow and spurned the needlessly urban failure of their predecessors the needed a way to defend themselves.

And there was no lack for fighting, but they needed a way that suited their vampire bodies and strength. So the vampires took the best parts of America and formed a style of fighting that was unlike anything else. Focusing on punishing slams, body manipulation and later striking this form of fighting , what might originally have been called Pankration or later Greco-Roman Wrestling became a kind of show fighting popular in America. This form of wrestling became ensconced in circus and sideshow and vampiric domains. Slowly new additions came and the style continues evolving. Vampires moving back to europe brought it back with them and the various styles popular around the globe now can all be traced back to vampiric influence within a couple years of the founding or earlier.

This game will use the Vampire the Masquerade (Revised) Quickstart pdf with the following changes:



Culture and Comabt: As wrestling became an essential act of a vampire, a few things have changed. First almost all vampiric domains are considered Anarch Freeholds, with only a few declaring allegance (to the ideals of) the Camirillah or the Sabbat. The Camrillah and Sabbat no longer exist as powerful politic entities but rather as ideals. The Camirillah insists that only vampires must know about the existance of vampires whereas the sabbat hold that anyone may know as long as it serves the goals of the vampire in question. Second because wrestling is a way of survival for these creatures of the night, most vampires will identify as a Face or a Heel. The distinction is not always easy to see but the Faces consider themselves honourable (to vampires at least and often to humans), work to maintain the long con, and seek to prevent pointless bloodshed (to ensure enough food for everyone). Heels on the contrayer are untrustworthy (unless you have leverage or a long standing personal relationship with them, and sometimes not even then), Follow the ways of the long con insofar as it serves their goal and often are arragant, cruel or deluded. While many faces are Camirillah, not all of them are (and vice versa not all heels are sabat) but to the extant that your character is widely known, people will csonsider you either Camirllah or Sabbat and Heel or Face.

Second because of the effectiveness of Wrestling and the vampires unique bodies Vampires automatically successfully soak non wrestling attacks (excluding attacks involving sunlight and fire) and take 2 less wounds from such attacks. While these attacks may hit , they simply do not hamper the vampire. In addition questions of faith concerning Christ and Souls no longer seem relavent to the creatures of the night. Many beginning to believe that Caine if he was a vampiric progenitor was just one of maybe and the chrsitan folklore surrounding vampires is just that, folklore. Theory of vampires being more closely related to the fae or other ancient creatures are common now and few stop to consider god in this day and age.

The Clans

Most clans barely survived Gehenna with several no longer existing. The Current common clams are Brujah, Gangrel, Nosferatu, Toreador. Some clan’s have evolved (or degenerated) in certain ways. The Clans no longer give their natural Aptitudes (nosferatu’s don’t get +1 die to stealth automatically, etc) due to their lesser status, homogenity and collectiveness. Each Discipline now gives their own Aptitude bonus (and Disciplines are more varied now even within Clans that survived).



The Clans

Most clans barely survived Gehenna with several no longer existing. The Current common clams are Brujah, Gangrel, Nosferatu, Toreador. Some clan’s have evolved (or degenerated) in certain ways. The Clans no longer give their natural Aptitudes (nosferatu’s don’t get +1 die to stealth automatically, etc) due to their lesser status, homogenity and collectiveness. Each Discipline now gives their own Aptitude bonus (and Disciplines are more varied now even within Clans that survived).


If anyone was going to survive it was going to be the Children of Brujah. Brujah has noteriously calmed down now that the elders have been removed and they seek to to turn their clan’s physical disciplines to good use to defend their way of life.


These are the vampires that lead in many cases their fellow survivors out of the cities. Still more at home in nature instead of the city, the clan strikes a curious balance between the two and an important role in helping a much more rural vampire population survive.


Never at the top of the chain, but closer now that the other clans have in many ways been reduced to their level. Nosferatu are some of the least changed by the long can. Scary, prone to be heelish anctics and cursing their very existance the nature of the Nosferatu is horror itself.


The last of the Urbanite Clans. Arists and Hedonists, these creatures loathed leaving the city the most. Althought few will argue that their beauty shines less outhere amongst the humans and the dirt. Many consider the Toreador “Basically Malkavian in all but name” at this point but some still follow the clans designs on art and rapture.

Fallen Clans


They still exist but much weakened by the dispersal and erradication of their Elders. The Malkavian madness has dimenished (or perhaps merely those more strongly affected have perished unable to defend themselves) but the doomsaying and muttering continue. Even worst, members of other fallen clans have begun to hear the mad voices of the malks. Malkavian has become a catchall term for all uncleaned or weakly clanned (caitiff, etc) vampires or any vampire that doesn’t seem to be able to get along in modern vampire society. The Malkavian Advantage and Weakness has been replaced with the following.

>Advantage: Disciplineholder. Malkavians might be crazy but the serve an important role in keeping some of the Disciplines from fallen clans alive . While any vampire can be taught any discipline, few of them can teach any discipline. Malkavians can do that innately now. All Malkavians can choose a single extra discipline to be considered a clan discpline for them which they may aquire (and teach) normally.

<Weakness: Taboo; Each Malkavian, if crazy and most are, are just the regular sort of mad and I’m not gonna take it anymore crazy. That said, in order to prevent more imparing effects the Malk must set one Taboo that is sufficiently stringent to the GM. This taboo must be respected at all times or the character is at immediate risk of frenzy until the end of the scene. A common taboo for Malks is “the rhyming game” in which everything they say must rhyme (or at least come close).


The destruction of tereme’s elders and their network of spells and magic and politics has utter destroyed this clan. Those that survived gehenna are functionally Malkavian at this point (althought their discipiline of Thaumaturgy has survived thru the Malkavian line).

The Ventrue

The last to fall but fall they did. The proud little ventrue with their riches and their power could not stop the horde and fell instead. Every true venture is dead and any remainders are malkavian now.


File: 0be63e9075a9161⋯.gif (4.32 MB, 200x200, 1:1, Fucking Rigged.gif)

Discipline Aptitudes.

Animalism: Still breath, still life.

Any holder of this disipline gets a 1 die bonus to any wrestling maneuver designed to restrain or restrict breathing. Bear hugs, Choke holds, and Mandible Claws are all powerful in the hands of someone with Animalism.

Auspex: Surprise Motherfucker.

This sensory discipline enables one to make devastating sneak attacks. Anytime you are attacking by or with surprise, you gain a 2 die bonus to the attack (you will probably only get this bonus once so enjoy that face heel turn).

Celerity: Seven Winds Lariat.

Your speed makes your running attacks deadly. You gain +1 die to all lariat and clothes line attacks. If those attacks are successful you may make a second attack to knock the opponent completely prone (the number of successes determine how many times they flipped in the air).

Dominate: Promotion.

Any wrestler worth their salt knows that fighting is well and good but words win wars. You gain +1 to all promotions you pull (where you threaten, cajole, intimidate or otherwise forceably interact socially with another vampire or equal).

Fortitude: No Sell.

Your endurance gives you +1 die to avoid showing the effects of any injury. You may also not be disabled in any way except for literal dismemberment. The bonus die for health roles is considered 1 (or 2 for advanced) less wounds the vampire takes from soaked attackes. This ability is always on.

==Obfuscate: Ref didn’t see it.== +1 to all roles to hide, obscure or misdirect a physical object or activity. This will not help you in social interactions, but getting in a dirty strike when the ref ain’t looking, picking a pocket, or a well timed low blow all gain the bonus of Obfuscate.

Potence: Fight night.

All characters with Potence gain +1 die to combat moves (+2 for advanced) in addition to the damage bonuses from the discipline. This ability is always on.

Presence. Oh hi Mark

Every wrestler needs a crowd, just like vampire needs a herd and a conman need a mark. Presence gives you +1 die to all social checks with humans or lessers.

Protean. Slapchop.

You gain +1 die to your knife edge chops, rakes, open handed strikes and attacks designed otm ake the opponent bleed by ripping his flesh. You may normally look like your get your nails done at hot topic but its useful.

Thaumaturgy. Toll of the Taker

You gain +1 to all stealth checks and once per day you may teleport directly behind your foe. (within a mile of your current location).



Holy shit this is amazing, how long have you worked on this?



not that long, Im going to try to get a group together arround it. Im just tryign to decide which clans undertaker (leaning malk) haitch (leaning brujah), DDP (leaning brujah), Shawn micheals (tor) and a few others are. I think malkavians are proabbly op as fuck at this point (you wouldnt think 1 discipline would be that bad but im sure the celerity malk and the potence malk and the presence malk are all gonna have some cheese) but they are also the only 1 (out of 1.5) that have a bad rp drawback. It honestly just feels comfy and fun which is something vampire hasnt been in a while. Part of my head cannon is redirecting vampires from the xtian mythos to something more werewolf related (and werewolfs picking and mummies picking up wrestling for mummy ric flair that enrobed-in', embalmin', hearse riding riding, jet crashing, vitae-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of agun-set!)


File: 9c00f2ac91c5661⋯.jpg (37.15 KB, 600x300, 2:1, just a little closer....jpg)

What would a Changeling themed around being a Final Girl for a Keeper based on slasher movies be like in terms of Seeming and Kith?


File: 75cb76cf1aa86b0⋯.jpg (110.16 KB, 600x600, 1:1, big money matt hardy.jpg)

File: c911ce8d6dcea4d⋯.jpg (92.93 KB, 1300x724, 325:181, hardys.jpg)


Matt Malkavian Hardy. The kine know him as "Big Money Matt Hardy" the kindred know him by his true name and persona.


File: 4e5a97bdec0f5e3⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 345x237, 115:79, The numbers don't lie.gif)


Matt with Thaumaturgy

Brother Nero with Celerity

Yeah I'm going to have to stop yacking about this and get this going to an actual game. I think the bit I like about it the most is with the powers not being strongly defined you can still do things like the following. Not sure if every special/signature move needs to be done up as a power but I definitely think some of them would be good. Celerity and Fortitude would probably need some basic counters built into them and I could see combat getting to be about some light attacks/powering up/positioning attacks to begin with followed with a couple of counters/time buyers and then going to finishers which sounds like wrassling to me.


<Thaumaturgy (Basic Use)

You make a sudden arcane gesture across your chest . This inflicts one point of aggravated damage to your target (a single creature within sight. If the use of gesture is repeated with you by your acolytes the damage increases. The damage increases by 1 for having 10, 100 or 1000 acolytes making the gesture with you. This does not increase the cost of the spell and acolytes do not spent vitae (and can be kine, carnies or kindred) to contribute but must be watching both you and the target and make the gesture in time with yours.

Twist of Fate

<Thaumaturgy (Advanced Use)

With the sweep of your arm and sudden arcane gestures you twist the release of fate. Your target must be visible and in grabbing range Remove any damage done to you from the last round of your targets attack. Attack normally and if your attack hits you deal the damage your target dealt last round (exactly as if the opponent had made the attack, so aggravated for aggraveted, etc) and your opponent is knocked prone. This power takes 3 vitae to activate.


File: 5b8fab3f4bb585d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.39 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Paul_Bearer_bio--709d13873….jpg)


What about the true nature of Cain, father of all vampires?


File: a13e7ea80b54a05⋯.jpg (402.73 KB, 2088x1342, 1044:671, Kaine.jpg)


In my head cannon I really wanted to get away from the christian bits. Im basically considering the generation of all vampires above 5 or so excessively non cannon. Vamps in the alternate history are more the forbidden (but somewhat useful) children of two fae lords that spread relatively fast but are still just a supernatural creature. Not particularly cursed by the big G himself.

That said if I was going to look to see who has a Cain like gimmick I immediately think of Kain (more so for the brothers angle then the name similarity). It also puts undertaker way up there in the hierarchy which sits fine with me. That would probably make them some of the last Tremere (now malkavians) with literally a repertoire of unknown powers. I also like the idea that the Tremere progenitors spin out a new tremere clan whenever its useful and as the last bunch was a bunch of crossblooded magic bound useless idiots, when it came time to save them Kaine and Taker both said no in unison and flushed the whole bunch (the soft svelte sorcerer gimmick being useless when you are the ageless immortal man of magic). I guess if I wanted to fill out some of the powers with more um powers it would go something.


<Celerity Basic Use

You take no damage from the next attack and make an attack roll of the same kind against your attacker. You deal 1 damage nonaggravated (even if the original attack was aggravated) for every success against them up to the normal damage amount that attack would have dealt against you. Special, anyone can use this power (if they have the Discipline or not) but at the cost of 3 vitae instead of the normal 1 vitae.


<Celerity Advanced Use.

If you can make an attack with a height advantage the Hurricane allows you to make your normal attack and as long as you scored at least one success the opponent is knocked prone and you are moved on top of him in a successful grab. The grab still needs to be defended against normally in following rounds but if you have any actions left you may Pin, Stake or Feed on the victim of this attack automatically.

No Sell

<Fortitude Basic use

You increase the soak amount against attacks that hit you until your next round starts by 5.


<Fortitude Advanced Use

You pick up your opponent and hold them for a round upside down by the waist. After the round you drop them to their head. In addition to dealing one point of aggravated damage, any damage you take in the round of pause is also passed onto the victim of the Tombstone.




>somehow the recent posts became a /wooo/ thread

what the fuck did i miss



Wrestling is just longform larp RP.


File: 923c9612e1cd545⋯.gif (811.71 KB, 250x250, 1:1, mystery.gif)


>Live Action Role Play Role Play


File: 29297aee24107f5⋯.jpg (70.57 KB, 677x320, 677:320, Fulgrim.jpg)


Nah, Ric Flair is Fulgrim.


File: a073db803a441bf⋯.png (518.77 KB, 480x636, 40:53, peasants please.png)


Its a very complex system, plebs like you wouldnt understand.



>After the swedish tradition


File: 72c89ee33b7b92a⋯.pdf (1.57 MB, Elysiumania.pdf)


Its still a work in progress and im a little under half done, but I guess I can crib and steal things every now and then. We'll see if we cant complete it in a couple more days of writing.


Which Transmutations from the 2e Promethean book would be most suited to faking psychic powers?


File: 0cf93ebe89dab38⋯.jpg (233.44 KB, 1234x589, 1234:589, Neonate Hogan.jpg)


Okay well I got most of the clan description/powers bit done up (most of it just cribbed from the main doc). I'm thinking taker is going to have to be a Nosferatu in the end (obfuscate makes a lot more sense for the black out / sudden appearances then giving thaum teles). Redid thaum to be a bit more well creepy and I gave it the classy shocker power. All news is good news. hoping to have a play doc ish ready in a few days.


File: a51263a9e778abf⋯.jpg (186.09 KB, 676x701, 676:701, Clan Brujah.jpg)

File: cf5abb4b65943e1⋯.jpg (281.99 KB, 663x817, 663:817, Clan Gangrel.jpg)

File: fbd462cdea9a631⋯.jpg (211.41 KB, 503x727, 503:727, Clan Malkavian.jpg)

File: 9d799bd97c384d3⋯.jpg (257.45 KB, 639x805, 639:805, Clan Nosferatu.jpg)

File: 0027924a5c4bcd1⋯.jpg (194.97 KB, 509x717, 509:717, Clan Toreador.jpg)


File: cf7588ff4071be6⋯.jpg (233.6 KB, 527x685, 527:685, Animalism.jpg)

File: 58e8ab0cc5d7bd8⋯.jpg (230.7 KB, 513x693, 57:77, Auspex.jpg)

File: 040da136573238f⋯.jpg (199.95 KB, 507x683, 507:683, Celerity.jpg)


File: 2d93e37a69288ca⋯.jpg (204.62 KB, 507x639, 169:213, Dominate.jpg)

File: d826268f4062402⋯.jpg (167.87 KB, 521x619, 521:619, Fortitude.jpg)

File: 941c82619f348b5⋯.jpg (210.03 KB, 525x679, 75:97, Obfuscate.jpg)


File: b5867eeaea4802f⋯.jpg (141.87 KB, 509x549, 509:549, Potence.jpg)

File: 31558e6f15fb9a2⋯.jpg (135.57 KB, 535x527, 535:527, Presence.jpg)

File: 31c81004b224d6b⋯.jpg (212.08 KB, 525x693, 25:33, Protean.jpg)

File: b5bac548251d0a5⋯.jpg (228.31 KB, 531x727, 531:727, Thaumaturgy.jpg)


File: 79032241adb7461⋯.jpg (5.51 KB, 170x203, 170:203, SecretNigga.jpg)


So I still gotta work on formating a little but I guess Im also looking for a bit of what am I missing. Some of the Disciplines I didnt want to change because it was two direct onto the core idea of the game (almost gave presence a promotion power but that seemed a little too on the nose). Also have to figure out how uniform I want to make the powers (the passive bits from potence and fort vs the per scene powers, trying to encourage wrestling like play instead of lol dominate your my bitch for 7 days now

but the good news is that I did this instead of watching raw which means I am much happier with life in general.


File: 45bb9327aa7ce27⋯.pdf (5.35 MB, Elysiumania.pdf)


well got 0th draft over. Time for revisions and editing.


Have they released the systems for Bloodlines in 2e yet?


The most recent Onyx Pathcast (a podcast) has an interview with Satyros Phil Brucato, one of the authors of Mage: The Ascension. It's got a few content warnings in there, so of course I looked those parts up. A quick summary:

- Evil is not a toy.

- Phil won't do a Nephandi Players Guide because he knows (mentally fucked up) people IRL who did black magic and saw what it did to them.

- He knows a rape victim who once played a game where he character was drugged, raped and impregnated with a demon baby.

- He claims that women playing RPGs get their characters raped all the time.

- He strongly dislikes this not because of SJW/feminism brainwashing, but because he has been raped and abused in the past.

- He dislikes the idea of the Technocrats as this big monolithic evil corporation.



File: b6754444f654dc7⋯.mp4 (260.65 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Gets1.mp4)


>he has been raped

Soy Detected


File: 680d19720011a30⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1025x762, 1025:762, anything about computers.PNG)

Where can I download the 20th anniversary VtM corebook pdf? I swore I had it, but now I can't find it.

t. torrent newbfag

I need it by Saturday to finish a character for a campaign a new storyteller is going to be running...



Ask in the fileshare thread.





Despite Bloodlines being a good game, Vampire the Masquerade was a pus­sification of the subject of vampires from its' gothic, anne rice copying, proto-Twillight inception.

Vampires are horrific monsters for good christians to send to Satan. Women re-imagined them as bad boys who make them so wet cause he might murder you. He's not really evil, he's just misunderstood, he's so sad and tragic, don't you want to be a super-powered immortal with no moral compunctions?

Burn them all.


Good to see that White Wolf are doubling down on the retarded degeneracy. Some things never change.



What are they pulling now?



Oh I was just speaking generally. Haven't looked into what's going on with nu-WoD and saw this thread just now.


File: 8eb0ecd753a6a41⋯.jpg (41.26 KB, 640x959, 640:959, raspberrytopping.jpg)

File: 86f2d6a1d932669⋯.jpg (78.51 KB, 800x450, 16:9, cookies.jpg)

I'm going to be playing an old clan Tzimisce moving to America. He will be moving to an apartment complex. What is the best way to sneakily blood bond all the residents.

1. is blood baked into cookies still usable as blood bonding?

2. how many people can a vampire blood bond? is there a limit?



In theory, as many as they can but if you want to keep them as ghouls it would mean a lot of out going blood to them, if you just blood bond them you have to understand they are addicted to your blood stronger than any drug as well as being in love with you harder than the craziest girlfriend. It makes for a lot of problems.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Okay still cleaning it up but better now. got an advancement section in there, working more on setting. Got a ric flair mummy discipline (and added a universal discipline to make it a bit easier to know what all your guy can do). Still workin, pdf making, file savin, self responding sunovagun





File: 5c0158654b09634⋯.pdf (7.54 MB, Elsyiumaniaw00001.pdf)






File: 5bf21e817bfe93f⋯.png (46.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Lineage - Zeka.png)

Zeka confirmed for being ported to 2e Promethean in its Night Horrors book.



File: ecc19d37e5ab137⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 480x264, 20:11, thinking.gif)

If you had to become (or discover that you are), a supernatural creature from the owod which type would you like to become.


File: fa04b8661032fbd⋯.jpg (118.88 KB, 615x768, 205:256, 1291066515320.jpg)


Mage. They were even more broken in owod.



Your question is flawed from the start, because nobody in any splat actually chooses to become a supernatural being. Maybe some vampires, but they're a vanishing minority.


How long does it take for a Promethean to switch from one Refinement to another in Second Edition?


File: 7dc9037300a442b⋯.jpg (143.94 KB, 1300x1065, 260:213, law.jpg)

Alright, so a ventrue vampire is doing some investigation in a dean's office.

Suddenly the door opens and a lawyer walks in. The ventrue does what the ventrue does, uses her 3 dots of dominate too remove the memory of the unlucky lawyer.

Unluckily for the ventrue the lawyer happens to be a 5 mind mage with a shield up.


a) does mind sphere block dominate?

b) could the lawyer immediately counter with his own dominate, or does he just have to fireball like a normal mage?



>a) does mind sphere block dominate?

Yes, if the Mage wins the Clash of Wills.

>b) could the lawyer immediately counter with his own dominate, or does he just have to fireball like a normal mage?

I think that the lawyer should be able to counter on his own turn, assuming he manages to beat the Mage's successes.


File: 89b1278a9666d73⋯.jpg (62.81 KB, 400x282, 200:141, wod_gts0202_felix.jpg)


The smart answer is mage, but I'd choose vampire.


New GM here. How many experience points should I award (as a baseline) for Classic WoD characters?


File: 1884d546b9e1c03⋯.jpg (377 KB, 1351x1004, 1351:1004, IMG_0331.JPG)

About how much potence and celerity does a vampire need to melee a werewolf?

Speaking of which, can a vampire with only combat(celerity, potence, and fortitude) disciplines still be interesting in a story driven game?



Didn't say they had to be a PC, so combat vamp can be an obstacle to avoid.


>maybe some vampires.

I'm pretty sure that's explicitly how the Tremere came to be vampires instead of mages. Also Hunters became Hunters instead of Bystanders by choice. Wraith is often a choice even if it's not a consious one. Orpheus are mostly by choice to my memory but the place of that in the oWoD is weird.



Oh and I think a good number of mummies, but I'm not too familiar with that line.



Jesus fucking christ



I like 20th anniversary


I've got a nChangeling question. Which of the four Courts handles crime and justice?


File: 987b8fafdab124c⋯.png (737.85 KB, 1280x891, 1280:891, I Seriously Hope You Assas….png)


>All that shit

>When the game is about literal monsters that prey upon humanity for food

>When the game's mythology includes motherfucking Cain himself and his constant fuckups throughout history and how they affect the vampires to the modern day

I know the news is a couple months old but nigger fucking what?

They must be retarded to think they can just say that shit and expect everyone to treat it as the gospels.



Regular Crime? probably Summer- go beat their asses in retribution.

Shit involving mysteries and other supernaturals? probably Autumn. Can't say no to more snooping through mysteries garbage.



Bit of both. I mean assassination of Court officials and dignitaries by operatives from another Freehold.



Autumn- they'll be tracing how they did it via mystical means, plus their whole "mysteries are our thing" schtick means espionage like this is 100% them.


File: 5f480d2e1b2e567⋯.jpg (51.87 KB, 720x994, 360:497, spanish civil war when.jpg)


>Fascism in Play

>neo-Nazi, "alt-righter"

But I am a falangist.

your criteria doesn't apply to me



Oddly enough there actually was a vampire comic that had a small group of SS Hunters. OFC all this did was highlight the edgy vampire on his search for his bloodsucking bro, but it's actually a thing. I forget the name of it but it was in a gn of about 4 other stories. One biker brujah, some ghost chick, a couple scheming bitches and an actually interesting Nosferatu.


File: 63b8bb427741481⋯.jpg (183.63 KB, 970x545, 194:109, IMG_0411.JPG)

File: 41238bd7e2d2ade⋯.jpg (49.96 KB, 480x480, 1:1, IMG_1833.JPG)

So arete is basically a mages rank in their tradition/convention right?

So in the traditions, dudes with arete 5 are the big head honchos? Is this the same with the technocracy, so a lad with arete 6 is likely to be a member of control? Or is mage rank dependent on backgrounds?



Diamonds and squares, man. The Traditions don't exactly look around for the highest Arete dudes in town and automagically put them in high positions because that's a terrible policy. As with everything you have to prove yourself, do favors for your organization and climb the ranks first, and that takes years. But yes, the bigger head honchos have a habit of being high Arete.


File: efd06aacc990c15⋯.png (534.34 KB, 832x1119, 832:1119, IMG_0631.PNG)


So if I was to make an older mage (arete 4-6), I would just tell my storyteller I want to be in a leadership position?

Do I have to spend points on it?


File: 14a9419cb9ebb48⋯.png (83.12 KB, 241x209, 241:209, what in the nine fucks.png)


What the fuck am I reading? Is this new VtM?


> Part of the political horror of Vampire: The Masquerade


> Fictionally experiencing seductive perspectives like blaming the Other, conforming to norms and fighting for a grand purpose, can help you spot these tendencies in yourself and others and diminish their power over you.

What will happen if I replace Fascism with Communism? Poster from the 50s?


> group of people working together

>By definition this is fascism

I'm pretty sure it isn't.

Also, GM doesn't guide the party, you narrativist reprobate.


>This is the second time I've seen RPG writers trying to forbid their players from playing something, like they have any power over that.

You are very young.


>out of curiosity what was the first? eclipse phase?

The first dates back to D&D. Not sure if Gygax had something specific to say about Evil alignment (I think he did), but Book of Necromancers explicitly said "no-no", and "fuck them over if they try" to GMs about players who'd try to play as ones.



>What the fuck am I reading? Is this new VtM?




No, you illiterate retard. You need to spend on Status dots to have a rank in any organization, that's independent of your Arete. Though you'd have to talk with your ST how your Arete 1 mage is the leader of his own Tradition.


File: 1466344c981fb32⋯.png (70.3 KB, 295x259, 295:259, veteran hunter opines.png)

How can we fix Beasts, besides ignoring and retconning them?


File: ee789ba13a6e1bf⋯.png (42.03 KB, 333x286, 333:286, 1418939277758.png)


You say that like ignoring and retconning them isnt the fix



There is no other way. Except possibly playing the Heroes instead and turning it into Paladin: The Purging or something.



Their concept (actually, flimsy justification for being some revenge and sadistic dickery fantasy) is that they're meant to teach people lessons by scaring the shit out of them. You can probably emphasize it and restrict them from meaningless intimidation and violence, forbidding the action against innocents. Forcing beasts to actually learn of people's mistakes and crimes, performing investigation in physical form, and then staging the whole intimidation so they would actually reconsider their choices.


That's also a tenet of communism. And pluralism. And shitload of other things. There's literally not a single ideology that didn't preach unity or collaboration, even in Randian wank stories the successful and ambitious would band together. You're reaching it.



Nah, he is not 'reaching it'.

It is the pillar of fascism, it even is the symbol of fascism (integralism (not the catholic term, but maybe also that if they had a flag/symbol) and national socialism comes second in also using the symbol of working together).

As well as the pillar of other ideologies as you have mentionend BUT:

The accusation that 'this is fascism' for every activity where diverse people come together in one mind to reach a goal (and work against anything that obstructs said goal as you left out in your previous condenstation of my post, which is the second pillar of fascism) has been used for decades by 'the left' (atleast here in Europe) against:

Sports Clubs

Hunting Lodges

Country Clubs

Lions/Rotary Clubs

Boy Scouts

Catholic Church

Corporations and corporate culture


accusations get even wilder when you introduce a hierarchy.

And regarding 'there is literally not a single ideology that didn't preach unity or collaboration'

Trueish, but one can differentiate by

Individuals - Everyone is made equal (to the lowest denominator)

Against the Enemy - Until there is no Enemy/There is no Enemy

For the State - For the People (while the others were more facsism vs communism this is the only part were that would not apply because communism, as implemented, is not for the poeple but national socialism was in contrast to italian fascism that was fore the state (everything with high degrees of abstraction ofcouse))


and those that fall in between.

An adventuring party falls heavily into 'fascism'.

Even more so, when you have combat trained individuals in it (for historic reasons).

Even more so, when they fight for 'the greater good'.

Or in the case of Vampire the Masquerade: For the Prince.


Is there any information on what level of Dark Thaumaturgy is needed for a Baali to cast the Rite of Apostasy?



I should either start taking aspirin, or up my alcohol consumption.


> tenents of fascism

I thought there weren't any. Definitely not, if it's tenants.

> the only form of fascism that people know ... strasserism also exists.

Strasserites couldn't even seize the power, unlike the multitude of others - from classical fascism of Mussolini, ultra-religious Romanian, Estado Novo, to contemporary movements that schizophrenically rally under anti-totalitarian banner (Chile), or even anti-fascist (Ukraine).


> Trueish, but one can differentiate by

It's not true-ish if you confirm that it is not defining feature.

It's properly "true" then.

> An adventuring party falls heavily into 'fascism'.

If you aren't baiting, make a separate thread for this.


> nobody in any splat actually chooses to become a supernatural being. Maybe some vampires, but they're a vanishing minority.


>Oh and I think a good number of mummies, but I'm not too familiar with that line.

Yep. Also, nWoD had Slashers (or is it old new WoD now?).



>> An adventuring party falls heavily into 'fascism'.

>If you aren't baiting, make a separate thread for this.

Not baiting, but why make a new thread for something that is considered common knowledge? (ok that comment was a bait, but initial claim was not)

While I might jokingly add, that also the hobby (Even those that write the SJW infested books now. They just do not know it yet.) is mainly fascistoid while holding only true for a slight majority of 'gamers' (that do not know it yet), the left and 'fascism studies' would agree that this is the case (and seem to alread have jumped the gun claiming this a few years back, that is why they 'invaded' the hobby to change it from within).

But as I said, that would be partly a joke with only a small kernel of truth.

For refference the following was already claimed as fascist (even though it could have been claimed by communists, but the left were the accusors so fascism it is.) and they all have a small kernel of truth to the matter in them (alteast in the Netherlands (don't know about the whole BeNeLux), Germany and France (and according to a friend in Denmark and Sweden)):

- People that 'flee the city' to live in the countryside

- Farmers that help their community and want no monetary compensation

- Gardeners that want to save local fruit trees and gift those fruits to child care centers

- Parents that help in the Kindergarden of their children

- Parents that educate their children to be modest and polite

- Children that prefer plain clothes or dresses

- The Smurfs

- Asterix

- Those that are into tiny homes

- Youths that voluntere in sports clubs or Churches without beeing ordered to.

But I am rambling again and loosing focus and derailing.


Polite sage.


File: 3364bc0720ff24e⋯.jpg (167.64 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 800px-Birlikte_-_Podiumsdi….jpg)

File: 1078fb8e080b9cb⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 620x349, 620:349, apothekenblatt.jpg)

File: 911d768982bea8b⋯.jpg (8.62 KB, 153x230, 153:230, Rozenczveig.JPG)


Präfaschismus (Protofascism) and rightists Kulturpessimismus (cultural pessimism), all of it.

t. Jean-Pierre Rozenczveig (Defence for Children International) and Anetta Kahane (Amadeu Antonio Stiftung and former Stasi informant)



from where did you come? because this formatting is a sure sign you are not from here




should I start fomatting

like this?

To show that I too am of your tribe of reddit men?

jokes aside. I never went to 4chan/tg/.

[spoiler]My main bases are here and on KC.[spoiler]


File: d81c3974ba2fe95⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1065x902, 1065:902, cringe.png)


>I never went to 4chan/tg/



File: b8e951743a91845⋯.png (3.13 KB, 379x426, 379:426, gibbe.png)

File: 12a631548b0ad05⋯.png (939.89 KB, 3000x4500, 2:3, ReiseHeinrich.png)

File: f220749b97d2383⋯.png (16.36 KB, 923x713, 923:713, ApuWargames.png)

File: 3f1b2f743454852⋯.png (15.9 KB, 500x500, 1:1, WorrySmug.png)


I think it gives the post a fitting final finesse.


File: 172254ec9522997⋯.png (25.63 KB, 512x512, 1:1, IMG_0362.PNG)

So for mages (mtas) with spirit magic, you can summon spirits and employ them. What in the world do spirits even want?



>What in the world do spirits even want?

Headpats and heavy cuddling.



> no, I'm not baiting, but I'll keep posting in this very thread pretending that it does not derail anything.

I must say I persist in believing that different thread would suit this discussion better.


> Also sage because I don't want to derail the thread with my autism.

You do realize that your post motivates responses that derail thread regardless of sage?

Here be my responses to both of you: >>396293



My fetish. Not the same guy, but I have never played any wod game, so in regards to mage, what sort of spirits are there, and what can you make them do?

Can you play as a Christian (whatever kind) priest and summon angelic spirits with your faith, or is faith more of a Hunter thing?


File: 0dfd4964f6aa250⋯.jpg (156.1 KB, 1600x1006, 800:503, IMG_1890.JPG)

File: 8571ed2a8d06f25⋯.jpg (85.28 KB, 432x1044, 12:29, IMG_1889.JPG)


You can easily create a priest that summons angels.

Mages change reality through willpower, and they use something called a focus (until they grow out of it), to focus the willpower.

Foci are stuff like faith, science, or voodoo. So a Christian mage could summon an angel through prayer, or a little girl could summon an “imaginary friend”. They are both using spirit magic, but differently.

Mage is a setting where literally anything can happen. You could have a mage that uses karate fight a technomancer and his cyborg tiger.


In a combat situation (2e NWOD), what stats would you give to a circular saw, a power drill and a nail gun?



Is that OWoD? Because I'm reading through the 2E NWoD of mage awaking, and I just passed the goddamn gay parade. Now THAT is something I want to call holy fire down on.


File: ed6c38e642c1914⋯.jpg (220.8 KB, 569x571, 569:571, angry_Gascoine.jpg)


>Magic Identity Politics

Fucking whyyyyyyyyy


File: 09a75bf366d68d0⋯.gif (914.41 KB, 245x230, 49:46, laff.gif)


But don'tcha know gays are like extramagic because breaking taboos are magic and totally not making the case for a nazi wizard who is only a nazi ironically to shitpost reality into giving him superpowers in a kind of esoteric hitlerism of magic.



Amusingly (and some would say appropriately) enough, that pic is in the Free Council subsection.


File: ec5d36b52853193⋯.jpg (116.55 KB, 1002x655, 1002:655, Arrows.jpg)


>Free Council

If you can sympathize with vampires you can sympathize with their masters the seers. They probably harbor scelesti too.

It's DIAMOND, not Pentacle.


File: 5d8238f887458ed⋯.jpg (16.57 KB, 570x570, 1:1, il_570xN.673867211_a13p.jpg)


It's owod. Breaking rules is one way you can work magic. However in owod demons literally exist, so if it looks gay or angry you are within your rights to purge for demons.

So pick a normal wizard clan (technocracy is good, and so are some orphans). And just act out the normal xenophobia present in every group.

remember the owod rules.

#1 kill everything you do not understand.

#2 always check corners for Nosferatu.



Your first mistake is touching 2e.

1st edition of Awakening was only your usual old White Wolf level retarded, not the full on window licking retarded of >current year Onyx Path.

There was a couple Legacies in 1e that let you summon Angels, or at least beings from the Aether that could pass for them. Choir of the Hashmallim being the one I remember. Eyes of Ain Soph and Ascended Adepts did pseudo-Christian stuff too, but really any Obrimos Mage of sufficient faith could have the theme if you wanted them to.




These are all good tips, but where's the oWoD trove? I haven't found it. Do have to enter cuck/tg/s share thread to find it?



Considering your mooching and its a staple yeah you probably have to enter their share thread. Or you can google it 9/10 times anyway. It doesn't make a lot of sense to double up on those things.



>Your first mistake is touching 2e.

Its one saving grace is that it has better crunch.


What kind of gestures or phrases would be mostly innocuous or not that big a deal in mortal society but a serious affront among (NWOD) Changelings?


File: 9e19681468a5248⋯.png (12.86 KB, 250x211, 250:211, 987844321.png)


>Peekaboo/handswipe between sock and buskin

<Pulling at the ear tips for elf ears

>Making your hands into a butterfly, then smushing it

<Why they left Never Never land?

>Where's the end of the rainbow, I need some gold?

<Could I borrow a cup of pixie dust?

>Thwack them with a bible and scream obscenities against pagans

<Mention how the simulacrum wasn't found out, meaning their torturous Fae time was their first and only personality trait of distinction

>Mention how they aren't being actively hunted, meaning they didn't even mean much to the Fae


A member of our group wants to try his hand at GMing and wants to do a cross-splat NWoD game.

Everyone knows going cross-splat in OWoD is a fool's errand, but how is the balance in NWoD between creature types? I used to hear that it was fine but now half the discussion across the internet on the matter says it's poorly balanced.

How about balance against the 3rd party books like Princess, or Genius?



An even bigger mess. Prometheans don't play nice with anyone that isn't a Beast, Vampires can't go outside during the day, Hunters have to juggle their allies with their duties, Mages wipe their asses with anything you can throw at them and when Sin-Eaters get Industrial Boneyard 5 they become capable of uprooting an area the diameter of Manhattan and throwing it around with only 6 successes.


Would a blood sample from a Fetch be subject to the same thing that happens to body parts they lose, i.e. become what they were made of?



File: 71d8ae898188e44⋯.png (990.1 KB, 1315x791, 1315:791, Feeding Babies.PNG)

File: a0119023a7479b2⋯.png (259.98 KB, 1347x822, 449:274, Rudi's Army.PNG)

File: d124fd83d5f1331⋯.png (400.35 KB, 1379x918, 1379:918, Methuselah Worship.PNG)

File: 307891ad79436dc⋯.png (942.89 KB, 1094x576, 547:288, Bulma the Vampire.png)

I just went through the two books and... it's a whole fucking lot of nothing. 402 pages across both books, 20 pages of rules in total. 2 of which are even fucking reprints of Loresheets from the core book, namely the Descendant of Xaviar and Tyler ones.



Sin-Eaters have all kinds of fun ways of being broken, God Machine Chronicles makes 1/1 and 2/2 armor be significant so a Sin-Eater with the conversion rules can have 3/3 +X/X armor on with almost any of the manifestations which give an armor bonus for the mere price of activating it.



>Spending money on VtM5.0

Wouldn't even download for free tbh



As an expert on both these topics, she would clearly be a wilder Satyr--- or possibly a Pooka, but wilder in any case. You're welcome.



>Feeding Babies

So, they adaptet momforum posts into Vampire the Masquerade and sell them for money?

Funny for two replies and then cringy for the rest two pages.

But then again those "fluff" stuff was always cancer.

So what are the 9 pages of rules per book about?



just checked myself.

Camarilla Loresheets:

Carmelita Neillson

Fatima Al-Faqadi

Fiorenza Savona

Pure Ventrue Lineage

The Cult of Mithras

They Pyramid

Victor Ash

Anarch Loresheets:

Salvador Garcia

Agata Starek

Hesha Ruhadze

The Church of Set

Descendants of Xaviar

Descendants of Tyler

Ruins of Carthage

Blood Plagued

Anarch Revolt

if those can be classified as Rules.


File: 53bb419387044b1⋯.webm (5.28 MB, 900x600, 3:2, fucking degenerate.webm)


>antifa vampires




There are also the Banu Haqim and The Ministry (of Set) as well as a few new snippets of Clan Lore.



They also have the brass balls to advertise that shitty CYOA games they crapped out in the Anarch book. Please tell me the 20th anniversary stuff is outselling this dross.




Yeah, two pages for the Setites in the Anarch book and two on the Assamites in the Camarilla book. The rest is loresheets, two of which are reprints.



I do not know what is shittier:

-Reusing Artwork from the Core Rules throughout the Book

-Inconsequent Page Layout

-Cringy fluff

-The only thing new are "one clan"/"two pages of rules" per book.

-Charging 35 Pound for it

-Charging 15 for the PDF

-Having the PDF listed as SOLD OUT

I think it is: All of the above.



> increase poz 1000%

>Still not woke enough.

Paradox do not know what the fuck they are doing with this, do they?



>It is, by and large, a game which has always championed the rights of queers and minorities.

[quote]Unfortunately, in the recent supplement THE CAMARILLA, they had a chapter where the real-life nation of Chechnya has had its ongoing genocide depicted as being the product of....vampires looking for a free meal. It treats the herding of queer citizens into literal death camps, happening now in our world, as a distraction by supernatural entities and "media manipulation" designed to divert from the wholly fictitious actions of magical creatures.[/quote]

>It's not the depiction of oppression that's the problem but the fact it's using real life oppression and attributing it to fictional beings, confusing the issue.

Man, just like they think Dracula is a Vampire and Vampires are everywhere in the shadows.

I am almost speechless at how anyone would conflate the real world with prentend play to be vampires.

But then again he wrote:

>I have a life. It consists of living in my suburban house I call my "Haven" where I live with my dark mistress and my ghouls that are not just my wife and ghouls. It's just a game, yes, but removing a chapter is not going to wreck the WOD forever. I love Vampire: The Masquerade.



It just needs to be long enough ago.

>I practice the 100 year rule. Vampires can be behind the Civil War (in fact, all plantation owners are Ventrue or Toreador), the Spanish Flu was a Tremere virus, and WW1 was started by the Brujah. However, if anyone is actually alive to have experienced it or its ONGOING? No.



>systematic anti-LGBT purge

>literal death camps

<100 faggots were jailed

But also:

>It is the evil Russians


<just following Sharia law

<article 148 of the Chechen penal code made all "sodomy" punishable by caning after the first two offences and punishable by execution after the third offence



What's the turn around record from whining Twitter post to company Mea Culpa?



>removing a chapter is not going to wreck the WOD forever.

Nope but removing chapter after chapter, idea after idea and replacing it with bland, hypocritical pc shit definitely will. Just like a dirty wound it is not always the size but the intent of the injury that kills.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Live right now, also, Nosferatu best clan


File: a49554dd360634f⋯.png (22.56 KB, 360x171, 40:19, No More Obtenebration.PNG)

Obtenebration has been axed as a standalone Discipline. It's been combined with Necromancy to form the new Discipline of Oblivion.



Hey Lasombra players, welcome to the fucked corner along with the Malks.

Fuck can anyone think of 1 good development since V5 came out?



W-what did they do to Malks?



Dementation as a discipline is gone. It's now the 3rd dot of Dominate



>use this furor to promote ways we can help the victims and targets of the genocide

100 (criminal) gays in prison is not a genocide


File: 6fd6e984ae8308a⋯.jpg (89.78 KB, 445x897, 445:897, DrgWUfuUcAEUBPF.jpg)

Just for those that want to know what they complain about.



>controvery is such a loaded word

>genocide is never a distraction

>this is like the holocaust you can not make it darker by putting in vampires it is all humans and not monsters that are evil

>the gays have made vampire great, this is literally hitler, sell your assets now


File: dac06a603d7a20e⋯.png (12.81 KB, 567x176, 567:176, Sell.png)


>the gays have made vampire great, this is literally hitler, sell your assets now

Thought it was a joke.

It isn't.


File: b7b8801fbde43c7⋯.png (10.67 KB, 576x171, 64:19, I do not even buy your pro….png)

File: 63d6a05b0270558⋯.png (15.86 KB, 602x224, 43:16, Fire Zak.png)



Absorbed in Paradox- oh dear. Now there is 0 barrier between the Swedes and the licence.




What's about? More first world manchild and furfags/queers crying about "edgy" stuff? These idiots don't even dream that on my table full of no whites we are all extreme right-wingers, tho we only want to have fun, not political shit.

Knowing this shit only encourages me to set up a table again only with Fomori degenerate players fucking with babies, mutilating trannies and all kinds of edgy shit.



>What's about? More first world manchild and furfags/queers crying about "edgy" stuff?

Not even edgy stuff.

It is about the concept of vampire owned cities where the masquerade does no longer apply and the mortal governments turn a blind eye because of corruption or other means.

To illustrate this they used Chechnya as an example where Vampires feed freely in the chaos. So the "gay community" was appaled because: "How can you use a current real world example and say "Vampires did it" when those monsters in Chechnya who hunt the gays are human." (reffering to 100 criminal homosexuals that got incarcerated in muslim sharia controlled chechnya)

They then bring in the holocaust and try to one up another to show that jailed homosexuals are genocide and the worst you can do and that we must free them and give your money plox.



You ever fucked up so badly that your company gets wiped and you can't write your own books anymore?



They actually cucked themselves to death. A new level beyond go woke, go broke. Holy shit someone contact internet historian for this fucking gold mine.



That sounds like high grade virtue signalling.


I swear to God it's getting hard not to shitpost about the Chechnya thing. The book "New Wave Requiem" treated the AIDS epidemic as an inconvenience. Mostly I'm just wanting to see White Wolf fucking evaporate. I doubt it'll cool off the bullshit liberal activist edginess but whatever.



The question is, will anything actually change or will paradox make them virtue signal even harder?



I don't think so. For the most part I haven't seen Paradox do absurd amounts of virtue signaling. When pressed, I'm sure they'd give the Human Resource/Corporate PR Diversity response. I don't think they'll virtue signal any harder. Or less, really. Then again fuck it, I don't think they could any harder without ignoring the game entirely and just make a 700 page manifesto calling for the public execution of Drumph. Not that I'd put it past them.



The Chechens are getting involved as well.

>White Wolf distributor in Moscow has been called into court in Chechnya. Will be forced to give names or they go to jail.


File: aff6df203b7b24e⋯.webm (1.63 MB, 624x480, 13:10, burnslaugh.webm)


File: 85f3789f82caa35⋯.mp4 (5.6 MB, 640x480, 4:3, ¡Felicidades!.mp4)


well same is true for NSDAP


simbly ebin


File: 305ffebbc6ff8e1⋯.jpg (41.02 KB, 500x490, 50:49, onlydeadscout.jpg)


>Whatever face they present, the player characters should be given the satisfaction

<But not if its anything right wing!

Might as well just pre-generate all the characters and make it soley a bash-the-fash rpg. "Player driven narriative? Whats that?"


On a note unrelated to this shitshow, core CofD and the big three will join the Storytellers Vault soon. The others are coming at a later date.



Lord almighty. This is the next level of digging your own grave. This is arranging your own execution and mentioning that they can just dump you in a ditch afterwards. Even I can see, even if I don't at all think this is morally reprehensible or actively taking blame away from real humans or what have you the SJWs believe, that this is tactless.

Did they really think that in the current political climate, after the previous drama, they could publish this without the shitstorm going on now?



These morons always seem to think they're immune to saying retarded shit because they're "on the right side of history".


File: 987931298841425⋯.png (51.53 KB, 736x603, 736:603, tumblr_p90279kXGM1uyqjq7o8….png)


>Paradox Interactive integrates White Wolf, cuts "disrespectful" passages from Vampire: The Masquerade



You're really late to the party. Also, archive that shit.


File: 9db74ebb6a5ddf4⋯.jpg (7.65 KB, 219x230, 219:230, images.jpg)


>At any rate, this part of the game has not gone down well with the region’s authorities. Developers tried “to blacken Russia and Chechnya,” Kadyrov’s spokesman told Kommersant, calling the game synopsis “immoral and unscrupulous.”

So, both the president of chechenya and the sjw thinks that its an inmoral subject to speak of.


>Developers tried “to blacken Russia and Chechnya,”

Well, its World Of Darkness.


File: 2725c19bce78410⋯.jpg (604.39 KB, 870x1305, 2:3, 651b2e384e4a64125c1e66fb01….jpg)


Just remember its totally ebin to call out the fash and stick up for queers as long as chechnya of all places tells you to. Totally not perpetuating tyranny there and caving like a little bitch boi to give up the first and best thing 'murica has given you.


Oh, and the Editor-in-Chief for the Anarch book is listed as one Karim “Beach” Muammar. I wonder what he has to gain with allowing a passage that makes light of killing queers.



That's real? A Nuwisha wrote that for sure, its just a joke



Tyranny of what? It's literally muslims doing muslim shit. There's no tyranny, that's how they live.


File: 9a704cc36d22168⋯.jpg (77.88 KB, 654x602, 327:301, 9a704cc36d2216850b39d55df2….jpg)

>want to own putler and show how woke you are

>trigger muslims

>trigger fags

>paradox wants none of that shit and quits

>all because somebody couldn't hold from virtue signaling

This is the definition of a self-own


File: 9c04e58c8b2de27⋯.jpg (25.01 KB, 624x352, 39:22, It_Burns.jpg)

So since V5 and everything around it seems to be a trainwreck, I've been thinking about getting a text based game going with anons from /tg/ and /v/ (the bloodlines crowd), to play V20. Anyone interested?

Just gauging interest right now, to see if I can get a full group of anons together on the same night. Not an official advertisement, so I'm not putting it in the Game Finder yet. Watching V5 fucking burn with /v/ got me waxing nostalgic about OWoD.



Spaniard here: the correct one would be cam-ah-ree-yah, which is what I think he was going for with the latter. But I don't know how you English speaking people figure out spellings for imported or made up words, so that may be how you read the first one.

By the way, a "camarilla" in Spanish would be a small chamber or council. It sounds kinda funny.



Why not VTR?


File: a11c887336ec24f⋯.jpg (332.7 KB, 860x555, 172:111, Malkavian.jpg)


I actually like the OWoD fluff, for the most part. At least the Vampire stuff. Bloodlines is what got me into WoD in general.

I tried looking into Requiem a while back and I just didn't like the fluff, though I'll admit it wasn't a deep dive into it. It wasn't SUPER awful (like V5 bad), but I wasn't a fan. Based on what I've seen, the preference for OWoD instead Requiem is pretty common as well. Seems like it'd be a better draw for Anon's.



Probably US timezone? If so would you be willing to do it on a weekend for any europoors?


File: e707ee488753493⋯.jpg (126.61 KB, 518x316, 259:158, Time_Zones.jpg)


Yah, US timezones. Weekend would be optimal for me at least, not sure about the other players yet. I'll be posting a campaign pitch PDF + Disposable email soon once I'm done writing it. Anybody interested can contact that email to get into the discord server + roll20 game once its setup.

This is all assuming that I'm the ST. If somebody else steps up, who knows what the fuck will happen.



I am the only Hunter in a party of Vampires (they don't know yet), and I am about at their power level. Maybe not in combat, but I compensate by being a batshit insane vampire hunter.

First off, we start with level 2 experience (+35 freebie XP for Vampires, +37 for Hunters). This already closes the gap a bit. The GM both gimped and boosted me in order to be weaker than I should, but to avoid setting off any alarms at first. The houserules are:

>I have no cell, no compact, no conspiracy, no allies. In fact, some Hunters tried to kill me once, so I am not in good terms with them.

>I can pull some tactics on my own

>I've got a priest True Friend which can help me out with blessing water and weapons. Holy Water is effective to a certain point, mostly a self defense tool because it doesn't really kill most Vampires.

>I don't automatically glow up like a a casino neon sign in the Auspex. Can pass off as a vampire.

>I can succ a bit of a human's soul with a kiss (mostly harmless, it regenerates just like blood) to avoid eating or sleeping for two days.

>I don't age because lore.

>Can't get Endowments through usual means because no cell, but even if I could, many of them are strictly forbidden because lore.

>I don't automatically fall prey to Vampire tricks. This means I can fight off Domination and the likes like a regular Vampire.

The rest is the usual system. This is a Renaissance game, so I have it even harder because high tech makes humans much more deadly, but since I have 5 INT 5 Science and Physics and Alchemy specializations in it (which makes me Da Vinci tier), I can do some nasty stuff with explosives which can burn down Vampires if they run into any stage I have previously planned. I also have Resources 5, so getting all those black powder barrels shouldn't be much of an issue. The GM also let me buy a lot of weapons from the Armory and hide them in my dress cute grill with 4 in Striking Looks to compensate for her just average social skills and a leather armor to survive just a bit in case I ended up facing a Vampire face to face without preparation (because let's be real, a combat-oriented Vampire would absolutely destroy me even if my character is minmaxed as fuck), so I am fairly confident in surviving for long. You just have to be creative with your resources and use less conventional methods, but it is doable. That said, don't mix in Mages in your game. It is just going to end badly



Any sort of ETA on when and where you're posting that? Saw your posts on /v/, suddenly have a mighty urge to play.


File: 5799c2a362b2c7e⋯.gif (797.13 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Cup.gif)


I'm working on a PDF text document that explains the setting, themes of the game, rules, etc. Basically the "All you need to know before you apply" kinda thing. It should be done within the next day or two. When its done, I'll be posting it with a disposable email so people can start applying for the game. Sorry its taking a while, just trying to make sure this all gets done right. First time doing something like this on 8chan (or any chan for that matter).



No worries, friend. Looking forward to it.




Also looking forward to it, but probably going to have to learn the online systems for this sort of stuff (this would be the first roll based RPG I participated in). So forgive any retardation on my part...


File: 6096e3fefc6ec82⋯.jpg (164.78 KB, 1191x1600, 1191:1600, Turkey_Vampire.jpg)

File: b55b7dfca8bb46e⋯.pdf (278.87 KB, The_Rose_City_Bites - Copy.pdf)

Happy Thanksgiving anons.

I've got the initial game pitch document done, finally.

If your interested in playing VTM, send your initial character concepts and available playtimes (and timezones) to:




I think WW went with "cam-ah-rill-ah" on the justification that the Cam was established before modern Spanish pronunciations.


File: 7e36ecec9f28d5d⋯.jpg (126.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Is_this_kine_serious.jpg)


So apparently that disposable email only keeps mail for an hour before deleting it. Thats....Less then useful. If anyone has contacted that address, I'm not seeing it in the invox, so apologies. Switching to a new service thats hopefully less shit.

Lets try this again, with less faggotry hopefully. New email I can be contacted at: slohaprulu@memsg.top

Apologies for any inconvenience.


File: 4ee3405a9670777⋯.jpg (65.62 KB, 403x473, 403:473, Bandenkampfabzeichen.jpg)


>What would a non-pozzed version of the Loyalists of Thule look like?

>Descendants of the Fallen Reich

>public face of the Organization is the Charity Internationaler Verein zur Zusammenführung von Wehrmachtsangehörigen (International Society for Meetups of Wehrmacht relatives)

>all members are descendants of German WW2 veterans, priests and government workers that had run into monsters during the war

>their grandparents may have been executed for the war crime of exterminating a village in Eastern Europe, but they know the truth since they have inherited the war diaries or been told stories by grandma and know about the beasts their ancestors encountered

>Churchill said he would make a deal with the devil if it helped defeat Hitler and after researching their ancestors stories, they have proof of at least one occasion where the Allied used demonic entities to help their war effort

>still even shit like the secret US project "Captain America" that planned to create super soldiers, but only spewed out zombies Herbert West style, doesn't explain the records of what happened in the Qattara Depression in Africa

>they can't tell anybody, since the people will just think they are a bunch of Nazi Nutjobs trying to deny the war crimes of Nazi Germany

>in their cellars, their attics and old mine tunnels hidden in the woods are still the tools developed by their grandparents to fight the beasts, but they cannot take them out into the streets or else they have to fear persecution thanks to the heavy Nazi ornaments on those tools

>during their youth most of them thought those stories were bullshit, until they saw the signs of monster activity in their neighborhood that their ancestors stories describe

>despite the revelations or because of it the organization is split into two camps, that begrudgingly work with one another

>one faction sees the need to fight the monsters, but they still have a strong dislike, almost a phobia against anything that has to to with the Nazis

>the other faction sees the hidden truth as a proof that their ancestors were on the right side of history and often turn into arrogant unapologetic supporters of right wing movements

>what unites them is their burning hate for the beasts, be it redemption or revenge the Descendants will finish what their ancestors started


File: f75be623341a1d5⋯.jpg (66.02 KB, 639x497, 9:7, god.jpg)

In Owod God exists right?

Does he have stats? I'm thinking he's a mage with Arete 10 Will 10 and all spheres at 10. That would explain why he doesn't act a lot, paradox would be horrible.

Can mages create supernatural races? could a mage have created caine? could a mage create werewolves?



Yes, God does exist. And he (or as Lucifer insists, she) does not have stats. In fact, God is not even in the setting, and neither are his angels. If you go through the Demon: the Fallen lore, heaven is fucking empty and has been so for millennia.

As for the other part, you're kinda right. In Ascension (the end game book for oMage), it's explicitly stated that once humanity Ascends (as in, each and every one of us becomes an Arete 10 ubermage due to some metaphysical fuckery) the end result is countless universes being created. Each person - from a tired Technocrat to a nasty Nephandi to an excited Etherite - gets exactly what he wanted, when they become Divine and fuck off to their own version of the Universe that they created. So, yeah. God being an Ascended Mage is definitely possible.

Another thing that supports that claim is that Prime 10 lets you create your own mini-universe, Correspondence 10 lets you be everywhere at once, and so on. Having Mind 10 lets you psychically exist everywhere as some astral background noise. So God having 10 in all spheres would make him omnipotent, mechanically-wise.

This also kinda ties in with Hunter, since the two Messengers (supposedly only remaining angels of God) are leftovers from a previous universe (if you wanna go bonkers, they're the Ebon Dragon and the Scarlet Empress, from Exalted). This ties with both the Wheel of Ages - how the universe is always reborn from the previous one - and the idea that Mages from one universe create the next one based on their own experiences with it.

As for the Mages/Caine part. A lot of scrapped material suggests that Caine was a Mage, and that him killing Abel was the first Paradox in the freshly created universe. Because humans were originally immortal, Caine used the stone as the first focus, murdered Abel, and the resulting Paradox created the Underworld, mortality and so on. So yeah, you can see why this part was scrapped.

Creating supernatural races is also possible with Life 10. Combine it with Spirit 10 or whatever, and you pretty much can create whatever the fuck you want. Though, again, if you go with DtF, Werewolves and other shit are descended from either abandoned angels, or the Nephilim. Or, once again, if you go with the scrapped material, the first Paradox was such a fuckup that the universe started cracking, and these cracks gave birth to the other supernaturals.

To note, this is all speculation and you're as always free to make up your own shit. This is also why nobody likes Mages, because they claim they are behind everything and will shit up all potential ideas with "durr, I can do that with X at 10!".



Spirits start off as small motes of Essence (basically Spirit stuff). When that mote ties itself to something from the material realm, that mote starts to take on the properties of whatever the fuck it tied itself to. That way you get Spirits of mountains, rivers, toys, or even anger and shit like that.

Now, as that material thing changes and evolves over time, so does the Spirit. For example, when that mountain Spirit first popped up, the mountain was cold and full of dangerous animals (lets say bears), so he too became dangerous and took on the shape of a stone bear. When the first humans moved in and started hunting, he became hostile and started acting out by sending forth animals, causing rock slides, shit like that. Eventually humans declared the mountain to be a holy place, inhabited by powerful entities, and turned it into a holy place. The Spirit follows suit, and becomes a guardian and a provider for his people, as long as you don't insult him - when his primal side shows up.

You get the idea. Spirits change and evolve over time. Their only goal - their only want - is to survive as long as possible. And because they're inevitably tied to whatever gave birth to them in the first place, they have to make sure it survives as long as possible as well. So Wolf Spirits always hunt in packs, with the alpha being the leader of the pack. If wolves end up extinct, so too do the Wolf Spirits. Toy Spirits always play, and grow weaker the more you ignore your toys and don't use them. Rage Spirits need people to be angry, and so will cause mass hysteria or cause all sorts of nasty shit to happen so they can sustain themselves longer.

Spirits are selfish dicks, in short.


Yes and yes.



No. The higher your Arete, the stronger spells you're able to cast. Simple as that.

Now, to increase your Arete, you have to spend XP, because the only way (in-game, not talking mechanically here) is for your character to undergo a Seeking and learn something new about how the Universe works. This means a deeply personal quest for your character, where he reexamines himself and all the shit he's gone through.

Because of that, the guys in charge are experienced and grizzled assholes, who've been around the block and fought several times with Nephandi, Technocrats, and who knows what else. That's why they're the head honchos - they have the experience to back it up.

It's also possible to have a low-Arete high-experience character in the council. Think Batman. This dude, for example, is stuck at Arete 2 because he didn't have time for his own spiritual quest, but he's an absolute beast skill-wise. He's a former cop that ended up drafted when the war started in his homeland, lived innawoods when he went rogue, stuff like that. He might not be capable of raping your Mind with just a look, but the guy is capable of organizing guerrilla tactics and fighting like nobody else, and that's why he's the head honcho.



>only combat disciplines


Lets go for a Brujah, as the most "boring" clan. This guy was embraced sometime around the Battle of the Alamo. Maybe he was another outlaw, maybe he came down there for a fresh start, or maybe he came down there for a good death. Maybe all of those things. Who knows, he isn't telling.

What we do know is that, after he became a vampire, he blazed a trail of murder across the States, and that since then nobody's been able to put a stop to him. The good news is that this guy apparently hunts down the really Evil (with a capital E) vampires, and that he has a raging hateboner for the Baali.

Guess what? He's coming for your Prince. Have fun with the implications, and have fun with an unstoppable vampire cowboy coming down to purge your town of sinners.



You're an Old Clan, you have Dominate instead of Vicissitude, use it.

Or, if you want to be more creative, throw a party and have everyone drink from the Blood Bowl. That way you won't risk Vitae getting baked, and you can impress your guests as a host, which will make sure they keep coming back to you for more.



Alternatively, use Animalism, get Vermin Ghoul(s) and use them to taint the water supply or their food with your blood.

That way you get everyone in that building.



After doing some research, I've found some stuff out about spirits. Thanks for your guys answers.

>spirits can be anything

spirits can be anything from demons to Johnny Depp.

>to pay a spirit for services rendered you have three options

1) quintessence

2) increasing a spirits stats with the spirit spheres

3) taking care of the stuff spirits care about (i.e killing rival spirits, taking care of shrines, etc)

All of those are easy for a mage to do, and spirits deal agg damage without paradox. Nasty.



That's a poor way to introduce the Brujah, their shtick is their passion and philosopher bent even after they fell from grace so long ago.



>spirits can be anything from demons to Johnny Depp.

In nWoD, there is no Spirit of Man. Humans have souls, but no Spirits. Nations have Spirits, planets have Spirits, animals have Spirits, everything except humanity has Spirits.

Not so sure about oWoD. Sure, there are Spirits of everything under the Sun (and even outside of it - from eldritch horrors behind the stars to embodiments of Paradox), but I am not sure if there is a Spirit of Man in oWoD. Maybe? Dunno.


Animalism is always fun. Not really sure what the math behind that would be, how many sips of ghouled animal blood would it take for a human to become addicted to you?



Eh, not sure if they created the metrics for something like that (I don't think the blood of a ghoul holds enough of a charge to blood bond mortals), but having your animal ghouls physically carry your blood through the water supply could probably be worked through and be somewhere in the vicinity of three tastes on three different nights for the human populace of the apartments to love and adore you..



File: 2d62460390907a4⋯.webm (1.99 MB, 964x542, 482:271, Gondola_Jap_Convenience_S….webm)


>*deep breath*

>screams at monitor

>Nazis are the real problem

Oh hohoho, what a barrel of cringe this is. I'm having a hard time not looking away in disgust and schadenfraude. These faggots sure love their dog whistles. I wasn't even aware that VtM5 was suppoused to be for neo-nazis. Never mind the gays and the trannies and the pedo pre-written character (all things "neo-nazis" should hate), the writer completely forgets that "nazis" are puritans. A desire for a pure people, a pure land, lineage and genes. A fascist vampire IS terrifying. A killing machine that can charm you or command animals to kill you, causing further destruction. I can see the bottles of soylent the writer indulged in while writing this.

>chapter 6 - I am so fucking tired

I bet. He must be tired from being triggered all the time. I bet he has aids and is a furry. Lord oh lord, thanks for the archive. Have a fucking gondola.



That lip smacking sound you hear is them eating their own again.



>Dog Dice

>0. Vampires can be fascists

>1. Using Secret Clubs that run the world is code for the jews

>2. Charlotesville is bad, having a vampire drink blood of children is pedophilia and you cater to that crowd because you use secret language only fascists (and I) can devicer as beeing evil. (Also I am triggered by you using the word triggered)

>3. Two reviews on Drivethrough RPG not liking a Transdisabled character is another Shoah and sign that your fanbase are already Nazis

>4a. Gamergate, because Zak worked for Onyx Path, that means Whitewolf is Gamergate

>4b. Charlotsville again: Mark Reinhagen thinking that giving Neo-Nazis a Platform is bad, makes him almost a Neo-Nazi himself because he correctly insinuated the fact that the Antifa attacked first, also he used the word Gypsy in the 90s

>5. Repeat of Point 0. Vampires can be fascists (Brujah Text snippet)

>6. Supreme Gentleman, everyone is political aware, current year

<You should buy Onyxpath Products like Pugmire

wait a minute.... that are those evil Nazis that employed Gamergate Zak....

<You should buy Sigmata: This Signall Kills Fascists

even though you can play a white supremacist and anarcho capitalist

<You should buy Call of Cthuhlu

even though Lovecraft was a racist

I quote >>401785

<What a barrel of cringe


File: f68de1b979ad6c6⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 1169x1700, 1169:1700, __erwin_rommel_mc_axis_ori….jpg)


I'd honestly be more ashamed of pumping away at a dead body like dogs or motherboard then being a nazi at this point.



><You should buy Call of Cthuhlu

But CoC is unpozzed.



Might be true, but the "community" is not.




Could have sworn I read somewhere that they were redoing a lot of the story to align with "community standards". I just don't remember if that was the RPG or the boardgame. More or less this non-European setting, characters, and story needs more fixes to be less colonial, and more post-colonial.

It gets reduced as

>You should buy Call of Cthuhlu

>even though Lovecraft was a racist

>because we are good liberals that fixed Lovecraft's stories




The Cthulhu cult becomes a kind of magickal/anarchist revolt against white hegemony? Perhaps.



But isn't the entire point the fact that since the fall of Carthage, the Brujah have been losing the philosophical aspect of their clan over the centuries to the point where in the modern era they're little more than thugs that can barely stick together for more than one goal before they eventually fall to infighting since every Brujah thinks their way is the right way?


File: 094d0e471b94dfc⋯.jpg (20.76 KB, 295x384, 295:384, Bela_Lugosi_as_Dracula,_an….jpg)



Vampires represent a combination of all the things the right fears about the left -- a breakdown of traditional morality and sexuality, a rejection of religion (there's a reason you can ward off a vampire with a cross), and the seduction and corruption of the innocent. It's everything Mom and Dad fear when their little girl goes off to college. . . . Dracula reinvented the vampire as someone whose bones you would walk over your mother's grave to jump. It worked then for the exact same reason they work now -- they were the absolute inversion of conservative Victorian ideals. Prim and proper English ladies, after being bitten by the Count, became oversexed slutbags who abandoned their maternal duties to indulge in depravity. The motive of the vampire invasion was to turn England into the Jersey Shore.

The Vampire is invariably a foreigner. Virtually every portrayal of Dracula from Bela Lugosi to the "Count" on Sesame Street has him speaking with a thick eastern European accent. According to Davis, when Dracula arrives in England, he starts "converting" people into the same kind of monster that he is. What really stirs the heroes into action is that the new legion of ex-humans are aggressively loyal to Dracula, not to Britain.

If Dracula had been written in the age of the Occupy Wall Street protests, he'd be wearing a yarmulke. Hitler's frequent references to vampires in Mein Kampf had Hitler equate vampires with Jews. It was Jews--in particular, Jewish financiers--who were bleeding Germany dry in the 1920s, and the same themes are now starting to emerge in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

In a youtube video that has gone viral, Patricia McAllister, a black public school teacher from Los Angeles who had come to Zuccotti Park to join the Occupy Wall Street Protests, claimed that the "Zionist Jews who are running the banks ... need to be run out of this country." /watch?v=IMjm4LxFa1c

The best-selling book's implicit messages: Dracula's 'blood-sucking,' his aversion to the crucifix, his "strange accent" that switches "v" and "w," (Y'ddish they simply meant), his hoards of gold, his lack of true nationality, his lust for women, his parasitism, all conform to ... certain stereotypes that were peaking at the close of the 19th century, when Eastern European Jewish emigration to Britain was at a height. The 1931 film version starring Bela Lugosi made it explicit: Dracula wears a Star of David prominently around his neck. The original 541-page manuscript of Dracula, believed to have been lost, was found in a barn in northwestern Pennsylvania during the early 1980s.

"My revenge has just begun! I spread it over centuries and time is on my side." -- Dracula

Where is the lie, Anon?


File: 2030f46b4581372⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 782.41 KB, 720x540, 4:3, unknown.png)

Rail-thin diseased geys, much like vampires, with their corpse-like body evoke de-subjectivation, physical degeneration, and abjection.

I'd always thought geys were regular people, just like you and me, and that the stereotype of homosexuals as hedonistic, sex-crazed deviants was just a destructive myth. But then I came to learn The Truth, that, like the vampire, such creatures represent an outside contaminant that has lodged in a member of the social body and now stands to sicken the whole populace. [...] Thus, when villagers united to do away with one of their own [...] they affirmed that they would not allow foreigners to incorporate them, a fate even worse than death.

Everything I have witnessed has cemented in my mind a debauched and distorted image of "gay life" straight out of the most "virulent right-wing hate literature". And yet we are told to deny our "lying eyes"?



In terms of psychological development, narcissism is a personality disorder which is oftentimes known as "borderline," which is to say not a full-blown mental disorder like schizophrenia or psychosis. Narcissism develops when the child fails to develop a realistic understanding of the relationship between his desires and reality. The likelihood of developing narcissism as a personality disorder increases when the father, who is the bearer of the reality principle in family life, is absent. The mother, reacting to that absence, tends to give into the narcissistic wishes of the child, creating in him illusions of the grandiose self and its limitless control over nature.

By now it should be obvious that post-'60s sexual liberationist culture is a culture which promotes just this sort of illusion. As a result, a developmental disorder which is present because of the natural vicissitudes associated with psychic development got promoted into a cultural norm, something which Christopher Lasch termed, the "culture of narcissism":

In its pathological form, narcissism originates as a defense against feelings of helpless dependency in early life, which it tries to counter with "blind optimism" and grandiose illusions of personal self-sufficiency. Since modern society prolongs the experience of dependence into adult life, it encourages milder forms of narcissism in people who might otherwise come to terms with the inescapable limits on their personal freedom and power--limits inherent in the human condition--by developing competence as workers and parents. But at the same time that our society makes it more and more difficult to find satisfaction in love and work, it surrounds the individual with manufactured fantasies of total gratification. The new paternalism preaches not self-denial but self-fulfillment. It sides with narcissistic impulses and discourages their modification by the pleasure of becoming self-reliant even in a limited domain, which under favorable conditions accompanies maturity (Christopher Lasch, The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations [New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 1979], p. 231).

The result is a culture of narcissism, one which promotes the illusion of unlimited power while at the same time using those illusions to promote ever more sophisticated forms of social and political control. Rather than try to wean the narcissist away from his debilitating fantasies and give him some connection with reality through work and love in the family and the local community, the culture of narcissism promotes the very fantasies that cripple him. Through advertising, the consumer is given the sense that he can become his fantasies by consuming objects that have been endorsed by people he admires. The culture of fulfillment through consumption, in other words, is a powerful ally in the narcissist's war on reality, forging increasingly more sophisticated and intrusive forms of control by pandering to the narcissist's grandiose vision of his own unlimited power.

The culture of narcissism is populated by people who manifest what Philip Cushman has called "the empty self," something that Cushman has noticed as the personality type that is discussed in "current psychological discourse about narcissism and borderline states." The creation of the "empty self" as the paradigm of the ideal citizen in America and other consumerist states in the West began in the early 20th century as part of the "historical shift" away "from the Victorian sexually restricted self," a personality based on saving and restraint of impulse, particularly restraint of sexual impulse: "Americans have slowly changed from a Victorian people who had a deeply felt need to save money and restrict their sexual and aggressive impulses" into the opposite, namely , "a people who have a deeply felt need to spend money and indulge their impulses." The new normative self which came into being after World War II is "empty," because it "experiences a significant absence of community, tradition and shared meaning. . . . It is empty in part because of the loss of family, community and tradition." As a result, the new self tries to compensate for its emptiness by consumption. Because it perceives itself as "empty," the "post-World War II self thus yearns to acquire and consume as an unconscious way of compensating for what has been lost."



Cushman summarizes much of what has already been discussed in these pages and in Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control without going into the actual, historical details. Thus, "advertising and psychotherapy" are "the professions most responsible for filling and healing the empty self," which has been created largely by the destruction of community and family. Once the intermediary social structures which give man his sense of content (as opposed to his sense of emptiness) have been destroyed, the state can control its population "not by restricting the impulses of its citizens as in Victorian times, but by creating and manipulating their wish to be soothed, organized and made cohesive by momentarily filling them up" (Philip Cushman, "Why the Self is Empty: Toward a Historically Situated Psychology," American Psychologist, May 1990, p. 599). What follows is in general the history of the United States in the period following World War II. The empty self "seeks the experience of being continually filled up by consuming goods, calories, experience, politicians, romantic partners and empathetic therapists in an attempt to combat the growing alienation and fragmentation of its era" which came about largely through the destruction of neighborhoods and the subsequent attempt to destroy the family as well.

Since narcissism is a personality disorder that is predicated on a failure to adopt realistic norms about the relationship between desire and reality, the people who controlled the culture through advertising and psychoanalysis began to promote the narcissist as the ideal citizen of the new culture of overt self-indulgence and covert social control. The goal of the social engineering that destroyed communities and promoted sexual indulgence after World War II was the "empty" narcissistic self. That self was full of the illusion of omnipotence that characterized narcissism as a personality disorder, but it was also full of the insecurity that went with that delusion. As a result, the self which has been rendered empty by the systematic destruction of community and family--the only elements that can give it a sense of belonging, "content," and, therefore, reality--must seek its sense of "content" or reality elsewhere, namely, "by purchasing and 'ingesting' the product, which will magically transfer the life-style of the model to the consumer." The self has been crippled by being tied to narcissist fantasies, which alternate between grandiose conceptions of the self, and feelings of impotence and emptiness when those fantasies, as is always the case, are not fulfilled. Once the self has been confirmed in this pathology, the culture which promoted the pathology arrives on the scene with the cure. Consumption is the magic that makes this transformation possible: "the customer's problems will simply disappear when the magical transfer takes place."

One of the most blatant forms of magic through ingestion is, of course, homosexuality, and through its connection with narcissism we can get some inkling of the purpose behind the major cultural offensive in favor of homosexuality. The homosexual is the consumer culture's version of the ideal citizen because he takes all of the strains of narcissism to their logical antiessentialist conclusion. The homosexual qua homosexual can form no family and, as a result, no real community; in a culture which promotes sexual liberation as a form of control by breaking down family and community, homosexuality is the most exaggerated form of sexual individualism. The homosexual "lifestyle," which is based on unnatural sexual acts, is proof that there is no nature and, therefore, no reality. By promoting homosexuality as a viable alternative lifestyle, the consumer culture is saying that fantasy can triumph over reality, which is the essence of the narcissistic personality disorder.



Like narcissism, homosexuality is a function of father deprivation. The less father, the less reality. The less father, the less family. The less family, the less reality. The less community, the less reality. The reverse of all of those equations is also true. By fostering narcissism and promoting narcissistic personalities--homosexuals, rock stars, etc.--to positions of celebrity and prominence, the consumer culture weakens family and community and strengthens its hold over the weakened individuals who must struggle through life without support from community or family. The only thing they can hold onto without fear of reprisal is their narcissistic fantasies of themselves as grandiose and "special."

All of the narcissistic pathologies find their culmination in the homosexual, whose lifestyle is a triumph over nature and therefore over reality as well. Since there is no reality, then there is no check on the narcissistic fantasies. But since those fantasies are ultimately illusory and, therefore, debilitating, giving the person who gives into them an increasingly "empty" self, they also function as the prime instrument of control. In other words, the culture of narcissism promotes the illusion of omnipotence that is the prime characteristic of the grandiose self knowing full well that it is an illusion because it knows just as well that people can be controlled by manipulating that illusion. Media phenomena like the Harry Potter movie are an example of that manipulation. However, the main instrument of control is using consumption as the device which fills the "empty" self, which has been drained of content by the destruction of family, tradition, community and religion. The narcissist consumer is condemned to "buy life-style in a vain attempt to transform" lives which are unsatisfying because they are based on illusion and as a result "unfixable." As a result, "the late 20th century has . . . become an advertising executive's dream come true: Life-style has become a product that sells itself, and the individual has become a consumer who desperately seeks to buy."

The subsequent "desperation to fill up the empty self" brings us to the other metaphor for the homosexual as the best example of the narcissist consumer, namely, the vampire, who, like the homosexual, has been reduced to a primitive, magical form of social intercourse where he must suck parasite-like on the people he admires in order to continue in existence. Social life in the culture of narcissism is essentially magical ingestion, increasingly desperate attempts to fill up a permanently empty self. As in the homosexual and the vampire, the grandiose self experiences alternating states of omnipotence (eternal life) followed by periods of despair based on fears of emptiness, which in turn lead to the same desire for compulsive ingestion which will create this vicious circle once again. Like the homosexual, the narcissist is the culture's ideal citizen. In fact, the homosexual is being promoted in that role precisely because he represents an extreme form of narcissism.

The narcissist, of course, perceives none of this, precisely because he has been raised to be "empty." Narcissism is a defensive reaction based on a failure to internalize the reality principle. That choice becomes exacerbated by a culture which promotes narcissism as its ideal of behavior. Because he has been taught to choose illusion over reality, the narcissist sees any social structure which might threaten his illusions--from the family to the local community-- as inherently inauthentic. The only reality is the grandiose self and its unrealistic desires, a fact which is invariably misunderstood by less narcissistic types. As a result, the narcissist world is made up of bifurcations, good parents and bad parents, etc. It is also essentially Gnostic, having the sense that the true self is enmired in bad matter, in this instance bad social circumstances which do not let the true self express itself fully and properly. "A characteristic symptom of narcissism," according to Cushman, is, above all, "a sense of personal fraudulence describe as a 'false self' that masks the frightened 'true self'" (p. 605).


File: 7ab17f46b1d940c⋯.jpg (47.91 KB, 599x534, 599:534, no more explosions.jpg)


>mfw vampires are one of my favorite splats

>they were kikes all along

I feel crushed.


File: 39bf73b28285d08⋯.jpg (387.63 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, Wraith & Changeling.jpg)


>White Wolf Entertainment announced today that the popular World of Darkness games Wraith: The Oblivion and Changeling: The Dreaming will soon be joining the Storytellers Vault for community created content. Aspiring content creators will be able to produce table top RPG supplements, larp supplements, and fiction stories worldwide for Wraith: The Oblivion and Changeling: The Dreaming content products in the language of their choosing, and making half of the revenue as their royalty. As with the other game lines before it, White Wolf will assist content creators in making the best possible Wraith and Changeling products by offering graphical layout tools including pre-made design templates, and art-packs to choose from. Additionally, in an effort to speed up the availability process for game lines to become available for content creation, all the specific historical and variant settings (Orpheus, The Great War, & Dark Age: Fae) will be made available simultaneously.

>Wraith: The Oblivion and Changeling: The Dreaming for the Storytellers Vault features:

>• Self-publish service for table top RPG, larps or fiction set using any Wraith: The Oblivion or Changeling: The Dreaming edition. Including variant/historical settings Orpheus, Wraith: The Great War and Dark Ages: Fae.

>• Content creators themselves set the price for the material they publish and receive 50% of the revenue

>• Access to templates and art packs produced helps content creators make their work look as professional as the official products

>• Publishing in any language supporting the vast global Storytellers Vault community

>• Additional content supporting other game lines and brands in the White Wolf catalog will be progressively unlocked throughout the remainder of 2018 and early 2019.

About time if you ask me.



Variations of 'Eyes Wide Shut Shinanigans: The Game' are good gamelines, Anon.



>they're going to ruin Wraith

Oh no.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sponge: The Bobbing kickstarter up in two weeks. Are ya ready, kids?


File: 5f41d6aba672e69⋯.jpg (708.28 KB, 1341x2373, 447:791, 494377f3585c08642d05010c49….jpg)


So on a scale of 1 to 10, how pozzed are we expecting this to be? Or is Onyx Path different from WW?

Also, how hard is it to make a fan-made supplement for WoD? Because with this deep sea stuff, I might as well homebrew a Kancolle supplement for an all-abyssal party.


File: d6623b28140de26⋯.png (504.27 KB, 850x505, 170:101, ClipboardImage.png)



>Creature: The Lagooning

Huh. They're probably going to fuck it up hard. Unless this is Onyx Path in name only, I don't trust any of the retards in their current staff to write a book that isn't mechanically retarded, thematically cancerous, and poorly written, formatted, and riddled with printing errors, to boot.



I hope they do that to Exalted and the nWoD so that OPP doesn't have it all their own way to ruin these properties



I actually love the idea of running a b-movie style campaign. Maybe as a series of sequels. As far as mechanics go, I've never played anything by Onyx Path.



>I actually love the idea of running a b-movie style campaign

That's basically every game you play as an Etherite.



Except this anon is complete and utterly wrong and only shows that he knows jack shit about that time.

All the weaknesses of Dracula were attributed to vampires long before Bram Stoker wrote his book and if you read the original folklore about vampires and similar undead, you know that they have nothing in common with Jews.(Now witches are a different topic.)

He claims that Dracula has no true nationality, but everyone knows he is a famous Count from Transylvania in Romania and in the Book Dracula has to transport 50 boxes of earth to England, since he has to sleep in the soil of this home as a part of his curse.

Equally the necklace that Bela Lugosi is wearing in that movie is not a Star of David, since calling the Hexagram the Star of David is a thing from World War 2, before that the symbol was primarily known as the Seal of Solomon and many medals of the aristocracy had this look.

Last but not least, Britain was a rat nest full of Jews centuries before the book was written.

The many similarities between the two are simply because Dracula as a vampire is an enemy of anything that is righteous and good, but not all things evil are Jews.



>Except this anon is complete and utterly wrong and only shows that he knows jack shit about that time.

Don't try and bamboozle us, you dirty lying vamp! The Jews see themselves in these kinds of characters like the blood drinkers that they are!





>if you read the original folklore about vampires and similar undead, you know that they have nothing in common with Jews.

Typical lying vamp poster.

>He claims that Dracula has no true nationality, but everyone knows he is a famous Count from Transylvania in Romania.

The IRL Mother-fuh'King Vlad, the true Vlad the Impaler, is a national hero, praised not only by the Orthodox Churches but also the Catholics; he built several churches and abbeys, his body is buried in a church, where he lies to this day, resting on consecrated ground.

Your Fictional Count is some Rothchild-tier blood drinker.

>not all things evil are Jews.

Typical vamp poster.



>has to transport 50 boxes of earth to England, since he has to sleep in the soil of this home as a part of his curse.

That really gets the noggin' jogging. He carries his heritage with him everywhere with him. He is marked by it, cursed by it, yet travel he must!

And so while never explicitly identified as a Jew, the figure of Bram Stroker's Dracula encompassed an array of very Jewish tells: rootless, of East European origin, dark-complected, and lustful for the money and blood of others.

Assessing a wide range of themes in which blood and vampirism were evoked in late-19th-century European "scientific" thought (Social Darwinism and criminology in particular), Stoker's depiction of Dracula exploited widespread anxieties about the dangers posed by the flood (and the blood) of Yiddish-speaking immigrants to Great Britain.

Dracula's features are stereotypically Jewish ... his nose is hooked (or rather, "aquiline" to mean that it had a prominent bridge, giving the appearance of being curved or slightly bent, yet in film they certainly went with "hooked"), he has bushy eyebrows, pointed ears, and sharp, ugly fingers. As for his behavior, Dracula is in the realm of fin-de-siècle national chauvinism, which viewed non-Anglo-Saxons--and Jews in particular--as dangerous interlopers loyal only to their alien tribe. Like many immigrants, Dracula has made great efforts to acculturate himself to his new country and to blend in with the rest of the population, through studying its language and customs ... his greatest concern is whether his mastery of English and his pronunciation would brand him as a foreigner. Likewise, Stoker mines anxieties over Jewish dual loyalty. The one identified person whose aid Dracula enlists in escaping Britain is a German Jew named Hildesheim, 'a Hebrew of rather the Adelphi Theatre type, with a nose like a sheep,' who must be bribed in order to aid Stoker's heroes.



>they were kikes all along

So you want a 'good' Jewish vampire, a thousand year old soul with the appearance of an eighteen year old Sephardic, Andalusian Jew (people say he resembles a young Antonio Banderas or maybe a more finely drawn Adrian Garnier). And he offers you a one type deal ... a secured personal loan, leting you offer your car as security to borrow as much as $57,608 at a lower rate than other loan types and lenders.



The most plausible explanation for the Jew connection is that the metaphorical description of them being whatever they described before the word for Vampires which became disassociated with Jews over time. Except the sun light weakness, there is a skin condition called Rosacea. One of the triggers for it is sunlight, it's also likely that if you have Rosacea then you may have another skin condition which causes your skin to burn and not tan but that's uncommon for Caucasians which is more likely to be the bulbous red pulsating nose.



Each Clan clings to something that once made them human, the Brujah cling to the passion of life and people. It is impossible for them to completely lose their philospher bent because of this and indeed they're always on this thin line where they're halfway between a full recovery and being Sabbat lite. In fact any well read Brujah and another in the room with similar backgrounds will pretty much argue until the sun rises, then comeback the next night and continue where they left off. They'd love it too.

That alone makes it impossible for them to completely lose what they once had.



True, that was just a quick idea thrown out there.

But still, you can make an interesting antagonist that is purely combat focused. Lets try and make the Brujah cowboy more interesting, while still keeping him a murder machine riding around on a ghouled horse.

Lets say that he joined the battle for the Alamo on the side of the Texans, after hearing about all the atrocities Santa Anna and his men did. So, our Brujah is big on justice, and this is something that carried over into his undead state. But now, since he's a fucking vampire, he's trying to balance that sense of justice with being a predatory beast that sucks the blood of innocent in order to sustain itself - so he mostly feeds on criminals and other scum.

Maybe he also has a giant murderboner against all things Mexican, and the moment he runs into some Cartel thugs he goes berserk and wrecks their shit?

We can also combine this with some religious fervor, because he grew up as a good Christian and has since been turned into this mockery of everything a good Christian should be. A monster, a murderer, and a creature of the night. Combine that with some stuff that Baali are still operating in Mexico, and you get the idea that can nicely mesh with his hatred of Mexicans.



Nice try (((Dracula))) but in 1931 when the movie was made the public awareness of the star of David was rapidly gaining on the seal of Solomon and would overtake it in only three years. Anyway the seal of Solomon is a hexagram within a circle, not a hexagram alone.


File: cf54ac2beb91b9f⋯.png (1.15 MB, 854x973, 122:139, Badge_of_the_Sheriff_of_Lo….png)


>hexagrams are jewish

Is that why the badges of Sheriffs in the USA are usually hexagrams?



>Seal of Solomon


Oy vey


File: 4c68d7073787b1d⋯.png (50.01 KB, 674x599, 674:599, BLogo.png)


File: e20f5a97e677cde⋯.png (539.96 KB, 706x496, 353:248, 1531848816.png)



>LA sheriff badge has pedo swirls

>LAPD closes pedophile investigation near the end of last year




>Deliberate Misdirection.

Vamp-poster, plz. Do not be spreading your terrible lies. In analyzing Stoker's characterization of his eponymous star, both Ken Gelder and Judith Halberstam argue the Count is anti-semitically modeled on stereotypical images of blood-sucking, baby-stealing Jews .

Gelder, Ken. Reading the Vampire. London: Routledge, 1994. Page 13.

Halberstam, Judith. "Technologies of monstrosity: Bram Stoker’s Dracula." In Cultural Politics at the Fin de Siècle, ed. Sally Ledger and Scott McCracken. New York: Cambridge UP, 1995. Page 248.


>the symbol was primarily known as the Seal of Solomon

Oh Plzzzzz! To suggest that the adornment was intended to be no differnt than that as was used also by magicians, occultists, as some kind of tool to aid in accomplishing what the magician wanted to produce. This is not relevant here. Dracula had no need for any such instrument and never used one, not in this film, nor any other Dracula film based on the book or on the play which was loosely based on the book. Speaking of the book, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is fully described, and there is nothing in Stoker's book about a Star of David, or any similar item. The star is an addition of the film makers.

This 1931 film was produced at a time when anti-Semitism was widespread, especially in Germany.

There were about 150 recorded cases of blood libel, not counting cases that were not reported. Among many, in 1928, less than three years before the "Dracula" production, Jews in Massena, New York, where falsely accused of killing a young girl for her blood.

The Stoker’s book is based on the 1894 novel "Trilby" about a Jew who seduces, dominates, and exploits nubile European girls. Scholars, such as William Hughes in his 2000 book "Beyond Dracula," give evidence that Bram Stoker was an anti-Semite. H. L. Malchow in "Gothic Images of Race in Nineteenth Century Britain" wrote in 1996 that Stoker's novel has several deplorable characterizations of Jews. For example, Dracula is described as having a "beaky nose" in one place and similarly an "aquiline" nose in another. The word "aquiline" means a beak, like and eagle's beak, the kind of nose that is often ascribed as a stereotypically characteristic feature of Jews.

Did the producers of the 1931 Dracula movie want us to see Dracula as a Jew and did Stoker do so as well?



>The subsequent "desperation to fill up the empty self" brings us to the other metaphor for the homosexual as the best example of the narcissist consumer, namely, the vampire, who, like the homosexual, has been reduced to a primitive, magical form of social intercourse where he must suck parasite-like on the people he admires in order to continue in existence.

Stoker's homosexual inclinations meant he had to hide his true nature, so Stoker may have felt he was living under a false identity as Dracula must conceal his vampirism to survive. Dracula's eroticism may have resulted from Stoker's own repressed sexuality. After 1895, Oscar Wilde’s famous trial resulted in laws against homosexuality becoming stricter, meaning Stoker would have feared to have his homosexuality discovered. Stoker personally knew Oscar Wilde, so Wilde's situation must have caused Stoker emotional turmoil. Stoker may have even loathed his own sexual inclinations because he feared the discrimination that resulted from Wilde's trial. Consequently, Dracula's roles as outsider, pseudo-Jewish, and sexually deviant may have been an embodiment of those personal qualities that most bothered Stoker. This personal self-loathing may have made Stoker both sympathize with Dracula and simultaneously detest him. Stoker's sympathy toward Dracula resulted in Dracula's redemption, but Stoker's personal self-hatred prevented Dracula's redemption from occurring by any means but violent destruction.

Besides his possible personal identification with the Jews as outcasts, Stoker was very interested in the legend of the Wandering Jew, whose attributes are echoed in Dracula. Stoker may have known the works of Lewis and Maturin, but he was most fascinated by French author Eugene Sue's The Wandering Jew (1845), which depicts the figure as a rebel and Romantic wanderer who achieves the reader's sympathy by his benevolence toward humanity. The Wandering Jew becomes the hero of the work by defeating humanity's real enemies, the Jesuits. Stoker's fascination with Sue's novel resulted in his heavily researching the Wandering Jew legend in the British Museum, as he did with the vampire legend. Stoker's friend, Hall Caine, later remarked that the Wandering Jew became one of Bram’s pet themes, and Stoker would include a section on the Wandering Jew in his book on famous impostors. As secretary to the famous actor Henry Irving, Stoker even suggested that Irving perform a dramatic version of Sue's novel. There is good evidence, therefore, that Stoker intentionally used the Wandering Jew as a source for his depiction of Dracula.

Dracula's debt to the Wandering Jew is most obvious in their shared physical characteristics. An 1873 stage version of Eugene Sue's novel, produced by George Lander, describes the Wandering Jew as having "long jet-black hair and jet-black eyebrows, dressed in a long black robe". Dracula's description is similar and may have been derived from Stoker's memory of the play. Of course, the obvious physical similarity between the Wandering Jew and all vampires is the emphasis upon the eyes. Dracula has the same powerful hypnotic eyes attributed to the Wandering Jew, but Stoker also elaborates upon the eye description by giving Dracula’s eyes a red gleam suggestive of the "evil eye." According to Matthew 6:22-3, the eye reflects the state of the soul, and Dracula's eyes suggest this connection early in the novel. When Dracula makes his first appearance, his "eyes gleamed", and later when Dracula sees that Jonathan Harker has cut himself while shaving, his eyes "blazed with a sort of demoniac fury". Such descriptions reveal Dracula's true evil nature.

Dracula further shares with the Wandering Jew a supernaturally extended life. Both characters converse with great knowledge of the past, which amazes listeners who are ignorant of the speakers' extensive ages. Such is Jonathan Harker’s experience upon first hearing Dracula's conversation.



>All the weaknesses of Dracula were attributed to vampires long before Bram Stoker wrote his book and if you read the original folklore about vampires and similar undead, you know that they have nothing in common with Jews.

You've gone and Yiddished yourself into a corner, which is really baffling considering so few Jews actually speak it. This hurts you in the long run.

There is a reason that the Bela Lugosi 1931 (((Dracla))) reviled the crucifix.

The Talmud lays down (Tractate Berakhot, p. 58b.) that a Jew who passes near an inhabited non-Jewish dwelling must ask God to destroy it, whereas if the building is in ruins he must thank the Lord of Vengeance. (Naturally, the rules are reversed for Jewish houses.) This rule was easy to keep for Jewish peasants who lived in their own villages or for small urban communities living in all-Jewish townships or quarters. Under the conditions of classical Judaism, however, it became impracticable and was therefore confined to churches and places of worship of other religions (except Islam). [According to many rabbinical authorities the original rule still applies in full in the Land of Israel.] In this connection, the rule was further embroidered by custom: it became customary to spit (usually three times) upon seeing a church or a crucifix, as an embellishment to the obligatory formula of regret. You can see this taking place today in YouTube videos.

This custom gave rise to many incidents in the history of European Jewry. One of the most famous, whose consequence is still visible today, occurred in 14th century Prague. King Charles IV of Bohemia (who was also Holy Roman Emperor) had a magnificent crucifix erected in the middle of a stone bridge which he had built and which still exists today. It was then reported to him that the Jews of Prague are in the habit of spitting whenever they pass next to the crucifix. Being a famous protector of the Jews, he did not institute persecution against them, but simply sentenced the Jewish community to pay for the Hebrew word Adonay (Lord) to be inscribed on the crucifix in golden letters. This word is one of the seven holiest names of God, and no mark of disrespect is allowed in front of it. The spitting ceased. Other incidents connected with the same custom were much less amusing.



This ties back into the other characters quite nicely:

i) Dr. Abraham Van Helsing is a an open-minded Dutch savant, who is not deterred by rational scepticism when he is faced with the threat of vampirism, and proceeds to combat said threat by combining nineteenth-century medical and scientific knowledge with vampirological lore drawn from superstition and ancient beliefs about the use of garlic, stakes, the crucifix, the Host and the Wafer. Stoker does not over-determine Van Helsing’s specific religion: no indication of his Catholicism is given until chapter 13, when he removes from his neck a small, gold crucifix which he places on the lips of the deceased Lucy.

ii) Jonathan Harker proclaims himself an English Churchman, which basically means Anglican or Protestant. On two occasions he is surprisingly respectful to the followers of the Catholic Church because, apparently, of the strength of their convictions. The first time when he is passing through the villages en route to Transylvania, the recipient of much fearful crossing of chests from villagers and travelers recalls:

She then rose and dried her eyes, and taking a crucifix from her neck offered it to me. I did not know what to do, for, as an English Churchman, I have been taught to regard such things as in some measure idolatrous, and yet it seemed so ungracious to refuse an old lady meaning so well and in such a state of mind.

While indicating his Church of England and Protestant affiliation and discomforted by the icon, Harker nevertheless accepts it graciously. His journey of acceptance of and faith in the Catholic sacraments is foreshadowed by his obvious social and religious tolerance. During the mirror scene at the castle he begins to regard the crucifix as his defence from the advances of Dracula and it’s not very long before he comments:

Bless that good, good woman who hung the crucifix round my neck! For it is a comfort and a strength to me whenever I touch it. It is odd that a thing which I have been taught to regard with disfavour and as idolatrous should in a time of loneliness and trouble be of help. Is it that there is something in the essence of the thing itself, or that it is a medium, a tangible help, in conveying memories of sympathy and comfort? Some time, if it may be, I must examine this matter and try to make up my mind about it.

The other occasion is when Van Helsing flippantly introduces the Holy Wafer:

The Host. I brought it from Amsterdam. I have an Indulgence." It was an answer that appalled the most sceptical of us, and we felt individually that in the presence of such earnest purpose as the Professor's, a purpose which could thus use the to him most sacred of things, it was impossible to distrust. In respectful silence we took the places assigned to us.

iii) Dr. Seward's self-identification as an Englishman suggests that he, like Harker, is also Protestant.

iv) Renfield's religion is difficult to determine, but his catchcry "The blood is the life" is a quotation from Deuteronomy 12:23. The metaphoric significance of his role has Catholic resonance. Through Mina Harker, Renfield symbolically turns from blood-eating to blood-letting. He lures Dracula into his cell and attempts to kill Mina's attacker but loses his own life instead. In a Catholic analogy, the solution to blood-lust is shown to be self-sacrifice.

v) As with Renfield, Arthur Holmwood's religion is not specified, but his surname associates him with the holly, which with its crimson berries and points, permits an identification with the crucified Jesus Christ, his head bloody from the crown of thorns (see Mark 15:17). Holmwood’s staking of Lucy and his former gift of a blood transfusion is emblematic of Christ’s self-offering on the cross whence blood gushed from his pierced side (see John 19:34).

vi) Killed by a blow to his left side, Quincey Morris assumes the role of Christ dying on the cross, to cancel out the force of the anti-Christ that is Dracula. Whereas Dracula unnaturally transcends death through endless rebirth, the Jesus-like death of Morris leads to a form of spiritual rebirth. He is resurrected a year later in the shape of Mina and Jonathan’s baby.

vii) While the Ascendant Protestant woman Lucy is destroyed by Dracula, middle class Mina, with her Irish maiden name Murray and her Irish connections, survives. In a gesture of marialotry, Mina is cast in the role of the Blessed Mother by the Catholic Van Helsing, and he does so in the process of announcing her exclusion from the activities of the vampire-hunting party: "You must be our star and our hope, and we shall act all the more free that you are not in the danger, such as we are". These words endow Mina with the iconic attributes of that merciful patron of voyagers: "Mary, Star of the Sea."


File: 03dfa085629929e⋯.png (1.68 KB, 213x106, 213:106, index.png)


>Stoker used a demonic--Le Forever Merchant.jpg--character to unite a disparate opposition.

Dracula calls forth a union of Protestant word and Catholic sacrament. The immortal being destroyed by the defenders of Christ, armed above all with a faith in God, leaves one to follow that God exists. And the transmogrification of a disgusting, blood-sucking undead monster with foul breath and hairy palms into a sexually alluring and culturally refined opera-cape-wearing gentleman whom one would plausibly invite into one's English -- and Protestant -- drawing room is a threat that we must not remain uncautious of.


File: 8571ed2a8d06f25⋯.jpg (85.28 KB, 432x1044, 12:29, IMG_1889.JPG)


In the novel, Harker is brought back to health in the Catholic hospital of St. Joseph and Ste. Mary in Budapest. Mina and he were married there under the auspices of a Protestant Chaplain of the English mission church, an event which gains significance as a symbolic attempt to syncretize the two faiths. Stoker was happy depicting Protestants and Catholics peacefully working together.

Deane and Balderston's stage-play, embraced by Hollywood in 1931, apparently neglected such themes for the sake of a succinct and entertaining production. One might also argue that increasingly secular societal attitudes since the fin de siècle have seen writers ignorantly emphasise other aspects of the book in their unfaithful theatrical cinematic adaptations.

Is today's movie-going world ready for a frank and faithful transposition of Stoker's religious themes? One Hollywood version of Dracula suggests it may be. Van Helsing (2004), written and directed by Stephen Sommers, is a loose, analogous adaptation of the stories of Dracula, The Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It merely alludes to some key characters from the Stoker novel, however, simplifying them radically to permit as many action sequences as possible. Van Helsing, played by Hugh Jackman, is more a strapping "Indiana Jones" than an elderly European with a curious accent. Though his character Gabriel, apart from sharing a surname, bears little relation to Abraham Van Helsing in the diegesis of the novel, his motivation in Van Helsing is made clear: he is on a mission from a top-secret Holy Order of the Vatican. Rather than responding to an old friend to whom he owes a favour as the original Van Helsing did, Gabriel Van Helsing is summoned by a mysterious cabal supported by a basement full of monks committed to research and gadget-making. Like a nineteenth century 007, Van Helsing meets the leaders in their secret hideout before taking on his next brief. He is given unofficial permission to bend the rules, a nod to the Indulgence the literary Van Helsing is granted. Of course, the Protestant/Catholic divide has not gone away and in 2004 filmmakers are as sensitive as ever. This Dracula movie refrains from mentioning the "P" or "C" words but in a film with so thin a plot any edifice is plainly visible: Gabriel Van Helsing is saving the world from Dracula on behalf of the Catholic Church. No doubt the secret Holy Order hidden deep within the cob-webbed catacombs of the Vatican often sends pious heros out on their good deeds. Someday a modern Dracula adaption might eventually be brave enough to foreground it entirely rather than un-knowingly neglect the thematically important allegories, commentary and themes in favour of cheesy comedy and cheap thrills.


File: 18ef02538dbe85c⋯.jpg (65.31 KB, 670x503, 670:503, brides.jpg)


>This Dracula movie refrains from mentioning the "P" or "C" words

"P" or "C" words? Ah, the ever dreaded Political Correctness that would deny this delightful film about monster slaying thot-busters being made in this day and age.



>The most plausible explanation for the Jew connection is that the

There is a deeper more cultural connection. Now while vampires that abound in popular culture today are for the most part a literary embellishment of the old Slavic belief that under certain circumstances, the dead can rise from their graves at night and kill their neighbors, friends and family, and you, yes, (((you))) might scoff at vampire culture, secure in your monotheism ruling out belief in such nonsense. (((You))) should hold your tongue and bagels. Some of the earliest texts on vampires were written in Hebrew by their coreligionists, albeit after learning about the plague of the undead from their neighbors.

Some authorities mention Lilith as an early example of a vampire. (http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.561774) It is true that like a classic vampire, she kills at night, but there the similarities end. Lilith would better be categorized as a demon. The first references to vampires in Judaism are in three Hebrew books written in the Middle Ages: Midrash Shmuel (the aggadic commentary on the Book of Samuel); Sefer Hasidim, an important book on the laws, customs and traditions of German Jewry at the turn of the 13th century; and the related book Sefer HaRokeah.

Of the three books, the reference to vampires in Midrash Shmuel is less explicit and certain, and the dating of it is more difficult.

We know that at least part of Midrash Shmuel is over a thousand years old, dating from the end of the first millennium, since it is quoted in the works of the Gaonim. Some sections were clearly added later, in the second millennium. Hence it is impossible to accurately date the passage dealing with 1 Samuel 19:13: "And Michal took an idol, and laid it in the bed, and put a pillow of goats' hair for his bolster, and covered it with a cloth."

Midrash Shmuel has very little to say about this verse. It only quotes one Rabbi Aivo as saying that terafim -- plural of the word that the King James Bible rendered as "idol" -- are "nikorim of vrokali."

This statement by Rabbi Aivo has puzzled scholars for years. Neither nikorim nor vrokali appear in any other source, and there isn't much context to go by for interpretation.

Still, in 2004, Prof. Daniel Sperber, a scholar and a rabbi at Bar Ilan University, published an article in the Hebrew scholarly journal Leshonenu, claiming to have solved the riddle. Rabbi Aivo, he suggested, meant vampires. Nikorim, says Sperber, is a corruption of the Greek word nekros ("corpse"), and the "m" at the end is the Hebrew plural suffix. Vrokali is a corruption of the Greek vrykolakas ("vampire").

So according to Rabbi Aivo, Michal piled vampires under the covers of King David's bed, so that the henchmen of her father King Saul, wouldn't know he had escaped.

This is probably not what the author of Samuel meant. It does indicate, if Sperber is correct, that later generations believed that terafim were vampires.

This theory isn't as insane as it may sound. Midrash Tanhuma, a somewhat older midrash, also makes the claim that terafim are supernatural beings.

The terafim there, however, sound more like Dr. Frankenstein's monster than vampires. According to this midrash, you can make terafim talk using a corpse, salt, incense and a spell.




Sefer Hasidim is far more explicit: "There was once a woman that was a striya and was very sick, and there were two women with her at night -- one sleeping and one awake. And that same sick woman stood before her and crackled her hair and wanted to fly and wanted to suck the blood of the sleeping woman. And the one that was awake woke up the one who was asleep, and they grabbed the striya. And the one that slept, slept more and the one that was awake didn't sleep. And since she couldn't do harm, the striya died because she needed that which comes from the blood, to swallow the blood and the flesh" (Sefer Hasidim, Margalit edition, 464).

Sefer HaRokeah, another Hebrew text written in Germany in the same period, lists precautions to ensure that a striya doesn't come back from the dead. The undertaker should examine her mouth before she is buried and "If it is open, it is clear that she will harm again a year after she died, and he should fill her mouth with an ample amount of earth so she will harm no more" (Sefer HaRokeah 317).

Where would Jews of the Middle Ages have come up with these superstitions, as no such things are mentioned in the Bible, the Mishnah, the Talmud or any other ancient Jewish text?

Belief in "striyas" was probably borrowed from their gentile neighbors, who believed in living-dead beings called strigoi in Romanian, shtriga in Albanian, and strzyga in Polish. So it seems some Jews believed in vampires after all, but this belief never caught on and became widespread.

Today nobody believes in vampires anymore... or do they? But when the vampire fiction making the rounds in the West began to be translated into Hebrew, revivalists needed to find a word for the imaginary being of the night. They did: the modern Hebrew word for vampire is arpad -- taken from an obscure Aramaic word in the Talmud for bat (Bava Kama 16a).


Merry Christmas /wodg/! Have you thought up any Christmas-related material, now or in the past? Any theories as to Santa's pedigree?


I'm playing a V20 game and Fists of Fury has come up a few times but I can't find it in book. Does anyone happen to know where it's at?


File: b9c20af4e266801⋯.jpg (173.13 KB, 1862x1048, 931:524, IMG_1938.JPG)


In my games Santa is an archmage of matter and time.

He uses time to stop time for a night, and uses matter to create a ton of toys. He doesn’t use magic for the rest of the year because of the paradox.

My players had a fun time with that one.



How did he manage to stay alive that long?



Mages in owod can use magik to increase their lifespans. The only drawback is that if people notice that you are supposed to be older you gain paradox.



Please tell me the Paradox manifested as Krampus.


Any good Actual plays of WoD stuff? new or Old, I don't care, as they are good background noise. Just ones without Current Year bollocks.


In V20 you can start with conscience 5 self control 5 courage 5 willpower 10. You will also have a path rating of 5, or humanity of 10.

What would you do with a character with full virtues?



I can't even imagine a human being with Humanity 10 if 7 is the shit you start with and should represent the people you interact with daily.

What the fuck are you at 10? How do you function when people are shit?



Well since Humanity 10 is usually things like not even being able to think about harming someone you're literally a saint.




The sin for humanity 10 is “thinking selfish thoughts” the best option is to start with a path like the path of honorable accord. You would start with a rating of 5 but wouldn’t lose humanity whenever you walked by a hobo




I did not know Jews were also weresharks



Every race is every monster type unless explicitly stated otherwise, it's just a matter of location. Yes this is impossible but CWoD's very existence is a contradiction that can only canonically exist because Humanity doesn't collectively get a moment where they realize this and their faith in the "real" world is shattered. I feel bad for celebrities because taken at face value they're tormented by fate to be put through several shit heaps worth of supernatural shit before they can die and stay dead.



I messed around with the idea of Santa being a Technocrat ploy. They select some random city in the middle of nowhere, start blasting Mind-altering Christmas music, and sell all kinds of surveillance gear disguised as toys. The money changing hands is used to fuel Prime patterns across the city for... some nefarious purpose? Actually doing good? Dunno.

You can also go the Pentex route, and have the edgiest Christmas ever, where Santa is a pedophile and shit like that. You and your werewolf buddies have to fight a demonic Krampus, were-reindeer and demonic toys, while Santa reveals himself as the Spirit of Greed.


Alright, I have been doing some research about old world of darkness.

It appears there are four major cosmic forces.


This is the force tied to the weaver, it attempts to control things. It is banal as well. I would argue this is tied to Hun(heaven) Tied to Clarity (quiet)


This is the force tied to the wyld. It is chaos. Low in Banality. Tied to Yang Chi. Tied to Marauders (quiet)

>Entropy (primordial)

This is the force tied to the wyrm. It is entropy and purification. Tied to Yin chi. Neutral Banality. Tied to Jhor (quiet)


This is a force. It is unknown what it is tied to. I believe it is tied to either gaia or the one. Tied to balance and purpose.

I have noticed that it is bad to be tied to only one of these. I have made a list of the supernatural creatures in owod, I will mark the ones that can ascend, as some creatures are cursed and cannot progress.

Mortals (tied to all) (can ascend)

Mages (tied to all) (can ascend)

Kindred (entropy) (cursed, save for golconda)

Kuei-Jin (tied to all) (can ascend)

Werewolves (all, however mainly dynamic) (cursed, functionally)

Ghosts (Entropy) (can transcend, whatever that does)

Mummies (???) (cannot ascend, functionally stuck)

Is this correct, is there anything you guys can add?


Faggots from the SJ Discord server are invading halfchan's /tg/ to suppress the existence of the non-SJ one




Wait what?



There is a Discord server for CofD that's semi-official. ROMzombie, the administrator of it, is decidedly SJ. Someone made a non-SJ variant of it, and started shilling it on halfchan's /tg/ generals for it.

It took off and other people started shilling it on his behalf, myself included. But then people from the SJ Discord started counter-signalling in the generals. They might have a mod/jannie in on it, since one thread on the topic disappeared already.



Truly, both discord and halfchan itself are absolute fucking cancer.



...kinda, you're going at it from the Mage perspective.

What you have in place is the metaphysical trinity of oWoD: Dynamism (creation), Statis (maintenance) and Entropy (destruction so new creation may take place). Now, nobody is really sure what the relation between the metaphysical trinity and the Triat (the Wyld, the Weaver and the Wyrm) is: some say that the three great Spirits are manifestations of the metaphysical trinity, while Werewolves will gnaw off your face and tell you that it's the other way around.

Furthermore, each of the aspects of the trinity is associated with three of the nine spheres: Statis focuses on Mind, Matter and Life (that which is); Dynamism focuses on Force, Time and Correspondence (that which changes); and Entropy focuses on Prime, Spirit and Entropy (that which can be).

Mages whose Essence aligns with one of these three also favor using the spheres associated with that particular aspect: so a Mage whose Essence is Statis will favor altering Matter or creating new Life or messing with people's heads via Mind. You get the idea. But a Mage who wants to use all nine spheres? His Essence is Questing.

There's also Resonance and Quiet, but that is not important right now. The gist of those is, the stronger the Mage gets, the more his Essence shows, and the weirder the dude gets. He wants to act and behave in accord to his Essence.

Now. Here is where things get absolutely fucky. If you go with Masters of the Art, to truly Ascend, you need to be absolutely in tune with the Universe. That essentially means that if you stick to a certain Paradigm, or push yourself to the limits by merging with one sphere, or whatever - you fucked up. You're only looking at one part of the greater picture, and you're sticking to it. In Buddhist terms, to Ascend is to beat Maya - the illusion that there are different aspects to the Universe instead of accepting that there is only One Universe, and that you are the Universe experiencing itself. What this means? Questing Essence is the one that leads to Ascension, since it's not bound to any particular Aspect of Reality, but Reality itself.

This also ties nicely with the whole Demon lore: in the beginning, there was only One Universe, then it got broken, and all the stuff that came out of the Universe breaking are the different aspects, splats and so on. So the Triat and the metaphysical trinity and all that shit? Yeah, bits and pieces of a greater picture.

Have fun wrecking your head with it.


What's a cool slogan or creed for a group of Winter Court specialists tasked with covertly taking out threats to the Freehold?



"Hell just froze over"?


File: d20da33f5ff1f9c⋯.jpg (252.83 KB, 1026x1500, 171:250, Van-Helsing_3.jpg)


According to director Sommers the Holy Order Van Helsing works for consists of several religions, not just Christian monks; indeed, you can see Sikhs & Buddhists working alongside the Christians, one member exclaims “In the name of Allah” at one point, so it is blatantly obvious it is not a Protestant/Catholic-only order, but a joint effort consisting of all the religions to defeat evil.

You also failed to mention that Van Helsing at one point mentions that he remembers fighting the Romans during the siege of Masada, implying he was a Jew, or at least fought on their side, in a past life. As you can clearly see Van Helsing also has a Star of David attached to the chain on his vest, alongside the Christian Cross.

Strange how you failed to mention any of this in your lenthy, autistic rant… Really makes you think.


So, anyone reckon we'll get a 20th Hunter/Demon book? I know they rolled Orpheus into the Wraith20 but we've had no sign of KotE or Mummy



Demon is highly problematic, anon, don't you know that? People are having problems with the game being so Christian-focused, and claiming that all the other religions besides the Abrahamic ones are heathens and pagans worshiping Earthbound, which is highly triggering.

I wish I was making this shit up. That was the "why is the new Demon better than the old Demon" answer that was floating around when nDemon was published. Nevermind how they're drastically different in tone, setting, idea or whatever - that's the main reason.

So while I do hope that oDemon gets some love, I dread what that shit would look like in Current Year.



But New Demon was just some cunt wanking having watched the Matrix too much and getting a boner over the Agents.

V20 wasn't too bad, as I recall (the Giovanni with iPhone was actually amusing) And most of the 20th stuff bar Changeling has been fairly well handled (though I never liked O.G Changeling anyway)...and then I remember V5 was a thing....



To be fair, oDemon was some other cunt reading too deep into Paradise Lost. Lucifer dindu nuffin and all that.

I want to be optimistic about it, since I really like how strange Demon can get and I'm a big sucker for religious horror and all that jazz, but I dread how it's going to turn out. Back in the halfchan days, the /wodg/ thread would have developers come in and chat, and the general consensus between them was "oh no we did a bad thing by focusing on biblical stuff".



>implying he was a Jew

Gabriel van Helsing is the archangel Gabriel, stripped of his memories for murdering Dracula when he was mortal



As far as 20th goes 5e material doesn't seep it's way in until the last couple of Werewolf books. The owners of White Wolf are solely responsible for the inclusion because the arrangement with Onyx Path and White Wolf is that White Wolf is the final judge on what is and is not allowed and can make any demands for things to change.



Also, if you read the Demon's end game, turns out that God ordered Lucifer to rebel in the first place.



What's that symbol below the cross? The triangular one?


File: 9d9b6ffb10004cb⋯.png (28.31 KB, 528x513, 176:171, 528px-Triquetra-circle-int….png)

File: ceb14ca43145b27⋯.png (81.29 KB, 636x600, 53:50, 636px-Triquetra-Double.svg.png)


Looks like a stylish triquetra, aka trinity knot.

>the design is used as a religious symbol adapted from ancient Pagan Celtic images by Christianity.

>It is similar to Odin's symbol, the valknut.


File: a0a723a588d1118⋯.jpg (685.34 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, zFTPvNh.jpg)


Take it back. Found a better version, doesn't seem celtic.



I don't recall there being any mention over fighting the Romans during the siege of Masada? Nahhhhh, that couldn't have happened...

>Carl: So what do you remember?

>Van Helsing: Not now, Carl. [keeping his eyes on the villagers who are looking increasingly hostile]

>Carl: Surely you remember something.

>Van Helsing: I remember fighting the Romans at Masada.

>Carl: That was in 73 AD!

>Van Helsing: You asked.

Hmm. So it did. So what you're noticing the Hollywood POZ.

And so when the director mentions that the Holy Order that Van Helsing works for consists of several religions groups...?

>Muslim Scientist: [after Carl accidentally causes an explosion] WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALLAH IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?

This also happened.


I have a concept for a Changeling Contract (NWOD, 2e) but I'm having trouble putting it on paper. the basic idea is that it deprives someone of their ability to speak for a scene. Which Regalia would it fit under? Should be it Common or Royal? Which pool should be rolled? Should it also deprive the target of the ability to make throat noises besides speech or just the ability to talk?



What kind of theme are you going for? If's going to be for goofy pranks then mouse squeaks would be good on the other hand if it's for cursing someone to torment them it would be some indecipherable gurgling or no sound at all.



Just how much has 5e fucked Masquerade?








Hes a cuck. I admit, his videos got me into OWoD because I like the format and despite his little larp sessions, I personally found the theme a lot more amusing than having a man ramble straight lore at me. Then again, I've yet to see this man do the same in anything resembling a professional format sooo...

Yeah on the note of him being a cuck. He writes for OP and hes a britbong. As much as I WANT him to be a reasonable person, he's likely beyond the point of saving.

Just accept his demise and let your idols crumble Anon.



Did they ever get the Sabbat book unfucked?

Or is it still just the core book, the Camarilla book, and the Anarch book as the only 5E products so far?


Is there a mechanic in Changeling for drawing power from your reputation or from a persona?



Yup just those three before the great purge.

In fact, I think the next book wasn't even Sabbat but the 'NO FUN ALLOWED' new Inquisition.

Just play 20th- far better than this shit.



Mostly asking for my pedantic PDF collection. There are some systems I don't mind paying for, but be fucked if WoD whateverthefuckingnumberisthisyear is one of them.



His balls died the day he had David Hill jr on his channel and let that moron run roughshod over him.


File: 267ed184c36c452⋯.jpg (285.97 KB, 2000x1094, 1000:547, 16678[1].jpg)

File: 00ae07515b66ac6⋯.jpg (54.79 KB, 954x536, 477:268, 16679[1].jpg)

File: 1c8385e5d7cd4e8⋯.gif (2.92 MB, 580x328, 145:82, panic.gif)

File: 52ed1b5cd5f907a⋯.png (32.39 KB, 308x235, 308:235, panic.png)

File: 67bb7c8c499e42b⋯.webm (2.04 MB, 640x480, 4:3, panic.webm)

I don't see this mentioned yet, so I'll free you all from your blissful ignorance.



>Paradox might be announcing a Vampire: The Masquerade RPG on March 21st, possibly by Hardsuit Labs

Resume digging revealed

>voiced quests and "text only quests"

>200+ (likely more, this is just what one employee did) player abilities with flavor text

>high detail 3D world


File: ca55a4aeda5b0af⋯.png (620.17 KB, 800x480, 5:3, header[1].png)


Cock shit bitch damn nigger horror bastard asshole cock tits 気違い!


File: 6f793c1d1dabd0a⋯.jpg (13.58 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

>when you only got 1 wits and you hear roll for initiative


Looks like I exausted my swear words too early


>Body type, gender pronouns, employment history and fashion can all be toyed with for a very modular build.

>The developer is taking a refreshing approach of weaving politics into the game, both in terms of narrative and gameplay.


File: b840ae849643df6⋯.jpg (362.23 KB, 1280x1656, 160:207, Greed.jpg)


>Gender pronouns ... in a vampire game

I just don't get how they don't get that the gender of a vampire is vampire and the sex is irrelevant.


Can anyone explain how you're supposed to run a 16th gen vampire? Last I checked 15th couldn't embrace so have the rules changed for them?



You play a normal human roleplaying as a vampire, duh.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

for anyone who wants to suffer

>$120 pre-order for a game that's not out for a year* subject to delays



And then you Awaken, and now you have a Mage pretending he's a Vampire.

And because of how stupid Magick is, it kinda works.



Now if that human roleplaying as a vampire, would be a vampyre? a Transpire? a Translyvanian ? If the acts of a vampire are socially conditioned and taught someone could be a human roleplaying as a vampire easily enough (and I mean that's a real vampire for sure).


File: e94a0e14bfd5f31⋯.png (14.54 KB, 959x265, 959:265, 8d32a89238bc68cdaf8487feba….png)

File: 3d7c7fd806dac22⋯.jpg (134.95 KB, 1356x799, 1356:799, 3d7c7fd806dac225d020172679….jpg)


I'm glad it's accurate to the source material.




Just to drive te stake deeper into your heart: http://archive.ph/L6gwW



it's surreal seeing 2020 and not having it be 'the far subjective future anymore'




I have never wanted to see someone drowned in a toilet more than this interviewee.

He literally sounds like a /pol/ engine for all the right buzzwords- almost like a parody gone too far.


File: fa8f1f9cf34ed1d⋯.jpg (97.4 KB, 342x479, 342:479, 62.jpg)


>a gay nigger vampirekike muslim

Is this a parody?



Yes and he stays around his gay nigger muslim friends as a gay nigger vampire*kike* muslim himself without any worry about spazzing out and killing and eating all those minorities because lol plot armor.


In which version of World of Darkness is White Wolf publishing books?



Right now? None as Paradox ganked them after the Camarilla/Anarch's books.



What about the last few books? were they OWoD or NWoD? or any other retarded version?



Here you with your racist thinking again. Vampires are perfectly safe. Its white heterosexual man who always kill others.

Vampires are basically jews in setting, now. Someone have to push that angle. They eat people, push for degenerate agenda, pretend to care about poor people while literally eating them, have fucking sabbaths all year round and other shit.



They went back to OWoD but retconned away the various endings the lines got



>The vampire is perfectly safe it is the white man's prejudice against our living impaired brethern that causes then to be excluded from sunlight and human society. Think of what wonderful things these inhuman things could teach us about being human, these unliving things could teach us about being alive, these predators could teach us about Being Sheep for the slaughter. Are you Vitaeist? You just hate vampyres because many originall vampyres were jewish and observe the sabbath even to this day.



Are you quoting something or someone?



Shit, this should be capped




Ya'll can have a personal audience with the person who wrote it. Enjoy.



I can't wait to hear a vampire lecture me on how they prefer the term "differently alive"!


You know you could just ignore those dumb sections of the game, not that there are many of them. All the things in the sins section are totally optional and the book says it.

So just leave out like 4 lines of the book and the one page section on Rudi and you're good.

Played a lot of V5, really liking it.


File: 84e3fa6b11e5d63⋯.jpg (388.65 KB, 1080x1596, 90:133, Appendix III.JPG)

File: b6f29fb873fa550⋯.png (499.48 KB, 1080x1491, 360:497, Mature content.png)

File: b2034fe3970643e⋯.jpg (377.35 KB, 1080x1620, 2:3, Sexual Violence in Games.JPG)


They left that section out completely from the printed version, it has no appendices

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