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File: 8c5177f36d43cb5⋯.jpg (25.17 KB, 640x336, 40:21, neckbeard classico.jpg)


>Games Workshop undergoes large shakeup internally, new CEO wants to change things

>Biggest change comes by killing off Warhammer Fantasy. A vastly underperforming game that took up a lot of store space, was not getting significant growth with younger audiences and had exhausted its lore and mapped out its world after 30 odd years.

>Something had to change and reset the clock, they went with the End Times. Maybe not the best option but the one they went with. WHFB died and Age of Sigmar was born

>For a year shit was rough. 1st of AoS was a trashfire now considered a rushed out placeholder by many

>Multiple groups tried to create continuations of WHFB

>Some like Kings of War was the old greybeards digging their heels in to keep their joyful escape from the world consistent

>Some like the 9th age was bitter as fuck younger neckbeards angry at the world behaving not unlike star wars galaxies players after their mmo shutdown: every other game was FUKKIN SHIT and they were loud, annoying assholes

>Long and short of it is that skirmish is the new tabletop king and rank and file has no audience beyond its existing and naturally over the years shrinking one

>AoS gets its 2nd, and arguably first real edition and explodes in popularity, with single armies like Nighthaunts selling in a month more than the entire fantasy range did at its peak

>3 years on many accepted something needed to be done and love or hate aos it was clearly a good move for a business and remember the WHFB times fondly as days no long gone.

>But some remain monumentally buttmad years later claiming everyone not playing games like the 9th age are 'shills' out to sabotage it and making jackasses of themselves publicly and get banned from cons and tournaments.

Do you know anyone like that who has failed to move on?

Share with us your stories of autistic retards going nuclear.


File: ad6346e3f16612e⋯.webm (4.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ad6346e3f16612eb4c68c01f0….webm)

It's the exact same feeling as having a usual hangout place with all your friends, an arcade. And the arcade has been hanging on for years and has provided you lots of fond memories over the decades. Then very suddenly, not because it can't be profitable, but because it cannot be AS profitable as something else, the whole place shuts down and a big old Apple store replaces it. Then all the arcade canbinets are not sold off, but dismantled for scrap parts. Then you are told the arcade machines were never very good anyways. And even if you did enjoy the arcade all the support to keep the machines running are long gone anyways. Kids love their apple gizmos more today anyways. Mobile games are the future. Why would you wanna spend time and money on those old clunky things anyways. They were never fun. They were never great. Your whole childhood and adolescence was a fucking lie. Buy our new shit. No, the arcade could never have been successful had we tried and marketed it correctly.


>be wides eyed innocent youth

>buy bretonnia lizardman box set in 1999

>love of warhammer fantasy born

>struggle on to collect and paint but still enjoy

>become poorfag and have to put the hobby aside but never give up hope

>finally return to the old world ready to complete my bretonnia army

>find GW store

>sorry anon but fantasy is killed

>try age of shitmar, it’s 40k but for faggots

>a-are there at least horse fag armies

>no anon... they are killed two

At least I didn’t get into chaos dwarfs



My story is quite similar. Right down to wanting to play Lizardmen, except I got an Orcs vs Empire starter in my early teens, and come the time I could financially afford to play it moved away from the rigid 20-man boxes of troops to skirmish-y circle models.


Fantasy wargames are utter garbage and will always be utter garbage.



File: 2e4294cde4d4a90⋯.png (245.19 KB, 334x375, 334:375, Fargate.png)


>Share with us your stories of autistic retards

Well, there was this one guy on /tg/ who kept insisting Smegmar was a good game...



Back in my early twenties, I had a good friend who was big into 40k. I had a mild interest, but was never really able to get into it on the same level. I'm a fantasy nerd at heart and while I can appreciate 40k for what it is, I'm wasn't about to drop the money to start an army. My friend at one point decides he wants to pick up Fantasy, and wanted me to pick it up with him.

I played VC, so my faction was arguably one of the least-fucked by Age of Fargate, but it still hurts. The Old World may not have been the most original thing ever, but it had charm and character.




I don't think sigmar is shit, its a completely different thing and not an evolution of fantasy.

the large blocks of infantry and the rank and file combat had a much more realistic feel and strategy to it. actually war gaming. bretonnia cavalry charges breaking lines, or knife ear archers cutting advancing lines to shreds. having 4 or 5 regiments in a battle line didnt feel like a slog. it felt like a real battle.

the setting was a bit generic fantasy, but it was more custom friendly. like a good rpg, 40K and sigmar are more lore heavy and harder to make your own army/campaign.

I don't miss trying to glue those old metal minis. fuck those thing always fell apart.



>the age of shitmar shill from the general decided to make his very own thread to attention whore in



File: 6195d219e8ffc6a⋯.png (175.23 KB, 400x397, 400:397, HowHorrifyingVermintide.png)


Just ignore OP, this is now a Warhammer Fantasy thread.


File: 5038411496dc6a5⋯.jpg (103.75 KB, 735x501, 245:167, 1422792915036.jpg)

File: 7bb759f61f3dc39⋯.jpg (215.53 KB, 800x555, 160:111, 1422793025426.jpg)

File: 0f07be89d703f3a⋯.jpg (143.46 KB, 800x539, 800:539, 1422793286612.jpg)

File: 99a82a0ca200d86⋯.jpg (115.93 KB, 1200x1305, 80:87, reiksguard 1.jpg)

File: e5e7e44ae09d3b1⋯.jpg (205.75 KB, 1288x1920, 161:240, reiksguard 2.jpg)

>>389444 (checked)


File: 5ad15bc48ffce32⋯.jpg (207.2 KB, 873x627, 291:209, 1422792313476.jpg)

File: 382be1296a6b712⋯.jpg (96.44 KB, 734x485, 734:485, 1422792695577.jpg)

File: 196863138317134⋯.jpg (145.95 KB, 864x961, 864:961, 1422793182888.jpg)

File: 379968d80072ea5⋯.jpg (207.41 KB, 709x1004, 709:1004, 1422796242586.jpg)



>The autistic retards who are still mad years later don't exist.

Either you are disinfo or you ARE the autistic retard.


File: 4e950e6cd0bab15⋯.jpg (143.13 KB, 1024x712, 128:89, stormcast_eternal_by_kinmo….jpg)

File: 7d32a350c5ae3c6⋯.jpg (200.35 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 8eb1f210-f884-4b10-9228-c1….jpg)

File: a7db4bd9904a4bb⋯.jpg (341.53 KB, 1280x1528, 160:191, 07e5d21a-3007-4464-be3d-b9….jpg)

File: 5263762502d75cf⋯.jpg (156.22 KB, 1118x2048, 559:1024, 1489702871674.jpg)

File: 3c9fa9347d080bb⋯.png (666.31 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, dfde01c2-34f0-4155-835c-07….png)


I just want a stormcast waifu



>t shitmar shill



Come on now, OP. This is just sad.




I think the other appeal to me for Fantasy was the very wide variety of creatures. It's why I liked Lizardmen. They weren't just Lizardmen, they had Skinks, Slann, Dinosaurs etc.

But when you go to something like 40k, vehicles don't have that same impact to me. When I see Tyranid, variation is diluted by similar exoskeletons and claws and colour schemes.

I tried to relate my favourite faction, Tomb Kings, to their 40k equivalent, and there is a different from a mystical undead pharaoh ordering an unstoppable army of unquakable skeletons against the enemies front lines and the an army of shooty robot skeletons with an entirely well-understood robot skeleton pharaoh

I don't feel like I'm seeing a strong variety in the factions when I watch games, and that might be a result of simplifying rules for 8th edition, but it just makes me yearn for the days of Elves on Griffons and Skaven war machines.


File: 2b7be1fa2240759⋯.png (66.52 KB, 263x195, 263:195, 1fbf950f0caa8ada7e0d7dad37….png)

Imagine being OP and shilling Shitmar ironically for zero monetary compensation.



I always hated when they made Necrons into TOMB KINGS IN SPAAACE. Felt like they had more charm as Skynet 40k, and even as Poor-Dupes-Of-Anti-Life-Demigods, it really felt to me like it diluted the pool from what was, in effect, an antithesis of Tyranids and Orks as a largely single-minded collective into something that is, aside from feeling severely derivative, of entirely questionable involvement in the setting.

P.S. - Tomb King archer-heavy armies were the shit, they may have only had BS2 but they were damn scary for massed-fire



I know just what you mean, Anon. I really could have done without snickering Flayed Ones.


File: 89f59c68e5c29a8⋯.png (347.78 KB, 470x470, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


My favorite tool was the Mortis Engine. I'd always protect the thing for a few turns, then near the end of the game or if my opponent had knocked a few wounds off it, suicide charge it into the biggest unit he had on the table.



>>AoS gets its 2nd, and arguably first real edition and explodes in popularity, with single armies like Nighthaunts selling in a month more than the entire fantasy range did at its peak

<Exlodes in popularity

Lol, no it hasn't. Stores still can't sell Shitmar stuff because GW forces them to put up Tumblr-Sigmahreens everyone hates, and GW forces people to buy models through their site. 2nd Edition nuked old armies GW promised to keep because they want people to play the Sigmahreens, Chaos of the month, or new army of the month. Old Shitmar armies like Ogres and Skaven are still trash because GW won't update them, so balance is trash.

>>3 years on many accepted something needed to be done and love or hate aos it was clearly a good move for a business and remember the WHFB times fondly as days no long gone.

Not a single person asked for Age of Shitmar (Which is now becoming Age of Tumblr). Just because they're forced to buy models off of GW doesn't mean AoS has more players and is popular, Redditor. I'd make profit too if I strong-armed people to buy from my site because I treat retailers like shit, and I'm a private business with no competition. Shitmar was still not a good business move.

>>But some remain monumentally buttmad years later claiming everyone not playing games like the 9th age are 'shills' out to sabotage it and making jackasses of themselves publicly and get banned from cons and tournaments.

<Thinking GW tournaments and events matter

Lol, fuck off back to Reddit. Only fanboy faggots and Redditor cucks like you think GW events are awesome knowing how shite they are.


Kill yourself for posting this faggotry while you go back to Reddit with this trash.


>Well, there was this one guy on /tg/ who kept insisting Smegmar was a good game...

He might have been the same Redditor faggot who thinks the lore is good (lol), and Tumblr Evles that ripped off of Dark Eldar were awesome. Man, that guy tried to shill shitty elves hard, and had shit taste in elves.



I really miss the old art pieces because they told stories of the armies and battles going on; like you actually saw battles (troops would die), or they showed you how Night Goblins, Empire, and Beastmen looked like you don't fuck with them (The last book they made for WNFB Dwarfs had a great cover). Now GW artwork kind of sucks because you don't see anything out of a stand off between two armies unless it's the Sjw-Tumblr-Sigmahreens punching Chaos of the Month or new Army of the month in the face (Like there will be a picture of Slayers looking at Khorne faggots in one of the Shitmar army books, but they...just stand there). Even 40k is running into this problem with the new art now because you don't see a lot of dead Speeshmahreens or anyone else in the art (lol Ward made them cut down on Speeshmahreen deaths in the art).



>lol no it hasn't

Same butthurt guy from the GW earnings thread? repeating lies isn't going to make them magically rewrite reality and become true no matter how much you wish it was a failure anon. You accept it or ask yourself if delusion is a sign of a healthy mind.




Facts aren't being butthurt, Redditor. Just because they're strong-arming people to buy through GW stores and the online site doesn't mean Shitmar is popular (they're buying the models for other tabletops, but no one sure as fuck is buying the models for Shitmar alone out of a few cucked fanboys). I can count more stores that have closed down or dropped GW stuff than people playing Age of Shitmar: Sjw-Tumblr Edition (People went back to 40k after the update came out). I still see old Shitmar products still on shelves with discount prices. You're the one being delusional if you think Shitmar got super popular in 3 years.



No, I didn't, and I will not until GW relents and nails the decapitated and flayed heads of everyone involved in the decision along with their entire extended families to the Space Marine in front of their HQ, burns all copies and miniatures of Age of Shitmar they can get their hands on and reinstates WHFB.

Until then, I'm playing Kings of War. The models are better anyway.





>sjw tumblr

So yes it is you. Our resident autist. Again.


File: 99ca371f69697c8⋯.jpg (69.93 KB, 500x500, 1:1, video-sad-spartan.jpg)


>"to the Space Marine in front of their HQ"




I know. And that new abomination too must burn.


File: 3261089725e08b5⋯.png (97.36 KB, 830x900, 83:90, ClipboardImage.png)

Ok, I'm going to break it down for the two retards here too thick to get it.


OP, you are the only person on the board who cares about Smegmar. You whine about autistic retards, but you're the one so assmad that no one cares about your shit game that you posted a weak bait thread complete with the cliche neckbeard image. Yeah, our game is dead, but yours was fucking stillborn. We've still got a perfectly functional ruleset and the success of games like Vermintide and Total War: Warhammer as well as the recent release of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition shows there's still interest in the Old World despite GW being fuckups. No one here's sperging out over it except you...


Well, no one until this idiot showed up at least. Fucking hell anon, OP barely even baited the hook yet as soon as you saw it you couldn't help but chomp down. Learn some damn decorum, and come up with some better insults for Smegmar than calling everything Tumblr.


40k will always be supperior



Nah, quite the oposite



>WFRP 4th edition

Jesus Christ sounds horrifying after the hot piece of garbage that was the 3rd



They've reversed a lot of the BS, at least from what I get from reading the rules without a campaign yet.



I would warm to Smegmar immediately if GW would just bring back Bretonnia instead of making them all deranged ghouls.


File: 934b7b839152726⋯.jpg (620.53 KB, 999x666, 3:2, 1433645933161-3.jpg)

File: 88172a0bbf629b3⋯.jpg (117.79 KB, 505x720, 101:144, 248537_1695527962412_16642….jpg)

File: 11a20937131159d⋯.jpg (277.75 KB, 1024x1590, 512:795, whfb_landsknecht___champio….jpg)

File: e48a12c07f779d2⋯.jpg (443.02 KB, 1280x1026, 640:513, tumblr_nnu25xAmIa1tnqevfo4….jpg)

File: 5f96ca0684c69bb⋯.jpg (178.66 KB, 600x900, 2:3, tumblr_n96fflCitE1scyrtto5….jpg)


Posting some Empire cosplay


File: 92fe6b0368865dd⋯.jpg (95.71 KB, 391x720, 391:720, KNEKTEN JA.jpg)

File: b69eafb59c0bffd⋯.jpg (289.52 KB, 1289x700, 1289:700, krigslive_ix___5th_averlan….jpg)

File: 09aaa21aa9f8856⋯.jpg (248.23 KB, 600x900, 2:3, tumblr_n96fflCitE1scyrtto4….jpg)

File: df5f388b530e10b⋯.jpg (458.15 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, tumblr_n96fflCitE1scyrtto6….jpg)

File: b1ea34ba178d1f9⋯.jpg (308.48 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, tumblr_n96fflCitE1scyrtto9….jpg)


There's a chance that a few of these are just random Landsknecht reenactors but whatever


File: 7fb96c20cc15b80⋯.jpg (897.83 KB, 1280x1865, 256:373, tumblr_natkqbeGdB1tnqevfo3….jpg)

File: 1c3f67d96216961⋯.jpg (780.14 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, tumblr_nmav6k2Z7u1r6y2c9o1….jpg)

File: 26f6aee1ae32f90⋯.jpg (688.04 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, tumblr_nnty4pUoKn1tnqevfo1….jpg)

File: 2ab85181a545d47⋯.jpg (701.33 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, tumblr_nnty4pUoKn1tnqevfo3….jpg)

File: 14cdc7c99e0cb52⋯.jpg (213.68 KB, 1280x803, 1280:803, DSC_9430.jpg)


That'll do for now.



You got your reward grailcuck, monkeys pawed bitch.



F-fuck you Empire-nigger.



We told you about the elves, but no, muh grail.


File: daa5b7b412af9d3⋯.jpg (48.96 KB, 464x444, 116:111, laughing brits.jpg)


>"H-honor and godlike power await us!"

>"m-muh lady in the lake!"

>"F-fucking green knight stealing all the p-p-pussy, if it werent for him id have a grailfriend by now"

They actually thought a random beautiful woman promising an artefact of great power wasn't a trick. Like a common fucking Cathay peasant!


File: 229053664bcb917⋯.png (896.99 KB, 707x441, 101:63, Warhammer_Warriors_of_Myrm….png)


If they wanted to worship a woman, they should have worshipped myrmidia, atleast she stood up for estalia and tilea multiple times and didnt fuck them over or steal their children.



>WFRP 4th edition

>Jesus Christ sounds horrifying after the hot piece of garbage that was the 3rd

I've not had a chance to look through the 4th ed rules, but to hear a friend of mine who has talk about it, it's a lot like 2nd ed, but streamlined.


WHFB was a grimdark with heavy metal vibes. This was what everyone wanted. Who wanted Sigmar to have a magical trip with his pet dragon so he can do space hokus pokus lets unite everyone until we start fighting again? Who wanted theme parks instead of the old world?

Lore books were godly. And Gotrek and Felix are fucking awesome. They are not even that much of traditional fantasy books, setting is pretty much pre/during WW1 by technological standards.

I dont even care about characters of factions that much, but the locations itself. i bet in age of smegmar they are fucking building everything in ruined state, because you gotta have ruins!


3rd edition was okay, just skip both narrative and combat phases.



>aos it was clearly a good move for a business

you're retarded beyond down syndrome lol


I know an autistic retard; the one who started this thread just so he could jack off to the replies.



Nigga please


Is it bad that I want to do WHFB with sigmarines as the golems powering artillery and acting like da Vinci's siege weapons




There's a lot of social justice shit in the new edition though. It also talks about gender issues and has pretty cringe tier dialogue in the book.


File: dd6579092d84570⋯.jpg (18.9 KB, 350x227, 350:227, tomb_kings.jpg)

WHFB had an example of a Undead society that isn't cartoon villainy or edgy dindus like the Forsaken in the Tomb Kings. And they're gone.

I will never accept this.


File: 3389ed628dcef9d⋯.jpg (49.91 KB, 450x362, 225:181, Well, there's your problem….jpg)


>2nd Edition nuked old armies GW promised to keep because they want people to play the Sigmahreens, Chaos of the month, or new army of the month. Old Shitmar armies like Ogres and Skaven are still trash because GW won't update them, so balance is trash.

>He expected balance from Age of Smegheads.



My army was Bretonnia And Chaos Dwarves


Oh... Warhammer Fantasy. I still suffer PTSD attacks just thinking about the game.

Not many people will understand playing an orc army, having bad luck and surrounded by fucking cheaters that curiously try to omit and bend the rules in their favour even if they are "teaching" you how to play. It doesn't help when they want to do autistically big battles over 4000 points. A whole morning to set up everything, go for lunch and not being able to finish the battle in all day. The FUCKING turns! MY FUCKING PTSD IS GETTING BACK!

Besides that a friend of mine told me he saw two guys fist fighting because "Archaon charged with 90cm".





They all look like complete soyboys (including the girls), but fuck me if the uniforms aren´t rad as hell



>He expected balance from Age of Smegheads.

Well, the whole idea was to make a reboot kind of shit to get more kids into it and shill the general books for the competitive scene. It's not that farfetched to expect them to at least TRY to make it balanced, but alas.

I actually got a bit excited for the new Beastmen herdstone and made to order Pestigors, so I took a dip back in with my old army to test it out. The game itself is okay enough, and the endless spells were a neat idea, but trying to fight against Sigmarines, the new Nurgle and Wood elf armies is just an excercise in futility, even with a "brand new" rulebook. The worst part is, the new Beastmen rules are pretty neat and fluffy and something similar would've been great for them in WFB, but when you have to contend with deepstriking power armoured spacemarines and giant Nurgle blobs that literally won't die, it's just pointless to try playing.



I normally had a lot of fun playing fantasy, but I'll never forget the time I played against daemons with skaven. None of my units could do hit well enough or do enough damage to kill anything, and the bloodthirster lord destroyed my 100 point magic weapon on the first turn of combat. I don't think I actually killed a single one of his models, aside from a couple of warhounds.



>spends over £200 for a tomb kings army

>The End times occurs

>"Oh sweet story moving forward"

>Hard reset, everything dies

There goes my fucking army.

Is it true the Tomb Kings are illegal to play in AOS?

Just word of mouth about it, I haven't dug into the matter since they changed to AOS Round 2.




from my *.txt to that matter.

Tomb Kings

Compendium Tomb Kings 2017

Grand Alliance Death:





Addendum, if I looked correctly only Kislev and Dogs of War have no rules for play in AOS.

Even Chaos Dwarves have Compendium Legion of Azgorh 2018 now.

And Sea Elves from 1st Edition are now called Idoneth Deepkin



The compendium is completely worthless though, and none of the actual TK units are in the newer, more competitive rules. So essentially, TK is only an option if you play "open play" against compendium Beastmen, Dark elves and whatever other armies have similar "classic" compendiums.

I have a TK army too, but unless we're pulling out the old WFB books or using them for KoW, they'll stay in their box.


File: 5eb8e20355021b8⋯.png (97.28 KB, 500x361, 500:361, 5eb8e20355021b86cdaf8d8a98….png)

Curious non-warhammer guy here.

You guys saying that for decades warhammer was first about medieval fantasy and then evolved into Space marines or am I getting this wrong?

Pic semi-related



Alright thanks for that.



They have been producing Fantasy Miniatures since 1979.

Warhammer Fantasy is from 1983 (same year they started their Boardgames Battlecars and Talisman), 40k is from 1987.

I do not know if there were any Boardgames before Rogue Trader though with the 40k Theme.




The shift happened somewhere at the End of the 90s.

Or atleast there was parity between the releases for each universe then.

For every Hero Quest or Warhammer Quest there was a Star Quest/Space Crusade or Space Hulk.

There were a lot of Warhammer Fantasy computer Adaptions and only Space Hulk for 40k.

Then in the 00s 40k seemed to explode, also mainly (atleast to my understanding) because the Fantasy Line got a contender with the Skirmish based Lord of the Rings Games (that had more in common with 40k then the Fantasy Battles / Historical Stuff).

Even Warmaster / Epic 40k got a new sibling with the 5 Armies Hobbit Game.

Needless to say, it all seemed to die and with the advent of 40k Computer Games, Youtube Marketing and the stream of "cheaper" alternatives (aswell as an almost constant consumer base for fantasy or historical wargaming) the marketshares shifted in favour of 40k.

This ofcourse is just a small try to rationalize the whole thing.

And the new Total Warhammer Games seem to ignite some interrest in the younger Generations (and no one at GW seems to capitalize on that, except on Game Royalties/IP Fees)



I always thought they were different "planes" or "dimensions" for the same brand Warhammer.

Never knew one was a follow-up to the other.

Thanks for the clarification.



Well they had a lot of simmilar rules / statistics blocks and in the beginning it was

We have Elves, lets do Elves in Space (Eldar)

We have Dwarfs, lets do Dwarfs in Space (Squats)

We have Orcs, lets do Orcs in Space (also (later) we can play Battle of Rorke's Drift/Zulu that way in SPACE)


(Also a lot of the Story was just copied over /adapted from Fantasy to Space and they even had Supplements that could be used with both Systems)

With the main difference beeing that one was Historical Wargames / Massive Blocks of Units battle in Fantasy Europe with a focus on Formations and Hand to Hand Combat and the other one was Tanks and Individual Small Units in Space with focus on Shooting Lasors and Artillery that can shoot over the whole Battlefield aswell as hyper mobile units.

With the new Age of Sigmar they tried to do the reversal from the beginning:

We have Space Marines, lets do Space Marines but in Fantasy.

We have Space Orks with Power Armor, lets do Space Orks with Power Armor in Fantasy.

They also lost the Massive Blocks of Units and went with individual based smaller Units.

Also on a sidenote: The profit marging in selling Tanks and blobby figures seem to be higher than the profit margins in selling detailed miniatures of living creatures.

But that might be a false statement.



>I always thought they were different "planes" or "dimensions" for the same brand Warhammer.

Yea, they are.

The joke is that AoS that took over after WFB got canned was essentially a "babby's first model game" version of 40k, with round bases and Sigmarines as literal Space marine ripoffs.

And then the latest edition of 40k pretty much copied the slightly updated and less retarded 1.2 rules of AoS, so its all pretty much the same gay shit now, it just depends on whether you like gold and blue fantasy marines or blue and gold double-space marines. Granted, 40k still has a pretty cool fluff while AoS has nothing, but GW is hard at work destroying the former so soon it'll all be equally shitty.

At this point I honestly wouldn't recommend getting into either. Necromunda, Titanicus and Kill Team is pretty good though, but who knows how long they'll be around.



>At this point I honestly wouldn't recommend getting into either. Necromunda, Titanicus and Kill Team is pretty good though, but who knows how long they'll be around.

<Actually assuming I got the time for 40k

Yeah I wish, studies combined with other hobbies is time-consuming enough but still nice to know I'm not missing much except cool grimdark and soon-to-be shitty rules.


I don't mind that they killed WHFB, my problem was that they replaced it with AoS, which is more of a spelljammer setting wherein the setting is essentially infinite, thus making no actions have weight. I also stopped playing 40k because of the fuck awful Ynnari/Ynnead shit complete obliterating my factions lore, so I haven't touched GW shit in a few years.



Tomb Kings are dead in every way that matters. Which is garbage when they happened to be legit sympathetic Undead.


I was upset that they axed the setting more than the system. AoS is fun. WHFB was slowly losing a battle for 2 hours and having no fun.



I agree the setting is amazing but I do like aos as a game more.


File: 966ce5b69c3ea90⋯.jpg (43.99 KB, 474x315, 158:105, 20190113.jpg)

File: cc8799b91fcb6a8⋯.jpg (109.05 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 20190120.jpg)


Why kill WHFB?


File: ed297a5d3a1150d⋯.webm (4.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, FrogAndToad.webm)


>Why kill WHFB?

<The game wasn't making as much money as 40k

<It wasn't making as much money as 40k in part because the barrier for entry was fuckhuge.

<The barrier for entry was fuckhuge because you needed a shitton of models to field an army which cost a dickload of money.

So rather than do the smart thing and directly address the core problem with a rules revamp, they nuked the setting pissing off the diehards and confusing the fuck out of the people who discovered it through Total Warhammer and Vermintide.



>game takes up 1/3rd of every store shelf space, only sells 10% of less of what 40k does.

Its a mystery alright.



>"Oh sweet story moving forward"

Why was there always the big obsession for this shit? There was a SETTING that you SET things in. So many people apparently just want to watch things as a soap opera rather than using it as a timepiece for a diorama wargame.



>that last pic

That right there. People can piss and moan about warhammer being generic tolkinien fantasy all they want. Find me another setting with shit like that I fucking dare you!



Blizzard and Game of Thrones Niggers.



Remember, a proper noose/drop will sever you spinal cord, which is one of the most painless/cost effective ways of removing a buttblasted sigtard from the gene pool...or you could go for the slow route andkeep adopting black kids



AoS can be just like that too, just try playing one of the shit-tier armies against a constantly healing Nurgle force. The biggest difference is you just have less characteristics to roll over and can move units more freely.


A slowly growing fanbase means more brainless NPCs will join in, and inevitably crave more ready-made consumer adventure narratives because they have no creative spark themselves. Or so I imagine, I don't know anyone who gives a shit about AoS or 40k's new retarded plot. Could just be GW themselves falling for the lefty meme of progress always being good.

Either way, we've got stronk brown womyn piloting titans, babby's first doublemarines, fantasy landmarines and shallow MTG-esque planejumping. At least the models are cool huh.



>At least the models are cool huh.

Bedsheet ghosts and cogfop dwarves say otherwise.



If they can release some shitty AoS mini-armies and endless ranks of primarines to collect all the shitty designs, that's fine, allows the good designers to make quality sculpts for the cool armies instead.


File: 509ebc98342c986⋯.jpeg (213.34 KB, 1600x823, 1600:823, Zvezda vikings.jpeg)

reminder that you can still plunder old codexes and play with proxy mini´s

from 3rd party companies

the hobby only dies when you let it die (or when you dont have friends to play with)



>£250 goblin army

>Gloomspite Gitz battletome comes out

>All my shits viable and i just by some new troggoths and a loonboss.

This is what happens when you don't believe in da bad moon surfacecuck,



I never understood the hyper bitter 9th age players who couldn't just play battle for skull pass era stuff. Like those rules went nowhere. Just look at Malifaux right now. If 3rd isnt what a group of freinds like the 2nd rulebooks will be pennies online a few months after 3rd comes out.



samefag here, i have picrelated and use the White box set alongside Armies of fantasy i like the simplicity of old codexes, the rules are concise and to the point and there arent any snowflake-tier units with 5 pages worth of special rules and you can always make your own codexes scenarios and rules the way it was meant to be, this is a creative hobby after all and in ye olde days (funny because i was born on the 2000 and probably never got to see the glory days) people knew that, the manuals were guidelines so you have an idea of what to do and how to do it and the rest is up to you, now you have streamlined crap like AOS wich is dumbed down for potatoes pumping out codexes for you to buy his new fancy 60€ worth of fancy plastic




If you're lucky enough to have a big group of goys that feel the same way, sure. But chances are, someone is going to be tempted by the new shiny plastic crack, and then you either have to spend a lot of time trying to write the new trolls and goblins into 8th ed, or some of your players might drift off into the LGS' AOS crowd.


File: 23bdfcca7ea962c⋯.png (34.91 KB, 517x476, 517:476, Feelit.png)


>big group of goys

there is your problem anon, the guys i play with (only 2 actually) are close friends who have interest in this kinda stuff, they dont care much about the meta game or the state of affairs, just about having fun with the hobby so we just pick whatever is simple enough as a base and then we house rule it to death

to be honest the problem is the same with rpg´s it all comes down with whom you choose to play, if you play with good goys who want to be hip and cool and have all the codexes and all new minis then you are indeed going to have a bad time, if you play with laid back gents who care more about having fun than the companies or the metagame then you wont have that problem,

dont get me wrong anon i understand that this isnt a popular hobby and its obvious we all have problems finding people with whom to play with so i understand that people go to gw stores and places like that to play with random dudes and that this usually forces you to acomodate to said store or said group, i am lucky i have a couple friends who really like this sort of stuff and dont mind the meta aspect of it and yet even so we can only play on holidays because we all have jobs or are studiying


So I actually recently got into 9th age.

It's divisive. It's like being a vegan. But at least there's fun in our group, and not as much internal balance griping barring one or two srs businessers.

Most the rules are clean, formatted, and easy enough to report so they get fixed. Area effect weapons are abstracted by ranks&files but it "works" for the most part. Spells are non-random, the lores are mostly all worth taking (though sadly it does rule of one), and several of the balance changes are either cool/fun (being able to give Empire detachments orders, ala Guardsmen), or stuff that was sorely appreciated (removing Animosity, since that rule just was frustrating).


An old roommate has been pretty bitter about WHFB for some time now; I honestly fell out of touch with him for the most part, but it seems like he can still use his Chaos army just as well. I, on the other hand, have no clue what to do with my 3500+ point Wood Elf army. It looks like I'd have to split it into Sylvaneth and Wanderers. Or just stick to 8th edition, the last rulebook I used.



9th age is shit

>check dorf codex

>only a tiny percentage of your army can be ranged

meanwhile l was running gunline with 4-5 cannons. fucking great ruleset



4 cannons was the max in 7th, 3 in 8th. Granted, you could spend 50% of your points on mixed artillery in 8th, 25% on flame cannons/organ guns.

T9a, it's 20%. You can easily get 2 cannons/4 bolt throwers if that's your jam.

One of the local dwarf players uses two flamecannons to support an Ironbreaker push, with a ton of defensive rune buffs. He also has a unit of 3 Ogre-sized exosuits which the group jokingly calls Dwarf Terminators.

The local Empire player is doing an Ulric-themed army, and filed off all the cybernetic bits from some Thunderwolves to make them mounts for his White Wolf knights.


File: 32b06dc33f8fce1⋯.jpg (82.09 KB, 650x488, 325:244, mantic_games_fisty_glue_ma….jpg)


>"to the Space Marine in front of their HQ"

>not "to the Fisty Glue Man"



Interest in history is entirely the realm of the bookworm, the maggot underling who you call the soyboy.



>Kings of War

>The models are better anyway

I don't like AoS either, but let''s not go crazy here...


>Tfw everyone i know has no problem with second edition AoS

>But people play gobbos, beastman, skaven and one slaanesh guy thats thristy as fuck but can see whats on the horizon

>we all know it would be different if we played empire.

Why doesnt GW just put out a freeguild battletome? the 2nd core rules mentions bright wizards by name and each realm having martial forces based on their element e.g Chamon empires using cannons and steam machines while Ghur empires are mongolian tribal hunters that take down great beasts the size of cities as monster hunters.

Its like if they removed 40k's imperial guard, chaos traitors and sisters of battle and said 'heres more ultramarines. Sure stormcast are getting more diverse in appearance than 'faceless mook in the same armour' but even the lore of them is just a rip off of dark souls' hollowing.

Its a shame because so much more of AoS is a fun sequel to the lore of WHFB. Why do the reincarnated gobbos still end up as moon worshipping grots? because da bad moon wasn't destroyed and if anything seems stronger and even showed up on a map of the realm of chaos dicking around the realm of slaanesh just because hes an asshole that wants to (and might be the bastard child of nurgle and slaanesh but shh), Why do Ironguts still worship the world eating maw after the end times? because their shamans saw it in spirit walks and naturally if the world did end then the maw did its job and was so strong it even ate itself, what a guy!, why do spells roam the land after being cast and merc companies of wizards chase and corral them like mystic cattle ranchers? because Nagash tried to cast a curse of undeath of everything in creation and didnt know his pyramid was riddled with skaven that fucked up the infernal machine he was using and now undeath magic is so fucked up everywhere even spells can't end.

Theres so much neat, wierd shit in there like how in the realm of life the further to its edge the stronger the life magic becomes and in an endless jungle just standing their can turn a woman into a permanent baby factory, endlessly, immaculately impregnating herself until she leaves in this literal magical realm or how they are teasing that these planes are not random shit floating in space but maybe a giant machine made by the old ones the slann know and this is all an old world infestation of its workings.


Fuck i am so sick of khornecast.


File: e0073cdbb5e1793⋯.png (23.58 KB, 680x447, 680:447, The Creation of Bait - Rea….png)


>interest in the glories and disasters of the past is unmanly



The brain is a muscle, it needs exercising just as much as any other, The true ubermensch balances the academic and the athletic.



>is a proud New World mutt



>history is the only form of knowledge

History "buffs" are pathetic people who try to escape their insignificance by escaping into what is effectively fantasy.



Sure, since they rarely make practical use of it. But to deny the value of history at all is no better than the senile wretches tearing academia apart.


File: 0d2c45d8fa82484⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1483x1079, 1483:1079, 4.png)


>Knowing what happened is for soyboys




Alright New World mutt. How's your half-Nigger grandkid? He's out of jail yet?



That's not the point of history. The point of history is that most degenerate action of all: escapism, leaving behind all that is real for all that is fake. Academics are plagued by escapists, pencil necked autistics that try to compensate for their debilitating, euthanasia-worthy disorder and lack of natural perfection by overloading their brain with knowledge and wielding it as a weapon.


Why does the mere mention of WHFB bring out people arugeing about history? Online or at your local its always the same.

Maybe rank and file appeals to greybeards who also love their napoleonic and ww2 games?


File: 3acab083638560e⋯.jpg (311.43 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 1404205032901.jpg)


>whinging about escapism

>on /tg/



>he has bad opinions

>must be some kind of American

>must be some kind of race-mixed American

>yeah, only possibility

Dumb cunt.


The "point" of history is to record events that have happened. But I'm sure your fully parasitized brain can't even fully understand these words so I won't expect you to understand that concept.


File: bb70c80935e0668⋯.gif (336.09 KB, 370x561, 370:561, Z1QFua4.gif)


ya a dumb 56%er for sure. The "point" of history is whatever the pencil pusher wants them to be. There are no unbiased people, and the people most suspect for bias are exactly the ones telling you they are unbiased. Events have to be observed to be written about, observed events are interpreted thru a worldview that seeks to reinforce itself and discredit others and that's even before we are presuming actual political aims onto the people writing history. History (and who writes it and the struggles of writing it) is a fascinating subject and one that seems to be lost on you.



Refrain from feeding the troll. This must be that one douchenigglet that spammed the board.

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