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File: d727d185a97f26a⋯.jpg (208.62 KB, 861x1170, 287:390, s-l1600.jpg)


General for all things FoW.

I'm getting a bit tired of Magic, so I'm looking around for new card games. FoW seems to be pretty interesting, but they also seem to have stumbled a bit. There's a weekly tournament in my local area, so there should be at least a few people to play with.

Are the new starter decks a good starting-off point? Are there similar archetypes to magic? What does the meta look like and is there room for rogue decks to shine?


IIRC, some of the art was censored in the west.

I mean if you're playing and not collecting you may not care, since the art is irrelevant compared to how the cards work.



I initially thought the above image was just a fan edit. I looked into it and the company behind fow should do more seasonal promos. There's no reason to ever cater to sjws.



Where can I find all the censored art?



Only one person at my LGS plays Force of Will so it's assumed here that it's dead



Yeah, this game is pretty much dead.

Try Keyforge for something fresh instead.


OG player who got into it the moment it came out in the west here: Shits dead as fuck. FFCTG entirely replaced it. It was a nice idea but they were too consumed with being weebzards of the coast and expanded to quickly and nearly collapsed trying to make cross media shit including movies. Cards are worthless. Most sets extinct in the wild, best cards in sets you cant find anymore. It died in months. RIP.




The Final Fantasy tcg? Wasn't that cancelled some months back? I wonder what went wrong there? I heard about the movie that they were trying to make? Why on Earth would anyone make a movie out of something so new? A better move would have been to make a game like Duel Links.



It seems pretty interesting. I'll look into some more for sure.


I think there are only two pieces of censored art. Cheshire Cat and Zero.


File: 6c55e50f74687ca⋯.jpg (85.17 KB, 480x670, 48:67, 005j.jpg)

File: 5cecaf3a8930aab⋯.jpg (77.18 KB, 480x670, 48:67, 009.jpg)

File: e4c00deb7cbf7ef⋯.jpg (94.86 KB, 480x670, 48:67, 012.jpg)

The game's still scraping by in my area despite FoW Co.'s fuckups, with at least four people showing up every week at my LGS for tournaments. There's a handful of people playing online through untap.in too if there's no one to play with on paper.


The new light starter in particular's pretty good; it floods the board with graveyard recursion until you win, and if that fails, you get a readily-available board wipe in your rune deck.



FFTCG is a serious contender to yugioh in some countries, mostly because 'hey i know this brand/character' shit. Its currently up to its 8th booster set release in the west and has a large tournament scene around the world.

Meanwhile outside south america force of will is dead and in south america its, naturally, being killed off by the new dragonball card game because its fucking dragonball.



I was under the impression that the FFTCG had folded up already. If that isn't the case, I'm going to check it out as well. My only initial gripe with it is that I don't like the 3d art style that they have on some cards. To me, that kind of art is lazy for cards. It looks like someone took a screenshot from a videogame. A few of my friends are getting into the dragonball tcg, so I might check that out as well. Are there deck archetypes in FF and DB? That is, is there an aggro deck, control deck, etc?


There's a weekly tournament at my lgs, so I think I'll pick one up and give it a shot.



Keyforge removing deck building is a bold but ultimately retarded move in my opinion, part of the appeal of a card game is making your own deck after all and they completely axed that. It isn't even like drafting where you have some control over it and are still deck building, just with different restrictions, so I can't imagine that crowd will care either.



Final Fantasy is mostly huge because of the brand but it is a fun game since you can mix and match but theres also synergy between stuff from the same videogames. So something might say "if a character is a black mage" which could be dozens of cards, or "if a character is listed as FFV" which is its own set of cards. But things can be both. Along with stuff like party mechanics it feels like a much faster magic which was force of wills original goal before its "three sided cards" style horseshit and extreme, rapid mechanic bloat.

Super meanwhile is kind of a legitimate scam. Like starter decks have exclusive cards that may have one god tier card that 'the meta' requries you to run three of, so better buy 3 starter decks goyim, but thats just 3 cards for a competitive deck, throw the rest out and start buying boosters.

The silk shirt crowd might keep it alive for a while but its far too greedy. Even by magic standards. Fuck even by GW standards.


When is Square Enix making a simulator for the FF TCG with a single player campaign?

The Yu-Gi-Oh games managed to milk a lot out of it. They only really stopped because Konami went full retard and shut down everything but pachinko, then fucked over Yu-Gi-Oh with horribly thought out new rules. Some of them are even legit good games on their own.

Shandalar and the Pokemon TCG games were also good fun.



video games that cover tcgs are a great way to market and get people into the game for the first time or back into it. I stopped playing Yugioh years ago, but Duel Links got me interested in it again. Having said that, I think Konami went full on retarded with the new game mechanics. Duel Links is on synchro summons and that seems cool, but everything past it except for maybe xyz seems pretty iffy. I'm playing Arena, but I think it's still behind Duel Links in terms of things to do. It might be that Arena is stuck in standard, whereas Online can do modern as well. If it were easier to get cards like it is in Duel Links, I think Arena would be a great way to test out new deck ideas.


I think I am going to give the FF tcg a shot. I just wish they would stop doing the cg cards. They look cheap in comparison to the usual artwork you see from them in FFXIV.


File: 495751e0d525a14⋯.jpeg (48.9 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1a_5062e09a-2988-444b-a41….jpeg)


problem solved nerd.



I picked it up, so I just need to find a group to play it with now. If that fails, there's a nearby fow group and plenty of magic groups.


So I decided to take another look at this game to see why the fuck it's still alive after the disaster that was vingolf 2. Apparently vingolf 3 saved the game and now it's incredibly expensive to obtain sealed as it had a short print run. It also rotated out so you can't play it standard anyways. After that they've fucked with the pull rates on some meta cards so now the one I want is almost unobtainable as well.

Returning players get fucked



>FoW is a clusterfuck of mismanagement

So you are saying it was a weekday?


File: 4710b615ae6a88f⋯.jpg (79.47 KB, 482x601, 482:601, 8f8c91ea05d96ab11adbf6f807….jpg)

>pull the trigger and get into both FoW and FFTCG

>ded as fuck in my area

I should've justtried to get back into yugioh



card games are dead senpai, its all about shadespire now.



I tried playing it today, even with all the new shit, it's still better than Magic by a wide margin. Plus it's seems like corporate has started to learn from the retarded mistakes it's made in the past, so the game is on the rise again.


YGO is dead where I live too, the only thing alive near me is MTG. Won't stop me from driving an hour to get to a pre-release on Saturday.


File: 5c6799911e3ede5⋯.png (358.9 KB, 756x776, 189:194, time walk banned.png)

File: 0151243e8e3328e⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1252x912, 313:228, ancestral recall banned.png)

File: dca72bc9d0e63d6⋯.jpg (346.96 KB, 371x517, 371:517, actual size.jpg)


They're getting more proactive with bannings now, instead of letting Tier 0 shit run rampant long enough to put the game in life support for the billionth time. Now they need to figure out how to make full arts that are actually readable.


File: 4ecaac2d6462354⋯.jpg (681.6 KB, 999x1296, 37:48, b.jpg)

Nobody showed up to my prerelease. At least Dark Alice is cute.


File: e38227ff89ce9cc⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1632x1224, 4:3, two ruined earths.jpg)

File: 7abf450dd80a17e⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1632x1224, 4:3, snv prerelease deck.jpg)

Did any other anons attend the prerelease? Pulled two Ruined Earths and a Soul Prison; looks like higher powers want me to run Lucifer once the set's out. However, I didn't do too hot during my matches, finishing 1-2. For the match I won, my opponent didn't see that he had on-the-dot lethal with Misteltein on a cluttered board. Maybe I'd have done better if I didn't go full Timmy on Ruined Earth, since stone destruction doesn't actually kill your opponent.


Have a (You) for showing up. Did you pull anything else of note, at least?




>Tfw that guy you know is single handedly trying to keep a dead game alive in your area.

Its like the binary opposite of 'that guy' but far less effective, godspeed in your probably futile quests.




>pre-releases and limited formats in a game that requires legendary cards

How does this work? Is it like a themed pre-release pack in MTG where you get to choose, or is there a separate booster, or what?



I didn't hear about a pre-release in my area or else I would have attended. FoW really should think about putting out a mobile game like Duel Links or Magic Online to help build up interest. It doesn't have to be fancy like Arena or Hearthstone. It just has to help get more players interested into the card game as a whole. Eventually, a portion of them will want the actual physical cards to collect as well and that will lead to more players to play with.



I would love to play a new digital TCG that doesn't suck cock furiously since Hex is dead and I have a big digital TCG hole in my heart (that all these shit Hearthstone clones cannot fill)


File: dae18401136327b⋯.jpg (773.39 KB, 1224x1632, 3:4, a.jpg)

File: d8356255b1990c2⋯.jpg (566.46 KB, 919x1233, 919:1233, c.jpg)

File: 038ab0bc0a175df⋯.jpg (589.92 KB, 1628x1006, 814:503, d.jpg)


Here are the hits, the playmat and dark alice doll were given to me as a consolation prize for no players.


You are now given "basic" commanders for your decks when you attend a limited event. They are in a separate pack inside the box along with the promo and some basic lands. This time it was Dark Alice Doll as pictured above.



They tried this with the now discontinued "Force of Will Battle Simulator." It was an underdeveloped shitshow that didn't include cards from older sets. Now everyone just plays on either LackeyCCG or untap.in.


File: c74e9855150a786⋯.jpg (544.36 KB, 958x1296, 479:648, ruler.jpg)

File: 22a28930d77942a⋯.jpg (535.99 KB, 976x1272, 122:159, ruler2.jpg)

rare and valuable bunbun


How's the Fire Emblem TCG?



>given to me as a consolation prize for no players.

Sounds like a healthy scene.


File: fb7324baa193e72⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, wix.png)

Whats a good website where I can buy FoW boosters from?




Other than TCGPlayer and eBay, you can try Potomac Distribution for the upcoming set plus some sets that have rotated out. There's also your LGS if they carry FoW stuff.


Was there a low print run for the Valhalla starter decks? I can't seem to find any online now.


File: 97e2ad1a432feea⋯.gif (613.61 KB, 385x355, 77:71, the weather is rain.gif)


It's weird hearing people mention how perpetually out of stock the NV starters are, yet my shop's always got a good number of them on the front counter. There was a low print run for the NV starters nonetheless, and I've heard that even though FoW Co. promised starter deck reprints with each set this cluster, distributors are holding back until there's much more demand for them.

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