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File: 25ef9bab2cfd005⋯.jpg (19.77 KB, 236x328, 59:82, 1b8b46a6eb45e3210a2ff080b1….jpg)



You know the drill: Spread some cheer and kindness to your fellow elegan/tg/entlement, celebrate the end of the year, and enjoy a little vacation time.


File: a5217ed313505b5⋯.jpg (40.95 KB, 437x800, 437:800, 7e138f0dcbf100df2d51fadc72….jpg)






File: 1e2848ba3a1afab⋯.jpg (195.81 KB, 687x886, 687:886, aj_gas_the_gay_community.jpg)

Well Chrow, my favorite present is of course, banning faggots. Have fun!



I read that as "banging faggots".


Merry Christmas!! fuck dude i want to sleep so bad but noisy neighbors won't let me


Merry C*hristmas /tg/. Come join /k/ in insulting the jewnited states of muttmerica today,



Wait, what happened here?



This Anon:


Got his Christmas present.


File: 54c57d586068358⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 1650x1214, 825:607, illust_72189730_20181220_0….jpg)

File: d62e5b9edda4579⋯.jpg (914.39 KB, 1500x960, 25:16, illust_72189730_20181220_0….jpg)

Merry Christmas, /tg/. Hope at least one of you is enjoying being with your family.


File: 5c124996925765e⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, co christmas card.png)

Reposting from >>404225.



>Hope you guys had a better year than we did.

All in all... Well, we had that thing with Onyx Path getting dragged to court for trying to be so woke that they accidentally committed blasphemy, but it was about the same downward trend across the traditional games industry.


File: 4b7acb2d968d3bf⋯.png (447.18 KB, 447x599, 447:599, singletearofjoy.png)

File: 424fd53a825f471⋯.mp4 (4.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ultramarinechant.mp4)


Thank you chrow, it was lovely.


File: c113c267efa5257⋯.gif (860.37 KB, 430x144, 215:72, emf9nx4.gif)

File: d9fccde2291152d⋯.gif (983.3 KB, 250x188, 125:94, h3Gfra1.gif)

File: 4ce8b7b48c2c2d1⋯.jpg (216.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, macho-man-randy-savage-011….jpg)


To: Wrestler Anon

From: Anon

Merry Christmas, hope you use these wisely.

This took me 2 attempts, and 30 minutes to upload because of my shit net.



You guys too. Merry Christmas /co/, all the best.


That was probably the most hilarious thing that happened to this hobby in years, and that list includes fucking FATAL.


File: 7b61e18f70b47ac⋯.png (22.76 KB, 151x217, 151:217, mwa mwa mwa.png)

>OP makes thread about wanting RPGs with muslim themes

>everyone starts mocking Islam and asking OP if he has a hajib fetish

>OP deletes his own thread



>everyone starts mocking Islam and asking OP if he has a hajib fetish

Wasn't it only like 2-3 anons?


File: ceb5b08877237c8⋯.jpg (52.49 KB, 754x457, 754:457, Elder Hogan.jpg)


Well I think im the only one who shitposts AJ here so thank you, your donation has been added to my collection.



>implying there are more than 2-3 people on all of 8chan


File: 764436e508f42f3⋯.png (170.75 KB, 377x584, 377:584, off-putin.png)


I am sorry, anon. Seems like you caught the gay.

You may neck yourself right now or apply for extended quarantine and, after completing it, you'll have to watch Gone with the Wind with a grenade jury-rigged to your lower lip.



You're just jealous he's having sex and you're still a virgin in your 30s.

This is a thread about love among men, and the first thing happening here is some closeted faggots lashing out against it.



>This is a thread about love among men




Read the OP, faggot.






Look, can we all just agree that all of us are faggots here? The only difference is that most of us are faggots because of our behavior on spanish pottery forums, and the minority because they take it in the ass.



>Look, can we all just agree that all of us are faggots here?




Ok, I'm sorry you feel the need to exclude us from your special word just because you're gay, and have to hide behind a demographic instead of being an individual



That's a moronic conclusion to jump to from someone saying that we aren't all faggots here, but feel free to stop posting at any time.



Moronic Conclusions are the best ones to jump to. They're more of a stretch, and so require reaching greater heights. Soon I will be skilled at jumping.



Yeah, you're not a faggot, you're a fully fledged sissy who needs some spanking and hardcore to put you in your place.



He needs a rough injection of love juice, and of course, the needle must go right into his butt.


File: 7485dea2428e8e8⋯.webm (90.75 KB, 540x360, 3:2, fuckyou.webm)

File: a7e586f9bf09080⋯.webm (445.23 KB, 540x480, 9:8, fuck(you).webm)

File: 3e4806d43e1eb7e⋯.webm (7.49 MB, 512x288, 16:9, fuckyou2.webm)

File: 23b7183e9129335⋯.mp4 (396.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, FU2.mp4)



We're all faggots, but we aren't all gay faggots.



Pretty sure it's in the 8chan User Agreement that by posting on the site you're automatically branded a faggot.



Speak for yourself then and let people post about love and men.

You gay faggot.



Don't tell me what to do, faggot.



Read "The Best Smell," faggot. It's a delightful slow-burn romance between two high school boys that includes a lot of blushing.



That sounds fucking delightful. Gay as hell, but also delightful.



It is you cock-gargling gaywad. The MC can "Smell emotion" so the otaku who has a crush on him can't even keep it a secret, making for a delightful amount of teasing the Tsundere boy.



Well alright, maybe I'll give it a-


Alright, I'm not that much of a faggot.


File: fc4634c7706bb33⋯.png (152.49 KB, 400x433, 400:433, zcESjmK.png)

Who invited all the queers?



We spend all of out time shitposting about a hobby that's mostly male-dominated, and, given that most females in our hobby tend to be pozzed up tumblrinas, this board has even more of a tendency towards being all-male.

However, we're also far more social than other boards, a necessity of the hobby requiring more than one person.

So, the end result isn't that there's any number of faggots on the board, but that the board, requiring social behavior from an all-male population, tends to generate faggot-like behaviour as a side-effect.

Same goes for most other boards out there, just in different ways.



So, what you're saying, /tg/ is becoming /fit/-lite?



While the first half of your post is right, I feel like the other half is pure projection. Camaraderie between grognard and neckbeards is not homosexuality. Furthermore, no other threads or posts on /tg/ supports your manlust nor backs up your claims of rampant faggotry.



/tg/ is male exclusive, and this includes all aspects of it, like love.

/tg/ is an homosexual board.



This is why I don't game with greeks.



Faggot-like behavior? You mean like being aroused by men?



Autism. He means autism. Autists don't know how to socialize, so when they do, it's either apathetic self-centered behavior, or it ramps up to what basically amounts to misplaced familial love, which comes off as gay.





Don't try to change the subject just because you're a crypto. We're talking about love and men, not family.


File: 1c973648ba155a0⋯.mp4 (961.2 KB, 480x480, 1:1, fags_right_now.mp4)

File: dcdde028878ab78⋯.png (74.13 KB, 637x469, 91:67, WizardsoftheHost.png)


/tg/ never has been and never will be a faggot board, we have some faggots from cuckchan who infiltrated there and now are not sure how to deal with being called out for their faggotry. The only answer is to keep calling them out until the board owner can take care of them. We all know what faggots do to tabletop, the two are mutually exclusive and must be or else.



This is correct. We need to make Aspergers and Autism the face of tabletop, and use that as our demographic to defy the pozzing that always occurs in creative mediums. Spergs already dominate creative writing mediums anyway. we just need to establish ourselves as a set of special unique snowflakes that deserve special treatment just like every other minority, then we'll have the clout to make things the way we want.



Why are you trying to turn the Christmas thread into the winter sodomy thread? fuck off faggot, b2 >>>/v/



All this talk of christmas faggotry makes me miss the Winter Ball threads.




Go back to your containment board.


File: 84989323dfe0122⋯.jpg (188.59 KB, 1984x1984, 1:1, __nagatoro_ijiranaide_naga….jpg)


>muh horseshoe theory

Happy new year faggot

<you're gonna need it.


File: f8f10d009ed555b⋯.jpg (40.78 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 93e3421ff15e2eef24561598a5….jpg)

Somehow, I expected more out of our regular burst of antagonistic shitposting.



>Calling faggots faggots

>That will show them!

Look at yourself in the mirror.


Both of which are highly associated with homosexuality.


I don't know, why are you telling me what you think this thread shouldn't be?


They have already a "gay seal of approval" for /tg/.

Either /tg/ is about homosexuals or you'll have to open yourselves to women. The only love in this board is between men.



Did you expect less shitposting or more? Or higher quality shitposting?



He expected the userbase to conform to his own ideas, but sadly, there's only himself and another faggot trying to impose themselves against a full board of gays.



Expected a better gimmick than all this literal faggotry. It's not even creative, just annoying. If you're going to hang around for a few days acting like a retard, at least make it fun, you know?



Still in denial, I see. Sadly, this is not your world.




I thought half of us were ironically shitposting to get the other half riled up, because this is the meta thread, and then there's one actual faggot in the thread thinking he's in good company.


Gotcha. I could go on a rant about how /tg/ never gets anything done anymore, despite being fully aware that we're a slow board, then demand that the first thing we do is maintain an active peer-review system for 5e.

Or I could start a Discord Channel. That always gets people angry.





Discord and shilling for 5e would get a few people to angrily groan at you. If you really wanted to rustle some jimmies, the better tactic would be to bitch about how we need IDs enabled or demanding that quests and individual CYOA project threads should be allowed on /tg/.



But that would just be what 4/tg/ does. I think I'm doing alright so far with flooding threads with my autism as Chamberpot, but that's more of me just being a problem than inciting any sort of real anger that's ingrained in the board. /tg/ is honestly quite chill in that regard.

To be honest, what we really need is something way more likely to get people riled up, Tribalism. We need more competition around here. Sure, there's the 8chan cup, but that's cross-board territory.

Better, more /tg/ focused option would be to see how many people bought the Tabletop Simulator bullet and organize a weekly/monthly 40k or other wargame tourney.

Or someone finally shills out the money to host an MTG Server.



>Better, more /tg/ focused option would be to see how many people bought the Tabletop Simulator bullet and organize a weekly/monthly 40k or other wargame tourney.

You're better off using VASSAL or writing some comprehensive pasta for installing that pirate copy of TTS or stealing /vg/'s.


File: 3fb51cb4175cc4d⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 270x188, 135:94, snek.gif)

QTDDTOT thread is over 500, someone make a new one.



Grab a good bunny image and make your own.


File: 6eb823945b53bad⋯.jpg (32.04 KB, 500x351, 500:351, keep_hopes_up.jpg)


sadly I agree that tts is just to all purpose to be much use for anything. All we need is spazzing because anons cant count or someone flipped a piece or some shit. I would try to learn 40k for a tourney (and it would be something that we could invite other boards to within reason). Vassal or something similar seems like a good choice, especially if you dividied up the leagues (and pt counts) accordingly. A beginning league with a more killteam esque vibe and lower pt counts, a middle league where games should still be resolved at a reasonable pace and hoss league because sometimes you wanna.




Well, we're not actually limited to just 40k. Actually, for something like this, wheree goal is to create teams we can watch and root for, in the spirit of camaraderie and competition, a smaller, skirmish-level game would be better.

Most of the Skirmish Games made by Ganesha Games would be ideal. Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes would be fun, as it's designed to be used with any fantasy miniatures, has no defined setting, and uses a Point-Buy ability system rather than a basic unit cost system(The cost of a unit is based on the various traits and abilities you use to assign it features rather than what type of unit it is)


File: d99aa2e1798b447⋯.png (76.93 KB, 188x264, 47:66, 2_int.png)


that sounds pretty nifty, someone needs to make a vassal thread. I managed to get it installed.



VASSAL has been mentioned everytime we try getting a gamenight going. Was even brought up in the most recent thread about VTTs >>402057

For a while, some guys were running HeroQuest once a week on TTS, but the timing was usually pretty bad. As is the universal curse with /tg/ hobbies, arranging schedules to get as many people as possible together in one place is nightmarishly hard.



Does Vassal have a Save Game State feature? Or, more importantly, does it have that AND a playback feature? It might be more profitable to play the wargames "By Mail" as it were, taking turns, then play it back at full-speed for spectator enjoyment.


The annual Christmas party stream is live NOW


get in here



>sadly I agree that tts is just to all purpose to be much use for anything. All we need is spazzing because anons cant count or someone flipped a piece or some shit. I would try to learn 40k for a tourney (and it would be something that we could invite other boards to within reason).

I was implying VASSAL would be better because it's free. $10-20 is too high a commitment for something anons may only end up using once, as evidenced by our last few game night threads. Small sample size as it may be, people spazzing out wasn't an issue at all during our previous game nights.



BattleBlocks3D is a thing. It's free and it work, but runs on Unity, and is in slow development so it doesn't have everything.


The good news is that you can snag models from TTS and use them. Bad news is you have to convert and re-skin the models in Blender or another 3d program first.

Back on 4/tg/ One of the devs actually came on to help get community feedback after I started talking about it, then they up and disappeared.


File: 1576e7fadf83cfa⋯.png (78.87 KB, 563x526, 563:526, ClipboardImage.png)


At some point, TTS did implement features that allow game hosts to turn off tableflipping and other minor features that tend to cause problems. Tableflipping was only occasionally a problem anyways. I found that having players messing with their hidden zones and drawing all over the table was more troublesome.



Im saying we should go with vassal, no need to nitpick. That said I would pay (probably for a couple extra too) if someone showed up with something that at $15 did tabletop gaming as apposed to the general focus on boardgames and cardgames.


We alive? We might be alive.



We are all squeletons, anon.


File: e0d20cc69932477⋯.jpg (73.78 KB, 540x771, 180:257, skelly_salute.jpg)


Time to resume our eternal undeath.



RIP Aniki.


File: fb8f961a0d7519d⋯.jpg (37.24 KB, 528x480, 11:10, 3a1cc3736cbb457f7827e8ed5a….jpg)


Hard to believe it hasn't even been a year yet. A whole lot of shit happened in 2018 and none of it feels like it was actually just a few months ago.



I'd shitpost harder, but the Holiday depression is settling in.

Happy Holidays, btw, /tg/. Love you faggots.


File: e1032d8c26cdd72⋯.webm (12.38 MB, 640x480, 4:3, noise marine jumbotron pr….webm)

Some glorius autist in /v/ made this and it needs to be shared with the fa/tg/entlemen.



Great, now I'll have WASP playing in my head for the rest of the day.



It's a thing of beauty. Slaanesh surely smiles upon this passionate autism.


File: d0d3722a828e52d⋯.jpg (45.3 KB, 474x640, 237:320, baby_crow.jpg)

The new year will be upon us. What are your plans for the evening /tg/? What are you looking forward to next year? What were your highlights of 2018?

Post last edited at



Wrath and Glory is a good new system.

Binge Read a bunch of LitRPG novels, many of them exceptionally good

Discovered a community of /x/ users that isn't tainted and isn't on a board that's dead as shit, and they share my love of weird podcasts like Tanis and Lore. So I basically have a

found a /fit/ community that isn't (extremely)gay, and got them playing wargames with me online.

Got a GF, although we're in a weird place right now, but... She likes Overlord AND Goblin Slayer(Both came as a real shock, she's really so reserved)

My main RPG group fell apart thanks to a discussion about racism and Black Panther.

Found several other groups to join so I'm basically going from having 1 group that meets every other week to having 2-3 weekly groups

Got a new job so now I work a decent 8-5 instead of and awful 1-10pm.

All in all, It's going fairly ok. Probably going to spend tonight with some friends playing board games and watching bad or good tv until Midnight.



Hang out with family I only see a couple of times a year.



Sitting with some friends, feeling utterly alone, thinking about the girl that got away.

Happy New Year /tg/. Hopefully the next year won't hurt as much.



I feel like at this point we should have some sort of Dating RPG thread that's really just relationship advice for fa/tg/uys. Half because this board is decent enough that it wouldn't go full /r9k/ or /soc/, and half because putting dating in the context of RPG rules is exactly the sort of thing that would harness the /tg/ autism and create either an incredible ruleset or suddenly turn /tg/ into the bunch of chads I know you always were, deep down. Or both. Both would be nice.



Sleeping in. The inclusion of beastmen and traitor guard in the Blackstone Fortress box gave me hope for an eventual Lost and the Damned release, though I know I shouldn't hold my breath.


File: fc366ecd04686a5⋯.jpg (190.72 KB, 1136x1200, 71:75, Cage Caw.jpg)

Happy 2019 to all anons and the boss crow.


File: 326b1e4b4167042⋯.gif (116.57 KB, 562x842, 281:421, download_20181018_140330.gif)


I'll be twiddling my thumbs and watching battle reports as I wait to go back home so I can go back to putting miniatures together.


File: 47e8af15df75995⋯.jpg (21.52 KB, 309x318, 103:106, i'm high.jpg)


I'm worldbuilding tonight while drinking wine, then I'm gonna get up tomorrow and go worldbuild at work while sober. I fucking love having a regular game with non-obnoxious players.



Might continue working on Infinity figures, might play Morrowind. I have to fucking work tomorrow also had to today so too much fun is forbidden, not that I'm really the drinking or partying type anyways.


File: 26d8d71c656b2b1⋯.png (2.01 MB, 931x1200, 931:1200, knightboard.png)


I've got jackshit for plans and I need to ease myself back into a workable sleep schedule for work on wednesday. So my plans are cider, junk food, and working on some gunpla I've had sitting around for months. Decided to go back to some old kits to clean them up and add some little paint and details so they look spiffier.


File: 5e9fd3a370e8291⋯.jpg (449.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, a3542801beb7b3ceca0a52aa60….jpg)


The same shit as usual, barely leave my apartment. I'm looking forward to new vr headsets being unveiled, and finally getting a job again hopefully, maybe actually writing something for once too. Seeing my folks is always nice. Getting them to try out vr at a small town arcade was great, they loved it.

Happy new year /tg/, it's always nice to have a place to lurk that's comfy, has good discussion, and sometimes funny shitposts.


File: f1cfc1de0f5f671⋯.png (186.87 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1462218145228.png)

It's officially 2019 on my end. Happy New Year, /tg/. I look forward to 12 more amazing months of shitposting and sincere, heartfelt autism.



Busy being sick. Was planning on hanging out with my friends and drinking. At least I have kancolle and girls frontline to keep me busy.

Hoping next year won't suck.

Not many highlights. Just settling more into my house, got a few figurines and gun stuff, and playing vidya.


Happy new year, /tg/. May this year be better than the last.


Got half way to work before realizing I wasn't dispatched today because they didn't wanna pay holiday pay for it. Guess I'll work on putting in my wood stove today then.


I know its better to post threads with more substance here, but would anyone be up for that thread where you post a character image, then the next person creates a short blurb about the character while posting their own image, and so on?

Part character garage sale, part collaborative creation.



I wouldn't.



We've had a couple of them before. They're not too bad, but they require that everyone who participates be a writefag, which scares some anons off.




Good point. I'll hold fire and wait to be asked for writing, instead of ending up in a circle-jerk with other writers trying to out-create one another.



Just fucking do it, you faggot. This board could use some more activity.



This person is just a bored board troll. Ignore them.

The issue, >>404844 , is that something like that starts with little to no effort by op, and then tries to instill effort by others. Lots of potential that will undoubtedly be shat on by one anon who wants to use the whole thing to get easy generated NPCs, much like that one person who used the voice actor thread to get tons of Warhammer quotes for their wiki page or whatever. In return, they'll offer nothing in return, or worse, give a very limited quip that will ruin a potentially decent story for an interesting character design (which is crushing for any drawfag who bothered to add some OC to the thread).

Also we have no writefags, really. There's been several half baked attempts to drudge them up, and while there might be one two, they pretty much do what the fuck they want.


File: 11faa5601e26f60⋯.gif (212.24 KB, 625x373, 625:373, 1348529298471.gif)

So what the fuck happened on cuckchan this time to drive so many shitposters and retards to 8chan?



Pretty sure it's just one retarded faggot who made the Critical Role thread.

/tg/ is like a bag of potatoes, one rotten one tends to ruin those surrounding it. Oh, and people get really really mad when you put them in your medieval settings because it's historically inaccurate and you need a fair amount of autism to make sure the economic implications of such are fully realized.


I think this board has too many people imposing their will onto others.



Not Hardly. The only consistent rule is don't be the wrong kinds of faggot. Gayshit and being relentlesslyand destructively autistic gets reprimanded, but otherwise you've pretty much got free reign. I made like 20 threads in the span of a week last year, ranging from a Commander Tourney to basically /tg/ flavored vidya , literature, and Film threads, and spamming the Manga thread, and the worst i got was a warning for namefagging. You pretty much have free reign to post anything on here as long as you make it clear your intent is to be productive and generate discussion. By contrast, that Critical Role thread is entirely one-sided with the autist doing it for attention and self-serving autism, so of course it got anchored


File: 03ca99f0731318b⋯.mp4 (2.01 MB, 800x600, 4:3, River_Chink_Gondola.mp4)


bit late but happy newyear Chrow



What's your example of this?



Not what I was talking about. People here have this me-centric personality and want the board to follow along with what they want/post.


Chamberlainfaggot, Chrow, PDFshitposter, >be me spammer, the gay sicko.

No one cares about others, they want this board as their personal playground.



Chamberpot here. Yes and no. I mean, ultimately all I want is more good, positive posting here. Just slightly more activity than what we currently have, and a Board Game Night or other group activity or project wouldn't go amiss either. That's about it.

As for Chrow and the Vols, all I've noticed is that they look at a thread's intent as well as its content before making any judgement on it.

I feel like the issue here is that we're slow enough that strong personalities and shitposters are more pronounced than they would be otherwise.


Chrow, what's your stance on this? The way I see it, one person posting 40-50% of the board's content in an effort to make things "better" is in fact harming the board because every regular poster is bunkered up, waiting for said poster to get bored and leave. Tactic doesn't work tho for autists tho. I think we need to actually address this at this time.



I don't know who any of those people besides Chrow are.



You sure do seem to be butthurt about someone making threads you don't like. Perhaps you should consider making superior threads.



>If you don't like how I use this board to entertain myself, then you should get better at entertaining me.



>It's on you to use the image board the way I want you to use it.

>I get mad because I can recognize people with a distinct typing style, posting frequency, or opinions, even if they're not namefagging.

I really think it's just you that has an issue with the fact that other people use the board, and use it often. Nothing posted *BY ANYONE* in any decent thread has been too out of place, or too cancerous. The exceptions are the Shit threads that get anchored, deleted or otherwise managed properly, which you seem to also think Chrow or the Vols are in the wrong for doing.


File: 6dccf924e61bc66⋯.jpg (105.34 KB, 790x824, 395:412, 6dccf924e61bc66e5253b4c699….jpg)


>One anon is really active, making lots of posts and threads for other anons to respond to

>All this content makes other anons not use the board

>Because they're waiting for Anonymous to leave

I'm so confused. /tg/ is a smaller, slower board, why are you against people actively using it? Why do you think the board appearing dead will make people use it more? If you think too many of the threads here are bad, why not make 'good' threads that will, apparently, bring out all the others to participate?



That's all anyone on this website is good for anyway, I don't see the big deal.


File: 3415e741fcd8a13⋯.mp4 (1.73 MB, 1920x1040, 24:13, faggots.mp4)


I wrote out a pretty long rebuttal as to my stance on why someone shitposting to get attention isn't beneficial to a board, and likewise a million threads that have no point to them, or a very shallow pool for working in are counter productive to a board that has really great threads that get maybe three posts a year, but the info contained on those posts easily justifies the threads existing to those who use that particular system, or who partake in that discussion.

But I realize that merely stating "quality over quantity on a slow board" sums it up nicely. If you come up with an idea, check the catalog first. I guarantee you most of your new threads should have been in QTDDTOT, and the rest in some sort of general (40k, for instance).



There's no one anon posting for half the board and the reason people bunker up when shitstorms come through is because they don't want to attract the latest obnoxious faggot to their threads. When I see that the only threads active and getting bumped are just shitty cuckchannel threads where everyone is just telling OP to fuck off, my immediate reaction is to just go do something else for a while and wait for that to blow over. You can't have decent conversations when the cuckchannel subhumans are around going

>le cuckime


>kek y do u nerds get angry when I keep spamming my shitty wojak goomer/toomer memes?!?!?!?!



>I think we need to actually address this at this time.

Honestly I've been getting that a lot lately. Now that there are too many new people to effectively "infuse" them into the board culture, it seems most people just want mods to step in and ban everyone until they're gone, and if they don't its because the board is dead man walking anyways.

Are imageboards reaching their lifespan or something?


File: b5bb1b282851734⋯.jpg (37.72 KB, 262x133, 262:133, 1444341270161.jpg)


I really hope I don't get hit by a car again this year...



>Are imageboards reaching their lifespan or something?

Gen Z is pouring all over the internet. It's another generation, with another culture altogether.

I'm not blaming them, their seniors hardly deserve any praise, but at least we lived a very strong cultural period (the anime boom in the west, beginning of the computer era, video game era, etc) in which they simply fell from the sky and are ruining most of what little good we managed to make.


File: 6834b8a6ee5fbb4⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, crow battle.png)


Meant to reply to this whole string of replies a few days ago, but decided to just put it aside, because I wasn't certain what to say.

This is a conversation we've had before, and it's not one that had a good answer any of those times either. It just came down to, "Post more good stuff. Ignore bad stuff." Which isn't a bad notion, but it doesn't really solve the odd sort of problems we're seeing. If I hang around and aggressively moderate the board, deleting every thread that doesn't meet my personal arbitrary standards, it will just create drama and friction, not to mention drive down activity. Throwing bans around is an imperfect solution, because some people may never see their bans, some won't understand what they've done wrong without a lengthy lecture (and we can't do that shit with every new idiot who rolls in here), and others will refuse to even take a ban and cause even more bullshit to come our way.

There's no easy solution to ensure that everyone who posts here understands that we're not operating on the same level of casual retardation as cuckchan. I could write some lengthy breakdown and explanation of the rules and expected behaviors of /tg/ posters, but we can't make newfags read it. Could go into draconian punishment mode, but that's bad for the overall mood of the board and I just don't want to do that shit. I'll nuke really bad threads, like that amerimutt thing that popped up, but it's not doing any good to nuke every thread that isn't good enough.

I can only do so much to control you guys and the board, but I don't really want to do that and you don't really want me to do that either. Which means that, with immense reluctance, I might have to recommend relaxing a little and being prepared to spoonfeed and handle some newfags with more good faith. That's not something that's always going to be applicable, however, but if some of you are worried about the slowness of the board and the lack of fa/tg/uys around, it's not a problem I can solve with more deleting and banning.



Very mature. Respect.

You've gone up a lot on my book right now, not only because of what you said, but how you said it.



I'm the guy who brought the discussion up in the first place.

My annoyance is having what's essentially a namefag doing what namefags do best: demanding attention, and destroying the community by essentially trying to make themselves the "voice" of the board. Chamberpot hasn't used his handle, but he does everything else to assert who he is:

>used to be a namefag

>I'm back guys from 6 months absence with meds this time!

>go ahead and bully me, I've been gone 6 months

>namefag here, here's my thoughts on your situation

>see? I, namefag, am innocent of my crimes!

etc. There's literally dozens of these examples floating around, and I'm not autistic enough to go hunt them all down and deliver them on a plate, but I'm sure you've noticed this. At what point can we consider this willfully disruptive behavior and namefagging?

I have quite a few more gripes concerning this, but going into details just makes me look like I'm some conspiracy theorist, so I'll digress.

We don't need one person posting 1000 times a day trying to stimulate the board. We need 1000 lurkers, who maybe once or twice a week add actual content to a discussion. I remember a couple years ago in a prior meta thread we talked about making a "post to this thread every time you visit" or other similar acts to try and boost the post numbers in efforts to get in more people. I think the conclusion was "the board is better dead, than having lots of fake discussion from 3 or 4 members acting like 100+ members". I feel like we're going the other way tho.



I haven't noticed any of that, so you should go ahead and start hunting those details down.



You should probably pull your head out of your ass then, anon.

Better yet, maybe start reading some of the posts that didn't make first page in the thread before you add your 2 cents.>>405237



>I'm sure you've noticed this. At what point can we consider this willfully disruptive behavior and namefagging?

There's really nothing to disagree with. I think what Chamberpot has been doing is a posting gimmick, as well as willfully disruptive, and the fact that he keeps naming himself may as well make it partial namefagging. He is being a faggot, in clear violation of Rule 1, but he's a weirdly good natured faggot.

All I can do is put this out here as an official warning. Chamberpot, knock that shit off. We don't need you to append an identity to your posts and we don't need to using any threads as your blog. Keep it up and I will have to inflict some kind of punishment.

Regarding activity, I'm not in favor of the artificial inflation. The top board rankings are nice so we can stroke our collective e-peen, but they don't really matter if our board is just shambling along. Posting for the sake of fudging some metrics won't do us any good. Conversely, not posting because we perceive things as not being thread-worthy or contributing enough isn't all that good either. Since we're looking for discussion and activity, why don't we leverage this discussion into something productive, and discuss potential on-going threads, ideas, and activities we could do as a board to liven things up?



Yea, I'll agree his heart's in the right place, just /tg/ isn't something you can force a discussion out of, and over-saturating a board with fake content is obvious enough to the standard neckbeard and therefore counterproductive. On the same token, I think trying to figure out ways to be productive and how to spruce things up is counter-intuitive. We don't need the types of people who would be coming from /v/ or /a/ to challenge us to a cross board thing to become new members here: we need people who play board games to come here.

This isn't something we can create. We do our thing, and hopefully the people who are checking us out from other /tg/ sites will stick around, because they like the content. Of those, we hope the ones that stick around longer are those who mesh well with the atmosphere, or who learn to curb their egos well enough to assimilate with the anonymous mentality. We have a decent community when we're not fighting off faggotry. We have a huge spread of content from chess, to yugioh, to MtG, to 40K, to /tg/ related videos and games, even a manga thread. Standard users talk about the content they want to talk about, and because of that, they usually have good insights or content they bring to a discussion.

THIS is the solution, not wasting our time trying to figure out what all the cool kids do to get more friends. We need to be the not so cool kids, who attract the other not so cool kids naturally because they can see in our eyes that we're the guy who knows all the rules to THAC0, or the guy who knows what page of GURPS to go to for the appropriate table, or which action goes off first in a MtG turn, or how to properly thin your paints on your miniatures. We're the faggot who's studied Ancient Egytpian trade routes because we're making a period accurate game set in middle Egypt. We're the faggot who's had the argument already about how slashing weapons work or don't work on armored opponents. We're the faggots who know how to munchkin it up in ANY tabletop we're ever bothered to play, but don't, because while we're faggots it doesn't make us assholes.

TL;DR We just gotta do our thing, and stop trying to do something that isn't our thing.



>As for Chrow and the Vols

There is only Chrow.





So, yeah I was being a faggot, maybe a week ago, but I've pretty much just straight up quit with any sort of namefagging, or disruptive behavior since then. If there's a topic I like, I reply to it, same as anyone else, but even then I've been pretty inactive.

However, this guy that's been constantly hounding me is being even more of a faggot. I mean, I made a total of like 3 posts on the /a/ Manga thread, then I dumped that first chapter, and you start calling me out there for spamming?

And you've got this impression that I'm behind every terrible post. I only post about 1/5 as much on here.





As for getting some honest activity on here, as soon as I get my gaming rig set up, I was thinking of organizing some kind of game night on here, as discussed above, using Vassal or TTS, helll, maybe even a /tg/-craft server.



Hate to break it to you, I only hang out here. You've got a few people who don't care for your antics, it seems.

Also, stop doing this



Sit down for 10 minutes, and think about all the things you want to write out if you MUST post something.



Aight. Point is, I've been a relatively good boy this past week, I don't shitpost, not even in garbage boards like /v/, I stay on topic, I don't even post that often. Switched to new meds a while back, which actually seem to work, and I've generally calmed down.

I'll start a Game Night thread sometime next week, if that doesn't piss anyone off, and find some decent games for Vassal and such.

People liked the Advance Wars vidya, right? Vassal has a port of the official board game. That seems like a fairly safe, innocuous game to start with.



Whining about double posting is /a/ tier. Eat a dick, you oversensitive faggot.



The forest through through the trees, you stupid nigger. I'm correcting a minor infraction in this instance, but he's been one major source of annoyance with multiposting in the past.








implying you're not defending yourself by acting like another person, like you always do

Last (you) for today from me.



Quite literally the only one of those that is me is >>403263, and I'm pretty blatant about it. I almost feel like I should namefag just to show you how little I actually post now, but that would defeat the point.

I have never pretended to be anyone else replying to myself or defending myself. Ever. Since I came back here I have posted from a total of two IP addresses, one from home, one from work, and Chrow is free to verify that if it would assuage your opinions of me.

Like Chrow said, I try and be "weirdly good-natured" meaning that I try and own up to my shit. Yeah, I've spammed in the past, I'm working on it. Yeah, I get somewhat obsessed with my own ideas and ram them down people's throats at times, I'm working on that. And yes, I capitalize every odd noun in a sentence out of habit. I'm working on that too.

However, I won't take responsibility for other people's spam on here, and I especially won't take responsibility for your apparent misconception that I'm behind every shitpost on this board. Call me out on my shit, sure, but make sure it's mine first. >>406009 is probably just some asshole who's tired of both of us whining on the meta thread.

Polite Sage.



>he's been one major source of annoyance with multiposting in the past.




For what it's worth, the posts you've linked belong to several different IPs.



There was (or still is) a samefag here and elsewhere over 8ch who hoped IPs.

Easiest thing to do. /a/'s Kirinofag is the most blatant example of this and he surely has/had a persona here on /tg/.

I'm not that guy, by the way, check my IP.



Holy fucking newfag, tons of people on this site hop VPNs because only idiots rawdog this CIA honeypot. Take a jackhammer to your balls.



That's exactly what I said, psycho.



Accusations of samefagging rarely ever go anywhere and only serve to cause pointless bickering. IP hopping on any board that doesn't use IDs is only a means to try and fool the BO and even then, it's only really done to try and skirt the consequences of acting like a colossal faggot. Samefagging amounts to very little otherwise. Screeching about it and trying to decode it doesn't change the fact that it's a pointless meta-argument.






I mean, at the end of the day, I'm just glad that we're able to complain about samefagging of all things. Things could be worse. We could be /v/ or /co/, and have to deal with /tv/. I assumed that Hey /tv/ was just a meme, but it turns out that /tv/ is basically /v/-meta for shitlords and faggots.


File: 6484a1382e507b8⋯.png (170.15 KB, 1280x914, 640:457, are you prepared.png)


>Since we're looking for discussion and activity, why don't we leverage this discussion into something productive, and discuss potential on-going threads, ideas, and activities we could do as a board to liven things up?

Off the top of my head we could (and maybe should, in some cases)....

• Just make a new manga thread when the old one hits auto-sage. No point in making those threads into the secret Korean Komic Klub, especially because it means fewer people will read what's posted and there will be no discussion.

• Maybe start a news thread for general goings-ons in the /tg/ industry. New games being announced and released, issues with upcoming stuff, and general gossip. Might make for a nice replacement to the politics threads. Of course, we could just keep both separate, but there's an argument to be made for fewer general threads too.

• System book reading threads would be nice to see again, but maybe with a few more participants, or perhaps with the added feature of doing a Q&A or doing some example character creation. There's literally no reason not to learn as many systems as possible, either way. Plus, the first thread was kind of nice as something to point to whenever a somewhat obscure system was brought up.

• Creative writing, amateur authoring, and book writing thread for the writefag-inclined. Was brought up during NaNoWriMo, but we don't really need an excuse like some kind of monthly event, to start writing books and stories like we all occasionally talk about doing.

• More active homebrew thread, including maybe going for a /agdg/ style demo day where people have to present a mostly playable draft of their games. Might be cool to figure out some way to tie it into our proposed game nights. Maybe even copy 8chanmania a bit and stream it so fa/tg/uys can gather round and watch the oneshot playtests unfold in real time.


File: 5c8a5bc14c9e6bb⋯.jpg (214.46 KB, 1280x875, 256:175, bcbe46a4233212743b518b1d30….jpg)


I've been using the bump limit on the manga thread as a chance to story time some stuff. The fact it's hit bump limit is kinda useful in that sense. I also don't think the catalogue should be filled with auto saged manga threads, and limiting it to one kinda keeps people from spamming the thread with random manga that has 40+ chapters out.

The manga thread is also in the sticky. Only newfags wouldn't check it or know about it. No excuse for the rest of us, especially SINCE we've basically agreed we should let the manga thread persist after bump limit.



>muh shilling thread

no thanks

>vassalbro is a faggot


The short story is post threads that you will want to read in a month and stop posting faggot shit because none of us want a 15 page catalog because faggots cant keep their hands in the fucking pants.


File: 0c88168c2237517⋯.png (13.32 KB, 1232x200, 154:25, tv admits to spamming bots….PNG)

File: 4163a61c82e25e5⋯.png (208.78 KB, 1246x561, 1246:561, tv raid.PNG)


>using Shitlord

But to preserve proof that /tv/ is the shittest board on this site here it is straight out of the horse's mouth.


I distinctly remember the argument being to not make a new thread when the bump limit is reached vs that's a stupid idea but if you insist then make it at page 5. Seems only the small few who only want to post in one thread perpetually are the majority now even though they're just gonna hit the hard bump limit then wonder what's going on.



>make it at page 5.

That's been the policy since the first Dungeon Meshi threads.




Chrow and the Vols mentioned something about that, I remember




Did you filename the wrong image or something?




The manga thread is already for storytiming. If you're posting stuff that people aren't interested in, or dumping stuff for the sake of dumping, I don't know what the point is, because it's not being seen, either way. There's literally nothing gained from stalling on making a new thread.



You're not very bright, are you?


File: ab61bbcfce44b35⋯.jpg (57 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Britain Empire.jpg)

Just a heads up, you may lose a lot of Britfags in April.

The (((British government))) is gonna go through with basically a porn license around then. All pornographic websites that don't host a way to properly verify a user's age (i.e. use their credit card or ask for personal info) are blocked. You can get around this if you buy a pass at a cornershop (or use a VPN) and odds are all eyes will be on you (even with the VPN, the UK even allows VPNs to advertise on TV now).

There's something similar already on mobile phone browsing. If you're going through 3G and not a wifi router, adult websites are blocked, and you have to request your phone network to unblock it (but of course you can download 18+ rated apps).

Short version is- 8Chan is blocked as an adult website on mobile, so odds are it'll be affected by this.

Believe me when I say none of us want this. We're like the US was under Obama- demoralized and directionless. Can you imagine trying to tell someone before Trump the US was gonna change? The majority of us sure as hell aren't cucks, but it feels like there's no one to rally under.

With how Brexit is going this could all change by then. We know shit like this isn't to protect anyone, and to raid and spy on everyone. In fact Brexit could spark something no matter which way it goes- things could get worse before they get better, or maybe we get a full blown coup.

Don't stop mocking us, but don't confuse British people for the British government.



Classic british self-importance. Nobody will really be bothered by any of that except you guys.



Grab a yellowvest and start up a weekly civil war like Europe. Do it for tits and freedom. Yours is the country of lad mags, the watershed, and that one trashy newspaper that would literally print just nudey pictures, and all of this was common until about last year. They are trying to demoralize you as hard and fast as possible and they're making you pay them so they can do it. Fight back, for fuck's sake.


File: c1fb048f3c6973f⋯.mp4 (995.42 KB, 700x500, 7:5, Druid_Gondola.mp4)


>they even came for your porn

man the general lack of druidry and importation of shitskins was your guys downfall. Guess I'll never have to bother with that trip to the motherland afterall.


File: 68a799a7c098be8⋯.jpg (51.08 KB, 330x479, 330:479, 68a799a7c098be879088008d99….jpg)


>the banning of icons has begun

>soon, dogs and uncovered women

I'd keep going if I wasn't a fucking leaf.




This. Next they'll be after your bubble and squeak.


Shut the fuck up and mail me some Mango Heat Mtn Dew. It's the only good thing about Canuckistan.



>Chrow and the Vols

There is no other Vols, this board only has the BO. Whatever action you see on the boardlog are Globals and botmods.


I wish.



>oi lads, we shud do someing 'bout them wank loicenses

<but m8, ci'y's playen unoided on the telly tonoight

>bong.exe has stopped working

I hope you lads get your shit together on day, sincerely.



Changing your song and dance now?



What? That's a cap directly off /v/ from the daily bot spam. there is no "changing" a tune, do you mean the "there is no Vols only Chrow" bit? That's because there is no Vols because as far as I'm aware Chrow has never appointed a Vol and never needed one.


Went on lurking on GookChan's /cgame/ board using shitty Google Translate out of curiosity. It's /tg/. I mean, it's absolutely /tg/. Different memes, sure, and they've got a thread for every goddamn board game ever, from Dominion to Monopoly, but it's definitely got the same feel. Entire board is Cthulhu obsessed, of course, but they've got threads for weird JTRPGs, like the Log Horizon RPG. Fun Shit.


File: 6edee83848e8ff5⋯.jpg (76.54 KB, 900x450, 2:1, puti_uwak.jpg)

I've come to realize we need an anti-Chrow.


File: 8bbb3880a7be358⋯.webm (4.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Rule Britannia.webm)



So you want us to have some kind of dedicated shitposter?


File: d3c68374cc9720c⋯.jpeg (5.42 KB, 265x190, 53:38, Chamberpot.jpeg)



Dedicated shitposter that posts constantly? Hmm, where have I heard that before? Oh wait, I was told to stop, and rightly so.

Nah, we don't need an anti-chrow, we need to get rid of that one angry shitposter that keeps making 5e hate threads outside of /pol/ containment.




>outside of /pol/ containment

The politics threads weren't /pol/ containment. They were to keep people from making a new thread every time some cunt in the industry said something stupid.



They were also to keep anons from keeping a thread every time they tried to say something stupid. Seriously, aside from us being slow, the only issue we have is that there's always some cunt that wants to argue about why 5e and WotC is bad. It's just preaching to the lazy choir.


File: ab33a04bc24c62b⋯.jpg (58.49 KB, 500x568, 125:142, ab33a04bc24c62ba86de4c55cf….jpg)


>the only issue we have is that there's always some cunt that wants to argue about why 5e and WotC is bad.

What's to argue? 5e and WotC are bad.



Exactly. So there's no need to be going full autismo about it like he does.



You're not being clever or endearing with this kind of faggotry. You were warned already.



I'm not fitting for a jail sentence any time soon.

Living in London I might be tempted ironically, but it'd cost me an arm and a leg to get a train in.

Apparently the French gov is gonna try to pass a law where the protesters have to file a permit six months in advance, or "illegal protestors" get massive fines and six months in prison. Either way, the heat will turn up and I can legit see the French pulling off a coup.


You don't want to be the last voice in the room shouting against freedom, liberty, and justice for all. The more governments that get away with shit like this, the less voices of people you're gonna hear speaking out when bad shit happens else where in the world. "It ain't my problem" is how cucking starts in a country, and that attitude gets you cucked when there is (((international pressure))) to conform to the new norm.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So it looks like 8chan might be in trouble.

gookmoot might get claim of us due to Jim having legal issues with Japan.

Might be good to get a bunker going.

I know endchan was used a a bunker a few times by other boards.



Nice to see Josh has no god damned idea what he's talking about still. 8chan is not a subsidiary of 2ch, just because it's hosted on Jim's servers does not make it a subsidiary.


File: 51bdaae819e007c⋯.mp4 (3.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Everybody_Knows_Shit_Fuck_….mp4)


>not the theme to the end of 8chan that I expected

If we don't get a chance (and this is nothing im sure this ciahoneypot will continue for 20 more years) it has been a privilege to shitpost with you gentlemen.



Isn't this the shit that some assblasted faggot has been spamming everywhere because of some poorly google translated article they found from a year ago?


File: 66bb47a001fe094⋯.jpg (172.33 KB, 800x482, 400:241, space_serval.jpg)

Daily reminder to chill down before sperging out.


File: 72f29633349ec56⋯.png (44.62 KB, 198x233, 198:233, you and your fucking logic.png)


Shut your whore mouth.




More or less.


I'm really starting to wonder if 7chan really banned the PDF threads just because of the DMCA trouble.. Because right now, they're a cancerous fag-fest full of drama-seeking retards and obvious cuckchannel subhumans, and I can see how no one would want to waste their time coraling those idiots all the time.



Hey condom breath, guess what? Conquest's third law.



>implying 8chan isn't explicitly right-wing

You want to cry about Trump? Go do it literally anywhere else on the internet.


File: 9e49918a27eef85⋯.jpg (9.72 KB, 213x255, 71:85, 619555bc6783e655166830cd28….jpg)


Yeah they manage to sink into the background for a min and immediately faggots take it as acceptance. Oh well, just remember your here forever.



I think the majority of posters are in the "disinterested in politics but you miserable faggots won't stop sticking your political dick in my sandwich" camp, or at least just me. I like to laugh at retards and I don't enjoy SJW nonsense but I don't think thats a political position, more of a common sense one.



Putting aside a lot of the specifics, there's just a certain way that these types talk about politics that sets off alarms for me. It's just so fucking vague and whiny and confusingly self-righteous that they may as well be screaming, "All my opinions come from facebook!" and no one should be proud of being that kind of faggot.



Speak for yourself.


>>implying 8chan isn't explicitly right-wing

The conversation was about 7chan, faggot.

>You want to cry about Trump?

Why would I do that? This has nothing to do with him, faggot.

>Go do it literally anywhere else on the internet.

If you didn't understand me, don't try to smartass others, faggot.



>The conversation was about 7chan, faggot.

No, it wasn't, dipshit. It was specifically in reference to the quality of the PDF thread on 8chan, because 7chan banned them.


File: b6d56c78dacf5ce⋯.jpg (426.66 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, crow-2843328_1920.jpg)

PDF thread is cleaned up and both Mage and Carse have been given a small slap in the head for spurring on this dumb shit in the first place. Normally I give passes on drama that's been reported days or weeks after, but the PDF thread has been a constant source of drama when they're really just supposed to serve an exceedingly basic purpose. I'm not banning the threads or kicking anyone out permanently over this, but no one wants this kind of faggotry to be seen as acceptable or tolerable.

Rule 6 has also been brought up several times and there's been reports that keep complaining about politics outside of the politics thread. Just to be clear, people screeching about Trump and starting petty arguments, especially ones that rely on virtue signalling, are exactly what the rule applies to. No one should feel compelled or invited to start whining like a dumb bitch about recent events or political happenings. Derailing threads with obnoxious shitpost is already an act of faggotry. It's so much worse when you resort to using the cancerous lingo most often found on reddit and facebook.

The rule may need to be reworded to be more clear, but I don't think political topics should be off-limits entirely. The distinction I try to stick to is in the quality of discussion. Seemingly good faith, calm posts that talk about politics don't cause the same sort of trouble as retards scream "FUCK DRUMPF #RESIST" kind of shit. Shouldn't need to be said that blatant bait and thinly veiled shitposting aren't covered by this, but if you want to have some kind of legitimate discussion in relation to /tg/ stuff, just try not to sound like a total fucking dipshit, I guess.

As for the Politics General Thread, that is not meant to be /pol/ containment. It's meant to be containment for discussing and commiserating about the politically driven corruption of various games and hobbies. At the time we first started using them, we had several threads up at the same time that were all more or less about pointing out a few passages out of a single book, or tweets from a well-known game designer. Right now, this thread >>406345 may as well be the Politics thread, and I'll probably edit it to reflect that, but the point is that we don't need a new thread every time someone wants to complain about cancerous SJW shit cropping up in their hobbies. Not because I don't think you should discuss such things, but just because it's all discussing the same thing. The threads are redundant, and for obvious reasons, we try to keep that shit from happening.



Personally, I've found that the best way to be disinterested is to either not reply or make fun of whoever looks like they're the biggest autist. If nobody's acting dumb enough, just... help them along a little. Doesn't take much.



I would ask if we could pin the Vassal/game night thread every Friday night if it turns out to be popular enough, but I don't see the point when we're pretty slow.

Anyway, there's a Vassal Thread. Play Games with friends. Acquaintances. Faggots. /tg/. Play games with /tg/



>we don't need a new thread every time someone wants to complain about cancerous SJW shit cropping up in their hobbies. Not because I don't think you should discuss such things, but just because it's all discussing the same thing. The threads are redundant, and for obvious reasons, we try to keep that shit from happening.

This is pretty much the only thing separating the good boards on here from the bad boards on here. Any BO that makes this a priority automatically has a better board for it, and it shows.



You're part of the problem. No need to feel proud of that.



Excuse you, I don't do that here. I like /tg/.


Not visiting the manga thread for awhile now, I decided to check it out, and the result simply terrified me.

How can one person take over a thread like that? The guy is a maniac, and not at all in any good sense.



There's still a manga thread?



Until the next Dungeon Meshi, that one on autosage must persist. This is a rule a quite like, to be honest, lest we fill the catalog with several dead threads every time it reaches autosaging.

But check it out, it's bizarre how that guy went full autismus. I'm really disliking him more and more.



>Until the next Dungeon Meshi, that one on autosage must persist. This is a rule a quite like, to be honest, lest we fill the catalog with several dead threads every time it reaches autosaging.

The "wait until Dungeon Meshi" rule made sense when we were mostly just talking Dungeon Meshi, but we've had several Goblin Slayer chapters since it went auto-sage too. It's completely arbitrary that we should just abandon the threads for weeks at a time because of Dungeon Meshi.





Have you guys considered pleading to Chrow and the Vols to create a new manga thread? I think the one Vol named Chamberlain has allowed a non meshi based thread occur once. It's never happened before then, nor since, but the only other option is to keep making new threads until the manga thread gets archived. That's what I've been doing. It's super slow though, maybe if someone else helped...



>Have you guys considered pleading to Chrow and the Vols to create a new manga thread? I think the one Vol named Chamberlain

This is just b8 at this point.



Chamberlain was never a vol, he was a spammer who almost became a namefag until Chrow told him to knock it of, and he didn't understand moderation, like yourself. He does now, and has since calmed down, and apologized for being an autist.

If you want a constant manga thread, use /a/'s, and calm the fuck down. The board likes staying chill, and doesn't warrant loud personalities or mass-posting at this point, it's too slow for that, and there's no good method of speeding it up without ruining what we have. I learned that the hard way.



As for the rest of you... Well, the easier thing is simply to just use the manga thread regardless of what page is on. Keeping the thread fresh would only matter if our board was fast enough that a thread would die over the course of a few days. Instead, we have threads that can last for weeks. There's no need for a new Manga thread until it hits page 10, because everyone can just use that catalog. The only thing stopping the thread from being what it is pre- and post- bump limit is you guys not attending to it. Hell, Chrow even links to it in the Pinned section, so there's no real reason to worry about it.



>Well, the easier thing is simply to just use the manga thread regardless of what page is on.

When a thread has hundreds of posts and images, it loads slowly and becomes a pain in the ass to browse. I'm going to go looking for something to post to kick off the thread, because I'm sick of this shit. It's just people pulling rules out of their asses at this point, pretending like they're quoting some oldfag doctrine.



No, really, you're the problem here.

If the thread becomes slow is because your pc and internet are shit, and because there's a namefag spamming it nonstop.



>because your pc and internet are shit

>because there's a namefag spamming it nonstop.

At least get your argument straight, you tryhard ass ravaged retard. It's all be anonymous posting for the past several weeks and it's loading like shit because it's got 707 posts and 422 high resolution images in it.



>At least get your argument straight

His argument makes perfect sense. A samefag spammed it non-stop, therefore people with shit pc and internet have trouble loading it.

I'll also agree that there was no point in making a new thread yet.




When Hotwheels made this site he put a hard limit of 750 posts for this exact issue, the codebase is php so if there is too many posts it loads slowly and causes problems. High resolution pictures makes the problem worse much sooner. btw you're already 2-3 story times away from that limit so stop obsessing over the catalog as if it isn't already full of years old dead threads already. 500 posts is already a soft limit specifically to stop people from sticking to one thread the whole time already.


There's no reason and zero rules that say you need to preserve the sanctity of the manga thread by not making a new thread after bump limit or only when Dungeon Meshi chapters release. I don't care and anyone who is being a fucking sperg about it should shut up already, because this is an obnoxiously dumb thing to bitch about.



>already already already

Doesn't change the fact that the last hread was needlessly filled up by spamming random mango, many of which have been posted before.



I don't know about anybody else but I personally just hate it when the thread get's spammed by spregs with no selfcontrol. It takes away from the main reason of having a /tg/ manga thread in the first place.


I only shitposted about this recent drama because it's pretty fucking obvious none of you knows anything, and mindlessly bitched about someone posting a chapter a day of manga, while explaining exactly went they were. Since none of you could be Boothe l bothered to read, the point was to catch up a few good series that were no longer posted, so once q new chapter came out, they could be posted without anyone not being up to speed.

Literally a chapter a day, using a bump limited thread to avoid spamming an active thread, at a time when there hasn't been any big series releases.

Jesus, does the new thread make you feel better? It sure isn't gonna make manga get released any faster.


File: 9e92bbd5f03ae9c⋯.png (97.5 KB, 428x361, 428:361, melancholic_whew.png)


>Jesus, does the new thread make you feel better? It sure isn't gonna make manga get released any faster.

That's not the point. Anyone with an internet connection can go read manga anywhere else on the internet. Chances are they already do. The point is to have a thread to share and discuss different series with /tg/ for matters of inspiration and analysis.



Pretty much this. That's the point why I didn't bother with the manga thread for a while now. There's manga threads on /a/ an /animu/ if I just want to get random recs and both are actually better for discussion at this point. It's not like everything in the /tg/manga thread needs to be of the highest quality or best writing but just dumping for the sake of dumping kinda goes against the point of having a "/tg/ manga thread".





Can I get some of this sperging in the Vassal thread? The Manga thread doesn't need this much attention, good or bad. A Friday Night Game Night thread sort of does.



Are you just gonna ignore the fact that you can still discuss things in a bump limited thread? I've that's stickied on top of that? I fail to see how a chapter a day somehow deprived you of this chance. My Internet comes from a 3g phone, mounted in a bucket outside. I could load the old thread just fine. My phone also loaded it okay, and it's 8 years old. Not sure why you're racing so hard for excuses here.



Pay attention. Going way over the 500 bump limit is when the thread starts really loading like ass because 8chan's backend wasn't made to rapidly load hundreds of high resolution images at once. Because it's auto-saging it means it doesn't bump which means no one really notices that it's updating or that someone is in the thread storytiming random shit just because they feel like it. There's no discussion. Posting random chapters of different series without reason means anyone who is paying attention to the thread has little reason to discuss anything with all the people who stopped paying attention when the thread stopped bumping. Yes, people can still post in it. No, for the gorillionth time, that is not the point. There's no reason to obsess over this shit as much as you are.


The guy just want everyone to see his spam, he wants to actually bump the threads while at that because he's an attention seeker.


>get home

>see drama

>chamberpot and fag who insisted chamberpot to be chamberpot have decided to once again dictate how everything is ran.

K. So story time in your new thread, or in the old one your excellencies?



The spamfucker isn't chamberpot, it's someone else. The fag is still a fag.



Nah nigga. Not sure what you guys are all magically getting uppity about, but the "spam" is a chapter a day, posted by myself. I explained once as to why I'm posting a couple stories that were already recommended


Just saying "hey, read this mango" doesn't promote conversation, and it also leads to many members getting spoilers on shit they haven't read, and therefore aren't inclined to read. By catching those series up, we can post the latest chapters (since only GS, Meshi, and MiA get updates now) and get a little more dialogue going. If anyone had issue, they had quite a while to address it instead of deciding everything was cancer in 2 hours time and sperging out. I deliberately posted once a day to avoid "spamming" the thread, and I avoided fake discussion on the chapters, since obviously any questions would be answered with the next chapter. I don't care if a new thread was made or not at this point, since page 7 is a fairly common thread length for the manga thread. I'm merely annoyed with how some faggot went about it, by making up weak ass excuses and constantly ignoring input from others, then acting like he was doing everyone a huge favor. Posting the latest chapter in a series that doesn't get posted didn't help either.

This all boils down to /a/ dropping in and assuming they know our shit better than we do, it seems.


File: 92789a31503572d⋯.jpg (127.67 KB, 470x647, 470:647, (You).jpg)


>it was me, self important pseudo-namefag, after all!

>I need to spam these threads to promote conversation with other members

>I even avoid samefagging for the sake of fake discussion now

>also fuck some other guy for doing what I did

>come on guys, can't we all agree on some weak attempt at board rivalry?


File: 33c4a4391996187⋯.jpg (76.83 KB, 406x604, 203:302, allen_10.jpg)


Don't try to spin your bullshit, we know you're doing this for self gratification.

>Nah nigga. Not sure what you guys are all magically getting uppity about, but the "spam" is a chapter a day, posted by myself. I explained once as to why I'm posting a couple stories that were already recommended

Hahahahaha, nice way to spin your spam. It was so uninvited that even yourself complained that it broke the previous thread.

Eat shit, no one asked for your existence.





So you guys offer zero counter arguments, but merely insist it's for self gratification on the person who's already declared their motives while pretending that it isn't because you're super bored that no one is chatting it up on the only thread you can have any sort of discussion on? Page still loads, shit still works, discussion was never eliminated, your points have forever been invalid so now you're no longer even debating this but instead bailing out on the weakest projections.

China must really fucking suck for you to be this bored.



Bro, listen up, people just want you to vanish because you're a complete pain in the ass.

You're like that 'party ruiner' archetypical faggot.


You guys sure do argue about dumb shit ITT.


File: e58cdebad6b67a3⋯.png (388.14 KB, 637x471, 637:471, this_face.png)


Welcome to the meta-thread.


File: 7913dfcd41801d6⋯.png (2.57 MB, 2158x1938, 1079:969, 0_Int.png)


File: 4c464eca48458ba⋯.png (3.08 KB, 379x37, 379:37, ClipboardImage.png)

Repeatedly shitposting across multiple threads and acting like an obnoxious faggot is not even remotely debatable as to whether or not it violates Rule 1. If you didn't know, now you know.



Is this about the Fran thing?

Know, Chrow, that you're encouraging faggotryism plain and simple.


File: b1ebcbd53a28d31⋯.png (191.27 KB, 660x896, 165:224, ClipboardImage.png)


It isn't. I know that posting this sort of thing is typically seen as distasteful, but I feel like this post history speaks for itself. Note the edited posts, though. I dropped a ban on the guy and edited other recent posts in an attempt to make it clear the shitposter was dealt with. Maybe not as clear as it could have been.



Oh, I see, so he behaved like a cuckchanner.

Fair enough.




We need to establish a stigma of general respect for fellow board members. I don't men anything that we should enforce with rules or banning, and nothing that defends anyone who victimizes themselves.

I just mean that we establish a social contract that hey, as long as you don't start insulting me , I'm going to give you the courtesy of not insulting you, and neither of us take or make any attacks on a specific game, setting, franchise, whatever, so personally that it turns into autistic bitching, and if it does happen, it should be met with the general disapproval of everyone on here.

In short, be nice. Not "Be nice because I don't want my feelings and opinions hurt," I mean basic, Golden Rule, treat people on here like human beings and expect to be treated like one, because we're too damn small a board for every little conflict to NOT result in something that everyone on here knows about, and it's always a dramatic shitshow until Chrow bans someone.

If we did have this sort of established behavior, it would make the malcontents that deserve to be banned stand out that much more, and probably make everyone's experience on here more pleasant.



I thought people did that anyway.



I thought so too, but I think we need a reminder.



>Golden Rule, treat people on here like human beings and expect to be treated like one

Wait, so you're saying that actual living people actually post here? I though it was all data that generates itself into sentences, files, and ideas.



No, but most of us have Asperger's or some form of Autism, so I can see how you would make that assumption.


File: 2a3a3bb285f706a⋯.jpg (339.17 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, popteamnecro.jpg)


/tg/ really is a more chill board than most, which is why it's so weird for someone to get so pissy that they just resort to spastic, low-effort memespew and shitposting. Even on far more active boards, someone throwing a tantrum and calling everyone a "soycuck" or something equally stupid still sticks out. We'll argue and call each other nasty names, but there's a sort of unspoken etiquette and as long as certain lines aren't crossed, most anons are willing to treat others with a modicum of good faith.

With /tg/ specifically, there's days where we teeter on total inactivity, and the last thing we need is some brainless cunt thinking they are being some kind of master troll by acting like an idiot and "ironically" shitposting for several hours. Most of us have been around long enough to know what happens to boards that revel in acting like faggots all the time. Sooner or later, faggots start showing up and insisting that acting like a bunch of dumb faggots is all imageboards are good for. We don't need shitposters. We don't need funnymen with tryhard gimmicks. We don't need namefags who think they are cultivating some kind of endearing shitty persona for all of us to roll our eyes at while giggling about their antics. Go shitpost on /s8s/ or /b/ or /tv/ or just go back to cuckchan if the only thing you have to contribute to any board is half-assed witless faggotry.


This summer is gonna be a doozy, if winter is gifting us this much bullshit.



You talk like a fag and your favorite system is shit.


File: fedbe19c3c43a62⋯.jpg (37.97 KB, 367x306, 367:306, MRBones.jpg)


>social contract

fuck off commie, your a turbofag and you know it and no we won't stop calling you out on it.



Love you too, anon.


Turboautist anon. I just want to stop being unreasonable angry whenever I get on here just because everyone else is.



Have you ever considered that you are the problem?



Have you considered that even if he is a problem that doesn't stop you from being one too, you fucking numbskull?



Of course it stops. Once he ceases, there will be nothing for me to yell "faggot" to.



Oh, it's some kind of shitposting bot.

Nevermind then, I don't want to confuse your keyword parser any more.


File: 26d87ee524ec568⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 480x336, 10:7, (((you))).gif)

>getting angry

<over /tg/

and you wonder why we cant tell that you're not from around here.



Just fuck off already, yes, and thank you.


He seems very upset, for some reason. I can't understand why. Is he broken?


Can you please all quit your whiny bitching about whiny bitching and focus on some tabletop for once! Get the fuck in here >>406616 and start listing games to play, otherwise I'm making an executive decision and we'll be playing Twilight Imperium.

God, maybe we should take a page from anime and resolve all disputes through board and card games, OG Yu-gi-oh style, with faggots getting banished to the shadow realm.


why is this board dying?



I would say it isn't, but I only post a few times a month here anyway. /tg/ is far less dead than most other boards on 8chan, though. It's not deathly slow, nor is it inundated with shitposting.


File: 8732f5b06440d06⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 354x494, 177:247, ded.JPG)


Board is dying. Site is dying. Web is dying. World is dying. (You) is dying.





Honestly? Too many people spending on here playing armchair game designer, not enough time spent playing tabletop games. Idle minds are shitposting minds. Minds too focused on their next card game, campaign session, wargame match, etc don't have time to whine about things that ultimately do not matter. Fuck, we spent the last two days yelling about our manga thread of all things.



>implying /tg/ actually plays tabletop games


Everything's dying and there's not much to look forward to anymore. What's the point of even trying anymore?



This is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. This nihilistic view point that you act like you have a right to be proud of. You gave up because things are bad, hooray for you.

As for me, I don't have the luxury or the privilege of giving up. I love this hobby, and I'm not going to stop enjoying it just because you, or anyone else, least of all the game companies, says that things are bad, or that I'm enjoying the game wrong, or that I'm the wrong target market.

Fuck your Pessimism, Fuck your apathy, and especially fuck everyone here's complete unwillingness to take the hard road, do the right thing, and work to save what they love without anger, without complaining, without bullshit, and without giving up.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I was just shitposting before but reading this kinda makes me miss nihilist-kun. How nostalgic.



That's bullshit. I posted far more when I didn't have a game running than I do now because I have a game to run. No time to waste on hypotheticals, game design, or storytiming when I've got to plan and worldbuild. If I want to talk about the system I play, I just go to the official forum since nobody on /tg/ plays it.


Just fuck off, retard.



>Honestly? Too many people spending on here playing armchair game designer, not enough time spent playing tabletop games.

That's a load of crap, if you're a DM you'll spend way more time not posting because you need to prepare for every game.


File: d5d0f89b92b4121⋯.jpg (40.66 KB, 640x920, 16:23, sleep_won't_fix_this.jpg)

Wow so many faggots

>its dead already

<like thats not our fucking boardtan

>its pointless

<Games are supposed to be pointless they are diversions

>Just kill me now fam

<NIggerfaggots get out

>Armchair Game Design

<is the heart and soul of /tg/, homebrew and diy are indicators of /tg/ not the opposite you faggot

>Shilling Nihilism

<Fuck off faggot

>Shitting on Nihilism

<Also fuck off faggot

>Nostalgic Nihilism

<That's a big 10-Fuckoff-4 to you too buddy

>The only thing better then Nihilism is communism

<and you filthy commieniggerjewfaggots can fuck off too.

All of this is nothing new, im just surprised that Im having to fight against the shillplaybook on my comfy lowpostan board but that's what happens when you let faggots out of their containment share thread and you treat cuckchan niggers like they're people. Its out own fault really, all of the >beme posters and the nostalgia posts have got to go.



You type like a faggot.


File: 0b08f09cad39c6f⋯.jpg (89.9 KB, 1081x1416, 1081:1416, tg lich 4.jpg)


/tg/ has been "dying" for years now. Every few weeks we get raided by cuckchannel subhumans when gookmoot fucks up that shitpit in some new, innovative way. Every other week the site gets DDOS or spammed by (((someone))). Interspersed between that, we get some dedicated shitposter who sets up camp for a few days to gorge on (you)s.

The solution is still the same as it's always been, though: Focus on making good threads. Starve faggots of (you)s. Respect your fellow fa/tg/uys.





You shouldn't be posting here when idle with your hobby, especially for lengthy periods of time. It's the hobby equivalent of those normies who spend their entire life tweeting or on Instagram, so they have no lives to speak of, so everything they post becomes shallow, uncreative blather.


File: 52b05c75a00e554⋯.jpg (42.6 KB, 820x820, 1:1, 52b05c75a00e554f9f2deaa933….jpg)


>you should only post on /tg/ when you don't have time to post on /tg/



Yes. Exactly. The only time you'll ever have something worth posting on /tg/ is after you've been to busy with tabletop to post on /tg/. Or you have a project you want to work on with /tg/, or, rare as it is, you want to play games with /tg/.

Productivity is the bane of posting, yet the mother of good content. It's a lovely paradox that demonstrates that the more /tg/ you actually do, the less you'll need to be on /tg/



Thank god you aren't in charge of anything.

You aren't wrong, but still, I don't like your attitude. You seem like an uppity faggot trying to act like you have the board's best interest in mind when, in reality, your sentiment would actually kill /tg/.


File: 29d3a817e903bfb⋯.png (166.3 KB, 306x345, 102:115, ClipboardImage.png)



The point is that /tg/ needs to be a place to focus on tabletop first, and a place to shoot the shit second, and the best way to do that, without stepping on peoples toes is to provide options to play games on here. I'm talking about hosting an xMage server so we all have a free available option to play MTG with each other on here, maybe even have our own FNM, make use of the Vassal thread, run a Dorf Fortress succession game, host a /tg/-craft server, playtest your homebrew with some anons on here.

Basically, make /tg/ a hub to actually play tabletop, and see what happens to the community after we generate some game tales that we can call our own.



I think you're taking the board far too seriously. The vast majority of people come to 8chan to shoot the shit about stuff they like, serious intellectual discussion is a mere byproduct of like-minded, intelligent people talking about their shared interests.


In all seriousness? Chamberpot should just die, he's forcing us to accept him now and is throwing a fit because people are rejecting him.

Fucking scum.



What it sounds like you're saying is that you believe the entire board should be primarily for gamefinder type activity, with discussing things that happen in those games as a distant secondary topic. That's silly and no forum, good or bad, anywhere on the internet works that way.



>try making good threads

>10 replies in 3 months or 1 saged post by someone butmad or thread fucking vanishes later that day

it doesnt seem worth it anymore.



Link the thread. I'm genuinely curious what you consider a good thread.


File: 16de7c61732fd73⋯.png (494.4 KB, 833x696, 833:696, Bully ranger.png)


>Friday Night Magic will surely save /tg/

Did your parents drop you on a your head in 6 month intervals when you were young?


Good old meta thread drama.


File: c51d330c51890f4⋯.gif (40.38 KB, 351x251, 351:251, angry rattling.gif)


This particular thread has been especially dramatic since its creation. Can't recall a single meta-thread that's ever been this active for this many weeks in a row.



>You shouldn't be posting here when idle with your hobby

Oh yeah let me just call up my dozens of buddies and get a gaming going tonight. Oh wait no I barely have enough people to form one game every 2 weeks, and that is only when everyone is off at the same time and nobody is working a weekend shift. Fuck off you don't have a clue how much of an investment it is to prepare and keep track of everything for a campaign.



Honestly, I think he's got the right idea. Nobody should use /tg/, any /tg/. Like >>407432 said, just go to an official, or actually helpful forum when you're being productive. Being here isn't fun anymore, and it's like watching a bunch of old friends who've grown to hate each other over the years bicker endlessly. So long /tg/, everything became terrible at the end.



See you tomorrow.



>it's like watching a bunch of old friends who've grown to hate each other over the years bicker endlessly.

Every forum of one stripe or another that is at least 3 years or older. It's actually worse with forums because you have a name attached to your posts so everyone already has lines drawn.



I could be misremembering but i don't think such consistent copious amounts of drama and faggotry being a thing before meta threads, their place as a discussion for these types of things might be fostering it.



Literally just newfags bored. Ignore and as you were.

somehow everyone forgets the days we go by without a single post and gets swept up in this bullshit

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