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File: 937c4d6e28af2ac⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 3300x2374, 1650:1187, 6bbf415f47c0565ef4774533b9….jpg)


Remember at the end of Rise of the Primarch, Cypher and the Fallen were seen by just about everyone in the Imperium on Terra walking in a parade with Gulliman?

Cypher got arrested along with the Fallen later and imprisoned.

Cypher escaped.

The Fallen, as far as everyone knows, are still locked up. Which means that as of now, every single one of them is getting tag-teamed, spit-roasted and gang-banged by every Inquisitional Ordo. Which means the Dark Angels are going to have to answer some very uncomfortable questions soon.

Or has GW completely retconned everything?



I mean, it's Cypher. His position in lore is tenuous at best. If anything, GW is being consistently inconsistent where he's concerned.

In other words, someone at BL either likes memes, or more likely fucked up, and the rest of us will just blame it on Time Travel and Warp Fuckery.



You act as if the fluff matters after all the ridiculous shark-jumping after 8th ed rolled out.

They'll bring them back again with some horribly written fluff once they figure out a way to sell a new line of Fallen primaris models.


Spit roasted by the Custodes, not inquisition.

By now Guillaman at least has a notion of the conflict.



>Which means the Dark Angels are going to have to answer some very uncomfortable questions soon.

Why is the whole Fallen thing such an issue Since it's now been revealed that every Loyalist legion had traitors among them during the Heresy era?


All the fun of the Dark Angels was in their mystery. That's gone now. I frankly wouldn't be surprised if GW started honing down the identities of the 2 lost legions. 40k is a flanderised setting.



Female Space Marine legions have already been hinted at by some of the new blood over at games workshop. Specifically how the missing second legion was female.




Besides, the two missing legions are just blank positions for fans to create their own first foundation Chapter/Legions. There isnt any secret on it.


File: b314ad25befaed5⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1778x827, 1778:827, F23F422B-0609-4570-ACC1-77….png)


This took me all of five minutes to find on google search you lazy fuck.





I wouldn't put it past (((Current Year))) GeeDubs, what with their attempt at marketing 40k to kids with the novels. If those books sold even remotely well they'd try and shore up their Virtue Signalling defenses, and Female Space Marines would be the first thing they'd do.

The models are going to be shit though, they'll basically put Female Ogrin in Power Armour. I guarantee you one of the heads is going to have dreadlocks.

Then in a few seasons we'll get a fat Sororitas.


File: cfc275ae3678179⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1241x1690, 1241:1690, The Little Sisters of Puri….png)

File: 37ebc066a6c6492⋯.png (2.25 MB, 1256x1685, 1256:1685, The Little Sisters of Puri….png)

File: a6697ee0e4d5f30⋯.jpg (47.61 KB, 312x343, 312:343, Female_space_marine_warham….jpg)

File: c2bce16bb547321⋯.jpg (29.87 KB, 168x381, 56:127, Female_space_marine_warham….jpg)


>hinted at

Its much worse than that anon. You see, they had fem marines back in Rogue Trader. But since they came up with SoB to replace fem marines, fem marines fell to the side once 2nd Ed got rolling then into 3rd Ed. Now back then they didn't have as much fleshed out yet, so fem marines were just kinda there. These days, the idea of fem marines is both contradictory to the fluff and the general grimdark setting itself. Hell, they'd be going back and re-writting shit that's been there since at least 2nd Ed.

Also if GW really went down that path they'd look atrocious.



I would bet you money we are going to get fat black sisters of battle.



That guy is just a jumped up hapa who spends all his time crying that the UK is racist on twitter, his job is literally selling shit to French retailers, I doubt he has any influence on the lore or what GW does.


I like Dark Angels, so I will ask a question about the Unforgiven (Successor chapters of the DA) here, instead of the QTDDTOT:

Its explained the the Unforgiven have the same composition os the DA, that meaning that ther first two companies are based on the DeathWing & the Ravenwing companies. But thing is, that would mean in theory that any Unforgiven Chapter have, if not fully, a great majority of the first company in Terminator armor (Which is rare & costly to make); And Ravenwing case would be that they would also have Nephilim figthers & Dark Talons then?

So what is it, then? Do Unforgiven have not only the organization, but the equipment too of the Dark Angels?



When your workers start insulting your customers, any normal person would have punished/fired him a long time ago. But then, that would imply Modern society have common sense...



>Why is the whole Fallen thing such an issue Since it's now been revealed that every Loyalist legion had traitors among them during the Heresy era?

Because traitors are the big deal.

>everyone else was doing it!




It is mainly based on how many fell. A decent number of dark angels fell to chaos or disobeyed the emperor at a minimum.



Because of the shame the act that a big part of your legion, precisely being the first one and vital to the Imperium, goes traitor, specially when there is a huge rebellion ocurring right now, its a really horrible thing to happen. Its about the honor, the image you wanted to give, plus after the Horus Heresy, it was traitor hunting season.

For the 40th milleniun, it shouldnt matter not much to the Imperium if were to know the truth, IMO. But try to tell this to the High Lords of Terra during the Scouring times.



The problem is that this type of person is being hired in the first place.


File: 71a2b8f1a932891⋯.jpg (162.21 KB, 1024x933, 1024:933, 20190113.jpg)

Serve with honor



>fem marines back in Rogue Trader

No. That stuff is a unofficial scenario published in some other general wargaming/RPG magazine. They had models for, and I quote; "Female adventureres in power armour" among the intial RT models. Actual female marines have never been a thing, even from the start when they were brainwashed criminals, they were consistently portrayed as males.


It was because of the mystery and the hints that it was unclear which of them were actually the traitors. Once that got sorted out the DA pretty much has no lore left beside being really buttpained about everything.



Dark Angels lore never made any sense past since mid 2000. The reality is that they're the JEWISH themed chapter and as everything jewish treachery, deceit and secrets are their trade.

It was seriously hinted the Fallen were never heretics and that Lion had secretly sided with Horus, which caused the chapter to split three way, Lion heretics, which got killed (including Lion), Luther loyalists, that purged them and became the fallen, and the rest, that out of fear of being erased like the previous 2 legions, pretended that the Dark Angels on Caliban rebelled against their loyal Primarch, instead of the opposite happening.

This is why the collective Dark Angels chapters are collectively the unforgiven (because they can't repent as it would be admitting their Primarch fault, so they will be forever unforgiven).

This is why they IMPRISON the fallen (instead of purging them) and this is why they cover their tracks with utmost zeal, because if they wouldn't the terrible truth that would come out is that they're a traitor successor chapter and not a loyalist one.

Which is what fuel them to always be the most loyal one.

And the Fallen, while initially the survivors of Luther, are the guys that upon learning the secret want to atone for their chapter sins and tell the truth and bear them (which is why they use the old livery).

Of course the minute you say "Lion was the good guy" it all fly out of the window.

There is 0 reason for the Dark Angels to have a secret.

Some part of their chapter rebelled during the Heresy, big whoop it happened to everyone! The Fallen are actual heretics/traitor (so no reason to not just kill them), etc...

The core of their fluff is gone.

Ultra-sues too got a pretty radical retcon in the form of Girlyman.

Remember when he was pouting for not being chosen warmaster and didn't help the Emperor in His direst hour and the Ultramarines staying put in Ultramar for most of the Heresy out of spite?

Remember when the Night Lords loathed Chaos and mutation, did NOT lived in the Eye of Terror, had rebelled directly against the Empire for a VERY good reason (before Horus) and with their Primarch letting himself killed to prove his fucking point and them being marked as a renegade legion (not Excommunicate Traitoris) of space-pirates?

That's the thing we've lost shades of gray and logic.



Was that the previous lore? fuck me, that sounds cool as fuck



I think the biggest issue is that they're not necessarily fallen to Chaos and are saying that Lion wasn't as loyal as he's made out to be (in their perspective) as well as that the Angels had kept this stuff hidden for SO LONG, especially since their secrecy allowed Luther to slip out as well. While it was initially a shame that they had betrayers, it's just been magnified by the Angels doing a shit tier job of cleaning up their mess so nobody really knows just how bad it has been or just what can be attributed to the Fallens activities.




No wonder he's a shit person with shit taste and shit opinions.



The Dark Angels work around the rules of the Codex Astartes, they technically broke the firts legion into chapters, but all those chapters report directly to the Rock and co-ordinate with the main Dark Angels. so, effectively, the first legion is still nominally around. Guilliman probably realizes this, but also realizes that if the Dark Angels get shit done then the Codex be damned. Note that both the Imperial Fists have a contingency that involves the various successor chapters reuniting with the parent chapter in times of trouble. So to answer your question, all the "successor chapters" are more like legion cohorts and thus can draw on the resources of the main chapter, while also getting their portion of material from the Mechanicus. They just keep up the appearance of separate chapters to keep the Inquisition off their backs



Damn, the old lore was much better, thanks for remind me of that, because, I read it a long time ago when I was interesed in 40K lore but only some what, but now im fully onto it, I read modern lore, and I forgot the old one. Truly the lore have fallen from the peak of it (That I think it was like 3-4 edition, right?).



Unless they can find some way to simultaneously make the Lion both loyal and not loyal at the same time and therefor a reason to keep the secrecy up then the whole thing has ceased to make much sense.

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