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File: dce05bd404ac724⋯.jpg (48.01 KB, 474x469, 474:469, bolly.jpg)


Okay, well my new years resolution is to be more active on the board and part of that is keeping a thread going. I want to make a teegee inspired (not themed) adventure path for labrynth lord and the kicker is I want it to be as Random as possible.

Not "fishmalk, im so random" random, I want to bust out the random generators, no task is too small for an overly complicated random table and I am probably going to end up using Mythos GM simulator to help patch in some of the holes and the backwrite to make it an adventure that makes sense. So inevitably for something like this to avoid becoming a game of calvinball, sink or trollbate I will of course exercise some creative control (and at worst I can go thru the tables myself.

So the givens

The game is going to be Advanced Labryinth Lord , the filesharing thread has a nice copy or two for let there. If there is an ADND or LL table for whatever we are rolling those will take precidence

<The game is going to be traditional fantasy adventure aka the no calvinball rule. This is going to be taken broadly but if someone starts roll for force sensitivity you can go back to your mouse containment thread.

>The end goal is an adventure path for LL which I am going to be defining as 5 complete adventures designed to take PC's from about 1-13ish ( so a level 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-13 roughly adventure). I do plan on putting it together into a PDF for everyone's use later (but no I dont plan on publishing it just posting it here at each adventure's end and hopefully at the completion of the whole thing).

<Lastly I want to write this in roughly order and from the bottom up. I dont want to spend a lot of time on crazy worldgen when we can be focusing on the things that will actually be used in an adventure (as apposed to a campeign setting). I will be starting at the level 1-2 adventure and working forward from there in order roughly.

>well if that doesn't sound like a barrel of pickles thank you for your attention so far. Im sure I can find some autistic people to help me and hopefully we can do something with the new advanced labyrinth lord which I have been quite hyped about.

Things I have

>System: Advanced Labyrinth Lord

>Setting: Homebrew: WIP/Mini-Teegia

>Traditionalish Fantasy

Things I need

>Example PC's

>Starting Town

>Plot Type/Hook

>Regional Government/Demographics (We're not really going above this in terms of politics)

>Hooks for PC's

>Starter NPC's (Old PC's would work fine for this but of course you have no control over it in the long run).

>Bad guy


>Swerve 1

>Swerve 2

>Swerve 3

>Act II and III (think V act play) locations/npc's/fight backgrounds, etc.

I like to think of this as the 'Take a penny leave a penny' of the Idea Yard Sale, hopefully some useful stuff comes out of it.



>labrynth lord

The what now?


Tome of Adventure Design is a must for a full random campaign. Also, off-hand I know that both 3.5 D&D DM guides had at least one d100 plot hooks/quest ideas table per book. Pathfinder's Gamemastery Guide has a table with 50 plot ideas with two additional tables for plot twists and quest items.


File: 0df136ff44441ea⋯.webm (3.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Choose_Your_Gondola.webm)


Going to see if I can wrastle up a copy of the tome somewhere. but in the meantime there are lots of generators basically everywhere and we'll go from there. Think we'll get some demographics done (I am rather fond of the donjon demographics tables and some others).

The Dominion of Londolin

A sparsely settled mostly temperate land of low population density with a history going back more then 1500 years. A population of 3 million in an area the size of Belarus gives an average of 40 people per square mile. A little over 20 thousand square miles is arable leaving almost 60 thousand square miles of wilderness, ruins and monsters. The largest city and capital of Londolin is the city of Keldivik. Londolin maintains 62 Active Castles (50 with associated towns in the Arable region, and 12 along their borders). 25 ruined castles dot the Wilderness speaking to Londolin's former might. As a Dominion Londolin was originally set up as a vassal or colonial state but somewhat unexpectedly outlasted its mother nation. While maintaining much of the forms of a dominion (such as having no direct autocratic ruler but a variety of noble and merchantile houses) Londolin is in no way a thrall or a colony at this point.


with a population of about 30 thousand over 470 acres. As per LL demographics, the population is 80% human about 10% halfling, 8% Elfs and related demihumans, 2% Dwarves and related demihumans. A bustling economic hub, The city has 4 main power centers, a Non-conventional LG power, a Conventional LG power, a Conventional NE Power and a Conventional LE power, open to suggestions here but the Unconventional LG power is likely to be the Dominion's regent in the area. This city serves as an economic hub in the area. Keldivik hosts 10 inns, almost 100 taverns and a strong textile industry. Notable figures include two armed mercenary houses each led by a level 9 master man at arms), One max level bard, two established religions (each lead by a level 9 cleric and druid respectively). There is also a notably poor school of magic but 9 magic shops. The city has 18 noble houses. The peace is kept by 199 guardsmen, and there are 30 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 822 clergymen and 24 priests. Despite its small population, the City of Keldivik has a total Annual GDP of approaching a billion GP and more then 100 million gold coin in circulation. The Purchase limit for this town is 100,000 gp, anything that costs more then this is very unlikely to be available for purchase.

The other major city in Londolin is the City of Alangid and the technical seat of government .


Hosting a population of about 14 thousand over 200 Acres, Alangid followers a similar demographic breakdown as Keldivik. Alangid is a ghost of its former power (being ursurped slowly but surely by the more mercantile Keldivik). Alangid is host to an Unconventional LG power (The seat of government) as well as a Magical LN and a magical NE power. The City has 9 inn's, 3 magic shops and lively arts and spice trade. The city has 81 noble houses. The peace is kept by 98 guardsmen, and there are 10 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about their soul, there are 194 clergymen and 20 priests. Notable figures include a Theives Guild (and their level 9 master thief, name pending), a halfling shire (with its own mayor who is very influential) and influential trade guilds (who are also very influential). The town has a Annual GDP of approaching 100million GP and 28 million gp in circulation, with a purchase limit of 40 thousand gp.

Things I need

Stats and Character Quirks/Attributes for the level 9 and higher leveled members of each town (1 level 9 Cleric, 1 level 9 druid, 1 Max level bard , two level 9 fighters, one max level halfing, one level 10 thief, several max level commoners (the aforementioned trade guild masters).


in a somewhat unrelated note and in an attempt to make this stuff as realistic and player unfriendly as possible, I wanted to use a more historical currency. So for the Kingdom of Londolin the currency in use is the guilder (named after being minted by the trade guilds who are still responsible for it).

The Guilder

>1 Golden Guilder (often called a gold) is worth 12 Silver Guilder (often called a guilder) which is worth a little over 3000 (3016) Silver Pennies or Pence (which are actually mostly copper but with enough silver in it to remain a silver looking coin).

<1 Silver Guilder (often just called a guilder) is worth a little over 240 Silver pennies (244 pence)

To make things more complicated there is a two pence coin (generally called a two pence or a tuppence) that is in common usage, its heavier and has a higher percentage of silver being a kind of 'correction' issued during good times to help deal with silver pence being issued below the required silver percentage (the phrase a Copper Penny being short for something that is worthless, in this case due to the latest pennies having so little silver in them that they don't appear to be silver coin but a copper one).

On the bigger side of things Trade above the Golden Guilder level is done in bars or barter. The trade guilds do mint a fair number of golden bars which forms an ingot about the size of a deck of playing cards or pack of smokes. These bars are often recast and rarely lose value in trade due to being almost pure gold. While the lesser coins are all expected to be some mixture of silver and gold and copper bars of gold mixes are consider counterfeiting and is very punishable.

Each gold bar is generally made out for 5lbs of gold (although there are larger bars out there, the mass is what matters not the bar itself). Generally 20 golden guilders are considered to be 1lb of gold and 4 oz silver (although the amount is going down over time and some merchants may demand more and almost never give the silver value back ).100 Golden Guilders are worth one bar of gold (and 40 oz of silver but again the value for the silver is rarely given back, however when dealing with larger amounts of gold the conversion rate of 100 golden guilder to 1 bar of gold is very steady.

So to restate to conversions starting at Bars of gold

1 (5lb) Bar of Gold = 100 Guilders (and 40 Silver Guilders) = 1200 Silver Guilder = 301 200 Silver Pennies or 150 600 Twopence.

>1 Gold Guilder = 12 Silver Guilder= 3016 Silver Pennies or 1508 Twopence

<1 (Silver) Guilder = 244 Silver Pennies or 122 Twopence

in general 20 silver penies are worth about $1 for most items to use the real world comparison. Making a bar of gold worth about $3000, the Golden Guilder about $150 and the silver guilder about $12. Most Citizens are paid in Silver Guilder and the wages would be 10-30 guilder per month or about $120-350. Land and Property and Trade Goods are commonly traded for in Gold with a small but adequate house being worth about 100gp while larger places will definitely sell for more. A night's stay at an inn is generally considered "costly" at a guilder a night and a horse and bridle and saddle is considered a "steal" at two guilder. Weeks provisions for a group will normally cost about 4 guilder for hearty, filling and morale lifting provisions.

In general under GM's advice I would stick with the 1 gold = 12 guilders= 1400 Twopence, 1 Guilder = 120 Twopence


Time for Characters

Okay this is mostly going to be some LL NPC stat blocks that I'm generating as placeholders before I start running stuff thru Mythic and seeing if anything happens.

Wymar of Keldivik

Leader of the Church of Kell, the god of Hard Work and perseverance. An influential figure, Wymar is an older gentlemen with a pinched face and a miserly manner.

Wymar: Lawful Male Cleric, Lvl: 9, Atr: 13/12/16/7/15/7 , AC: 3, HP: 42

Equipment: Chain Mail +1, Shield +1, Flail +2 Personality: Power Hungry, Miserly

Suggested Spells: 1st: Remove Fear, Purify Food and Drink, Protection from Evil, Detect Magic.

2nd: Resist Fire, Hold Person, Spiritual Weapon, Silence 15 ft. Radius.

3rd: Cure Blindness, Striking, Remove Curse.

4th and 5th: Cure Serious Wounds, Create Food and Water. 5th: Atonement.

Maukolum of Alangid

The head of a trade guild and known for his decidedly two faced nature, he is an effective foil for many PC's. A mean looking dwarf with an easy laugh who carries a grudge.

Maukolum: Chaotic Male Dwarf, Lvl: 9, Atr: 7/11/8/9/14/18 , AC: 5, HP: 66

Equipment: Scale Mail +1, Silver Dagger, Long Sword +3 Personality: Remorseful, Jovial, Mischievous

Laetitia of Keldivik

The head druid and a strong elvish figure in the City of Keldivik, she is greatly respected amongst the demihumans.

Laetitia: Neutral Female Elf, Lvl: 9, Atr: 11/14/9/16/10/15 , AC: 3, HP: 36

Equipment: Padded +1, Shield +1, Club +2 Personality: Aloof, Lively, Sober

Spellbook: 1st: Hold Portal, Comprehend Languages x2, Feather Fall.

2nd: Continual Light, Magic Mouth, Auditory Illusion, Invisibility.

3rd: Tiny Hut, Tongues, Summon Monster I x3.

4th and 5th: Arcane Eye, Polymorph Self, Confusion. Fifth (1): Faithful Hound, Hold Monster.

Gorostitza of Alangid

The leader of the halflings in Alangid and of the Shire District within the City. Influential but unpredictable.

Gorostitza: Chaotic Female Halfling, Lvl: 9, Atr: 10/12/14/12/13/15 , AC: 5, HP: 40

Equipment: Studded Leather +1, Shield, Short Sword +1

Personality: Arrogant, Oblivious, Unforgiving



and then finally the fighters and thiefs

Lammert of Keldivik

The Master of Arms for one of Keldiviks Mercenary Houses, a practical fighter.

Lammert: Lawful Male Fighter, Lvl: 9, Atr: 16/11/11/11/11/14 , AC: 1, HP: 46

Equipment: Splint Mail +1, Shield +1, Heavy Crossbow +1, Hand Axe Personality: Bold, Arrogant, Honorable

Kyknos of Keldivik

The Master of Arms for the Other Large Mercenary House in Keldivik. An unconventional warrior with strong battlefield sense.

Kyknos: Neutral Male Fighter, Lvl: 9, Atr: 9/12/14/10/13/15 , AC: 3, HP: 56

Equipment: Splint Mail +1, Long Sword +1, Hand Axe Personality: Sly, Curious, Impish

Hameline of Alangid

A middle aged and unassuming man, his face seemingly gentle but his eyes and intellect are sharp like his pick and dagger.

Hameline: Lawful Male Thief, Lvl: 9, Atr: 14/9/10/18/10/10 , AC: 4, HP: 16

Equipment: Leather +1, Light Pick, Dagger Personality: Jealous, Calculating, Tactless


Okay onto some random Plots/Premises. Im going to generate 2 as is and try to incorporate the best bits from either in the first adventure. From Donjon's Random Adventure Generator. Plot 1


Protect Endangered NPC(s)

>Story Hook

Old Friend Another classic story hook is the Old Friend, the childhood friend of our hero, who shows up in one of several ways to drag the hero into the story.

>Plot A-B-C Quest

>Climax Chase Scene

<General Setting Torturous Terrain

>Specific Setting I Lost City

<Specific Setting II Temple/Church

>Master Villain Ravager

This Master Villain is like the Destroyer, except that he terrorizes a very limited area -- such as a village, island, castle, or clan stronghold. (He may want to destroy the whole world but be trapped where he is; perhaps his efforts to free himself constitute the adventure's plot.) He stays in his area and terrorizes whatever comes into it.

<Minor Villain I Mistress with a Heart of Gold

This character is much like the "Lover or Daughter of Villain" type of Mystery Woman from the Story Hooks section. In this case, she usually accompanies the Master Villain, but sometimes goes on missions of her own, where she runs into and develops affection for one of the player-characters.

>Minor Villain II Lovable Rogue

<Ally/Neutral Ingenue in Distress

The heroes must protect some defenseless young innocent who is in danger from the villains. This person, perhaps the sheltered son or daughter of a nobleman or merchant, has no abilities at all but is sweet, charming, and in great need of help.

>Monster Encounter Loving Deceiver

One of the player-characters, specifically one of the better-looking ones, attracts the attentions of a very attractive local of the opposite sex. This local person, encountered in unthreatening surroundings, invites the hero off to a liason away from his friends and other people. Of course, this person is a human-appearing monster of some sort; once alone with the character, he/she will attack the character with monstrous intent.

<Character Encounter Bandit Gang

>Secret Weakness Lack of Familiarity

The Master Villain, if he comes from the past or another dimension, or belongs to an alien race, might be sufficiently unfamiliar with this world that he essentially defeats himself. How? By making incorrect guesses about human behaviour. One classic error involves underestimating the human capacity for self-sacrifice.

<Special Condition Magic Doesn't Work Right

If the adventure is taking place on an alternate plane, then that plane's magic works oddly or not at all. (A spellcaster will find that just making himself useful is a challenge when none of his spells works.)

>Moral Quandry Friend Quandry

At a critical point in the story, one of the campaign's NPCs makes an impossible demand of one of the heroes.

<Red Herring False Path to the Artifact

Once again, if the heroes have had too easy a time finding the artifact capable of destroying the villain, give them trouble this way: When they get to the place where the artifact is supposed to be contained, they find the coffer or chamber or whatever empty, obviously looted by robbers, who have scrawled such remarks as "Kelrog was here!" upon the walls.

>Cruel Trick NPC Turns Traitor



Plot 2



<Story Hook Mystery Woman

Create an NPC "mystery woman" sure to be fascinating to your hero and have her keep appearing inexplicably in his life. As he becomes interested and investigates her, he keeps stumbling across the villain's plans and becomes inextricably mired in the plot.

>Plot Accumulation of Elements

In this sort of plot, the heroes have to go from place to place -- perhaps covering very little area like a city, perhaps roaming the known world -- and accumulate elements to be used against the Master Villain. These elements may be clues, pieces of an artifact, evidence, or allies.

<Climax Chase to Ground

>General Setting On the Sea

Most of the action occurs on the sea -- the heroes are shipborne for some reason, docking in lots of ports. Again, this is good for adventures where the heroes are investigating clues left all over the map, are part of some trading enterprise, or are being pursued by villains.

<Specific Setting I Palace of the King

The heroes could be here for many, many different reasons: Trying to get a favor from the ruler, part of some nobleman's retinue, members of the palace guard, sneaking in to save the ruler from assassins, sneaking in to assassinate the ruler, thrown into the dungeon for crimes they did or didn't commit, etc.

>Specific Setting II Temple/Church

This can be either the church of some lofty and good diety, or the dark and grisly temple of some horrid deity (doubtless filled with evil soldiers and monsters), or even the temple that the madman villain has dedicated to himself for when he becomes a god.

<Master Villain Advance Agent

This villain is the vanguard of some sort of invastion; often, he is trying to open up a portal to a dimension full of trapped demons and evil gods.

>Minor Villain I Misguided Moralist

This fellow has been convinced that only by helping the villain achieve the Master Plan can he improve the world. He tends to be encountered all through the adventure's plot, usually escaping from the heroes and taunting them for their wrong thinking. Fortunately, he's no more effective as a villain than he is as a thinker.

<Minor Villain II Avenger

This character is much like the Master Villain of the same name, but he's not in charge of all this villainy, and he's definitely an enemy of one of the player-characters. You'll have to decide who he is and why he hates one of the heroes; he could be anything from a recurring villain to someone who simply lost a fight to the hero once.

>Ally/Neutral Childhood Friend with a Dark Secret

One of the heroes is accompanied by one of his childhood friends... but said friend now has a Dark Secret. He does strange and mysterious things (sneaks off to send messages, or behaves strangely around certain NPCs, or is scared to death of certain harmless animals or situations) and will not explain why to his PC friend until late in the story.

<Monster Encounter Terrain Monster

Don't forget the simple run-in with the animal belonging to the terrain where the heroes are: Every type of wilderness has its predators and big, nasty herbivores.

>Character Encounter Old Friend at the Wrong Time

When the heroes are trying to sneak through a guardpost, citadel, or city where they can't afford to be recognized, one of the characters' old friends recognizes him and loudly renews their acquaintance in full view of the guards looking for the characters. This usually leads to an exciting chase as the heroes must escape.

>Secret Weakness Holy Symbol

<Special Condition Stolen Identities

This option requires that the Master Villain be of godlike power oor possess some sort of artifact. Once the Master Villain realizes that the heroes are on his tail, he uses his powers or artifact and steals the heroes' identities. One day they wake up -- and no one knows who they are. They retain their memories of themselves and each other, but no one else does. (The villain knows them, though.)

<Cruel Trick Wanted by the Law

One final complication, one which occurs pretty frequently, is when the heroes are wanted by the law. When they're wanted by the law, they have to travel in secret and very limited in the resources they can acquire.


Making Sense of it all

So two plots that somewhat compliment each other and suggest some interesting NPC's. First the two basic pts of rising climax in the adventure are Protect VIP's and Escape which leads well into each other (Failure in protecting a VIP or successfully thwarting a villain could both lead to the need to escape pretty easily). The overall villain card and neutrals card is pretty interesting. The main villain being a Vanguard Ravager type makes sense if you can take an intellectual point of view on Ravager, Vanguard oppressor might ring a little more truthfully. Secondary Villains, Mistress with a heart of gold (aka ivana fukalot) and Loveable Rogue are kinda depressing but the 2nd set Misguided Moralist and Avenger are a bit more interesting. Either way it gives the main villain 4 reasonable capable henchmen to do his bidding.

The Scenes, Torturous Terrain, Lost City, Temple/Church and On the Sea, Palace of the King and Temple/Church are not exactly super inspiring but Londolin has assloads of wilderness and lost castles/keeps that can fill out the scenery requirements. Only thing I'm not super up on is the On the sea bit as I was imagining Londolin as fairly landlocked.

The monsters include one loving deceiver and then whatever the terrain spews up. Nothing really inspiring here (except for a social encounter with a bandit gang). The random generator has suggested such wonderous creatures as

Random Monsters - 10x level 1 encounters

>Elf, Deep - 7 (1d10) [AL NE, MV 120’ (40’), AC 5, HD 1

#AT 1 (weapon), DMG As weapon, SV F1, ML 7, XP 10, AEC 123, HC XX] Total XP: 70. HP: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 2 x 8.

<Fly, Giant Carnivorous - 1 (1d6) [AL N, MV 90’ (30’) Fly 180’ (60’), AC 6, HD 2

#AT 1 (bite), DMG 1d8, SV F1, ML 8, XP 29, LL 75, HC VI] Total XP: 29. HP: 14.

>Stirge - 7 (1d10) [AL N, MV 30’ (10’) Fly 180’ (60’), AC 7, HD 1

#AT 1, DMG 1d3, SV F2, ML 9, XP 16, LL 98, HC XI] Total XP: 112. HP: 1, 2 x 3, 2 x 4, 6, 7.

<Rat, Giant - 15 (3d6) [AL N, MV 120’ (40’) Swim 60’ (20’), AC 7, HD 1d4 hp

#AT 1 (bite), DMG 1d3 + disease, SV F1, ML 8, XP 6, LL 92, HC XX] Total XP: 90. HP: 1, 5 x 2, 7 x 3, 2 x 4.

>Skeleton - 7 (3d4) [AL C, MV 60’ (20’), AC 7, HD 1

#AT 1, DMG 1d6 or weapon, SV F1, ML 12, XP 13, LL 95, HC None] Total XP: 91. HP: 3 x 2, 3, 4, 6, 8.

<Goblin - 4 (2d4) [AL C, MV 60’ (20’), AC 6, HD 1 -1

#AT 1 (weapon), DMG 1d6 or weapon, SV 0 human, ML 7, XP 5, LL 78, HC III] Total XP: 20. HP: 2 x 1, 2, 4.

>Zombie - 3 (2d4) [AL C, MV 120’ (40’), AC 8, HD 2

#AT 1, DMG 1d8 or weapon, SV F1, ML 12, XP 29, LL 103, HC None] Total XP: 87. HP: 5, 7, 9.

NPC Party

>Oskarbi: Neutral Male Thief, Lvl: 1, Atr: 9/13/15/12/18/7 , AC: 8, HP: 7

Equipment: Leather, Hand Axe, Spear, Personality: Loveable Rogue

<Kauldi: Lawful Male Dwarf, Lvl: 1, Atr: 11/11/15/12/16/13 , AC: 4, HP: 5

Equipment: Splint Mail, Club, Sling Personality: Dogmatic, Misguided Moralist

>Sconea: Chaotic Male Magic-user, Lvl: 1, Atr: 4/16/14/8/10/12 , AC: 10, HP: 3

Equipment: No Armor, Dagger Personality: Clever, Vengeful, Disturbed, Avenger

Spellbook: First (1): Protection from Evil, Message.

<Sybyly: Neutral Female Magic-user, Lvl: 1, Atr: 13/14/9/13/8/13 , AC: 8, HP: 5

Equipment: No Armor, Dagger Personality: Bold, Nonconformist, Mistress with a Heart of Gold

Spellbook: First (1): Erase, Scribe.

<Wolf - 1 (2d6) [AL N, MV 180’ (60’), AC 7, HD 2+2

#AT 1 (bite), DMG 1d6, SV F1, ML 8, XP 35, LL 102, HC None] Total XP: 35. HP: 18.

>Men, Slave - 4 (2d4) [AL N, MV 120’ (40’), AC 9, HD 1,

#AT 1, DMG 1d6 or weapon, SV F1, ML 8, XP 10, LL -1, HC XXII] Total XP: 40. HP: 1, 3, 5, 6.



So the plot in 5 acts is going to consist of Act 1 , the hook, Act 2 the Rising Tension, Act 3 Climax (the lost city/introducing the villains, protecting the VIP), Act 4 the return home, Act 5 the encounter with the main villain.

>Act 1

The story is going to start in Keldivik where the Pc's are giving cause to leave town to the nearby (Weeks away) ruined fort beacuse

>They are paid to protect a vital VIP (who has information that will bring down the villain unbeknownst to the pc's)

<To investigate the ruins due to rumours of strange creatures terrorizing the countryside (poor magic guild tie in)

>As part of an effort to reclaim the keep by the mercenary companies

<to investigate villagers and adventurer's disappearing nearby (Temple tie in)

>Due to rumours of great wealth to found out there (planted by the villain to lure adventurers)

<To defend pilgrims to a nature burrow for a holy festival (Demi-human tie in)

>backstory reasons.

The Catch/Reveal is that yes there are increased monsters in the area because someone is murdering adventurer's in the area (the henchmen of the Villain). Without the efforts of these adventurer's the area is becoming increasingly dangerous.

<Act 2

The journey over.

>use this as a chance to get some encounters in and introduce your variety of likeable NPC's.

This is also a chance for the Heroes to gain some followers and impress the locals with their ability or otherwise find out information about what they may not know from act 1 (encounter people from the unused hooks in Act 1, possibly encounter rumors of Deep Elfs being behind everything or encounter the NPC party (aka minor villains) in a friendly/not so friendly way.

>Act 3

Save the VIP!

I see this as a breaking the seige moment, the keep itself is locked up tight but flags requesting aid flap limply from the parpets. Surrounding it a force of goblins, skeletons and Deep Elfs (reuse those level 1 encounters as needed ) keep the people inside the keep there, starving. You might be able to win this difficult encounter initially but after the first nightfal (a new moon and unusually foggy) the party the PC's are traveling with are slaughtered by the NPC party and their henchmen. if the PC's are traveling they must now defend against renewed efforts to kill the VIP or if they are in the keep they are now trapped in the same situation they had previously helped foil (if the PC's are starving in the keep too long the NPC party will 'fake' breaking the siege to win their trust and get closer to the VIP to kill in his sleep/confirm what he knows. If the PC's survive either way, the journey back to Keldivik should be much harsher then the journey in.

<Act 4

Putting it all together

If they save the VIP, he can explain what is happening (he suspects that the mage guild leader has been replaced with Deep elf who seeks to weaken Keldivik for an eventual invasion (truth is they were always a Deep Elf who has just recently been activated). The Deep elf's main choice was luring adventurer's away from Keldivik (with easy money missions) and killing as many as they can with sneak/surprise attacks and nighttime raids. If the VIP is alive he is very grateful to the PC's and treats them as such (acting as a Lordly Patron if the PC's are in need). If the VIP is not alive or the PC's otherwise don't seem engaged to continue the plot , Kauldi the dwarf and Sybyly the Heart of gold drag them back into it with an assissination attempt (Kauldi distracting the team with a drinking games or other nonsense while Sybyly attempts to seduce and murder one or more PC's). Both have potions of Fuckingoff if neither are successful.

>Act 5

Having put a face and a name to their villain they should engage murderously at the local wizards tower, but if they don't for whatever reason the guard will come to arrest them for crimes they did not commit. The villain will then attempt to dispatch them himself but either way he does his best to make it so that if he does lose or perish the PC's will be wanted men in Keldivik for assassinating the head of a guild (even a small shitty mages guild). If the PC's can't duck the guard or successfully defend themselves in public (with the NPC party doing their best to stir shit up if still alive) the VIP (if alive) will run with them to Alangid until the heat dies down (settup for Adventure 2). This act technically only ends once the PC's flee Keldivik or kill the guildmaster.

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