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File: 58e9714cff8e6fa⋯.jpg (3.06 MB, 1753x2480, 1753:2480, Koakuma.full.411590.jpg)


Here's to another year of sharing books and games, hurrah!

Old Thread:




As posted at the old thread:

Requesting World of Lazarus, Traveller Companion and Conan: Horrors of the Hyperborian Age.



Crescendo of Violence


Looking for the Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual


File: 0150b2b2d3ad68b⋯.jpg (951.49 KB, 1134x802, 567:401, Aliens - USS Sephora.jpg)


Aliens - Colonial Marines Technical Manual



File: 1b7c2ddbc7a81e9⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 1509x2048, 1509:2048, 1545647594468-rocket.jpg)


Horrors of the Hyperborean Age on the Inner Temple Vola.





A classy companion for the elementary traveller, now in the Cavern of Carse.



File: 2751272f3a46c4b⋯.jpg (3.07 MB, 3531x4985, 3531:4985, Game Cover.jpg)

Finished another semi-obscure game I scanned recently. It is an expansion for Cry Havoc, called Dark Blades that introduces fantasy elements into the game (elves, dwarves, ogres, spells, etc). Released in 1986.

Game included new counters, two more maps, a map of the Isle of Labrynthia, a new rulebook, and a few Quick Ref sheets.




File: 0a6edac621de869⋯.jpg (3.32 MB, 5100x6600, 17:22, Front Cover A Outside.jpg)

I also rescanned Mertwig's Maze in high res, but sent the scans to Mage to compile and bookmark and replace since the original file is already in his trove. Look for it soon! Biggest improvements are the map and the card sheets.



And finally, I did get to a full-page scanner to scan the Greyhawk maps in one scan without having to stitch, but I am not completely happy with the results. Scanner resolution is not exactly what I had hoped for. Will revisit with (I hope) a poster-sized flatbed instead of a roller scanner. In the meantime, I am going back though and manually tweaking the previous maps.

Stay tuned.


Re requesting The Other Side Core Book


Hi I'm looking for Palladium Fantasy RPG Sourcebook: Bizantium and the Northern Islands


Looking for:


Traveller: New Era,

and deck plan



Nice! You happen to have Cry Havoc itself by any chance?


I'd like to request Blood Sundown for Everywhen, please:



Anybody have the Tal'dorei book for 5e?


Loot harder for 13th age is out, can someone upload it?



Sure do!





Awesome! Thanks a lot!


Anyone with a Blue Planet trove?


For the Chronicle System: Desert Threats and Mountain Terrors. TIA.



There is a boatload of stuff on the Dusty Shelf vola.


Still looking for a trove of Roll 20 tokens and maps.



Laughter of Dragons for ToR? Is there a Trove, or a C7 Trove?




Thank you!


Are there any Fantasy Grounds files available for Pathfinder?


Saw the Signs & Portents request in the last thread. I grabbed everything from Mongoose's site many years ago. The issues you are looking for weren't available then. As far as I know 15-18 and 20-24 aren't available anywhere.



Check the trove. They're under assets.



Bought it a while ago and shared it, made you a new upload, enjoy!




Anyone have the Ultimate Bestiary Revenge of the Horde for 5th Edition?




I'm getting a "cannot open file as archive" error from 7zip on this.



Works fine for me using 7zip, maybe re download?



Tried it thrice, failed all three times.



File: a0ab740e6d3ba40⋯.jpg (251.35 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, Sharn 2.jpg)


Requesting Sharn II, Council of Roaches and Sharn III, City of Monsters from Elven Tower on the Dungeon Masters guild




Requesting Journey to Ragnarok for D&D 5e, thanks.


Does anyone have Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition Starter Set to share?



>Desert Threats

>Mountain Terrors

Pretty sure I shared these last month, but here they are again... https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/ZHBMfb06iRYQbF%2FYblqzVQ


O-S-R on $nip is asking for a password. Is this new?


Requesting any of the 5e versions of War of the Burning Sky, and any Legendary Planet not on the 3P trove



Just added it to the Inner Temple. Enjoy!



Many thanks.



My pleasure. I just realized I didn't toss up the character sheets. Give me a sec....


Looking for Player Paraphernalia #s 126, 148, 154, 158 by (Knotty Works)

Hybrid Classes of Porphyra (Purple Duck Games)

Classes of the Lost Spheres: Shadow Weaver (Lost Spheres Publishing)

all for PFRPG



Which of the many troves?


Does anyone have Woodfall?


If it's in the OSR trove, I'm not sure where to look for it.


hey all

i was wondering if there was a mythras trove?

i was looking to try before i buy.


Does anyone have Suppressed Transmission by K.Hite?I would be grateful.


thanks a lot



does someone have john carter 2d20 system?





File: 0b1ed2695f0d987⋯.webm (6.51 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Comet_Cataclysm_Gondola.webm)

Anyone have tome of adventure design, from frog god games? I tried da archive but it wasn't pinging anything and I am not up on what troves are what anymore. Thanks in advance, have a gondola.




Thank you!



i got the same



See Vola Graveyard


Does anyone have or know where to find The Codex of the Black Sun: Sorcery for Stars Without Number for share?

Thanks in advance


File: 067246f8df5dd37⋯.jpg (158.61 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Giacomo.jpg)


Thank You!







Thanks a bunch

Does anyone have:

Journey To Ragnarok - Adventure and Setting for 5e by Mana project?

The 5e version of Legend of the Five Ring Corebook?

The Travellers Companion

Rangers of Shadowdeep

Also if a person has the backer version of the new kult is the release any different/better.



>Traveller Companion

is this what you want?



Requesting Donators.

Too many request when literally only a FEW who gives. Damn you people, share!


Requesting the following for Mongoose Traveller 2e:

40012 Reach Adventure 4 - Last Flight of the Amuar

40013 The Great Rift

40014 Great Rift Adventure 2 - Deepnight Endeavour

40015 Great Rift Adventure 1 - Islands in the Rift

40016 Great Rift Adventure 3 - Flatlined

40017 Marches Adventure 2 - Mission to Mithril

40018 Reach Adventure 5 - The Borderland Run

40090 Spinward Marches 2 - Lunion Shield Worlds

The /Traveller trove isn't letting me download them.



Thanks my dude very cool



>The /Traveller trove isn't letting me download them.

Keep trying.



Alternate Paths: Martial Characters 3

En Garde! More Martial Classes for Pathfinder

Both from Little Red Goblin Games



D&D third party trove.



It requires a password now, check the thread 4 doors down.



Well for one thing, stop posting direct links to the thread. That's one sure way to get troves to stop working.


So does the /traveller trove work or not?


Long shot but does anyone have the Red Hand of Doom conversion guide and map pack by Daniel Pryor to share? I'd gladly buy it but can't find it anywhere.



thanks for the info


I looked in the OSR, but I couldnt find a runequest trove, is there one?




i wasnt capitalizing the "q" but some duckduckgoing helped me out


Requesting the 2nd Edition version of Numenera Player's Guide


Anyone know if Dreams of the Red Wizards: Scourge of the Sword Coast (D&D Next) is shared anywhere?


Here is January!


Lots of PF and 5e stuff

pw: Impeach2019



Still looking for loot harder for 13th age



Just wondering why it is we have two file folders of the same name that appear to have all the same files, Mage. I mean I'm VERY appreciative of the new PF stuff. But I was curious...


Looking for a duo of adventures released for a couple of Savage Worlds settings not too long ago:

* Deadlands Reloaded - A Fight They'll Never Forget

* Beasts & Barbarians - The Eye of Xalath

Does anybody here have either of these adventure to share? Many thanks in advance!



checking my bookmarks

deleted so many links



Ask and you shall receive, I guess.

All I asked for and more.

Thank you MageGuru and all contributors.



That's hilarious! I believe they were printed back then? May need to look for the issues I'm interested in in an RPG auction...

Thanks for the confirmation!



I can't find the pass word, any further direction or hints please? TIA



Yes at the time they were only dead tree.

IIRC the thing is when they decided to scan them to make electronic versions, some issues were just completely OOS.

Nice touch, Mage


The 5e Humble Bundle has been added to /Jan-Releases.

I have listed which items have not been donated or obtained.


Hey everyone, I'm looking for the following things:

• The Magical Land of Yeld

• The Mortuary Temple of Esma

• To Blave!

• Dungeon Solitaire: Devil's Playground

• Legend: Land of Ice and Snow

• Woodfall

Any help is much appreciated!


Still looking for a trove of Roll 20 tokens and maps.

I was told it was under assets of a trove, but not which trove.

Checked out the D&D and D&D 3rd party trove which are the ones I donate to.

So which trove are they in?



Check da archive/share thread opening pdf in the first post four chans down. They have links to roll20 stuff.



Mage, you troll.

Also, thanks for the stuff.


The snip link for Jan isn't working for me. Am I just technologically retarded?



Thanks. Having problems getting the document share in that file to respond, but still trying.





Maybe not. The snip referrer is down for me as well. If I go to the AllSync address in my browser's history then I can reach it, but the snip gives me an error 404.



You're both retarded



You do realize that snipli can randomly have issues, don't you?


requesting conan the brigand for 2d20/modiphius



Requesting more polarizing political discussion. Just kidding. Did anyone ever make a good scan of Dark Continent?



For retards, maybe



Linear Polarizers or Circular Polarizers, anon?




Thanks donor and Mage for Shadow Weaver.


Someone should probably share loot harder for 13th age


Not really a full pdf, but does anyone have the d8 conversions or ratios for warpath and warpath firefight command dice? I don't really want to spend money on having to get special dice for it.


Does anyone have the PDF for fantasycraft? Looking through the old archives and I can't seem to find it



Nevermind, found it by searching it up


Are there any Martians here willing to share Advanced Rulebook Preview for new Over The Edge that went live to kickstarter backers?




Dark Continent - Adventure & Exploration in Darkest Africa




This appears to be the same shitty scan.



Whoops, missed the good scan part. That's what I get for posting before before being fully awake.


Did the graveyard vola get taken down? I heard someone finally got around to uploading loot harder for 13th age on it.



loot harder was not shared there



Why hasn't it been shared yet? Its pretty recent and theres no reason to why it hasn't been shared. Do people just hate 13th age now?



No, people just hate the same person asking incessantly for it.



I wouldn't keep asking if the book was already shared.



Things only get shared if someone who has bought them wants to share them. Not everything gets bought, and most certainly not everything gets bought by people who wish to share.



I saw it over at the one vola




Grow up, Omega



Elliptic, please. I want to go to the Mushroom Planet.



On a _completely_ unrelated topic, does anyone know if there is a way to mute specific users on Volafile? (and the retarded 'System Message's also :P)



Only the room's owner can mute people, and even then only for a max of 24 hours at a time



And that makes me a saaaaaaad panda.

Oh well, such is life. Time to continue with my World Domination Plans™!


Recent donations:

Bad Day at Creshman's Cove [5E]

Legendary Samurai [PF]

Book of Many Things 2 (Updated) [PF]

Classes of the Lost Spheres: Successor [PF]

The Faerie Ring: Dangerous Game Adv [PF]

Weird Option: Werepyres [PF]





IIRC, those are only made on the Mushroom Planet.

+2 Paradox points


Is the black hack 2 Ed somewhere, thanks








/RuneQuest @ snip



It's in the D&D 3rd Party trove.

(/DnD3P @ snip)


Hi, i looking for

Legend of the Five Rings Core Rulebook



Someone decided to be rather rude and upload a false loot harder, try harder next time.



It was actually uploaded to both the Inner Temple and the GraveYard rooms. (It's even named both "Loot Harder" and "Book of Ages" in the GraveYard.)

The biggest problem, however, is that it has already been added to the Pelgrane trove as if it was actually legitimate.


File: 710c917624a8672⋯.jpg (897.17 KB, 2550x1650, 17:11, Collage.jpg)

A few hard-to-find Tunnels and Trolls bits in finally. First off, the original (well, 4th print anyway) version of Solo 12 Arena of Khazan, then Bonus Pack #1 which included a mini-dungeon, some character sheets, some charts, and included Pocket Adventure #2 Abyss (not the text only version) which was touted as a "reprint" but was actually a literal stapled photocopy. But that was way better than before, and I found a decent cover to add to it to make it pretty much as it was originally published.

Still looking for Pocket Adventure #1 (original version, not text only) Goblin Lake, Pocket Adventure #3 Circle of Ice, Solo 18 Beyond the Wall of Tears, Solo 23 Dark Temple, and Elven Lords (a limited, signed & numbered kickstarter item).

Interesting bit about the Solo 12 Arena of Khazan: Cover artist is Gene Day (brother of Dan Day), who is probably remembered most for Marvel's Star Wars run, as well as Kung Fu. Dave Sim (of Cerebus fame) considered him a mentor, and I have seen a few bits of their collaborative work through the years. Gene passed in 1982, a few years after this printing. The interior artist is none other than Peter Laird, of the Eastman/Laird creation, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! TMNT would be first printed in 1984 in oversized black & white comic. Enjoy!





It was done for a very specific reason, which if you don't frequent the volas, you wont understand



It was shared with EVERYONE on two different vola rooms and the Pelgrane trove. If you want to try to justify the initial troll...that's your prerogative.

The fact remains, however, that this has inconvenienced MANY more people than just OmegaEclipse. So your attempt to excuse the file's original poster just makes you look like an equally large asshole.


File: 3d38179adf84cf5⋯.jpg (267.47 KB, 618x876, 103:146, JDC.jpg)

Judge Dredd RPG Companion scan available for the next 2 days

vola /r/jyyevh2r



Inconvenienced? We share pirate material here. Get over yourself, dildo



For sheer buffonery it's hard to beat Maxine Waters, although AOC is doing her damnedest. "New party, who dis?"



Sweet. Thanks!



This. That specific someone was asking for the same thing over and over every two minutes for the same thing like a petulant two-year-old. Multiple people, including myself, tried to explain to him that it was the surest way to ensure the book was _not_ shared quickly. He refused to listen, insisting he was doing nothing wrong.



>Inconvenienced? We share pirate material here.

...And? Defending someone that trolls everyone to get to one person isn't magically nobler just because of who it was directed towards.

You really are a self-righteous (and self-loathing) cunt. Like you said "WE" are here to share pirate material, your shit stinks just as much as everyone else's.


Requesting 3 Fate games:

Bulldogs! FATE Core- Ports of Call: Galactic Central Point

Wearing the Cape: Operation Pole Star

The Great Game



Someone could share again the Starfinder pawns. I cannot find it in the trove. Thanks in advance!



Is Matt Colville’s Strongholds and Followers out and about yet?




Who was the guy who thought islands would capsize?


thank you so much for the judge dredd companion. I regret not buying it at the time and now the prices are astronomical



Ta muchly


Is there a trove of Shadowrun books available. Or possibly just Better than Bad?



Rep. Hank Johnson. Probably breaking a thread rule, but the video is too funny not to share.




>Galactic Central Point

>Operation Pole Star

>The Great Game

/filegroup/E3EN03MnDB%2F3jfmX0sBuUnnys1PRDaQF @ $$


File: 6f27bdc2e468f68⋯.jpg (26.98 KB, 250x324, 125:162, 474-PFRPG-Bizantium-and-th….jpg)

Palladium Fantasy Book 18 Byzantium and the Northern Islands





Thanks for the files. So quick too!



Forgot I had them. >_>



Fucking appreciated. Thank you!


Requesting :

- Eye of the Beholder : the Art of D&D

- Invisible Sun

- Shadows over Driftchapel

- Realms of Terrinoth

- Frostbitten & Mutilated

- Dusk City Outlaws

- 13th Age - Book of Ages

Thanks !



Book of ages is up on vola, also check the pelgrane trove for future books. I am still hunting for loot harder though.



Forget it, Omega. You've fucked up any chances of that getting shared properly with your nonsense


Someone has Ghost Ops and The Operators RPG?




I believe other people are still looking for it. Either way, it would be best to upload it so there will be much less asking of that book.



>Shadows over Driftchapel

/r/theinnertemple @ vola



>Realms of Terrinoth

>Frostbitten & Mutilated

>Dusk City Outlaws

All shared repeatedly. Maybe try searching 4plebs?



Which version of Ghost Ops... original or Savage Worlds?


File: 36bc4a38cdf1507⋯.png (147.45 KB, 1046x880, 523:440, Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at ….png)


>Invisible Sun



You are seriously clueless. Doesn't matter if other people are looking for it, you have fucked it up for everyone, not just yourself, but you only see yourself, don't you?

You don't realise that your bullshit can affect other people, do you?

You fuck up, everyone loses out. Take responsibility for your bullshit. Own your fuck up.


File: add37bfa6c7e88f⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_20190112_120310.jpg)

Will be scanning this tonight.

Can't remember who wanted this one...


Requesting "Things From The Flood" and "Electric State" by Simon Stålenhag. Curated Archive on 4chan got nuked for it so I'm hoping some of you guys got it saved?


Does anyone have Beyond Valor for Advanced Squad Leader? Doesn't appear to be in The Trove. Many thanks!



XP3: Citadel Beyond the North Wind

for PF rules if possible

(XP2 would also be appreciated)



I certainly DID fuck up and I will admit that. I will also admit I don't quite get the enormous deal everyone is making out of it. Can someone link me to volafile graveyard?




And you think THIS site is safe from DMCA? Moron.



thanks alot, thats great

FYI for anyone interested, Conan the brigand was put up a little while ago 4 chans down




Which vola room?


Looking for this.




In your cavern, Sir



Inner temple.


Did we have Star Wars trove?



Not the original requester. But thanks!


File: 5a767a53f90e0c2⋯.jpg (432.8 KB, 1977x1483, 1977:1483, Lovecraft-cthulhu.jpg)

Requesting the final version of the Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for 5e.

It was shared this month on the 10th. Thanks!


Has anyone seen Adventure Crafter around?


I guess I haven't checked the OSR Trove in awhile because I don't remember it ever being password protected. I was looking for the Black Hack and thought it might be in there. Could someone give me a clue as to the password? If you prefer to be vague, I do enjoy a challenge.




ehT kcalB kcaH




Thank you, but I should have been more specific. I'm looking for a collection of Black Hack stuff. Mainly the Jack Hack.



Cry more.


File: d22619c42320e41⋯.jpg (163.77 KB, 450x583, 450:583, IsleOfDread.jpg)

Original Adventures Reincarnated #2: The Isle of Dread

Thanks once again to Carse for providing the raw scan, we don't have to wait a year this time.

Also added...

Jon Pintar - Realistic Maps... Only missing 1 now: Vault of the Drow




Can someone upload a proper copy of loot harder?




ehT kcaJ kcaH




Thank you!


What is ufil3<dot>io

I thought maybe youfile.io

I can't get it to work.



Why are you even asking? Who shared anything on ufil3<dot>io? As far as I can tell, there isn't anything shared on that service in at least 4 or 5 past threads and about 2500 posts. What's the link you're trying to access? Also, if you type ufile <dot> io you will clearly be redirected to the service you're asking about. Why are you trying to draw awareness to that file hosting site?



The Dictionary of Imaginary Places

ufil3<dot>io /o8qpc

I got it from Annex

I appreciate your help and time. It seems I missed it as nothing is there now.



"ufile"<dot>io is still there, but it automatically redirects to uploadfiles<dot>io. In case it's the redirection that's causing problems, try using that domain (with the same specific file identifier).




I know it's a long shot, considering how new it is... But, maybe someone has Forbidden Lands, from Free League?


File: efa0e9a8ce13a6a⋯.gif (2.92 MB, 128x96, 4:3, that's a lot of tacos.gif)

Does anyone know where I can find a cache of AEG? Specifically the Stargate SG-1 RPG?

Da Archive and Da Curated Archive have both failed me in my quest.



I would appreciate these as well if someone could share. Thank you in advance!


I'm looking for the Elite:Dangerous RPG books - are they available?

Many thanks!


something wrong with 4channel?



How long have you got?



vola /r/jyyevh2r



I was in a bad mood yesterday and I think I might have replied to you in a far more crotchety manner than necessary. I sincerely apologize for the rudeness.

Now that we got that out of the way, the file you want is still there at the link you gave us. I just accessed it and download it. It's just that ufile.io is now redirecting to uploadfiles.io, but the download link to the file is still there. The name of the hosting service changed, but the rest of your link still takes you to the file.


No isle of dread for me :(






File: 1117079551ec240⋯.jpg (9.37 KB, 255x74, 255:74, 53be113f08561e89a85a7c1ee3….jpg)

Anyone have pdfs for these settings:

>Uxuloth, City of the Dead

>The Mmorn commune

They're in GURPS' Terra Incognita. There's a dead torrent with them here:


>Pyramid/Articles/terra incognita - the mmorn commune.pdf

>Pyramid/Articles/terra incognita - uxuloth, city of the dead.pdf

I'm always one for neat Undead.



Allsync was down earlier today. Now it's back up.


Anyone have the newer Freeway Warrior books (Highway Holocaust and Slaughter Mountain Run) or the Lazarus Age book to share?


Looking for On Moonlit Wings a d20/hack kind of thing


Hi there. Looking for:

Savage Worlds - The Last Parsec - Irongate

Thanks in advance.



Anyone happen to have supplements for BASH:

Operation: Marshal Law for BASH!

Misfits and Menaces A.E.G.I.S. for BASH!

Adversary #0

BASH Fantasy: Legends of Steel

BASH Fantasy: Codex of Fantasy Folk

BASH Fantasy: Grimoire of Magic

Men and Monster of Aegean (BASH Fantasy)

BASH Fantasy: Folio of Magic Items

Player's Guide to Aegean (BASH Fantasy)

BASH Fantasy: Character Build Template

The Freedom Ring: BASH UE Edition

Island of the Forgotten Tomb

Vengeance is Nogh

Comic Character Cavalcade #1

Comic Character Cavalcade #2

To Stand Together

Blacklist File: Ajax

Dungeon Bash v1.1

Monster Bash Set 1

Monster Bash Set 2

Monster Bash Set 3

Five Minutes to Midnight

Pearl harbor December: Villains of WWII (BASH)

People's Revolution: Villains of WWII (BASH)

Eugenic Brigade: Villains of WWII (BASH)

Vigilance Force: Heroes of WWII (BASH)

Croen Guards: Heroes of WWII (BASH)

The Ice Palace (BASH)

Megapolis: A City of Supers

Tremendous Traits

Any will do. Thank you so much kind sir. God bless your good heart.



BASH - Awesome Powers Vol 11 - Metamorphic Powers.pdf


BASH - Fantasy Character Build Templates.pdf


BASH - Fantasy Folio of Magic Items.pdf


BASH - Fantasy Grimoire of Magic.pdf


BASH - The Super Villain Handbook Deluxe Edition.pdf


BASH Fantasy - Codex of Fantasy Folk.pdf


BASH Fantasy - Legends of Steel HiRes.pdf


BASH Fantasy - Legends of Steel LoRes.pdf


BASH Ultimate Edition (Updated).pdf


BASH - Comic Character Cavalcade 1.pdf


BASH - Crook Book 1.pdf


BASH - The Freedom Ring.pdf


BASH - The Freedom Ring_Prnt.pdf


BASH - The Iron Gauntlet.pdf


BASH - Vengeance is Nigh.pdf


BASH Fantasy - Men & Monsters of the Aegean.pdf


BASH Sci-Fi Edition.pdf


BASH - Megapolis - A City of Supers! [2005].pdf


BASH Ultimate Edition - To Stand Together.pdf


BASH Ultimate Edition - Viva La GorillaVolution [2012].pdf


Ion Guard - BASH Edition.pdf


BASH Ultimate Edition - Crown Guard - Heroes of WWII [2004].pdf



Looking for Battletech Record Sheets 3145 Unabridged


Anyone got 40K rules and Codices?


File: 907cbbbb5796896⋯.jpg (39.61 KB, 528x960, 11:20, death is only the beginnin….jpg)

Looking for the electronic version of this book. Apparently sent to backers.

Kult: Death is only the Beginning





I've been downloading the link, but I only get coded text instead of the pdf. Can I ask you a favor again to upload it to other sharing site other than the one in the link?

Thank you.



Oh, no, I missed it! Could somebody please reupload?



nm, I just found it on /Cthulhu


Requesting Ten Buried Blades nad Storms of Yizhao for Godbound. The links in the trove are dead.



Which link in particular?


Requesting if any one has a clean scan of FFG's Star Wars Dawn of the Rebellion. I only found this low-quality camera scan, and wondered if there is a better one.


File: 7406b974b3abf8c⋯.jpg (2.53 MB, 3159x3159, 1:1, Front Cover.jpg)


Thanks for waiting! Here is TSR's board game for All My Children.




Requesting Fey Folio by Mage Hand Press. TIA.



Susan Lucci looks terrible in that perm.





Was SERPENTINE - Oldskull Serpent Folk liberated yet?


File: a8be58ad3917705⋯.jpg (157.54 KB, 900x1143, 100:127, 263906.jpg)

A gracious anon has donated:

Legendary Magus [PF]





Sorry. Link got cut off.





I trying to unfuck the links. I give updates soon i can.



My life is complete now.



I do what I can to fill the void, anon.


File: 91957904cadc9fe⋯.jpg (596.39 KB, 1776x1753, 1776:1753, Box A.jpg)

A pet project, completed.

Mountains of Madness board game from iello. Cthulhu-themed. Enjoy!





This is super cool - Thanks!



I've played it a few times. The madness cards are a hoot. One of my favorites: You cannot communicate unless you are petting someone else's face. Or, you can only talk using a finger mustache, and only to someone else who has a finger mustache.



Same here, though I haven't grown favourites among the madness cards yet (but that may change as I hope to play it again (Sam) a lot :)


Requesting the Kill Team Commanders book.


Still looking for either these if anyone has them to share

On the Shoulders of Heroes Campaign Setting 3.5e





Shadows of Brimstone, please


I've seen the Indiana Jones Masterworks supplements Rising Sun and Raiders of the Lost Ark here, but has anything else been released, or even better, anything from Indiana Jones D6?



Serendipity, my friend. I have been collecting them slowly but surely, but waiting on my new scanner for those because of the cost (to avoid having to tear them apart)

I currently have now:

Masterbook Base Book (for rescan)

Indiana Jones Masterbook (for rescan)

Indiana Jones Adventures

Indiana Jones & the Lands of Adventure

Indiana Jones & the Tomb of the Templars

Indiana Jones & the Golden Vampires

Indiana Jones - Artifacts

Only need the following to come out of dreamland and enter the realm of reasonably priced:

Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones & the Sky Pirates

Indiana Jones - Magic & Mysticism

If anyone with more money than sense wants to order these, please email me and we can go from there.


please post Indiana Jones - Artifacts



A sharp-eyed anon let me know of a fantastic deal on the Magic & Mysticism supplement, so we can take that one off the list.


I have to scan it first. The only ones I have been able to scan thus far are the Rising Sun and Raiders of the Lost Arc sourcebooks.


Can we get a fileshare for the Indiana books, I am missing 2-3 of those!



If you do not mind me asking, what brand of scanner - or is it a DIY?


Is there a liberated copy of the game that is bookmarked?




Can we get a fileshare of YOUR Indiana books? I'm missing 8-10 of those.


Just as an FYI/PSA about the Indiana Jones books. Although the classic MasterBook series only mentions WEG as the publisher, the rights have actually been bought (and are actively enforced) by Precis Intermedia.

If you do decide to share any of them, please act accordingly. Don't just upload them to vola rooms (that you don't own) and so on.


File: 1c9e6e14fbcddd8⋯.jpg (358.9 KB, 1232x1602, 616:801, pic555525.jpg)



Shadow of the Century by Evil Hat Productions.

Thank you very much.


/tg/ what information do you have on this game? It looks completely dead but interesting.




Literally all on that site.



When I an done scanning them, I will of course share them.


Okay, an odd request: Does anyone have a trove for The Whispering Vault?



cavern of carse vola




Miserable Secrets

Bright and Steel




Miserable Secrets...

vola /r/jyyevh2r


Does anyone have found the Masks of Nyarlathotep radio drama from HPLHS DART?


I checked the Cthulhu trove but there was nothing there.


Requesting Pathfinder 3rd party book:

Arcforge: Psibertech




Looking for the newly released "Star Trek Adventures Print and Play Starter Set"






Riot of the Flesh

From Storyterrler's Vault for Werewolf 20th


Remarkable Races Submerged Compendium

by Alluria for PF

Please and thank you!


File: 74292eadc81c4ff⋯.jpg (98.75 KB, 640x400, 8:5, popcorn.jpg)


Seconding this request.


Best way to download a bunch of files from a Trove without downloading the entire folder, i.e. skip a couple rulebooks I don't want.





What happened to Pathfinder? No new pdf?



Tried that, just throws up all the logos and whatnot.

I think that's because it's not a direct directory but instead uses scripts to display the subdirectories.



January 30th



Requesting the cards and reference sheets of "The Gathering Storm", an adventure for WFRP 3rd edition.






Nevermind, got it to work.

Jdownloader2 will work, however it will only search the open directory and not check child folders, but that's at least a lot better than manually selecting each file.

Of note is that it takes a few moments to load the files completely.


Any one got Star Trek Adventures Deep Space Nine characters to share?






Does anybody have the 5e War of the Burning Sky releases? Can't find them in the few troves I'm aware of.



None of them have ever been shared


Not a rpg book per se but does anyone have a copy of "The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide: Prompts and Activities to Create the Most Interesting Story for Your Character" by James D'Amato?



Check the /WorldBuilding trove







See Vola Inner Temple


Someone have the old Midgard Campaing Setting for Dragon Age/Fantasy Age?



If you mean the appendix that was included in the Midgard Campaign Setting,, then yes.



Requesting Legacy - Life Among the Ruins

Specifically a better version of Godsend, Wasteland Almanac, and, if out, the Next World stuff, Engine of Life, End Game, Free from the Yoke



/r/theinnertemple @ vola



Anybody have the SAGA Book of Battles? Would be much appreciated.


Requesting Warpstone Magazine issues 1, 2, 29, and 30.



Thank you.


Does anyone have Fate Codex volume 3 and up?





What do you mean by "better version"? They're digital files, not scans.



All the Next World books are in varying stages of completion. Engine Of Life is closest to finished, followed by End Game, with Free From The Yoke bringing up the rear.



The version of Godsend I have lacks a number of art on it. I know it's a petty detail. I'm just curious if it got updated with the missing art filled.



Here are the latest versions of the five Worlds, and the Almanac... https://www.sendspace.com/file/g00l40



Thank you very much


Anyone got the "5e"/Fantasy Flight Games version of the Legend of the Five Rings Core Rulebook?



File: 14c0ce1ed465c64⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, GuildmastersGuide_Wallpape….jpg)

File: 980fe181023943d⋯.jpg (111.24 KB, 264x360, 11:15, Spycraft2.jpg)

Requesting pics related:

>Spycraft 2.0

>D&D 5e: Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica


Does anyone have Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium ?



>Spycraft 2.0

Still on /r/puwgtp64 @ vola for the next six hours.


Not sure if this got posted.

S&F update 1.1 along with update notes.





What's @ Vola?



Nothing. Nothing at all.



>Fate Codex




>Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica

Vola Share Bears


So whats the link for the vola sharebears?





Really wish whoever runs the Worldbuilding trove would knock it off with all the special characters like | when naming directories, it confuses both JDownloader and USDownloader so I have to use Yandex's Download All option... which isn't very good.



"Waaaah, I'm inconvenienced getting free stuff!" Boo-fucking-hoo.



t. guy in charge of the worldbuilding trove


Requesting Sagas of Midgard Please



Ever think of asking politely?



1. Create your own yandisk account.

2. Copy the archive to your account

3. rename all the folders

4. download away.



Sadly, nobody ever thinks of using this approach anymore.



Its in the 5e 3rd Party Trove.


Have anyone liberated "Shadows over Stillwater" for Cthulhu?



Did anyone ever liberate the Art of Exalted for 2nd Ed?

Just tying off a few loose ends.



Anybody Who backed the kikestarter Got Song of Swords?


Looking for Savage Worlds

Freedom Squadron Plans & Operations Manual

Freedom Squadron Commando's Manual


File: c4607ac1c72829d⋯.jpg (96.25 KB, 900x1221, 300:407, Art of Exalted.jpg)

Here is the Art of Exalted. Covers 1st through 2nd ed.





Already in the /SaWo trove, through snip <dot> li.



Well, it is a thing, temporarily... All those moments lost, like tears in rain.



Yeah, but since it has those Jewish tendencies you abhor, I won't share it with you.


Anyone happens to have Dark Eras 2?




It hasn't released yet.


Would anyone mind reuping the Saga: The Game PDFs from March, the sendspace links have all expired


Looking for Shadowrun No Future




Give it 5 minutes but I'm re-uploading in the Inner Temple soon (you'll have 2 days to download)


File: 177e357f8e87d05⋯.jpg (64.63 KB, 768x574, 384:287, Tears in Rain.jpg)



It's been a while guys but I'm finally back. A lot of stuff happened. That storm in late November did something to my drive and took a while to recover, especially during a busy holiday season. It also scrambled the contents so it is taking a while to sort what I was going to send and remove stuff that was already sent by other people. Still going through the process and it will take a while since I'm backtracing through previous january-december-and late november threads to grab whatever I missed since I wasn't around for it. I will be sending a batch soon that doesn't include the previous stuff I was going to send before since I'm still sorting through it. The regular schedule will resume in february from me and with the people who send me stuff to collect and send to be distributed. Hopefully in February, I'll dump the metric ton of everything that should have been sent on the previous months then, including the scans.


I have it and I will send it later with the next batch.


Humble RPG Book Bundle: NUMENERA by Monte Cook Games




You realize Lacombe is a /pol/ack, right?



Sounds great. Which anon are you tho?



Anyone got

V:tR- Danse Macabgre


Human Occupied Landfill

& Buttery Wholesomeness?



I got you pal. /rqdg1

Requesting the Map of Vosca and the Song of Swords CRB



> /rqdg1

That Vola of $$?



I have no idea what you're referring to. It's for uploadfiles(dot)io.



Seconding this


Requesting https://www.dmsguild.com/product/264533/The-Malady-Workshop Bills are a little high this month and can not grab it myself, but would be super helpful for my homebrew.


Any chance to get a copy of arkeo obskura or lovecraft's revenge? Both are skirmish miniature rules.

The latest is from thw but not in their trove


File: c1860614e6ad987⋯.jpg (390.77 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, img000.jpg)

Shatterzone: Crosshairs is complete.



Only three of these books left for me to scan to have a complete run of Shatterzone, and I have them in the stack. More coming later.



They have never been shared, which you knew, cos you get told that every time you ask lol


req'ing Touched for Sprawl



Maybe some day someone gets them and share them...

Til then I'll ask for them every couple of months, that's not annoying, I'm not asking for them everyday...

If you get pissed about this... What can I tell you?

You will be happy if somepne share them, they seem to have some good ideas


File: fd8317a5da853da⋯.jpg (388.74 KB, 678x891, 226:297, Path-of-the-Mystic.jpg)

Some recent donations, all for Pathfinder.

Manifest Destiny Book 1: Domains & Devotions

Manifest Destiny Book 2: Cults & Clergy

Path of the Mystic





Awesome. Thanks CoC!


Ok, I think this is about as close to a full Greyhawk area map as I can get.

This full map comes from the Folio set from 1980. There are two maps, a left and a right side. Technically they are designed to be hung together, but physically, the maps don't quite line up. And having them here in front of me right now, I can absolutely confirm that. The hexes are ever so slightly different, maybe a millimeter off here or there.

Despite that, I tried my best to digitally combine them into one. So: At the link below, I have provided the individual maps, both left and right, and two versions of the full map, one at 300 dpi. and one at 600. Nothing too fancy, I avoided unnecessary cleanup.

I am going to put this Greyhawk map quest to rest for now. Enjoy them as they are!






The Shatterzone Crosshairs is not resolving for me, is it posted somewhere else?



Well, that was quick.

Try here.





My thanks, Carse.



They're not long out, so it's a long shot but anyone got the new SR:Anarchy book Chicago Chaos? Or the No Future source book?


Requesting - Class Catalog for B/X Essentials please



File: 14a3b5446117a91⋯.jpg (121.66 KB, 450x563, 450:563, AdventuresOfIndianaJonesRP….jpg)

Requesting pic related.




Thanks @MageGuru!



cavern of carse vola



Check out /r/100Shares @ vola


Anyone have Fields of Blood: The Book of War by Eden Studios?







1) I'm not upset. Do not make the childish assumption that someone saying something you don't want to hear means that person is in anyway emotionally invested.

2) I have zero interest in them, or I would have bought them myself by now

3) Not everything gets shared

4) Sometimes, it makes more sense to save up and buy something than to live in vain for the day when someone might share them. This is especially true when you are the only person ever asking for something.


Requesting some new releases. Thank you very much!

Bluebeard's Bride: Book of Mirrors

Star Trek Adventures: The Gravity of the Crime

Worlds of Legacy: Rhapsody of Blood: Choir of Souls

[WOIN] The EONS Collection

[WOIN] W2: Dark Decade: From Dust To Dawn


File: 4d62dffe59d5a82⋯.png (38.66 KB, 549x549, 1:1, Lester.png)


Awesome! Thank you very much! :-)


Does anyone have Forbidden Lands or WFRP starter set to share?


requesting The Mecha Hack, Battle Century G and Mekton Zeta. Thanks



>Things from the Flood

>The Expanse RPG

>Lex Arcana

None of these has been released yet. The Expanse will be out sometime in February.

>Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000 A.D.

Should be in the WOIN trove already.



Hello. Requesting 43AD and the new version of Zenobia from Zozer Games. TIA.



File: 96c1aefcf2c45e5⋯.jpg (32.2 KB, 140x181, 140:181, 208011-thumb140.jpg)


Ufile /vmx69

Song of Swords Core Rulebook




Don't care about putting your name out there?



It ain't my name



Just checking




There's a clean version in /Jan-Releases



I don't know what that is



Try a CTRL-F



I still don't know what that is or what it's for.



Thanks Mage and the supplier for "Song of Swords". Cheers.


Is there a Pendragon trove? I'm specifically looking for the supplement Beyond the Wall.




Cavern of Carse vola.





Thank you! And quicker than I expected for an old, obscure title!



Mekton Zeta files

Med Fyre:




Either its been taken down or I'm doing something wrong.



you need a /file/ in front of the code



Ah right. That worked thank you


Someone have Valiant Universe RPG: Transcendent's Edge? Or Metagene RPG?




Getting a "session expired" message.


Hi,Im looking for 100 Rumours to Hear on Urth and Forbidden Knowledge.thanks



Works for me.



Looks like it was my ad blocker pitching a fit.


Not making a request for downloads, but a general gaming request... Was wondering what major systems are currently still being published? I know Pathfinder, SaWo, DnD5; RuneQuest and War Hammer Fantasy are getting re-released. Got a friend's kid (man I feel old) who wants to get into gaming, asked for my advice, but don't really know what's current right now.




Getting new players to get into RP and stick with it is far more about the culture of the table is and (partly) how good the GM is at sparking their imaginations and guiding them in their first couple of sessions. The system or setting is is a distant second.

A competent GM who likes the setting and the story they're telling with a table of players who have good table etiquette is more likely to convert a new player trying the hobby out.

Conversely, nothing makes people want to steer clear of the hobby more than a GM who is abusive, and other players who are rude and insulting.

Having said that, DnD5 is the perfect "gateway drug" to TTRPG. I know a lot of people dislike it because its too simple for their liking, or too "mainstream". However, the simple system means its quick and easy to teach, and the settings are similar to the fantasy movies and games they've played, making it easier for them to "live" their characters, even for a moment. As we all know, all it takes is to experience that feeling once and they will be hooked.

You'd be better off focusing on getting your friend's kid into a good gaming group (even for a little while) than worrying about which system is best.

Hope this is useful.



I can't figure it out either. I checked the last archive and the one before. Am I just retarded and missing something?




Take it to the QTDDTOT for fuck's sake.


Does anyone have The Malady Workshop from DM's Guild or the World of Larazus RPG to share?



See Vola - Inner Temple


Jaki jest adres URL "four doors down" udostępnij wątek?



Its an allusion to four chan using math and doors.



Suppose it shouldn't be assumed everyone can count that high.



Dziękuję Ci


Angielski jest trudny do insynuacji.



My pleasure.




Sorry, I don't speak French.



Doesn't look like French.

Doodle Translate actually thinks it's Polish.


je zult veel giraffe moeten melken om je emmer met kegels te vullen


Today I used DupeGuru and I found out i have about half a terabyte in duplicate pdfs.

In other news, is there an ETA for Shadow of the Beanstalk?

Also, does someone have Worlds of Android?



Thank you!


Hey there,

I am looking for the "Spheres of Power" Hero Lab Files.



Does anybody have The Spire RPG ?

thanks !



Hi, anyone have the sci-fi/cyberpunk minis of this site:


The miniatures are fre... but links are dead :/

Thx for any help.


File: 1bfe6228da90017⋯.jpg (299.78 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, img000.jpg)

New Shatterzone scan complete.

Grimsyn Sector. Get it here before it goes away!




>>408216 Thanks a lot Anon :D !



Very nice. Thank you.


anybody sharing the new polyhedron magazine scans wotc is dropping



Hi, does anyone have a complete Warpstone archive somewhere?





The new Pathfinder/Starfinder Society scenarios:


Season 10-12 Breath of the Dragonskull

Season 10-13 Fragments of Antiquity


Season 01-30 Survivor's Salvation

Season 01-31 Treading History's Folly




Looking for Battletech Technical Readout Succession Wars


Looking for Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk

on 4chan they said it's shipping out now.


FLIP MAT - Tavern Multipack




PATHFINDER AP #138 - Interactive Maps


PLAYER COMPANION - Wilderness Origins






I would very much appreciate the new Celestine novel that came out. I need more lore for my Sisters.



Thanks From Spain



hey- do they have any of those in audiobook? Mainly idle curiousity


Anyone with Dungeons on Demand? I looking for the

Low Level Adventure Pack and others



Looking for Terracide


Does anyone have the Ephemeris Omnibus to share. Thank you for the help.





See Vola Inner Temple


File: fa68df04548d448⋯.jpg (288.12 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, img000.jpg)

WEG40044 Star Wars Miniatures Battles - 1st Edition finally scanned and complete.





PW: valentine




Not all of them, but...





I've been lurking in this corner of the chans for maybe two years now, and Carse, you should get some kind of commendation for not only preserving RPG history, but doing so with incredibly high quality scans. You are doing God's work, sir. May you live to be one thousand years old.


Probably the wrong place, but I am internet retarded and you guys are usually helpful anyway. It's sort of TG-aside but is there somewhere one can find ebook troves for black library books?



We don't need retards here. Get lost!




Hey dude, thanks for posting stuff, but Jan-Releases never worked for me at all last month and Feb isn't so far either.

Just letting you know.



Never worked?

Seems others are not having any problem.



Both worked fine for me. What issue are you having?



Appreciate that. Will continue to do so as long as I can and people are willing to donate items.

Lots of really good books coming soon. Stay tuned!




try /aosg/ or /40kg/ over on 4chan



I go to snip, C+P the link, etc, and it gives me "Uh oh seem the link is broken!' error message. I'll refresh the page every few days or so, maybe once or twice a day at most, so not spamming the system, still gives the link broken error. Not doing // between the snip addy and the X-Release bit, so it's not that, it just gives me the funky bad error.



Must be on your end.. never had any issues with his links.



Why are you going to snip? Just type snip<dot>li<slash>Feb-Releases into your browser.



I don't go TO snip. I put that into the browser addy, then the /X-Release bit.

Also, the .li worked, but it does not work (for me) if I go to .ly which is the 'main' snip isn't it?



er no. snipli.com is.



Whatever it is you're fucking up, those of us who can use the internet have no problem getting there. Never have. There's no complexity to allow room to fuck up, so I don't understand how you're managing it.



I should add. Either use snip.li or snipli.com.

Do not use snip.ly.



It has never been .ly



Looking for a few newer titles:

Rangers of Shadow Deep - because I'm lonely

The Adventure Crafter - see above

Tall Tales - because Unforgiven, True Grit, etc.

What Ho, Frog Demons and Witchburner - why do I need a reason?

Thanks in advance...


Does anyone have the GURPs Transhuman Space set?



Rangers is in the Inner Temple currently



Thanks, gov'nuh!


SR:Anarchy book Chicago Chaos- any sign?







Thank you


Hi Guys,

I'm looking for the following Top Secret New World Order new titles:

Operation Arctic Blast:


Operation Deep Freeze:





I just saw it in /theinnertemple


Looking for Coriolis books

Emissary Lost

Last Voyage of the Ghazali


Hi anons,

I'm looking for "murphy's world" ttrpg. It's a bit old and i don't know if it exists in pdf. Thanks !



It does. One of the supplements, Bob, Lord of Evil is not represented. Someone will need to find and scan that one. But the rest are here if you want them.






Slightly more complete. A few bits of extras.






Thanks anon ! :)



Hi Mage,

I missed your Jan release.

Is it possible to get the complete package again ???

Thank you...


You have mail....



Yo awesome thanks so much whoever put this up




Yeah, sorry I have been out of touch for a bit, lots of scanning. I will get these out asap.


First of a few donation waves...

Things From the Flood [for Tales From the Loop]

Deluxe Low Fantasy Gaming v2 [Draft B&W]




Anyone have the /info for the TSR Trove?


Could anybody please provide a good high resolution scan of the Talis Cards that came with the Tales of the Lance boxed set for AD&D 2E? TIA



literally the words you used in your request.



0One Bundle.






Weird. I tried that and it didn't work before. Thanks.



Arcanis - Children of the Sky: The Kio Sourcebook


I have a little zine i want to share but it has my personal info on it. Are their any cleaners to remove my info, or can somebody offer advice for me to remove it


Mucho libros en la 100Shares




use paint tbh




send it to:



>use paint tbh

Ignore this like the plague.


Requesting the Infinity RPG core rules and supplements.




Hi CoC,

Thanks for your work. Your scans are top notch, and your effort helps preserve long forgotten old books.

I would like to see you scan Warhammer Fantasy Battles 3rd Edition and its companion book, Warhammer Armies. Also, I'm waiting for your announced Dragon Quest scan.

Thanks again.



If you have those books that you can send me to scan, that would be awesome. I would be more than happy to do so when I get them.

DragonQuest is coming soon.



Would anyone perhaps have this? Looked for it everywhere but cannae find it




It's right there. You posted a link to it.



No I didn't. That was you.


Is there a trove for the new Star Trek?



The link is dead T.T, any backup?

Anyways, very thx dear anon.



which books specifically were you looking for Anon?



Just post the whole goddamn thing!


All of them?>>409043


Ok gang, I have a project, if anyone is willing to take up the challenge.

I need to locate a digital version of the following short story collection:

Shattered and Other Stories (1994) for Shatterzone. Edited by Greg Farshtey, with stories by Shane Lacy Hensley, Ed Bolme, Nigle Findlay, and Paul Farshtey.

This is the only Shatterzone fiction book not currently in any troves that I am aware of. Can any of you locate this one? Thanks for the help!



File: c7b2d98a9017881⋯.jpg (814.27 KB, 2550x1650, 17:11, Collage.jpg)


Other than the above-mentioned fiction book, Shatterzone is done with the completion today of Stock Ships and Through the Cracks.

You can get the entire set here.



Upcoming scans include:

DragonQuest (with color interior pages)

Mythus Bestiary

Mythus Prime

9 World of Indiana Jones books

two 2nd Ed Talislanta books

World of Aden (WEG)

Campaign Chronicles (World of Aden, WEG)

The remaining 9 Shadis magazines in my possession (but more coming).



Do you have an upload for just the two? Appreciate the work, but 400 something mb is an enormous waste when you've got everything else.



Be quick, anon. Time is fleeting.





Thank you


Saw this in a facebook group and became curious about them. Apparently the following are official Dark Sun adventures are from one of more cons.

Guarded Wagon Caravan Company (1992)

Clutchmates (1993)

Hope for the Future (Dark Sun Benefit, GenCon 1993)

Isle of Gillig (1993)

Who'd Want to Kill Us? (Dark Sun Grandmasters, Winter Fantasy 1994)

The Night the Dragon King Died (Dark Sun Special, Gencon 1995)

Full Circle (1995?)

The Price of Power (1995?)

It would be nice to preserve them.


Was Sigmata liberated?


I would like to request the following Fate games:

Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean

Gamma Watch

Tachyon Squadron • Those Who Were Here Before

and one WOIN game:

[WOIN] W3: Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future

Thank you very much.


Anyone liberated EP2 Rules Backer Preview?


In general, I usually come to ask for a pdf here, either because the books are not available in my country or the import price is too expensive. But I just found the Emerald Empire in the Innertemple, a book that I've been looking for a lot (when I can afford it, I'll buy it in physical format), and I wanted to thank everyone who makes an effort to distribute the books to others. Thanks very much.



Yes. /file/mgvqqd @ $$


I'm looking for the Fate Horror Toolkit, thanks.



>Time is fleeting.

Madness... takes its toll.



>Madness... takes its toll.

But listen closely.


Does anyone happen to have the Darksword Adventures RPG, also known as Phantasia?

Thanks from Unchigarrria!



Not for very much longer



I've got to keep control.



I remember doing the Time Warp...



Drinking those moments when the blackness would hit me and the void would be calling



Er. What is r/innertemple?


Someone have Keranak Kingdoms and Barebones Fantasy Spell Reference Cards?


Game looks kinda cool...anyone has it?


Requesting Planeswalkers of Ravnica



you're not even trying.


Zweihander just released a revised edition, free to anyone who bought the original. Anybody want to take the plunge and upload it?



That was a good week ago...& no.





File: 635f73364da0328⋯.png (1.55 MB, 900x600, 3:2, be-movie-02.png)

as you can read in the title I'm looking for this game



it took days for it to become available though. fox had problems getting it to appear for download. so it pretty much was only available from yesterday for most people. it is v7 and a final version, v8, is due soon.




Drivethrurpg's transition to the cloud has not been a good one. I made a purchase and had to try every way possible to get my products downloaded, can't get updates because they won't download and can't access the the site entirely or pages there in reliably.


I saw Solar Blades and Cosmic Spells in one of the volas, but didn't grab it in time. Can anyone re-up?




Its a volafile<dot>org room.


File: d608a16a0c6c87c⋯.png (12.52 KB, 115x115, 1:1, Kindly Little Old Warrior ….png)



Lets do the Timewarp again! :-)


Has Shadow of The Beanstalk come out yet?



Let's not, but say we did.




Thank you very much!


Seeking the following for the Infinity RPG:

Core Book

Player's Guide

Gamemaster's Guide

GM Screen

Quantronic Heat

Ariadna Supplement

Haqqislam Supplement

Adventures in the Human Sphere




etaF rorroH tiklooT




this is what I have


ATS - Core Rules


ATS - Standard Edition (Updated)


ATS - Collector's Ediiton (Updated)


ATS - dnammoC niosiviD Supplement (Updated)


ATS - snoitarepO noisiviD


ATS - ateB tnardauQ


ATS - esehT era eht segayoV



Anyone know of a good ratfolk mini campaign?


File: a2906281ba86d55⋯.jpg (28.65 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 71Lr5EeSLUL._SS500_.jpg)


ratfolk must protect their subterranean society hunt down and fight the existential threat of a dire rat-rat king over taking the sewers of a dying city with it's rodent and pest army.

there you are done.



wow, so good! Next time, save your breath.



>etaF rorroH tiklooT



Requesting Return to Freeport by Green Ronin


Looking for Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk



File: bfb4a965a7066db⋯.jpg (73.95 KB, 600x600, 1:1, sHYmNuD.jpg)

New thread this way:




Did you ever find Storms?


Any of the Invisible Suns books aside, from Secrets of the Silent Streets come out?

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