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File: ea467bf517cb067⋯.jpg (48.03 KB, 720x379, 720:379, whale.jpg)


>Be in a normiebook D&D 5E group

>Don't really bat an eye at the typical "no racism, sexism" yada yada rule

>Just witnessed a bunch of people get banned for commenting "traps are gay" in a Trap idea post

>Start noticing a lot of trannies in the group

How long has this been a thing? What are these sensitive sissies doing here? Why does the LGBT community have to fuck this up too?


File: 9622544cb4f9f94⋯.png (424.77 KB, 451x619, 451:619, 9622544cb4f9f945e1961d123d….png)

>see something you don't like on facebook

>post about it on /tg/


File: 4c929072b9de4a9⋯.png (4.2 KB, 309x196, 309:196, 4c929072b9de4a91fcc1f42906….png)


This board is slow sometimes and I don't feel like going to reddit



>Using reddit



Go to Reddit.



They're doing what they do best: turn every hobby into a dead shell of it's former self, a straight popularity contest between fat lardasses that couldn't complete without moral browbeating.

Now, I'd recommend fucking off to the /pol/ containment thread.




OP is a bigger faggot than I thought.



This was your first mistake.

Just play, like we all do, with the same people you have gamed with the last few decades.


The only reason those rules even exist is so that the other members of the group can virtue signal their "moral superiority" whenever someone breaches them, and then compete over who can virtuesignal harder. A good litmus test when you join an online group is to just write "'Sup niggers" into the chat and watch the reaction.

sage because OP is cancer


File: 72ba129473f5b42⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1200x1410, 40:47, df5efad748bf7446bf5f029b7c….png)



Close to answering the title, or pointing you to the right thread, until seeing both those sites admitted non-ironically. So no.


File: 92789a31503572d⋯.jpg (127.67 KB, 470x647, 470:647, (You).jpg)



Is this a horror thread?


File: 85b73aa71ea5779⋯.jpg (67.38 KB, 900x635, 180:127, b216e1267bcb2f357d86a8a602….jpg)

>goes to normalfag websites

>used and moderated by virtue-signaling normalfags

>get shocked that normalfags are virtue-signaling

>actively uses reddit

>calls normalfags normies

Get the fuck out and never come back


File: 143c7b8edee4895⋯.jpg (32.66 KB, 498x357, 166:119, 143c7b8edee4895e258590c8e4….jpg)

Glad to see /tg/ isn't above bullying nerds.



Goblins are objectively superior in every way to elves.



Not nerds, anon.




I don't use reddit, I just don't know of any other forums that have an active dnd community nor have I looked for one



It's too late, redditor scum. Delete your fucking thread.



Please anon, we don't bully nerds. We make them pull their e-peens and then bully them with our massive four-headed nerd-schlongs to assert dominance and establish a pecking order, and impress 2D girls to become our potential waifus. I, as the current Alpha, will of course get first pick and establish a Harem, as is proper.



>Alpha nerd

>Doesn't even sage redditor threads

Alpha gay, maybe.



Heh heh, got 'im.



It's not gay as long as the Pauldrons don't touch.


File: a41b279307525c4⋯.jpeg (43.86 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 300px-Andrzej_pilipiuk2.jpeg)


>I don't use reddit but I use reddit

Do you expect me to believe that, lorna?

Get out of here.



>modern soylords of the cucks

>dildos and degenerates 5E


Its current year+4, you are complaining about the soylent gentry in the only game they have taken over worse than magic the cuckening. You don't go into a leather bar and complain about all the gay dudes. You are in a gay bar.


I feel like we've gotta throw together some basic infographic or some easier means of clearly explaining to newfags that D&D 5e and WotC are pozzed as fuck, are actively pandering to the SJW/Hipster/Cancer crowd, and that nearly all mainstream sites where these things are discussed with inevitably (or likely already are) overrun by cunts and faggots.


File: 1023139bf15da63⋯.jpg (107.67 KB, 594x313, 594:313, 102.jpg)



I only got into this hobby last year. It's all I have left after getting sick to my stomach of vidya and capeshit.


Not like this.



Not OP but the same sentiments




Look, ignore >>406088 and >>406071

The great thing about /tg/, unlike Vidya or Capeshit, is that we have Rule 0. It's much easier to un-pozz an RPG for your own use than it is with other mediums. Ignore official lore, make up your own, and just find some good friends you trust to play with. At this point 5e's Ruleset and docs are so easily accessible, and for free, that you can avoid supporting WoTC and still play the game.

When people complain that RPG's are Pozzed and that you shouldn't play them, they're essentially complaining that the way the NFL is run and marketed affects how you play football with your friends in your own backyard, and you should boycott football because of it. It really doesn't.



You're only partially right, but you're still a giant faggot for missing the point entirely. The problem isn't just the occasional sidebar that goes on about pronouns, or tranny NPCs. The problem is that WotC and it's employees have been actively trying to court the SJW/Feminist demographic, because they are feminists and SJWs themselves. They are cancerous retards who want to pander to other cancerous retards. Buying their games, supporting the company they work for, and tolerating the idiotic things they continue to do in the name of "progressivism" just because you think you can handwave it away and ignore it does not change the fact that it's still there, it's still happening. The fact that it's happened at all should be nightmarish to you. It's some of the most ruinous, cancerous ideology around. It's absolutely cultic, and there's no good part about it consuming some of the larger companies in an already niche hobby community.

Yes, you are allowed to play your games however you want. No, that does not change the fact that you should not be supporting this shit and buying the books, just because you incorrectly believe it doesn't matter.


File: 9b16e80e8f40180⋯.jpg (57.9 KB, 916x515, 916:515, fe41a938c8ff29fad08555e46f….jpg)


My adventurers' league party literally consists of me, a tranny, a nigger, a midget Filipina, and a lesbian sjw. The only fact that keeps it tolerable is that the DM is a good ol' grog who probably uses this board for all I know.



A good DM can make a bad game fun, but that doesn't change the fact that WotC is a cancerous company.



No, I very correctly believe it doesn't matter. If it did matter, there would be more action regarding it, like petitioning your LGS to stop selling and hosting WoTC material, or making actual efforts towards enacting change, like actual, rallying efforts not just boycotting.

As it stands, all you seem to do is bitch about it on here and probably be a passive-aggressive asshole at your local store. If that's all you do, then you really don't care enough to actually do something.



Take those goalposts and ram them right up your gaping asshole. Getting people to stop supporting and stop playing shitty games by cancerous companies starts by telling people not to fucking buy them in the first place.

>b-b-but you're not signing petitions or doing anything I think would make a difference!

And you're not getting people to stop playing and buying books from a cancerous company by telling them they should still totally buy and play and tell their friends about D&D. Plain and simple fact is that if WotC is ever going to learn it's lesson, it's not going to start by still sucking their cock while telling others it's okay because you're ignoring that you've got a cock rammed down your throat.



I've never purchased anything from WoTC. I, like everyone else on here, grab the PDFs from someone's Mega folder, and share amongst my groups.

WoTC isn't going to learn their lesson, as you put it, because the issue bothers you way more than you bother them. You're little more than a simpering coward that can't do anything but whine and complain to others thinking that will make a difference, because you think that all that's required is for people to pay attention to you. You did the same thing with the critical role thread that also got anchored, and you seem blissfully willing to comply with having your opinion fade into silence so long as someone, anyone, is paying attention to you at the current moment. Like I said before, you simply don't care enough to actually do anything, because that's not what you really want. All you want is for someone to pay attention to you long enough for you ego to be stroked. You lack the zealotry, the spine, and the conviction to be as angry as you claim to be about this, and the only reason I'm still here is because this, this angry back-and-forth? This is what I'm here for. To see you flounder about like an idiot unaware of how stupid his actions are, and you will continue to do so, like a bitch, because I'm giving you exactly what you want.



If you're mistaking me for the faggot who spazzed out because people were playing D&D incorrectly, you've got the wrong anon. That dumb cunt couldn't even keep his arguments straight, let alone decide if he was angry about D&D being pozzed, or just that hipster faggots had the wrong impression about it.

As for the rest of your bluster, you're making a lot of wild assumptions and attempting to imply a lot of things while stroking your dick, because you think you're talking to someone else like you've got some psych profile constructed for them.

Fact still stands. Quoting this rule zero shit, as if the problem is just that there's just a couple things in some of the setting books and some cringey sidebars that you should ignore, completely misses the larger issue, which is that D&D needs to be excised from your table and everyone else's, and left to the hipster faggots whom WotC believes will carry them indefinitely. It's a game that's been beyond saving for longer than it's ever been good and it's time to kill the sacred cow. That's not going to happen until people stop guzzling shit and claiming it's okay. Do the right thing and steer your group away from the cancer. Stop letting your free time be free advertisement for a gaggle of hipster faggots. Cut the abusive sunk cost relationship out of your life and start playing other systems. Stop telling people to start the hobby with D&D, like every dumb cunt always does. Stop pretending like you're not part of the problem just because you don't think other people aren't trying harder than you and your pirated PDFs.



If I'm wrong, then why do you keep replying?



Because it's important that you understand why you're wrong, instead of going on being an self-important, ignorant cunt, especially if you're going to insist on hanging around here.



Yes, but you know I'm just going to reply with some condescending remark, like telling you that I'm going to make a condescending remark that you'll still reply to simply because you're an autist that has to have the last word.




Get out

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