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File: 3012959c22a7d69⋯.jpg (97.61 KB, 640x480, 4:3, suicide.jpg)


Hey, I have an idea.

Sometimes, playing tabletop can be rough. I don't have to give examples because if you've played the hobby enough, you know exactly what I mean. Whether you're a player, GM, or developer, only boundless autism will keep you around through thick and thin, but everybody needs to bitch about something and get it off their chest sometimes. I figured it would be nice to have a place to do it without 1000 threads shitting up the catalog. A quick rule of thumb: If you're mad about something outside your game, ask yourself if it would fit better in the politics containment thread, since they can be a bit broad at times. Not like I care that much, though.

Any sympathy you experience ITT is merely a bonus, not the intent. Don't be mad at me if I laugh at you for being mad over stupid shit.

I'll start us off with something basic, but widely applicable:

>spend months working on a setting

>nobody fucking cares and the party just acts like they're in Generic D&D Universe


File: 86573d910820dc9⋯.jpg (77.44 KB, 484x471, 484:471, sad-skeleton.jpg)

>game night finally comes around after being cancelled for several weeks in a row

>friend hosting usually keeps a modest liquor cabinet which he lets us use freely

>we still bring stuff to drink and share anyways

>figure this will just be a nice chill night to ease back into things

>we put off playing right away to enjoy some vidya and shootin' the shit

>finally start playing

>everyone is mostly good

>one of them is completely fucking wasted

>try getting the game going

>can't finish a fucking sentence without drunkass interrupting with some stupid line

>he was not even remotely this bad in the few games we had him in before

>everyone at the table has to keep correcting him and answering his dumb questions which were literally explained seconds ago

>takes over an hour just to get through the "here's what you were doing last time" part of the game

>we can't even get through the most basic fucking "what are you doing?" segment without drunkass going off on another tangent or mixing up really basic information, requiring even more correction from the table

<where are we going?

<you're currently on the path to the city

<I want to go to that cave you told us about!

<the cave is on the other side of the city you're going to

<I turn around and walk the other way then

<dude what are you doing?

<I'm going to the damned cave he said we have to go to!

<why do you want to walk the other way then?

<you know what? My character lays down on the road.

>eventually break for food

>tell drunkass to drink some fucking water

>he insists he's fine and that he can drink way more than this without even feeling it

>brags about how he can finish a bottle of whiskey by himself

>he's clearly shitfaced but won't admit it

>starts talking about how we're running low on beer and he wants to go get more

3 fucking hours and we got all of 5 minutes of actual in-game shit finished. None of it even combat, so that's no excuse either. We had a thread about booze and gaming a few months back and I really gotta reiterate what I said there: No one is as clever or as witty as they think they are when they're truly drunk. Doesn't matter how much tolerance you think you have. There's little chance that being completely fucking shitfaced will at all improve your game.


File: af7cc7ed6af5640⋯.jpg (58.63 KB, 500x600, 5:6, Purge.jpg)

>be me thread variant 2823823

<In this variant, instead of directly posting the original >be me virus the op is a faggot by insitigating others to do so instead, generally speaking there will be a weak premise set up in such a way that any >be me story would be considered on topic and wait for the inevitable infestation of faggotry to occur.

Prognosis, Burn and Purge



Have you considered kicking the alcoholic faggot out?



I have a similar situation regarding something like this. The main thing is that no one understood consequences.

>GMing some autistic homebrew setting I came up with. It boils down to the modern world getting invaded by a variety of mythological creatures, magic existing, and psychics being born.

>You end up getting psychics, those who use magic, and those who can resist both of these.

>Magic and technology do not work well together, and technology usually does not work or worse.

>Everyone decides to make a standard party of fantasy characters but wonder why they can't use a computer or pda.

>Most of the humans from the modern world, despite being resistant to magic, are minorly mutated by it. There exist completely mindless mutants who are a problem. An npc gets mad when the players compared him to one of these mindless mutants, and get surprised when the npc gets offended and does not want to deal with them.

>later on in the campaign, there exists a psychic child tyrant who people started a cult around as a scam, but as he grew older he got rid of them. Many psychics flocked to his campaign since they weren't really accepted by mages or elsewhere.

>The psychic tyrant uses mind control and pheremones to influence those to serve him as a living god.

>End up killing slaves in a gladiator pit who were explicitly being mind controlled while the players insulted them. Even killed a guy saving up to buy his family from slavery because they, "thought he had to big an ego for wanting to put on a show and kill for money."

>They get surprised when this angers a decent amount of people since they were being controlled.

>People started arguing that controlling or expelling even psychics not aligned to this tyrant was a good idea just avoid problems. This caused riots to break out for both parties.

>The players agree to handle negotiations, and they even manage to get a peaceful resolution. But they kill the leader of the psychic group during negotiations in a surprise attack.

>All the players were surprised when this pissed off more poeple and they actually joined the tyrant.


>make a superhero themed run with some m8s

>I make my build

>everyone else ums and errs for a good half hour

>only 2 others out of 6 put out joke builds

>one guy leaves "to get a drink" and never returns

>both me and GM get pissed

>make a build or fuck off

>everyone save me, him and the guy who fell asleep pisses off

for fucks sake. I was so looking forward to it but everyone else was too busy pissing around trying to be qUiRkY aNd rAnDom to make an actual build and stats. GM promises we'll do it again some time, but with how it turned out, not fucking likely.



>Hey, I have an idea

No, you fucking don't.

Stop thinking and posting.



How jokey are we talking? Did someone make a dick-themed superhero whose cum has mind-altering effects?



I've read that doujin. it sucked.


But yeah, what kind of characters?



There's a specific doujin? I thought Hentai Dick was a superpower that every protagonist possessed.



I mean, there's the world's most hideous futa webcomic. It's awful, both in art and in plot, and made worse by the attempts at deeplore. Essentially everyone who drinks the cum gets addicted to it, but it also makes their bodies change according to their desires. It's shit, but it straddles the line of being "so bad it's good" and being so bad it's bad.


File: 5d1d2019d25b0eb⋯.jpg (47.93 KB, 568x498, 284:249, a73de9r_700b.jpg)


File: 66f8729f654857b⋯.jpg (35.46 KB, 396x960, 33:80, 66f8729f654857b777679b5428….jpg)


Sounds like my kind of magical realm.




Ok, but I'm warning you, it's absolute shit. Don't blame me if you're disappointed.



File: 53b797965c8629f⋯.gif (828.46 KB, 200x189, 200:189, OH FUCK NO.gif)


Oh shit, I've seen the cover of that on sadpanda!


This stuff is tijuana bible-tier. Looks like it'd be fun as a dumb one-shot.


File: 15ff8a4d1494257⋯.jpg (76.3 KB, 332x275, 332:275, lel.jpg)



Y-yeah what a weird and unappealing art style...

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