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File: 5b7d6b62eec89ef⋯.png (72.03 KB, 1860x2116, 465:529, ClipboardImage.png)


What is your experience with running an adventure for just one person, /tg/? My last group exploded in fire and drama carnage, and me and my friend aren't keen on repeating the experience and decided to simply stay on our own, while swithing roles between DM and player after every adventure.


File: 5a29ba8b2496885⋯.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1280x5000, 32:125, d826255c77e94e02bbe1f5124….jpeg)

Mo ppl mo problems, always. But a delusion shared is a delusion reinforced. You'll likely lose some verisimilitude if its just the two of you. Post about your adventures. Keep them all in the same world.

Are you going to each run a full party or gestalt protagonist tier heroes?



I don't think it's impossible, but I think it would require a very different set of thinking that may not be satisfying the way a typical 3-4 player group would be. I fear you might end up with more of a skirmish game than a proper roleplaying experience.



>Are you going to each run a full party or gestalt protagonist tier heroes?

Not sure yet. Most likely, we'll go with one character each.


OP here, we're several sessions in and it's pretty cool. Very different from normal DnD, but cool.

>play one character in a party (4 character party), but can control other characters in combat + they obey what my character orders unless it goes against their ideals too heavily (they're set as underlings, so that fits)

>DM meanwhile manages to both DM and roleplay all the other characters so that they all seem alive (I think he really enjoys this part). No long dialoges or contemplations (that's the my job with the leader character) but tons of short quips, opinions, or small acts like running away from a spider because coward trait etc.

>can pick up more characters to include in my party no problem and they'll be roleplayed the same, can easily lose them this way as well. Party not determined by number of players

>zero bitching or drama of any kind since we're good friends and there's no other people to interfere

It's a very calm, fun experience that feels nothing like the tabletop I know. The negatives are that there's a lot of load on the DM (friend obviously enjoys it, but even so, you can tell it's a lot more work for him than on games with more people) and you're very conscious of the fact that you're playing a single player game, with all the pros and cons. The lack of cunts inserting drama and causing tension is very refreshing, but there's of course a lot less variety and unexpected situations due to it. I wouldn't say it's better or worse than a multiplayer game, it's just a different experience that might be worth trying if you've got a DM who can pull it off.


File: 8154cdec0ef9020⋯.jpg (42.26 KB, 665x574, 95:82, 1549655070333.jpg)


My "fiance" and I duet DnD 5E and it leads to pretty much constant arguing, mostly over that fact that she wants cutsom campaigns with endless cute moments and wants them 4 hours out of the day every single day nonstop and It means either I am at college writing and dungeoneering shit or I am so depressed and miserable since it's been 2 months since I had more than an hour alone and tabletop free.



Fuckin' talk to her about it anon. Don't be antagonistic, just tell her how it can be time consuming to make and run tabletop ideas on the fly.

Relationships are built on understandings. If you're scared you'll disappoint her, say so. Just be honest about your shit man.



You're gonna end up like snake fucker at this rate, talk to her.



Do as this anon >>409890 said



>falling for the GF/fiance/wife meme

>getting one that's one dimension too much

You set yourself up for this, m8.



Simple, slowly turn the game into ERP and act out the sex scenes. Start it in the elven forests and sanguine thorps and, if she doesn't let up, introduce her to the orc stronghold and gnoll war party.



What if she demands warchief Ty'ron-e to take her while the DMPC watches?



Nothing a spot of arsenic can't fix.




Speaking of cuckoldry, why dont you out source it? I don't think other /nogame/ anons would mind taking the reigns every once in a while.


File: 9646ecb83d6d39d⋯.jpg (141.58 KB, 460x578, 230:289, 1547766916107.jpg)



Hmm i see, so that's how you play. I'm currently doing runs for a few people 1 on 1, but they are new, so i take control of the NPC partymembers as well. I usually rp with them deeper if my players catch the hook i throw them (like asking about a comment made and such)

Thanks for writing that out though anon. It gives me some ideas to improve upon my ways of doing it.


File: 99f0269d75203fa⋯.jpg (89.56 KB, 565x800, 113:160, 1393892233188.jpg)

I do 101 Werewolf 2e with my wife. Lots of action, both RP and ERP, and she enjoys both immensely (at least that's what she says).

So far strictly freeflow (I have a lot of ideas), but I'm in the middle of writing up a longer campaign designed to 3-5 players.



>(at least that's what she says).

She ain't loyal, anon.


File: 2c04fa056755389⋯.jpg (171.71 KB, 907x630, 907:630, pic355859.jpg)

>only 2 people

>every time busted out an rpg board game with a "quest" instead

>either PvP

>or PvE/co-op with applicable mechanics

Think it has to do with balance, both just talking, or in game play or encounter design.



Look at that mother fucking barbarian. Holy shit, he could impregnate a woman just by holding his axe in her general direction. His codpiece would be a shield for lesser men. He's like some kind of ludicrous caricature, but completely straight about it.



>Look at the muscularity!



That's a problem in and of itself. Too much arsenic, they'll find it in the autopsy. Too little arsenic, anon will have to draw out the poisoning process, it stays in her hair, and then they find it in the autopsy.



Oh she's loyal alright. The question is: "is she honest?"

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