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File: 2b02ba72aab3277⋯.jpg (8.44 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Abs-tight-big-boobs_f_impr….jpg)

29a035 No.33729[Reply]

The 4th came with some big news. Chatter started about reopening the Clinton e-mail investigation.

This thread captures those events.

It's the 10th. What's happening today?

9b0473 No.33856

File: 4641282e28b668d⋯.jpg (770.08 KB, 4375x3280, 875:656, elon-musk-383.jpg)

3e1404 No.31461[Reply]

MSM are now reporting that last spacex launch was a failure, the payload did not uncouple from the stage. Is this a hoax? spacex has not commented on this yet.

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aad542 No.33052

Theory of what a Preferred narrative might be.

A. Multi million dollar super secret spy satellite never gets deployed because of a failed launch.

B. Multi million dollar super secret spy satellite gets deployed and we tell everyone it was a failure.

It's hard to hide a rocket launch these days, so maybe you have to do some fibbing.

297c96 No.33072


> [–]▶SpaceX goes boom? Anonymous 01/08/18 (Mon) 19:29:37 3e1404 No.31461>>32068 [Watch Thread][Show All Posts]

Has anyone ever done a real, in depth background check on EM, or are we just supposed to buy into the official narrative? Sounds crazy, but I have this feeling that EM is part Korean. If so, maybe not just about the money. Intel that he sold us out to NK, selling them missile parts.

f6832d No.33410


Official story according to SpaceX is that their rocket performed as expected but something went wrong anyway. Company making the satellite (Northrop I believe) isn't commenting. Personally, I think someone made a 'cloaked' sattellite and the official story for its dissapearance is that it malfunctioned and burned up on reentry.


I don't know anything hard, but I'll say this - the guy talks like someone in an occult society. That could be because physics came out of western hermeticism or because he's a member of an initiatory organization.

My tinfoil hat theory is that the government knows more than they're letting on about UFOs, and he's supposed to be the public face of all that as it gets phased into the mainstream. Or he could just be a smart guy with a good PR team.

76f07a No.33847

sounds retarded, but there was someone on alex jones' show rambling about an emp payload with regards to spacex, last week i think. kind of spooky

76f07a No.33852

File: ac5b3040e2727f4⋯.jpg (123.91 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, TGSNT_DVD_LaunchPackage.jpg)

File: d179609a019aa2f⋯.jpg (845.37 KB, 1633x1927, 1633:1927, 1509540050679.jpg)

File: 5d9c2599acbb943⋯.png (786.19 KB, 881x887, 881:887, 1509758804019.png)

File: d9c6e30a5853355⋯.jpg (512.76 KB, 1524x1262, 762:631, 1509666486351.jpg)

File: b819e3e8c0d7420⋯.jpg (768.47 KB, 1277x1278, 1277:1278, 1278b4b068359252a2e5bddee1….jpg)

2980c3 No.33829[Reply]

"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past." - George Orwell

Redpilling people on the past about things that were either omitted from the textbook, or outright lied about can do a very good job in waking people up. Dump dump some historical redpills. Can be some any era. Bonus points if the redpills are easy for normies to understand and verify for themselves.

File: 37dc14f4ab61063⋯.jpg (13.93 KB, 276x183, 92:61, images.jpg)

e88636 No.33695[Reply]

For along time now, I’ve wondered about “radical” midwives, and their role in the deaths of babies.

What I’m wondering about - are they providing a supply of babies who have died? Their actions increase overall the number of babies who die at birth or are stillborn. They also could provide a route for satanists to acquire the bodies.

Unlike normal midwives in hospital, these radical midwives encourage women to have risky births. Their main promotional activity online concentrates on encouraging women to have babies at home regardless of risk. They make lots of money from homebirth. However, they also like women delivering alone - “freebirth” without any help. And there’s no money in freebirth.

If asked why they encourage these actions, these radical midwives talk about women’s choice and the patriarchy. They don’t talk about large amounts of money or dead babies bodies.

They seem to be unbothered by the prospect of a dead baby.

If the baby dies at home and is undocumented, who then checks? What happens to the body? Do they cover some of them up? If the woman freebirths, what happens if the baby dies? Who checks? What happens to the bodies?


They used to burn these women as witches a few hundred years ago. Why?

Some names:

Ina May Gaskin

Founded the farm midwifery centre in Tennessee for non-hospital births. Writer of the bible for homebirth “Spiritual Midwifery”. Nonsensical statistics on the website. Last statistics quoted for mortality were for 1970- 1979. No figures since then - see their website. Where do they bury the dead babies? Do they bury them? Does the Farm need to be dug up?

Sheena Byrom

UK midwife leader. Encourages radical midwifery including homebirth. AbPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

e88636 No.33724

100 years ago, lots of babies died at homebirth.

Nothing illegal can happen now, because of "muh laws". Posts this on "the storm"….

Midwife "Currently charged with manslaughter, and awaiting trial." Easy to find online but "muh midwives don't kill babies". Check out UK Furness hospital, or Shropshire for more.

$5K per birth (often more). 100 births/yr. $500K. Minimal expenses.

Muh "History expert".

61f1ee No.33727


ur an idiot

e88636 No.33748

"I work in obstetrics"says the doula ie. useless moneygrubbing back-rubber.

a7e7a0 No.33766

I am an obstetrician, here in the states. There is a lot of new Ageism in midwifery practice. They brainwash these gals until the cognitive dissonance is so great they refuse modern interventions when they are clearly needed. Very year I see babies die as a result. The parents oftentimes cannot grapple with the fact that they have had a hand in the senseless death of their own child and they go into full denial, sue, or seek solace on Facebook pages dedicated to supporting this system.

A breech birth on the farm in 1880 is one thing, and in 2018 it is quite another.

They also advocate for encapsulation of freeze died placenta after birth, with maternal consumption. Is this Spirit Cooking? Who knows but we are not deer in the wild trying to avoid predation. It’s an odd thing.

There is an unholy vibe about these births.

a7e7a0 No.33768

Also, they get paid 2-3 times more then an OB and frequently in cash.

The overall care an OB provides in a hospital costs more because of Hospital and anesthesia charges adding to the bill. But that is also where you see the improvements in outcome.

File: 2875f7d248a2baf⋯.png (9.94 KB, 255x151, 255:151, 2875f7d248a2baf6e6c3462405….png)

36a21e No.30226[Reply]

We used to have extensive backup links of the 4/8 chan threads but they seem to have died (?) where the hell are the backups??

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

3aa4e9 No.33514


What's going on?

395383 No.33518



glow in the dark rabbits?

backup was suppose to be saving onto you physical drive. this was all expected. just need to start a campaign to re post the old stuff

36a21e No.33624

File: fb3cd60ad87d4bd⋯.png (103.22 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Screen_Shot_2017_06_27_at_….png)



what lol

what would be the correct way to ask where the backups went? clearly shits happened but that was anticipated(?) and if the early attempts to keep records failed gG seems like nobody cares anyway

>>33518 Alright well there should be a digital copy of whatever backups people made. I remember this being specifically planned for but it seems like it disappeared.

62c13a No.33746

backups all here faggots=


2905b0 No.33752

i dont know whos jewing who anymore

File: 12bc55ed66e1067⋯.jpg (355.7 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, rogers.jpg)

7efb1e No.14501[Reply]

Q says there are more good guys than bad.

Who are they and where? Let's 'en list em'

Show yourselves, Patriots of the world.

14 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

89be14 No.33293


Word is Chris Cornell was suicided because he was going to let the word out on the Pedo Ring. Chester Bennington was good friends with Chris and was going to tell all after Chris's death, then he was suicided. Word is Bennington was Podesta's son.

e224b5 No.33299

Wikileaks dropped a med certificate of Steve Jobs… it said he had Aids.


1b0a36 No.33350



Plus Chester was raped by his uncle as a kid (if he's Podesta's son then that was the 'cover story' he went public with). I heard people saying he was part of the cult but that is absolutely not true. He knew he was powerless against them, and when he stopped caring they killed him.

aaebcf No.33653

I want to share a UTube with you all.

The video is shot in HD, with awe-inspiring music & a great message about what we are doing here (in a way).

Enjoy!!!! It sure made my evening. The music is so majestic just like our aspirations for our wonderful country & the world at large.


831499 No.33712

File: 57d9012780fee35⋯.jpg (10.74 KB, 240x300, 4:5, admiral dolphin.jpg)


reporting for duty…

show me the target and ill fuck up their blow holes…

File: 079866756ab0bd5⋯.jpg (31.01 KB, 540x405, 4:3, SpaceX-Launch-and-landing-.JPG)

7ce039 No.31953[Reply]

Highly classified US spy satellite appears to be a total loss after SpaceX launch


Can anyone confirm this was or was not a successful launch?

What would be the date to relaunch a Satellite?



2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

c95608 No.33133

File: 775bff28512d1b3⋯.png (701.84 KB, 627x625, 627:625, Its All A Conspiracy. All ….png)

what if… its a emp weapon the very one we were scared that noko thought had…

what if… somehow we got duped and noko was just a smoke screen while the actual rocketman was elon musk…

what if an emp satellite can go anywhere in the world and take down power grids.

can somebody tell me what was payload zuma so i dont have to worry about some guy taking the world at hostage?

533975 No.33571


It failed so don't worry.

533975 No.33574

533975 No.33576

c95608 No.33682


oh thats a relief..

b.b.but what if they try it again?

what if they're just saying that it was failed so we'd forget about it?


File: 613ba47a7c7b1b7⋯.png (31.74 KB, 1112x222, 556:111, ClipboardImage.png)

5f21e9 No.25857[Reply]

Crystal Clear

2f3fca No.27052

DeCon MEANS definite Confirmation. NOT DEFCON 1 military Code - Context Matters the Q post is about Trump Confirmation of Q.

6a9521 No.33608



File: 8dc354738a91bc9⋯.jpeg (145.09 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, 21B5BCCE-780A-4EE8-8361-B….jpeg)

c0a2e0 No.33502[Reply]

Exxon blocked 500 billion dollar deal thanks to RU sanctions. These people are out to destroy at any cost.

File: 483030e7155c80f⋯.jpg (55.75 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 3dab07577085a92c737ede46f1….jpg)

8944e6 No.121[Reply]

Any news relevant to /thestorm/ goes here.

ba784d No.1035

755be5 No.33501

A brilliant trap! Built by Hillary, Obama, black hats but they caught themselves! Yes a campaign runner was ripe for blackmail, but it was Hillary not Trump! So she and they had to sow disinformation! Done by fusion GPS, black hats in CIA and DOJ etc. If you read the dossier parts are true but they used disinformation to name Trump to those truths using the base lie of the DNC hack being done by the Russians! But we KNOW that it was Not the Russians it was Seth Rich.They concocted this whole thing to make sure no one found out ALL their dirty secrets but because of Trump and Q and all the white hats we Do know the truth and are spreading the word.Obama and Hillary were the people open to blackmail, worse they were owned! They sold out America, Americans and the world! Thank God for Trump, admiral Rogers, Gen Flynn, all the white hats, Q, and our military who are keeping them all safe!

File: 599e84ef9da1f57⋯.jpg (25.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, yhst-51568362379717_2270_5….jpg)

fbf89a No.33443[Reply]

Sorry newfag and didn't know where to post this as I can't find the thread where I was reading speculation about Mike Pence involvement in things but while I was reading the SCRIBD of the James Damore lawsuit, I noticed a comment ( it won't let me c&p ) from a Tim Chevalier, a transsexual who says that Pence had tried to enact legislation to bring in conversion therapy ( electric shock therapy ) to make trans in to CIS and jailed a woman for having a miscarriage and wanted to make those who'd had miscarriages hold funerals for them.


( i'm looking at page 21 of 161 )

Anyway, I don't know if this helps anyone decide which side of the fence Pence is on but thought it might interest others especially others who like me aren't US citizens and still figuring out who all the players are.

Other thoughts - could Assange have appeared via SKYPE at Camp David?

The airport connected to the Awan guy, I know now due to bakers hard work that it's likely to be Dulles but I had wondered if he had home in Florida near DWS, if the airfield used for pilot training by one of the 9/11 hijackers in Kissimmee could have some bearing?

Other than that, like most Europeans i'm impatient as to when we might see some action where the eu is concerned, I hope it's very soon.

Thank you and good luck Q and all anons and bakers for your hard work. Take care. Peace out!

* off back to lurQing till I find out how to do stuff :) *

File: be43f0e50135644⋯.jpg (52.71 KB, 557x403, 557:403, CLOCKSIPHERFORQMESSAGES_.jpg)

b95948 No.32154[Reply]

Here it is folks, the clock sipher to decode Q messages!

It is THAT simple!


Use this clock tic toc tic toc to decode all of the Q Masonic encoded messages!

16 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

33b996 No.33321


edd531 No.33339

33b996, what does the + mean?

07e106 No.33400


Does this work for ALL Q drops? If so, there is some way-out-there intelligence involved in Team Q.

11c8cb No.33403


Well, there seem to be various versions of sipher codes. We need to find-out which version Alice = Q is using. Q himself said way back when that he is Alice. He admitted it.

11c8cb No.33420

Justice is served for the Bundys!!

Live now!!


File: e0a1088351901ec⋯.jpg (8.52 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, japanese.jpg)

e3e6f9 No.33371[Reply]

Japanese TV show…1/7/2018 on Air. Also on Hulu.

File: 32009f5e49ae3e1⋯.jpg (138.86 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, question-mark.jpg)

7eb3cf No.31012[Reply]

What's the difference between this board and /cbts/?

992ed4 No.31717


Fuck if I know but there seems to be less namefags here

7efa1b No.33142

Help -

Q posting in Great Awakening…….. YAY! Thank you.

Will BO's have other board in great awakening - or will you continue to create threads in /thestorm/

e58c59 No.35325

File: c046c4bbfeb3b99⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.67 KB, 261x238, 261:238, timetravel08_17.jpg)


File: 98eac71fcd3985e⋯.jpg (754.01 KB, 4932x2928, 411:244, potus plane.jpg)

60802a No.32810[Reply]

Remember fellow Anon's When Q first started posting Q said SA USA ASIA EUROPE

SA "Check" lots of little princes all locked up

USA "9000+ indictments ready to drop and HRC's Emails, CF and Uranium 1 ready to blow wide open…

And where is Potus off to now? Asia

future proves past

18912c No.32825

I am happy :)

a89428 No.32878


How many souls saved thus far, how many lost?

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