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Here it comes, anons.
July 2018 Transparency Report
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File: 51434006e3554f7⋯.jpg (57.92 KB, 720x720, 1:1, willis.jpg)

472f04 No.1376

I'm new to 8chan & not that savvy on 4chan so I'm trying to generate a secure tripcode. Hopefully i'm reading the instruction correctly. If not, oh well, if at first….

688156 No.1391


Please do not tripfag if you are not a content creator that needs to do so in order to maintain integrity and trust in your work.

This will not be tolerated.

Edit: I'm not saying this as a threat that I will ban those that do so, I am simply saying this for the sake of newfags. Tripfagging is very frowned upon in normal chan-culture…and for good reason.

There are exceptions that most did not consider until this whole Q thing started: Q himself being an example of why tripcodes can be necessary for certain anons, for certain purposes.

Tripcodes are necessary to ensure the continued integrity of an anons content that they post. NOT ALL content is of the sort where tripcodes become valuable…much content such as memes do not necessitate tripfaggotry whatsoever. Others, such as SpreadSheetAnon, bakers, QMap creators, and so on…tripcodes are a great boon to keeping the community's trust in their work, and making sure ill-intentioned anons do not attempt to impersonate and compromise the material.

Post last edited at

472f04 No.1408

I'm lost, please explain what a tripfag is so that I may understand what you're getting at.

472f04 No.1427

If you want, I'll gladly delete. don't want to compromise the "integrity" of this channel if its so elite.

cb8b94 No.1495


It isnt elite, it causes massive problems. Be anon, because tripfagging creates massive drama.

Once you do stuff like crack coded drops, create good bread, then you can tripfag, but do not respond to community as a tripfag since shills and anons will go after you.

Vqc is an example of tripfagging done all fuckin wrong.

cc0149 No.1612

VQC is a grade a tripfag.

9316e4 No.1636


At least he can LARP well, unlike you


cb8b94 No.1662

File: c8f8efa8b018968⋯.png (452.08 KB, 1999x421, 1999:421, Scifi copypasta.png)



He is a grade A larper faggot

33bb18 No.1682


33bb18 No.1683

Just finding a saltiest trip

33bb18 No.1684

Salty patoon

33bb18 No.1685

Not enough salt

a4bde0 No.1688


a4bde0 No.1689


688156 No.1703

9598a6 No.2322


9598a6 No.2551


9598a6 No.2556


9598a6 No.2558

another one

9598a6 No.2561

another one

9598a6 No.2566

another one

9598a6 No.2567

another one

9598a6 No.2570

another one

9598a6 No.2579

another one

33bb18 No.2832

another one

17da5c No.2842

i've been away for about a week, and now my trip is not working on cbts.

oh well, let's see if it works here.

0c0dbd No.2903

I don't know what a tripfag is? Don't know if I need a tripcode and don't know how to even test one?

2e89ab No.3386

Damn the TripCodes

2e89ab No.3389


79bbb9 No.3540


0d8aed No.3705

I just had my virus scanner turned off remotely.

Heads up everyone, shitz getting real.

Stay vigilant!

ad265c No.3994


Do not think this can't be done. Read up on the IME - the Intel Management Engine. Every PC has one, and if you're talking phones, they were designed from the ground up to allow everything to be controlled remotely.

2e89ab No.4507


308707 No.4614

not gonna namefag or tripfag… just testing for future reference

365e78 No.4644

File: 066f78e46fe3546⋯.jpeg (21.02 KB, 440x498, 220:249, 066f78e46fe35466fd937ccee….jpeg)

>so many self admitted newfags

What happened to the days of lurk moar?

8a4084 No.17397

File: 5e257348e639b27⋯.png (390.23 KB, 526x527, 526:527, HowMuch.png)

Hillary has been Hungry for Something to eat lately!!!

8a4084 No.17407

File: f67ed9f1fe001ac⋯.jpg (164.71 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, See a nip2.jpg)

Bill Needs a Fix

8a4084 No.17449

File: 33b08a3e32be60d⋯.png (1 MB, 940x500, 47:25, soros-clinton-obama.png)

FBI said what?

8a4084 No.17461

File: bb3c275399bdc51⋯.png (965.12 KB, 940x500, 47:25, FBICareless.png)

FBI said What?

3153bc No.32340

3153bc No.32374

File: d0878f7fafb8362⋯.jpg (32.93 KB, 500x500, 1:1, you.jpg)






43a494 No.33326


43a494 No.33329


43a494 No.33711


43a494 No.33713


f1c18b No.38856


f1c18b No.38857


f1c18b No.38858

THIS ^^^^

f1c18b No.38859

Testing to show that Q's Tripcode was not 'hacked' or 'hijacked' on 05.08.18 -

While posting on 05.08.18, Q made the mistake of not entering


before his password


in the name field (as above), both of which parts make up the tripcode.

f1c18b No.38860

Link to the post in which Q makes the mistake -


f1c18b No.38861

File: a85e47e2c767d5b⋯.png (8.76 KB, 897x315, 299:105, FightFightFightWW.png)

Cap of mistake in tripcode post -

f1c18b No.38862

Test over. I am not Q of course, but an anon make a test to show graphically what happened. Godspeed Q, Godspeed Anons.

4257a7 No.38887

File: f8edc1b91c6cd5a⋯.jpg (135.4 KB, 1175x523, 1175:523, Side-by-Side IntentionalPa….jpg)

New test from anon above re Q's exposure of his password intentionally on May 19, 2018.

Let's see if we get it right first time with…


4257a7 No.38888

Oops, forgot to enter the Q# before the password. Here goes again…

4257a7 No.38889

Not yet… let's try again with another dash -


4257a7 No.38890

Another dash added…


4257a7 No.38891

Should have just copy/pasted it. Here goes…


4257a7 No.38892

File: e3738d2507f26cf⋯.png (266.35 KB, 1260x770, 18:11, Side-by-Side Timeline.png)


There we are, Q#NowC@mesTHEP@in—-23!!! posted by Q is the trip he's been using this past week.

This shows that it was Q who intentionally posted his password and that it was created in order to be revealed.

Graphic shows the timelines of the posts.

4257a7 No.38893

File: 63c15bde4d2dfc4⋯.jpg (45.17 KB, 576x611, 576:611, QPosts TripChange 20.5.18.jpg)

File: d03a85ccabe0095⋯.jpg (11.74 KB, 542x124, 271:62, ScreenShot_009.jpg)

Q even posts his pasword exposé on his locked board, where only Q can post.


4257a7 No.38894


Again, just to make sure, I am not Q, just an anon testing what Q posted to show Q is


6cd7cc No.38895


6cd7cc No.38896


8926c7 No.38929

8926c7 No.38930


8926c7 No.38931

8926c7 No.38932


8926c7 No.38933


8926c7 No.38934

— -23

8926c7 No.38935


8926c7 No.38936


8926c7 No.38937


82abac No.38981

bbccd5 No.38982


f80ca7 No.38999

Repost of test from anon ->>>/qresearch/>>1698678

I have run it through a UTF-8 encoder and Ansi encoder. I am having trouble deciphering UTF but the ansi is interesting, The password is normal characters up to "THEP@" then it goes squirrelly.



Ansi encoded


UTF-8 Encoded



f80ca7 No.39000

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